5 Things You’ll Notice About Online Dating In 2017

You can debate the merits of online, day, or night game for all of eternity. Regardless of what your personal preference is, the technology aspect of dating is here to stay. Probably forever, to be frank.

Unfortunately, this does remove a lot of control from men and places it squarely in the hands of women. Of course, women can’t be trusted with this—as evidenced by the ever declining nuclear family unit. At the same time, there isn’t much we as men can do it, short of continuing our movement. It’s one of those “play the hand you’ve been given” situations.

So whether you love or hate the technology aspect of dating, you might as well take advantage of it for the fast and easy sex. Here are a few thoughts on the state of online dating in 2017.

1. The Attitude Shift

In some Asian countries, online dating has been incredibly popular for years. For example, sex dolls are so realistic in Japan, that people are losing their social skills at alarming rates. Online dating has been all the rage—it’s the “common” way to meet people.

This has started to also reach the West. No longer is it “weird” if you’ve met someone from online dating. Quite the opposite now, in fact. Telling someone you met your partner on the internet is just no big deal. It’s the norm.

Whilst online dating used to be reserved for the weirdos, it’s now completely socially acceptable. This is alarming in it’s own right, because of how quickly this attitude changed. I think it was “weird” to meet via online dating as recently as 2012 or 2013. Just five years later it’s cool. It just goes to show how many women have taken the follow the herd mentality throughout their entire life.

How it impacts you: On one hand, you don’t have to worry about being judged by any women for using online dating. At the same time, any girl you are meeting online has met dozens of guys before you, no doubt about it. She might make up some story about this being “the first time she’s tried online dating”—but I wouldn’t believe a word of that.

2. The Tactics Change Constantly

It used to be that showing a good shirtless picture would actually increase your matches, response rates, and number of dates. But then every guy started doing it. Once the floodgates were open on that, it became a turn-off.

It seems that sans-clothes photos are okay under a few circumstances:

  • It’s not in front of a mirror
  • It’s got some physical activity involved—playing volleyball on the beach with some hotties is much more attractive than you standing in your bathroom with a large turd in the background

How it impacts you: The game is simply always changing. What worked for night game many years ago doesn’t work today, and the same holds true for online game. Hell, this is the same case in entire countries—where men can observe all sorts of cultural changes in just a matter of years.

If you get out of the game for a consistent period of time (i.e. get in a relationship), then you can expect the next time you fire up your dating profile that the same tactics may not work. New platforms are introduced, someone posts their successful opener on a major forum, etc. You must continue to try new tactics to stay on top of the game.

3. The Platforms Are Constantly Changing

Remember when Plenty of Fish was the biggest and best dating site (okay, maybe not the best) out on the market? Think about how many different platforms have passed through since then. In addition to the traditional dating sites, there are now plenty of new “alternative” methods.

  • Sugar dating—“exaggerating” your lifestyle on sugar dating sites to get the hottest girls. Then have sex with them without paying.
  • Instagram—growing a large following and just sliding into those DMs.
  • Other social media platforms (Snapchat, Twitter, etc.)—same tactics as Instagram.

There are always going to be new platforms popping up. You owe it to yourself to try most of them, simply because you don’t know what will and won’t take off. A year or so ago, I predicted that Bumble would be a catastrophic fail—because it requires women to make the first move. Most of you would agree that typically, if we put women in charge of the reproduction of our species, we would die out pretty quick.

However, it seems empowered 2017 girls are all on board the train of making the first move. I know several people who are having smashing success on the Bumble app.

4. Do Lines Still Work?

Almost every line has been used to the moon and back these days. If you Google “online dating pickup lines” and start copy-pasting to everyone in your radius, she’ll have heard it before. Much like the classic PUA nightgame that was rampant in clubs years ago, girls used to respond simply for the novelty factor. These days, they tend to be constructed as weird, bizarre, and every girl’s favorite word for a guy she doesn’t like“creepy”.

Lines are the quick fix to actually testing different profiles, openers, etc. Yes, it’s a grind—just like any type of game. With that being said, it’s important to note…

5. Now, The “Normal” Wins

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that being genuinely “normal” and confident actually does work very well. Specific lines only work so long until they become played out. I think it’s a reason you see many PUAs ultimately being distraught with the life. When you put your long-term happiness, stability, and mood based off of your results with women—guess what—you’re destined to become miserable. Can women really be relied on for anything? Hardly.

Genuine time, effort, and hardship is required to make long term changes in your life. In regards to online dating, it means this: if you take the time to build a cool life for yourself, it will show through in your profile. This means you’ll get more responses. This means you will have more success on dates. This means you will have more harem members easily accessible. All of this comes down to not having to treat online dating as a job—but as fun. And that’s what girls are looking for these days.

They want to be unplugged from their drab day-to-day life office work, and the cool guy off an app is the way to make it happen.

Therefore, if you take the time to build yourself up, it’s going to show. Online dating and other forms of game will all become much, much easier for you. You’ll have the cool photos of your travels on your profile, and speak a second language fluently. You insightful things to say from years of experience in the game, and you’ll know exactly what buttons to press when you’ve got her out on a date.

But most importantly, you have to remember that it’s all just a game.

If you want to understand the underlying core concepts of online dating, you need to read Cracking OkCupid. For more advice about dating, check out my blog This Is Trouble.

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521 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Notice About Online Dating In 2017”

  1. been since about 2000 since I tried that route, back then, it was chat rooms and waffling for hours with girls with pictures 10 years old or body shots specifically made to hide fat. You drive 50 miles to be stood up. Not a productive venue.

    1. Been flaked many times myself, but do as Roosh suggests – have a few backup plans.

  2. Online dating? Why bother when there are sluts asking for it in the nearest bar to your home?

    1. 100%. I don’t know where the fuck I would find time for online dating at this point I have too much actual dating. I did recently download tinder just to play with it and get used to it because next week ill be on a Caribbean island and I feel it could come in handy if I am stranded around a lot of couples.

      1. Be careful while using Tinder or going hunting in the night in third world shitholes. I have known several cases of expats here using Tinder and they ended mugged, or worse.

        1. From my limited understanding of tinder et al the whole setup seems like a tailor-made platform for mugging and/or organ harvesting…

        2. Not every case ends in that, but there is a high probability, especially in the third world.

        3. Would usually agree but I won’t really be so much in third world. I will be at a hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant. I am not looking for locals. I am looking for other tourists and only will use tinder if I run into a situation where everyone around me is couples and shit.

        4. That way, you’ll be emotionally prepared when it happens and thus not subject to depression! For the ten minutes you survive after regaining consciousness, I would think that this would be a great comfort. Heh.

        5. that’s not true. Come over to my place, lay on this ice packed table and have this bubbling drink while I explain why you are wrong.

        6. A couple years ago, I matched with a profile on Tinder that was “two married lesbians who occasionally want to mix it up with some cock”
          I told my friends about it and showed them the profile, they all thought I was going to get abducted and wake up in Tijuana submerged in a bathtub of ice, missing a kidney and lung. So I manned up and went out to meet these two “chicks”…..
          They were actually real and I stayed at their house for the entire weekend pounding them stupid. Dreams really do come true, hoocoodanode?

        7. Dude, I’m from Colombia, that shit of the organ harvesting, the mugging, and the psychotropics to mug/harvestyourorgans is real. You were lucky, but don’t push your luck again.

        1. ha, not on your life. However, not too far off as I only go to islands that were civilized by the French.

        2. Well, since Haiti is the largest and most populous of French-speaking Caribbean isles…I thought maybe you meant that place.
          Port-au-Prince has some safe neighborhoods. Haitian girls tend to be more feminine and less racist than girls in most English-speaking Caribbean isles.

        3. makes sense and I do have a fondness for Haitian girls but I will be in St Martin and St Barth

      1. Because, as other comment said, it’s a waste of time. The hours you are spending searching for something decent online and chatting with her are more than the amount of time you spend going to a bar, finding a slut and taking her to your place. Basic math.

        1. Truth. If you aren’t a spaz a date is actually 4 minutes away at any given time. Women like the adventure and the whole aspect of an unknown person changing their life in nature instant.

        2. Not my experience online dating at all. If you are spending hours, you are doing it wrong. Within five messages you should have a meet up planned. Then again I haven’t but used it in six years.

        3. Maybe you should write an article on this too. Five messages is definitely not the norm from what I hear. Far more likely to get radio silence.

        4. Like I said I’m so far out of the game, it wouldn’t be relevant. Plus I only scored a few dates. In a smaller demographic like where I live, girls are probably less inundated and picky.
          I met my wife online and she said not starting off with a dick pic or talking about cumming on her glasses set me far ahead of 95% of other dudes.

  3. OT (and I will get to this article right after): What the fuck with you guys. Every single one of you has an opinion on every fucking thing but I ask for a list of reading suggestions for while I am on vacation and get like 3 people chiming in. dafuq dudes. come on. Light and easy beach reading: go

      1. thanks gunny….ill put it on my list. My goal is to have a very long list on sat, research through and then go buy 3 books.

    1. I can’t recommend any philosophy books because you are likely more well-read in that subject than me.
      Try some of Jeff Cooper’s works: To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth. Some would regard him as a philosopher.

      1. Jeff Cooper has been on the mind to read for a while. Good call.

    2. Going strictly on “for fun with no intellectual growth desired or impending”, and in no particular order:
      Big Trouble – Dave Barry
      Modern Manners – P.J. O’Rourke
      Parliament of Whores – P.J. O’Rourke (twofer!), although it does skim a bit on politics, but it’s mostly him being his normal assholy self
      Modern Manners was written as satire decades ago but is almost a “how to” guide on becoming a modern person. It’s hilarious.
      A more serious, but nevertheless un-intellectual read, would be The Virginian, the first “western” novel, by Owen Wister.
      So there you go. Stop your bellyaching. Heh.

      1. ha read all three of them! A western might be nice. Or maybe an old Raymund Chandler. No growth needed. This is laying on the beach reading for me. Modern Manners is new to me….on the list.

        1. You’ll like it. It’s very similar to the Telegram discussion we had about making a “gentleman’s guide to” type of book, only regarding being an utter cad. He’s quite a cut up.

      2. O’Roukre’s “Give War a Chance” was pretty good.
        also his- ‘Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut’; which has writings from his early days and some of his car review stuff, which I found particularly entertaining.

      1. seriously though….if I posted that I had a cockroach that I was planning on racing there would be a 75 comment thread that eventually mentioned Hitler and Kratom. I ask for book suggestions and I get three comments.

        1. For the love of all thats good in yhe world. DO NOT feed kratom to the cockroach.

          They already live through nuclear winters.

        1. nice. I used to hang out there… prefer st martin…
          are you in the mega-yacht crowd?

        2. I prefer st martin 2. I will spend 2 days at a very high end club style hotel on st barth that caters to celebrity set and then afterwards retreat to a very quiet beach side hotel in st martin (French side but not Marigot where the tourists are) for some r and r.
          If by in the mega yacht crowd you mean do I have access to a mega yacht…no. I don’t even have access to a minor yacht. I will rent a little 26 foot sundeck for a day to buzz around in, but no. However, I am personable, tend to find myself surrounded by pretty women and always wind up getting invited to parties. Many of them on boats.

    3. I am i a booke reading rut past few years – strictly forums etc…
      bad habbit…
      But 2 of my recent favorites were
      “the first casualty” Ben Elton – world war one fiction by the guy from “the young ones” not a comedy..serious deep characters and horrific….
      “to end all wars” — Adam Hothschild -World War 1 — non-fiction
      “gates of fire” pressfield – or any of his alexander the great books

      1. non fiction too serious for me. I will be on a beach, half in the bag and taking periodic breaks for swimming and blowjobs.

        1. The Myth series by Robert Asprin, if you like the sci-fi/fantasy genre is light reading- can’t remember which was the first in the series
          Another Fine Myth
          Hit or Myth
          Little Myth Marker
          Mything Persons
          ….. there’s a few more.

    4. Jim Harrison’s articles on fine food and drink, hunting, fishing, and women were put out in book form- name escapes me. You’d dig his writing

    5. “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright. I read it in Puerto Rico last spring, and it goes with the beach. Light and fun.

      1. The other day, standing in the checkout line, my 12 year old asks what a Baby Ruth was. I responded with “Haven’t you seen Caddyshack?” and proceeded to explain that scene in detail, right up to Bill Murray taking a bite out of it. The cashier couldn’t contain herself and kept snickering the whole time. Fun to make people laugh.

  4. I don’t know how the hell people meet using this shit. I been using this stuff for a while and making a bitch meet you is impossible. They act as if it is a sinn just thinking about meeting them.

    1. It took a while but eventually I figured it out. She just wants the attention. There are so many women on these sites that have absolutely no intention of meeting these men in real life.

        1. I love taking pics of girls that I trip. They make the funniest faces.

        2. do any of the little boys from your photos have attractive sisters?

        3. You’re looking for something in a Large size?
          Philippines is the wrong place for you to look, you’re better off where you are. Anyway, these are from my brothers adventures, they’re too big for me.

        4. No, just looking for something in female size. Though I admit, it is far from unusual to like Asian women and I just don’t have a taste for them…but if I did they certainly wouldn’t be scrawny little third worlders. Again, that is just a taste thing. I can’t really fault you there.

        5. If you’re gonna have a buck tooth, best that you apply it to your tooth so you can have the true buck tooth tooth experience!

      1. Very true. But every now and than I hear some fucker meat a bitch online and banged her. I don’t know what works but this pua stuff doesn’t.

      1. HAHAHA. Please tell me you are not a woman, and your handle is not for real. Poor champ your husband is.

        1. Hey man, maybe she’s just giving generic gardening tips?

        2. I am a woman. My handle is probably as accurate as yours. And my husband is freaking awesome, not a poor chump.

    2. Yes, that`s becasue most of girls (above 90%, I`d say) are on dating websited to boost their “ego” (“look, Jane, I got messages from 124 different men today”) but they have no real interest of starting any kind of relationship.
      Don`t waste your time and money on online dating.

      1. I don’t care. Where I live you can fuck romanian hookers for 20 bucks. I don’t expect anything from these dating apps bullshit. I just take pleasure in blowing off some narcissistic arrogant bitch’s ego by commenting on how buttugly she is.

  5. I just can’t believe how fukkin easy it is these days….
    Damn you young single chaps!!!!
    Damn you to hell!

  6. First, I know that “I’m old and married!” and thus my opinion of online dating doesn’t matter. I agree, it doesn’t matter. I do not and have never used it, nor is there any possibility that I would use it even if Mrs. OfJefferson keeled over dead this afternoon.
    I will say however that meeting young chicks is so freaking easy these days and they don’t seem put off and like you’re being “weird” if you present yourself with confidence and rugged humor, that I’m not certain why online dating is required in the first place.
    Granted, this may also be an invalid observation because in fact I am older, and thus, grew up with a higher T level than your average Millenial, and I’m also pretty jacked, and tall, so I present a really masculine presence, whereas they may not (through no fault of their own). I guess my answer to that then, is get jacked and get some confidence (can’t help you on height, sorry).
    This is probably all OT however. If the article advice works in real life for y’all, and I suspect that it probably will since the author is writing from a vantage point of experience, then sally forth and have at it!

    1. It is definitely location related. Your looks and physique also play a huuuge role, remember only abt 15% of guys are over 6ft. Most girls in real life act pretty standoffish and superior when you approach if you are not a tall guy, and it usually goes nowhere…Why a lot of guys use online dating

  7. I went into on-line dating at about 45 — very very worst time of my life…
    I don’t go out too much anymore – but I know 22 year old can and do still fuck old guys – the fuck? is so bizarre – I hardly believe is happening…
    But on-line? zero! went on multiple dates which I have never done before or since…
    And we know why — washed up carousel riders playing games to get daddy mega buck beta…
    not for me.
    Face to face is always better – especially during the day…
    I don’t have a beach body. But I also do very well at the beach…I don’t know why…
    perhaps becasue I have boner in my speedos…?

        1. I opt out of the “mines bigger than yours” game.
          Instead, I keep TWO cucumbers stuffed down there. That way, on a good day it looks like I’m packin’ a hydra!
          Chicks dig hydras…

        2. I actually hide an octopus in there. Chicks did 8 dongs at a time and if it doesn’t work I can always pick up Japanese chicks who just dig the octopus.

        3. I will hit up orient beach as well as the bars on maho beach. Orient beach is great. In America clothing optional beaches usually result in people that make you wish that the Saudis would conquer, but orient beach is filled with just fucking stunning knockouts

        4. I was last there 20 years ago. the bar end of the beach were semi naked hotties from Europe — nude end were fat, old nasty…

        5. I go every year. I have the lay of the land down so well its absurd. Happy Beach is great too. Also, I am kind of a very big personality in person. I am not just a tremendous asshole on line. On top of that I tend to tip well and treat staff with a lot of respect and speak passable french. This means that every bar I walk into there will be some frenchy or big ass Caribbean mf’r who will be excited to see me. I am already looking forward to walking into Le Ti Coin and hearting the big dreadlocked rasta come out from behind the counter screaming “LOLKNEE YOU MOTHERFUCKER” with a bottle of rum in one hand and two glasses in the other. Happens every time and every single person in the restaurant (which are also the people I will see at the bars later on and the beach during the day) know that I’m someone they should know. It has taken over a decade and god knows how much money in total to get this treatment but it is fucking spectacular. Last night I was wondering if I could hit a double digit notch count in 7 days.

        6. two big differences between 20 years ago and now is that the fitness craze really has had a good effect on the beach going community and also st martin (which I have been going to since the mid 90’s) attracts a much less “fat jew from long island” crowd and looks a lot more like the meat packing district only with better weather now.

        7. I’m hoping to God that you don’t mean a double digit notch count with big dreadlocked rastas.

        8. Do it! Maybe you can finally get an article on the board with your Caribbean travels.

        9. lord no. The place I am going to is a haunt for celebs and models which means it brings in an amazing clientele. However, the enormous dreadlock rastas are around and them loving you and giving you free drinks is a boon

        10. I was there on a boat – plenty of European hotties – 2 french at one time, and another with her husband on a neighboring boat. Lean’t much a bout women’s loyalty when they are on vacation.
          One of the French women emailed me when she returned to Paris. This was in 1997 -my first year of email.
          I responded, and her husband emailed back “hope you had fun with my wife”
          She used her husbands work email…

        11. I love being single on vacation. The things I have seen happen with wives, girlfriends and once with a girl on her honeymoon….ON HER HONEYMOON! Those French islands are really just wonderful

        12. Ok, you have, like immediately after you get home and settle in for the evening, to watch the Archer where he flees to an island to be an incognito bartender. His opening scene is worth the price of watching the whole series alone.

        13. by the way, I will be going to Club O on orient beach which, if you remember, is the clothing optional bar

        14. I went to a restaurant at hotel end with local friend.
          80 year old guy bent over — dangly balls nearly in my moza-ball soup…never again…
          maybe different now?

        15. Last year I was there with two French swiss girls wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and they were joking with me about how their ages added up to my age. Between my poor French and their poor English we wound up having a nice lunch. I tried to bang both….only banged one. Probably varies day to day.

    1. The online dating is better in Asia. After a couple of sessions chatting with Filipinos, they often declare undying love and want to marry you. You can definitely get them to meet you at the airport, then straight back to a hotel for sex.
      It might be fun to line up half a dozen, and just pretend to arrive each day.
      Pump and dump ……. cheaper than hookers.

      1. A long term lover in NYC was Thai .She was using on line dating in NYC. said she would get several hundred offers per day….
        Next business trip to SIN. I will pop on over to Phuket – –
        and use Thai love links to have a few in the chamber…
        tested it once before (while in NYC – and put location as BKK) – hundreds of offers…
        Is back to front between USA/Europe and Asia…

        1. The Thai online girls tend to use photos taken 20 years ago when they were half their current weight. Make sure to cam them first.

  8. I have to say, I just don’t get dating apps/websites. I just do not think that they really play to mens strengths. All of us here know the following truism
    Women’s value is their beauty and fertility, their gentleness, how they make a man feel etc.
    Men’s value is in their character, intelligence and resources.
    The things I can communicate non verbally in person that show I have high SMV would seem stupid saying online to a stranger. Online dating in general is geared towards a woman’s strengths which gives women the upper hand. I don’t like that. I like to have the upper hand which means playing a game that is masculine….
    My latest is what I am calling “mugging game”
    While walking down the street I lock eyes on a woman and walk toward her in a menacing way the way you would if you had just picked a target to rob or if you were walking across a bar to knock someone’s teeth out. When their fight or flight kicks in you can see it. At the very last minute smile. She will be so off guard she won’t know what hit her.
    Also, when I am in one of the high end hotel bars I like to go to and dressed well, with easy demeanor, a staff that knows I tip well and treats me accordingly and can use non verbal cues it changes the script. I become the desirable one and women are fighting for my attention rather than the other way around.
    Here is a gift from the kneeman to all of you: women do not want to fuck someone they feel they have power over. They do not want to fuck the e plurbis Unum that makes it to the front of the pack. Oh, they will, but they don’t want to and they won’t put their all into it. Women will always want to fuck a man that they perceive as holding all the cards, as having the power — the man who is the object of desire for many women (including her) and choses her will always beat the man who out edges all the other guys vying for her attention. On line and on apps women have so many options that men are rendered powerless. yeah, you will get fucked…but it won’t be that good fuck…that fuck where she is trying to prove a point about just how right you were to pick her.
    Dogs do not chase rocks, they chase rabbits. If what retreats from us is what we desire imagine how much more we desire something that retreats from a whole pack just like us. When I am in my element and I am talking to a girl she knows that there are a dozen just like her that I can pay attention to and she keeps her game on top level. She is gaming me. Online I feel that dynamic is exactly the opposite and I don’t like it.
    As I mentioned before, I did download tinder to use on vacation as I will be on a tourist island surrounded by people. I will hit the bars first, but some nights you just run into loads of couples. The trick is finding where the singles are.
    As for the article itself, I think Kyle did an awesome job explaining online dating. His articles are quickly getting to the top of my list for ROK authors. Good job.

    1. Yep. When a girl reads “Six foot three, two twenty eight pounds, athletic build, smoother country boy charm” that’s one thing. It’s words on a screen that hold no real visceral value outside of basic fact communication. She doesn’t feel it, she simply knows it.
      When I am standing in front of her, she sees me looming over top of her, watches the blood pumping through the veins of my arms, and has me cracking wise at her to the point that she volunteers fellatio in the middle of a parking lot, she *feels* it, desperately.
      Online is just too fact oriented in my view to truly turn a woman on. They’re all about the Feelz, all the time. Women looking strictly at facts, I’d think (could be wrong) are beta hunting for a provider for the three little quadroons that she popped out with three different thugs.

      1. Yes indeed. Not to mention everyone on line is six foot 3. men online are like my experience with ex army guys. 95% of them were parachuting out of planes killing bin laden and hitler at the time time. Only 5% of them were changing tires in fort hood or playing sega genesis in cuba. So even if you say it there is already skepticism and then, as you point out, it is cold facts. Oddly enough, this may be why it is such a great zone for women. Men like facts. Woman writes out stats and men read it and say “bingo” but women operate, as we know, on feelings and not logic so a list of facts means exactly fucking nothing to her.

        1. Plus it automatically puts you in beta frame, because you’re qualifying yourself to her explicitly. You are literally writing out “Here’s why I matter, please pay attention to me”. I’ve never seen a girl in real life respond well to that, and rightly so.
          Walking through a local event recently with my wife. Walk up to a vendor and his first words were, I shit you not, “Holy cow! I’ll bet nobody messes with you!” to me. He was short (everything under 6′ is short to me, heh) and really seemed to be almost into a strange kind of fight-or-flight mode while retaining a nervous smile. All we did was walk over to look at the product on the table. The look in my wife’s eyes when he said that are something you can’t pay money for.
          Generate the feelz in real life and you are given a blank check to fill out.

        2. I said this to Our Boy Pabst some time ago. Women don’t respond to resumes – they respond to sparks.

        3. yes! this is it exactly. The second you are online dating you are in beta frame and not just for the reason you say (which is 100% correct) but also because you are there in the first place. What kind of man do these whores want to fuck? The kind of man that is too swamped with pussy to bother getting an online account. Guess what, you have already failed. At best, at this point, you are getting a desperation lay or a fuck because she needs some ego fuel because I went out with another girl that night.

        4. He’s a lost cause. Outside of intellectual discussions that don’t involve girls, I simply don’t bother with him any longer. His lack of mojo is a serious drain to any sane man’s soul, and I got better things to do.

        5. I don’t think he is a bad guy, but by his comments you can say that he has serious problems in his head.

        6. I actually like our pabst. If he speaks about literally anything other than women he is probably one of the brighter guys in town.

        7. He’s made a few good zingers. Probably wouldn’t leave my kids with him, but he’s good for a laugh.

        8. you probably wouldn’t leave your kids with me either…lol

        9. not really “problems” in his head, just a huge self-defeatism attitude, I take that back, I guess that could lead to serious problems in the head

        10. Actually, I am surprisingly good with kids. ALl my little nieces adore me

        11. There is something so distasteful about a man selling himself online, pimping himself. It is emasculating, reducing. It dis-integrates all the things that make you who you are, drags them out for a half-disinterested critique by women saturated with guys doing the same thing, and invites her summary dismissal. It is try-hard.
          Women are not just attracted to power, but to power which they don’t have or can’t have. When you line up on social media to get nexted like a chump, you surrender everything to her (dignity, included)– whoever the hell she is. She is in control of the outcome and interaction, which means she is mostly bored the whole time.

        12. Boredom and/or lack of purpose can drive a man to depression and ultimately diminish his SMV. Was telling talking to GOJ ABOUT something similar a few days back. Wally looks like he’s well underway to hit the bottle.

        13. Fun fact: those sega genesis’ in cuba run on repurposed parts from 1950s cars.

        14. I wasn’t even open carrying. He just got insta intimidated and felt the need to share.

        15. I didnt mean firearms.
          Just being big strong and confident.
          Also helps to have extensive fighting experience

        16. Kneeman you are dead right. I’ve heard so much B.S. from my fellow veterans I don’t have enough garden space to put it all in. I’m straight up, I tell folks I thought about going in the military, but went in the Air Force instead. That’s almost always good for a laugh. If they ask me what I did, I tell them I was an avionics tech and I was always behind the lines because it was too damned expensive to train my replacement. There was about a 65% wash out rate in my tech school so why should I be ashamed of accomplishing that? There was very little danger of me ever getting my ass shot off in my job (unless is was by a jealous husband). Who in their right mind volunteers to wade into a wall of bullets? If you’re self confident women don’t care if you weren’t Rambo. Most women I’ve known could sense that confidence and I’ve been told it’s a big turn on. I don’t see how that can work on line. Nine times out of ten it seems to me that even blatant sarcasm gets lost in this digital format.

        17. What happened to Pabst? He was so relentlessly negative, but I really was rooting for him to have the red pill epiphany.

        18. Maybe. I had good results by flipping the script and writing it to imply that I’m on there because I have a need for a specific type of woman.

        19. Yes. Being rejected in real life hurts more, but at least she will credit you for having the balls to go direct. Online is always indirect, because you’re hiding behind a screen. She doesn’t know what you look like, how you sound, what you smell like. To be honest, the offer to spend time on that product should indeed be very good.

        20. Dude, it is incredibly beta of you to be so proud of being tall. I am 6’3″ and never say shit like this. Correct yourself. Not everyone under 6’1 is short as you say; better to be proud of something that isn’t pure chance.

        21. Damn, this is deep. You really have a way with words and thought.

      2. Online is fake as all hell too. If one reads a woman’s profile (if you even read it at all) you will see a complete script of BS. Cannot tell you how many profiles I’ve read just for the fun of it where girls say “I love family, I love to laugh, I love warm weather, blah blah blah.” Like who doesn’t like all of that shit? Or even better is when they have this massive laundry list of deal breakers and how “they’ve been through so much.”
        Online dating is engineered so that women can maximize their hypergamy. They get to choose who they talk to and they get to wait around to find the best possible option. That was one reason I gave up online dating, because I got one date out of over hundreds of messages.
        The other reason was as you guys have already stated, you cannot convey value and make an emotional connection with a message.
        It always cracks me up though when women complain about getting hundreds of messages a day. It is basically them projecting that their hypergamy is not being fulfilled, because Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum weren’t the guys messaging them.
        I think my generation is one of the first to get really screwed by online dating apps and the problems that come from anti-social behavior due to the cellphone. Im earlier “millenniall” even though at this point I’d do almost anything to not be labeled that lol.

        1. I look forward to the bar or nightclub where you are obliged to check your phone into a small locker near the entrance and if you are caught inside the club with one the bouncer throws you out! …just in the interests of encouraging interaction like it used to be.

        2. The bar need merely install a radio interference device to block cell phone signals. On bar (underground) just put in a thick metal ceiling.

        3. You have to have a good profile and good approach and it’s pretty easy to get lots of dates.

        4. there’s a pub in england that did this. highly successful bar model. the only complaint they got is that a couple of calls actually got through.

      3. GOJ – I was at an estate sale with my wife last summer wearing shorts and a tank top. The heir and her daughters were conducting it; all attractive women. My wife bought some items and as the mom boxed them up, I caught her giving me a sideways glance and she said “Now you can put those muscles to work.” I just stayed cool about it and made some crack like “Yeah, I’m the mule.” But at that point the two girls had to give me the once over and my wife, of course, immediately hooked her arm through mine. You won’t ever get that kind of experience on-line.

        1. There’s no dread like the kind you don’t have to instigate. When other women dote on you in front of the wife, you’re in like Flynn.

        2. They most certainly are highly competitive creatures. As Roosh and many others point out, if you have an attractive woman on your arm, there won’t be any shortage of others trying to one up her. I learned that years ago. When my little sister would tag along with me to the clubs, I’d get way more play than if I was alone. It was so obvious it was hilarious.

      4. I agree to a certain extent. Facts do not turn a woman on, but they can make her interested. (she knows it, but doesn’t feel it – as you said)…So long as you are not lying, you can sprinkle enough facts into a profile to ping her beta-bunks radar. And then, when you meet up, you can play the bad boy game. Best of both worlds.
        And, you can show a bit of bad boy attitude over the email. Its just harder to not come off looking like an asshole, because all the body language/facial expression is not there.
        In regards the MILFS…. Sure, there are some single mums out there looking for a provider. But over here in China, the single mums can be very hot (after spending 3 hours a day at yoga). And they are generally too busy in their lives to run the usual bullshit that women do. They just need that once-per-week date, with mandatory pounding, before they run back to tuck diddums into bed. No hassle, and very little drama. I am a huge fan of the yoga-milfs.

        1. I think you’re implying what I think of the online dating. That just like in person, the idea is to have them chase you. Writing hundreds of women hoping one replies is just nonsense.
          The random facts in the profile are no more advertising/selling/justifying than appearances in person. It’s no more beta mode frame than wearing nice clothes etc. And of course it comes down to what is written.
          The idea is who does the chasing. Chase them and compete with the hundreds of messages she got? Well that’s not going to turn out well. Her chase you? That’s different.
          The problem I’ve found is I don’t like what chases me 99 times out of 100 and after an initial uninspired message most expect to turn it to the man chasing them. Where they have the power.

        2. Facts work to validate a woman’s hamster. When a woman starts talking to you she is always comparing you to who her friends are hooking up with. Also women discuss thigns from the moment you match or message. Height, are they hot?, where did they go to school?,what do they do?, + anecdotal/hobby deal. It’s also a form of one upping. You need to look good on paper. Thats all that is, if a woman thinks you’re brag worthy it will probably work out for you. What that would consist of? God knows.

        3. This is valuable insight fellas. I had a girl tell me “sorry I can’t date anyone without their graduate degree.” I was sitting there like “I hope no one recognizes me with this washed up, overweight brat.” But I did learn that women want a man they can brag about. Looking good on paper is important. Job, education, etc.

        4. You see this behavior with married women on social media all the time… constantly trying to one up each other with pics of whomevers-vacation-looked-more-expensive type shit. “Just made another improvement to our kitchen, time to rush on to Facebook and rub it in Janice and her broke husbands face.”
          (then cue the outpouring of fake compliments to each other, while they secretly loathe one another behind closed doors.)

        5. Their delusional state of mind is unbelievable. You meet a 40 some yo, completely broke, ridden hard by everybody and anybody, and they still expect you to game them and do all the work and she acting like Snow White. And yes if you make the slightest mistake you are out. And you are the one making 10-15 times more money than her. The entitlement culture has rotten them to the core. There’s truly no good one left. Enjoy the dumpster diving gentlemen.

        6. HAHA i had a 43 yo woman add me lastnight on a site (not tinder) (im 36, if they are attractive im happy to chat, she was “ok” at best).
          her age range was between 26 and 45. I pulled her up on it for fun, “why would you consider meeting a 26yo but not a 56yo who would be way more suitable for you? told her i think its unnatural etc, i never used names just told her “facts” about fertility and shit…
          She ended up calling me a douche and ended up deleting me. fucking delusional, and just gross. No wonder people are single.
          i was tlaking to this other girl who is more in my age range shs 30, and id ask her straight forward questions like “what did you have for dinner?” and she replied “mum cooked”…ok…What do you do for work? “shift work” she says…like pulling teeth. And these are girls who ad me. I swear 90% of the girls who ad me i still have to say hello first. If they make it too hard, dont eve bother guys, because they arent worth it.

        7. Oh god. Hahhaa you say that as if women’s emotions make sense? They can go hot and cold for any reason you could name. Overall moodiness, it makes me feel bad to be saying that but shit. Literally anything can do it, maintain frame, find out what type of shit makes a wench tick, etc. Only real way to keep your lady in check.

        8. Thank you. You have been helpful and instructive. So the take home lesson would be “maintain frame”. Right?
          You think its applicable online too, where a wide shoulder slim hip six pack university grad is equated with an obese beer belly smart mouth? And the lady has a wide field to play?

        9. Missed it, Zuleika. Did not get through. Seems like your mobile does not do too well with jpg imagery. Can you please try again.

        10. Maaf for the duplication EC. Enjoy! Have a beautiful vid but it just wouldn’t upload aww😞

        11. Thank you, Zuleika. I think of [Quran78:8] often. He has graced me from His Unbounded Bounty unasked with that which few are bestowed. Yet He has made it clear to me, set the choice before me, that this one thing He has denied me.
          This intimate solace, friend, companion, comfort, sharing, hope and dream and home … that which He has made for all of His creatures, to the lowest of the low. He has denied me.
          Everything He has given me, often without asking and without measure, without accounting. And He is always there for me. But He has also made it clear that I must endure this aloneness alone for all of life.
          Else succumb to Harram with which Shytaan tempts and teases me so very often, so very easy to falter in our culture. A sippery slope. Yusuf was tested once. I have been tested over and over again, beyond that he ever was.
          I have been doomed to wonder at the majesty, the beauty and grandeur of my Creator’s creation, alone. And never will I have one to share the overwhelming love with which He has filled my heart…

        12. No EC truly Allah has best in store for u. But Shaytan doesn’t let u know better. I don’t believe He can deny anyone. The present stage of the world is that of trial to all yet everyone has his share in the meaningfulness of this world. U are holding on to the wrong person.
          Over and over Allah is showing you that what u love is not good for you but u insist so you will be denied. Let mw tell u why I am getting married at the age of 29 . All my university friends are long time married with kids .
          I was , I thought, in love with a white Christian guy, our neighbour. I was 19 and he a 24. We didn’t go out or date but just like a crush thing. Our moms were best friends. He was even going to Mosque and learning Islam.
          But nothing felt right . I kept having this persistent feeling that I am making a big mistake.
          Anyway I kept avoiding him and started getting closer to Allah and Islam. I think he felt neglected and started going out to night clubs and drinking.
          So I asked my mom and brothers to send me away. I wanted to study Islam and other religions and know everything about Allah, his revelations, the messengers etc etc….
          I broke that relationship and went away. But I didn’t regret anything….
          When I got back I found myself, my Allah , and the sufferings of the destitute people. So I opened a business and started with community services, empowerment etc…. So I found myself again and Allah’s plan for my life too.
          I’m engaged 4 years to my best friend but I still feel that I am not ready…
          So I am going to do exactly the same thing ( to follow my inner peace) until I am ready. I have given myself until October. if all goes well and my inner strength, anxiety, peace or whatever you call it , is there, I will Insha’Allah marry in November. So trust Allah. His plan for us is better, if not best!!

        13. Alhamdollilah!
          MashaAllah !

          Brave girl. Courageous unfaltering thinking and positive decision making. I think you will make it in marriage as you know him well by now, four years. Don’t delay it too long, though.
          Before you get married get very fit. Join a gym or do it on your own. In Pakistan they have gyms for girls planning to get married. Marriage can be very demanding emotionally and physically. An emotional roller coaster. An athletic event 😉
          Well, you know what I mean 🙂 Ask Joni, she would know. I think she works out and is or was married. Most nurses have to work out. You have to be strong and fit, lots of endurance to be able to work as an ICU RN.
          It takes between three to six months to completely turn yourself around even if you have never exercised before. But women don’t need much exercise to stay fit. Men have to do a lot to stay in superb athletic shape and fit condition. May Allah guide you and give you peace and happiness in your new life.
          As for me. Allah has already told me. I can can shower my love and affection on all I want but it will never be returned. But matters not. He made me strong too. In mind and body and spirit. I can stand alone. He is always with me.
          However alone and lonely in old age may be difficult. But it may never come to that. I have had some very narrow escapes. In fact if I was a cat I’d have only one, maybe two more to go.
          Best wishes to you and yours.

        14. Too bad it did not get through. Well her is a cat movie. Cats talk to me. I thought you mighty like it, I think Joni would too. She likes cats.
          Sort of comedy:

        15. EC JazakAllah !! I find my every step in my very own conscious. If it doesn’t feel right I stay away Alhamdulillah. Allah has granted me that and much more…
          But for you I don’t feel that!!
          I may be wrong to say this , please feel free to correct me accordingly.
          U are entrapped with this relationship that seems so right with everything revolving around just that. Everything you don’t want for her is exactly what you’re doing to yourself.
          The last time I made dua for you, I tried to tell you, that U are the problem and the solution too.
          Now you say that you are meant to be alone!! If that is the case then why are you persistently going after what you can’t have? It’s not making any sense to me right now!
          Allah Ta’Alla wants man to be patient about acquiring the immediate luxuries of the world, so that he should keep to the right path on his journey towards the hereafter right?
          But man , due to his hasty nature rushes to acquire ephemeral worldly things, which prove to be impediments to his continuing his outward journey.
          I think the desired approach, according to Quran, is one which moves a person’s heart and mind. Your heart and mind must move together to bring about an intellectual revolution within you right ?

        16. There are places I have been to and lived in. Here is one. I though I’d share with you. Sort of a documentary. The real thing is beyond imagination. An enlightenment comes to you. As if you can touch the stars. God seems near:

        17. Hey EC guess who upvotes me and you. Sexual people. OMG! Check your upvotes and mine k.. This site is getting rather scary and disrespectful.

        18. My family is doing better than simply well. Thank you for that enquiry. – I expect the most pleasant of pleasantries from you. Many thanks for that. I’m sorry if we hit a slightly rough spot sometime ago. Water under the bridge to me anyhow. Let’s keep close, well, you know, as separated brothers – but, brothers nonetheless. We are different – but, somehow very much the same.
          How are you and yours? Well, I hope.
          I wish to continue to learn you from you. I hope this makes sense.
          I do appreciate our back-and-forth if only for understanding – one for or against another. For. For.

        19. I’ve read much of the Book. I do not understand the hatred against anyone who might follow in sincerity. Well, that might be a conversation unto itself …

        20. What can I say. I have much to learn myself. But one thing I have learned in the past days is that the so called Muslims on the Internet are the worst of creation no wonder then that the West finds them so loathsome. Nothing that they say is in the Qur’an and contort themselves into a pretzel to twist the Qur’an to suit their sadomasochistic perversions. I must have grown up in a different world from them.
          The rough spot we hit opened my eyes to them so I could see them for the monsters they are. So Thank you. But I was saddened that you for some reason, you a skeptical open minded Atheist, the best kind, did not see through them.
          What to say of them, even Ilisha though not a Muslim, an agnostic studying to be a Ahmadiyyia, believes that pedophilia can be justified and some version of wife beating is Okay. Coming from a woman that is indeed obscene.
          Seems like Stockholm’s Syndrome. A permanent brainwashing job that cannot be undone. Said I was rude to her. That’s the icing on this mud cake, rather scum on sh!t.
          Thanks for the lesson, HSkol.
          You take care.

        21. God, Allah, the gods – the gods aside – we are not all that different, you and I, really. Take care here, wish well there. Be good unto ours and yours and theirs. Live for peace between. Live for peace throughout.
          Love you, bro. I do.
          I am sorry for this soft post … but, not really.
          Do take care.

        22. Please, forgive my inadequacies. Let us talk around all that. Your reasoning, my reasoning – man to man, and honestly so … damn they who like it or not. Well, you know what I mean.
          I’m me. You’re you. Cheerleaders have missed the point, for the most part.

        23. We understand …
          Not many others do.
          I do appreciate our particular understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.
          If I may join you in Paradise, we shall have great conversations.
          If you may join me in Valhalla, we’ll have great conversations. 🙂

        24. Ha, haha! You got me there. You may know where you are going. I don’t know where I am going. Only Allah knows!

        25. Wonderful Mr. EC… I am needing a good show to watch over the long weekend. Thank you my friend. I hope you and your family are well. I saw some of your previous posts. and it is none of my business so tell me that if you must, but you deserve ALOT better. Allah will provide when the time is right. Insha’allah

        26. *🌺When Allah Subhanatalla decrees that a door in your life should be 🌟open🌟, no matter how hard you try to close it, no matter how far you run away from it, it will remain open until you walk through it.🌺*
          *🌺And when Allah Subhanatalla decrees that a door is to be 🌟closed🌟, no matter how many times you knock on that door, try to break it down, or cry on your knees in front of it, begging it to open again, it will never be opened.🌺*
          🍃Grieve in front of the closed door if you must.
          🍃Stand there for a time and look at it if you must.
          🍃Memorize its shapes, its lines, its indentations if you must.
          🍃Hold your hands over your heart and press down to calm its quickened, pained rhythm.
          *🌈But then know, know beyond the shadow of a doubt, know in your heart of hearts, that when you trust Allah and walk forward, He will open a more beautiful door for you. And you will walk through it.🌈*
          *🙏​And perhaps you will even praise Him for having closed the door you loved so much.🙏​*
          ♦Al-Fattah – The Opener♦
          *💜May the doors He opens for us, always lead us back to Him..Aameen thuma Aameen JUMUAH MUBARAK FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS💜*

        27. girls from minnestoa:
          “Discussion on Channel Islam 31 comments
          Yassman Abdel Magied is a Liar and a Religious Zealot
          HSkol El Cid 13 hours ago
          You are completely correct. I tried to have a very open and honest conversation with “whomever” tonight. No personal thought from him. Simple defense and talking points and diversion.
          At least I tried.
          Wishing you and yours the best.”
          that is hilarious seems how many people are banned form ‘channel islam’.

        28. That was very beautiful Zuleika. Means alot to me those words of wisdom.

        29. Wlcm Sis. Will post on fb. Do pass by! 😘 . Love to you and EC.. Peace be upon you!!

        30. Allah Subhanahu Ta’allah looks at our hearts and intentions Sis. Thank you 😊

    2. Well sir, you have outdone yourself, one of the most eloquent explanations about why online dating is such a bad idea for men. In my case, I’ve felt is a waste of time, too much flakes (I tried to setup a real date asap when I used these platforms), even though I have an average face and a muscular body. In person my success rate is way higher than behind the screen so I guess there’s that.

      1. Thank you sir. I do try to contribute in a way that makes up for my trolling 🙂

    3. Excellent post with some good wisdom.
      One thing I quickly found out about Tinder is you are nothing more than a fucking jester in some wanna-be queen’s court. The moment you stop being entertaining or someone new comes along, then it’s off with your head.

    4. LMAO. The next time I get arrested, I’ll just say I was trying out some “mugging game”. But I see online gMe the same way. I’m still trying to crack the code on how not to seem beta. It’s like the medium automatically puts you in a needy position. Even, Just messaging hello to a chick, makes you look like every other chump.

      1. This is why Pei Mei teaches you to pluck out eye…in person

    5. “Women will always want to fuck a man that they perceive as holding all the cards, as having the power”
      The side with the power in any negotiation is the one that can walk away. Any woman online is getting bombarded by men who would never even make eye contact in meat space, much less approach her. She won’t be interested in 99.9% of them, but the ego boost and illusion of options is going to make any man’s online social life a lot tougher.

  9. I just had an epiphany: the men most likely to benefit from this feminazi matriarchy are the authors and top posters of ROK, and the least likely to benefit are liberals, male feminists and other sycophants who defend the matriarchy. Why do men shoot themselves in the foot like that?

    1. Seems more of a stretch than an epiphany. Only a select group of commentators are single and the married ones either impart lessons to avoid the matriarchy or ways to control it. The weak would lose no matter what game they played.

    2. white knights get off on being white knights. That’s their thing. That’s how they benefit from carrying women’s water.

    3. Cuz most men dont understand pimp game. And how to keep your pimp hand strong.

      Mostly, they are in denial of womens true nature.

  10. In SEA, they appear to me to be all scammers and/or hookers.
    The fun being, if they aren’t asking for money up front, you can get the goods without paying and they can’t complain.

  11. I don’t know, I tried this thing a couple of times and most of what you find are fat hags expecting you to treat them like 10s just because they have vaginas. This is only reinforced by the many beta orbiters kissing up their fat behinds hoping to get pity sex.
    I’ll stick to actually going out to meet women, as I found day game works better now.

    1. Got on Tinder at the start of the year and it seemed it was All Hog’s Day. Nothing but fat chicks on my first 20 or so swipes. Definite motivation to hit the streets and gym quick. Don’t understand when the hogs got so bold to come off Facebook/Craigslist and think they can get consistent lays, but, since there were so many, some body must be doing them. Day Game is always better.

      1. I’ve had a fatty or two approach me in real life. I’ve detailed that before so I won’t again, but suffice to say that shooting them down without being kind is one of the little things in life that gives me a bit of sweet pleasure.

        1. Very Nice! If you think that is funny, you should see their reactions when you are black and do it. Someone has to stem this public opinion that being black makes it easier for a hog to get laid.

        2. High quality black men seem as discerning as high quality white men. The low rent black dudes, sure, they will generally take any old fatty for reasons I just do not understand. But while this may be true, taking a drive through a trailer park will confirm that this is not isolated to blacks. The only difference I think, and this is only anecdotal, is that the cut off point for accepting fat chicks is higher for black men than it is white men, from a “class” standpoint. Meaning you’ll get middle class brothers who will happily chase chubbies, whilst your white dude will usually hold out for better.

        3. yeah, I have a feeling that English Bob isn’t out there poking a bunch of hogs. The low rent street nigs will just fuck any sloppy piece of white tail, but the high smv black men understand that they can have boat loads of quality pussy, white, black, latin or whatever.

        4. I can see that. Somewhere out there some poor soul didn’t get the difference between thick and fat. Thick is really just a woman who has a thigh that is about relative to a chicken drumstick. Quite a few women would be considered thick that would be considered tipping the scale, not even sure why that is, if they weighed 160. The Spanish mother from Modern Family and guess now the daughter, would fall under thick. The new BBW classifications are another thing entirely and are just obese. Men with no options say yes to them all the time. Men with no class or standards walk around with them in public.

        5. I keep that Var..whatever her name is chick in a separate category, that is, hourglass figure. “Curvy” is too deceptive, because turns out, circles are entirely curvy. Having seen pictures of her when she was young, all I have to say is that if a man doesn’t believe in God, he hasn’t seen those pictures. She’s been gifted with every good genetic trait you can be gifted with as a Latina.
          Women doing the “curvy” thing crack me up. No, you’re fat. And I refuse to even use BBW except in discussions like this, because one of the B’s is patently a lie and it ain’t the one that means “Big”.

        6. I have a firm upper weight limit of 50Kg (110lbs).
          Anything bigger I just don’t want.
          (I’ve also had to impose a lower limit of 38Kg, ‘cos they just don’t fit)

        7. Taller girls rate a bit more on the scale, but you have to be a tall guy to get the taller chicks (usually). I think that a small exemption exists for fitness models, because muscle weighs significantly more than fat. End of the day, I’m a tape-measure guy more than a “what’s on the scale guy”, I just know way too many fitness models.
          EDIT: Muscle is significantly more dense than fat. I’m going to let my stupid phrasing stand however, as a warning to others.

        8. Kind of the same as you on metrics I imagine. If my arm can go around her waist she is in the green. If she has that and either her breasts or ass can fill my hand, big hands, and for this it is preferably both get the job done, then she passes the metric completely. Add a cute face and she gets the RHA would bang prize.

        9. Lots of girls, and guys, get hung up on the scale weight alone. I don’t even care about it, I care about the metrics as you mention. Women (and men) seem to be under the delusion that a 5’10” fitness model weighs 101 pounds. In reality she’s closer to 120-130 if she’s doing it right, but she looks like she’s at 101 more than most girls at 101 do.

        10. LOL @ muscle weighs more than fat
          because 10 lbs of muscle weighs more than 10 lbs of fat.
          I’m just messing with you….I just love when people say that lmao You mean muscle is more dense than fat.

        11. Yeah yeah, you’re right. Faggot. Heh.
          Nah, good correction, that’s what I meant actually.

        12. Someone posted this line when approached by some fattie:
          “You are fat and ugly, and you have nothing I want.”

        13. That’s really not a bad thing to say.
          I’ve gotten up and walked away when they’re mid sentence before. Also told one “Sorry, I’m not into bigger girls” and get up as they’re starting to ramp up the protesting “How dare you!”

        14. Yep. Her and her wing girl were ramping up the Bitch Sirens and I just got up, walked across the bar and started talking to the youngest, hottest girl in the place like I’d known her my whole life. Ms. Piggy and Piglet stormed out shortly after.

        15. Fit girls generally never have to qualify themselves, it’s understood, and you move forward from there.

        16. I hate when big girls approach me. I’m not jacked by any means, but I have a decent amount of muscle on me and am 6 ft 205. Im no Tom Selleck, but no big girl should be confident enough to think she deserves to be with someone who looks like me based on first physical impression. It is almost insulting haha

        17. We’re on the same page there Bill. I’ve said the same thing. Sorry Hoggy, but the low rent guys are at the other end of the room, try them.

        18. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

        19. White guys forgive a lot for big tits. Black guys forgive a lot for big asses.
          It’s that simple

        20. That used to happen to me, somehow used to chase it although only a height differential of about 3 inches.. Used to get a kick out of it, it’s a much easier thing to achieve than say a threesome or banging someone you’ve just met in an alleyway, both of which I’ve never (not yet) done.

        21. Getting on top of her while humping doggy style, and my knees not touching the ground… hehe.

        22. That would be a hard number to stick with, judging from the heft of most girls in western countries. In asia, its probably the top of the curve, but in Australia for example, 50kg would be at least 1.5 standard deviations away from the mean. And not in the good way.

        23. oh no you didn’t!
          with the other hand on hip, and that weird stance they take.

      2. It might be an actual shit test that fat broads pull on dudes. They’re probably like “of it works it works.”

      3. love that sentence… “dont understand when the hogs got so bold to come off jewbook/craigslist and think they can get consistent lays”

    1. Honestly, dude, I’d fuck her while pretending to love her, then dump her by posting a Nelson “Ha ha!” clip from youtube on her feed. She is passably cute after all (well, from what we can see).

        1. Or leave a voice mail.
          “Roses are red
          Violets are blue
          You thought that I loved you
          But hey, fuck you!”
          “Roses are red
          Milk can make cream
          Your cunt could fit
          The whole A Team”

        2. Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such break ups as “i think we need to see other people” and “it’s not you it’s me.”

        3. I love A-Team Sex. That is where you shoot your cum everywhere except in the vagina. No matter how many shots you fire, you never actually hit the vagina.

        4. I just heard that in Phil Hartman’s voice like he actually said it, lol.

        5. In some parts of the country they call that Imperial Stormtrooper Sex. I think it varies by region.

        6. Krieger, man, that dude is fantastic. The whole cast is amazing, it’s hard to pick one as a favorite, but he’s pretty close to top.

        1. It will be a truly sad day when Deltoid P. Hamsterlicker gets brought up on rape charges. Because, you know, that’s the name she knows me by.

        2. Oh, they’ll find my house. It’s in Chicago, big abode. They play baseball there sometimes.

        1. If she doesn’t have a very clear full body shot among her pics, she’s fat. 100% guaranteed.

        2. Yeah, that was why I put my caveat out there.

        3. Yep, simply because a woman with a nice (read: not fat) body will ALWAYS brag about by flaunting it online!

      1. If you look closely, you can see that she’s using her off-arm to hide her gut from the camera.

        1. Y’all are way better at online stuff than I am, since I do not, have not and never will use online “dating”. Face to face, that way, there is no chance of accidentally having to even say hi to a fatty.

        2. That’s why I’d make them get on Skype first. There’s no being a SIF once you take away the ability to carefully frame a picture.
          Also, I sent you a message on your Yahoo.

    2. “I fucked like 60 guys in two semesters”.
      “I don’t fuck around”

    3. There’s nothing better than waking up to a good laugh. Thanks, skank.
      “I fucked like 60 guys in two semesters.”
      “I carry myself highly”
      Of course you do. Clearly.
      “I am very romantic.”
      “I don’t fuck around.”
      Of course you don’t.
      Don’t worry. If you don’t find love and you lose your job as Ambassador to Skankistan, you can always earn a living as a comedienne prostitute.

    4. She’s only 20 and she’s already been ran through by 60 dudes in 2 SEMESTERS!… guess I shouldn’t be surprised, she’s starting to develop that 1000 cock stare, I wont lie… I would bang with no shame lmao but ….
      “As a goddess….I carry myself highly” Is this bitch for real? There might be some serious mental red flags so proceed with caution…
      Therefore don’t you want to be her Capt-Save-a-Ho? @disqus_WF0BHfKr5n:disqus

        1. And tell everyone on the planet that he’s the lucky one lol… “You don’t know what I’ve been through”! “Miles of dick” ?

        2. You know, as a public service, some of us manosphere types should start a website that documents names and accompanying pictures and/or horrible profiles of the women in them, for posterity. I want junior to see the real nature of women, and I want him to see it through his own mother.

        3. Excellent idea for someone with time to spare. Maybe when I retire I’ll take up on this.

    5. I always say — average modern chick bangs a guy per week thru college.
      that’s 200 by 21.
      And her spiel will hone to:
      “I’m loving, wholesome, spiritual and ready to settle down”
      and someone will…
      I remember a lovely girl that worked same bar as me. She was sweet – really, total girl next door.
      And a new bartender started dating her. and was good and normal….
      he asked me about her: I told him I ass-fucked her, so did that bouncer, I saw her giving BJ to to the DJ…The blood drained from his face…was sad.
      Is better not to know.
      She really was a nice girl.

    6. I’d try to take her to a cheap place and then try to friendzone her as fast as I could.

    7. Normal girls of the present have been fucked by more guys than prostitutes of the past.

      1. Women are and have always been prostitutes. The only difference was the term of their employment.

        1. As a wise pimp once said, “All women are either prostitutes or sluts, only difference is prostitutes get paid for their pussies and sluts give it away for free.”

      2. A pro 8 or 9 will have a rotating cast of say 15 to 20 regulars. That’s 1/3 the number that this girl laid in one year, free of charge.

      3. One solid gold tidbit you once said in a comment many moons ago was that as you plow through these trash heaps in your own head you tell yourself “Someday some poor bastard is going to marry this.” Dude, I cannot repeat that to myself enough since reading that! Take note when traversing the wasteland out there, fellas!

      4. This! Even girls in my family admit to this shit.
        so I don’t blame somebody who want to pay for it. Get a super young hooker and she might have a lower count than the average 30 year old feminist.

    8. Let’s do some math: she’s 20 and in the last year she fucked more or less 60 men, and let’s assume that was her ‘crazy year’. Lets assume that she started fucking at 16 (I know, wistful thinking), and fucked 10 guys each year until her ‘crazy year’. She’s 20 and have fucked 90 guys. Fucked. Not including blowjobs, handjobs, fingering her pussy, etc.
      God, there are professional hookers with less mileage.

        1. I don’t think Avis, nor Hertz, nor National, nor………
          Keeps them around THAT long.

        2. Yes, I was thinking a salvage title is the correct analogy. It’s a wreck, even if you get it back running again, it will never be worth anything.

      1. Also – don’t be too conservative, her crazy year was two semesters, which is really only about 6-7 months. There was plenty of non-school time to rack up additional notches. And we all also know that certain fucks do not count as fucks even if they are – spring break, swarthy foreign exchange student in town temporarily, drunk hookup while home for the weekend, etc…
        Remember the rule that what a woman openly admits should be multiplied by three.

      2. And then she’ll be telling her poor sap of a husband in 15 years “I’m not like that anymore”.

      3. I banged a pro last year. I truly didn’t know she was a whore — we went out on an actual date — but she let the truth slip afterwards. She admitted that she’d been banged out by 130-150 guys in her life.
        Side note: She wasn’t very good in bed. What the hell? If I’d paid for that, I’d want my money back.

      4. She didn’t write, year, she wrote two semesters. There’s fall (late aug – mid dec), break (mid dec-mid jan), spring semester (mid jan – mid may), and summer (mid-may to late aug).
        So 60 guys in two semesters. Then how many on the breaks? Another 30? Now add your math to that. So that’s probably more like a 120.

    9. “I need love motherfuckers”
      Translation: I need your wallet. I’m sick and tired of sucking dick for free.

      1. “I need love mother-fuckers” is a great line. Kind of reminds me of this.

        Check out that 60 cock stare.
        Why do these girls do it…. put this kind of shit out in the open. Don’t they realize they are going to get trolled harder and faster than poor old Shia LaBeouf.

      1. Apparently Hell. Or Detroit. I get them confused sometimes.

    10. I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry that she doesn’t see how the guys that have the capacity to give her what she wants have left her profile a short while ago, after gawking at the mindlessness for a bit. .

      1. Laugh. She is just the latest example in a long line of people incapable of introspection, expert in self destruction. The man she seeks is somewhere behind her in the same line. The only thing worth worrying about here is insulating yourself from these types.

    11. This has been making the rounds all over the interwebs the past week.
      Seriously, how proud can a father be?

      1. Honestly, if this were my daughter, I’d create a special InstaGram/Twitter/Whatever account just so I could text out to her and all of her friends this picture with “You’re no longer welcome in my house. Good bye” and then go silent. Fucking whores like this deserve to be completely cut off from family without mercy.

        1. Platinum there. It’s clear as day what she went to college for and premeditated it all before her first day. Somebody clearly missed a beat somewhere raising her!

        2. If this were your daughter, you’d wouldn’t be yourself. You’d be a drugged-out degenerate, prisoner #6746HG9, a total beta dweeb pushover, or six feet underground. Like her real dad.
          Good idea, though.

      2. Actually the selfie shot in the article with the turd was good too, laughed very hard at that..

    12. This skank fucked 60 dudes and didn’t have the common sense to charge them like the hooker that she basically is? This has to be a joke. Or some kind of backdoor to get around Craigslist restrictions on prostitution ads by trying to pretend that your not obviously a prostitute.

    13. “I fucked 60 guys in 2 semesters, but I don’t fuck around”.
      Imagine what her stats would be like if she did fuck around.

  12. I have met a significant number of moderately to highly attractive girls in Sweden (2011-2016) and never been disappointed (I use online game as one strategy in Sweden). It is because I am cynical and only use the sort of best websites at the moment. However, it usually takes a while before you go on a first date, and the return on investment might be sort of low in the sense that you spend a lot of time writing and of course it will not always, far from it, even lead to an initial response.
    But with a good profile and profile pictures, adaption and social intelligence it is not that hard to create results, although things seem to change in a negative direction. Remember also that Swedish girls are not as fat as Americans, on average, so we have a larger pool of cute girls (and believe it or not but not everyone is a feminist, at least not third wave/SJW type).
    The only mistake I have made was a girl whom I met when I was 16 and Internet communities were sort of a fresh thing. Her voiced sounded sweet but she was an ugly fatty. I bailed after walking around for about 1 hour.

    1. I am sorry to hurt your feelings: those “cute” Swedish girls probably been through dozens of Somali, Nigerian, Moroccan, Albanian etc c**cks before they ended up with you.
      Swedish girls are promiscuous. Sweden may be wealthy, but -like most White countries-is in moral decay.

  13. Not really versed in online gaming, been too long. But I was curious, could you network a certain area overseas prior to vacationing there? I managed to set up a few dates by letter while I was a missionary prior to returning home, but I already had some contacts (although two years old). Nice to get a running start before you travel.

    1. definitely — in SE Asia…but mostly hos for older guys. not that there is anything wrong with that.
      Have read stories about guys advertising for guide in China etc…and plenty of local women will help, practice English etc,,,ETC!

  14. “Hater” is the site I would join if I were getting into the online game.
    Instead of matching you with people who share the same likes as you, it matches you with people who hate the same things.
    This site was made for guys like me.

    1. Nice idea! At first I thought it was to set people up for hate fucks….feminist and trump supporter, Bernie supporter and finance guy etc but meeting people who hate the same shit as you would be perfect. Get on that angryguy

      1. Honestly, that is a really fucking good idea, like the kind you can actually make some decent scratch implementing.

        1. Indeed. One of the deepest bonds b/w The Girl and I is a mutual, deeply rooted hatred of all things Disney. And Cruises.
          If we didn’t agree on these two points we wouldn’t be married.

        2. how could you hate cruises? Being locked on a boat with thousands of strangers, an annoyingly cloying and happy crew and a high chance of having every single person, yourself included, have their insides turn to liquid to the point where you are shitting out the remnants of your confirmation lunch? Who wouldn’t want that?

        3. Plus, if you fall in love on the cruise, it’s exciting and new. Really, it’s life’s greatest reward.

        4. Nothing quite like wandering through Dismal land, hearing some child screaming and the exasperated parents attempting to deal with it, looking into your beloved’s eyes and both at the same time saying mockingly, ‘Happiest fucking place on earth’.

        5. Except, if someone you don’t like happens to fall off the hotel balcony during the night the body is still right there in the morning…

  15. Bumble’s bumbling product proves women, deep down, still want a traditional role. Why be afraid of asking someone out on a date online?

  16. Fuck that game anymore…its like volunteering to be on the worst end of the sexual market for men.

      1. Typical for dating sites is that women over 40 hit on men around 30, despite those men have a profile where they say the want to meet women between 20 and 35.

    1. To be fair, on the women’s side, all they have now is a pack of beta men, most being awkward Indian and Chinese men wanting a “White” girl.

      1. holy shit, online dating is depressing bc some algorithm comes up with your matches- at least in meatspace you get to choose who you approach

    1. I see so much of that crap up in Wisconsin too. “if you cant handle me at my worst, you dont deserve my best!” which is basically a direct translation to: My best and my worst are exactly the same.
      The truly lost women sign up for dating apps and pick and choose from “the best of the best.” and have a massive laundry list of deal breakers and things they must have because they’ve been through “so much” in their life so far.
      The tag line is really revealing, “Is this 4 real.” its basically women like this realizing that their hypergamy wont be filled by men approaching them in real life, so they sign up for a sleazy dating app and hope they can peg a guy who has more value then them. And unfortunately in many instances, there are some schlubs who could probably do better for themselves that end up with these hogs.

      1. “The only woman in history entitled to use that line is Marylin Monroe. She was a size 2. Get over yourself.”
        That’s how I’d retort if I ever heard this in real life.

        1. That “my best” was taken long ago by the convict with the neck tattoos who didn’t deserve it either. The only one who would deserve “her best” is the poor schlub who will be her ATM for decades. He certainly isn’t going to get it.

        2. if a maggot says …
          “if you cant handle me at my worst, you dont deserve my best”
          said maggot is bound to be 30+ years old and had more fu*ks than i’ve had hot dinners, to which you reply…
          “if you gave away your best years for fee, why should i be made to pay for your worst”
          … and then smirk, laugh and walk away, still laughing.

    2. POF is a shit site…. it has the worst girls and the worst interface.
      I tried it for a few months, but it sucks.
      And for any site to be worth your time, you have to pay.

    3. what’s so sad about this is that there will be men in American who will thirst over this.

    4. why are you online dating? I thought you married a hot, submissive virgin Paliestinian girl…

      1. Hot, submissive virgin that was crazy and tried to be manipulative by threatening suicide everytime she got mad at me. I didn’t want to deal with that shit so I sent her back to her parents.

    1. Just wanted to say I find you very attractive. If I got to know you, I would invite you over for a romantic dinner and as soon as you arrived, I would pull you close and whisper in your ear “I have a swanson tv dinner in the freezer with your name on it” and then I would proceed to fill a wine glass with welch’s grape juice

    2. “Baby girl, you remind me of my little toe ‘cuz I get the feeling that I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture in the house”

      1. I actually saw a guy successfully use:
        “your daddy musta been a theif, because he took the stars from the skies and put the twinkle in your eyes”
        I nearly puked.
        HE got laid.

        1. what about “you must be a filthy cum guzzling whore because as soon as I saw you I knew you would be gargling my semen”

        2. Probably the daddy reference that did it. Had a girl try to pick me up once with Star Wars, because her daddy used to watch it with her. Massive hoe.

      2. I used the “my friend wants to talk with you….”
        When she said “I’d rather talk to you” I replied “Well, then talk.”
        4 break ups later, we married.

        1. “Bet you can’t do this!” – Proceed to climb into a tractor innertube and roll down a snow sled run. We married.

    3. I actually used, successfully, “look, it’s late…can we just pretend I’ve been charming for an hour and get down to business”

      1. That’s pretty good actually. With the right kind of delivery that can easily work.
        Not quite a pickup line, but a go to opener for me that’s worked great is “Hey, I didn’t catch your name when we weren’t introduced”.

        1. You really know the shortcut to my soul. This is so much win

      1. Oh crap. Guy from Boston told me they had some pervert going up to kids and asking ‘You wanna see my one-eyed snake puke?’

        1. CNN:
          “UK police investigate ‘firearms incident’ near parliament”

        2. #fdegunsmatter

        3. If I declare #allgunsmatter does that mean that I’m using a codeword for gun racism?

  17. Online dating is death since 2010, Beta Males killed with beta thirst, Those dudes post things like “I would eat her shit if I could” and “I´m not worthy” I hate them. A 6 post a pic in Facebook and in an hour is full of comments from those guys. A 9 post something and is worse. They ruin the game. Once something is popular and mainstream is already ruined.

    1. But as he said “Normal” is what will set you apart. But I think that’s the case online and in real life as well. In essence, don’t be a try hard and you’ll have some success.

      1. Well online dating was for loser back then and is for losers now, I think is more now. There was a niche for some clever guys to exploit when it was new. But is over. You need to be more than normal, you need to be a James bond personality with a body of Thor and the most interesting life in the world. Being a normal guy, average body, average life with a 9 to 5 job is not enough. You need to be an exceptional man not just normal. If you are going to be exceptional better quit online dating and be exceptional in the real world, do it before feminist ruin day game with stupid laws like in London where is harassment to simple say Hello to a woman. Night Game is ruined now. Day game is a matter of time. The End goal is to control men sexuality and that we have no option other than to accept an old, fat, Bitch at 35 years old so you can reproduce your replacement.

        1. This is the reality. Any guys that are “alpha” enough to win at online dating are usually better off in the real world. There they don’t have to deal with secret fatties and the inherent stigma of being just another guy in the tindersphere.

  18. Even in the boonies where I live Tinder is cooling off a lot. Mostly fatties trying to hide it in their profile

  19. I think is ok if in 20s and 30s and photogenic.
    They prevented me at 45 to search below 39. And suggested hot women in 46-55 age range…
    Somuch easier in meatspace

    1. Funny thing is at 45, women below 30 will go for you. As to the 46-55 should be looking up at 60-75 yo men. But these entitled bitches won’t, we know that.

      1. I’m 60+ and I’m looking at 20+
        Why should women be different?
        Never done online dating, too many around me.

        1. At 60 is probably easier to go for 20+ than the 40+. The 35-40 crowd is the toughest for some reason (their clock is ticking. actually all the alarms are screaming).

  20. The only kind of dating site you should use are interracial dating sites – particularly if you live in the US. (There aren`t many sites of this kind).
    If you are looking for a woman who is of a different ethnic group/race, in this case the relevant online dating site may be something you should consider. However, just like with anything else, this should also be approached cautiously.
    All other forms of online dating should be avoided OMHO – but once red-pilled, a man usually does not need dating websites anyway.

      1. You have a great sense of humor. I’m showing this to work mates and we are laughing our asses off.

        1. How can a guy resist a girl with an internet handle of “Beeflady”? It’s like a slam dunk.

  21. This article is typical of the PUA conundrum on RoK: A free sexual marketplace is anarchy as PUA’s desire women who are easy to access but haven’t slept around a lot and since they disrespect women who have slept around too much (or have baggage), that gives the women who are available tremendous mental guilt complexes. The alpha/beta paradigm ultimately undermines women’s respect for all men (including alphas since they will be constantly “shit tested” until they lose at some point).
    As an old timer, I saw something similar happen back in the 90’s: At the time, there was no significant online dating so most women were used to daygame and nightgame and had similar attitudes that young men complain about today. The problem was that the women wanted men to approach them BUT not at all times and not by “loser” men they were uninterested in so they came up with the idea of ‘sexual harassment’. Keep in mind that “work game”, so to speak, was probably the main way most people got into relationships back then. Women started joining “women only” gyms to avoid lunks from hitting on them. This was exacerbated by how many men who would want more or less monogamous relationships (weren’t looking to bang first and then perhaps consider a relationship later) were indistinguishable from the players. So tension in the sexual marketplace is kind of like trying to shop in a Turkish bazaar. (If you think the sexual marketplace is tough, just try to get all of your shopping done in an hour in a more traditional marketplace as a complete foreigner.)

    1. Huh? There is no conundrum. Men want sexual access to as many high quality women as possible but want those women to only be sexual with him.
      In the Middle East it’s called a harem.

      1. I’m not denying the desire but rather the economic feasibility.
        In the middle east in particular, it’s an unstable culture that was on its death bed previous to oil being discovered in the region. Only via a safety valve of war and emigration to the west does it avoid collapse.
        Like in the wild, being an alpha male is not a relaxing luxury as The Lion King illustrates. There are constant threats to The King and whatever pleasure the men get from sex with his wives is offset by the continual pressure of defending himself from threats internal and external.
        In the west, most alpha males (I’m not talking PUA’s who have good looks and game) but rather the real power shakers largely are monogamous. Such as Trump. If it wasn’t for Marla Maples turning his eye, he’d probably still be with Ivana.

    2. Really, I think the only way out of this mess is the traditional dating culture circa 1950. Guy asks girl, sex is off the table, traditional dates, etc… If you want to opt out and do hypergamy, that is fine, but don’t expect to find the good looking unicorn just hanging out in a night club, ready to bang ASAP.

      1. I think traditional dates (as defined in the 50’s) was a slippery slope that helped get us into this mess.
        A century before now, the “traditional” dinner date of paying for a woman’s meal by taking her out was considered to be little different than prostitution. Sex was “off the table”, wink wink, but there was a game afoot of men trying to get it on and women teasing men with sex to get more treats out of them.
        Traditional dating was actually more egalitarian back then. Men and women discussed things more openly with fewer shit tests and games, the dating occurred chaperoned (kind of like the scene in the Godfather but with fewer guns) It also made sense in that the new merged families would need to get along for purposes of helping to share childraising (the grandparents were often babysitters) and couples wouldn’t necessarily get a place of their own for a few years.
        During the 1950’s, there was a new precedent, perhaps set by the media or corporate America, for young men to have their “bachelor pad” not only to bring home girls to bang, but also to establish himself as having a “place of his own” for her to nest in. Only “loser” men would still be living with their parents even if the purpose was to build a nestegg. Apartments and homes (and cars) could and were bought on credit ultimately leading to the empty nest syndrome we see today where such goods are now so expensive that many now can’t afford their own place even if they wanted to sink themselves 30 years into the debt hole.
        Regarding night clubs and bars. I loved the show Cheers when I was coming of age and then I turned 21 and went to a bar and discovered what lonely, sad places they turned out to be (more like Joe Szizlak’s bar in The Simpsons).

        1. I guess I have only witnessed the night club scene, and then the “Molly Mormon” scene (like I described without saying it). I didn’t live in the 1950’s, so I was only referencing what I saw in the movies.

      2. This is basically how I imagined dating was supposed to be. If you sacked up and asked out a girl and she at least found you interesting enough to offer one date, then you could get to work and earn the other dates. I just dont think girls think that way anymore. They assume all guys are plugged in to hook up culture or are these freightening and threatening monsters that feminists say we all are. When my hunch is, most men would like nothing more than to lock down a hottie and have sex with her on the regular after the dates and entering into a relationship.
        I dated my ex for 2 months before we got down lol. It was mostly due to her upbringing and my inexperience. But now if I dated a girl, 2-3 dates and working toward a relationship should be enough for sex to follow.

        1. Feminism certainly has done considerable damage to the traditional model, and the PUA culture became the inevitable response. I was all too familiar with it when I became religious and joined the church. When I got into that dating world, it was like a breath of fresh air.
          Having sex off the table makes it so the women are more willing to accept your invites. It enabled me to widen my dating pool and pick the girl I wanted before getting emotionally attached. My wife was a virgin on our wedding night, despite being good looking and dated several guys.
          It is a pity that this isn’t a viable option for guys and girls out there who want nothing more than have a decent monogamous life. They are not uncommon.

        2. “Having sex off the table makes it so the women are more willing to accept your invites.”
          Free food, drink and entertainment, no obligation ……
          Who wouldn’t!
          I’d date you too, if you pay for everything and agree not to bang me. (No church talk either).

        3. It’s called getting to know somebody, you dork. He was talking in the context of his religious beliefs, and if his wife was a virgin on her wedding day to him then he’s done a hell of a lot better in life than you ever have or ever will. You’re old enough to remember what actual real dating was like, so stop being an ass.

        4. The first time I took any out to a restaurant is the night I proposed to my wife. Usually it was some dumb activity like a walk in the park, mini golf or such. 0-$10 for a night was typical. It is about the hunt for the unicorn, not what you get that particular night. Long term vs. short term mindset.

        5. I’m too old for long time ….. I can barely handle short time these days.
          30 years and 7+ years is enough for me.

      3. If I’m paying for the date, I expect sex. As we used to say in University,
        “If they don’t fuck in two weeks, marry or move on”

        1. I tell you, guys I knew ended up marrying within a month or two. They are horny just like anyone else. If it means marrying early, they will marry early.

        2. My current wife, banged her within 2 hours of meeting her and I agreed to marry in a week. I thought it might last long enough for me to get a VISA, but she’s hung around for over 7 years now.

  22. I don’t use dating apps anymore as I have built a small circle of women that I have sex with regularly. Most all of these women use dating apps to go out and get free meals/drinks, then call me over afterwards to smash them to bits after some poor simp has paid for everything and received zero sex. I suppose, in this sense, I am the “closer”
    This process actually happened in reverse on St. Patrick’s day. One of them wanted to see me before she went out for the evening. This is the reality of what’s really going on out there, gents… sad but true. Get it while the gettin’s good, I say.

  23. I think it just gets overcomplicated. Have some good quality pics of you doing cool stuff, be normal and assertive, make a number transition and meet up for coffee/drinks. If they’re cool/hot/DTF, then you’re good to go. I’ve had some really quality sexual experiences from using Tinder.

  24. online dating is a joke…girls rarely ever responded to my messages. when for every one girl there are 20 guys contacting her,shes rolling in the attention…also,youre unlikely to meet good girls on there,just attention whoring sluts. i did meet one good girl on plenty of fish…an indian woman who was here on a student visa. we never did date just due purely to cultural and religious differences,but she was a really good hearted person. she told me about all the “disgusting things” so many men were sending her on there,as if she couldnt fathom the moral depravity of american men. she soon deleted her account,though weve stayed in touch.

  25. Has anybody else who uses Tinder on the regular noticed that more or less every third girl now says “I love tacos”?!? What the fuck is this new copycat shit they all do? Which supposed alpha-female celebrity co-signed this and they all suddenly thought by saying it they could replicate their success? Lady Gaga? Kim Kardashian? And I live in just a medium-sized city, I can only imagine how many say it in a meterpolis! Jesus fuck, the copycatting in every aspect on these sites is out of control!

    1. I think that’s a code word for being bisexual.
      Never been on Tinder, but that seems to be strongly hinting in that direction, assuming that there’s no other prevalent meme that means something different.

      1. Might be; that is the great new trend now, especially for White girls, to play up the bisexual card and think somehow anything but the most pathetic and desperate schmucks see any value and allure in that.
        Still, there seems be some new trendy food they all copycat to be obsessed with all at the same time. First it was bacon, then peanut butter, and now it’s tacos. There must be some alpha female (an oxymoron if I ever heard one!) that declares on MTV or Oprah or The View that they love said food and then all of middle-American women with nothing more to offer men besides sex (and are hyper-aware of this fact) as is jump on the bandwagon. Weakness engendered.

        1. It used to be that stupid statement of saying “Just buy me pizza and grab my butt” or some bull. So dumb!

      2. I’ve never looked at tinder as well. However there was a time a lot of women mentioned sushi online. But was it code? It would often be mixed with other foods and thus did not appear to be code. Then it disappeared.

      1. At least she’s honest about only having that to offer Creation. Better she come to terms with it right quick rather than deny it.

  26. These days you have to schedule 3 dates at once to ensure no one flakes. Of course I start flaking on girls so the cycle continues. I still did fine with s mirror shot but that was because I forgot to take an action shot and improvised.

  27. “Whilst online dating used to be reserved for the weirdos, it’s now completely socially acceptable.”
    I would wager that’s because society has now become a society of weirdos. It’s not a measurement of health to be well adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick.
    Based on my friends who use online dating, the author makes some very good insights on the online scene.

  28. “It’s got some physical activity involved—playing volleyball on the beach with some hotties is much more attractive than you standing in your bathroom with a large turd in the background”
    Most likely black turd gurl selfie got dates anyway despite the obvious overlooked crap in the toilet.

  29. “Sugar dating—“exaggerating” your lifestyle on sugar dating sites to get the hottest girls. Then have sex with them without paying”
    I don’t know anyone using sugar daddy dating, but I’m guessing that chicks who use those sites are also privy to guys without resources trying to bed them, so I’m certain the trollop will immediately ask you to buy her something very expensive upfront.

    1. Expensive is relative, when Filipino girls have to work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day for 1,100php ($22) ………. $10 is a lot.

  30. If you want easy sex, tinder. If you want free drinks or a free meal, tinder. Free tickets, free clothes, free drugs, tinder. If you work it, maybe you can pull a free semester at Uni. You think you’re shopping for girls. No. They’re shopping for you. I wish I could show you video of girls I’ve watched swiping through, deciding which one of you is the easiest scam.

  31. This is very common with the late thirties to 40’s American women profiles. At least the attractive ones.
    1) They still want kids and are looking for marriage. Even after 40
    2) Minimum salary you need is 50 grand and higher. The older they are like (forties) then 75 grand and higher is surprisingly what they are looking for.
    3) You must be athletic build and 5/10 or higher in height. Even if they are short or average in weight.
    4) Must lead active, social, healthy and adventurous lifestyle. This could mean anything but my guess is somebody hitting the gym everyday, having a big group of shallow friends and 4-5 star travel that you pay for. Very light social drinking, no drugs or video games.
    5) The older they get without children the younger they will set and halt age limits. For instance a 43 year who still wants kids will put in looking for 32-45 year old.

    1. 6) The ones with kids do post racy pictures yet expect potential suitors to not expect a fling lest you get a right swipe.

      1. Part of the narcissistic culture we live in. How much validation does a woman need? and then pull the I AM A RESPECTABLE GIRL.

    2. Who cares, these women are all well past their sell by date.
      I have little or no interest in women over 29 ….. it’s not as if they lower their prices when they reach ‘Best Before’.

    3. You must not live anywhere near an urban center.
      100K/yr is a barely dateable pauper. Minimum height is 6’0″ and maximum is 6’3″ unless she’s 5’9″+ herself.
      The rest is about the same.
      Of course that only applies for those men who are playing the game of qualifying themselves to women.

      1. Average urban area I live in. Yes, top earners will get the most attention since women like extracting resources.

  32. “However, it seems empowered 2017 girls are all on board the train of making the first move. ”
    And one can be assured that it will be the bloated land whales with the cookie crumbs in their mustaches that will be making the first move.

  33. Dating sites are pitiful compared to what they used to be, ruined by a combination of factors:
    -Obesity, and girls pretending that obese and “curvy” are one and the same and flaunting it like a badge of honor
    -Female narcissism/attention/validation oversaturation from fakebook – many of them are on dating sites with zero intention of dating or fucking anyone, only use them for an additional narcissim/attention/validation boost
    -Tinder, which requires zero effort or interpersonal interaction skills, thus girls dont put effort into conversations or having a personality or any value other than appearance (whereas before they barely tried, now they dont try at all)
    -Tattoos, especially chestplate, upper chest, and boob tattoos – finding a girl without her tits tattooed is extremely uncommon
    -Single moms – vastly disproportionately are afflicted with mudshark babies btw
    -The only hot, datable women, mainly the youngest, nowadays are also very socially retarded and boring thanks to being raised on fakebook
    -Trannies listing themselves as female, polluting the search results for women with mentally deranged faggots that need to commit suicide ASAP (although most of these abominable freaks are black, and I am able to filter them out by race)
    -nonsensical orientation identities that women use as an excuse to pretend they are a strange creature not sanctioned by nature
    I use dating sites for electronic day-game while I’m bored at work, which is quite often. Dating sites have doubled my notch count, so not complaining, but they have taken a nose dive in the past couple years for the reasons above. From about 2009-2015 though I snagged alot of hotties I’d never have met otherwise. I dont go to bars, I dont live in an area thats a poosy paradise, and nobody has parties anymore, so I do what I can to increase my options.

    1. “nobody has parties anymore”
      I agree with that… My daughter is high school age and I remember going out to keg parties at her age and smoking weed… I ask what her friends do and she doesn’t have a clue. They are all in the basement or something.
      I also see most on line photos that only go neck up…. Tells me they are eating like a pig and don’t want to show the fat rolls. ….I find online dating to be very limited in choice with a lot of guys spamming anything that moves. I put in a profile as a female that had overweight, hairy, out of work, three times divorced,3 retarded kids from misc dudes and stated I was a gold digger -with no photo– and I still got two dozen hits. Its like wtf dudes- you will fuck anything alive. Tells me I need to be very aggressive.

      1. One girl I smashed showed me some of the messages from the douchenozzles, simps, scumbuckets who message her, and it showed me that theres maybe 1 or 2 tops out of 100 guys I’d consider a worthy competitor, looks wise, interesting wise, confidence wise, smooth-operator wise. These clowns are ugly and pathetic or just total trash.
        One difficult pill I’ve had to swallow is it DOES NOT MATTER if youre the best looking, coolest, most interesting, confident, successful, smartest, funniest, biggest dicked, best fuck, etc, dude they ever had, women always prefer quantity over quality. Thats when I stopped giving a shit about relationships except for about 1 special snowflake every 5 years or so that I get totally mad for, and so I’m mainly in the game to hook-line-and SINK HER. If it turns into more, great, if not, great.

        1. yes. .Sperm is cheap.. That always throws me because most woman you see; are not much to look at- let alone stuff your dick in. I can’t do it..but there are enough that can… .Even if there is 5% of all guys. its still a lot of guys for her to scan through for you to compete against.
          ..and who knows your gal is thinking- your a male. Until you get dropped for a drug dealing un employed pimp-…that type of event puts your assets into perspective. I like your thinking . I had to come to the same conclusion.

      2. So did I. I did my share of house parties, clubbing trips, and rock concerts beginning at age 15. And here’s my somewhat controversial theory. High school might be the best time for young people to party. Think about it. They might not be children anymore but because they’re still minors they can get away with stuff. They don’t have that many responsibilities yet. It’s an excellent opportunity to start honing their social skills. And, as many of us have discovered, there’s always the possibility of getting the rowdyness out of one’s system by the time we reach 18. Compare that to college, where there’s more at stake and law and customs no longer protect them.

      3. Sometimes I think The red pill must be instilled as trickle down where alphas show the clueless how it’s done, and tell the skanks they are banging to understand that all men including the “creepers” and “weirdos” are more than worthy of any women.

  34. If this is truly the first steps into the future Sexual Marketplace, I’m going to have to rethink my “no” response to the sex robot question. It may be only a machine, but at least it wouldn’t lead off an introduction with some thing as vulgar and vapid as “My superpower is I don’t have a gag reflex.”

  35. pof is a fucking cesspool of fat banged out repulsive pigs…..1 out 100 are passable as the human female species. At it’s peak it was probably 20 out of 100.
    ….but here’s the kicker…they’re cocky…only online could women ever be this cocky due to abnormal levels of attention. These same women you wouldn’t even acknowledge at the grocery store.

    1. thats why you hope men swallow the red pill .. unfortunately, sperm as cheap and there are plenty of donors to even the most vile fat sea hag.

  36. Part of me wants to say that girls flock to these online dating sites so they can bitch about the messages they get. Every guy that sends them a dick pic or an “awful” message, is an opportunity for them to get together with their girlfriends and talk about how sleazy men are. They love the drama of the situation.
    They have no real reason to be on the sites and might not even want to date. But they read the messages and get a kick out of either the effort that guys put in, or lack thereof. Guys who send girls dick pics are only further adding to their contempt for men and giving them something to complain about and adding drama to their lives that they feed off of.

  37. Companies like Match continue to blow who knows how many millions on data analytics behind their platforms, and they still suck. Why? Because the results are only as good as the data going into it – and it’s all a pack of lies, from EVERYBODY participating.
    Online dating is the bottom of the barrel and will continue to be so – don’t waste a lot of time with it.

  38. Years ago when I was kinda heavy into online dating, I remember on at least several occasions getting ice breaker emails sent first to me from fairly hot looking girls that were legit. The emails from them were sent the same day they created their profile. Since their profiles were brand new, they hadn’t been discovered yet by the other thirsty beta males surfing the dating sites. So what happened? All the sudden those girl’s profiles were discovered and in came the floods of emails from other guys. Then I would get ignored. Pissed me off because I instinctively knew that had it not been for so many other guys using dating sites by the thousands, that those girls that sent me emails considered me date-able and were interested, and would be interested in me in the real world if online dating never existed. But once the flood of emails come in from every guy around, those girls immediately set the bar higher which eliminated me.
    And it’s the same bullshit even if you do get to meet or go on a date with a girl. You are still competing with the 125 other emails she has sitting in her inbox for her to go read that night after your date. So even if you hit it off and you instinctively know that you are someone that would normally have been “good enough” for her to stick around be in a relationship with, they always decided to keep on meeting and talking to more guys.
    There’s just too many guys. Period. Not to mention, 50% of guys online completely lie about themselves. So you are also competing against overinflated profiles of other guys that will steal the attention of the girl you are talking to away. Some guy that is flat broke but claims to be a millionaire will email the girl you are talking too, and poof, she’s gone. She’ll spend the next 2 weeks ignoring you to talk to the liar.

  39. I thought the same thing about Bumble when a buddy of mine mentioned it to me last year. The only reason I downloaded it was because I was stuck in a rural town in the deep South for work with no nightlife, where seemingly every 6 and above was already married. Tinder ran out of women, so I downloaded Bumble. No women there either. Forgot about it for awhile, then when I got back to the city fired it up one day. It’s become trendy, particularly among the yuppy, social justice, 20’s aged girls. It’s a double-edged sword: on one hand, you generally wouldn’t want to be around liberals too much, both from the personality and the inherent risks (i.e. the possibility false rape accusations if things go south). On the other hand, these types almost always put out if you have decent game.
    One of the most satisfying things I’ve done recently was rail a Hillary supporter on election day. Granted, it wasn’t while the results were coming in, she’d been over the night before and we went at it again in the morning on election day. Still though, I have Bumble to thank for that.

  40. I dont’ know how you fellas are having success online. In my experience, 90% of the women I meet from the internet are FAT. They have some innate selfie skills that make them look slim and hot in pictures. Then I walk into the coffee shop or bar and I’m like “fuckkkk.” I mean at least 70% of the time I’m thinking “Oh my god, I hope nobody I know recognizes me here with this 2.”
    The only time online dating works well is in other countries. Tinder and latinamericancupid have brought me some great times. Those are all local girls looking for their first american flag and I’m a charitable man.

    1. Last time I did it, I had to drive about 100 miles (live out in the country). Decent picture, she described herself as “a little curvy”….I drive there, meet her and GOOD GRIEF! 300+ pounds, Thought I was going out with a tub of mayonnaise. 2 hours of driving for this. Her picture had to be 10-15 years old, or she ate the cameraman. As soon as we made eye contact, I flipped her off and left. Never again……
      Fun road trip though.

    2. It depends on location I guess. Where do you live? I live in a city of 8.5-9 million people, the pool is pretty big. And yes the “angles” are a dead giveaway they are land whales.

  41. “If you take the time to create a cool lifestyle, it will show through your profile.”
    Yes. Someone who gets it. The guys complaining about not getting enough responses or dates. 9 times out of 10 they are either overweight, underweight, have a bunch of “selfies” at home, little career ambitions, etc. People tell them they just need a better haircut, craft a better profile or better quality photos. That 1 time the guy either has unrealistic standards or lives in a shitty area.

  42. I predict that prostitution is the next big “normalized” thing.
    Men are getting more and more fed up with all this dating bullshit which is getting just more of a burden day by day and we’re almost reached the point where it doesn’t pay the effort anymore. You’re getting too much shit for too little in return. Not worth it.
    And prostitution is not some shady business anymore, you’ll get to bang stunners (9’s and 10’s) for a very little money these days.
    And that’s of course ‘cos all women are born sluts so even the stunners will be available for any guy who has 100 bucks in his pocket. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal? Hell yeah it sounds!
    So my advice is just to skip all this dating site bullshit altogether and go out and just pay for that pussy.
    YOU can choose what kind of woman you’re fucking, when and how and not the other way around anymore. YOU (and your wallet) decide if the cock is going into her asshole or your cum into her mouth, not her. If you happen to feel that you just wanna piss (literally) on that annoying whore, then be my guest sir! It’s only $50 or so. And every man can afford that, that’s good news.
    AND think about all the time and nerves you’re gonna save for some better purposes, ‘cos let’s be straight – all women are hell to deal with.
    Leave the shit for beta losers who enjoy being humiliated and taken advantage of and to feminists and enjoy seeing them going even more mental when they’re realizing that they only got betas to play with.
    ‘Cos real men don’t give a shit about them and don’t even have time to communicate on any level with feminist scum ‘cos they’re too busy wasting their cash on high-quality pussy.
    That’s a life to live, brothers!

  43. Better to be alone than risk online dating. That stuff is just too crazy nowadays.
    Fake profiles, bots cleverly imitating humans, take yer $ & run!
    Meet in real life like old times, instant reality can’t be beaten.

  44. I have to remind everyone here: bitches need is much more than we need them. What they immediately offfer me can be mediated with a few tugs of my hand. Whereas they wouldn’t be able to survive without us. Carry on.

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