Valor Of Rhodesia’s Selous Scouts

The Rhodesian Bush War is among the most poorly documented conflicts of the 20th century. Not because of lousy record-keeping, but due to sheer amount of media lies and obfuscation surrounding it. The truth is buried under fake photos, fake stories, distortion and denial of facts due to how acutely politicized the conflict was. But like any other war, this one had its heroes. While all members of Rhodesian Security Forces deserve recognition for their bravery in facing overwhelming odds, I would like to tell you a tale of the most efficient counter-terrorist unit in the world—an example in tenacity and professionalism for men everywhere.

Welcome to Africa. Bring a rifle.

Contrary to popular opinion, the end of the colonial age has marked the decline of Africa. Unable to cope with the responsibilities that come with independence, nascent African countries were immediately consumed by tribal warfare, becoming blood-stained wastelands almost overnight. The UN alternated between maintaining silence and applauding atrocities committed by the natives as birth pangs of statehood. USSR and China quickly got involved, providing warlords with arms in exchange for political allegiance. Unsurprisingly, African Whites became the first targets of black “freedom fighters”: Belgians in Zaire were massacred en masse before they could meaningfully react, and Portuguese settlers could muster only feeble resistance.

The tide of blood met its first breaker in Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Rhodesia was a rich agrarian nation inhabited by both blacks and Whites; while originally a British territory, it attained self-governance as early as 1923. After a split with what would later become Zambia, Southern Rhodesia petitioned Britain for sovereignty, but instead received an ultimatum: no independence before majority (black) rule. This meant giving unrestricted political power to terrorist leaders and UN darlings Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, essentially letting the country plunge into chaos. On November 11, 1965, Ian Smith declared a sovereign Republic of Rhodesia—appalling the UN and infuriating the Brits—as well as merciless war on Marxist terrorism.

A Cornered Tiger

Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia

Unrecognized, surrounded by enemies and under a Western economic blockade, Rhodesia had very limited resources for war. Bush warfare is unlike any other, as most conventional tactics are useless; mobility, reconnaissance and rapid response are what counts. Thankfully, Rhodesian military was no stranger to this style of waging war.

While Rhodesian Light Infantry and Rhodesian African Rifles were quite efficient at hunting down terrorists invading from Zambia and Mozambique, they still proved an elusive enemy, blending in with the locals and recruiting them at gunpoint. Initially, Rhodesian SAS was used to deal with this problem, but Rhodesian command was displeased with how thin the unit was spreading itself, deciding instead to create a separate force that would prevent terrorist attacks rather than react to them.

This task was entrusted to General Peter Walls, who asked his old friend, a retired SAS veteran Ron Reid-Daly, for help. Together, they decided that the new unit would be a small infantry regiment recruited from lower ranks of RLI, RAR and SAS, possessing teamwork of the former two, survival skills of the latter and trained better than all of them combined. The regiment was named after Frederick Selous, a legendary hunter.

The Hatchlings

Membership in the Scouts was purely voluntary, although first recruits had no idea what they were signing up for. Volunteers were given one day’s rations, rounded up, loaded into trucks and taken to Kariba Gorge. Some twenty-five kilometers away from the destination the trucks stopped, the recruits were kicked out and told to run the remaining distance without stopping. Two instructors in a car moved behind the group, disqualifying stragglers.

The boot camp itself was named Wafa Wafa Wasara Wasara (“Who dies – dies, who survives – remains” in Shona) and boasted only a few straw hovels. No food was provided to fatigued recruits, who had by that time consumed their rations. Immediately upon arrival, they were subjected to a session of intense physical training. Instructors deliberately found faults in their performance to punish them with more exercise, waiting for the hungry, angry and confused soldiers to lash out or collapse.

For the next five days, the future Scouts would be awakened before dawn and forced to exercise till 7 in the morning; this was followed by shooting practice in the bush. Recruits were taught to pay attention to objects in their firing zones – boulders, large roots, thick vegetation – and quickly fire short bursts at them to hit potential enemy hiding spots. This seemingly chaotic and wasteful fire was actually extremely effective in combat, and Scouts quickly reached sufficient automatism to strike several probable targets in quick succession without even looking at them.

The day was topped off by obstacle courses no sane man would even think of running. At night, the recruits were trained in navigation in utter darkness, silent movement and laying ambushes. In what little free time they had, they were expected to venture outside the camp and forage, as no food was provided still. Every day, the instructors encouraged the recruits to quit and return to their old regiments. Quite a few took the advice, unable to cope with the torture.

On the sixth day, the recruits were treated to a meal of boiled baboon in early stages of decomposition. According to Reid-Daly, “the smell alone was enough to make a hyena throw up”, but soldiers devoured it without hesitation. While semi-rotten meat retains nutrients and is safe to consume if boiled properly, Reid-Daly knew that in the field, his recruits might face a choice between eating carrion or starving to death, so “if they know it’s edible only in theory, they will never eat it”. The first stage of training was thus passed, weeding out the weakest.

The Breaking

On the fifteenth day, recruits in full gear were split into small groups accompanied by instructors and given 30kg backpacks filled with stones. The stones were dyed an unnatural color and backpacks carefully weighed to prevent cheating. Would-be Scouts were then given three days to reach a rendezvous point located 100 kilometers away. The last 20 kilometers had to be covered in two and a half hours.

Kariba Gorge boasts abysmal terrain, afternoon heat that can cook eggs and abundance of tsetse flies—that’s not counting mosquitoes, mopane bees that are attracted to sweat and plenty of dangerous predators. For the duration of the march, the recruits were given 125g of canned meat, 250g of maize flour and a small amount of water. It is hardly surprising that the march was nicknamed “highway to hell”.

Reid-Daly always made sure to be present at the finish line. When laughing instructors emerged from tall grass to congratulate the exhausted recruits on becoming Selous Scouts, this was taken as yet another trick to make them give up. Red-faced, panting soldiers cursed and spat at the instructors, breaking into tears when realization of getting accepted finally dawned on them.

After three days of rest and a two-week lecture course on tracking and survival, the new Scouts were taken to a perfect copy of a terrorist camp, where actual terrorist turncoats instructed them in their languages, songs and mannerisms to make their infiltration absolute. Then the Scouts took a three-week course in parachuting. On average, the training took half a year.

Unorthodox Ways

Selous Scouts did not care much about regulations on materiel and decorum, preferring to wear, carry and use whatever worked best for them, including trophy weapons and gear.

Seeing as ZANLA, ZIPRA, FRELIMO and other terrorist groups preferred quantity over quality, Rhodesians responded with the opposite. Operating in groups of 5 to 10 men, the Scouts masterfully wielded fear and demoralization, essentially terrorizing the terrorists. If Danny Roxo pioneered this tactic, the Scouts wrote the book – bodies of their victims were almost exclusively found with expressions of extreme surprise and fear on their faces. Joining forces with “terrs” only to later turn guns on them was another day in the office. Marxist cannon fodder in Mozambique and Zambia could not catch a moment of sleep without nightmares about the Scouts.

The new unit was utilized to its fullest, both in solo operations and jointly with RLI and SAS. Selous Scouts embodied the “high risk, high reward” principle, taking up missions in “frozen” areas considered too dangerous for other regiments and emerging victorious. Imitate a FRELIMO officer to lead a gang of terrs into a pre-designated airstrike zone? Easy. Find and rescue a whole village of abductees who were taken beyond the border? No problem. Assist RLI from behind enemy lines in sieging a fortified terr camp? Piece of cake. Once, a Scout got separated from his team in a firefight. It took him 18 days to cross back into Rhodesia on foot, subsiding on whatever he could catch; upon returning, he called the ordeal “a minor bother”.

While the vast majority of Rhodesia’s population, both White and black, supported the incumbent government, terrorists still managed to find informants – mostly elders in border villages, recruited through bribes or coercion. Using mujibas (child spies), the elders kept an eye on suspicious movements nearby. The Scouts’ cross-border sorties were frequent and their disguise was not perfect – a black soldier’s unfamiliar accent or a hastily donned blackface with a tight cap to hide blonde hair could fool a tired sentry, but not the attentive eyes and ears of a mujiba.

A moment of carelessness could cost the Scouts dearly, but they had their ways of dealing with informants. The most common was to send black Scouts posing as terrs to publicly accuse an elder of working for the police, thus destroying his credibility. The more insidous tactic was to “accidentally” expose themselves as Scouts during a visit to the village; this was followed by dropping clues to whereabouts of their encampment or a large weapons cache in casual chat while loitering (with mujibas eavesdropping). Laughing at the Scouts’ idiocy, the elder delivered valuable information to terrorists, unaware that he was leading them into a deathtrap.

Another interesting feature of the Scouts was “conversion” of terrorists to their cause, largely due to the fact that bushcraft came naturally to natives. A wounded and captured terr would be flown to a hospital where he got the best medical treatment and excellent food, creating stark contrast to stories about the evil mabunu (pejorative for Whites) that he was raised on. This was followed by visits from an already “converted” terr who told him about benefits of fighting for Rhodesia: good conditions and pay as well as safety for his family. The alternative – a gibbet – was also made known. As a final test, the ex-terr would get his weapons back and asked to lure his former friends into a Scout ambush. In case he turned on his new allies, he would discover that live ammo had been replaced with blanks.

Political Games

While Rhodesia suffered from economic sanctions unjustly imposed upon it by the West, South Africa held a large enough share of its foreign trade to keep the country running, while also providing it with military aid. However, at that time South Africa itself balanced on the verge of becoming a pariah state due to apartheid, so it helped Rhodesia secretly. Prime Minister Balthazar Vorster kept warning Ian Smith against escalating the conflict in order to avoid tempting Cubans in Angola into aiding Mugabe and his goons, thus creating another headache for the South African Defense Force. Vorster was also contemplating the words of U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who hinted at softening of American policy towards South Africa if its support for Rhodesia ended.

An unintended benefit of being an unrecognized country was not having to care about Geneva Conventions and rules of engagement. Even though Western press screeched day and night about atrocities committed by the Rhodesian military against “freedom fighters”, Western leaders preferred not to intervene, as public opinion was overwhelmingly against them for essentially allying themselves with communists in order to throw a peaceful country to the wolves.

This allowed Selous Scouts to operate in ways that no “civilized” army would be caught dead using. Against enemies that left behind nothing but mutilated and violated bodies, there was no other choice. Still, there was one mission that ended in a complete PR nightmare, and despite the Scouts’ triumph, its political consequences have essentially cost Rhodesia the war.

Operation Eland

Selous Scouts were tasked with destroying a large ZANLA/FRELIMO camp close to the Mozambican border that served as a staging ground for raids into Rhodesian territory. Located at the merging of two rivers, it had previously been visited by UN suits, who were fooled into thinking it was a refugee camp (terrs simply withdrew to nearby camps during the visit, leaving women and children behind), so the mission could not be tied to Rhodesia in any way. This meant no air support.

In the morning of August 10, an armored column of 72 Scouts in FRELIMO uniforms reached the camp. Recons sent forward discovered that the sizeable square in its middle was occupied by a mob of over 5000 terrorists, trying futilely to maintain formation. Astonished, the Scouts decided on a plan: the column splits, with one part encircling the camp and the other rolling right in, flashing high-ranking FRELIMO insignia and giving the mob a speech on traitors within their ranks. Those known to possess important intelligence would be called out, handcuffed and packed into vehicles. After that, the column would open fire.

The plan did not survive contact with reality, however. Terrorists reacted to arrival of their “commanders” by swarming the vehicles in a gleeful tide, yelling slogans and singing songs. All pretense of discipline was abandoned in an instant. The day was very sunny, and this allowed one terr who got too close to catch a flash of blue eyes from inside one of the vehicles – right above a twinned machine gun trained on the crowd. Screaming “Mabunu!” at the top of his voice, the terr reached for his weapon. The Scouts had no choice but to squeeze the triggers.

What followed was pure slaughter. Volleys hammered into the howling mob, mowing down dozens in an instant. After the initial shock, the terrs scattered, running towards riverbanks where they were met with more fire from the Scouts that had surrounded the camp. Driven to insanity by fear, terrs thrashed back and forth under a hail of bullets; some simply jumped into water, hoping to save themselves that way.

Curtain Falls

Tired Scouts after a successful sortie.

Operation Eland ended in total success: 1026 terrorists killed, over 2000 wounded, another 1000 drowned. The Scouts, who suffered no casualties, made a quiet exit. However, it was not long before journalists and the UN were all over the destroyed camp, shedding tears over the dead “refugees”. Eager to pin the blame on someone, the press opted for their favorite whipping boys – South African commandos. The next day, newspapers around the world were brimming with stories about blonde, blue-eyed Afrikaner soldiers gunning down black women and children. In mere 24 hours, Balthazar Vorster became Public Enemy #1. Furious at Smith, he accepted Kissinger’s proposition and cut aid to Rhodesia.

Rhodesia, now completely isolated, bravely fought on for four more years until Ian Smith was eventually forced to acquiesce to the Black majority rule. Kissinger, who eagerly meddled in Rhodesian affairs as well, made sure that Abel Muzorewa’s moderate government was immediately toppled by that of Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe. Vorster, of course, ended up used and cheated: the U.S. did not soften its treatment of South Africa one bit.

So ends the story of Rhodesia and Selous Scouts—real men among men.

Special thanks to Sergey “Tiomkin” Karamaev for providing data and historical context for this article.

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    1. You’d better do it soon – South Africa is slowly fading away as Juma faces more pressure to end “income inequality.” In other words, it isn’t enough that blacks occupy nearly every government job and have more than doubled the previous salary rates, they want a piece of private industry too. In addition to outright land confiscation, they are demanding corporations put blacks on the board, regardless of qualifications. Fact is, they want the whole enchilada but are ignorant as to what makes the land and businesses valuable – skill, hard work and sacrifice. Economically, it simply cannot last.
      Meanwhile Juma fired the only guy with any sense in his administration, the treasury secretary who did a good job keeping the country just barely out of recession. But when the entire population is in get rich quick mode and there is a deteriorating rule of law everywhere, capital does the only rational thing – it won’t stick around forever.

      1. The SA government annouced it’s plan of “fast-tracking” last month, if I recall, which is baiscally seizing private property from whites and giving it to political black cronies. The ANC is choosing to go the way of uncle Bob rather than relent, so it’s game over and those thinking they will be getting a free lunch at anothers expense will be worse off in the future.
        What rises from the ashes is yet to be seen, but I am coming around to reconsider what old Nicolaas van Rensburg had to say.

  1. The Rhodesians were foolish to give up, they had never been defeated in the field and their casualties had been quite low. In the end they would lose both their home in Rhodesia and their refuges (whether they fled to South Africa or Britain).

    1. You do not understand the effect of relentless demoralization on the population.

      1. It was likely more the isolation. Could you imagine being abandaoned by every country in the except one? Even North Korea has more support than just China. Even their mother country and ethnic homeland Britain had left them in favor of hostile and incompetent blacks for brownie points against communism.

        1. I wonder how long they could’ve kept it up as I suspect that they were running low on funds.
          On a tangent, the premise of Lethal Weapon 2 was about South Africans trying to get funds to continue their Rhodesian-style gov’t in the face of extreme sanctions from the West.

        2. We’ve now seen it in both South Africa and former Rhodesia: No country in the world is ever going to support a white minority in a non-white country… whether those whites are fighting communism, fighting islam, being oppressed, or even getting killed or raped in droves.

        3. In context is there any diference from both?
          I mean call a gypsy a roma he is still a gypsy, in fact if I was called any of such words I’d still take offense of equal measure.

        4. id rather have a country full of gypsy, and be a gypsy than have 25% black african population

        5. It was a metaphor, and no gypsies are more intelligent but still highly prone to commiting crimes and they can avoid the law far more efficiently. Only Albanians are worse as they even more intelligent and lack any concept of honor…
          Honestly though I’ d want none of the above mentioned groups.

    2. Maybe it wasn’t unlike the Tories post US-revolution in that they, in so many cases, didn’t actually lose, but were sold out by their government.

    3. Delusional is a very bad thing, they got beaten very badly all over the place, you seem to be forgetting all the dead Rhodesian soldiers and large number of white settlers fleeing Zimbabwe to avoid having their kids drafted. 2/3rd of the population ran away. There was a time when the British army did very well militarily, Rhodeians, not so much.

  2. Coincidentally I have been reading up on this conflict and the soldiers involved the last few months. The Selous Scouts were some hard motherfuckers. Part Soldier, part bushman, able to infiltrate well into enemy territory in 4 man units and remain undetected for weeks simple living off the land and tracking enemy movements.
    The Rhodesian Light infantry also worked in small “sticks” and reports indicate they had 1-100 kill/death ratios.
    I recommend the following books:
    Also; (((Kissinger))) was and still is an asshole.

    1. Kissinger was one of the main characters which destroyed Christianity (Serbia) and helped create the first islamic country on the teritory of Europe – Kosovo.

      1. He was directly responsible for the cooperation with commie china too for the fact. It was him that led to america being weakened on trade.At the same time led to the destruction of american factories as it made employment of cheaper labor outside (i.e. in this case China) has completely annhilated the need for american skilled labor and in effect destroyed the american dream if not for this asshole.

        1. Did not know that.
          Extra info:
          NATO 1998 – the most powerful instrument of WAR on the planet was used by…them…to bomb Serbia.
          NATO had been detracted.
          What the fuck where Americans thinking about bombing a Christian country that was being invaded by islamists ?
          What was the general motivation behind it ?
          ,,Come on boys, let’s kill some Christians, the good ol’ American way”
          Jesus Christ !

        2. Invaded by islamists ??? hahahha get a fucking grip and read a book on the conflict and yes the serbs were treated harsh and unfairly vilified but don’t be squeezing historical conflicts to suit your myopic and current world view

        3. I apologize, master.
          Shall I bring you your sheckles, now ?
          Please tell me right now and explain the world view concerning islam / Serbia & Europe.
          Oy Vey !!

        4. Honestly go to live in a Muslim country. Your condition is serious, are you a humanist (as long as a human tends to have a melanin surplus and be a follower of prophet Mohamad)? Or maybe what we call in Greece an ισλαμολάγνος (a person who lovescraves Islam). Bosniaks, as slavic traitors to the Turks had it coming and deserved all of what they were recieving, (for the record the Pomaqui a minor slavic people that lives in Greece might by muslims but they hate the Turks) Clinton made sure that Turkey would have had a window inside Europe so that Turkey may have entered inside, hopefully before we Greeks went complete retards and voted SYRIZA we made sure through vetoing that the entrance of such a country in the EU would not happen, if it did there would be no chance for the destruction of our homelands…
          Now that I think it that is what you want: to live in a black muslim state but not move yourself to one!

        5. Why would i go live in a muslim country ??? or a black one ??
          Because I don’t hate them I must be an unbridled advocate of them ??
          Because I can think critically all you can do is throw labels at me.
          You are weak. You are pathetic. You use the same tactics as SJW’s.
          Disagree with aspects of homosexuality ?? homophobic. Disagree with immigration ? racist ??
          Disagree with colonialism ?? humanist. Call bullshit on a idiots attempt to bend history to his world view ?? go live in a muslim black country ??
          See a pattern ??
          I have NEVER heard anyone in the world,not the serbs not anyone claim that the Islamists invaded serbia you fucking idiot. Its just not what happened.
          So what problem have you exactly with my comment ?? Go on and tell me in plain simple english how I’m wrong and the Islamists invaded a christian country namely serbia during the bosnian war.

        6. You ‘ll be surprised but I don’t hate them I don’t give a rat’s behind about them! Except Muslims but that has to do with Islam. In fact if they can fix their countries, well done, let them do it but if they fail it’s on them and NO help should be given to them in ANY form anymore.
          The invader does not necessarily is to be blamed for invading. Christians (ahem Serbs AND Croats) were maltreated BY the Bosnians, thrown away and discriminated by having their livelyhood stolen, when Muslims conquer this starts then slaughter follows.
          You bend history to your worldview using lefty-approved books and sources made by people who have no conception of history.
          Now in plain simply English: you are an anti-white that’s all. You wish the death of your race. But don’t worry supporting your friends will lead to your country being destroyed by them. Something that I do not wish for your people!
          Also for calling me SJW-ish you start most of your comments by allready calling names.
          Rationale and logic won’t work with you and I keep for other people that have them and will aprecitate them….

        7. I agree they shouldn’t get help. I’m dead set against charity till my countries problems are fixed. Same way I’m dead set against those same countries being raped and interfered with by the west.I see it as two sides of the same coin.
          And that is a very valid point about bosnians mistreating the christians when they had power under the ottamans but im sure that worked both ways. However in the current conflict religion wasn’t a factor like in previous centuries. Evidenced by the fact that they all lived peaceably under titos rule but I’m sure you knew that. It was ethnic and political. Croatia and serbia fought each other !!!
          Anything I read isn’t “leftist approved” I detest all biased material. Just because I gather a different opinion than you doesnt mean its left approved. I think for myself.
          I’m not anti-white you clown. How could I be ?? But my current and historical enemies are white/christian.Thousand years of conflict. So you see why I don’t but much faith white vs black/muslim. It’s only the great white christian man who has cause me grief,a fellow white christian man. Your narrative doesnt wash with me and its not emotion its FACT.
          White people arent my race. My race is much more narrow. You don’t have to agree but Ive explained adequately why and It’s historically backed.
          I do name call and quite lot. But I use generic insults designed to insult and cause offence. “clown” “retard” and the like. Not the same as throwing labels like “homophobic” and “sexist” and “racist” around like confectionery. Designed to shut down debate and label further discussion irrelevant on account of perceived bias.Can you understand the difference ?? Because that my friend was some fucking logic and rationale for you.

        8. Funny I was conversing on that with a Colombian white (they are 15%) and he said that political nationalism is a disaster for the European civilization, and the best would have been a reich (empire, he didn’t like the english wording though) that would protect all of us as a race as alone we will perish. I support something very similar, everything else is a semi measure.
          The conflict in Bosnia was National AND religional. Greeks who went to fight with the Serbs (they are Orthodox as us, Croats are Catholic) basically reported back that religion was also a reason.

        9. Yeah I can see that to an extent. And I do see the point about what nationalism got Europe (WW1 especially) but to me it was imperialism that caused that not nationalism. I think it is possible to be a nationalistic country and peaceful but not and imperial one and peaceful.
          Yes the conflict did have religious over tones of course But it was mainly ethnics. Most conflicts only use religion as a pretext or secondary cause. Very few conflicts are truly religious.
          In the end it was nice talking to you and hearing your opinions even if I disagree I can appreciate you are genuine and lots of your points are grounded in logic.

        10. Actually WWI was the result of what I call “democratism” a very early form of liberalism. France and Britain did not want to have to deal with monarchical regimes (the fall of the Russian empire was also a work of the British intelligence service, they murdered by an agent of them Rasputin to destabilise the country). In short it is imperialism for democratic regimes, the belief the Americans have that as long as you have democracy you have nothing to complain and it is better to live in a destablized country is pretty close. The modern case is that as long as homos have their marriages there are no problems so we destabilize you so that homos may marry. For that you might be interested for the book my Mackinder Democratic Ideals and Reality: A Study in the Politics of Reconstruction , it is the geopolitical work that one may say lead to WWI and then was followed by the U.S.
          For me the end-game for earth politics is that of an empire conquering everybody (if that doesn’t happen you have globalism and anarcho-tyrany as long as it can be sustained in truth a forceful regression to savagery) in the end and getting rid the peoples that are far too unruly at that point, with the founder people being higher than the rest. The reason why an empire arises is mostly about security: we were attacked by x so we must become strong to no longer be attacked by anyone. An empire when stretched to it’s limits, as with any state, becomes peaceful. A nation state want’s to unify the nation at first but let’s say that it has no place were to house it will have to grow. A democracy on the other hand as long as it is sovererign i.e. most european countries are disqualified from that, heck even England today outsources American politics, will fluctuate from extreme aggressiveness to extreme passivity. This is the outcome of what the people see as a problem. It stems from the need of resources to give them in a way or another to the people, England after the poor laws (google it) became the first country that tried a form of socialism through redistribution and was the first path to democratization as the monarch did care highly for satifying the people’s whims, the result was to increase poverty the very problem the law was ment to fight, the extreme passiveness is the moment when the people are satisfied and tend to ignore all the problems. For that reading thucydides’s history is enough if you care only about history Plato’s republic for an intellectual refute.
          For me the worst thing that nationalism might create is that of the echo-chamber in which a nation fails to acknowledge it’s inneficiencies and sometimes glorifies them, making it weaker. The extreme example here is Sweden, but Greece also has glorified peasant and street culture to the point that nothing else exists. Also our films are stuck in 90’s naratives if they are advanced, you get the point. Problem is we see no problem with the migrant crisis, we think that the left is on the rise, which was true during the 70’s, while the opposite is true, etc. We ignore all the stimuli because we have no way to process it, it is one of the reasons why jungle tribes have failed to progress from the stone age.
          For the rest… well let’s agree to disagree.

        11. Interesting read but even you can’t explain WW1 without imperialism !!! but very interesting perspective and I don’t really disagree.
          We’ll agree to disagree allright and hopefully next time we’ll begin how we ended this time.

        12. Well imperialism makes a country bigger by incorporating land and all on it, democratic imperialism is more about advancing a country’s influence i.e. you get democracy and puppet governments, but look we have not conquered you, you do not directly answer to us so you have nothing to complain. Imperialism is the result of a nation being too healthy: i.e. it satisfies it’s need for resources but has a sustained population expansion that demands more resources, so it conquers, or it simple it fears of being attacked by it’s enemies and decides to attack them first. Failed countries always give in to their dangerous neighbours, this is one of the results of Greece today being a failure: FYROM (more commonly called the state of macedonia) collapses. Bulgars, Serbs and Albanians will have their piece of the cake but as Greeks who have claim over a small part of the country NO NO NO we have to stay put at our place and demand nothing when everyone is demanding! We are stuck at being misers demanding money from the EU caring as country for nothing but petty things. You get my point. A nation or a people who wishes stagnation in the end is destroyed by it’s own inability or by the ability of others. Now only to finish this: the reason why I fail to understand why some people ally themselves to third-worlders (from all spectrums) is that they fail to understand that if we forget the world the world won’t forget us and the liberal governments of the USA mostly have succeded weaponizing these people against all whites! The fact that a nation might support them in the long run doesn’t mean that they will show mercy to it.
          Well I can only hope that our next conversations will continue to being civilized!

        13. Thats actually an excellent distinction between imperialism and democratic imperialism. I of course often think of the notion and how america is an empire without physically invading all the countries its uses I just never coined a term for it.
          talk soon mo chara

        14. I applaud and thank you for your historic and ongoing conflict with those cocksuckers across the Aegean.
          Seriously, fuck those guys.

      2. If I’m not mistaken, the USA and NATO have created *TWO* islamic (small i) countries in southeastern Europe: Kosovo and Bosnia. Serbia was trying to keep islam at bay in the Balkans region, having lived for 500 years under Ottoman Turkish occupation/oppression. They were doing Europe and the West a favor.
        So what did we do? For 89 days we bombed the shit out of white, Christian Serbia.. a mistake of immense proportions. And now there are 2 muzzie nations with a foothold in Europe. Brilliant.

        1. The conflict was ethnic with some religious overtones. Croatia and serbia were the biggest antagonists of the conflict,with the biggest armies and they were both christian.

        2. NATO was then under the Clinton/Soros/ Zionist/ Khabal administration.
          1998 – White, independent, powerful Europe ?!
          Not pleasing for the Zionist Swamp masters.
          Let’s give white Europe some wars.

        3. Its plain to see the plan is long in its view.
          You men must realize that war is being waged on you, even if you cant feel the heat yet.

        4. Dont care. Killing muslims is always good business.
          You dont invite a 1000 year old enemy to live with you. Especially, stunted amoral weirdos who rape anything that moves and cant learn to do anything other than wear a dress and STEAL FROM YOU with welfare.

  3. Unrelated note but it deserves an ATTENTION WHORE ALERT!
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find an English language article so those that have translation capabilities on your device are recommended to use them. Anyways, this article is about an Italian lower level women’s volleyball team, USD Altair 1963, celebrating their promotion to Serie D level competition (similar to how soccer and other club sports , i.e, the Premier League operate) by posing seminude, with a volleyball covering their naked torso. The article is in Spanish, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. […] with a volleyball covering their naked torso cooter.
      And the one on the far right isn’t doing a very good job following the directions. She isn’t wearing a sports bra, either.

    2. What a disgrace ! This happened in 1963’s ! and the pussies on this planet blame MEN as “creepy” and “objectifying” them !
      Why us MEN are still heeding to the media and this double standards !?

  4. Great write-up. The Scouts were as good as any modern special forces regiment. Also worth studying is their namesake, Mr. Frederick Selous. He was a hard man who lived a life of true adventure.
    Every man should learn to fight and learn to live off the land (hunt, fish, camp, deal with shit). It gives great confidence in the board room.

    1. As good as? I know of no special forces outfit, Spetznats, SAS, and Navy Seals included, who does anything beyond the Scouts FIRST phase of training. Then again, it’s not so much *needed* these days, they typically resort to economic manipulation and terrorism, maybe some explosions or air raids, and that does the job 99% of the time. Very little need for military conflict.

      1. You are uninformed. Every modern special forces outfit has a selection phase designed to make men quit.
        Then you progress to multiple follow-on phases emphasizing common tasks (i.e. land navigation, patrolling, battle drills), individual specialties (e.g. medical, commo, engineering/demo, intel, etc.), survival and escape & evasion, parachuting, unconventional warfare (UW), foreign internal defense, anti-terror, counter-insurgency, foreign language acquisition, etc.
        Just a few examples: U.S. Army Special Forces, MARSOC, Marine Recon, Navy Seals (yes of course everyone knows this one), SAS, The United Kingdom’s Special Boat Service, Australian SAS.
        Other countries with excellent and highly selected SF units: Germany, Poland, France (regular Army and Foreign Legion Para Regt.).
        Yep, the size of modern special forces units is actually staggering, considering that when I served in the late 1980s, few people paid attention . . . We were just unknown men parachuting in the desert.

  5. I love everything I can get my hands on about Rhodesia. I just got Ian Smith’s memoir on my kindle, and I am looking forward to starting it.

  6. Ah, Rhodesia. From what little I know about it (now I’m interested in learning more about it, thanks for this well written and interesting article), they were doing quite well under white rule, but they went to hell once the black majority goverment was imposed.

    1. There are very few places that did OK after colonialism. India is about the only one I can think of. Technically the USA is a colony, but it’s really just an offshoot group of Brits who continued a parallel British system of government–the natives were all basically wiped out in the Americas. The non-British colonized areas (South and Central America) didn’t do nearly as well.
      I think it’s pretty clearly about demographics. There are basically no prosperous, safe, wealthy African nations, and there are very few Asian hellholes. And the worst of the Asian countries are the ones that are former EU colonies (Phillipines, Vietnam).

  7. White wash story…Muzungy in South A. Should be Forced to Leave by any Means!

    1. Why are you typing in a White man’s language instead of clicks and grunts and why are you using White man’s technology? Get off the internet and back into the jungle, you simian wretch.

      1. Well since the internet was invented by an African American computer scientist, and the pc was also invented by an african american computer scientist, and electricity why the heck are you even using an African technology?

  8. Great article, here is an excellent blog telling you the atrocities Whites in South Africa have to suffer (Farmer Murders) and how the country is basically going to shit, courtesy of the ANC:
    By the way, when Mugabe came into power 1980 in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, the country was exporting food. Now, they have to import food while that idiot is still the President. I guess what goes around comes around…

    1. Non-sense, Rhodesia was on UN food aid from the 1960s, they did export tobacco and still do.

      1. Still engage in Mass Delusion? Zimbabwe’s finance minister Patrick Chinamasa went on tour less than a year ago into Evil Europe begging for money from donors.
        How full of shit Zimbabwe has to be to go and ask for money from Europe after they kicked out the white-owned commercial farms (the main source of export earnings) and giving them to cronies, and threatening to seize half of all companies owned by white Zimbabweans and foreigners.
        Rhodesia exported food, Zimbabwe imports food. Deal with facts.

        1. Yes you are still engaged in mass delusion.
          1. Southern African region due to climate change and regional drought is doing poorly, even white farmers are begging the Africans to bail them out and give them free money and water.

          2. Zimbabwe still exports food, Norway imports tons of spices and fruits from Zimbabwe, I see them in the grocery store there all the time. Zimbabwe has always been a tobacco exporter, never exported much food except in unusually rainy years. That being said, Rhodesia was still on UN Food Aid for much of the 60s and 70s.
          3. Zimbabwe is right to seize any company owned by foreigners because the foreigners came in ILLEGALLY, against the laws of Zimbabwe. They do not have to let foreigners or illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants thieves hold on or keep stolen property. It is a crime to keep stolen property in Zimbabwe, with no statute of limitations, these businesses do not even belong to foreigners, but rightfully in law to Zimbabweans. Stolen property is illegal!

          Is the video lying too?
          You are deluded. Rhodesia was on UN Food Aide and was a net food importer.

        2. 1) Did you actually READ the link you put here? Let me quote: “With already 119 racially-based laws aimed at advancing Black interests, the ANC government has zero interest in helping White farmers, even though the country’s food supply is dependent on them. Just as in Zimbabwe, it believes they should be driven off the land into the various squatter camps.”
          So basically you put a link where you show how a racist (black) ANC government is on purpose not doing anything to help their own citizens. Thanks, it shows how successful Africans are running their countries.
          2) You insist that Zimbabwe exports food without any source. The Economist, my source, happens to be one of most competent journals on economics, so I’ll stick to what they tell me instead. Can you backup your claims with a decent source?
          3) For your information, the White farmers had to PAY the government in order to get their farm, and later Mugabe kicked them out without compensation. Do you understand why NOONE wants to invest in that shithole called Zimbabwe?
          Here, this one from The Telegraph:

  9. The first military manual I ordered (when I was 14) was from Paladin Press. It was the Rhodesian Leaders Guide, allegedly a handbook for the Selous Scouts. To this day, I wish I still had it.
    Although I am not a racist, I have always admired the fighting spirit of the Rhodesian Army. Theirs really was akin to one-man-against-the-world. All the support those guerillas got from the Eastern-bloc, and the fact that the West just stood by and watched it happen, and STILL they were not able to secure victory, militarily speaking.
    The Rhodesians stood for freedom, stood against communism and terrorism, while the USA and UK sided with cowardly puppets of the Soviet Communist regime.
    Hate me if you must for saying so, but my heart has always gone out to those brave people of Rhodesia who were betrayed by the West.

    1. Hi dude, when you have time take a look here.
      That movement was sudden and a natural reaction of free men and women to oppression.
      Check it these young guys who immediately took up arms and went to the mountains and woods.
      Here’s a picture of them refreshing near a mountain lake after a gun-fight with the then-russian/communist-controlled-army.
      Not one of them ever surrendered. NOT ONE !
      They rather went into gunfight to die or were wounded and caught.
      They were united by the love for Freedom, Their People, and our Creed – Christianity.
      Looks like a bunch of ROK readers if I ever seen some. 🙂

      1. Me, too. Always liked all their publications including the ones on revenge & getting even. Really got my jollies reading ’em!

      1. That wouldn’t make your racist.
        Are you sure you’re not just severely fucking stupid ???

    2. I’m no racist either and respect the grit selous scouts had. And I also want to say, one cannot practice white nationalism without also advocating black/brown/yellow nationalism as well.

      1. Yeah, imagine you are in africa.
        Wouldnt it make sense for White people to stick together against ANIMALS who commit heinous attacks upon people?
        You have likely never read about the fucked up shit that happens in SA or Rhodesia.
        Ive been scarred at the level of vile brutality I saw in crime scene photos, so take your “Im not not racist” beta cuckery and stick up your ass.
        Im making no apologies to anyone.
        Remember words you were taught long ago?
        Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it?
        The only indicator of the future is the past and Ive seen what happens to the Whites who were surrounded and ganged up on by the UN, the commies, and now the BETA FAGGOTS who feel the “must” give the “not duh raycist” qualifier when they spew dumb words.
        White people are 7 percent of the population of this world and you better be damn sure you realize that theres way more than seven percent who will ALWAYS want you dead.
        The Selous Scouts did not go quietly into that night.
        You will.

        1. Captain John Early, an American who served in the US Army Airborne in Vietnam, was invited to Rhodesia to train the men to parachute. It is said by the time he left Rhodesia, the country had the best airborne troops on the African continent.
          When he was interviewed by agents from Rhodesia, he was teaching college.
          The Rhodesians weren’t looking for hired guns. The people (Americans) they recruited were people who it was believed would make good Rhodesians.
          Those fighting against the Rhodesian government were supplied and trained by USSR and Cuba. And they STILL could not, militarily speaking, beat a military that received NO outside assistance whatsoever.
          Robert Mugabe, if you are reading this, you achieved NO victory in Rhodesia. Instead, the reins of power were handed to you and you are STILL a piss-poor bum.

        2. The credit for the conquest is all the Russians.
          Mugabe is a janitor and zim is a toilet.

      2. Can one practice black/brown/yellow nationalism while also advocating against white nationalism ?

  10. When I was younger, I often saw Reid-Daly’s book Top Secret War advertised in the Military Book Club. I wasn’t interested then, but decades later, I think I’d like to find that book. I wonder what became of the Rhodesians after their country fell. Did they go to South Africa? Off the continent? Or were they just picked off a few at a time, by enemies and the ages?

    1. My family had a farm in Rhodesia, one day a truck full of blacks with assault rifles turned up at the farm. They were told they had 30 minutes to leave, and they could only take what they could walk away with. As they walked up the drive the farm was set on fire. They returned to the UK. The villagers who lived there couldn’t manage to farm the land on their own, and what was a once prosperous farm, providing work and food for the locals, has now returned to scrub.

      1. My friend’s father fought for Ian Smith in the Rhodesian Army. The #1 thing my friend mentions about Rhodesia is what you said precisely.
        Whites were able to provide the country(all people) with plenty of food. When blacks came to seize their property they were unable to maintain the farms. The crops/livestock died and people starved.
        This example right here shows the sheer ineptness of blacks. They are truly savages with an inability to think ahead, plan, or do anything of a somewhat complex nature. The thought of them being considered “equal” to me or other whites or asians in an incredible concept that honestly baffles me.

        1. As if there is no food shortages in any white run countries or Asian countries? Zimbabwe never had any food shortages until colonials showed up and started grabbing land and farm skills were lost.

        2. LOL OK
          I won’t comment on Asian countries but food shortages in white European countries? Seriously? Whatever minor blip there may have been in recent memory is nothing compared to the disaster that was post white rule in Rhodesia and South Africa.
          And in regards to the nonsense about white colonial rule of African countries hurting food sources- you must be out of your mind. Either that or you must buy the leftist revisionist history word for word. You do realize black Africans were not able to figure out the wheel until European colonists showed it to them, correct?

        3. Exactly. As if the people that were serfs for years magically know how to run a famr the very minute white settlers leave. And do you think Zimbabwe has been left to run its affairs cleanly ???
          Its like a man that comes out of prison after thirty years and giving him grief because he can’t function in society.
          Glad to hear someone else who can see beyond the color of their skin and think critically.

        4. What disaster in South Africa? People in Eastern Ukraine are starving and you want to pretend it isn’t happening?

          South Africa has developed very nicely since the end of white dictatorship and the economy is now one of the biggest in the world and has increased multiple folds. Zimbabwe’s economy has also had strong numbers, but sanctions did put a damper on thing starting in the 2000s.
          Boy do you look dumb

          7000 year old African art showing african’s invented the chariot. Africans introduced the wheel into Europe and Asia.
          2000 bc west africa, the chariot and wheel

          Africans again, 1400 bc, before even rome existed. WITH THEIR WHEEL.

          It is true leftist and white supremacist like Hitler and many of those in the 1800s made up a false history because northern Europe did not have one and all the great civilizations of Europe were Southern European like the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks. Even Britain was only civilized when we came up there are taught you ignoramuses how to spell your own name. Before that the Brits were running around naked painting their feces on the cave wall.
          And what do you even mean figure out the wheel. Until the car was mass produced and affordable by the mid 1900s, not a whole lot of use for the wheel in general, most people rode horses then even in Europe for faster travel.

        5. What he conviently leaves out is when white settlers showed up to Zimbabwe, their crops failed and they relied on the africans to teach them to farm. Whites stole the land from the Africans, so you have many young people (farming is hard work and is not a old man’s game) who don’t know how to farm because their parents land was stolen when they were small kids.
          Plus since when does the usage of stolen property matter. Should I get to steal your bank account or car or house because perhaps I know how to make more money off of it? isn’t this the guy who says he believes in property rights?

        6. Lol, South Africa is an absolute shit hole and their economy is no where near one of the largest in the world. Maybe one with the highest murder rate in the world. And it may even have one of the largest economies in Africa but thats like being the tallest midget. So it doesn’t really count.
          The only history you are studying is the revisionist non sense “We Wuz Kangs” garbage meant to appease blacks in America.

        7. Couldn’t agree more. I use the very same analogy on jews and zionists regarding Palestine.
          Thye say they turned the desert into a jewel.
          Well lets say have did make improvements. Does that mean I can come in and take over your house because I have money to improve it ?? They are such lame arguments they put forth.
          I guess your name is ironic. Anyway stay round here because alot of these ignorant clowns need to be told about reality.

      2. And how do you think that land was got by your family ?? Do you think the british came in and asked exceedingly politely permission from the locals ???

        1. I greatly doubt that the settlers (Boer or otherwise) kicked a village off of the land so it could be farmed. More thank likely it was vacant land that the settlers worked and prospered upon.
          Besides, the winners get the spoils, welcome to human nature.

        2. No Im sure there was no conflict at all. Come on man take your head out of your fucking arse.
          Winner takes the spoils ? but there was no fight ???? which is it ???
          And you say winner takes the spoils but when the african wins and runs this man off his farm its a travesty. What happened to human nature ???

        3. The people that drove my family off the farm were a different tribe to the locals. The gunmen also held the locals off at gunpoint while it happened. As far as I know, my family traded for the land with the local tribes people, who still lived there, and completely happy with the ongoing deal. We were merely adding Multiculturalism and diversity to the area.

        4. Apparently,
          Whitey people moving into black homelands is conquest, and therefore wrong.
          Niggers moving into white homelands is multiculturalism, and therefore good.

        5. hahahah niggers. my my didnt take long for the prick to come out in you.
          Now listen up my nazi friend. I can tell you are severely challenged intellectually.
          1, It was considered conquest because force was used and it was against native wishes.
          2, multiculturalism is LEGAL and at the behest of the government and the majority of the people.
          3, before you get your leather knickers in a twist my Nazi friend I’m not advocating either just pointing out the difference
          4,Every time i picture your family scared and fleeing their house it makes me fucking happy. Them niggers running ye out of it like the pussies ye are.Leaving everything behind your father shitting himself,unable to protect your mother,his land,his property,answer me this did he look fucking superior then ????? CUNT

        6. If you are so superior, why were you run off your land by inferior races? Don’t you see you aren’t superior idiot. And you complain about muslims and jews controlling Germany and Europe is bad, don’t you see you aren’t superior when all your countries are jew controlled and muslim overrun?

        7. hahahahahah sure,yet they are niggers to you. You sound real open minded.
          I actually have nothing against national socialism but see as we were throwing around generic racial taunts i added to the mix

      3. I know a South African (white) attorney in the U. S. He is a very successful rainmaker for his firm. But he talks privately about how sad it was when blacks forced his family out of their homeland. Basically that whole country has gone to shit, and for what . . . political correctness among other things.

  11. THIS is what ROK should be about!
    updated 2017 edition: “coming to a white country near you”

  12. Taking the “Colonialism Red Pill” has left me ambivalent about the Lethal Weapon franchise (1st and, especially, 2nd films).
    Though it does lend a strong sense of “Moral Ambiguity” to the 2nd film that wasn’t there back in its day as, to a modern viewer, the South African diplomats were pretty clearly the “good guys”.

      1. Boer is Dutch for Farmer, most South Africans of European descent [Dutch (Frisian), German, French] identify as Boers, although the term Afrikaner is also used by most Afrikaans speaking South Africans as well. One and the same but it can be a political football of note, depending on who you talk to and what side of the two Anglo-Boer’s war your family was.
        My company Sargent-Major was ex SS when I did my conscription in South Africa, a good man, hard as nails and we received excellent training from him. The man could fire a LMG 7.62 gun out of the shoulder and feed the ammo alone..
        South-African politicians at the time, were a bunch of Judas goats who sold out Rhodesia when they needed an ally and then their own country to Henry Kissinger and his NWO mates. Today no-one in South Africa is better off, except of course the Communist inner-circle of terrorists the MSM is so in love with, including the old deceased terrorist Mandela.
        The blog site catalogs the downward spiral of South Africa quite well, contrary to the BS the MSM is feeding everyone. There is also a good series of Essays on Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – by Mike Smith, worth a read.

  13. It’s not true that Portuguese settlers were helpless. yes some settlers were massacred but Portugal, being a tiny country wiht 10M people, kept a war on three fronts – Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau – for approximately 14 years and did not actually “loose” the war other than in Guinea Bissau were the scales were maybe a bit tilted in favour of the insurgents. However terrorists were kept at bay and very much weakened in Angola and Mozambique (which are countries 8 times the size of Portugal each of them by the way). Those countries actually became independent because Portugal had a coup-d’etat which overthrew the dictatorship that ruled the country for 40+ years and the new government was quick to negotiate independence.

    1. No one negotiates independence when they are winning. That would be like saying the British were winning the American Revolutionary Wars so they decided to grant USA independence for all the winning that they were doing. Portuguese were getting their butt beat all over africa. The portuguese had an army 6 times bigger but took a ton of losses and they had held from South Africa, USA and Rhodesia.

  14. I wish I could meet you, gentlemen !
    Wishes usually come true later in life.
    Until then, I’ll prepare to become the most powerful version that I can.
    Make sure you do the same !
    Blessings of the Father !

  15. Can we send white guys like this into places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson?

  16. I would have been that guy the instructors in the car would have had to pick up after about the first couple hundred yards.
    Seriously though, good article, those were some tough mofos.

  17. Was really good friends with a guy who served in Rhodesia, he was one of the toughest dudes I knew. We used to meet up for pints and he would talk about some of his exploits and how it all went to shit after they gave up. Interestingly, he would refer to himself and those he served with as ridgebacks.

  18. Thanks for posting this.
    The Selous Scouts are a great example of perseverence.

  19. What a load of bullshit. Africa has been kept down since independence by massive debth and control of resources by the west. Its colonialism lite.
    And before all the kkk shit themselves do some research. Check ANY natural resource in ANY African country and its is controlled by the west or increasingly china.
    This type of bullshit racist fact massaging to soothe the white mans ego is the fucking worst part of this site.
    Another hold over from colonialism is the borders that lead to conflict. Look at a map of Africa and look at all the straight lines !!! Pure arbitrary and done by some suit in a room far far away. Tribes that were historical enemies and religions that arent compatible were all thrown together and naturally conflict insures. And this isn’t just Africa it’s been done in the middle east,europe and asia by colonizers .
    Also do you think you can raped,pillaged and treated like slaves and magically have your shit together overnight ?? think someone being released from captivity. Are you magically better because you are free ??
    And any African country that had its affairs in order was hated and vilified. Look at gaddafi. It’s no coincidence when eh wanted to back Africas money by gold (actual quantifiable wealth,makes complete sense compared to the synthetic dollar) that he was shut down.Same man that had free health care,free gas,start up money for homes,shares of the countries natural resources went to each citizen and not to mention his plans for water irrigation for the region. We know what happened to him and we know what happened to his country now that it has “Freedom”
    What a fucking bullshit pseudo intellectual,racist(i hate the term and don’t use it lightly) article. Just wrote to appease and stimulate the fucking ignorant white power idiots on the site. (I don;t include any of the white nationlists on here ive talked to and had logical arguments even if i disagree).
    Come at me with logic or don’t bother I won’t respond. Because even a bare fucking look at the world reveals all this to be true. Most likely the best ye can come up with is they couldn’t run it without us. Ignorant pricks

    1. “Tribes that were historical enemies and religions that arent compatible were all thrown together and naturally conflict insure”- but, diversity….

      1. hahahaha I know !!! look if thats meant to be a dig at me you are wrong. Im not and advocate of unbridled diversity.

        1. “unbridled diversity”
          And while you might need to cram your opinions into one nice category so you can think straight not everyone needs that crutch.
          I’m not liberal.

    2. I see your post as nothing but “ooga booga rayciss rayciss ook ook whitey keepin da brutha down eek eek” and yet you expect me to sort through your verbal diarrhea and grace you with an answer? How typical. Make a mess and wait for the White man to clean it up.
      Colonialism was the best thing that happened to Africa, save for the mistake of trying to uplift your failed species. Deal with it.

      1. Really. That the best you can do ?? Fuck me talk about play ground antics !! “ooga booga rayciss” hahaha pathetic.
        Why don’t you refute what I said. Why don’t you tell me I’m wrong about the debt and resources and why don’t you back it up with FACTS ?? I’ll tell you why because you know I’m right.
        Why don’t you try and re-write history and tell me I’m wrong about artificial borders ?? About gaddfi ?? About how the country is a hell hole now and how a strong African leader was shut down and especially when he went against the dollar.
        Nah you just got pseudo intellectual bullshit that crumbled under any challenge and you resort to ” ooga booga”
        But your bullshit tactics won’t work on me. I’m not a SJW,I’m not blue pill,I’m not a white apologist.
        I know slavery wasn’t solely a white en-devour. I know there are a million slaves in Iraq today of black ethnicity,but you knew that right ?? I know its till prevalent in Islamic countries as opposed to white countries. I know plenty of other races committed genocide and atrocities.
        But unlike your myopic world view I can hold many threads of thought at the same time. I can see justice and injustice in many colors and creeds.
        Where as a fucking idiot like you labels a whole continent with many different races and cultures inferior to “white” people as if both were homogeneous entities you simple fucking retard.

        1. You jump all over the place and claim victory because you have some valid points.
          Here is the thing, inter-tribal warfare existed before any white men stepped foot into Africa. Most natives give very little shot about national borders other than when forced to. Tribal borders are completely different and the only thing really cared about.
          As far as whitey being so bad and racist, look at the weird shot that is believed by them. Albinos should be cooked and eaten because….magic. Raping an infant can cure AIDS. Etc. These ideas weren’t cooked up by Whitey and damned sure can’t be laid at his feet. This bullshit is homegrown Africa.
          Stop with all the nonsense about how all the woes of Africa are because of racist and imperialism.

        2. Read the rest of my posts. I’m not a fool. I don’t think it would be the garden of eden without imperialism.
          I’m not going to defend the stupidity of Africa and I could easily by pointing out the stupidity and sick fucking things white people do and think.
          Every race has its good and bad.
          So don’t misrepresent what I said. I just don’t buy this fucking clowns racist article.

      2. And you fucking stupid man I’m not from Africa. I know someone as bass and simple as you can’t fathom people thinking outside their own race and provincial culture critically but someone people can manage it.

      3. LESLIE FUCKING JONES you fucking bitch
        Deleted our exchange because you are a pussy who’s bullshit racist views couldnt handle the scrutiny !!!
        hahahahahaha you are after making my fucking day.
        Special snowflake run along to your safe space

    3. Please for the love of God, leave the country of the Hiberean exile and go to live in Africa permanently, you are a giving a good people a terrible name… Or at least immigrate to HuffPo and Salon….

        Man disagree with an article on ROK must read the huffo,must be a SJW,etc etc

    4. So why are you Africans always the “victims” ? You think being a victim gets you some kind of respect or empathy from us ? Forget it. If anything it confirms your inferiority.

      1. But if the Africans were to throw out the victimizers, wouldn’t you be the first to complain?

    5. Time for the serious response, if there can be any!
      Africa… The dark continent… The continent in which the genus homo sapiens first appeared, according to current knowledge, there is a theory that speaks of a different place, somewhere in Turkey or Russia but I digress.
      Africans were always the victims of other peoples first the Egyptians, then the Arabs then the Europeans today there are the Chinese and African intellectuals agree that Europeans were far better, funny thing Chinese don’t care and admit it. You want proof? Search it!
      Africa all the time failed to make a standing successful state always failling due to tribalism. End of story, even Libya, villified for being communist and leaning on Russia instead of the USA + holding the boats from the dark continent, failed due to tribalism, and these people weren’t black but a combination mainly of Arabs. The proof of the above? Why you see from Africa no state that did manage to throw away the Europeans. No one, except Selasie’s Ethiopia. The only reason Africa was not taken earlier had to do with it’s climate and the many exotic diseases that killed off the Europeans, in the end though primitive tribes had no chance against well armed soldiers with gunpowder.
      Geographically though, considering that subsaharan Africa is Savannah and NOT dessert, Europe, no the WHOLE world should have been conquered by them! But no they failed to pass by themselves the tribal stage remaining mostly in rock age societies (with very few exceptions, like Mali, mostly in the northern part, possibly due to arab admixture) so they were being conquered for most of their existence by other more advanced peoples. END OF STORY!

      1. Genuinely appreciate the response.
        You will of course understand when I give absolutely no value to your “search it” proof. You can of course take the same stance. But it makes no odds whether a few intellectuals said europeans were the lesser of two evils or not. It’s irrelevant.
        Again “end of” isn’t an argument in and of itself.
        A few points. One Libya failed because of western intervention. How can you not see that ??? Of course once the foundation of the state was eroded it devolved in factionalism.
        The very same thing would happen in ANY country. Look at America one of the most tribal places on earth. Latinos,africans,whites,asians all at each other throats. Democrats and republicans after the election particularly,very close to tribal warfare but of course you only think of tribes dancing around bonfires.
        Also you talk of Arabs as if they arent African’s its ridiculous to talk in that way. If you want to say black people just have the balls to do it.But arabs are African whether you like it or not. So to pretend their achievements in Mali or elsewhere is alien and unconnected to Africa is willful ignorance at best and downright stupidity at worst.
        END OF STORY (do i win now ???0

          for started the whole documentary on Africa.

          an article
          About the intellectual I failed to remember his name and having read on him near 5 years prior I am too tire to find it.
          The Usa has not collapsed and actively did try ’till the 90’s to stop the advancement of tribalism on the other hand no African and next to no Middle eastern nation did try to do the same, hence their instability to the point of the countries being very easy to collapse. Libya was destroyed due to western intervetnion THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE BUT POLITICS, SPECIFIC ANTI-RUSSIAN POLITICS. If Libya was inclining towards the U.S.A. it would have been left alone. The demos and repubs did overdo it this year before they were general civil… Lastly the average white country does not face collapse on or after elections.
          Well racially Arabs are not Blacks! For example giving the achievements of the one to the other is like doing the same for Europeans and Hindi on the context that they live on the same continent (Eurasia). Lastly Arabs for the most part of their history were attacking and enslaving whites and Christians (my heart aches for Arab and Coptic Christians in their lands but for the modern definition I think they are not human enough) and did had many successes on math and architecture mostly. Still these stopped at the height of Islamic world and failed to redevelop. The only ones that did stop the Arabs from continuing to try to destroy Europe were the Ottoman Turks who took that role for 300 years.
          No Arab achievements are not African achievements end of story, they are middle easterns. Blacks are African + Ethiopians.

        2. See deep down you have some semblance of an opinion.But keep digging.
          And I don’t need the name of the academic did you not get my point ?? I don’t think you lied about it.
          Now try to stop saying “end of story” It’s retarded. Whats also retarded is your insistence that arabs living in Africa for a thousand of years arent African !! hahahah come on man. Don’t be fucking stupid.
          Again if you have a problem with black people or thats what you wish to discuss then say it.
          And I’m not a shill because I disagree with a bullshit article. I guarantee you I’m more nationalistic than you. I just don’t like racist cunts like you.

        3. Thank you for your truthfulness!
          No I don’t give a fucking stick about blacks, and yeah when I say Africans I mean blacks, let them fix their countries… THEMSELVES, if we give any help they need to refuse it, they need to stop coming to our countries, that they hate mind you (here you might add Arabs to it, still they are middle easterns to me). I have a problem with continually defending failed nations, sates, peoples and races that their current condition has nothing to do with them. For blacks I even avoid speaking, not tossing them as a discussion point because I don’t care for them period! When though I find someone saying that an x people failed and continues to fail due to a y people I call on that. If you want to know the extent of that Greece fails due to Greeks failing hard due to them wanting more free goodies from the state (its not exactly as that but its close enough) or the reason why White countries fail is because whites failed to combat leftism from it’s conception days.
          Actually I’d describe myself as a: traditionalist imperialist (the real thing not what America does today) Christian scum that watches the neo-nazis and scoffs at them calling them ultra-leftists. Nationalism opened the road to mass godlessness due to it being in the end a humanistic belief (i.e. it puts man in the center of everything) and end in state-worship (being Greek I know ALL the ways that nationalism can backfire badly, war is the least of the problems mind you) and in the end regressive as it’s natural conclusion is…. the village state.

        4. By their very name Arabs can not be African. Arab is a collective name for the descendants of tribesmen living in the Arabian peninsula.
          Which is generally accepted as being geographically not Africa.
          Now if you are claiming that they are African because of common ancestry all the way back to the dawning of the species, then you are an idiot.

        5. I suggest your world wise entities go and read a book by a Zulu Shaman that clearly explains their African Bantu Mythology, Religion, cultural and traditional beliefs in a very easy to understand English writing. He has other books, but his one is the starter.
          Ian Smith, Hendrick Frencsh Verwoerd and Paul Kruger understood this, hence the attempt at Separate development, not Apartheid as coined by the MSM.
          You will gain an insight to the African Bantu and his mindset, why they do what they do and their way of life, only then can you make somewhat of a better argument since you have not lived there. I grew up amongst them and even I don’t always get them, nothing against them, just not my kind of culture, I am of Germanic descent and have different values and don’t wish to have their ways forced on me or mine on them.
          Indaba My Children – Credu Mutwa

        6. See thats part of the problem. People see africa as one entity. You think a zulu can speak for the continent.
          It would be like me saying read a mongolian author to understand all of asias mindset.
          But I do appreciate the advise and I will look it up and I understand what you mean with different values.
          That being said no one asked nor invited you to their land. So to go there and then try to claim you don’t want their culture is exactly what everyone on this site complains about immigrants doing today.
          If white people or any other race goes there and does not like the native culture the solution is simple. Go back to where you came from.
          I hope my tone doesnt sound too aggressive because I appreciate your contribution and the way you presented it.

        7. You are the retard who thinks african means black.
          If you think a people who have lived there for a thousand years arent africans then you my friend are one dumb cunt.

        8. Egyptians ………..
          Egypt is in Africa, are Egyptians blacks or Arabs?
          Moroccans ……….
          Morocco is in Africa, are Moroccans blacks or Arabs?

        9. Egyptians are Egyptians. Physical characteristics are different than that of Arabs.
          As it regards to Morocco, certainly there are Arabs (from a genetic standpoint) but those Arabs are there through expansion/conquest.
          Your rebuttal misses the point. I was in reference to typical genetic origination. As an example, the US is primarily constituted of white European based genetics. This is (with some exception) not the historically accepted original inhabitants of the land mass.
          My point that Arabs are not African still stands.

        10. Who said anything about Africans being black? Australain Aborigines are black and certainly not African. What I said and you ignored is that Arabs arent and can’t be African as you claim they are. Look at a map fuckhead.
          Hell, there are blacks in Africa that are further apart from each other genetically than they are to Caucasians.
          Can’t believe I wasted this much time explaining this to you. I won’t make that mistake again.

        11. Now you are being a bit ignorant mate, go and read the book and educate yourself about the continent before making any comments on a subject most Europeans or outsiders know nothing about, which is the biggest problem of Africa, not it’s people.
          The Author although being a Zulu is what is called a Sangoma / Witch Doctor a Spiritual Leader of his people, all African Bantu share the same Mythological History, neither I or does claim to speak for anyone, he merely gives the outsider a look into the inner workings of their cultural way of doing things. Each tribe has their own distinction, but they all share the same common thread.
          I had no choice in the matter of the country I was born in, my ancestors have been there for nearly 400 years, 4 April 1652. There were no Africans in Southern Africa at this time, to claim no-mans land is no crime against humanity and no African was disposed of their land either, there were nomads, I.e. Bushman living around the area who quickly adopted their new arrivals customs and culture and intermarried with them too.
          Read Mike Smiths Political Commentary blog as well, the current situation of both Ex-Rhodesia and South Africa is pretty much due to a misunderstanding between people and excessive greed from Mining Cartels.

        12. “I do appreciate the advice”
          Solution 2, if you go somewhere and don’t like the native culture, kill them all, and live there yourself.

        13. “are Egyptians blacks or Arabs?”
          A lot of Egyptians would argue that they’re neither: they’re Egyptians, their own race. And DNA backs them up on that. The Pan-Arabists have been losing influence in ole’ Misr for years, and there’s a renewed identitarian movement in Middle Eastern countries that resent being labeled “Arab”, especially if they have a glorious past. Another country this is happening in is Lebanon, where a growing number of Lebanese refuse to call themselves Arab, and instead insist that they’re Phoenicians. And again, there does seem to be a genetic link to that ancient people.

        14. There are no people living in Hyde Park, London, does that mean immigrants can just jump in and scoop up prime real estate for free?
          Even if your claim was true, it isn’t, African people have been in southern africa for almost 80,000 years. Even if it were empty of human habitation, we have lots of national parks, lots of large estate and national reserves and parks that have no human habitation. Can some illegal just come scoop it up and claim it as theirs?

        15. Africans would not be going to france, britain and italy, if they never sent in waves of immigrants first to africa. It is the Europeans who refuse to leave Africa actually pushing the immigrants into Europe.

        16. Well except for the fact that the Yemenis, Omanis and Southern Arabs are African migrant tribes from the Ethiopian empire which controlled Arabia until the 4th century AD. 15% of Saudis identify as Afro-Arabs anyhow, that is a larger percentage of Africans than USA.

        17. I am not going to argue this because I don’t know the specifics enough to do so. What you are saying sounds right though.
          My point was in reference to generalities. Generally speaking, ancestral Arabs aren’t African.

      2. Its kind of funny, on the one hand you try to deny indigenous Africans are Africans then you try to call modern Arabs/Turkish Africans (Libyans, Tunisians, Arab/Turko-Egyptians, etc) just because you know their countries are fucked up.
        The worst tribalism is obviously in Europe, 2 world wars, endless warring from the time of the Romans into the present period even spreading their tribalism to other continents and engaging in civil wars there.
        And the fact that Libya and Egypt are failed states while currently being caucasian majority, while countries like Nigeria are growing rapidly and rank amongst the most educated immigrant group in America with a trillion dollar economy and largest economy on the continent, just shows that the opposite of what you are saying is true. If anything the presence of Caucasians has led to high crime and doom and failures in Africa. Even the most foolish fool would rather be in Nigeria than Libya.
        Further if it is your claim that Saharan civilizations which are the poorest ones in Africa are mixed with arabs it simply supports the claim if any of arab inferiority and African superiority. And I am white, you arguments are foolish and stupid and make white people look dumb.

    6. most white people are poor – and basically slaves…
      The rulers of various countries control the resources.
      Julius Caesar invaded Gaul and Briton — genocide, enslaved the peoples, and exploited the natural resources.
      its what they do…Previously the Greeks did it, but eventually became the slaves of the Romans…
      Africans don’t have a monopoly on it. But SJW are engaged in Oppression Olympics.
      blame these billionaires:
      Aliko Dangote $25 billion.
      Mike Adenuga $4.6 billion.
      Oprah Winfrey $2.9 billion.
      Patrice Motsepe $2.9 billion.
      Florunsho Alakija $2.5 billion.
      Byaruhanga Kimberly Junior $2.1 billion.
      Abdulsmad Rabiu $1.2 billion.
      Mo Ibrahim $1.1 billion.

  20. The best military force in African history :
    Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)
    leaders: Paul Kagame (the current president of Rwanda) and Fred Rwigyema (R.I.P).
    They were the ones who liberated Rwanda from the genocidal regime back 1994.
    I would encourage you to visit Kigali in Rwanda. If you had any prejudice against Africa, you will lose it after visiting that city.
    Kigali is a mostly clean, safe and welcoming city with a booming economy.

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    ill tell you
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  25. That Henry Kissenger was more sympathetic to South Africa is no surprise – South Africa had a significant Jewish population which needed all the help they could get. They were best buddies with Israel until the end of Apartheid since, well, they had similar situations. But nobody ever thinks of South Africans as being anything other than evil white guys. Great article!

    1. Kissinger got skills.
      it’s all about the gold/diamond mines…
      Boer war -same…
      And now nobody gives a fuck.
      Would be good to import the English/Dutch South African soldiers…
      are there any left in Rhodesia?

      1. Most of them left for South Africa a long time ago. Probably since left or are about to leave from there to (?)
        The only white people left in Zimbabwe now are those too poor to leave.

        1. About 300 white farmers remain in Zimbabwe like this guy who is determined to stay and farm.

          Several thousand white farmers were ordered off their land in 2000 and the property handed over to unskilled peasant farmers, the land then being leased to the peasants from Mugabe. The small rent to Mugabe went unpaid when the farms ceased to produce output due to lack of experience and mismanagement and the area has returned to one of a subsistance lifestyle especially during the recent draught.

          White farmers in SA also are increasingly being ambushed by gangs who gain entry to the farms disguised as South African police in uniform.

        2. First link is dead, but I’ll take your word for it. I’m surprised there are still that many there, really. Mugabe was always a Marxist fraud with no interest in helping anyone but himself.
          The situation in South Africa isn’t much better as the government “fast tracks” land confiscation in the name of justice.

        3. But given that white farmers got their land by using gangs of armed thugs to throw the locals off their land, you have no objections to such behaviour naturally.

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    You are pathetic and not deserving of writing articles on ROK. Do you think Roosh would shirk a challenge to his opinions ???

  27. If you found this article interesting order Chris Cock’s “Fireforce: One man’s war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry” and Hannes Wessels “A handful of hard men: The SAS and the battle for Rhodesia” Both excellent reads on that bush war.

  28. LESLIE FUCKING JONES thats who kiron is hahahahahahaha
    Fucking pussy deleted our exchange because his bullshit opinions couldn’t withstand the slightest scrutiny.
    You should be ashamed using the same tactics as SJW’s you special snowflake now run along to your safe space before i hurt your feelings again !!! hahahah
    You made my day.
    You are pathetic and not deserving of writing articles on ROK. Do you think Roosh would shirk a challenge to his opinions ???

    1. Their future is bleak, but then again you have the Orania Project that is very successful (only 1000 inhabitants so it’s almost no-existent).
      The other possibility that is being discussed is to secede from South Africa by creating the Western Cape, the only place where the corrupted-hate-speech party of the ANC doesn’t hold any power. Incidentally, the Western Cape is where the vast majority of Afrikaners live.
      Another thing that is always overlooked; in the late ’70, the Rand was worth slightly more than the American dollar.

    2. The problem with “Let Africa Sink” is that Africans then come to YOU. And there’s not a government in the West that will block them.

  29. LESLIE FUCKING JONES thats who kiron is hahahahahahaha
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    You made my day.
    You are pathetic and not deserving of writing articles on ROK. Do you think Roosh would shirk a challenge to his opinions ???

  30. White Zimbabweans are fine human beings. I often think we should form an “axis of good cunts”.
    White zimbos, Norwegians, pre Trudeau Canucks, Czechs, Austrians, possibly Chileans and Argentinians depending on how pink they are and of course New Zealand men and a fair swag of australians, and maybe the welsh. Just to show I’m not a complete white supremesist I’d throw in ghanans as well – everyone I’ve met from Ghana has been ok.
    That’s a UN I’d trust.

    1. what did you think of the movie “Blood Diamond”?
      I thought was great – seemed his accent and attitude were accurate

      1. Awesome. I had a guy working for me in London who hated black people. He was Portuguese but had been in Angola when the shit went down and he was four or five. Local chief came around and asked if his dad would sell him then when he refused said they’d be back for him that night and it went downhill from there.
        One day I mildly rebuked him for telling me to “run the kaffir over!” when a black guy crossed in front of us (“you don’t want to go around all full of hate like that” or something) and he went berserk; “you ‘ave no seen wha ah ave seen! Arve aseen kaffirs kickin around ‘uman heads like soccer balls!” A lot of my South African workers were similar and as a New Zealander i had to concede I didn’t know shit aside from Wilbur smith books. Blood diamond helped a little.
        Had a guy work for me who had been in the SA army unit where they used to keep ears as trophies. He used to sing “so many ears I’ve dried, so much pain inside, but baby it ain’t over til it’s over”.

  31. First and foremost:
    f the U.N.
    F the media
    F Henry Kissinger
    Great article about some badass men.
    But I also can’t help but shake the notion this article was tainted by the whites should have sovereignty in Africa and are better than blah blah blah.
    If I’m off, please let me know.

    1. If you are curious enough, this article should kick start your research about Whites in Africa, especially Afrikaners. A lot of people buy the bullshit that Europeans in Africa went to the Dark Continent to plunder and they forget that any given African country today cannot beat the standard of living during colonialism.
      That was my discovery a couple of years ago when I started to get interested in the White side of Africa so it’s always good to see this article in ROK.

      1. I’m fully aware of the innovations/stability white Europeans brought to their colonies, I’m also aware of the Atrocities some white farmers had to endure in Africa. But i still personally believe Africa is for the blacks, as Europe is for the whites.

      2. Wow you really are dumb, Equatorial Guinea has surpassed its former colonizer, Angola has surpassed Portugal.
        Europeans went to plunder and steal. as if they were going with some generous intention, BS.

  32. What I like about the Scouts was their utility and disdain for strict dress and gear protocol. Finding what works requires a skill that when mastered will enable you to make literally anything work. And their use of trophy weapons. Sharp. Those guys could have REALLY gotten us to the moon AND BACK. It’s a mindset like this >>
    Totally Rhodesian. It works does it not? And the sheer utility that it suggests a hundred other possible uses. Utility. Rhodesian.

  33. The lessons of South Africa and Rhodesia should be plain to all. Peaceful co-existence with cruel, cowardly, retarded, genetically, innately, inherently evil non-white subhumans is not an option.

  34. Great article, as politically incorrect as this may seem, Africa faired way better under white colonial rule.

  35. The Selous Scouts was a murderous bunch of cowards attempting to make civilians and freedom fighters stop their quest for a total emancipation of Black indigenous people of ZIMBABWE. No matter how much innocent lives they snuffed it didn’t matter but only made Zimbabweans stronger and more resolute to reclaim what rightfully belonged to them.
    Finally murderers like Selous scouts found themselves swimming against a tsunami tide which swept them into the dust bins of history.
    Zimbabwe will NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN.

    1. You niggers are the most cowardly scum to ever walk the face of the earth. And, if it were not for White western nations undermining Rhodesia then you niggers would still be under superior White rule.

      1. It’s the likes of you who motivated the black masses to wage a war of liberation of which the result is irreversible. Superior white rule is now a wish and only that a wish which will NEVER be a reality. Smell the coffee Rhodesia no longer exists, it’s now confined in dust bins of history. Zimbabwe and everything in it now belongs to its rightful owners….Ichoooo!!! Chimurenga

        1. It simply shows Mugabe and Malema are right on the removal of these seascum settlers.

    2. You DESERVE to be colonized by better people!
      You live like animals, STILL, and your country is rife with stupidity, rape, and murders.
      Does your country have tourism?
      Or just corruption and stupidity on every level?
      It sucks to be you, thats why you hate Whitey.
      You are fucking savages and communists to boot. SA should have used the bomb, but the zionists divided and conquered.
      Then put the land firmly back in the animals hands. Fucking disgrace.

      1. Colonisation is History. Just live with it. ZIMBABWEANS are now masters of their own destiny. If you don’t like it you can go hang, who cares.
        Last but not least don’t lower my standards like yours. I don’t hate anyone based on their skin color. No no I’m not as morally bankrupt as you are. I have brains.
        I love life not destroying lives like what you wish. I’m a winner and you are a looser.
        In Three days time 18 April Zimbabwe is celebrating its 37 yrs of independence.
        Long live Herbet Chitepo a simple lawyer who created ZANLA out of nothing. We also won’t forget Josiah Tongogara a dedicated son of the soil and ZANLA commander and many more who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

        1. “ZIMBABWEANS are now masters of their own destiny”
          well that’s exactly the problem.

        2. Oh no, I dont hatr people from ghana or sudan. I do hate commie motherfuckers like you
          You live like animals and EVERYONE was better off under appartheid and YOU and yours are the reasons why.
          Indians prospered inder colonisation and are now a world power.
          Yeah, it eas brutal and there was unfairness. There still is now that they are free.
          Its called the human condition and that part never changes, even if you whine and call it racist.
          White black or brown, my culture OWNS yours PERIOD.
          You ONLY won because the commies backed you, not because you earned anything, and it served THEIR interests.
          Sure. You are free now. But you should havenjust taken your medicine, SAVAGE.
          Enjoy it while it lasts. Another larger better power will be at it again with you soon.
          I hope they discover oil right under your feet.
          Youll really be fucked then.
          Mabunus will be up your ass again.

  36. The Rhodesian illegal immigrant forced settlers robbed the native people of their land and resources, got their butt beat in a war and expelled, there is nothing desirable nor commendable about them.

      1. battle of isandlwana. British got their butt beat, Sudanese wars, British got their butt beat, Mandingo wars, french got their butt beat, Ethiopia, Italians get their butt beat.. What is funny is all the claim of white superiority while the white armies get their butt beat consistently by Africans especially recently with the frontlines wars and the conflict in somalia and nigeria. Everywhere Europeans have invaded in africa since 1945, they have gotten their butts handed to them.
        Stick to shooting savage indians and pakies and killing chinks.

    1. The 20th century became more about population management with the exploding number of indigenous peoples. It wasn’t always so. In the 1600s the Southern reaches of Africa was very sparsely populated by primitive nomadic tribes like the Khoikhoi in the Cape area.
      The North American expanse during the 1500s-1800s was similarly sparse with scattered primitive indigenous American Indian tribes while the more advanced civilizations sprang up in the Tropics, like the Mayan/Aztec. The Real Black African kingdoms/empires too developed northward in the warmer tropics but the southern area was wide open and primitive like Saskatchewan. At the onset, the Dutch negotiated and settled rather peacefully and became the Boere-volk and the colony which became South Africa was born.

      1. Pure fantasy. The African continent was well populated and it is well known that the Dutch massacred khoi-khoii and san people and stole their land in the cape. If there were no nations in South Africa, who was beating the British butt in the battle of isandlwana? Dutch negotiated for 5 acres of land then stole hundreds of thousands.

    2. Communists arent human.
      Africans are the dumbest pieces of shit in this entire shitty world.
      You have mugabe to be “proud” of. Fucking scumbag.

  37. I’m going to have to read that a couple more times. In the late 80’s I worked construction with one of those scouts. In the early 90’s I worked for one of them. The story here reminds me of a lot of the stories I heard from both of them. It’s amazing how quickly I forgot about those stories.

  38. Excellent article. Rhodesia became modern day Zimbabwe. How did that work out for them?
    Zimbabwe now has the 3rd lowest GDP in the world. Life expectancy at birth for males in Zimbabwe has dramatically declined since 1990 from 60 to 37, among the lowest in the world. Life expectancy for females is even lower at 34 years. Concurrently, the
    infant mortality rate has climbed from 53 to 81 deaths per 1,000 live births in the same period. Currently, 1.8 million Zimbabweans live with HIV.
    A friend of mine who visited gave me one of these. It wasn’t worth converting back to USD because it’s value is so low.
    More people from Zimbabwe have AIDS than have RADIOS. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    1. Better to be free than a slave. America looked alot better under British Colonial rule than free.

  39. The Scouts are a shining example of example of the Europeans superior fighting ability…and I’m not talking about the US and it’s huge technological advantage…which has proved to totally useless against the likes of the Taliban. I’m certain that if there were civil war in Europe…WE Shall Prevail.

  40. I truly lament the loss of Rhodisia. Ian Smith was indeed correct.
    What Rhodisia could have become…..

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