In The End, Positivity Is The Only Way To Win

 “Make the most of yourself… for that is all there is of you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Return of Kings we tend to focus on the dysfunctional aspects of society. By focusing on these issues we acclimate ourselves to the decline of a once traditional and functional time.

It is clear many of these topics are based upon negativity, because our society is currently headed there. And, interestingly, negativity can be a powerful force that enlightens, educates and even motivates. But too much of it can cause destruction.

Human beings are dynamic and powerful creatures. Countless historic examples illustrate this power of human will. This is how our society was built; by people with visions of greatness, and of realities that were not yet theirs. Draw inspiration from this and refuse to let negativity affect you. The human mind is powerful enough to adapt to any situation it is presented. We can and should remain positively focused.

It may sound cliché, but there is power and potential within all of us. We can focus on this and revive the greatness of our forefathers, who built this society from the ground up.

The key to doing this lies in the power of The Grind.

The Grind

“When you’re not pursuing your goal, you are literally committing spiritual suicide.” -Les Brown

Solace is found in the redemptive powers of hard work and triumph. The motivation to achieve comes from a place of dissatisfaction, a desire to change the reality you are currently experiencing. That’s how everything in our current life came to fruition. It all started with varying degrees of dissatisfaction.

The process of changing your reality starts with one step. The full change occurs over many small steps, lasting an extended period of time until the goal is achieved. This is The Grind. There is nothing I enjoy more than grunting out that last rep in the gym or finishing the last part of a writing piece. The feeling of overcoming something on a daily basis is unmatched. You feel cleansed, as if nothing else matters.

When you are on a mission, when you are striving to reach your goals and dreams, all emotional and spiritual matters fall into place. The power of The Grind should not wasted.


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” -William Penn

Time is the most precious commodity. No amount of money, power, or influence will get it back. You have a predetermined amount and that is it.

Despite this fact, I would say that most people don’t value their time. They spend their days watching television, movies, or Netflix while browsing social media. They walk places as if they have nowhere to go. They live as if they will never die.

Do not be one of these people. Your time is your most precious asset, and you should treat it as such.

Tunnel Vision

In these turbulent times what can you do? How do you stay on your path when it seems the world is in turmoil?

You must become the center of the storm. Your job, your school, your girlfriend, and your friends are all supplementary. Do not watch the news. Do not watch television or movies. They’re all a distraction. If it takes away from your goals or does damage to your life, it should be cut out.

What we allow to enter our minds helps create our current reality. And our current reality will create our desired reality. So it follows that what you think will determine your future. The mind is a powerful thing, and so you must mold it to your benefit.

And this is a lot easier than you think. When you dedicate yourself to something, truly pouring your whole being into it, all else falls away. The Grind is powerful because you are living honestly. You are only doing what is most important to you. You see only your purpose, and your mind and body adjust accordingly. You feel complete as you empty all energy onto the battlefield. You know there is nothing more you can do at the moment to get closer to your dreams.

The purpose of this article is not solely to motivate. It is to reiterate the capabilities of not only you, but Return of Kings as a whole. There are plentiful amounts of intelligence and potential in the articles and comments I read here. If we all go after our goals with the vigor that I know we are capable of, we will thrive in these times.

I am not ready to succumb to cynicism just yet, and you shouldn’t be either. The path to achieving your goals is not an easy one, but it is worth it. You must be willing to see the positive, value your time, and shut out the noise.

And ultimately, you must embrace The Grind.

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36 thoughts on “In The End, Positivity Is The Only Way To Win”

  1. Great post. People today tend to want a lot of things, yet are unwilling to put in the work. Instead they choose the easy way of short term gratification, which is not the path to success.
    The grind has a connotation of work, but in this context, it means your struggle to attain whatever your goals are.

    1. That’s exactly right, I think that with people taking the easy route all the time they lose patience with the process of hard work and determination. Everybody wants instant results without appreciating the struggle and what they can get from it

    2. It’s the same concept with feminists. They want all of these rights given to them for free. (Of course their wants shouldn’t be granted regardless, but you know what I mean) All feminists want is to be men without responsibility or succeeding without experiencing the difficulty first. All they do is whine and boycott.
      Alphas are feminist’s weakness. We don’t buy their pettiness and bullshit like all the other sheep in the herd, and simply due to the fact our authoritative presence makes them bow down.

  2. The Grind is key. Some days, no progress is made but you must show up and get it done. Other days success comes from unlikely places. To keep going is to learn more, and to be ready.

    1. In my opinion the grind is the last thing you want. There is no solace in it. What you want is meaningful work that contributes towards your goal. Simply grinding away day after day and getting nowhere is as much of a waste of time as spending your time watching TV.

      1. bob,
        I’m getting ready for a 12 hour day at my office where I own the building and the operating company. I have two new employees that need training, marketing calls, internet / website maintenance, sales calls, preparing for meetings on Wednesday and Thursday and a host of other activities too long to list. Yesterday morning I had to change out the batteries in all the smoke alarms.
        You are right in that I take no solace in my day to come. However, my companies are growing and I will grind out each day doing things that are exciting in addition to those that are dull and boring.
        In the balance, I take great pride and satisfaction in what my business partner and I have accomplished. Grinding out is the accumulation of experience, value and preparation for tomorrow. We recently started marketing our products nationwide and opened a second office. I drove a rental truck full of furniture 800 miles to the new office and humped the pieces in with the help of an employee.
        Grinding it out involves doing what is necessary to succeed which often times is tedious and repetitive. You know: blood, sweat and tears.
        Have you heard the maxim that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert? Try grinding out that.

        1. HAHA Silly Goyim spending 10,000 hours in tears to become “expert”.
          When you own the press, you can just say you are expert 🙂

  3. The grind isn’t the hard part, it’s the justification and goal of the grind.
    “He who has a why to live for, can do with any how.” -Nietzsche

  4. A regular lifting schedule is something I’ve incorporated into the daily grind and has paid off tremendously. It really hit me when my buddy from the gym coined this very phrase;”It’s just part of the daily grind.”
    The more regular you make your goal, the more consistently others see you being absolute with your daily grind, it too becomes infectious to them. The more I lift, the more the others who regularly lift maintain consistency. Embrace the daily grind.

  5. Truth. After almost 50 years the single most important piece of advice I can give young men is simply;
    Be relentless.
    I can’t tell you the number of times I have watched promising young men let their potential slip through their fingers simply by not finishing what they started.
    And, perhaps even more powerful an example are the ‘average’ guys who have achieved great success simply by sticking at it – consistently. Even when no one else cared if a task got finished or not. It mattered to them – and that was all that mattered – being able to go home at night and know that you had held yourself to your own standards. And met them. This is how you build the skills, confidence and reputation that will allow you start to take the path you want rather than the one society maps out for you.
    Be relentless.

    1. “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
      Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with
      talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
      Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence
      and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved
      and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
      Calvin Coolidge

      1. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”
        W. C. Fields

  6. I’m a day away from finishing a milestone project and this is really pumping me up, thanks for the great article

  7. I think the Grind is key, and is probably the main reason for my success professionally, BUT, the Grind will only carry you so far, which may be perfectly fine by the way. Here’s why: Charisma, personal attributes that others like/dislike, and of course, race/gender, will often be the tipping point for those teetering on the edge of big success and “success” (like middle management), regardless of the years at the grist mill. May I recommend that for many other 40-something men, continue ‘grinding’ and doing your work, but turn your focus to other things as you age (beyond career). Find satisfaction in the house you built at work, but dissatisfaction in other areas of life: Learn new skills (like carpentry, language, etc) and develop new and better relationships with others (your kids, a local sports league, etc). There is a certain joy to reaching a certain level of financial success, and professional standing, but at some point, stepping back (or aside) and NOT being that guy who is now not working 50 hours a week, but who got the $10k raise instead of you and is working 70 hours a week…while you turn your attention to personal growth and the development of other talents; as well as improve your relationships with other men, and your children.

    1. Agreed.
      I think there comes a point in every man’s life when time becomes more valuable than money. The thing is, you are only able to indulge in the ‘switch’ you mention (which interestingly is what I am engaged in at the moment) if you have pushed yourself when younger. Switching your focus to ‘lower productivity’ areas is difficult if you have not established either yourself first.
      It is imo, incumbant on us older guys, who have tasted failure and success, to bring the young ‘ums along, show them the way. Many will not make the cut, but many others currently go through life without even knowing what they were capable of. It’s on us to stop that happening.

  8. Great Article!!
    Sometimes I wonder why we all still hold onto the labels of beta vs alpha. It is clear, those that stick around on this site, barring a few, are here to speak to other men about issues that concern them, that they can learn from, or can enrich their lives in a positive way. It should be clear that beta is more code for a man who was taught to shy away from standing his ground and that his honesty equaled those of the people he associates with. This is a site, thankfully, that has much room for growth, both as a manly space, and as a place of improvement for all who enter. Not that it isn’t good already. I gladly read articles here daily. It is nice to see articles on what we can immediately improve on to make our lives better. And that isn’t to say these aren’t known but a tragic side effect of the space we share in America is, we tend to not share opinions on improvement other than clichés. It is very reinforcing to see other people similar to, combating similar issues to you, along with you. Like an actual camaraderie.

  9. Nice video! Suggestions after got me stuck on Arnold Scwarzenneger Mr. Olympia videos, that guy always motivates me.

  10. Sick and tired of ROK becoming a website of workaholics. “Let’s all love “The Grind” and accept it as our own”….I mean what the fuck happened to loving enjoyment, relaxation, vacations, leisure time, chilling, joking, watch a good movie?
    If you fall in love with “The Grind”, that’s all your fucking going to get in life. I’m gonna fall in love with all the fun, enjoyable things in life instead.

    1. You soumd like most of women who puts short term happiness over long one.The Grind is for ones who want to achieve something. You have to make sacrifice for example get hammered with friend or work over working on your project which could make solid money. Tl;dr – theres free time section in timetable but dont make that it becomes regular time wasting.

    2. You, and realist below, are both the extreme opposites of each other. None of us need either of your “opinions.”
      Forever working hard, or hardly working are not any way to live.
      Hard work in pursuit of a goal is not just noble, but a necessary portion of the human character. But it is not the end all of all things a human must do.
      Leisure and relaxation are definitely necessary so one can value what their work is, spend time with family (or even have one), and come back to one’s pursuit with perhaps a new direction, and renewed sense of purpose.
      To spend one’s life working till you drop dead, or pursuing only frivulous “adventures” with loose women that anyone with the right amount of money can have are goals that are neither noble, nor truly ambitious.
      And these “goals” seem to predominate with most here.
      These books, like The Economist, are representative of a time where people did not have as much as we did, and did what they had to to get by and survive.
      To understand where one is going, they have to understand where they have been. We have lost a piece of ourselves, and this Pleasure Island that feminists have left us, is merely so we do not take away their Vanity Fair. Men and women deserve something more than trifles and ignoble pursuits.
      They need life.
      Life is neither gained, nor given, but pursued.
      The pursuit is hard work. Leisure is much like retreating from the battle in order to plan your next steps. But that kind of leisure allows one to still progress.
      To eat, drink, and enjoy the work we do.

      1. Where did feminism come in all this? “These books, like The Economist”??
        Wow, this dude is tripping hard. I shall avoid replying.

  11. This advice would be much better recieved if, like our forebears, we had someplace new to GO to accomplish what we mean to do. a new colony, a new nation, hell, a new planet if neccessary.
    The spirit of exploration and pioneering could be alive and well if only we had someplace to pioneer AT.

  12. I like grinding. When I am forced out of my own country and flee to Siberia, where perhaps people haven’t heard of me, I grind. When I age out of being a PUA and become a MGMOW, I grind.

  13. This is a very surprising article. I’m fortunate to have read it.
    I’ve been engaging in a lot of negativity, particularly online racial arguments. If I didn’t live in St. Louis right now I’d be a little more optimistic.
    But that’s what I’m going to do for the most part from now in ( I’m going to try, at least). I’m going to stop with the racial discussions, the negativity, the worry, and the fear, and focus in the good.
    Thanks for this article.

  14. Also work very hard to
    not carry any bad debt….and know your rights and don’t be affraid to ask for
    help or info if you don’t know.
    I fucked up 7 years
    ago….x wife need i say more. I ended up with a condo i didn’t want in a place
    i didn’t want….i once had a savings account…i once had a fun life…..but
    now i have a big mortgage and one income…thank you x wife. I finally fired my
    POS lawyer and talked to another lawyer and got some good advice…..stop
    paying your secondary mortgage that you used to buy your home for you x wife
    with 100% barrowed money.
    Now here is the deal…I
    have an MBA from a good university…i graduated with a good GPA and lead an
    office and have about $100million in contracts under me…I thought i
    understood business law and finance….and i had missed this! I was paying $1k
    on a note that was no secure….because i was a good person?
    I wasted 5 years of my
    life and all of my savings to keep a good credit score…I make over
    100k…screw the credit score! I’ve now paid off all of my credit card debt,
    next i’m going to pay off what little of my student loans i have left. And I’m
    going to refy my place at a lower rate for another 30 years…..and then I’m
    going to rent it our at a slight loss….and I’m going to go off and rent a nice
    place near the big city and enjoy life!
    The difference between a
    boy and a man is that a man knows when he doesn’t know…and has the balls to ask
    and do the research…don’t be a boy…be a man! Save yourself….time is not
    something you have a lot of!

  15. I would hesitate to tell people not to watch TV. This is akin to telling people not to relax or have fun. There is nothing per se wrong with watching TV. The issue is simply wasting time generally and achieving nothing with your life.
    I have achieved a lot in my life, far more than the average person. I think I deserve to watch a TV show once in a while.

  16. I find no solace in hard work. I find solace in the rewards of smart work. The short snatches of time away from work, the moments of pleasure. This is what I work for.
    A man works to live, he does not live to work.

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