Men Benefit From Acting Potentially Violent And Explosive Around Women

The idea that women are attracted to bad boys typically has a lot to do with the feeling that these bad boys would be willing to use or have used physical force in expressing their badness. Oftentimes there may be no direct proof of violence, only the imputation: they’re a member of a gang, they angrily called up someone they didn’t like over a girl, or confronted them aggressively on the street. Nonetheless, the association itself, when harnessed and disseminated, is powerful enough to attract a large percentage of the young and fertile female population.

Feminists and women in general will deny it, but the bad boy fantasy has the most unavoidable evolutionary roots. The civil, nice guy was only going to provide a safe life in groups where a strong collection of laws and social mores prevented violence. Most of the time, these hamlets were non-existent or very short-lived.

Irrespective of whether he killed innocents, maimed them or stole what wasn’t his, the capable violent man enabled more than just a semblance of security and material comfort for a fertile woman. Surrounded by concrete jungles, the image still has significant appeal today, regardless of what our rational minds say.

It is your job to be seen as potentially violent and explosive, without the regular drawbacks of spending time in prison, getting badly beaten up by five other guys, or some other event you don’t particularly want to experience. The trick is to combine this perceived willingness to retaliate or strike out with a focused, measured, and successful life in multiple areas.

It is entirely possible to combine these primal and professional spheres together. And what’s more, women respond sexually to either and you can have the best of both worlds.

Give the image, without the negative consequences

The overarching reason guys like Jeremy Meeks attract women is due to their association with violence or possible violence, hence the “bad boy” tag. Working as a bank clerk, his appeal would be 1% of what it is with his criminal record, with or without his baby blues and cheekbones.

There’s a distinction here, as you can see, between being violent and acting potentially violent around women and others. For those of you looking to carve out careers in medicine, law, engineering or the business world, plus a host of other industries, engaging in unprovoked attacks, however morally justified, is not going to get you far. The damage to your professional standing almost always far outweighs the extra poontang you might score on the side (unless you have aspirations to be a professional criminal).

The best part is that many women will not discern a real difference between you being potentially violent and you standing up for yourself and not apologizing. Standing up for and not apologizing for yourself takes many forms. Standing up for yourself is usually reactive, as a result of what someone has done or said and the aptness of your response. Not apologizing for yourself is basically just how you generally behave. Do you apologize, for example, for taking up space on a sidewalk or do you own that space plus some more?

Try some examples of your own

For time immemorial, men feared by other men or associated with violence, however true or not true, have been immortalized by countless women. Bikers, mafioso, and ghetto gangstas have this in common.

When you walk in large cities, you might notice the propensity of people, especially young women, not to move around you when you’re walking towards one another. Sometimes they will deliberately try and cut you off, expecting you’ll concede space. Don’t. Aside from those with infirmities, the elderly or parents with young children, plough through.

The best cases are the groups of three or four walking in line with another so that almost no one can pass them. Last month, one middle-aged woman on the end refused to make way and fall behind her colleagues. Oh well, my bag ran into her. And it hurt. Too bad for her.

When you’re with your girl, a female target or just female friends, try things like this out. There’s a time and place for etiquette and politeness but at least 90% of the time, barring those with mobility issues, it isn’t on the streets you walk. I also (calmly) confront those who blow tobacco smoke in my face accidentally, half- or full-daring them to try again (depending on whether I’m being sarcastic or plain condescending).

Rather than being a staged action, it’s who I am, someone utterly repulsed by cigarette fumes. I would do the same thing alone or with a girl. And if it weren’t due to social conditioning, those of you not doing it would be doing it. The context is more like becoming who you really are, rather than what society has demanded you be: the timid, ball-less gentleman.

I am going to suggest to you that making retaliatory or wisecracking comments to abrasive males in the projects of Detroit or the Bronx, or the non-tourist suburbs of Moscow, is maybe not worth the effort (or the dental bill). Likewise, hyperaggressive attitudes in women will become a turnoff, because they’re either masks for deep insecurity or a sign of severe emotional imbalance.

It is your responsibility not to tip the ship over and to modulate your approach to maximize the two-headed hydra of a primal male who has professional and other success.

Protect your interests and others’

Combative attitudes, expressed in different ways, attract women.

Did someone badly crash into you or, better yet, your friend on the street or somewhere else? Tell them to apologize. People usually stare at such actions, instead of calling them out. Be the one who does. Especially in clear moral instances, such as when I see a group making fun of a single individual, exploding (in a way you control, even if others don’t see it), frequently reaps sexual dividends. The effect on your personality down the track with other girls, leading to more dividends still, is particularly important. And don’t confuse pussified white knighting with anything like this.

Remember, though, balance is key. Truly violent men, through a combination of their life-limiting rap sheets, social stigma and lack of focus, rarely realize more than a fraction of their potential. As their body decays after their youth, they’re mostly left with nothing good materially or sexually. You must be the proverbial hawk of your own life, your eyes keenly aware of the symbiotic relationship between the potentially violent man who stands up for himself and the effective man who gets shit done in the rest of his life.

Always recall that secret no woman will admit: men seen as potentially violent make most of them wet.

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352 thoughts on “Men Benefit From Acting Potentially Violent And Explosive Around Women”

  1. I wonder if aggressive online trolling makes them wet? This might all be true but overall it sounds like a persuasive argument for MGTOW.

    1. It does. Ive done it plenty of times. Even to girls Im friends with. I piss them off so many times and they ALL. COME. BACK. They throw a fit that Im callous or whatever and then 6 months later…

        1. I’d say Steve Irwin had his own allure to certain women.
          Just like the rest of us.
          We don’t all suit intimidating and macho nor do all women want it.

        1. I have a couple of machetes I bought from Cold Steel. I’ll try one of them the next time I have to kill a rattlesnake in front of female witnesses.

        2. Lol yeah. Top alpha Daimyos like Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu had harems full of cocubines and multiples wives.

    1. Only the shovel gets wet. Catch it and play with it if you’re a snake man, otherwise catch it with a trash can, then bag it & check if it’s a rare one. An endangered one like the Timber rattler would be like shredding a $100 bill lying on the ground. Someone in your area would give a few bucks for one.
      Copperheads are worthless. Kill ’em all. Copperheads have the deadliest bite and have replaced endangered strains of rattlers which are easier to hear and avoid. A rattler den sounds like a loud box of baby rattles audiable for a large distance but the copperheads are silent and deadly. There’s no known immunity to copperhead bite but snake handlers know that rattler bite builds immunity. Handlers are bit frequently and a rattler bite becomes as harmless as a bee sting. A first bite can be bad but copperhead is always bad plus copperheads mix breed with black snakes and rattlers and the offspring has no rattle. Mongrel pieces of shit they are.
      ‘Snakey’ chicks or chicks that are comfortable holding a snake always get wet when they’re around a crowd and they spot a snake. Be the daring guy to catch it with her and play with it and she’s 99.9% DTF. BUT REMEMBER wash your hands after handling wild reptiles especially before eating or foreplay. Salmonella is often present on the skin surface of wild turtles, frogs, any reptile.

        1. With women, I’ve got a long bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end. I slip the loop around their necks so they can’t get away or come too close. Like catching snakes.
          Marlon Brando

        1. I was going off the top of my memory with the stories of hybrids. I’ve heard many times from word of mouth about the copperhead mixes. Now that you debunked the possibility of cross breeding, I looked it up and find as many links about the myths as with the myth busting. There’s even something about cottonmouth/copper hybrid. This I do know, timber rattler dens were easy to locate by their sound. Early settlers in the hills would burn them out and with the advent of dynamyte in the 1800’s, countless dens were blasted by farmers and pioneer/settlers and the timber rattlers were reduced to almost nil. They’re now ‘endangered’. Areas where they resided today have been replaced by the copperhead primarily. I’ll look up link for venom potency on copper vs rattle but I’ve heard also from word/radio programs even about copper being the more potent.

        2. I didn’t debunk anything. I was just always interested in how deadly the Mojave is. I respect your knowledge on this.

        3. No it was mr franken above that debunked the cross breeding. I meant to post that to his reply. My bad. But the Mojave crosses with diamondback and produces even more potent venom. Mojave is large & venomous. Mojaves in s. Arizona can be the Mojave ‘green’ with weaker venom but they’ve got a component in the venom that is hemmorhagic. If they crossed with diamondback, it could be the newest ‘crack’ of venoms. LD50 with common mojave is highest of American snakes excluding coral without antivenon administered. It’s funny but while weedeating on east coast, I ran across two (1male &1female) green diamondback looking snakes with pit viper shaped heads. The patterns on back had green hues. Female had lime green and male had olive tint and NO RATTLES! These freaky looking snakes were found in a field I was cutting adjacent to a state university. They looked strangely like mojaves but a bit smaller and without rattles. Another guy cutting the field with me thought they looked odd too and joked that they must have escaped from some university lab building.
          HERE’S ONE THOUGH: Ever consider the daddy long legs? The most venomous spider has ‘no fangs’?? Very odd indeed. Consider if they ever DID have protruding fangs at any point in time. Daddy long legs are everywhere, under every board and rock. The place would be uninhabitable by humans or any other mammal with hairless exposed skin. At some point, the daddy long legs were tweaked or the gene that produces fangs was switched off so man could safely settle areas. It doesn’t make sense that the most venomous spider would naturally have no delivery mechanism. So don’t any asshole biologists ever think about switching their fangs back on and I mean it. You’d be a baaad motherfucker!! :}

        4. You have great interests, man. I heard the Mojave was greenish also. I also heard it’s North America’s only true ‘3-stepper’ as in; get bit, take three steps, and on to St. Peter. Maybe that’s overstating it but I don’t want to get bit. Eastern Washington has a surprising amount of rattlers. Golf courses always have signs about heading out for a lost ball. Not worth it. A guy I got paired with had golfed the day before also and said a big, fat, green rattler was waiting for him on one of the elevated tee boxes. I wondered if it was a Mojave. It’s so weird to be that close to death.

      1. MCGOO has outed himself/herself as someone whom just makes shit up, or believes anything he/she hears. Copperheads cannot interbread with black snakes (totally different taxanomic classification and not even close to the same species. Black snakes lay eggs, copperheads give birth to live young. Constrictor vs viper. This is almost as bad as claiming a snake and a lizard could interbread. Or a chimp and an orangutang There is also no evidence at all for this claim). Also, copperheads have a mild venom compared to rattlers. I’m not sure about the claim that people can build immunity to rattler bites and can’t to copperheads. That may be true or may not as far as I know. But I do know that in the state I live in, copperheads are the most common venomous snake and account for the vast majority of envenomnations by snakes. Yet, there is no medically confirmed record of anyone dying in my state by copperhead bite. Ever since they have been keeping record for this statistic, everyone has made it to the hospital and received treatment in enough time. Not true for our several species of rattle snakes and also cottonmouths. One guy died earlier this summer from a cottonmouth bite near where I live.

  2. Yes. Absolutely true
    I remember me and my pals coming on top of a brawl with a group of Rugby players back in 03 at a student bar
    We were swimming in pussy for a year afterwards.
    Pretty sad really. But I don’t make the rules

    1. I remember knocking this bitch and her brothers AND dad out.
      She wouldn’t come near me after this…
      What’s your secret dude?

        1. Do some research. Apparently if you take some, it turns you into a combination of Einstein, Don Juan, and Carrot Top

        2. I was playing along.
          I’m very familiar with the farce that was Kratom and how it couldn’t even afford an FDA pass.

        3. Not sure I understand you. Can you specify what this farce is?
          Also, to say that Kratom cannot “afford an FDA pass” in fact implies that you give the FDA credence. Or are you implying that drug companies simply pay the FDA for a de facto license to sell their drugs?

        4. The Farce was the claims Kratom would pull girls for you, keep your dick hard, increase your income, increase your bench, guarantee a starting spot on an NFL roster, prevent concussions, treat STD’s, cure bad breath, tarmac your drive and come with family life insurance plans so competitive you’d be loopy to go elsewhere.
          I do not give the FDA credence.
          Fluoride… need I say more.

    2. Things like that do make you sad don’t they? (I say that because sometimes it makes me sad) It shouldn’t be that way but that’s the way it is.

      1. Sad is maybe something I felt upon first seeing the black souls of women exposed.
        Now it’s just indifference and disgust. In this respect I have no problems getting aggressive with women and possibly even violent. It’s what they respond to and it gets your needs/wants met.
        I always feel justified too because no matter what I do to women, they do much much worse to innocent lives all the time like pay a man to kill their unborn babies. I simply can’t match that kind of psychosis. I actually do have a conscience.
        But knowing these things frees me from any guilt whatsoever. They literally deserve the worst you can give them. Not only that, but they likely will love you for it too.

        1. Not only that, but they likely will love you for it too.
          Wow, that line reminds me of “Gladiator” after Commodus brings back the Gladiator games.
          Here are the original lines:

          Gracchus: Fear and wonder, a powerful combination.
          Falco: You really think people are going to be seduced by that?
          Gracchus: I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it’s the sand of the coliseum. He’ll bring them death – and they will
          love him for it.

          Now here are the lines again just with the word “women” substituted for “Rome”.
          Gracchus: Fear and wonder, a powerful combination.
          Falco: You really think people are going to be seduced by that?
          Gracchus: I think he knows what women are. Women are the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Women is not the marble of the senate,it’s the sand of the coliseum. He’ll bring them death – and they will love him for it.

          LOL still lines up.

        2. Basically we owe it to women to become harder, colder, more violent because it is what they clamor for.
          We should all become conquering kings crushing skulls and laying greedy hands on helpless conquered women.
          It was Genghis Khan who said(paraphrasing)
          There is no greater joy in life than to clasp to your bosom the wives and daughters of your conquered enemies.
          This is our world and this is the truth I know. Get in line or get your fuckin teeth kicked in.

        3. “they literally deserve the worst you can give them” “they likely will love you for it too.”
          What really shocked me was the reading the article about the massive amount of psychopath women flying to to arabia to get shit on their face for money and enjoying it, while having abortions in between trips

        4. Jesus Christ.
          And don’t go through anyone else – speak to Him yourself.
          You will thank me that you did I promise.
          No patronize…

        5. You’re not really making sense here man. Because some women have abortions you punish other women who haven’t? That is irrational and ironically how we expect women to behave.

        6. Lighten up. Women never had souls to begin with. Where’d you ever get the idea they did. Well the myth they have souls is everywhere like the flu bug but concisely a woman’s soul is more like an incomplete soul or a ‘brain stem’ of a soul without the lobes and worx. A man dominating her mind and spirit makes her ‘soul’ complete alas. It’s been put many ways many times e.g. ‘the man is woman’s head’ and so on. The curve is getting steep here tonight and there isn’t a woman on earth that can do better than swat into the wind at any of this. Bitches just stfu and throw your all to the feet of the patriarch.

        7. Perhaps you are right. It is unfAir to judge all women based on the actions of some.
          Perhaps it is unfair to judge them at all by the same criteria we would judge a man with. What’s left if we understand this point then it is to dominate them completely.

        8. Fair enough man. We need to maintain our own dignity in the face of provocation. This means holding one person accountable for their own sins but not those of others. With women it is rare that they will admit their own responsibility. They will tie themselves up in knots trying to justify themselves or how what they did is not their fault. They simply do not understand personal responsibility when it is applied to themselves.
          For this reason it is for their benefit that they are guided and led by men. We must be judicious in this however, and not take out our own problems on them.

        9. “It is unfAir to judge all women based on the actions of some.”
          Remember this the next time a feminist is telling you about Thatcher or some other iron lady as justification for the feminist crap!

        10. Any well paid pro athlete you mean.
          And it’s the well paid part that gets the girls not the athlete part.
          It’s worthless to a woman unless it actually makes her life easier.

    3. Bad boys are just white knights in the eyes of a woman. If you look bad to attract women you’re a white knight.
      The only bad boys that are not white knight are those sociopaths of all levels from prison to mansion who get chicks as sexual objects secondary to their dominance, whom women know that will obtain nothing more than wild sex and a sociopath child that won’t perish in front of the betadom
      “Protect your interests and others”
      Beta express is now ongoing to cucktown.
      Betas shouldn’t fight to impress women but to keep away their Natural Rights from “democracy” ,women and lower betas in the form of state.
      Choo choo cuck chuck kuk chuk cunt choo chuck choo!! Lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolanalmao
      Who is gonna to stop dat cuck?? Who is gonna to close the bux tap?? Maybe the Trump?? while feminist say “Tax to jizz your wife, is fine!! tax tap bux tap, cuck tap”
      The price of equally is in its top!!

        1. Next RoK article.” Why men should stop cooperate to lift themselves to the Moon and wisdom and care about women basical instinct & protection in Internet.”

      1. Good points about true bad boys being outliers nobody wants around.
        This whole manosphere is being led by college boys from the ‘burbs.
        What they think is intimidating is just pouting and posturing. It stops pretty quickly when the shit hits the fan.
        When your from the ghetto, the last place you wanna be is the ghetto.

      2. Exactly….you shouldn’t be getting into a fight over a girl.
        but by all means get into a fight for yourself….don’t back off there and you’ll be swimming in pussy.
        I once got into a fight with an alpha of a group.I was relatively new to the group.Normally I have no interest in being the leader of men. I am more of a sigma character like Nick Krauser. The rule is to align yourself with alpha males in the group. I always do this.
        But this guy would often be disrespectful to me for no reason.He always looked at me like I was a threat to his group dynamics. Anyways ,one day we get into an altercation. He charged at me. Me having a boxing background, knocked him out with a few punches.Even when he was on the ground, i kicked him which broke his jaw.
        His father decided to keep the matter a low affair and didn’t report to the police since he was running for the local elections.
        My SMV sky-rocketted after that….After the incident, he was respectful whenever we met and the girls….dripping wet with pussy. The way these girls looked at me was never the same. Most of them were already into me but this just took their attraction for me to another level.It does solidify your rank as the top dog in group dynamics or atleast you get a label of someone not to fuck with.Either ways it conveys power and the ladies love it.
        The only street fight I have been in…..Heck I woudn’t get into a fight over a women…..NO ways!!!!
        Feminism killed the white night in me long back
        Ladies, you are on your own. (Equal & strong enough to defend yourself)

  3. It all comes down to evolution. Women want the best men they can get, and in pre-agri times that meant warriors and hunters who took down bears, because they were the ones who enabled everyone else to survive. It’s also why the divorce rate is north of 50%, cubicle drones are not sexy.

      1. Women are just sperm filters with set parameters, and it takes generations for those parameters to be set to a different standard through selection. It might seem women are not picking the right men for modern life, because, well, they simply don’t adapt that quickly. It might not be a bad thing. Too much inertia in a new evolutionary direction might not be beneficial for the species in the long run. Women’s choices can do make sense but many times not in the way we want them to.

        1. “it takes generations ” We’ve been out of the caves last 3000 years or more. So i think it takes longer than that. If it will even ever change.

        2. It has only been since around the 70s that society was like this. The civil war, WWII, the Red Nuclear Threat, there has always been an existential crisis, real or imagined. We currently live in the Long Peace, the longest period of peace and safety the west has ever seen in all of recorded history. It is an abnormality, and we are not genetically designed for it.

        3. “We’ve been out of the caves last 3000 years or more.”
          Much longer, and there has hardly been a cave dwelling period in Europe with some walled settlements found to be more than 5400 years old, but our current ‘management’ would like us to think people were illiterate smelly neanderthals up until yesterday. We still share some of our territorial and social ‘laws’ with other primates. It’s a slow process. We live in an artificial world with artificial rules so the natural seems counter-intuitive. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with women liking territorial, possessive, wealthy and somewhat aggressive men. The alternative to that would mean deteriorating survival skills as we can already see in most of the developed world, The welfare state is a breeding ground for all forms of mental and physical weakness and foreign invaders are making huge gains simply because the modern European for the most part is bred to be a domestic animal and not a self sufficient man and capable warrior. Selecting for aggression is vital and the only people who would dismiss that are usually loony-lefty types who consider physical fitness a sign of low intelligence (I actually know such people, how is that sort of ‘logic’ supposed to work is beyond me).

        4. This is a man who knows what he’s talking about.
          We go with the laws of nature we win, we go against them we lose.

        5. Maybe this is why the third world is out reproducing us. They are fitter and are to inherit the earth.
          These theories are funny.

        6. “When man resolves himself to the laws of nature he has truly lost.”
          A great man said this, an icon of Alpha…
          Who was it?

        7. Just because spirit sits above matter doesn’t mean we go against nature, we steer it in a beneficial direction and use it to grow stronger, that is service as well.
          No need to deny one over the other.

        8. They are ‘fitter’ only due to our handouts and inventions. Separate the first and third worlds and they die in the hundreds of millions, maybe billions, just due to their own incompetence and brutality.

        9. Do you really think that Africa or the Cradle of Civilisation aka the fertile crescent need help to live from the west? Do China? Even communism couldn’t hold those people back.
          Those places are teeming with life and have already proven how well they sustain human life.
          They are not dependant on the West – were they when the west did not exist and was just a load of inbreeding families manipulating the local peasantry into fighting their wars and conquests? All that’s changed is we have cancer and iPad’s now.
          The West has certainly conquered that part of the world – through the very brutality you convict the third world of whilst displaying INSANE incompetence along the way – the attempt at hiding the truth of 9/11 as one example and the sudden anti Russia mud throwing from the West now that Putin has emasculated our leaders to desperation are great examples of how stupid and un-superior the West and all our K selection tendencies really are.
          ROK is constantly panicking about third world migrants – does this sound like the West feels safe, secure and in control? Why complain at the speed Muslims bread – surely they are behaving better in the eye of daddy evolution no?
          If it’s not the third world eating us alive it’s our governments or illnesses that never existed 100 years ago.
          How can you think for a second that this is somehow a superior civilisation?
          The wealth here all sits in the pockets of 1% of the population whilst the rest of us are paying for austerity and recession after recession.
          In third world countries people revolt and take what they want rather than wait for their masters to give permission.
          Handout’s and inventions my arse.
          We all live off of handouts and inventions.
          You will be sorely disappointed thinking that the third world is dependant on the West – even with the history of colonialism the West hasn’t managed to do this.

        10. I’m not denying one over the other – I’m a Holistic Health Coach.
          But our spirit is what makes us human and separates us from animals.
          Animals can not have a relationship with God.
          Making too big a deal out of our animal instincts just lowers the class of human walking the planet. And is a shit way to live and view yourself.
          Don’t forget to eat and sleep certainly, but justifying human behaviour through the lens of evolution is retarded.
          I suppose we rose to be the dominant species on the planet by acting just like other animals…

        11. “They are ‘fitter’ only due to our handouts and inventions. ”
          You mean like the oil handouts we give them?
          Or the civilisations they have had for thousands of years that ‘we’ invented and at the same time somehow inherited?
          Separate the first from the third world and suddenly YOU have to go work in a sweatshop or squeeze up a chimney so that ‘we’ can be the first world. It used to be this way not long ago.
          They are fitter in that they reproduce more often as will their more numerous offspring and so on…
          Our offspring will be fewer and slower breeding.
          We loose.
          IF you take this whole evolution thing seriously.

        12. Okay, by your logic, then ants are evolving more effectively than white people from North Dakota.
          I was talking about humans and civilization, not just animal breeding
          Leave Africa to its own inventions, work ethic, and organization and you lose hundreds of millions in the next 20 years.
          Rats still exist too, does that mean that they are superior to the West? I think you’ve mistaken ‘survival/breeding’ with ‘civilization’ or you simply don’t make any distinction between those two things. Africans having 6-7 children per female and only having 3 survive while white professionals only have 1 child (who survives) doesn’t not mean “Ha, ha. Africa wins 3 to 1”
          Quality not quantity. But if some culture decides; “We will breed and live like rodents.” Then so be it. But other civilized cultures shouldn’t have to pay for it. Alas.

        13. I kind of envy you because you haven’t even gotten your first passport yet, I’m almost positive. Here’s a bit of advice; GO to the third world and see for yourself if they’re so great. Go chew on some young boobs while you’re at it. Nothing like it. But your whole idolization of the third world as the true, superior cultures will make you laugh at your debunked naivety. You will laugh, laugh, laugh at your younger self, not only loudly but heartily as well. You have some good things in front of you.

        14. “I kind of envy you because you haven’t even gotten your first passport yet, I’m almost positive.”
          “Go chew on some young boobs while you’re at it.”
          ” But your whole idolization of the third world as the true, superior cultures will make you laugh at your debunked naivety”
          I simply pointed out that the Third world is winning the evolution game.
          High IQ’s aren’t worth much if your outnumbered 300 to 1.
          Lucky we are not playing the evolution game eh?
          Why don’t you list the ways white people are superior?

        15. “Almost?”
          Okay. I’m positive you’ve never been overseas then. Especially after your latest blast of internet pseudo worldliness
          No. 18 and up, 16 in some countries. When in Rome….
          “Third world is winning the evolution game”
          The third world is not winning the ‘evolution’ game because breeding does not equal evolution. They are devolving. Just because our charity and inventions keep them alive doesn’t mean they are ‘winning’. Google ‘India sewer’ or ‘Indonesia river pollution’ if you think they are winning.
          “High IQ’s aren’t worth much if you’re outnumbered 300 to 1.”
          Ground war smack? Hilarious. Those same high IQ’s have perfected drones among other things. Outnumbered? What is it? The year 1855?
          We could eliminate most of the third world simply by withdrawing aid.

        16. So you bang 16 year old’s in other countries?
          Do you disagree with it in the US or do you sometimes break the law if she’s above a 6 and there are no police around?
          Serious question with serious ramifications.
          “Okay. I’m positive you’ve never been overseas then.”
          Positive would at least be a bit more Alpha than almost… so good for you kid.
          “Just because our charity and inventions keep them alive doesn’t mean they are ‘winning’.
          What do you mean by ‘our charity and inventions’?

          How does China fall on the first world-third world continuum?
          You know nothing of the geopolitical state. There is no such thing as the third world – everywhere you go there are wealthy elites who control populations – the bigger those populations the more powerful the nation and China is a perfect example of both this AND higher IQ’s in the third world. China basically owns large parts of Africa and South America.
          Those great Western Drones you speak of really worked great against ISIS didn’t they and Russia sure did regret not using any when they went in huh? Crazy to stick to old fashioned cruise missiles and supersonic fighter jets.
          The genetic quality you allude to is a false argument and you are attempting to bring this down to a tech war.
          But the way these things play out is far more complex than your limited experience allows you to understand.
          The US is not the big guy anymore. Europe hasn’t been for a LONG time.
          The BRICS nations are the third world geniuses who are harnessing the evolutionary superior strategy of being too numerous and too vast to overcome or be stopped.
          More people means more production.
          More soldiers, more engineers, more programers, more hackers, more men to bang, more women to bang, more geniuses, more generals, more builders, more miners, more of everything. The whole war effort escalates mightily the more people you have and the more space you have.
          This is basic command and conquer stuff.

        17. Also, the idea of the third world employing more of an r selective strategy but for the fitness of their genes to be ‘lesser’ contradicts itself.
          R selective strategies typically entail stronger genetic fitness as a priority compared to k selective strategies.
          The strengths of each strategy are undermined by their weaknesses meaning one is no better than the other, rather k is an adaptation to a sparser environment that looses out in fitness and genetic strength.
          So one is not better than the other. One is just more numerous and exponentially more ‘successful’ in the realm of high quality reproduction because of this. Go to Ghana or Sierra Leone and see how young and old men in the countryside are built like He-Man without even being aware of the concept of weight training, dieting let alone steroids.

        18. Buddy,
          Log off and actually go somewhere. You’re a mess of a human being and your brain is 100% pure internet.

        19. One more time;
          Breeding like rodents is not the same thing as an evolving civilization.
          Unrelated question; You’re not white, amirite?

        20. “One more time;
          Breeding like rodents is not the same thing as an evolving civilisation.”
          Well if you’ve said it one more time that settles it then I guess. Unorthodox technique… but what the hell.
          “Unrelated question; You’re not white, emirate?”
          I am Christian.

        21. Good response, You’ve certainly proven your original point.
          But if the Police come asking about the 16 yo girls I’d think of something smarter to say.

        22. Because their part of your ‘network’?
          Do you make teenage girls you seduce produce ID just to be extra careful or are you risqué like that?
          Why not deal with women who have finished education?
          Talk about r selective barbarity.

      2. By caveman standards (which is what we biologically are), yes. Women want violent men. They are far more instinctual creatures than we are, which is why their actions make no sense to a civilized man. So, don’t be civilized. At least not around women.

    1. “It all comes down to evolution”
      No it doesn’t.
      If it did, we’d all be sexually superior specimens after billions of years of ‘evolution’.
      We wouldn’t need to go online and get advice on how to get laid.
      What kind of species evolves to need more and more help with the basic procreation thing that evolution relies upon?
      It’s safe to say that the species is devolving in the basic mission objective if evolution or sexual selection is at play at all.
      And then there’s the lack of scientific evidence to give us even a hint at what was happening on the planet billions of years ago.

      1. Evolution hasn’t caught up with technology. That’s why society is crumbling, our monkey brains can’t handle this world we have built over the past few generations.

        1. Evolution isn’t happening. Genes get simpler. Not more complex. They lose information coding rather than gather or develop it.
          Our ancestors were genetically far more diverse and robust than we are.
          But the problems between men and women come more from a have/have not’s society.
          Some men have, women want as well.
          Some men do not have, anything for women to want.

        2. Genes develop in whatever direction they need to according to their environment. Complexity for its own sake is not always useful.

        3. Modern humans haven’t been around long enough to biologically evolve to any noticeable extent. Certainly, 6000 years of civilization isn’t long enough. However, social evolution has been tremendous, especially in the last 100 years and more particularly in the last 50 years. Memes move much faster than genes.

        4. No they don’t they mutate (often randomly) – this is NOT adding new or more information.
          It’s mutating, not evolving.
          And the mutation is random outside of the epigenetic’s realm. And always within set parameters called ‘type’ – the dog type, the snake type etc… an orange tiger, a white tiger, and big eared elephant, a small eared elephant..
          Epigenetic varying expressions are not permanent nor evolving. It all happens within our ‘type’. Thats why after billions of years animals are still dumb compared to humans even though we’ve all been on the same planet all this time.
          For example, humans do not have an epigenetic possibility of having an articulated limb on the forehead with a night vision eye attached at the end. Praise God.
          We have increased fat storage, green eyes, different immune function etc…
          It’s all within the human type.

      2. If it did, we’d all be sexually superior specimens after billions of years of ‘evolution’.
        But we are. Problem is, some are more than others..

        1. It doesn’t.
          There are enough fuck ups in nature too, but they don’t survive.
          We keep retards and ill people alive with medicine and technology.

        2. ” but they don’t survive”
          It does not matter whether one survives or not – if everything dies then nothing survives does it?
          And everything dies in Darwin’s theory doesn’t it?
          What matters is reproduction – the more you do the better – the better you are the more you do, that’s why everyone want’s to be Alpha. According to this theory…
          So the third world is better evolved as demonstrated by the fact’s. They are reproducing more often and more successfully because those they create through reproduction themselves procreate more often and so on.
          So whilst your looking to Darwin’s theory to feel better about yourself, the fact’s according to this theory say different. Why would the West ‘evolve’ an inferior reproductive strategy?
          And how has having an inferior reproductive strategy led you to believe it was superior?
          Because we have fiat currency and increasing rates of degenerative and mental health diseases but can theorise about the planet billions of years ago?
          Because the West’s wealth is disproportionately monopolised by the 1% we all work for, learn from and then pay taxes to?
          If Darwin’s theory is correct (it isn’t and anything based off his idea is doomed to failure – inter-gender relationships especially) then the West is well and truly deserving of being prevented from passing this DNA on.
          I bet you thought you was better than the muslims huh?

    2. “Women want the best men they can get…”
      Sadly, the best men, don’t want them anymore.
      That’s why the only people successfully reproducing nowadays are the dumbest and ugliest of them all. They are the ones pushing out baby after baby.
      And the guys with the most sex with different partners are usually the ones who’re partying the most. The more you are around drunk women, the more likely you get laid. That’s how it works today. It has nothing to do with acting like a grown up man or a grown up woman anymore.
      The few warrior types are the ones you don’t really see because they are the ones staying far away from modern women and their bullshit.

      1. Exactly. Having loads of sex doesn’t even groove with Darwin’s theory.
        Just mindlessly procreating makes no sense – life is supposed to get easier and less stressful for the next generation – via evolution.
        If your just knocking up fat drunk slags who have no idea your getting the bus home and live with a roommate it’s not really a sexual selection based in line with survival of the fittest strategy.
        The men women chose are often the men other men admire, what comes first I don’t know. What makes a man attractive is not completely gender specific no homo.

        1. Thanks dude I’m well familiar with r/k selection theory.
          I find it doesn’t apply so well to humans ESPECIALLY human females…
          Most people feel they go back and forth between the two within a 24 hour period…
          Great way to form a convincing eugenics argument tho…

  4. “You must be the proverbial hawk of your own life, your eyes keenly aware of the symbiotic relationship between the potentially violent man who stands up for himself and the effective man who gets shit done in the rest of his life ”
    Excellent article especially this (above quoted) next to last paragraph. There has to be a balance. Being a violent piece of shit may get a man knee deep in pussy, and that pussy will be hot looking, but there is more to life than fucking. Today it’s ‘clown’ game is what gets women, and in time with the way things are heading, it will probably evolve to ‘de-generate’ game where chicks won’t give you the time of day unless you murder someone. Seriously.
    But for every guy’s head you smash in just to gain the temporary affections of a greasy, STD riddled whore, you sacrifice in another aspect of your life be it developing one’s career or business idea or other passion that enhances him as a human being. Rare exceptions aside, women are parasites and the only real value they have is a vagina, and little more. So a man should not waste much energy on them.
    Back 60 years ago men had that part of them that would get violent if needed e.g. defend his family and friends with potentially deadly force. That was enough to keep the average normal girl by his side. Today all traces of masculinity have been weened out of Generation Buttplug millenials to the point where females are running to prisons to find boyfriends. Yes, a woman today would much prefer be with a man who might cut her head off and throw it out a window then deal with a nice guy, or even a faux alpha.
    When men were normal they had that aspect of violence that seemed to have the right balance for the protection and support of the family and society. That simbiotic relationship between the potentially violent man who stands up for himself and the effective man who gets shit done in the rest of his life was a natural part ot his existance a couple of generations ago.

    1. “Being a violent piece of shit may get a man knee deep in pussy, and that pussy will be hot looking,”
      What how to be alpha manual did you get this abomination from?
      “But for every guy’s head you smash in just to gain the temporary affections of a greasy, STD riddled whore, you sacrifice in another aspect of your life be it developing one’s career or business idea or other passion that enhances him as a human being.”
      Yes terms of incarceration are a right spanner in the work’s of a career.
      How many guy’s heads have you smashed in mate?

      1. Those parts of my reply you quoted is my über sarcasm / cynicism talking. I was simply stating the insightfulness of the author’s paragraph I mentioned.

    2. I find it rather interesting that America seems to be fighting over whether it is going to turn into Demolition Man’s prediction of the future, or Escape from LA’s…

  5. So women’s reproductive choices reproduce violence? Essential game advice or a call for some radically revisionist history in which women take a tiny bit of responsibility for the mayhem in the world around us that always falls exclusively on the shoulders of evil men? Truth is feminism knows these truths only too well but when it seeks to block men’s capacity to fulfill ‘ evil/ bad boy game’ it never ever addresses the nature of the attraction itself since the purpose is to disrupt rather improve heterosexual relationships. The question that should be being asked is if every girl loves a nazi might that have had some small effect in creating nazism? Just a thought

    1. The only thing the germans did wrong was lose. The winner is ALWAYS right and the loser is ALWAYS the worst demon the world has ever seen. It may even have been better for the west if the germans had won.

      1. That’s not really got much to do with the point I was making but I’m sure it will drive the ladies insane with desire anyway

        1. A lot of fucking, raping and whoring is going on during and after a war. It has nothing to do with winner or loser. I guarantee, way more German men fucked German women back then.

  6. The Jeremy Meeks fascination in the news was a great red pill lesson. Remember, we live in “rape culture”, where even saying the word can “trigger” an unsuspecting FEMALE victim, right?
    Yet because blue pill men were upset that this guy was soaking panties and getting so many up-votes on Facebook, they resorted to making prison rape jokes, and EVERYBODY laughed while the feminist puppet masters smirked and rubbed their hands together behind the scenes.

    1. Yeah, this case was like a crossing the rubicon moment for me too- how many men become penpals with hot female felons?

      1. Only reason I bring it up is because I think that this is an issue that may help more MGTOWs, gamergate folks, and MRAs adopt a more neomasculine viewpoint. We can help them see the bullshit (give them the red pill), but also prove to them that this is simply typical western female nature and not worth getting upset about.
        Maybe we can show them that women take the shape of their container ( i.e. follow men, ), so rather than act like helpless victims of the system, we can unite and introduce ways in which we can move this country in a healthier direction… Or just become PUAs and “enjoy the decline”.

        1. Just about every mug shot of a female felon are plain to fugly. If that gets you going, then knock yourself out.

        2. You are a very strange fellow. As most guys here, I despise feminism. However, I am still very fond of women as a whole.

    2. And it also shows how dumb and shallow modern women are because this is how Meeks actually looks like (without contact lenses and other metrosexual shit going on)….no more pretty boy, just the average street thug:

        1. The photo you attached did not appear when I first read what you stated. Now it does. It’s the fake contact lenses that I think make the difference. Damn — wearing fake contacts has always been a personal insecurity chick thing, but now guys are doing this too?

        2. I heard about the advances on the rehabilitation schemes in some prisons, but, complete ethnic and racial reconfiguration, including eye color, well I’m glad to see the taxpayers money is being spend so wisely.

        3. Really hard tough bad guys like this joker are yes.
          Fukin blue contact lenses on a female inmate is gay… let alone in there with the boys…

      1. I’ve known Jamaicans to tattoo the tear when they have killed somebody – gay if you ask me but whatev’s.
        But the moment I saw this guy I thought he was a phoney with his tear tattoo…
        Just seems a bit too artistic and pretty.
        Goes to show the lighting effect made him look like a model…

    3. Come on man, he’s extremely good looking with light skin and blue eyes – his appeal has very little to do with his criminal inclinations.
      There are many serious killers and hard men behind bars and women don’t even know they exist.
      Most of the real tough guys I know stick to childhood links and prostitutes/strippers.

      1. “Come on man, he’s extremely good looking with light skin and blue eyes –
        his appeal has very little to do with his criminal inclinations.”
        No, you’re wrong. Part of his appeal is definitely because of his good looks . light skin and blue eyes, as you put it.. but another and just as strong part of his appeal to women is his “bad boy” cred and criminal, violent tendencies.
        There are lots of good looking guys who don’t look like they could kill someone or seriously hurt someone.. who women couldn’t care less about. Only very young teeny bopper girls like the clean-cut, handsome guys. Most women like a bit of an edge.. thuggish. .bad-boy type in their men. The tattoos.. the thuggish, criminal violent history and past.. and how good he looks in that picture.. are what make women cream their panties.

        1. “but another and just as strong part of his appeal to women is his “bad boy” cred and criminal, violent tendencies.”
          All that photo say’s is ‘I was told to pout for this CK underwear shoot”.
          I’m not sure he gives off bad boy, criminal or violent tendencies.
          He’s pretending to have blue eyes. The lighting is extremely deceptive. The orange jump suit does more than you notice I think. The facial expression just screams do me in the arse.
          “There are lots of good looking guys who don’t look like they could kill someone or seriously hurt someone.. who women couldn’t care less about.”
          Like Johnny Deep or Tom Cruise? What you just said was fail on so many levels.
          “and how good he looks in that picture.. are what make women cream their panties.”
          Yeah blue contact lenses, pouty ‘life’s been SO hard’ facial expression and lighting to enhance my bone structure makes women cream their panties…
          Do you see how deceptive this all is?
          You should know to never trust what a woman says about something she has no relationship to. Women say all sorts of things in the moment because it just seems like the right thing to say.
          Do you think this guy is more popular than Johnny Depp?
          Get real. You are experiencing your own homoerotic feelings and transferring them to women to justify those feelings.
          Basic psychology.

    4. This is just fake eye color, which is sometimes seen in black people. Women might like this look but it is artificial. Being black with blue eyes is considered “special” or something. Another example of a dark-skinned guy with fake eye color is Roman Reigns.

  7. What a joke. I actually am someone who intimidates people, men and women alike. I come form a rough background and grew up around a very large and powerful criminal family, well aware of whats out there. I am fairly large and muscular from years of playing football and sprinting and weightlifting.
    The last thing any man wants to do is be physically scary or threatening to women. If you have no money, even worse. Grown men should not make people around them feel like they could actually be problem any minute coming. This would be pathetic.
    The only women who will stick around beyond learning your name will be fucking trash.
    Life as an actual ‘alpha male’ is not all it’s cracked up to be. Real alpha’s don’t write articles giving advice, fake alpha’s got it all worked out and run wild with fantasies of acting threatening to pull birds…
    It’s one thing a woman wanting a man who she feels WILL and CAN protect her (no woman ever KNOWS this because it depends more upon the assailant than the guy fighting to defend her) but wanting to protect and capability to protect is a very different thing form being threatening to other people.
    If your threatening around people like me we neutralise that threat quickly. (with prayer of course).

    1. “The only women who will stick around beyond learning your name will be fucking trash”
      But that ‘trash’ will rate 9+ on the looks beauty scale, so this is why the topic in question is something of keen interest to the readers here.
      “What a joke”
      You either do not ‘get it’ or you are a fraud. I highly doubt that if you are who you claim you are (muscular, rough background) that you must see the value of having an intimidating demeanor appealing to women.

      1. “But that ‘trash’ will rate 9+ on the looks beauty scale, so this is why the topic in question is something of keen interest to the readers here.

        No. Just stop it. Myers Brigg’s Look’s Beauty Scale?
        “You either do not ‘get it’ or you are a fraud. I highly doubt that if you are who you claim you are (muscular, rough background) that you must see the value of having an intimidating demeanour appealing to women.”
        Do I smell Jealousy?
        There is no understating the advantage of height, but coming across as threatening in my experience has only quite literally scared women away in my experience, I have had a few pillow conversations and aha! moments that have given me good confirmation. I had no idea for much of my adult life but now a lot makes sense.
        Note that I am not boasting about having loads of women here – quite the opposite.
        I don’t know why you feel so threatened Lol lol lol.

        1. I’m not threatened, but rather I think you might be lying and I’m calling you out on it. Anyone that has a potentially threating demeanor has an advantage, not disadvantage.

        2. And I would love to say it’s a great advantage believe me.
          “but rather I think you might be lying”
          I might…
          Did my body language give it away?
          Do you find it hard to believe that a man might be muscular and intimidating or is it just hard to stomach the idea?
          Or do you think I’m lying about playing Football…?
          I mean what are the chances of a guy playing Football and being larger than average and intimidating…?
          Come on, I wanna know your thought process Morison…
          Maybe you could drop an advice bomb on this poorly liar on how he might overcome his beauty and the beast repetitive cycle that morns his heart so?

        3. Ok fair enough. Of course I don’t know you – so I would say maybe look into someone who is some kind of image consultant. Sounds weird I know, but maybe speak with someone who might advise on proper walking, and dress, and conversation ability. These are just random thoughts. It’s just the “basic checklist” of things to look into. It’s just that being fit with muscles is always a good thing. And maybe you simply need to adopt something in your overall presentation / appearance to help balance out whatever extreme that might be coming across as too much.

        4. I walk with a bounce. I am an athletic specimen if I do say so myself.
          Everything about my body language is in line with a confident and capable man. According to Darwin’s theory women should be opening up as I pass. The Football field actually doesn’t prepare a man to do well with women – just look at the behind the scenes goings on with the NFL. A large well built man with loads of money and fame does not a superior man make I’m afraid.
          The difference comes down to whether a man is genuinely intimidating because he places no-one above himself and his own needs, or whether a man gives off a vibe of possibly being intimidating under the right lighting and with blue contacts on provided it’s politically correct.
          The former will attract desperate women who are willing to put themselves second due to lack of alternatives.
          The latter is actually someone a woman could co-labour with to raise a family.
          Being as we are not mice, evolution picks the latter. And hence the West is being viewed as full of pussies. Even though it’s a ‘superior’ mating strategy we are being out-mated and overrun.
          How do you pick a superior male from the contestants?

        5. And PS, I do not have a problem with women – because I am well aware of my tendency to come across as genuinely scary and I take pains to avoid it.
          Far more successful than just going with women who like scary men I promise.

    2. Dude, it is because of your innate threatening stature versus your desire not to come off as threathening that is attracting the females. Nevertheless, having a threatening stature gives you a slight advantage.

      1. Good point – not sure true for me but your right.
        Just being tall is considered intimidating by women.
        The more intimidating you appear, the less you have to work to establish a presence, but what a woman considers intimidating is very different from a man.
        But the question was does being threatening do wonders for your male female relationships.
        It does not. And is not the same as appearing intimidating.
        A bodyguard might be intimidating.
        An Assassin is threatening.

  8. Some of these articles have been getting really click baity lately.
    It’s as if it’s written specifically for wanna be alpha kids desperate to get laid.
    The common denominator with every time I’ve gotten laid is this:
    I could take it or leave it. Never chase. That’s it. END OF STORY.
    Never “try”. They smell this on you a mile away.
    The best game is no game at all.

    1. Yeah, if your life itself is accomplishing the things game is trying to. That seems to be one of the things this article is getting at. Surely this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of the benefits of aggression in the boardroom, etc. etc.

      1. The aggression that is appropriate for the bedroom is NOT appropriate for the Bar now boys.
        Lets not forget that OK.

      2. “Agressive” has two connotations. One is being proactive and assertive while the other is being bellicose.

    2. Well said.
      I commented that I am quite imposing and intimidating and that it’s not all the article cracks it up to be.
      I have two haters traipsing around behind me flinging shite at my Alpha face.

      1. The problem is that such haters are often protected.
        Haters, taddle tales and trouble makers have a free pass to fling shite without immediate/direct/appropriate repercussion.

  9. The pussy babies are out in full force today. This guy is not condoning that you act violently, only that you show a willingness to stand your ground in day to day situations, and don’t reflexively apologize for minor shit.

      1. Is this site return of princes’s or return of kings man?
        You need to be told to stand your ground and not apologise out of turn?

    1. I went to a college football game at a huge arena recently. Walking through the crowd in the arena by the concession stands and restrooms, I could not believe the number of these college guys said “sorry” to me when we crossed each other’s paths. I would say “pardon me” or “excuse me”, but never used “sorry”. Now I see how pathetic the men have become.

        1. Thats a great point- fantasy sports has kinda gotten outta control…if youre over 30, and still playing, trash talkin about your “team” at work…

      1. There’s woman sorry and there’s man sorry. Women say sorry to express empathy with someone who has encountered misfortune. Men say sorry if they have done something wrong and want to apologize. Generally, men should rarely say they are sorry because 1) you should be competent and not be fucking up and 2) you don’t apologize for something out of your control or that was someone else’s fault.

      2. It’s a weird thing you might sometimes notice as you age: that (some) younger people still have an inherent respect for older people.
        It’s the same as a dog bowing down to another dog higher up in the pack (older, stronger)

        1. It is good that the younger generation show respect and courtesy to older generation as well as their generation and younger ones, but they don’t need to be apologetic simply because they exist.
          I almost wanted to grab one of these guys that said “sorry” by the collar and point out to him what he is sorry for? This would appear that I’m a bully, but I would really be helping him. It toughens him up. That’s what a dad does for his sons.

    2. Everyday I cross paths with someone who feels the need to say “sorry” simply for being in my path. Doesn’t he realize that I am also in his path?

  10. Lol Internet tough tales
    “hey. Don’t you dare blow tobacco smoke in my direction”
    Lol walking down the side walk like “bitter sweet symphony”

  11. I have never in my life seen women more attracted to me, than the night I got in a brutal fight at a club and ended up in the ER. Two women who watched the whole thing drove me to the hospital and kept telling me I should “spend the night at their place after, because they have really big and comfy beds.” I was disgusted, and enlightened at the same time.

    1. Something similar happened to me once at work. I was embarrassed the next day, but apparently it intrigued some of the ladies at work.

      1. I have been in a similar situation before too, women like the fact that I had balls enough to look him in the eye and skillfully defuse the situation, while making eye contact and showing the right body language. If you show fear even when it doesn’t come to any violence, you’re out.

    2. New Wing man approach. Find female targets, bring blood packets. Stage fake fight gloriously won, scoop up the puss.

      1. Yep you’ll get laid and then she’ll expect you to beat up her ex. Enjoy. Especially if he actually can fight. Hos that like fighters get you in fights and start drama. Birds of a feather . . .

        1. I don’t need to pretend to be someone else in order to get laid. That’s so beta they’ll see right through it.

        2. Or in a Stand Your Ground state, the ex might just justifiably shoot you if it looks like you were the instigator.

      2. Better yet is to have your buddy (the one you do a flying suplex on) approach the girl beforehand and act her drinks..tell her she’s beautiful. That way, she will HATE that dude and really love it when you beat him down.

    3. Women are anti-civilization. All successful civilizations kept their women under tight control. The reason being is that women evolved to survive the hostile world of the lawless hunter-gatherer tribe. They are thus fickle and will side with whichever man stimulates their hindbrain as a dominant, high status man. If women freely follow their irrational instincts, they’ll drive us back into a dark age.×465/8a47020507ba0418e61fe378442a4539/v1nn4y2qxtzqk4e-ubafmiok9suhkzoaa0owttsum-o.jpg
      A photograph of James Holmes’ prison cell. The pictures were sent to Holmes by various women correspondents following the shooting in which he killed 12 people.

      ^The above example is not uncommon.

      1. Women are 50% of civilisation. To say they are “anti” seems an exaggeration. I would say that as you indicate, they require guidance and control. And they desire this control. This is why they seek out domineering men who are prepared to use violence when necessary. Women know that they are fundamentally “out of control”. They need us to keep them on the straight and narrow.

        1. They are, but only if men take the lead. I’m not talking about taking the lead as increasing your score of conquests. I’m talking about taking a woman and making her yours.
          Too many fuck and chucks these days. It’s killing civilization.

        2. They are not ‘anti’ but their hypergamous instincts are inadvertently ‘anti’ when allowed to play out without restraint. Their sexual instinct are completely unrestrained now. They are engaging in the female version of rape. Meaning that, if men’s sexual instincts were as equally unfettered, there would just be constant rape and the killing of other males to take their woman, on sight.

        3. They are not ‘anti’ but their hypergamous instincts are inadvertently ‘anti’ when allowed to play out without restraint.

          Yes, thank you. You understood what I was trying to say. Female sexual instincts are anti-civilization. Their sexual preferences are stuck in 40,000 BC. No surprise then that mass murderers give them swoons. A lot of the women on his wall are fuckable too.

        4. “Constant rape and killing of other males”? Like in prison?
          Actually there would not because of certain evolutionary reasons. Only when the males are 50% larger than the females do you have this situation in a species where the males fight each other for access to females.
          In our species males are about 30% larger, therefore we must appeal to females for access. Disappointing, but true.

        5. Nothing spells “using violence when necessary” like raping and murdering a bunch of innocent girls or going on a killing spree.

      2. Totally agree. They don’t think that far, but they are. Read ancient history and you’ll see references to civilizations that were female run, and all disappeared after imploding and HAVING to be destroyed by other countries. Women have a driving blood-lust that’s practically un-containable, and will destroy everything around them. And yeah, once they’re in charge they go after other women first.

      3. Bundy, the Night Stalker Ramirez, Manson…all swam in female attention. I guess they view James Holmes as the evolutionarily dominant male since he ended those other males’ genetic legacy. Fucking disgusting. Where is the societal shaming/exposure of these pigs on his wall?

        1. Women side with whomever is the most dominant man. Imagine it’s 40,000 BC and there’s no law or order. A woman has to decide between a skinny fat paper pusher or a guy who killed 12 people. Who do you think is the safer ally? Give Mr. Murderer access to your vag to get on his good side, or be potential collateral damage when he smashes in skinny fat’s face? The female brain still functions as if it’s the distant ancient past. Once you realize this, it becomes a lot easier to understand and manipulate women.

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        3. I know women are inferior but COME THE FUCK ON, this is a dude who simply shot a bunch of innocents in a movie theater for no fucking reason, and these whores want his fucking genes? I don’t care if a bitch get turned on by a murderous psychopath, if this retard reproduces, more innocent people are put in danger, we need to castrate the murderers and put a bullet into this whore’s head.

      4. This needs to be posted everywhere. Women need to be brought to heel with force when necessary. All successful civilizations kept women under control. Those who don’t, die.

      5. This kind of shit makes me so pissed off, I want to strangle these worthless whores, which would definitely turn them on.

    4. Power perceived is power achieved.
      So you do not need to get into fights, merely provide the perception that you will. A good way to do do this is to learn to fight, with your hands and with weapons. Women find this uncontrollably sexy. The odd thing of course, is while they like the fact that you can fight, they never want you to fight. They cannot deal with the fear that you will be hurt. So they will never expect you to actually fight and will discourage it.
      Knowing how to fight will remove your fear of potentially violent confrontations. Ironically, this will reduce the probability that you will wind up in a violent confrontation. This is because generally, a violent confrontation is usually initiated by a bully. Bullies fundamentally are cowards. Any bully that initiates a potentially confrontation with you will be immediately disconcerted by your lack of fear. Because you have no fear you will think rationally. This will enable you to calmly but firmly tell the man to stand down. And he will, because you will calmly tell him that his behaviour is out of line and unacceptable. And because you will not insult him or threaten him he can back down without losing face. I have done this several times in clubs.
      Nothing will moisten panties more than this approach to potentially violent situations.

      1. Very well said. A great example. I was on a date at the bar of a restaurant. It was getting late. A guy, drunk, being an ass, starts making threats to bartender. I assessed danger level at less than 0. Middle age guy, not much in terms of strength, totally wobbly off balance, probably never been in a fight just drunk and loud and an ass.
        Bartender went to go get a manager. I stood up, got really close, shook the guys hand, and said “tough night huh” guy starts giving me his whole bs story drunk….as he is doing it I am walking slowly towards the door all the while shaking the guys hand.
        “Well, look man, I hope things get better…get some sleep”
        Guy thanked me and walked out.
        I am big but not huge. I could have taken this guy, but why? Why get into a fight and have possible terrible consequences for what? Especially when a hand shake and body language will get the job done with a thank you.
        2 minutes later the guy was gone and I looked back at the bar. I knew right away that I would be getting 2 things free of charge without asking…a bourbon and sex.
        Power perceived.

      2. Man, when I was younger and in shape I did the Martial Art Tournament circuit. And there were girls there like you wouldn’t believe. Karate schools have groupies, and girls love the violence. In high school we went to a lot of hockey games, and they were always packed with young girls screaming their heads off for blood. Oh yeah, and my Sensei went National, and when he retired from fighting and opened his own school, kids started showing up calling him “daddy.” Like, from all over the place. He knocked up bunches of woman while touring, and when they found out he was making some money they tracked him down.

        1. This conversation sums it up:

          Daniel: Hey – you ever get into fights when you were a kid?
          Miyagi: Huh – plenty.
          Daniel: Yeah, but it wasn’t like the problem I have, right?
          Miyagi: Why? Fighting fighting. Same same.
          Daniel: Yeah, but you knew karate.
          Miyagi: Someone always know more.
          Daniel: You mean there were times when you were scared to fight?
          Miyagi: Always scare. Miyagi hate fighting.
          Daniel: Yeah, but you like karate.
          Miyagi: So?
          Daniel: So, karate’s fighting. You train to fight.
          Miyagi: That what you think?
          Daniel: [pondering] No.
          Miyagi: Then why train?
          Daniel: [thinks] So I won’t have to fight.
          Miyagi: [laughs] Miyagi have hope for you.

    5. Wow..really?? I can believe it. Chicks dig violent men. They say otherwise but of course that’s not what they mean…

    6. I bedded both Charlize Theron and Taylor Swift after a bar fight just last weekend (no, not shitting you).

  12. ”give the image without the consequences” right on, that’s what professional wrestlers do. It’s TEAMWORK between bro’s, the play fighting that looks real, the superman dive belly flops, the ‘fake’ broken neck where the wrestler shakes on the ground as if in a death gurgle and then springs up and continues gladiating. And what do the bro’s do in the end?? THEY DIVVY UP the poosey.
    As kids we’d play fight alot in the park just to wow onlookers. We were just playing and practicing the act of appearing injured. Sometimes libs would gawk in horror at how 10 year old kids could become so violent but the joke was on them. Had no game at the time but now that I come to think of it, that was the point that younger girls, some of them classmates even, began talking about us. If we weren’t having so much fun immitating TV wrestlers we would have probably noticed the girls that checked us out and watched like fans as we fought. We were too young to even know what game was back then.
    With older gangs, males will also practice ‘fake fight game’ so as to snap up some hamster before it’s time to crash. Also works as a ‘lights out’ switch on the club bitch and a ‘lights on’ switch for her ‘itch’.

  13. I’m a lover not a fighter always works with me. The majority of women run like rabbits from men who are habitual brawlers. Police reports, witness statements and court appearances are not very sexy to most gals.

    1. “Police reports, witness statements and court appearances are not very sexy to most gals.”
      Really? You should tell that to all the women creaming their panties for serial killers and tattooed, “bad-boy” thugs like Jeremy Meeks then.

      1. The thing is, guys like Meeks have a certain amount of infamy, so their name, photo and story circulate among millions of women. Some of those women are nucking futz so invariably there will be a few who will be infatuated. However, in a bar full of “normal” women, they won’t get many takers by playing the serial killer card, even compared to your AFC beta punter trying to get lucky.

      2. They’re mostly nuns, in or out of their habits…doing the jail waltz with their books of thyme and vespers against their shattered cold hearts. They want their hearts to be broken into life once more…

    2. They might run from them in the eyes of society…like not marrying them and all but sure they do get wet for them.

  14. Dominance exists like in most mammals. Usually the less violent and aggressive men are homosexuals, and they don’t get any woman at all. On the other side of the scale, you have the confident and aggressive men that get the most girls.
    Too much aggression is bad though. You can easily end up marginalized and rejected by everyone.

    1. I don’t agree that aggression and confidence are always interlinked. Many aggressive men are not confident with themselves and that’s why they’re always in trouble with the law. There are other guys who are confident, but cool and detached, who’ll never rise their voice, let alone their fists, that women find attractive, because they’re secure and in control which women look for. I’d say humor and charm are much more powerful ways of attracting women than simply have a sense of overpowering aggression.
      The best way of directing positively your aggression is through sport and this appeals to women also.

      1. I learned a long time ago that fear and anger go hand-n-hand. Be angry all you want behind closed doors, as long as it’s harnessed for good. In public, only certain instances reward anger. Many pussies – dressed up as tough guys – win fights just because they’re afraid they won’t get what they want out of life – so they sucker punch an unsuspecting target and the results look like they’re a badass. They’re friends “dude, you smashed that dude, you’re tough as fuck,” women “you didn’t have to beat him bloody.. what’s your #?”
        Anger can lead to aggression, but aggression itself is usually not a bad thing. I had an ex once tell me I was too aggressive. Then her hamster turned aggression into automatically being synonymous with violence. If a woman thinks she’s tamed you, everything that remotely resembles aggressiveness them becomes violence. That’s why you have so many Herb-acting fathers in marriages nowadays. Their edge has been castrated away by their beta automation.
        Like you said, with sports. Women will respect “controlled” aggression, but unbridled aggression, such as front line war hand 2 hand combat, revels the fear that drives it, in the most visceral sense.

        1. “Their edge has been castrated away by their beta automation.”
          Sounds like Oomi has a lot to answer for.

  15. Currently living in a bicycle friendly country, I ride my bicycle often. The rules of traffic from here are very well known to me yet some people think they stand above these rules. For example, whenever they don’t give me precedence when I have the right or don’t give direction when turning, I don’t stop or let them pass easily, I just bump into them. Of course, when a car comes chasing in at 50 mp/h hour, I am hesitant, but there are plenty of situations you can safely let yourself fall on a car or bump into another bicycle – and even I cannot, I will be sure to let hear verbal but civilized aggression at the subject.
    Whenever they get upset or want to blame me for putting scratches in their ride, I simply assert to them that they were wrong and demand an apology of them. 99% of people don’t want to get in trouble and they will give it to me or leave me standing whilst flooring the gas.
    It are these moments in life which I think really are the building stones for defining whether you are weak and can stand-up for yourself. Though this article focuses on the effect it has on women, you should show the behavior described in the article regardless.

    1. Then there is the day you get clipped by someone who doesn’t give a fuck. Then your brain is smashed under a truck wheel along with your dumb shit attitude.

  16. There is of course a legitimate way the you can bash up other blokes every weekend and have all the gals adore you. It’s called sport . Playing rugby for example not only builds your body,mind and character, but it allows you to go into combat against other blokes for the glory of your college, community and country. Rugby players always get the absolute best women. I think most girls will go for them rather than a messy drunk having a brawl in a bar type.

        1. It’s the ‘manly muscled rugged boyfriend’ bit I don’t get.
          He looks like he’s hiding a small penis ha.

        2. Many DO go insane, don’t under-estimate the fragility of sanity
          the 6th leading cause of disability worldwide is mental illness
          about 1 in 100 people become schizophrenic, hallucinate, get brain damage, and basically have a 50% chance of suicide, the top 10 leading cause of death = suicide
          The sub leading causes of death are diabetes(eating too much is mental illness), accidents(many which are suicides), Etc, Many mortality statistics are basically “slow suicides” and destructive/ insane behaviour is hidden in the factoids
          Malignant neoplasms (cancer) Rank(1) 72,476 29.9
          Diseases of heart (heart disease) Rank (2) 47,627 19.7
          Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke) (3) 13,283 5.5
          Chronic lower respiratory diseases (4) 11,184 4.6
          Accidents (unintentional injuries) (5) 10,716 4.4
          Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) (6) 7,194 3.0
          Alzheimer’s disease (7) 6,356 2.6
          Influenza and pneumonia (8) 5,767 2.4
          Intentional self-harm (suicide) (9) 3,728 1.5
          Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease) (10) 3,294 1.4

        3. And he’s just tall with a beard.
          If I remember rightly he’s wearing denim as well so minus points.
          No hating. I just think manosphere guys have pretty low standards…
          Someone gave me Hue Heffner as an example of a high quality man (lol).
          I suppose this is why so many come on here… no male role models worth a damn.

        4. Women talk contradictory shit all the time. The way to deal with it is simply say “yes dear, now get me another beer would you, there’s a love”.

      1. But she’s not actually hot….so unless she’s paying him well…..superficially maybe, but definitely not actually an alpha male. Also not 6,6, more like 6 and not even built, and not a pro
        would barely bang, if at all

    1. Being in the army reserve helps. Women love a man in uniform.
      In Germany they have a form of fencing called mensur. You wear protective gear on your body but only goggles and a nose guard on your head. The basic idea is to slash the other guy on the face. Apparently, having a “duelling scar” is still a chick magnet.

      1. Women very much like uniform because they think it tells them something about the person. They are trying to hedge their bets as quickly as possible and don’t have the male habit of taking their time before passing judgement. Style means more to the female mind than it does the male mind. This I say is one of the root reason’s men have ruled the world. And any man that understands this about women will rule women too. You can convince a woman of anything if you do so one small comfortable (especially ego inflating) step at a time. Men are harder to control.
        It’s the reason advertising has been so effective on women.
        And one of the reasons men have been progressively feminized.
        The establishment gave women the right to work to widen the tax base and open up a new market for goods and consumption culture.
        The establishment has emasculated and feminised men to sell more shit to them and get less shit from them in terms of rebellion.
        These masculinised women and men don’t make good families, so the government becomes more important and more highly revered.
        The establishment is composed of maybe some of the most remarkable male minds but some of the most inbred and unhealthy gene’s on the planet. Thats how they have kept a monopoly on the power.
        Nothing about this is Darwinian. In fact, it has been facilitated by people who are willing to see themselves as animals who must compete to be the more worthy animal. Whether for women, jobs, money, food, space whatever. You end up being a work animal for someone else’s dream.

      2. Scars make’it the man with the ladies alright. I think they like it as it shows vulnerability which brings out their natural maternal instinct….Only I can mend/heal him.

      1. You’re such a big pussy! You roll with the punches. Taking risks
        are an intrinsic part of a man’s nature. The day you stop doing this, that’s day you’re truly domesticated and ready for the slippers and the rocking chair.

        1. lol! In truth I definitely respect rugby players but I do think the risk outweighs the benefit in this case. I work with so many former rugby players (who played at school) with all kinds of permanent injuries. I respect your choice but I do think there are other options with a more favourable risk/reward ratio. Living in constant pain is no fun.

        2. I’ve got injured several times in the legs and ribs and to this day my body is still not what it used to be. If you don’t limit yourself/overdo it you will regret it for the rest of your life. Some injuries will never heal completely

      1. yes, Meek is far to………I don’t know….what’s the word, any way far too something to be a real big time criminal….he is…damn it…it’s right on the tip of my tongue, Meek is…….meh, i’ll think of it.

  17. There’s also a working within the matrix that selectively enforces punishment against violence and fighting. If you fit the bill for what is allowed for having an alpha profile, then you’re allowed to fight and basque in alphaness. But if your ideology or beliefs run against the grain of the powers, then you’re intimidated into not fighting and behaving as beta. Test your own profile by flexing a bit and if cries to blast you, shut you up and charge you with murder for getting out of your seat ring out, then follow the sirens to see who’s in the vicinity enforcing the whip agenda. Work your way up the ‘food chain’ in other words, find the sumboogers and then rock it.

  18. I hear you with the smoke blowing. I know someone who does that to people on purpose. He’s gonna get knocked out one day.

    1. I just light up a crack pipe and blow that shit in their face back.
      I’m not fucking kidding/serious either/or.

  19. It’s quite comical actually….
    Man A can’t stay out of trouble, “rap-sheet” a mile long, no job or unemployed, hangs with shady/criminal types, drug user, alcoholic, addict, compulsive, violent, etc – drowning in young, fresh poon.
    Man B is a “straight shooter”, runs/owns a business or holds down a good job, never broken a law in his life, non-drug user, non-smoker, non-drinker, non-violent, religious, etc – can’t get a woman to save his life, or mostly gets used up post-30 golddigger types.
    Also, man B takes years and sometimes decades to get to where he is and has to effectively “pay” for any woman he does get, man A puts in very little “effort” and enjoys a steady supply of young women from an early age – at no cost/free.
    What’s not so funny is how society tells men to aim to be Man B, when Man B is the “losing strategy” speaking in terms of sexual strategy.

    1. I like the idea of being somewhere balanced between Man A and Man B. Once you’re too old, to set in your role, it’s difficult reversing and going back to a stream of fresh young puss. However, Man A, if he straightens his act out, might be able to pull off a normal life, and I’m finding that to be the truth all too often lately. The best way to achieve that balance is actually live – not act – both roles at some point in life.
      The irony is, often Man A winds up wifing up a nasty bitch nowhere near what he once had with his bad boy persona. That’s his end of life sentence. Whereas Man B, got no young hot puss, and at best has to buy it or enslave himself to a woman who’ll divorce rape him for lack of late-life alphaness. With or without the marriage aspect, you get many similar stories from middle age on.

      1. I can agree with that, to a degree.
        Like I said, the main problem is the societal brainwashing to be Man B. This effectively sets up the men who don’t snap out of it for a life of failure with women. At best it turns guys into betas who are easy prey for women, at worst it turns them into sexless omegas (Elliot Rodger types) who are at an increased risk of “losing it”. The “conventional wisdom” surrounding women/relationships is very very harmful and contributes directly to the rising incidence of these fringe omega males.
        I theorize that a lot of the “bad boy” types, or Man A’s, discovered what “works” with women “by accident” at an early age. From that point on they were naturals. The Man B types stay “in the dark” with regards to women well into adulthood, and as a result have less success in general.

        1. Man B as a “strategy” for attracting women is a losing proposition. Man A as a life strategy is completely dysfunctional as well. There is nothing wrong with working hard and building wealth while keeping your nose clean, in fact it is rather laudable. However, taking that on as your identity and buying into the idea that the reason to do that is to provide for a woman is downright harmful.

      2. I have generally kept out of trouble but I am ex-military and have lived a responsibility – free, somewhat bohemian lifestyle for the last 30 years. I was rarely “swimming in pussy” but I did ok. That’s only changing now largely due to finding a woman who is worth settling down with: young, beautiful, and with traditional values (unsurprisingly, NOT a westerner).

      3. Back in the day, the old alpha men DID get their pick of the eye candy.
        The old patriarchs of scripture commanded harems of women. ‘Wives’ and concubines. Also traders, merchants, governors as well as anyone with wealth, power and resources to support a harem would attract prime females and end up with said harem. A man’s women were indisputably an important part of his treasure, laying forth his lineage. It is conceivable that decisions made by rich and powerful harem heads were based on consideration of the family clan. Nation/states were clan driven in direction. People of influence acted in the best interest of their clan the same as a modern family man brings home the bread. A powerful man with proportionately large clan to support would have an inter family dynamic similar to a small mono fam where the blood clanmembers reinforce the campaigns and leadership of their patriarch. Through the blood bonds of clan and through their numbers (harem families become large) the sets of elites were born.
        Today one might view the tech giants as the prophets or elites of our time but they don’t follow the harem model of the old patriarchs. Not even two wives are allowed in the west for a billionaire even though he could support ten thousand, and shirtless tatted alphas act as some form of surrogate harem heads and clean up on all the eye candy. Never before has the sperm war taken such a turn. You’d swear some madman in a bunker was commanding the legions of sperm on earth seriously. I can picture the bible prophet’s harems containing the prima eye candy of the day, all being impregnated by a common alpha firebrand. Each clan had its own strong and distinct.character.

  20. That’s right, it’s what keeps these abused women shelters full, and their damaged off-spring filling our jail system.

  21. I was shocked a while ago, when I started looking for fights, how pussified men have become. In my grandfathers time, men would go to dances just to fight other guys.

        1. That generation of men is fading man…
          The world was tamed and built up by those guys.
          Indian labourers in the Caribbean used to drink Bhang (cannabis tea) during breaks between death defying labour.
          The cowboy’s couldn’t get Coke without Whiskey and cocaine in it.
          And you could shoot an unfaithful woman, duck into Mexico and lay low for a few months…

    1. “I was shocked a while ago, when I started looking for fights”
      Why did you start looking for fight’s?
      Serious questioBWAH HA HA I’m sorry I couldn’t keep a straight face!

      1. I like to test things in life. I don’t even have to guess what your reaction would be if a man punched you in the face. You would instinctively bend over and quickly find your personal lube. Serious question, how many seconds does it take the average woman to figure out you aren’t worth her time?

        1. “I like to test things in life”
          It’s still a sin for a man to lie with another man.
          But you shouldn’t take this to heart – God doesn’t have anything against homosexuals – He loves them as much as anyone else.
          It’s the actual act of penetrating another man’s anus that God considers an ‘abomination’ as He put’s it.
          I know it feels like your being judged, but if you think about it from a Darwinian perspective, your inclination makes little sense within that philosophy either.

  22. This is true for White/Westernized women, but not for traditional women. Traditional women don’t like these kind of guys. White and westernized women on the other hand like the badboy type.
    But most badboy types only care about sex, so these dumb bitches will only be used for sex. In the end they hook up with a beta guy that will take care of her, because normal men don’t want a used slut. Women that like the badboy types are trash.
    The sad thing is: the majority of women in western countries are like this.

    1. Feminism is stronger in the west. especially english speaking countries. Feminism has been indoctrinating men to be more beta for last few generations. leaving women unfulfilled sexually. It explains a lot.

      1. I wonder if there’s a correlation with the English language itself. All English speaking areas have been affected greatly. Romance languages like Spanish and Portugese areas are more resilient. It seems to have nothing to do with geographical location since English is equally spread about the globe like the dots on a five pointed star. No Spanish spoken from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. A saxon component in Germanic exists but EU returns to patriarchal naturally. There’s something linguistic/blood borne about feminism. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

        1. English seems to be the language of feminism despite a lot of the political rhetoric originating from European languages. Maybe it’s just because I grew up and was educated in North America, but only one non-English – speaking feminist of note comes to mind. If you look up “List of Feminists” on Wikipedia, about 3 out of 4 modern feminists (late 19th century and on) come from the Anglosphere.
          A bit of Sapir-Worf going on here?

        2. “If you look up ‘List of Feminists’ on Wikipedia, about 3 out of 4 modernfeminists (late 19th century and on) come from the Anglosphere.”
          A much higher percentage than that will be “Jewish.”

          Vice President Joe Biden gives 85% of all the “credit” to Judaism for open borders, sodomy, and feminism in the USA:

          “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace” gay marriage, Biden said.
          “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,” he said.
          Jews have also been key to the evolution of American jurisprudence, he continued, namedropping Brandeis,Fortas, Frankfurter, Cardozo, Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan. “You literally can’t. You can’t talk about the recognition of … rights in the Constitution without looking at these incredible jurists that we’ve had.”
          “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us, us, me – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,”he said.

        3. I generally don’t go down that road. With respect to feminism, I don’t have any information about the ethnic backgrounds of prominent feminists, just their country of origin.

        4. Feminism requires wealth,for the last 150 years or so most wealth has been concentrated in the Anglosphere. Its pretty simple really

        5. You might have a point but that implies that German, Japanese and Chinese (as languages go) should be marching towards feminism. Alternatively Arabic and various Scandinavian languages based on GDP per capita rather than total GDP.

        6. Arabic will be difficult as well as Chinese for them to infiltrate simply because they are very closed societies,doesn’t mean it can’t happen but any idea will spread faster in a free society is western society

    2. Traditional women also get wet for badboys.
      It’s just that they are smart enough to know that this man won’t stick with her in the long run.

  23. So men not only are expected to function in society but also win the primitive caveman game as well. So be it. My question is;
    Where is this brutal competitiveness on the women’s side? All they have to do to compete (even in the primitive sense) is maintain their physical health. 90% can’t even be bothered to go for walks.
    The game is SOOOOO one-sided. Now I have to risk death and disfigurement in some brawl? I think I prefer to simply maintain a valid passport.

    1. “The game is SOOOOO one-sided. Now I have to risk death and disfigurement in some brawl? I think I prefer to simply maintain a valid passport.”
      Comment of the day.

    2. “So men not only are expected to function in society but also win the primitive caveman game as well. ”
      You got it buddy.
      From an evolutionary perspective, we men are expendable.

    3. For women sexual market value cannot be earned.
      They either have it or they don’t.
      This is the way in which the game is tough on women. And it’s pretty brutal.
      Stop being so self absorbed and but hurt that procreating is more difficult than you expected.

      1. You are the Usain Bolt of non-sequitirs. This stuff you’re posting is just awesome. And ‘but hurt’ was classic.

  24. Situation 1. At bar with ltr boyfriend. Some other guy starts hitting on me. He is shut down by me, quick and straight up. Boyfriend breaks glass and contemplates glassing me and said other guy. Result, not turned on.
    Situation 2. At club with friends, fight breaks out nearby. Male friend picks me up by the waist and swings me to a safer location. Previously not attracted to him. Result, so would have gone there (didnt as he had several plates on the go and i didnt want just that).
    Situation 3. Housemate is in my face being agressive and threatening. Boy friend (now husband) steps in between us, boyfriend is same height but way slimmer. He politely but firmly says that the behaviour is not on. Housemate apologised and i moved out that day. Result, 🙂
    So basically if we can tell the difderence between the good and bad violence, we will chase the good violence as we seek protection or a partner who can and will be dominant in a positive way.

    1. Are you saying that violence is only good when it helps your (women’s) cause or somehow puts you on a pedestal as opposed to helping himself or making a stand when someone is showing injustice or disrespect towards him (the man?)
      Or are you simply commenting on this in the context of pleasing women because that’s what this article is about?

      1. I dont do pedestals (way too far to fall from and the landing isnt fun). I was giving examples from my own history and my take on this topic. The last two situations were kind of non violent, but both times a man showed the capacity to handle himself and the situation/s at hand. The man in the first situation was not in control of himself or the situation. Allegedly he didnt commit the acts he wanted to because police were there. If he, what is the phrase, maintained frame, he could have made his point without smashing a glass. And therein lies the distinction between the scenarios. The outcome of 2 &3 would have been the same even if violence had resulted because they both maintained their cool. I dont think its the violence which is the turn on for women, as much as what the actions convey.

        1. Any woman would want a man who is the ultimate in protection – just like they would want a man who is the ultimate in providence.
          I think this is a gender neutral thing. Men love Alpha’s as well. Everybody loves Alpha!
          It’s also pretty gender neutral to accept that nobody offers the perfect protection or providence (save God) so our relationship’s are formed on other things for the most part.

    2. Yes this is how I would imagine the hamster talks to itself…
      Lol I’m just kidding well said all sounds quite healthy.

      1. All good. I know im politely tolerated here and i appreciate it. i just hope i dont come across as a total moron (at least under 80% moron is my hope!)

        1. It’s funny, when women talk from their personal perspective what do you know it’s all about common sense…

  25. Top ten articles offering potentially life ruining advice right here. Sure you get poon tang fantastic. Take it from someone with experience of the consequences. We live in an age where a woman can strip away a man’s rights by implying that he could possibly be violent or that she felt threatened. You’ll lose your gun rights. A violation means 1-10 years imprisonment, no more good paying jobs and psycho women extorting you for whatever they want. Try and fix it. Immediate violation 1-10 years. Have fun with that. You can get plenty of poon tang by acting like you don’t care without the jail time.
    Did I mention that it never goes before trial either so pray you don’t get a feminist judge that thinks there’s even the slightest possibility she’s right. Pray she doesn’t show up demanding something because it’s you violating it not her.

    1. Hang around a den of sjw’s and they’re rabid, simply devious. They’ll privately fume and talk about gouging people’s eyes out, trashig co ed’s apartments, all sorts of stupid shit. The sjw brownshirts seem to get a pass on talking shit. They’d be prosecuted if it is clear and blatant enough, but their bravada is feueled by the tenured ones. Now try spitting red pill power points in a workplace or club or church. In a church they get a bit antsy and listen to every word as if the enemy were present but hiding somewhere. Try getting a red pill rally going and they really comb over you to make sure everyone pust on their best ‘johnny be good’ act.
      FIGHTING – best and most safely done in your own back yard. Friends and buddies over, trampouline, jams, wet tee’s, bitches, delving into red pill subject matter, fight club, whatever floats.

      1. All the men in my family have black belts . I live in a measure 11 state with no self defense laws pussified by people who pick fights to collect paychecks by pressing charges and playing victim. Probably because nobody pays anyone shit here. I’ve never met someone good at fighting that picks fights. Not once. Something changes when you get your ass handed to you by a pro regardless of size. On other hand junkies will do anything for money. Yes I’ve had a few friends that I’ve kept into my 30s who would never do that. On the other hand I’ve seen old men break down after losing a fight they started and play victim to cops. I’ve also had plenty of 1 uppers always pushing it to the next level so they can try to save face. Fighting is best done in a professional environment with people who sign a waver in the spirit of sport. We are talking about getting laid here which is easy if you do something well that puts you in the limelight. It doesn’t matter if your selling a product, smashing everyone at pool, or spinning on your head in front 5000+ people. They are groupie hos that go with the winner to feel better about themselves and look good to their friends. Not once out of all the groupies I’ve banged have I not gotten a headache for it later. Whether they ditch you for your toughest opponent or they ditch you for a dude with free drugs. At the end of the day its always because they know there time with you is limited since they are worthless and all the other hos hate on them for it and play games. Either way those are hos and you gotta wrap that shit up. His aren’t worth going to jail for. No woman is. A real woman is like the eye of the storm and doesn’t do or contribute to things that would jeapordize your potential future together. Also if you’re a rich pro groupies equal gold diggers and condom thief looking for a paycheck. Maybe because nobody is paying anyone shit, but we sure are telling them they need lots of shit.

        1. I too have found that guy’s who are naturally powerful, are the slowest to start throwing a tantrum and lashing out.
          It’s just a law of nature thank God.

        2. When you know you can kick ass you also know the consequences of kicking ass. If you find beating weaker men senseless fun you’re a psychopath who has issues.
          Once had to try and contain the bleeding as my buddy almost died from 3 stab wounds. That’s reality. Fighting can quickly turn to kill or be killed. I’m just glad it wasn’t a gun. I was soaked in blood by the time I got home. Not cool. My gf of the time was there. She was not impressed. She was not turned on by the situation. If she was I’d have thrown her out sooner.

    2. Well said. This article was terrible advice and from the view of some little guy who’s impressed by bigger guys I think.
      I disagree with it being poontang fantastic (we have a word for that it’s poontastic btw)
      The women it attracts will be a nightmare – and if you wanna keep them attracted your trapped into being a fake douchebag ‘hardman’ or ‘badboy’.
      These women ruin the lives of stupid men who don’t know how to handle their business. And they are not all that numerous either.

      1. Lol. Poontastic. It’s my phone and my late night rants. It destroys this thing I learned a long time ago called proper english.
        Sometimes I wonder if some of these articles are written with intention to ruin readers lives or if the perspective is that of a 13 year old posing as and adult.

    3. Absolutely. There are only three groups of people I can think of who have any business whatsoever playing the ‘I am capable of reducing you to a whimpering pile’ card, and those are military (with a combat arms MOS), street cops, and combat athletes.
      One should NEVER be fighting over a woman. Absolutely f-ing stupid thing to do which will more than likely result in your stupid ass going to jail. Fighting should be reserved strictly for physical defense of self if attacked. Furthermore, the more capable of a fighter you are, the less likely it is you’ll ever actually have to do so. The reaction of a trained MMA fighter to some drunk asshole in a bar, both in words and body language, is worlds apart from that of the average guy. Almost all but the extraordinarily obtuse will read the body language warning signals and find something else to do. That’s the whole point.

  26. Speak for yourself mate… whatever gets you off.
    Serious question now – has anyone ever actually seen a cheerleader or playboy bunny up close and personal?
    The closer you get the more ‘construction’ you notice.
    Until the enticing looking vixen has turned into an enhanced skull covered with makeup. Really shocking but generally these gals are hideous unless viewed from the bleachers or through airbrushed photo’s.
    The girls with Hef are built like teenage boys with breast implants.
    Western men have such low T this is what they hold up as feminine… it beggars belief.

  27. August 25, 1998, New York, NY.
    [ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman shows the Masonic sign of aggression “lion’s paw”]
    Gentlemen. Welcome to the Second Centennial Meeting of the Learned of Elders of Zion. We have achieved all of the objectives expressed at our first meeting 100 years ago.
    We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth.
    Many of you are very busy men. Let us get to the crux of the matter. As masters of business, politics, law and most importantly … media, we are ready to implement our most important and ambitious program. One that willfinally and totally remove from existence the impediments of our absolute control of this earth.
    I speak OF THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation [incest] and having a virtually zero birth rate.
    We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction.
    We can ruin THE ANCIENT PURE BLOODLINE OF AN ARYAN CHILD by convincing him or her of the altruism of begetting interracial children.
    We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country.
    More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial children.
    We must use our power to discourage White men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure White children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New Society of all races.
    This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim [non-jews] by tmurder and imprisonment.
    Finally, we will SEE THE END OF THIS WHITE RACE. Impressionable White children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at our feet.
    Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now we have it.
    Perish Aryan Goyim (cattle)!” [Applause]
    End of speech.
    August 25, 1998, New York.

  28. As far as I can tell, Jeremy Meeks was convicted of a non-crime (felony possession of a firearm). Another thing to watch out for is not getting locked up for victimless crimes while demonstrating your “badboyness”.

    1. That was just the arrest that brought his mugshot to attention. According to most news sites, his felony rap was a 2002 grand theft conviction that sent him away for 2

      1. A two year sentence is just an extended slap on the wrist. Until your above eight years, you aint done nothin bad. Nor have the guys around you on average.

      2. Yeah I get that. I still think that’s a crock though. Suppose he had turned his life around and just wants a firearm to protect his family? I don’t agree with effectively ending a man’s right to self defense.

  29. What about not apologizing when caught making an obvious mistake. Wont that make you look like an preposterous jerk.

    1. Actually that’s one of the more well known tenants of Game, which is, rarely if ever apologize. Do a Bill Clinton instead “Hey, drinks were had, mistakes were made” with a grin and move on. Apology only merits coming from your mouth if you, say, decapitate somebody accidentally, or run over their dog, or things like that.

      1. Not sure how someone who stubbornly refuses to apologize for his own mistakes can really be a role model. I mean, bumping into someone in the street and not apologizing is something I can understand. But acting like a fucking jerk and adamantly being unrepentant about your self-admited mistake… How can women be so fucked up as to get turned on by someone like that? When someone stops being a tough guy and is an arrogant idiot instead? So now we have scores of men out there that just refuse to admit “I am sorry” under any circumstance because that is supposed to be tough? How about a guy mans up and takes responsability for the shit he did? Wouldnt that be a more·”tough guy” attitude? Instead the way to go now is: “I made a mistake, yes, but I am not sorry about it. So I wont do anything about it, either.” What?

        1. Straw man.
          I didn’t say act like a “fucking jerk” or “arrogant idiot”. Admitting error, you’ll note, I included.
          “mans up” – you’re new here it appears.
          We are taught to profusely apologize for everything at the drop of a hat these days. I’m saying, don’t go to those extremes. It’s up to you to decide. If you knock a kid over, or were an absolute real asshole to your woman in a way that *you* know was wrong, then sure, apologize. But that’s not what we’re taught, many men nowadays apologize for simply having a different opinion, we’ve been made submissive. Break that habit.

        2. Okay, I can get behind that. It is just I have seen “I dont apologize” attitudes in guys and I wonder if these idiots have been reading too much male advice and are now unable to tell when it is appropiate to apologize and when not.

  30. It should be noted that the women attracted by the whole “potentially violent and explosive” guys tend to have VERY fickle loyalties.

  31. At different points in my younger years I was a polite clean-cut polo-shirt wearing college kid – then a wild-eyed maniacal looking active-duty Marine fresh out of field combat training.
    Guess which one of me got way more action?

  32. For the more enlightened among the commenters (who cannot grasp why he encourages stupid aggression), this is predominantly an encouragement for men to embrace the masculine essence.
    For the indoctrinated, this attitude of being “potentially violent and explosive” is how they view true masculinity. If they continue to fear the manly nature within them, they cannot
    As you read the piece, notice how David redirects that view toward the proper virtues of strength, confidence, and stoicism. The bold, italicized phrases are the true keys.

  33. I kind of think it has to do with women seeing you as a potential tool for them to use. They try to exert power through the man, and when they see he’s physically competent and combatative, something in them kicks in and they think you’ll be there to argue with car mechanics or bill collectors. Like their evolutionarily adapted habit of collecting as much sperm as possible. I’ve known women who the first thing they’ll do when they’re with a new guy is get him into a bar fight. No lie. And I think it also is related to their using cops and the judicial system to control their man who they bait into domestic fight time after time. They use men the way we use avatars in video games.

  34. Take a call from a friend and blow up over something. My favorite is a guy I work with outside the corporate world who is in on the joke with me (warning, not to be attempted in the feminized economy). I took a call on a date with a chic once and in a loud voice started telling my buddy “if they don’t ship 50 boxes of X product tomorrow we are going to fuck them! we are going to fuck them like they’ve never been fucked before!”
    Hung up the phone as if nothing happened, ended up getting fucked that night like I have never been fucked before. . .

  35. Good article BUT… “The overarching reason guys like Jeremy Meeks attract women is due to their association with violence or possible violence, hence the “bad boy” tag.”
    The Jeremy Meeks example is a poor one. It wouldn’t matter whether he was a humble book nerd, a chess champion, a spelling B whizz or an accountant. The reason Jeremy Meeks attracts women is because aesthetically he is perfect.
    In terms of his facial physical appearance there is zero flaws.

  36. I’ve never seen a biker with a worthy woman. most bikers are lowlife trash – and so are most women around them.

  37. You’d better be prepared to die if you believe this. “Tough-guy attitude” is the number 1 cause of fights in bars and clubs, in my experience.

    1. Yep. Unnecessary macho bullshit gets guys stabbed in the parking lot, an other stuff that didn’t need to happen. Its messed up that females get excited by thug behavior.

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  39. The problem with this assessment is that you are not factoring in the females who didn’t stick around to watch the fight. Of course the ones who stuck around, who most likely enjoy that sort of thing, are the ones who wanted to take you home.

    1. And the problem with that assessment is that, in the West, girls generally are sticking around to watch the fight. The ones who didn’t stick around are very, very rare — to the point where it doesn’t make rational economic sense to go looking for them.

      1. Making a generalization does not negate my point. Especially, when speaking of a specific instance.
        And, your point about seeking out the women who did walk away afterward illustrates the problem with assuming who walked away. If you are a gawker or involved in the fight, you do not see who has left and cannot rationally make any assessment nor generalization upon that point. I am a woman who walks away from such nonsense. And, in that instance I one with the ability to see who gawks and who doesn’t. You would be surprised how many men and women don’t, the numbers are about equal.

      2. Mr. Marcus Aurelius, your point is incorrect. My assessment is addressing a specific instance in which generalizations have no place. And, your comment illustrates the problem I was pointing out. A person who is either a gawker or involved in the fight is so focused on the spectacle they cannot assess who is watching nor who left.

  40. Ha, I love the example of walking straight ahead into women who refuse to move. I’m a huge guy, I bench press 405lbs for several reps, squat over 500 lbs, etc. so it’s not like they can’t see me. I hit this one girl in the shoulder when she woudln’t move and she turned around and said, “I can’t belive you just ran into me, asshole!” I said,” you saw me, i’m bigger, i take up more space, smaller people get out of the way of bigger people or else things like that happen.” She got red and turned around and kept walking. I was with my girl at the time and she laughed.

  41. So basically make a show, pretend you are hard while being actually a puss. Run into a fat middle-aged woman or slappe her with your purse, total alpha move.
    I bedded both Charlize Theron and Taylor Swift after a bar fight just last weekend (no, I´m not shitting you).

  42. Reminds me of the song “16 Tons”
    “When you see me walking better step aside.”
    “Lot of men didn’t; a lotta men died.”

  43. Muslims are right, we need to control female sexuality or these stupid whores will reproduce with any violent loser thug on welfare they can get their disgusting hands on.

  44. So we are suppoaed to bump people with impunity then call out those who do the same to us…
    Yeah someone tries to make me move with a cigarette in an open outdoor area, he’s going to have a second degree burn on his eyeball and one of us will likely end up dead.

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