Beware Of Trojan Horses

In your quest to navigate the dating market, you may encounter one type of girl I like to call the Trojan Horse. These girls have the appearance of a being a traditional-minded, high-value foreign woman but hide a core of American consumerism and feminism. Typically, these girls are born in a foreign country and undergo a somewhat traditional upbringing, but spend some or all of their later formative years in this country being inculcated into the American feminist you-go-girl culture. Their initial demureness is matched only by the extent of their psyches ruined by solipsism, independence, and false self-esteem.

If you have never dated a non-westernized woman, this type of girl may not seem so bad at first. You may think “Hey, she was born into a traditional household and probably values traditional relationships like traditional foreign woman. This is terrific!” But with more exposure you soon realize that she combines all of the drawbacks of an American girl with the significant expectations of a traditional feminine woman — expectations that are reasonable only when complimented by effort and sacrifice on the part of the woman. Here are a few of the unseemly things you may notice in your dealings with these girls:

  • No cooking ability, feels that she is above cleaning
  • Not sweet or feminine
  • Focused on her career and sees homemaking and children as a lowly goal
  • Does not respect economy of language, will prattle on about anything
  • Zero intellectual curiosity, unlike many actual Asian and Eastern European girls

But doesn’t this just look like the typical American woman? Not so fast. For all the negatives we point out about the women of our country, they will occasionally pay for a dinner (insisting on financial independence, at least in the early stages), and their preoccupation with remaining busy and aloof means that they are more likely to accept an arrangement where they don’t grace you with their value-adding presence every day. On the contrary, foreign-born girls will often have exaggerated negative traditional female traits like these:

  • Clingy — expects an incredible amount of attention
  • Expect the man to provide and be “manly”
  • Demure when it comes to sex — often difficult to bed for the first time and will openly use it as a bargaining tool even early in the relationship

Trojan Horses want to be by your side all the time and suck your time and resources more than normal American women, but won’t provide value in homemaking, child-rearing, cooking, or respect. The sweetness that Law Dogger, Roosh, and many others have written about has been stamped out of them by the American feminist multiverse. Having ridden the carousel at the behest of the poisoned media, they turn to the relationship route when they are losing their value in the sexual marketplace and are getting intense familial pressure to return to their traditional roles.

Unfortunately, after their years of careerism and solipsistic rejection of purposes other than their own enjoyment, they have none of the skills or proclivities necessary to be good relationship partners. Watch out for these girls, and be especially aware of their pitfalls lest they demand your commitment.

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27 thoughts on “Beware Of Trojan Horses”

  1. It’s true.
    Get the fuck out of the United States. Go date and bed some foreign girls. And don’t ever bring them back the the United States, you idiot.
    I’ve been living in Russia for almost two years. The girls who have been to the western world for any extended period and then returned to Russia are a different beast entirely. The Western world ruins women. It’s hard to explain to someone that hasn’t seen it with their own eyes.

    1. This is so true. The only reason I’m still here is money. The United States is a good business, but not a good place for much else.

      1. A skinny average looking plain Jain Russian will defacto get 2-3 points when visiting the USA. Doesn’t help that limp wristed lispy beta PUAs with no game boost her ego to the stratosphere and idol worship her vodka smelling crap.
        American skanks will usually get minus 2-3 points in Eastern Europe and Asia. lolz
        Any foreign dish you bring to the USA will become spoiled. I know this because a former 9 feminine AZN girlfriend of mine who used to cook and clean turn into a cutthroat materialistic gold digger.

        1. “Any foreign dish you bring to the USA will become spoiled.” Sounds legit to me. The Asian women I met in Asia were the bomb. I dated an Asian woman here in America who was born over there but married a man and moved here. Long story short, he died, she stayed, and she turned into just that – a cutthroat, materialistic gold digger – no longer the charming, feminine Asian girl he married.

    2. This article is more real than the health warning on cigarettes….
      And it’s not just the US… this disease is spreading fast …. the internet basically kills any girl that can speak 1/2 decent english without her having to leave her own country…..
      They don’t even have to have all the traits listed to make your life a nightmare…
      I’ve come across a few of these girls, and whilst they can appear so sweet and lovely and often very horny to start with, they do rapidly morph into something else entirely….
      They are especially prevalent in Latin America… one holiday trip to Vegas or Miami, or even a local gringo boyfriend and you can basically forget about her… especially if she speaks good english…..
      You absolutely have the worst of both sides….. all the traditional needs and demands with none of the benefits…. all the feminism, entitlement and attitude without any drive, ambition, creativity, life plan or direction….
      These women are not Trojan Horses, they are Zombies…. they will eat you alive….

  2. Since American pop culture is the most imported foreign culture around the world,an unfortunate consequence of this is the rise of these Trojans.However,there are many cultures that have resisted such corruption regarding puerile female behaviors.As always,Buyer Beware.

    1. The rise of these Achaean you mean, of course, since it was they who built the horse and snuck into Troy.

      1. Yes.You are correct about the historical fact.Trojan Horses is what I was alluding to.

  3. When a woman uses sex as a bargaining tool with you, run, run away and never turn back. It is over. You don’t make her wet. She sees you as a walking wallet and a validation source. As always,Buyer Beware.

  4. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time I saw the spread of American culture as a good thing. I reasoned that if the planet were overrun with cheeseburgers, xboxes, feminists, and fat idiots staring at their facebook on their iPhones all day then the world would move away from war, extremism, and genocide. It’s only made things worse, especially in the dating market. It’s classic “Jihad vs McWorld” stuff – but fortunately there is still a few havens out there of classical sex roles.

    1. I was once so foolish myself. Now I see this culture as toxic waste seeping into and infiltrating other cultures around the globe. Heaven help us if American cultural themes become the norm around the world. I used to think I wanted to marry a foreign bride and bring her here, but I clearly see now that for any woman I want to keep, I need to let stay in her home culture. Bringing her here would only destroy what’s good about her as the Cathedral reprograms her mind.

      1. But also keep an eye on social media and smart phones. Foreign women now no longer have to go live in the States for a while in order to get contaminated.

  5. This is a true message, and be careful when they say they are on the pill. They are entitled to your money, and are willing to spend the sex, and months of pregnancy to garner your resources. They say that lust lasts 9-18 months. These women can maintain their facade for months, to years.
    You must know what to look for. They will say and do anything to get your seed, and then rob you of your life after.

  6. Any foreign girl you meet in America, already has the disease inside her in its early stages. Just by the fact that she made the effort to get to here shows where her mind is at.
    Remember, it’s natural for 100 men to build a big boat and travel to an unknown place that may bring you wealth or death. Women aren’t built for that because it’s high risk, low reward move for their precious eggs.
    Now we may not be living in the days of Columbus. But we take living here for granted, because we are born here. We never have had to endure the tedium of going though long lines at the nearest American embassy. If you live in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country, chances are you have to hike to your country’s capitol to get to an embassy. The process of getting the visa may take several trips depending on your economic status or connections. Then you have to deal with American embassy workers. Many women have told me they are harsh and intimidating.
    Other women get to America illegally or through shady arrangements like sex work or paid sham marriages.
    Either way, the journey to America is hard and the experience puts miles and baggage on a woman. She either manipulates though sex or becomes a lawyer cunt depending which way.

  7. I’ve been lucky (so far) in that my wife’s 13 years here have been buffered by in insular community that she remains heavily invested in, but this also keeps us centered close to that community, which means moving is problematic and would mean increased Westernization, which I don’t want. The cost of a foreign wife comes in her dependence, esp. when they DO live in the US with you. This gets old quickly, but even they can easily confuse cultural creep with increased opportunity for independence. Investing them with a healthy, continuous disrespect for feminism and the more negative Western values is an investment in sustainability with a foreign wife. Making them your partner in shitting all over bad American female behavior can be a bonding experience.
    Many of my wife’s less religious friends from the old country are already divorced and have alimony already set up. I don’t even allow them in my house when I’m out of the country or at sea. Standing rule is “is this person a friend of the marriage?” When they answer is no, that’s the end of it. On a long enough timeline, most of them turn their lives into real dumpster fires, anyhow.

  8. You could have just said don’t just grade on a curve because she is foreign. Evaluate her on her actual merits.

  9. Got by one of these earlier this year. Probably as bad of a combination as you could guess: Brazilian, high school in Miami, some college at UCLA, med school Brazil, MD in residency in Miami. Experienced all of the above only to have her flake out on me and plead for us to stay friends. I didn’t but this article should get your attention if you haven’t been down this road personally.

  10. Thanks for the article Black Knight.I wonder if women are the same at their core regardless of what culture they’re raised in. Perhaps they seem nicer and feminine in other cultures because that’s what gets them what they want, rather than being innately good or better than their western culture, but at their core they’re the same self interested creatures as their western counterparts. I don’t know. I’m in a glass is half empty mood.

    1. Absolutely women are the same everywhere and at all times in the past. The difference is that many cultures, and ours in the past, severly restrained women’s behavior so they seemed to be moral and upright instead of the vicious sluts they are.

  11. Ha! The first part describes my ex-wife to a T. SEA, came over before 10, seemed sweet and focused on being a wife and when there were some things that didn’t go the way they were supposed, BOOM! Started focusing on herself, cheated on me and married that dude. Learned my lesson the REAL hard way.

  12. Where do you guys meet women?? I’m in LTR with cute blonde American girl who cooks/cleans and does all the laundry (I make more $ though so I’m usually the one that pays for dinner). Girls that you meet at clubs (regardless of their ethnicity) are a whole different personality type than girls you meet at bookstores or coffee shops. Go to quality places and you’ll meet quality girls.

    1. by LTR you mean married more than 7 years right ?
      Some floozy sucking your dick and washing your underpants afterwards… even for 24+ months doesn’t count….
      She can change overnight and you’ll be like a freshly caught shark thrashing about trying to find your way back to the water….

      1. It’s called ‘bait and switch’
        It’s all about closing and getting you to to sign the line that is dotted.
        But since you’re so in love and special, I’m sure it’ll work out.
        Make sure you don’t get a pre-nup and please settle down and have like 20 children or the bundles of joy.

  13. “Feminine” women from EE are the worst Trojan Horses, as most of them are closet feminists. It’s becoming the same everywhere.

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