What’s Happening With The Manosphere?

The year is ending in a bloodbath, with many sites closing (read more about it on Donlak and Private Man). It comes down to three problems:

1. Having a manosphere blog could get you fired from work. A lot of guys are closing because they feel their privacy was compromised. Any type of red pill content will be a warning flag to female-dominated human resource departments. You’re obviously not a team player if you question the status quo.

2. It’s hard to maintain a blog for over a year. It takes a freakish mind to write hundreds of posts on one or two topics.

3. Blogging remains a hobby for most, not a job. Most guys don’t get income from blogs like I do, taking away incentive to plow through the inevitable creative cold streaks.

When it rain, it pours, and what we’re seeing now is a natural withdrawal of hobbyist bloggers. Those who are committed to the topic matter will remain. There is no organized attack on the manosphere that I know of.

While it’s sad to see so many comrades fall, it’s just another day at the office for me.

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35 thoughts on “What’s Happening With The Manosphere?”

  1. Having been a former participant in the manosphere, I would say that one of the primary reasons I ended up enacting a moratorium on the blog was because it bled too much politics into personal social circles. Working retail and going to school didn’t laden me with any heavy concerns about professional repercussions, but having friends find out about my – I don’t know – egregiously amoral, misogynistic, fat-phobic and generally “controversial” views put definite strain on those relationships.
    What I find ironic is that I was friends with quite a few women who identified as feminist though in my personal relationships with them attempted to transcend those politics. As I found out, feminists are the most sanctimonious and defensive people, because their politics stem from deep feelings of personal inadequacy. Eh. You win some, and you lose some.
    The other issue which you made mention of is that exhaustion of material. There are only so many ways in which to regurgitate the same seminal points. (I don’t know how Roissy does it.) Also, it just gets fucking depressing.

    1. Exhaustion notwithstanding, Sofia, I motherfucking demand that you bring your blog back immediately. I don’t give a fuck if you’re out of material. We all are, until the next thing happens. Write about what you had for breakfast. You were good, and there’s too much bad writing in the world for good writers to be hiding.

    2. “Feminists are the most sanctimonious and defensive people, because their politics stem from deep feelings of personal inadequacy.”
      Beautifully said.

  2. Game has jumped the shark. People are coming to realize that looking inward and correcting your psychological and emotional weaknesses is a better way to improve social interactions than to get drunk and hope the bar sluts you walk up to like you.
    The bloggers who are dropping out are probably doing so because they’ve realized how ugly and innately “beta” it is to write publicly about your sexual conquests.

    1. This is a great place to pick up women – after reading the other crap on here this rational gem made me swoon!

  3. Maybe this fine example of corporate media trite will get more men to start their own blogs, countering the attrition in the manosphere.
    The new adultery: Why stepping out is no longer just a man’s game
    Femi-nazis celebrate cuckolding as a source of liberation with nary a mention of the devastating impact on children and society.
    The question is, are feminists well-meaning but misguided catalysts for the decline of Western civilization, or are they witting saboteurs?

  4. The sad fact is. There’s no way you can possibly grow a blog/business without help, simply because acquiring traffic and a following is very difficult and requires hundreds of hours of repetitive and mind numbing tasks in order to build up.
    It’s simply not possible to do alone unless you’re OCD or borderline crazy.

  5. I see two things happening here.
    First, learning game is simply a starting point. Yes, it’s about getting laid, but it also has economic, political, familial, and moral applications and ramifications. Roissy gets crap from some of his readers for going beyond the basics of poon-chasing, but he gets this, and that’s why he continues to thrive.
    Also, I think we need to move beyond the internet and form actual communities. Maybe there already is a network of red-pill clubs out there I’m unaware of, but I don’t know about it. Words and videos on a screen can help a ton, but a buddy who gets this stuff helping you there in person helps a whole lot more. We gotta form a brotherhood online AND in our normal lives. I’m the only red-pill eater I know, and sometimes it’s tough. (If anyone knows of something like this, please tell).
    However, this looks like a great time to start a blog. My blog, Alpha Is Assumed, will be born this week.

    1. There is, it’s called the Mankind Project. Google it and take part in it. It starts with a weekend, mens only retreat in various locations across the US. After which, you can take part in weekly mens only meetings which are designed to help men become better men, and not in the new age way, but in the getting in touch with your masculinity way. I went through the retreat and was a member of a group, before leaving the States. Do the retreat. It changed me just as much as learning game did.

  6. Who cares? The “Manosphere” was becoming a joke with everybody and their brother opening up shop, anyway. There’s only ever been a handful of decent manosphere blogs and they are:
    Bold and Determined, Koanic Soul, Michael Byc, Danger and Play, Paul the King, Tao of Dirt, Delusion Damage (when it was a blog), Roosh, and of course, Roissy.

  7. you really have to love to chaos and emotions that your own written word makes you feel; and enjoy turning a phrase and putting it on paper in order to enjoy blogging.

  8. All the Manosphere does is whine and complain without actually DOING something positive to change their miserable lives.
    The world needs solutions. Not more whiney slackers on psychiatric meds.

  9. I hope to someday make a manosphere blog. I have the motivation and would post on more topics than just game (like roosh does), but I still feel I need more experience.
    Also, dammit people, post under a pseudonym and use a proxy server.

  10. Roissy/Chateau/Heartiste is not a single blogger. The site has several contributers, but the founder is almost certainly still there and running the show. The contributers have all mastered the Chateau ‘house style.’

  11. Yes. Both the MRM and PUAs are filled with gutless betas with no conviction.
    Afraid of losing your job? My God. And you guys don’t even push. Try taking about race or the holycost, and going to jail for it. Your red pill is at best a half dose, proabably less.
    You should know all about that Roosh – you went to London and you won’t even talk about all the pakis, negros, and muzzies. Tell us again how alpha and fearless you are.
    But it’s good. This world is about struggle. The weak submit, the strong remain.

    1. “You should know all about that Roosh – you went to London and you won’t even talk about all the pakis, negros, and muzzies. ”
      Roosh himself comes from a Muslim cultural background, if not a Bahai one that sought to reconcile with Islam, even though it is still persecuted by it.

    2. Like Ryu, I am also scared of black mushroom tips. Those things are HUGE.
      If the revolution ever comes, white boys like us are dead in the water. How you gonna compete against a man with a 12″ dong?
      Heed Ryus words, people. It’s the Goddamn End of Days..

      1. Seriously people, don’t underestimate the threat. They look like fucking Pringles cans.

  12. Wow, some of these comments pretty much explain WHY the manosphere crumbles. its just childish gameboy alien-fighting bravado.
    good luck

    1. There are aliens in the manosphere??? Is that your way of saying ‘immigrants’?
      Your racist ways disgust and arouse me in equal measure. Come round my house and take your pants off x

  13. I would like to pint out that A voice for men is probably the most prominent manosphere blog ever even having a radio show to back it up. If only A voice for men and roissy could see eye to eye and realize that one is promoting a man going his own way while the other is actually trying to expose men to how much western society discriminates against men, then the manosphere could become a super power that could end feminism for good and we cold go back to traditional times where men could just lead our lives and have a family without getting wrecked by the system and the women would look after themselves rather than become fat , arrogant, high maintenance , self entitled pigs. Even now, both the hot chicks and the ugly chick have the same arrogant attitude. Just ridiculous.

    1. This is a pleasant fantasy, but it will never happy. We’re going to have to be content with not conforming and living outside the system. It’s not too bad!

  14. Anyone know why VK took down his blog? I’ve been reading through years of his old posts then one day I go to reread his post on giving your resignation letter at work, poof, its gone. Would really love if all his work was archived some where.

  15. Major growth in conceptual understanding. The Manosphere is becoming real. The Real Manosphere.
    Just as long in development as Feminism.
    The thesis from the antithesis. Just what Yahweh went through with Satan.

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