Boomercore Band “Bad Religion” Releases New Song Attempting To Bash The Alt Right

Bad Religion, an American punk rock band formed in the ’80s, just released their new single entitled “The Kids Are Alt-Right”. The song is a failed attempt to satirize the Alt-Right movement and everything related to it. That is no surprise since the band is very well known for its far-left political activism.

Here are the lyrics:

Jackboots cracking on a polished floor
Red hats gathered in the liquor store
Pure hearts race on a crystal night
Everybody, grab a torch to light

Everybody, need somebody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

Now grab your partner and do-si-do
Populism is a sold-out show
Humanity is a nowhere scene
When everybody has an Ar-15

Everybody, need somebody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

We love God, we love our women
We love tradition, we love kin
We’ve got shiny new tools
For ancient impulses that we can’t even understand
So if you feel alone and downtrodden
There’s an elixir for your ills
Join the Alt-Right post-light endarkenment order
And the rest of those bastards can go to hell
Alternative facts, alternative lies
Alternative names, alternative tribes

Everybody, let’s get bloody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

The song video clip was posted on YouTube a few days ago and quickly became targeted by thousands of Alt-Right supporters and common people who simply noticed the very low quality of the “critique”.

In the comments section, it is very hard to find any positive responses at all—I struggled to find a single one compliment to the band—most comments are guys ironizing this “masterpiece” of punk rock music and pointing out to their laughable cringe, some even said the song made them want to join the Alt-Right or that the Alt-Right should use it as a recruitment anthem.

When the video starts, we are shown images of Hitler, Pepe the Frog, Swastikas and, of course, references to President Trump, the KKK, and gun control. Can you picture a more liberal cliché than that?

The user Chester Belloc commented, “This sounds like it was written by a Boomer college professor.”

Bingo! Greg Graffin, Bad Religion’s founder alongside Brett GUREWITZ, is in fact a Baby Boomer who happens to be a college professor of anthropology at UCLA. Apparently, Greg is also an anti-religion activist: the band’s logo designed by GUREWITZ is a Christian cross with a red prohibition sign over it (that must have been quite a shocker for old ladies of the past century).

Hatred for Western Civilization is latent in their work. The vocalist is your typical Baby Boomer elitist liberal. Very punk, huh?

Boomer, Liberal, Educated, Superior

Delineator of Light noted:

Imagine Bad Religion’s mostly white audience looking at pictures of healthy white couples in this video as images of “white supremacy” they’re supposed to be disgusted by. Seriously, you have to wait until very late in the video until it becomes obvious that it’s anti-alt-right and not pro-alt-right, because so much of the imagery is attractive and the lyrics are vague.

Well, I guess having this sort of political position when your musical genre is “hardcore/punk”, which is almost entirely related to working class/middle class white people, is not a very cleaver idea. Do minorities and wealthy white people listen to this type of music? No, I am pretty sure they don’t.

Another user called Andrew Jones said, “‘We love our women, we love tradition, we love kin.’ Oh no, the absolute horror!”

Indeed only a bunch of deeply degenerate humans that lost complete touch with reality and live on a bubble of delusion could see it as negative acts.

Evil white couples in the clip!

The verses ,”We’ve got shiny new tools”, “For ancient impulses that we can’t even understand” and “Alternative facts, alternative lies” clearly indicate the disdain and hate that these liberal Boomers have for the free internet. They really preferred the days when we didn’t have a voice and were all indoctrinated without any questioning whatsoever. For them the internet is a plague. I always hear older leftists cursing the social media for their defeats.

“We must talk about the dangers of social media and how it activates kids’ most ancient impulses as love for kin.”

Growing up as a skater kid in Brazil, I used to enjoy listening to Bad Religion and similar bands like NOFX; after all that was the soundtrack of skateparks and games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Back in the day I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics and their political stances, I just wanted to be this rebel skater kid (self-affirmation when skateboarding was cool and not owned by big corporations with lots of real posers). By that time, the left had not gone publicly insane yet. In my perception that happened somewhere around 2012.

Now, with 23 years of age, my mind is incapable of imagining a more depressing and ridiculous image than that of these middle-aged (now almost elderly) Baby Boomer dads on a stage pretending to be bad, acting like “punks”, banging their heads and playing these terrible and poorly written liberal songs. It is so freaking shameful.

When I was 12, punk rock music was awesome and it sounded great, but I can’t imagine how these 50-something dudes can still enjoy it. That must require a very low IQ I am sure. If we analyze carefully, punk rock was never really “counterculture”, because it was widely idealized by people like Malcom McLaren, who were businessmen of the fashion industry and showbiz. Punk rock and related genres are to music what abstract modern art is to real art. We are the real counterculture.

Look how awesome and bad we are!

I highly recommend that all of you check the comments section of this video, it is funny as HELL. This attempt at music once again proves that the left can’t meme.

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74 thoughts on “Boomercore Band “Bad Religion” Releases New Song Attempting To Bash The Alt Right”

  1. I used to think that Green Day were the Sha Na Na of punk, but these guys are even sadder — dad-aged dudes trying to sound cool with faux rebellion: poor self-marketing and low value.

  2. “…the band’s logo designed by (((GUREWITZ))) is a Christian cross with a red prohibition sign over it”
    “Greg Graffin, Bad Religion’s founder, (…) happens to be a college professor of anthropology at UCLA.”
    Anthropology, psychology, political science, social science, journalism, gender, African American, and other BS studies… You just know it won’t be a math, physics or an engineering professor from Harvey Mudd.

    1. To be fair psychology is a pretty important science; psychologists are equal to physicians (or superior) when it comes to evaluating a child’s or adult’s capacity for learning as well as their mental state and disorders within. In my country few people are admitted to as students to the department of psychology and some choose to go abroad to get a chance as a student because the field is so alluring to many.
      The also need to study statistics (basically math) to get their degree.
      Now social psychology and what not is much more of a fluff science which does not directly legitimize you to work in any restricted profession.

      1. My personal opinion is that psychologists, and to a lesser degree, psychiatrists are inferior to those who dig ditches. I believe a good 80% of them is incapable of dealing with advanced math. If all of them suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth, life would go on as normal. Can’t say the same thing about real physicians or engineers. Are you from the Soviet Union? They used to institutionalize the political opposition, that was where the psychologists were most useful. Also, the welfare state uses them to certify parents or their kids insane to take them away so all the social workers, psychologists, and other government workers have job security.

      2. @Depress…,
        It seems you simply wasted your time! Anything reasonable doesn’t get past as Good with “few” people here. By the way, I up voted for your clean way of expressing.

  3. This is why the music industry has been and still is in trouble. It’s not piracy, greedy music companies, or the internet. It’s pretentious musicians who write mediocre/bad music catering to a handful of feminist gossip queens.
    Also and unfortunately, I think these guys would be considered more Gen X than Boomers, but if I am wrong, I’m fine with that.

    1. They look like late boomer to early gen x. I assume they are mostly in their mid-50’s, which is late boomer

  4. I have to agree that ‘punk’ rock was never about rebellion. It was more art house rock. Anti- whatever for the sake of being anti-whatever.
    ironically, rebellion isn’t hip anymore when there nothing left to rebel against. What we call the liberal left has run out of things to rebel against, so now they have turned to eating their own.
    This is why I enjoy sites like this. The people writing articles for this site are the real rebels against the system.
    Oh the sweet irony. Which is lost on the masses.

    1. Nothing to rebel against?? “Screw you Dad, AND your out dated, draconian, values. I will NOT be equal. I will NOT use your pronouns. I will NOT encourage my girlfriend to have an abortion. Im gonna build a business and start a family, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”–Generation Z Rebel

    1. The late boomer/early Xer was 1961-69. These were the original punks. All I can say to older punks is KEEP ACTIVE. Maybe the knees are blown so the skateboard hangs on the mantle. “Use it or lose it” applies to maintaining fitness so you must keep a regimin of physical activity ongoing. I suggest forming community ZUMBA events:

  5. This video shows the lack of awareness, how out of touch these people are. It really does look like a recruitment video. My wife, who knows nothing about Bad Religion thought they were promoting the alt-right.

  6. Poor attempt at being punk and edgy… nothing to see here, move along people.

  7. What should we expect from a professor who works for government and non-profit organizations?

  8. I can relate to this article.
    On the corner of one of Toronto’s famous intersections, Queen and Bathurst, there is a well-known and quite old heavy metal bar that I’ve visited on-and-off since I was young.
    A drummer friend of mine recently told me a story about how a long-time visitor of that bar showed up with a Trump hat one day, and the entire heavy metal scene immediately ostracized him and he is no longer welcome to that bar anymore. He showed me the hate coming at this guy on social media from the local heavy metal scene and I just shook my head.
    The majority of heavy metal that I’ve listened to has always been counter-mainstream, hyper-masculine, “down with the system”, and pro-freedom, so how does a local who is pro-Trump get treated like that? What does heavy metal represent right now (at least in Toronto)? Either they don’t realize that Trump is the most anti-mainstream politician we’ve seen in North American politics for a long time, or heavy metal is just a pozzed de-fanged fashion statement at this point like most of everything else.
    That Bad Religion video is pretty funny because if anything it makes the Altright look cool. The characters in that video look happy in the fact that they have completely rejected the mainstream and are building their own grassroots ideology and culture. They look more punk than Bad Religion.

    1. I love heavy metal music but the fans often do not resembles the musicians. The fans are often a lot of fat, ugly, poorly groomed, elitist nerds. The music is the most masculine music there is (if an art can be so described), yet so many of the fans are pudgy beta dorks. Too many people live vicariously through art rather than emulate it. Don’t get me started

      1. Some places (like Toronto or San Francisco) tend to make more bitch boys than other places. From what I gather the scene in Toronto is most likely liberal due to an anti-christian slant. Guys like Varg Vikernes or other NSBM artists are also anti-christian even though they are conservative (they believe in their ancestor’s pre-christian gods according to them but are still very right wing); however there are also christian metal bands too if you know where to look. Heavy Metal is a somewhat libertarian type of music genre, in the sense that there’s a very wide range of people overall, from larping bitch boys to guys like Phil Anselmo. In fact, there are even bands from Saudi Arabia that make anti-islam black metal and risk their lives to do it.

    2. It’s coz most metal heads are overcompensating manlet betas.
      I know this coz when I was at my most soyboy beta as a teenager I was really into the big 4.
      As I became more masculine through experiences metal became a lot less appealing.
      And it’s not just me. Sitting in metal bars and college bars watching metal heads I can see right away most of them are beta. They’re soft, they placate more alpha people, then go cringe over metal to compensate.

  9. >Boomercore.
    That made me kek. This needs to be a thing, even if Bad Religion is more of a Gen X thing.
    Also, the comments in that vid give me hope. Greatest generation is basedest generation.

  10. I don’t know where they exactly fell on the political spectrum before but they used to sound more right than left. Just listen to one of their older songs where they sing:
    Everybody wants to dance in a playpen
    But nobody wants to play in my garden
    I see the hippies on an angry line
    Guess they don’t get my meaning
    There’s not too many hippies on the right and it sounds like they have a love of guns. So what happened? Did they do a complete flip on their political stance?

  11. I know it’s so blatantly disgusting that it doesn’t even need to be said, but a Jew designed that Christian cross with a slash-and-circle-over-it logo to encapsulate his band’s world view. And now he’s sniveling and stomping his little beta foot about a subculture that looks at the Star of David as a negative symbol. Admit it, Gurwitz–YOU are “The Man”–you have ALWAYS represented the authoritarian powers that censor expression and oppress the common man–and Alt-Righters are more punk rock than you could even dream of being. What a perfectly ironic personal hell you must live in now.

  12. “Apparently, Greg is also an anti-religion activist[.]”
    Unless that religion is Islam, of course.

  13. But Roosh himself is against the alt-right because the Alt-right don’t like that an Iranian writes books about sleeping with white women.

    1. Roosh is an abomination. He is a westernized Iranian who wants to keep his 3rd world level of masculinity but in the same time he tries to teach western men how to employ western pseudomasculine tactics but he himself actually lacks his original 3rd world masculinity because he is essentially a pussified westerner who lives by the current unmasculine western social norms… here is Roosh for u.

      1. Just because someone grew up in the west doesn’t mean they’re pussy or a soyboy. Look at this site. This site is a testament to that. He has helped countless men move past the PC bullshit. Stop playing identity politics, we’re better than that.

        1. Being a westerner u will never be as masculine as machete wielding 3rd world shithollers who behead infidels for breakfast and stone their women to death for crimes against patriarchy, now tell me that writing articles on how to beg consent from sugar princesses doesnt make u a pussy compared to this. And this site is testament only to the fact that a lot of western men dont know how to handle wahmun.

      2. You don’t need to chop off people’s heads to be masculine. That’s just savage. And men have been lied to in the western Society on how women work. For my personal experience I received time the terrible advice from my mother and peers. Plus Hollywood and the media selling lies all around. It’s not our fault that we were indoctrinated.

        1. Yeah u dont need to do it… but its a bonus and yeah here I agree its not our fault that we are indoctrinated, im merely constatating that we are indoctrinated with pussifism.

        2. Things I wish I had been told as a young man:
          1) Women “friends” will tell you the exact opposite of what actually works with women.
          2) Anything and everything Hollywood tells you about women is a lie.

  14. Why do these liberals pretend theyre somehow not the status quo? When the mass media has the same talking points as you, you’re not a “rebel”, stupid.

  15. This is definitely the worst BR song I’ve ever heard. Not once though did I think they were promoting alt right. If you’ve been a true bad religion fan for years and years you would get that a lot of their songs are derisive and austere. This was simply a poor attempt at trying to add hone in on the political debauchery that is plaguing this country. Still a fan of BR, but god please don’t write anymore songs like this.

  16. You just gave free publicity and Youtube traffic to a band that gets no play on the radio and has never had their videos on MTV/Top 40. Are you an undercover PR person for Bad Religion’s record label pretending to hate them?

    1. It doesn’t matter. Most people aren’t going to go see their shows, which is what makes the bulk of the money. Besides, if they start getting royalties from alt-right websites using the song it will probably piss them off more than anything. Plus, the irony would be delicious.

  17. The thing about the Alt-Right is reality conforms closer to our stances. If you can get little points about a topic in front of a listening normie, they can’t resist observable reality. It weakens the hold the prog has on them after time – water wears down the rock.
    We’ll have more normies coming our way when the storm breaks if we, with love and kindness, point out simple reality based truths.

    1. The problem with that is without proper leadership or heirarchy, the movement will collapse when the normies pour in.
      Normies care more about virtue signalling than truth for its own sake. A big mish mash Altright can be subverted, or lose sight of its higher ideals, and just dissolve back into conventional liberalism.

  18. System of a Down remains way more relevant than these guys and they haven’t made a new album forever. Oldies but goodies.

  19. Imagine being a leftist when you’re a teenager, and then living for three more decades and yet still writing the same music lyrics. That’s what Bad Religion has done.
    They have – and Graffin in particular – literally never grown up.

    1. The left has been flailing with impotent pseudo-rage at “the man” ever since they won the culture war almost a decade ago. They literally do not know what to do with themselves now that they are the authoritarians.
      I’ve become more and more convinced that all along leftist have really been raging against their dads, youth pastor, etc. Whatever male figure let them down as a child.

  20. Punk rock used to be entirely about rejecting the trends, rejecting what is popular, rejecting group think and thinking for yourself. Yes, it was always left, but now… these days ? The ALT RIGHT IS PUNK ROCK , not just the Alt Right but just non progressives in general. The entire think for yourself fight the power punk rock generation are now completely indoctrinated foot soldiers of the far left. The tables have turned. Being on the right is now the new punk and metal , being a fucking beta pussy listening to the Decembererist crying yourself to sleep cause you cant just your white skin … that is the old new punk.. fuck bad religion.

  21. I even forget about “the alt right”. The “alt right” is controlled opposition its full of homosexuals and Jews there is no political solution to white genocide. Tomorrow is never guaranteed enjoy the collapse.

  22. I found myself checking the time at around 2:30 to see if it was almost over. Good thing punk songs are typically in the two to three-minute range.

  23. This song couldn’t be more custom-made for appropriation by young Gen Z MAGA hat wearing, T-flexing youths. Well done Bad Religion.

  24. The satanic music industry is owned by the chosen people. Wuddya expect from these regenerates?

  25. I hate what this band stands for, but I’ve been a Fascist since I reached puberty in the late 1960s. I prefer military marches from Finland, Germany and imperial Russia, Eastern European folk music, Beethoven and Wagner.

  26. I listened to NIN and Deftones in high school and was only peripherally aware of these shitty punk bands. The dudes that listened to them were the literal embodiment of the loser in the virgin/Chad meme.

  27. Bad Religion = Butthurt Jews who think it’s edgy to attack Christianity (with the full support of their tribal hollywood brethren) while holding ALL other religions as untouchable sacred cows. Totally laughable.
    You poseurs think you have any guts, desecrate a star of david or an image of muhammad on your next album cover.

  28. english not being my first language made me able to listen to such bands for a long time ignoring (despite somewhat knowing the meaning) their lyrics in my teenage years too. but I can’t stand such bands anymore, nofx is even worse.
    often the criticism about those bands is that they’re not “real punk” but those more underground bands have the same beta imagination.
    the pop punk bands talking about love are less offensive than the marxism anti-whiteness of nofx though

  29. Funny how when those of (((the tribe))) protest against religion, it is never against the religion of their parents or upbringing, but rather always against Christianity. A religion of which they had little to no exposure but goes against their very core. They never protest against the religion of (((the Chosen))).
    It is almost like when (((they))) are born, despising “that man” is in their genetic code. Anything to disprove and destroy the “false Messiah” even if it means becoming a homo loving, gynocentric, tranny pushing degenerate. Because after all, so long as you corrupt the goy you will always be in (((G-d’s))) favor

  30. I would disagree with some commenters,but I think that punk begun as a reaction against hippie subculture.Some early punk rockers were libertarian or conservative,like Johnny Ramone and Lee Ving from Fear.Skrewdriver was among the firsts punk rock bands and other punk rockers evento used swastikas just for shock value.Then came the jews and decided that those symbols were “dangerous” and that you could be a junkie,an atheist or just kill yourself,but NEVER A NAZI, CAUSE DAT IS EVIL! .There is an interesting article about how punk was subverted and transformed into a left wing propaganda machine
    The same could be said about heavy metal it was all about masculinity,white history and apocalyptic christianity,them came Anthrax with their songs about indians and the holocaust,and then the swedish cucks with their phylosophical satanism and finally the progressives at Metal Sucks that put any shitty band leftist band on a pedestal.

  31. Don’t blame Bad Religion on us boomers. We have enough artists from our youth to be ashamed of without inheriting ones from Gen X. I don’t despise the ones like Susan Sarandon who backed Bernie and didn’t support Hildabeast. Many artists have been leftist throughout the 20th century due to emotion not logic. What I can’t excuse are the ones who were supporters of the most corrupt and vile candidate to ever win a party’s nomination. DeNiro, Arnold and, especially, Springsteen are the worst examples of this. I can’t remember if Arnold campaigned for Hildabeast but like the other two he has been PMSing non stop against Trump. The saddest is Springsteen. He built his career on championing the working class only to go full bore in supporting a politician who was their enemy.
    And, yes, the song serves the purpose of being a recruitment PSA for the Alt-Right

  32. Bad Religion? More like bad music.
    I used to like a few of their songs, but they were always a leftist train wreck. Now they can’t even berate their enemies properly. Boomer cucks and their misdirected angst – it’s like watching your dad try to dance.

  33. Punk was always a con
    Sex pistols was a manufacturerd boy band
    Agnostic front come across as massive commies
    Dead kennedys ironically made the most sense with holiday in Cambodia – resonates so much in the current year

  34. It is ironically very funny how the Left still act like they are the Counter Culture even though for the past fifty years they have been the dominant culture. They have dominated and hollowed out our institutions, our education system, our media, our culture. They have been The System, The Man, if you will. Well I say it’s time we stick it to The Man.

  35. I would wonder when I would hear rock music in recent years that was very weird to me. How there’s a man in these recent years who wants to talk like what appears silly to me… I don’t check out radio much anymore…..
    Going the way of the dodo to me… like tv/commercials, almost Hollywood Now, I see Netflix going south now too, NYT and related newspapers… so on and so forth…
    I’m lucky though bc as a man losing those things isn’t a problem…
    Upcoming Google Algorithm s might do that for the internet to me. After that read books, debate etc… ykwim….

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