We Are Seeking A Designer To Help With Re-Designing ROK

It’s time to freshen up the ROK layout. I have constructed a detailed mockup of a design I like (based somewhat on the Metro UK layout), and need some help from a designer to do a finalized mockup for a fully responsive layout (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Once this design is complete, I will then find someone to code it into a WordPress theme.

If you are a qualified designer and would like this job, send me an email at [email protected] with design examples any other information that would help.

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33 thoughts on “We Are Seeking A Designer To Help With Re-Designing ROK”

      1. As you probably already know, you need to stay on top of WordPress, especially if you use a lot of add ons. Left unattended it can be a security nightmare and performance will suffer.

    1. I don’t know squat about WordPress. So my hat is out of the ring here. For what it’s worth, I really like the layout here at ROK. The downside of getting a new layout is it can alienate repeat visitors. Kind of like going to a grocery store, and they moved all the merchandise to new racks and shelves…

      1. I don’t usually have an issue with having access to new racks…..
        Having said that, I do like the current ROK layout.

    1. Similar opinion. The current Design/Layout is pretty good, professional, faster loading times, aesthetic and more importantly; MASCULINE.
      From a user/viewer point of view (I am a Software Architect by profession), I can say that the metro layout is no way suitable to the ROK platform.
      For God sake Roosh, don’t change the current layout. If you really want to add new features or changes, I am sure we can simply “tweak” here and there.

  1. Metro UK design sucks! All the bright colours don’t look good.
    ROK current design is really good! It’s nice and easy to look at!

    1. Best practice is to back up the WordPress themes and database before redesigning. Whoever works on it, if we still don’t like it after an adjustment period it’ll revert easily.

        1. I’d abandon Chrome, personally. Last time I used it, it had a memory leak that would crash my old machine if I used it for more than an hour or so (cumulative – if I closed it and reopened it, it didn’t restart the timer or anything).
          Pale Moon (a Firefox fork focused on security) and Brave (fast becoming my go-to browser, and spearheaded by the former Mozilla CEO fired for private political donations) are excellent choices.

        2. Yeah, I guess Chrome isn’t exactly ideal but I’m just so used to it. But I guess if I switch I can get used to anything.

        3. You’ll find the two I mentioned very similar to Chrome aesthetically. The only real difference is that your menus move a bit, and Brave has a nifty feature where if you have more than 10 tabs open, it keeps only 10 on the screen at once (you navigate by selecting which 10 you want to see).

        4. I’m not too keen on Brave as its business model requires it to actively spy on your browser traffic and modify the appearance of sites that you visit.
          I wonder about the ramifications of Brave replacing with its own ads the ads on sites that you view. Isn’t that effectively stealing from those sites?
          Ad injection schemes reek of those sketchy free proxies that gained notoriety in the 90s-00s.

        5. Ad-replacement is a configurable feature. I usually run the built-in ad blocker, but you can disable even that.
          Of course, the second they enable extensibility we’ll get some extensions to quickly and easily configure anything that’s currently invisible (including monitoring that may or may not happen regardless of setting).
          Still beats Chrome and Firefox, which also monitor you but haven’t even the appearance of user control.

        6. yeah, stupid thing starts a process for each tab. i can see the reason for that, but fuck if I have 50 tabs open, 50 processes that’s very taxing on the machine.

  2. My only suggestion is don’t bog the new layout down (especially the front-page) with too much unnecessary functionality and content. I like that ROK is simple and loads quickly. I just open up ROK occasionally and check for new articles and to lurk on the rooshvforum. Some of us take the minimalism philosophy seriously so don’t punish us for not having the most up to date smartphones.
    I trust your judgment, those are my 0.02.

  3. I ask that you don’t devolve this into one of those “obnoxiously large square tiles” designs, the latest, terrible trend in web design.

  4. Shifting towards the current trendiness of visual clutter over the straight forward functionality this site has now does not fill me with enthusiasm.

  5. If you redesign site, please don’t use position:fixed header!. It’s one of worst deisgn trends of 2014-present.
    The fixed social buttons thing that following scroll is annoying too, it needs to stay in one place.
    Anyway, what’s point of redeisgn that is not bad in the first place. I’ve stopped visiting some sites after they got “modernized”. More often than not, black text on white background is best thing you can ever have.

  6. Hey Roosh. Why don’t you make a world tour again? The tides have shifted, in just one year. Instead you let highjackers like Milo take the credit?

  7. The website is fine but is there way to get rid of those annoying pop up ads or those ads that are shown at the bottom?
    Stuff like
    “21 celebrities who lost their looks and will make you shiver” or
    “you can’t believe how this one trick transforms your body fat” or those kind of ads at the bottom.

  8. I hate the Metro UK design. Sure it’s mobile first and responsive but I think it is a step backwards with that chaotic 1999 color scheme and unnatural confusing layout. Aaagh! Migraine! I’m not asking for the job, but, please don’t turn these hallowed pages into a comic book. If it ain’t broke…

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