6 Steps To Dating A Girl With Borderline Personality Disorder

There have been a number of excellent articles written here about girls who suffer from personality disorders (like BPD). The general consensus seems to be “run like hell” and while I agree wholeheartedly with this advice, in actuality, most guys will fail to heed the warnings of more experienced men.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about helping guys handle their breakup challenges. Many times, it’s apparent that their ex is a bit on the crazy side and would make the guy’s life a living hell if he got her back. But whenever I voiced my concerns they would simply say, “Yeah, you’re probably right but I don’t care. What’s my next step?” I learned that when a man is dead-set on making his situation work, there’s almost nothing you can do to talk him out of it.

So this article is for the guys out there whose masochistic tendencies run deep and are ready for a world of pain. Dating borderline women is like playing the game of thrones with one exception: winning isn’t an option. When you play this game you either lose… or you die. So good luck!

What’s your strategy?

Borderline girls typically end up with two types of men: needy tools (who they destroy) and guys with real Dark Triad traits who truly don’t give a shit. Avoiding deep emotional investment is the only way to stay in the game and not get crushed but it’s much easier said than done, especially if you’re not a sociopath.


The good news: if you can maintain your frame, you’ll render the competition irrelevant and the girl will be absolutely addicted to you. The bad news: she’ll still be in your life and you’ll have to deal with her craziness on a near-daily basis.

So here’s the tricky part: if you’re too much of an aloof asshole, she’ll be unable to trust you and her crazy behavior will just get worse. But if you’re too nice and understanding, she’ll lose her respect and attraction for you. You need to be somewhere in the middle.

The way I play it is to always come from the heart, no matter how aggravated I get. Strive to come from a place of care and concern while also having no attachment to the outcome since the sad reality is they truly can’t help their behavior. I understand this sounds like you’re giving them a free pass, but they have a very difficult time understanding that, they alone, are responsible for their misery.

Most just can’t accept this and the ones who have this awareness typically hate themselves because they’re unable to stop their bullshit (as much as they’d like to).


Yeah, but the sex is incredible

So whenever you feel the rage building up inside, realize that you would have most likely turned out the same way had you also been abused by your caretakers. Who she is today is a result of her shitty childhood and this standpoint will make it easier to have concern for her well-being, regardless of the crap you she puts you through.

Now, no matter how tight your game, you’re going to be forever locked into a never-ending frame battle. She’ll be constantly shit-testing you for the duration of your relationship and it won’t be pleasant. That being said, seeing her as a scared little girl who’s deathly afraid of being hurt or abandoned can help you keep your bearings straight and ride it out.


If she truly didn’t care about you, you wouldn’t be the recipient of all her bullshit so she definitely cares to some degree. Unfortunately, she equates romantic love with drama and pain and will do her best to create this for herself, with or without your help. Just do your best to stay on point and don’t take her crap personally. If your mindset is, “I need to break this bitch and win the game” then, no matter how many mini-battles you win, you still won’t make much headway.

How to interact with them when they’re behaving

Let me point out that you need to have two different sets of tactics: interacting with her when she’s acting “normal” and dealing with her bat-shit crazy mode. You’ll need two distinct strategies because you’re essentially dealing with two different girls. Because of space constraints, this article will only cover what to do when things are on an upswing.

1. Apply standard game tactics

Give them lots of fun, good feelings, and a range of emotions. Be dominant, limit your availability, be a bit difficult, etc. The problem most guys run into is that these behaviors are easy to perform in the initial stages of dating but, once a guy gets attached, he lets his good habits fall to the wayside. You’ll need to stay sharp for the duration of the relationship. No exceptions.

2. Intermittently reinforce their flirting attempts

Sometimes you have to respond to their flirting and physical affection with some of your own, and other times you have to act unaffected and disinterested (there shouldn’t be a discernible pattern). Remember, that if you were with a normal girl, sometimes you’d be in the mood for her affection (and for sex) and sometimes you wouldn’t.

You want to mimic this with your borderline girl even when you’re starved for attention and sex (they’re notorious for withdrawing their attention and turning cold for days at the drop of a hat).


3. Go easy with the affection

Be careful with dishing out too much affection (hugs, hand-holding, etc). Sometimes they’ll crave it and other times they’ll be repulsed by it (depending on which part of their personality is taking center stage). As a general rule, refrain from physical affection until they’re showing signs of receptivity.

In other words, let the cat crawl into your lap before you start petting it. Note: This strategy works well in any relationship, regardless of the girl’s personality type.

I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes like, “yeah, yeah, I know all this already” but in actuality, guys desire love and affection just like women do and most guys will try to give it to get it, especially when their girl has gone cold. While this can work with the average girl, it’s a poor strategy for a BPD and comes off (to her) like you’re trying to manipulate her into giving you affection in return. Better to wait for her to be affectionate on her own time.

4. Expect a crash to happen

Yes, I know they’ve been a little angel for the last six weeks but expect a crash to happen any day now. Don’t let yourself get addicted to their good side.

Very angry woman clenching fists

5. Give them good (and frequent) sex

I’m not entirely sure you can bang the crazy out of them, but frequent orgasms and the satiety of their sexual desires will be the best therapy you can give them. However, not all BPD’s are the same. Some will readily submit to you inside and outside the bedroom and others will refuse to let you take the lead initially.

The ones that identify themselves as “independent” will be the most difficult to deal with but if you stay solid, she will eventually open up to you and be comfortable giving up the lead. Just realize it can be a long process which won’t be worth all the effort you’ll have to put in.


6. Give up the desire to “fix” them

Don’t try to be their therapist. You can offer them emotional support without being a girlfriend by listening and responding to their frustrations with, “Damn that must be tough. But I have faith that you’ll figure it out. You always do.” Don’t give them advice or tell them they’re handling a situation improperly.

Also, don’t push them to get therapy. On one hand, most will be deeply offended you suggested such a thing and on the other, therapy is rarely effective for borderlines. One of my psychiatrist friends once told me, “There’s not much you can do for these girls other than just wait it out. They almost always grow out of it eventually, although usually not until they hit their 50’s. Until then, you’re pretty much fucked.” Thanks, doc!


This should be enough to get you moving in the right direction (I’ll cover additional strategies in future articles). In the meantime, please realize that life is far too short to waste time on damaged women who refuse to seek out help for themselves.

If you’re already in too deep, then hopefully this info will help you get some power back until you’re ready to walk for good. And when that day comes, run as fast as you can because she’ll be right behind you… most likely holding an axe.

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354 thoughts on “6 Steps To Dating A Girl With Borderline Personality Disorder”

  1. Who in his fucking right mind would consider BPD girls worthy of anything more than a ONS with a false name given? The most at all would be a fuckbuddy. Anyone attempting a LTR with one is just playing with fire like a girl who thinks it’s fun to date a serial killer. There are better options out there – sex cannot possibly be that good.

    1. No pussy is worth your sanity. The only acceptable tactic with a BPD girl is doing a hit-and-run. With an emphasis on “run”.

      1. If it’s clear that she’s 50 shades of crazy before the bang, I honestly wouldn’t even recommend the bang. These women are fucking bad news no matter how you look at them. The *only* exception, perhaps, is if you’re in town for business and will be flying back the next day to a place located at least 800+ miles away, and you use a fake name and can reasonably fake a foreign accent and get her to think that you’re here from Ecuador (or wherever).

        1. I had one like this. Hardcore out of her fucking skull. Great body, great sex, in the hotel.
          Best part was in the morning she got up and left without a word. We didn’t even have to pretend we were going to stay in touch. Perfect.

        2. What kind of crazy was she then? If she wasn’t clingy or “stab you in the neck just to see what color your blood is today”, then she was….?

        3. As I dragged her back to the hotel practically by her hair, she randomly insulted strangers. Not sure how you would categorize that. Dancing with her in the club she seemed to think there were only two of us on the dance floor much to the annoyance of the other party-goers. I think at one point she actually slapped one of my friends in the face, completely unprovoked.
          I banged her in one bed while my friend slept in the other. She was OK with it once my friend promised not to look.
          I know, real classy!

        4. For sure, one of my friends asked me if I got her number so I could come back to visit her. I looked at him like he was the crazy one.

        5. I can’t believe it, but once, I went to movies with her, and she paid like shit, but she sounded crazy. I went home. She hated me for it. She was fine as fuck, but I was afraid to end up handcuffed in her bedroom. Yikes!

        6. Back when i was younger and far more foolish, I mistakenly had an affair with one of this type. came within a hairsbreadth of destroying my life… Lesson learned.

        7. I always went with Ivan Horvat, can’t go wrong with that one. Especially since both the name and the last name are among the top most common name patterns in my country. I wish her luck figuring out that might not be my name once she goes through at least few hundred Ivan Horvats LOL. As far as playing a foreigner, I guess I would go with Thomas Moore, just like Val Kilmer in that movie called The Saint. LOL

        8. Have you read any of that crap? The women at my local haunt were all reading it. They let me read it, and it was horribly written.

        9. Nope. The wife’s book club wanted to read it, the wife went ten pages into it and said the same thing as you “Awful writing, a child could do better” then threw it in the trash (literally).

        10. I was going to comment and make a witty reply, but you beat me to it Ghost of Jefferson! Way to be!

        11. Sad that the lesson you learnt was to keep away from crazy girls rather than not to cheat on your wife.

        12. Oh so you’re from Croatia? You must be amazing in bed for her to want to go through hundreds of Ivan Horvats after just a one night stand. How are you still single?

        13. For implying you’re even less classy than her? You’re welcome. I’m a bit confused though, I thought you were judging her as being lesser than yourself because of her behaviour?

        14. Pssst hey….you know when your wife told you she thought 50 shades of grey was stupid? She was lying to you because she knows how insecure you are.

        15. Haha! You’re so insecure! I think you’ve got as many jealousy issues as someone with BPD

        16. So basically you troll posts that are a year old and hope to get in the last zing. Lazy way to “debate”, troll.
          Actually BDSM isn’t her thing, never has been, her personality just doesn’t glom onto it like some others do. Or do you hold to the idiocy that all sexual preferences are monolithic?
          Don’t bother answering, or at least wait another year before you do, so as to avoid confrontation. (hint: Disqus sends notifications).

        17. Get some new material, this is rather boilerplate.

        18. Debate? No, that wasn’t my intention to have a debate with you. It was simply to call you out on your disgusting attitude toward women, especially considering you’re a married man.

        19. Your assumptions about women with BPD are amusing. You and the rest of the people on this blog have shown via your comments that you are terrible human beings.
          It’s amazing how you “men” on here, say horrendous and quite frankly fantastical things about how you would treat women with BPD, but then have the audacity to try and take the moral high ground when someone points out your behaviour.
          Now THAT is amusing

        20. You took a strange ( in more ways than one ) woman back to your place, had sex with her in front of your friend and then was relieved when she left in the morning….. I judge that as meaning you must be crazy and a slut

        21. Right, you came on to throw out drama, passive aggressiveness, histrionics and other emotional female “argument techniques”. You are disregarded as the illogical shrew that you wish to present yourself as.

        22. Passive aggressive? I insulted you right to your inbox…your face isn’t an option. There’s nothing covert or cowardly about what I’m doing. However, you resorting to stereotypical sexist insults, just proves my point that your opinion is worthless because you are a “man” who puts down women to make himself feel better. I fail to see how what I’m saying is illogical, while your comments are clearly lacking in intelligence.
          Being pretentious at the end, just proves you’re a pseudo intellectual. You put minorities down because of your insecurities. I can’t believe you’re married. Who puts up with you all your bullshit? Unles, you’re the classic blogger who types big, but in his day to day life is a little pussy cat who’s wife bosses him around.
          Either way, you’re pathetic

        23. So I’m a terrible human being, care to tell me something I didn’t already know?

        24. It appears you did. Do you have anything more to say to us horrible, horrible men at RoK? Or are you finally ready to get

        25. We are more than capable, we are simply not willing to give you an intelligent response. We find your kind to be undeserving of a proper response. You do however amuse us with your attempts at our character.

        26. You’re not capable otherwise you wouldn’t have sent me 5 or 6 replies containing nothing but insults and a judgement of your own character. Why won’t you just accept that you’re original post about gaming girls was morally wrong?

        27. Has it crossed your mind that I don’t exactly care whether you find it moral or not?

        28. No, because you keep replying to me in a defensive manner which shows that you know deep down that the way you behaved was wrong

        29. I fail to see how exactly am I being defensive about anything I said in my OP.
          You called me a a terrible person, to which I agreed. I’m a terrible person and I don’t feel the need to apologize for it. I treat people with the same amount of dignity that they treat themselves, whether you see that as right or wrong doesn’t concern me.

        30. No, you keep doing it out of anger. At least I got you to admit that what you said was morally wrong. I’m hoping that you’re just being proud now, but that you will in fact challenge your way of thinking

        31. Most woman are to polite, when they should boo,we care!I assume from your chauvinistic reply, and clear lack of respect for woman,you have never even had sex, and if you have had it, it was with the twerking butt sex toy or some other plastic non feeling object.Then again perhaps it was lack of equipment,inches and or motion that didn’t impress her and she tiptoed out as soon as your eyes closed.I am glad she got away.

        32. Bob your crazy aren’t you? Shhhhh don’t be ashamed. It’s ok we all have our something.Im glad mine is batshit borderline and not whatever you have,never the less EnGliSh dude bob… mental help is available even for the meanest of us. A good psych ward should help your confusion on BPD and crazy. I have a sneaky suspicion that you’ve been there already though. Take the red pill you will feel alright…and stop lying, no one believes your story about sex….

      2. This is “don’t even use your real name” level of run. Don’t even use a car with tags she can track. Don’t even live in the same town.
        Once upon a time we locked these women up in padded cells. Now they run everything.

        1. Yeah, man, that moment when you’re pinning her wrists and you notice the tram-track scar pattern all up and down her left forearm… eeeeshhh…

        2. “Once upon a time we locked these women up in padded cells. Now they run everything.”
          You aint kidding’ things are fucking serious now.

      3. Exactly. I’d rather be single and celibate, and mentally in a good place the rest of my life than deal with and iota of women’s horseshit.

      4. I made the mistake of giving a BPD a little therapy about a year ago, erroneously believing it would give me and edge, since I “got” her. I actually got her pretty good, but it took me nowhere.
        Indeed, BPD chicks only need two kind of men: loser beta schmucks to be used and discarded; and alpha sociopaths who treat them like shit, just as they like it.

        1. Indeed these woman are crazy & only latch on to Betas. The Alpha’s your considerimg are not true Alpha’s though, these are narcissistic personality disordered assholes and the BPD chicks are attracted to them like moths to a flame. They both have intimacy issues that are fucking huge and their worlds are all black and white. The Narcissists need the feed from the borderline woman who will literally think their in love from the moment they meet them, have no holes barred sex with them and then think the own the NPD guy. Generally that’s when the narc says fuck off and proceeds to continue to fuck them over until the BPD realizes they will never control the narc and then they disappear and begin hunting for a new “host.”
          I’ve been stuck with one for too long now because I was a dumbass and fell for her. I married her before i really knew what she was. Much of what I knew of her past were lies and fabrications of her actual upbringing. After the marriage all of the baggage she carried and her true nature really came out BUT NOT UNTIL SHE WAS PREGNANT.
          That’s when the trap is sprung. Now at 50 the kids are leaving and soon I will be doing the same.
          Here’s my advice, avoid them at all cost. If you do let them into your head they will fuck you up and why would you commit yourself to damaged goods that in reality will always have been someone else’s pump and dump trash anyway?
          I consider myself a true alpa male not a douche bag, I’ve always respected woman and always gotten laid enough to satisfy myself. These woman will literally suck the life out of you they are pathological and relentless, the only ones strong enough to handle them have their own psychological issues to deal with as well – they are trapped Narcissitic males.

        2. Marriage is a futile endeavor in this day and age. Too bad you got trapped but hopefully you will be free soon.

        3. Got her pretty good eh? Doesn’t sound like it. Actually sounds like you’re a sociopath ( a person who deceives and manipulates damaged women for their own sadistic pleasure and self gratification. ) But no, she’s the crazy one. Sounds like a classic case of transference to me, but being a “therapist” you would of course already have recognised this behaviour in yourself

        4. Whilst I agree with your first paragraph entirely I don’t agree with your last. You are in fact sir, a douchebag with as many emotional issues as your wife.

        5. Either definition is acceptable, they both mean morally bankrupt, emotionally damaged scumbag

      5. Any guy that goes after a broken bitch such as these, does so for one reason only: because the walking psycho-ward in question is the only hot looking female within 200 miles of his locale.
        It comes down to what extent a man has dignity and self respect.

        1. Dignity and self-respect, two things women with BPD are lacking. Don’t you see that’s sad rather than something to be mocked

      6. No, the only acceptable tactic is to treat them with the same respect every person deserves.

    2. 77000 times a week is once every 8 seconds. Presuming you stay awake 24 hours a day for 7 days, or once every 5 seconds if you sleep 8 hours a night. Considering it takes about 2-3 seconds to dial and get your first ring on the other end, this leaves precious little time to eat.
      Did she have an auto-dialer?

    3. “The good news: if you game them properly, you’ll render the
      competition irrelevant and the girl will be absolutely addicted to you. The bad news: she’ll still be in your life and you’ll have to deal with her craziness on a near-daily basis.”
      This sentence was the only think needed aside from the title….. first you can’t get hold of them and then you can’t get rid of them, with the later being the problem, especially if you knock one up, which is always a huge danger. !

      1. These still shots and jpegs like the ones I see on the roosh forums are funnier than anything on tv these days.

    4. Most figure out there new gf who’s outstanding in bed is BPD after there in a relationship when they become a target of BPD rage and instead of cutting their losses, not looking back… They end up here, where we get to read about and see people say things like you did. First, if you’re any good in bed… Yes! The sex can be that good! They usually mirror you, want to be everything you want and make you the center of the universe but when %90 of men suck in bed and %100 of them don’t know and don’t care to admit it to themselves, you might as well try convincing a BPD to own their shit too.
      I would love to date a serial killer and live to date again (I think I am now) if only I met Jodi Arias first that poor hornet bastard would be alive, she wouldn’t be facing death and I would be on a roller coaster from hell and smiling big all the time… She wasn’t looking. (Never let her see you happy and never ever give them the upper hand, or your dead)

    5. It’s funny you judge girls with BPD as being “unworthy” of a relationship with you. Your arrogance and lack of self awareness is comical. You sir, are unworthy of a relationship with anyone because of you’re complete lack of morals.

    1. Yep, that kind it doesn’t matter how great the sex might be, you run. You run and you don’t stop running until you run out of land.

  2. BPD chicks? As in real ones, the ones where they’re twenty notches above normal chick crazy? Why would you pursue them precisely, are you a fan of being shot in your sleep by a woman who has stalked you for five years? Or what?

    1. Speaking of being shot in ones sleep, remember the Phil Hartman (actor, comedian) case? Killed by his wife Brynn while asleep: “A friend stated that Brynn allegedly “had trouble controlling her anger … She got attention by losing her temper.”

      1. She’s precisely the kind of girl I had in mind actually.
        We lost a funny, funny man when Hartman was axed by his wife.

        1. I blame it all on Andy Dick.
          That’s why It was totally awesome when John Lovitz bar-stomped his face.

        2. Is that true?
          He made a great satan in his red head to toe spandex back in his SNL days.

        3. Yes, Brynn had been ‘on the wagon’ for almost ten years, NA, etc. Andy Dick thought it would be ‘funny’ to get her back on cocaine and started supplying her. Her autopsy showed an enormous amount of cocaine in her system.
          Then Andy told Lovitz that He was going to make sure that the same thing happened to him. I guess it was supposed to be some kind of joke (Andy dick, as all liberal comedians, is not funny in the slightest) John told him to apologize. He refused, and nearly a year later Lovitz told him to apologize again… he laughed it off, so John face slammed him into a bar until he was bloody.
          Frankly, It would have been funnier if Andy Dick had died.

        4. Yeah, that REALLY funny.
          I think this explains the contempt other comedians have for him during those comedy central roasts. They never miss a chance to bury him, I guess the above explains why.

      2. I remember him he was in Jingle all the way and small soldier.. never knew he was murdered by his own fucking wife.

        1. His SNL character, the anal retentive chef, was priceless.
          Its impossible to find on the web.

        2. Yep. And the silence from the feminists was deafening at the time. It was reported like it was a random fact unconnected to anything in the universe, and then dropped quickly.
          Except from a couple of male friends I never heard a cross word about the bitch, and even heard a couple of mewing whines of pseudo-sympathy from others (in real life): “Aw man, it’s sad that he’s gone, she must have had a lot of issues she was dealing with” etc.

    2. Now that’s what I’m talking about.
      One of the things I found remarkable in Europe was that an adult “normal” woman will decide she wants to get laid, go and get laid, and that’s that.
      In America, if a woman is “all over you”, there’s some fucked up reason afoot. Could be any reason. But it always seems like she who wants it you might wake up to at 3AM holding a knife to your throat. Fuck that.
      It’s very clearly easy to see that moving away from actually using in-patient care in the USA has this effect.

    3. They can be downright addicting. There is lots of info on this online. They are lively, exciting, warm, kind, and the sex is outstanding.
      They’re also extremely dangerous. I can’t believe RoK published an article in any way advocating an extended relationship with them.
      It’s possible the average RoK reader is sufficiently clear in the head to handle one of them, but I doubt it. I’m narcissistic and manipulative and my BPD girlfriends STILL got inside my head.

      1. I’m going to take your word on this man. This whole BPD thing seems recent to me, I don’t recall many of them at all running around in the late 80’s early 90’s.
        Kind of like how every person and his brother is now “glutton intolerant” or “allergic to peanuts” these days, conditions which appeared in 1 in 1,000,000,000 only a few short decades ago.

        1. I don’t think the disorder is any more prevalent than it ever was.
          However the resulting behaviors are more legitimized.
          it’s possible that the stress of the modern world leads to girls going into the emotional immaturity of BPD, but remember that BPD usually starts pretty young.

        2. I believe that, due to the popularity of the BPD woman among friends, much of the problematic female behavior we see in Western culture today is a result of not shaming individual BPD women when they act out…….

  3. I hear what you’re sayin’, but “run like hell” is still, hands down, the best fucking thing to do.
    Any guy that goes after these psycho bitches does so for one reason only: because the walking psycho-ward in question is the hottest looking female within 200 miles of his locale.
    It comes down to what extent a man has dignity and self respect.
    What’s next on ROK? How To Successfully Game Mentally Retarded Women ?

    1. How To Successfully Game Mentally Retarded Women ?

      PUA: “Hey, what’s shakin’ babe?”
      Tard: “Ernie!”
      PUA: “Huh? Um…so anyway, tell me your name.”
      Tard: “I like carrots and pudding.”
      PUA: “Yeah, right. So anyway, let’s go do something fun over there” [points to the couch in the back of the club]
      Tard: “Ernie!”
      PUA: “Um…”

      1. or How to pretend to be mentally handicapped in order to game women:

    2. Indeed this is an article more for thirsty betas than for men who have their shit and their frame together.
      If you are living in a region where the one woman who is not a fat fucking blob is batshit crazy, you’re doing it wrong.

    3. I agree that these women are never worth it from first hand experience. But they hook men with off the chain crazy sex. Best sex I have ever had was with one of these chicks. Its very hard to say no to that. My advice as others have stated, Pump and dump in a foreign locality only.

  4. The biggest take away here is that you as a guy should not think you’re doing something wrong that’s causing her to act out. And remember its always better to be lonely than abused. Be be prepared to drop her after 4 – 6 weeks. She’s probably already used to it from other guys. Chicks with BPD can be freaks in bed, that’s how they pull guys. But the shit they pull out of bed gets them dumped hard and fast.

      1. More like hopeful. After all, if Klingon-Human hybrids can find love, anybody can!

  5. lol you don’t game BPD girls since their emotions are in such chaotic disorder that they’ll just fall in love with your out of the blue for no reason, just to hate your guts 5 minutes later. had a girl say she’s in love with me while I was pretty unremarkeable and didn’t even speak to her once when we went out with friends. thought to myself “hey what a great start for a relationship!”. let’s just say it was a rocky, unstable, drama filled 1 month

  6. Am I the only person that, despite her clear physical beauty, finds Taylor Swift completely repulsive. I couldn’t even tell you why.

    1. I agree. There is something not right about her, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Whenever I see her, I’m thinking pro carousel rider.

      1. You should see her last clip where she assaults her ex… you would understand… you feel the crazy in her…

      1. She was rather pretty before she became “all that” and was just another up and rising “nobody”. At least from the few videos I saw in the health club years ago.

    2. She’s being made into a marionette by Hollywood/Music Industry. I think she’s quite attractive, but the way her handlers are manipulating her make her come off as absolutely fake. I seriously doubt that the Taylor Swift who was 18 was so fake acting. What she’s been molded into today though, you can just see the train wreck coming as a prominent feature of her future life.
      The entertainment industry takes pretty, wholesome girls, chews them up, spits them out, shits on them, vomits on them, then holds them up as examples for other women to follow.
      To think how pretty Miley Cyrus *could* have been if she hadn’t been turned into a monster by these people, for example. Same with Swift, though to be fair, she hasn’t gimped out nearly as bad as Cyrus…yet.
      I actually feel a bit of sympathy for these chicks, in a weird way. Not too much and I don’t care much outside of the topic, just this weird “Man, how they’re using her” type of sympathy.

      1. It’s not even that, none of the other teenage starlets bothered me, not even the spice girls at their height.
        It’s just Taylor Swift. Guess it is just one of those things. I just have an irrational hatred of her, lol.

        1. Cyrus bothered me, I guess, because her retard father had a hand in turning her into what she is today by her late teenage years. Just sick that any dad would take part in the destruction of his own flesh and blood, making a mockery of not just her but of his name as well. Fucking revolting.

        2. I absolutely agree. Her handlers have certainly ensured that she’ll do the most depraved things imaginable at the snap of a finger. She has become the proverbial image of the Millenial Female Icon.

        3. For me, priceless was the look on Rihanna’s face when she saw Cyrus “twerkin” at the MTV Music Awards….

        4. I’ll take your word on that brother. What I get of Cyrus and other celebs is through the internet, usually from discussions like this.

        5. I’m still not even sure what that is.
          …and yes, I have Googled it
          Back in my day we had Freaking, the Stanky Leg, and the Booty Quake. We also had the Bartman, but we don’t really talk about it much.
          Anyway, what is the difference!?!

        6. I feel the same about Paris Hilton. I think Taylor Swift is just a carousel ridding hamster spinner but I do think she is attractive looks wise. Paris Hilton just turns me off for some reason, I even think she’s plain to look at.

        7. I never understood Hilton either. Gads, who would want to be caught dead with his dick in that thing?

        8. To me she reperesents so much that is wrong with millenial women an society in general. Plus she’s nothing special to look at, go to any decent nightclub you’ll run into far better looking women than her.

        9. I wish I remember her quote concerning her feelings about men- it was telling and kinda clever.
          Essentially, she said all men are chumps to be used for their money.

        1. Eh, before she morphed into a lesser demon, I thought she was passably pretty for her age.

        2. Miley Cyrus is an average white chick who’s been pimped out by her father in the music biz. Rock music isn’t dead, but its on life support.

        3. Aren’t they all? Only reason why Kim Kardashian is famous! Only reason why she’s famous is her big ass and Playboy shoot shown in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians!’

        4. Another lindsey lohan in the making? Lohan was naturally beautiful. 7 years ago of course.

      2. Taylor Swift is another example of a train wreck just waiting to happen. All of the Hollywood bullshit, her relationships, lyrics in her music, etc…all point her in one direction (fucking disaster).
        It probably won’t come full tilt until she’s no longer the flavor of the year (month or day) but it’s ugly and it’s coming. There are too many other examples to list (over the years) that followed that same path; very few get out in one piece.

      1. I agree, never liked her (Swift). No curves, and her face just isn’t pretty to me, which is the main thing a stunner should have. Miley Cyrus was at least cute before she shaved her head and lost her soul.

    3. Probably because, despite being more than twice her age, Morgan Fairchild could pull off playing her in a movie.

  7. Risk/reward calculation skewed. This sounds like juggling chainsaws with a cheeseburger as your reward for doing it successfully.

  8. You couldn’t pay me enough money to fuck one of these retards with your dick if a third guy was pushing. Especially that pic of Hellraiser. If she and I were the last two people on earth, the human race is fucking going extinct.

        1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see much difference. Kind of like how some people think all Asians look alike.

        2. Yes, but to be fair, the predator’s mouth does look like a pussy. With fangs.

      1. I like this game. Predator – 1) inter-species no worries about what else has been in there 2) that throat gurgle thing would be awesome
        edit: just to be clear we’re talking female predator

  9. I m done.Facebook and twitter shit at the bottom cluttering up shit and a mush mash of shit at the top of the articles and complete fucking shit of a lay out.

      1. No perhaps I should.Never had to worry about ads until as of late.I shouldn’t post when I’m aggravated i can be over the top sometimes with my comments.

        1. ABP cleans up a lot of bullshit on most websites. Not all of it, but enough that you can work through the urge to flip off the entire internet.

        2. It’s good but the best answer is to get a mid priced router and install Tomato or ww-drt, open source software for your router, and then you can run an adblock script which blocks ads from even reaching your home. Any banner on any device, phone, tablet, computer with an ad simply is redirected to a non-existant site and you never see ads. Also great for torrenting sites cause you can get your movies and pron without all the spam.

  10. GET THE FUCK OUT. Dont date them or have them in your life unless you want to become a psychopath.

    1. Yeah, I don’t understand this article. This is terrible advice to even suggest to ROK readers that one should attempt to game or date a BPD girl. It is debatable whether one should risk pump and dump.

  11. “fuck the crazy out of them”… ha ha…. classic…. its a fun packed night alright when this happens. Woman last year in Germany. Strong 8 and great bod. Borderline illegal…. when I shot my load I got hard again and kept fuking…. must have been 2 hours… wouldn’t give her a break… that was the first night…. still crazy though….heh heh… still keeps in touch….
    Linda Carter in Wonder Woman costume in a strait jacket….I think I just came…. dribble…

  12. It doesn’t matter how good your game is, if you you date a girl with BPD, you will get fucked over. The only men capable of surviving dating BPD gil with their head intact are hardened driak triad(psychopathic, narcissistic, machiavellian ) men. If you are the average man with a notion of empathy, get ready for the BPD girl to turn your world upside down.
    The average man will not be able to maintain his frame during the endless drama, suicide threats, gaslighting and world class emotional manipulation not to mention fucking your friends just for shits and giggles. I dated a girl with BPD, and me being machiavellian by nature, I barely survived her without any long term impacts.
    The only man able to marry a girl with BPD would be a masochist or maybe a full blown psychopath. I cannot see any man with any sense of self-respect and self-worth dating a girl with BPD.
    -Some of the best sex you will experience in your life, makes you feel like a pornstar
    -The Honeymoon phase(When she idealizes you)- You feel like you met ‘the one’
    (These a usually during the phase when she devalues you)
    -Smear campaign-telling all her friends and your friends how much of an abusive asshole you are “he makes me do things in bed that I don’t want to do”, “he used to hit me every day”. Get ready for some confrontations with her orbiting white knights
    -Emotional manipulation- constantly telling you, you don’t love her enough, suicide threats, constantly mentioning other guys that want her, using secrets that you’ve told her as leverage.
    -Stalking- constant phone calls, randomly showing up at your place of work etc
    -Cuckoldry-fucking your friends/family members
    -Gaslighting- twisting your sense of reality by making giving you false information on true events.
    -Endless insecurity on her looks and worthiness
    -Paranoia- false assumptions about your infidelity(probably a form of psychological projection)
    Any of you gentlemen have any stories about your encounters with a BPD girls? please feel free to reply

    1. “The only men capable of surviving dating BPD gil with their head intact are hardened driak triad(psychopathic, narcissistic, machiavellian ) men.”
      or other borderline men 😉

      1. Narcissists LOVE them. Speaking from personal experience, there’s a sense of resonance. You’re partners in crime, you’re soul mates.
        Shari Schreiber did a marvelous essay titled “Haven’t We Met Before” about the meeting of the NPD and BPD. She is a nutty therapist, but there is truth in what she says.

        1. yep, its not a surprise. though this sounds incredible theoretic: borderlines are insane actors, their inner void can be (temporarily) filled with anything, thats why they can be the biggest sluts in one moment, and be the holy girl the next day. normal girls know they are pretending at some point, however, for borderlines its REAL (and only them). now comes the narc, swimming in his delusions of greatness. the borderline sensory skills usually work so well that we can see (or rather: feel) what a person is about and what he wants to hear. now thanks to the sharp perceptions of the BPD, we can mirror everything nice the narc thinks about himself, which will skyrocket his shattered selfworth, and the bpd selfworth also skyrockets because we found someone seemingly strong who can take us. however, since both bpd and npd are pretty sick in the head, this doesnt really work. in the end its the narc who gets outplayed by the bpd, the simple reason: the narc is a “fixer” type, while the borderline messes up, and the bpd also has absolutely no problems turning the narc down if he doesnt satisfy. actually, i wanna go hunt a narc girl now. its sooo fun 🙁

        2. My BPD girl #2 is a curious creature. Self aware, like you seem to be. Yet it wasn’t consistent. She would slip in and out of awareness, depending, I think, on where she was in the idealization – devaluation cycle.
          I’m actually quite sympathetic to your plight. I’ve seen the anguish the borderlines go through. And unlike many of my peers, I don’t think they’re evil. Sure, many times I found myself consumed with contemptuous rage, but overall I am sympathetic and caring. And, yes, I try to fix them. I still do; I remain in touch with BPD2 and can’t resist trying to help her understand what’s wrong. Ah, narcissism: My greatest strength and weakness.

        3. I was going to ask the same question, but looked at his comment history. He said so in an earlier comment.
          Not all that many male BPDs out there. Supposedly the ratio is like 4:1 but I feel it is much higher. Then again, I don’t get to know intimately that many men.

        4. I wonder what a relationship between a BPD male and BPD female would look like. A stalemate?

        5. MAD(mutually assured destruction), just read the link you gave on how narcissists naturally attract bpd’s, very informative. Do you think its described your encounter with either of the bpd girls or were there some differences?

        6. I think what Shari writes is pretty much on. Two issues: One is that she blames everything on upbringing. I can tell you that I most definitely didn’t have projections of perfection put on me. I think my narcissism was innate. Possibly upbringing enhanced the NPD thinking, but I’ve always felt superior. It’s tempting to blame parents, but: I have two daughters, just 13 months apart, raised in a very similar environment. One is noticeably narcissistic, the other not. I think genes have a lot to do with it.
          The other issue: Shari is apocalyptic. Yes, a severe NPD will be destroyed by a severe BPD. But she misses that it’s a matter of degrees. I’m not severely NPD, and I enjoy the casual relationships with BPD chicks. They stimulate my emotions and make me feel, and their brokenness gives me something to do.
          Shari is also absolutely right that two BPDs will destroy each other. Fortunately, I don’t think they tend to be attracted. The BPD looks for someone to idealize, and I think they present as too weak for that.
          One important point Shari touches on: BPDs elicit BPD behavior in others. I found myself concocting stories to fulfill BPD2’s image of me. I really and truly found myself slipping away. That’s why I commented earlier that they did succeed in getting inside my head.
          My acting BPD is probably also because the core drivers of NPD and BPD (and the others of the four cluster B disorders) are similar. That similarity in origin also helps explain the resonance I felt. I swear, both times I felt an inexplicable attraction to them – as Shari said, haven’t we met before? I fell in love really, really quickly. After the very first date with BPD2 I looked at my empty bed and romantically thought that she belonged there. It wasn’t sexual; it was romantic. It still amazes me to remember that.
          One way to protect yourself is to keep perspective. With BPD2, I kept other relationships going simultaneously. This helped avert some of the worse damage. I also made sure she knew about it, which stoked some of the drama and also pushed her away.
          Oh, they’re such fascinating women. They mirror you, they adore you, they have all sorts of phantom ailments, their memories are fragmented and shifting. It’s very stimulating. Then as soon as you are nice to them, BAM, they withdraw. It hurts so good. As long as you don’t take them seriously, and you know what the game is, you may be able to get away with it.
          A major caveat to anyone still reading: This all only works for me because I already had kids with a very much sane, almost boring, woman. I can afford to waste time. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, follow the prevailing advice and get the fuck away from them.

        7. yes. i got my diagnosis 4 years ago, but had symtptoms pretty much all my life. since i dont cut / dont burst out in rage it wasnt really obvious, i had alot of wrong diagnosis until someone finally asked the right questions.

        8. Well, I`ve met many BPD who didnt have much self awareness, nor did they care about their diagnosis. Though im very curious myself, this is, as you said, not consistent. However, those with therapy experience and awareness are actually the worst ones to deal with. Speaking from experience, I was already hard to control when i “just” had symptoms, and with therapy (learning about my own and other people`s vulnerabilities) i could push other people around even more. then i started reading about the redpill, and well.. ;D
          I also dont think we are evil, though we act like little devils sometimes. It`s like pure desire, and that must be fulfilled immediately. If other people get damaged it doesnt matter. Also, and this might be surprising, people arent important to us. sure, we need them, but when one doesnt do it anymore, its absolutely no problem turning it down and go on with someone else. a single individuum means nothing, as long as there is another one who fulfills our needs. that is one big reason why we cant be controlled by just one person.
          your fixing probably wont do anything either. why would you succeed, where other professionals fail? And anyway, if she really is curius about herself, did it ever cross you mind that she already knows whats wrong with her, but came to the conclusion that it isnt fixable at all?

        9. depends, but yes. sometimes one is the sadist and hurts, sometimes the other. since both can hit pretty hard and crave punishment at some other point, this actually can work well. But its more often then not like very thin glass that can break at any point, since both can part ways pretty easily. but while in relationship, it never gets boring, i can assure you that ;D

        10. “Yes, a severe NPD will be destroyed by a severe BPD. But she misses that it’s a matter of degrees.”
          “Shari is also absolutely right that two BPDs will destroy each other. Fortunately, I don’t think they tend to be attracted. The BPD looks for someone to idealize, and I think they present as too weak for that.”
          Not so true. Its correct that we destroy each other, but it really depends if we are attracted to each other. I`m tall, exercised, dominant and like to hurt (especially woman). While i was in Therapy i had some BPD chicks falling in love with me. the thing is, not all bpd come across as weak. when i feel well i radiate power, and that is what attracts them. since other bpd`s have some high`s as well, that really works.
          “NPD and BPD (and the others of the four cluster B disorders) are similar.That similarity in origin also helps explain the resonance I felt.”
          true. when i was a teen t was assumed i was antisocial, when i hit nineteen i had more narc symptoms, then one year later finally the correct bpd diagnosis. However, i can tell pretty fast if someone has “it”, if hes also shattered like me. Its a matter of minutes until i know, its similar how drug addicts can identify one another pretty fast. And well, i like if i come across someone who feels “like me” ;D
          “Then as soon as you are nice to them, BAM, they withdraw”
          totally true. if some guys really think about dealing with one, you must absolutely remember this. its like we do exact the opposite of what one normally does. come one step closer, and we go back. go back, and we come closer. however, this only works if we are attrcted to you at some point, not just with anyone.

        11. Thank you very much for your insightful comments, especially regarding the BPD-BPD pairing. Keep in touch. You’re a good guy.

        12. Oh, cognitively I am fully aware that I can’t fix them. It just feels overwhelmingly good to try.
          BPD2 seemed completely unaware of her disorder. I was warned not to broach the topic with her, but I couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if I did. Her reply was that she thought it was me that had BPD. In a way, she was right: Her behavior elicited similar in me. She was self aware in that she acknowledged her missteps, but was unaware, or unwilling to admit that, there was a larger pattern.
          I think you are right, that acknowledging the disorder may not help. After all, as Mark Vonnegut, who went schizophrenic, noted, “Realizing I was crazy didn’t make the crazy stuff stop happening.” I think it’s common for disorder sufferers to acknowledge their plight and then just move on. Paradoxically, they become even more unchangeable.
          For example, BPD2 recently cycled back into my life. I spent an hour sitting in my car, drinking beer, listening to metal, and writing a long series of messages to her explaining why she needs to be fixed and why I’m the right person to do it. I even drew parallels between myself and God. It’s so satisfying.
          See, I’m a narcissist, I don’t deny it, I laugh at it. One of the reasons I don’t worry about narcissism is I find it highly attractive to women, actually, to others in general. The confidence is mistaken for competence.
          As a BPD man, I would guess you are also powerfully attractive to women, but in a different way. I’d guess you are very good at stimulating them emotionally. That’s something I just don’t do. I don’t care for it. I don’t indulge my emotions, and I dislike other people’s emotions, so I just go cold. I’ll bet you’re really good at push-pull games. I’m not; I’m just pull for a while and then I get restless. Women are utterly drawn to me for pair bonding, and their disappointment is bitter when I don’t reciprocate.
          But I honestly don’t feel like I am missing out on much. It’s so easy to just go on to the next.
          Thanks again for your comments.

        13. Might as well buy a bunch of Ikea flatpacks if you’re going to be that kind of a masochist, especially if you can find a few that are missing parts.
          Once you’re done fixing them, you’ll feel so good about it, but unlike busted-ass BPDs, you’ll actually get some long-term use out of the lot … 🙂

        14. High five, dude, that was funny as hell. BPD girls are the particle board of the furniture world.

        15. “You put down the gun!”
          “NO, you put down the gun!”
          “On the count of three, we both put down the gun!”
          1 … 2 … 3 … [CLICK] [CLICK]
          They only get to live because they always forget to put ammo in the guns. 🙂

        16. “… they have all sorts of phantom ailments …”
          Actually, that’s a very good litmus test — that’s almost always true.
          They want you to “doctor up” for them.

        17. I read that BPD sufferers actually feel pain more intensely than healthy people. I know this objectively: I know how to do electrolysis and have a machine, and I found BPD1 was totally unable to tolerate the treatments. I crank the machine up to its maximum setting on myself. It’s nothing, and I don’t have any extraordinary pain tolerance.
          BPD2 complained of pain from the most casual manual stimulation around her vagina. It was so weird: There was no possible biological cause. Yet at another time, I was able to fist her. When she was in one part of the disorder cycle, she was fine with it and compliant; at other times, every touch bothered her. That’s another aspect: All the symptoms are erratic and cyclical.
          I knew about what was going on because BPD1 has a daughter that is moderately to severe BPD, and I heard that she was unable to tolerate a doctor touching her genitals. Again, no medical reason for it. Purely psychological.
          Do they do it for attention? Yes, but not quite consciously. They are like children. Little kids will fall, hurt themselves, and if they see that someone is paying attention, they’ll start crying. The kids actually feel it, bawling their heads off because of a skinned knee. They have to grow up to learn how to swallow the discomfort. A good parent will make them brush themselves off. BPDs don’t receive, or don’t respond to, that push to mature.
          I think you’re right that the pain sensitivity is a good tell. I don’t know of other disorders that cause the hypochondria. Such a fascinating disorder.

        18. “I was warned not to broach the topic with her, but I couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if I did. Her reply was that she thought it was me that had BPD”
          hahaha yeah, thats why i like dealing with them! sure, i got my own bpd, but they project other things on you too, if you can see through it its just too much fun.
          “I spent an hour sitting in my car, drinking beer, listening to metal, and writing a long series of messages to her explaining why she needs to be fixed and why I’m the right person to do it. I even drew parallels between myself and God. It’s so satisfying.”
          that, good sir, made my day. if you were a girl i would totally meet you!
          “See, I’m a narcissist, I don’t deny it, I laugh at it. One of the reasons I don’t worry about narcissism is I find it highly attractive to women, actually, to others in general. The confidence is mistaken for competence.”
          i can say the same about my bpd. though my main attribute is rather charisma then confidence. the charisma is born out of the relentless thirst for adrenaline, and that is the result of my huge inner void. so the basis of my best feature is coming out of shit, too. Sure, I suffer from it from time to time, but honestly.. i LOVE it. cant imagine missing even a shred of it. this is what drives me and gives me high`s the most other peple can just dream of.
          and you are right, im indeed skilled at push/n pull games, i dont even do it consciously. a narc and a borderline bring different features which attract woman, thats for sure. while im certain that your treatment works, i cant imagine how one cannot care about womans emotions. i mean, to me, they are key. inside me, i sense them as incredibly powerful, they rule nearly everthing, woman are the same, though to a lesser degree. they are the key to twist them in the directions you want them to. Personally i really like to make them high, and im curious how dirty, ecstatic and addicted i can make them. the higher i make her the higher is my pleasure. sounds pretty beta, right? but dont worry, i get enough out of it, and the woman suffer way more from the parting then i do ;D thing is, i grow cold too. when im certain i know what the woman really is, what she fears, hopes, wants, whatever, then i lose interest. im not doing it on purpose, it just happens. thats why normal girls bore the shit out of me, and the only longer relationships are possible with other bpd`s, since they change so often.
          oh well, with woman you do indeed dont miss much. the most are boring, empty, have no idea how to please, and get easily pushed around. were it not for the power games i would totally discard them.
          and thanks for your comments too master

        19. “Personally i really like to make them high, and im curious how dirty, ecstatic and addicted i can make them. the higher i make her the higher is my pleasure. sounds pretty beta, right? ”
          Not at all! In fact, that is the essence of dominance. Giving others pain doesn’t dominate them. Giving them pleasure does. You hold the keys to their pleasure, you control them.
          Keep in touch. It’s great to know a fellow sicko. You can reach me on Roosh V Forum, same user name.

        20. Im a narcissist and it was caused by my parents expecting me to be the perfect child. Shari’s article is 100% spot on about the BPD/NPD relationship. Its kinda eery to see how textbook my relationships have been.
          My second BPD was hospitalized and clinically diagnosed with BPD and manic depressive disorder. I didn’t know what it was until then. Once you know how they think you can have some fun with them. When we first met I was beta and looking for a serious relationship so it was brutal, but about a year later I hit her up just for some good times (risky and stupid, I know, but it felt good to fuck with her hesd after all the shit she put me through.)

        21. Hey, thanks for weighing in on this. Yes, the NPD / BPD dynamic is really interesting. It wasn’t until I saw the headline of her article “Haven’t we met before?” that I realized the troubling sense of resonance I feel with BPDs.
          Nobody likes to be psychoanalyzed over the internet, so I hope you take this in the right light: Don’t be too hard on your parents. Every parent wants their kids to be perfect; they enter the world perfect (most of the time) and only as they mature do you see their flaws. A good parent both recognizes the child’s imperfections and also works to help the child overcome them. I say this, of course, from personal experience raising children.
          Also from my personal experience: Of the four of us kids, I had the lowest expectations set on me. Yet I mysteriously grew up thinking I was better than everyone else. I swear it’s wired in my brain. Also, my first child is somewhat narcissistic, while the kids’ narcissism decreases with birth order, even though my (the youngest) has the highest expectations, relative to his age, of the three. So both my experience and my experience with my kids is exactly contrary to the idea that high expectations create narcissism.
          I also don’t think childhood experiences create BPD, as much as biology. My BPD girlfriends didn’t have particularly traumatic childhoods. I’m pretty sure my kids have had a more traumatic childhood than either of the BPDs did, and none of the three show any signs.
          Looking inside myself, I that my narcissistic behaviors are deeply wired. It drives how I walk, talk, think – even how I adopt a lecturing tone in posts like this!
          However, I think there can be a sort of learned skewing of behavior. Some have observed that social media seems to create narcissism. Others have observed a rise in BPD behavior; I bet that this is due to cultural infantilization of women.
          As I said to Pulse, if you want to keep in touch, you can reach me on Roosh V Forum, same user name. That is, if Roosh doesn’t ban me for the narcissistic tone of my posts!

    2. Same here man, I had zero dark triad traits and got fucked up pretty bad. I was 20 and had no experience with crazy women so I was a duck in the water. She was the kind who was extremely emotionally fragile and had to use alcohol, cutting, or sex as an emotional crutch. Anytime she has the slightest disappointment she has to fuck somebody to feel better. Since I was her bf, I was getting it all the time so it worked out at first, but I slowly started to realize what a slut she was.
      The craziest story I have is that one day we were just sitting around at her place and she gets into an argument via text with another girl. All of a sudden she throws the phone down and runs upstairs and shuts herself in the bathroom. I read the messages and the girl called her ugly. So I go upstairs and walk in the bathroom and shes sitting in the shower with all of her clothes on cutting herself around her ankle with a razor. The whole bottom of the shower is bloody. I had no idea she was a cutter until that moment so I was in shock. She screams “get the fuck out of here” so I go back downstairs speechless.
      She comes downstairs about 30 minutes later all bright and cheerful and just goes the rest of the day like nothing happened. Then breaks down crying in the middle of the night, screaming at me for not defending her when I read the message. Thats just one story out of dozens, but I ended it about a week after that and the real craziness started. Suicide threats, stalking, sending naked pics/videos to my best friend, etc.

    3. I was in two relationships, back to back, one four years (attempted blended family, yikes) and one for about one year with BPD girls. The first, thank god, was pretty mild. The second was a good deal worse, but still nothing in comparison to some of the stories I have heard.
      I am narcissistic and manipulative, but I also have a kind heart. I’m also older, and, with good reason, very confident in myself. I’m highly dominant.
      With both BPD girls, I worked very hard on controlling them. I tried to get beneath the layers of bullshit (hamsters within hamsters; it’s hamsters all the way down!) but in both cases was ultimately unsuccessful. I tried helping them find catharsis in their guilt over being slutty, I tried embracing a D/S role, I tried physical punishment. Nothing really worked. All it resulted in was BPD girls with ever increasing levels of dedication. It didn’t get me what I wanted, which was an emotionally true person.
      I commented to GhostofJefferson above that BPD girls can be extremely kind, affectionate, loving, and sexual. They also are extremely dangerous. I don’t know how else to put this; sometimes men actually die from encounters with them. I know I ended up drinking a lot more, trying to quiet the dissonance in my head.
      If you’re older, if you’re experienced, if you’re already emotionally detached from women, if you’re already an advanced player, yeah, consider toying with a BPD girl. They are good for cutting your teeth on; it’s like the scene in Fight Club where Narrator comments that after fight club the rest of the world seems muted. After dealing successfully with a BPD girl, no girl tricks will faze you. Of course, I said “successfully”; if you do not keep the psychological upper hand, you are in great danger, possibly to your freedom and even your life.
      There is much written about BPD on the internet; I’d like to add one identifying characteristic: There is a certain “rootlessness” about their personalities. You’ll catch them adopting your mannerisms and molding themselves to your personality. This is because they don’t have a soul, a true core personality they can identify with and hold on to. This rootlessness is part of what makes them powerfully attractive: Many men have been tricked into thinking they have found their soulmate in a BPD girl.
      Here’s the saddest part: The BPD girl is so desperate for something to hold on to that she will believe she has found her soul mate in you. They aren’t malicious, but in their lack of malice they are all the more evil. Tread carefully, and jeez, if you aren’t completely sure of yourself and what you are doing, just run.

      1. Shit, that description scares me. I too had to deal with BPD women; when I think of it, because of the soviet’s constant experimentation on our people the men and women act like fucking retarded children, the only ones with some root/identity knowledge are the ones who either went through a great deal of suffering or the assholes. Too less people are completely normal here, thus ecountering BPD women is a norm. I recall one that threw all of my dishes at me during our break-up. I had some friends over, she showed up at the door crying, acting like a child. The friends told me to take it easy with her. I took her out and threatened to call the cops if she didn’t leave. This was 6 years ago, she still keeps a grudge. And that’s just one story.
        For the love of God and Freedom, please always use condoms with these girls. If you do get one pregnant you’ll begin to see the walls of hell rise up around you. Always use condoms, always take your condoms with you, always pull out, always have a spear condom, always be prepared to leave early.

        1. ^^^ about the condoms.
          BPD girls are often hyper sexual. This because they find validation in sex, both in the idealization phase of the relationship and with strangers. With the latter, they will bolster their self esteem with sex and use sex for revenge.
          In short, sex is really important to them, and the more important the better. So condoms, or specifically the lack thereof, is a big deal. My BPD #2 had well over a hundred partners, and had used condoms with only one or two. Yes, it’s stomach turning, but they want the intimacy and connection of raw sex, and they won’t assert any desire that you use one. When they are idealizing you, they will badly want to get pregnant, and even with casual partners, they want it raw and they want cum inside them. It validates them.
          Thus accidental pregnancies are the norm. The only reason BPD2 hadn’t gotten pregnant more was because she would often put in her diaphragm before she went out drinking. BPD1 had five pregnancies in her life, every single one accidental. She basically never used birth control, only withdrawal. BPD2 had four pregnancies, two planned, two not.
          I had a brief relationship with yet another BPD, much earlier in my life, and I recall stupidly trusting that she was on the pill. I had no way of confirming that, and she badly wanted to get pregnant. I still remember the feeling of my hair being parted as the bullet grazed my scalp. Whew!
          I find the BPD mind fascinating and stimulating; they’re like perpetual young adolescents. But I got lucky: The two I got involved with were long after I had a vasectomy. Otherwise I almost certainly would have knocked up one or both.
          If you do become a baby daddy, resign yourself to child support and get out anyway. You won’t be much of a father if BPD Momma is there to drive you insane. Get out anyway.

        2. I thought of something else: Their lives are cartoonish. Their memories are simplified and exaggerated, like cartoons they watched. Their responses and behavior are also simplistic and cartoonish.
          It’s a peculiar disorder. I can’t imagine a worse person to raise your children, but for casual relationships they are quite a bit of fun. Very stimulating.

        3. I remember reading somewhere that in ancient history the women that were crazy or town sluts, were branded with a heated iron sign so that other men could see it. How’s that for looking out for your homies (fellow members of masculinity of good worldly change) ?

        4. Agreed, apart from LTR’s and marriages, BPD girls make fantastic prospects for one night stands and fuck buddy agreements

        5. You’re not dealing with a normally developed persona, so why wouldn’t you assume that the cartoon-ish effects are the result of an “inner brat” you’re dealing with?

        6. Oh, I agree completely. The rootlessness and cartoonishness nag at me because I vaguely remember feeling that way when I was about 13 years old. I remember seeing the world in a simplistic way, and acting out in a dramatic fashion to establish myself. I was deeply insecure, and I remember making up unbelievable stories about my life at summer camp. I’m embarrassed to recall it, but then again, i was 13. It’s utterly fascinating to get to know an adult that acts and thinks like an early teenager.
          When you elicit their memories, there is an odd sensation that for them the memories happened to someone else, or that the memories are from a movie they watched. It’s like their memories were projected on a screen, all very dramatic and compelling but yet two-dimensional. It’s fascinating. Very sad, but fascinating.

        7. I highly doubt you’ve dated multiple women. ( I was going to add “with BPD” but thought that the sentence read more accurate without it. )

        8. Darling, you have not seen a photo of me. I am neither fat nor ugly nor a slut so one thing is true: you’re response is juvenile and you are not in fact an adult who has dated multiple women.

        9. But like I said, I am neither fat nor ugly nor a slut so that comment is meaningless. It’s amazing how you Insult an entire group of women with mental illness, but when the situation is turned around and you are the one who is insulted, you can’t handle it and resort to childish name calling.

        10. Honey, if you were slender, pretty, and chaste, you wouldn’t be wasting your time flinging insults on the internet.
          Insult people with mental illness? Why not? I have first-hand experience with it. And it’s insane the amount of emotional abuse the BPD dishes out. Women bitch about abusive relationships; I’d frankly rather get punched than suffer through what well-meaning men trapped with a BPD endure.
          Come to think of it, I have gotten punched. So scratch that off the list.
          Besides, why are you sticking up for a group of mentally ill women? You should be happy; they are part of your competition. If you’re as mentally healthy as you think you are, you have nothing to fear. You should enjoy seeing other women getting put down. Or, more to the point, getting brought down to your level.

        11. So by that reasoning, that means you sir are fat, ugly and a slut because you are wasting your time flinging insults on the Internet…..
          It is morally wrong to mock people with mental illness. Grade school kids know this, don’t pretend you don’t.
          Thank you for informing me you’ve been punched, this doesn’t surprise me as you’re a massive douchebag.
          Competition for what? There’s plenty of arrogant, ignorant, emotionally unstable, broken men with a dysfunctional view of women just like you to go around. We’re not going to be fighting over you.
          I don’t enjoy seeing anyone get put down, because I’m a normal human being…..

        12. If I only knew what…..how great you are? You’re not. You’re clearly a damaged man with a a lot of emotional issues which you courageously aim at mentally ill women.
          You’re right, I will never know what it’s like to be with a guy as awful as you, because I wouldn’t stick around long enough to find out. At the first sign of your crazy, I’d run a mile.

        13. Oh I give up. There’s no hope for you. You are clearly incapable of an intelligent response. You never answer any of my questions or challenges, you just hurl cliche insults at me.

        14. *sigh* I’m going now. Have fun having the last word and proving my point even further that you are dumb and incapable of an intelligent argument.
          I have clearly won, as I’ve bewildered you to the point that you’re now just naming foods….

        15. Ok, you’re clearly so dumb, I’m going to have to sink to your level so you can understand. I’ll try not to use any big words:
          So yea, I went on tinder that night and found your dad on there. He said I was a better fuck than you. He said you always cry like a bitch after.
          P.S there’s a slice of chocolate cake calling you’re name

        16. Haha! Bullshit!
          Maybe he just told you that because he was so embarrassed by your behaviour at summer camp that he didn’t want word going around that you were his son

        17. Haha! No sweetheart, you’re a truly awful human being. Your last 100 comments to me prove it.
          And for the last time, I am not obese, ugly, promiscuous or stupid. You can keep saying it, but it won’t make it true.

      2. “Tread carefully, and jeez, if you aren’t completely sure of yourself and what you are doing, just run.”
        Agree with the last sentence.

        1. “I’ve been with two back to back” – assumed you had a thing for them in some way or maybe find the personality type appealing to you. Also, no lol, I’m a guy. If I’m being honest I just cut contact with a girl I think may be either BPD or maybe just manic, some things I noticed definitely seemed to fit the characteristics of both. The games towards the end almost seemed like narcissistic gas-lighting type shit too. I really don’t which or what it was. Could be something else for all I know but I had to get away. Now, I find myself eerily feeling drawn back like I’m hooked. Dunno, could be that she’s an absolute 10. Could be I want how awesome it seemed to start out as back. Either way you seem to be well versed in the area of dealing with this type of women. I basically blocked her out of my life and now I’m beginning to think my actions were in haste, haha.

        2. Oh ok. Didn’t mean to be harsh, but your tone was like a female trying to pin me down to something. But now I understand; you’re still in it.
          I only figured out the first one was BPD in hindsight. She caused me a huge amount of pain because I just couldn’t get her mind to make sense. I’m highly verbal, and we would talk and talk and talk trying to get to the bottom of why she was so restless and troubled. I felt like it was a personal failure.
          For what it’s worth, many men think their BPDs are a whole lot more beautiful than the rest of the world does.
          And yes, the addiction is real and dangerous, very dangerous. The BPD gives you a huge reward rush – dopamine – because you’ve found someone perfect. Sooner or later, when you’re trying to extend that just a little further, she’ll suddenly draw away, finding something terribly wrong with you, or maybe saying she needs to get away from you because it’s too intense for her. The latter is horrifying because it makes you feel bad for your own intensity of feeling.
          It’s very difficult to diagnose a BPD unless you’re intimately involved with them. My second one, I tried to get her to see it in herself; she asked her parents, who told her no way. To me it was glaringly obvious.
          Again, my tell was a certain vagueness about her personality. Rootlessness. I saw this long before the first serious idealization – devaluation cycle.
          Also, the mysterious and excessive sensitivity to pain. Inexplicable pain around the genitals. BPD1’s daughter, who was externally diagnosed BPD, had this.
          I’m curious what symptoms you observed, and what drove you to cut contact. The intuition, mine at least, is very strong. I knew BPD1 wasn’t quite right, but I was not able to fight the tide pushing our two families together – I just wasn’t strong enough. But I absolutely had a nagging feeling, that I couldn’t quite pin down, that something was wrong.
          I’d also like to warn you: There are easier and cheaper, and lower risk, ways to thicken your skin with females. If you do not yet have kids, for example, you’d be better off finding a girl that doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies – and most importantly, makes you strive to earn her trust and affection. I was able to dally around with BPD2 because I didn’t really have much to lose, and it certainly was exciting. But there is a real risk of (1) having the cops called on you for rape or violence, and (2) ending up with a baby you didn’t plan on. They really are dangerous.
          If you’re confident she does have BPD, and you do in fact want to play with fire, I’ll point you to some great resources. Not all the politically correct jive at BPD Family, but others.

        3. Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday. I don’t know whether it’s BPD or Mania because she had mentioned bipolar before. I wanted to look into BPD more. Honestly some things fit and some things don’t fit. There was a definite fear of abandonment/control thing going. Definitely some gas-lighting. I happened upon this in a search on “bipolar and relationships” and everything above here really seemed to make sense from what I was seeing. No sensitivity to pain, no self harming though. Mood swings maybe but more like what you might see in mixed manic episodes. No suicidal thoughts I was told about. Definitely childhood trauma, led me to believe her childhood/family were both very grand which they might have been aside from the trauma which she told me about.
          “The addiction is very real and very dangerous” – Yup, that fits, I feel like I’m in a major withdrawal lol NPD can do the same though, but that doesn’t perfectly fit because I’m a bit of a narcissist/authoritarian myself (not NPD) and she had submissive tendencies at first. She really lapped up my flattery though, that’s for sure. most of which was genuine though, because I was very into her.
          If it’s BPD I think it’s best I stay away; if it’s manic depression I might try to contact her again and see what’s up. Not for a relationship but maybe for FWB type thing. I don’t know if I’m headstrong enough to stay detached. Honestly almost seemed like narcissism due to the vanity and want of attention too, but like I said that doesn’t quite fit either.
          The “rootlessness” thing, if that’s kind of mimicking my personality in subtle ways, that also really fits. In any event, gas-lighting is not new to me so I was able to easily identify that. The other stuff kind of was tough and new to me. There was a definite “honeymoon
          phase and a definite ABRUPT chance in personality. Cut contact with me significantly, or at least there was a drastic change in communication while still finding manipulative ways to get into my head. I could tell she’s a bit obsessed with me still though.
          You seem far more well versed in the subject and I was wondering if you might have some insight in helping to identify what it was. I’m not confident at all that she has BPD what I am confident in is that there was a definite sensation of abrupt change in personality towards me around an event out of her control and it was surprising and sudden change. Maybe in all honesty I’m better off staying away no matter what the circumstance was.
          Like I said though, almost all these things pretty much fit in well with a manic or even a hypo-manic episode. It’s just got my head spinning and it’s like a problem I have a need to get to the bottom of!
          Thanks again for the feedback.

        4. No worries.
          It’s a difficult disorder to diagnose. The DSM has a list of effects seen in the sufferer’s life.
          BPDs do “mirroring”. They’ll adopt your mannerisms. Far more insidious, they’ll adopt your fantasies and desires. Did you find her drawing out your secret pleasures?
          They are emotionally labile – emotional shape-shifters. BPD2 said she felt like she had multiple personalities.
          Some people confuse bipolar with BPD; bipolars don’t withdraw in the same way. They withdraw from sadness. The BPD abruptly and completely cuts off contact.
          How many of these swings away did you see? I would expect you’d see the first around two to four months in. They would abruptly begin, in response to “intimacy fatigue”, and would increase in severity and duration.
          NPD in females is different. They’re cold and on edge. When they’re warm it’s in a peculiar self serving sort of way: They’re expressing affection for the extent to which they see you as an extension of themselves.
          You are better off staying away, but you may not be able to. This does not mean you are weak. It means you are more passionate, which is a good thing. Just direct it to someone who is able to give back to you as you deserve.
          Here’s a video of a BPD in action. Maybe not exactly BPD, but cluster B for sure. NSFW. It’s a porn casting tape; study her behavior toward the guy.
          Following were a series of lies on Twitter, which is BPD (or some PD) through and through.

        5. One more thought: If she is mentally ill, you aren’t doing her any favors by FWB with her, even if it’s fully consensual.
          Oh yeah, also: Childhood abuse? Yup. How did she talk about it? Were the stories consistent, or were they fluid? Were they cartoonish, with Bad Guys? These are vague symptoms.
          One other, which no psychiatrist would support: Shabby clothes, even though obsessed with appearance.
          Also, a certain immodesty about dress and movement and facial expressions. Weird, maybe cartoonish makeup.
          I should sit down and compile a list of all the things I remember that were tells.

        6. Yes 100% at first with the “secret” pleasures. I shared/explored many a fantasy with her and she lapped them up. At first, then she managed to use them to try to undermine my confidence and my sense of self when things turned. If that makes sense? Adopting mannerisms I noticed for sure but not until things went south, or at least until I finally figured out something was seriously wrong.
          She use to explain the personality shifting/changes by saying that she surprised herself with how she reacted to things sometimes. as far as mood shifts, zero at first when she went first abruptly changed somewhere around 2 or so months in (a bit longer actually)
          Thank GOD it wasn’t longer or I’d have really gotten devastated. I’d say about 3 which is why I was thinking tail end of a manic phase/turning into mixed manic episode. I started cutting contact myself because I didn’t feel right in the head.
          Funnily enough writing that last message brought that back a bit. I felt a little loopy after I sent it. I’m almost afraid to give too much detail because I have a hunch she knows my usernames that I use on these types of sites and knows what to look for in my writing. I’m absolutely positive she knows a few of them at least. This one I purposely changed. I feel a bit crazy that I even entertained this after some of the things I noticed these past few weeks but I just feel addicted damn it.
          See the NPD thing still remotely fits. She’s warm in a definite self serving manner. I’m realizing most compliments she paid me revolved around her in some way. Who knows though.

        7. Man, I’m only now realizing how fucked up the FWB thing sounds. I need to stay away! Part of me want to make sure she doesn’t get fucked over by someone else part of me feels justified because of how she wronged and my common sense tells me to RUN and hope for the best for her.
          She used it as a tool when she told me about it (the abuse) I’m realizing. It was told at the most opportunistic time to pull at my heart strings. I can be sentimental and empathetic (part of why I know I’m not NPD myself). Not childhood abuse but a traumatic sexual abuse from a very close non-relative. Details were vague in many ways but there was enough of a story of how it happened to make sense and I felt so mortified she went through that I didn’t dare pry. Some of the details of what happened later on seemed far fetched. She was in her mid teens btw.
          I wish I could PM you lmao. I don;t feel comfortable giving details here for some crazy reason. Yes the outward appearance importance/obsession thing fits well. In that respect she did not have the fashion sense or maybe the style she should have had from what I saw at least. I would not call it shabby though. Her style of makeup wasn’t the greatest btw.

        8. A few other things that fit with Bipolar – extremely intelligent, highly ambitious and goal oriented. Don’t know whether they fit with BPD.

        9. My anon email is in my Disqus profile.
          You wouldn’t be the first guy to want 1:1 advice on dealing with a BPD. I had no one until I turned to a blog, Erudite Knight. He’s a great guy and answered every reply posted on his blog.

        10. Her stories of abuse are probably fiction or fictionalized.
          If you were to hear the stories multiple times, you’d notice the details shifting in inexplicable ways. It’s maddening to try to get at the true story. Friends of BPDs have told me the BPD has told fictional stories, including the friend, to others in front of them. But the story becomes true in the BPD’s mind.
          At first I was sucked in – really trying to make an emotional connection. This included BDSM stuff, and pseudo pimping, both of which she took to like, well, only a BPD could. The games kept me going for a while, but then I got tired of it.

        11. By the way, the cluster B personality disorders are only exaggerations of “normal” human minds. BPD and HPD are exaggerated female psyches; NPD and APD are exaggerated male psyches. I can see traces of NPD in me; my mother is clearly so, at least to me.
          The traits only become a disorder when they have an impact on your life. Usually if the disorder is present, the person’s head is so messed up they cannot self diagnose.
          I flat-out told my mom she has NPD; she said let me think about it, and came back and said, that’s your opinion and I disagree. This was after she told my son that no one likes her; she’s also told me the same thing. One would think she would put two and two together, but then again, these are personality disorders we’re talking about. They shape the reality around themselves to become something they’re comfortable with, to ease their distress.
          In that regard, you really don’t want to have this person’s mind in your life. Their minds are really very unpleasant places. They are sad and lonely and cannot connect with others. Considering having them in your life is like going running with someone whose legs are different lengths.

        12. Feel free.
          By the way, you don’t have to worry much about being stalked. While BPDs are obsessive, they are also gullible. It’s really easy to tell them what they want to hear and believe – and thus easy to throw them off the trail.

    4. Good pro/con list.
      Damn man, reading these comments makes me realize there are many more BPDs than I once thought.

      1. BPD is the primal feminine archetype. As feminists continue urging women to “find themselves”, expect to see more BPD behavior manifested. I don’t think the disorder is necessarily more prevalent, but certainly more women are letting it out.

    5. Boy, I could probably write a book about my marriage to a BPD. Here are a few poignant events:
      The Eating Disorder – No one knew what was wrong with her. She just mysteriously had to puke 6 or 7 times a day. This went on for a couple years. After two long-term stays at the hospital and multiple trips to the emergency room, we were about to take her to the Cleveland Clinic to figure out why she couldn’t stop throwing up. Finally, a family Dr. got her to admit that all the puking was self-induced… and that she had been popping 30 to 40 laxative pills a day for about a year and half. When we met, she was 6’0″ and 160 lbs, athletic build, looked great. Four years into the marriage she dropped to 111 lbs and looked like walking death.
      The Heist – After the divorce, she had to get a job and found one at a pharmacy. She promptly relieved her employer of (at least) two stock bottles of Vicodin. I’m sure she took more, but that’s the amount they had her on camera taking. She got off pretty easy… 5 years of probation for two 3rd degree felonies.
      The Marriage – She would start epic blowouts over the most trivial shit you could imagine. I had a daughter from a previous relationship, and when she’d come over, my ex would often tell her things like, “Me and your daddy only ever fight when you’re around. We get along fine when you aren’t here.” She’d call her a little bitch. I mean, what kind of adult says those things to a 6-year-old kid? I had to cut a lot of visits short when the madness took over. There was also this adorable thing she’d do where she’d have one-sided “conversations” with the police where she’d tell them that I’d beat the shit out of her (when I hadn’t touched her). It was her talking into a dead receiver, until the one day when she actually did have the police on the line and they showed up to investigate. Fortunately, she backed off on her story that I hit her when the police showed up for questioning. Funny thing is, I was actually looking forward to a few nights in jail just to get the fuck away from her.
      Summary – I learned about MGTOW a few months after I finally left (the police incident did it) and haven’t looked back. I can’t even look at women the same after that marriage (and the relationshit before it). Better off on my own and chasing occasional tail.

      1. My favourite was the one with “fake MS” that was caused by a “managed condition” (that she created) which was the result of depriving herself of essential vitamins and minerals, most notably vitamins B1/B2/B3/B6/B7/B12/C/D3 as well as potassium and calcium.
        It’s the “mutilated beggar syndrome” — they’re working the situation by mutilating themselves to the point where you absolutely have to take care of them.
        You can’t apply reason with them, as in telling them that simply taking a multi-vitamin and some over-the-counter potassium and calcium supplements will fix most of the problem, in addition to telling them that maybe they should unfuck the diet situation a bit.
        They absolutely want to be medicalised.

  13. Here is how you game BPD women:
    Stand up.
    Look around.
    Find the nearest exit.
    I was married to one. Take my advice. No amount of sex or getting your dick wet is worth letting a full on whacko nutjob into your life. If you value “getting laid” more than both your safety AND your freedom (because with BPD women, that which does not kill you, files false charges on you and gets you arrested).
    Seriously. Turning down this pussy is NOT going to have you waking up tomorrow morning automatigically going gay because of some cosmic rule about turning down pussy. You are allowed to, you know, protect yourself. Your penis is not a Roman banner that has to be tossed amidst the enemy so you have to throw your body mindlessly into the fray. Hello?

    1. Jeep is right.
      These women don’t just have rationalization hamsters… they have rationalization hamsters within rationalization hamsters ad infinitum. Imagine a hamster looking at two mirrors that are reflecting each other… hamsters into infinity… that is the amount of crazy you are dealing with. BPD is an incurable and untreatable personality disorder fellas… This aint just a girl on her period.
      I’m not joking… I know a diagnosed BPD chick from the hallways of my university… She says the most fucked up shit I’ve ever heard a woman say in public… She makes me horny with her constant dirty talk, but I know I’d be climbing into a spider’s web… Danger & Play is one thing but she aint worth it.
      If anyone is likely to throw a false-rape accusation at you just because she is in the slightest dissatisfied with the interaction (over the stupidest of stupidest shit keep in mind… maybe she realized you’re wearing contacts)… Its a BPD chick…

      1. or one crazy bitch will call the cops for the slightest criticism. Bat shit crazy women are better left alone

      2. a hamster within a hamster within a hamster. Thats why enjoy this this site- the writers and commenters can really turn a phrase.
        Not sure if this is a BPD case, but she did alot of the fucked up dirty talk to me. She would send out these signals on and off(hot and cold towards me) for a few months, but I did nothing because she was married. Then an innocuous comment gets blown out of proportion, and I am now her enemy. She gets pregnant almost immediately afterwards. I was happy for her, but she was chilly towards me.
        After reading sites like these, Im starting to think she wanted my seed.
        No way she would leave her hubby, he made much more money than me. Im taller and a bit better looking than him. Hope that didnt come across as arrogant, but after reading an article claiming 15-20% of men are raising kids who arent theirs, this was the first thing that came to my mind.

        1. Alpha-fux/Beta-bux
          Didn’t come across as arrogant… It would come across as arrogant if you said you were a better man than he is or something… He just sounds like the average blue-piller who couldn’t survive the thought that his women is probably only with him for his money…

        2. ok, good. Sometimes it felt like I enjoyed his company(hanging out after work for drinks) than she did. Im no “alpha”, these labels are kinda broad. If anything, I am(or was) somewhere between alpha and beta.
          At this point, Ive tapped out of the dating/mating Octagon- I just provide some color commentaryanalysis every now and then.

        3. I’m Cotton McKnight…and with me as always my sidekick, Pepper Brooks.
          Nice commentary, cheese.

        4. Have a look at yourself and the way you behaved towards her and then see if you can work out why she was hot and cold

      3. These chicks are clever too. They will note every picture or phone number etc.. you might have in you room, apartment, or house. Once you think you have gotten away, suddenly she shows up where you hang out, she calls your friends, slanders you to other women that know you and will generally try to fuck with you.
        The slander is the real killer. If your stuck in a local town or small city, that shit will collapse your game for a long time.
        I have had a couple of these, one of them showed up months later when I was on a date and got pissed that I was “cheating” on her. Jaw drop moment.
        Had another one that gamed my room mate to let her in while I was gone. She got on my desktop and proceeded to call or text every person she could find.
        These chicks are not worth it. Ever.

      4. Two more versions:
        It’s hamsters all the way down.
        “My god! It’s full of hamsters!”

      5. Totally agree. This BPD girl Ashley Kimball fell in love with me
        at first sight,
        spent the night at my place, woke me up with kisses in the morning,
        kissed me good-bye cheerfully,
        then filed rape charges.
        Later she didn’t show up to court (since I obviously didn’t rape her
        and we didn’t even have sex), so case was dismissed.
        But it traumatized me, cops interrogating me, arresting me,
        treating me like a rapist in front of my class, parading me in handcuffs
        on campus, searching through my apartment for drugs and anything incriminating.
        No, it’s not worth it.

      6. Don’t know where to start this one, the terrible metaphor, the lack of knowledge regarding treatment of BPD or the absolute bullshit lie at the end

        1. I googled Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms and these were the first ones that came up. These are the ones that guys on this forum are referring to.
          – Intense emotions and mood swings.
          – Harmful, impulsive behaviors. …
          – Relationship problems. …
          – Low self-worth.
          – A frantic fear of being left alone (abandoned). …
          – Aggressive behavior.
          These traits sound exactly like someone who would throw out a false rape accusation. Pair this clinical definition with the anecdotal claims and we can agree that there is at least some reason to not put a BPD chick in the position to screw you.

        2. Oh you googled Borderline Personality Disorder – for a moment there I thought you didn’t know what you were talking about. And no, I don’t agree the diagnostic criterion for BPD means that sufferers are more likely than non-sufferers to make a false rape claim. The single criteria for such a terrible thing is malice toward the accused.

        3. You’re right we don’t know for sure but the risks are too high to just casually give those with BPD the opportunity to take advantage. If one of us puts ourselves in the position we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves if we get screwed around.
          I think these symptoms very much suggest that this population is more likely to be aggressive to their partner and abuse the system. You’ll have to explain your point that they are not any more likely to be aggressive and have relationship problems when these are the defining characteristics of the disorder.
          – Intense emotions and mood swings.
          – Harmful, impulsive behaviors. …
          – Relationship problems. …
          – Low self-worth.
          – A frantic fear of being left alone (abandoned). …
          – Aggressive behavior.
          I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        4. You’ve just added aggressive behaviour to try to justify your point. What I object to in your first comment is the implication that all people with BPD ( men have it too you know ) are the same. Not all people with BPD demonstrate all of the listed criteria. You only have to display 5 traits to get the diagnosis. So that is why I dispute that people with BPD are more likely than the rest of the population to make false allegations of rape. What I object to is that you’ve grouped all people with BPD in one box. Have you stopped and thought about how that is actually discrimination? You wouldn’t dream of discriminating against someone purely for reasons of ethnicity but you will for mental illness?

        5. Perfectly normal and healthy girls are crazy enough… I don’t have time to manage a relationship with a girl that is diagnosed by the medical establishment to be mentally unstable.
          Would you date a guy who has narcissistic personality disorder?

        6. See that’s what I mean. “Perfectly normal and healthy girls are crazy enough” Do you not see that this view is dysfunctional probably stemming from some emotional issues you carry yourself.
          You make a valid point with the NPD question. I like to think that I would get to know the person before simply writing them off based purely on their diagnosis. How high functioning are they? Are they seeking treatment? Do they have insight? Do I care about them enough to stick around and deal with the ups and downs.
          I certainly wouldn’t go on a forum written by a morally bankrupt “therapist” telling me how I could manipulate such men to my advantage whilst having total disregard for that man’s feelings at being treated so unfairly.

        7. You might be right but I’ve heard too many anecdotes from fellow men about their experiences dating these kinds of girls.
          I’m not going to encourage dudes to date BPD chicks but your point is well taken. There might be more variability to this disorder than I’ve considered.

    2. Piping that article to /dev/null where it belongs. Useless advice that shouldn’t be taken by anyone but an idiot.
      Hard to tell you got one on the start but when the veneer finally cracks it cracks more often and frequently.
      Yep GTFO.

    3. ” Turning down this pussy is NOT going to have you waking up tomorrow morning automatigically going gay because of some cosmic rule about turning down pussy.”
      Man, if only you guys knew how much I’m bursting my lungs laughing at all these comments…. man, congratulations to you all, ROK commenters are the best! THIS is pure wisdom!

    4. Shit, I was about to say something like, “gayer than a mini-van full of borderline personality chicks can make you”, but there you go, busting my balls with THIS. 🙂

        1. I’ve heard about that, but I’ve never been there. I’ll take your word for it.

        2. They call it “peacocking” there, but I call it “dressing like a total twat” …

        3. I prefer the vignette described in your succinct phrase.
          Do they have a word for this?

        4. in the photo: Erik von Markovik (tall one), Neil Strauss (short bald one)

      1. I’m glad you didn’t say that, because that’s a terrible metaphor that is clearly supposed to be amusing but isn’t in the slightest. It just reads as if the author is stupid and homophobic

  14. Fore-warned is fore-armed, in my opinion. Here’s some tips for early identification:
    – classifies all exes as abusers (and will do the same to you when she’s reeling in the next sucker after you)
    – “no one’s ever treated me so nice before!”
    – the world and everyone in it is always against her, no matter how trivial the matter is
    – it’s always everyone else’s fault, she’s never ever wrong
    – gets really clingy really fast and puts out very quickly with minimal effort. Will attempt to move in, or escalate the relationship very quickly (love bombing)
    – lies constantly, again even over trivial things
    Unless you’re a street-hardened pimp with ice water in his veins (and I am certainly not), stay away.

  15. Im a borderline myself and i gotta admit, those things work. especially the limited affection you give us, i cant make this clear enough. another really important thing with borderlines is indeed the could shoulder when we try to flirt. i admit im male, but im somewhat drawn to other crazy people, especially BPD, since they are the only ones who really get my emotions/adrenaline to toplevels ;D
    Since i dated alot of borderlines, i can assure you those things work. but anyway, if you look for a stable relationship, forget it. borderlines can be really fun to deal with, but they are not made for a happy, lasting relationship. i cant do this myself, and ive never met one who could do that.
    happy hunting!

  16. This article is crazy. Who in his right mind would waste his time doing this?
    Answer: the male who has reached his peak financially, mentally, spiritually, who actually has nothing left to fill his time.
    That ain’t me.
    Crazy, crazy, cray-crayZEEE !
    Remember folks : ,,never stick your dick in crazy !”

  17. But in america feminists are trying to re-frame BPD as the new normal. Check out sites like xojane, story after story of psycho shit that’s presented as girl talk.

  18. I normally don’t comment on here, and am happy to just observe the interesting conversations, but I can’t do that in good conscience here. I actually dated a girl with BPD (with an actual diagnosis) for a year and a half, and she very nearly ruined my life and ended my career before it could even begin with a false rape accusation. Why? Because she wanted to get back with her ex-BF.
    You guys have heard this story a million times. She told him I raped her, but of course it was only after he found out she fucked me while she was trying to get with him on the side, and keeping it a secret from both of us. Of course he believed her, and said she should report it to the police, so he actually went with her, and she made a completely false report against me instead of admitting she lied to him. She didn’t press charges though, which is likely the only reason I am not in prison with a permanent conviction on my record.
    If she would have reported to the campus police instead of the local PD, you guys know how that would have ended too; suffice to say, I would not be in the doctorate program I am in now, I probably never would have been allowed to finish my Bachelor’s degree. It is only mere luck that she didn’t; there was also the time she told campus police I stole her diary, when in fact she had broken into my garage and left it there like a crazy person. This stalker-like behavior was quite common from her, and it was also common for her to lie and accuse people of doing things they didn’t do, to manipulate others or save face for herself. I could tell you guys a million other similar stories.
    She was living with me for a short time after she graduated with a useless English degree and couldn’t find a job, until I found out she was fucking half her co-workers at Wal-Mart; she was classy like that. During that time I found and read her journals, which is the only reason I even found out about the false rape accusation. I knew she was crazy, but seeing what was actually going on in her head, written down on paper, it was shocking; like 1000 times worse than I would have ever thought. The way she was able to do all sorts of completely depraved things, lie, cheat, manipulate, etc. and then rationalize her behavior was astonishing. She was good at it too, had everyone completely fooled most of the time, with these huge complex webs of lies. It wasn’t just with me, this is how she dealt with everyone in her life. I can easily say that out of many, many crazy girls I have met, dated, and fucked, she is the one who came closest to ruining my life and career. I’ve had girls go completely insane, attack me with a hammer, refuse to leave my house, throw heavy/hard objects at my head, cut themselves during sex, the list goes on and on…but out of all those damage cases, none even came close to the damage she almost did, and she easily takes the cake for the most psychotic, depraved, and dangerous girl I have ever met.
    Anyway bottom line is, do not ever date a girl with BPD, or any other mental illness for that matter, especially if she is someone from your school. It may seem fun at the time, but it is not worth jeopardizing your future over, trust me. In fact, the best thing to do is completely avoid them at all costs. As long as they are involved in your life in any way, shape, or form, you will never be safe; legally, physically, or emotionally. They will constantly try to sabotage your life in ways you can’t even imagine, until you get rid of them.

    1. From the sounds of it, you really have to take a look at yourself and why you keep attracting these types women into your life. Just reading gave me the suspicion that you in a way actually enjoy having all this crazy drama in your life. At the very first sign of these behaviors, you should be dropping these girls, not letting them into your life, none the less your home.
      Crazy attracts crazy.

      1. You’re right, I always did have a thing for crazy girls, they were like heroin to me. Finally after dating this girl though, I started to examine the decisions I was making, and I started making changes. I became a lot less tolerant of fucked up/psychotic behavior. Anytime someone lied to me or broke my trust in any way, I cut them off permanently. I started to categorize my bad experiences in different ways and found there were many common red flags, often they came up repeatedly and quickly in the interaction, but I missed them because I was too focused on…other things.
        It took some time, but my results started to improve. I started dating more “good” girls and avoiding the slutty/psychotic ones. Now I’m in a relationship with an amazing girl, been with her for close to a year and a half, and she has never done any of this kind of fucked up stuff. But it was still like finding a needle in a haystack, it seems like just finding any halfway sane chick is very difficult these days. Could be the area I live in, or maybe just the nature of western women in general. Either way, you make a good point. It takes a lot of discipline, but you have to learn to drop damage cases like this early on and cut your losses, otherwise it’s only a matter of time before your life is ruined.

        1. Glad to see you made a huge change in your life. I had dealings too with a super cute girl that was a little fucked up in the head back in college. So I understand the struggle of dealing with your attraction to her but having to deal with all the messy left overs. In my case the girl was super rich, spoiled, drugged addicted, pathological liar. However she had a super tight body and filled my Asian school girl fetish.

      2. Dude, don’t preach. Borderlines latch onto whoever they find. They’re looking for identity, and often the guys they latch onto are ones with strong identities. Not crazy, but strong. So paradoxically the emergent alphas are the most vulnerable. The weakest men are not attractive, and the strongest do not have enough vulnerability to exploit. It’s not the crazy guys that attract them.
        That said, the guys that seek out novelty and adventure are the ones often the most attracted to BPDs. So that may include crazy guys, it may not.

        1. Their ideal man is in between. A strong enough identity to adopt as her own, but not so strong or independent that she can’t get close.

  19. Seriously, WTF is going on with piercing chick? That is utterly horrifying.. Is there NO ONE to tell her so? Disturbing and sad.

      1. For her entire life, which would explain her lack of upbringing.
        No father would ever let this kind of bullshit get started, ever. At least not a hardcore masculine father.

    1. Women with a shit ton of piercings are scary. Heck, my grandma never even pierced her ears, if she wanted to wear earrings, she wears clip ons and it still looks fine on her. I personally don’t see the point of people having piercings or tattoos. If there are no holes or marks in an area of a body, then that is the way it is supposed to be.

  20. These are the same women who tell you they cannot have children and then “accidentally” get knocked up. They have the opposite of the Midas Touch, everything turns to shit around them. Run.

    1. Yes… I once trusted a woman who had a “medical condition” that prevented her from getting pregnant. Now I’m 9 1/2 years into child support payments.

  21. My mother is a borderline and I dated a full blown clinically diagnosed Borderline/Histrionic in college for over a year. There are zero reasons to be in the same room as these evil, drama queens. Men need to be warned about these women, not encouraged. They usually come off as being extremely nice and innocent at first, and the crazy slowly leaks out.
    This girl was a 4.0 student, involved in several charitable organizations and was a social butterfly. My friends and I thought I hit the jackpot. The first three months were near perfect and around six months her true colors start to bleed out (literally). I slowly found out about her cutting, eating disorders, sexual fetishes, drug use, compulsive lying, and just all around emotional instability. They love to suffer and will actually despise you if you make them happy. Their wiring is completely backwards. She thinks shes a victim and Im constantly the bad guy for calling her out on her shit.
    After all the hell she raised, she lost it when I broke up with her and called/stalked me endlessly for the next few months. She would say “Im going to kill myself if you dont answer me” almost daily and ended up in the psych ward for a few months. Shes been in and out of institutions ever since.
    The good thing is that they only go for bluepill betas or really distant alphas, so most men in the manosphere wont attract one. Plus, theyre pretty easy to spot once you’ve gotten close to one of these nutcases.

    1. Well said and very accurate. They strive on chaos and instability. If its too good to true, there is definitely something wrong. The sad part is they believe in their true and truly believe in their lies.

    2. “Shes a kindergarten teacher now, living alone with two cats at almost 30, dependent on antidepressants to get through the day.”
      If that not a case for home schooling, I dont know what is…

  22. I saw a heightism twitter page over on roosh’s forum (dont remember the url).
    Man, twitter is evil! The guy who invented this platform should be tried for crimes against humanity. The mean-spirited things these chicks say (eg, “men under 5’9″ should kill themselves”) are shocking(to me at least).

  23. “but the sex is incredible” The sex being incredible or not is up to the man entirely. Women have zero sexual consequence, meaning they can’t lose a hard on or bust prematurely, plus the fact we bring everything to them puts the ball squarely in our court. I’m sick of hearing about “wild” sex and “she’s so good in bed.” Wow, she gives fellatio well, other than that she’s the fuckee and that’s all.

  24. As the individual cells comprising the woman’s body divide and replenish her tissues and vital systems as per her overriding genetic code, the greater superstructure of her body replete with sentient mind should retain its core program for the superstructure to reproduce itself and nurture its offspring. This should be the core personality trait around which all other of her connected states of mind serve. If her mental state is absent of the reproductive/nurturing program then her circuitry has either been wiped or her hard drive is broken. If she ultimately desires to end up being repeatedly fired from a circus cannon for example or if she habitually gravitates towards a dead end pattern of chewing up and spitting out one dick after another like sunflower seeds, then this is a clear sign that SHE IS VACANT. No mind, no spirit – NO ONE HOME.
    It is possible to lay the hammer down with psychoactive ‘treatment’ but you end up with a complacent jellyfish. Societies in long term stagnation will stave off the beckoning widespread ‘bitch inferno’ with burqa cloths, feet binding and chastity belts. These last ditch measures are often implemented too late. Females must be broken and tamed early to preserve both their purity and their core program TO SERVE MAN, PROCREATE AND NURTURE. Our genetic code is our rock. It trumps all and cannot be rewritten or audultrated by SJW’s, doctors or legislators.

    1. Western feminism, with unlimited sexual freedom, has left many women emotionally fragmented and neurotic. We’re really only just starting to see the re-ordering of a broken society.

  25. Step One:
    Run like hell.
    OTOH, the pick of Lynda Carter as WW was pleasant. Better if she was in a box tie, freeing up those epic boobs, but one can’t have everything.
    À bientôt,

    1. She’s actually aged quite well if you look her up. Or has since the last I saw her which was, I think, in the 2000’s on some stupid super hero movie my son was watching (Kurt Russel was in it I think?).

      1. Sky High. It had the advantage of having her and a 20-ish Mary Elizabeth Winstead in it.

    2. ahhh…Lynda Carter “back when”….was the fucking cat’s meow.
      Has not aged too badly but SMV has definitely dropped off.

      1. Well, she *is* 63….
        That said, Yvonne Craig *will* always be the Batgirl, AFAIAC.
        Alicia Silverstone? Blech .
        À bientôt,

        1. I know..that’s why I posted the pic….to reminisce a little. I figured you and Ghost would appreciate it as well.
          Ahhhh…that Wonder Woman.

  26. 1. Use a false identity when interacting with borderline girls. They are liable to try and fuck your life up. Not possible if they don’t know who you are.
    2. Never reveal your residence. It might get burnt to the ground.
    3. Don’t share your drugs/liquor unless you want to see some insanity that might get directed towards you.
    4. Invest in a “burner.” These are disposable phones used by criminals to avoid wiretaps. You’ll need to get rid of any number you give the bitch.
    5. Consider getting on estrogen treatment to kill your sex drive. If you’re desperate enough to go for BPD girls then your dick may very well be the death of you.

    1. Here is Drone Killas rules played out in my own personal story:
      A few years back, I met an artsy girl, a 7, in a coffee shop, we talked some shit for about an hour and since it was the lonely Xmas holidays, we finished the coffee and got into her car and hopped on over to a nearby eatery (casual T.G.I.F. type of place) to grab a bite. In truth, my goal really was simply to have a laugh, get mildly intoxicated, and if we fuck, we fuck.
      So, it was not even 2 drinks later, we are waiting for our food to arrive, I go to the washroom for a quick piss, but when I get back to our table, crazy bitch is going through my wallet like an angry squirrel looking to crack open a walnut!!!
      And I’m watching this shit before my eyes as I’m approaching the table…
      After I interrogate her a là Jason Bourne, all she would do is stare back at me with this uneasy look on her face like she just shit her pants…
      No I’m sorry, no explanations, just that look of, “I shit my pants and I cant get up”.
      I call the waiter, cancel the order, and start to walk out. She runs after me, and stops me on the way out, offering me at least a ride home.
      Being the holidays, I accept…
      Bad move.
      During the ride she tries to convince me to continue to hang out with her. I am firm-NO!
      And this whole time, she has the most fucked up music I ever heard, playing in the background…
      I am trapped in a car with a psycho in the drivers seat…
      Then, in the middle of nowhere she stops at a liquor store and returns to the car with a bottle of wine, and pleads with me, “lets go back to my place.” over and over and over.
      Right then, I decide to cut my losses. As we neared the next commercial, I made sure she dropped me off near a subway station. It was 3 miles from where I actually live.
      As I’m closing the car door, she looks at me in her shit-my-pants face and says, “So, what now, that’s it?”
      I’m like, “Yup.”
      “Can I call you!!!”, she yells.
      Door slams.
      And made sure I watched that bitch drive away until I couldn’t see her car anymore.

    2. All points except 5, that’s just destroying your manhood. Perhaps control over it or if not, there many fish in the sea. Not all girls good in bed have BPD.

  27. Run, just run.
    I was married to a stunningly beautiful BPD malignant narcissist (had no idea about Borderlines or Narcisisism when I met her). She destroyed my life. At the end of it I was broke, out of work and emotionally smashed. I discovered Game two months before she left me and that was the only thing that kept me afloat, intellectually. Emotionally I was barely able to function, I had been mind-fucked so bad.
    Any significant exposure to a BPD narcissist actually damages the primary psychological processes by which a man operates in the world. Many men who are in these relationships simply kill themselves, the psychological and emotional damage is so great. There are lots of videos about this on Youtube, by reputable experts.
    If you were in a relationship with a BPD, you can google Shari Shreiber, whose work on Borderlines supports men. She is widely quoted and approved of, by the Red Pill community.
    I hope that none of you men never get hooked up with one. Run.

  28. The article should be renamed: “How to game batshit crazy”. No fucking way.
    There will be this invisible leash that prevents her from going beyond 5 feet of you.

  29. Oh hell no! (As I turn and run the fuck away…)
    And remember kids, sometimes in life you have to burn the bridge so crazy doesn’t follow you!

  30. Sorry, I know it’s click bait, but this is just irresponsible.
    True BPDs progressively convince their victims that they are the source of her neurosis. You are not yourself, you are who she’s molding you to be, and eventually you’ll come to believe that it’s in your best interest – indeed, your responsibility – to be who she wants you to be to sustain that neurosis.
    You will gradually give up on your family and friends (or they give up on you), you will drop all ambitions and passions that directly focus on you, and you will abandon any genuine, independent identity you held for yourself, all because these are threats to the neurotic narrative she constructs for herself and lives out.
    She will reward your conversion to her psychosis with the intermittent reward of crazy hot sex, but this is simply the reinforcer to keep you locked into her narrative. The YOU you know will cease to exist and the character she creates for you will take over. This is especially true for beta chumps who see their BPD as their best, only option for a long term romantic prospect. She’s an HB 9 (to him) and he’s never fucked better than a 5 in his whole life, so the risk of catastrophic loss is real and ever-present. It’s fate that brought them together, and if he can only help allay her fears they can live happily ever after.
    In the latter stages of a BPD relationship you will get to the point where her overt cuckolding of you is an acceptable situation. You think you’ll mitigate it by negotiating some “open relationship” status with her. You will internalize the reasoning that negotiating for her desire is preferable to losing her. You’ll propose that an open relationship means you’re both free to fuck other parties, when in reality it’s the only way you can rationalize for yourself the fact that she’s going to go fuck other guys, and you’re going to accept it because you’re locked into her neurosis. It’s your fault she feels compelled to fuck other guys – and you’ll believe it.
    That, or the mere suggestion of you being interested in sex with another woman will send her into fits of jealous, histrionic rage. You’re living in fear. You’re afraid she’ll commit suicide if you uproot yourself (a classic BPD unspoken threat), but trust me on this, it’ll be you who swallows a bullet long before she ever will. I’ve personally known two men who’ve done just this, and another who hung himself as the result of a BPD relationship.

    1. This happened to my Dad. I loved him, but in many ways he was saved from his wife by his death.

  31. Step 1. Turn around
    Step 2. Run
    Step 3. Keep running
    Step 4. Meet more girls
    Step 5. Find one who doesn’t have BPD
    Step 6. Bang her instead.

  32. Remember that seen in “The Matrix” where Neo is on top of the building and the bullets are flying by? One of them barely clips him as he is leaning backwards? Yep…that was me. I narrowed escaped marrying a Borderline.
    Sure, she was hot and the sex was off the charts, but I am telling you, the arguments were also EPIC…most of it stemming from the continuous shit-tests. A man can only take so much and your alternatives are to leave or explode. I did both.
    One thing that I did find out from my counselor (a man) is that Borderline are EXPERT at bonding with Alpha males or men who have narcissistic tendencies. They make it seem at first, as if they are “the one” for you. In fact, Borderlines will go out of there way to make themselves appear as though they are made especially for you and you alone. This is what they are good at…roping you in. Once that happens, watch out! The bottom will fall out. It will go from “great sex” to “no sex”. It will go from them being reasonable and easy to be with, to having a car full cats in your car, that have been been fed a box of EX-LAX and left overnight with the doors locked.
    You will have to trade in the car.

    1. Borderlines dont chase Alpha’s. They chase Beta’s whoom they can control. You are absolutely correct that they make you feel like a king in the beginning.Once they suck you in for good, they bring out the bitch !

      1. I made the mistake of marrying one. Yes, they fuck alphas, who promptly kick them to the curb once the crazy comes out. It’s betas who they really do a number on. I was lucky to get out of that marriage without getting arrested for assault. When her mood turned, the shit tests would come at me fast and furious — there was no level she wouldn’t stoop to when trying to push me over the edge.

        1. I’ve slept with BPDs, I recognise them straight away having grown up with one.
          Only go to their place, get them to text you how much they enjoyed themselves (for your safety) and never see them again.
          It’s not exactly nice behaviour but hey I am not a saint.
          If you’re a really good person you should not even speak to them.
          As for a long-term relationship, only do that with a bpd if you’re a stone cold sociopath who could snap someone’s neck and sit down and chuckle to the latest South Park episode while their limp body lay next to you on the floor.
          Of course if you could do that I have no idea why you would want a ltr…

  33. There is no upside to sticking your cock in crazy women. Not worth the headache, I don’t care how good you think the sex is.

    1. It’s wild ride. Kinda like sticking your dick into electric socket. You get a awesome new haircut, your ass becomes a magnet for trouble and it won’t stop shaking till it’s over.

  34. “they almost always grow out of it….”. Wrong. Incorrect. BPD are incurable. These are the women who cry rape, these are the women who will poison your dog or go full “Fatal Attraction” on you. The Personality Disorders are many from the kinda benign e.g OCD, Hysterical, Narcissistic to Psychopathies, sociopaths,etc. Best to avoid like the plague

  35. I once dated a girl diagnosed with BPD, she was forever talking about her ex boyfriend, at first I thought she was just wacky but in a nice way, but then it was obvious she was a darn right loon. Hence we were not together for too long. Recently I’ve been using the dating websites http://www.hidine.com , http://www.tempted.com , I’m meeting conventional, good-looking women and investing some normality back into my life.

  36. This article is as crazy as a BPD bitch.
    I have been with 2. That was my own personal defect that I attracted these bitches and they were attracted to me. I fixed that defect.
    The only good advice to give to a man regarding BPD is to help them see that they are with a BPD because of their OWN issues. A man with a BPD has to fix his own issues or there is no hope for him. He starts by getting the fuck away from crazy bitches. Then he works on his own problems. He starts by asking himself:
    Why do I put up with this kind of shit from a woman?
    Why do I deep down feel that I deserve to be treated like shit?
    Why do I subconsciously seek out damaged woman?
    Why do I like this drama?
    Why do I tend to reject and get bored with women that treat me with respect?
    There is no balancing act possible with BPD bitches. Forget that shit. No matter what you do, or how you behave, or even if you are the master of manipulation, they will always find a way to twist you into knots. You can’t out game them. Period.

  37. “There’s not much you can do for these girls other than just wait it out. They almost always grow out of it eventually, although usually not until they hit their 50’s. Until then, you’re pretty much fucked.”
    This not only applies to BPDs, but also to spoiled princesses, attention whores and pretty much half of the female population in the western world.

    1. BPD is just a girl who has never grown up. So yes many girls display these characteristics nowadays…

  38. Trust me, you will regret this for the rest of your life! I’ve been with two BPD girls and they each traumatized me. They crave attention and will slash your tires, pour soda on your open laptop, or bang on your door at 3 a.m. just to scream at you.
    One, Ashley Kimball, called the cops and claimed I raped her, after kissing me and saying, “Have a good day,” that morning. Then she posted on facebook about how bad being raped is.
    The cops came to my apartment and turned everything upside-down, looking for a date-rape drug, and interrogated me on Xmas Eve.
    The other one also called the cops on me and told the cops I was a child pornographer, and the cops took my computer.
    DO NOT GO NEAR Borderline Personality Disorder. At first, they think you are god. They think you’re the best man she’s ever met. Give it a week or so. Suddenly you’re the devil or her scapegoat.
    Don’t think you can just break up with her.
    Everyone in your family and all your friends will beg you to dump her,
    and you will be forced to say, “If only it were that easy.”
    I would literally pay $1,000 to remove those notches from my belt.
    One of them ruined my life for 2 years.
    It’s not worth a notch on your belt…no matter how sexy she is.
    There’s good “crazy” and there’s run-like-hell “crazy.”
    BPD is the latter.

    1. Wow. I honestly dont know what to say to these personal posts, other than thank god it wasnt me.
      Is there a certain age range for these types?
      Do they grow out of this phase?
      God bless you brother…

  39. [throws out my Monarch kitten slave training manual]
    Yeah, this is so much simpler … 🙂

  40. I once dated a girl whom I suspect has BPD. Probably the worst decision of my life. Arguably the shittiest person I’ve ever known.

  41. I’ve seen a few decent articles on this site. But WTF is up with this sleep around and don’t care shit? All it takes is one rotten vagina to get the herps or warts, try explaining that to the woman of your dreams when you meet her. The flood of immigration is a godsend, go meet women who have some family values and love them. Jesus christ, this site is as bad as the feminist sites.

  42. fuck the writer of this article; maybe bpd girls don’t want to date a douche who thinks his frat boy writing style is funny and witty when it isn’t.

      1. thanks!! borderline blondes have more fun, and definitely with real men not pathetic scorned toolbags like this

  43. Ever read about Brair Rabbit and the Tar Baby? People with BPD are Tar Baby’s. Just say no! Look what Jodi Arias did to Travis Alexander. BPD’d have violent emotions they can barely control when they don’t get what they want.

  44. BPDs (psychos) are easy. They’re most common in areas with high numbers of college “educated” professional women like Washington DC. They were my most commonly gamed women after my divorce in 1993 in the DC region where I grew up. Today, in Boston, nothing is different. Then, as now, I was a commercial phone guy and my office was the offices of my customers and I met hundreds of women all over DC. ALL of them either started out with BPD or, I instilled it in them, I’m not sure. I know one thing. Bill Clinton was President then and every Jewess Princess in DC was wanting to channel her “Inner Monica Lewinski” in the blow job department of sexual works. Nothing like a rest stop in the mountains.
    Wanna game a psycho? Think adventure. And not a fucking roller coaster, ladies. Stir these broads up. Motorcycles. Japanese four cylinders, upright standard bikes, comfortable, fast, dependable (Harleys suck in that regard). Learn to ride it, handle it, make it go fast and make it stop, you need to do it well enough not to get you and your lady-critter killed. When you let it drop that you have a motorcycle, most women start tingling right away and the ones that don’t are going to be lousy in the sack anyway. A chick wanting to sample a ride on your motorcycle should always be your personal shit test for every women. Any chick that thinks bikes are a death wish are shit. Don’t date em, even if YOU don’t have a bike. BPD broads love to go along and being so many in the population, there is no shortage. And no fat chicks, you chubby-chasers. Fat chicks, no good.
    A day or two or three on a bike is a blast for a cubicle/office chick, a day in the wind hugging you close with her legs spread wide on a high-frequency vibe tickling her cooter all day in the sun and breeze is a GUARANTEED lay. The adventure transcends age difference, too. I’m 58 and tagged two chicks in their late twenties last fall, a day on the bike is a great generation-bridge that I probably couldn’t leap without the bike, they probably wouldn’t find me dangerous enough otherwise. Top it off, she has a great story for her dopey and deprived, bored girlfriends about what she did on the weekend when she goes back to work on Monday. Cool thing about her blabbing at work is taking her to the company picnic on the bike. Wear your leather jacket, jeans and boots. Be looking your rugged-ass best. Roll into the party with the office chick, and lo and behold, there’s even more office chick game because ALL the chicks in her office will see you in your natural testosterone-laden state and some WILL give you their phone numbers, no request necessary. They’ll look at the men in their offices in a withering light, too, those boring, wussified bastards. These broads worked for my phone company’s customers’ offices that I serviced so I was always back there sooner or later. Chicks will want to show off her bad boy, but that’s dangerous for her because chicks will try to steal a guy from another chick. And of course, most of THOSE are BPD, another plus because a BPD is treacherous to no one more than to a chick that has a guy that the BPD likes.
    So now you’ve got BPD chick hooked, thrills and chills and little Red Pills. But you’re tired of her, something new comes along, or you’re juggling two or three of them and you need to ease one out. Tough to wean them off adventure and a vigorous after-journey screwin’ though. There aren’t many guys in professional circles doing motorcycles, face it.
    To rid yourself of a BPD entanglement, however, you have to go into what I always thought of as gradual-aloof. A weaning process, little by little, blame repairs on the bike, gradually turn off the personality, become a little boring, blame work and gradually, they’ll go away. BPD chicks don’t HAVE to be a restraining-order separation if you do it slowly. And, if you have designs on her social/work circle BPD pool of chicks, gradual beats a lot of drama. Meanwhile, you’re already gaming another chick and overlapping another, and you just daisy-chain chicks. As for the BPD, whether YOU instill in them their BPD (You might, I have) or they start out with it, they’re great in bed, fast to lay, and for the time you’re with them, for the time that it’s good, it’s very VERY good. I highly recommend PBD chicks for a guy that wants to bang in a fast and furious manner, with lots of blow jobs on the side to boot.
    Have fun but remember, NEVER, ever marry these gals. And be firm if they go psycho, stalk, or vandalize the car or bike or follow you around. Be willing to go all out. Since you aren’t allowed to beat their ass, you’ll get to know your local police department because some of these broads WILL need a restraining order. Other than that, it’s a grand adventure , motorcycles, and they are a draw for chicks if you have the physical wherewithal (build, attitude, reflexes, eyesight, etc.) to learn to ride one. I came from a fire-fighter.carrier flight deck environment and I’m a trouble-junkie, so bikes and guns and other stuff came naturally, but bikes can be learned by anyone. Bikes are great game, especially for pulling young chicks.
    Gentlemen, Good Luck, Gentlemen.
    Jesus, I just wrote another article. ROOSH!

  45. It takes a real man to handle a borderline and trust me ladies (in case you run across this ignorant article)…they do exist, I have one…just not on this page. That’s why you guys can’t handle a borderline. “Run away??” May I suggest you grow a pair?? It’s a girl you chicken sh#t! Borderlines dont like weakling men. YES, we throw you guys out like yesterdays garbage. Dont blame us because you can’t make par. Good luck with your ‘Gaming?’.
    The Borderline Blonde 🙂

    1. haha, what a sad little fucker…. yes, yes, we’ll just hang around and encourage you as you toy with a pair of scissors around our balls. Can’t wait til the “real man” you’re presumably currently seeing kicks you to the curb when you run at him with a sharpened knife

      1. I see I struck a nerve with the “real man” comment. The exploitation of persons with mental illnesses for sex is considered a sexual deviance similar to that of pediophilia and we all know how society views pedophiles and they’re balls. If the shoe fits…..
        The next time you imagine what my behaviors might be could I please have a sword? A sword would be way cooler. Thanks. The Borderline Blonde 🙂

        1. The only man who can be with someone like you and whom you are not slowly destroying is a stone cold sociopath who would break your neck on a whim and not feel a thing. Good luck together, you deserve each other, and say hi to Mr Dahmer for me.

  46. Ah it looks as though I have stumbled upon a male bragging website. I say you deserve any bad shot that happens to you. An you Jay Cataldo call yourself a life coach? You are as big a fuck ass as those that write on here for encouraging it.

    1. Thanks for being a real man Dave! Best wishes.
      The Borderline Blonde:-)

  47. I am. Bpd and I agree mostly with this article. Therapy is bullshit and relationships are impossible. The only thing here that rubs me the wrong way is the concept of “gaming”. It just makes men seem like manipulators and liars. As far as the immature commenters below, I can agree that a bpd is not ready for a relationship, but making degrading remarks about the mentally injured just seems juvenile and cruel. Also, don’t think we are so easy to spot. I can easily cover my bpd side for as long as I want to. I will still hate you internally, while outwardly charming and using you for my personal gain. I also have a hard time believing that men have “feelings”. To me, they seem like sexaholics who lie and manipulate and cheat. I’ve spoken to many “normal” women who have had the same experiences with men of being cheated, led on, manipulated, etc. So I highly doubt that its all in my head. Most men are not good for relationships either. My favorite type of relationship is a sugar daddy, especially the good looking ones. Occasionally they get clingy but I do not believe for a second that its genuine, I think they’re after a “relationship” that is for free. I won’t allow that. Well, I wish all you talking dildos the worst of luck and that you meet borderline women who will destroy your life when you piss them off. Adios! Lol

  48. You bitches lack the primal will to dominate…fall back on rationalizationization to justify your all too obvious inadequacies and fear. Leave the best pussy for the sociopaths. We’re better in bed anyway.

    1. Lol please bitch. Id beat your ass then fuck your man while you lie there broken … Just Glareing at us with your Weirdo psycho stare….. A sociopaths ice cold heart and ice cold pussy can’t compare to this.
      …. Dominate that. Bitch.

  49. I really think that the way this info is offered isnt entirely fair. I didn’t ask to be emotionally Weird …. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be. every day I try my best to be stable and mature. I hate myself for a list of reasons which are a mile long.
    It doesn’t do us any good to read the way even “experts” talk about people afflicted with B p d , which makes it sound as if we are not fully human and or not worthy of love or able to have healthy love in our hearts. That’s not true . I happen to care very much about being a good person … I am extreamly aware of the impact my emotional state has on others , so even though I am overly sensitive , have too many triggers, get overwhelmed easily by my negative thoughts , and that may be too much for some folks I believe there is some one for everyone .
    I know , becasue I am lucky enought to have a man who proves this. My BF isn’t easily moved by my dramatic reactions to things most of the time but he will find humor in it and we laugh about these moments together . . He helps bring me back down to earth with his perspective on things . With him I feel like who I am is ok. Who I am is likable, lovable… That even if I don’t know who I am , he does. He reminds me.
    When I ask him why he sticks around he tells me no one can love him like I do. That I make him feel good. That I am special . Creative. That im beautiful inside and out. And that makes me happy . Even when it’s hiding Somewhere underneath my distress it’s there. That is the cure. Love.
    “Gaming” a person with bpd is only harmful . All though there is some truth to the advice in this article and after reading it I understand how my BF and I have managed to have a mostly wonderful 7+ year relationship. (The trouble we have had has almost always been my doing and I am able to recognize that) … I am lucky to have found him , he does most of these things instinctually it seems…and has remained my best friend through my drama and puts up with my fits and my “splitting” all with rationality respect and gentle assertiveness of a real man. He never just takes my bull shit but has always been encouraging , has stood by my side , stayed positive while understanding I feel trapped in my head and held down by emotions.
    He is very level headed, optimistic and doesn’t let my out bursts Get to him it seems, but aknowledges what is causing it. I must admit it infuriates me at the time of my meltdowns but I appreciate it later when I am “normal” as it helps to allow these uncomfortable moments to pass with less permanent negative impact by not provoking child like behavior from me.
    Anyways, what im saying everyone is please let go of the stigma a bit , we are sensative people and unlike our cousin the sociopath we actually do have a conscious and are able to love and care for others. Many of us NEED to be needed . I do. That’s the best medicine for me. To know my love (and my cooking 🙂 ) is the love he needs and can’t find anywhere else. . I try my hardest for that. For him .

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  51. You do realise these are people with severe mental illnesses and you’re trying to “game” the mental illness and have good sex. That’s exploitative and cruel. It’s different if it’s just sex, like a one night stand, but most women have higher expectations. They want somoeone who cares about them. You’re sociopathic. Who the fuck gives advice about how to fuck fucked up girls for money? You’re as damaged as the girls you talk about.

  52. Dated one of these problem childs and it wasn’t worth it. Yes, they are children trapped in an adult’s body. They have a mental issue, where they are stuck at a primal state, when they are triggered. They throw tantrums, like a toddler. They can get violent and even have killed.
    Would not hit again. Could not even stick my dick in there, for fear of potential pregnancy. They are the type that will sabotage a condom to trap you, leave you and bleed you dry.
    Stay Away! Do NOT Handle with Care. Just Stay the Fuck Away.

  53. You are all sick in the heads seriously. What is wrong with you??? Do any of you actually know anything about BPD???? PLus therapy does work a lot actually CBT is amazing people with BPD are normal just handle emotions a little differently all you need to do is show you care and be there for them that is it and it is arseholes like yourselves that make mental health such an issue still here in 21st centery

  54. Great article! Totally spot on. I have bdp and I totally agree with all of it. You have to be either a sociopath or an arsehole like myself to keep me genuinely interested for longer than 5 minutes. If you want to be with me, you will have to play games. Otherwise, I will became again empty and bored and break your balls and leave you. But then a question arises why would you want to be with someone like me. And what is it that you really want? Not a relationship, that’s for sure. A relationship is when two people are close together, they love each other and they care for each other. It is not about playing a constant game. A real relationship with a person with bdp is impossible. I don’t love, I don’t even comprehend what love is. I want to be close with someone but I just cant. I am not sure whether intimacy more repulses me or freaks me out. When you cuddle me I feel either nothing, or like I am about to vomit or I just want to run run run. When I cuddle you its because I want something. It could be anything, attention, fear of rejection but mostly it is just manipulating you and extremely rarely that I actually want to cuddle you. Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself because clearly there must be something wrong with you too if you want to be with someone who has bdp.

  55. My x borderline was the best lay ever. And its not even close. Was she worth it though ? Hell no. I had no idea she was a bpd and when I started to notice that something was off with her I attempted to move on with my life. Wouldn’t you know it she turned up pregnant !! I remember thinking no way she is raising my child. So I gave it a go. Like I said the sex was off the charts. But this woman was a pathological liar, a cheat and the most selfish bitch I’ve ever met. It ended very badly and eventually I figured out through a counselor that she had bpd. She married another person instantly and took a long time to admit he was just another one of her affairs after. Getting the truth from these bitches is next to impossible. She had the nerve to keep asking me to see her even after she married someone she cheated on me with. BC I am raising our little girl she still has an in with me and my life. And stalks me on facebook or tries to figure out who I am dating in an attempt to run them off. Even though I’ve made it clear to her that I want her out of my life. These women are possessed by some type of evil demonic spirit. Likely an incubus because the sex is incredible. They love giving head. They cum over and over and over. And my borderline squirted several times per session. Thats fun in my book. Plus they are very submissive both in and out of the bed. Having said that I’d rather jack off. These women are evil. If you meet one forget the one night stand. My advice is to run like hell.

  56. It’s impossible. And the sex is very hit or miss. I mean go home and jerk it because you’re either getting a pain whore or a pilgrim. And when she’s done that’s it regardless.

  57. Oh my… My fellow gentlemen! BPD is a plague. We are sophisticated manly men! We can’t deal with any of this! By the way I fuck all the time guys, I want you to know I have sex. Workout everyday too, because I’m
    Alpha. BPD is the worst lads. We should all just give up on women, they’re too dangerous. I think we should do what this website has always been subtly suggesting. Cut out the middle man (or should I say woman) and let’s just fuck eachother. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/588a648bbd3d281ffbe6766f2b17149cfd3fcd08da08d9c6f56ff4e085702995.jpg

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