5 Pieces Of Advice For Men Who Are Tired Of Being Beta

I’m 39 years old, engaged to a woman I’ve been with for five years, reasonably happy, and I have 18 month old daughter. My fiancé is 27 years old. She’s 5’7″ and 120 pounds. She’s in shape, and if you didn’t see her with our daughter, you’d never know she had a child. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never slept with a woman older than 28. Yes, I stay in shape. Yes, I can carry on conversation. No, I don’t talk to my shoes.

When those women chased me, I simply had enough sense not to say no. If a woman wants to fuck, she will fuck. It might as well be you if you’re unattached. Those are my bona fides, and the reason I feel I have a certain authority to say what I’m about to say. I am here because it is one of the very few websites that speaks out on a variety of issues with absolutely no bullshit. Patchfur’s recent article is a perfect example.

I’m also writing because of something that happened last week. I met up with a longtime (male) friend for late night coffee and conversation. At one point during the night, a young friend of his came in. The lad was absolutely devastated by his recent lack of success with a particular young woman. Now, I’ve never personally been a fan of the whole “red pill blue pill” terminology, but in this case the young lad was so blue pill he could have been a smurf. What, specifically, can we as older (perhaps wiser) men do to wake up those who are willing to listen?

Here are five “go to” points for young men trying desperately to improve themselves and escape the ball-less hell modern society is attempting to force on them…

1. Society has led young men to believe they have to ‘fight’ to get a woman.

The whole concept of ‘fighting’ in this sense is false in that it has absolutely nothing to do with getting a woman, and everything to do with being foolish. If she isn’t responsive in a reasonable amount of time, take your balls and go home. If you want to ‘fight’ for a woman then learn how to ‘fight’ correctly. The following is straight from “The Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership”:

“Know yourself and seek self-improvement”

“Be technically and tactically proficient”

When it comes to fighting, few have the reputation of the United States Marine Corps. Notice however, that neither of those two points has anything to do with another person and everything to do with you. Being technically and tactically proficient means knowing when, where, and how to apply yourself, to apply your skills, and how to achieve maximum effect. It also means doing it right every time. Quite simply put, if you don’t have the time to do it right, then do you have the time to do it over? Make these two points your religion, worship them daily.

2. Stop getting friend zoned.

When I first started dating my fiancé she said to me once: “Sometimes I feel like you’re the only real friend I have. Everyone else seems so two-faced.” I looked her straight in the eye and calmly, gently, but firmly said the following: “Honey, I’m not your friend. Friends do things for each just because they’re friends. I am not your friend. I want something. I want you.”

Men get friend zoned, because they allow themselves to be friend zoned.

Do. Not. Allow. It.

The thing to realize is that you have the power. She wants the friend. She wants the safety that society has told her comes without commitment. She wants the half-boyfriend she can emotionally dump on without paying back in to the emotional bank. Do not allow it. If she won’t accept it, take your balls and go home.

3. No one has any more control over you than you give them.

This isn’t strictly speaking ‘game’ but it’s important. Many women will attempt to manipulate you to some extent. Yes, this is bad, but it’s not world ending.  Most women don’t even realize they’re doing it—it’s so deeply ingrained in our society. Indulge her if you choose. Do not indulge her if you choose. Just realize that it is your choice. Practice saying ‘No.’ Don’t let her be the man. Amen.

4. The woman you’re after is often swarmed by betas, but don’t compete.

Do something to provoke her interest, then withdraw. Repeat as necessary. If you’re trying to break out of your ‘white knighthood’ and you need that fighting metaphor, think of it as guerrilla war. Make a rapid, fast, and effective attack and then just as rapid withdrawal. It won’t matter how many men swarm her at that point. The one man she’s thinking about is the one who is not paying attention to her. Sad but true.

5. Stop caring if you get laid or not.

Seriously, just stop caring. Several years back there was an attractive half-Asian girl who would come into the coffeehouse. Every guy in the place was trying to get her into bed. Except me. I might have been interested, but I had a new casual hookup at the time (a nice Russian girl). I wasn’t willing to fight the land war in Asia. So I avoided the drama.

One day she approached me and asked if we could talk. It seems every guy she knew in the place was telling her to avoid me because I would just try to fuck her. I found this ironic, as every guy telling her this was trying to fuck her. She knew it. I knew it. I laughed and told her quite simply that she was a beautiful girl, she seemed like a nice person, and if she wanted to go back to my place and fuck we could do that right now. Or not, but when she decided that it was time, well, that was entirely up to her. We ended up talking in the coffeehouse for several hours that night. We ended up talking even longer later that night.

Never apologize for liking sex. Never apologize for wanting women. Never try to hide it behind a false face. Throw your dick on the table (not literally) and tell them to take it or leave it. But if you listen to nothing else, listen to this: stop caring if you get laid or not. Stop caring what the betas say. The more they try to shame you, the better your image appears. Use it to your advantage. Without realizing it, every beta in that place had painted me as a man women loved to fuck. Every warning against me, it just made her wonder what other women saw in me. The fact I could carry on a conversation. The fact that I made no denials. All of this increased her fascination with me. Do not apologize, ever, for what you want and like. Always be consistent. By not caring if you get laid or not, most women will seek to make you care about it. Always talk to the woman first as a woman, and her vagina will follow. Why? Because she will want you to care about it. Don’t.

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191 thoughts on “5 Pieces Of Advice For Men Who Are Tired Of Being Beta”

  1. Excellent article! As a married man that has recently put his foot down and still struggles with disposal of beta behavior, I can appreciate these simple truths and try to take ownership of them.

    1. the solution i’ve found is so simple it’s stupid….
      women will try to draw you into a conflict about some inconsequential BS. even if the reason is valid it doesn’t matter… they are attempting to take power….. so don’t get drawn in… they will quickly have you justifying yourself, making excuses or backing down…..
      these days i simply ignore it, go out for a walk or a smoke, go to another room, and failing that if we’re in the car or out together, i’ll just say : “Sorry, I refuse to be drawn into conflict with a person that’s supposed to be at my side.” OR “I’m trying to have a positive day, I suggest you stop talking unless you have something positive to say.”
      it just snaps her back, bitch mode fails like a younger brother trying to punch his older brother that puts one arm on his head and holds him out of reach….
      it’s incredible how easy life can be with a few simple rules of engagement.
      suddenly i’m a US aircraft carrier and she’s a shitty Iranian swift boat…..

      1. Agreed! An alternative way to set a foundation for taking control of the situation is simple: stop feeling bad for her. The emotional turmoil that she is going through is insignificant. That is, unless her husband or children are in danger. If men don’t have this mindset they’ll be smurfs for life.

      2. Yup. Chicks always get mad about stupid shit and you’ve just gotta put them in their place. Otherwise, you’re rewarding bad behavior. There’s really no choice but to treat them like inferiors.

        1. Or date/marry/fuck women not little girls. Sadly just like there are fewer men there are fewer women.
          Adult women are emotionally balanced and realize they don’t need or want to cause conflict over small shit. Little girls, especially pretty girls, believe the entire world revolves around them because they are sooooo special. So everything should be there way. Don’t put the toilet seat down? Fight! Don’t take out the garbage one night. You are the worst dude in the world!
          The downside is bratty bitches tends to include a large % of the 9/10s in the US. Granted there are plenty of pretty unattractive ladies who act this way too, that just means they are clueless and ugly. How sad for them.
          I would imagine most of the guys on ROK will take their chances trying to discipline a 9/10 who is a pain in the ass using game style techniques. Good luck with that. Most of the well adjusted 9/10s are off of the market vey quickly, typically via white knights who look like they are out of a jcrew catalog. So i guess I can’t really blame you guys.

        2. • “Adult women are emotionally balanced”
          Ok stop. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? Adult women are the biggest emotional CATASTROPHES on the planet. Hence the epic meds they consume.
          Women stop maturing when they start menstruating.

          Maybe that shit works over at HuffPo or Telecunt, but nobody’s buying that crap here. Take a little cruise over to Snatchdocom or POF and view the countless millions of female dating profiles where 42 year old women are still chasing the same childish fantasies they had when they were 12.
          Older women are EXACTLY THE SAME as when they were 16 with their entitlements., demands, expectations —- but they can’t get away with it anymore by simply batting their eyelashes, stomping their feet, or offering up their bodies. So they have to CONCEAL it. But the childish little emotional train wreck will be visible in divorce and family court after working her ass off trying to conceal it until he signs the marriage contract.
          You’re not fooling anyone with that crap.
          Older women are NOT “more emotionally balanced”.

        3. Certainly no secret. Anyone with an iota of common sense (male) can deduce the vagina is basically an upside-down mini-volcano prone to little (and large) eruptions and erratic behavior. I don’t criticize women for this. I think it’s part of their charm.
          But when they start saying fraudulent shit like “older women are more emotionally balanced” they need to be called out. Because only a woman can switch moods on a dime. You can even see the hysteria in how they TYPE.
          Example: “LOL! you’re pathetic.”
          How the fuck can something (truly) “pathetic” also be “funny”? Which is it ladies? “Pathetic” or “LOL” in great big capital letters?
          There’s an emotional imbalance in that right there. You can witness emotional imbalances from old women all over this website. Hammering the caps lock keys and screaming hateful epithets over something someone else in another city TYPED.
          That’s Whack.

        4. i thought it was the birth control pill that doesn’t break down, that’s starting making fish in some rivers turn all female…..
          and no wonder all the men are limp wristed these days – they are all getting pumped with estrogen from the tap water.

        5. the problem that i have started to experience with my baby momma is having lived through and built defenses to her propensity and ability to switch on bad moods so rapidly (and over nothing)…. and lately after sending her to a decent (male) therapist who told her to sort her self our and stop being such a tantrum queen….
          IS that I now see both her bad moods AND her good moods as fake….
          So ultimately I see someone who has no consistency or substance to them… it’s like every word that comes out of her mouth is horseshit… good or bad…. and this is basically what most women are like… all the emotional and verbal communication is meaningless…
          and since most women are relatively clueless – at least very few are up to a male standard with any consistency…. that makes all women basically garbage….
          i mean for example…. sure the female olympic skier can whopp my ass on the slopes, but i bet a 5 minute converstation will expopse an ants nest of female BS.

        6. On this, you and I are in TOTAL agreement. Women are indeed a mass of inconsistency and nothing they say can be taken at face value.

        7. the man’s role is to set the standards….. and demand they are kept and that she makes real and consistent and noticeable efforts……
          girls will go on about sex, but then jam up in the bedroom or try to avoid it entirely….. they will go on about losing weight and then eat fried food and cakes. they will go on about the gym, buy all the clothes and memberships and never go….
          the problem here is that it’s very tedious and time consuming (and also difficult) to try to guide a manipulative, entitled princess that thinks the best of herself…. What for ?
          even if she meets your standards today, tomorrow a new fad or emotional phase will hit her and all that can disappear…
          it seems the only firewall that i can think of that gives me what i want, and enables something to run long term… is the firewall of money and an employment contract…. hire them on my terms…. house keeper… whore… nanny…. etc….

        8. Dissimulation.
          It’s every woman’s game and her entire MO. It’s her “weapon”. Once a man has this figured out, he has won.

        9. but what has be won ?
          a life on his own in a log cabin in Alaska ?
          or a life banging sluts because anything long term is an illusion with a shapeshifter that’s basically running a long con….. at least the con man rips you off to his benefit…alot of the time ….in an LTR ….the woman just rips you off and still doesn’t benefit…. and even if she does benefit on paper, she squanders her winnings faster than a coked up lottery winner…
          so ok… you’ve won the battle… you might have even won the war…. but what is the solution…. ?
          i need a maid, house keeper, cook, whore, nanny, baby momma…. put the whole box and dice under contract then…..
          you will perform or you will be removed….. friday is hard anal and monday is pay day…

        10. Well in many cases – his LIFE! His very freedoms and basic liberties. Much like playing roulette. You don’t actually “win”…. you just “don’t DIE”.

          So would a log cabin his own domain in Alaska be so bad?? Ask him, and he would be THRILLED to have that.
          I believe that women are the ultimate losers in all of this. I believe that they will be packed into nursing homes by the millions where nobody will come and visit them because they so shamelessly aborted their young and divorced they husbands. It’s just a matter of time. Ticktock. Tick tock. But they are already well on their way:

          How long do you think it will take them to realize and admit it? Another 40 years? Or until they are begging to be rescued from the imminent collapse. Those are the choices.

        11. so men have lost out…. while women are swanning about squandering resources… men are now living single…..
          it’s much easier and better to live in a situation with a woman under
          your roof – IF she will behave… they used to behave… now they don’t …
          back in the day lords had dozens of servants… with modern technology a lot of that is necessary… but still it would be pretty cool to have a driver, house keeper, chef etc….
          back in the day the guy that couldn’t afford all these things, at least had a wife, to take his shoes off when he got in… run him a bath, massage his shoulders, suck is dick etc… women worked for their men…..
          now they completely self centred to the point that they are almost criminal to be involved with…. they are con artists… nothing more….
          but in the end it’s the man that loses……. the huge hole in a man’s life, the loss of the old ways, is say 35% loss to him…. where the woman has gained on a mere 5-10%….

        12. I don’t believe men have lost. I believe men will win. And ARE winning.Those guys who are opting about are not “losers”. They are WINNERS –>> for simply refusing to play.
          Women LOVE to use the terms “losers” and “players” to describe ALL men.
          Have you ever noticed
          —>> they REFUSE to use the word “winner”?
          No woman says “wow there goes a WINNER who is just not interested in me.” No. He’s a jerk, loser, player, asshole etc. And she will do her BEST to make sure everyone (including him) believes it too. But it’s a LIE.
          They do this for a REASON. To try and shame the guy into thinking he “lost”. But he didn’t lose anything. He WON. Especially when you consider what she COULD have taken from him had he played the game with her.
          It’s a mistake to think men are “losers” for not allowing a woman to get her greedy claws into into his life. A BIG one. But its one that I use often to make my escape.
          “Loser” is a COMPLIMENT from a woman. And how do we know this? Because she thinks the “ideal husband” is a docile, controlled shuck who never questions anything, quietly pays for everything and never pesters her for sex.
          I sign up for being a “loser” any day of the week.
          With a great big SMILE on my face.
          Great chatting tonight.
          But i really gotta bolt.

        13. in the long run all women are emotionally imbalanced… if not on a monthly cycle, you have post natal depression, menopause, aging, and then external factors putting ideas in her head…. mother in laws, bitchy work colleagues, divorced siblings, BFFs, etc, etc, etc to deal with.

        14. “Capt. Kirk: [referring to Uhura] What d’you do to her?
          Nomad: That unit is defective. Its thinking is chaotic. Absorbing it unsettled me.
          Spock: That “unit” is a woman.
          Nomad: A mass of conflicting impulses.”

  2. “She wants the half-boyfriend she can emotionally dump on without paying back in to the emotional bank.”
    That’s a good observation. Modern women are told that one of their boyfriend’s role is to listen to them bitch and complain about their day. But the truth is that used to be the best friend/ sister/ cousin/ mother’s role. Somehow women lost these and now the boyfriend is expected to make up for it. If he does, it will kill the sex vibe faster than saying “I’m a feminist”.

    1. Whenever I hear some bullshit about how a couple is “each other’s best friend”, or “we are friends first”, or “he’s my friend” I can’t gold back the smile because I know what’s going on. The correct response to any woman’s request before she has sucked your dick: “Get a girlfriend for that.”
      • She suggests being friends on Facebook?
      “Get a girlfriend for that.”
      • She wants to go to the mall?
      She can “get a girlfriend for that”.
      • She doesn’t want you to FIX anything, she just *needs* you to LISTEN?
      (Ha Ha Trick question: What the fuck would a woman know about listening?)
      Telling her to “get a girlfriend for that” is a really great way of deflecting a friend-zone-shit-test (or beta behavior request) right back to her without having to explain yourself, or be rude about it. Plus it says a lot about you, without saying anything about you.
      Just because women think men exist as their emotional tampons, it’s important to refuse that at all times and force them to work those issues out on their own….. or get a girlfriend if they are unsuccessful.
      The BIG problem women have today is how they EXPECT to have men fill the little holes in their lives. One guy for this. One guy for that. This one makes me laugh. That one likes to go shopping. This one is gay but always tell me how fabulous I am. That one will be there for me with my jerk boyfriend dumps me.
      Just ….. NO.
      Or if you want to bang her: “Get a girlfriend for that.”

      1. a girl i was having sex with last weekend started begging me to stop and go down on her…. my answer was “get a girlfriend for that…..”
        then next morning she started talking about threesomes etc….. girls like having their pussy licked…. i refuse to do it now….. but if they want it, it’s a great opener for a threesome….

        1. I could eat a (emphasis: young) peach for hours.
          But a woman NEVER gets to request that unless she cooked a FANTASTIC meal herself ….. or bought drinks and dinner paid for parking, tipped the valet like a Rockafeller, texted me multiple times to arrange the evening & make reservations – even though I didn’t text her back. If every man refused to eat cunt until she brings to the table what she EXPECTS…… no peach would ever get eaten. EVER.

        2. EXACTLY!
          I love licking the salt, but I realized that almost no woman I ever did it on returned the favor as vigorously nor seemed to get as much pleasure from giving it as I did in giving to them. So I stopped. I got so bad I don’t offer or even bother to attempt it. Funny thing: I now demand head or just put my dick in her face, and without fail they all got to town on it like they were starving.
          After lots of thought on the issue, now girl would practically have to be my devoted slave to get oral from me. And even then I’d do it not because she asked, but because I felt like throwing her down and eating some pussy.
          Sex with a woman has to ALWAYS come from a place of dominance for a man. You own her, you are using her, she is fulfilling your purpose.
          Never the other way around.

      2. Amen. As I age and my marriage matures, it’s true that my wife and i are a lot closer emotionally than we were in the honeymoon years. Calling my wife and the mother of my kids my ‘best friend’ does a disservice to our relationship and the work that it entails- it’s a frigging superficial title when applied to a real marriage. Plus, it really is necessary to game your wife as part of a happy marriage. Not much need for dread game, but game is needed always.

        1. Interesting you’re married and even more interesting is your acknowledgement that “game” (to a heathy extent) is a requirement at all times. I heartily agree. Best if it flows naturally.
          However, this enforces a theory that if a (married) man is conscious of the need to “game” his wife/GF, it means he must CONSTANTLY be operating on a higher plane than she. He must be continually *aware* of what he says, how he phrases responses and handles a situation. (i.e. instead of a natural angry reaction, he applies “amused mastery” to turn a potentially negative situation into a fun and positive one.)
          …. which is essentially like accepting he will always be alone.
          Even when in a relationship or marriage.
          He can’t look to his own woman for support or expect her to be there during times he may be vulnerable or display the slightest sign of weakness, because she will begin to resent him for it. She wants him to be a secure/alpha ROCK, and wants him to be there to iron out her insecurity and provide stability….. but when he expects this from her, she sees this as weakness and despises him for it.
          In short: Women will HATE a man for wanting the very things she wanted from him in the first place.
          Even Atlas shrugged, and we all will too. Many times.
          But while I fully agree that game is fun and healthy, the thought of gaming my wife just to make the marriage not fail….. makes me question what I am doing married to her in the first place.
          Any thought on that?

        2. I was going to add, it’s not a criticism or bashing to conceptualize or theorize. Very difficult to phrase without sounding critical. Thank you for beating me to it and acknowledging the reality.
          What a great GIF btw.
          Smile on my face.

        3. Stop it Tom, you’re spitting too much truth for the world to handle. I can picture the betas holding their paws over their ears trying to drown out the reality they lack the chutzpah to embrace.

        4. “But while I fully agree that game is fun and healthy, the thought of gaming my wife just to make the marriage not fail….. makes me question what I am doing married to her in the first place.”
          I concur — I’ve been lurking a lot in the androsphere over the past couple months, and I gotta say the whole gaming your wife thing sounds like a freaking pain in the ass.
          You’ve always gotta be on your toes, never showing weakness, etc., etc. Sounds like too much freakin’ work. It’s like in order to be alpha, you can never take a break for five minutes.
          It makes me wonder if pumping and dumping is the way to go. Or rather, just keep pumping until she gets bored and leaves. And whatever you do, don’t get emotionally attached.

        5. in the beginning game is a hassle like anything…. like learning to play the piano…. in time game just becomes a part of who you are and how you operate…. that takes time…. then you play the piano great, without thinking and it’s not a hassle…..
          women have their frame and their game running, if you are going to pass time with them successfully you have to know how to push ber buttons…..
          at the very least LTR becomes stale as hell and that’s if you are lucky and she’s a super good girl…. even a good girl married as a virgin can meet a player that gives her tingles… it doesn’t take much….
          men make this mistake because women seek the LTR and demand loyalty that women are naturally loyal, but they are NOT!

        6. I liked your comment a lot. There’s a line in the film “Moonstruck” that has stuck with me since 1988:
          “EVERYTHING is temporary”.
          The expulsion from paradise is the first example of this. I think it’s very important to know what women are, so you that you can ENJOY them – for what they are. For if you’re not enjoying them, why bother?
          To not know, will make relations with them (how did you so eloquently put it?? Oh yes!!) “a freaking pain in the ass.”. But one thing is certain. If you have to WORK to make your marriage WORK (or even worse, not fail)….. then you’re with the wrong person. Exclamation point.
          I don’t game my friends or family and I don’t game my colleagues. My interactions with them are effortless, fun, successful and flow completely naturally. I imagine this is the same with everyone from what I have gathered. But now I’m done my 9 hours at work pleasing and making money for others…… and I should now head home for another *SHIFT* to please someone else? And if I don’t phrase or handle an interaction correctly, she will lose all attraction for me and leave?
          Just not buying it.
          I think I will just stick with the very WELL KNOWN reality: “all women are whores that want your money and will look for any stupid reason to break up with you just to ream and destroy you for the fun of it. ”
          “Your honor. I’m not HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY. He’s TOO NICE.”

          In the presence of women like that, PUA *alphas* will now suggest that “beta” man of hers should have “gamed” her more to make it work???
          Problem solved.
          He’s not “too beta”. It’s not his problem. She’s the fucking impossible and wretched ungrateful cunt. SHE –>> is the fucking problem.
          Here’s a little tip for the men who “game” their girlfriends and wives to try and make it “work” so she doesn’t leave…..
          DUMP. THAT. BITCH.

        7. you are pretty much right… and since redpill is a very new concept…. there are guys like Athol, Rossi / Rational Male, Dalrock and others that are applying red pill concepts to preexisting LTR relationships…. Rossi admits in his blog that this is basically a rear guard action…. depending on THE WOMAN, and how unruly she is, in many cases this is probably fighting a lost cause… or at least akin to patching up a rusty 1980s Nissan…respray it all you like, take advanced driving classes, enter the Le Mans but… it’s never going to be a 2014 Porsche GT….
          certainly i would say if there are no assets and especially no kids involved… GET THE FUCK OUT…. it’s too easy to split when there are no kids, and even if there is a financial hit, at least you can be shot of the whole thing and start again… a motivated guy living in a shitty studio apartment having lost most of his assets will soon be back on his feet…
          if there are kids (and you like them) it’s more complicated…. some management / husbandry is needed… maybe it’s better if she finds another beta and has a kid with him and he can break his back bringing up your kids as well…… but this could be a messy situation for everyone, especially if it fails…. if she’s pushing into late 30s early 40s… she’s getting to the point you can firewall her and the kids and there won’t be any more babies involved which has to be better for everyone (except perhaps her), but she’s the problem so she gets what she’s given…..
          depending on how weak the guy was and how unruly the female was when the relationship started, it can be brought back to 70-80% of what you might get from starting fresh with a new girl that doesn’t know you, and schooling her in how to treat you right from the start…
          the start of a relationship is so important… an old girl friend that i absolutely alpha’d on and gamed straight into bed, still calls me up years later, because i am the big alpha in her life… she absolutely adores me…. but to other women in my life…. i’ve been the schmucky passive aggressive doormat… or somewhere in between….
          50-60% of the relationship is defined in the first 3 dates, that’s why it’s so important to bed her right away… and fuck her silly all night long the first time you have sex….
          then you decide if you like her enough to take it anywhere, AND if she’s compliant enough to be worth keeping around…

        8. Game in the ltr sense can be the occasional bit of romance. Nothing wrong with that, its very old school.
          Just understand how it used to be done. Not how its done now. I have an advantage there. My parents have been married to each other a ridiculously long time. They still hold hands occasionly. Why? Because hes whipped? Not him. Try this. How many game articles talk about escalating to touching? Well, my Dad has game. Its effortless. And mom appreciates the hell out of it.

        9. yeah, i’ve been noticing and thinking about the same thing for a while now. you can never take a break, never fully let go. I’ve noticed that every long term relationship i’ve had, when i actually let go and relax, is when they turn into bitches. as long as I’m gaming and staying on top, they’re fine but it’s too damn much work to keep up in a long term deal. 3 months is fine. just goes to show that we’re not meant to be in long term monogamous relationships. women just don’t respond to it subconsciously because sometimes we just want to relax and let our guard down.

        10. Fascinating insight Tom. I agree, that if you have to game your wife it’s not the true healthy dynamic of a relationship that will last the test of time. It’s manipulation, vetting, tolerance for shit-testing, condescension, lack of insight and awareness, obscurity from real connection, etc. etc. etc. It’s just all around unhealthy.
          The even more fascinating thing is that I’ve actually seen marriages and relationships like this in play and even more unusual occasionally the gender roles were reversed. That’s right, the male was the over-emotional, shit-testing, game playing, insecure wreck and the female was the rock/emotional-stability provider. It was strange, but made me realize that this is a two way street. If you’re the male or female in such a relationship being tied like an anchor to some needy beta, get out while you can. If it’s a marriage, you have a long road of work ahead of you to save it.

        11. Your conclusion that humans shouldn’t be in LTR is a slippery slope. What about just finding a women who doesn’t think so selfishly that the second you lower your guard she’s out of there. Game might be good to demonstrate confidence, but when you have to continually demonstrate confidence all the time to keep a women, it’s actually weakness.
          Alphas don’t have to constantly flex their nuts to keep a woman, eventually mutual respect and the assurance of commitment is gained. Game (really just social skills with the opposing gender) is ultimately something to demonstrate value to new partners. If you constantly have to flex nuts it’s either because your giving off mad beta vibes, or the woman has already lost all respect and attraction. Women are not that different than men in that many of them just want to fuck around and not get serious. If you’re looking for a commitment you need to find this out before hand, instead of assuming every woman wants to be the susie-home maker you’re trying to make her into.

        12. Your situation may be correct for you, but (and no offense intended) that’s likely because you’re not a natural alpha. If you have to ‘try” and “never let down your guard” then definitionally you’re still faking it until you make it. And in that case, you’re correct, the situation will not work out long term.
          Natural alphas keep their women in check naturally, as it is not effort or trying or even conscious application of game, it’s just him being him and her responding as a woman should.
          My grandfather was a natural alpha and so am I (my uncle as well). He was married 47 years to a woman who looked at him like a rock star even on her death bed. I’ve been married since the early 1990’s. Things just work out, because I don’t have to “act” or worry about “letting things down”. Bringing my boy up the same way, and when I was instilling what you folks call “outcome independence”, aloofness, and non-emotionalism in him my wife couldn’t approve more. Try that with your average run of the mill woman and a “still trying but not yet made it” non-natural alpha, and you’ll have divorce city on your hands.

        13. I agree. I think i’m the case of someone who was(until recently) always afraid of losing a woman and would do anything to keep her, down to letting her have her way, agreeing when i didn’t actually, etc. I knew what i wanted to do, but didn’t bvecause i didn’t want the hassle of it, the fights, arguments, and all that. Basically the complete opposite of a true alpha. that’s what i was referring to when i said, “you can’t let your guard down.” Unless you’re willing to let them go at any time if they don’t want to stay on the bus, yo’ure always going to lose the game.
          I was a late bloomer, didn’t have much confidence in anything when i was younger, didn’t have social skills, etc. Only recently have i realized that it’s my choice, if a woman doesn’t like it, there are plenty more out there for me, and she can walk or i can but I don’t need to put up with their crap.

        14. I’m very humbled, and thanks. But not really. I’m just the creator of MGTOW.COM.

        15. I think it’s more about consistent self-improvement so you are consistently stronger than her.

        16. I am a beta, and I am taking notes! 😀
          I didn’t have this instruction or example in my life, sad to say. :3
          So, I am putting on my balls and learning now. 😀

      3. >”we are friends first”
        What a load of bullshit.
        Sexual desire is what brings men and women together.

        1. It is complete bullshit. And every SINGLE time a woman within earshot suggests “why does it always have to be about sex?”….. I look her straight in the eye and make NO apology when I strictly tell her —–>>> Sex is the ENTIRE BIOLOGICAL POINT between men and women. All your silly “soul mates” and “friends” bullshit is not. NO MAN will be expected to apologize for that. You have a problem with that, honey? That’s YOUR problem.
          Renders her speechless on the spot.

        2. This is one of those things that really embarrasses me as a woman;how adult women in their late 20s and older go around repeating this ridiculous BS.
          I chalk this partially up to parenting and stupidity in mass media. When I came out of my very ugly duckling phase my father had a harsh conversation with me on this subject. I had been friend zoned all through high school and he warned that the new guys I would meet in college would be primarily interested in sex before any of the other possibilities, relationships, friendships etc. Any other sub text for wanting to be around me was simply an attempt to get closer to the possibility. At the time I argued with him but I quickly found out he was right.

        3. Well, you’ll notice that you used the word “WARNING”. As in, your father “warned” you. As if it’s somehow BAD and WRONG to get sexual attention.
          While fathers will tend to sell out their own kind as soon as God drops a daughter in his lap….. he discusses this with you as some kind of “warning”. When it isn’t.
          Even before you girls have gone out on your FIRST DATE WITH A BOY …… women have done a REALLY EXCELLENT job of brainwashing themselves (and each other) into thinking sexual attention and desire “bad”, “pervy”, “creepy” and “wrong”. Which is SICK. Mentally SICK – and backwards.
          ATTRACTION —–>> is nature’s way of convincing the mind and body into wanting to mate with someone with good genes. The desire for sex and mating depends on this ONE THING, AND ONE THING ONLY.
          The criteria for a “relationship” and “friendship” etc. is based on a mile long list of shit which is worked on and EARNED OVER TIME —>> BY YOU.
          So you see, EVERY man (just like every woman!!!) is much more likely to meet someone is is willing to BANG than live with, date, talk to for hours, spend time with, want to get into a relationship with or marry.
          It’s WOMEN who approach the entire fucking thing ass backwards. And this is why most women are miserable and unfulfilled in their personal lives over and over and over again.

        4. yeah sure the friend ship thing is BS… but it’s easy to throw off women’s attitudes when you’re not the one that has to get pregnant and care for a new born…. and when you’re not the father of the girl who has to run about picking up the mess that some loser who just wanted a bang has left behind because he didn’t have the balls to take care of his own child.
          there is a lot of angst in the manosphere that makes it as guilty as the feminists for cherry picking the best bits of masculinity…
          you can’t preach about girls with high notch counts being damaged and then bounce around night clubs “damaging” them, doing dozens of ONS.
          You can’t demand women be more open about sexual relationships and drop their double standards, unless you back REAL and COMPLETE conservative standards for families, dating, child raising and all the rest of it….
          otherwise you are just the MALE version of the entitled feminist that wants all the benefits of being a female and all the benefits of being a male….
          you can’t take the benefits of being a guy and then selfishly keep all that for yourself, while giving nothing back and pointing the finger at anyone that doesn’t fuck on a first date, whilst simultaneously slating sluts etc…
          sorry boy but double standards work both ways…..

        5. Well, I’m afraid as long as it’s still legal in this country for a woman to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent…. and she has 11 forms of birth control at her fingertips vs. his TWO (one of which is not reliable and women all even hijack discarded condoms)… then there is no such thing as “OOPS!” and there is no blaming the GUY.
          Contrary to the female opinion (and yours?) it doesn’t take two to make a baby. It only takes one, deceitful lying skank.
          So there is no double standard in that department.
          There is only ONE standard.
          SHE has (and wants) 100% CHOICE?
          —>> Then she must accept 100% RESPONSIBILITY.
          That takes care of your first paragraph.
          Furthermore, I do not preach negatively about women with high notch counts, I have already stated several times QUOTE: “I respect sluts. They don’t go around pretending they are NOT sluts.” ENDQUOTE.
          And that takes care of the rest.
          Sorry boy.

        6. yeah… i guess we are going around in circles…. old fashioned ideas meant to protect the fathers of daughters from getting stuck with fatherless children….. haven’t caught up with today’s modern science of birth control… so you are dead right here…. women should be held accountable… no mistake there….
          but the sluts you see, even good girl religious housewives, can easily be putting on the pretense of being oh so virtuous… but yet they are humping half the neighbourhood and that’s wrong….
          if a car dealer sold you a brand new car that turned out of have done 100,000 miles and have been rolled and resprayed, he could go to jail or at very least suffer serious legal consequences….
          women can pretend to be good girls and really be sluts…
          there is a great story here, about the ‘good girl’ who claimed notch count of 2…. who gave her husband 7 years of terrible sex… where upon he discovers her college porn tapes of her in a bisexual gang bang…
          i mean maybe he didn’t want threesomes every weekend… but WTF was the woman thinking ?
          it’s something along the lines of – i must show my husband that i am a prude so that he will trust me and be comfortable that i will never cheat on him….. that’s some fucking warped logic right there…..
          how about… i will fuck my husband like a porn star so we are both tapped out and can be certain that neither of us have a drop left to look at another person sexually ?

        7. That article is a terrific red pill and a FANTASTIC bookmark. Thank you. I’ve seen it immediately when it hit the Manosphere not long ago.
          Women are whores and it’s been around a LONG time. Men have been willingly supporting whores since the beginning of time. But when a whore deliberately withholds sex and her affection from the man she pretends to “love”…. while expecting him to enter a life contract with the sole purpose of extracting his resources, she can go straight to hell. She KNOWS he would never engage willingly but proceeds anyway. A girl recently tried to pull this shit with me, and I saw right through it – pretending she was a “good little snowflake”.
          Agree or disagree in parts is not a problem.
          The discussion is where the value is. Tip my hat.

        8. the difficulty is not in the dating scene… when you are single and you have your own little castle you have nothing to lose…. if they want to play their games… fuck ’em… literally….
          the difficulty is in trying to build valuable foundations for long term….. in what basically amounts to a sandy, stormy and very tidal beach area…..
          100 years ago, men and women got together and built value…… the family was something a man could rely on, it was his cornerstone…..
          now even the best girl can and most likely will be a turncoat if you run anything long term…. as soon as you have a residence, children, or just some long term emotional commitment invested……. suddenly she is kind of special to you…. if she’s the mother of your kid… she can and will leverage that…
          this basically makes an LTR pretty much an impossible venture….. it’s like starting a bank with a business partner that’s twice been convicted of armed robbery…..

        9. I don’t like the term “single”. It reeks of desperation. So if you don’t mind, I usually correct the person and proudly use the term “unmarried”. Or even “unshackled”. I corrected my insurance agent over the phone the other day.
          She LAUGHED. That told me everything.
          ( And besides, having a few numbers in the little black book is not really “single” either.)
          But the only reason I escaped the noose you are describing (by an EXTREMELY narrow margin I would emphasize!) is because I was so focussed on it. It takes GREAT effort to remind oneself of the dangers inherent in all of this.
          The idea that women are simply INCAPABLE of forming lasting and meaningful bonds with men is practically impossible for most men to even comprehend. It just CANT be true!
          Female SURVIVAL depends on duping men into believing there is such a thing as “love” and a woman who will care for you. This is the “tool” they use. I suppose being angry at them for it is akin to shaking your fist at gamma rays from the sun….. or getting angry a Kangaroo for hopping. Silly. One just has to accept it, and enjoy them for what they are.

        10. there was such a thing when the natives were coming over the hill and the man was the one with the rifle….. there was such a thing when the man was the only one strong enough to lift the beams and build the house and chop the fire wood and plough the fields….. then the woman was fucking grateful and worked her ass off on anything she could find….right down to mending his socks…. both benefited….. because one lead and the other followed…..
          a team of captain and first mate, leading and supportive roles… is way more powerful that one person on his own… it’s squared, not just added…..
          10+10 = 20
          but 10squared = 100.

        11. You can totally be friends with women, but you’re correct, the sexual-biological component is completely out of the window. I keep female friends that are attractive, but I don’t keep female friends I’m attracted to. There is an enormous difference between the two. The latter being extremely unhealthy for your psyche.

        12. Tom, I know this is 11 days after the fact, but I’m perusing the articles (3rd day since I found this site), and have to say, that is spot on solid what you say here. I’ve used very similar wording in the past when I hear that bullshit sneer from women, and you’re 100% correct, they go dumb, numb and speechless in ways that nothing else compares to. If they have girlfriends or girls standing nearby you might even catch a few nodding their heads reluctantly (assuming they didn’t have the “why is it always about sex?!?” bullshit attitude to start).
          Fine job. I’m rather happy to find out I’m not the only one who can get away with being this blunt to women, heh.

      4. Right on. Your last paragraph reminded me of something Steve Harvey once said during a comedy show a few years ago. He said a woman needs “four men to make one good man.” As such, she should get an old man to pat on the head and get money from, an ugly man to watch over her kids (keep in mind she isn’t sleeping with either of them, just dangling the carrot to get them to line up like circus seals), a field hand/pornstar-type man who can rock her world and plow her through the wall, and a gay dude to tell the story to after the maintenance man gets done with her. Worst crock of shit I’ve ever heard, but sadly enough, that’s standard operating procedure nowadays. Imagine the feminist backlash if he’d said a man should get four women to make one complete woman: a Milf/cougar to borrow a car and/or money from, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl to play Call of Duty and go to Comic-Con with, a nice barista to have the Girlfriend Experience with, and a stripper/pornstar-like chick to bang him like it’s his last day on this earth. You’d be able to hear the screams from space.

        1. This is a hella funny post. I had to fight to get down past “circus seals”, but damned if I didn’t make it and it stayed funny the whole time.
          Well played Sir! 😉

      5. LOL! I will make a concerted effort to mesh this advice into my life. :3 Thank you sir! 😀

    2. People need to vent. We want to share our day, share our frustrations, share our concerns, share our experiences. Nothing wrong with that. But there has to be a limit to which a man and a women are allowed to spill emotional baggage. A little is good so you can gain insight into where your partner is at, too much and it’s downright annoying and imposing. Communication with your partner sets the barrier between “I want to know how your day went” and “covered in a landslide of your emotional nonsense”.

  3. A fine article. Point 5 could be renamed “never apologise.” As for the US Marines though, they might be a fighting force, but they haven’t won too many fights of late.

  4. #5 is extremely good advice. If you can disguise the fact that you want to get laid- good. If you can legitimately stop caring about getting laid- even better. I’ve gotten myself to the point where I’m pretty much apathetic towards it (women themselves have caused this by being pretty terrible to be around in general), and it has helped me immensely.
    Her- Just so you know, we’re not having sex tonight.
    Beta- Of course not, I totally understand, and I would never under any circumstances pressure you into doing something you wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable with.
    Her- Thanks, you’re so sweeeeeeeeeet.
    Result- You’ve basically just told her that she has to initiate sex with you- you’re fucking doomed now buddy.
    Here’s how you handle it when you just don’t give a damn.
    Her- Just so you know, we’re not having sex tonight.
    Me- Fair enough, I sort of envisioned sex with you as being like calling a customer service line and having to deal with some guy named Sanjay at a call center in India… adequate… but just barely. (smirks)
    Her- Whatever! I’ve never got any complaints! -shocked expression
    Me- Of course you haven’t… yet. (still smirking)
    Result- She will fuck your brains out because she’s on a mission to prove her worth to you. For added amusement, when she asks- “So how was it?”, completely ignore her or give a lazy shoulder shrug.

    1. The “I don’t care if I get laid or not” attitude is the best.
      When I was about 19-24 I would beat off before a date so I could take it or leave it. (It was GREAT advice from another guy).
      When we need to ejac, we can get tense, restless, and may even laugh at her dumb jokes, lean forward when talking, and make the mistake of appearing interested in what she has to say(!) Forget it. None of those work.
      PS… did you know that in Shakesperean days, the MOTHER OF THE GIRL would often suck off (or “take care of”) the young suitor before leaving him alone with their daughter. I shit you not. Maybe that’s why all my girlfriend’s Moms would flirt so heavily. I thought it was just because I was cute……. but now I see it was for their own selfish reasons and to try and stop me from banging their daughters.

      1. Absolutely right.
        I still, to this day, snap one off before I meet up with a woman. The last thing you want to do is look like one of those fags from the Match.com commercials- where they’re on an “actual date” with some single mom, yet they’re smiling like a Jezebel reader at Golden Corral. Don’t be that guy- either by smiling like a hyena or by dating a single mom.
        Were any of the moms bangable? Or at least, “yeah, I’d let her suck my dickable?” Sluts have to go somewhere when they retire, and that usually means giving birth to the next generation of sluts- so you were just caught in some slut vs retired slut crossfire. Hope you’re proud.

        1. No. I have only banged ONE old woman in my life. I was 18, She was 32. Yeah I know. Gross. But when you really need to take a piss, do you drive around looking for the prettiest bathroom? No .. you pull into the nearest greasy gas station and get the job done. She smelled of spermicide and had great big floppy jugs. The biggest put off was her angry fuck -me-harder-face and god-awful screaming.
          So when American Pie came out and Stiffler’s Mom” and “MILFs” were trending I couldn’t bring myself to understand any of it. The thought of a “MOM” – any mom – on my cock is repugnant.
          But then I realized… old women take it as a COMPLIMENT when they think young guys want to have sex with them! They think it means they are “attractive”. But in reality, there is just no work involved. One drink and she’s off to the races.
          I must say (and can’t stress enough) how UTTERLY enjoyable it is to watch them suffer the wall at 31-36 and beyond. Many women in my life are slamming into it left and right. The only thing I don’t like about it, is how sluts improperly program their own sons.

        2. “No. I have only banged ONE old woman in my life. I was 18, She was 32.”
          Better to get the banging of a 32 year old out of your system at 18… Instead of banging a 32 year old when you’re 32 yourself. That would be unacceptable.
          “I must say (and can’t stress enough) how UTTERLY enjoyable it is to watch them suffer the wall at 31-36 and beyond. Many women in my life are slamming into it left and right.”
          Good shit, right? I’m in the 27-34 age range myself, and it’s becoming more and more glorious with each passing year. It’s quite satisfying to see that look in a woman’s eyes when she knows her life isn’t going to quite pan out the way she always dreamed it would.
          To the young guys that might read this- it gets better. If you focus on staying fit, getting a good job, and developing good conversation skills with women- by the time you’re 30 you’ll be laughing your ass off at the power you will hold. The contempt on a 30-35 year old single woman’s face when she sees a guy in her age range with a 22 year old will bring immeasurable pleasure to you.

        3. at 39, i sat in a hot tub with two college girls who guessed my age to be 23…. and i had all this strange command and respect they couldn’t quite figure…. and even walking down the street my buddy (who was only 30), was stunned at all these chicks checking me out….
          from 35-50 a man has a ball…… women just drop at his feet…. even my father at 71 wouldn’t look stupid with a 20 year old on his arm and he has this commanding male presence …
          earn money… save the chicks for later on….. getting a girl in your late 30s and 40s is like a girl getting laid when she’s a 9 and 20 years old…

        4. I don’t really see why you get joy out of seeing women miserable. Sounds like you might have issues. I for one feel sorry for them.

        5. I agree guest, It’s actually quite pathetic because a lot of the women who are single in their thirties, got that way by playing games with men, shit testing, incessantly being childish, vain and petty. Look where it gets them, nowhere. Every guy needs a little bit of game and every woman needs to do a little bit of testing. That’s because this is an emotional dynamic that mirrors a biological dynamic. By that I mean what we say and do on a date has implications to our biological-sexual survival of the species.
          Women need to vet men to find good offspring. Men need to prove that they will be good providers, protectors and have genes worth carrying.
          When a woman is more or less past her child bearing years, she’s taken far less seriously in the western world, even less seriously in any other world were religion dominates. Beyond the child bearing years your value is companionship, intellect, career, etc. If you’re a woman and you haven’t squared your shit away by your thirties and you’re stilling knee deep in mad drama, then it’s hopeless.

      2. It gets fun once you have a few in the hopper. Before a date recently I ended my workday early and asked a casual friend for some company for a few hours. Told her what I wanted. Works best if it is a weekday other than Friday. She thinks that you want sex before you go home to rest. After a few hours with her went home to get ready for my “date.”
        This also worked for me in a business setting. I had a meeting with a very successful and very attractive female. Literally trying to decide whether i wanted to network or game her. Blowing my load beforehand put me in a frame of mind that I could have either. The meeting went very well and we have a good connection. Had a strong energy almost as if I could go another round but did not need another round; she definitely noticed.

        1. Do I really need to prove that goes on?
          Certainly. But it wasn’t just in Shakesperean days. Today it happens openly and they don’t even have any shame. Back then it was extremely unspoken (i.e implied and unspoken incest between Tybalt and Lady Capulet.)….. to guard a daughter’s virginity – while keeping her suitor still interested.
          Ever see the film “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft? You can just turn on your television and see it for yourself:
          Challenge me next time. Or read a book.

        2. you can bet she would have no reservation about preserving her daughter’s virginity to hook a Count
          So you mean, no you have no evidence for that nonsense at all? Fine. Moving on.

        3. I already provided it. It happens every single day – even today and even when there is far less at stake. And now you know it. Glad I could do that for you. As you were.

        4. “Do I really need to prove that goes on?”
          Yes, if you’re going to make an outrageous claim — like women used to suck off their daughter’s dates in Shakespeare’s day — you should be able to provide some proof.

        5. I already provided it. It happens every single day – even today and even when there is far less at stake. And now you know it.
          Here’s more for you lazy cunts.You could just google “mothers seducing suitors” but that would mean you would have to be good for something:
          I would rather you just said “Thank you” and went on your way. But SO glad I could do that for you. Carry on. As you were.

        6. No you have not provided anything. You made a really stupid comment and now you think it makes you Alpha not to admit it.
          Good for you.
          But it doesn’t make your stupid claim true.

        7. Oh the pain, the agony of a defensive man on the internet! *swoon* Or this is a roundabout way of flirting, in which case I’d have much preferred the reference. You seemed like you read books, or I wouldn’t have asked.

        8. Honey do your own homework. If you don’t agree, just thumb the fucking thing down and stop siting back with your arms folded and legs crossed saying “prove it to me”. That lazy shit doesn’t work anymore and neither does your “pain, the agony of a defensive man….”..
          It’s as effective as saying “oh the pain and agony of the defensive cunt”.
          You want to learn something , go learn it for YOURSELF like men have been doing since the beginning of time. Your attitude is EXACTLY what has held women back more than any mythical “glass ceiling”.

        9. It’s intellectually dishonest of you to pretend that it is “stupid” in the face of evidence and documentation supporting it. Saying it “stupid” doesn’t make it false. You are going to have to PROVE that it is stupid…. instead of expecting someone to prove that it is NOT stupid.
          Especially since I provided SOMETHING. You provided NOTHING — not even a theory or counter argument. And you think you contribute something of value???
          What is that like, exactly? I would love to know.
          Any truly inquisitive & curious exploration into the past will answer the question for you. All that remains is for you to do that work yourself. If you REFUSE to do the work yourself, then you are not really interested in knowing anyway. You just want to discredit with a baseless and valueless declaration like “it’s stupid”.

        10. It wasn’t a matter of agreement, but history.
          If you state something happened, the onus is on you to prove it. I figured since you stated something used to occur, you could direct myself and other interested readers in the direction where you found said information. But sure dude, get emotional about a simple request for info. Really manly.

        11. This is why we should no longer reply to ANY female comments on RoK.
          The only purpose it serves is too ruin otherwise good articles and comment sections with childish bickering.
          Its like being on a grade-school playground at recess time.

        12. Goddammit I totally agree. I am done with with any kind of discussion with these cunts. From now on, it’s “shut up cunt”.
          ( You know, I really WANTED to see women as something more than just a fuckhole. I really did. But they make it impossible. Thank you. )

        13. I did some research. There is a mythological and archetypal reference that you see in story telling, mythology and even Shakespeares plays. But there is no factual, historical evidence to suggest that mothers seduced male suitors so as to keep their daughters virginity intact on any sort of routine or regular basis. I’m sorry, the evidence just isn’t there. I googled the shit out of it. All the reference tends to be anecdotal, teaching lessons of morality and mythology. The evidence of this happening frequently or even routinely just is not there. Wish it were, sounds kinky. But it’s more of a taboo fairytale that exists in the minds of men.

        14. In short: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Don’t get butthurt tom. I don’t give a fuck what’s between your legs. If you present a strong argument on the internet by which you use that as a lens for others to view the world, you best have a mountain of evidence to support that argument. There just isn’t that here. You’ve taken an instance out of context and assumed that to be the rule. Admit it’s a mistake and move on. To whine about a mistake is very beta of you.

    2. The problem I have with the “I don’t care if I get laid or not” attitude is that girls will say, “oh OK” and that will be it. I’ll be aloof but interested, and they still won’t chase me.
      Too often this sort of thing is related by men who do it naturally without understanding what they’re doing, so they just tell others to do the same and can’t understand why everyone else is so stupid.

      1. I won’t blow smoke up your ass and tell you that it’s 100% effective all the time. This type of attitude tends to work most with girls that fall into the following categories:
        Pseudo Intellectuals- you’re smarter than her, you know it and she knows it, but she’ll try to outwit you none the less. You use the tension this creates to your advantage.
        Combative types- seriously overestimates the impact she has on the world and you have no problem informing her of the fact that she pretty much sucks.
        Approval Seekers- daddy didn’t love me, why won’t you either? You throw a bone to these types periodically by being somewhat supporting. But your decent (not nice and not beta) behavior is a treat, it’s not your full-time gig.
        I can say that I’m a natural at being somewhat of an asshole, but a lot of it is done clandestinely too- disguised as humor. You want to create that, “what the fuck did you just say to me!” look on a woman’s face- not that drunk bitch at the club look, but that “Oh my God, he went there… guys never go there” look.
        Here’s an example-
        Her- blah blah blah
        You- Have you ever heard the saying that when an intelligent person speaks, it’s because they have something to say. Whereas, when a fool speaks, it’s because they have to say something?
        Her- you did not just say that!
        You- Pretty sure I did.
        And on you go with it. Throw in some sexual innuendo and touching to let her know that you approve of her despite her deficiencies.
        When you hear a woman say, “Why are you with me?” or “I don’t know what you see in me..” or “I’m not good enough for you.” then you’re doing it right bro.
        Also, if she tells you that you’re an asshole (in an amused way) then you’re well on your way to pound town. If she tells you that you’re cute or sweet- you’re pretty much fucked and better get aloof real quick, it’s your only salvage plan.
        Hope that helps.

        1. Well, what do you do with the girls that don’t match one of the 3 types? You know, the majority of females.

        2. Almost all women that are reasonably attractive have a bit of an ego dude- it may be legit conceit, or masked insecurity. Regardless, knock’em down a few pegs. I’ve never actually tried to write down how I do it, or at exactly what times- so I’m doing my best here. I’m not a straight up dick at all times to every woman I come across- you have to be interesting and charming too.
          My mindset is that I’m a winner, and any woman that wants to tag along in my life has to be a winner as well. They have to prove themselves to me, and I don’t make it easy for them. Not making it easy for them = I come across as an asshole- I’m fine with that. They seem to be too, because they keep trying.

    3. Or, i understand, if i wanted to “pull teeth” i wouldve become a dentist.
      (too much of a dick move?)

      1. Hmmm, leaning towards dick move, but it’s not bad. I always try to make my response to the whole, “W’ere not having sex ______ –whenever”, allude to the fact that she probably sucks in bed and will not impress me. The dentist line doesn’t do that.
        “No sex tonight, okay?”
        “That’s fine, there’s a documentary about snails on Netflix that I’ve been wanting to watch anyway.”
        “Yeah, you know, snails- those slow awkward little insect-like things. I figure studying them will be good research for when we do actually have sex- considering you would probably mimic their movements.”
        That’s how I do it personally, and it works much more than it fails. I don’t say the same crap every time though- it’s very much depends on the situation and on the girl. I come up with shit on the fly, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of go-to things in mind for different questions or shit tests you may come across.

  5. That’s a really good point about the friend zone. It actually serves a double purpose that I can see. Firstly it lays down the law with a firm hand. Secondly it makes the woman feel desired at the same time, and not in a sniveling beta way, but in a firm, powerful, masculine way.

  6. a unifying theme throughout all these points is that all are indicative of a man who values his time, which is a man woman desire. A man who values his time doesn’t waste it (i.e., no friend zone, fighting over it) and gets to the point (i.e. No. 5 above)

  7. “Honey, I’m not your friend. Friends do things for each just because they’re friends. I am not your friend. I want something. I want you.”
    That’s good. That’s really good.

    1. “sure you can be my friend, but all my female friends give me BJs… let’s start right now.”

  8. You need to care about getting laid to get laid.
    I have a shit-load of friends who care more about video games, smoking weed, fantasy football, their job/school, and food than pussy. They also never get laid.
    A couple of my friends and I go out to bars to get laid, hit on girls on the train to get laid, discuss style and indirect opener’s to get laid, and talk to all sorts of vapid women all the time in a effort to get laid.
    As a result, we sleep with many more women than our friends who have never put in a single approach.

    1. yeah, but to make that work you don’t show you care…. it’s the same in sales… you might be shaking in your shoes to buy that Porsche, but if you show the buyer desperation, he will hold his price high……
      you care about getting laid, but are NON specific about which girl it’s going to be with….. you care about buying ‘a’ Porsche but if not this one, the next one will be fine also.

      1. “…. it’s the same in sales…”
        At this point I’m looking forward to your post to see where you take it, as I’ve posted myself on this very outlook.
        ” . . . shaking in your shoes to buy that Porsche . . .”
        And then you inverted the entire dynamic. Dude, buying ain’t sales.
        What’s more, the very idea of shaking in your shoes over the potential purchase of a mass produced, commodity item is a bit much, isn’t it? Are there men that actually do that?
        So look, do you want the stick or the Tiptronic, ’cause if you aren’t going to shit, I’ve got qualified buyers waiting for their turn on the pot.

        1. Sold!
          See, that’s how it works. You offer options that all lead to where you want to go, no matter which one they choose. That way they feel comfortable with having made the decision, even though they were led to the actual important one – to buy.
          And if they don’t buy anyway, no problem: NEXT!

        2. bad example…. if you are the buyer, say you find your dream house… if you show it and rave about it to the seller then he won’t budge on his price…. it’s basic dynamics…. people do get nervous when buying… ever been to an auction?
          women sell sex, they sell access to femininity, access to breed with them etc. they try to tip the dynamics so they are the seller, and they try to tip the dynamics even further so they are the seller of something unique, precious, one off, rare – like the dream home….
          you can easily tip the dynamic back again, especially if you are under 50, cashed up, professional, well educated, well traveled, know enough game to have slept with more than 10 women, take care of your presentation, hair, clothes, image, and little things like driving a nice car, working for a prestigious company etc. etc. every man just needs to build his own ‘front’ so he’s the one offering value and she’s just another supermarket trolley.

    2. Do you ever wonder if the day will come when one of these casual lays will contact you and inform you that you’re going to be a daddy? Probably not.

  9. good stuff… my baby momma asked me one time… can we just be friends, and i simply said
    “no, i am not your friend… this is a sexual relationship.”
    women are such deadbeats, they are always trying to see if they can get something for nothing. men do this as well….. most friends are only your friend because you validate them in some way, it’s rarely about you as a person.
    the old saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” holds true because that means you value the person, NOT the validation of them liking you, or because they have some high status.
    friendship is the most confounded thing…. most people are just acquaintances and they all WANT something from you, even if it’s just the validation of a friendly smile.
    when it comes to women, you have to balance that fine line of putting sex fairly blatantly on the table, whilst at the same time not giving a damn….
    the blatant side shows her the status quo, and the non needy side puts your value higher than hers. If you ain’t getting your dick wet, then you’re her girlfriend. leave that role for the gay boys please… men rarely need female friends…. even with a female boss or co-worker you should make sure that sex is openly on the table, whilst leaving her thinking it’s her loss if she doesn’t take you up on the offer…..
    all the sexual harassment etc. attempts to curtail men behaving like this, and that’s a good a reason as any for not working in a large corporation with a mixed sex staff or hiring females in your own business.

      1. thanks for that, i love these SEAL boys…. amazing stuff…. have you read american sniper ? you can find it online free download…

      2. This is a great video. What Luttrell says is so true.
        We don’t all have what it takes to be Navy Seals. Honestly, I do not think I do. We do not all get tested to that extreme. But you can still see what he is talking about – with regard to developing a true bond that you do not every have to question (e.g., which is different from what people today call “friendship”) – in everyday life.
        I see this often in business. The first and most important screen I apply to people is whether I can trust them when things are bad. And if I can know that after they said they would cover something, I can go do other things, come back 6 months later, and they had it covered every minute of ever day, simply because they told me they would. For these people, I do the same. If I say I will cover something, do something, deliver on something, they do not have to question it. The end result is that we give each other the freedom to perform on task, and combined, we perform to achieve our objective.
        Some of you might find it surprising that these are not people that I drink with, hang out with, “party” with. These people are not part of my “fun” crowd. They could be fun, but our time together is far to valuable to worry about having fun. We have great humor among ourselves, the best kind of humor, because there is no bullshit among us. So, we might meet for lunch, spend 10 minutes cracking jokes and making each other roll on the floor splitting our guts (usually making fun of clueless idiots connected to our work), then we turn to what our objectives are, where we stand, how we can help each other, and what our plan is. When we check in along the way, we don’t waste time with the usual niceties, like “How are you?” “How is life, how is the family, blah blah blah.” We check on status of objective. We are brutally honest with each other. We do not worry for a second about hurting the feelings of the other because that is literally impossible between us.
        Actually, I only have 3 people in my life that fit this description. One of them I helped to get an assignment in a company in a foreign country in which I have a personal investment. I have complete trust in him. He has complete trust in me. When we talk, there is no bull shit. I can go 4, 5, 6, months, or longer, without worrying about what he is up to and without any communication with him at all. I simply know he is one task. I know that first he looks out for his interests, second my interests, and everyone else comes in a very distant third. When I need to know what is happening in that company, he communicate everything I need to know in 5 minutes. Because he knows what I need to know.
        I have never met his girlfriend or his kids (from bitch ex-wife). I do not know any of his family. I do not drink with him. I do not hang out with him. Yet, he is one of the men in this world with whom I have the closest bond.
        That is the way a true male bond works, in my opinion.
        If that seems lonely, it’s not, not when you really experience that type of bond. There are plenty of other people with whom to hang out, watch football, and so on. There is your real blood family. There are women for providing creature comforts and to satisfy libido.
        And then there are other men, all alphas, with whom you have a bond that you can trust and never have to question. A Beta is incapable of this bond.
        Once you know that bond, and have that bond, other men see it. They strive to earn that bond from you. Even powerful men will seek that bond from you; in fact, in particular powerful men will seek to earn that bond with you. Then they do things for you. You do things for them. But very few of these other men will measure up to anyone with whom you have that actual and real male alpha bond.

        1. It is also reminiscent of Aristotle’s discussion of the various forms of friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics. The true friendship, he says, is the rarest and most valuable.

  10. It is funny how often betas do your work for you, all the while thinking they are doing the opposite.

  11. Great article explaining the importance of the most important thing in human life: TIME. Real men understand the importance of it and don’t wait for women to “initiate”. A great way to screen women fast.
    And regarding Betas. Betas are and play the role of male girlfriends, white knights, manginas and emotional tampons in a woman’s life.
    Women instinctively know that all men want sex. The Beta rationalizes to himself that even though the female he seeks does not know it or should not be telegraphed to about sexual interest, lest she be scared away. He is scared of both losing her and of his own masculine sexuality when around her.
    Supplicating for sex is THE trait Betas are notorious for. True, a lot of modern married men in monogamous marriages, in different parts of the world are doing that. Another reason to believe that monogamy (“oneitis” – a mental disease which primarily affects Betas) is one of the underlying primary causes of why modern men are trained to become Betas. Monogamy invests too much power in women’s hands, and shift the balance in women’s favor. Modern (feminist) women exploit this “power” by acting as if sex is not a “conjugal right” anymore, but a “conjugal privilege” within a marriage. Reasons why game is necessary in marriage, and polygamy too.
    The slut who makes a Beta supplicate for sex before marriage will rarely sexually yield to him after marriage, if he ever marries her (in the hope that he could reform her and gain sexual access on a regular basis). It was, is and will always be a power game between men and women when it comes to sex.

    1. “Emotional Tampon” might be the best use of the English language I’ve seen in a while. Well done.

    2. Betas should be thrilled to have monogamy. If you take five women, four of them will be attracted to one man. Historically, somewhere around 30-50% of men died in war (something like that, I don’t remember the exact numbers), so you’d have an excess of women. Now, we don’t have that anymore. So if we still had polygamy, we’d have a bunch of men with zero girls which is a recipe for civil unrest. That is how I believe monogamy developed. Monogamy is a social construct designed to help men, not women.

  12. Honestly I’m sick of all this. I’ve discovered 90% of men out there are massive doormats who voluntarily love being stepped on by women. These are the men in power and nothing is going to change about that in our lifetimes. I don’t have a fetish in Asian women and going there for a long stint doesn’t interest me. Sigh, these are massively bad times and they are not going to get better anytime soon, at least within our lifetime.

    1. I like Asian women and wouldn’t mind living in Japan, Taiwan, or China for at least a year or so, but given that I’m Black, I can’t make that a reality. At least you have the option.

  13. Great article. I wish I had known this when I was in college.
    “Know yourself and seek self-improvement.”
    “Be technically and tactically proficient.”
    Those are definitely words to live by.

  14. I like the final part: “Never apologize for liking sex. Never apologize for wanting women. Never
    try to hide it behind a false face. Throw your dick on the table (not
    literally) and tell them to take it or leave it.”

    That sort of honesty and boldness is something that I’ve been contemplating. The silliness about “listening” and seeing a woman’s “inner beauty” before you can acknowledge wanting to fuck – all that shit from ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – is one of the last vestiges of blue pill beta that I’m scraping off.

  15. So every man should watch “The Tao of Steve”. Be desireless. Be excellent in her presence. Be gone.

  16. Best and most practical article I’ve read in a while. The nonchalant mindset is often the solution, and is surprisingly easy.

  17. Excellent article. Point #3 is derived from pure wisdom and experience.
    #5 is an excellent point for this site because there is a lot of focus on getting laid. There are more important things than sex, and when you genuinely realize that you will notice more opportunity knocking at your door. Remember, we hardly find what we are looking for.

  18. I think I can safely say, that most women just want to emotionally dump on men, women, cats etc.. as they find it impossible to shut up at any given time

  19. Great article with solid concrete points. I am no woman’s “friend”, nor will I wage a war for her affection, and I certainly won’t make her feel like a special princess by stoking her already burgeoning ego.

  20. I’m 20 years old and discovering the “red pill” and the manospher was one of the best things to happen to me in the last years.
    I’m really grateful for your advice. You and other manosphere writers helped me getting on the right path and acquiring the right mindset.

  21. Point 5 is so huge.
    Integrity. Being true to yourself and not apologizing for your wants and beliefs.
    It’s a virtue that’s been almost lost nowadays.

  22. Great advice if you want women, and to get out of beta behaviors, learn to stop chasing and to stop giving a fuck, and not worry about getting laid.

  23. “Throw your dick on the table (not literally) and tell them to take it or leave it”
    made me think of this:

  24. 6) Stop voting for White Knights that will take your money and give it to women for free stuff.
    7) Learn how to live while paying the minimum possible in taxes.
    8) Go to the damn gym.
    9) Stop jerking off to teen idols.

  25. 10. Always go for either the dirty sanchez, the angry pirate or the donkey punch within the first 3 bangs.
    11. Never give a girl your real name when you can get away with using a cheeky pseudonym, such as Ray P. Johnson or Dick Manschaft.
    12. Where possible and after the receipt of the rape-insurance SMS, discuss the encounter loudly with friends and ask her if she wouldn’t mind sorting them out too.

    1. i think 10 might be going a bit far… but certainly you have to work very quickly on establishing sexual boundaries that make youporn look tame…. you’d be amazed at how quickly even a good girl will do the most filthy sex antics if she likes you… if you don’t capitalise on that in the first 10+ encounters, it’s all downhill from there and she will start establishing her own set of boundaries… at the end of the day a female only needs one load to get pregnant, the rest is about keeping the man happy…. so the more demanding you are, the more of a whore you can have…. and whatsmore she will enjoy being as filthy as you like… and even get hooked on it and demand more….
      12. is an interesting one that i haven’t tried out myself, but i am sure that once you’d got the chick under control, you can pimp her out to your buddies either for cash or just for kicks…. or both…… you could also swap her with another guys wife, get her into chicks, have her bring girlfriends around etc…. long term though, as the notch counts increase the loyalty decreases…. so you do have a strictly disposable asset…

    1. Find a mentor. Workout. Expand you interests. Read.
      Robert Greene. Art of seduction and 48 laws of power.
      Psychology book. I hate you don’t leave me. Personality disorders are normal traits taken to an extreme. Sometimes the extremes are easier to see than the lesser norms.
      Psychology book. Talking to anxiety. Both for yourself and talking to women.
      Books on hypnosis, with a focus on Erikson techniques. You’re not going to hypnotize a women into sex unless she already wants to or you’re very good but learning how to talk and why to talk that way is important.
      Should I see if roosh is up for an article on this?

  26. Great truths in this article.
    You didnt mention it, because it goes without saying. For us. However there are those who need it spoken out loud.
    The advice in this article is great but it does apply to people with passive VALUE.
    Or in other words it helps those who are already quite good.
    If you are young, with no money, no house, no muslce and all you do is watching TV, play video games and sometimes drink beer, then my friend you need to face the ugly truth first.
    You have to have some value to attract female attention. Thats rule #1 – improve yourself.
    As your passive value increases, you will attract hotter and hotter babes.
    THEN you can apply rule #2. It comes from abundance.
    If even fatty mcmanjaw would rather go home to her cats than talk to you, you have failed rule #1. Fix it first.
    This may time. A year or even years (plural) – in the meantime it may be better to pay for sex than to settle with an ugly chick who will rape your ass court later.
    Rule #3 comes from experience. You have lived in abundance for a while and you got laid frequently. You KNOW you can get fresh pussy as needed. You KNOW your body is attractive and you can pull your own weight financially.
    Thats called inner strength. Find it, and you will never again let a woman be the “man” in your life. You are.
    Rule #4 applies at the same time as rule #3.
    You see betas and you think to yourself: “Holy crap! This is no man, this guy is acting like a girl. No wonder he cant get laid. If a girl is desperate enough to spend time with this dude, she is not worth my time chasing her.”
    Rule #5 finaly comes from getting so much action that you do not care.
    If you have had sex 3 to 5 times a week, every week, for 5+ years you do no longer care. If you get laid today fine. If you dont have sex today, you will be able to do an extra round or 2 rounds tomorrow. No big deal.
    Also you will get picky. If you know you can have quality sex with an 8, why bother with this 6.5 who may or may not be good in bed for hours. If SHE does not qualify, you have better things to do with your time.
    Once you are there, you made it. If you are not, you can try to fake it. Works. Sort of. Its better to do it right and get that rule #1 done right.

    1. Another thing about passive value, it is heavily determined by genetics.
      if you are 5’3 and average looking(facially), no matter how much you improve yourself, you are not getting laid by hot chicks. You have access to fatties if you area shorty though, but that is no way to live.
      I’m just greatful I’m 5’11 and good looking,

      1. For a man looks is only worth about 15% (1/7) of your total sexual market value. Things like social skills, money, reputation etc all count.
        For a woman you would be right, looks is worth 90% for her.

        1. nah man, looks is worth 90% for a woman too, like height is way more important that social skills and reputation. I know, I’m tall and good looking and that is crucial to do well in clubs.

        2. I hit a wall at around 28. Mainly because I wouldn’t date divorcees, women with kids (I didn’t have any of my own so why take on someone else’s?) Or women who weren’t in shape.I was in shape so I expected the same. I eventually learned I had to alter my game. Once I got that sorted I had more hook ups and dating then I ever had previously. Mainly in the 18-23 range I shifted to getting women to approach, relied heavily on social circle game (not friends Per se but being a regular at places, generated competition (had to, for a while I had some younger ones hesitant to hook up because they always figured the could do it later. Three got pregnant from someone else and tried setting their hat on me. Didn’t work) and most important, escalating to sex as quickly as possible not just for the competitive aspect, but also because at that point it hooked them into wanting more, both sexually and from a relationship aspect. Being in shape, and it doesnt matter if its runner or lifter is the single biggest thing you can do. The next is wardrobe, and just needs to fit the image you want to project. Khakis and black v neck t shirts were staples for me. Be interesting and diverse and also understand, even if you don’t use it, current slang and trends. Genetics are way in the back somewhere behind decent job or at least job skills.

  27. Bahahahahahaha!!!! I’ve never seen so many insecure men in one place. Just so you know there are girls out there who seek your dumb asses out just to destroy you, out of boredom, of course. It’s like sex so us. I can’t/won’t apologize for liking/wanting to castrate you publicly.

    1. I’m a woman, and I have to admit, that statement doesn’t do anything but make you sound whorish. Better luck next lay.

  28. Number 5 is absolutely true. The most heartwrenching and intriguing thing you can do to a girl is say “nah” when she throws pussy your way. I was a beta at 16 years old until I figured that out. I had a g/f that had suggested we had sex (and I was a virgin and scared shitless I get her pregnant or something) and said “nah, I don’t want to go that far now, maybe later.”
    Well, if that didn’t get her to call me every freaking day and ask for me to come over – I got a lot of oral sex. Never went all the way with her either, no matter how much she begged, and I used that lesson many times to get it.

  29. Blanket blog boys,I think that you all are going to have to resign yourselves to being lifetime losers. You just don’t have the genes to be a success with females.You’ll have to set your sights lower. Perhaps that chubby somewhat fugly girl who works at checkout at the supermarket. Or that 30 something 180 pounder with the hairhat and with 5 kids in the ‘hood.At least she’s getting welfare money and foodstamps and you can steal her food and won’t go hungry. Stop trying for that blonde 10 who doesn’t even see you or if she does thinks she’s seen a bedbug and screams. Boys, this is your life.

      1. I once sat through two hours of hell by watching the sex and the city movie just to get anal from a woman. That was the deal. I kept my promise. She keep her promise. The sex was great. As for the movie? I’d rather be sodomized by rabid hamsters while storming the beach at Normandy. I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater while using salt as a lubricant. I’d rather swim the English Channel in concrete boxer briefs.
        Seriously, you think none of us have seen sex and the city and those rotten crotch women? Mr Big, were he truly a big man instead of a bad penis joke, would not have put up with any of her bullshit for more than a week. Simply put, their relationship was not healthy and for that reason alone he should have bailed.
        Here’s my advice for you. Go to amazon.com and find a book called ‘I hate you, don’t leave me.” I hope it helps you.

  30. Wow… Best article on the site in the minute. I love his succinct thinking and writing. Agree with it all.

  31. shadapar
    “What, specifically, can we as older (perhaps wiser) men do to wake up those who are willing to listen?”
    As the only man in the world who has had the guts to video record a family and publish all family court documents in to a book what you do is give the lad a link to the book. Let them know that this is what goes on in the family courts with the FULL AGREEMENT of all politicians who know about this, nearly ALL WOMEN who know about this and well more than 99% of MEN who know about this.
    It is not enough to say to a young man “the family courts are biased and young might get screwed over”. You have to show them that more than 99.5% of people in the west openly support “5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man”.
    The Truth Be Told was written to shove the fact that men are treated criminally, as less than dogs, in the family law courts so far down their throat with all the proof attached to it that they can no longer deny the institutionalised misandry of their society.
    And please note I have been asking men to simply pass along links to my books for three years now. That is too much to ask. Men say “I want to help the lads” and then they refuse to do so or imagine that their own advice is so much better than court videos and transcripts….something that no other man in the world has had the guts to do.
    If men really wanted to help the lads? They would be ramming down their throats the “5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man” message until he realised that “my cupcake agrees with this too”. After all? You are dispensing advice yourself but you are vulnerable and currently subject to the criminal family courts via being foolish enough to have a child with a woman without rescinding your consent to be governed.

  32. this article is a recipe for cheating.
    If you aren’t a friend and partner to an eastern woman with long hair who has got game, you will find yourself dumped when she meets prince charming from dubai. The problem is many American men canr’t read the friendzone. In other parts of the world women dont watch the Kardashians reality tv and go shopping. They argue politics, soccer/hockey, art, literature. A civilized men has platonic female “literary friends” to discuss literature,politics, revolution, philosophy, etc.
    Women abroad will spend the most time with the friend with the intellectual connection. If its a man and not you: 50% of emotional affairs become physical ones. the main reason women cheat is a lack of connection with their man. I don’t know how faithful the author’s girlfriend will be.
    Men don’t get sometimes friendship means a woman wants to be courted and gets to know you. Sometimes its a polite way of a woman saying… your game sucks so badly, I’d rather sleep with my grandmother if I had a choice than you. Girls are raised to be polite. My advice: flirt. See if she responds. If not add her on LinkedIn and you might use her contacts in the future. She could be a great wingwoman.Do not hang out with her if attracted.
    Its better to project a strong identity and get women who can have a lasting intellectual connection. beat the competition. Have some hobbies that arent mainly male related and be passionate about them and kick ass.
    Don’t just be a friend. Be a groomed hot horny friend with a strong identity projection. Friendship allows you to court, test the water. She doesnt respond, tell her you are single and get her to introduce you to her friends. An intro from a woman makes women more interested in you than a cold approach.
    As for youth, balance youth and brains or you wont like the balance in your bank account.

  33. “We ended up talking in the coffeehouse for several hours that night”
    This sounds beta. Please elaborate.

    1. Generally you need to talk to someone before you can proceed to anything else. Fundamental fact of life.

  34. Tip No. 6: Stop acting like you deserve a 9/10 when you know you’re not bringing more than a 5 yourself.
    I swear, men stay acting like they deserve a beautiful woman. It doesn’t matter if they look like Quasimodo and live in their mom’s basement.

    1. Truth: It doesn’t matter one bit how attractive a man is. His value isn’t set by his physical appearance.

      1. As a woman I will say that looks still matter for women. We’re just not horn dogs about it. That’s why a lot of “nice guys” can’t get the 9/10 women they want. I’m in shape and I spend time and effort to stay that way and look nice (I was heavy growing up and had to work like hell to lose it). If he can’t do the same it says a lot about him, and I’m not interested. Getting a haircut, a shave, and putting on a decent outfit goes a long ways. Long story short, be what you want to attract. If you look like crap and want a 9 or a 10 work on it. If you can’t be that, there’s nothing wrong with average looking women. They have better personalities and more to bring to the table.

        1. So let’s get this straight with the logic on display, boys:
          –> Says that average-looking women “have better personalities and bring more to the table” than the 9s and 10s.
          –> But thinks that if an average-looking guy doesn’t spend time to stay in shape and look nice “it says a lot about him and I’m not interested.”
          Take heed, fellas. This is the sort of logic and double standard you’re going to be dealing with out there, same standard where a post-30 woman like Skye1220 proclaims she’s fearless and independent until they demand chivalry and deference from their partners. But hey: going by her posting history, Skye reckons “A woman is more emotional than a man so she needs the compliments more,” so why should we be surprised?

  35. Doubt the validity of the half-asian girl story. Every website I go to with some guy professing he has the answers to pick up women always incorporate some variation of this story. “I was just sitting there, with my legs crossed, chillin’, watching all the betas beg for her acceptance, and then, she looked over, and it was as if she saw a ray of light shine down from heaven upon me, because I was sitting there, unphased by her beauty, projecting an aura of complete BOSS, and she hit on me. Of course, five minutes later, I had wrapped around me like a pretzel in the bed of my mom’s station wagon.” Gets a bit repetitive reading these guys “tips.” It’s not complicated to meet women. Just be yourself, and for those of you who haven’t the life experience to really understand what that means, when you approach a woman, whatever you want to say, say it, whatever you want to do, do it, just don’t do anything crazy and get arrested. If she reacts to you, then she likes you. If not, move on, because even though you may have been able to “project” or “trick” her into thinking you’re something your not to get her, she doesn’t respect you, she respects the character your portraying. Common sense.

  36. Wow, killer article. So many simple truths that can remind someone to stay focused and always keep the eyes on the prize. Simple reaffirmations like this keep all of us strong willed and our priorities straight. Thank you.

  37. The guy that wrote this article sounds like a typical asshole that women like me avoid. I prefer betas to alphas. Alphas are asshats looking to get laid. Only the insecure, dumb, bimbo type women chase men. If a guy is truly a nice guy, he should date and pursue a nice girl. Nice girls are the equivalent to the nice guy. She’s that girl that like to hang out with the guys, and she offers you her sympathy and advice when you get dumped by the hot girl. Every nice guys has at least one of these girls in his social circle. He just doesn’t notice her because he’s too busy chasing the dumb bimbo. My advice to these type of guys is like is only attracted to like in that situation. If she’s hot, she wants an equally hot guy. Stop wasting your time on the dumb ass, let her date her own kind and fail over and over again, and date the nice girl in your shadows. She’s the one who will love you for who you are and can most relate to you.

    1. Hmm, voted her own comment up. And based on posting history, this one’s a post-30 Wall impact victim who has no interest in kids at all, having drunk deep of the feminist Kool-aid that a meaningless place on the consumerist hamster wheel is preferable to family.
      Don’t be surprised when a woman says she prefers beta guys, fellas: that’s because said betas are unlikely to call her on any of her bullshit. They’re not at all interested in the “equal” relationship they profess to aspire to, and — as this reply demonstrates — they’re jealous and deeply resentful of any woman who outranks them in the looks department.

  38. Being a casual freind is ok. But if you ask a girl out, and she “just wants to be freinds,” then drop all contact. If you take her up on it and try to be a casual freind, she’ll accuse you of stalking and harrassing her.

  39. “Stop caring if you get laid or not.”
    If I don’t care, I just stay inside and I don’t get laid. Ever.
    If I’m to go out to work on some game, it’s going to be in order to get laid. Eventually. Down the road. But damn well to get laid. Not to go to a coffeehouse. I can make my beverages.

  40. Great advice for any area of life. Ironically, when men act like this, most women will fall all over themselves to “catch” him. They always want what they think they can’t have.

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