5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Into A Serious Relationship With A Woman

For centuries, women have been thought the more mysterious sex. Poets, philosophers, and psychologists have all been driven to distraction trying to work out exactly what it is that makes them tick. Of course, the reason such eminent men put in all that effort in the first place is because, like the rest of us, they wanted to get laid. Here is the bind that unites all men—the frustrating and annoying work of unraveling women’s inscrutability, set against our very real and urgent need to bang the most attractive of them.

Fortunately, the internet has facilitated something that most people could never have foreseen: the ability for men to share their experiences of the “fairer” sex and to compare notes on a grand scale. This revolution in gender relations has been quietly—and not so quietly, in some cases—taking place on blogs and websites such as this one for over a decade. The cloak of relative anonymity offered by the ‘net has enabled it. Whereas previously shaming (itself arguably a product of a feminine-primary society) prevented men from talking openly about their experiences, even with close friends, now hundreds of thousands across the world can call out female behavior freely.

Striking and somewhat depressing is how similar and predictable a lot of their stories are. Before discovering the manosphere, I tended towards self-flagellation, beating myself up thinking that women treated me badly because of some fundamental flaw in my personality. How surprising, then, to read hundreds of tales that mirrored my own experiences exactly. Girls flaked on other guys, punished them for beta behavior with infidelity, and walked out on them at the drop of a hat when a better opportunity presented itself too. It wasn’t just me.

Slowly, over a period of a few months, I hardened up my working knowledge of female psychology and put strategies in place to help me better deal with it.

Of course, the manosphere conversation is ongoing and new consensuses are being reached all the time. Here, though, are five things about women I have discovered through my own experiences as well as through talking to other guys. They are all things you should keep in mind, especially if you are considering entering a serious relationship.


1. Girls will have sex quickly and easily with guys who give them tingles

All of us have at one stage or another bought into the “Madonna-Whore” notion that there are “bad girls” who will put out indiscriminately, and “good girls” who will hold out for the right guy. It’s a meme inculcated into us by the culture. It’s also bollocks.

Understand this: the Madonnas and the Whores are the same girls. 

Some of you may be aware of an article written by Tyler Durden of RSD many years ago called The Secret Society. If not, you should check it out. It contains the kind of wisdom that makes a lot of sense on paper, but only becomes real when you go out and game and have sex with a lot of girls.

The basic gist of it is that if you are a guy who “gets it,” and sub-communicates that he “gets it,” then girls will have sex with you quickly, easily and without putting up all of the obstacles that betas have to contend with. Not only is it true, but it goes for all girls—not just the ones with tattoos and bleached hair and those transparent stripper heels, but also the nice girl in the library with the glasses and the cardigan too.

If you present yourself as ‘r-selected’  rather than k-selected—that is, as a badboy player rather than as a provider simp, then even the good girls will drop their knickers for you quickly.

I know this to be a fact. Last year, I hooked up with the most innocent-looking girl you can imagine. I took her out, and was careful to dial up my r-selected traits. Not only did she sleep with me on the first night, but she continued to do so, in secret, for months afterwards, even after she began seeing another guy.

This phenomenon does rather blow the lid off any fantasies of finding that one special girl to fall in love with and protect and honor through thick and skin, though women’s sexuality does not make them bad people. It is something men can enjoy too, when they learn to play the game. But you do need to open your eyes to the reality of how things works.

2. She has an agenda

So, you met a cute girl, gamed her good and now you’re having regular sex. Great—you’re on easy street, no longer having to battle it out on the flesh rampage in busy clubs and bars, instead enjoying a regular serving of quality poosy, right?


However casual, free, and easy things may seem at the start, make no mistake, your girl has an agenda. If you pass her tests and she likes you enough to stay with you, then she will already be making moves to lock you down into a relationship. This will often involve measures such as keeping increasing tabs on you, trying to limit the time you spend with your friends and demanding more and more attention from you.

The endgame of all of this?


I’m sorry, but it’s true. While men are happy to coast along, enjoying the sex and the good times, women are at the mercy of a pitiless biological clock. Make no mistake, she’s not there to “go with the flow” or “just have fun and see where it goes.” She has a very real gameplan (consciously or not) that could end up costing you the best years of your life and a shitload of money.

I’m not saying that she will mention having a family, or that she even knows exactly what she is doing herself, but the only purpose of long-term male-female sexual relationships in a woman’s eyes is reproduction. Not companionship, not “discovering each other,” not growing old together.

If this isn’t your bag, then you need to make a decision about how and when to cut and run.


3. But she will hate you if you facilitate it

Ironically, though, the more you accede to the demands of her biological imperative, the more she will despise you.

She fucked you in the first place because you demonstrated alpha qualities that made her attracted to you. The more you alter yourself to fit in with what she wants, becoming domesticated within her monogamous frame, the more beta you will appear and the less you will resemble that hot, untameable guy she originally fantasied you were. At this point, she is only a heartbeat away from having sex with the mail man.

This phenomenon is called the Betaization Process. Fear it, because it is real and it is inescapable unless you are thoroughly prepared and vigilant.

Brigitte bardot

4. She is a depreciating asset

The problem is that, as guys, we are beset with a strange kind of logical failure that kicks in when we meet a cute girl. If a guy is seeing a twenty-three year old, and she is an eight, then there is a good chance he will want to try to cash in his chips, and depart from the table with his winnings by marrying her or otherwise locking her down in a relationship.

In many cases, this is a mistake.

Look, we all know damn well that the hot 23-year-old isn’t going to be a hot 50-year-old. How many times have we seen the effects of the so-called “wall” (that point somewhere in a woman’s thirties where the fresh bloom of her youthful beauty is extinguished, and she becomes less pleasing to the loins of a majority of men).

But we all still want to lock the 23-year-old down.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Women’s youthful beauty becomes a bait with which they reel in men to part with their resources  for many, many years after it has declined beyond all recognition.

Perhaps you believe your special snowflake to be so special that you don’t care about what she looks like in ten, twenty years time. Fine—if that’s genuinely true (and I have my doubts—many men will make this kind of pronouncement from a position of scarcity). But at least be aware of this phenomenon of depreciation and think very carefully before putting a ring on it.


5. She doesn’t really care about you

She has an agenda (see point 2). You, as the guy, are there to help her fulfill it (even though she will despise you for doing so.) Don’t make the mistake of assuming that she cares about you personally, no matter what she says. The true romantics are men. Women are pragmatists, rather like the cash-hungry film producer who cares little about the cast list as long as the movie gets made on time.

I once had a girlfriend who told me that she would die for me. She was becoming too clingy, so we split up. After I told her I couldn’t see her anymore, she sent me messages every day for a month telling me how upset she was, how special I was, how much she wanted me back. In the face of this barrage, I softened. Perhaps she really did love me as she said. Tentatively, I suggested a meeting. Maybe we could talk. After all, here was a girl displaying a characteristic I valued greatly – devotion. Perhaps I had been too hasty.

Her response?

“I can’t see you. I’m with someone else now.”

I had been replaced. Whatever “special” qualities I possessed had quickly and easily been located in another.

For the record, I abhor cynicism and I don’t write this article to promote it. But I also believe that forewarned is forearmed, and that a realistic grasp of female psychology would help many men to lead happier lives. By all means go out and enjoy the game, but always be vigilant, and above all make sure that your needs are accounted for as well as hers.

Find out more about female psychology and how to effortlessly attract beautiful women by clicking here.

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282 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Into A Serious Relationship With A Woman”

  1. So you should get into a serious relationship with what, a dog? a sheep? a bear? Sorry dude, if fatherhood is the capstone of civilization, then men will need to look for a serious relationships with women. The key is getting into a relationship with the right woman.
    I’m sorry you’ve been jilted by whatever woma(e)n you once loved, but please don’t come here like you’re some Mark Minter second coming and preach why men should not enter serious relationship with women whatsoever.

        1. Literally. The judge ordered him bent over the bench so he could have at him with his gavel.

        2. First him and then Christian McQueen more recently. The matrix does manage to eventually re-assimilate a few mavericks along the way it would appear. McQueen I can sort of see but Minter? He was the absolute epitome of MGTOW as far as I remember. Who’s going to “defect” next? Roosh? Clarey? Aurini?
          Who wants to take bets here?

    1. There isn’t nearly enough of the ‘right women’ to go around.
      Demand greatly exceeds supply.

      1. Perhaps you haven’t found the right woman because you aren’t the right man yet. Reading this shit isn’t going to get you there. The author is a total douche. Yes, there are a lot of game playing, gold-digging women out there – most of them will eventually become the “right woman” for someone when they grow the hell up. Same goes for men. You need to act like a good man if you want to deserve a good woman. If you whore around, all you end up with are whores. It’s not rocket science. Grow up and become the kind of man that deserves a good woman.

      2. Perhaps you haven’t found the right woman because you aren’t the right man yet. Reading this shit isn’t going to get you there. The author is a total douche. Yes, there are a lot of game playing, gold-digging women out there – most of them will eventually become the “right woman” for someone when they grow the hell up. Same goes for men. You need to act like a good man if you want to deserve a good woman. If you whore around, all you end up with are whores. It’s not rocket science. Grow up and become the kind of man that deserves a good woman.

        1. You know nothing about me. I have been a ‘good man’ my entire life and it got me nowhere with women over the long term. Sure they ‘grow up’ eventually, but how long does a man have to wait? I’m already in my mid 30’s. I have no interest in waiting until the women around me hit middle age before they become more appreciative.
          Even in my early to mid 20’s I found most women i encountered to be completely childish and undeveloped emotionally, particularly in Australia and America.

    2. I say a bear. No ones going to fuck with you if you have a bear (unless its a panda).

        1. I dunno..a koala bear might be a good beta-pussy-magnet for some ..”OMG OMG he’s so cute!”

    3. Men are simply adapting and responding to the current conditions.
      Traditional family structures (fatherhood, marriage, co-habitation) has simply become a raw deal for men.
      ‘The right women’?…Fuckoff with your NAWALT rationalisations, we get enough of this from women trying to shame us into their agenda.
      Accusing us of being ‘jilted’ because we buck the trend is just more guilt shaming.
      Keep it casual with women or avoid them all together, but getting into long term sesious relationships with them come with a lot of risks that young men need to be warned about.

      1. This isn’t NAWALT
        This is “some are far worse than others, and the ones that aren’t as bad can be managed if you go in with your eyes wide open.”
        The problems you’re talking about is what happens to “nice guys” when they marry some of the worst of the worst having been told that those are the best ones, and they think the game is over because they’ve married, and they get blindsided.
        When you know what you’re looking for, know the red flags, and know what’s really necessary, it’s different. A battlefield is a bad place for a schoolgirl and for a SEAL, but the SEAL is prepared to accomplish a mission and make it home.

        1. What’s the number one selling point for marriage? ‘Love’.
          Well, we all know that women are incapable of love. So what the fuck is the point of marrying some parasite who you have to provide for and manage and could turn on you at any moment?
          LOL you fools must have stars in your eyes or some shit. Women put a premium price-tag on a promise they couldn’t deliver. You’re like a door-to-door salesman who didn’t get the memo yet that his corporation was shut down hahaha.

      2. Exactly. The fact that a lot of men aren’t marrying anymore isn’t a failure of men. It’s a failure of society. Society has failed to deliver women that are marriage material.

    4. What I find disturbing is that this comment received so many upvotes. I never though that pussy-worshippers would be here as well.
      But I was wrong. Sex messes everyone up. The power of pussy triumphs all logic, all rationality. Sigh..

        1. Having a family is the ultimate goal of an alpha male. What proves your manhood more than the ability to produce strong, healthy and successful children?

        2. True, but that family can be taken from you in an instant and become a huge burden on your life emotionally and financially. The problem is not wanting a family, its the man raping divorce and child support courts that place all blame on men and award women money and children regardless of the terms of the separation. Even some of us dont really realize how ridiculous it is to be afraid of procreating with a woman (our only real biological obligation) because of the threat of some men with gavels and badges.
          Every man on earth wants a loyal wife and children that love and respect him. If you are going to enter into a LTR, you better make damn sure you pick a good one (unicorn) and handle her properly (relationship game).
          Honestly though, Im not as pessimistic as many of the other men here. I believe there are unicorns out there and that happiness with a woman is achievable, but if you want a quality woman you have to be a quality man.

        3. True but we can’t spend our lives worrying about what may go wrong. The risks are great today for a man seeking a family but we have no choice but to persevere.

        4. Very well said. This site has good insight. But the entire alpha thing is overrated. VERY few men that arent rich and famous have a constant list of 9’s and 10’s.

      1. It’s more the fact that this article implies there is no end game option whatsoever. Bang random bitches ad nauseam. Even your biggest manwhores will tire of that at some point. What are you supposed to do if you want a family?

        1. The only honest answer is to roll the dice and enter the man hating legal realm. Doing it in a nation other than the U.S. Is preferable, but not always possible. I did it, but at a time when there were still decent women to be found (1980’s), albeit few even then. Today? Dunno man, you know the game going in. If you can’t cause a woman to worship you, which requires enough dominance traits that you *have* to be a Natural, you are probably going to get screwed, and not in a good way.
          I am curious as to the concept of a paid, contractually bound surrogate, if you want kids. Problem there though is that you start and finish as a single parent. That is a tough job. I have the luxury of having a loyal (so far) wife of 25-ish years, which allows me good opportunity to teach the kids the right way. If I had to go it alone without help, it would be far harder to do things like take the boy hunting (I’d be too busy just trying to keep us economically afloat), and so on.
          Best advice, become a full bore Natural, then go for the brass ring if you know you can ride out any potential legal issues if she abandons you.

        2. I think a key is making your dough first, then hiding it from any future wife. I think you have to bring up pre-nups now too. Also document any crazy behavior in order to make a stronger case for getting the kids in the case of a divorce.

    5. You fail to see what marriages actually are Yosh. In our society, they are used to transfer wealth from men to women. That’s it. You think your girl, God or the Government gives a fuck about your happiness? Or that you have a right to keep your children if your “right woman” changes in the next 20 years or so?
      You talking about “a relationship with the right woman” in 2014, is like talking about a ride on the right unicorn. Men like you will learn the hard way. Enjoy women for what they are, but stop expecting them to be something they never were.

    6. Perhaps it has something to do with the extreme difficulty for a man to find a “right woman” in the Western world.

    7. You must have misread the title, it’s not “5 reasons you shouldn’t get into a serious relationship with a woman whatsoever”. For all we know Troy’s next article will be “5 reasons why you should get into a serious relationship”.
      You’re delusional about “the right woman”. You have to be the right man to increase your chances she won’t stray. I recommend you read the sites of Nick Krauser and Rollo Tomassi linked to in this article.

    8. Although I agree with what you’re saying, the author brings up very true
      and valid points. Open your eyes, divorce rates are sky high…look at
      all them cheating women out there. Your comment belongs on Jezebel or
      HuffPo. Feminism has transformed this society into a place where it’s
      difficult to find a woman with the right mind. You sound like a nice
      guy. That usually doesn’t work well Yosh…it usually doesn’t…

    9. There is no such thing as the ‘right woman’. Any woman can be the ‘right woman’, and any woman can be a slut. What makes a woman good is how strongly society keeps her behavior in check. Unfortunately society does not keep the behavior of modern women in check. There can be exceptions to this rule, like women who were raised in a conservative family and are surrounded by conservative friends. You can have decent relationships with these women. But tread carefully, because you’re essentially dealing with an unstable equilibrium.

    10. We can always go for single fatherhood trough surrogates. If you can find the surrogate.

    11. In its most extreme (perhaps not your intended meaning), the pursuit of the “right woman” is part of unicorn mythology. Far more grounded in reality is: a woman that will do. However, this distinction, whilst it may appear minute, is vital, as calling her the “right woman” puts her on a pedestal, whereas ‘a woman that will do’ is one that meets your needs, but implies that her company is not required.
      But yes, perhaps alienation from serious relationships with women is too extreme, but the dearth of women that will do is well documented and commonly commented upon, especially within the Western world.

  2. I wouldn’t go as far as saying don’t enter a relationship. Just have to have high standards and make sure you own that bitch. Any bull shit then fuck off.

    1. Easier said brother. That poosy has a way of de-standardizing a man mentally, as we know.

    1. You know that’s a feminist shaming tactic that you’re employing here right ?
      “If you dispize women and behave like a macho, that’s because deep down you prefere men.”
      Or are you projecting your own wishes ?

      1. I don’t know man… if you despise women it does suggest some repressed feelings, potentially homosexuality. Being frustrated with women and/or your results, or even being scared of them (after a bitter divorce) is normal though.

        1. its such a dated dichotomy. he doesn’t treat me well.therefore he despises all women. therefore he is a closet homosexual. its neglects all assessment and is usually a reason state for failed relationships. men always question their sexuality because its related to status and power and women so easily exploit this.

        2. No offense, but I can see that some progressivist brainwashing has been done when I read you.
          Every one who really know women, despise them at least a little. Hating women, like the crazy shooter what’s his name did, that is different and is closer from what you say.
          As for homosexuality, the “self-repressed argument”, as I already said, is closely related to the “born this way argument”, which are both lies and have been engineered to make you belive that homosexuality was something more than a paraphilia, a perverson resulting from both the environment and the temperamment of a person, which couldn’t be healed.
          Now, since it is not anymore regarded as a mental illness, if a young man goes to a shrink, and tell him about his deviancy, he will be encouraged into following what could be nothing more than an OCD.
          I can bet you that very soon this same fallacious argument used by feminist and gays, will be used by pro-pedophile or bestiality activist, who will qualify those who hate them as “self-repressed pedophiles”.
          This is social engineering at its best, folks.

        3. solid assessment although no way do i view it at all healthy to despise women. that view is deeply based in the desert tribal culture of the middle east. i think you can be driven more from women. as in i don’t feel as inspired by men. in the classical sense yes; there are men that i view as gods but they gain appreciation. Not a deep burning desire to motivate. In all honesty if women had no care whether they slept on newspaper or a persian rug i would not go to the hassle at all to get the persian rug.

        4. I see what you mean, but when you know female psychology, the fact that they don’t even try to behave with honor or loyalty, the way they talk in people’s back when they don’t backstab you, the irrational ways they use when they’re having an argument, the hysteria who can blow up to your face at any time… yes, you kind off despise them, or at least you stop trusting them.
          Maybe the word despise is too strong, though.

        5. Mate I was just talking about “despising women”. That is not normal or healthy. Don’t read in too deeply.
          What you “see” is not what “is”.

        6. I am talking about the guy who actually does despise women rather than the woman who says so and so does. Note I said “repressed feelings”. This could mean anything. Also, I did not raise the subject. Try to take in the entirety of my comment rather than focusing on one part out of context.

        7. Ok but in feminist language, “despise” means “not putting my vagina and my hysteria on a pedestal”.

      2. Lol. Was reading some Ancient Greek literature and some young new age feminist came up to me and said the Greeks were so sexist as a conversation starter. I was like which ones? The Spartans who were a matriarchy? Or the ones who gave you educational rights when everyone else in the world was trading womrn for goats? Feminism has no end point or perspective.

    2. Cheap jibe aside, I’m into one-night-stands. You see, I’ve found the first time I fuck a chick is pretty much always the best sex I’m going to get out of her as she often pulls out all the stops (cum in mouth, on tits, etc), and it’s downhill from there. So, if you want “all-that-she-can-be” only fuck her once then “next.”
      P.S. Sounds like I’m just trying to slight you, but I speak from experience.

    3. “6. Because you’re into men.”
      The author and the redpill guys are certainly into men but not in any sexual way like you mangina faggots do. Sorry dude, this website is not for your kind, please go elsewhere.

    4. “6. Because you’re into men.”
      The author and the redpill guys
      are certainly into men but not in any sexual way like you mangina
      faggots do. Sorry dude, this website is not for your kind, please go elsewhere and kill youself.

  3. Women are the only people who care for me because alphas are in short supply these days and Betas are expendable

  4. Hey guys,I am new here.I am in a process of taking the red pill but have to admit that articles like this make me really depressed.BTW i am 17

    1. As with most things in life, the truth usually lies somewhere between the two extremes. Yes, western women are raised in a culture that provides them preferential treatment. You MUST acknowledge that fact, prepare for it, and never forget it. However, with the properly adjusted mindset, western women can be managed to yield utility to the man. It is not the same society as your father or grandfather grew up. Know that going in and you can be successful.

    2. Don’t take the title of this article toooooo seriously.
      Do whatever you want to do. If there is a girl you really fancy… date her, get to know her, fuck her brains out, make love to her, experience all that shit…. Don’t marry her though… get some experience under your belt first.
      Go live your life… don’t become a celibate because of some website… you don’t know the authors or the commenters in any shape or form except what they’re selling you.
      Personally, I AM pretty jaded with women… and I do personally see truth in this article. Does that mean I’ll never get into another relationship again? I doubt it… I am however restructuring my priorities…
      My advice to you. You’re young… figure shit out financially… find close male friends… start a band… get yourself stimulated…. surround yourself with successful people….. women will come and go but date yourself first.

    3. Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat.
      At least you know the problems up front. I had to find out first hand.

    4. You discovered this at the perfect age. You have a base of knowledge and understanding of women at your age that most men never have. Now you just have apply it and use it to your advantage

    5. I’ll take that as literary license, and not the literal meaning. Natural to feel disappointment when what you thought or have been conditioned meets what actually is and happens.
      Not everything that’s written on this site I agree with. The comments section can contain some comments based on nonsense. Weed through those and you will find good comments.
      Quick advice:ask questions, make creating your own good life your main goal, be aware of women’s motivations(as well as people in general), pay attention to what women do not what they tell you, do not believe in soul mates, learn about plausible deniability and how women communicate, be aware of trends and hints of an agenda in the mass media and in laws.
      Lots of other stuff to know, but seek knowledge, pay attention and ask questions. And try to experience stuff too.

    6. Open your eyes to the world. There is much to learn beyond what you (or even your elders) think they know. Much of it is unpleasant, true, but it is actually quite the journey of discovery and personal growth. You learn to incorporate much new found knowledge and it eventually makes you a better and much more interesting person. Enjoy the trip. You are truly just starting out here.

  5. Chef YeahJeets here revealing his top secret recipe of secreting oxytocin from the female brain. And he’s giving it to you, the cynic, free of charge. Find a girl that’s lower than your SMV, and that has been with few men. Fuck her hard, and show mild affection while doing so. Disqualify her. Ignore her. Repeat. The cynicism on here is debilitating.

  6. What I got from the article is reasons as to understand the beast you’re with, it’s just in very extreme and generic terms but the generalizations don’t stop it from being right. In fact, you should always live life by them until you figure out the individual situation or person is different. Men love women. Unless you prefer a different species, it’s a known fact. These are guidelines to follow so you don’t teeter off and believe the woman you’re with is this mystical creature with no faults and is perfect. Understand you could be offering the best you have to a woman who put the idea in your head that she’s a prize worth earning and before you know it you could’ve settled down with a woman who got ran through and is filled with emotional rhetoric that you have to fix and could be physically washed up by 30

  7. Your experiences, contrary to your ego’s understanding, are not representative of all, or most for that matter, men. The lack of devotion (as you saw it) your previous girlfriend showed was actually warranted by your actions toward her. How could you expect anyone, after several weeks of continual rejection on your part (after you decided to split) to stay devoted until you suddenly decided you wanted to give it another try? There are many of us who want a long term relationship and many who don’t. The depreciating asset view goes both ways. We’re all getting older and some age more gracefully than others. And as we age our priorities shift. You won’t have the same physical drive to the same degree you have now and you might not feel it’s worth the energy it takes to game a woman half your age when your years start adding up. To cite a woman’s biological clock and her desire to have babies as a negative thing is counter-evolutionary and in my opinion a sign of severe lack of understanding the natural order of life. The drive to have sex and reproduce are basically one in the same as designed for the propagation of our species. Being smart about who and when are also essential for each person because unwanted pregnancies can destroy both the individual and society. Both the title and content of this article is nothing more than an attempt at attention grabbing.

  8. Great article, Troy.
    LTRs actually betatize a man. The best thing I liked about your article was the sentence: “understand this: Madonnas and Whores are the same girls.”
    This is the ultimate truth about the true nature of women. Most guys think Madonnas and Whores are separate women. No, they’re not. The whore was also a madonna at one point in her life. And it doesn’t take much time for a madonna to become a whore. That’s why women are untrustworthy by default. There was, there is, and there will be a fucking hamster in every human born with a vagina on this planet.
    As a human, it is impossible, if not difficult, for a man to not make mistakes when it comes to women. Because women stun men through sex, femininity, care, and the worst of all, the greatest illusion called ‘love’. Men (betas and the rest) think that when a woman gives them great sex, that the woman loves them. That’s not the case. Every woman has an agenda, especially when it comes to the use of her body – and especially her holes.
    The depreciating asset about women is bang on. Women actually depreciate faster once they’re dead sure that you won’t leave them, because they let themselves go bad, Look at Bardot. In her youth, you wouldn’t notice her rabbit teeth before sticking your cock in her mouth. Look at her now. Old age is the worst time in a woman’s life.
    The other point about women disliking when men facilitate a LTR is also correct – especially in today’s world where people fuck around before commitment. Let the woman ask you for a commitment. Never go the other way around. Men used to give commitment and love to get sex, and women used to give sex in return to get love and commitment. In today’s time, as a man you don’t need to give commitment or even love at all. Just feed the bitches the illusion of these two.
    Women have never cared, do not care and will never care for men. A woman’s care for a man is essentially an act of investment. She will only invest her care for you if you: practice game, display high status or have potential in her mind for children, cash and a cushion called as a family for her to fall back in after she’s tired of slutting it about. Don’t ever think a woman can care for her man. She’s rather wish you’d be dead and she could take all what you have.
    The more detached, Machiavellian and dominating (either subtly or openly) you’re with a human with a vagina, the more chances you’ll get to use it. Women are fucking amoral creatures, so be amoral with them.

        1. That reminds me of a tranny I saw downtown one night. The fucker must have been six and a half feet tall and 300 pounds.
          I was drunk as fuck but I didn’t dare even snicker as I walked by. Shit.

        2. Lucky for you “she” wasn’t looking for some snu snu that night, or you would have received a club to the back of the head only to later awaken in terror chained to a bed in her inner-city lair.

      1. I wrote that observing the vast majority of men today. Most men, who are not awakened by red pill, become like that in LTRs even if they were pseudo red pill when they were unattached.
        I think one trait of alphas was that they chose multiple women for LTRs was not only for variety, but also because to create insecurity in their women. Not to mention that women are always more attracted to men who are already desired by other women. This seen in female nature, as with the relaxation of shackles on female hypergamy, women sometimes even outright chase married or taken men.
        In a one to one LTR, women actually become secure. And that is the trigger for her hamster. True you could be an alpha and have still maintain a monogamous LTR, but essentially you must display ‘options’. Women never can hurt a man who has ‘options’.

      2. I agree. With every LTR I shut down I got stronger and gave less shit about what women thought. Now I’m quite happy baching it, though I do get relationship pangs once in a while (I never claimed to be an Alpha, more likely a Beta who just stopped giving a shit).

        1. My father is the ultimate alpha male. Wronged by female relatives while still a child and growing up in the ghetto prepared him for a changing world although he was still blindsided by my mother when she divorced him. My father ran his family like a military camp. When he said “go” you went.
          Watching what my mother did to my father and growing up in a racist neighbourhood where the girls were more racist than the boys (if you fought the boys they respected you but fighting the girls…?) set me further down the path that my father had started on. Unfortunately, the result is my father is bitter and we are both scared of letting women close enough where they can pick our pockets. Its a tough thing but I do want kids some day.
          On another note my father is the aging lion who won’t let the young lion take control of the pride. We still butt heads like angry goats when I pay him a visit.

    1. I’ve dated a few women since my last LTR… still getting back into the game.
      I totally agree with the point that if you try to facilitate the LTR she will think you’re a loser… its the weirdest shit ever… and with other girls that I refuse LTRs they go insane over me… Let me do whatever the fuck I want to them…
      I’ve seen too much with women. I can’t go back. Even my ex is only nice to me when I treat her like she doesn’t exist. If I’m nice and compassionate to her I go down her beta-list. I simply have no choice but to be a dick…
      The West is fucked guys… The culture here is basically just hypergamy unchained. The women have no idea what the hell they want…

      1. Don’t think the west alone is fucked. This trait of hypergamy is seen in every woman throughout the world. The west is however fucked the most because in other places, the women still have restrictions on them due to culture and society, or sometimes even the local laws.
        A western man will not see this in a woman say brought up in EE or Asia. But you should see the local men and talk to them. They’re more or less facing the same shit in some way or the other from their own women, what a western man faces with a western woman.
        Women tend to hide their hypergamy when confronted with a man of a strange culture which is more of value than theirs, because of the exotic feel of the man. An Asian men will complain about the hypergamy of his own women. You see it everywhere.
        With women, remember that familiarity breeds contempt in their minds. That’s why women usually hold the local men from their own countries with contempt, and tend to fuck around with foreign men. There could be exceptions to this, but you’d see this trend increasingly common in the world today.

        1. Does that explain all the mulatto children I’ve been seeing around the past decade or so?

        2. Agree, but it does depend on the affluence of the Asian country in question. Asian women in countries that are rich and ‘feminized’ like Singapore, for example, are just as bad as women in the Anglosphere.

      2. ALL of my LTR’s have been uniformly miserable! Now I know why. If I’d been warned when I was younger, would I have heeded? Likely not…I just HAVE to pee on the electric fence to find out for myself. And yes, I did literally pee on an electric fence when I was a kid. I would rather do that daily than enter another LTR.

        1. The good (or ironically bad) part of game is that with each new success with women, you realize how flawed they are, and unworthy of a LTR.
          Read Krauser PUA’s article about “Dirty bitches love it in the ass”. You’ll understand the ironies in the nature of even ‘good’ women.
          It’s a great post, which exposes the irony in true female nature, and further cements the fact that a whore and a madonna can be the same woman – as mentioned in the article above.
          The cute, feminine,’traditional’, wifely type girl you think could be a real slut in bed with someone else – the r selected international playboy.
          Would you like to be the boyfriend of these girls that he banged? That’s a scary and painful thought, isn’t it? But you can see how these ‘good’ girls don’t have any qualms cheating on their boyfriends with a r-selected playboy.
          In the end that’s the inherent mercenariness of female nature. Loyalty essentially is actually a masculine virtue and trait, not feminine. A woman can’t die for her motherland or man, the way a man can do for his country or woman.
          This is a realization which almost every man who has game knowledge comes to. That a good girl is never a ‘good’ girl. She can be opened up by any guy who has game. Even if she is with a stable provider beta.
          There are some people who still think good women can stay good women if under the influence of a strong man. That’s bullshit. Even if she did, it’s because she chose to yield to him. Women are mercenaries when it comes to both loyalty and sex. You must understand that, to get the most out of them. To expect lifelong loyalty or ‘love’ is nonsense.
          This is also one of the reasons why alphas in the past were polygamous. Not only because they wanted sexual variety, but they also knew that deep down even a ‘good’ woman was not trustworthy. A woman’s worth as a good woman can only be calculated if she’s faithful as long as with you, or in an LTR the day she’s dead. As long as she’s alive, she can cheat on you.
          Even if you try to contain her all the time.
          Ultimately, it’s her body. You’ve had instances in history of ‘good’ women getting fucked in the ass when they were going to public toilets, or when they were taking off their chastity belts in medieval times to poop. There is no such thing as a good woman as all women are flawed.
          So the best way to adapt to this to use (or exploit) women for these very flaws. Don’t commit to them, or even if you hypothetically commit, commit to as many as possible. Don’t be afraid to walk away. And never invest trust or feelings in women. They’re simply not worth it. Use them for their wombs for the sex, and to have children if you want to have any. Just don’t get attached to them, to hurt yourself. Read the r-selected playboy and the dirty bitch anal sex article again.

      3. ALL of my LTR’s have been uniformly miserable! Now I know why. If I’d been warned when I was younger, would I have heeded? Likely not…I just HAVE to pee on the electric fence to find out for myself. And yes, I did literally pee on an electric fence when I was a kid. I would rather do that daily than enter another LTR.

      4. Can you blame them? Our generation have constantly been feed that education will lead to dream jobs and dream jobs lead to lifelong happiness. I picked up on the bull shit so I am not one of the many unfortunate that have $150k in debt and a useless psych degree. We have been fed our whole lives that our careers define us and make us happy. We were never told that how we treat others is what truly makes us happy. Now we have a bunch of over educated women running around in their late 20’s and early 30’s trying to find happiness in a title. When they become “manager”, they realize it is not enough. When they become “Mrs.”, the glory fades in time. When they become “mom”, the children soon become a hindrance and a bother. We weren’t taught to live for others, we were taught to live for ourselves. In the end, that is what leads to our current mess.

        1. Guys should forget about having children until they have fully matured. Becoming a parent is a big step for any human, especially in today’s world, as there are many pitfalls. I believe a lot of ‘manosphere’ guys want to wife-up a nice girl and start a family, but many will adopt the player lifestyle, avoiding monogamy, because it is an effective protection against the feminist imperative that permeates through much of society.

    2. Now you understand why a lot of traditional, conservative religions (like Islam) put serious constraints on female behavior through a system of social shaming, deterrence, and punishment. I’m not a muslim nor advocating for Islam (or any other religion) but these people correctly recognized that women are chaotic and need to be kept in check. The modern way of thinking says that if your wife cheats on you, it’s your fault for not being sensitive enough, or a good enough lover, or physically attractive enough. That’s total bullshit. While you should strive to improve yourself, you should do it for your own sake, not to keep your woman around. And if she does cheat on you, it’s always her fault. Seriously, when did we ever even come to question this? If a married woman has sex with a man other than her husband, and does this willingly under her own volition, then who else but her is responsible for it? There’s no excuse, not even if the husband is an unemployed impotent alcoholic who beats her every day. For that, there’s divorce.

      1. Just because a religion puts constraints on women and they appear to be following it does not mean they are. These constraints are useless at best if not counterproductive. I am not lying when I tell you I have met girls who are muslim, wear the head scarf and long clothing, and have still fucked upwards of 20 guys.

        1. I probably know more muslim sluts than you do. But it’s ridiculous to say the constraints are useless. They do help, a lot.

  9. Here’s my philosophy on relationships, they can happen, but when I’m in one I want 100% percent pure feminine energy out of a girl. A lot of women are like crack dealers to a lot of guys, they give them pure uncut feminine energy and get guys hooked, and after that they start to cut their feminine energy with masculine energy, in an attempt to get these guys chasing the wonderful high of feminine energy. The second she starts trying to become the man in the relationship let her know ONCE, and only ONCE, if she continues drop her ass, I don’t want a coworker in my relationship I want an employee that does what I want.

    1. Reminds me of something the late, great Patrice O’Neal said on his Black Phillip show. It was something to the effect of “a bitch should start out in the mail room of your corporation, then she can gradually work her way up the ladder as she proves that she’s a good employee.”

      1. I listen to the Black Phillip Show RELIGIOUSLY all the time when I’m at work, just constantly listening for more great lessons from Patrice, the man was a comedic genius and understood the social matrix and game like no other before him. It’s great to hear from another man who loves the Black Phillip Show, glad to see Patrice’s work and words are still carried out in the hearts and minds of men today. You a fan of Dante’s Beige Phillip the way I am? In case you may have forgotten Dante was the co-host of Black Phillip and he brought the concept back as Beige Phillip a couple years back, still the same great analogies and more, new lessons on everything, great podcast check it out if you haven’t yet, probably the best game podcast out there.

        1. I have not yet heard any of the Beige Phillip stuff. Still getting through all of Patrice’s material. Honestly if there were one entertainer I could bring back from the dead, it would have to be him. He was hilarious and incredibly insightful. The world of 2014 could really use him.

        2. I actually had that same conversation with a friend the other day, the man was just so dynamic and his thoughts so insightful, he should have had a radio show, I would love to listen to even his most casual thoughts on just about everything.

    2. i have seen this time and time again, in every long term relationship i’ve ever been in. they all acted all cute and sweet and girly for the first year or so, sometimes less, and then when things became stable, they gradually became more and more masculine and tried to run things. At first they let me lead and be the man with no questions asked, then as time went on, they wanted to be in control, leading the way. It was crazy and i never realized what it was until the past year or so.

      1. Now you do know. Never be in doubt who wears the crown. And make sure she isn’t in doubt either. You have grown my brother.

      2. Precisely, I have another metaphor that I think about like a chess game, men have the white pieces and women have the black pieces, one of my favorite chess players has often said that the goal for black, who plays in response to white is to equalize, meaning black is attempting to control the flow of the game instead of being swept up by the flow, which is what women frequently try to do. Men should always be active, never reactive, that is the women’s nature in a happy relationship.

  10. I think the reason that I’ve always been wary of being in a serious LTR is because of the countless times that I’ve been the other guy, the guy that fucks a girl who has a gf/boyfriend. How many times have you guys fucked a girl only for her to tell you she has to meet up with her boyfriend soon after you came in her mouth/tits etc. If you want to be in an LTR, you need to break her 1st, then mold her to the type of woman that want. A bitch is like a water, shapeless and formless.

  11. Great article. My thoughts:
    In the long run you are going to be in a long term relationship. Keep in mind that for all these examples there are counter-examples of relationships that worked out fine. We shouldn’t judge all women by the sluts we meet.
    What’s needed on this site is “relationship game”. Not many men seem to have it and get blind-sided by the dumping when it happens.
    Part of the problem is as Troy mentioned, allowing the woman to beta-ize you. You need to be the alpha male in your relationship. Your word is law. This means that you only enter a relationship with a woman who follows your lead. It doesn’t matter whether there are kids or not. Your woman needs to be slightly afraid of you, that there is always the possibility that you may lose it and that you don’t give a shit if she divorces you and takes half your shit. You will but act like you don’t. She must feel that you have all the power. Poker face.
    It sounds to me that a lot of guys enter relationships with low quality women, the type that will cheat on you or dump you for random reasons. Never enter into relationships with these types. Learn to read women and categorise them into those for marriage and those for fun. This is important.

    1. I think you nailed it when you said men change from how they act when trying to pick up the girl to how they act in a LTR. Keep the same exact frame regardless and you will avoid most of the listed issues.

      1. Well said.
        And in fact, its also good to have an exit strategy and a “golden parachute”. In other words, what will you do when divorce and/or LTR break-up looms? Its good to remain friendly with potential “replacements” at all times during your LTR.

        1. In France (and many other countries as well) men wishing to eject while avoiding the steel glove of the République simply “disappear”. New identity, new place of residence, new job, new acquaintances, new family history, and so on. Extreme? Yes. Justified? At times yes, sometimes no. Successful? Absolutely (if done right).

    2. Right the fuck on the money Bob. You get it.
      I’d add that you always have an escape plan. Be digging the tunnel under the Stalag, all the while smiling at Colonel Klink during daylight hours. And never fool yourself that it can’t happen to you it can. My wife is sweet and pleasant, yet I suffer no illusions that she could be gone when I get home this evening.
      The notion of her knowing you have other options is fantastic as well. Or as some call it, dread game. It’s all good.

      1. Thanks Ghost and yes absolutely an escape plan. You never know exactly when the shit will hit the fan but when it does you want to be wearing a rain coat.

        1. Just having a genuine escape plan such as helpful foreign relatives who can “extract” you on short notice or carefully stashed assets somewhere that cannot be readily identified by her family law firm can be enough to keep her on her toes. I’m not saying you should purposefully maintain a constant atmosphere of stress and dread at home, but the very fact that you managed to hold hand outside of the overwhelming control grid she primarily relies on to keep her “safe” can be sufficient to at least maintain some balance here. Make sure it’s the real deal though. They can sniff out BS fake alpha posturing like a bloodhound a field mouse a mile away.
          Conversely, giving her the complete key set to all aspects of your life and cutting yourself off from friends and family is an absolutely guaranteed recipe for disaster. You have been forewarned.

    3. “Learn to read women and categorise them into those for marriage and those for fun.” that’s the key sentence. lots of bitter men who don’t have quality…

  12. @NegroSkywalker:disqus
    Oh yes she is a beast my friend. She is a monster with a razor sharp social perception that you can’t even fathom. Add a healthy dose of intelligence, beauty and natural vigour and you have a recipe of frankenstien proportions. It’s fucking terrifying, how could you have ever imagined you could tame her? that you could change her? that what you had together was “special”…? Don’t torture yourself.
    T.F. takes the wind out of your sails with this one, doesn’t he boys? But there is much truth here. A tough pill to swallow, but a red one. Any reasonable man can only receive the world as it is, there is no sense in hiding yourself from reality. We each take our own situation to account and play our cards as best we can, remember that plenty of fun, love and joy can be had along the way.
    One cool thing about this game: if enough courage, effort and intelligence is applied, if enough blood, sweat and tears are shed, even a weak hand can be very, very strong and turn out big winnings – look at our brother Niel.
    In the end we will all become wise old men, some with a few better stories than others.
    In the end we all die alone.

    1. He got married and all of a sudden disappears from the community. Are you really surprised? Gtfo… lmao

        1. Yeah he wrote an article on RoK about it, a few months back. Search the archives.

        2. McQueen’s been deleted from the ROK author archives. Guess he really ruffled some feathers, mark minter style.

        3. The wandering tentacles of the matriarchy do manage to pull a few back in from time to time. The hive is always on the lookout for rogue agents to neutralize by way of pussy. If you don’t watch your back you could very well end up next in line before you even know it.

  13. Number 5 is perhaps the most harsh red pill truth. Women are opportunists, they love opportunistically, not idealistically as men do. They indeed don’t care about you personally, it’s all about what you can do for them. Capacity for tingles, drama, money making, etc., any utility that benefits them.

    1. I totally disagree. Of course women care about your personality. In the same way that a guy cares about a women’s personality. No matter how hot a chick is if her personality sucks NO GUY is going to stick around very long.
      Rich guys that are assholes often can’t keep most chicks and the ones they can keep around are the bottom of the barrel.
      I don’t know why men make this shit all black and white.
      “All women are whores who only want a guy for his money and what he can do for them” is simplistic and completely inaccurate. Women, like men, want the HIGHEST VALUE MAN they can find. Looks. Income. Personality. Confidence.
      If you can open your eyes and see the true nature of people (both men and women) you can enjoy women without hating them. They are simply acting in their own best self interest…just like men do.

        1. Don’t bother with this guy. He is a bitter divorcee with a daughter. Whats more, instead of learning a lesson from it, he is still pretty blue pill, deluding himself that he is red pill. He has proven this in the comment threads of other articles.
          He is the sort of guy who claims that he is an Alpha and that true Alphas only meet (game) women online, in the same sentence. He also says that if a woman finds a higher valued man, then she has the right to go up and yet fails to caution that the man must counteract this with game of his own. Don’t know how long he will take to really wake up. Perhaps he will do a Mark Minter.

      1. Dawson, he never said anything about ‘personality’. He said that they “don’t care about you personally”. Big difference.

        1. lol. Wow…and I wasn’t even drunk.
          But my point remains the same. To take the position that all (or even most) women literally don’t care about the men they marry (or are in a relationship with) as a person but merely as a means to an end is simplistic and IMO inaccurate.
          In the same way that if a person literally didn’t give two shits about a woman they were dating (or even just fucking on a regular basis) would in my opinion be a sociopath at a minimum.

        2. Thank you for sharing…I really enjoyed his writing.
          The only point I keep trying to make (unsuccessfully) is that yes men and women are different but we all try to find the highest value mate we can. Men in the manosphere call women whores for doing this. I just call them rational (which frankly is shocking for women…lol).

        3. Roosh has often said women, like water, take the shape of the container (i.e. society) in which they are put in. Women -indeed- just follow their innate biological/evolutionary script/programming, and what kind of behavior this results in depends on the constraints. If society says it’s OK to sleep around with as many guys as you like, and you aren’t responsible for any of your choices, then its hardly surprising women act they way they do.

        4. We all follow our innate biological programming, modified by the circumstances into which we are born. Men are no different in this way. I am curious why you think we are?
          In fact, men are at least as bad about following societal programming or our dumb asses wouldn’t be getting married in the first place.

        5. No, in fact I agree with this. But there is a difference of outcome, and that, in a nutshell, is the point I was initially trying to make. That female programming differs from the male one and that behavioral outcomes differ likewise. The rabithole goes deep, real deep, and if you peel enough layers away, you may not like what remains. That’s why I like Rollo’s blog, the guy is a master at peeling those layers of deception away.

        6. >>In the same way that if a person literally didn’t give two shits about a woman they were dating (or even just fucking on a regular basis) would in my opinion be a sociopath at a minimum.
          That may all be good and well, but still validates the point because it’s precisely the above described behaviour that women finds most irresistable.
          You realize it’s a game you cannot win. The more you ‘give two shits’ about them the more they start resenting you for it. You can start believing your own lies after a while, because deep down a man is a noble creature and wants very hard to believe that a woman can also share in his capacity for virtue. In my personal experience such idolization of the female sex inevitably backfires on a man in a most nastiest of ways. And the more committed he is to his fantasy the harder the blow.

        7. >> Men in the manosphere call women whores for doing this. I just call them rational (which frankly is shocking for women…lol).
          Well of course it’s rational when taboos on such behaviour are made null and void by society. Sexual morality and taboos evolved for a reason, it was religion and tradition that kept the hypergamy in check. To put it in simpler terms, or technological progress has far outpaced our biological evolution. 200 thousand years ago hypergamy paid off big dividends as the most aggressive and dominant alpha males were the carriers of the best genes for successfully surviving the harsh life in the wild. With vicious predators and starvation being realities of everyday life these alpha males also provided the much needed resources and protection for his many ‘bitches’. With rapid technological advances in the last 5-7 thousand years and the advancement of agricultural and pastoral lifestyle the rules of the game changed rapidly. It was no longer the most aggressive and belligerent members of the pack that provided the best chances of success. It was now the most cooperative and intelligent members of the society that would allow it to succeed in both planning a successful harvest and planning a successful war. Superior discipline, weaker emotional response and higher intelligence – traits normally found in the ‘beta’ males were now needed for society to succeed. But the biological make-up of the female has not changed. The females still preferred by overwhelming margin the badboy, the miscreant and the aggressive psychopath to a nice educated guy who they despised. What to do? Enter organized religion and the ‘blue pill’ as a way to put the breaks on the female hypergamy and ensure the survival of the technologically advanced society that now NEEDED betas to produce its resources. By successfully hoodwinking the Men into buying the concept of romantic love (think marriage NAWALT e.t.c.) and shaming the women into towing the line of a good girl a stabilizing force was introduced into the hypergamy equation that allowed these small communities to become countries we know today. This concept of sexual morality exists in any successful society we know today. With the advent of enlightment, most religious traditions were being slowly challenged, eroded and discarded as illogical or superfluous. This is what we are living through right now.
          Let me also restate again – The female biology HAS NOT CHANGED. It remains today same as it was 200 thousand years ago and is just as duplicitous and hypergamous as ever. As the new age of atheism and narcissism dawned on our countries we found ourselves without that stabilizing element that has allowed us to get here in the first place. Hypergamy which has been kept in check for 7000 years all of a sudden got released from it’s bottle. The same women who made good wives for 7000 years (give or take) all of a sudden find themselves in their natural element. Constant preening (think selfies) and ‘look at me’ narcissism. Strings of betas they can extract resources from while fucking that one tattoed badboy who couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck about her. Devaluation of ‘traditional’ (think bluepill) female virtues such as temperance, modesty, femininity and loyalty. General rejection of ‘beta’ values, such as marriage and child bearing responsibilities in favor of chasing alpha cock.
          In short the unrestrained hypergamy is leading us back into the wild pack on the savannah of 200 thousand years ago. This is perhaps the best explanation for this ‘ferality’ of women that Roosh has written about in the past.

        8. That is just ridiculous. To claim that women’s biology hasn’t changed in 200,000 years (the entire time of homo sapiens btw) is to be wholly ignorant of science and evolution. Not to mention you cannot possible hope to know how women behaved 20,000 years ago let alone 200,000 years ago.
          Why do people always talk about things with such certainty when it is so fucking obvious they can’t possibly know the things they claim to know?
          And atheism isn’t even a thing in the same way that not believing in astrology isn’t a thing. It is just a label for saying that believing something on bad evidence isn’t rational. Holding up ANY religion as a guidebook for how to live is simply insane.

        9. >>That is just ridiculous. To claim that women’s biology hasn’t changed in 200,000 years (the entire time of homo sapiens btw) is to be wholly ignorant of science and evolution.
          Which is what you are apparently. Anthropology agrees with me. These are facts.

      2. What he’s saying Dawson is that women do not and cannot love like men can and certainly not like what is portrayed on greeting cards. Their “love” is wholly opportunistic and able to be replaced with another higher value male without remorse or regret.
        I can find a man who, even though he has a less attractive woman, would turn down a more attractive one (in all respects) to stay with his spouse. For women this is not true – they will always find an excuse to jump to the better deal and what intelligence they have will be used to try to justify it. Absent severe physical punishment (stoning in the old days) a woman will *always* jump to the better deal and today she is rewarded for doing so.

        1. OK I have to call bullshit.
          Both men and women will jump to a higher value mate if the differential is significant enough. I don’t care how fucking awesome I am, if Channing Tatum wants my woman, he’s gonna get her.
          But it cuts both ways. If your wife is a 6 and 9 that loves all the same things you do and gets along better with your friends and is less jealous and possessive, blah, blah, blah comes along…bye Felicia!
          So PERHAPS your argument is that a women needs a smaller differential to jump ship then a man does but A) no fucking way you can measure that in any meaningful way and B) even if you could, so what? It just means one gender (on average) is slightly less selfish than the other.
          I personally think romantic love is a shitty basis for a relationship but that’s another topic. But even if you do “love” your partner shouldn’t you want them to be happy even if that means it isn’t with you.
          If I was in a relationship and I became a quadriplegic my first order of business would be to dump my gf. I can’t be what she needs…I am a vegetable with a head basically.
          ALL HUMANS are wired to behave in their own best self interest. To pretend that women are this way and men aren’t is ridiculous.

        2. What I am saying is that women are different and love differently. You can call whatever you want but its the women who do the bulk of the breaking and up and certainly leaving the marriages not the men.
          You can continue to believe your shiny happy bullshit all you want but saying that we are equal, with equal tendencies to do the same things given exactly the same levels of temptations is provably false and even a blind man can see it in the numbers for divorce rates. So no I don’t believe that the sexes are identical in their predispositions. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable at feministing?

        3. Dude there are a MILLION ways to read into those numbers. Who the fuck cares who asks for the divorce? Maybe that means that guys are dumber and bigger gluttons for punishment than women. Who knows and who cares?
          How is it “shiny happy bullshit” to believe that people are basically the same regardless of gender? Most marriages aren’t worth saving so I would argue the women are right to want to end them.
          You clearly have ZERO science background if you think it is provably false. Looking at who asks for the divorce is a RETARDED way to look at it. Are you really that obtuse? Jesus can someone with a brain please argue with me?

        4. How old are you son? 15? When your balls drop and you stop using diapers you’ll learn that there is a difference between men and women and yes the fact that you argue against that means you’re an idiot or at least inexperienced and these are not mutually exclusive conditions i.e. you sound as if you’re both.
          But seriously if you are going to actually argue that men and women are the SAME with regards to personality, propensity for certain behaviors, anything except the plumbing than I and the rest of us not still watching Barney and Friends are going to laugh at you. This has been proven and CAN BE PROVEN just look in a f**king shopping mall and see what differences there are in what is purchased dumbass.
          If you are looking for an equal party to debate you won’t find one here as up until now I didn’t think anyone was still left who was stuck in the 1960’s gender theory section.

        5. Wow…do you even read your own shit before you hit “post”?
          You basically show you lack of intellect and intelligence by not having a reasoned position.
          I said they were basically the same…meaning why does it matter if it take a slightly higher differential to tempt a man versus a women.
          You act like women will jump ship at the drop of a hat but men won’t. That’s retarded.
          And for the love of god, using shopping patterns at the mall as part of your argument…are you fucking kidding me?
          Check out my site and tell me how “inexperienced” I am. I have fucked more young, hot women than you can even dream of.

        6. Men and women are *nowhere* near the same, even if one ignores the fact one gender has different genitalia than the other. The entire female brain is wired differently compared to the male brain.

        7. >>ALL HUMANS are wired to behave in their own best self interest. To pretend that women are this way and men aren’t is ridiculous.
          Yes very true, but the interest of the individual humans may cross the interest of the society. You maybe interested in banging everything that moves but societal laws prevent you from doing so (think rape and statutory rape laws). What’s good for your individual interest may suck for the rest of us. Some people enjoy shooting other people with high caliber rifles, but we have laws that prevent them from excersizing their hobbies, because it would wreck havoc on the social order. Hypergamy is one of those ‘individual’ interests that poses a very real threat to a modern social order. Capice?

        8. I understand your point completely but I don’t see how you can possibly equate rape and murder with a woman trying to get the highest value mate she can.
          Does that not seem to be a bit extreme? And it isn’t that fucking hard to not get played. I agree that men need to be aware what motivates women. Shit, everyone needs to be as aware of what motivates everyone that is in their lives.
          I simply take issue with the nearly “criminalization” of what is perfectly rational behavior.

        9. A woman trying to get the highest value mate she can??
          Some of these women are ridiculous when looking for that highest value – that’s why they’ll be single, alone with a bunch of cats.
          Many of these women (5s and 6s) who think they have ‘high value’ don’t get to ride on my bus….it just doesn’t stop at their stop.

        10. I totally agree. But when she can’t get a guy that’s better life will teach her what she’s worth.
          Same for a man. Broke ass, ugly guy ain’t pulling a supermodel.

        11. “I totally agree. But when she can’t get a guy that’s better life will teach her what she’s worth.”
          I won’t be so sure about that, she can always tell herself that it is the sins of the media which caused her not able to snare guys like Chris Evans or Henry Cavill into a happily ever after, i.e. the media brainwashed those guys so they only want certain types of beauty & body-types.

        12. “Some of these women are ridiculous when looking for that highest value –
          that’s why they’ll be single, alone with a bunch of cats.”
          Can u really blame them? I mean as long as society keeps barking hogshit like *all women are beautiful* then the 1s – 7s women will think “surely I am as beautiful as Kate Middlestone is because society keeps saying that *all women are beautiful* so why the fuck should I settle for less than a prince?” And nope, a prince of some Tonga-tonga island kingdom won’t cut it for her, only a European prince will do.

        13. “Yes very true, but the interest of the individual humans may cross the interest of the society.”
          I see your point but let’s agree to disagree : if the society where I live in ever force me to copulate with some fugly land-whales because it is good for the society then as far as I’m concerned that kind of society can go the way of the dinosaurs for all I care. I will even welcome and collaborate with the outside invaders to accelerate the process.

        14. For me the problem with hypergamy is, that a hypergamous 5 WILL get banged by an alpha in a whim if she just spreads her legs, but a beta 5 can do shit in such an environment.
          Alpha polygamy and female hypergamy collude, and betas are left in the dust.
          That is what religion and society tried to control by morality, and that is what is falling apart now.

    2. Agree. It is all the opportunity at any given time. Women do have an agenda and they’ll use you until they don’t need you anymore.
      Treat women badly and they’ll never leave you alone (it has worked every time for me).

      1. “Treat women badly and they’ll never leave you alone (it has worked every time for me).”
        It hasn’t with a man I know, the last time he treated his woman badly i.e. made her lost a few fronth teeth and broke her nose, the said woman left him for good and it were the cops who couldn’t leave him alone.

  14. I enjoyed the article and agree with most of it.
    I don’t see why men get upset with women for wanting what they want. And both men and women can be romantics. I would agree that women are MORE pragmatic but that makes sense. If men were the weaker sex with different drives (to have children) and lesser earning potential we would do the same thing.
    A women doing her best to leverage her depreciating assets makes perfect sense to me and should to all men. I am not mad at them for it…I am just aware of it.
    And as for the LTR in general with a women I would argue that’s the wrong focus. A relationship should last as long as it makes BOTH people happy and not a minute longer. It might be monogamous (for men it generally shouldn’t be), it might not be. It might last a night, a week, a year, whatever. Don’t focus on the outcome…just enjoy the journey and make sure you are self aware enough and present enough to know if you are happy or not.

    1. Solid advice in that last paragraph. We need to always just enjoy the journey and not be so preoccupied with the future of it. Nothing is permanent in this world. I see way too many unhappy couples just hashing it out for the sake of staying together. They feel they’ve invested time into it and won’t pull the plug even though both would be happier separately.

    2. Don’t knw if my outlook will change with age an esperience, but so far the outcomes have kept me alive. Happiness is the secondary. A minute of success makes me happier than a year of easygoing pleasure. I spose I just want cash, sex and awards and don’t really enjoy anything else enough.

      1. I don’t understand what you mean by outcomes keep you alive. Cash, sex and awards aren’t necessarily outcomes. They are events that occur along the way.
        I was talking about people being fixated on a being in a relationship (or worse yet) a marriage as an outcome.

        1. Chasing marriage for the sake of it is dumb, yeah. Makes sense when you’d rather work than chase girls, though. As long as the legs stay open, she gets to be a ‘princess~~~’ and I save my time an money.

        2. The outcomes quite literaly kept me alive. If not for the potential of cash, sex and awards in the future I would have given up and killed myself ut of sheer nihilism long ago.

      2. Those things are great, but you may well realize some day (as you admit) that it’s fantastic to take a year off to golf, or climb a mountain, or just lay on the beach and sip rum in the company of a bevy of flighty young birds with no real goal in mind. Everything in moderation, even moderation, is a great maxim to live by.
        Enjoy your years achieving and earning money and awards, and when the time comes that you find nothing more desirable than hiking the Appalachian trail alone for a year, why, enjoy that too!

        1. Ay least at the end I’ll have the time and cash to enjoy such things when I want them. Fr now I’ll stay a workaholic and enjoy the rush whenever I get my hands on more cash.

  15. Out fucking standing. What feminism and western governments have done in a nutshell is that they’ve exposed civilisation in all of its superficiality. There were extremely vital aspects of civilisation, such as property, primogeniture, and the divine right of kings and mostly, the patriarchy. However, with that said, there were numerous lies that the last three centuries of civilisation unleashed on humanity, mainly being, blind equality and romance. The last of these, inspires the betatisation process whereby men cover the female populace in a veneer of really… bullshit. She’s pure, an angel, ‘my love’.
    All lies, that honestly I’m glad the current society has deconstructed, and when we finally reconstruct the patriarchy, we’ll never again let so many ‘intellectuals’, poets and other writers especially of the alien variety, blind us to the true nature of women. As a friend once commented, the current owners of society (yes you have owners), have unleashed Darwinism upon the West. Humans were never monogamous, but it was imperative that we limited women’s sexual behaviour due to paternity and inheritance. All this bullshit about love and being together forever is garbage of the first order.
    Marriage was an economic contract, and no man then and now should ever attempt unless he marries above his rank or in his rank (meaning above $20 million). Honestly, none of you should marry a woman unless her net worth is above $1 million. Fuck her yes, breed a few bastards sure, but marry her, absolutely not. Superb article, unleash the primal beast. Women, especially here are duplicitous and there words are empty. I don’t care what they say, even if it’s ‘I’ve been raped’, ‘I love you’, ‘my mother’s dying of cancer’. Fuck them all. Whenever I feel tempted to retract on my zero-give a fucks policy, due to tempting serpent tongues of some woman, I’ll look at a picture of Stalin! Yes, fucking Joseph Stalin, to remind myself that in this era of feminism, I must be cold as fucking iced steel. Not an inch.

    1. “Humans were never monogamous, but it was imperative that we limited
      women’s sexual behaviour due to paternity and inheritance. All this
      bullshit about love and being together forever is garbage of the first
      “Marriage was an economic contract, and no man then and now should ever
      attempt unless he marries above his rank or in his rank (meaning above
      $20 million). Honestly, none of you should marry a woman unless her net
      worth is above $1 million. Fuck her yes, breed a few bastards sure, but
      marry her, absolutely not. Superb article, unleash the primal beast.
      Women, especially here are duplicitous and there words are empty.”
      – I echo those same very words.
      No man should enter LTRs for the Betaization curve, and if he does, he must always remember this graph. This could be a good desktop wallpaper to remind men of what LTRs (especially monogamous LTRs) eventually end out. I don’t care about men who’re in their 50’s or 60’s thinking about it, but for men in their 20’s and 30’s, this should be something they should be aware of.

    2. Stalin. Leaving aside his horrific sociopathic tendencies he had game. I have read some of his biography. He knew how to run women. He liked women to keep a good home, look after the kids and give him what he needed. They could be feminist all they wanted as long as they followed orders.

  16. LTR’s are for emotionally needy beta males. Any realtionship with a women should be causal in nature. Any man who wants to keep his car and house should never ever get married.
    You will get tired of fucking the same pussy over and over again and end up cheating anyways.

  17. Two words from today’s news makes the point: Lauren Bacall.
    She just died. Far after her expiration date.
    Look at the photos of her with Humphry Bogart at the age of 19. Hot, hot, hot.
    But she died at the age of 89. So, knock off 18 years during which she was a minor by our current laws, and that leaves 70 years of adult life. At most, during 10 of those she was attractive and a good fuck. Of course, those were the years of her maximum earning potential.
    That leaves 60 years of adult life without having much use as far as men go. I hope she spent those 60 years doing something constructive. But that is not likely as most women spend there non reproductive years causing trouble for society.

  18. Tyler Durden’s Secret Society post has had the greatest influence on me more than any piece of writing to this day. And the most shocking and disturbing to my ego
    I first read it years ago though a link on Heartiste (back when he called himself Roissy) an article titled Secrets
    If Morpheus revealed the Matrix to me in real life, I would have handled that better than learning of the secret society.

  19. Apparently the financial pressures of two previous hefty divorce settlements was part of the reason Robin Williams offed himself. That’s kinda I’m leery of marrying again (once was fucking enough); I’m not saying I got much, but I want to keep it mine. Cellulite keeps me from wanting to marry again too; nasty stuff; if they don’t got it, they’ll get it given enough time.

    1. “Grow old together” with an 18 year old in Cambodia when you’re 75. Technically she is ‘growing older’ too. No need to split hairs, is there? I say no to the married life in which you spend your life and money with a woman who you wouldn’t even want to see naked for 85% of that money draining timespan.

    1. “Its a fortunate but dull man who lives to the end of his days without accumulating at least a small amount of bitterness.”

    2. Every man experiences bitterness when he awakens to the realization of the true flawed nature of women. The truth is always bitter, and rarely sweet.
      The famous French courtesan (or whore) of medieval times, Ninon de Lenclos, famously said ,” A man is given the choice between loving women and understanding them.” That sums the true choice men have to deal with regarding women in their lifetimes. You can’t actually love women once you’ve understood what women are all about. At the most, you can ‘tolerate’ them – only because they bring sexual value and some fleeting moments of ‘romantic pleasure’ in life.
      But you can ‘love’ them as long as you pretend to overlook their flawed natures. Or if you haven’t understood them at all – a path which all unawakened men (betas) take.
      Bitterness with female nature is probably what even Adam must’ve felt when he was banished from the Garden of Eden – for yielding to Eve’s demand to eat the forbidden fruit.
      Unawakened men have always bitten the dust at some point or the other when it comes to loving women. And men in general always experienced some bitterness when they’ve understood women. Especially today when female hypergamy is getting unchained increasingly everywhere, or beginning to get unchained. Either ways, there’s always some bitterness. We can only adapt to it, by not yielding to the despair, and avoid pitfalls of LTRs. Women are meant to be enjoyed, and increasingly not meant to be committed to in today’s world. As mentioned above, there is a whore and madonna in the same woman. So in a way, men can’t fuck whores and marry a madonna anymore – in today’s times. You never know your madonna could become a whore.

      1. This is very true. It’s not even bitterness, so much as sadness that things aren’t as we would wish them to be, or in some cases were told they were.

      2. That’s just plain bullshit. Flawed natures? What or who are you comparing them to? So men are the perfect ones and women are just disfunctional? Fuck that. Human beings are just what they are, be them men or women.

        1. You’re right that both genders are imperfect, but since this is a site aimed at men and concerned with men’s issues, the article highlights things about women to watch out for.

    3. Of course you do. Every man at one point or another wants his beautiful wife who will love him and be faithful to him. He wants to be kind to her and wants kindness back. How many industries and how much entertainment is based on this being not only possible but absolutely necessary for a happy life? And the truth is it is NOT possible. The only reason women ever stayed loyal in the first place years ago was out of necessity. 200 years ago a woman on her own would starve or die from exposure. Women absolutely require assistance to live. Now of course they have government serving as the role of ultimate enforcer and provider. As soon as she is bored with whatever guy she is sleeping with she gets on the phone and government gets rid of him and forces him to send her money.
      Female “love” has always been an illusion. No woman ever “loves” a man like men love women. I could take away any woman’s husband/boyfriend and so long as I instantly replaced him with a more alpha model she’d never miss him. War brides worked well because of this.
      Here is the brutal, real-world, no b.s., no lovey dovey life is a bowl of cherries truth: the only way to keep a woman in a relationship pretending to love her husband is to make her leaving viciously punished or impossible. Change the law so that in a divorce she gets absolutely nothing and has no rights to the children. No WIC, EBT, welfare, or charity of any kind – she is on her own. Amazingly the divorce rate would plummet and that mysterious lifetime “love” would re-appear so Hallmark can stay in business making greeting cards.
      The bitterness comes from two things – first being lied to all our lives about what women are and secondly having to see the true ugliness, selfishness, and repugnant nature of what women really are when they are allowed to fully express themselves.

    4. lets not confuse “bitterness” with “lessons in life” the former indicates a self-destructive emotion that serves no positive purpose or self-improvement value.
      the latter is more a recollection of a painful experience communicated in such a way as to galvanise people against the same mistake, usually due to the regular occurrence of said mistake.

      1. Something I can relate to wholeheartedly.
        It’s my direct experience with women that has taught me a harsh truth about life; that you can’t love something and have a deep understanding of it. The 2 don’t fit together and can really only have one or the other.
        Understanding usually leads to resentment, disappointment and a realisation that nothings truly perfect; that it is essentially flawed and broken.
        Can we learn to love it? Possibly, but I personally would hate to live the rest of my life on guard because my woman has a tendency to cheat behind my back and not be at all remorseful about her actions.

        1. +1 there, and to quote the bible (actually some good points there) Ecclesiastes 1:17 – 1:18: “And I applied my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also is but a striving after wind. For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow”
          Firstly im not a bible basher – Im of the opinion that Troy Francis has written an article that goes hand in hand with this passage.

    5. I’m not bitter – not any more at least. As others have said, you can play the game to your advantage.
      But supposing I were bitter, which of my points would it invalidate?

      1. For the most part, my criticism isn’t about what points you should cut off. Instead, it’s all about the conclusion. Just because you — and and and almost everyone reading this blog — are players, it doesn’t mean that any of us should deny the part of our personalities just because of this “darker side” of women. Just because we come to realise that the madonnas and sluts of the world are just the some persons, I doesn’t mean that we should definitely think that getting into a LTR is a bad idea.
        My main objection is of intensity. Because you think that all the women are, deep down, just a bunch of agenda based cheating sluts to their core, you don’t think they are reliable at all. All of them, no exception. That’s just plain bullshit because it promotes an adversarial way to relationships, just like feminists do. That is about the same thing as labelling every man a potential rapist.
        To be a women lover — and part of that old-school concept of secret society — you reject this view and take women for what they are.
        By the way, Tyler has recored some videos about his view about slut shaming and putz shaming. It is way more evolved that this secret society ideas. This one is the best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm2aKGI4fWM

        1. Well, the massive caveat to the whole article is that LTRs can and do work out for some people. But unfortunately each of the points raised are phenomena that I’ve experienced myself and I’ve seen friends and acquaintances experience.
          i wish things were different and if anyone can prove conclusively that any of this is garbage then I’ll be glad to hear them out, but I’ve been around long enough and dated enough women to know that these things are recurring and sadly predictable in many cases.
          Just to be clear, this isn’t about hating on women. As I state: ‘women’s sexuality does not make them bad people. It is something men can enjoy too, when they learn to play the game. But you do need to open your eyes to the reality of how things works.’ Men have their bad points too but this isn’t the focus here.
          Yes, great Tyler video. He has a lot to say on this that’s worth hearing.

  20. A ‘relationship’ is pretty much an essentially a female / feminine concept. There used to be marriage, which however much it might vary was always also a compromise between male / female needs and expectations, grounded in real world realities. But what is a ‘relationship’ anyway? Its the most mediocre of concepts: just sufficient longevity for women to get whatever they feel they need out of the err… time-bound but rarely reciprocal coupling. Modern marriages moreover are not the thing they were – that is something that was expected and indeed required to endure (I am aware many men as well as women may have cared little for that requirement). Today a marriage is a ‘relationship’ – that’s to say marriage today simply masquerades as marriage, being in fact the gold standard of female sexual mediocrity: the relationship.
    What I am trying to get across – and I’m fully aware many will disagree at an instinctive level is that marriage was the compromise between male desires for sex / family and female need for connectedness / motherhood. The concept of ‘relationship’ is a completely female-driven and female defined one. We need to go back to the drawing board

  21. Point #2 and 3 is dead on true.
    I married the first girl I was in a LTR with and then 20 years later, divorced her. After the first couple of years, it all went downhill. The more I tried to please her, the more distant and resentful she became. I bought a house, helped with the chores, raised our kids, lost my friends. In the end, I was just a paycheck. After the papers were filed, she held nothing back, she berated me for every failure I’d made. In reality though, she was right. I had become the beta in the marriage. I had lost control of the relationship and nothing I could do would put me back in the driver’s seat. It was time to go.

  22. It’s funny, the #1 thing a man can do to help him be better with women is to truly not care about them and just have an agenda about getting sex – the same way they have their own agenda about getting absolutely whatever they can from a man.
    It sucks that women are so cold but there is some irony that the men who can be just as cold get “naturally selected” for more sex.

    1. Women are only machines for providing sex and producing children.
      So push their right buttons using game, and get the service what you want.
      Otherwise, they’re nothing but a destructive abyss.
      The more you keep yourself detached from them, the more fucks you’ll get from them.
      A woman who’s unattractive and who can’t provide sex takes away 95% of her worth for a man.
      The other 5% she retains if she’s rich (which you can use), she’s got contacts street smartness and influence you could exploit for your favor, she be a maid or a nurse to you, or she could forward you to other women.
      Most guys actually remain in LTRs only experiencing bits or pieces of the 5%, and rarely getting the 95% of her worth, which she usually lets to go down the drain.
      Intrigue, deception, capriciousness and lies are the inherent amoral qualities of women. So you need to be cold-blooded with them to get the sex you want. That’s what I do. Play the game, and experience sex without commitment with multiple women.

      1. I really can’t see the appeal of “relationships” for anyone who doesn’t have or want kids. What exactly is the point? If you are with a woman and there are no offspring involved then it should be a strictly sexual relationship, right? I mean it’s not like you would be hanging out with a woman if you weren’t having sex with her. So basically a “relationship” is a way for women to extract time and resources from men without giving them children. I see so many of my peers (20s male) on lockdown stuck to one piece of ass (and spending shit-tons of $ having “fun” eating at overpriced restaurants and bars) and they don’t even have kids, it boggles the mind. I think there is a time a place for “relationship” and it involves 2 people behaving as adults and raising children – not YOLOing in the feminine manner of being good consumers. And most of my peers are in debt – and yes they help their “partner” with her debt too (which is typically outlandish).

    2. There’s nothing ironic about it. No one respects a guy who puts aside his wants in order to make others happy. It’s an inherent part of human nature.
      A lesson I learned the hard way in the last few years. The more I’m unhindered with the noise around me and the more i’m strict on my stance and purpose. The more girls find me attractive.
      They will test you on this consistently. Some simply will not fold, which is common with most western femcunts who insist on being dominant. But the idea is quite simple… It’s either your way, or the high way… Shit or get off the pot.

    3. I wouldn’t say its cold, id say that one cannot argue the moral ground of the situation when the process favours those who are the coldest and more in tune with the primal drive of – Eat, sleep, procreate. everything else either serves those three or is just a bonus.

  23. I’m fairly certain my wife does care about me, and we both want babies. Look, if the whole world went MGTOW we’d cease being a species. It’s important to distinguish between spoiled, entitled women, and just normal women.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about that Xu. Seems the fossil fueled people bloom will continue right into the future (and resource wars). Wonderful.

    2. Maybe we would – I posit the theory that if all men went MGTOW then there it wouldn’t be long before women let their “oh shit I need a protector” switch flip to “on” and some would follow the MGTOW.
      right now there is just no motivation to procreate simply because of the spoiled, entitled brattiness of 90% of women. Unfortunately in this world whether you do it as a team or as a single parent you are going to pay for a child, there is no getting around it.

    3. “Look, if the whole world went MGTOW we’d cease being a species.”
      You must be a non-religious type, religious people believe that God created Adam & Eve so even if the whole world went MGTOW then God can simply just creates another 7 billion couples of Adams & Eves to repopulate the earth.

  24. I recently broke up with my girlfriend having learned the harsh truths to the things said in this article. In the 6 months I was with her, there was not one occasion where things were going smoothly. She would often complain that I wasn’t showing her ‘enough attention’, not giving her the hugs and cuddles she needed etc.
    I was conscious of my behaviour understanding the ramifications of giving her exactly what she wanted. The final blow to the nail didn’t come until she pulled out her final trump card of being a few weeks late on her period and telling me that her hormones are unstable.
    I knew it was time to pull the plug, realising that she was trying to trap me into unwanted fatherhood.
    The moral of the story is. Don’t be afraid of breaking a girl’s heart. Having been on the receiving end countless times in the past and seeing how malicious and cruel they can be with your feelings.
    All they’re interested in is their own personal gratification and validation. They simply do not care about you.
    Their whole charade of being nice to you and giving you the things you want all comes with a price that in the end ends up being much higher than what they end up offering you in the whole grande scheme of things, and it usually results in you being taken to the scraps stripped of your dignity, pride and self-respect.
    They will quickly move on and find another tool to play with and trick into commitment.
    For once, I haven’t felt at all guilty of ending things. Best of all, my emotions are intact. I held off from giving my full emotions, knowing that I would be on the receiving end yet again and be taken for a complete tool.
    All i’ll say is be very careful… Like the author of the article says, every girl has a game plan. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your girl is different. At the end of the day, they’re all the same… You’ve been warned.

    1. Good damn advice! Guys need to talk more than just about sports. Some learn better with relating with others

    2. You should never feel bad about telling a woman to beat it. Most of the time it’s just more shit testing that she is doing with you just to see where you stand.
      Draw that line in the sand, first, and tell her to fucking beat it. You’ll have the upper hand, the respect and she’ll never leave you alone.
      Never settle for that bullshit from a woman. Always pull on her, first, before she pulls on you.

  25. One of my dad’s old friend gave me some good relationship advice…. on your wedding day, find a cat and chop off its head in front of your wife lol He says a woman that fears you will respect you

  26. This is wonderful. LTR’s in the west are for AFC’s and betas. In Europe its less common but still prevalent. Though I prefer a dominating/submissive type of relationship. You can have multiple women as regulars and visit them for physical affection and intimacy, which, if they are as subservient as they should be, will be entirely feminine and obeying on their part. I don’t mean like BDSM, just one where you see a woman for sexual fulfillment only (if you’ve got decent game its not hard to bag a few of these who are actually 8’s and 9’s).
    Don’t be paying for cheap hoes when you can show a woman you will dominate her and dominate her damn good you will. Unleash your beast and let the rabid dog barking inside of you off the chain for a little bit.

  27. Some good advice above for the non married. I would agree that just don’t marry any U.S raised white woman, the other races are a toss up will depend on how Americanized they have become, it’s just not worth even if you think you are soul mates, she has been raised to split on a whim, I don’t blame them too much for this as ‘Alphas’ here advocate the same thing but with the guy doing it, either way you look at it, it’s a bad deal.
    I married my wife whom is from Mexico as am I but I have been here in the U.S since the second grade, I brought her over at the age of 23. We married in order for her to be able to stay legally in the U.S , we probably wouldn’t have married had that not been required. She has stayed by my side at the good and bad moments , however I don’t kid myself , she is a good housewife but if I can’t provide as a man for my daughter and son and ourselves there would be trouble with her, don’t kid yourself about that. This is the same case in Mexico which is a serious patriarchy, you must provide as man if you can’t provide your values is very little as man, this was probably the case in the U.S patriarchy also.
    You must not get too overly attached, I have told my wife I appreciate what she does for our family and that the important goal is the health of the family and not necessarily either I or her, our kids are our 1 goal. It helps deviate any individual thoughts about herself she may having to accomplishing a larger goal instead of herself. This goes against comment U.S pop psych wisdom, but I saw it worked with my red pill dad and his family when we were growing up. You also must command her respect period, if she doesn’t respect you it’s over before it begins.
    She has been devoted to me and has given me some real shit tests with my family of origin and her frustrations on me not being Alpha with them, as she sees I am not as hard on my family of origin as I am on her. We did not have a wedding , I have never bought her very expensive stuff, with the exception of 500 dollar Coach bag for mother’s day. I have tested her by moving us when it was just my son and her and I into an RV for 9 months or so to save money, she stood by me and didn’t flake or complain even though I was making 65K a year. She also doesn’t control our finances, she receives her allowance every paycheck which she can spend on whatever she wants , I have also made it very clear she is free to leave whenever she wants and I won’t fight for custody of the kids as she is a good mother.
    Only trouble I’ve had and it’s caused me alot of grief is with my family of origin and not managing the interactions between them and my wife. A family can work but it must be with the right woman and man, a man who is interested in bedding as many woman as possible has no business having kids or getting married, it’s pointless.

  28. While I agree with the general thesis presented here, I just refuse to believe it is impossible to have a fulfilling LTR with a woman. I’m from Jamaica, and women here are pretty brainwashed but they don’t ride the cock carousel as long as women from the US seem to do. By 22-23 most educated Jamaican women want life partners. Typically, Jamaican women ride the carousel from 16-23. in Maybe that’s why I have a bit more hope than my American counterparts. I think women who spend less time on the carousel make better partners in LTRs.
    That being said, women are extremely dangerous. I pride myself in keeping my emotions in check when dealing with women but some of them are really talented and you must use all your willpower not to give in. From experience, when you decide to embrace your emotions they only weaken you and cause you to make poor decisions. Logic must always prevail.

  29. these aren’t women, they’re a new breed of creature, not an evolved one but a terrible mutation

  30. Let me tell you the REAL reason why you shouldn’t get into a serious relationship with a woman.
    IN today’s dating market conditions, the sexual economics suggests a woman who is a 6 is entitled to an 8.5 alpha male, if a man has to settle 2.5 notches lower, than he is to get a 3.5 female? if he is a 6? Well..sadly this is what has happened. The reason you are single is because i’m right. Think about it, you could pair up RIGHT NOW, all you have to do is lower your standards according to my model of bell curve sexconomics, but you won’t do that because a 3.5 is simply not motivating enough to deal with.
    Now if we take a good analysis of the average male, through an observation of the bell curve, we see that 80% of men are below an 8. 50% of men are average 10% low average, 10% high average, 10% low low average and 10% high high average. Now, if you’re reading this there’s an 80% chance you are in the average range.
    60% of men are average, 20% are lower than average, and 20% are higher than average. So, if you are in the 80% and below category, essentially, you are only entitled to a 4/10 female, hardly anything to be excited about, 60% of males are 6’s.
    The market conditions suggest if you are a 6, you can only get a 4 and hence , males trying to outcompete eachother with game, steroids and money to maybe be lucky to get a 6 female eventually or an extremely high maintenance 7.

    1. Those numbers sound about right, I remember reading on RVF that the top 30% of males bang 80% of females or something…

  31. A lot of sense written here, especially how nearly all women apart from the most extreme feminists are always on some level wanting a baby.
    One area you’re wrong on though is the madonna-whore thing. What you write is true 95-99% of the time in the west but not worldwide, epsecially America, UK and Australia where family life is being actively destroyed. In the rest of the world there are countless millions of hot girls that no player could ever get into bed – have been raised in moral and religious countries and will wait for marriage. Many will do no more than kissing – if that – no matter how alpha, or charming the man is. Any player who claims he has a 100% success rate is lying, sad but true.
    Hate to be the one to break this to the writer – but that “super innocent” girl you banged on the first date: She wasn’t innocent. She was always a slut inside and was probably banging other men the week before you met her. Congratulations, you banged a hot young girl. Now try that in the middle east or india and one after another will say no.
    Not a bad thing though for men. Let’s all enjoy the stupid western feminist whores then when ready find a beautiful virgin to marry while the feminists bitch about how they are persecuted because no man will fuck them after the age of 35.

      1. Fair enough – sounded like you had a good time!
        As I said though just don’t let it make you too cynical – away from the west and the reach of feminists, there are still decent girls who will remain virgins before marriage – when we all hit 40 or 50, why not pick up a young one to start a family – for some men it will be an important point in life. I’m 28 now and think I’ll one day want a family but would only marry a virgin.
        The only thing I like more than having an innocent girl is to fuck a feminist – I recommend every man do it sometimes. They can think they’re being liberated and empowered while you wreck them in bed, such a good feeling knowing they’ll never be truly loved.

  32. Every single woman puts on a facade. Every single woman you see is hiding her true personality. The only time you will learn about her true identity is once you have slept with her. And let me tell you, the truth is never pleasant.

  33. I’m assuming that you’re relatively young, so it’s hard for you to think past this year. This notion of not getting into a LT relationship will apply until you’re about mid 40s. Then my friend, you will begin to be old. And unless you’re Jack Nicholson (i.e. rich and famous), which I doubt, you will find yourself alone in the world. I’m not saying that getting into a LT relationship will solve your feelings of being lost or lonely. However, your sex appeal will begin to go downward in the future. It’s inevitable. Yeah, we age better than women, but eventually, we all age. Marinate on that thought.

    1. I’m probably not as young as you think Blake, and yes, I’m fully aware of the degree to which my own attractiveness with inevitably fade, and what that will mean for my prospects in the sexual marketplace. But tell me, is if worse to be alone or shacked up in a relationship with a woman that has become poisonous? (And no, I’m not saying they all do, but let’s look at the odds here).
      The truth is there are options for older men. Also I know several single guys in their sixties and seventies who tell me they’re much happier than if they were married. The lonely old man meme is a bit of a myth – Rollo has a post to that effect somewhere.
      I assume you mean ‘ruminate’ by the way.

    2. “However, your sex appeal will begin to go downward in the future. It’s
      inevitable. Yeah, we age better than women, but eventually, we all
      And eventually death comes to us all………but that is still no reason to commit suicide right now or even worse – shackle your whole life to a toxic women which is essentially exposing yourself to *death by a thousand cuts* i.e. a slow painfully excruciating death.

    3. Getting into a relationship doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever be alone. Just like marriage doesn’t guarantee that you will be with that same person for the rest of your life. Make sure you have plenty of good friends and family comes first, these people are the ones that will truly stick with you through thick and thin.

  34. This article is sad and cynical. Two years ago, I was extremely sick. My girlfriend stayed with me through thick and thin. She brought me food, comfort and warmth when everyone else had abandoned me. Had I not had that serious relationship, I doubt I would have survived.
    btw, I’m 52 and my girlfriend is 27 and super beautiful and intelligent. She could have almost any man she wanted but she stayed with me. Now I’m healthy and fit, I don’t mind giving in to her needs and desires. She has earned it.

    1. Let’s me guess, you make great money??? If you think she is with you for your loss and great personality then you are truly mistaken. She is 27 years old, she definitely has an agenda.remember who warned you.

      1. Sorry, this isn’t the case. She has a PhD, has a great job now and comes from a wealthy family. I do well, but I’m hardly wealthy. Everyone has dreams and goals, but it may be that some people truly have no agendas. Maybe I have just been lucky, but I’ve been with some phenomenal women in my life. My life is better for it and it has made me happy. My current girlfriend pursued me for two years before we finally really connected. She does want children,but she could find that with a lot of guys, trust me.

        1. I’m 52 and my girlfriend is 27 and super beautifulI … I do well, but I’m hardly wealthy. … My current girlfriend pursued me for two years …

          Hahaha. “I do well, but…” Oh I get it, there’s always someone who is doing better than you. 😉

        2. Perhaps, but it wasn’t intentional. We met on a bus in Paris. She pursued me. Who knows why it works. I’m not going to argue. Why should I?

  35. It’s sad b/c about 90% of females in the west behave this way (as mentioned in the article).

  36. I never comment on public articles, but…You are so full of crap with your delusional interpretations of “female psychology” – this utter b**l sh*t caused me actually physical pain to read. You are a moron.

    The pitfalls in LTR, the entrapment, the prioritizing of offspring over the interests of the sire and bitch are really a result of artificially extending the pathologic life of the monogamy. Monogamy may run smoothly until she’s knocked up, but the time to begin shopping for a sister wife is before the first child is born. The first wife should absolutely be involved in her selection. There really is no actively ‘breaking in’ your first wife to polygamy. When she participates in panning for a sister mate, she becomes excited and hopeful with each encounter. This is natural with her female psyche. So she basically breaks herself into polygamy. The real cause for celeb isn’t as much the birth of the new one, which may be many, but mainly the addition of a new sister, which is bigger than Christmas. So it is possible for a male to remain alpha within his family as it matures without becoming a complete honey do errand slave. Whether he is a wage slave to the state is determined by his own fortitude. He has the balls to be a polygamist so it is likely he will remain an alpha throughout greater society.

  38. About half the girls I’vefucked were in relationships! I find the women in long term relationships easier to fuck cause they don’t get much action!!

  39. @TheRedemption:disqus As a woman reading this blog, I understand many of the points of views expressed here…but let me throw something out there….we’re seeing women acting more like these ‘bitches out on the hunt for the best game’…but I think this is just becoming more visible because the society that has allowed men to benefit throughout all history (in all the activity you describe as male dominance)..well woman are starting to get a chance to take the power positions men have traditionally had….you use, they are exploring what it means to have this power, to use, as men have often done in the past. The difference is that perhaps women do all of this for psychological reasons, where as for men, they do it for physical–years of evolution reasons….They psychological part of women and the reason they engage in this ‘bitch’ behavior as you characterize all women to be, is far more powerful a phenomenon because it’s more conscious than mens’ reasons for being ‘dominant’. This is what you find disturbing, this is why it makes you feel out of control, and the only way to remain in your position of control, is to simply assume that all women are bad, all women are just one-dimensional bitches. They are the enemy so treat them with as little emotion and respect as possible. How is that different from fundamentalism? How is that different from any kind of discrimination and rash judgement we see out there? The thing is, women have had thousands of years of evolving to survive. In comparison to males, yes most women are physically less strong. From that basis, women have depended on men for protection from the start of history, but women have also played tremendous roles in the survival of men, because in the end it is supposed to be a partnership. I think this is what all of you on here forget: Women are not the enemy. Like everyone there are people out there that have some severe agendas (like all of you on here–women have become empowered too and have found the only way to survive is to be like you too); HOWEVER, not all women have ‘that agenda’, and most simply want someone to build with together. With women having careers, and being financially independent, the want of man is not for a kind of ‘gain’ in the traditional sense, but maybe someone with who to pool assets, and build something..you know, like a team. I think that it’s really sad to be a one track mind and just assume all women can just be defined as vindictive bitches. You’re just making the problem worse by setting male and females against each other. It’s sad and it not an evolution but a reversal, a de-evolution.

    1. And one last point about women and sex: With women being more empowered and taking positions before only allowed to men, women are also now enjoying sex, and yes will sleep with someone she finds attractive, for the instant pleasure, but also the possibility that it may/may not go somewhere….see attraction for women is not just physical, it just combines different ‘survival gaging elements’. So attraction for women is more complex than for men. But women are aware of this. It becomes more interesting now, because it’s not for survival anymore…It’s a gamble, and women that sleep with someone for sex, do so either just for that, and part of that freedom, and why not? And others hope for something while at the same time just giving in to their instinct, and again, why not? Time to think a bit more equality guys. Stop hating so much.

      1. don’t try to rationalize your inferior female behavior and poor life choices with your extremely limited hamster mind… Every sentence you wrote is a thinly veiled attempt at self promotion and desperately seeking unwarranted validation… Just think for a second, what kind of a failed culture this must be that turns you and millions of western women like you into such useless parasites who think that despite their sub zero market value and absolute negative contribution to humanity’s progress and happiness, they still deserve some unwarranted accolade, all the while continuing to disgustingly leech on material luxuries built, enabled and maintained by men…
        I thought empty stupid women were not even allowed on this site, but this one must have slipped away…

  40. The wisdom of great men:
    “No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it’s only a question of degree.:
    W. C. Fields
    which relates to:
    “The faces of most American women over thirty are relief maps of petulant and bewildered unhappiness.”
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    “A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.”
    Michel de Montaigne
    But in most cases leads to:
    “Ah, yes, divorce… from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.”
    Robin Williams
    So, before you fall for the great illusion, keep this in mind:
    “At all times and in all places, the men and women of every culture deserve each other.”

  41. Uh… you guys know women are also humans, right? We aren’t like the borg or whatever, we don’t have this big agenda of making babies, we actually have lives that don’t exist solely to serve a male in our lives.

  42. A depressing but brutally honest article about the true nature of all women and the fight all men must fight and win in order to survive mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

  43. I agree with some points, but I think you come from an extremist side. There’s decent girls in the world

  44. Here is why you get into a committed relationship: you want to invest in a person emotionally and physically–you want to build the partnership as an asset, similar to other assets you have, similar to buying a house: why do you buy a house? To get a return on your investment. You believe there to be a return on the investment (i.e. regular safe sex, confidence boosts, somebody to rely and trust in).
    However, just like most investments – there are DEFINITELY risks involved – and your investment could tank if you don’t do your research. You need to make a decision on whether to invest based on the return – do the, hopefully, exponential positives returns (due to focusing your energy in a commitment) outweigh the negatives (MORE SO than if you don’t commit)? That’s how you make that decision — it’s that simple.
    Everybody gets investments that tank, but that doesn’t mean you will forever. Don’t be so jaded by life, there are good women out there who will make you feel much better about making that investment. OR maybe making that type of investment/risk simply isn’t worth it to you. It’s kind of hard for me to believe that you wouldn’t want consistent guaranteed awesome sex with somebody with whom you can trust, rely on, and have fun with. There are women who like to have threesomes (so you don’t get bored), there are women who don’t want to have babies, and there are women who are nothing like the women you mention in your article– I know them personally. They are definitely hard to find, because most people – men and women alike – are pretty emotionally immature and self involved… but they are out there.

  45. Fantastic read. I sincerely appreciate your effort toward educating men. Your last paragraph is perfect and crucial in my opinion. It’s really great to come across writing like this that supports similar conclusions I’ve already established. It does take a bit of a toll on me to have to keep experiencing the inevitable dispointed female I’m dating when they find out I won’t allow myself to be locked down. I need articles like this to lift me up, help me to carry on with my logical choices and not be brought down by the relenting guilt women tend to shovel on me.

  46. “Look, we all know damn well that the hot 23-year-old isn’t going to be a hot 50-year-old.”
    Newsflash guys — you’re also a depreciating asset. Age affects all of us men and women. I’m a 25-year-old girl attracted mostly to older guys (30 and up is the preference, 10 years up even better). But even for me, there’s a cut-off point where it borderlines yucky, I’ve found that’s usually anything above 40, and it does not matter how much $$ he has, how nice of shape he’s in or how charming. Sorry guys at a certain point, you’re not going to be attractive to the vast majority of young women. Yes, there’s Hugh Hefner, but there’s nothing sexy about him besides his fame and wallet. I bet his girlfriends died a little inside every time they had to sleep with him.

  47. I’m a female in my thirties. I like looking at tinder. I find myself more often than not cringing at men over 35, and definitely by 40. I try to stay diverse by keeping my age range from twenty-something to forty-something but just be aware, women are judging men over 30 the same way men are judging women over 30. In other words, dating according to physical attraction gets very slim for both sexes the older they get.

  48. Sounds like you’ve just been dealing with too many ho’s. Gross generalizations like “all women are worthless whores” and you should never under any circumstances enter into a relationship with them is just silly. What’s the alternative? Go gay? Or keep a harem of women your entire life? Talk about an empty existence. There is such a thing as wholesome girls with traditional values who are relationship (or day I say wife) material, but chances are they won’t take you up on your offer to meetup at a bar and you’ll probably stop talking to them after you realize they won’t give it up after 2 weeks, regardless of how much of a stud you think you are.

  49. Reading these comments, it all makes sense. This is just a fucked up time we live in. I now view movies that portray times 100’s of years ago and wish I could live there. Where men went on about their day doing battle on the battlefield, conquering and plotting and where women were just something that was part of the program. At the end of a hard long day….the guy comes home and fucks his wife and then he leaves in the morning starting a brand new, productive day. Trying to figure out what a woman wants or how to “handle” her wasn’t part of the program. The environment these men lived did all the handling for them. The stronger sex ruled entirely and the weaker sex stayed back in protected areas where there was a sense of safety/comfort because their Men were out there protecting the territory and/or battling to expend.

    1. Congratulations on your third post
      You’ve been very busy
      Invalidating the warrantees on half a dozen of my brothers
      Kill another pink soldier then you will have time to post more

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