Is This The Most Deluded Woman In The World?

Does she not represent the disgraceful state of the Western woman?

0:40: “I got the X factor.” More like man face factor.

0:43: “I’ve got the body.” Of a 15-year-old male swimmer.

1:25: “I’m better than Madonna.” But better than Madonna’s camel toe?

2:08: Bitch got put in her place. Simon Cowell is the only man who can call out a woman on television and not get immediately fired.

Most Western women are already showing shades of this woman’s behavior. I don’t see it getting better.

18 thoughts on “Is This The Most Deluded Woman In The World?”

  1. I don’t feel sorry for the beta she cons into marrying her…but I do feel sorry for the cats she brings in to live with her.

  2. haha yeah. bitch said “i got the body..” all that i was like naaah you aint got shit. this girl is the kind of one i wouldnt approach unless i was drunk and had been unsucessful all night.
    and then the bullshit coming out her mouth? i wouldve said some shit in under 5 minutes. thats the kinda attitude i dont let slide for some poon.
    but MOST deluded? shes up there but not on top. i met some pretty messed up sluts that got her beat by a margin. a lot of them dont come off that way off the bat though.
    haha i met this fat bitch once… im talkin like 300 pounds fat… at my job she said that she wouldnt date a man that made less than 250,000 bucks a year. talkin bout only a real man can handle this. i couldnt help it man it just came out i said “no wonder you are alone” the bitch flipped out and started spreading rumors and trying to get me fired. unsucessfully.
    but yeah thought id share that.

  3. !! no way
    Relevant: Just today I was thinking how this woman has made millions (net worth 15 million pounds) out of her cooking show, where she pours butter and cheese and lard and peanut butter in everything, and she goes on about how lazy she is, which apparently is sexy.. Also how enormous portions are great and anyone not eating like a whale is abnormal..
    You’ll love it!

  4. you could tell all the confidence and arrogance was a facade. she didn’t project confidence at all with her body language, personality, tone, eye contact, expressions, etc. she seemed really insecure, and the way she reacted at the end just proves it. girls like her are a dime a dozen. they are always out at the clubs and bars in huge groups. they think they’re hot shit because of the attention they get and their little half-baked dreams of fame and success get praised by all the betas who want them. but when the tables are turned and they have to rely on confidence, personality, and talent, and they are the one being judged, this happens. it’s too bad we can’t get every cocky little 20-something girl on that show. she definitely needed to be taken down a couple notches. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went out that night and had a one night stand either.

  5. Narcissism. Pure in its unadultered form.
    Young players take note. Particularly look at the explosion when she was called out on her bullshit stone cold.
    You will come across these personality disorders in the field, more often in nightclubs than any other environment.
    Know your enemy.

  6. @Colonel Crimson
    Was definitely seeing a lot of the joker in the early parts of the video
    Listening to her self indulgent bullshit
    “And I thought MY jokes were bad…”

  7. Wow. I had to stop watching at the 1:27 mark. I was raised to be humble and this made me cringe. It is getting worse. I’m here in DC and wishing I wasn’t. The career chicks are getting undatable like this chick or the opposite choice is unbearably boring. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my sex drive. I went out with a Nigerian who was totally sweet and reminded me it’s them not us. Don’t settle for less brothers!

  8. this isn’t just with women though now. more and more Americans, men and women, are increasingly blind to their own incompetence. It’s almost as if the Dunning-Kruger effect is an infectious disease set on the populace.

  9. Sorry, have to disagree. I think it was comedy. Pretty sure that was an act including the poorly fitting clothes and weird make-up and hair. There isn’t always that much reality in reality shows.

  10. Really Sharon, as bad as laughing your tits off when a women drugged her man, tied him up, Waited until he woke up then cut his penis off?

  11. Gees… Couldn’t watch further than 1 minute 39 seconds. Awful, totally awful. That hidious character makes my stomach go upside down. Well don’t blame her, blame the breakfast I just had!

  12. I can imagine her being rewarded by beta dudes who tell her how great she is just so they can try to fuck this Golem.

  13. This type of women sounds a lot like a Borderline Personality Disorder. From my experience

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