Feminists Have No Idea What’s In Store When Muslim Values Become Accepted

The Swedish government has been through a tough week. One of the two ruling parties, the Green Party, has had two of their representatives resign after scandals related to their Muslim identity.

Now people are asking the question: is there a place for practicing Muslims in Swedish politics? The fact that this question has to be asked shows how badly multiculturalism actually works in practice.

Minister resigns after meeting with Islamists


Mehmet Kaplan, Minister for Housing and Urban Development, was exposed a week ago for having connections to extremist organizations. Photographs show him eating dinner with people from the Turkish ultra-nationalist group the Grey Wolves. He also met with representatives of the Islamist organization Millî Görüş. Televsision footage recorded in 2009, five years before he became minister, shows him comparing Israel’s actions against Palestinians to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. Mehmet Kaplan finally threw in the towel on Monday.

Yasri Khan, candidate for the Green Party board, was next to resign. When meeting a female reporter for an interview about the Kaplan scandal, he refused to shake her hand. When greeting a woman, he instead puts his hand on his heart. Khan explained that he was raised to think that “physical contact with the other sex is considered to be very intimate.” After much criticism from both inside and outside his own feminist party, he decided to leave all of his political posts on Wednesday.

Interestingly, the organization which Yasri Khan is the chairman of, Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, was founded by Mehmet Kaplan. Khan has said that he sees Kaplan as a “great role model.”

On Thursday, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven commented on the recent events in the parliament. “The government has no involvement with extremists,” he said, and added: “It goes without saying that you should shake hands with both men and women.”

This sends a message to Muslims


Yasri Khan demonstrating how he greets women.

As you can imagine, there have been a number of allegations of Islamophobia coming from SJWs. They are easy to predict in that way. If something bad happens to a Muslim, you can be sure that they’ll blame anyone but the Muslim himself. But that’s not what’s interesting about what happened this week. Only the most extreme leftists have spoken out in defense of Kaplan and Khan. The rest, including the mainstream media, have been pretty much unified in their condemnation of the two former politicians.

What this shows is that it’s really not possible to be an orthodox Muslim and politician at the same time in Sweden. There appears to be an unwritten code of conduct that must apply to everyone, and it includes treating men and women equally. Like the Prime Minister said, you have to be able to shake a woman’s hand. If you’ve been raised like Yasri Khan and many other Muslims like him, you have to change your behavior or stay out of politics.

It is widely recognized that the Green Party is the most liberal party when it comes to immigration, and it’s also a great proponent of multiculturalism. Its top leaders proclaimed in 2014 that they “will never make it more difficult for people to come to Sweden.” Yet this is the party that now kicked out two of its Muslim representatives, for reasons that had everything to do with their immigrant and Muslim identity. I can’t come to any other conclusion than that no one actually wants multiculturalism for real—not even the most idealistic of leftists.

Feminists and Islamists don’t play well together


Common sense will tell you that feminism and Islamism are impossible to combine. While modern feminism is basically a women’s supremacy movement, women in Islamic societies are subjugated and under the supervision of their male relatives. Feminists have refused to admit that there are great issues with Islam related to the role women, instead vehemently castigating white men as sexists and misogynists. Now it looks like reality is catching up to them.

Leftists do one thing great, and that’s selling their ideological product to the masses. They’ve made almost everyone think that multiculturalism is a great idea, and that anyone who opposes it must be a racist. But when tried in practice, even they seem to realize that it’s a terrible idea. There’s nothing wrong with Islam—it’s the religion of peace, they say. Then they encounter an actual practicing Muslim and suddenly become very nationalistic and conservative. Their message is as contradictory as it is destructive: “Come to Sweden! Be a Muslim, by all means. All we ask is that you to think and act the way us progressive Swedes do. We know you secretly want to be like us.”

I see things changing for the better. It’s become more accepted to be skeptical of immigration and multiculturalism in the last few months. The left seems a little bit less hellbent on destroying Western civilization than before. Whatever opinion one has of Islam and immigration, it’s a good thing that people can talk about it all more openly and ask the serious questions.

Now people are asking: Can an orthodox Muslim be a politician in Sweden? All I know is that the answer is not as certain as it used to be.

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182 thoughts on “Feminists Have No Idea What’s In Store When Muslim Values Become Accepted”

  1. So I’m usually the first to condemn the raging tide of Islam. But these are two very different situations. We have a politician associating with almost certainly dangerous extremists and a man who refuses to touch women he’s not intimate with… The left response, you must shake women’s hands, even if its against your will. Muslims shouldn’t be in politics in the west it sets a dangerous precedent, but what? You’re going to force a man to touch women against his will? That just seems a little fucked up to me.

    1. I’d be totally happy if Muslims and SJW’s wear each other down through their feminism and the responding anti-feminism.

  2. I guess Islamists still think as adults that women have cooties, but wouldn’t mind banging one that has crabs.

  3. Civilization and ethnicity are masculine concepts. Women do not understand them. Letting women vote and participate in the political scene has been the ultimate fatal error that will destroy the West.

    1. How is ethnicity a masculine concept? That’s not really something you have control over, it just is what it is.

      1. “How is ethnicity a masculine concept?”
        Because when various ethnic groups collide, generally their women are treated more as a desirable resource than as an enemy to be eradicated.
        There have been exceptions, but few; and generally those exceptions did not work out well.

        1. This. For every Boudicca there’s hundreds of thousands of women who quietly(or even happily) go along with a foreign conqueror.

      2. It is in our nature to create, grow and fight against tribes.
        Ethnicity comes together with honor, loyalty and power.
        Women are just self-centered wombs.

      3. Its a masculine concept because to highlight a difference (IE ethnicity) is to discriminate. Discrimination is a masculine faculty because it developed with us and as men we are the ones who were responsible for survival: noticing trends in the environment, hunting (which means knowing animal behaviour) seasons, which crops were safe to eat etc.
        The nature of women is eros (Carl Jung) which means inclusiveness and negating of differences. This is why women are more social and inclined to never rock the boat or point out flaws or differences. Its one of the tenets feminism is built on. One major problem with feminism – which seeks to make us all equal; black and white, man and women etc – is that we are fundamentally not equal: this is why feminism ultimately is a failure. Either way, I digress.
        Pointing out ethnicity is an act of discrimination which ties into the masculine trait of exclusion. BTW dont mix they way im using discrimination with the culturally negative connotation.

  4. I don’t know if I am as optimistic that the liberals will see the light. Usually when leftists are forced to acknowledge the errors of their philosophy they respond by becoming even more deranged in their thinking. If I were a betting man I would lay a wager that as Islam increases in Scandinavia Sweden will win a gold medal in mental gymnastics.

  5. Muslims are the only ones who see through the false gender equalitarianism of the West. They are defiant against treating women like peers. I wish we had more backbone to do so, but too many of us fear social consequences of believing what’s actually the case and which science bears out as well.

    1. Western civilization is boobey trapped at many levels to prevent taking back control of western women. Try to control one western woman and retribution is one phone call away. It’s literally like a ‘cold war’ nuclear threat at every turn. Not just speaking out or showing opposition but merely flinching, on a whim a western woman has reach of an apparatus that can marshall or even swat a man if he doesn’t behave a certain way, even in a private or domestic setting. If a woman lacks the scruples to be basically decent, which is the case with a majority of western women, she knows she can exercise her perogative even without excuse or reason. Compulsive women will repeatedly trash what men have built or they’ll scrap the order a man has repeatedly arranged in a workplace just to wash her slate and affirm her dominance when she’s not properly being kept and dominated herself.
      The simplest solution is to marry young virgins, break them, educate them in their duties and thereafter you’ll find that significantly less policing is required over a maturing woman and mother who has her life and role mentored and guarded properly by her patriarch. Western civilization operated by this core mechanism for centuries before 1st wave feminism.

      1. “The simplest solution is to marry young virgins”
        I hear what you are saying, but young virgins are nowhere to be found today. Literally it’s a wasteland out there. The average 21 year old has already had several cocks in her (she probably started giving hand jobs at the shopping mall as early as age 11 for cigarette money) and a few tattoos.
        And even if you did find a virgin and marry her you essentially turn control over to her. Until war breaks out, there is no way to be married and be calling the shots.

        1. True, the average whore in Amsterdam is probably cleaner than the average college girl nowadays.

        2. Right. This generation is almost obsolete. So what do we do as fathers birthing the new generation of young women? Educate them relentlessly on the value of virginity before marriage. Protect their honour maliciously.

        3. “Educate them relentlessly on the value of virginity before marriage. Protect their honour maliciously”
          We need a major war first to shake things up a bit.

      2. – Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America
        – Repressive Tolerance, by Herbert Marcuse (1965)
        – What Is Cultural Marxism?
        – What is Cultural Marxism?
        – Microaggressions & The Rise of HYPERSENSITIVE Victimhood Culture

      3. Marry young virgins? This day and age, you would have to start cruising grade schools for a wife.

    2. In those moments when I manage to detach myself from the sad reality of post-modern Western culture and simply observe the forces at play in the West, it’s fascinating. On one hand, progressive liberalism with all it’s false pretences, deceptions and delusions around men, women and sexuality. On the other hand, all the immigrants, converts and children of retrograde Islam – ascendant in the West today – with their firm notions of patriarchy, female submission and sexuality.
      Strangely, these forces often collude. In the case of progressive liberalism simply because Islam is anti-Christian and thus an ally in fighting the West’s religious patrimony. In the case of Islam, because it is not – yet – numerically strong enough to stand on it’s own. But the fault lines are showing and soon the battle lines will be drawn. It will be fascinating to watch. I don’t have a dog in the fight but, frankly, I will enjoy watching the feminists on the defensive.

      1. There will probably be conflicts and skirmishes here and there. Unless the line is drawn in the sand by those who are willing to take it there and keep it there, then the weaker will be absorbed into the more dominant.

    3. “s. I wish we had more backbone to do so, but too many of us fear social consequences of believing what’s actually the case and which science bears out as well”
      If civil war in europe breaks out, you will have no issue social consequence. On one hand it will be a crisis, on the other hand it will be tonic and relief for men who have had to put up with the socialist / feminist narrative for so long.

  6. “I see things changing for the better.”
    migrants are, in order (1) fiat currency/banking debt sink tools, (2) political action committee funding bribery tools, (3) debt-prostitute political vote shifting agent tools, (4) undercutting debt-prostitute ‘worker’ scab tools, (5) undercutting ‘worker’ entitlement tools, (6) perfect two-faced media/narrative co-opt and distraction tools.
    look at the surface, predict positive enlightenment magic waking up the land. look at the mechanical trade reality, predict something… else.
    tell me again, how the tall tales from your mirror on the wall have help you.

  7. When are Swedish “men” going to reclaim their balls from their women and stop being cucked by them? I guess it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    1. My guess is that all the Viking in the Swedish gene pool went to the founding of Kievan Rus.

  8. Feminism is just a shit test, that is why Feminists will not stand up to Islam. Feminists will only ever criticise weak, self doubting White men. Aggressively self confident, openly misogynistic Muslims are never criticised by feminists, instead those feminists will betray their principles and show their true natures by submitting to the dominant Muslim men. Just watch.

    1. Prediction noted. It’ll be interesting to watch the Western feminist movement split in half as a result of this upcoming collision with Islam:
      1) Those women who’ve used feminism as an excuse to hate white men will drop the pretext and just become outright race-baiting haters
      2) Those women who can see and acknowledge the contradictions in feminism will quietly leave the movement and get married and bake cookies, lol
      Add impending automation that will kill female-dominated jobs in education and medicine, and this could spell the end of this screwed-up movement known as late-stage feminism.

      1. Feminists and islamists have the same mental modus operandi: they both can’t stand criticism, are incapable of introspection, violence against “unbelievers”, etc. They are made for each other.

    2. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand time: Expect a *lot* of half-cast babies born in northern Europe in the coming years.. all raised by flabby single blue-haired mothers and paid for by the State (aka. cucked white males).

      1. That welfare state is already starting to fail under its own weight, it’s not going to hold up for much longer..

      2. Northern European men does not want these fat, blue-haired ogres so we aren’t jelous if they reproduces with muslims.

    3. I actually disagree with this because we’ve seen that with the Left, it is their hatred of Western Civilization that drives them to their alliance with Islam. Most marriages are based on what the couple both “Love”. Each other, their children, shared values, etc. But some couples base their relationship on “Hate”. This is what drives the Left(Feminists, LGBT, Greens, et al.) into an alliance with a group that at its fundamental level hates them. Hate is what keeps all of the Left together with Islam. It is hatred of Whites, Men, Christians, and Western Civilization which blinds the Left to what Islam is.
      Perhaps the best example is French philosopher, Communist, and Homosexual Michel Foucault. When the Iranian Revolution commenced Foucault flew to Iran and fell in love with the Ayatollah & his followers. He truly believed that if the Left and Islam joined in alliance to defeat the West they could use Leftist ideology and Islamic fanaticism to do so.
      However, it was his hatred of Western Civilization that blinded Foucault to the reality that the Ayatollah was far more likely to execute Foucault for being homosexual than any of the Christians of the West. So, how could Foucault miss this important detail? His hatred of the West blinded him to what Islam really was.
      Ditto for Feminists(& all Leftists).
      Just one more example from Lesbian, Feminist, and Annie Liebowitz’s ahem, “partner” Susan Sontag from her 1966 collection of essays, ‘Styles of Radical Will’;
      “If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. … The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.”
      There it is gentlemen. Outright Anti-White, Christian bigotry. The Rosetta Stone for all of the Left whether they are Feminists, Homosexuals, Environmentalists, or what ever group of SJW’s.
      And yes, a disturbing, disproportionate number of these Leftists are Jews as well….

      1. Deep inside, it’s hatred of CHRISTIANITY that powers the Leftie/Feminist juggernaut.
        So, if you see their behaviour from this perspective, everything makes ‘sense’.

        1. Bingo. Originated by Jews. They use fat chicks, homos and negros as their footsoldiers.

        2. There are tactics to turn them against each other if I knew anything growing up blue pill, these groups only look out for themselves anything that gets in their way ally or enemy is an enemy

      2. So many of the factions within the left despise each other. Blacks and Mexicans, women and women, atheists vs uber-christian minorities, blacks and gays.

      3. I guess the left and right parties political ideology was faulty after all eventually one side will take over and weed out the other

    4. nah the reason they dont criticize muslims is bc theyre foreign. for SJWs, foreign is always better than domestic product. thats why everyone in the US complains about how shitty america is, having never been outside of the US except for a study abroad exchange to spain for 1 month. if they go to the real gutters of the world, theyd change their minds completely

    5. The Mufti of Gaza explains explains to beat our wives as found in the Quran.
      The thing is, feminist pull their antics here because they figure that they can get away with it. And usually, they’re right. I hate to say this as I dont want it misinterpreted to promote violence, but men have given away their trump card in keep women under control. Nature made men bigger and stronger for a reason. That trump card is physical force. Without it, there really is no way to keep women in line. You can’t reason with them. If they have free reign, its like the inmates run the asylum. Why should a woman give a crap what her husband has to say? If she does otherwise, what’s he going to do about it?
      I’m not for violence against women in general and in general don’t think a guy should hit her with a closed fist, but a belt or paddle on the ass will work wonders. When women are elevated as equals to men, it raises problems because it goes against reality. And by equal, I don’t mean women are worthless as human beings per se, but they aren’t equal when it comes to the physical or the rational.
      The problem today is that women are led to believe if they aren’t exactly like a man, they are less than. Even in the movies, a woman has to be a warrior, a general, a boxer or some other nonsense. If you portray the woman as the boxers nurturing wife,that’s sexist. She has to be the boxer. And lord help you if you show her as an obedient and submissive wife and happy to be such.
      Islam on the other hand doesn’t tolerate that crap. Women will slut walk through the streets of Toronto because they know the men will back down. But I ask you, when was the last time you saw a slut walk through the streets of Saudi Arabia or Jerusalem or Iran? Feminist know the score.

      1. Oh, yeah, let’s all act like islamist assholes, and hide our women behind the veil…wtf. Western Civilization doesn’t NEED to act like the fucking barbarians that islam represents. We just need to realize that raising our daughters to be sluts is unacceptable. Men should realize that our undisciplined behavior toward women who are just whores is helping to bring us to the brink. Allowing women to sucker us to impregnate them without commitment, and then to WALK AWAY from our responsibilities is helping our enemies.
        I hate islam, it’s a guttural “faith” it institutionalizes rape, slavery, murder, and plunder. So does the West’s version, Collectivism, and the breakdown of Western Man. Before I go out to these animals, I’m taking a bunch of dirtbags with me.

        1. Way to straw man the hell out of me. That’s not my position. Islam takes it to one extreme, we’re at the other extreme. The reality is that there is a happy medium. And that medium was in effect prior to the 70s. Its not an all or nothing scenario. Dress in a burqua or dress like a prostitute aren’t the only 2 options.

        2. women shouldn’t be kept behind veils, they should be naked or wearing slutwear and led around on leashes and shock collars. Like the Hells Angels and drug dealers do it. And from first hand experience, the hot ones actually prefer it way 😉

        3. “…Men should realize that our undisciplined behavior toward women who are just whores is helping to bring us to the brink.”
          When ‘disciplining’ a woman in this misandric culture will get you a prison cell, what is it that you recommend be done?

      1. “A female police officer on duty was allegedly raped by Muslim men.
        Female cops won’t go to asylum centers unless accompanied by male cops.”
        Female cops, military, firefighters, and so on, and so forth, are nothing but liabilities and a waste of resources. In a sane society, you would be considered mentally ill and risk hard and soft repercussions for even suggesting the idea.

    6. You sir have nailed it. The terms sexist, bigot, whatever-the-fuck are only reserved for BITCH ASS WHITE MALES. Have you ever seen another ethnic group of males accused of so much? Yet white males as a whole are probably the WEAKEST motherfuckers around.
      That’s ok though. All it will take is a core group of dedicated savages who are unafraid to cleave the claymore of Truth right through their god damn heads with a gleeful enthusiasm to shut these ungracious and adulterous whores up.

      1. A big step to being a savage in today’s world, do not apologise for anything that you have not personally done and if you offend some petal, do not apologise, at best say I feel sorry that you are offended, that is how it is and I do not apologise for what I have said or done.
        That said don’t be a C$nt, never get angry at the petal or the argument, stay cool and argue with a smile, you will always win.

        1. Lol no you say I don’t give a fuck if your offended thats your problem bitch! And as for Swedish men how pathetic just bash them then use them as jail sex slaves like they deserve, and as for there woman just go straight upto them and say hello you look O.K Your coming with me bitch.

    7. “Feminism is just a shit test, that is why Feminists will not stand up to Islam. Feminists will only ever criticise weak, self doubting White men. Aggressively self confident, openly misogynistic Muslims are never criticised by feminists, instead those feminists will betray their principles and show their true natures by submitting to the dominant Muslim men. Just watch”
      Team Vagina is loyal to the winning male demographic. That is how they survive.
      White men have to lose their guilt and start treating women the same way the muzzies do. And more importantly whites need to take back their heritage. We are at a very important crossroad at this moment in history.
      This video is one of the most brilliant ever. This discusses why women do things the way they do, and the current problems with the muslim immigration:

      1. Excellent recommendation on the video…I’ve been arguing with my buddies for a while about the need to maintain the Family Unit as the basis of Western Civilization, to no avail. They all saw nothing wrong with gay “marriage…” as a potent threat to our complete collapse. Lemmings…

      2. A weak man can’t understand real gender roles.
        – Models. Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson
        “Models is a book on becoming an attractive man based not on tricks, tactics, games or techniques, but on self-development.”

      3. I don’t think people are grasping how critical this crossroads is.
        It’s here where we write our future: we go out as a bunch of pathetic weaklings, or we stand up again and let the world hear us ROAR!

    8. Amen to that. We just have to see how western converted women behave, when they embrace the “religion of peace”, towards their men and other non Muslim women. They are searching for power and because they do not find it in their culture, they submit to who shows it.
      I said and i will say it again, the success of books like “Fifty Shades of Gray” is really the irrefutable evidence that there are a lot of women in the West, craving for some alpha to fuck them to oblivion and show them who is the master. Reality is plain to see!

      1. “…there are a lot of women in the West, craving for some alpha to fuck them to oblivion and show them who is the master.”
        After which time, they will call the White Knights in Blue Uniforms and have you arrested and charged with “rape”.
        And watch out for the STDs that these ‘Petri dishes with legs’ are carrying around.

      2. I’ve also noticed this with suburban, middle class teenage girls running off to join ISIS. And ISIS ideology is no secret. How they view women is out in the open. On the surface, it seems insane that a teenage girl with everything would run off to Syria somewhere to join ISIS.

        1. Its all about the power. I mean, its really a good case study of female mentality. I guess its no different from the exotic appeal of sociopaths and gang members.
          The essential aspect is this: western women, treated like queens, prefer to go to war scenarios and be fucked by jihadists. Talk about mind fuck!

    9. We’ve already seen this with the feral negros that infest America. White feminist women never met a gangster rapper they didn’t love. They will go to parties and chant along with incredibly misogynistic rap lyrics, and the next day they’ll be shouting down some White guy at their University for glancing at them in a way that made them feel objectified.
      Women are insane…and men who listen to them don’t deserve to live.

  9. It’s all a game to the elites. Most of the left will cannibalize itself once the conservatives fall. The only thing keeping them together is believing that there is a cabal of hetero white Christian males keeping them down. They all hate each other. The fall of conservatism can be what allows for the rise of a movement that will right the balance or it could mean a descent into anarchy. I’d place my money on the former not the latter. Regardless the left will destroy itself, but the issue is how much collateral damage will there be?

    1. The self defeating mental acrobatics required to keep leftism alive is taxing on the well being of the leftists who adhere to the lefty lifestyle. It is a philosophy against natural order and is the way of death. The ‘leftists’ will simply give up the doctrines of leftism. The lefties themselves won’t go away but they’ll still be standing there and will have to adapt and adopt the way of truth and nature if they want to survive.

  10. I have read an interesting post on Facebook. Went something like this.
    Girl says she loves multiculturalism.
    Same girl is at an Indian restaurant and complains that the waiter is not an Indian. She finds it inauthentic.
    Girl arrives at the conclusion that these two concepts do not make any sense together, because for her to be able to enjoy multiculturalism, she in fact needs everyone else to cultivate monoculturalism so that she can hop between the monocultures.
    So if everybody was multicultural, there would be no multiculturalism, but rather some kind of mixture between all cultures in which the individual cultures vanish.

    1. A nation that prides itself on multiculturalism is the act of celebrating the death of culture.

      1. ” Indian food is much like Mexican food for cleaning you out”
        No doubt. After eating some indian food you literally have to strap on a seatbelt next time you use the can otherwise you’ll end up in orbit.

        1. I have an anglo-indian place near me. It is really nice. Super clean and made up like a 19th century supper club. The indian food is modified for a British palate. The owner told me that in India some people see the English as evil colonialists who commited atrocities and others see them as a civilizing force in an otherwise barbaric country…the people who own this anglo-indian supper club are firmly in the later category and the food is spectacular.

    2. It is a basic violation of the categorical imperative…it is living one’s life by a maxim that, when universalized, destroys itself.
      The most simple example is theft:
      Should I steal
      Make it categorical “I must steal”
      Make it universal “everyone must steal”
      Look for repercussion: the concept of personal property is destroyed in a world where everyone MUST steal and stealing in a world with no concept of personal ownership of property is impossible. So, when cade universal and categorical the idea of stealing is logically contradictory.
      What does this mean: We need a world in which other people do not steal in order for us to go ahead and steal something which means we are willing ourselves as a being in direct contradiction to the other free entities in the world. We are willing ourselves as an exception to a universal rule.
      Obviously, we can get much more in depth, but this is a very basic move through the categorical imperative which might be one of the most impressive moral systems ever created. Works wonderfully with your multicultural example

      1. Well, that is not the best example. Here’s why. Stealing only falls apart when generalized if you call it stealing. If you call it ‘taking whatever you like whenever you like it’, it will likely still lead to some amount of chaos through generalization, but it will not become logically invalid.
        Anyhow, I am not a big friend of the categorical imperative, because I am not a friend of generalization. There is no logical necessity for everybody to live by the same rules or to treat everyone as one wants to be treated. The girl in my example could actually live the way she wants to – the cognitive dissonance comes from her own belief that her way of living should be the generalized way of living.

        1. The generalization in the cat imperative is necessary because everything needs to be extrapolated to the point of general logical principles.
          I will always think that it is an exceedingly clever way to allow for a universal moral system while a) retaining the claim that it is subjective b) not relying on God for a moral system c) not conflating it with the ethics of a government which may come or go.
          By using the CI you manage to get a clear set of rules that hold for all subjects at all times in all cultures and, oddly enough, line up to what most people would consider a good set of principles while not invoking god, government or natural law….we still get to say it is subjective.
          The stealing analogy works perfectly in the argument for the categorical imperative. Can you argue that stealing is wrong without the cat imp or that stealing isn’t wrong or can you define stealing differently, sure. But the point remains, if we exist in a world where the formal principles of logic hold for all sentient subjects, and we do, then when generalized and universalized the act of theft proves that it is contrary to the logical principles on which the very possibility of our cognitive process rely.
          This means that the thief either wills himself as an exception to his peers (Nietzsche is fine with this) or obliterates the possibility of consciousness.
          If you step back from personal beliefs and look at what kant did in the critical system (I, II and III) it really is quite brilliant…far surpassing anything available at the time and more relevant and intelligent than 98% of the shit since.

        2. “everything needs to be extrapolated to the point of general logical principles”
          Can you explain what you mean by that and why that is so?
          Have not read Kant’s work, unfortunately.

    3. There are some religions that claim that Oneness with God or what have you is the ultimate objective. I wonder, is that what is happening now? By combining all of the earths citizens into an amorphous blob of oneness creating a new global identity?

      1. Huh, interesting analogy. Yeah, maybe. I quite subscribe to the idea of being one with god, but I consider it to be a very personal endeavor, not something to be reached through making everybody else conform to you.

        1. That’s the problem. It’s not happening naturally; it’s being manipulated by hostile forces. Or maybe it was meant to happen this way? And then there are certain tribes who are adamant on not mixing yet push the mixing agenda on everybody else. If you see ancient countries that were melting pots you will have different castes of people who will share the same language, customs, rituals and respect but will associate with people of their own likeness. They will rally under that flag if necessary bet revert to their own mini-tribes and infighting. I guess conflict and fighting is just a natural part of life and should be embraced.

        2. Well, I would say it is meant to be the way it is. Or rather, it is not meant any way, but rather it simply is the way it is. Is fighting a natural part of life? I am not sure. What does ‘natural’ mean? I currently believe that fighting would not occur if humanity was truly enlightened. Fighting is something the ego does. But that is of course just one way to look at things I guess.

        3. In a way I get what you are saying that fighting is something the ego does because the ego sees things in black in white, or better, as this or that when on a higher level there is no this and that but just “is-ness” as you mention. Oh and by natural I mean when things are aligned with nature and in its natural course of things. It’s almost as if human beings are not of this natural world because of the abilities we possess, but at the same time, we are.
          So with that said, humanity quite possibly wouldn’t exist as it does now if all humans were enlightened above duality. It might be possible to visit this reality or inhabit it for a time but I don’t think it would be beneficial to stay unless there is a higher purpose to our stay than just “being” here. The key thing I think is trying to take “this” and “that”, two seemingly opposite and opposing beliefs, and knowing that they are both are correct. You can hold two opposing beliefs in your mind at the same time but what if we know that they are actually both correct at the same time? This would be marching in on multi-dimensionality territory now.

    4. “…Girl arrives at the conclusion that these two concepts do not make any sense together, because for her to be able to enjoy multiculturalism, she in fact needs everyone else to cultivate monoculturalism so that she can hop between the monocultures.”
      You’re assuming that the girl is thinking logically, which women don’t do well (if at all). Besides, feminist-influenced women reject “logic” as an evil male concept used to ‘rape Mother Nature’.

  11. Social justice doesn’t work because society’s losers have conflicting grievances. We’ve seen an example of this lately from all the women creeped out by the prospect of having to share public restrooms with these “transgender” misfits.
    Our ancestors had the right idea when they shamed people with broken sexuality to discourage them from acting on their ridiculous compulsions.

    1. One likely reason that women don’t like the “transgender misfits” is that the transgenders ‘rob’ them of their “VICTIM” crown (which they have greedily held onto for the last fifty ears), and the transgenders also are ‘pushing into their spaces’ whereas the women have formerly been ‘pushing into men’s spaces’ for the last fifty years.

  12. this… This is such a mess!
    Since I read “soumission”, by Houellebecq, I am no longer sure what’s worse, in the leftism vs Islam debate. Islam is a traditionalist way, but brings within it the seed of civilizational collapse, by violence (as seen in Syria, Lybia, Irak, etc); leftism is a suicidal, individualistic road into absolute anarchy, and once again, civilizational colapse (by economic, demographic, political and social meltdown)… One of these will triumph and I hope I am not here anymore to witness as it happens.
    If anyone is trying to sell me a solution… I don’t know. I’ve adapted to this SJW society, I know which behaviours are rewarded and which are punished. On the other hand, I respect Sufi Islam.
    They will anihilate each other for sure (cultural marxism is atheistic and in its way to abolish religion altogether, meanwhile using Islam against european Tradition; Islam hates cultural marxism to the guts, as it conveys the worst forms of irreligion). No other force will be able to stop any of them in Europe, at least (50 million Muslims living in the continent and counting; 60 years +/- of cultural marxism, and absolute control of academia and popular opinion).
    This is like watching Saturn and Jupiter collide, while living in Saturn’s rings… like it or not, we, Western red pill men, are involuntary Cassandras (this is a realist, not a defeatist opinion). At an individual level, I try to Forget this and be somewhat positive, but my hopes for the collective are 0.

  13. LOL If you were a Muslim fundamentalist you wouldn’t be worried about feminists either after seeing examples like this of how lame they are (click to enlarge)

      1. Oh come on, it’s not like you’re reading “War And Peace,” it’s a dumb comic strip for Christ’s sake!

    1. I believe they’re planning to make that into a movie. Correction: into every movie

  14. What this shows is that it’s really not about Islam but about feminism and women wearing pants in public, shaking hands, working as reporters, talking impromptu with their big mouths and showing their tongues and their big teeth.
    THE TONGUE IS ‘REDSKIN’. So are the lips, the tittie nipples, the rectum and the petals of REDSKIN surrounding the birth opening/mantrap hole.
    THE STRING BIKINI swimsuit if you notice covers the critical ‘redskin’ only. It misses of course the mouth and tongue. When Khan put his hand on his heart he should have clarified his actions and explained to her that HER REDSKIN was showing. Her wiggling tongue in the face of a man other than her master or other than going outside and calling her goats to milk says alot about western permisiveness. Swedish women had better shore it up with their masters. Shit’s gonna get tight within the next decade or so ladies.

  15. There is no real difference between a moderate, Islamist and religious Islam.
    They are all the same they only play nice in western and European countries
    until they get a large enough population to take over it.
    I suggest banning Muslims from all forms of government and that includes teaching in schools it will not end well for countries that allow them in any form of government.

    1. Governments in Europe won’t ban muslims, they need them as a proxy army against the natives, so they can strip away their liberties one by one and usurp power.

      1. My thoughts exactly! They have been used since day one, and mostly because of manpower costs in Europe.
        The thing is… Islam is old and experienced in destroying civilizations technically more advanced (Egypt, byzantium, Babylon, even Persia and India).
        Both sides are playing with fire

      2. Precisely how American politicians use the negro underclass – as a proxy weapon against middle class and lower class Whites.

  16. There will be a massive civil war between SJW’s and Muslims after they are finished with the legalization of bestiality, particularly, goats.

    1. I love the first picture. Mr. Flowers has a goat for every day of the week. His wife dutifully stays in the barn with them while waiting her turn.

    1. They aren’t going to rediscover them until they have nothing left to lose. The heathens can act any way they want because they have nothing to lose.

    2. When it’s their own daughters being gangraped in the streets by “the culturally diverse”.

      1. Nope, that won’t do it. Already happening in Germany, England, France and Sweden. They have responded by doubling down on their calls for more rapefugees.

        1. That’s the sheltered members of the elected officials. The people are getting pissed off, as evidenced the polls and the rise of nationalism elsewhere. We can only hope

    3. It won’t happen until people accept that they have an enemy within who has been posing as a friend.
      The first step is getting rid of all mainstream media – all the sports, tv shows, advertising, movies, magazines, video games, popular websites.
      Most so-called red pill men I see in these comments can’t even give up watching Hollywood movies – even when they know that the movies are full of anti-White and anti-Male propaganda.
      If these supposed red-pillers cannot even live according to their beliefs, and set a good example for others, then what hope do we have?
      Turn off the Talmudvision!!!!

    1. Thank you RoK. I keep my hair shoulder length to avoid the elder woman/man old lesbo look.

    2. – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.
      – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
      – Stop the Genocide of European Mankind David Duke

      – The Insanity of Christian Zionism!

      – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’, But no one dared to tell you

      1. She has government and private funded Jewish learning centres and multicultural programs. Leftist lunatics talking like this are the products of Zionist psychological warfare carried out by agents like Barbara spectre.
        She literally calls for the genocide of the white race and holds Jewish supremacist views. This isn’t a rare example either. This is almost standard practice through our institutions.

  17. Women lack the mental capacity to think ahead in abstraction or creativity. They only really know what they’re told and presented with. The concept of a population shift towards muslim rule doesn’t cross their minds.

  18. I love the positivity at the end. But that’s just me, being (or trying to be) the “glass is half full” kind of guy.
    What can I say about feminism and islamophobia? It’s kind of like Henry Ford’s old saying (to be taken strictly contextually): “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” Feminist version: “You can be as Muslim as you want, as long as you act like a regular person.”
    Let’s pretend for a second that those who read and represent Return of Kings aren’t stuck in a society full of idiots, but rather are residing in a world where, if things go wrong, something logical is actually done about it. What would our REPRESENTATIVES be doing right now? They would be lining up Muslims by the hundreds and saying: “Oh, Al-Shaba-Albet-Albar-Al-Bidden, your flight leaves at 8:30. Thank you for your stay.”
    @disqus_XZROw7mDfr:disqus asked what it would take for Western Men to rediscover their balls. That’s a good question, Mr. Kent. I am happy to say that more slip-ups due to the regular procedure of the shit-bag culture formally known as “the Islamic faith” will be sure to turn the tide the other way. And since more and more of these animals are being accepted into Europe (like cattle being herded from one shitty, dilapidated ranch to a larger, much more comfortable ranch), there will be more and more problems to arise.
    This is the beginning of the end of multiculturalism, and the end of the beginning of what hippie-liberal-feminists considered to be “something great.”

  19. Swedish friend says Sweden is waking up to the dildos thanks to this scandal. I’ll believe it when I see it personally.
    My predictions is Norway, Finland, and Denmark colonize Sweden for its own good

    1. From the Russian Wikipedia’s article on the Kaplan name (my translation):
      “Каплан — фамилия еврейского происхождения, по традиции относится к коэнам. Также фамилия тюркского происхождения, означающая на ряде языков «тигр».”
      “Kaplan is a surname of Jewish origin, traditionally used by Kohanim (priests). The name can also be of Turkic origin, where it means “tiger” in various languages.”

  20. I would not read from recent events that the left is even one bit less hellbent on destroying Western civilization. That is wildly optimistic. The problem is that they are only interested in power. They have found that their “message” puts them into power, which is all they care about. And the masses are too stupid to realize it.

  21. Look at it this way: Women want to be controlled by strong men.
    That’s why they attack white men so viciously. They’re frustrated western men aren’t masculine anymore. They crave strength but aren’t getting it.
    They want to bring in the violent, masculine muzzies to control them properly again.
    Their biology has a void that needs to be filled. Bringing in muslim law is what they want.
    Testing boundaries is what they’re programmed to do. Like a dog, or any automated A.I. They aren’t truly consciously aware of what they’re even doing

    1. Correct. It’s all a giant shit test. And we can’t really hate them for it. It’s in their biology.

  22. As a man, I’m so looking forward to the day when Islam replaces feminism and cultural Marxism in Swedish politics. No longer will I be asked to explain myself whenever I do or think something women don’t approve of. No longer will I have to ask the government for permission when I want to own pets or guns. I’ll actually be able to enjoy freedom. It baffles me that some men are so deluded to think they’ll actually lose any freedom with sharia law – they’ll only gain what they’re now denied! I wish Christianity would be this champion of morality and male liberty that Islam is, but since today it isn’t, Islam is the religion I root for. I’m only against the ethnicity and race of the immigrants coming to my country, not their religion.

    1. It baffles me that some men are so deluded to think they’ll actually lose any freedom with sharia law – they’ll only gain what they’re now denied!
      If you think that, you are borderline insane.
      Islam is one of the most-if not the most-oppressive religions in the world.

    2. No longer will you have to ask permission to rape young boys and girls.
      What a douche you are. Read your last sentence.

  23. I don’t think that these extremist muslim men should have any authority in the western countries or any country for that matter. These extremist organisations bring nothing but oppression and destruction in societies .. we can see it in Iran, Saudi and some other Arabic countries.
    I believe that every race/country/sect should preserve their culture. Just like western countries try to impose their way of democracy and liberal ideology on other countries .. muslims shouldnt force their ideologies on the west.
    Im from Egypt but living in Canada now and I was 100% against the muslim brotherhood when they came to power, and I’m glad these guys are all in prison cells now. I also hate multicultural societies, its just feels very fake.
    You know what bothers me, is that when I graduated and I was applying for jobs all over the world, including Europe .. no one gave me a chance. Now these immigrants get a free ticket into Europe .. and sooner or later they will increase in number and exceed the whites and christians. Biggest mistake in history … Obama should have never gave these syrian rebels any weapons and Bashar would have controlled the country a long ass time ago.

    1. Unfortunately if you bring something positive to the table you are not welcome in Europe due to the idiots currently in power. Only people with no skills are allowed in which is beyond idiotic.
      Happy you could go to Canada, I think you’re better off there.

      1. Many employers in Europe are aggressively lobbying for open borders, because it puts downward pressure on the wages they have to pay and to drastically expand the labor pool. If they are stupid enough to think a low IQ Syrian or Eritrean can replace an educated native, they are in for a rude awakening.

  24. The controversy with Mehmet Khan seems to be the standard badthink association scandal. Seen ’em before, see ’em again.
    Yasri Khan, refusing to touch a woman, seems a little more problematic. In a day and age when just walking past a woman can cause her to scream rape (remember this?: http://www.returnofkings.com/80351/game-of-thrones-actress-souad-faress-falsely-accuses-man-of-rape-for-walking-past-her), you’d think the feminists would appreciate a non-invasive gesture. Remember when Lazio basically forfeited his Senate run to Hillary Clinton when he walked over to her and gave her a piece of paper?
    Maybe I’m wrong, but Khan strikes me as sincere in his beliefs, and doesn’t seem like a violent man. Yet, still, if he’s sincere in his beliefs, they’re still sincerely incompatible with Western cultural norms.
    In the previous decade, David Horowitz wrote “Unholy Alliance,” detailing the cooperation between the radical Left and the radical Muslims. He did a great job explaining the history of the alliance and its common goal, the destruction of the West, but completely failed to explain how such an alliance could survive its own success. Perhaps Sweden will become the petri dish wherein the mad scientists of multiculturalism fail to bring forth the vile hybrid of radical Islamofeminism.

  25. Lol. White males are really cutting off their nose to spite their face. When Muslim values become accepted, they are going to kill all you white males and exert the proper controls over your women that you should have. If you think you are going to enjoy feminist schadenfreude once Muslim values become accepted, you are mistaken because the accecpance of Muslim values will be the result of the white mans demise. And the fact that you are already anticipating it is a clear cut indicator that it is well under way. Enjoy the decline lol.

    1. “…the accecpance of Muslim values will be the result of the white mans demise.”
      Not really. If I absolutley HAD to, in order to survive, I can easily grow out my beard, which is longer and fuller than most arabs I’ve met, and I can easily buy a few man-dresses and blend right in.
      And then all the insecure brown people can feel like they’ve won, while there will STILL be a fuck-ton of white dudes and chicks walking around. And this is all contigent upon muslims (who are just as, if not more, “cucked” by their own religion) being able to repress all the extremophiles in our hilariously fucked up society.
      It’s all a moot point, though. Machines will probably outlive us all. So in between your celebrations of genocide, you might wanna consider how to mitigate the coming singularity.
      Oh ya, almost forgot…

      1. If you’re willing to do that then they have already won. You might as well go lay down and die somewhere.

        1. Why? You’re telling me that if you had no choice, you’d rather just give up and die? Allow me to follow your example; you first.
          Who knows, maybe one could weather that storm all the way through, and live to see better days. I’m not saying don’t fight it; not at all. But if push comes to shove, survival is the order of the day, all day, every day. Just because a bunch of political/religious zealots take over everything isn’t the end of the world. Killing yourself is just dumb, unless you have a painful and terminal disease, or something.
          Feel that sting at the back of your head? That’s PRIDE, fucking with you.

        2. No. I would die fighting first. I would either die fighting or by my own hand before i would submit to Islamic law or precedence. You are a waste of skin.

        3. Okay, and I would be alive and you would be dead. Good job genius.
          Again, I’m not saying just let muslims take over, just don’t do their job for them. And i doubt the person who was “lol”ing at white males being destroyed would fight for anything, except their internet connection.
          In your case, though, maybe you should throw yourself at the boogeyman and see what happens. Go ahead.

        4. If you consider cowering before your enemy and adopting whatever lifestyle they choose for you as living or surviving, we have different ideas of what life is. Like i said. If you’re willing to do some shit like that. Especially for some goofy ass Islamic weirdos, you are already dead. And i wasnt loling at the prospect of white males being destroyed, I’m laughing at the fact that you’re waiting for Muslims to do to your women what you should have been doing a long time ago. If you can’t see how pathetic and sad that is then stop shaving now.

        5. For the third time, I’m not saying don’t resist. The only one waiting is you. Have you fucked up any muslims lately? If not, then you’re a bitch-ass hypocrite.
          You wrote about the endgame, such as it is, “…the accecpance of Muslim values will be the result of the white mans demise,” for Islamization. And rather than throw away my one finite life, like you, I would live to fight another day. You on the other hand, are a craven coward who bleets like a sheep and thumps their chest like a baboon. After you get burned alive in a cage, you won’t be going to Valhalla genius. You sound just as retarded as ISIS.

        6. I don’t believe in valhalla, and don’t want to go there. If and when Muslim values become accepted as the norm, that is the sign that the war has been lost and will be the white man’s demise. If you think all you’re going to have to do is grow your beard and get some man dresses, you clearly don’t know shit about Islam. If you’re going to let someone force you to practice another religion you are not a man and should kill yourself. Simply being alive or surviving is not the same as living. I’m not a hypocrite about anything. And i am not in any way a bitch like you and will not be converting to Islam, growing my beard, or buying any man dresses anytime soon, or ever.

        7. I only fought muslim militia and gangs on their own turf for over a year straight, so I think I know a little about islam. What you call “cowering” I see more as infiltration and subversion.
          And you won’t be growing a beard ever; testosterone too low.
          Please go save America from the muslims now. Hope you end up in the news. Do it, pussy. Bet you won’t…

        8. Wow, you fought them over a year and still didn’t win? And then after risking your life fighting them decided you’ll just grow your beard and some man dresses? Even after most likely seeing some of your fellow soldiers hurt or killed? Wow congratulations jihadi John, a winner is you. That’s some of the saddest most pathetic shit I’ve ever heard.

    2. The only people on here who are accepting that outcome are the little pussy faggots and cucked Euro hipsters. I have no idea why they read this site, because they certainly don’t put the concepts into practice.
      The Real Men here are ready, willing, and able to fight the bloody battle that is coming.

      1. Little pussies and cucked euro hipsters make up the overwhelming majority of white males. All males actually. Do you really think the battle coming is winnable? In many ways it has already been lost.

      2. I concur with your line of thinking. Raygun seems to have a hard-on for white extinction, so I was just politely informing him that his genocidal fantasies aren’t in the cards.

        1. Not even close bro. I like white people way more than Muslims. If i had to choose between the extinction of whites or Muslims, I’m picking Muslims every time without hesitation. I actually feel bad for white males right now. It’s bad for all males right now but white guys are getting it from all angles and it’s really sad to watch. You guys been letting too much slide for too long. Niggas never really were shit in American society. You guys were it, and now you’re a sad caricature of yourselves. You guys need to go full Mike Douglas in falling down en masse.

        2. Yeah I could totally feel the love when you wrote, “White males are gonna die lol”
          You’re angry to the point of incoherence. And you give muslims WAY too much credit. Try getting outside and talking to people and you might see that it’s not as bad as you make it out to be.
          You also seem to have trouble with future-time orientation, b/c you think it’s better to just die than live on and fight because some barbarians gave your society a boo-boo.
          I’m just trying to tell you that it’s stupid to blow your whole wad on some last stand type of thing.
          But go ahead and martyr yourself. Nothing of value will be lost.

        3. And white people don’t need your sympathy. The only caricature I see here is your comical frustration in the face of level-headedness.

        4. I’m half white dumb fuck. And i live in the state with the highest population of Somali people in the country. It’s not only as bad, but worse than I’m making it out to be.

        5. Yeah they do especially ones like you. You have been castrated to the point of, ” I’ll just grow out my beard and buy some man dresses” you’re an ultra super bitch faggot. I will gladly die resisting before i would let that happen.

        6. Then maybe you should move somewhere else instead of whining like a little bitch LOL. If not, then go take your state back, unless you’re too chicken?
          What’s the matter, man? Somali dude take your girl?

        7. I want to live on and see my children grow up. I would do just about anything to live and make sure they’re OK.
          You want to die in a needless fit of childish rage, severing your genetic legacy.
          Sounds like YOU’RE the castrated one.LOL You even bash your own heritage, “Niggas never were shit…” Bullshit. Some of the best people I’ve known were black. My squad leader from my infantry days comes to mind. Taught me nearly everything I know about being a soldier. Then again, he wasn’t an insecure mixed dude with a chip on his shoulder.
          When you gonna start resisting? It’ll take more than angrily bashing on your keyboard. Again, the world will be a better place whether you win or lose… two idiotic forces crashing against each other. Good stuff!
          I think I’ve made my point, though…
          Have fun talking to yourself.

        8. You want to watch your kids grow up under Islamic rule? How you gonna watch your daughter grow up when you can’t even see the bitch cause she’s covered in a hijab? Don’t disrespect veterans by falsely claiming military service. You are obviously lying.

        9. Why the fuck should i move somewhere else? The real question is why are white liberals importing terrorists into the us? How can i take the state back if it’s not mine and I’m not the one that gave it away. White liberals are to blame for that. And treasonous cowards like you that failed to perform their duties abroad while eagerly awaiting your Muslim extremist starter kit. You bitch you.

        10. We actually did just fine, until Obama and the left gave away the store. I’m still proud of everything I did over there.
          So glad I’m not a vile, pathetic raging lunatic like you.
          Still haven’t done shit to stem the big bad islamic tide have you? Still sitting on your fat ass. I order you to keep raging, that being the only thing your twisted, mongrel ass is capable of it seems. Thank god you won’t breed.

  26. I can’t come to any other conclusion than that no one actually wants multiculturalism for real—not even the most idealistic of leftists.
    And you came to that conclusion because that minister resigned after he had gone way too far for even Sweden, and because a guy who refuses to shake hands with women resigned? I beg you to differ.
    The juicy bits:
    12:00 – 13:12
    13:52 – 15:32
    19:37 – 21:15
    And the very best part:
    25:34 – 32:59

    Besides, the guy who refused to shake hands can actually get paid handsomely for his action. It has happened before in Sweden:

    A town in western Sweden has agreed to pay damages to a man who was told he wouldn’t be hired if he refused to shake a woman’s hand for religious reasons.
    The decision by officials in Trollhättan to pay the man 30,000 kronor ($4,500) means the municipality won’t have to face a review of the case by Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman
    source: http://www.thelocal.se/20130520/48008

  27. It’s time to bring back a bit of bigotry. While slavery and oppression need to be avoided at all costs due to their negative influence on society (you bring the other into your homelands), people have a right to discriminate in order to preserve the safety of themselves and their families.

    1. It’s time to bring back A LOT of bigotry.
      This is what Leftards fail to understand.
      By creating a society this bat-shit insane and leftist, they have set it up so that the only hope for survival is a brutal swing to the hard, hard right. I’m talking Right Wing Death Squads patrolling the streets and executing scumbags. That’s what it’s going to take, because the leftists pushed it so far.

  28. Hey you guys out there ! Here’s an article idea for ya !
    STD’s for women and how to detect ?
    I just saw some pictures about vag discharge…we need to be aware of this shit, man !

    1. Aye, genital herpes can be spread even when no symptoms are physically present. It’s called “asymptomatic shedding”. That’s the biggest reason that protection is needed.
      HPV may cause warts, but often those warts are up inside the canal where nobody can actually see near the cervix. HPV is not a big deal to guys. If you catch it and then later have sex with a woman you want to have children with, that woman might catch it and end up infertile. It take 5-7 years to go away but in some cases is lifelong. It sometimes causes infertility and in the worst cases, cancer.
      Syphilis can often be mistaken for razor burn or a pimple, the trademark sore that marks it’s entrance to the body can be easy to miss.
      The most obvious diseases are trich and gonarrhea, they will result in a sometime green colored discharge with the noticeable smell of fish. Syphilis can cause this too, but it’s not always a symptom just like not everyone with it will bleed when urinating. Pain during sex is another symptom of these three.
      If a woman is having an active outbreak of herpes, she will likely refrain from having sex until the bumps subside. Still, It’s dangerous because herpes can spread whether one shows symptoms or not.
      (Ah, and there is HIV. The only symptoms of HIV appear once it has begun to progress to AIDS. HIV status is often discovered during routine CBC. At that point, the only thing the infected can do is call their past partners to warn them to be tested. I didn’t go into Hepetitis as I don’t know much about it.)

        1. See, this is the problem with sex education today in schools. Everyone is shown some pictures of advance stages of a sexually transmitted disease and then thinks, “”Oh, well, since it doesn’t look like ‘that’ then it must be clean.” Then some man will have unprotected sex with some lady who merely smells a little funky, and the next thing you know, the man is itching and urinating blood.
          Most women, or men, wouldn’t be having sex with an STI that has progressed so far. It usually only gets that bad in third world countries where antibiotics are hard to come by.
          (My anger is only based on that exact picture is often used in high school sex education classes and a lot of kids grow up thinking that STDs will be quite shocking in appearance and they end up not using things like condoms or dams because they think each other are clean.)

  29. “When the muslims take over, all I’ll have to do is grow out my beard and get three more wives. It’ll be the feminists and the homosexuals who will be in trouble.”
    Mark Stein

  30. Wow, what a surprise, a ‘moderate’ muslim with ties to muslim ‘extremist’ organizations was Housing Minister in Sweden. I’m tired of saying the same thing over and over again: there is no real difference between a ‘moderate’ and a ‘radical’, they are all enemy soldiers with a concrete goal.
    The only difference is that the ‘moderate’ does not want to kill us, he want the ‘radical’ to kill us.

  31. Islam is a mono-culture. They can’t even accept differences between themselves. What in hell makes Leftists think that they can adapt to any sort of multicultural society?

  32. “I’ll shake your hand if you shake my penis.”
    Talk about reversing a shit test. These muslims have the card on feminism. Their hamsters are going to spin in overdrive. “Why won’t he shake my hand? Is there something wrong with me? Am I that ugly? What’s wrong with ME?”
    Next thing you know women are going to be spreading their legs saying, “Oh, you’re not going to fuck this?” I see this ending in 2 ways when both sides protest this in the streets – either they are going to attack and kill each other or it’s going to turn into the world’s biggest orgy session.

  33. My friends wife is a Swedish-American living in America who still visits her home country every 1-2 years or so. She’s a fully indoctrinated leftist in all the predictable ways.
    A couple weeks ago, she posted a video of some refugees brutally attacking native Swedish women in broad daylight. Gave me hope that these leftist might not be a complete lost cause. Unfortunately, they have to let the barbarians through the gates before they realize that their still going to rape and pillage even if you play nice.

  34. “Feminists and Islamists don’t play well together.”
    Not on the surface, they don’t. Beneath that surface, though, they both share a common hatred for America and for Caucasian cisgendered men. As we’ve seen in recent years, Feminist “journalists” will be more than happy to throw innocent young men under the bus with false rape accusations, but will turn both blind eyes to the ACTUAL rape cultures in the countries where the Religion of Pieces reigns supreme.
    The next time one of the Syrian “refugees” goes on a rampage here in the Sattes – and it’s only a matter of time – I’d like to think that more men will think twice before intervening. Doubtful, though.

    1. “…I’d like to think that more men will think twice before intervening. Doubtful, though.”
      Just the stupid White Knights and the pussy SJWs and manginas will ‘intervene’ — and they’ll deserve everything that they get.

  35. During the firs three months this year Sweden received 9174 asylum applicants. (obviously many will be rejected but still…)
    In many ways the “slow” drip of people coming is more dangerous than what we saw last summer and fall.
    Simply because it does not garner as much attention in the media. It`s more insidious.
    Many have difficulties thinking long term today,(particularly women:) possibly because of smart phone addiction etc.
    But in a history of a Nation and a people, even a hundred years is not much, and the changes we see now are of course very dramatic when you do think in the long term.

  36. Inviting a bunch of low IQ brown people into your country, and then expecting them to assimilate to the dominant culture within a few years, is far more racist than denying them entry.
    When you ask a non-White to assimilate to life in the West, you are telling them to give up their own religion, culture, language, and tradition. You are assuming that your culture is superior to theirs. What could be more culturally imperialist, or….racist?

  37. As a resident of Sweden, with experience with how Swedes go about things. Im not so sure we are being told the real reason these two guys are being forced out from office so close in time.
    Things don’t add up if you account for previous interactions with MSM.
    The main reason is that representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar organisations have been invited multiple times to state sponsored shows to talk about Islam often in a very positive environment. Never have MSM “journalists” challenged the notion that they don’t shake hands with women or that they have meetings with shady people. Even if they have explicitly made everyone aware of that through their own statements.
    I would bet an arm and a leg they are either dirty or have connections to ISIL or similar organisations. And the government in collusion with MSM has coverd it up to save face.

  38. Humph.. Swedish feminist future ?? locked up in a harem of some dog looking ugly Muzz… Being whipped if don’t go on her knees & call the ugly dog looking “My Lord & Master” LOL ! This will become their Karma !

  39. I wonder if the Elite think they can indoctrinate and break down the new generations of muslims in the west and send them back to their native lands to spread our ‘educated’ poisons.

  40. It is my view that feminists, whether they realise it or not are at a crossroads. This crossroads regards a choice of who to subjugate to.
    Will they subjugate themselves to Islam or will they subjugate themselves to the Western Patriarchy.
    Some chicks from the Balkans thought it would be cool to subjugate themselves to Muslims imagining that they could pull out consequence free the way they have always done so in the west. They didn’t realise the only way they would leave would be in body bags.
    So Western chicks. If you are so determined to subjugate yourselves to Islam then we won’t stop you. We’ll just start stitching up the body bags. We’re going to need them.

    1. Yep, but they haven’t gotten the memo yet. I don’t have time or the inclination to wait around any more, so I’m making babies with an Asian girl instead.
      I’m going to go on having a normal family anyway, I don’t need the western chicks any longer.
      They should be careful not to wait too long lest most of the actual family oriented western guys give up and move on.

      1. Asian chicks are great. I lived in an Asian country for a while. There were plenty of hot chicks there with personalities to match.

        1. I know hehehe, the only thing is you have to change a bit the way you think of girls imo.
          I’m not hunting for tits and ass, I’m looking for a pretty face with a good figure.
          And well now I’m married and my wife is pregnant so I’m happy.
          The one thing I really think Asian girls win in is loyalty. I’m absolutely certain that my wife will never fuck around. I would never really trust a European girl because vagiiin tingling make them do crazy shit.
          Asian girls in my experience don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

  41. I think its really stupid that men attack traditional middle east values trying to stand up for women’s rights only to have SJWs attack those men. All men are doing is taking the brunt of the attack instead letting the SJWs natural anger go towards people who will put restrictions on women. This isn’t your fight so let the SJWs and womens groups take them on. Once more traditional Muslims get into political power they will slowly change the laws and be putting women out of power and shutting down SJW behaviour. This is one battle your not going to win and even though mamy men have good intentions you have to let them fight it out.

    1. You are probably right about this one, but in Sweden and Germany it looks for the time being like the muzzies get charte Blanche.

  42. Guys,
    I am an orthodox Muslim. Whatever the post says is true. Islam is the patriarchal religion. But the point is one ‘thinking’ Muslim like me doesn’t hate Western men. But hate what Western men had done to themselves. I am pretty sure guys, like you are very few. Hated a lot. Same is th story of my life. In our societies, the media is thriving for spread of feminism. They are providing a nonsensical statement ‘Islam is a religion of equality’. Fuck no!!
    Islam is heirarchical, and it creates heirarchical society.
    In my university, girls are preffered to be on any post. Jobs come to them sooner then us. We eastern men (thinkers) know we can’t be saved because nearly 95 percent (just a guess) are pussified.
    PS: I really like this website. It feels good to know that they are people like yourself.

  43. Wow — that’s all it takes to turn you into a dyed-in-the-wool equalist, a firm advocate of absolute equality between the sexes! When it comes to Islam all your principles go out the door, don’t they? You people are a bunch of craven pussies.
    Talk about white knighting–“let me save you from all the eviw Mozlems!!”
    As Ryan Clarke says below, Muslims are the only ones treating your bitch-ass women like they deserve. They are doing you a favor, by doing the job you pussy-ass European lads are failing to do. You should be thanking Muslims for holding fast to patriarchal principles, and emulating them, rather than turning tail on those principles like a little bitch when you see an opportunity to white-knight.

  44. The idea of women “shaking hands” seems to have been a feminist one. Men acknowledged each others equality and respect with a handshake.
    Ladies curtsied, perhaps via a turn and tilt of the head to avoid bending at the knees as curtsying might happen several times as an acknowledgment in a conversation, men bowed a little. A lady might offer her hand to a man but I think the reverse was never practised.
    Going straight in for a slobbering kiss at the first social contact and having men initiate handshakes seems all insincere.

  45. Trannies the very imperative feminists built to have men selectively castrate themselves is also turning against them as well woth same sex bathrooms

  46. If Europe becomes Islamic, smart white men should convert to Islam. Once muslims they will be in a society that supports them in dominating women. They could slap white women as they wish and get away by just saying “she disrespect me”. Feminists think that they will be able to deal with Islam the same way they dealt with Christianity but they fail at understanding one thing : Christianity, unlike Islam, has been softened down by hundred of years of fighting religious intolerance. Unlike Islam…

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