5 Signs You Are Still Purple Pill

The Matrix gave us the analogy of the red pill of truth versus the blue pill of lies.  The purple pill describes those who have begun to open their eyes to the truth but don’t want to fully believe all of it.

There is no middle ground.  There is truth and reality, and then there is the made up world that society presents.  For those still stuck in between, here are some warning signs you are stuck in purple pill territory.

1. You watch mainstream news


If the constant lying, manipulation, failing to report important stories, and distorting others that regularly goes on in the media wasn’t enough, the meetup outrage should have been enough to make you completely shut out mainstream media from your life.  Alternative media, the foreign press, and online sources are, for now, the best replacements.  If you still watch the news, you’re just not getting the truth.

2. You don’t flush condoms down the toilet


That’s what THEY want you to think.

Thanks to alimony and child support laws going full retard, a man can be on the hook for tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars after a mere one night stand if the woman is able to capture some of his semen and impregnate yourself.  If you believe that modern women are not dirty enough to reach into the garbage can, pull out a used condom, and stick it inside them, you are taking the purple pill.

This happens often enough with celebrities where it makes mainstream news (most recently Olympian skier Bode Miller’s ex-girlfriend supposedly impregnated herself this way), but the phenomenon has gone mainstream.  If a woman is ready for a child, there is really no downside to this scenario.

Worst case she is unable to shake someone down for money, and collects extra welfare, housing, food stamp, and medical benefits by having a kid as a single mom, and best case scenario, her target is wealthy enough that she can shake him down for thousands a month in payments for a single night of fun.  It’s a win-win for her, so don’t think women won’t shove garbage inside their holes for the big payoff.

3. You listen to a woman (while ignoring her actions)


Bristol Palin, single mother and abstinence advocate!

OK, maybe you’re aware that around 70% of divorces are initiated by women, that obesity is a huge problem, that game is a necessary component of successfully dating in 2016, and you’re aware that society is training toddlers to become trannies.  But if you don’t immediately discount every thing that comes out of the mouth of the girl you are gaming, you’re purple pill (at best).  Always, always always look at her actions, and ignore her speech.

This past weekend, I met a Chinese student who had just graduated college in the states.  She said she hadn’t been in a relationship for over a year, and only had two real boyfriends since coming to the U.S. as a teenager.  She told me her friends are pushing her to find someone, but she doesn’t date because she “doesn’t want to be with a guy who’s only looking for fun” and wants something serious.  For a moment, I believed her. After all, she was raised in a traditional Asian household, was not a party girl, and stayed out of mainstream American life, socializing mostly with other Asians (her English was broken and bad, even after living here for 6 years).

Two hours later, as I’m banging her in her shower, I reflected on how this was only happening because I completely ignored everything that came out of her mouth and proceeded gaming her.  Purple pill Max would have taken her at her word, been friendzoned, and given up, hoping for an easier target.  But this experience reinforced how everywhere and always, one must ignore a female’s words and observe only her actions.

4. You don’t slap, spit on and choke your date at the end of the evening


OJ Simpson reportedly forced himself on 18 year old Nicole Brown on their first date.

In 2016, the proper way to demonstrate to your date that you enjoy spending time with her is not by giving her a small kiss as you part ways, but instead to violently choke, slap, spit on, and say demeaning things to her as you pound away at her genitals.  This is the proper first date behavior in most cases, if you wish to see the young woman again.

I have only recently discovered this truth, and experimented last weekend with said Chinese student.  Every violent and aggressive act I initiated was welcomed and encouraged.  I took advantage of the Father’s Day holiday by instructing her to say filthy things about what her “daddy” was doing to her (daddy being a stranger she did not know several hours earlier), and she happily obliged.  Sadly, I do not yet possess the masochism to spit on or port-o-potty a stranger, but we are moving in that direction, and I feel I must learn this skill in order to remain competitive in the dating market.

5. You use Facebook


Sure, maybe you are a regular.  Maybe you follow ROK, have game, and are on the path to an independent self-actualized future.  But you still have a Facebook account, log on, waste time, get bombarded by ads and spied on.  Facebook is a censoring, propagandizing, tranny-promoting degenerate corporate marketing firm where YOU are the product.  Your actions, web histories, movements, friends, and activities are all tracked, monitored, and sold to the highest bidder.  And remember, Facebook invented 69 genders.  You already spend too much time in front of the screen, so drop Facebook now.

There is no Purple Pill

In the words of Steven Colbert, we’re at war with feminists—pick a side.  You can’t believe “most” of the truth, but still hold out for a special snowflake.  You can’t behave as your parents or grandparents did, even with conservative or virginal women.  You will get nowhere, and be friendzoned immediately.  You have two choices: go full beta, wife up your nearest landwhale, pull out the credit cards, and be ready to work the rest of your life as a sexless debt-slave in a cubicle filling out TPS reports, or fully accept the red pill, as bitter as it may be.  The choice is yours.

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342 thoughts on “5 Signs You Are Still Purple Pill”

  1. …maybe the woman in question had a few kinks just like every normal adult person engaging in sexual activity. Honestly speaking, I really don’t see why you guys make such a big deal out of sex. Most women I had sex with were like “Oh? Sex? Yea, that sounds fun”. It’s just a recreational activity consenting adults partake in nowadays and you guys treat it as some kind of deep, emotional act.

    1. It’s possible that you are one of the lucky few that have danced close to the flame your entire life and managed to never get burned.

    2. You’re saying that most men here consider sex a deep, emotional act?
      Say what?

        1. The only DJs I’ve ever heard of at weddings were the bridesmaids. And when it comes to those dick jockeys it’s up to each fella whether to put them on rotation or not.

    3. When your life is empty of eternal meaning and transcendent values, and you view yourself as an animal, a randomly animated sack of meat, what else is there besides sex?

    4. Not sure why you think that. Men here have just realized that if you want a girl to repeatedly come back to them for sex they have to be increasingly dominate and degrading.

      1. Yeah that’s part of my issue. Like the whole framing of sex as being this act of “dominance” and “display of awesome masculinity”. It really wasn’t anything that special. It was more of a kind of stress relief or recreational activity between two people who want to have fun in my opinion.

        1. Many men see it that way and their girlfriends are probably sexually frustrated. Sex is a very big deal to women, its how they express themselves. They need higher and higher sexual peaks in their sexual prime. I choke girls to the brink of suffocation now and they won’t leave me alone. Dominance is the number 1 trait women want in men.

        2. Well, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with assertiveness or dominance in bed. But in a functioning relationship or heck, even a casual relationship nowadays, sex is just a recreational activity between two consenting adults. No one really cares much about the psychology behind it. If someone in my university started talking about “dominance” with his girlfriend after sex, she’d probably pull out her phone and zone out saying “Uh huh, whatever you say, bud”.

        3. Are you in America? The thing is that few girls are going to verbalize their want to be degraded because she knows it lowers her value in society. Even the most innocent girls have dark sexual fantasies of rape, bondage, and pain.
          One good point to remember about the red pill and women is that these laws are universal. All women have basically the same urges and desires. Don’t get caught up in what they say or do, the wiring is the same. They look for dominance first, then money and status.

        4. Yeah, and that’s just it, fantasy. Not reality, fantasy. It’s like a movie or roleplay . You act dominant and assertive in bed (as long as she gives consent to it) and both of you enjoy yourselves to the fullest. But the moment it is over, we usually go back to our normal nonchalant and amiable behavior.

        5. This is why they are attracted to bad boys and assholes. Its not an act for certain men. Some men have a mindset to dominate everyone in their lives. They usually end up dead, in jail or ostracized from society because of this mindset, but it attracts women. Guys like boxers, MMA fighters, prisoners, cops, etc.
          With that said, I think it is necessary for every man to develop a dominant side to them, in and out of the bedroom. Nothing over the top but the ability to take control and overpower women is essential.

        6. Confident and assertive, definitely. Not so sure about the “control and overpower women” part. I mean, it’s just sex, not the act of breaking in a slave.

  2. 6. You think EE and Asian Women are very different compared to western women and are “marriage material”.

    1. AWALT pedestalizing EE or Asians will only lead to trouble. The only reason those women are “good” is because EE and Asian men keep them in check. The very second your drop your fucking frame expect them to strap one on and shove it so far up your ass you will feel it in your throat.

      1. lol, I married a Chinese woman, my dad married a Chinese woman 25 years ago. No infidelity, they work hard, force us to work hard, and know that children are a duty, not pets. AWALT isn’t true in practical terms.
        Of course, if you apply “game” (as it is defined by PUAs), you will attract the sluts. Those exist the whole world over, and their numbers are increasing everywhere. Young people in China are bringing back the cause of LGBT rights and third-wave feminism to the wealthy cities; in Russia, the old cultural capitals of St. Petersberg and Moscow are filed with idealistic liberals who want nothing other than the complete westernization of their country.

        1. I will buy that if you work hard, keep frame and are the man of the house that you can keep a woman in check. However, my point was, if you let them walk all over you, don’t enforce rules and, generally, act like a pussy they will take advantage like any other women.
          You can buy the best car in the world. If you don’t change the oil the engine will seize up sooner or later. If you get the most loyal dog in the world and don’t properly train it, it will bite you. You can get a nice subservient Asian woman, but if you give her the liberties of a spoiled American cunt and let her walk all over you, you better believe she will.
          I am sure your wife is a gem and I am sure you make sure to maintain frame in the marriage to keep it that way. It is hard work I imagine.

        2. I think SE Asian girls – exclusively the poor ones – are gold, but what you say above must also be taken into account – go lazy on your woman and it’s always over no matter who she is.

        3. “give her the liberties of a spoiled American cunt”
          It’s important to dominate, but that doesn’t mean I need to slap, spit on and choke her in the evening. That’s degenerate and the author of the article is promoting this degeneracy because he rolls with slut game. In any normal society these people would be barbarians kept out by force of arms.

        4. no not at all. I take it the author was talking about one night stands there where, if you don’t act like that the women will grow tired of you. Sad but true.

        5. I simply say hello to a woman I am with by squeezing her ass. Fully agree with the show of force.

        6. it is true that a poor girl (of any culture) will be easier to tame and probably treat you better, but yes…give them the same privileges of over fed American cunts and that is what they will turn into. Remember, not too long ago, women of the west were incredibly feminine and happy to play a supportive role to a good man.
          For my money, however, I like them cunty. I will defile a good woman now and then if the option presents itself, but I like a feisty horse in need of breaking.

        7. I’ve spent a good part of my career watching poor foreign women latch on to young, inexperienced American males. It ends catastrophically probably over 90% of the time.

        8. The answer to that is to be an old experienced man before you go there. Then you don’t let the frame drop and you stand your ground. You don’t let the camels nose into the tent.

        9. I believe he was describing the unfortunate regression of western and primarily American young cunts. They need to be dominated in the extreme and I don’t think the author is off base at all. Since I had no interest in doing this, I went overseas to SE Asia to find a woman that could respect me without being pounded, spat on, and choked. I lost any interest in western women decades ago, so I could be wrong on this, but what I see around me is in accord with what I said.

        10. Not necessarily ONS as he was saying “if you want any chance of a second date.”

        11. I’m sorry. Yes. When I say ONS I also include someone you pork a few times over the course of a few weeks, but strictly speaking yes

        12. The author specifically described his relationship with an Asian woman. Yes, of course if you employ abuse in a dominating way, a woman is likely to follow you, regardless of their quality*. But that’s nothing to be proud of.
          *=there are cases of quality women, being what they are, getting led away by abusive men. In this age of liberalism, they leave the man and turn into slut moms. They can be blamed for bad judgement in mating choices, but the men in their lives have also failed to exercise responsibility.

        13. I had a buddy who served at Subic Bay (Hope that’s the name, the Filipina paradise for sailors on leave.) He said young guys came there and eventually hit the pros. The girl would tell him “I am forced by my parents to do this. Isn’t it wonderful that my very first client was you?” And, the idiots would believe it.
          He said this was mostly because they never had sex before, and it was so good they thought it was LUV.
          So they would take a pro with an N count in the hundreds or thousands home to meet her new mother-in-law. And, his sisters.
          The results were not always pleasing.

      2. Things have ended badly for just about every guy I knew who married a foreign woman , didn’t matter which third world shit hole they plucked them up from.
        Ukrainian? After three kids she left him and the kids before flying back to the motherland.
        Korean? Heh, hated living in the West so she was gone.
        Philippine? With the exception of one, just about every single one took the guy to the cleaners when he was deployed. Even then, the one that’s still there things are so rocky I’m surprised they haven’t divorced yet since she spends his money like it’s going out of style.
        German? Self explanatory.
        Colombian? Knew a guy who married a girl from there while in Europe and took him to the cleaners, also, he owes her alimony after she took the kid too.

        1. Fuckin A! Game or bust then. And supplementary pussy to have dread game as leverage. Or be alpha dread and on your shit at all times.

        2. Heh, while in Korea I’d pit the EE and Philippine girls against each other. It was pretty hilarious watching them fight over a $10 bill.

        3. I know a lot of loyal Luxembourgian broads. There are only like 30 single women aged 20-30 however

        4. Haha!! After dating a Filipina, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this were groups of women and not one on one scenarios! Must have been relatively easy to score any ‘some you could imagine out there; three, four, eight, etc.

        5. Heh, as much as the Russian and Ukrainian women hated each other, they’d team up to fight the Filipina’s. One of my buddies commented “It’s just like the Cold War. But with tits!”

        6. you could have stopped 13 words in and you would have been right.

        7. That’s what the formerly married guys said too. Or was it quit after they got head?

        8. Well, it hasn’t ended badly for me yet. No guarantee on the future of course, but with nearly 25 years in and one kid out the door and the other walking out behind him in a year,I think I’ve made a good job of it. She leaves tomorrow, I get half of everything, no child support and am a free man out on the market.

        9. it always ends badly. Either in explosion or death. I am not a believer in an institution that links two people emotionally, financially or legally.

        10. So if I go single, then I become immortal? Because really, if that’s the case, then what the fuck am I still married for??!?

        11. Married females live the longest, followed by single males, then married males, then single females at the bottom.

        12. Actually I believe married males live longer and have overall better health histories than single males. Not that this is an argument for or against marriage, but I think you have that reversed? Or am I not remembering correctly?

        13. no silly, to become immortal you need to be the last man standing after the gathering.

        14. Guess that is great news for the cats. Means they might still have a chance at some fresh tender meat as opposed to the wrinkly, degenerating stuff granny offered.

        15. Men who have marital partners also live longer than men without spouses; men who marry after age 25 get more protection than those who tie the knot at a younger age, and the longer a man stays married, the greater his survival advantage over his unmarried peers.
          This is the reference:
          But opposing information says that while single men die sooner, it is in direct relation to infectious diseases between 19 and 44. If they made it past that they lifespan was generally the same.
          Edit: Women will protect their investment in you as a life producing resource by making sure you take care of your health.

        16. I see a lot of pedestalization of Russian women, and I understand. They’re hot, blunt, and ready to fuck (if you’re not a chump). But be warned: they’re ice cold. Every Russian woman I know will pounce at the slightest drop of frame and ruthlessly exploit it. Western women do this too, but they’re usually more passive aggressive about it. Russian women only know how to take low blows in an attempt to chop your balls off.

        17. Sometimes when you’re neck deep in a pile of a mess, it dawns on you that the easiest solution was right under your nose. You think back knowing you could’ve done this or you should’ve done that. The simple solutions that should’ve and could’ve been implemented become clear. You realize it would’ve and could’ve been so much easier to simply bag the girl next door.
          YEP THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, ‘Suzie Cheesecake’. You could’ve nailed Suzie Cheesecake while she was still a virgin. You had 1).close access 2).a handle on her old man and folks. You could’ve worked her even with the ‘bitch shield’ western communities throw up to prevent westerners from maintaining a continuous seedline and proliferating native tribal hegemony. There she was ten feet away from you at the school bus stop, same tribe, same language and mr little head retreated like a chump.
          NOW Suzie Cheesecake is an obese pig in an office cubicle. Her chemistry said ‘yes’ to the garbage man, the UPS guy, hell even the pizza guys packed extra pepperoni and you knew it and did nothing. Now you’re ‘wish sandwich’ was eaten long ago, and by some other motherfucker. And she’s put out a brood of little motherfuckers by other brothers while you scroll through pics of Filipina whores. It’s all according to plan. The managed and controlled demolition of the west.
          Young western men need to smack their dick alive. Get angry. Nail that bitch next door. Who’s gonna stop you, your mommy??
          Grab those balls and revv those dicks up western man!
          HAIL THE WEST!!

        18. I wonder why that is. Considering the fact that the Russians raped a lot in the second world war, I conjecture that sexual abuse is far more rampant over there than it ever was in the States – supposing it even is.

        19. Gotta say, though, I once knew an Ukrainian girl who was extremely sweet and feminine. I was not into her, because I did not like her face, but despite me being a chump, she wanted to meet with me for photos, and came in a beautiful dress and was very sweet to me and I am pretty sure she was interested in me.

        20. Many studies say that married men live longer than single men. The primary flaw in those studies is they include divorced men in with single men and not with married men. Divorced men have the lowest life expectancy. This skews the results. If you include only never married men as single they live longer than the married (ever married) men.

        21. it’s not the top reason not to marry them, but it’s up there. i guess you could control it through frame, being alpha, etc. but if you can’t, be prepared to take at least 200 photos of her every time you go anywhere. also, to have her scream at you if they are not to her liking.

        22. When you live with someone for long period of time, you do pick up cues on a person’s health.
          One of the many lessons of practice medicine I learn in a Caribbean rum shack at 3 in morning is the following: if a man that has wife or his mother with him in exam room, ask them if they notice any chance in health. The purpose of the question, is the wife or mother will notice any change in a man’s health or bring up anything a miss.
          A theoretical example is guy goes to the doctor, say he is fine and his wife brings up he snoring a lot and napping to much. Further questioning leads to a person having Sleep Apnea.
          This is one factor in which a married man lives longer.

        23. Single men (bachelors) might not live as long as (happily) married men but they probably have a lot more fun.
          Unhappily married men die sooner than their wives because they want to.

        24. They also don’t correct for behaviors. Single guys out drinking and smoking at bars every weekend (I don’t do that) versus married men staying in contributes a lot to early death.

        25. I can’t imagine they were like that in the Soviet days. I’m not sure what happened, but I can confirm 100%.

        26. Just re-read because I hate to think I was mean for no reason. But, as it turns out, you are a monon who lacks basic reading skills.
          Advise: kill youself

        27. ?????????????????????
          Quite unlike the Lolknee that I know. Wishing death on anyone doesn’t sound like something Lolknee would do. The cat joke was in direct reference to single women dying the soonest between married men, married women, and single men.

        28. If I remember my movies correctly, the last man standing in Highlander actually lost his immortality 🙁

        29. Ha!!!! Using phone! Wrong person responded to!
          Hey, no one is perfect. My bad lol.

        30. Excellent!
          I think that formulation was originally dead Martin. “My doctor said if I stop smoking and drinking I will live longer….”
          Well played

        31. Your edit is dead to rights. They keep you in arifical stasis as long as you breathing means money coming in.

        32. That list of longevity matches financial ease and access to resources, point by point
          1. Married women (no work, a lifetime of resources handed to them)
          2. Single males (work, a lifetime of resources because no one else is spending them)
          3. Married males (work, partial resources)
          4. Single females (work, little access to resources due to weak skills and out of control spending habits)

        33. Longevity
          1. Married women (no work, a lifetime of resources handed to them)
          2. Single males (work, a lifetime of resources because no one else is spending them)
          3. Married males (work, partial resources)
          4. Single females (work, little access to resources due to weak skills and out of control spending habits)
          5. Divorced men (excessive hard work, no access to resources at all)

        34. Hah! No worries! I think that is the sign of a higher IQ usually when your brain “jumps ahead” on information perceived. I do something similar when I debate. I would jump in with some witty retort. They would say I never said that. Then I would reread what they posted, realize I was off, read earlier posts, find a clue as to why I stated what I did, and bam, again I charge forward with whatever insult or statement I had, but now with proof. On rare occasions where I had to apologize, it was always a riot! And now for a cat gif. Peaceful resolutions on the internet always have a cat gif.

        35. I’ll take higher IQ. I was thinking more “dumbass + quality Islay island scotch” but higher IQ sounds better

        36. I think they die because their so unhappy they start banging other unhappy married women and find a Sharon Stone psycho clone who bangs like crazy but calls your number!!!

        37. Christopher Lambert’s – Highlander – was the definition of the true Alpha male when I was a kid. He was way above any Schwarzaneger or Van Damme.
          Alpha males of childhood:
          Christopher Lambert – Highlander
          Sylvester Stallone – Rambo
          Bruce Lee – Enter the Dragon
          Val Kilmer – Heat – this guy was always prepared to engage in a gun fight.
          Vin Diesel – Pitchblack & FF1
          The only guy who I still look at in that way is
          Daniel Craig – James Bond series

        38. Also married men pay less in insurance that single men do, looks like the banksters got it all figured out

        39. Craig is a good bond but in my eyes Sean Connery is Bond. Even someone as good as Craig will never fill his shoes (the shoes he makes quarrel fetch”

        1. fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…we wont be fooled again

        2. The issue with Asian women is after you get fooled, you’ll wanna get fooled one hour later.

      3. Dear Lolknee and other fellow ROK members , I could use your help here. I’m having an complicated affair with an ukrainian bitch right now and I don’t know how to deal with it , as I’m relatively purple pilled and unexperienced with women. We met at a pool and she initiated contact and the conversation was smooth and fun. She was the one to ask for my number and we decided to make out. I have to say she is one of the best looking women I’ve ever seen. Petite little body, great ass , dreamy face , very sensual and feminine. We met some days later at some park. I was ready to apply standart game tactics and seal the deal but her behaviour fucked my head up. She looked genuily innocent and uninterested in any sexual affairs. She talked about god all the time and how her dream was to find a man whom will love her forever and have kids etc. She made herself sound really religious. Later as she was telling me about how fucked up her life was, I learn she has BPD and is on therapy. Totally confused I forgot I was there to make her want to fuck me and was lost in her words. Than , just as I had given up any game tactics , out of the blue she starts complimenting me about how good my muscles felt and how sexy my german sounded. A moment later she was deep-throat kissing me and licking all of my face and neck at a public park . I was like WTF. A few days later we go out on a “date”. But we end up in my place in less than an hour. Just as I was making myself comfortable she starts bullshiting about how she is a virgin and she must save it for her husband because she lives by God’s rules. Than she says she is only going to give me a blowjob but I have to be patient with her because she has no experience with it. To my astonishment she really had no idea how to do it as it was hurting as hell and I wasn’t enjoying it at all. I tell her she is never going to make me cum this way and seal the deal myself blowing it all over her. Tha she cooks dinner for us like a good housewife she is. Her lasagna was lecker I have to say. Than we start again. She tells me about her bsdm fantasies and how she wants to be treated like shit by men coz she feels loved that way. Gone are the days when I would tell her this is wrong and try to help her. I slap her ass like crazy till it literally bleeds. She than tells me its going to be ok coz she has a good creme , she thanks me and kisses me. She tells me about how much she cares about me and how she is gonna be there for me and improve my life. We had no sex that night. I have to add she was really a virgin as I shortly managed to finger her and confirmed it. She also told me that I can fuck as many women as I want and that she will help get women , but she says she can’t love me because of some psychopath who hurted her and she can’t love anymore but she “is going to be there for me”. The next morning I left early to work. When I got back she had cleaned my room. All my shit was tidy and nice. She had also left a note about how much she liked me. I got to agree this was the sweetest things that had happened to me in a while. Having said that the relationship with her is beyond toxic. She is always making me nervous by cancelling plans for no reason, not returning calls etc and than out of the blue texting me telling how much she misses me and how she has been having a hard time but she doesn’t want me to get involved coz she cares about me and doesn’t want to make me feel bad. We meet every now and than but I still haven’t had any sex with her. I only get blowjobs as well as any kind of perversion I can think of as long as it doesn’t involve sticking my dick in her pussy or ass. She even gave me some of her pills to help me concentrate on my studies. She regularly pays our meals when we go out. Just as a matter of fact I am 19 . She is 23 and currently living in a christian monastery. Now lets say I decide to ignore your advices to run away from her and want to keep her around. How do you deal with a bitch like this ? I’ve been hier at Rok scrolling articles about fucked up women and how you deal with them but I’ve never seen smth about a BPD religious nympho with traditional gender views but an extremely high sex drive. She also keeps telling me that she is always going to be honest with me and never lie to me. Normally I wouldn’t believe shit from her coz I now how manipulative women but has her being religious smth to do with it. I’ve seen her pray and sing really passionately to god and it didn’t seem fake. Do you think she could really care about me or am I just a victim hier being manipulated ? Also should I insist on her letting me use the rest of her holes or no. For me it’s ok even if not coz I get much more satisfaction from the perversions I do to her than the missionary I do to a random bitch. Now I know I may be sounding like a pussy here but I am really intrigued by this bitch and I want to hear your opinions about this shit.

        1. It is simple my friend — at least from my perspective and it was simple from the moment you said the word “complicated” at the top of this.
          Walk away.
          As soon as you need to put this much thought into a woman you should be out the door

        2. “Dear LOLknee” as a modern day version of “Dear Abby”. I like it. Do a search on BPD women, they are terrifying

        3. Jesus that was the longest paragraph I’ve ever avoided! Kill that relationship! Kill it with fire and bathe thine self with nubile college females. Post haste!

        4. I know and I know this shit will end up bad for me but I am honestly intrigued by her and her true intentions. It’s more about this than sexual lust for me now. Did you read it all bro ?

        5. I did read it. And I understand your intrigue. But sometimes we just have to let it go. Like Indiana jones trying to reach the holy grail when Sean Connery says “let it go”
          The important thing for you to know is your own mind. Some mysteries will always remain that way and maybe for the better l. You will miss a lot of the things and not miss others. In the end, ebbs and flows my friend.
          It seems to me like you are grounded in her am not yourself.
          I vote walk

        6. Like walking away from an explosion…never look back

        7. I know bro I know. I’m only confused by hear being religious and having traditional gender role views. Not smth you would expect from a BPD bitch. Maybe she is like a prototype of what can happen if you mix BPD with religion in a woman ?

        8. Based on what Ive learned here and elsewhere, Im pretty sure I was involved with a BPD. Im good looking, but she was a nine, maybe a ten. I had no idea why she was interested in me. She quickly bares her soul to me, her past, her hopes for the future. It was good for a few months, then she gets chilly towards me. I find out she cheated, I “wasnt there for her”, and I wasnt there one weekend bc of bad weather(blizzard). Immediately goes out and cheats. Lots of drama for a week or two, had to break it off. Turns out there was a second man she didnt tell me about. You wanna invite that chaos into your life, be my guest.

        9. Or who the fuck knows what spice. Might be oregano or garlic powder or some shit

        10. “Some mysteries will always remain that way and maybe for the better” very wise , very wise indeed. A manly rational solution to fucked up situations like this.
          You’re right. I think it’s because I had never received this level of attention and worship from a hottie like her before and I’m too scared to let it go.
          Well I guess I have to get my shit together and do the right thing.

        11. I know I’m right silly. It’s why my life has zero complications and when I put my head on the pillow I’m dead to the world.
          You are asking the question which is better than most.
          In the end: it’s just another woman. The next will have a different flavor and the one after that and the one after that.
          believe me, in 10 years you won’t even remember her name

        12. That’s totally something I would expect from her. Just wondering why would a bitch go so far with this madness. Thank you guys.
          I think I’ll just bring that bitch later here in the comment section and say “Exposed you Bitch”

        13. he could start a psychiatry stand like Lucy from Peanuts; I’d pay 5 cents per session for his advice

        14. As a corollary brother: if you are wondering what to do about a girl that isn’t your wife and when you write out the situation it is that long the answer is always to walk.
          If your home is organized and your life is organized your relationships will be organized. I can tell just by what you wrote that there is clutter in other areas as well.
          If you wanted more full and serious advice, leave her behind and take a month off of women to put your house in order so to speak.
          Make sure your abode is clean and organized. Get a work out regimen that is organized. Simplify. Throw things away. Meditate. Get the things done you have been procrastinating on. Decide on a hobby to Pursue that only involves you and take steps toward doing whatever it is. Get your spending, diet, daily routine in order. Then, when you can run your life on autopilot you will be relaxed and calm and you will see new opportunities present themselves. Then, and this is the important part, whatever they are, no matter how great they seem, never let them interfere with even one inch of the organized life you created.
          That’s the kneeman’s advice from the heart

        15. I can’t thank you enough. You guys here are like mentors to me. I guess I’ll pay it off by becoming a man in this cucked-filled world.

        16. Bro I dont even like conversating with woman I say the bare min to get them in my bed then fuck them hard make there evil little pussys explode then I tell them I have work good bye..the end.

        17. She is older, you are younger. Get away from her.
          Also her faith is weak. A genuine religious, conservative woman does not discuss sex without shame. She’s going to for technical virginity but her mind is anything but.

        18. Her true intentions are to manipulate you. She’s probably a victim of child rape. She’s going to turn your brain into peat moss.

        19. Not me. I vote RUN!!!
          I supplied no-fee counseling to divorced men for ten years. Some of the worst disasters i saw included stories that started like this one. “But, it feeels so gooood!”
          So, are you a man or a penis? Decide.
          With women like this, the real question is, will you survive being with her? Women like this can drive weak men to suicide. Run.
          It concerns me that you even had to ask.

        20. She is. She left Ukraine with her mother when she was like 10 and since than her mother and her many husbands have beaten the crap out of her.

        21. I would never marry a woman like that. But yeah you’re right even keeping her around will probably lead to trouble.

        22. Fingerweg von dieser Madel. Sie ist pur Gift und wird nur Arger bringen.
          Let me share one with you. I had a young, cute petite girl who was busting up with her live in boyfriend over 10 years ago asking me advice. She admitted her father molested her and her siblings. Her brother killed himself 5 years prior. I distanced myself from that withinminutes. It is a fucking shame what some people go through, but do not become the caretaker of their mess. They will only drag you down with them.

        23. Kumpel ich hab sie “Alles gute” geschrieben. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns nie wieder.
          Yes part of my attraction for her came from me feeling pity for her. Her life is a disaster. She told me her mother would beat her till she had broken her bones and left her half dead lying on the floor. She would later tell her it is because she loves her. After developing BPD she instictively thinks everybody who beats her loves her. She even told me if I hadn’t beaten her the first night together she would have long lost interest in me. She now spends her days in hospitals and monasteries while being on welfare I guess. It is ironic how she worships god so much and thinks god will save her when he gave her hell on earth.

        24. Her mother was an evil cunt and she will be paying for that her whole life. I feel sorry for her as well only because I know women like her, but they cannot be reached and getting emotionally invested with women like this leads to ruin (knew a guy who married up a BPD woman– absolute disastour and he barely avoided prision). Glad she found G-d because he is the only one who hasn’t abused and abandoned her, but she will never be a good wife or mother and would eventually shower abuse on her own family.

        25. You’re right. She may be a good person but I don’t need all the crap in my life. Well if there’s a god above he better take care of her.

        26. Try to understand that it is in our nature as good men to want to help or “save” people like this. Realize early that some people can’t be saved. They are a victim of very unfortunate circumstances. At 19 years old, you have more important things to worry about, such as getting your degree, skills, job experience, that sort of thing. Women like this can derail you and cost you a lot of time, energy, money, and possibly even your health.

      4. I agree totally agree, and I married an Asian woman and it is working out (>8 years). The key to our agreement is your statement that you can’t drop frame for a second. This is true with all women, but doubly so with any woman from a traditional patriarchal culture. Their expectation is that you are the man and will not take one speck of shit from women. You forget this at your peril. Drop frame and you will be despised and walked all over. So, I haven’t dropped frame.

        1. Yup. Look if you expect your woman to be a traditional woman you need to uphold your end of the bargain. Have a cold? Fuck you go to work. Time to pay. Guess who does that. Over time. Yes I’ll take it. It’s a big job to keep frame all the time–one of the reasons that permanent singleness if for me. When I walk through the door I usually keep frame. It’s just force of habit. However, sometimes I don’t but there is no one who ever fucking sees it

        2. I agree. I refuse to obey a man who lacks the ability to make decisions which are beneficial for both of us and cannot be a provider.

      5. Theyre good because they are cheaper.
        And running the long con.
        Short time only

        1. yeah, but you are horny an hour later 🙂
          Yeah, i totally get there is value to them. That said, it is very easy to take a submissive eastern woman and turn her into a western cunt.

      6. well then, i recommend we all keep our frame, at all times, with all women, and get vasectomies, no matter what the price

        1. I don’t recomend getting snipped but around women frame is 100% all the time always. It’s why j find being single preferable. At least when j go back home to the fortress of solitude I can let it down

      7. keeping “frame” is a way of life……around friends, enemies, and mainly women…..all the time……and a vasectomy can take away any leverage she may have……..you are always the alpha male in control of your future

    2. btw in no way did my comment misread you and accuse you of doing this Jordan, just agreeing with you.

    3. That’s what I believed for my first two years in Eastern Europe. The girls there are definitely less vulgar and more feminine, but are not that different to American girls when it comes to egalitarian ideas on marriage and career.

      1. In Chicago, there are an easy 500 of them that flood the city every summer for an ‘internship’ or ‘school’ and have some precarious living situation that has them as outsiders. Their first moves are to use Tinder, use soft manipulation, and use objective relativism to play the poor me route. And without fail, within the first two weeks they’ll have had 5 dicks, 8 free meals, and know more about the cities party life in those two weeks than a three year resident. EE and Foreign Asian women just have much less scrutiny on their slutty because they will be gone in 3 months. Or you won’t find them in 3 months.

        1. That’s not surprising in the least. Whenever I see the college girls from out of state it’s the same. Funny enough, there’s also a sudden influx of hookers in the downtown area. Funny that.

        2. Funny indeed. In the last three weeks, I have seen the number of Tinder posts increase with the initials SD in them. And my last run to a supermarket? Let’s say I saw a guy, average student in demeanor, walking with a white girl and two Asian girls, all easily in their early twenties. All women were wearing booty shorts, had super tight bodies, nose rings, shoulder length hair, and didn’t utter a flipping word as this man ran from aisle to aisle. One would say it was a young hooker stable….

        3. “Funny enough, there’s also a sudden influx of hookers in the downtown area.”
          That explains an unasked question I had the last time I rolled thru town (in August).

        4. Makes you wonder how many are fucking their way through college instead of stripping.

    4. They are better looking and much more physically fit. So that right there is different. Marriage is a different story.

    5. “6. You think EE and Asian Women are very different compared to western women and are “marriage material”.”
      Seriously. This fact does not get repeated enough.

    6. 7. You believe in unicorns (or think the bitch you’re dating is one)
      Can’t tell you how many times I’ve read posts about “muh unicorn”

    7. Yup. What a list. I’m more purple than I’d like to admit. Here’s my litmus test. I’ll add one more to this list.
      #6 Not my Mama
      If you can’t fathom the probable truth that your own mother who loved and raised you is as much a vain useless whore as any modern girl, then you’re a purple pill popper.

    8. Forgive my ignorance, but why EE and Asian Women are not better than western women when it is obvious that they’re not so problematic as the westerners?

    9. If you are beta that is your main problem that must be fixed. Still you can pull 2 points above what you can find in the US.

  3. “You don’t flush condoms down the toilet”
    “You don’t slap, spit on, and choke your date at the end of the meaning”
    I think I’ll pass and hold out for the next Aurelius Moner column.

    1. I usually cum in my hand and then fling it on their face like a webslinger while jumping from piece of furniture to piece of furniture singing the spiderman theme.

  4. “You don’t slap, spit on and choke your date at the end of the evening”
    I knew there was one thing I was doing wrong.

        1. you know, me either until like the 3rd or 4th girl brought it up into conversation. It got easier over time. I don’t know what’s up with the zeitgeist but in my experience this is what a large number of them are craving…it isn’t about fulfilling some innate violence in men, it is about satisfying a need to be dominated in a world filled with weak men for women (my guess)

        2. LOL What’s the best pick-up line nowadays? There isn’t one; just slap her across the face then spit on her as she recoils!

        3. A girl wanted me to slap her around and call her a slut but it never really felt natural for some reason. Seemed contrived.
          Maybe you’re right that any demonstration of power or control would have sufficed.

        4. I’d just toss them if I didn’t know them that well and it was at their place. If it was at mine, I’d turn on the camera in my stereo speaker just to make sure it wasn’t some psycho bitch setting me up for an arrest.

        5. It doesn’t take a lot of violence, sometimes just holding her hands pinned to the bed, or pinning her against a wall, satisfies the “dominate me!” urge.

        6. nowadays you need to keep two pairs of boxing gloves handy in your bedroom. and a cutman.

        7. I knew I was in love when this chick screamed out “cut me Mick!!” while we were in the sack

        8. Even something like grabbing her ankles and pulling her will do the trick most of the time.

        9. I used to bang this Russian chick who could only get off if I called her a “Commie box.”

        10. Don’t forget the Dirty Sanchez. It is less violent, but gets the point across.

        11. Plus, if you leave a mark you can be sent to prison. Not worth the risk even if it’s play

  5. The Chinese girl was already ruined, as can be seen from her subtle responses. “Real boyfriends?” Means she’s not including the guys she was just messing around with. If she had said something like “I only had one relationship before” and is clearly affected by it, it might have been genuine.

  6. 1. No. Only a bit of local conservative radio in the morning.
    2. Irrelevant (married)
    3. No. I usually block them out and feign interest.
    4. Nope.
    5. I have a FB to promote my martial arts website, but I usually spend <5 minutes a day on it to see if there are any funny videos. Been contemplating cancelling it.
    What’s my final verdict?

    1. I have a Facebook page, too. I know it’s a sin, but it’s simply useful!

      1. Ever since the MSM shitstorm that was the Meet Up occurred, I have been monitoring Facebook closely to observe feminists trends, log allies and enemies, and game ladies in different states and countries, in the event that I need to visit. It is still a tool after all.

        1. It’s wise to know the ways of one’s enemies. Not to mention, women don’t know how to shut up about themselves. If they’re on the verge of death, they’ll post it and act like they should be commended. Never let the enemy correct their mistakes.

        2. I think people get too hung up on the whole “Fuck Facebook/Twitter/social media” thing. I agree most of it is garbage, but like you said, it’s a tool. A tool is inherently amoral. It can be used for whatever purposes you want to use it for. Yes, we can all leave FB, but will that really even cause a blip on their radar? What if we use their tool against them and spread red-pill truths?

        3. This. I use it mostly to keep up with my old army buddies and we even organized some reunions through it.

        4. Exactly! And while the MSM is clearly in control of many on Facebook and can manipulate them to be talking heads, a few have opened their eyes since the Meet Up. The dividing line is still Trump support/racism versus open homosexuality/feminism with many coming to a happy medium. Fags wanting to arm themselves with guns. Men volleying insults at feminist. Even open mentions of other affiliated sites that discuss the red pill like The Coli. Thanks to Facebook I have a place to rest in a few states now if shit hits the fan and at least one certain piece of ass guaranteed upon arrival on the West Coast. I should probably thank Facebook for forcing me to monitor my co-workers and allies a lot closer than I have.

        5. I just don’t need to see how many noodles a person ate that day or regale in yet another LULZCat meme. The less people know about me, the more mysterious I am, the more people want to know about me when they talk to me in real life. Not being on FB is an actual conversation starter, it challenges people who otherwise wouldn’t need to actually interact with you face to face. Plus Zuckerberg is a fucking puke and the less my participation in his wealth is present, the better.

        6. I’ve also found that things like Telegram and the groups you can make in it are a great hedge if you do want to “keep in touch with Army buddies”. Get an account, make a channel, invite them in, badda bing, problem solved.

        7. I use social media as 1) A promotional device. 2) A way to keep in contact with distant friends/relatives. 3) To stay current on what the MSM-infected peoples are squawking about. I’ve helped some of my more conservative, but Fox News watching friends, to venture outside by private messaging them when they either liked or commented on something stupid. But even with all of that, I spend maybe 5 minutes a day on it and scroll through the bullshit.

        8. I’ve had girls tell me they were really attracted by the fact that I don’t have a facebook (likely the mysterious factor, combined with uniqueness)

        9. I live in a small mountain village in the Central Highlands of Mexico. In this village, Facebook is used as a major communication tool. Someone dies, they bury them really fast. Facebook lets everyone know in time. And, a lot more. I must say I am glad based on the few Americans who are on my Face that I am in Mexico. The culture even changes Facebook.

    2. Kill FB right now. You won’t notice it’s gone in a few weeks.

  7. slapping? no
    spitting? prefer she be the one to slobber
    choking? well that just happens, it’s a size/ratio thing, not necessarily intentional on my part
    spanking? mandatory
    What a time to be alive, not the Ice, Stone, or Space Age, but the Garb Age, wherein I just mix my green and purple pills and greet the new day and whatever femimistake awaits!

    1. It’s quite the vitamin cocktail, and all good boys and girls take their vitamins.

  8. I find it hard to believe Colbert said “we are at war with feminists.”

    1. He does the “Mock the Right by pretending to be them” spiel all the time. Maybe he said it, but likely it was all mockery.
      I fucking loath Leftists. Have I mentioned that lately?

      1. over 27,000 comments, I think this might be your first anti -left post

        1. LOL, yeah, I’m normally silent about them.
          No, really…

  9. Western women sound like sluts something chronic. You guys really spit on them and they like it?! I might try that here in SE Asia. I don’t really care whether or not they like it, but. It just sounds fun for me!
    This was a good line and true:
    “Always, always always look at her actions, and ignore her speech.”

  10. Bit of the quandary though. I imagine, if you aren’t using more offbeat media sources for information, you still use Facebook to supplant that. I kick out all chicks long before condom pilfering comes into play. Not a spitter or slapper or anything of that nature as America would call shit on that quicker than most, so I play it by the fifties, half in half out. I do like my aggressive grabs and snarls. Nothing gets a yes quicker than an aggressive snarl. First date lay is the only way to play in the current market. All the ladies who stuck around were because they were slammed first date in.
    Spot on about listening versus seeing women. You will always lose easy pussy when you just listen to a woman. In America this happens 100% of the time.

    1. Most of my decades of banging (not lately), were first-night / first-meeting bangs….Long before I discovered game/red-pill.
      I always stated that every woman will bang on the first date with the right guy.
      It’s also why I disagree with some of the modern PUA wisdom of approach, “digit close”. But then they flake – WTF? IMO is because they wanted to bang the PUA – now. But later the moment was lost/inconvenient, and so they “flake”…

      1. And, if you are not the right guy, then it is not worth your time to stick around.

    2. Married 8 years, mea culpa. When she says, “You aren’t listening to me.” I reply, :”God knows I’m trying not to but you are so loud and so annoying it is hard to ignore you.”

      1. All of the best of Scotland emigrated to North America long ago. My family on my father’s side likely were the last to leave for North America from Scotland before it went tits up.

      2. and this could spell the end of the united kingdom as it stands as Nicola Sturgeon’s wants out and she effectively has a mandate from the scottish people with respect to the above fact

        1. Scotland voted to remain in the U.K. not long ago. I don’t think that sentiment will change. The EU will make it pretty clear that it doesn’t need another Greece on its hands.

        2. does Scotland own the oil and gas in the north sea, or is it privately owned?

        3. Yes, and hope it won’t happen but many Scots will welcome any opportunity for a new referendum, and this will probably be how they argue for it. There will be quite a few Brits who say ‘well, let em FO then’

        4. I’d agree with England and Wales in that case. And then when the EU turns around and goes “Eh, no thanks, we don’t need your status as a third world nation on our hands” then they will be left out to dry. Which is not my problem, nor England’s.

        5. Facepalm is only on Sunday’s when I’m ridin’ dat ass

        6. It’s Friday ya know and @unabashed isn’t producing

        7. Dude is totally falling down on the job today.

        8. An American in London overhears to very large bi*ches talking in a pub, but can’t quite place the accent. So he approaches and says, “Are you ladies from Scotland?” They turned around and said, “Wales you filthy worthless git.” He then replied, “Ok. Are you whales from Scotland?”

        9. as far as I can tell the UK owns it. The best thing I could find on it was the following
          “Who gets the oil in the event of Scottish independence? It depends who you speak to and any division of the spoils will be hotly fought over by politicians in Edinburgh and London. If you draw a median line out across the North Sea from the border then 90% of the oil tax revenues will accrue to Scotland. If the calculation is done on the basis of population then that figure will be reduced to 9%, according to the (London-based) National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Niesr).
          Angus Armstrong, the author of that Niesr report to sum up their findings, said:
          The Geneva agreement on natural resources under the sea dictates that they are divided by the median lines. Most people accept that the Geneva approach is the standard approach. Which gives Scotland 91% of revenues. But this thing, the income, is declining now. It’s also very volatile. If you look at budget deficits it makes a huge difference.”

        10. I mostly agree. The Scots would be worse off for the sake of indulging their pride. I’m not so sure about the EU though. It could well play petty games in the negotiations to follow

      1. Let’s take a day off from pessimism to celebrate. Tomorrow will bring plenty of opportunity for our normal cynicism.

        1. Better to be a wrong pessimist than a wrong optimist. About time there was a victory for nationalism.
          Even so, I am surprised the votes weren’t fudged. Huzzah.

      1. And Cameron resigns. Didn’t see that one coming, it’s a two’fer against Globalists!

        1. do not doubt that I am holy. I just work in mysterious ways.

  11. #4 is tough for me. I’m just not naturally aggressive and the idea of purposefully hurting someone I made two people with seems sick. I can fake it from time to time at least.

  12. Meh, 2 is right, but easily avoided. Just drop the “a hitman is cheaper than 18 years of alimony”-line often enough.

  13. No to the first three, I do slap asses, and I use facebook to talk to some friends.

  14. #1 #3. true — but, just like leaving crazy-cat-lady feminists on your Facebook stream.
    it’s important to know the enemy, and what they are thinking. (or parroting from their masters)
    #3 – “Two hours later, as I’m banging her in her shower,” note to self
    “In the words of Steven Colbert, we’re at war with feminists—pick a side…”
    I have conveyed this to close associates- male female and relatives…
    They have almost universally chosen feminist side…

    1. The advanced, futuristic thinkers have started to pay attention to “race,” more specifically, human biodiversity, because of the revolution in our knowledge of the human genome. The hate group 23andMe helps to spread awareness of this new science.

    2. So what does race have to do with it? Can a black/Hispanic/Chinese man not be red pill? Can white and black red-pillers not work together towards a common goal?
      I understand their are certain differences between the races, but if everyone is on the same page regarding beliefs and goals, does it really matter?

      1. I think it’s funny that the supremacists come out on a site owned and created by an Iranian.

        1. Lolknee, GOJ, and I recently discussed a WN site that called ROK “WN-lite”. They even called out GOJ as one of the strongest Nationalist commenters on the site, I think the “verified nationalist” symbol after his name is him being a bit cheeky, although true at the same time. Silly GOJ.

        2. I’m definitely nationalist. Nationalism has nothing to do with cutting down on people of different ethnicities, it’s about preserving your own home, custom, culture and borders.

        3. It’s absurd how nationalism has suddenly turned into (Ethnic!) Power! in the public sphere.

        4. It’s how the Left works. They MUST find a way to distort words and language. It’s their only weapon. Orwell warned us of this decades ago.

      2. I think the racial component is more relevant insofar as the nation is concerned. Name a successful multiracial and multicultural country; they don’t exist.
        Civic Nationalism is for weak, indecisive faggots.

        1. America is, to a large degree, multiracial. It wasn’t that multicultural, but is going that way. Perhaps the multiculturalism is what really kills civilization.

        2. America is becoming more multiracial, and developing further disunity and social strife because of it. The simps arguing for inclusive nationalism ought to study Brazilian history and see where that will get us.

  15. 7. You still think that you are different than all the other guys out there and will eventually find that special unicorn with whom you can have a happy relationship and kids.

    1. I would add, “You think what happened to all those other guys can never happen to you.”

  16. American libertarianism definitely looks purple pill to me. It supports the agenda of feminist degeneracy, just like the globalists.

    1. No it doesn’t.
      Give the libertarian bashing a rest. They (some of them) get the borders thing absolutely wrong, but most are hard Constitutionalists of the type that most Right wing can only hope to emulate.

      1. The way most libertarians discuss borders is, if you eliminated the government benefits, then you wouldn’t need to worry about borders. There is also a correlation between culture and borders. For example, the open border policy between France and Germany doesn’t cause a problem, but the semi-open border between the EU and Turkey does.

  17. violently choke, slap, spit on, and say demeaning things to her as you pound away at her genitals. This is the proper first date behavior in most cases, if you wish to see the young woman again.
    This actually proves that the author is a natural beta male because he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. Only a second tier female will come back for more of that treatment. The Chinese girl in question is a good example.

    1. Thought it was just me. In my experience you limit the amount of times you can pound her out unless she is known as your permanent hoe. But that’s all she’ll ever be. Makes her an ideal female friend though.

      1. the perfect woman is a booty call you hit on the way home from work to the family.

    2. So very many women want dominated these days. As somebody said below, it’s not because men want to be thugs, but rather because women are expressing a natural desire for a dominant man in a world filled with effeminate Hipster “males”. In a normal world, they wouldn’t crave this normally. It has nothing to do with alpha/beta/omega males at all.
      In other words, 50 Shades of Gray wasn’t flying off the shelves because beta males were rushing to bookstores to buy it.

      1. I am sure many women do but those are beta females. The alpha females, the Queens, will spit back in your face and order your dick to be chopped.
        It’s funny for a website which calls itself the Return of the Kings to be giving advises regarding only low tier women.

        1. Oh come now. It’s the FI world. There are only a few what I’d consider “alpha” women left in the West. The kind who will slay other women mercilessly in her social circles then cuddle up next to the alpha male and meekly serve him as his queen. They are literally almost extinct. So basically if men are going to get laid in this new world, they have to work with the medium they’ve been handed. Or do you advocate that 99.99% of men go celibate?

        2. NO alpha female would spit back at a man and order his dick chopped off. That’s a completely different type of female. I suppose she is reporting the rape by spit as the dick chopping order is happening. WTF kind of nonsense are you talking man?

        3. There are only a few what I’d consider “alpha” women left in the West.
          The real female alphas often don’t understand who they are, and vastly underestimate their value, to men and society both. As part of the disinformation campaign against them, they have been told that we are all equal, which, if true, would mean there were no alphas.
          Everyone now is encouraged to be a flat 50-percentile beta, not oppressing those around them with real beauty or talent or wisdom. All the swans are pressed into permanent duckhood, trying to be like the dabblers around them to fit in. And just as men are sold fake alphas in the media, the women are, too. They see the second tier posing as the top tier, and they believe it. They do not realize their birthright has been stolen.
          They think the table is tilted in the favor of women, and in general it is, but only the lower end of the table. The truly exceptionally women are being eradicated just like the men, and what you see in their places are the noisy annoying tier2 women who are glad to be bumped up.

        4. Have you ever used that worm between your legs or are you just going with the normal “let me pontificate on shit I don’t know about” mode?

        5. “pontificate” is unequivocally underutilized. Whats with everyone and the check marks.. I want one that says piss-excellenceist

    3. First of all, you are going way overboard on a “tongue in cheek” statement. Its a balancing act. The more “freedom” women accept, to do things reserved for men, the more they want to be put in their place in bed. This goes for Hoes, Gfs and wives. 100%.

        1. He sees the distinction. I had to clarify so there wasn’t any nonsense about what women it didn’t apply to. Its all inclusive of course

    4. Ehm, *cough*, I’m assuming it hasn’t occurred to you that the “value” of a woman is strictly speaking limited to her virginality, fertility, beauty and maybe domestic skills that’s it.
      If you worry about a woman being alpha or beta, you are gamma, nothing more nothing less.
      I fuck whoever I want to fuck however I feel like fucking them at that moment in time. I don’t give two shits what you or anyone else categories them as, because hey, you ain’t fucking her, I am. If you have a piece of meat, who is to criticize using it to make a stew instead of a steak if stew is what you feel like having?
      Most of the time this leads to me gaming and fucking the girls others drool after.
      Women are not some fuckig status symbol, that kind of shit is for pussies of low self esteem and low actual value and achievement.

    5. Nope. It’s what every girl you love will beg me to do to her
      Your sweetheart is my whore

    6. Only a second tier female will come back for more of that treatment.

      When you’re looking for a quick bang why does that matter?

  18. Point 1: You’re absolutely right. I’ve worked in journalism all my life, and the establishment (mainstream or whatever) media is beyond hopeless. And doomed.
    Point 2: I’m happily married. No opinion.
    Point 3: Ignoring what people say but paying attention to what they do is good advice concerning anyone with whom you are dealing, female or male.
    Point 4: Nah, I’m not signing off on going OJ on women. I haven’t read any of your books about dating and women, but I’m respectfully dubious to the merits of being older than 40, single and bragging about about the sexual partner tally. The foundations of Western Culture are Christianity, family and nation. Hugh Heffner has proven to be, over time, merely embarrassing.
    Point 5: Conditionally right about FB. I use it to promote my books and to occasionally make liberal numbskulls a little less smug.

    1. “Point 1: You’re absolutely right. I’ve worked in journalism all my life,
      and the establishment (mainstream or whatever) media is beyond
      hopeless. And doomed.”
      would you mind making examples?

  19. Yet more evidence the mainstream media is doomed: Stories about Orlando shooter being gay, using gay apps, went to gay clubs, etc., is unfounded, FBI says. http://lat.ms/28TaUEw

  20. Question: if you impregnate a girl from another country can she still come here and get you to pay child support? One of my harem members from South America is visiting again and has expressed a desire for me to impregnate her. I have no such desire and told her as much. I always dispose of condoms in the toilet, but in the event that somehow she did get pregnant, could she still obtain child support from me if she’s not a citizen?

      1. Here’s Johnny! Only thing I’d be ashamed of is paying out child support every year that could be paying to support my musician/player lifestyle instead….

        1. put it this way: women get knocked up all the time by americans, go home, then come back just as they are ready to pop- instant citizen. I’ll let the lawyers on the site chime in, but it wouldnt surprise me if this meant they qualified for child support

        2. Thanks man. Forewarned is forearmed. Especially in this crazy sociopolitical climate today.

        3. Only your wife should be asking that of you. Something similar happened to me, only I found out from her friend. Headed for the hills I did

    1. I HAVE FOUND A VASECTOMY AND A SHUT MOUTH IS USEFUL IN SUCH A SITUATION. Sorry caps lock was unintentional (I am not shouting).

    2. Maybe in the long run, but it would take many years. The child would be a dual citizen of both countries. But with you living in (I’m assuming USA), American law would apply (no one is going to extradite you for child support). So the child could obtain passport papers, which would then allow the mother to. If she then came to the US, the circumstances would be no different than any other child support of a girl you knocked up. The difference is the process would take years. Practically speaking, I think the risk is very low. I don’t think women think that long term. Perhaps she would like to move to America, but is she really trying to extort money from you 10 years in the future?

      1. That’s a good point. I’ve known her for several years and the girl is insanely in love with me. I have been with enough girls to tell when a girl is merely saying I love you and when they really mean it. When I asked her why she wanted a baby, she said something to the effect of she wants a piece of me in case I ever leave her and that she wants to go through the pain of pregnancy just for me. I have read lots of game theory and psychology stating that when women highly perceive a man as alpha, there is an intense psychological desire inside them for the alpha to give them his baby, perhaps to secure his commitment in the future. She is extremely submissive and feminine and will start crying and get emotional if I don’t respond to her messages for a day, so I have every reason to believe she is being genuine, but I still have no plans of giving a baby to anyone I’m not married to.

      1. I gotta be me. Who certified you a “nihilist”? A notary public?

  21. I Just read some MSM articles on the Brexit and I want to gouge my eyes out.. Such SJW-ness shouldn’t be legal!. jesus.

  22. Watching mainstream news does not necessarily mean you believe all the crap that your hear and see. Even in the biggest lies there are bits of truth and conclusions to be drawn.
    Now, about Facebook. I do not like it, but it seems it is a necessary Evil. It’s like a gun or a knife : a tool that do good or bad according to the one that uses it.
    Max Roscoe, do you know any viable alternative to Facebook nowadays?

  23. ‘ It’s a win-win for her, so don’t think women won’t shove garbage inside their holes for the big payoff”
    True. Think of all the nasty shit she sticks in her stink box: assortment of dildos and other guys’ fists, among other things. Seriously, today’s females are regular walking, talking bio-waste dumps; so it does not surprise me that she would pull something out of a garbage bin and jam it in her.

    1. Agreed. Women are FAR bigger degenerates than men are, it’s not even close. Having briefly watched Chaturbate, women will stick all manners of objects into their pussies and asses for basically loose change.

  24. Great article.
    The purple pill is – at the end of the day – the blue pill. It;s refusing to let go of your romantic notions of human behavior, as #3 on the list points to.

  25. Facebook has got to be the worst thing you can engage in. I used it when I was in high school and college but have dropped it entirely the last 5 years or so when the masses poured in and it morphed into what it is now.

  26. Really? Spit on/choke women? From most of this article I don’t take it as satire, so then I see this shit. Is this fucking for real?

    1. Yes, see comments above. I haven’t brought myself to spitting on them, or more than light choking. But it seems to be common.

  27. I’m stuck on #4. Ass smacking maybe, but pissing and spiting? That has to be saved for at least the 2nd date.
    Also, 71 genders? I thought it was a joke and clicked the link. I’m stunned.

  28. Please stop fucking our plumbing. You’re nearly as bad as the cunts that keep flushing their tampons. Wash your goddamn spunk out in the sink if you’re paranoid, then fill the condom with a dollop of drain cleaner from your date’s cabinet. (That part is just for fun later, if your paranoia ends up being reality.)

    1. Actually the best is to add a few drops of tabasco sauce. Carry around the small bottles like the ones in MREs; very convenient.

      1. Like these, beer bottle for size comparison…
        Edit. No idea why it’s sideways…

  29. That’s a lot of words to describe gender. I’d need Google to help me decide…or is that how people decide on their gender these days.

  30. “4. You don’t slap, spit on and choke your date at the end of the evening”.
    You aint kiddin’. Now we have to learn Dennis Hopper game:

  31. For the love of running water, DO NOT DO NUMBER TWO. Melt them with fire and then throw them away… If you flush them you will fuck up your plumbing…

        1. Not very practical to burn them though, I’d love to witness some bloke just cum and take out a lighter and burn the condom, epic scene that would be.

    1. If you aren’t going to flush, You could carry a small bottle with a dropper filled with bleach and 6 alarm hot sauce. Apply generously to inside of condom before tying off and throwing away.

      1. Just burn/melt the latex. Any sperm wont handle the heat, and everything afterwards will turn into an unrecognizable congealed blob/evaporate. A small bottle of chlorine solution will look suspicious..

  32. Finally: It’s not journalism if you are writing to present events in a certain light to promote an undisclosed cause (even if you’re too dim to know the master you’re serving).

        1. They sell a shot form of kratom in quickie marts now called ‘Viva Zen’. I’ve never tried it but I hear it’s strong. Also a lot of withdrawal stories on youtube and web. I wouldn’t get high and revved off just one ingredient like kratom but I think the ideal energy ‘punch’ would have a very small amt kratom along with B vits. electrolytes, proper ratio of hydration, calcium citrate, cannibis oil, tequila, capsacin, guarana, ginko, anti oxidants, ginseng, beta carotine, raw honey, animal protein. Mama’s milk if you will. You’re ready to bungee jump. But this ‘Viva Zen’ is a hard shot of kratom. I don’t think it’s quite the perfect ‘rocket fuel’ formula blend. I’d use only one kratom shot mixed with ten gallons of my own special liquid feul mix to consume over the span of a week or so. I used to eat ephedrine tabs when they were legal but that too isn’t advisable in itself alone. I’d throw a tiny amt ephedrine into my punch if I could get some.

  33. The only good thing about facebook is the ability to attack leftists, feminists and manginas when there dribble gets preached in the press.

    1. Today everyone is buried in their laptops and devices. Most communication is not direct physical communication. Back in the day before there was such a thing as women’s studies, we had great past time activities like ‘panty raids’. Kept the coeds on their toes and women’s studies were the farthest thing from anyone’s minds.

    2. You mean send them snarky comments? Not only does that not accomplish anything, they *love* it. Waste of time and it just feeds the beast.

  34. “experimented last weekend with said Chinese student” You’re such a class act. Great fiction tho.

  35. I only use facebook to keep in touch with certain friends , good for getting peoples phone numbers (incase you lose phone or something like that)

  36. #2 – Dispose of the condom later another way (little plastic baggie in the meantime). You’ll screw up your plumbing.

  37. other signs i would include are:
    Thinking that the sole purpose of being red pilled is having an easier time meeting women.
    Thinking that a Unicorn is easier to find because you understand women better.
    Following trends to increase social status.
    Still harbouring modern liberal ideologies.
    Thinking that men and women should have “equal” amount of power in a LTR.

  38. Addressing each in sequence-
    1. I refuse categorically and emphatically to watch any television or any other media in which case I obtain my news and information from other sources.
    2. In the event of coitis I keep the used condom and dispose of it at my residence to ensure that way there is absolutely zero chance of impregnation or other mishap.
    3. I don’t trust women so as a general rule I am incredibly suspicious and sceptical of everything they say and do and subject them to what can be regarded tantamount to the Soanish Inquisiion. When they object I jokingly but coldly state I am not an idiot and I learned to never trust a woman. Just to really emphasise my point I add a kind of cruel smirk to cap it off.
    4. My dalliances tend to end with a display of power to emphasise that I am in control and that leaves them panting wanting more. I display some dark triad behaviours which I can do with aplomb and it never fails to have them scraping and supplicating to me until I get bored or disgusted at myself for wasting my time where I could be working on self improvement.
    5. As a self respecting heterosexual male I have never used any of that social media idiocy and take a very dim view of those who do beyond business purposes or to keep in contact with relatives that are in other countries. All my correspondence is done via telephone or in person and I will never lower myself to using that garbage.
    I guess I would be termed ultra crimson pill in some respects but I am still weeding out weakness and deficiencies.

  39. Women over the entire world will model their behavior after hardcore porn stars; it’s inevitable.

    1. Wishful thinking. If only that was true for most women it would be paradise on earth. Game, strip clubs, rub and tug massage parlors, prostitution and pornography itself would not exist

      1. “Game, strip clubs, rub and tug massage parlors, prostitution and pornography itself would not exist”
        … and neither would healthy long-term relationships. Hardly a paradise. More like an epic fucking nightmare.

      2. Fornication is not love. Time has proved over and over again that sex outside of marriage is a form of disrespect for each other.

  40. #4 is a bit too real, its disturbing how fcked up women are these days. I had a ONS that the girl literally told me to beat her, I was holding back because any harder would knock her out but she still wanted it…

  41. I hope this article is satire (?)
    I mean with number 2, if you flush it down your toilet you might have to call a plumber later

  42. I hope this article is satire (?)
    I mean with number 2, if you flush it down your toilet you might have to call a plumber later

  43. Please do not flush condoms. Sewer treatment plants have a hard enough time as it is filtering heavy grease sludge and tampons/needles.

  44. Whoa, what’s up with number 4. I don’t agree with that at all. The type of person that takes that kind of abuse is not the kind of women I want to be with.
    Seems a bit extreme.

  45. #4 ? – at this point, why don’t you just go down to Mexico and buy yourself a sex slave?
    It may be true for some women but as Tingle said below – not interested in that sort of person. What happens when they turn on you (like during their monthly )?

  46. A woman needs an attractive man to choke, spit, and slap her around during sex like a fish needs water.

  47. You can have a facebook account, but not posting liking etc absolutely anything. Many interest groups, groups from work, education use it to post announcements, for events gatherings special news.

  48. I don’t agree about the facebook thing, you could use it to set up dates with chicks 😀

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