How Not To Mean What You Say

Have you noticed all the hypocrisy that surrounds us no matter where we turn? It seems that we have gotten used to having people say one thing but do the opposite.

flashy car hypocrisy

I can’t remember how many times I heard some guy say about how “spiritual” he is and how much he doesn’t care about money or material possessions only to see him drive away in a shiny Porsche or BMW shortly after. I’ve also noticed repeatedly that if someone says that they don’t care about money, it’s a sure sign they very much do—a lot. There is nothing wrong with caring about money, but there’s a big difference between being honest about its value and being in denial about idolizing it.

I have gone on quite a few dates with women who wouldn’t shut up about how accomplished and independent they were. They probably didn’t realize how ridiculous they looked to me when I would walk them back at the end of our date to their beat up car that belonged in the junk yard.

high maintenance hypocritical women

One of the more entertaining hypocritical statements that some women make is along the lines of: “I am not high maintenance; I just like nice things” or “I don’t care about money or meeting a rich guy. I just want to have a comfortable life without stressing out about money, my job, etc…”

The other seemingly harmless and typical claim that’s often charged with so much hypocrisy is any statement that start with “Trust me.” When I hear this from someone I don’t know, I am really temped to respond with “Why should I?”  Trust is earned through a repeated showing of reliability and character, not because you say so.

There is one place, however, where hypocrisy truly thrives more than anywhere else – the online dating world. Don’t you just love it when someone says in their profile: “I am always happy.” How is that possible? Even a double daily dose of Xanax is not going to keep you happy 100% of the time. Do these people who live in that supposedly constant state of bliss deceive others as much as themselves?  Is “always happy” synonymous with being bipolar and suicidal, the same way as “single and fabulous” became synonymous with lonely and desperate, thanks to Sex and the City?

us flag freedom hypocrisy

But hey, can we blame individuals for being hypocrites if the entire nation carries a big flag of hypocrisy on its shoulders? The next time you hear the “it’s a free country”, ask yourself whether freer countries exist where prostitution and light drugs have been legalized many years ago and where you can drink a beer on the beach. These are the same countries where dubious laws don’t paralyze men in the workplace with the fear of sexual harassment lawsuits that can blacklist them from their careers.

Abolishing hypocrisy on a personal and national level should be the first major step toward cleansing our minds and seeing things for the way they really are.  Once we stop assuring others of who we are as individuals and as  a nation, and instead let our actions speak rather than words, we will save ourselves from conflict and disappointment—with others and with ourselves.

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54 thoughts on “How Not To Mean What You Say”

  1. I been to a free country where prostitution is legal, you smoke pot on the street, and they sell beer on the beach.
    But you better hurry. The gurlz are working to kill that freedom quickly.

  2. “The more people chant about their freedom and how free they are, the more loudly I hear their chains rattling.” -George Orwell
    We are living in the middle of one of the most duplicitous, hypocritical societies that has ever existed. Our bellies may be full, but our spirit is empty.
    Expounding on the “it’s a free country” theme…
    This country is a de facto prison camp. About the only thing I can think of that’s positive is it’s a good place to make money (for now.) But personal liberty has gone out the window. It’s nearly impossible to do anything that isn’t sanctioned by corporate America or the gubmint without being in violation of some sort of harsh punishment or risk being blacklisted.
    You work hard, play by the rules, and end up becoming little more than the battery Morpheus shows to Neo.
    We are lied to about virtually everything on a regular basis. (Watch The Power of Nightmares to see why we are entangled in so many foreign wars.) There are scientific scams – global warming, the supposed HIV/AIDS pandemic that never materialized, the fat/cholesterol myth.
    Then we are told debt is the pathway to wealth by the banking institutions, credit cards are considered a way of life, and people voluntarily sign up to become indentured servants so they can have a new car or mass-produced consumer garbage. We’re told you’re nothing if you don’t have a high FICO score, with most people never realizing the FICO is an “I love being in debt” score. It in no way reflects what is really important – net worth.
    A man can’t even have the family he wants without taking a huge risk on being involuntarily enslaved for 18 years of penury by a society that encourages women to misbehave. I have no problem supporting my children, but State-enforced child support rapes men and rewards women.
    There are so many lies we can’t keep track of them all.
    And yet, in light of all these myths and blatant lies swirling around us every day, we are told we must be obedient little slaves that toe the line or there won’t be anymore crumbs from the table coming our way. Or worse, we’ll lock you up or character assassinate you.
    This is not the ride any of us signed up for, but here we are in the midst of it. There are only two options – find some way to become a happier slave, or, find some way to get the fuck out.

    1. I voted you up just for using that quote at the beginning. Everything else you say after, though I agree with, is filler to me. That one line says it all.

      1. I’m glad you found the quote interesting.
        We spread the truth through repetition. Just as Goebbels did in Germany and the modern business-media-government complex in our own nation now spreads big lies by repeating them.

        1. make no mistake the Nazi experiment in Germany was just the appetizer…. a little test mixer to see how it tasted…. .
          that i’ll never happen again… yeah right … and WTF is this doing in San Diego ?

        2. …duuuude. Old news. Thats a barracks building at NAB Coronado, there since the 60’s. I’m sure someone got fired for it. And believe me, if there’s a secret White Nationalist movement in the Navy, they’re doing a good job of hiding it behind every diversity, feminist outreach, homo agenda program you can possibly imagine.

    2. let’s pick a city and a country and all move there, and concentrate all our forces in one place…. we’re all scattered about so we’re too watered down….. put all the real men in one place, and change things around a bit……

        1. There’s only about 50,000 people in the manosphere, and we should be more than capable of bringing the girls.

      1. My vote is somewhere in SE Asia. Or Latin America. Doesn’t matter to me. I speak Spanish but there’s nothing to me like some tight Asian balloon knot.

  3. Although I agree with the fundamental moral premise of the final paragraph of the author’s post, one must realize that hypocrisy is a potent weapon wielded by the strong, successful, and machiavellian. In fact, I encourage its use if you want to climb the corporate ladder or gain an upper hand in social interactions…it’s a necessary evil…successful politicians know this well…

    1. Good point. Being a man with some semblance of character, I always found being duplicitous very hard to do.
      But, I see now that there really is no other way. Be honest and straightforward, and get your teeth kicked out. Be duplicitous and Machiavellian, and gain reward and advancement.
      No wonder I’ve been drinking so much lately. It’s been hard for me to accept these facts.

      1. Truth is the bitterest pill to swallow…however…once swallowed, you will have immense power…a power that’s internal and will provide you with confidence…

        1. Being duplicitous isn’t the truth.
          You may gain the illusion of power, but “for what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?”
          I think it applies here to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Just because you have seen a dark side to the world doesn’t mean you should embrace it and lose your connection to God.
          Besides, you can’t beat the devil at his own game.

        2. Recognizing that the world doesn’t care about your code of morality and will trample you underfoot is the truth…understanding how to be honest and at times dishonest when circumstance calls for such action is a truth that we must come to accept if we should outsmart our competitors. Being aware that the most successfully duplicitous among us profess God on thier lips but not in their hearts is the truth.

    2. depends who you use it on…. there was a time when men had real honor between them and head games were reserved only for enemies and women…..

        1. Good luck with that. By the way I just stole your wallet and am using your credit cards at Best Buy.

  4. Another moral nutjob. Since when did the manosphere become populated by a bunch of pussies?

    1. After reading your choice of name and then your comment, you exemplify this article perfectly.
      Someone labeling them-self as “Thank you Jesus” then proceeds to call someone a moral nutjob. hahaha too funny.

  5. I like the women who brag about how accomplished and independent they are and then drive away in the cheapo used car.
    They might be telling the truth!
    Would much rather have that woman than the woman who brags about how independent she is but has the huge credit card debt for clothes jewelry shoes and expensive car payments.
    The first girl is telling you that she has some impulse control when she says she is independent, while the second girl is dependent on bankers to signal her status. Stay away from this user!

    1. I have one better for you . . .
      Late 30s woman who owned her own small one-bedroom condo (with daddy’s help), drove a late model Honda Fit, and had a cleaning woman for her condo. Went out with her once and I asked, at the end of the date, if she was taking the subway home. Her response was that she made “over $100,000” and was going to take a cab home, willy-nilly — something that she usually did when she was out and about.
      And, this is a woman who had a government job and received a subsidy for her subway rides.

    2. Looks can be deceiving..A possibility you may have overlooked is that most of these “accomplished” women have ridiculous student loan payments.
      I dated a lawyer once who had just over 70k in loans and living in NYC she had to have a roommate because her loan payments were higher then her half of the rent. And this woman did not have a car. But she did have some slightly expensive tastes in clothing and shoes.
      What people don’t factor is even if you do break 100k in salary, paying 700 a month in student loans is 8400 a year you have to live without. And that is before your other expenses.
      So his statement is still rooted in truth. My only female friend drove a beat up honda and has maxed out credit cards and filed bankruptcy just recently to avoid screwing her soon to be husbands credit. As an example. Most people appear frugal simply because they spent themselves into forced frugality through debt.

  6. I live in a small town, where bitches are very spoiled and entitled. It’s big enough to see people over and over, but not so small that people will know each other. To see and to be seen plays a big role here.
    I am thinking about going to the most high maintenance expensive bitches, hb9, game them and then close with a “would you like to have diner someday at Le Chateau de la Chançon?” and put a silly excuse such as “let’s celebrate spring in style!”. She most probably would say yes. After all its le Chateau de la Chançon guys! Her pants will be wet!
    So you meet the hb9 one hour before. Tell her to dress damn sexy. Parade around the town with her for a while and then take her to the restaurant. Eat, drink, have fun and when the check comes you softly say “shall we split the bill?”.
    Things are not like 50 years ago, men and women are the same now, so I am sure she will understand. And if not, well too bad.
    The bitch may be pissed (or not, maybe u turned her on if u do it right). At any case she didnt take advantage of you, and you managed well a situation, enjoyed a good diner and got some social proof in the process.
    Try it at home and repeat the operation with other chicks to perfect the technique. Let the other people in town wonder who is this sleazy guy who dates 8s and 9s

    1. But when you find the gold nuggets in the shit pile they tend to congregate!

  7. You missed out the best one :
    “No one will love you as much as I will…”
    To which my standard response is :
    “That’s what they all say…”
    Accompanied by a cute smile but a straight look in the eye so they can be certain I’m deadly serious, but not quite sure if I’m joking….. no more BS from you tonight missy…. the only thing you’ll ever love is the feel of a crisp $100 bill.
    As far as online dating goes :
    I Love to Travel = Need man to pay airline tickets to exotic destinations because the only traveling I do is on the subway to work.
    Well Educated = I can type two words without a typo
    Easy Going = Wound up so tight that a 10 man gang bang won’t calm me down.
    and don’t forget the absolute classic :
    “Looking for a serious relationship” = please pump and dump me as fast as you can, or want beta schlep to divorce rape after squeezing out a couple of puppies.

  8. I am living in a country where prostitution is legalized up to a point where, if you are unemployed, you can start working as a prostitute and it is regcognized as a real job, therefore you are not able to receive welfare anymore. It does not matter if you are female or male, we are equal opportunity in that regard. Tomorrow we are celebrating Father’s Day, meaning hordes of males are hiking through the countryside with massive amounts of beer supply, in plain sight, without brown bags, i know, shocking for most US-Americans….Don’t get me wrong, it is fun, but are these circumstances signs of a free country?
    We do not have the right to bear arms, probably better in hindsight, but we can speed without any limits on our highways,…But there are plans to introduce a binding limit for women on managing boards in companies. It is only a matter of time before it gets way worse than what you in the US are experiencing now. The freedoms we have is just “Bread and circuses” to appease the masses…

        1. You know that Germany is still on paper ruled by the winning forces of the Second world war? But that doesn’t matter as President of the EU want EU to become United states of Europe.

          USA is great in one way, you’re allowed to have guns, which is very important to have just in case they are about to create those camps for political and social opponents like the conspiracy-guys use to talk about.
          Who is watching the watchers, a relevant question. Do you trust your government?

        2. Germany offically gained full sovereignty on March 15th 1991 according to the Two Plus Four Agreement. According to our finance minister, Mr Schäuble, Germany has never been truly regained sovereignty since May 8th 1945…By now we have signed over so many rights to Brussels, and i am not talking about the common currency, that this is really a moot point.
          No one should trust their government, i certainly don’t.

    1. I refused to believe it’s true but I read that Germany was this country where you are not eligible for welfare if you refuse to take the prostitution job. Is that true?

      1. In theory, yes. In reality you are allowed to refuse the job offer because of morals. It is one of the few cases where it is allowed…

  9. You are not rewarded for being honest in our society. You are rewarded for being pc, which more often than not involves a significant degree of equivocation.

  10. I have to laugh at atheists in the U.S. who talk about the horrible persecution they face because, for example, the city council in a community most of us have never heard of opens its meetings with a prayer. Yet the Freedom From Religion Foundation preys on these local governments with harassing lawsuits, and I canceled my membership in that organization for that reason.
    How about this for persecution: Atheists in the U.S. can go to university; get jobs; open bank and investment accounts; vote; get drivers licenses and passports; get married; have and keep custody of their children; own firearms and buy ammunition for them.
    I live near the small towns of Prescott Valley and Prescott, Arizona, yet atheists have publicly advertised meetups there, and the county library system also carries books about atheism. I can even buy copies of the atheistic Free Inquiry magazine on the periodicals rack of the Fry’s supermarket in Prescott Valley.
    Compared with the restrictions atheists in many countries face, American atheists live in a godless utopia.

    1. And what’s more, atheists can *teach* at a university, something that believers are finding more and more difficult. What I mean is, were I (say) a Christian (I’m not), and taught at U of A (I don’t), I would keep quiet about it.

  11. A few excellent examples of many. At times it does seem as though we’re living in a society that’s disingenuous to the very core…most every stated belief and principle I encounter is closely accompanied in practice by its precise opposite. Someone believes in tolerance? Present them with an opposing point of view and they’re the first to call for its censorship. It’s actually quite amusing how fast and heavy the contradictions come, and how shamelessly too.
    And make no mistake, it goes all the way to the top. Mainstream success inherently involves enough doses of hypocrisy to gag a snake oil salesman.
    Does this mean that there’s no use being honest and forthright in the modern west? Does it mean only an idiot would forego the cloak of hypocrisy? I have no idea, but the fact that the question has to be asked really says it all….

  12. Xanax doesn’t make you happy. It’s a benzodiazepine and not a anti-depressant. Most likely continued use of a depressant like Xanax makes you miserable.

  13. “I have gone on quite a few dates with women who wouldn’t shut up about
    how accomplished and independent they were. They probably didn’t realize
    how ridiculous they looked to me when I would walk them back at the end
    of our date to their beat up car that belonged in the junk yard.”
    I guess they didn’t realize they needed an expensive car to be accomplished and independent. Maybe their spiritual education was lacking?

  14. Listen up, you: You live in the free-est country in America (I coulda said “the world”, but aMERica is the only place on it that matters so..) AND you’re just lucky enough that the generous hand of God (who is also ‘merican) placed you in a society where the streets are paved in opportunity.
    PLUS, unlike every unner-duh-velopped country, which is everywhere else, you can meet gorgeous intel-gent women all the time, so long as your not a creep and have a respectable job that gives you enough money to show your “respect” for ‘merican women.
    …actually, fuck this sideshow, lets drink some Scotch and howl at some hookers.

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