Why Game Will Never Die

You haven’t seen many game articles from me in the past year, creating the impression that I quit the game entirely and am ready to renounce my previous books Bang and Day Bang. Many religiously minded men suspect I’ve found God or experienced a spiritual awakening. The plainer truth is that I still use game every single day, not to gain notches or casual sex, but within the dynamic of a relationship. From this new experience, I’m convinced that game is just as essential to maintaining relationships with non-sluts, especially in the modern age.

Approach game vs relationship game


For over ten years I used “approach game,” where I would cold approach women, present the most attractive version of myself based on my understanding of the true nature of women, and apply logistical tactics to seal the deal quickly and efficiently. This style of game has helped thousands of men with their sex life, whether their goal was to gain a notch or enter a relationship.

As many people predicted, I got tired of sleeping with random women. My dopamine receptors burned out to where I saw no point in duplicating sexual experiences and pursing notches with sluts. I also began to feel degraded from putting my phallus in so many dirty women who I had no respect for. So I changed course and eased into a monogamous relationship with a girl who meets my standards and has stronger values.

Even though I don’t approach women anymore, I’m still using game. I’m hyper-conscious about my girl’s behavior and actions along with my own, and I work at managing the gap between our nature and self-interest in a way that ensures our relationship is successful.

While this relationship isn’t the same as approaching ten girls in the club every night, it still uses the same part of my brain, along with skills that carry over from juggling many women at once. In terms of the differences, approach game requires more balls, grit, and energy while relationship game requires more emotional control and leadership.

I met my current girl through approach game, so for me to denounce that would be the same as wishing my relationship never would have happened. Approach game is a tool that is extremely useful for men who are introverted or lack a robust social circle while living in a large city (i.e. any man who has moved away from his hometown after high school). For these men, knowing how to approach women is just about required to meet a girl on the same socio-attractiveness level as him.

This doesn’t mean that my past writing is without flaws. If I were to write my game books all over again, I would make two changes:

1. Focus less on encouraging notch-building and “banging.” Building notches is not an effective long-term method to building your masculinity or confidence. For a time, however, I really thought that banging a lot of girls was the answer to happiness, and now that I see it’s not, I can advise men on what I learned and how—after a period of necessary experience—game should be used more as a tool than a lifestyle.

2. Advise men to stay away from mentally unstable girls. My advice did push men to sleeping with girls who were extremely promiscuous. The problem with this type of female is that they have issues that could cause men a lot of problems, ranging from stalking to false rape accusations. I want to focus more on keeping men out of harm’s way.

Most men would suffer without basic game knowledge

sad man

If you are a man living in the United States and are not in the top 10% in terms of attractiveness, and don’t have some innate knowledge of approach game or relationship game, there’s a good chance you won’t lose your virginity until your early 20’s or beyond. Even with my recent embrace of more traditional values, you can’t entirely skip out on game, because we no longer live in a traditional world, as the neomasculinity manifesto describes.

I mentioned this fact in my State Of Man speech last year (speech transcript is included in my book Free Speech Isn’t Free):

It now takes hundreds of hours of game work and self-improvement work to enter a sexual relationship with a girl who is good looking. Did your dad have to put in a hundred hours to meet your mom? My dad had to take a shower every day. (Laughter and clapping.) Is that enough now? (No.) A shower every day… come on.

Using traditional behavior on women who are non-traditional may get you killed, and I do mean that in a literal sense if you consider all the men who commit suicide after getting divorce raped by modern wives they attempted to treat in a traditional manner. Even celebrities like Robin Williams, who hung himself because of a bad divorce, are not immune.

If I were to tell men right now not to use game and just be a traditional man like their grandfathers, I’d be sending them to their doom. It would be nothing short of betrayal. I’m sure many of you want to be traditional, as I do, but unless you hit the lottery and find a traditional girl in some conservative pocket of America who is immune from the negative influences around her, you’re stuck with women who have toxic progressive ideas in their minds that can only be screened, tamed, and managed with logical game application.

I’m not going to tell you right now to hit the nightclub, get drunk, and bring home a slut, but I will say that it is just about essential for you to have the ability to start conversations with women, maintain attraction, and steer female behavior in a focused way that ensures a successful relationship. Your father or grandfathers didn’t have to acquire these manually, and a lucky few of you reading right now possess natural talents or a favorable locale that allow you to skip out on game learning entirely, but most of you, like myself, need to be taught this knowledge.

My future game writing will focus on meeting girls who are less promiscuous than average and how to maintain relationships with them. Until we revert back to a traditional society, men are going to need game, and if they choose me as their teacher I will be blunt to them about their prospects. As much as we wish we can just be ourselves or be an honorable man, those days are long gone, meaning that today’s man needs game more than ever.

This article was originally written on Roosh V.

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408 thoughts on “Why Game Will Never Die”

  1. I realize much of the change Roosh is talking about is because of his maturing through his experiences and naturally changing with age. But I also wonder how much of it is a result of the ever-more-rapidly changing society around us.
    Game will never die because it has to be as fluid as the continually shifting, scrambling, adapting, reinventing, devolving, spinning hamster.

    1. Nah, he’s just growing up. I went through the same thing, in an ostensibly much saner environment.

  2. I come from a conservative family so they want me married in the next few years. This is one of my biggest concerns. My knowledge of game is decent, my experience however, almost non existent lol that’s another story. My mother is really pushing marriage on me and I try to point out all these terrible examples of women but she doesn’t budge. It’s not that I’m against marriage but as everyone here knows, the options of honest old school wholesome women is very rare. It’s a shitty time period for millennials that want to follow a conservative lifestyle when everyone and their daughters are riding the carousal.

    1. The more women you meet and bed the more difficult it will be for you to commit to one. Listen to your mother.
      All the supposed alphas from high school who had a harem of girls ended up marrying way down from what people expect from them.

      1. Yup once i get a taste of that lifestyle I don’t think I’d want to stop. Finding a good women to marry, thats another journey in itself.

        1. Correct. You’d become disillusioned with all women in general and miss the few good ones left.

    2. From your post, it sounds like you live close to your family and they are very influential in your life. This isn’t a terrible thing, but it sounds like there are experiences you may miss out on. Believe it or not, family members, even ones who want what’s best for you, can hold you back.
      I would recommend moving away from home and experiencing the world a bit. I’m not advising banging a bunch of skanks (which it sounds like you’re not looking to do), but meet new people, challenge yourself, and add a little separation from your family so you don’t feel suffocated by them. Take control. It is your life, after all, not theirs.

      1. Yeah your right. I’m in a transition period from dropping out of college (business management degree) to actually having my own business. Its up and down but once I hit my short term goals I’m definitely moving out and getting my own place. A lot to see in the world that I’ve been sheltered from thus far.

        1. Wrong again. Don’t move out, housing is expensive. Instead concentrate on your business. Even if you get married bring the woman in your family home. Let your mother boss her around for the first couple of years while you get your business off the ground. Then make a baby and move out.
          You’ll thank me later.

      1. That’s what I say, but my family is old school. My grandmother was married in her late teens. They have a long lasting tradition for marrying us early in my family. Not many other families operate like this which gives you all these women stilling jumping from men to men even after hitting the wall.

        1. It was normal throughout history for women to marry early, but not men. Aristotle said the ideal age for marriage is 37 for a man and 18 for a woman. I wouldn’t think about it much until you’re at least that old.

    3. Yeah it is a sad day and age for guys who don’t buy into all the shit happening today.
      I sure as shit find it hard to do what alot of guys do and just dive into the bargain basement pussy buffet, where an assortment of lowlifes had scribbled their mark in semen not long before.

      1. But those women are beautiful just the way they are! Thats what feminism is about! lol The standard is so low nowadays. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. There used to be so much pride and value between men and women. But back then you didnt have such a degenerate culture.

        1. Feminism is a misnomer, you’d think an ideology that encourages women to be anything but feminINE, would be called something else.

  3. This article is telling me Roosh is growing up. After 13 years of marriage, I too use game, albeit has changed dramatically. I flirt with my wife, and with a waitress on occasion. She loves to be treated like an object, when we are in private. Stay classy, stay in shape, Keep her on her toes.

    1. That’s my view. Going on 8 years myself soon. Totally worth it, if you meet a high quality woman. IF you had a job like I did, military or lots of travel, it is hard to do. Possible, but many pit falls. Especially if you accidentally acquired a slut waiting to happen.

      1. In many ways, I think relationship game is tougher. Granted, she will be there tonight, but how to get her to change her mind on something so she thinks it is her idea. How do you keep from becoming a white knight and avoid being a jerk at the same time? How do you keep her libido up?
        My dad is a good man, but a total white knight. I don’t want to live life as a servant in a dull marriage like he is. I look at my grandfather’s life, and he was always teasing my grandma, flirting with waitresses, and having a fun life. He would occasionally bring her flowers, and whey would dress up and go out, even in their 80’s. When my grandma died, he went on a 2 month drinking binge. Then about a year later he died. Life is short.

        1. Yeah, but the contrast is striking. You granddaddy really lived. His son, your father, slaved away for a cruel mistress of someone else.

        2. As far as I know, both are faithful to each other. My mom however, did let herself go and did become rather “entitled”. They are still married after 50+ years, so being the white knight might work out, but I sure don’t envy my dad.

        3. Yeah, every so often I have to challenge my wife when her crap starts pissing me off. Also, if you let yourself go, you can’t be surprised when she does. If he is still fit, and she is not, he has leverage he is clearly not using. So I assume she has his balls if not. Sorry, that sucks.

        4. One thing I do is flirt with the waitress or cashier. Nothing serious, just an innuendo or a smile. It ticks my wife off, but it keeps her hamster wheel turning. Women thrive on competition. There is no way that I would cheat on her, but I will keep her on her toes.

        5. Yeah. That first initial paradox is what keeps most men in multiple divorces. Happy is he who figures it out on first splooge with his future grave neighbor.

    2. I think the most important thing in the long run, especially when living with a woman day to day is to maintain boundaries and mystery by keeping your own space. When you live with a woman in the confines of a regular sized apartment or even if you have a huge mansion – she will still get to see you and interact with you in less than ideal circumstances. You might be tired, sick, stressed from work, in need of advice (which you should probably not seek from a woman), disheveled, just woken up etc. and if you dare to get into having children it gets increasingly in your face.
      It’s easy to say ‘maintain frame’ until it’s your own 6 month old child vomiting all over the place at 4am and you need to get to work in the morning. Slowly the grind of daily life will take it’s toll on your so called frame, much as the ocean takes it’s toll on the rocks it constantly wears down. You will end up in situations where she’s the boss and you’re taking instructions. Even the best boat can flip over in a rough sea.
      This is where her long game will eventually beat all your ideals of ‘game’ and essentially a political type social manipulation that maintains your dominance, keeps her hamster at bay and prevents you from falling into pointless ‘relationship’ type squabbles that usually center on minor details and past mistakes that can’t be changed.
      I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s simply not possible to spend more than a few hours a day around a woman, and thus living with one, month in and month out, no matter how amazing the courtship period will get you in the end – UNLESS you make huge efforts to create a lot of space and away time. You then find yourself maintaining a home that is not really your own and a ‘comfortable’ place where she and the children live that is really just a trap if you spend too much time there.
      With the modern 24/7 computer age, the concept of working from home is ideal and there in lies a total death trap for the freewheeling game expert. You can’t work from home, you can’t be there more than 1-2 hours a day and even weekends can be quite difficult and stifling in the long run.

        1. i think that would be a mistake…. take your .44 in woods and hunt down a bear with it instead…. make a nice coat for winter… “-)

      1. One thing I lament is the disappearance of men’s only social clubs like Elks, Moose, bowling or whatever (not strip joints). Bars are around, but what a lame excuse to get out of the house.
        I am a Scoutmaster, and the bi-monthly campouts are a refresher to me, even if it is hanging out with a bunch of 12-14 year old kids.

        1. yes, endless social boozing is not a great past time…. was probably more appropriate when men did more hard manual labor. with the modern supply chain and super market it’s also incredibly expensive, whereas in the past the pub was run by the brewery and was their primary outlet. now it’s trendy fashion and you pay the triple for a beer.

    3. I’ve been with my wife for over 20 years. Everything in game still applies. They do love to be treated like sex objects and you’ll have problems if you try not to.
      When I talk to people about how to make it work that long, my answer is leadership and daily sex. Inevitably, somebody makes the point that a relationship is about more than sex. I tell them a car is about more than wheels but it’s not a working car without them.

      1. It’s been one year since I left my previous work and I am so happy now… I started working online, for a company I stumbled upon on-line, several hrs each day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office work… My pay-check for last month was for 9 thousand bucks… Superb thing about this gig is that now i have more free time for my loved ones…

  4. Want to be in a traditional relationship with a traditional girl?
    Step 1: Be born Asian
    Step 2: See step 1

        1. Ah so the white man must adopt a panning for gold approach while every man of color happens to find decent relationships easily?
          Like in the movie WarGames, the only winning move is not to play.

        2. Srsly, I’ll periscope it some time. People really think I’m exaggerating. The myth of the sexless asian male is just that – a myth. Asian males are at the top when it comes to getting relationships with high quality women.

        3. Not in my urban area.
          White chicks are mostly single and out hunting for coffee cake and cock
          No info on Colleges though.
          So really more info…
          perhaps there is a major swing in the pendulum –chicks dating Stem guys??? or need help with homework???

        4. I agree most white women are single. I very rarely see white women in public with men. I think most white women do not want to be in a relationship period. But when they do, a very large % will opt to date outside their race.

        5. They mostly stay in gaggles of other women. It’s like the genders are segregated voluntarily.

      1. He’s got a point though. I really envy muslim men for the way they get the respect from their wife, their sister, their female cousins etc. My sister is a lot more confident (and dominant) than I am and I have zero say on her life.

        1. Yep: Arab men get to walk around in typical Western apparel (Abercrombie, American Eagle, etc) while walking with their wives dressed head to foot in a tarp. Like the James Bond movie: “For your eyes only”

        2. And the things they get away with is what only earns a white man the scourn of angry feminazis.

        3. yep they did some under cover sociological study where an arab man was slapping his burka wearing wife around and no one stopped to intervene. Then they did it with a white guy and a white girl and people rushed to intervene and beat down the guy.

        4. It’s becoming increasingly easy to differentiate between the loser keyboard warriors and the men who have real life experience.

        5. That’s a good point. Game can get you the respect, or at least, the poosay, from girls one at a time, but it’s nothing like the experience of women as a whole respecting you as a strong man.

        6. Even when I went to college in Western Oregon, I would say at most 10-20% were real feminists. Granted, they are loud and obnoxious. That is their way to think are getting into mainstream culture, despite their being ugly or nauseating.

        7. From the sound of it, some of the folks commenting on here spend way too much time on the internet reading about all sorts of negative shit that has very little, if any, effect on their lives. When you step away from your computer and actually interact with real human beings, things are much different. Sure, you encounter some assholes from time to time, but who cares? They’re losers who don’t matter to you anyway. I’ve traveled all around the US, struck up conversations with perfect strangers, and most people are decent human beings. The ones who aren’t are easy to spot and avoid.

        8. This a thousand times. Most women are feminist by nature, you just have to ignore the obnoxious ones and that’s it.

      1. Not sure what your age is – that will influence your outlook. If you’re in your 20s, you will know Asian guys are top of the food chain.

        1. I grew up with asians. I’ve never known them to -ever- be at the top of the food chain in this matter. 😉

  5. This really comes to down to being a racial / cultural thing no matter how much people want to deny it.
    White women hate white men. And no it’s not that they’re all going for black guys. I probably see more white girls with asian guys than with black guys. And no one ever attributes presumed alphaness or physicality to Asian males. White women want to date anything that isn’t white because they’ve been brainwashed for decades to believe that white men are the scourge of society and responsible for all the wrongs throughout history. Black and asian males are POC and like women are victims of white men – or so the narrative goes.

      1. Interesting. As a guy whose impregnated two exotic women, one black the other south asian, and has had a state pageant winner, a judge, and hundreds of other hotties of various levels and financial situations, not to mention races; as a white guy I find you to be full of crap. I hope the thought of my white cock filling the holes of your beloved, whatever race, pissies you off. Or maybe you fantasize about sipping my manhood post-coitus. From your comment, seems it could be either.
        Cheer up! That was the closest thing to real masculinity you have had ever! Congrats.

        1. You seem to think I actually care one way or the other? Me personally, I don’t care what you are. As long as your sister and mother are hot, and willing to threesome.

      2. You know that I’m just as against mass immigration and anti-white indoctrination as you are, but to say that there is no hope in dating because you are a white man is going too far.

        1. No I just want some acceptance of the fact that race and culture play a huge role in determining one’s success in relationships. Until we have a frank and honest discussion about that, all this talk of “spittin’ game” and “swag” are ridiculous. Telling me I need to have a 6 pack of abs to pull some fat basic white bitch while I see Asian guys who never lifted a weight in their lives with legit 10’s is too ironic for me not to notice. You think guys from China have to stoop to “gaming” women? lolz
          It’s a like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland: you have to run faster and faster just to stay in place. Women are getting less and less worth the effort but men are expected to do more to get them. Uh What?

        2. Until we have a frank discussion that certain women (Asian, Black, Arab, Muslim) are far, far more loyal to their own men despite their shortcomings, while White women have a decided bias against their own men, all this talk of “game” is futile.

    1. White men are hated by everyone, except for a few countries where we are almost worshipped.

      1. universally reviled yep … maybe they do alright in places like Japan but how many white men are there? 100? 1000?

        1. What’s your solution? White suicide pact or white death squad to stamp out all the non whiteys? I want to get laid…

        2. Not uncomfortable about nothin’. Sure the playing field may be uneven at times. You got to work with what you got. Whining that your little sister got a bigger scoop of ice cream doesn’t improve your situation.

        3. no I’M the kneejerk and dude your defeatist depression is really a bummer man. I don’t know what kind of saloons you are spending time at but I would suggest changing them. Have you ever tried to take three months, get yourself on a diet and work out plan, get into good shape, spend some time really focusing on increasing your value, heading out to places where people of quality congregate and being open, interesting and leaving that enormous chip on your shoulder at home? It is a big beautiful world filled with loads of beautiful women and your experiences, as far as I can tell, are limited only to you.
          It is possible and worth considering that your total lack of success has less to do with you being white and the world being mean and more to do with you being a mopey and entitled son of a bitch

        4. if the playing field is uneven it is uneven in favor of white men — at least in the sexual market place. If you are a presentable and in shape white male and you find that you can’t get women to be interested in you then it is probably the case that the problem isn’t with the women if ya catch my drift.

        5. “Maybe we should just shoot you and put you out of your misery.” = knee-jerk reaction. Not @ you

        6. Workout plan? You know NOTHING about me yet you presume I’m some out of shape couch potato. I work out all the time. I’m legitimately jacked up. Random people ask me all the time if I play football or if I train for MMA. Trust me: women don’t give a shit about muscles and if anything it’s a turn off for all but a small minority of them.

        7. well it is good that you are in shape. I am sorry for the misguided assumption. However, if your lack of success is really as extreme as you make it out to be then the problem is absolutely not about you being white…the problem is you. I don’t know you well enough to say what it is obviously, but I would look inside to figure out what it is you are doing wrong rather than pointing a finger and pretending that this is some kind of universal devaluation of whites in the sexual market place which is absolute poppycock.

        8. Your point would be valid if everywhere I looked I saw white men pulling beautiful women. However, this is not what I see. Everywhere from college campuses to urban areas, I see white men either alone or with women well below them in terms of looks. So either all of these men are victims of the same elusive, yet-to-be-determined shortcomings OR there really is an in-built bias against white men.

        9. “So either all of these men are victims of the same elusive, yet-to-be-determined shortcomings…”
          These shortcomings are not yet to be determined. A large portion of men are weak, thirsty simps. And this isn’t exclusive to white men. They settle for scraps because they lack game. They marry spoiled rotten women who end up getting fat and fucking them over. This is nothing new.
          I’d also like to add, I see plenty of white dudes pulling and marrying quality women.

        10. I find it interesting how even the act of trying to improve yourself increases your market value. I see someone who has some serious problems, but is working through them and compare that to someone who is letting themselves go, I would rather hang out with the former

        11. My observation stands for Jewish men as well. I don’t believe they have a very good deal either. Most Jewish guys are smart, hard-working etc. The women they pull are bottom shelf: either Jewish or Asian.

        12. Of course. He is walking down the blocks. He isn’t practicing Yoga. He isn’t at a heavy lifting gym. He isn’t at sporting events for good teams. He isn’t in a robust metropolitan like NYC or near a masculine hub. Just observing guarantees having horrific dating options. Always

        13. All the heavy lifting gyms in New York City are fag gyms. They all have homo names like “Cold Iron” and “Hard Steel”

        14. I think that’s choice. In my obeservations, they’ll have an asian fling before/during/after marriage, but breeding within the Tribe is mandatory.

        15. yeah but like Mark Zuckerpuss, they pull bottom shelf Cantonese chow chows and not top shelf Mandarin lotus blossoms

        16. This is absolutely true. And it goes for anything. Even a guy who tries to start a blog or maybe picks up a new hobby. They will have something new to talk about, be excited about. Anything, anything but stagnation.

        17. People think you need some expensive ass gym to workout: then why do all the thugs and Aryan Brotherhood guys in prison who work out with old donated busted equipment have better bodies than the guys who go to Equinox and the other name brand gyms?

        18. That’s hilarious. All the same, I remember my time in a gym in NY, right off of the Staten Island Ferry by Bowery and the Financial District, they were women worthy of putting in model magazines. Even worthy of leaving my then girlfriend.
          The big thing with NY, there are hot women of interests everywhere especially Union sq, Herald Sq, and Times Sq. If you are in New York try some street game or night game. Night game so so simple all you need is a packed club and to start dancing.

        19. YES YES YES
          Being married I’m not out there “trying to get laid”, but this whole ‘game’ thing had proved a very worthwhile means by which to develop confidence, and more importantly the excellence that warrants it.

        20. I don’t believe all these guys are either Autisic, Aspergian, or whatever the presumed causal mechanism underlying their lack of romantic success

        21. Y’all don’t have a Gold’s Gym? That’s the hardcore place, where you don’t go in for any kind of “pick up” in any direction, you go in to beat the living shit out of yourself and leave your soul on the bench.

        22. You should get out of New York.
          Where I live it’s all white dudes and girls, with only a token minority thrown in for flavor. Hell, it’s so blonde haired blue eyed here that we’re probably going to start classifying Italians and Greeks as pseudo-minorities.
          All kinds of white girls and white guys banging it out. You should get out of a place if it isn’t serving your needs.

        23. you know, funny you mention this. I was just thinking about this the other day. You and I are of an age and come from similar cultures bem. Do you feel that our generation was prepared for the dangers of quicksand disproportionate to the actual danger.
          I mean, Batman, Catwoman, GIligan, GI Joe, Indiana Jones, the kid from the never ending story, the guy from the princess bride, Wile Coyote, Ninja Turtles, blazing saddles, the rifelman, stanely and any number of other incidents. As a generation we were totally prepared for the dangers of quicksand. Without knowing anything about you other than your general age I can bet that you know what to do and what not to do in case you find yourself in quicksand. It would have been great if they would have mentioned that smoking was bad for you or that majoring in liberal arts degrees leads to low paying jobs…but no…we all learned what to do in the case of quicksand.

        24. Fair statement. From what I lived through, New York is a gold mine for quality women, and if you aren’t getting laid there, maybe there are several things about you that needs changes aside from just the venue. It is very hard for me to find fault with the women where they are consistently being rotated and very high quality.

        25. I am about 40 miles from any gym. I get up an hour early and do my excercise routine. I have some weights, and have a floor routine. It really doesn’t take much.

        26. I’m basically offering him an environment where what he thinks is keeping him down, will no longer be an issue. The thing is, and I like Waldemar don’t get me wrong, but I suspect he’d just find another reason for striking out if he showed up here. There are fundamental issues with self esteem that will keep any man, even a 28 year old Brad Pitt, from picking up women if they are not addressed forthwith.
          And the minority thing really makes me laugh. I’ve no problem competing with black or Asian guys, so why would he or any other white guy? It’s all self inflicted injury, if you ask me.

        27. Because they have nothing to do all day except lift weights and think about how they fucked up their lives and wound up in prison, that’s why.
          In the free world, the women going in and out of SoulCycle and Equinox tend to be quite hot and have their own money. Lots of horny available women there. Apex females.
          The downside is some of them are obsessed with exercise, right to the OCD level; dudes are secondary to their egos and they make no effort to hide it.

        28. you are a fukkin lunatic…
          I’m giggling like a bitch here.
          But come to think of it – you’re right; I’ve never even actually SEEN
          quicksand, but I’ve stuck a key in an outlet, grabbed a hot exhaust pipe, drank
          too much, taken rides from strangers, smoked blunts from unconfirmed sources,
          dated crazy broads, boarded a moving power-boat, hurdled third rails, debated
          drunks, ate McNuggets….a multitude of mortal risks, and yet what am I most
          prepared for?

        29. I’m a bit older, so I’m not only ready for quicksand, but I’m also competent at dealing with lightningsand as well as dodging the flares in the swamp, and of course avoiding rodents of unusual size.

        30. “life is pain – anyone telling you differently is trying to sell something”
          That line alone makes that movie worthwile.

        31. we really were given a lot of preparedness for quicksand. Like don’t grab the vine over your head, it is a boa constrictor. I would bet that there is no a man between the ages of 25-50 who doesn’t know that when they walk into quicksand that if they fight against it it will only make them sing faster. Everyone knows that a long stick poking out ahead of you is the way to check for possible quicksand. I mean, we were really made very ready for the threat of quicksand.

        32. It usually is and it goes back to what you are taught as a child. Attractive behavior can be learned by everyone. Some of us had bad models growing up and it is harder to create a new model of behavior, but it possible for everyone as long as they exist.
          The whole black, white, Asian, thing still has a factor, but a lot smaller than the ‘race realist’ comments. Every side of the race typically goes for their own side first. But in America since most share the same culture, all a person needs is to learn attractive behavior to do better with women. And to brave failure.

        33. “I’ve no problem competing with black or Asian guys”
          The advantage that white males have over minorities in the sexual market place might be the one place where minorities who are always looking for a scape goat might be correct. In no place in the world, and I have been to many, especially not in my home town of NYC, have I ever found being a light haired, light skinned, blue eyed male anything other than an advantage over every other single minority group

        34. There is a Gold’s gym out in the burbs where a lot of pro bodybuilders go but none in the city for some reason. The gym I was at, Equinox, was basically a total pick up place. I would tack extra time onto my workout just to hang out in the gym. The place I am at now is quite the opposite.

        35. I have lived in NYC and been a regular gym goer for my whole life. I am unaware of a gym called Cold Iron or Hard Steel. I currently go to Edge Barbell club. I can guarantee you that it isn’t a fag gym. You really seem like your own worst enemy.

        36. You forgot when you are on fire. Stop, drop and roll. Oh, and in case of nuclear attack and tornadoes… hide under your desk. That will definitely save you from a 25 megaton warhead.

        37. In the 3 years I was a passport member at Equinox I banged so many hot women I picked up in the gym it is hard to imagine. I left equinox because I have a program in mind and wanted to really put my mind and body into it with no distraction and wound up at a real old fashioned hard core gym.

        38. I was actually thinking of posting something similar, but wanted to keep my comment somewhat neutral. In truth the biggest competition I ever faced was other white guys.

        39. I am telling you. American men are more prepared for quicksand than al queda operatives are prepared for monkey bars. If I live my whole life without every coming into contact with quicksand and needing to use my extensive quicksand knowledge I will consider it a true failure.
          By the sheet saturation of preparedness you would think that we were going to be running into fucking quicksand like twice a day.

        40. it may not save you but it makes it easier for survivors to count the bodies.

        41. Holy dik – were we brainwashed…I was just about to mention stop drop and roll, citing the perceived likelihood of immolation we were all raised with!!
          And we still did the hide under your desk from nukes thing well into the ’80s…
          Tornadoes were of course fictitious.

        42. I’m not above self-criticism and intense introspection: I would
          completely buy your premise of some factor internal to myself being the
          cause if I saw White men as a whole doing well in the dating market.
          However, unless you’re claiming that all these tall, well-built white
          guys I see alone have psychological issues, then you have to realize there
          is a bias against white men in the dating world.
          I should record
          / periscope the things I see so people will finally get it: walk around college
          campuses and you will almost never see white men with white girls. I see
          tall, well-built, good-looking white guys going to the gym alone or
          with other guys. There have been days when the only white guys I’ve seen
          holding hands with another person were holding hands with ANOTHER man!

        43. yup. and I mean this across the board. The Asian chick I am spinning right now….she acts like she won the lotto just to be seen with me. Forget Latinas. That Brazilian girl came clear across the world and had her mother whatsapping me telling me I should have a baby with her daughter. And other white women? I mean, I don’t hang out in places where rap music plays very often. I go to nice places where dignified people meet. If I ever see a minority couple it is almost 100% where the girl is Asian and the guy is white with the exception of a couple of times when I see pro athletes (but that doesn’t count that isn’t about race, athletes get women).

        44. my white privilege card must have gotten lost in the mail: I can guarantee you being White has never worked in my favor.

        45. Despite the now really cheesy sounding 1980’s synthesizer-ish soundtrack the actual movie is one of my favorites, and as it’s kid friendly, made for good family time when the kids were growing up.

        46. like I said, maybe it is the places you are going. Maybe you are just surrounded by trashy people. Or maybe it is a negative vibe your are giving off. You should do some soul searching because I have to say that your experiences in pretty much the exact same geographical area as me are so different and foreign from anything I have ever heard or could even imagine that when I read them I wonder if you are serious or drunk or maybe have had a bad break up and are kind of wallowing in it. I seriously can’t even imagine a world like the one you are describing. I would seriously suggest you think long and hard about that and figure out what is accounting for the difference.

        47. Lolknee is a (sort of) white man, and he scores like the bee’s knees Waldemar.
          The biggest competition I’ve had with regards to women are other jacked white guys.
          Seriously, visit central Ohio for a bit. Sit a spell. You’ll see that your observations are *regional* and not *the whole world*.

        48. Fukkin AY. I grew up developing very unattractive behavior, which led to rejection, which sapped confidence which led to unattractive behavior…took me a long time to get past this, and it still rears its ugly head from time to time.

        49. When you’re on the run from cop dogs, avoid at all costs jumping over logs, walking along a long pole and diving through rings that are set on fire. They’re trained for that.

        50. Here in central Ohio, if you’re not Thor or Freya looking, you’re a minority. Heh.

        51. And whenever you get the urge to throw a soda bottle on the ground, give a hoot, and don’t pollute. Or you’ll make indians sad.

        52. Weren’t you just posting a week ago about these so-called classy White women (Daughters of the Revolution etc) who are slutting it up before they settle down with 4th generation Baron von Fuckface the IVth types? Seems like a lack of consistency …

        53. You’re trying to take the heat off of genuinely offered constructive criticism by throwing things back at him. Instead of doing that, maybe consider that he’s onto something. If he’s a white guy who is tapping hot chick ass regularly in the same city as you, then you have to consider that perhaps his advice has some real merit.

        54. Again, if I looked around and saw White guys killing it I would say it’s something off-putting about myself. When I look around and almost never see White men and White women together and often only see White men holding hands with OTHER men, I realize it is something much bigger than personal failings on my part.

        55. No, not Dublin. I’m up in Delaware county. Soon to be, next autumn, Union county (where the quality does come down a bit, granted).

        56. I look around where I live and I see white guys killing it.
          Lolknee, a white guy, is killing it.
          I don’t think you want to examine that maybe you’re doing something that isn’t congruent or isn’t clicking with white chicks man. I don’t mean offense by this, but come on, your experience is not even not universal, but going by other NYC guys here, not even a local thing.

        57. Check out any college campus. You will not see White couples. You will see more White men holding hands with other men than with White women. I’d fucking bet money.

        58. My son is a white male on THE Ohio State University campus. His girlfriend is a blonde haired, blue eyed baby doll the likes of which would cause most men to pass out on the sidewalk in lust over.
          I mean he’s white white. Whitey McWhiteBleach. He comes from two parents who are F2 generation (from Europe) White People from the Whitest nations on earth. That freaking white. He makes Wonder Bread look tan. He’s that white. Even his name is whiter that most white names.

        59. You’re really overplaying the Whiteness of Ohio. I grew up in Wisconsin. That’s the Midwest. Ohio is really not.

        60. The point of this article was about relationships (not quick fucks). Maybe white guys are pulling some drunken hookups. But when it comes to couples (the focus of this article by Roosh), I see very very few young White couples.

        61. Fair enough, but in that case very little of what you see on a college campus would pass as a “relationship”. What you’re probably seeing is rich white girls coloring outside the lines to piss off their parents.

        62. And perhaps that’s Ohio but in NYC you see way more blonde girls with Indian and Asian guys than with White guys. Perhaps it’s a lack of straight white men here, not sure. It does seem like a very high % of men in NYC are gay.

        63. Um, no, I’m not. The area I’m in has more blondes than you can shake a stick at. It’s the area mostly, not the entire state of Ohio. We had a radio DJ come in from Boston about ten years ago and he’d constantly marvel on the radio how it felt like he was in the Fatherland due to so many blondes.
          And my son is in fact that whitey white. I’m half Scot, half English and his mother is all German. Dude can get a sunburn if he doesn’t put on sunscreen under a full moon.
          And Ohio is definitively the Midwest. We were the original “Gateway to the West” in case you don’t know. We started the entire concept of Midwest.
          You’re again trying to throw it back on others. I’m telling you come on out here and you’ll see immediately that you’re perceptions are not even vaguely common.

        64. “Tornadoes were of course fictitiouse.”
          Not in Ohio or the rest of the tornadoe alley. That was real.

        65. If a whole mess of men were gay around me, it seems to me that it would be *real* easy to pick up women. I mean, no competition, right?

        66. Yeah, I hate those fucking things. Nothing profound there, I guess you won’t find many people who love them.

        67. girls are experimental in college. Why would I want to check out a college campus anyway? Maybe that is your problem. You are an accomplished, young guy. You are in shape. What are you poking around the college campus for. That is where girls learn how to suck cock and get a little broken in. Why not come out to where young women dress well, sip on champagne and look to be defiled by men of standing? I swear you find a different atmosphere. You are seeing what you are seeing because you are looking in the place that it exists. If I went to a Chinese restaurant every single night for 2 years and then told you that the only food in NYC was Moo Goo Gai Pan you would say I was crazy…I can get hamburgers or pasta or tacos and I would say no, every place I go it is all moo goo gai pan. If you want something different, look in different places. Hell, maybe you have a different taste than I do. I have been in this city for a long time. Tell me what you like and I will tell you where to find it.

        68. I didn’t say they weren’t whores I was saying that as a white guy I haven’t had any problem getting them to whore it up with me.

        69. Two peoples’ anecdotal evidence is supposed to overshadow thousands of personal observations?

        70. Thats the way it is now. Most younger guys are either fat and/or faggy, so if youre a real man it’s easy pickens on the few remaining broads who arent landwhales or technicolor haired, pierced, tattooed, feminazi dykes. I am shocked if a chic doesnt start smiling and nervously flipping her hair at the sight of me.

        71. Ok, you know what? You win. You’re right. You don’t have a chance. Everybody hates you because you’re a straight white man. I mean, no chance at all. It’s a wonder that they don’t come in the middle of the night and bust into your house, drag you into the yard, and hang you from a tree. You couldn’t attract a white woman no matter what, because white guys just can’t do that and further, the ones that do find love are gay. It’s JUST NOT YOUR FAULT. NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL! Why should you try to change or go someplace different, when it’s just an accepted fact that you have the odds stacked against you?!?
          I mean hey, it sure beats taking advice from people who are succeeding. It’s much easier to accept one’s victimhood status and gripe about it on the internet, than to do something different.
          So yeah chief, I see your point now. Totally my bad. I didn’t realize how hard you had it.

        72. Millenials, even straight male ones, are way under testosteron-ed. I agree with your observation.

        73. Your response is no different than feminists who love to mock the legitimate grievances voiced by men with their coffee cups with “Male Tears” label
          Fine. Swaddle yourself in the delusion that white men are at the top of the romantic market desirability. That they’re crushing it. I have eyes. I can fucking see.

        74. For those not from the midwest, when the local radio starts talking about “funnel clouds” west or southwest of your position, those are tornadoes that have not decended yet.
          Be sure to huddle in the southwest corner of the cellar.

        75. You’re really operating on some out-dated mindset: big beefy testosterone fueled types are derided. They are not desired. Maybe that shit was in the 80s not anymore. Trust me.

        76. I told you, you win. You’re right. You have no chance. It can’t possibly be anything you’re doing.
          Well played.
          I only mock non-legitimate grievances when books of given advice are shrugged off by the intended target so that he can continue to wallow in effeminate self pity. If you were receptive to even an ounce of criticism, you’d find a different reception.
          Now get to wallowing in that self-pity man. That pity ain’t gonna wallow in itself!

        77. A dude doesnt need to be hulk hercules, just good looking, charismatic and have some game. Women dont really want these emasculated twinks and tubs of lard, I can tell by the way they react to me that it immediately kicks in their lizard-brain desires and they forget about all the pushover lapdog fagboys they normally would be content cucking.

        78. OK, let’s pretend , er, I mean assume you’re right. You have a legitimate handicap. Your whiteness repels women. Are you gonna quit? Get neutered? Go Faeg?
          No, BE the fukking exception!
          I mean, shit, even fat, ugly motherfukkers pull down broads sometimes. Some even stay.

        79. You have no idea what you’re talking about. At all. And until you can break your mindset and get out of your toxic environment, and further, stop ENJOYING being a victim, you’ll never know it.
          Which honestly, at this point, is no skin off my nose. You want to relish being a victim, fine, be a victim. Not my problem.

        80. You and the feminists are saying EXACTLY the same thing: you both purport the existence of White Male Privilege – that there is an inherent bias in favor of white men.

        81. Yep. Even legitimate complaints are not an excuse for giving up. Where the fuck did that start becoming a mark in the character of Americans? “I don’t have a chance! I give up! Waaaahhh!” Fuck me.

        82. You’re hopeless.
          Enjoy your victimhood. Well, I guess that’s not necessary to say, clearly you already are.

        83. Americans aren’t even aware how profoundly sick their society is.
          They think scoring some drunken sex escapade is the mark of success.
          While Whites are drinking themselves stupid trying to score with Becky of Alpha Kappa Phi, the Chinese and Koreans are enjoying a hot pot at a cultural event where men and women interact like … you know … human beings and not drunken animals.

        84. For the sake of not contributing to your clearly clinical depression, I’m going to refrain from commenting to you further on this topic. Outside of this you seem a decent fellow, but clearly you wish to be and remain a victim. Your status on this topic is no longer on my radar.

        85. Somebody start a Go Fund Me account. I’ll throw in $50. lolknee takes Waldemar out and shows him where the white women at.
          Legit offer. GoPro requested but not mandatory.

        86. Won’t happen, he’d never show up. If lolknee showed him success in his own stomping grounds, he’d be forced to take a look at his own self and what he’s doing wrong. And, most importantly, he’s in a comfort zone with being a victim. That’s hard to get out of.

        87. White people do not know what it means to be in a relationship.
          To White people, it means seeing each other for a good fuck once or twice a week.
          For Asians, it means going shopping together, cooking together, doing laundry together, helping each other out.
          I offer a challenge: go to any grocery store: the only young couples you see shopping together will be Asian. Guaranteed. The only white couples will be 60yo +

        88. great video dude. I have a wonderful life that I enjoy. I suggest you figure out how to make that happen for you. This whining is really depressing I can’t imagine how it must feel to you.

        89. hahaha, what do you expect on 7th and 25th???? Shit, that is where the night at the Roxbury guys hang out with homos. Come on man. Learn the topography.

        90. There are tracts of NYC that are bastions of heterosexuality? C’mon it’s one big bathhouse

        91. You are wrong. Sorry dude. Why not try to venture out. You are either looking in the wrong places or you draw the wrong attention or you are just mush

      2. We are? Then why have I successfully bedded so many in so many different locales? If you’re not wrong, I can’t tell. Tell your mom and sister I said hi. And to stop calling.

        1. Someone always has to find a complaint. Poor me…..life has hated me and waited for my existence to ensure I get nothing and am hated everywhere.
          Laughable idea really. It is easier to work on being an attractive guy than wonder how everyone you don’t know hates you.

        2. Victim mentality at its finest. They bitch about people never giving them respect when they’ve done nothing to earn it.

        3. True. And if they could get over their insecurity, they may find the supposed hatred of these people is all in their minds.

      3. Hate’em back, then get on with things and conquer life like a boss.

    2. Yep but if you are a piece of shit or the other side of the coin you got stench trench at your beck and call.
      Being white is a little harder than it used to be with all the thug culture lovers out there (you know what I mean).
      I figure bitches who get into that music and lifestyle are repulsive and simple minded twits to stoop to such a low water mark in terms of the culture they respect.

        1. ho – ly shit.
          give lolknee a call and go bowling or something…
          If HALF the shit he says is true, he can fix you up.

        2. head out to Mark Bar on a Friday night…I know you don’t live far. Sit down and order a drink and tell me what you see. It certainly isn’t what you are talking about here. When you are done, cross the street and go to Bemelman’s and tell me what you see there. Then walk down the block to the Surrey hotel and go to Bar Pleiades. That is just what is going on in our neighborhood. I can give you other suggestions if you like.

    3. Not entirely convinced they hate white men so much as they are self-destructive and enjoy hooking up with dudes they know for certain will trash them.

  6. Game is nothing but classic selling techniques repackaged and sold to the gullible masses.

    1. Classic selling techniques are time tested and work very effectively. Game is, in fact, classic selling techniques combined with a bit of psychology directly related to female sexual triggers.
      That being said, if it works, and it does, how is it gullible to follow the advice?
      Or is this another case of “sex is actually painful” that I’m looking at here?

      1. Nope, it’s nothing new. You apply different selling techniques when you sell to different sexes. Sales 101.
        And sex is indeed painful to the body. If you don’t believe me, next time you ejaculate look in the camera and snap a picture. LOL

        1. And sex is indeed painful to the body. If you don’t believe me, next time you ejaculate look in the camera and snap a picture. LOL

          I don’t think that you actually understand what pain is as separate from pleasure. While a masochist may have those wires crossed (wait, are you a…..), normal healthy people do not. Normal sex for normal people is not painful in the least. I can laugh a deep belly laugh and if you snap a picture of me and didn’t know, you’d swear I was sitting on an angry lobster.
          And what the fuck dude, you carry a camera with you for sex? Seriously?
          In any event, I agreed with Game = Sales Techniques. My question, which you didn’t answer, was why is it gullible to follow something that actually is field tested and works, precisely?

        2. I agree. Getting rammed in the ass, as would be shown if you saw the photo of fatherofthree having sex, might be quite painful. My recommendation is to use more lube.

        3. reminds me of the line from the sopranos
          Paulie: Hey Sil, you remember yur first blowjob
          Silvio: Oh, Yeah
          Paulie: how long did it take the guy to cum

        4. you officially win fatherofthree. You really do. I have been sitting here trying to think of some kind of comment. I don’t know. To ask you why you are asking for men to take photos of their faces while cumming. To ask you if you are totally fucking insane. To ask you if your wifes cunt is made of brillo. To ask you if your daughters snatch is too tight and that is the problem. But in the end they are all insufficient. You are totally untrollable. You are absolutely fucking moronic and should possibly kill yourself, but you have thrown out such a chestnut that no response can possibly be adequate. Congradulations

        5. yeah this is about right. Like a team of guys in three piece suits with picket watches and chains smoking pipes in Geneva….a whole team of them.

        6. It’s gullible to pay money for something which has been known for ages. All it takes is practice.
          For younger boys, the only selling/seducing technique you need to master is PERSISTENCE. Only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting. You just have to keep trying and trying until you get the deal.

        7. They told me you were the King Troll around here, so I guess you’ve just declared your abdication!

        8. I most certainly have. You are either the funniest human being alive or in need of a full frontal lobotomy with follow up electro shock therapy. Either way, enjoy the crown.

        9. Or until the SWAT team comes in through the windows after the flash bangs, because “stalky-rapey creep”

    2. Game is being a man, pure and simple. Whether being a PUA or monogamous, it is acquiring masculine traits. Women are attracted to that, despite what the media has pushed since the mid sixties.

      1. … or pretending to be a man as in sales you pretend you sell the best product. But if the product/man is genuinely good – it sells itself.

        1. That’s a rephrase of “just be yourself”. That’s never good advice, unless you start out life as a charming, rich, incredibly attractive and famous movie star. If you did, then yeah, just be yourself. The rest of us have realized in life that “yourself” always has room for improvement, and we make a new and better self. That works great too.

        2. one thing, “pretending to be a man” pushes you to develop those traits that you need to actually become one.

        3. yes and no – there are plenty of jokers out there who obviously do way more pretending than growing…

        4. Well, this and other sites actually advocate for real self improvement and a “fake it till you make it” mindset. Which will eventually morph into real confidence as the self improvement comes along. Nobody is telling the 85 pound wimp to pretend to be a bruiser MMA fighter without doing any exercise and gosh, he’ll get lucky. Ya’ know?

    3. Some of it perhaps. Some men have a natural aptitude for it. Others have to work on it. Some will never acquire it. I will agree that lying is still the best form of “gaming” girls in the west.

  7. Excellent article Roosh. I was just thinking this the other day while out with the wife for dinner. Sure, it was supposed to be celebrating by new job but deep down I knew it was so she wouldn’t have to make dinner for once, heh.

    1. Good man, I try to take the wife out at least monthly. Dinners, dancing, bonfire at the lake, or something. The kids like me to get all dressed up for their mom and take her out.

      1. Yeah I try to do the same as well. She especially loves it when I cook for her on occasion as well.

        1. Word of warning on that, don’t do it so much that it gets to be expected. One can easily slip into white knight territory if you do it more than a couple times a week.
          That being said, an unexpected grilled steak dinner at home is a fine way to start an evening.

        1. “my wife and I made a deal to only smoke after sex. I haven’t had a cigarette in a year. problem is she is up to three packs a day” –Rodney Dangerfield

      2. The one thing about dating the wife, and you should, is that over time it will become “just what’s expected” and you move quickly into “what have you done for me lately” territory. This is where a bit of game comes in handy. My wife gave me the “You don’t take me anywhere” spiel last week. I’ve taken her out at least once a week (I mean out out, not to places like the grocery store or whathave you). So at least 4 times a month, minimum, but to her it all disappeared and “You don’t take me out anywhere”. My answer was to give her a poor, downtrodden hobo grumble of “Times is hard….tiiiiiimmmeeeessss if haaaaard” and a grin.

        1. Yup, that is one thing I run into on occasion. There is a line between treating your wife well and becoming a white knight that I haven’t figured out how to discern yet. I suppose inconsistency is the key.

        2. They’re always saying they like spontaneity…
          Except when you spontaneously stay out all night getting ‘faced with your friends!

        3. I got one of those about 8-9 years ago, “we haven’t gone anywhere together in sooo long”.
          Thing is, it was literally true, and she hadn’t bitched about it once (whilst taking care of lots of our young boys at home), as I came home for about 3 hours once a month or so.
          I had a friend’s daughter come over and babysit, told Mrs. Art to get in the car like I meant business (“where are you taking me?”), drove to the airport, bought her some high-end outfits, onto the plane, and next thing you know it’s 1999 in [name of destination redacted] for 5 days.
          Randomly-timed positive reinforcement is powerful.

  8. Continue to fight evil and degeneracy where you find it. Religious or not you have seen that there is an order that works and a perverse view of human nature that leads to misery.

  9. Not breeding is a small price to pay for not getting mind fucked by the system and some empty headed animal of a female.
    I’ll stick to rubbing one out rather than stick my pecker in one of these loud mouth round-up contaminated western bishes.

      1. You just reminded me to get tested for that shit….I blame the whiskey as I have not entirely given up a females but that was years ago in Montana.
        Im currently working on an invention Im pretty sure is gonna make me some dough so maybe I will use the money to go abroad and sample some cleaner wares from a less toxic place than the USA
        Really the only thing stopping me from starting a family is the laws here in the USA and a overall lack of resources but the resources are easily obtained.
        The laws on the other hand force my hand into saying to hell with all of it.

    1. I wouldn’t give up on the sex, but I wholeheartedly agree with the lack of breeding.

        1. she is in Russia. I am debating what to do if she calls me when she gets back. I have a few spinning plates now.

        2. In soviet Russia, woman no call you, you call WOMAN!

        3. In high school, you call women, then more women, then some more….then when one of them says yes, you take her out bowling.

  10. “I’m convinced that game is just as essential to maintaining relationships with non-sluts, especially in the modern age.”
    Some of the older posters, and the really old man posters like GoJ, have been alluding to that for awhile. Detoxing women from the culture at large, as it goes into it’s death throes, will be a life long process for us.

    1. When we meet, and we will one day, I will apply 40% power to the punch in the chest that I’m going to deliver to you. Heh.

      1. Save the 40% for you Michigan friends. When I travel over the Atlantic to get back to my Ohio homeland, I expect 100% from you old man. You short change me, there will be consequences. LOL.

        1. I don’t want to break your ribs on the first day back hoss. Heh.

  11. Reading this article, from one of the top Game gurus on the interwebs, makes me feel very vindicated in the advice I’ve been giving on ROK for the last year or two.
    And Roosh, if you wish to collaborate on any of those future articles, and need some advice from somebody a decade down the road experience wise from where you are now, you know my email.

      1. I actually only have a rough estimate of his age, I don’t actually now how old he is. I suspect mid 30’s, maybe a bit more? A decade and a half is probably more accurate, but it’s cumbersome on the eyes to type out. But I just did. So, well…damn.

        1. Ah, so actually closer to the original “decade” assumption. Thanks, now I know.

  12. “Even though I don’t approach women anymore, I’m still using game. I’m hyper-conscious about my girl’s behavior and actions along with my own, and I work at managing the gap between our nature and self-interest in a way that ensures our relationship is successful.”
    I practice game with women everywhere I go, even though I don’t necessarily bang them. I make a game out of game. If I find a new watering hole that I like, I will keep coming back, and work on the women who frequent the joint until I’m certain that most of them would spread their legs for me if the situation warranted it. I’ll do the same thing at a grocery store I frequent, or a restaurant. I do this not because I intend to bang these women, but because it keeps my game sharp. I even work on game mentally, when I’m holed up in a hotel room, working on a project. After the requisite period of times has elapsed (which varies from guy to guy, obviously), it becomes a natural-reflex process.
    One tiny crack in a guy’s frame can be, and will be, exploited by the modern female. So you have to practice, just like a golfer or a musician or a sculptor, etc., otherwise your skills erode and you might find yourself saying something fatal, like, “I’m sorry”, in the face of a shit test.

    1. Hey! Nothing wrong with saying sorry in the face of a shit test.
      Her: “What are you doing!? That waitress is hitting on you!”
      You: “Hey baby, look, I’m sorry that I’m so damned charming and good looking; nature just made me this way. Don’t hate me for something I can’t control!”
      This is something I would easily say, btw. Heh.

      1. My preference is to ignore shit tests, but whatever works. So long as you don’t acknowledge the criticism head-on, and try to assuage her feelings, you can pretty much whip out your dick and piss on her shoes if you’re tactful about it. Not acknowledging the shit test is the key, I believe – that, or as GOJ noted, making light of it.
        If a woman knows you can have her friends, or pretty much any other female, this of course short-circuits pretty much all of a female’s urges to throw out any type of a shit test. Which is why I always harp on how critical it is for a guy to work primarily on his own personal growth (especially in terms of actualizing any dreams he has, financial or otherwise).
        But having sharp game is a must in today’s world. It not only increases your chances of finding a suitable cum-dumpster (I mean, female “partner” – heh), it also protects you from heartache and misery.
        “Game is a must, game is a must, and just like the dollar, in game we trust. Amen.”

        1. I actually learned the “Joke’em into submission” thing from my grandfather and father. Every shit test thrown at them was batted away easily by a charming roguish comment and a wink and smile. My grandfather made it to 47 years of marriage doing it, and my father has been married for like, ever, now, so I figured that there must be something to it.

        2. Experience is the best teacher, no doubt about it. Which is probably why old-school Mexican fathers still take their sons to a whorehouse when they hit puberty…

        3. Good call.
          Half an hour following dinner. She says “I’ll put the dishes away dear etc”.
          10 mins later I walk in Dining Room and theres 2 …. yes fucking 2 cups still out.
          I literally (Hitler) powerslam her ass onto the Soda for “betraying her wifely duties”.
          She gets up trying not to laugh, calls me a total idiot.
          Gotta be done

        4. I am with you on ignoring. Also, and I really mean this though it takes a little work, tell them, dismissively, to shut their fucking mouth before you knock their teeth out. Do it calmly and do it with a smile and then give them the little love pat pat on the cheek making specific note of letting them feel how much bigger your hand is than your face.

        5. I’m way too chatty and fast on the verbal draw to let such a thing pass without making a joke. It’s just part of my nature. Once in a while silence works, but I find smooth mocking and caddishness much more fun.

        6. I like this. “Keep shooting your mouth off and I’ll give you something to cry about.” Exactly how one might handle a child.

        7. I have found, over time, that women respond very well to threats of violence so long as they are made with the appropriate tenor and facial expressions.

        8. Not for the amateur. If you’re delivery is off you’ll either scare them away or they’ll laugh in your face and never take you seriously about anything.

        9. it is all in the delivery. I have a cheeky way of doing it and it works well for me.

        10. Ole Pop Knee used to say when we were kids: If you keep crying I am going to give you a reason

        11. I got that growing up too…ah, the good old days. When parents had the final word and the children knew it.

        12. I think it was a common saying. Meanwhile, GOJ will only give me sort of white guy status. Where he is from I think I am technically considered an ethnic. I have a feeling he is from a line that was generally aggrieved when they let DiMaggio play in the majors

        13. Ha. “Wait till your father gets home.” That phrase made me grab a handkerchief, and throw a harmonica and a comb in it, in anticipation of hitting the road, hobo-style…

        14. The sound of his car coming down the block….man you knew you were in for it.
          I was fortunate being the younger of two, that is my brother always got it worse because, you guessed it:
          “he should know better”!

        15. Reminds me of happy times…those warm summer days playing baseball, whistling at hot girls as they rode past on bicycles, and unlatching my bedroom window so I could slip out before the old man walked in my room and beat the Holy Hell out of me…ah, sweet memories. Sniffle.

        16. it was me, though not quite self styled. It was said to me in jest by a real waspy chick a few years ago. I just kind of held on to it.

        17. Look man, it was just a hop, skip and jump from letting a Wop play in pro sports, to the eventual domination of the NFL by them there black folks, not to mention baseball now being run by spics and greasers. Geesh. All us decent white folk have to sustain ourselves is badmitten, fencing, lacross and ice hockey. And we’re holding on to those for dear life! Back! Back I say!

        18. Did you hear about the new Italian snow tire. Dago through mud, dago through ice, dago through snow, and when dago flat, dago wop-wop-wop….

        19. I was not so bar with a foil back in college. I wasn’t on a team, but I did fence club level. Also, I know my way around a shuttlecock. I won’t, however, put on shoes with either blades or wheels. THat shit is insanity.

        20. oh you may be biting off more than you can chew here bob. How does an Italian get into an honest business? Through the window.

        21. That’s one thing George was wrong about. Lacrosse is brutal, way more violent than football or other contact sports. Fuckers beat the living tar out of each other with those sticks, toss each other in the air after full head on crashes, and throw a small hard object at each other at around 90+mph. Women go *insane* for lacrosse players as well. I watched it up close and in person.
          Basically that’s just George being a shade Marxist and resenting rich white guys having fun.

        22. My son played lacrosse from third grade through high school. I got to know everything there is to know about the sport up close and personal. I’m even something of a decent thrower and catcher with a defense long stick, if I do say so myself.

        23. I think George was being sarcastic. That’s the great thing about being a comedian, you can say whatever you want and nobody knows for sure if they should take you seriously…

        24. Oh, yeah. I love Carlin. He did have his moments though where he’d go full balls in blue collar “rich white men are bogus” though. If that’s an actual quote, then that appears to be one of those times.
          I started blue collar and worked my way out of it. I see both sides and find nothing wrong with elite sports or common man sports (or other activities). It’s all in what is the most fun for me at the time.

        25. My nephew is balls-out with it too. Got a full ride to college.
          Bu then again, George Carlin! He also famously identified Volleyball as “raquett-less team ping-pong played with an inflated ball and a raised net while standing on the table”
          How can I doubt him?

        26. That’s a beautiful description of volleyball, lol.

        27. Why do Scots wear kilts?
          Because sheep run when they hear zippers!

        28. why wasn’t jesus born in Italy?
          he couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin

        29. Man was a genius no doubt. had the privilege of seeing him live twice! Total professional; good show both times.

        30. Where I come from, when the sheep hear that sound, they paint their hooves, do a quick douche, put on some makeup, and spread their back legs…patooiee (spits in spittoon).

        31. We all start blue collar. Born with nothing, have to fight our way out of the womb, come out dirty and wide-eyed…

        32. Oh here we go:
          Irish whore working the district comes home an complains, “fucking bullox. Walked all night and got nearly a glance. Ended up giving a blowjob for 20 quid. Imagine that”. Her mother says, “bully for you. In my day we did it for 5 quid and swallowed. Consider yourself lucky.”
          All eyes went to the grandmother who was silent as a tomb. She quietly murmerder, “in my day that was the warmest thing we had to drink all day.”

        33. ….and you’re first human contact is a open-palmed whack on the ass! Then they cut half your dik off! Its a wonder any of us stick around.

        34. I had one buddy who was an irish guy. A rough old guy. IF you didn’t know him you would think he was the most serious fuck in the world, but he could take a joke…at times. He was also really short. Not like a midget but really short. So one day, not a joke, I walked in the bar I used to go to and I see him walking to the bathroom, I run up behind him, pick him up, slam his face down on the pool table and I’m on his back SCREAMING “WHERE ARE THE FUCKING LUCKY CHARMS! GIVE ME THE LUCKY CHARMS” and he is squirming against me but there is no way he is getting me off I have him pinned good and I am yelling as loud as I can yell “ILL LET YOU GO IF YOU TELL ME WHERE THE LUCKY CHARMS ARE” I knew to stop as soon as I had gone too far and then went a little further.

        35. did he laugh at least?
          I mean, you did all the legwork for the bit – the least he could do is appreciate the effort!

        36. yeah, he laughed. He slugged me a few times good too. This was a group of very close buddies.

        37. Hah, a funny thing. In Italy, nobody knows the term dago. Of course for starters it’s spelled wrong. It would have to be dego for the real Italians to pronounce it.
          How did I find this out? I asked them! 😀

        38. The irish are a particular folk, but once you know them (and their twisted humor) you have friends for life. Of course I say that because my fathers family left during the famine.
          They can be a fucking moody bunch at times though.

        39. Another one:
          Mary is working in Ibiza as a waitress during the summer to earn some money to put herself through university. In walks a
          handsome lad who greets her and orders a pint. They flirt all night back and forth and from his accent she pegs him as a Dub(liner).
          He is there till closing time and propositions her to come back to his
          hotel room and she recants, “I’m not that type of girl.” He is relentless, “ah come on. Look, I know you are tight on cash as that’s why you are working here, so what you say if I throw in a 100 quid? Don’t be brash. Tink about it!” She looks him over– he is good looking and she does need the money, so she agrees.
          Next night, same scenario. At the end of the night he suggests going back to his room and she declines. “Last night was fun, but I
          am really not a slut. No.” He says, “look.. we both consented and really enjoyed ourselves. Let me top it off by throwing in another 100 quid. Come back with my Mary. I needs yahs.” She agrees.
          This goes on for another 3 nights.
          On the sixth night he walks in and doesn’t even look at her. She is perplexed. Tries to engage in conversation between
          customers, but he is stone cold. At the end of the night he is still there and Mary approaches him. “You alright? You a bit off tonight.” He brushes her off. So she starts to ask him some personal questions,
          Mary: “where you from in Dublin?”
          Your man: “North side”
          Mary: “What part of the north side?”
          Your man: “Drumcondra. On Hollybank Road.”
          Mary: “Jesus almighty! My parents live on Hollybank
          Road. Whats the house number?!”
          Your man says: “154”.
          Mary: “my parents live across the street from you at “161!”
          Your man: “Yeah I know. Your father gave me 500 quid to give to you when I saw ya.”

        40. Just kidding. My humor is guided in part by the maxim:
          “If you can’t laugh at yourself…..well, find someone else to make fun of damnit!”

      2. I used pretty much the same exact line a few weeks back when I was with my girl. This cute Latina walked by and smiled at me and I locked eyes and smiled back. Then I looked down to see my girl glaring at me.
        We got in the car and the convo went something like this:
        Her: I saw you and that girl checking each other out.
        Me: It’s not my fault she wanted to get with a stud like me.
        Her: Then why did you smile at her?
        Me: She smiled first. It would have been rude not to smile back (said with a wink and a smirk).
        The sex later that night was amazing. Women will work much harder to please you when they know there’s competition.

        1. I had to read this twice before I realized you didn’t bang the Latina.

        2. They’re just like El Caminos. Which, as you know, is Spanish for “The Caminos”.

        3. She looks very similar to a friend of mine. Very nice.

        4. I actually have a bit of a guilty joy thing going on with El Caminos. They just reek 1970’s cool.

        5. Yeah, they are cool. I loved my Chevy Malibu SS 283 more than most women I banged. Always liked the El Camino look, however.

        6. Handily available on my iPhone? Why do you ask? Heh.

        7. You can thank the tree huggers in Congress for not being able to get cars like that anymore. Mileage standards.

        8. I always found it funny that they named a car “The Road”. That’s some slick brainstorming, right there.

        9. Yeah, CAFE standards, written mostly by Californian tree huggers. Hate those fuckers.

        10. Ha! This actually reminds me of a story from my bar tending days. Like any good bartender, I sampled my drinks for quality control. After a few samples, I had a tendency to joke around, talk a little shit, but all in good fun.
          Now, there were a ton of people from various Latino countries working at this place, so there was a large enough sample size to notice a trend: all the females had been knocked up in their teens, and all the males were baby daddies by the time they were 18.
          Anyway, one night I went up to the hostess (18 year old Mexican chick). I joked with her that she was the only Latina who hadn’t been knocked up yet (one other one had quit to give birth at age 17). Little did I know that she was, at that time, pregnant with the bastard child of the 45 year old chef. A few months later she quit to have his baby, and then I recalled that conversation I had with her. Sure, I kinda felt like a dick once I found out she had a little monster in training growing inside of her, but then I chuckled when I remembered her forced laugh when I made the joke.
          The chef, of course, wanted nothing to do with her or the kid. Another empowered, single mother was born.

        11. Heh, yeah, I remember that joke. It actually means “New” but No Va is perfect.

        12. She looks hot up front, with lots of utility in the back.
          Get your mid out of the gutter, I was talking about the ElCamino. Not the future down fall of a beta male turned rock star. I don’t mind Brett Micahels getting my second hand.

      3. Occassionally the wife and I dress up and go downtown to a piano bar or whatever is hip with the “in crowd with money” to have some laughs.
        Last time out, I walked back to the table after visiting the gents and my wife says, “half of the women followed you back to the table with their eyes including the two fags in the back.”
        Me without caring, “I’m used too it.”
        Always maintain frame.

    2. thumbs up bob.
      I have to say that I am never in a situation where I am less than 5 feet away from a woman who I would have sex with that I don’t actively try to have sex with. I can’t remember a work day when I didn’t game at least 3 women in the elevators, plus on the streets, the trains, the store and pretty much anywhere I am.

      1. Always be closing…the last thing that will close on us is a coffin lid. Dance, dance, for tomorrow we die, my friend.

  13. “Traditional” women in America’s yesteryear were the product of Christian moral restraint, Christian principles, and Christian fathers. Traditional women equal Christian women- they are one and the same.
    The thing about true “traditional” women, even today, is that their fathers raised them right. They can spot a non-Christian man a mile away. Regardless how much “game” a non-Christian man has, he will never score a true Christian woman who loves her God first and foremost. Also, a father is directly involved with a traditional woman’s courtship and eventual mate, as it should be. A traditional woman will be quick to tell you if her father does not approve of you that’s the final say. This caliber of woman is super rare today.

      1. As a Christian, I readily cede that many Muslims put most professing Christians to shame with devotion to what they believe. Christians have become saltless.

    1. “he will never score a true Christian woman who loves her God first and foremost.”
      This must be among the Orthodox or Amish; the evangelical churches are full of ‘born-again virgins’.

      1. The evangelical movement is saltless Christianity. Far be it from me to knock people who want to be “born again virgins” and get their life right, but yeah you’re correct.

    1. if you are the biggest Beta of the year do you win or lose the beta contest.

        1. Do you suppose more than one guy could have sex with her at the same time and not even know there is someone else there?

        2. The only way to be sure would be to try it out. And I think we’d both pass on that one. I’ll bet you could find wrist watches, regurgitated lunch, and bats up in her hoo-ha, though…that is, if you could find her hoo-ha.

  14. Reading this and listening to Dan Bilzerian on JRE makes me feel like I’ve been on the right path all along–serial monogamous relationships with a girl who likes me back. Yea I’ve had a few days where I’ve had to tag some mediocre chick as a sport fuck, but that experience has been used to bag a super money girl and keep her for a while. You know you’re winning in life when a thorough-bred korean girl with fake tits, and is a yoga teacher is dressed in leopard skin lingerie serving you dinner.

  15. Great article. As soon as I “got” my girl, I shifted away from being the aloof and dangerous asshole over to the calculated and hyper-aware asshole. My way of passing all her shit tests is to just bathe in them when they come because, to me, those tests are a validation of her femininity just as much as her long hair and heels. I’m not interested in getting her to stop testing me as much as I’m interested in how I can emotionally dance with her while she’s giving them to me. Watching a girl want to 50% fight and 50% fuck seems like a backwards way to keep a woman but not in our society.

  16. I definitely appreciate this article. I have read both Bang and Day Bang and loved the advice but after having my life walked all over by a former girlfriend the only thing which concerned me about cold approaching women is having seen the crazy that they can invite into your life. Good moves, look forward to more as always!!

  17. “Is that enough now? (No.) A shower every day… come on.”
    A six figure income and a shower every day really should be enough to get a young, pretty girlfriend who adores you.
    I know it hasn’t been since the mid 60s (adjusted for inflation)…but it should be.

  18. I do not mean to insult you Roosh, but because of the high risk of a false rape accusation I use The Dating Dictionary.

  19. All relationships have power dynamics. The title is super redundant.
    Really Robin Williams committed suicide because of a bad divorce, if you can call it divorce rape, can I call that narrative rape. Where the facts scream no no no?

  20. good article and do agree with you Roosh, but i did chuckle at this line:
    “1. Focus less on encouraging notch-building and “banging.”
    Bang and Day Bang shall henceforth be retitled as “Don’t Bang so much” and “Don’t Daybang so much: Where the Trad girls at?” edition

  21. Question: Is it possible for a religious man to live a life that goes from masculine upbringing, to screening for the best woman and continuing to game her, WITHOUT a necessary minimum notch level to intuitively understand the flawed nature of woman?
    People who can figure out the yes to the above question without it descending into mental masturbatory ‘magic bullets’ language stand to make a metric fuckload of money.
    If the answer is no [as i suspect it is] it leaves men of faith in an uncomfortable position where they have to forgo their principles for pussy just to make sure they don’t buy into flawed pussy betadom.

  22. This article about game features a picture of none other than the world renowned triple jointed human pretzel Alina Kabaeva as she outshines some old guy. She outshines him terribly. Why even both microphones jump to her while ignoring the clean shaven old gent.
    She outshines him on the right
    She even outshines him on the left
    The poor guy looks like a toad next to that awesome beauty. Just kidding. Well Vlad, I’m MCGOO and I know just what you need to even things out. I think this would turn up your spotlight, put a little more ‘shine’ on THE MAN who leads the entire nation of Russia.
    Yep. You’ll be in the REAL GAME once you GET THE BEARD ON man. Get serious. Alina is entering politics now when she should be churning out more offspring. NO WOMAN will last if you make them into a trophy or let them enter the MAN’S DOMAIN of politics. Use her up while she’s good. That’s right, USE HER fertility to the last drop. Have her churn out as many mini human pretzels as she can before her timer runs out. The demographic tsunami doesn’t discriminate. It pounds on the doorstep of Russia like everywhere else. THROW YE women bespread and breed that thing like a sow. Face it Vladimir, you need to set an example for your country when you’ve got a woman who looks like this:
    I think the pearls say it all. A 1950’s demographic rennaisance is what Russia needs, and with 1st lady ‘June Cleavereva’Putin leading the way by example. People do as their leaders. Headboards all across Russia will echo with the pounding of pearls upon wood as the rebirth of patriarchy sweeps the globe and the west enters a new fertile springtime season. Keep her stuffed like a turkey and breeding. When you hold the levers to power over your entire country, you’re not just gaming your woman, you’re gaming the course for the future of the mighty Kossack creed! And that requires a POWER BEARD
    Put down your school course work silly Russian girls.
    Throw your books aside keeping only the cookbooks. Your man’s beard is the only feeding your brain requires and your man’s mastiff is the only piece of exercise equipment that is essential for you to do your part in rebuilding your nation. Your mattresses are your exercise mats. Enough Russian women bouncing upon the Russian mattresses in unison, riding atop and underneath their bearded Russian men and voila THE ENTIRE NATION bounces back.
    But first your dear leader Vladimir must lose his boy chin and lo the people will cry “HAIL THE VLADIBEARD”
    True Russians do things in unison, like applauding. Enjoy

  23. Dealing with my current girl takes a lot of game. I have to constantly fight to keep the “basic bitch” instinct from coming out. It’s going to be a losing battle in the long run.
    After dealing with so many sluts I just have to lament that women can’t be expected to be chaste but they can expect us to commit our assets, house, and lifestyle. A chaste girl is the most basic requirement I would expect for a marriage. I’m holding out for one, and if I don’t get one, I’ll think of an alternative way to reproduce, because I’m not going to commit my whole life to a woman who has engaged in casual sex.

  24. I see that Roosh is evolving in his worldview, which is great, but this means that what the guy says isn’t gospel.
    I’m not a “be yourself and sincere” white-knight advocate, but I think there’s a danger to game in that it puts a severe emphasis on either clowning for women or going into a sociopath mode of notch count rather than relationships in the long term. For example, not getting laid until you’re in your 20’s, at least when it comes to American women, may not necessarily be such an awful thing. If the time that some spend going to clubs and banging sluts instead could have been focused on personal, spiritual, financial, and physical development, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
    One maligned “game” is simply to go to places in Europe where prostitution is legal and get laid that way. The ultimate “game” is to not play at all. It was mind blowing that I could get laid with a hundred dollars and nothing else. It’s like being a demigod similar to a genetic or actual celebrity.
    Finally, game helped create much of the mess in that modern feminism is a result of women being used to men entertaining and pandering to their lowest feminine behavior to get laid. This resulted in the women thinking of themselves as whores and acting accordingly. In more traditional societies, game is unnecessary and moot. The women who want to marry treat worthy men with respect and that’s that. I got much less shit tests from women in places where there was less game going on. Note that beta male begging game common in the USA is still “game”. It’s lousy game but it does work after a fashion. Many of these guys do get laid albeit under awful terms.

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