Are We Witnessing The Downfall Of Scientific Authoritarianism?

It seems social engineers have studied human beings well, as a power mad elite attempt to mold us into androgynous pods (one of the latest pushes is the mass marketing of makeup for men) who benefit their bottom line rather than free and independent men and women who live in pursuit of their own happiness. In the past century, they’ve learned how to sell us things we don’t need by manipulating our base emotions. They’ve learned how to brainwash millions of women into believing motherhood is oppressive and that being like men is what all women should aspire to.

They’ve taken lessons from psychologists, anthropologists and scientists about the structure of human societies and used them to aggrandize power rather than to serve the interests of the public. The knowledge gleaned from science is being used not to advance the human condition, but to control the masses in a way that benefits the upper crust of society rather than the individual.

This is an introduction to four of the most important thinkers of the past century. As we examine their ideas, we will see how each of these men’s ideas have been subverted by a small minority to manipulate and control the masses of humanity. There is reason to believe the scientific knowledge elucidated below has been systematically used against men and society in general by a clandestine Deep State, i.e. “men behind the curtain” of Western governments.

Sigmund Freud’s ideas have been used to manage the West for over a century


Sigmund Freud’s ideas have been used to turn Americans into a mindless protoplasm that knows how to do nothing but consume for consumption’s sake.

Many people dismiss Freud’s theories without realizing they became the very foundation of the modern consumer economy when his nephew Edward Bernays decided to adapt them for use by corporations and the government in the then newly formed field of “public relations.” The term public relations is actually a creation of Bernays, who knew “propaganda ministry” wouldn’t sound so good even though that’s exactly what any public relations office is.

Penis Envy is one of the most controversial of Freud’s theories, even though it has been used quite successfully in numerous ad campaigns and social engineering schemes. In fact, the first successful cigarette campaign designed to get women smoking (smoking had always been taboo for women before) was based on the Penis Envy theory. Bernays designed a campaign in which cigarettes became “Torches of Freedom” as he encouraged women to symbolically and subconsciously sport their own penises by lighting up in a garish public display. The campaign was a huge success for Philip Morris, as cigarette sales for women skyrocketed after the “Torches of Freedom” campaign.

One need look no further than feminism to see Freud’s Penis Envy theory in action once again. At its core feminism is about turning women into wannabe men rather than encouraging them to fulfill their natural biological and psychological roles as mothers and wives. An ROK commenter recently offered this excellent assessment as to why women have gone insane as a result of the mass institution of Freud’s theory by feminism in Anglo America.

She believes childbearing to be oppressive but it isn’t. The ability to create life is a profound and admirable thing. What could woman ever do that could be more important than that? And of course they are miserable, because they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. They aren’t using their most important body part. They pretend they don’t even have a womb and take drugs to stop it from functioning. Like a cooped up horse that doesn’t use its legs, or a bird that can’t use its wings, or a bull or goat that can’t use its horns, women who don’t use their womb go insane. Women are meant to live in a perpetual cycle of sex-pregnancy-childbirth-suckling. It’s their natural life cycle if they don’t take birth control drugs to prevent it.

There is no surer sign Penis Envy is the basis of feminism than realizing the truth of that statement. Women have become ashamed of their life-creating capacity and think it’s nobler to slave away for an uncaring corporate boss rather than taking an active part in creating and nurturing the next generation of humans.

Freud’s scientific theories have been shamelessly used by elites to turn women into wannabe men, and corrupted by Bernays to help the corporate-government complex turn the whole of society into compulsive shoppers and eaters. This benefits the elite at the cost of everyone else in society.

It’s important to realize buying things for women will never fulfill them like keeping them barefoot and pregnant, to be uncouth about the issue.


Sex and Culture prophesied the destruction feminism would bring to the West

In 1934, Oxford-educated anthropologist J.D. Unwin published Sex and Culture, a scientific study of 6 civilizations and 80 tribes covering a span of 5,000 years of human history. He warned of the consequences of completely abandoning restraints on female sexuality.

These societies lived in different geographical environments; they belonged to different racial stocks; but the history of their marriage customs is the same. In the beginning each society had the same ideas in regard to sexual regulations. Then the same struggles took place; the same sentiments were expressed; the same changes were made; the same results ensued. Each society reduced its sexual opportunity to a minimum and displaying great social energy, flourished greatly. Then it extended its sexual opportunity; its energy decreased, and faded away. The one outstanding feature of the whole story is its unrelieved monotony.

This dire warning came a full 30 years before the CIA funded Gloria Steinem and her Ms. Magazine. Any policymaker educated in anthropology would have known of Unwin’s groundbreaking revelation. This knowledge was ripe for the picking for those who wanted to break down Western society and redesign it as a New World Order collective in which the state was at the center of family. This of course means men have effectively become enemies of the state.

Aldous Huxley thought highly of Unwin’s ideas. He wrote:

Unwin’s conclusions, which are based upon an enormous wealth of carefully sifted evidence, may be summed up as follows. All human societies are in one or another of four cultural conditions: zoistic, manistic, deistic, rationalistic. Of these societies the zoistic displays the least amount of mental and social energy, the rationalistic the most. Investigation shows that the societies exhibiting the least amount of energy are those where pre-nuptial continence is not imposed and where the opportunities for sexual indulgence after marriage are greatest. The cultural condition of a society rises in exact proportion as it imposes pre-nuptial and post-nuptial restraints upon sexual opportunity.

In layman’s terms, Huxley warned us human society would regress rather than progress if women were allowed to become degenerate whores and their uncontrolled hypergamous instincts allowed the Pareto Principle to return – a world in which 20% of men dominate the sexuality of 80% of women. The rest of men go without until sex and companionship until they Go Galt and tear the system down.

Again, we see another apparent example of scientific knowledge being used by elites in designing an authoritarian playbook.


Almost unknown, Robert Briffault deserves credit for his anthropological research

Social anthropologist Robert Briffault’s erudite work entitled The Mothers, released 90 years ago also spelled out what would happen once male utility value was supplanted by the welfare state, a full 40 years before Johnson’s Great Society literally became the greatest act of cuckoldry in the history of mankind. Men have been cucked by the very government they are forced to pay taxes into ever since.

Social engineers would have to know the consequences of instituting such a system. From Briffault’s book The Mothers:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

That simple statement illustrates why a welfare state weakens men’s hand in society. Of course, this is not surprising to those who know women see men as nothing but utility objects. (Then hypocritically chastise men who rightly see them as nothing but sex objects. Even though women literally have nothing else to offer men in the West in modern times.)

There are three important corollaries to Briffault’s Law:

Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit.

A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.

In other words, anthropological science has revealed women are consummate users – even predators – of men. Of course, The Anglo-American Matrix used this knowledge to weaken the roles of men in society, replacing his provider role with the almighty state.


Nikola Tesla knew women’s liberation really meant female superiority

None other than engineering genius Nikola Tesla wrote about what was coming as a result of women trying to compete with and displace men from their roles in society. He wrote:

This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior.

However, while social engineers pushed women out of the home and the kitchen and into roles as corporate cogs and male wannabees, their innate psychological desires to submit to man, have children, and nurture have gone unfulfilled. The result is two generations of women who become increasingly shrill and miserable.

It seems to me that women are not particularly happy in this newly found freedom, in this new competition which they are waging so persistently against men in business and the professions and even in sport. The question that naturally arises is, whether the women themselves are the gainers or the losers.

What else was the feminist march on Washington a week after Trump’s inauguration but a bunch of malcontents, drunk on their own power pushing anti-family and anti-male bile without realizing the cognitive dissonance in the messages they preach. The very reason feminists are so unhappy is they never fulfilled their biological and evolutionary roles in society, and are destined to die with cats or other animals for children rather than human children who would love them and care for them in their old age.

So, feminism definitely makes women losers in society, to answer the question posed by Tesla.

Scientific Dictatorship Crumbling

Elites, including IMF manager Christine Lagarde met at Davos, Switzerland to discuss the crumbling facade they’ve constructed

It’s quite a coincidence that every Western policy instituted in the last century has gone against the prudent course the above knowledge would have dictated for leaders who care about their citizens. The good news is the use of the knowledge outlined above to control, deceive and brainwash millions might be coming to an end.

Thanks to the destruction of the centralized communication model that has dominated the world since the invention of radio and television, and the advent of free and open communication on the Internet, the elite-managed democracy we have been living under is now taking a populist turn. The elites are none too happy about the fact a mass awakening is revealing the control matrix they so carefully crafted, one that will be destroyed once a critical mass of awakened individuals has been reached. Perhaps then, this scientific knowledge can be used to help, rather than hinder humanity.

From their lofty perches at Davos, Switzerland, right after the crowning of Donald Trump the elite revealed just how unhappy they are with the turn away from their management of society. Even Establishment media couldn’t deny what was going on as Bloomberg reported: Davos Elite Seeks Fixes to Defend the System From Populists.

It helps to define populism, what the elite are “defending” against: populism is support for the concerns of ordinary people. The importance of that article can’t be overstated: A mainstream newspaper just came out and said the elite doesn’t give a damn about the concerns of ordinary people if one reads between the lines. That’s huge for the establishment to make that admission. In the report, hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio even went so far as to say:

We may be at a point where globalization is ending, and provincialization and nationalization is taking hold.

They know the jig is up.

I hope for a peaceful resolution to the coming conflict between the elites and the rest of us, but elite interests are maniacal. There’s never enough money or power for them, while they foist Socialism on the rest of us. The elites at Davos, among others, are the people who really run the world. Our “representatives” in America and Europe only do their bidding.

Expect them to grasp at authoritarian straws to try and force the genie back into the bottle. It seems they are hell-bent on creating a global, authoritarian, Socialist government without telling anyone about it. They nearly succeeded by bastardizing the knowledge of the luminaries referenced above, before the Internet came along and blew a strong wind up their dirty skirts revealing all the treachery underneath.

May this entire crooked facade of scientifically-based authoritarianism based on the corruption of knowledge gleaned by great men crash and burn, and go straight to hell where it belongs.

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  1. One small nit to pick – three of these are not “scientists” and their work is thus not “scientific.” It may seem petty, but it is a peeve of mine that the work of “social scientists” is given far more credit than deserved. (And I say this as someone who holds a degree in social science, but also studied in a discipline regarding firm knowledge of hard sciences). This is not to say that the work of social scientists has no value or lacks vigor. But it is much less so than traditional hard science, and is largely not repeatable and verifiable. The misplaced perception that the work of non-scientists is “scientific” makes it easier to push nonsense social engineering policies and harder to fight back against them because this knowledge enjoys an undeserved presumption of credibility. Remember – words matter. Do not give the retarded theories of social engineers more credit than due, no matter how prestigious the man behind the underlying theory. Otherwise good article.

  2. I didn’t realize that Freud and Bernays were uncle and nephew. That makes complete and total sense though, because Freud was an NWO sock puppet, and Bernays helped the NWO shape the structure of its modern-day, public-relations mindfuckery. Two peas from the same pod, as it were.
    What’s really interesting is that when you start to look at the genealogical backgrounds of all the notorious scions of the various arts and sciences and whatnot, you find out that they are all related, and usually directly related. Famous scientists, famous politicians, famous authors, famous actors, famous musicians, famous inventors, famous whatevers – they are all related to each other and have ties to a handful of powerful Blue Blood families. And those super-rich families are controlling the famous person, who is working directly on their behalf, while it appears he is merely someone who rose to the top of his field via hard work, a good education, and some measure of inherent brilliance.
    A good rule of thumb is, “If he’s even marginally famous, he’s working for the elite.” There aren’t any exceptions to that, as the elite control the media and they decide who becomes famous and who doesn’t, via the various tentacles of that very same media.

      1. He looks like an actor/spook from a super-rich family, too, now that I absorbed his bio…same shit, different day, etc.

  3. “It seems social engineers have studied human beings well, as a power mad elite attempt to mold us into androgynous pods..”
    The Boy Scouts are now allowing transgenders to join. Will the insanity ever stop?

    1. yea -I heard from the social media. Actual female-parents cheering this nonsense…
      Also the same (female)parents posting photos of their young daughters at the pro-abortion rally…

      1. Women’s feelz will be the end of the republic. Then they will expect us to pick up the pieces after it all goes to shite

        1. yes.
          ” they will expect us to pick up the pieces after it all goes to shite”
          Gladly — and only FIT women…
          as it has always been…
          then women are prevented from voting, until men become complacent again…

      1. nah, there is always that one kid in the 5th grade that you totally know is gonna be a faggot.

        1. yeah, I have seen all of them or at least as many as I could find. They are always fucking great. The one he does with Gilbert Godfried where he talks about Michael Douglas’s neck’s vagina cancer is so funny I nearly shit myself.

        2. yup. so good. Norm’s humor isn’t for everyone, but it so hits me. There is not a single podcast that I have listened to of his where at some point I didn’t have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

        3. I remember mine…Tony P. (wont put out last names). We called him every adjective for fag there is. I think we might even have invented a few. Lost touch with him when he went to a different high school. Ran into some friends later on in life and yeah, total fucking salami smoker. We had him pegged from like 5 years old

        4. It was funny. My friend’s mom would yell at us: “dont call him that!!!” and we’d say, “c’mon…….” until she broke and said: “well Jimmy has a problem…..”
          The best are the ones who hide into adulthood – then they “come out” and everyone’s like “NO FUKKIN SHIT!!”

        5. yup. the recently departed fag George Michael made a big announcement when he came out. THe least shocking announcement ever made.

        1. Poppycock. I reckon they’re being coached by attention-seeking liberal parents who are bored with straight, white, healthy kids.

      2. this is now mainstream…
        My countryside teacher girlfriend said they had a trans-whatever come out and lecture the teachers on how to handle little miss-zhe etc when they wish to be known by another name/”sex” (not gender)…
        demonstrating the state/city policy…
        the country teachers told it to fuck off…
        kids may want to be a flower, cat, alien, harry potter, even a Kardashian from one day to the next.
        And these teachers will not change the kids name or pronoun…
        well done!!
        but, the Cities are fucked.

    2. And we thought the Catholic Church had been covering up a gay pedo ring? Gives “Boy’s Life” a whole new connotation doesn’t it?
      (PS: I’m an Eagle, but it’s no longer something I take pride in).

      1. Why? Thats a tremendous accomplishment. Wear your sash filled with merit badges out to the bars, chicks dig sashes, now more than ever, on a dude

        1. I don’t see myself frequenting such bars…since I still enjoy sex with women over being their neutered mutt.
          As for the pride, somewhere along the lines I realized it wasn’t the organization that had determined my will or commitment to getting it done, it was me choosing to and then reaching a goal; the certificate is just a reminder that I still had to learn that.

      2. Hail, fellow Eagle Scout. I feel the same disgust for the path that the BSA is headed down, but don’t feel ashamed of your accomplishments. We earned our badges while the BSA still stood for something.

        1. I’m at a point where I’m wondering whether organizations ever really stand for anything or if it’s not those within it whose values and ideals are being expressed at any given time.
          If so, then the individual accomplishment stands on its own.
          It also makes the cohesion (likely the primary reason for it formation to start, other than simplicity/ease) of the group easier to dissolve by attacking it directly as an entity rather than attacking each individual. The question then would become whether or not the spirit exists without the body as it were…

  4. The downfall of “social engineering”, I doubt it.
    What’s the arithmetic mean of the iq of a group of 3 people in which one has the iq 95, another guy 105 and the remaining one 110. The answer is not 103, but 95.
    High Iq individuals will always concede ground to morons. Why? Cause being smart means you’re never certain of anything, u see life through many different lenses, stupid people don’t have that problem.
    So the elites just have to present a bad idea that sounds good to the masses and the idiots will run with it.
    That’s why you see this massive immigration.

    1. insightful.
      Not a single person I know speaks out about the madness.
      But, either do I so there may be other spies…

    2. Coming back to this, it is very interesting what you say about the arithmetic mean of a group of people with…….in fact, it is probably the most interesting extrapolation on the Dunning-Kruger effect I’ve ever seen. Most people, myself included, tend to focus on the problems of the morons in this phenomenon…that they never tend towards any self doubt…but forget the inherent slave morality built into the other side which allows us to be a nation of shitheads. Manipulating slave morality by getting idiots to run with a bad idea is just good stuff.

      1. You’re not alone….. Europe has had socialism eating into it’s brain for decades. Think of the Wrath of Kahn and the scene with the insect burrowing into the ear/brain of Checkov……that’s the zombie socialist right there……

      2. It’s reverse paganism.
        Antiquity – values: spirituality, strength, domination, intelligence. Only master morality.
        Christianity – values: love, sacrifice, morality, compassion. Christianity was more agressive in the past because there were many leftovers from paganism. Good balance between master-slave morality.
        The only leftovers from the past the atheism has comes from christianity, stripping away the master morality from western civilization leaving us with nothing but slave morality.

        1. The question for us is, really, what do we do about this. I see a lot of guys here who want to fight the good fight and restore balance to the force or whatnot. That is noble and all, but nobility don’t pay the bills. This is the way the world is and it is pretty easy to bend the world over and fuck it until money comes out of its pockets then make it crawl to the kitchen and make you a sandwich. As far as I am concerned we are living in excellent times. There is just a larger pool of fuckheads to be fleeced and life is just a tasty, tasty peach.

        2. Gandhi’s quote:”Be the change that you want to see in the world” is bullshit. What happens below the structure does not matter at a societal level.
          The pyramid symbology is very important in how societies are constructed, meaning that true change comes from the above , knowledge is imparted from the Heavens. Only the elites can change our society. Our only chance to change the world is to destroy western civilization, wipe it out. And replace the current elites with leaders that have an all-around education(they must master philosophy, exact sciences, theology) and that have undergone undergone military service. Put great limitations on the mercantilist class(muslims have a great way in dealing with that). Also the lower class(guys like me) must have limited acces to information, higher education and WEAPONS, only the more gifted of their ilk should be offered the chance to attend a higher caste.
          This will not happen.

        3. “Our only chance to change the world is to destroy western civilization, wipe it out. And replace it with
          men that have an all-around education(they must master philosophy, exact sciences, theology) and that have undergone undergone military service.”
          In terms of revolutionizing the universe this sounds like it is the thing that would work. However there are a few issues. IN the tanking of the western world the elite who control things now will be uniquely positioned to do it all over again. People talk about the new Russian oligarchs like they came from nowhere when the USSR fell. These were people already in positions of power that just used their advantages.
          Second, even if the tanking of society worked exactly as planned and wasn’t mucked up by the people who are currently in charge and would not like to lose power, you are basically just starting a timeline over that will lead to the same place. Seems like a lot of work to just start the whole show over again. In the end, we are just yelling g”DA CAPO!” and a lot of blood is shed for it.
          The final thing here is that the world you describe honestly doesn’t appeal to me. I like our current world. Yes, I will never have any kind of “real” power whatever the hell that is (though I am just as inclined to believe it is simulacra than I am to believe it actually exists) but I am quite fond of the world I have found myself in and not only that, the world is set up in a way that I am able to manipulate it for my own personal gain quite readily.
          All things being equal, I feel like I am at a blackjack table holding 19 and you are telling me to hit on the off chance I get a deuce. I am going to stick.

        4. oh, personal side note: Any shitting on ghandi will get upvoted by me.

        5. I just think it is fun to shit on ghandi. No one ever does. I am all in favor of it mostly because I think it is funny. I really don’t care about things.

        6. I wonder if he and Teresa ever role-played “Wealthy Lusty Sheik and the Wanton Western Whore.”
          Their sex really had to be something, y’know? Like a moose mating with a chihuahua atop an active volcano…

        7. I think I already wrote in a comment that I function based on 2 systems, one that is more traditional and the other one says screw everything(both literally and figuratively). What I wrote above was what my traditional part was believing it would work best for humanity’s sake.
          Now my other part doesn’t function based on such ideals. Ofc most elites will escape, only the front men, probably just Trump will die and Melania will get raped. The others would probably go off into the uncharted teritory of the 3rld world, they will build a feudal system and reinstate Prima Nocta.
          The vacant space left by the elites will be taken over by Escobar Jr. and his cronies, ofc after getting rid of his competion first, causing a lot of collateral damage in the process. Wanting his family lineage to rule over the territory after his death, he would then reinstate the new inca-voodoo-christianity as a state religion that will portray him as the saintly protector of the United States of Zapotec, alongside Jesus and Che Guevara.

        8. There will always be winners and losers. And the view you describe is from a winner’s vantage point. The losers however, are looking up the ladder at your brown-eye. Cant Expect them to be too pleased with the scenery can you?

        9. In the revolution scenario its always the same suckers doing all the leg work, and the same suckers dying. It just provides a vacuum for a new (generally pre-existing) elite to gain power within.
          Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
          That kind of big-picture organization of the world will never change. Instead I favor the ‘be the change’ philosophy you deride. Mastery of one’s self is the only success anyone can really hope to achieve.

        10. “Our only chance to change the world is to destroy western civilization, wipe it out.”
          Err, isn’t that precisely what marxism has sought to do for the last 150 years or so?
          This is not really western civilisation any more. Increasingly we are living in its counterfeit

        11. Aren’t we just waiting for things to go to shit?
          Marxists are army ants, we get out of the way, we wait and we enjoy the view.

        12. “People talk about the new Russian oligarchs like they came from nowhere when the USSR fell. These were people already in positions of power that just used their advantages.”
          With a bit of help from Larry Summers and Harvard

        13. “ Russian oligarchs like they came from nowhere when the USSR fell. These were people already in positions of power that just used their Advantages.”
          Most are former KGB or connected to them in some form.

        14. Summers and the other Goldman Sukks thugs always seem to pop up around large geopolitical happenings….

        15. The russian aristrocracy lost power after 1917, so have the french in 1789.
          Also what happened in 1991 wasn’t a revolution, Russia just changed a form of government with another.

        16. That’s correct on 1991. All of the old Communist guard just took off the uniforms and put on Western suits and ties, and retained key positions within government and industry. For example, Putin.

        17. Matt Taibbi famously called Goldman Sachs a vampire squid with it’s blood funnel rammed hard into anything that smelled of money. I’m not sure if GS were actually involved in the oligarch scandals / rape of russia situation in the 90s though.
          Here’s an article describing the ‘harvard mafia’ on the issue – I’ve only read a bit so can’t vouch for how good it is.

        18. Fair enough, but in ’91 people who were insulated by money and power went from being millionaires to billionaires in the ensuing chaos. I find it hard to buy the notion that the elite few who have unlimited sources of finance and influence wont be in a very good position to take advantage of a collapse. That said, even if they don’t…like I mentioned, even if the collapse goes as planned….for my taste…not thank you. I will stick with the world as it is.

        19. I think that is right. I mean, I won’t win big. I will never be on my private jet to some island filled with cocaine and 19 year old deaf mutes with perfect bodies, I will never be a captain of industry…I will never even have heritable wealth where I can set up a dynasty. What I can do is make reasonable desires come true if I work hard at it. Not sure what everyone else wants, this is good enough for me.

        20. Their advise ensured the most superb bungling ever seen, but I expect nothing less of the ivy leauge bunglers. Not sure what GHWB was insinuating in 91′ when he proclaimed “the NWO”, but I suspect he thought his people woud handle the transition then went on to lose the 92′ election. I know some will proclaim that didn’t change anything, but I would politley disagree.

        21. i think most guys can’t do more except on a individual level only. there are forces working for a long long time before to get the crumbled society we, red pill men, witness nowadays. blame it to me, but i saw many documentary about NWO and illuminati and shit on youtube, and while i take it with a grain of salt, i seriously asking to myself if that shit is real when is see what happened in all western societies. What if the real good fight is to gather as a society too, with funds and shit too ?
          we are not playing with equal weapons, we, red pill men, are just talking on rok forum while, sjw forces create active groups, infiltrate all sphere of societies, pushing their agendas.
          i think, that we (rok, infowars, mciness, etc) should unite too in a coherent movement to be a threatening force, able to reverse the table.

        22. I too am content that I’ve earned what I have and it is commensurate to the effort expended.
          That’s all the success anyone has any right to expect.
          So, to your point, if the current “system” allows as much for everyone, then it’s working. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

        23. “I will never be on my private jet to some island filled with cocaine and 19 year old deaf mutes with perfect bodies”
          Bill Clinton made it. Don’t stop believing.

        24. Maybe it is just me, but there is more to it I think. It isn’t just that I can’t do more except on an individual level (though that is true) but if I could do more, if I could change things, I wouldn’t. I would leave them just as they are. Just because you see the ugly truth doesn’t mean you necessarily have to bring it all down. I get how this world works and I like it. If there is a secret cabal of people pulling all the strings, something I highly doubt, then I am fine with it. They let me earn, take their taste, and let me enjoy my life. Things are good now, really, really, really good. I don’t want a force to threaten the status quo. I like the status quo

        25. …and then it would inevitably become corrupt and evil like all “great ideas” and systems become.

        26. I just don’t want them to talk or to be able to hear me when I am speaking to other people. Sorry, but an island of 18 year old deaf mute women with perfect bodies is for me…we all get to have our fantasy

        27. and isn’t that the real nut…..earnings commensurate with effort expended. Yeah, there are some days at work where I feel I get a kick in the ass but if I look at my over all situation I am given fair pay for fair work in a city I love and it is enough to live a life style I am happy with. Why in the world would I want that to change?

        28. Exactly. Why aren’t you right wing folks from the red states in the US right now organising a million-people march through Washington DC in support of President Trump? He seems in delicate position right now and needs to consolidate his power. This would help a lot.

        29. perhaps, but it will be ours ?
          and, in short term view, we would stop this sjw madness. that’s a good beginning. And when it will be corrupted, well, others would do something to fix that.

        30. you remind me of the sentence which says that evil can be prosperous not because of evil people’s action but because righteous people’s inaction. But i understand your pov if you don’t feel so concerned by the future of your society, too.
          As Bem said before in the thread “Extremists run the world because moderates have shit to do”.
          My point is, if red pill movement want to be a true opposing force to the tidal wave of sjwness which leads to the destruction to our western societies, we should consider upgrading our way up too.. instead of just posting here in response at the latest shit from leftist/sjw.

        31. I would say Christianity was more aggressive in the past because it was guided by reason and a sense of order in the Universe but your comment is interesting nevertheless. I would like to hear your argument expanded, if you have a blog or something like that.

        32. and use the same tactics too : trojan horses everywhere, blackmailing, culture subversion, social engineering and so on.
          we fight the fire by using the fire too.

        33. Every tradition has a sense of order. Guided by reason? Do you mean the classical philosophy version of reason?(which is pagan) or the early modern era version.

        34. Scholastic philosophy undergirded by the Classic philosophy. I wouldn’t say any tradition has a sense of order. Just look at India or Africa.

        35. I would exclude Africa from everything, India does have a version of order but it’s embroiled in it’s scriptures & myths, which I haven’t read.

        36. Hey I get that, and I am not going to try to stop you but don’t count me in. I decided that playing and winning the game at hand is preferable to upending the board and saying I want to play something else.
          These thoughts you have of “good” and “evil” and “power” and “western society” really mean about as much to me as NY Post headlines

        37. This is a response to a post of yours that was erased:
          India is a very superstitious and irrational society, not so much because of lower IQs (we both have met and suffer irrational people with very high IQs who use their intelligence to rationalize their folly, if you don’t believe me just turn on your TV) but because their belief system and their Weltanschauung precludes the use of reason and the
          development of empathy for their fellow human beings through a very complex system of beliefs (dharma, Karma, divinely ordained caste system, the whole reincarnation stuff that states your current status is a result of your deeds in past lives, etc.) that helps them rationalize their cruelty.
          Source: The vast library my family had which included a ton of the sacred books of many religions including Hinduism,
          Indians I’ve met and this guy who finally confirmed my suspicions

          demographic winter

          right now is being used as the perfect guinea pig for the
          implementation of the cashless society (something conspicuously absent from the news) and despite the suffering of the poor people, the heavy handed approach of the government when it comes to implementing this new
          system and the implications of a cashless society where the government and banks will tax every transaction you make, there is no revolt…or even the rumblings of one.
          Christian ethos made a difference whether we like or not…

        38. I always like the British expression of “situation” instead of job. There’s much more to it than simply the “work you get paid for”.

        39. well I should put “extremist” near my pseudo the way you put “nihilist” near yours lol

        40. “Why aren’t you right wing folks from the red states in the US ”
          There is no right-wing in the US; there are ‘right-liberals’ (conservatives), and ‘left-liberals’ (progressives).

        41. 3
          When protestantism came they refused to follow those pagan traditions because apparently they didn’t have anything to do with the Bible, with Jesus.
          There’s a lot to say about this, but to make this story short: The story of Jesus as a primordial as it is, it doesn’t involve many things related to the master mentality.
          When atheism came they said things like: I have nothing against christian values(meaning protestant values, meaning slave mentality morality) so let’s just take those values and stop praying to Jesus.

        42. What happened was the emasculation of Christianity. The Roman Catholics subverted the true Church to make it more palatable to the elite and also to keep the lower classes in check.
          Jesus never shied away from proving a point, He just used parables so that only those with the proper perspective saw the true meaning.
          He was not a wimp. See the example of Him destroying the money changers in the Temple. He was ticked. And sacrificing Himself to redeem what had been stolen from Him is not weak either.
          My church espouses “tough love” not the molly coddling crap that passes for Christianity in most places today.

        43. I don’t see an issue with changing certain holidays to match Christianity, ie Christmas and Easter, but I do believe when they started using pagan temples as Christian churches and changing pagan gods into “saints” it was a major miscalculation and/or purposeful subverting.
          I mean, come on, worshiping one of the three nails from the Cross? #1 that’s BS, no way is that really one of the nails. #2 even if it was the only One worthy of worship is God, not relics.
          Assimilate and dominate

        44. My impression is that the US and opportunistic individuals, including some amongst ‘the harvard mafia’attempted to take advantage of the weakness of the former USSR. That was both about opportunities for financial adventurers as well as geo-political reasons, not least the desire to ensure the world became uni-polar superpower wise, and that NATO encircled Russia to some degree. What we see more recently is Russia straining against that.
          As for Bush, I don’t remember that much about the context in which he was speaking but I’d say that was the wider context in which the NWO reference was made. Although NWO is quite an old term within conspiracy theory, back then I’d say it didn’t have quite the same currency as it does today (it was pre-internet for a start) and even if there was an ‘esoteric’ sense in which it was meant we can’t presume that; or at least it was a term that probably reflected globalist and US imperialist ambitions that were doing the rounds since the time of Kissinger and more recently amongst the emergent neo-con fraternity

        45. Sry, I couldn’t answer you, my comments just kept getting spammed for some reason, I think they were too long or smg like that.

        46. How have you never talked to a woman? By talk, I mean they usually hold up both sides of the conversation.
          Pro tip: If she mentions Lithium and she’s holding up the conversation for her, you AND your buddies… run like hell!

        47. Thank you. I saw your answers briefly but through disqus I am unable to answer them directly it seems they were erased…

        48. I might say, back to you, that assholes like me are the people the make the world go round and sitting around whining about how life isn’t fair isn’t something I have time for. There are several sides to every view point. You want to fight your little internet war and pretend it makes a difference, go ahead. No skin off my back. I just am kind of busy enjoying my life and being successful to whine about how unfair life is

        49. “The question for us is, really, what do we do about this. I see a lot of guys here who want to fight the good fight and restore balance to the force or whatnot.”
          There are two possible solutions [more likely one], but no ‘conservative’, or Churchian (and most here wouldn’t like it either) are willing to implement it (or even consider it).
          So we’ll have to default to ‘enjoy the decline’ of Western Civilization, and in my case?, my Christian duty.

        50. You’d be right…were it not for the little fact that Protestants didn’t shy away from helping Muslims whenever they could in the great wars and they almost paved the way for the great Turk into the heart of Europe thanks to the conflict they caused within Christendom, which led to its eventual destruction.
          Moreover many of the maladies we have to suffer can trace their origins to the Protestant Weltanschauung (vision of the man as a draft-mule, hang-ups in sexuality, puritanism, etc.). It’s not a coincidence feminism rose in the Protestant world.

        51. Those who know think they have the right to fleece everyone else is how things got this way. That’s why we have a school system that was designed to produce well what we get, childish morons who can’t think and want to be taken care of.
          The scientific management of society comes from the notion that those who are the most ruthless or whatever and rise to the top have the right to engineer society. So they engineer it to preserve their position.
          There is something to accepting the world the way it is, but it’s another thing to take advantage in way where one is knowingly fleecing other individuals. A man has to live with himself at the end of the day and some can do it and live with themselves and some can’t.

        52. But this this is allowing you to control the terminology. “Enjoy the decline of western civilization” assumes the deciline in western civilization. I don’t believe this to be true. The two choices are as they have always been, live in the world we have or dream of some better world to come. This is why very early Christianity was so successful with slaves and other misfurtunates…the promise that earthly suffering was being banked for eternal rewards. Much easier to endure a shitty life if you know you are building credit for the next one.
          We are at an interesting juncture in western civilization. Like all things there will be changes. But decline? No, I don’t think so. I feel that people who say “enjoy the decline” aren’t fully taking advantage of what this world has to offer.

        53. The school system produces some the way you say and also produces some who are great.
          The strong will feed on the weak and the weak will imagine their suffering is worth something in the next life. This is how it has always been.
          Those who can rule society do rule society. It has nothing to do with right and wrong or deserve and not.
          Why shouldn’t the people who rise to the top rule? Who should rule? The schmucks who didn’t rise to the top?

        54. Meh, people always are short sighted about siding with a new enemy against an old one. The road to the destruction of Christendom was started when they began absorbing pagan practices and relabeling them as Christian. Plus making Mary into a goddess was/is pure idolatry.
          I agree that the Protestants are guilty of allowing the Gospel to be watered down into what is now known as “mainstream Christianity.” My church is based on the book of Acts and the teachings of the Apostles. We are neither Catholic nor Protestant.

        55. The public school system doesn’t create great people because it is not designed to do that nor is it a side effect. Some great people manage to survive it without much obvious damage. Typically great people leave the school system at their first chance to so and avoid taking a full measure of dumbing down. Its design is to keep those on top on top. To destroy natural creativity, curiosity, drive, thinking ability and so on. Teach children to go along to get along. Make them into fungible human resources. Now there are layers of the public school system that keep various class strata largely separated, but the ruling class send their children to system of schooling that is very different.
          I don’t believe in rulers, but if we are to have rulers the present sorting system always ends up with, sooner or later, the most sociopathic rising to the top and various levels of them and sadists and so forth occupying the various ranks beneath. Who should rule would be those who have earned a reputation for knowledge and wisdom. Remember, you asked should, not would, not practicality, but who I think should.
          With the usual course eventually you end up with a few people owning everything and everyone else owning nothing. Society then, or what is left of it collapses. Rinse, repeat for thousands of years.

    3. With half the population having an IQ below 100 as per definition of how IQ is calculated, and only extremely high IQs having seriously contributed to make mankind what it is compared to the animal world, I wonder if, just like The Bell Curve proved racial differences, we could overlap an IQ distribution for chimps/bonobos and you’d find that the rightmost part of the curve would overlap portions of the leftmost graph for humans. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, yet our Human Rights apply to every human on the planet including some who are less intelligent than the smartest Apes.

      1. Nah, fuck that. Anyone without deformity who is lower than an ape gets dragged out back.

    4. “High Iq individuals will always concede ground to morons. Why? Cause
      being smart means you’re never certain of anything, u see life through
      many different lenses, stupid people don’t have that problem.”
      that’s a super good point, i’ll use it !

        1. Yeah. Never really had time to be an extremist, a buff or a fanatic

        2. I am throwing these out, ya know, assuming you will pick them up.

      1. Highly intelligent people are good at what they do. If they do shit, put their interest on stupid things, or use their intelligence to follow instead of digging, the results are not better than the rest of us.
        Plus, we live in a society who don’t like real intelligence. Most smart kids learn to dumb down to political correctness, or became geeks to escape this stupid world.

        1. that’s why i make a distinction between intelligence and psychology too.
          intelligence without a strong psychology goes to waste all the time.

    5. I know a lot of highly intelligent people who are simply fools.
      Case in point one of my best friends who works in top position in the ECB (eu central bank). He was a wonder-kid in school, got all the grants possible, went to the best universities and landed the best job. He fancies himself as right wing but he’s pro-immigration, women’s emancipation, usury, etc, etc.
      And what about the thousand of indoctrinated professors in today’s universities?
      How do you explain that?
      intelligence does not equal wisdom.

      1. That’s what I call “good at school”. They are institutionalized people who parrot back what the institutions’ leaders say. A good memory and not going against the grain is really all it takes to be good at school. These sort of people know how to succeed within institutions. We’ve been told to measure intelligence by that metric.But it is not really a measure of intelligence, it’s a measure of accepting conditioning or playing along. I have some sympathy for the former because they usually don’t know better, I have contempt for the later.
        Real intelligent kids (who don’t learn to play along) are beaten down by the system, not rewarded by it.

      2. I’d like to add that most leftists are the most homogenous, brainwashed zombies out there. The fact they *think* they’re “educated” is even scarier.

    6. There’s a saying that holds that the mean IQ of a crowd is equal to the lowest IQ divided by the number of members.
      Perhaps not strictly accurate, but astute. Even a moron should know that burning one’s own city to the ground hurts them more than anyone else, but mobs do so exceedingly frequently (especially of late).

    7. You are not diferentiating wisdom from inteligence. These concepts are not the same. To sumarize, wisdom is the practical knowledge, the knowledge gained through life experiences, more often translated in common sense, while inteligence is more directly related to analitical thinking, which is good for specific tasks, but contribuctis little to the multitude of information implied in the social learning.
      That’s why old people were considered to be smart on ancient times, because they had experience, wisdom.
      The thing is, wisdom and inteligence are on the masses. They may not have much of each one, but when they use both they can become harder to manipulate. They will never be pretty smart, but they will not swallow anything easily.
      The free flow of information we have nowadays may be the most effective way to awaken mass wisdom.
      This is simples, the people always want to protect what they love. But the liberals are not the people, they are just disposable human tools that don’t even know what love means. But the conservatists are different, they know what they need, at least on a basic level. We just have give them the door they want that will enter.

    8. A person with low IQ but high integrity will be able to work well with another man of high IQ and high integrity. Because they are both looking out for each other, they both trust each other.
      However, the malicious cannot trust anyone because they are untrustworthy, and the egotistical will also fail because they refuse to concede they are vulnerable and thus be at the mercy of the deceptive.
      But men who understand that they are vulnerable, yet have courage; have ambition, but will not undermine the innocent; such men will find men like themselves. They will work together as brothers. That is the real technology.
      The question is one of integrity, decency, honor. Honorable men, who pursue life and peace, can work together and achieve great things. The Romans were inferior to the Carthagians in every possible way, but they won the first and second Punic wars because knew how to work together.
      Integrity is the most important technology of a society.

  5. Return of Kings, keep up the good work! These are books that we should seek to preserve and show to other people.

  6. “The elites at Davos, among others, are the people who really run the world. Our “representatives” in America and Europe only do their bidding.”
    I may be blinded by the magic show too. But, I really see this time is different. Trump cares about MAGA.
    He has begun the firings, the swamp-draining, as he promised…
    We maybe headed for some dangerous times, If the elites push back with war and assassination.
    Or is a double handed deception magic trick:
    1: Fool the lefties — “he’s taking away our ‘progress’ “.
    2: Fool the righties – “he’s giving back our rights”.
    Only thing I observe is that almost all people -especially family – in other countries – are 100% anti-trump…for anything from misogynist, to climate-change-denier…
    How about some stories about concrete changes made(to jobs/factories/reduced bureaucracy) so far?

  7. “The knowledge gleaned from science is being used not to advance the human condition, but to control the masses in a way that benefits the upper crust of society rather than the individual.”
    Just as a heads up, this has been going on pretty much forever. I like to pin 585 BCE as a good starting date — that is when Thales predicted an Ionian eclipse much to the astonishment of his fellow man. In the philosophy biz, he was card holder number 000000001. This is in no way a new phenomenon nor is it anything which is likely to ever change.

    1. What constantly surprises me is how many people seem aghast and surprised that we have a hierarchical system where we have elite at the top and then descending ranks of individuals. We have the same social sense as wolves, we’re pack animals with established hierarchies, you simply cannot get around nature. Even in a anarcho-syndicalist commune (“How can you tell ‘e’s the king?” “‘E ain’t got shit all o’er ‘im!”) you still have a natural meritocracy that forms a non-compulsory hierarchy. It can NOT be avoided because it’s a FEATURE of our built in social system.
      Ergo, “the Elite” (who are fluid and change over time) use XYZ manipulative technologies/tools to control the lower ranks or guide them in certain directions until such point as they lower ranks revolt, whereupon the revolutionaries/revolt leaders install themselves or their own people as the new “Elite” and you’re back to the same system with a different name.
      Why this is shocking, surprising or somehow devious to most people really confuses me. I get being upset with the current Elite of course, I am normally too, but the system itself isn’t going away, ever, as long as we’re sentient and have more than three people on the planet.

      1. “people with money, power and influence are using their advantages to grow their hold on the world at the expense of the peasants” The hell you say! These people always remind me of children when they learn something “new” that everyone over the age of 7 already knows. You kind of smile and nod when they tell you.

    2. The way it is used changed starting in the late 19th century. In very ancient times (well before, thousands of years before, 585 BC) it was knowing things like astronomy, climate, etc and conning the masses by telling them the snake god will eat the sun or the spring rains won’t come unless they sacrifice and obey. As things progressed it became about keeping knowledge secret from others as leverage. Knowledge hidden away in churches, guilds, etc. That slowly broke down and then in the late 19th century we began to get people who studied people to manipulate them in scientific ways. That is they began to perfect what had been done very crudely forever. Science was applied to the techniques of enslaving people.
      It is this form that becomes the scientific management of society. Where from birth we are put into systems to form us to be best exploited. The productivity of the human farm is maximized through these modern techniques.

      1. People, for the most part, seem to need enslavement. Hell they crave it. Most people wear shackles with pride and would immediately rebel against any attempt to take it off. That we have gotten better at this doesn’t surprise me but in the end it’s the same old song….masters and slaves….

        1. It’s not a desire for enslavement they are just too lazy to be responsible for themselves. Enslavement is a result of that. That’s part of the power of modern schooling, it enhances that by making learning seem very painful and boring. So people pass off their cognitive effort to intellectuals who in turn are sponsored by the ruling class so they tell the people why they need to obey and sacrifice.
          Same basic set up for at least six thousand years now.

    1. Can you pay refugees below minimum wage? Would it surprise you if they could?

  8. It’s quite a coincidence that every Western policy instituted in the last century has gone against the prudent course the above knowledge would have dictated for leaders who care about their citizens.

    As I keep saying, our elites’ childish utopianism has failed because man has an enduring nature that you can’t reshape like clay into whatever configuration the political correctness of The Current Year demands. We have to rediscover our ancestors’ tragic view of man as the foundation for rebuilding a civilization that works with man’s nature and makes sense.

  9. Aldous Huxley’s insights into the human condition just get better with age, but even he didn’t go far enough. He thought he pushed the envelope by showing the ugliness of female promiscuity in Brave New World, but he didn’t imagine that our real-life versions of his vacuous future slut Lenina Crowne would put on costumes representing the vulva and march in public in a world full of cameras.

  10. Here’s a brief taste of how connecting the genealogical dots (and other similarities between two or more famous people, which I mentioned in an earlier comment below) works. Karl Marx is mentioned a lot here at ROK. Karl Marx’s mother came from serious money. Marx’s uncle was a super-wealthy banker and industrialist. Karl Marx’s wife, Jenny, was a baroness whose grandfather had been chief of staff to Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick. Duke Ferdinand was also a field marshal, which is the equivalent of being a five-star general. (Very fucking rare, that one.) He was also, at one point, within an eyelash of being named the head of British forces during the Revolutionary War. So Karl Marx’s wife socialized with, and was related to, people like Duke Ferdinand. Trace Marx through his lineage and his wife’s lineage and you not only smell a rat, you are faced with a large, wealthy, super-rich, industrialist rat, surrounded by its numerous, super-rich relatives. And that’s how it goes for famous people from all walks of life – they are either directly related to the super rich, or they are underwritten by the super rich.

    1. Karl never worked in a day in his life, but some how had connections to people with deep pockets. Thanks for shedding some light on that.

      1. No problem. Gandhi was the same way, impoverished, supposedly. His family and his wife’s family came from deep pockets. He’s yet another Pied Piper. Underwritten by the elite. It just goes on and on…

        1. I discovered some things about Nelson Mandela and have pissed a few people off by not praising him. I mentioned once that he was bought and paid for by the de Beers and few other vested interests before leaving Robben Island, but no one wanted to hear that noise.

        2. No, they do not want to hear anything that steps on one of their pet frogs…as Jack Nicholson said in “A Few Good Men”, “You can’t handle the truth.” Mandela was NWO all the way. He probably spent his final years at the Hilton while some lookalike spent a few weekends in a jail cell, so as to give interviews. Look at what’s happening in South Africa and you have your answer. Whites are being murdered left and right, the blacks are taking over – but eventually the NWO will move in and wipe out the blacks. It’s all based on, “rile up both sides and let them kill each other and then move in and grab up the spoils”. Kinda like what we saw in this last U.S. presidential election, eh? Kinda like what we are seeing right now, with all the protests here, and the libs being riled up, etc. Anybody who thinks that’s an accident has a serious problem with critical thinking.

        3. Too late. I have a mate of mine who travels around Africa to different mining sites as part of his job. The chinese bribe the local public heads and field strip the resources straight ouf of the ground. Even the support operations are done by Chinese, so not even the locals get hired. When their done, they dismantle everything and split.

        4. Coltan (major component of cell phone production)…Africa is rich with that and all sorts of things the super rich covet. The NWO undoubtedly has a deal with its Chinese component. Otherwise they wouldn’t get within 100 yards of the tastiest resources.

        5. Good deal. Mandela is one of those sacred cows that you’re not allowed to gore, so I ensure that I do so whenever the opportunity arises. Fuck that self righteous preening little commie.

        6. Unrepentent terrorist and full on communist. I like regailng about the “neclaces” his wife liked to distribute.

      2. Funny – most people who “have all the answers” and “know whats best for ‘the people’” tend to be those who’ve never worked…

        1. True. I notice they tend to be brats of the well off (working at some NGO), public employees or academics.
          I hold a guy flipping burgers for minimum wage in higher regard than any of them.

    2. Plus, Marx himself was related to the Rothschilds and Trump and Hillary Clinton are cousins.
      it’s one big club and we’re not part of it but somehow their jig is up.
      Crazie, huh Bob?! lol

      1. Yeah the rabbit hole runs so fucking deep, most people would never believe it.
        For one example of thousands, let’s take Jim Morrison, the famous front man for the rock group, The Doors. His father was Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who was the commander of U.S. Naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin, during the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident, during the Vietnam War. The Morrison family traces right into the heart of the super-wealthy elite. Hell of a coincidence there. As mentioned, this isn’t unusual, it’s par for the course. Virtually every big-name rock star or rock band has similar things going on in the background.
        If you dig deeply enough, genealogically, you will find that virtually every famous person, covering every spectrum of influence, is related to the super-rich, and usually in a very direct manner. It can then be inferred that this is no accident, it is by design. (Unless you’re a total dullard, in which case, why bother trying to explain it to you – heh.) Famous people come from the ranks of the super rich, or they are totally underwritten by the super rich, and they play roles. Some play famous actors, some play famous musicians, some play famous revolutionaries, some play famous poets, some play famous scientists, etc. But they are always connected to a Blue Blood or super-rich family. And because of that, they are all related to each other, on some level, within a tight circle of rich families.
        Oftentimes their biographies are totally fabricated, but by using common genealogical sources, their true lineage can easily be pieced together. Which is another reason whey the elite hate the Internet. They didn’t realize that some people would start putting things like this together, and unravel the scam…not that it matters much if they do.

        1. I know your source, Bob. Wink, wink! Check his physics papers – far more fascinating!
          But shush, Mum’s the word because most people are better off staying in the dark.

        2. A couple of sources. I’ve mentioned both here before. As you said, you can lead a horse to water…but…heh.

        3. But MM is the best source I have ever encountered. I know you mentioned them and whoever saw them, saw them, leave it like that.

        4. His research into genealogies, and his ability to piece it all together, is truly stellar. Once you start doing some of your own genealogical research, you find out every single person is in cahoots, basically, if they are famous. Just as he implied. MM is a diamond for sure. Dave McGowan, another one. But…I believe MM is controlled by…you guessed it…the usual suspects. Which makes the rabbit hole even deeper. Heh.

        5. He claims that certain conspiracy theories, which are factual, are bogus. One major one in particular, for which I was at one time an activist, and had my life fucked up nine ways to Sunday while being active. Plus, he holds seminars and such, and the elite let him do it (like David Icke). He’s either an intelligence asset himself, or unwittingly controlled. Plus, if you do any sort of in-depth Internet search on him, you can’t find anything, basically. Heh. Aside from his website. But the real “tell” is the fact he’s allowed to continue doing what he’s doing. If the elite didn’t like it, he’d disappear. If you really start to upset the apple cart, they will full-on fuck you up. But he’s been spinning his web for several years now.

        6. yeah, I always knew Jim Morrison had something behind him…..the doors are objectively a terrible band and jim Morrison is a totally insufferable hack. Their fame had to be propped up by someone.

        7. He has an explanation on why they let him do but it’s buried in one of his paper and I can’t quote it but his point is that it does not really matter as the majority of people simply do not want to know. And he’s right. Never in history have we witnessed a mass awakening of the people.
          Curious, which conspiracy he thinks is bogus? He hasn’t written extensively on 9/11 because he says that he can not add anything more than what has already been said.

        8. I never could view Morrison as being that big of a deal either. But it really is the same for all big-name bands and musicians. Here are two more, out of hundreds and hundreds of examples – Crosby, Still & Nash…and Frank Zappa. Crosby is from the super-rich Van Renssalear family. Stills was Special Ops in Viet Nam; his family is rich and agency-connected. (I don’t know about Nash, maybe he just gave the other two blowjobs.) Zappa’s dad was rich and well-connected, he worked for Edgewood Arsenal making chemical weapons, of all things. Kind of strange for the father of a hippie, wacko, flower-child-type dude. If you tug at the thread of any of these famous bands, you find the same things.

        9. I liked his music as a teen, but made the mistake of buying one of Morrison’s book of “musings” in HS. What utter crap.

        10. I don’t have anything solid to pass along on that one, CBCB. But I think (which really doesn’t mean shit, “think”, versus “know”), his suicide was most likely staged. A person can find plenty of smoking-gun evidence that certain people aren’t dead, whom the media claims are dead. But unless you saw them after the fact, or you know them, it’s all a guessing game, isn’t it. What I know is, the layers of the scam just go deeper and deeper. What do you think…do you think his suicide was faked. I just don’t know. What I do know is his daddy was the major U.S. overseer of what was probably another faked incident (Gulf of Tonkin), which ignited the Viet Nam war, of all things. Helluva fucking coincidence.

        11. The world works on networking. Always has, always will, since we’re social beings. It’s not surprising that family of the rich, wealthy and powerful get into positions not afforded to others. While we strive for a meritocracy, that’s an ideal, not a hard and fast achievable goal (at least currently). You can find a society where everybody is as pure as driven snow, and I still guarantee you that you’ll find all of the top people in any field of endeavor, especially entertainment and the more social segments of life, coming from well heeled families. At least we do have some “rags to riches” types who make it big here, occasionally.

        12. I like “Riders on the Storm” and “The End” but that’s about it from the Doors. Most groups from that time period put out at least one good tune or two, however I generally have to take that era’s artists in small doses, which is to say, one or two songs in a large mix of other artists in my playlist.

        13. There are a couple of them, and for personal reasons, I don’t want to spell them out here. But he’s controlled. Solely due to the fact that a guy with his insight and supposedly full-on mathematical genius, cannot look over his head, do some simple mathematical calculations, and verify the proof of an obviously quite-real phenomenon. And I just gave you a major clue there, regarding what that “conspiracy” is. I got seriously involved in it, and almost got killed – had my life ruined. Yet, MM, he’s free as a bird, and rambles on, and puffs out his chest while doing it. If he were exposing something important, something really critical, as I said, they would jump on his head with jack-booted fury. Which is not to say he doesn’t offer great insight, he sure as hell does. But he diminishes or refutes other things that should be patently obvious to a genius such as himself. And that doesn’t compute.

        14. Besides, who but a wealthy Admiral could afford to support a college drop-out wastrel with designs of being a poet? In fact, most people who find fame in the performing arts spend a good deal of their life being externally supported.

        15. I too followed that foolishness a bit to far at that age. Fukkit, at least we started to smell the BS.

        16. Even at 28, subsisting on heroine and booze can be bad for your health. I see no mystery in his death.

        17. I dont think he was a big enough deal for any cloak and dagger. A front man for a marginal pop-band with a 5 year arc of popularity?

        18. Heh. When a sophomore in HS puts down your book and calls it “sophomoric” — give it up.

        19. I agree. Considering the amount of people witnessing him pop enough pills to kill a heard of livestock. I would say he went toes up in Paris as claimed.

        20. Beware Egyptian cotton.
          I’ve…said too much…

        21. Networking is one thing. If a person cannot look at the entire lay of the land of the rich and famous, and see that this runs far beyond networking, they are either being paid to look the other way or they have not looked at the matter closely enough. But I hear what you are saying. (Er, I get the gist of what you are writing…)

        22. Sorry I can’t figure out which one you mean and am really interested to see your point as I am very critical on my sources but haven’t found anything wrong about MM … yet.
          Give us another clue.

        23. I realize it seems “out there”. But that’s where you find truth – beyond the boundaries of the fictional. Or so the man says. “Down with ‘the man’. Dammit!” Etc.

        24. I do agree that we have a lot of really stooge like control freak spawn who all magically seem to get into positions of great influence, especially in regards to moving culture in one direction or another (art, music, theater, etc). If there’s one area of society that needs flushing, which would cause a massive tidal wave of change, it’s the segment of society that “provides” culture. *THAT* I can easily cede is being directly manipulated, because frankly, that’s just part and parcel with how socialists create and use propaganda.

        25. Not to mention the fact he sucked, as lolknee pointed out. Heh. But then…isn’t it odd how a band, or an actor, can be put on the big screen, or on TV, over and over, and in the case of a musician (take rap, or just one example), their music can be played over and over, and people somehow begin to not only believe the hype, they start to believe they are extremely good. Now that is some serious power right there.

        26. That’s true even for the non-“suspicious” ones, give or take, especially in regard to Europe’s history. We have at least some level of meritocracy here in the States where you can be a nobody and still make it, fortunately.

        27. I can’t listen to a single bit of any of it. At best RotS and The End sound like pretentious pot head masturbation to me.

        28. Almost all music from the mid to late 1960’s was pot head mastubatory in nature. Out of that sprang some really great artists who were influenced by those idiots though. And some of it, eh, I don’t mind some musical indulgence for no reason sometimes, if I’m in that kind of mood. It’s why I can listen to 1970’s Yes, unlike 99% of the rest of the world.

        29. I am a firm believer that choices made by teenagers regarding music, (non permeant) fashion, general beliefs and the such are all wiped clean at 18. I am giving you a pass.

        30. It all depends on your definition of “make it”. Where you start out still has a significant impact on where you wind up. And too often a little “head start” will trump merit.

        31. The difference is that Crosby, Stills and Nash were very talented musicians and vocalists and Frank Zappa was one the only if not the only true musical genius of his era. Musically, lyrically and vocally the doors were really bad. I get that CSN and Zappa had some help to propel them to fame, but at least they had the talent for it…fuck, talented musicians have needed wealthy benefactors (from family or otherwise) since Handel was still on the teet. But the doors just plain stink.

        32. I like to see you taking some risks there, GOJ. I know you are a man who is acutely aware of the risks involved in being doxed. Sometimes a guy just has to throw caution to the wind, though…bravo sir…

        33. You and I have such opposite taste in music.
          What’s a band/artist that you do really like?

        34. “LA Woman” is one of the worst songs ever. So at least he has that going for him. Which might make him way ahead of his time, given the current state of pop music…

        35. I like a lot of stuff. Apples to apples if we are talking music contemporary with the Doors: I liked a bunch of British invasion bands like the kingsmen, the kinks, the hollies. I am a big fan of the rolling stones, elmore james, the paul butterfield blues band, james brown, ray Charles….that would be, off the top of my head, the 60’s stuff that I like.

        36. I like a bunch of those as well. James Brown was the man. I think The Doors were a legitimately great band though.
          Flamenco guitar player, jazz drummer, keyboardist who also filled the role of bass-player, and a madman howling at the Moon.
          I dig that sorta thing 😛

        37. And I don’t like most 60’s music. The stuff I like from the 60’s is the stuff rooted in dirty old blues. I listen to the Butterfield Blues band and think that that is really the pinnacle of 60’s music. 70’s music isn’t that bad…it isn’t all disco. There was some decent rock and stuff. I don’t like all the guitar god stuff, but the early punk bands from the 70’s I liked.

        38. standing the test of time meaning that the people who fried their brains with weed and can no longer manage enough dopamine to get excited about something that they don’t have a nostalgic connection to force feed it to their kids and swear it is the greatest thing in the world.

        39. Were you kidding or…?
          It was a reference to Milo Minderbinder’s ultimate demise in the book Catch 22 if you weren’t kidding, heh.

        40. Yeah, GOJ to the rescue to explain to all of us that there’s “nothing to see here” — all readily explained away as somehow normal, natural or common sense.

        41. Bob, you must have enjoyed Dave McGowan’s “Laurel Canyon” stuff regarding the music industry. No one connected the dots like him (died prematurely, of course).

        42. We’ve always called human beings using connections of family and friends “networking”.

        43. Right, so there’s no such thing as networking among human beings. My bad. Thanks for the correction. I now return you to your Conspiracy Tin Foil Programming, now in progress.

        44. Plenty of nobodies have made some serious scratch and fame coming from more or less meager roots.

        45. Yes, Dave McGowan — I knew it, as I mentioned above before reading this far down.

        46. Obviously networking is a tangible phenomenon readily seen all around us, but it goes much deeper than that GOJ, but your aversion to cognitive dissonance keeps you firmly within the box. But, you’ve apparently profited from such a position a great deal (including a totally awesome wife and son…), so you take a very defensive strategy in regards to mainstream explanations and views. You are the classic apologist for actual conspiracies that significantly affect us all, but your glib overestimation of your knowledge leads you to the typical droll and cliched use of “tin foil hat” BS. At least come up with more clever name calling, gent.

        47. You’re too invested in trying to make this about me. That dog don’t hunt, hoss.
          To make it clear to you, I only bring up the natural causes position in an attempt to provide some balance. It’s *very* easy to spiral down the rabbit hole of conspiracies “everywhere!” if you either don’t know about, or dismiss out of hand simple happenstance or natural occurrences. I’ve seen it far too many times across a number of boards and platforms. One assertion flows into the next, into the next, and natural processes are then assumed to be a part of the “design” that is “controlled” such that everything, every action, feeds into the premise, which causes a mountain sized case of confirmation bias.
          Pointing out that human beings network, especially people with power to use as a tool in the negotiations, is not controversial. Further, it’s easily demonstrable in real life. Sometimes things don’t go “deeper”, especially when it’s easy to see that it’s about as deep as a one inch puddle to any normal observer. And to be fair, sometimes it does go deeper.
          The danger, that you clearly don’t see, is that it’s not either-or. Both forces can be at work, so laying it all one one side (conspiracy of the rich) or the other (just an accident of how things work) is generally a mistake. I suspect that both are at play to greater or lesser extremes throughout society and history.

        48. I actually DID learn of them through my shithead mother….
          Hittin’ pretty close to the mark today, mister.

        49. I think that the big save for him was when he coated cotton balls in chocolate and tried to sell them in the mess hall.
          Loved that book.

        50. (I think) he unloaded them at a loss to the Germans, but made the money back by bombing his own base.
          One of my favorites, as you know.

        51. Bob,
          Here’s another one for you:
          The father of the lead singer of the metal band Pentagram, Bobby Liebling, was a foreign policy adviser to Nixon:
          “His relationship with his parents is particularly heartrending. Liebling’s father, a former foreign-policy adviser to Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford, estimates they’ve spent $1 million supporting their son.”

        52. You have to have wealthy, indulgent parents if you plan on spending your 20’s dikking around in “the arts”. The ‘starving artist’ trop is CRAP.

        53. Real ironic that the father of the icon of the counter culture was the man who pretty much was responsible for the escalation of the Vietnam War

        54. Same is true with Bill Gates – his mother knew the CEO if IBM: Bill Gates’ mother got him a deal with the CEO of IBM – both of whom served on the board of the United Way charity in Seattle

        55. to the misguided, 16 yr old bem, this was deeeeeeeeeeeep shit, man!
          O young bem, you dikhead….

        56. i second this. i always thought he was just a lame guy. and his music sucks.
          `Lizard king my ass.

        57. I always thought the End was sorta inspired by / copied “Time Has Come Today” by the Chambers Brothers:

        58. Right, I was kidding about forcing it on others. The scene where he asks Yossarian to try chocolate covered cotton always makes me laugh.
          I love that book. Too bad Heller really never wrote anything near its equal afterward.
          Dunbar always struck me as being eminently reasonable. He realized his own immortality, but figured out that if he spent all of his time being as bored as possible it would *seem* like forever and be the working equivalent of immortality. That kind of thinking just cracks me the fuck up.

        59. Ironic that the counter-culture is actually financed and shaped by the ruling class. It appears they have been doing this kind of thing for a long, long time. Create a counter puppet (a revolution of sorts), and control it. Hey, if it works, why change the game plan…I wouldn’t

        60. “Pentagram”…never heard of them, and I am somewhat of a metal afficianado, though I no longer play in that genre, myself.

        61. Same here, though some of the Doors’ grooves are catchy, much of their library is unlistenable, as in, it doesn’t resonate. As with The Beatles, I cannot grasp their cults of personality, though I enjoy several of their songs. Give me the Zombies, Mungo Jerry, the Kinks or The Animals over them any day! Obscure rock rules!

        62. “Light my Fire” is also a good mellow-out song, but sorta comes off as too keyboard-heavy. No disrespect to the late Ray Manzarek, tho, he carried the bass. That said, the Doors DID use a session bassist…

        63. Criminally underrated player, along with Gary Moore. Would rather jam Trower and Moore over Jimmy Page any day of the week and twice on Sundays!
          “Bridge of Sighs” is my ultimate fave track!

    3. Duke Ferdinand was also a field marshal, which is the equivalent of being a five-star general. (Very fucking rare, that one.) He was also, at one point, within an eyelash of being named the head of British forces during the Revolutionary War.

      In an alternative history, Ferdinand might have gone to the Colonies and kicked George Washington’s ass.

      1. Yep. They probably found somebody better for the job, and it could be that his relation to Karl Marx did the trick and made them pick somebody else.

        1. Horatio Gates, who grew up in England, served in the British Army and had better experience and training than Washington, seems like a more competent general than Washington when he migrated to the Colonies, switched sides and got a command in the Continental Army. He made this career move because he couldn’t advance in the British Army due to his middling social background and lack of family wealth.

        2. Agreed. You can only rise so high with a genetic background that the elite frown upon. Look at any sphere of influence – arts, sciences, the military, any damned thing – and it’s the same way.

  11. They know the jig is up.
    Dream on.
    Last time their jig was up they threw us into two Great Wars and the system came out even stronger than ever with the United Nations and Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe.
    I don’t foresee any major world wars in the near future because it seems they play their cards right. On that meeting in Davos mentioned in the article, they are now seriously discussing how to ban cash completely starting with tighter restrictions.
    The so called awakening of some people through ideas spread on the Internet is not a threat because the fake mainstream media is morphing into a fake alternative media parading as truthers.

    1. I agree with this one. Most people are incapable of waking up or they don’t want to wake up. The elite are behind schedule, for sure, but when only 10 million people are partially awake, and the rest are content with snoozing, it’s a dream deferred. The war on cash is one of the important aspects of the real war that is being waged. The other one is the war on water. Control both and you control everybody. As in “checkmate”.

      1. Why would they start a great war when they can bail themselves out? All they have left now is to get rid of cash and then they can control everything. They are working on it.
        Plus, the new strategy is not to get into major wars but create small conflicts and let the local do the fighting while supplying arms to both opposing sides.

        1. ” let the local do the fighting while supplying arms to both opposing sides.”
          I don’t know — not invited to the parties.
          But, history dictates it will happen again…IMO
          the above is one of the reasons…
          there are far too many uppity armed Americans

        2. I also think present period is similar to 100 years ago.
          resulting in the great war, and Russian revolution…
          Incredible, mature Empires, with great prosperity (for the rulers at least).
          Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, British, French.
          The 3 great Kings were first cousins, grand-kids of Queen Victoria: King of England, Czar of Russia, and German Kaiser…
          yet, had a Great War.

        3. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was Jewish not Russian, sponsored by Wall Str hence why USSR was one of the victors in the WW2.
          When it comes to royalties internal family power struggles are actually the norm not an exception.

    2. As we speak and ignored by the news, they are using the second most populous country on Earth, India, as a guinea pig for the implementation of a cashless society, supposedly in their efforts to fight corruption…I fear the day the same will be done to Europe or the Americas…

      1. Indeed, all the smoke and mirrors in the news covers the most important news that is hard to see.

  12. Great documentary for any who are interested in learning more about Bernays and just how influential he actually was

      1. Admittedly, no, I skimmed it. See now that he did in fact mention bernays haha. Thanks. Great documentary nonetheless.

    1. Oh yeah, the 20th century with its massive mass murdering collectives based on socialism and denial of individual rights wholesale was all about ‘me me me’ for the common citizen.

  13. I don’t hope for a peaceful resolution, I only hope for a resolution. IF the ruling class perverts want to surrender peacefully, then the problem will resolve peacefully; IF they want to be like the Japanese fanatics of the mid 20th century and hold out to the last man on every tiny little atoll, then, well, we all remember how World War II ended.

  14. “From their lofty perches at Davos, Switzerland, right after the crowning of Donald Trump the elite revealed just how unhappy they are with the turn away from their management of society”
    One has to be careful here. The turn towards populism based on rejection of globalism and managerialism / bureaucracy is real enough, as is the awakening; and yes, many amongst the elites are genuinely discombobulated and incredulous that lower orders don’t seem to know what’s good for them (although some of them will certainly be hoping that the same will find out the hard way). The idea that elite control, or globalism, or managerialism is crumbling on account of these pressures is a dangerous presumption. Deceit and misdirection is built into modern management. Remember the entire elite project depends on persuading the masses that they are living in a real rather than a simulated democracy.
    If many amongst the elites are genuinely worried or even terrified of the direction of current events, this far more likely to produce either a doubling down on current policies (consider the Trump protests for instance) and / or a determination to make the deceit of democracy even more subtly deceptive.
    One of the things that many of us have noticed over the last few decades is that politics and events have become increasingly simulated – at least they feel that way – his was always related to technology, the evolution of TV news, and of course the internet, but it also reflects the way that politics and international politics is now narrativised in order to create the emotional and political drama needed to keep us all like happy and well-fucked housewives.
    It’s worth remembering that even if conspiracy theorists get it wrong, and see puppet-strings behind everything the elite project of control, the scientific socialist technocracy is a project in evolution. I realised this most clearly after reading Alain Badiou’s (exceedingly mediocre but nonetheless informative) The Communist Hypothesis: Badiou compares the communist, technocratic project to the attempt to find a solution to Fermat’s theorem (which was fairly recently solved after hundreds of years). That project may have cost the lives of tens or even hundreds of millions of people but those were just teething problems: as the trial and error attempts continue the elites will eventually get it right, or at least right – the project is ongoing.
    What does that mean in practice? Well it might mean nothing. It doesn’t mean that all elites are communist, although they do tend to favour the same reasoning, the same technocratic and collectivist solutions. What it means I think is that we should expect there to be endless false starts, failed projects – like the soviet union – and then attempts to re-animate and re-invigorate the same project but on a more sophisticated and no doubt more deceptive basis. Elites / communists have always sought to establish their empire on the basis of ideology and self-governmentality – i.e. whereby we work to police, govern and control ourselves ideally with minimal supervision or intervention from the state – for the simple reason that force is a crude and inefficient means of controlling people. So returning to the situation at hand, now that we have populist revolts against globalism etc we need to be doubly aware that the elites, demoralised perhaps but as committed as ever to their great works, will try to trick us. Above all they will want us to believe that we the people have won a great victory for democracy and against our controllers. We get to feel good for a while with the danger that when we finally wake up and realise that half of Trump’s cabinet are goldman sachs graduates or that post-EU Britain is even more bureaucratic and globalist than before …or whatever …we will realise only learned helplessness….that nothing has changed.
    Of course a great deal has changed, but the task now is to control our emotions, and to ensure that we manage our expectations and keep them reality oriented. Some of what we are witnessing is real, but much of it is deception and misdirection, even if those doing the deceiving and the misdirecting happen to be sweating profusely right now

    1. Excellent post.
      the scientific socialist technocracy is a project in evolution.
      This is what most people can not realize that is an ongoing trial-and-error process that we call a conspiracy for the lack of a better word.

      1. thank you. Yes, I mostly agree. Progressive and marxist politics has always involved a great deal of back room planning and plotting, subscribes to ‘end justifies the means’ politics of praxis and is mostly involves high brow leftist academics ‘conspiring’ in ivory towers. Very often the conspiracies in question are pretty much out in the open, published in journals and magazines or in the publications of think tanks that create the theory behind the kind of policies and laws that the people in the foreground, the politicians etc work to enact

  15. I hope I am not the only one to recognize that we face two choices for the future: a matriarchical, socially engineered dystopia, or Islam. These are the two forces currently at conflict, and it pains me to see men ridicule and decry their last chance at being men again. Once they recognize how Muhammad pbuh will lead them to masculinity, they will never turn back. Unfortunately I have very little optimism that people truly want to be free. Don’t you see why governments don’t want Muslim populations? It’s because they are resilient and cannot be controlled or turned astray by temptation or impulse.

    1. You may have mistyped a URL, the CAIR website is a couple of servers away.

        1. Don’t like opposition I see. Discuss apparently means “post unchallenged”. Tough titties, cupcake.
          Take it somewhere else, sugar.

        2. Don’t change the subject. You know my argument is totally legitimate, along the lines of Aurelius Moner, unfortunately his recognition of the necessity of God has been shouted over by a cacophony of nihilism. and you comment too much, that’s a fact. I honestly wonder who is paying you.

        3. Not it isn’t.
          Islam may have some things right in regard to sexual politics, but it gets everything else utterly wrong. You can keep it.
          I embrace God, but to do so, I have to reject the sniveling little “prophet” Mohamed as being a fraudulent slaver.
          You don’t “wonder” anything you only wish to have an unchallenged viewpoint. Not my problem.

        4. Tell me where it says in your religion to reject Muhammad? Oh, it doesn’t say that anywhere? It’s just your feelings telling you he’s wrong? Then please, tell me which religion you follow that is so superior. I will be happy to convert if the truth is on your side.

        5. Yes they can. How often do you see Roosh down here in the comments? Rarely, because he would rather be out in the world.

        6. Because he has travelled the world and reached his conclusions through trial, error, and experience

        7. i must admit she has a point here.
          I see a lot of comments from the same people, but not too much new people in here…

        8. Didn’t realize there was a limited number of comments that could be posted on a ROK article. If anything, the additional comments, regardless of who they’re from opens many, varying avenues for people to jump in and discuss. I myself might pass over one of GOJ’s comments because it doesn’t interest me, but get engaged in another comment of his further down.

        9. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with regulars.
          I just noticed, there is not too much new people in here, althought i thought the red pill was an ascendant trend ?

        10. I’ve taken stretches off at a time. Around Christmas, and then a couple of weeks just very recently. People are free to comment as they wish.

        11. Of course, Goj, please note that i wasn’t criticizing your presence here. (your answer made me kinda think about that ?)

        12. been trying to cut into other websites, have to be careful that you don’t get banned.

        13. Yeah, there are a couple of guys that seem to somehow be on here 24/7. Makes you wonder.

    2. “Don’t you see why governments don’t want Muslim populations?”
      which governments ? i need one like this

        1. so you agree that governments should manipulate their citizens for the sake of control?

        2. So you’d like to live in a dying civilization where no one is reproducing? Where the androgyny agenda has been unbelievably successful?

        3. of course, thanks to this, all these cute japanese girls will belong to me !
          joke apart.. the choice is quite hard.
          (btw, india offers what ? bollywood brainwashing and sexual misery at industrial rate : rape problem in india)

        4. America is the place to be. But we all know the American dream is dead. And to be honest Islam is the only way to get it back, where men have incentive to work to support a loving and god fearing wife. Jeez I converted to Islam and I’m more of a true American than most of these people who think Baby Boomer = American. I’m following my grandmas lead, she wore a scarf and modestly dressed to her ankles and wrists, so I do the same. I don’t gaf about the baby boomer legacy, I’m a millennial and we have to sail our own ship.

        5. The next why do you love secular governments so much? Secular does not mean freedom of religion, it means no religion. And that is tyranny.

        6. Secular means the cops and garbage men dont care if you bark at the moon or go to temple on Saturday.
          I like that.

        7. “Islam is the only way to get it back”
          Tell me then, being you are SO enlightened, why is every Muslim theocratic country a complete shithole?
          The God of Israel is the only way to get it back, not some bastardized version brought out by some goat raper.
          “By their fruits, ye shall know them”

        8. Androgyny? You mean like grown men walking around in nightgowns and sandals and sitting cross legged smoking a hookah?

        9. You mean the shalwar kameez? Loose fitted clothing is a symbol of freedom. Tight jeans are a symbol of the working class. And this article itself stated that smoking is a symbol of masculinity.

        10. Waldemar, seriously, japanese guys are far away from the samourai/yakusa they used to be.
          they prefer masturbating to hentai or pay to spend time (no sex) with girls. they are seriously fucked up in their brains.

        11. sounds like a kind of ben and jerry’s ice cream: turtle tracks, moose turd pie – hint: the moose “turds” are really almonds

        12. That’s messed up: the Japanese were the most fearless ultra-masculine men on earth 70 years ago.
          We think 19 hijackers on 9-11 believed in their cause? Something like 4,000 Japanese men did the same thing in WW2. Insane.

        13. japan must be a excellent counter study case if someone make a red pill 101 course , one day.

        14. have you ever lived in japan? sometimes i think the tales of japanese guys marrying pillow cases is overplayed…

        15. Oh so now you hate the working class? Keep digging yourself deeper.
          We all can’t live the lifestyle of the rich and idle due to oil

        16. Never been there, but the 1940 Japan is so divorced from the 2017 Japan, it goes to show how much people can be manipulated by society.

        17. Islam and Christianity are both abrahamic religions that worship the same God. I don’t think Jesus would be ridiculing Mohammed as you are doing, when he said a final messiah will come, which he did.

        18. no but i saw a interesting documentary about their sexual misery. I plan seeing one day this country btw

        19. My wife and daughter dress modestly as well, but I will not bow down to a religion that claims that Jesus, who is God manifested in the flesh, is just another prophet of Allah, a borrowed moon god.
          I am a born again Christian. I am conservative and red pill as it gets. Most Muslim men are pussies. That’s why they keep their women caged up and abuse little boys.

        20. “Worship the same God”
          ummm, no. Allah is a pretender.
          And Jesus said He would send the Comforter in His Name, which is the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

        21. I don’t hate the working class, I’m just noting that male fashion has devolved to the point that men are now wearing clothes meant for hard labor during their leisure time

        22. I was born Christian, but could never jive with the notion of Jesus as God in the flesh. It felt like I am supposed to worship Jesus.

        23. You are. Jesus is God taking on human form. He was the second Adam. Sin came into this world through man so it had to be redeemed by a man, but because of Adam’s sin that person could not be from his bloodline. Hence the impregnation of Mary by God Himself.
          Jesus was fully God and fully man. There is salvation in no other name but in Jesus.
          What denomination where you?

        24. Presbyterian but no one in my family or community could tell me what that meant . The only reason we went to a Presbyterian church was because my dads ex wife went there so he decided to take me there

        25. Micah 5:2 “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.”
          Note how it says Bethlehem, and not Mecca.
          Allah is a monotheistic god of vengeance and subjection. Not the Trinity, no love , no forgiveness. Allah as taught by Muslims more closely resembles Satan than the God of Abraham.
          6 And the Lord passed by before him, and proclaimed, The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,
          7 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation. Exodus 34:6-7
          To juxtapose:
          “Surely Allah will not forgive that any partner be associated with him” 4:49
          One question that I have never gotten a straight answer is, “If God is perfect, why did he put us here in a fallen world?” Surely he is smart enough to not leave the forbidden fruit for Eve to eat, unless it was put there for a purpose.
          Outside of my religion, I have never seen a satisfactory answer.

        26. Sadly that is true for a lot of “Christians”. Presbyterians believe in per-destination which means they believe that God decides before you’re even born who He will save and who will be lost. That is totally not Scriptural. I’m sorry that you saw such a low IQ version of Christianity, which is what most people seem to be anyway. Truthfully I don’t believe they are true Christians anyway.

        27. Allah is just an adaptation of the moon god Sin. Sin was one of the chief deities of the inhabitants of Caanan, who God said were guilty of idolatry.
          By the way, the answer to your question wouldn’t happen to pertain to free will would it?

        28. That is correct, we are put in a fallen world so that we can learn good from evil. If everything was hunky dory, we couldn’t appreciate the good. Also, we learn to overcome sin through repentance and trusting in Jesus Christ. Through this, we come closer to God than we could otherwise.
          You ever been through some crappy experience and then appreciate it once you are done? That is what we are doing here.

        29. We are not a part of an organized denomination, but we are basically very conservative Pentecostals. Our women wear dresses and have long hair, our men wear long sleeves. We don’t ingest mass media (television, movies, etc) and believe in living as pure lives as we can.

        30. Well that’s good to hear. I just don’t know, I was baptized around 8th grade and felt nothing, but when I observed my first Ramadan I felt it was a totally transforming experience.

        31. Exactly. And you also get, “Why does God let bad things happen to me?”
          I struggled with free will for a while. I wrestled with the fact that if we have free will how did God know the future. I came to the revelation that God exists outside of time. Time is like a little box hanging in eternity and God is outside of it. He sees the beginning to the end and even though He wants everyone to be saved He respects our ability to be lost.
          This separates Him from all the other so-called deities. they either delight in humanity’s suffering or were constantly involved. Our God is a God of order and balance.
          If I may ask, what denomination are you a part of?

        32. We have quite a few members of our church who were baptized in denominal churches, but when they were baptized in the Name of Jesus and received the Holy Ghost their lives were totally changed.
          We have people that used to be drug addicts but when they were filled they immediately stopped. We had men who were in prison but when they were saved they became model citizens.
          The true Spirit of God changes you. It’s not a ritual or family tradition. It’s a relationship with your Savior.
          I don’t doubt your experience with Islam, but I challenge you to read the Book of Acts. What happened in Acts 2:38 still happens today. I see it every church service I go to.

        33. But the unending mercy of the Christian God has left it defenseless against its enemies. Every modern nation understands that it needs to defend itself and should not let crime go unpunished. And fear is part of faith. We need to both have hope for mercy and fear of punishment. The lack of fear of shame of consequences is part of the crisis taking place in the west, so much is wrong yet there is no way to make it right..

        34. I will read it.. and I agree that it is only the mercy of God that can turn a life right side up. It just makes me crazy that I experienced something that felt so genuine and positive as reaching a connection to God, and almost immediately I turn around and people are labeling me a hate filled terrorist .. when I have finally reached inner peace

        35. We have many church members who were baptized in denominal churches but when they were baptized in the Name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost it transformed them.
          We have people who were drug addicts but as soon as they were filled God delivered them and they’re still clean years later. It’s not rituals and traditions. It’s a relationship with God.
          I don’t doubt your experience with Islam, but I challenge you to read the Book of Acts, specifically chapter 2. I see that experience every time I go to church. Don’t sell yourself short of what God wants to do for you.

        36. I don’t see any problem with free will. We are responsible for our own choices, including the repercussions. So long as we accept Jesus and do our best to follow his teachings, whatever happens in this life is insignificant, considering the time spans involved.
          This might be just the philosophy of Jim, but I think it is much like you describe, with perhaps more dimensions. We are 5th dimensional creatures, God would be at a higher level.

          (No worries, this is not a religious film)
          I am a Mormon, I grew up agnostic (perhaps atheist), found the red pill then converted when I was 23. I could have joined another church just as easily, but after deciding that God existed and looking to find that precious unicorn, I ended up taking out 4 Mormon girls in a row where 10% are in the church.

        37. Like I said I don’t doubt your experience (and excuse the double post my internet wonked out). God has a way of touching hungry hearts, but I’ve seen people go the wrong direction and be lost because they misunderstood what happened or why it happened.
          I don’t know you or your situation but you seem like someone who is genuinely reaching out for a Divine touch and God has a way of directing the paths of those who search. “Seek and you shall find”.
          Who knows, maybe our crossing paths today was orchestrated but again, please read those passages and pray that God would open your understanding.

        38. I also don’t see a contradiction between to Biblical and Quranic verses you posted. The Bible says that God’s mercy will not clear the guilty, and the Quran says that God will not forgive. Aren’t they saying the same thing?

        39. You Mormons are good people. We don’t have very many in my neck of the woods (deep south USA) but we have some friends in another state that are and our religious beliefs as far as behavior and dress are very similar. We’re actually a little more conservative than even you guys 🙂

        40. Thanks, it is good to know that we are viewed positively by others. Hasn’t always been the case. I think in time as secularism is pushed harder in society, most religions will come closer together.

        41. The one overarching principle of LDS that I agree with is their having large family units: “Be fruitful and multiply”, as opposed this “celibacy is the holiest state” bullshit from the Protestants and the RCC.

    3. No one here is going to convert to islam.
      Stop wasting your breath.
      No one is going to worship some child raping slaver and pray to some shard of cosmic debris in Mecca

      1. Why don’t you study the Balkan history under the Ottomans and see how it worked out for them?
        How did you think Albania ended up Muslim after being the one which in fact resisted the Muslim occupation most?

        1. Perfect. Hold up the example of literally the most backward war torn region of Europe as an example of what Islam does to the lands it comes to.

        2. If by voluntarily you mean convert or die or convert or face overt life-long discrimination (pay taxes, be denied education, opportunities, etc)

        3. Albania was weaksauce compared to Serbia and Hungary. But it and Bosnia are filled with low-IQ people, so Islam managed to gain a foothold there.

        4. The toughest Albanian resistance was almost entirely due to one man, George Skanderbeg. Who was Catholic. And there are still a lot of Albanian Catholics.

    4. You have a point although it does not come across properly.
      The current villainization of Islam is designed to submit the last resilient monotheistic religion to the NWO.
      Unfortunately, Islam stands no chance as the countries where it is the main religion are not strong enough to resist the pressure. And I don’t think it’s suitable for the European people as you can see how badly the Balkans have suffered and still cannot recover.

      1. “Villainization of Islam”
        Western governments LOVE Islam!
        it is a crime in most western countries to criticize islam and countries like germany and canada are literally tripping over themselves to bring in more muslims

        1. maybe because muslims are horrible people who do sick things like drive trucks into crowds of people?

      1. So you ridicule the Hollywood actors selling their souls to the Hollywood matrix, but when one wakes up and steps out of it, you ridicule her as well?

        1. You know as well as I do that Lindsey is a washed up crack whore who’s trying to catch herself a right sheikh, you know them shinny oil shekels.
          She’s too old and wrinkly for porta-potty biswax so the next available option was……..

        2. She was seen in a photo holding a copy of the Quran and the media goes crazy… talk about manufactured outrage

    5. people on this site are representative of american thought process, not looking to do hard work to get ahead but instead looking for quick fix…via the donald (get that $20/hr factory job back and chill) or christianity (go ahead do anything, jesus will save you) as for anyone who thinks that islamic countries have fundamental weakness inherent to them do not forget that only 500 years ago a “muslim” army of turks was in vienna and southern spain, sicily etc, jews were the lowest class in europe while only 100 years ago “christians” ruled middle eastern countries suck as syria, algeria, lebanon, etc.
      There is a half decent chance 100 years from now americans will be speaking chinese. muslim countries 300-400 years ago turned inward as they had rich stable economies and populations, while europeans turned outwards as they were miserable and poor (not because they were rich and smart).
      America is in decline and DT or ROK are not facing reality, instead chasing mirage of the past…good luck

      1. I have seen that. I guess his central point is that the left and islam are engaged in the destruction of western civilization. I have to disagree with that. He never defined what he means by western civilization. Is it Christianity? If so, then why isn’t he a Christian? He is obviously not if he claims that women dressing modestly is ‘the universal symbol of women’s oppression’ LOL. What does he represent? Why is he so offended by leftists wanting to know God and maybe find some order for their lives? Ultimately I think he is destructive and serving the NWO. It is fine to critique behavior of others when it is out of line, but he claims moral superiority when he has not demonstrated such. Doesn’t he understand that his forefathers tried to bring British civilization to the indian ‘savages’ and it didn’t work? Give up your White Man’s Burden, bro.

  16. “However, while social engineers pushed women out of the home and the kitchen and into roles as corporate cogs and male wannabees, their innate psychological desires to submit to man, have children, and nurture have gone unfulfilled.”
    I’m a 22 year old female leaving a PhD in chemistry after my first year. Part of my motivation for leaving was this exact reason. I’m so glad I found ROK for eloquently writing about issues I often feel too scared to think about/admit.

    1. Good for you. It is great to see women swallow their pride and realize that there is more to life than what is taught by media/school/society.
      One of my wife’s best friends went through engineering school. She is very smart, good looking, and sociable. She could get a date any night of the week. But, she decided to blow through school and land a good career. Now at 38, she is still single and her window of opportunity is drawing to a close. She has a nice house, but many regrets.
      My wife, on the other hand, took a lesser major. She maintained her virtue, but still took the time to be date. We married while in college. I have an engineering degree, and six kids with her. Now, she stays at home. My work is fine, I am in cubicle land, but the real satisfaction I get out of life is at home with the wife and six kids.

    2. Good one – I know a few women in their late 30’s and early 40’s that have admitted to drinking themselves to sleep out of loneliness.

        1. Exactly they hated going home to empty house – one earning a six figure salary moved back with her parents

  17. Switzerland is an interesting case-heavily armed ,anti immigration, and very nice….its almost like they are willing to shit in other peoples countries, but not their own. Oh and the Rothschild’s have their banks incorporated there…Read about the evils of central banks. They are like a noose around the neck of a country.

  18. The scientific management of society ending? Hardly. It’s still in the build up phase. Nothing is crumbling. Our betters have a few minor setbacks. However they’ve got many many people marching and protesting demanding that everyone obey them.
    Only a tiny minority of people even know of the works done in the late 19th and early 20th century that made the foundation. The masses don’t even read let alone bother with finding out where today’s problems come from.
    The scientific management of society is still working, still moving forward, and almost everyone believes in it.

  19. Very interesting article. Thanks for bringing up Bernays. More people need to know about that monster and what he did. Both to understand how twisted some of these leaders are, and to understand how to UNDO what is being done.
    People also must be made aware that Bernays did not just walk up to the ciggarette companies and force them to accept his ideas, they sought him out and hired him because they realized they could make more money selling their product to the public. that their means of doing so would totally wreck society was irrelevant. I would love to see a list of the names of those bastards who hired him.
    All of the concepts used to wreck society can be used to rebuild it, and even enhance it. For example, someone can use the concepts of penis envy to subvert a husband and take his wife away from him. Another person can use the exact same knowledge, explain it to people, and then give the husband and wife a plan that they can use to deepen their bond to each other.

  20. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of these ‘elites’ are just credentialed fools who are the sons (and daughters) of money, and who are way too limited intellectually to even understand the reasons for their stances and the role of the real puppet-masters in this story.
    What they ‘know’ is visceral – they must be elite because they were born elite, and any idea or organization that challenges that psychological understanding of the world must be crushed in order to protect this ‘reality.’
    As an accomplished, educated male of humble origins well on the far side of 40, I am not alone in lamenting that my ability to contribute to society has been negated, denigrated, and actively opposed throughout my working life – competent, dedicated men are a threat to this order in every way.
    We are living in a zombie apocalypse, and have been since the Boomers finally took over the reins of government – unreality is reality now.
    Of course it will collapse – there are few intelligent types at Davos and as few outside Davos that have power in this world – what they have is malevolence, and fear of reality. They know in their souls that they are not special, not elite, not accomplished, and not talented. Yet, for now, they retain the levers of power.
    …but they shall reap the whirlwind.

  21. Watch Pinocchio! This is pleasure island. Tyrants distract you with entertainment and turn you into jackasses, to work you to death in the salt mines.
    They have become the drug dealers who can manipulate your behavior by not giving you your fix until you act the way they want. (The same way a wife holds sex from a husband who isnt acting rigjt. Same guy who under appreciates lotion and a good imagination – while keeping your dignity.)

  22. I agree. Roosh is on the cutting edge of cultural warfare. I wish more time and effort could be invested in that direction by Roosh and his best thinkers. Pussification seems to be the distraction that too many of Roosh’s followers have adopted. Their sexual urges, perhaps, are proof that some men think with their penis. My question is, why is there no bifurcation in so many male minds? Few seem able to drench themselves in pussy (or masturbatory obsessing) and still be able to think and act in the war against the establishment or Deep Parasite State.
    Of course that’s only the way it seems to me. It’s the way Roosh reality appears to be….to me.

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