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I recently discovered Coursera, a site that lets you take free courses through the internet. I signed up for these six and am waiting for them to begin…

With the already popular Khan Academy serving up millions of lessons, you have to wonder if in the near future you can get a complete college education for free (but without the diploma).

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13 thoughts on “Take College Courses Online For Free”

    1. When I first saw that I was thinking “is there an actual game university now?,” but I quickly realised that it was just the game theory I already knew about. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.

  1. Free online courses contain very little incentive to finish, to work hard, to slave away writing papers, etc. etc. You get what you pay for.
    The word INCENTIVE is something you should think about, long, hard, and often, for YEARS. In every question of human action you must ask yourself: What are the incentives? What are the disincentives?
    That said, I’ve managed to learn at least a few things myself from Khan Academy lately, and Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s Stanford course, “Human Behavioral Biology” (online)

  2. By the way Roosh’s choice of courses indicates a strong hedonistic component to his personality, nicht wahr? Mine lean towards ‘wish I could be smart, eh’

  3. Udacity is also very cool…excellent for learning the basics of computer science. As far as incentives, I think the incentive is that you are doing it for yourself and actually care to learn it. If it was normal school, you could just bullshit through and copy homework to get a C with the curve and not really learn that much.

  4. The game theory will be a disappointment.
    The most interesting and most difficult part of game theory are the psychological aspects and discovering what the payoff tables look like. In Econ courses, they will assume this stuff and then analyze how to proceed, which is usually trivial. Not an overstatement to say that academic game theory has no real world applications at all, and the ones it has are trivial.

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