Are You The Superhero Of Your Neighborhood?

Growing up with two older brothers, I had my fair share of exposure to comic books, superheroes, and supervillains. My second eldest brother still has over 8,000 comic books in mint condition stored in his basement. He’s very proud of some early X-Men and Hulk issues. He was most upset when several classic ‘The Punisher’ issues got lost during a move. Too bad he didn’t cash out during the comic book boom from 1985 to 1993. At that time, Marvel and DC comics caused more teenage boys arousal than the newest issue of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my big brothers with collecting comic books and comic trading cards, mostly because they forbade my little greasy fingers from touching their long-term investments. I was most fascinated by the stats of the superheroes. I never got sports stats but, man, did I get superhero and supervillain stats.

Hulk:  Height 7” 6′ – Weight 1,015 lbs – Strength 100 tons – Nuclear Blast Direct

Spider Man:  Height 5” 8′ – Weight 155 lbs – Strength 10 tons – Nuclear Blast 10-mile radius

Beyonder:  Height 6′ – Weight Unknown – Strength Without Limits – Cannot be destroyed

I would spend hours reading and memorizing the stats of Marvel Superheroes and Supervillains known and unknown. I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of characters in the Marvel Universe. The most exciting concept was that some who were not born with their powers could still ‘get in der’ and mix it up with the rest of them. It gave me hope that quite possibly I too, could be a superhero.

Who knew Spiderman was kicking ass 3 blocks from my house!

Who knew Spiderman was kicking ass 3 blocks from my house!

But how to become one?

That question started a 2-year vision quest to become a superhero (come on, I was 11). I read as many comic books, trade journals, and popular mechanics issues I could borrow from the library. I would mastermind with my smarter, older brothers for answers to questions like; how can we produce a web-like substance that shoots from the wrists, is there a breathing technique to give one extraordinary physical strength or stamina, is there currently a reflective material that would make me invisible, would it be better to kill the bad guy and dispose of his body in acid or to stun him and drop him off at the police station? I was in the early stages of learning how to become a vigilante.

I imagined that while my neighbors turned in for the evening, I would be suiting-up in my superhero costume with gadgets to begin my neighborhood watch. Scaling trees, looking through windows, checking the safety of electric transformers and making sure no funny business was taking place. Not on my watch dammit! Or maybe I was really in the early stages of learning how to be a creepy stalker in the woods.

What is a ‘superhero’ anyways?

A superhero is defined as a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers. Superhuman is defined as having or showing exceptional ability or powers. Who says we can’t be real life superheros with superhuman powers of awareness in the middle of a house fire, or seeing dozens of solutions to a problem where others see none?

My spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, once said, “You can spend 20 years in the Himalayas learning how to levitate your body. But how does that siddhi (yogic power), alleviate the suffering of your fellow-man?”

The common superhero powers of flight, x-ray vision, reading minds, incredible strength and endurance, invisibility, and immortality are cool to think about BUT without the refinement of character and the willingness to do good, so what? Look at the Incredible Hulk—combine his strength with uncontrollable anger and you got a real problem for the neighborhood.

When people are in trouble do they come to you for assistance? Are you seen as a reliable source of superhuman compassion, patience, understanding, and getting things done? Or do you practice your one and only superpower—invisibility, the ability to disappear at will when any crisis arises.

If you want to be a modern-day superhero, here are some suggestions:

  • Volunteer at a local food pantry
  • Teach an at-risk youth how to read
  • Sing at your church choir
  • Start a local feeding program for the homeless
  • Babysit for struggling parents
  • Write ‘Thank You’ cards to your three least favorite people
  • Hold a weekly meditation at your house
  • Donate money directly to a cause you believe in
  • Provide mentoring to someone in need of what you know

You can be as creative as you want. Just take action. There is more opportunity to serve within a 5-mile radius of your home than you ever thought possible.

Here are only some of the benefits to serving others:

  • Expanding your heart leading to more inner peace and inner joy
  • Increasing your capacity to serve leading to more energy and power
  • Developing and honing your superpowers leading to mastery
  • Connecting with cool people leading to a larger social network
  • Developing a sense of purpose beyond the ego leading to a smaller ‘I.’
  • Being recognized as a leader within your neighborhood and community

My challenge to you is to do something…anything…to serve your fellow superheroes and supervillains. Find a form of service that resonates with who you are and try it out for a month. If after a month of serving a child, homeless person, aspiring entrepreneur, or whatever and you realize it was a huge waste of time, then quit. But to make up your mind before ever serving your community would be kind of silly right?

It would be like Hulk shouting, “Hulk hate chocolate ice cream! Too much choc-o-late! Hulk smash ice cream!” I calmly ask, “Hulk, have you ever tried chocolate ice cream before?” Hulk shouts, “NO!” I question, “Wait Hulk, have you even tasted ice cream?” Hulk shouts, “No! Man says Hulk ice cream too sweet ‘n too cold. Man says Hulk not like!” I then slide the bowl of delicious chocolate ice cream across the table to Hulk.

Hulk like. Hulk like very much.

Don’t be like Hulk, try it before choosing whether you love it or hate it.

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110 thoughts on “Are You The Superhero Of Your Neighborhood?”

  1. Excellent article. Refreshing change to see an article that focuses more on a person’s intrinsic development. The red pill experience isn’t solely based on women. Self-development is also an important aspect.

    1. Yea I agree. Well written, unique article. Nice Job! Helping others is something that is often overlooked, and I’m quite guilty myself. I’ll definitely have a look into this.

      1. Helping others is a rewarding experience. There’s some people that thinking other people is a beta thing to do, but it depends on your motives. Helping others for the sake of helping, for the sake being a good person makes me feel really good.

      2. Hey Seth, thanks for the compliment! What kind of help towards others gets you jacked up?

      1. Appreciate the compliment. My studies in energy medicine over the past 10 years have given me a unique perspective about positive vs. negative news. Our lower natures are intimately attracted to grosser, grittier energies of shock, greed, gossip, and surprise as in a car crash, homicide, natural disaster and the like. By knowing these ‘issues’ we can better prepare for the potential loss of our lives. The positive energies of compassion, love, happiness, service, and inner peace are available to all of us all the time but it requires a shift from lower perspective to higher perspective. Some souls prefer to wallow in the sadness and misery instead. Look forward to providing additional articles that both stimulate the lower (cause no one would read 😉 while awakening the upper nature.

    2. That dialogue from the movie Grease comes to mind;
      Danny: Well you know, these girls are only good for one thing.
      Sonny: Yeah, what are you supposed to do with them the rest of the 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?
      Seems like the manosphere gives too much undue attention to a subject undeserving of all that remaining time. Building a better life and by extension, better men is where the answer truly lies. Great article.

      1. You’re spot on. Women are an integral part of the red pill lifestyle, but more emphasis needs to be placed on our development so that we become truly great, truly alpha men. Only by being alpha can we be the best that we can be. This article is a step in the right direction.

      2. Create systems that make money by leveraging automation and other peoples time. Then lavishly trot around the globe while money is being made in such volume one couldn’t spend it fast enough.
        Not sure what doling out soup to homeless meth heads, while singing church hymns or watching some brats and writing thank you notes folded into paper hearts like a 12 year old girl is going to do for building a better masculine lifestyle.

        1. The article is less about folding paper hearts like 12 year old girls and more about dedicating your time, money, and energy beyond your 9-5 or business hours in an effort to help your local community thrive and to be an example of compassion. Building systems to create money and save time are valid pursuits for sure while giving back during off time is evolutionary. I have been part of a feeding program for years and recently started mentoring young children with their homework assignments. Its not putting money into my pocket and its not saving the world but its having an impact on the individual worlds of these homeless people and kids. I suggested, try it for 30 days, whatever gets you juiced (hymns or not) and see what happens. You’re lucky, you’re not a meth head, homeless, mentally disabled, and the like…but could you thrive without help if you were? Ever get off meth? Ever get off the streets? Ever function with a mental disability? Think of the one or two or dozens of people who have helped you out of love and compassion for you….getting you your first job, helping with college tuition, writing you a letter of recommendation, helping you design your first workout routine, someone writing an article that helped you improve your relationships with women, etc.

      3. Thanks Vince, I’m navigating my life within the manosphere. So many intelligent, good intentioned men looking to lead more powerful, purposeful, and productive lives. I applaud your for your contribution to it.

    3. Hey Redpillrebel,
      Thanks for the acknowledgement. Self development is not only important, it is essential.

  2. For me, the closest I ever felt like a superhero was working as a lifeguard. I grew up in a beach town in southeastern NC, and from an early age my parents instilled an importance in water safety. I took my first swim lessons around the age of 4 or 5, and took them every summer until I was a decent swimmer. Years later, at the age of 19, I got lifeguard certified and began working at an inner city pool.
    We’ve all heard the racial stereotypes that white man can’t jump and black people can’t swim. Well, in the case of the pool(or beaches) that I worked at it was mostly true. Not for some imagined physical reasons, but because they simply never learned. If their parents didn’t know how, and never taught them, and never paid for swim lessons, how could they know?
    Before my first summer at the city pool, I had worked at a YMCA in the same town, that was mostly frequented by white folks, most of them older. In that entire calender year, I pulled one person out of the water, and I didn’t even have to jump in to get him. That summer at the city pool, I made 13 rescues. Some days it was more than one, and on one particular day, it was 4!
    Pretty soon after starting there, I started to notice that about 95 percent of the kids at the pool would only be in the areas where they could touch the bottom of the pool. On a day with 100 kids in the pool, maybe 4 or 5 would be swimming in the deep end. I took it upon myself to teach as many of those children how to swim as I possibly could. During breaks, or whenever I wasn’t on the stand, I would get in the pool and teach them some basic swimming concepts.
    After a while, I could look at the deep end, and see maybe 10 or more kids in there, and knew that I taught nearly all of them a valuable life skill. That is an incredible feeling! Those kids probably don’t remember the strangely tanned redheaded lifeguard, but they will remember how to swim next time they’re in the water.
    And if you think making rescues and helping folks in a pool sounds fun, imagine how it is in the ocean? Beach lifeguard is probably the most fun job I’ll ever have in my entire life.

    1. Good on you man. Swimming is an excellent skill to learn and its a lot of fun to teach too. Plus, swimming is great exercise too.


    3. Dude, that’s a great story of servicing your community. I worked for the YMCA when I was 17 as a personal trainer. One of the best, most fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. Thanks for commenting.

    1. I’ve considered many times the idea of opening a fight club. Lots of people have opened them, but there are a few problems. If you’re serious about the idea, it’s worth thinking about them.
      1. Cops don’t like fight clubs. At. All. Expect police crackdowns, usually under various pretenses.
      2. Expect a lot of non-serious members; people who will come in, get their ass kicked, then run to the law and sue. You have to have ways of dealing with these kind of people.
      3. A good way to legally protect yourself is to register as a self-defense class (think martial arts).
      4. The average guy is capable of doing a lot more damage than he thinks. In unrestrained fighting it’s quite easy for one side of the fight to quickly end up dead. People underestimate how much force they can bring to bear when hurt, and overestimate how much force it takes to kill someone. A well-placed kick to the head can be easily fatal. There needs to be some rule about permissible force. Boxing and martial arts and stuff might be preferable for this reason, because the rules make it harder to kill someone, and people use protective gear.
      5. A lot of real-life fight clubs are actually girls-only clubs! This fact surprised me at first but it makes sense: It’s harder for girls to kill each other in freestyle unprotected combat than it is for full-grown men to kill each other. When I learned about this, it kinda put me off of opening a fight club.

  3. Good point to this article. Too many cynics nowadays who haven’t even considered the path of being even a little bit selfless in any area of their lives. Nietzche, Maslow, Marcus Aurelius, and many other philosphers have all said that helping others and being selfless are a necessary step in self-actualization, and yet many people only want to live the Wolf of Wall St. style of life.

    1. Only so many seconds in your life… Why invest with no return? Being selfless is being selfish in terms… Why? because being selfless makes YOU feel good and that is all that matters.

      1. You are right Dexter. A single investment in another person brings a multiplier return back to you. Plant 1 grain of wheat, get back 120 grains of wheat. Its a law of nature and last time I checked, we are part of nature and subject to the same laws. It works in the business world as well. An employee gives very little therefore, gets very little. A business owner invests lots of time, money, and energy to provide a product or service to many people therefore, they get the fruits. Remember the good ole days of buying a girl dinner and a movie and ‘maybe’ getting a goodnight kiss? Men are starting to say, “Wait just a fucking minute. All these years of giving didn’t mean anything? You’re saying I can get as much sex as I want without having to give any of my time, money or resources? What?! That’s a pretty sweet deal.” So now the manosphere is wanting to apply that same thinking to every other area of their lives. Whatever you give you sow. Period. Want money, give it. Want time, give it. Want good sex, give it. Want emotional connection, give it. Conversely. Laziness begets more laziness. Wasting time begets more time lost. Poor health habits begets poorer health. I’m all for going out and fucking a bunch of women and having great experiences (I’ve done it) but very few pickup buddies of mine have any long-term fulfillment. Their relationships feel hollow and empty because they don’t give a shit about ‘investing’ into the girl in order to get a return back. The girls I have sex with I emotionally invest into with a deep connection and caring and because of that I am fulfilled emotionally and sexually. This is my experience and my desire, it doesn’t have to be yours at all. I’m simply suggesting, whatever it is you want, give it first and your life will never be the same. Thanks for reading the article.

    2. Nicely said Buddy. I watched a view of Jordan Belfort’s interviews on his life and top list for success, etc. I admire his daring and courage throughout his life, the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen. But at what cost? Health, friendships, personal freedom, self respect, and on. The lil self of Jordan was running the big Self of Jordan. Its interesting how he lived a playboys life of breaking and bending the rules, serving jail time and then comes out with a book and tour to exploit those experiences for additional fortune and fame. Hmm. My spiritual teacher, GMCKS, has said, “The only difference between a tyrant and a saint is the development of the heart.” Both have iron wills to get the job down, the tyrant gets its done at the expense of the other’s happiness while the saint gets in done at the sacrifice for the other’s happiness.

    3. Nicely said Buddy. I watched a view of Jordan Belfort’s interviews on his life and top list for success, etc. I admire his daring and courage throughout his life, the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen. But at what cost? Health, friendships, personal freedom, self respect, and on. The lil self of Jordan was running the big Self of Jordan. Its interesting how he lived a playboys life of breaking and bending the rules, serving jail time and then comes out with a book and tour to exploit those experiences for additional fortune and fame. Hmm. My spiritual teacher, GMCKS, has said, “The only difference between a tyrant and a saint is the development of the heart.” Both have iron wills to get the job down, the tyrant gets its done at the expense of the other’s happiness while the saint gets in done at the sacrifice for the other’s happiness.

  4. This seems so obvious and yet I never even considered doing something like this without some huge organization to take care of everything.
    This might be the most important rok article that I’ve ever read.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m more the neighbourhood anti-hero. I have a habit of doing my “deep thoughts” while wandering around, in a black, badass long coat, at all hours of the night.
      One day a woman waved me down, “Hi, I want to talk to you.”
      “I see you walking around all the time, in the middle of the night, and I just want to tell you . . .”
      Oh geez, I thought. Here it comes.
      “. . . I appreciate it. It helps make me feel safe. It’s one of the reasons I want to stay in the neighbourhood.”
      Sometimes all it takes to be a Superhero is to go for a walk.

      1. Wear a black badass long coat= Neighborhood vigilantly, anti-hero cool guy.
        Wear any of the following: Cape, tights, underpants outside of trousers= Neighborhood pervert.

        1. “= Neighborhood pervert.”
          I tend to think it was the high school girls following me home that earned me that particular sobriquet.
          But so long as it’s clear that they are the ones doing the following the torches and pitchforks are kept at bay – mostly.

  5. I much prefer this approach than the approach of trying to shame the various wizards and bronies out there. Keep the message but speak their language.
    Unfortunately, superheroes seem to promote white knighting, which just doesn’t generate tingles. The guy who generates the tingles will always get the girl over the white knight. So when you white knight, do it for your own reasons.

    1. Good point Rotten about White-Knighting. It was more of tongue-n-cheek joke about girls thinking guys are sexy when doing community service. I’m not suggesting running Game while at the Boys N Girls Club but hey, could be a fun social experiment.

  6. Yes, be a superhero for your family and immediate community.
    Modern day fools pretend they’re saving “the planet” or they’re helping “the poor people of Africa” or going to a “free Palestine” rally. While they’re uselessly pretending to be saviors of the human race, their own family members might be sick with illness and in need of support at the hospital. Their next door neighbor might be a lonely widow in need of a lunch companion from time to time. Their own brother might be in dire financial straits and in need of business referrals or just a game of catch to blow off frustration.
    The old English aphorism, “Charity begins at home” deserves more consideration than ever before.

    1. As much as I disagree with you on some issues, you are completely correct in this regard. No point in helping others if it is detracting from your standard of living or negatively affecting your family and immediate surroundings.

      1. I appreciate it.
        It’s also a matter of return on investment: giving time or money to somebody close is bound to (a) go directly to the recipient and not Big Charity, and (b) they will be there to return your kindness, which Big Charity is not.

        1. Many churches are the worst at this. They go on a “mission trip” across the globe to go swing a hammer for the very first time, take in the sights, and then come back talking about how seeing poor people “changed them.” I’m sure those poor people would’ve rather had your cost for airfare than your terrible carpentry skills.
          All the while, there’s a wounded vet down the street that could use some help painting his house or something. Start at home first, then branch out.

        2. Ha ha. I’ve observed the same thing. Although neglecting one’s own family and community for “global awareness” is a problem amongst all middle and upper class whites, it was a conversation with a church group wasting tens of thousands of dollars on Nicaraguans that sparked me to start thinking hard about the phenomenon.

        3. One of the benefits I can see of going across the globe to contribute time, money and resources in a third world country would be the exchange rate. For instance, 1 US Dollar is equal to 45 Philippine Pesos. So one is able to help many more people with food, water, housing, etc than spending that same amount of money within a first world country. I agree. Many of these church goers have good intentions AND want the experience to see the sights and sounds of a new country. That’s understandable. But saying that its solely for the work of God seems to be a bit disingenuous.

      1. So I’m doing free work that my taxes should be paying for?
        I dig the plane restoration group though.

      2. Plane restoration? Hmm, that sounds cool. Never heard of that before. I once had a decamillionaire from Iowa pay me $125 to clean and wax his bi-plane. Learned some great lessons…one of them was to negotiate for higher fees when working with those who could afford them. HA!

    2. I could not agree with you more David. If your home life and personal relationships are in complete shambles going to a rally for ‘Free Tibet’ or ‘Down with Nuclear Power’ once every 6-months is rather hypocritical. Energetically speaking, the heart chakra is the center of love for those closest to us, love for family and friends. The crown chakra (center of the top of the head) is the center of divine love for God and love of those we haven’t met yet (think starving Africans or oppressed Tibetans). The crown cannot fully develop and lead to illumination without sufficient activation of the heart. Yes, charity begins at home and spreads outwardly.

  7. WTF is this? IWe’ve got more than enough progressive sites preaching to us the virtues of being nice and getting along and helping your fellow man. If this isn’t Cathedral entryism into the manosphere I don’t know what is. If the Dark Enlightenment stands for anything, it stands for the valuing of self over other, of family over community, of community over strangers. Unrestricted universalist empathy of the sort advocated in this article is a recipe for disaster. Roosh by God do something.

    1. Well said, there are many many sites all over the internet about people preaching niceness, helping your fellow man, and at times being a doormat. (whats wrong with being nice btw?) The article is a suggestion to increase your power, reach, and resources by giving your talent, gift, or what have you, to others in your community. You’re totally right about taking care of yourself first which looks different for different people as in sleep, diet, exercise, meditation, social circle, livelihood/purpose and the like. Kind of like on an airplane when they suggest putting your gas-mask on first before assisting a child. Makes sense. I’m assuming you’re a relatively successful male because you speak English, live in this first world country, found a site dedicated to helping guys like you, you’re not homeless, retarded, or starving. Those things did not happen by habit-stance or by the world telling you as a child, “Figure it out yourself, cuz I’m gotta get mine.” You had dozens, if not hundreds of people helping you, unconditionally, get you to where you are in life. Unrestricted universalism is not what I’m suggesting…simply your community. Not the whales, not the rainforest, not the spotted owl, not the starving kids in Kenya…your community. The article is a 30 day challenge, a social experiment to give back to your community in a way that YOU want to, not what others tell you to do. Since doing this for years, my observation has been some of the biggest swinging dicks in my community (also in other towns I’ve lived in) are also the biggest contributors of time, money, and resources. I’m not saying its a direct correlation but simply an observation. Conversely, the poorest, most bitter and angry people I know seem to be the same people I serve who give very little time, money, and resources, if anything, back to their community. Think entitlement. Thanks for reading the article and commenting.

  8. or take up boxing and get jacked, then with your new physical prowess you can become COMICON MAN.

  9. Speaking of superheroes, I think the most relatable comic book superhero for every
    redpiller is – BATMAN. Of course from movies, it is Neo from the Matrix.
    Batman is the only superhero without any “superpowers.” An ordinary man, though being a billionaire, he seeks out his destiny towards becoming Batman by spending seven years away from Gotham, trying to search an answer for his inner rage against injustice (in society). Sounds familiar? An analogy for the inner rage a red piller feels against the double standards modern society pushes against him.
    I think each of the Batman movies (directed by Christopher Nolan) has enough red pill wisdom in it (related to girls, masculinity, and work) , and situations which a red piller might have faced in their life.
    How does Batman react? He trains his mind and body to peak perfection to fight and adapt to the circumstances. He has a problem with trusting people, as he tends to see people what they do, and not what they seem. (Explained in TDKR, when Miranda betrays his trust). A red piller could relate to that, with a similar lack of trust in modern society and women.
    Batman is single, but not a loner (though this concept is seen in the comics, but in the movies the comic story has been changed). Though the gadgets he has might seem as a distraction from his actual persona, the actual persona of Bruce Wayne/Batman is what every red piller could imbibe – minus the gadgets – to adapt to modern society.
    Batman understands society (and human nature) is inherently flawed, and he is
    not a do-gooder always, he resorts to practical cunning ways to overpower his
    adversaries on occasions. That’s why he is called the darkest but most relatable superhero, the biggest badass superhero of them all. Batman is the ultimate red pill comic book superhero, a symbol for redpill.
    “I’m going to show the people of Gotham that the city doesn’t belong to the criminals and the corrupt. People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can’t do this as Bruce Wayne. A man is just flesh and blood and can be ignored or destroyed. But as a symbol… As a symbol, I can be incorruptible, everlasting.”
    – Bruce Wayne/Batman , Batman Begins (2005)

    1. Didn’t know Batman was modeled after Theodore Roosevelt.
      Enlightening documentary from the History Channel.

      1. I wouldn’t put too much stock into what the History Channel (read: MSM) says. They tell enough truth only to make the propaganda convincing.

    2. The best thing about Batman is that he is not an individual, but a symbol. Like in the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, when detective Blake inherits the Batcave, to become the next Batman.
      Any man who trains himself to peak perfection can become Batman-like. He is the only real life superhero.
      That’s what redpill is all about – it focuses on not only game, but other things like wisdom, masculinity, health, etc.. To become a rounded masculine superhero like personality, like Batman.

      1. Absolutely. Being a great person requires a tremendous amount of dedication, focus, love, risk, and lots of self correction and self reflection. I think of it like being an Olympian of Personal Development.

    3. “Batman is an outcast. He must endure..”
      Perfectly said.
      Very much like men on redpill who are outcasts, in modern feminist society. We must endure.

    4. Watching the documentary made me realize that the psychologies of feminists and modern American women in general, resemble and fluctuate between the psychologies of the Joker and Catwoman.
      Alfred to Bruce Wayne : “….They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
      Aptly describes the mindset of a feminist.

      1. “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” –Camille Paglia

    5. Thanks. BTW, I am a big fan of Chris Nolan’s TDK trilogy and think it is one of cinema’s great, if now-underappreciated, achievements, not only as individual movies but also as a whole trilogy.

    6. True.
      Batman doesn’t work at a food bank – he beats the shit out of the type of people who create the social ruin that makes the food bank necessary.
      Don’t get me wrong – food banks are important. But let women do that type of stuff like they used to, and let men busy themselves with by taking action in masculine ways, with self-improvement and sustaining what tiny pockets of patriarchal western Christian civilization still exist in the world today.

      1. Service helps to develop the heart which makes one more powerful, courageous while reducing stress and anxiety. Think of the men in your life whom you admire. Are they badasses who don’t give a shit about the world or others and think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, food bank or homeless shelter? Or are the men you admire powerful, strong, compassionate, loving, patient, understanding, and willing to help those who need help? Batman, while an amazingly indepth archetype, is still a character that was made up in the minds of a writing and illustration team.

    7. My best friend inside and outside of the manosphere has loved each and everyone of the new Batman films. Apparently, in Bruce Wayne’s world, its haaard bein’ a pimp.

  10. My superhero name is “Jezebel the Ass Rapist” and I’ve got my strap on pointed at you, ROK.

    1. lol. As if crinkly Sahara Snatches at Jezebel have a sex drive. Cats are their companions.

      1. I am a radical dike. I know. It’s funny. My superhero power is making people think I am a mysoginisic asshole while I infiltrate their little man cave on the internet. I now out myself because clearly they are defeated as this post suggests.

  11. Agreed — this is a good article. In the midst of men putting the current system in its place i.e. don’t take shit from females, nor shit tests, always put yourself first, etc. It is important not to become too jaded as to not be willing to do some very simple and basic things that can improve the lives of the less fortunate, and help improve the quality of life in communities.
    There was a time in America, many decades ago that doing charitable things for one’s community was considered a virtue, and as a result the communities had strength and more unity, a unity based on people’s desire to help on another, as opposed to a Socialist dictorial government mandating a “unity”.. big difference.
    I do understand that this is easier said than done. It is not that easy to get motivated to help a society that considers men as second class citizens, but IMHO one does good deeds for his own sense of satisfaction, certainly not to expect a brass band to celebrate you, and most certianly not to gain the affections of a hormonal driven animal. Women today are takers and have ZERO concept of the idea of being unselfish nor kind. In fact I almost would say if you are going to be involved in charitable work I would recommend you DO NOT disclose this to any female you want to game. Barring of course the rare exceptions (and they are just that RARE EXCEPTIONS) the major majority of women will consider you a chump for being involved in such wholesome activities, and will dump you quicker than her used tampon to find the nearest coke dealer to score a free line.

    1. What’s your address? I want to send you a box of chocolates for being such a sweet fellow.
      Then I want you to super hero me a sammich. Better yet, dress up as cat woman and bring it over to me. I want to see you slither as you hand it to me.
      Roosh needs to come back from vacation quick.

  12. May I also suggest getting involved in one of your local male oriented public service clubs – Lions, for example. Sadly many of these clubs are dying out as the old boys keep getting older and dying off with no new blood to replace them. They used to be a backbone of communities and a provider of critical volunteer/community building activities not to mention networking and providing a place where being male is celebrated.

    1. Well said, Expat. The Lions, the VA, the Rotary Club, the Free Masons, the Knights of Columbus, YMCA all had/have immense contributions to the community and societies at large. While virtues are unchanging, the times in which we live are rapidly changing. The messages, not the content, need to change with the times. Kind of like marketing…the packages of milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper having changed much in a 75 years but the outside packaging has. These clubs are usually located in very old, unkept buildings with outdated av equipment. The packaging is turning potential new members off and its not closing the gap of clubs content and how it benefits day to day living. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. Alright, get the fuck out of here. There is a storm here in NYC and I am drunk and this article is full on bullshit. What is going on?

  14. gimme a break with this bullshit. help the planet, help the homeless, help the stray dogs, waah waah. what the fuck, did i miss anything? did we turn into the fucking boyscouts here? don’t we have enough people pulling us in all directions, we need to add another constraint on our time and energy? the day i lift one goddamn finger to help anyone other than myself (openly or covertly) is the day i will cut off my balls and hang them over the fireplace as memories of a bygone era.

    1. NDCQ I like your perspective on cutting off your balls and hanging them over the fireplace. I agree, we are all very much pulled in many different directions from many different people, organizations, businesses with all types of agendas and causes. My suggestion is very simple, give your talent to your community and see what happens. That’s it. Whatever gets you jacked up and inspired go for it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you want to master a subject, teach it.” If there’s an area of your life that profoundly and deeply interests you why not share that knowledge and passion with someone else. Remember Bob Ross, the fro-ie haired painter on PBS? I could careless about painting and still have no ability to do it but watching him paint and share his skill with other people inspired me to get good at what interested me. There is a person, even a large group of people, in your community that would love to watch you demonstrate your ‘superpower’ and the return of doing that goes right to you…greater skill in that area, a feeling of contribution, recognition, and other things that you or I are unaware of. Try it for 30 days and reevaluate. Thanks for reading the article and commenting.

  15. “Sing at your church choir”
    “Write ‘Thank You’ cards to your three least favorite people”

    1. Ha. Only suggestions Luis. I know a few people who get super juiced up about the church choir thing, for me it does nothing. I have done the ‘thank you’ cards with some interesting results. Its all a social experiment. I’m simply challenging you and the other readers to try it out for 30 days. After the 30 day experiment, then you give post feedback based on experience rather than theory. Isn’t that was Game teaches us? We read something about self-amusement, non-reaction, red-zoning, etc and we can say, “Ahh man, that’s a bunch of bullshit. Its probably not even like that.” Then we go out, experiment by putting it into action and then we say, “Ohhh, that’s what he meant by this and this and this.” I’m suggesting serve your community in a way YOU want to, not the ways I’m suggesting. Teach MMA to local high school kids, take kinder gardeners to a butterfly farm, teach an elderly person the saxophone, teach a down syndrome kid pickup….you get my point, whatever the hell gets you excited and share that with other people whom could benefit from it. Thanks for reading the article and commenting.

  16. look this crap belongs in Jezebel. I am all for contributing to society but you can contribute as a man. Here are three things that you can do:
    1) Build houses for Habitat for Humanity
    2) Volunteer at the local Volunteer Fire department.
    3) Coach a sports team
    None of these will rob you of your manhood and will actually leave you feeling like more of a man. Sing in the church Choir? sounds about as much fun as clamping my balls in a vice.

    1. hey Charles, excellent points for things you can do in your community. The ‘balls in a vice’ actually had be laughing out loud. Very funny. You nailed it, singing in a church choir does NOTHING for you, the article is suggesting for you to contribute to your community that gets you jacked up, that inspires you to be a bigger, better, bolder person. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. Hi Trentmax, for a second I thought it said, TuckerMax. I appreciate you reading the article and providing feedback. Why do you feel the suggestions are bullshit?

      1. Why do I “feel” that way? You are a girl.
        This is gayest article on the internet and I really hope that ROK posted it as an example of what NOT to do.
        Write letters to the people I dislike? Naw. I prefer Howard Roark’s response, “But I DON’T think of you.”
        The rest of the suggestions are just as much bullshit in varying degrees.

  17. *yuck* Humanitarianism. No clear boundaries of individual agency and self-worth. Advice from Jack Donovan would at least be constructive even for blacks.

  18. Before feminism, neighborhood volunteering was usually done by women, since unlike men they did not have to work long hours and thus had the time and energy to volunteer.
    With feminism and the destruction of the community, there is no real community for you to volunteer for (anyway the rest of society sees you as a man as a work horse and disposable cannon fodder) and you already probably work long hours anyway – where are you going to find the time and energy to be this volunteer dynamo anyway?

    1. Good point Lozozlo, because of two-income households there isn’t a lot of time, money and energy available for men or women to give to their local communities. That is one of the reasons I’m suggesting this 30-day challenge. I’m not aware on your belief systems or background, regardless…whatever it is you give you receive. I’m not talking religion or fluffy sounding things. Try it out and prove it to yourself. If you’re strapped for time, give it and more time will open up for you. Strapped for money, give it, and more money will be available. Strapped for emotional support, give it, and more emotional support will be provided. Strapped to develop a latent talent, give it, and your talent’s development will be accelerated. Again, I’m suggesting you give it a shot for 30 days and then reevaluate. You will speak from experience rather than theory. Just like applying Game vs. reading about it, which is very common in the manosphere. Thanks for reading the article and commenting.

  19. I just work on helping and guiding my inner circle, only the people that have real potential. I don’t see much reason to help those without the potential to help themselves. Too similar to white knighting. Goes to say I like Magneto’s attitude and Spawn was my comic of choice as a kid.

  20. Another weetle blanket boy with delusions of grandeur. Get a real life Peewee because you’re an embarrassment to all grown men. This is kiddiecrap with the comic books and porn watching. And for God’s sake make some money and get out of Dirtwater, Arkansas because only losers live in these backwater places.Dress like a man and speak like a man.

  21. Ultimately selflessness and charity is a form of selfishness – you do it because it makes you feel good – which I beleive is along the philosophical lines of RoK. In those terms the article is good. What I don’t agree with is the methods. Hosting meditation groups, choir practice and baby-sitting leads to beta, if not omega, behavior. Volunteer for ambulance/fire houses, animal handler at handicapped children ranches, camp counselor, dog walker at animal shelters, chaperoning/coaching school and church athletic functions those are more along the lines of what a redpiller needs to be doing. I’ve done them all and not only did I come away with spiritual fulfillment, but a constant rotation new snatch enamoured with my “selfless” spirit and rugged good looks.

  22. Nah I’m good. I’ll give a hand to friends and family but everyone else in this sinking/stinking leftist pile of shit? HAHAHAHAHA fuck that noise. I’d rather be poolside and keeping my ammo dry.
    We tried superheroes many times. They failed miserably.

  23. This was well done, but I seriously was wondering about where this was going for the first half.
    I found a mentor by accident as a 7-year old. The grumpy old Italian guy who lived down the street owned a fishing boat. He taught me navigation, how to fish and how to service a diesel engine. I worked on his boat from age 8-18. When I became a captain of my own ship, an oil tanker, 20 years later, he was so proud he cried. At his funeral a few years later, his sons saught me out to tell me how happy and proud I had made him.
    Mentoring is a good way to give AND receive, if you’ve got a gift to share. For me, I like to see entry level kids discover an affinity for sailor’s work, and to see them advance in rank and ability. Sometimes it’s as simple as teaching a kid to tie some basic knots to use out on deck; whatever, it’s the gifting of time and expertise, and seems to be pretty rare for that to be time wasted.

    1. Don’t even mentor kids or do the big brother thing. Don’t ever be alone with kids, you never know what’s fucked up about it until accusations start to fly. I’ve seen it in the news often enough I’d never take the chance. Really, who needs that shit? Let the father of the bastard child or his bitch mother sort him out, it ain’t your problem. Sorry for the kids that it’s come to this, but it’s feminism at work.

  24. “Superhuman is defined as having or showing exceptional ability or powers. Who says we can’t be real life superheros with superhuman powers of awareness in the middle of a house fire, or seeing dozens of solutions to a problem where others see none?”

    1. Thanks for commenting The Woman, if you had to take a wild guess from the ethers, what would you say your superpower is?

      1. I know the one best suited to this website. I can tidy round a group of men drinking beers and watching football as fast as they can make a mess, without disrupting view of gameplay or making noise.

  25. I don’t do any of these things in the US. Why would I want to help this cunt infested country? It has to fail before it can be fixed. I’ll be happy to help fix ‘er, but I’m not going to give cent to help with the pain that this country self-imposes.
    I do, however, do some of these things in other countries. That is a hell of a lot more rewarding.

  26. But, wait a minute.
    Isn’t Obama the superhero? Isn’t he going to heal the earth and stop the rise of the oceans? Isn’t he the chief general setting up an impenetrable defense in the War on Women?
    I’m happy to let him do the job. No need for me to get involved.

  27. Story of my life. Everybody always wants a piece of me. All I do is give, give, give. They only take.
    I have devoted so much time to help others. No one has ever given me anything.
    I guess I’m like fucking Spiderman.

  28. Nope. Do for your own and hell with everyone else. I can’t believe I blew 6 years of my life in the service of what this country has become.

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