Human Resources Is Your Master

Did you know that you have two mothers? One is your biological mom, and the other is human resources. A guy on Reddit recently found this out when he tried to hit on a girl at work.

Now I think it’s common sense to avoid dipping your pen in company ink, but the chat he had with her clearly shows that she actively encouraged him. Not only was she responding with enthusiasm but she used exclamation points to display her interest. See the entrapment for yourself.

When she was satisfied that she hooked his interest, she went straight to HR to complain…

I get a call from HR a couple minutes ago telling me to stop.

I’m guessing they also told him to cease and desist all non-professional communications with the female victim.

“Sexual harassment” was just the beginning. Now you won’t even be able to ask a girl to lunch—after she tells you how great of an idea that would be—without putting your job at risk. I can’t help but think of how pitiful a man must feel to voluntarily put himself in that type of environment.

Personally, I rather be a poor English teacher in Ukraine. At least I can flirt with my students.

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27 thoughts on “Human Resources Is Your Master”

  1. Isn’t this just bad game? First he is tech support so already below her in hierarchy probably. Secondly why is he all of a sudden taking her to lunch? It sounds like they have no established relationship…you have to slow play things at work, and it requires much more social intelligence than the average reddit beta has.

    1. Agreed. HR Departments and their absurd harassment training videos are actually the best wingmen in the world; their advice is sterling. If you are going to get office ass, you have to play it super conservative. Do nothing. Say nothing. Hang back. If she says something suggestive, just say “oh my.” If she is naturally attracted to you, either by your suavite, or by your being in charge, she will come to you. If not, at least you get to keep your job. Most harassment is people making such staggeringly gameless and boneheaded advances that there is no possible way to react other than disgust.

  2. I’d just write back “Stop what?” or complain that she is hitting on me. And continue doing that weekly. 😉 Ok I’m not that evil. But yeah, HR sucks. We are adults.

  3. Sounds like the girl he was hitting on was more of a bitch than anyting, the HR Dept calling him was whack, but why is this girl acting interested and then turning her back and going straight to complain to HR. That makes absolutely no sense, and sounds like she has some issues, I do see your point though. What’s the solution Roosh, should we all quit our jobs, becoming pick up gurus, start successful blogs, travel the world and run bang guides? I like how you have established your dream and escaped the matrix, but the thing is 90% of guys will never be able to do this. I feel like sometimes you encourage guys to unplug from the matrix, but you don’t really provide any real road map to doing it.

    1. I agree, the self-directed follow-your-passion life-plan isn’t tenable if everyone were to pursue it. The fact that a few can is predicated on the fact that many can’t.

      1. It would be lots more tenable if fewer people fell hook line and sinker for the bullshit about needing big gommiment, to enforce idiotic IP laws, for the sole benefit of those who happen to be direct descendents of Walt Disney, and their lawyers.
        Shorter term, it is also lots more tenable if one lives in cheaper parts of the country, or a cheaper country.

        1. “who happen to be direct descendents of Walt Disney”
          What exactly does that mean?

    2. She’s probably insecure (new, young, few friends in the company), showed the convo to some long passed prime coworkers, who (pissed seeing new girl get more attention in her first week than they have in the last 12 years) much to her dismay, told her he sounded like perv, creep, stalker, blah, blah…. So, off to human resources she went; and another possibly at least semi human female bit the dust…..

    3. you have a US passport. Its a lottery ticket for 80% of the world. you could work alaska salmon season and pull down 10k in 3 months and then go live on tha tin colombia for a year. or go plant trees in canada. dude i know makes 25k in 3 months each year doing that.
      you western fuckers got so many excuses.

      1. Your body can’t handle planting trees forever and you need a work visa if you aren’t canadian. The rates have also been frozen at the same pay per piece for 22 years.
        However, you get paid to be in the best shape of your life, you appreciate the basics after living in a tent for months on end and the 2nd year you do it you can make $300/day with no education requirements and have nowhere to spend it. I’m going on 15 years in the business, planted for 4.
        You are right about 1st work problems though, we had a few burmese refugees a few years back and they smiled every day, when asked why one guy says “this job great, no one shooting at me or trying to kill me” At that point we all realized we were pansies.

      2. jesse can you give us a link to info about planting trees in canada? sounds like a great job, and its “green” too! thanks.

  4. I hope, hope and work everyday so that I will never be somebody’s bitch (other than my clients) so I won’t have to deal with workplace witch hunts like this, or any other bullshit that comes with slavery.

    1. Don’t think the lawyer trash isn’t on to you! Suits against contractors, and against those who employ contractors instead of W2s, are one of the fastest growing segments of the extortion rackets.
      Compared to W2 employment you are still ahead, I agree. Good for you. Just be alert. And broke (officially)

  5. This guy should take that screen-cap to HR and subsequently chew both that cunt and the HR department out. Set ’em straight. He’ll be able to find a new job with no problem if he’s in a computer field. Females makes me sick.

    1. Dude, she “felt” uncomfortable. That’s what counts. Not some sort of pesky description of his or her actual behavior.
      It’s just like rape. If, after talking to an ambulance chaser dangling millions in front of her a month after the fact, some whore realized she felt that being banged by uber alpha Mike Tyson maybe wasn’t consensual after all…. of course he raped her. Capiche?
      And, it’s rarely females who knock on your door and drag you to jail for anything. Just like it’s rarely females who makes up the idiotic excuses Leviathan uses for doing so. They’re just trying to do as well as they can, in this dystopian hellhole of ours. Focus your ire on Leviathan, where it belongs.

      1. Thats a good point on it not being the woman who drags you to jail. Even HR answers to someone and its usually executives. They can tell HR to pursue or drop an issue. The few years i worked in a large organization that recognition was was got me ahead or saved my ass, networking or volunteering so that a someone higher up knew my name and face. “He’s a good guy, drop it” is all it takes to cool off an HR bitch when it comes from her boss.
        Toby isn’t shit if Michael Scott has got your back.

  6. I started my own biz, today Monday the 19th of November, me and my biz partner took home $5000 dollars. Net $8000ish.
    I should of started at 24 not 34 years old.
    It all started 2 years ago when I had someone in my company acccuse me of bullying. I thought I was going to be at that company forever. Then I found out one of the managers wife had complained about me (I hardley knew her) I realised that manager wanted me out too. There is no safety in a job, anyone can destroy you with a false accusation.
    I spent the next 18 months plotting to start my own gig. Now if I don’t take home $1000 a day I feel ripped off. I used to earn that a week.
    (I started an environmental/health and safety company 9 months ago)

  7. I should mention I sent a post that Roosh wrote years ago which he republished (probably two years ago) to my business partner. We both agreed with what he wrote, there is no safety in a job, your livelihood is in the hands of some fuck in HR or a co-worker who is best bum buddies with the owner of the business.
    The article inspired us further. Now we have business lunches, take a day off when we need it but also work from 4am to 9pm but it is an adventure of choose your own style.

  8. Weak Game: HR bunnies fire you
    Tight Game: A BJ in the storage closet
    And then they tell us we’re supposed to respect them.

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  10. Dax = not smart. Do not EVER try this at work.
    If your future wife shows up and begins work as the receptionist. Quit working there then give her a shout and ask her out. If she is not worth quitting for, then no go.

  11. I never play reindeer games at work. That said, ALWAYS have a good relationship with a lawyer and have them on speed dial. A strongly worded letter has gotten HR off my back a couple of times over unfounded bullshit. Two can sue and, no, the pussy or the company doesn’t automatically win. There are victims and there are volunteers.

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