3 Ways To Keep Your Woman From Cheating

A couple months back, Roosh posted the results of ROK’s first reader survey. One bullet point in Section 7 grabbed my attention like a fake tittied brunette: Handling Infidelity.

I’ll go ahead and save everyone the time and an unnecessary article and reveal the one and only way to handle sexual disloyalty from your woman:

You don’t.  

Drop her like the cheating slut she is and don’t look back. Easier said than done, but we all know taking back a cheating woman will turn your life upside down in a hurry.

The best way to handle infidelity is to prevent it from happening in the first place. So here are my tried and true, three best remedies to keep your girl from spreadin’ em for other dudes.

1. Flirt with other girls in front of her

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a broad or two when you’re with your main chick

No, this doesn’t mean number closing a girl in front of your woman (though you should be doing this when you’re not with her anyway vis-à-vis keeping your abundance mentality intact).

But striking up a conversation and lightly flirting with pretty girls and allowing them to flirt back will do three things: 1) Create drama (which girls love), 2) elicit feelings of dread within her, and 3) show her you can and will find her replacement if she doesn’t keep her shit together.

When a female is embroiled in drama due to feeling like her boyfriend is “becoming distant” and “may be straying” because he consistently shows he isn’t afraid to flirt with or eye fuck other chicks when she’s with him, all she can think about is what he might be doing when he’s not around. This leaves her very little energy or time to think about much else, let alone other men in her orbit.

Yeah, she’ll be pissed, and yeah she’ll throw fits. Hell, she may even call you out in public to attempt to rattle you. But so long as you maintain frame and remain unapologetic and nonchalant about the whole “ordeal” she will make all three of her luscious holes available for the taking at your discretion to keep you from poking other chicks.

After her tantrum, she WILL turn up the heat

Within the context of a sexual relationship in 2015, feminism combined with their hard wiring has rendered females powerless against this technique. They quite literally and involuntarily reward behaviors conducive to infidelity. More availability, less clothing, ass to mouth, it’s all on the table when she thinks you’re about to step out on her.

But remember, if you apologize or promise it won’t happen again you’re fucked. Not only have you shown zero backbone, you’ve allowed her to emotionally manipulate you which means the script has been flipped.

So flirt away, don’t feed into the ensuing emotional shenanigans, be utterly unapologetic for your exploits, and watch her transform from a bitchy prude to an insatiable, degenerate porn starlet who all of a sudden can’t get enough of your cock right before your very eyes.

2. Never say “I’m sorry”……EVER

A man likely headed for blue balls

Outside of those three little magic words (when being the first to say it) the phrase “I’m sorry” ranks up there as the most sniveling, beta-fied garbage you can utter to a female.

When you apologize to a woman for anything you have or haven’t done, you’re telling her that you regret your actions and would do things differently if given the chance…which reeks of fear, pandering, and oneitis—all of which make her resent you with a seething contempt like you’ve never seen.

Girls want a man who does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants without reservation or apology, even if she happens to be in his line of fire. Like the flirting, she’ll throw a tantrum and call you every name under the sun when you don’t give her the apology she’s looking for.

When the smoke clears you may have a headache but you’ll definitely have her respect, which is probably the single most important element to keep your woman from running around on you.

Women almost never respond well to “I’m sorry”

If you’re at your girl’s place and you drop and break one of her glasses or dishes: “My bad.” Admitting or acknowledging fault is very different from being sorry.

Forget to pick up whatever useless thing she squawked about on your way home from work? “My fault. I’ll get it tomorrow.” And leave it at that.

Even if she catches you balls deep in another female DO. NOT. APOLOGIZE.

“But Donovan, there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re sorry about something you’re sorry about, right?

Wrong. Dead fucking wrong. Are you really sorry you broke her dinner plate? Did you really regret slaying that slut? Of course not. So if you’re not sorry about something, don’t fucking apologize.

Further, women know when you’re truly remorseful and when you’re not. Apologizing for something you both know you’re not sorry about is like failing a shit test she didn’t deploy.

No apologies from this guy

The bottom line is that when you apologize to your woman for anything, right or wrong, she loses respect for you. Be a man, stay disciplined, and don’t succumb to the instant perceived gratification that comes with a heartfelt apology.

Weather the storm and reap the benefits that come with being the man she wants and needs. Doing the opposite too often almost guarantees she’ll be swallowing the salty loads of someone who doesn’t even apologize when he smacks the shit out of her for mentioning your name.

3. Be unabashedly selfish

Make it all about you

Show me a man who says “It’s all about her” when referring to his woman and I’ll show you a man who is being or is about to get cheated on.

Females have it easy in this part of the world, and they know it. Just about everything is handed to them from the cradle to the grave—most notably, male attention, deference, and subservience. Girls have been steeped in all of this their entire lives and as a result they are desensitized to it and take it for granted.

I touched on female indifference to the abundance of male adoration in a column I wrote last month:

…when a man exhibits similar reverence in her presence it doesn’t arouse her because she’s quite literally desensitized to that kind of attention. She’s been getting it all her life and can get it whenever she wants. It’s human nature to take something for granted if it’s readily available to us and male idolatry is no different.

The reason women cheat with impunity on men who “live for them” is because he’s putting her on a pedestal. Deep down women know they’re not worthy of such reverence and any man who doesn’t recognize this will be punished with bitchiness, neurotic behavior, and of course, cuckoldry.

Females want nothing more than to surrender to a masculine, confident man who would be just fine with or without her. They project this desire by treating men like extensions of themselves because they long to be an extension of a man.

A man who exhibits overt selfishness tells a woman in no uncertain terms that he lives for himself. And when she gets it through her thick skull that her man is the captain of the ship, she begins to make emotional (and sometimes even financial) investments into the relationship.

It is infinitely harder for women to be unfaithful to a man she’s invested time and emotion into. Remember, females are accustomed to getting some sort of ROI so they rarely walk away from or jeopardize something they’ve put so much time and work into.

Fuck her feelings….do what you want

Making all the decisions on movies and restaurants, paying zero attention to her “needs” in bed, making her change her plans to suit your schedule, and doing only what you want to do on date are just a few of an ocean of examples blatant selfishness.

I’ll reiterate that like the flirting and lack of apologies, your “me first” attitude will rub her the wrong way and she may very well voice her discontent. But we all know a shit test when we see one and this is no different. Stand your ground and you will have her respect and loyalty.

A personal anecdote

The following conversation happened a week before Thanksgiving at a shopping center with a girl I’ve been seeing for a few months:

Her: Did you just look at her with me standing here?!

Me: Yeah <my tone and posture reflected a “it’s no big deal” attitude>

Her: You disrespectful asshole!

Me: Calm down…you’re bein’ a drama queen.

Her: You look at some random girl in front of me and instead of apologizing you call me a fucking drama queen?!

Me: Grab your shit, we’re leaving. And you’re making stir fry tonight.

Her: <laughing> You expect me to cook for you after this? Fuck you, I’m not making you shit.

Me: Fine. I’m taking you home.

Her: Good!

I didn’t say a word to her the entire ride to her place even though she bitched the entire time calling me names, telling me I wasn’t shit, and that she “can’t do this anymore.” I dropped her off, went home and proceeded to make my stir fry.

She acts up, I handle dinner myself

She held out longer than I thought she would but she eventually called and came over that night, apologized for being a drama queen, and turned on the slut antics.

I held frame at all costs, including her possible departure, and she ended up apologizing for a situation I created with what may or may not have been disrespectful behavior I inflicted on her. That’s the power of this brand of next level game.

Even if she had decided to never to talk to me again after the fiasco (which was a real possibility as this was not an isolated occurrence), I would not have called and apologized. I’ll admit it would have sucked to lose the guaranteed pussy, but that loss pales in comparison if I had lost her respect—which would have ultimately resulted in losing her anyway.

Does this work all the time?

Of course not. No strategy is bulletproof. Besides, a lot of girls will cheat on you anyway regardless of how tight your game is. That’s just how it is in today’s sexual marketplace.

But along with standard red pill game, I’ve personally found that utilizing these three tactics not only drastically reduces a woman’s desire or even thoughts of cheating, it keeps them on their toes and triggers her to exhibit good behavior to keep you around.

It’s absolutely paramount that you not cave into the pressure she will inflict on you when you deploy this style of game. If you try to console her with an apology for looking at the pert ass of a passerby, and then ask her what restaurant she’d like you to take her to in order to “make it up to her,” you’re in for big problems down the road—count on it.

So long as you withstand the initial verbal assaults and tantrums, you’ll be well rewarded in the long run. Delayed gratification and discipline is an effective mindset when dealing with your finances. The same applies when dealing with your woman.

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361 thoughts on “3 Ways To Keep Your Woman From Cheating”

  1. That would have worked when I was young. That would screw things up bad now. There reaches a point when you get used to each other. Her turf, rights and privileges have been decided for eons. As have mine.

      1. Excellent comment from a guy named singlebass over there I think deserves to be read here:
        Enjoyed this post but it sure failed to underscore the fundamental and pitiless truth about single game vs. married game.
        Single game is fun. Exciting. It can be tempestuous, with outcome uncertain.
        Occasionally getting shot down in flames is inevitable, expected, and frequently hilarious. Winning at single game means exploring fresh pussy and reveling in the incomparable adrenaline rush of starting a new relationship with a hot young thing who thinks you’re the greatest guy on earth. Single game done properly, with arched eyebrow and bemused insouciance, is a can’t-lose proposition. If all else fails, eject. No harm no foul.
        Married game is not fun. It is not exciting. It’s a soldier, wet and cold, slogging through mud with a 75 pound pack on his back, with nothing to look forward to but more mud and more slogging. Go ahead and carpool with the new cute girl in the office…..if you want to hear about it every fucking hour of every fucking day. Go ahead and use the “because the words left my mouth” line on your wife of 10 years….if you want to endure a week of cold, furious silence/sarcasm/snark. There will be no new pussy. There will be no adrenaline rush. The best you can hope for is a maintenance of the status quo. A truce. A standoff.
        Sounds pretty romantic, doesn’t it?
        The grim facts are these.
        It is impossible to maintain an impeccable alpha frame as a married man. If you change diapers, run the dishwasher, pick up the kid’s clothes off the floor, run a vacuum occasionally, clean the downstairs bathroom before your guests arrive, etc etc, then you are engaging in behavior that can and will be subconsciously viewed by your wife as feminine and beta. These behaviors become increasingly repulsive to a woman as time goes on, but, paradoxically, she will become volcanically angry and resentful if you don’t do them. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS GAME.
        Furthermore, women generally like, or at least don’t mind, conflict with their spouse. Men generally despise conflict and will go along to get along. Most men, myself certainly included, will allow themselves to be devalued and even debased in order to avoid overt conflict with the wife. Women relish, and even engineer and manufacture, marital conflict. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS GAME.
        Lastly, ejecting, nexting, and “no harm no foul” are not operative forces in a marriage. You can arch your eyebrows and suggest she tone her glutes all you want, but the day she decides she is tired of your shit is the day you lose your house, car, kids, and most of your 401K. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS GAME.
        I’m not saying that no man should ever get married, but no man should ever get married without being fully aware of the lifetime of ennui and risk that awaits him

        1. Exactly. That comment is spot on. You cannot be “alpha” 100% of the time in a marriage. That’s what makes it so hard. You have to find a balance between alpha jerk and caring husband. And, that balance always has to be adjusted.

          For the physical possessions, three words: asset protection structures.
          There is a way for the other: understanding that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. The male’s indifference / apathy (feigned or actual, better that it is natural) will be felt by the one that lives by her emotions, and hence he will more likely have control.
          Also be prepared to nuke the relationship on your end, and make that clear from the beginning there is zero tolerance for (physical neglect, whatever).
          Some of these things may sound hard (especially from a Christian POV), but the Bible said for husbands to love their wives like Christ loved the Church. And reading the Bible indicates the God has a harder idea of love than most Christians have conceived of.

        3. Truth. All married men have had “go arounds” with their wives (it’s usually over finances), but in the end you need to stick her nose to your drawn lines. “Don’t like it? GTFO!” Never compromise on that. Don’t let women think they lead the family… they will only fuck it up and you will be at fault in the end for letting her.

        4. My mother’s sage advice: The person who cares the least controls the relationship. So true.
          She also advised me to get rough with women in the bedroom. Not joking either. I try not to think too much about that conversation. (shudder) But she was right about that too lol.

        5. 1 – Hire a cleaning service.
          2 – Have the best pre-nup you can afford.
          3 – Walk out. Not leave, but walk out of the house when she is trying to ‘engineer and manufacture marital conflict’. It takes two to fight, and there’s nothing women hate more than being all ready to ‘go’ and there’s no one to go at. Just go for a half hour walk. Grab a coffee and read a book. Watch an inning or two. When you get back, if she starts in again, just say “I forgot my tablet/book/whatever” and leave again. I only had to do this a few times before she stopped.
          NB My marriage broke up because I denied I was an alcoholic for ten years. It took the divorce and the strain on my relationship with my girls to get me to sober up. I don’t doubt that a lot of the fights my ex started were caused by her anger about my boozing, even if that wasn’t the ‘reason’ for the fight. That’s why it’s so important in my new relationship that we don’t let things fester, and address them while they’re manageable. One of the guys at my AA meetings likes to say “AA is a program for living, and living well, for everybody, even if they don’t drink”. And I’m finding that’s true because the program stresses honesty, respect, and constant self-evaluation, which are all great relationship skills.

  2. Finally a game related article.
    Remember guys, Every fight with your girl should end up in sex

    1. You should never have a “fight” with a girl. You can have arguments or disagreements, but never a fight, but they will done rationally and calmly. Establish that rule early and stick to it.

      1. make sure you win the fight though (verbal fight). Not like yelling contest but firm loud but civil answer and then ignore. It works.

      2. That is a no brainer. When I say fights, I don’t mean losing your own cool ever.
        All you have to do, is keep your state of mild composed and relax and have fun with the whole thing. It will be a fight from her perspective but for you its just too much fun. The trick is to give her just the right amount of drama without it affecting your internal state of mind.
        Helps if you have internalized certain dark triad traits.

        1. Every guy hates drama. I am no different.
          There will be some drama in the relationship.If you want absolutely no drama , go fuck hookers.If there is no drama naturally, she will try to create it out of nothing. At the end of the day, it is upto the man to decide how much drama is entertained in the relationship. You can train some bitches while others just need to be dropped.
          Over the years, I have become pretty good at naturally handling this stuff but this is one part of my game that I find difficult to break down into tactics and techniques. It is just one of those things that you become good at with more experience.
          The trick is to create enough drama for her without it affecting your internal state of mind.
          As I said, you need to internalize certain dark triad concepts to pull it off.

  3. Some of this might seem harsh, but if you have trouble accepting this advice, consider the extreme alternatives:
    1) Guy who never looks at other women, only has eyes for his girl
    2) Guy always apologizing and taking blame for everything = a doormat
    3) Guy always caving in to the GF who is pussywhipped and never allowed to do anything
    We all know guys from #1 who were cheated on and had their heart broken (this is how most guys I know discover game). We all have known or possibly been the annoying beta wimp in #2, and know what a turnoff that is to women and how no guy will want that kind of weak friend. And #3 is the guy who exists only for your woman, breaks contact with all his friends, and lives the life of a female. While some of this advice may sound harsh, considering the alternative, you must maintain frame at all times and never give in.
    Whether you agree with being loyal to one girl or not, the anecdote above came down to having the woman respect you, or having her gain dominance over you. There is only one choice.

    1. Nobody ever said the red pill goes down easy. The hard truth is that this is the way you must treat women in 2015. One night stands, fuck buddies, girlfriends, and wives, there are no exceptions. Women today will punish you to the full extent of the feminist law if she thinks for one second that you just can’t live without her.
      You nailed it with the word respect. That’s what it’s all about and unfortunately, we have to resort to these sophomoric measures to get it from today’s so-called females……

      1. This isn’t redefining respect either, it’s simply a reminder. Everyone’s become so conditioned that they’ve nearly forgot what true respect even is anymore.

        1. Come back to us in a month, a year, 5 years and tell us how that’s working out for you.
          Women are illogical, they run on their feelings, nor what is objectively “better” for them.

        2. Sorry Aaron, that’s the last thing that works. You’re obviously a young man and not been around. “Respectful” to her means she’s got you in her game and then she’ll start sleeping around. Remember the whole thing with women is to get you to believe things that aren’t true, like their fidelity.

        3. I’m almost 40 and I’ve definitely been around.
          I have a very low tolerance for bullshit or drama and I walk at the first sign of either.
          To me game is getting her to enjoy being in my company because she has fun, not because of malicious manipulation.
          It’s too bad that you haven’t met any nice women in your life, but they are out there. Keep looking and don’t waste a minute of your time on the ones that aren’t fun or looking for same kind of life you want.

        4. If the women one deals with are hideously ugly then yeah, they might like the respectful approach…but who really wants to chill with ugly women other than you, Aaron?

      2. Good advice about training your GF. Sad, but true. A good reminder that a man, because of female nature, needs to be a little bit of a prick.

      3. I can cut your list in half don’t date whores. Be a man and stand up boom problem solved but at the end of the day you can’t control another person.

    2. So right.. I once used to think that a man who apologizes to a woman (wether he did something wrong or not) would earn her respect, because he was being humble and all that and she would really appreciate it because that showed greatness of character and you know.. everything would be alright.. after all, my common sense and logic told me that if a girl recognized her fault in some fuck up she did, I would certainly enjoy that and my respect for her would go up…. so why wouldn’t females think like that as well?? Well… because they just don’t. They just won’t respect you if you do that… I just don’t understand it, but yeah.. that’s how they think.. and I had to learn it the hard way..
      Hell, I feel so much shame and repugnance when I remember how pathetic I was back in my teens when I was “Mr. I’mSorry Guy”..
      So back in my ultra blue-pilled days in high school there was I, apologizing over and over to a chick because of something… she says it was all okay… so long story short, I found out through a friend that she blatantly lied to my face in a conversation I attempted to have with her after I apologized, aannnd then we just never talked again. So take notes, my fellow Kings..

      1. Yeah, I actually typed out the words “Now, in a married relationship, I think it’s ok to apologize to your wife” and then I deleted it realizing, no, why would it be any different? It’s important to recognize that most men have no problem taking responsibility, owning up to mistakes, and actually feeling apologetic. But we realize that it is toxic to apologize to a woman. I may feel regret or remorse about something involving a woman but I am not going to voice that to her, because they don’t respect it, and it actually devalues you in their eyes. Sick, but true. At least with modern western women, perhaps not all.

        1. Yep.. after having learned my lesson, I only apologize now to my fellow trusted male peers, when I genuinely know that I have fucked things up. No problem in recognizing mistakes there, because doing it actually increases our mutual respect and comradery. But, as you said, you can’t do the same to women and expect the same reaction, unfortunately….

        2. Also I’ll add that I’m not sure that women are truly able of feeling regret, remorse, or empathy. I had to teach one 30 year old woman to apologize, she literally didn’t know how. And then when she tried she failed miserably “I’m sorry I made you feel bad..”
          So from their point of view if they can’t feel empathy then there’s really no point in ever apologizing. You’re not being a dick or a jerk, it’s truly something they don’t understand. You might as well explain nuclear physics to them and expect a response.

        3. We were engaged. I thank myself every day I didn’t marry her. That would have been a financial and emotional disaster that would have taken many years to recover from. Appreciate the condolences but I rejoice every day that I didn’t go down that dark road!

        4. I was reading something that said the shortest definition of a narcissist is they never say please and they never apologize.

        5. At least they were taught to fake it in olden times. If it really is a matter of them lacking certain mental faculties that we have and take for granted, then everything is on us for failing to train them. But what a disgusting thought.

        6. “Married” doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does us. I’ve heard women call it “the finish line” and men call it the “starting gate.” Once you’re married you have to up everything because she’ll start pushing limits and end up sleeping around. Women spend years working on a facade to catch some fictitious ideal guy. And in doing this, their real personalities crumble or remain infantile. Then when their married, it falls apart and the man wakes up to a total stranger.

        7. I totally agree. One of the basic things you learn when you take the red pill is that women aren’t the caring, nurturing angels that society dipicts them to be. They’re the opposite. Media and society tells us that women are the keepers of the household and the sensitive ones who keep relationships together. No way! When you wake up from the SJW stupor, it can be a nightmare, but at least you’re grounded in reality.

        8. Decent women respect and admire a man who can apologize when he is/has done wrong. Conceited attention whores have given “women” a bad reputation; and maybe some men have been choosing the wrong sort of women. For instance, the sort of women who dress/act as if they will give a man what he wants right away; or the sort of women who appear stupid/gullible enough to fall for whatever “game” is played. Not the sort of woman you want to be “the mother of your child”? Careful–one “oopsie”…and she is!

        9. Of course, you dump this evil sociopath who “can’t feel empathy”. (Unless the sex is good, right?)

        10. And now you, too can be a narcissist! (Wait, if we all stoop to the scumbags’ level, doesn’t that mean the scumbags win?) Oh well, enjoy the decline of western civ!

        11. Much wisdom in this comment. Wonder why women think they need a “facade” to get a man?

        12. There are different types of narcissists. Vulnerable narcissists will apologize and say please, Invulnerable narcissists will not. VN’s will shame people to boost themselves. IN’s don’t shame people as much, they’re more into self promoting.

      2. Sorry is a weakness to women. Makes you think twice about the feminist trash about women being great diplomats. What trash.

      3. As for me, I treat ladies with respect. But I would never allow myself to become some woman’s doormat.

        1. Also, allow me to specify, good sir! Whenever I use the term “lady”, I am referring to a woman of higher value. For example, I would refer to a Bible-believing, God-fearing, long-haired, virgin girl as a “lady”. (I am currently involved with a woman who fits that description.)

        2. Good for you! In any event, no kind soul who is a real lady would ever want you to do that!

        3. Damn straight. Treat others with respect,and associate only with those who treat you with respect. Life is too short to put up with BS people (just “next” ’em)!

    3. Nah, this is all too black and white.
      Here’s an alternative: you both go to the party looking great. You both mingle and chat with people, make excellent conversation, show off your wit, etc. You each get to see your sweetheart through other peoples’ eyes, which refreshes your relationship and keeps you from taking your wonderful spouse for granted. Nobody flirts with anybody… certainly nobody gets digits unless you’re making friends as a couple.
      If your girl gets jealous, you don’t apologize, because you’re innocent. You have three easy choices:
      1) “Don’t worry baby, I may dance with other girls but I’m going home with you.”
      2) “Get over it.” Case closed.
      3) [For freaky jealousy] “Goodbye and have a nice life.”
      The distinction here is that if you have a steady woman, you don’t flirt with other girls unless she gets to flirt with other men. It’s all about a balance of respect for one another while retaining one’s personal power.

    4. well said……..status has nothing to do with looks or money…..it’s being known for not putting up with someone’s bullshit nonsense

  4. Yes. Delete the word “sorry” out of your vocabulary.
    Say pardon me, excuse me, my bad, or fuck off instead.

  5. This article should be titled “How to Create a Dysfunctional Relationship With a What the Fuck are You Doing With This Insane Cunt in the First Place.”

    1. girls with daddy issues or who grew up with lack of authority in the household tend to have this irregular bumps and cunt attitude. I think they secretly hope a man would put her back in her place. Maybe it could be a form of shit test from them? Since women are dramatic and emotional, it only makes sense. And also if a guy is used to being passive around women, I think this is common behavior from women.

      1. An ex, daughter’s mother (daddy issues).. started many fights with me, some got physical, I never hit her. 2 years after leaving her, new guy moves in, breaks her fucking nose giving her 2 giant black eyes. She loves him for the abuse. Probably wants more.

        1. yeah those “women” are gone too far to the point of no return like brain damaged. I mean I avoid them but also pity them because they could have been a great mother/daughter at some point. It’s like conundrum. Part of me want to be nice to them because I feel sorry for them but at the same time, if I do act nice they will usually take that as advantage of stepping all over me.

        2. And if you make the mistake of having kids with this type of baby factory, she will turn those kids into an abused mess.

    2. There seems to be a lot of “To succeed, do the exact opposite of what I say” articles here lately.

    3. Seriously man. I agree this is how you should treat your average cunt, but again, why would you tolerate a cunt?

  6. While “all women are would like that”, I would suggest that the 1st way to keep my woman from cheating would be to consider her upbringing and background (city vs rural, East v. West, religious v. non-religious, etc.) and choose accordingly.
    While such would not be a perfect guide, it would most likely weed out most of the bad candidates (especially important in Western “he raped me” culture).

    1. Don’t think so – some of the sluttiest, worst behaving women I’ve ever met grew up in nice “christian” rural homes. Worse- they are better at hiding the behavior.

      1. I’ve heard it said here many times to find a good girl, look in churches, etc. Hands down the very worst bitches I’ve ever met frequent havens for goodness and purity, catholic colleges, charity events, you name it.

      2. There is a difference between a humble, God-fearing woman, and a lukewarm “born-again” (I’m talking about false converts) whores. The differences are easily spotted.

        1. Having grown up in a super, uber conservative church for the first 14 years of my life and then one of those mega churches for the next 8 and going on who knows how many Church camps (and having hooked up or having friends that hooked up with tons of them, and on the flip side – the # of 40, 50, and 60 year old women that are leaving their husbands and kids for their HS sweetheart they linked back up with on facebook), I will just say I strongly disagree.

        2. Most “Church women”, go for the feels, they don’t have a genuine relationship with God.

        3. You can believe whatever you want. I’m telling you they are much better at hiding it than you think. I’m not saying there aren’t gems out there, but they are among the minority of even the ones that appear to be good gals (especially if they are attractive).

  7. I slightly disagree with #2
    Honestly, never say sorry to a person? Truth is: in an LTR you will have situations where you have to apologize. Your obvjective is to keep those situations at minimum.

    1. You think a woman would feel remorse? She only feels sorry because she got caught. If she didn’t get caught, she would’ve been like nothing happened.

      1. All I am saying is that sometimes, to KEEP a relationship, you have to compromize. Like, for example, you said something very insulting in anger. Apologizing later means being a normal human. Will she lose respect? I don’t know. I didn’t have a single girl who would leave me because of apologizing. I had girls leave me when I lost my frame tho.

    2. LTR or not, what I read is a consummation of tools that help correct an undesired course. It’s foolhardy to think women don’t want to be led in some form or another. If they’re off course, no shame in using modern methods correcting that course. Regardless, hoes will be hoes, no stopping that.

  8. ”When she catches you balls deep in another woman, don’t apologize” – – and not only that, finish in front of her. Let her watch and invite her to participate, but don’t go out of your way to give her an orgasm. She has to EARN it herself. She’ll do backflips earning her keep when you tell her to jump in and help the other chick squirt. You think that kind of thing never existed in her mind before? Shit those visions of sugar plums were in her head all along. You just have to bring them out. Now we’re talking loyal poly harem. When torn between shedding tears and taking that next step up in life before the throne of the almighty patriarchy, she’ll tear her clothes off like it was a fire drill.

  9. This article is no different than a Jezebel article saying “You’re amazing ! You’re a star just the way you are! You don’t need to please him! He needs to please you!”
    Kids, don’t heed this advice. Be a respectful human being, but set boundaries, honor those boundaries, and maintain frame. But don’t be a fuckin asshole (like this article is trying to dictate); be a respectful person.

  10. One of the reasons I sometimes find myself hating this site is articles like this. Are we trying to be men or ass holes? Flirt but don’t be disrespectful about it. Apologize only when you have wronged someone and not just to end an argument. If you are selfish, expect it in return.

    1. I know. This is very immature. It’s the same as the “you go girl!” attitude ROK so vehemently rages about.

    2. Unfortunately this is the world we live in now. The old order is dead. Women are living according to their tribalistic instincts now that there are no checks on their behaviour, which is why murderers and thugs have more kids than regular nice guys, even if they are in jail.

      1. Agreed. It’s almost like we need 2 sites though. One for those who want to “enjoy the decline, bang whores” and another who want to focus on neomasculinity and developing a LTR.

        1. It may be possible to combine them. But I have yet to field test this.
          My theory goes that women want what they have always wanted: Warriors and hunters. The hotter they are the better man they want the more you have to act and think like a tribal warrior. This can not be an act if it is to work, you have to actually be one, as close as possible in the modern world.
          In practice this means: My life is about me. I set the rules and I tolerate no bullshit. If women want to be part of it, great. If not, there are others who will, and if not that, then being alone is better than being in bad company. Aloofness, outcome independence etc. all in one package.
          But as I said, needs field testing. The biggest obstacle that most men will face trying this is likely to be jealousy.

        2. Interesting thought. Oddly though, I find myself applying knowledge from both camps day to day in person with success, often in unconventional ways. It’s possible that as the sites age, a chunk of the legacy readership is switching gears in their lives.

        3. In my observation, the hotter the girl, the trashier and lower value the guy they go for. The solid 6s and 7s with good family backgrounds will long for a stable, strong man. The 9s will hook up with whoever makes them wet at the nightclub, typically some loudmouth Jersey Shore type loser.

        4. As do I. I even enjoyed Matt Forney’s article on banging chicks in the Phillipines. What I took away from it is how toxic western culture is and it’s destroying any decent society that it touches. But I was glad to see so many guys critical of going to a conservative society and banging their women, because at some point we have to start thinking about more than just ourselves if we are ever going to have a better society to live in.
          But my philosophy has always been to look for the good or the truth in anything, and I find something useful out of just about every article I read.

        5. Solid 6s and 7s who have a strong moral compass and can be reasoned with won’t tolerate the bull this article is suggesting as a proposed battle plan.

      2. Yes Blindlo, that might be true. But in all honesty, and deep down ourselves, we can all recognize that a man who ALWAYS exhibits these traits, and a woman who always accepts this behavior are two twats, a whore and a douchebag who deserve each other. The guy sounds like the Jersey Shore jello hair, neck chain, unbuttoned shirt asshole and the woman, a typical tatted up, plastic-titted hoe.
        Just because you’ve had your ‘heart broken’ and relationships haven’t worked well in the past does’t mean you have to become a raging, crass dickhead with everyone out there. ‘So what am I flirting? STFU. And make me a sandwich ASAP!’. This sounds like something one would hear from a Bosnian drug lord to his hoe in 1996. Utterly disgusting. The female quality such a man attracts is obviously directly proportional.

        1. She’s probably a Vice jurno, not the old Vice about docs but the new feminist one with shit articles.

        2. No, dude, I’m just a reader. I have access to ‘information’ just like everyone else. Settle down.

        3. I’m all settled and I’m down, calm your tatty bojangles, madam.
          Have you been to an Art Uni?

        4. I have no intention of shacking up under these conditions. At least not in the usual way, if I eventually do.
          A big problem with these stories is… what’s the term for it? The kind of women who are easy to pick up are overwhelmingly r-selected. K-selected chicks are slightly less insane, but also extremely rare today.

        5. Historically, the Bosnians would have been taking it up the ass from the Serbs at the time.
          But I get your point.

        6. Wrong. I was married for many years to a “strong”, “independent” and highly paid woman. I was a typical blue pill simp, always saying I’m sorry. Once I dropped the lame dormat BS, she started to respect me more and more. One evening we were out and I flirted with a much younger woman in the group. My wife was in a rage when we got home. I told her to STFU and then told her, if she was lucky, I would fuck her that night. I ended up getting the best blow job of the entire marriage that night.

        7. tatty bojangles madam- first and last time I wiil ever see these words consecutively haha

        8. It is absolutely clear and well-known that a dominant, assertive and confident man will always be desired by women, whether on the dating scene or in his own marriage. However, what the article implies is total disrespect for other people (in this case, women), selfishness and crass rudeness. You might have extracted a veneer of success with your wife by asserting yourself- it wasn’t because you flirted with another woman that she gave you a blowjob, but because you appeared to have woken up from your dormant simp state (as you put it yourself).
          However, what would have happened in your marriage had you always been a prick, never apologized for absolutely anything, always bossed your wife around and demanded to be treated like king God of the universe because penis. That wouldn’t have worked well.
          It’s one thing to be dominant and ‘masculine’ and assertive- like in those sociological experiments on YouTube where a dude randomly approaches women/girls and directly demands their phone number with ‘I’m taking you out tonight, put your phone number in my phone’. That’s….hot, if the guy is acceptably looking. But being an asshole all the time….that’s just being an asshole. Nobody likes an asshole.

        9. I beg to differ. After 23 years of marriage and being a reasonable and nice guy, the only thing that worked with her was strength and power. I adopted a “zero-bullshit” policy with her. I called her out, whenever she acted out, whined or became bitchy. The tougher I got with her, the “nicer” she got. I never apologized for anything. Of course, I always rewarded the nicer behaviors.
          Ultimately, we have gone our own ways. I will never be a doormat again.
          I will never be in a long term relationship with an American woman again. The best I have seen out there are Colombian women.

        1. Exactly, and they have been kept in line for thousands of years. Takes the shape of their container etc. Until now.

        2. It’s true. The funny thing is if you, as a man, internalize it they will line up down the block. They will talk a good game but if you are big enough to be the man in a relationship in this fucked up world these hoes tend to start remembering their biological imperatives —- until you break frame for even a split second

        3. yup, I broke frame recently with a plate I knew was on the way out anyways, but it accelerated the pusscapade a week faster. I simply told her (in the wake of a 40yo mutual friend who died from cirrhosis) I hope for your health and well being you can quit drinking so much. Next day:”you know.. I don’t know GRock…” Me:”yea this isn’t working I’m done.” .. “Me too.” All I did was imply I cared if she died or not… poof. split second cared just a bit for a child hood plate. Stupid hoes are savage anymore.

        4. This is for sure. And this is how things are working for me. I have a whole herd of female orbiters but I broke frame for one of them and now she’s in the wind.

        5. It’s like Lot’s wife turning back to look at the destruction of Sodom and god turned her into a pillar of salt…she only looked back for one fucking split second and bang…and her family couldn’t even look at their salty mother because who the fuck knows what god was going to turn them into…paprika? curry? Same with women….one minute you are the chosen one, but if you veer your gaze for the most miniscule of moments bang, you’re fucking salt.

        6. That’s the frightening thing man. How quickly she stabbed me in the back and then turned the knife. A month earlier she was all over me so tight I thought I would need surgery to have her removed.
          My head is still spinning from the sudden change of direction.

        7. If you stand back I would almost guarantee it makes perfect sense. Women, despite what movies tell us, are incredibly simple in understand. Totally causal beings.

    3. You are assuming women think and behave like men do. They don’t!
      I’ve slowly and painfully come to that conclusion. I had been in denial for so long thinking it just couldn’t be. The evidence is clear and you just have to reject what you were taught in the past and learn fresh.

      1. The unlearning current beliefs part is what sours men’s souls here. Gone for me are the days of moping over how bad girl A or girl B fubarred my friend’s lives. Arrived are the days of “well you were right dude, she was fucking her ex boss the whole time.” yup.

    4. You could always go Breibart and read about Muslims by a flamboyant gay dude. ROK is about articles like this one.

        1. Yes it is, you just don’t like how reality works. Practical advice that works is always helpful.

        2. Ive been married 13 years, have 5 kids, a fit and trim stay at home wife who has a hot dinner and a clean house waiting for me when I get home from work … I think I know a thing or two.

        3. You made her stay at home and act like a woman? Good job brother.
          But don’t extropolate from your so far perfect situation to the rest of the world.

        4. And yet, these tips work. Your wife is not a 20-something girl, or worse, a teen. She is too old to leave and things were not as they are now when you met. My old man has the same problem, thinks we are still stuck in 1960. Times change, and old men more often than not do not keep up.
          That said, props for keeping her pregnant. Probably contributed a lot to things working out. Unfortunately, most men today can’t afford the expense (and many don’t want that many in any case).

        5. Okay, where did you find her? Where were you looking when you found that awesome wife of yours? Also, forgive my immediate pessimism, but I suspect my odds of finding a good woman in 2015/16 are about the same as my odds of finding one of those 1965 Dino’s you were talking about… seeing as Ferrari didn’t begin manufacturing them until 1968.
          Of course, you married this woman back in 2003; you know, before smartphones, Facebook, Tinder, sleeve tattoos, ear gauges, obesity, etc. In other words, back when women weren’t such piping hot pieces of shit and it was a much more reasonable proposition to find a halfway decent one.
          Second question: is she white? Or American? If I had to bet money, I would say she’s Asian and not born in the U.S. (or whichever Western nation you hail from) — am I right?
          Don’t take my abrasiveness personally: I’m now making it a point to call out every single dude on this fucking website who claims guys are looking in the wrong places or doing something — anything — wrong in their pursuit of a decent woman. Especially guys like you, who, I’m afraid to say, don’t have the foggiest idea of what it’s like out there for us guys grinding it out in the modern day.
          I look forward to your responses, nonetheless.

        6. There really are many foreign women like this, but to find a good American woman carries a slimmer chance than winning the lotto, unless you marry your high school sweetheart

        7. You’re past the need to much of what is in this article… 5 kids will weigh almost any women down into life’s dutiful submission. I bet if you tried a much tamed down version of a few of these concepts on occasion, she’d fuck you better. Thank the author.

        8. Fair enough on the Dino; learn something new everyday.
          You still didn’t answer my question, though — where did you find your wife? As in, where did you meet her? All of this “it’s all about where you look” shit is useless. You do understand that, don’t you? And where are all these “nice younger gals” you come across as well? We’re all looking for honest answers here, and you seem to have them. So instead of giving us riddles to solve — give us something tangible; something we can sink our teeth into and actually utilize.

        9. Sorry, though I said it all ready. We met at a grocery store. She was shopping with her mom and little brothers.

        10. You gamed a chick shopping with her mother? I like your style brother.
          I am talking to women working in stores and at the gym. Good captive audiences. We’ll see how that works.

        11. And also, having 5 kids? Not usually conducive to “fit and trim”. With some exceptions.

    5. True words. Time and again ROK publishes articles and keeps repeating the idea that what makes a man, beyond achievement, is character. There’s absolutely no trace of it in a man who’d ever behave like this.

    6. Mate he’s right. These bitches will fuck you in the ass in a way that homos wouldn’t appreciate.
      In my experience, being selfish means a woman submits to your desires. Doing what she wants just means that she becomes selfish. Apologizing is a mistake and makes you look weak. Always attack and never defend.
      You need to understand that women have no sense of justice. As such, they will expect you to apologize for their fuck-ups. Some women will never apologize no matter how bad they behave.
      Being a man is recognizing this and holding the line.
      Hold the line, my brother.

      1. Even as far back as Plato: in every relationship there is a lover and a beloved.
        No other option.

      2. “women have no sense of justice.”
        I have two daughters who have very well developed senses of justice, thank you very much. That was one of my jobs as a father.
        You will doubtless get the type of woman you seek, and deserve.

        1. He’s not objective, he’s offended. Instead of accessing his rationale he accessed his feelings. Something tells me their sense of justice will end up on the front page of the Rolling Stones.

    7. days of having chivalry is dead. Back then women used to appreciate but now they don’t. I mean as fucked up as it is, I been through all that… being nice guy and actually genuine guy. I will do it from time to time but women don’t treat me any better just because I was “nice”. In fact, when I was more of an asshole and selfish they treated me better.

      1. They appreciated it back then because society as a whole did. It no longer does, so they no longer do. They follow whatever the current zeitgeist is.

      2. Same here. I remember being totally shocked that the women I worked with initially openly loathed me. I was very nice and deferential. When I changed that these checks who thought I was the plague did a complete 180. I couldn’t believe it. It even took a bit of time understand what just happened.

    8. It’s pathetic, isn’t it? Talk about genuine misandry. Being a man has nothing at all to do with acting like an asshole. In fact, the precise opposite.

  11. American women are whores and will find any excuse to ride the cock of whatever bad ass she encounters that most closely resembles her rape fantasy.

  12. Fine article and true on many accounts. I have seen an experienced the very contents and results of this article.

  13. Stick to virgins.
    A little more seriously, my personal approach is that my girl is part of my life and that she either makes my life better than it is without her, or she is out.
    As for the anecdote, I would not put up with shit like that. That instantly places her in the fuck buddy category, a place easier to get into than out of. A bit like a male friend zone.

  14. Good ole fashioned “chicks like assholes”
    #2 is especially pertinent though. The first few months after our wedding I found myself apologizing to my wife over little things – smoking on the balcony, habits she didn’t like etc. And while she accepted them, afterwards she was noticeably less respectful towards me, with almost a resentful tone in her voice. Since then I’ve learned the word “Sorry” evokes disgust in a woman when she hears it from her man. It doesn’t matter if the apology is appropriate or not, they just have some kind of innate negative reaction to the very sight of an apologetic male.
    If you’re in a relationship, you can still defuse arguments by proposing changes, or sticking to your guns. Just don’t say the s-word

    1. Look at it this way: We’re just doing to women what they do to us. Women almost never apologize, for anything, ever. They literally will walk away from an argument the moment they realize they’re going to lose face. Meanwhile, you’re left holding your logical, rational victory in one hand, and your meat and two veg in the other. It’s like negotiating with Iranians; they just sweep all the pieces off the table as soon as the loss is imminent.
      You’ll be surprised how easily American women accept a zero-fucks-given attitude. It’s because that’s how they see life as well.

      1. “American women accept a zero-fucks-given attitude. It’s because that’s how they see life as well.”
        This! Some douchebag will clean it up.

      2. Women’s attitude is a side effect of their fucking narcissism. Humble tend to apologize when needed, but women are rarely humble. Those suckers.

    2. “Since then I’ve learned the word “Sorry” evokes disgust in a woman when she hears it from her man. It doesn’t matter if the apology is appropriate or not, they just have some kind of innate negative reaction to the very sight of an apologetic male.”
      You really nailed it… it doesn’t even matter if it was an actual fuck up that really demanded an apology. The moment you say the S word, women see you as a lesser and weaker man, period. That makes no sense, but hey, what can we do.. if that’s how they wanna play, so be it..

      1. I’ve experienced this when I ordered lunch for my department and one girl’s burger came overcooked. I said the “S” word and she said “Why are you sorry?!” as if she was offended by what I had said.
        I thought that was just an isolated incident, but it looks like this is something I’ll need to watch out for in the future when dealing with women.

    3. We’re just going to have to get to the point where men don’t cohabitate with these narcissistic creatures. I have zero desire to spend my time wit an adult human being that can’t grasp humility and personal responsibility. It bothers me more that they never apologize, like it’s some sign of strength on their part. If everything with them is about power and control, I’d rather pay prostitutes to keep me company.

      1. We might never have been meant to live together in the first place.
        In tribal societies the manly men were out all day doing their thing, scouting for enemies, hunting and whatever else needed doing. It was only the old and the weak and a few with useful skills such as building stuff that stayed in the tribe.

        1. If a man lives with a female he has to have her complete respect and deference to avoid getting shit tested to death. It’s probably not a good idea to wife any girl that’s over a 7.

        2. If you want to stay happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.

      2. Now there’s an honest transaction! That route isn’t for everyone; but for consenting adults, why not?

  15. Call me cynical, but ALL women cheat regardless. And with that, less reason to apologize and all that’s in the article..

  16. 1. Stay in shape.
    2. Keep your game tight.
    3. Be a man.
    There’s no guarantee to everything in life. But this is a good start.

    1. I’ve done all three to my girlfriend over the past year, and she wants me more than ever. She’s even found a dainty unmentionable from another woman in my bedroom, which hit her hard, knowing that I’d exercised other options, but with my help she was able to rationalize it quickly and rediscover her love for me lol. In all fairness, I was extra nice to her for a couple of weeks after that.
      FWIW it helps to be 6’2″ and athletic and good looking. I don’t think that a 5’3″ pudgy WOW addict is going to be able to pull a lot of this shit off. It also helps to be older (I just turned 40) — age is nothing but a net positive as long as you’re lifting, running, eating primal, reading, and (most importantly) living with purpose. Women can ferret out whether you’re going places in the time it takes to read this sentence.

        1. 5’3″ brunette, very pretty face, good hourglass figure, European living in the U.S. — and totally full D cups. They’re perfect. I’m a leg man but she’s changing my preferences, lol. She’s never refused me in bed, not once in a year, and we even make jokes about how easy she is for me. Lesson: Stay dominant, and they fall in line. I had four other fuckbuddies earlier this year but they all kind of paled by comparison, so I let most of them go.
          Her downside: She’s aging a little in her face. She isn’t hitting the wall but she’s not 23 anymore. Still, I found two guys mackin’ on her at a Halloween party, so I told her to throw away her sexy German beer wench outfit.

  17. This is horrible advice. Some women cheat because they are just trash and nothing will prevent them from cheating. In fact, when these women cheat on you, consider it a blessing that they exposed themselves for what they are before you got too heavily invested in the relationship.
    But, most girls cheat for emotional reasons. They feel neglected or like their boyfriend doesn’t care about them anymore so they try to get that feeling somewhere else. Doing the things on this list will just push a girl like this further into the likelihood of cheating. That’s what’s hard about relationships. You can’t be “alpha” all the time. Sometimes you have to let a girl know you care about her, appreciate her, and desire her or she will feel tempted to get that somewhere else.

    1. Ok there Dr. Phil. You’re done now.
      The advice you just provided (same as the feminist agenda) is what causes women to build contempt towards men. It’s terrible advice as has been seen in our society today.

      1. No, it’s not the “feminist agenda.” It’s common sense. If you think you can maintain a long-term relationship by constantly being an asshole, being selfish, and never being there for your girl emotionally, you are delusional. It’s called being a man. This article is for little boys who don’t want a serious relationship. I question whether the author has ever had a relationship that lasted longer than 2 years.
        If that’s what you want, then that’s fine. I’m just pointing out, from experience, that this is terrible advice for anyone looking to maintain a long-term relationship.

        1. I wasn’t trolling before I got banned for nothing. I’m trolling now and don’t forget to use your cock pump today, neoboy.

        2. Not really. Yes, women think differently than men. Everyone knows that. But, that doesn’t mean you throw common sense out the window.

    2. “But, most girls cheat for emotional reasons.”
      And you are defending them? The appropriate thing for her would be to put her emotions in check and act approrpriately (grow up), but you are admitting they are incapable of that so here we are.

      1. No, where did I “defend” cheating? I’m just pointing out reality — something that some of the fanatics on this site don’t seem to be in touch with.

    3. ^^’But, most girls cheat for emotional reasons….’. They feel neglected or….’
      Yeah? So what? Does the word ‘frame’ exist in your vocabulary?

      1. So what? Isn’t the point of this article to advise men on how to prevent cheating? I’m just pointing out why the advice in this article is terrible and giving better advice.
        I’ve been all over the board — in LTRs as a beta, in LTRs after taking the red pill, been a “player,” etc. Game is not one size fits all, contrary to what this article seems to imply. Asshole game works great if you’re just looking for short-term flings. But, it cannot sustain a LTR.

  18. If you are in a serious relationship with a girl and thinking about marriage, why would you want to prevent cheating? Wouldn’t you want to give her as much rope as possible to let her hang herself and expose herself as a cheater BEFORE you commit to her?
    And, if you aren’t moving towards marriage (which means it’s not serious and there is no real commitment) then why would you care if she cheats?

        1. No, just a rational one. If she is faithful, good. If not, also good, dump her and move on to someone better.

    1. Don’t provide so much rope you can’t be certain if she cheats or not. Otherwise, in the “unspoken” implied nature of relationships, a bitch will find a workaround. She may be convinced since you gave her so much rope, you’re giving yourself the leeway to cheat as well… and this scenario I believe is getting played out, literally unspoken about, just implied, in far too many LTR relationships considering marriage already.

  19. There’s a fourth way – buy a cock pump from RoK’s sponsors and sniff some kratom.

  20. This advice works, but it’s best served for girls who would probably cheat on you anyway. For a girl “in love” with you – I think you’re going to simply push her away by being this much of a dick. You don’t need to quadruple down on the asshole when interacting with a sweet girl who is in love with you. A small dose works. A lot of game advice like the above works well for damaged girls in larger cities in the west. When interacting with sweet chicks who are not prone to cock hopping this is just too much.

    1. That’s one of the problems with taking the red-pill and running game (especially in the West); it corrodes part of the spirit that would interact with ‘normal’ women (defined as the women you describe).

  21. For the most part Donovan is right. Never apologize. Usually men think rationally in a “fight”. Rationally will always win over emotional over some timeout time. SHE’S the one that will apologize after she’s calmed down. It might take a few minutes or a few days but maintain frame.My girlfriend has some really brutal and emotionally crazy menstrual periods. She is impossible to deal with for that one week. She knows it and I know it. Its like living with an adult Reagan (from the exorcist) but I know its temporary and she’s very cool after it. You just minimize your time w them and weather the storm. Just like all situations with women you have to be the surfer of her emotions and come out victorious. Another example is to be the island that is immovable in her waves of moods.
    Maintaining frame will earn respect and a windfall of pussy because she knows you cant be shaken. Mix that with emotional control (for the most part) light dread game, aloof game, general all around masculinity like knowing how to fix things, how to fuck and she’s putty in your hands and ready to fuck all the time.Always be ready for them to cheat and it wont sting anywhere near as much.
    Being alpha is the key but women are always looking for a better deal. Her self image, S.M.V , age and self esteem tallies into what she think she DESERVES when it comes to cheating and finding someone else. Its your job to be a man and keep her from thinking she can do better.

  22. Some better advice would be to not entangle yourself in all these games, and then we she cheats, don’t be surprised, but just walk off and go to the next one. If a girl wants to cheat, no amount of game will change her mind.

      1. The advice isn’t bad relationship advice. Don’t be a doormat. But it probably won’t make much difference to man dating unfaithful women. If a man is constantly apologizing or worshiping his woman, she’ll probably just leave him. But women who are prone to cheating will cheat no matter what. They’ll get bored with their man no matter what he does.
        If you’re aiming for a LTR, the best thing to do is evaluate her past and her upbringing.

    1. I’ve become more keen to girls giving me clues, often verbal, that they’re the cheating type. 5 years ago they flew over my head more easily. Not anymore, and I haven’t been wrong once sense. And no, it’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy or me projecting that I’m a cheat first. My demon lenses are focused rather.

  23. I banged an ex who begged me to come back. In the morning she found the condoms from the last chick I banged. In the evening I banged her again.
    I was all about a chick once. She broke it off with me for her ex.
    Which man do you want to be.

    1. You didn’t kick her out after you were done? You let her stick around going through your shit to find the condom from the other chick you banged? You should’ve given her a hard time for snooping around.

      1. I told her “bitch put that shit back and don’t you ever touch my used condoms with asking me! What?! Bitch get on your knees and take care of this….”

        1. No no no. That’s when you tell her to put the used condom from the previous girl on your dick to fuck her with.. that’s my style.

    2. englishbob, I’m really, really curious to see what kind of women you usually interact with. Seriously. I’m literally gasping for air out of curiosity.

  24. While this is a good article. You can’t control a person, if she thinks there is something better, you can’t convince her you’re the best thing going. just let it go, I really do think it’s and as easy as that. No fussing, no fighting just let her go and move on. Fuck it

  25. God this is so fucked up. I want to ask the proverbial rhetorical but I already know the answer, there is none: why do we have to live in a world where the females of our kind is so emotionally malfunctioned that you have to be spontaneous clownish and amoral to keep your woman. Fuck this species. Let it all come to a fiery end. If women will not know their place by their mans side then let them wander the carousel and slide down the slow gradient into their own self-destruction, fucking cockweasels.

  26. never ask a women if she will do things for you. Just demand it, order her. Use active gestures and sentences instead of passive.
    Instead of saying “can you do this for me?” just say… “hey come here do this”
    if she try to make you feel guilty and change the subject; just keep affirming and repeating what you said at least three times and then just ignore it.
    Say “I don’t appreciate you acting up” and then if she tries to get you to change topic or make you apologize for making her cry or whatever, do not apologize and keep repeating and eventually she will give in at some point.
    Always have leverage over her and do NOT reveal everything about yourself to her. Always remain 33% mysterious and have her keep guessing. Game is never finished just because you banged her; in fact you have to maintain it.
    When you meet her for first time, make her do little favors for you and try to ingrain that in her head subconsciously and make that her habit. With little favors here and there, next it’s going to be her panties flying off for your penis.
    When you invite her to your home, make sure you have a heater on beforehand so it’s “hot” and then say … “it’s hot in here, take off your jacket/etc..” and then you do the same. If she is used to hearing your command then this shouldn’t be so hard.
    I would even say put those small vibrator remote control kind of thing hidden in your passenger seat so when she rides your car, she can feel something vibrating and it will make her feel in her pussy but do it very inconspicuous. This is all part of the game.
    Give her lollipop or popsicles as surprise and make her eat/suck/lick while you are holding it for her and make sure you are standing when she is sitting… (plays the subconscious mode). This is medium level game. You have to keep your frame from day 1 and if she denies and says she will hold it, just say “NO” and if she keeps playing drama, drop it on the floor and make her clean it up. She has to see you as the superior and dominant.
    Remember you want to train the bitch from day 1 so she is used to seeing you as her master. If you give her this kind of power play from the beginning, sex will be great for her and she will have better orgasm. What you are training is so she gets used to sucking this and next time you pull your cock out, she will oblige.
    Anytime you are with her, make her do something subconsciously sexual so she knows that you are the master.

    1. Eeh . . I don’t think a double A battery cubicle buddy dildo is very powerful. If you have a 110V inverter, plug in a car buffer jammed under the seat. It will rock the house as you jam in an Iron Maiden CD and crank it up.

  27. White/Westernized women are the most fucked up women on this planet. The natural vibe between a man and a woman is non-existent if you date a white woman or a woman that is influenced by Western culture. I don’t even waste my time anymore with women like that. Just pump and dump them, because you can’t change their mentality.
    With more traditional women you can feel the natural vibe. They see you as a man and expect from you to act like a man. On the other hand they know they’re a woman and have to act like a woman.
    I really can’t fucking believe how guys can be happy by being a slave to a woman, because it’s not in our nature to be submissive to a woman. On the other hand it’s not in the nature of a woman to be dominant. That’s why they all feel attracted to dominant men. In our society the women are masculinized and the men feminized.

    1. I think many men have replaced being a major slave to one woman, with being a partial slave to multiple women. It still adds up to the same level of slavery. It’s slavery to the feminine prime social order that exists prevalent to the westernized woman’s domain.

  28. Men have grown up being taught to apologize to women and to hold them to highest pedestal just because she is a women, just because of her gender. It doesn’t make sense at all. My question is how do you identify a shit test from a women? Secondly, how do you keep your frame as man towards a women shamming you and calling you names since you are raised to automatically apologize to women? And lastly, how do you know if this tactic would work in the first place?
    God why now in days is hard for men to handle women?…. good lord

    1. I thank my lucky stars I am done with LTRs. I don’t need them, I don’t want them. You guys are in for a lot of crap.

        1. Should be an easy pill to swallow. We broke off from the church, started exalting women above men, and even rewarded women by applying game. The ones given it up are giving it up to everyone, and everyone being the top few. The rest have issues that were never issues before. Not to mention the fiscal crisis, employment flux, drive for women to work throwing off the male female dynamic just to name a few.
          Sadly, there is only one solution. Know who you are. Know what you want in a lady. Know your tastes completely. Fuck her interests as she must fit your life not the other way around. If you don’t know yourself, you’re fucked anyway and grasping at straws with each woman that comes by.
          There really isn’t such a thing as a shit test but think of it like this, if there is a moment where you internally have an objective and any action from her or statement will push you away from that, you can call a shit test. If you are on a date and a woman starts opening up about her fuck buddy, the fuck buddy may exist or not, what is your plan? If you go against your internal beliefs you have failed the shit test no matter what actions happen afterwards. In such an instance, if the date was happening, my goal was to fuck, so I would demand she shut up about her fuck buddy. However losing control also means you failed the shit test. A shit test then is failed only if lose control and acquiesce to your surroundings. Sure, she can say no to being there after you disagree but she did you a favor if so.

        2. Ironically, being an “asshole” to women’s perception, in this case, is precisely the right thing to do. Because you are being a the greatest friend yourself could ever have. It’s both corrective, and honest. Unnaturalness in society is what led to this, so it may feel unnatural to do what it takes to make it right.
          However, at this point for me it feels completely normal. The ones who don’t let up, get nexted hard.. and clowned for posterity if I really feel like a prick.

  29. Guy comes home from work. Finds his wife in bed with his best friend. Guy yells, “Larry, I can’t believe this!
    “I have to, but you?”

  30. Girls from high school on, bank on the fact that you’ll wilt to the notion that you “just don’t understand girls you jerk.” Thus, you’ll cower to their attacks, convinced,they must be right and you fucked up due to your lack of knowledge and experience of such a fickle, precious creature. After multiple supplications from boys, thousands by the time they’ve graduated, it’s completely ingrained that they can “do no wrong.”
    Many girls are convinced of this, so it carries on all the way through adulthood, even into senior citizenship. What they do know for certain is that projecting their bitchiness draws attention, gives the drama roller coaster emotional thrill their hamster craves indefatigably. All they’re doing is broadcasting their weakness by being bitchy.
    To roughly quote Aurlini:”Today’s modern woman believes that excessive bitching is a sign of power knowing they won’t get blasted in the face for bitching like a guy would. It’s not a sign of strength, but of weakness.” Quite literally what the translation is: “I’m weak, I’m weak God damn it, show me strength to save me from my own illusion that I ‘might’ be strong, show me the truth!”
    The only thing that stops it, resets it, and gives rise to excitement when there is none to be had without other stimuli, is a man showing the precise opposite, which is strength to them, and their squawking immature stimuli.
    Satiating their bitch craving by giving into it ruins the excitement, and devalues you along with it. So their next move is to continue with a new bitch session slowly escalating worse than the previous one, or find a real man that puts them in their place… and quite often that means never, ever talking to or seeing them again. Thus the requirement (not particularly by choice) for men to run through high numbers of women to find a palpable one, hopefully honing their screening skills to reduce volume and snipe for quality.

  31. 1. Forget about LTRs, just go after sex. Seeking a relationship flags you as beta to today’s women
    2. Be totally selfish. Selfishness is dominance and is all the game you need.
    3. Always spin plates
    4. Give her rough sex and strict rules. Spank her. Don’t put up with anything from her and show her the door immediately upon the slightest disagreement
    5. After a month or two of absolutely dominating her, insist that she must bring another woman to you for a threesome if she wants the relationship to continue. Apply all of these rules to the new woman too. Show the door to anyone who objects

    1. Please tell me you’ve had a vasectomy. I’d hate to see your attitudes passed on. “Be totally selfish”. That’s a prescription for the total breakdown of society, not for its improvement. It’s not all about you, bro, and if you think you’re some kinda independent mountain man, you’re deluded. You need other people, and if you (“be totally selfish”) are constantly fucking them over, they will constantly be fucking you over. And there are more of them than there is of you, and there will always be someone with a bigger dick. Get some lube.

      1. Society has already totally broken down- we are all just whistling past the graveyard at this point

  32. Prepubescent level logic: “I know! I’ll counter my girlfriend’s bad character with even worse character of my own! That’ll show her.”
    Seriously, what the fuck, Donovan?

  33. This article is another proof of the faggot nature of the players.
    I knew a man who was always flirting with other women in front of his wife. She didn’t say anything, she kept quiet for years and years until one day she was diagnosed with cancer. She obviously was anxious and uncomfortable with his unfaithfulness.
    The man then felt an enormous guilt and became totally devoted to her and helping her to fight the disease. It was a bit too late though – she died after five year of struggle. He then became extremely religious and he now hates women.
    Let this be an example for all you little neoboys and wanna-be assholes.

    1. Example of what? From your ramblings, he repented, stood by her and the cancer killed her. Women reciprocate the flirting.. .it empowers them at another woman’s expense. Funny that.

      1. How about I burn down your house and say: Sorry John Galt, I repent … and by the way, look I saved your cock pump from the fire!

        1. Cock pumps are as useful as you! Are you from Bulgaria or Serbia? coz you sure as hell not from Russia!

    2. Fuck off back to stormfront you cuck! It’s clear to me that the uber rights are as stupid as the antifa fags.
      P.S. Dont talk to me about Jesus and all the Bible stuff, Jesus forgives us for banging sluts.

    3. Flirting isn’t the same as being unfaithful. You make it sound as if his flirting somehow caused her to get cancer. And you say yourself he became devoted to her from that point on.
      And you top it off with the standard feminist line that he now hates women. You’ll have to do better than that.

      1. If you are unfaithful your partner might get cancer, lol. If you masturbate your hair will fall out and your eyes will melt.

        1. And if you use your cock pump regularly, your girlfriend will be addicted to your long and flimsy dick.

      2. I’m sure he was doing more than flirting, he had always been women’s men, he couldn’t help himself. Women are even going after him now but he avoids them.

    4. You keep re-surfacing on different threads with the same kind of comment, claiming the more experienced a man is with women, the more gay he is. Sounds like you’re the one who is latent.

  34. The problem with this article is that it empowers destructive behaviour. If you want to become a genetic dead-end and just sleep around with many different women and never commit – it’s totally fine, this article is for you. But if you do want to raise healthy children with a woman you love, this behaviour will ultimately lead to divorce. That said, you should never marry a western woman in the first place.

    1. That’s what was going through my mind as well. Great article if you’re still in not planning to permanently keep the woman you’re with.

    2. I don’t know about that actually. If you’re not keeping up some form of dread, and if you’ve developed the habit of apologizing, you’re going to end up disrespected and “one of those guys”. I do agree that you can’t be selfish all the time though, in a proper relationship; that won’t cut it for a LTR at all.

  35. This is all absolutely correct….and doesn’t have to be done in a douchy way. Flirting with girls in front of your girl can be done easily without being an ass. If I am being served by female waitress or bartender on a date you best expect she is going to get flirted with. If done perfectly it will just hit the corner of she knows what you did but it would seem insane for her to mention in.
    As for never saying the S word. 100% agreement there. I would add to it though. Never admit any form of fault. A stupid for instance. I was with a girl and we were going to a restaurant. I walked us in the wrong direction. She said, “isn’t it the other way” to which I immediately said “no, I decided we should go somewhere we’ve never been before” and just picked the first decent looking spot. Turned out to be nice, but if it wasn’t I would have quickly blamed it on a bad tip.
    One step further, as soon as there is one instance where you are dead wrong about something and can’t get away I suggest leaving the girl. There are plenty of women out there, why date one who doesn’t think you are perfect?
    As for selfish…here it is tricky. I do not think that selfish means the same for men and for women. When a man is selfish it is a man making things about his own pleasure…but women are instinctually care takers so when a man acts like that it is actually a benevolent act because it lets a woman be selfish in the way women are meant to be selfish — wanting to be the ONLY one to take care of the man’s selfish needs. Just maintain frame, 5 billion years of biology kicks in before you know it.
    One more thing I would add…your woman should always have a healthy respect for your strength. I am not saying you should beat her…not saying that even a little bit….but she should know that you could….

    1. “as soon as there is one instance where you are dead wrong about something and can’t get away I suggest leaving the girl.”
      I would disagree on leaving the girl. I would acknowledge I fucked up and make it right (if possible) and continue on with life. Never say sorry. Humans make mistakes so nothing to apologize to a woman for.

      1. Your approach is valid and is one that I might take if I lived in a less target rich demographic. However, the sheer number of attractive women and the just phenomenal male to female ratio pretty much mean that abundance theory is much more than just a mentality for me. I could conceivably pick up 3 girls in one week in the same bar and be pretty sure they don’t know each other. There are so few males and even fewer men that it is, as they say, fishing with dynamite here. I don’t remember the last time I had a commute to work where there wasn’t at least a smile. That said…I stick by my policy of saying if I am totally in the wrong and can’t back out I will next her and find someone who hasn’t seen flaws yet.

    2. Flirting needs to be more defined. Obviously trying to number close a girl in front of your girl is stupid, but just being friendly and jokey (like you should be doing all the time anyways) is good.

      1. Defined yes. A smile, call her sweetie, whatever…not just friendly and jokey you are right…what is important is that, in whatever method you use, the girl you are with knows that if she stormed out her seat wouldn’t get cold.

    3. I’ve only been called a douche by girls I’ve dumped, my response:”I’ll gladly take the title of douche, someone has to clean up this cunt of a society !” That shuts em up.

  36. Man, do I feel sorry for you guys. The ‘only’ way to keep your woman faithful is to play games, f*** with her head, and act like a dick?
    My GF and I have a great relationship. If either of us does something that upsets the other, we talk about it. Sometimes I apologize, sometimes she does, but we talk about it like adults, and clear the air. Unlike you guys, I’m not perfect, and I make mistakes on occasion. Then, like a man, I accept responsibility. This doesn’t make me a doormat, or whipped.
    Of course, it helps that my GF is 50+ (I’m nearly 60) and a lawyer. She’s smart, and aggressive – qualities that would make many here run for the hills, I suspect – and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Of course, neither do I, so the result is we have a relationship where we rarely dump shit on each other – and guess what? – actually respect each other. It’s by far the best relationship I’ve ever had.
    Oh, and this last weekend, we tore up the sheets Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday afternoon, and Monday night. Hope you boys are doing as well when you get to be my age.
    You want a great relationship and want to keep your woman from cheating? Fuck the shit out of her regularly, don’t lie to her, and show her respect. Then, demand all those things back from her. If she uses sex as weapon/reward – dump her. If she lies to you – dump her. If she doesn’t treat you with respect – dump her. It’s really that simple.

    1. Interesting perspective from a different generation. Culture is changing. Millennial females are different.

      1. I must concede your point. I haven’t tried to pick up a woman under 30 for 25 years! But I have two daughters, 19 and 22, and I know they wouldn’t respond to the behaviours cited in the article; they’d call bullshit and walk away.
        But they were raised to be strong, to have self-respect that they earned, and not to treat anyone like shit. I suspect, based on what I read here, and what I see around me, that the game has changed in some ways.

        1. Traditional conservatives always want to fall back the “values” of “chivalry”. Chivalry is dead. Feminism killed it. Women aren’t going to respect a man anymore just because of tradition. Game provides a necessary alternative.

        2. I’d bet your daughters let you know about them and their behavior what they want to let you see and know.. esp by 19, 22 they’re pretty damn savvy, and all it takes is just 1 app you don’t understand or aren’t reviewing to leave you as a parent, clueless and in the dust.

    2. fact_comment basically said what I was going to point out. My wife is in her 40’s, as am I, and I fully understand that the rules that used to apply no longer do with younger women.

      1. IMO they apply to all women regardless. The thing to remember is they all operate at different levels of “woman”. I’ve dated gals in their mid to late 40’s whom still behaved as if they were 16 requiring the same levels of drama described in this article. It got old pretty quick. It just seems like they never grow up in that case. Interesting to note however those women had seemed to have always been the hotties in life, always relied on their looks and never matured much in personality.
        Sounds like you married a slightly lower maintenance type. Those types do exist of course, it would be great to find one at my age, but they are sure hard to find as most are already snatched up and married.

        1. Precisely..re. the hotties. Typically it’s like adjusting a potentiometer as women age, a gas pedal, what have you. Literally the same shit that works on an 18yo works on a 65yo woman to varying degrees. On a scale of 1-100 there’s many levels. Married for 30 yrs or just dating, I’d suggest people reading this toy with the concepts just to test it.

        2. As Rollo Tomassi observes, there are two sets of books, the Old and today’s New set. Back when I got married men and women both were still working on the old set, ergo, things like “clown game” and dressing in lizard skin jackets a la Mystery would have been mocked by women and men alike. People just didn’t act like that. Today, that’s different. If you’re not entertaining a broad 24/7 like a trained monkey, you’ll lose her attention to her 2,100 beta orbiters on FB who will “Like” her every selfie.
          Women today who are dating, who are in their 40’s, have adapted to the New set of books accordingly. They are laughing stocks, I’ve seen them myself. Some sagging bag of bones tries to dress like she’s 22 and drink like a fish at age 45 gets nothing but sad looks from me. But yes, they exist too, and adapted. The ones that married and stayed married, not having to deal with the modern SMP, still retain some of the old ways I think.
          I do think that some of these things are great suggestions in the article, but being a fully self absorbed selfish man in a marriage or LTR, especially if children are involved, is rather a recipe for divorce rape at worst, or creating awful tension for your children as well as not attending to your assumed duties as a father. It’s just a bad idea. Yes, have your own interests, do not dote on her 24/7, and have things and hobbies to do outside of her, but going full short-term/ONS “selfish” is a bad idea out the gate.

    3. Sounds like you are using the same tactics this article describes, just without the over the top “dickish” aspects. All women are the same, they just operate at different levels of crazy. Sounds like you maintain frame within the required parameters of your gal. Good on you.

    4. Good advice Frank, I agree. I also think that if one must be a total dick to preserve a relationship it is too much work to preserve in the first place. Sex is a huge part of keeping a girl tight, and making it clear you’ll jettison her if she crosses the line whether through withholding sex, talking to another guy on FB, lying, etc.

  37. Is this satire? Maybe it’s because I’m from the South and women around here like the “gentleman” type, but I just can’t see a lot of this stuff working with the women I interact with. I understand being detached and maintaining control but some parts of this seem little extreme

    1. I’m from North Carolina, so I understand the kind of women you’re used to in the South. I’ve also lived in southern California for 8 years. Women in Los Angeles and Hollywood are just straight up whores. They don’t want a gentleman at all. That is who this article is geared towards. Those women love to be treated like shit.

  38. How to keep your woman from cheating:
    You don’t; You can’t
    You just simply stop caring about her and do what you want and if she gives you problems…you get rid of her.
    Simple enough but so many “men” just don’t get it.

  39. This must be taught to all boys. I remember being 10 years old and thought the secret to getting girls to like me was giving them gifts, my Dad soon put me on the right road.

  40. I’d call this advice “first level game”. Namely, it works with girlfriends but won’t last forever.
    Consider the don’t apologize advice. Married for 11 years. I have apologized to my wife. And yes, sometimes, it backfires because she then decides to escalate a situation rather than work it out.
    So second level game, for me, is to be prepared for this and respond: “I was wrong and did the right thing and sought to make amends. If you can’t handle that, then F you.” And walk away. After about an hour or so, max, she comes over, apologizes for not graciously accepting my apology, and makes up. After 11 years, she has grown to be a much more reasonable woman.
    Regarding looking at other women. My wife knows that there are other pretty around and is AMUSED when I look at them and even wants my opinion. I’m discreet and don’t gawk. She wants me to have a healthy sex drive and she knows that men looking at women is part of that.
    Regarding selfishness. I reserve the right to “me” time and she knows when those are (Saturday is one day I say I want to totally do whatever I like.) When I splurge on myself, I keep it reasonable and don’t “apologize”. She sees that I am a fully functioning man with a life that she’s a part of.
    This all doesn’t sound so amazing, really. Perhaps that’s part of what makes it amazing is that so many men are trained to be beta males that being a healthy man who can treat a woman with respect, and expect in return, seems so out there.

  41. I agree with this about 75%. You can’t continue acting like this and maintain a relationship, this is stuff that is good for the first few months. You should apologize very rarely, and stick up for your own desires and assert them but be mindful of some of her own. If you drive a woman away emotionally she’ll cheat on you the same as if you drove her away by being a beta. Relationship game takes a chunk of betaness to preserve, it’s not an absolute alpha kind of thing and needs to be calibrated to the woman.

  42. If any of you guys here still think that women are little angels, think again. You hear about a lot of crimes that men commit and how men are horrible? Yes there are a lot of criminals that involve men and there are a lot of disgusting psychos that happen to be men. BUT also don’t be surprised if women happen to do the same.
    Women are and can commit crime like men. check this out. A Brazilian women choking her own son while capturing it online.
    If you still think women are like little snowflakes, think again.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en1JcccF_vE&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Den1JcccF_vE&has_verified=1 (longer version)
    The link (via) BestGore dot com.

    1. Any background on this? My guess is she was getting back at the man.I really want to shoot that bitch.

      1. This was what was described below (from bestgore website).
        Mother Kidnaps Son and Chokes Him on Camera to Torture Her Ex
        Piece of shit excuse for a mother taped herself choking out her son on two separate occasions after she and two armed men broke into her ex-husband’s home and stole hisson. Incident occurred in Curitiba, State of Santana, Brazil.
        Shocking video hit the internet on December 27th, 2015 and apparently was made for the woman to show her dominance over her ex and her son.

        1. See how easy that was? Just a batshit crazy bitch trying to get back at the ex. Amazing she got two knuckle heads to help her.
          Please tell me she was arrested.

        2. I feel bad for the boy. I think the boy is going to grow up as either hardened criminal ( to make up for the lack of proper masculine care ) or horny psychopath who will just use and ‘abuse’ women. I don’t think he is going to grow up sane. At that age, they have to be gentle with these children. Plus the video was apparently from Brazil, that place is as fucked with bodies on the street and daily dose of mutilated violence.

        3. No no. The man will be blamed never the mother.
          Those latino/as are overly emotional and are prone to easily losing their minds.

        4. there are fucked up adults (both male and female) with childish behavior and sickening actions. These people should be locked up for life. Using child to get back at their ex. Disgusting.

      1. Interestingly, 80% of violent offenders were raised by a single mother. What does that say about the competency rate of women as parents?

        1. Nope. I’m blaming single mothers for being shit parents. Supposedly men aren’t needed for “families” to be “successful”, so why are there so many single mothers who apparently suck at their jobs?

        2. Actually it’s poverty and lack of education that are the biggest factors that make someone unable to parent well. So when a man walks out on his family without giving support or treats them so badly they are forced to leave he is in fact a big part of the problem.

        3. Plenty of single mothers have sufficient money in the middle class, and yet the educational and societal outcomes for their kids are equivalent to those whom the Social DIsadvantage Fairy has allegedly touched: inability to hold down relationships, drug addiction, you name it. Not to mention that a lot of single mothers did not walk because of bad treatment, but because they just didn’t feel like being married anymore.
          And single fathers, statistically, across the entire spectrum, have better outcomes for their kids than single mothers. So your handy fallback to the Social Disadvantage Fairy is, in fact, a load of shit. Why, again, do single mothers suck so badly?

        4. No. The majority of people jailed for violent offenses come from poverty.
          By your logic fathers should stay at home and look after the kids because mothers are terrible at raising kids. Ironically in our new man hating world this makes sense because women now have an easier time getting jobs and are paid more than men.

        5. You’re skipping the fact that the majority of people coming from single mother households have poorer educational and societal outcomes, regardless of whether they come from poverty or not. That’s attributable to the fact single mothers are shit parents and don’t know how to teach their kids any better.
          “By your logic fathers should stay at home and look after the kids because mothers are terrible at raising kids.”
          Again, if placed in a position where you have to choose between a single father and a single mother, single fathers provide far better outcomes educationally and socially. By my logic, single mothers should not raise kids, because, as I’ve kept trying to point out, they suck as parents.

        6. Wrong again. There are many single moms that are great parents just like there are many single dads that are shit parents. Gender is not the issue, money and support are.
          Single dads have advantages over single moms. They are more likely to have full time jobs which means benefits, more money and job security. Single dads are more likely to get help from their families and friends because good old stereotypes about gender and parenting make the people in their lives think they need it and if they are working full-time they do.
          Quote: “single mothers should not raise kids”
          So, what do you want to see done with their kids?

        7. Wrong sugar tits. The prison stats as well as the educational, men who raised by single moms are the unifying dominator. Women cannot raise men and ignoring that natural law is having a negative impact on all of society.
          Have the state seize their kids. That’s what is wants anyway.

        8. “Wrong again. There are many single moms that are great parents just like
          there are many single dads that are shit parents.”
          Find me a concrete example of a shit single dad, and I’ll show you five examples of a shit single mother. There are far less great single mothers than there are great married parents and great single fathers.
          “Gender is not the
          issue, money and support are.”
          You keep shouting this like a bare statement means anything. Show me reliable, reproducible statistics that say single mothers with money do any better, relatively, than single mothers without do.
          “Quote: “single mothers should not raise kids”
          So, what do you want to see done with their kids?”
          Give them up. There’s still plenty of infertile heterosexual couples who want kids, and they’ll save those kids a hell of a lot and pain and suffering along the way.

        9. “Find me a concrete example of a shit single dad, and I’ll show you five examples of a shit single mother.” You should be able to find more than that! Single moms outnumber single dads five to one, so one would expect five shitty moms per shitty dad if the genders are equal.
          But I’m not interested in arguing about single moms. I’m interested in the broader conversation about gender inequality.
          What I find so bizarre about RoK is the general disdain for women here. Comparing them to dogs and children, belittling their experiences of discrimination and even rape and using sweeping generalizations about intelligence and emotional stability.
          Thankfully, it is far from the reality I live. I have never heard anyone speek in such extreme ways in real life.
          I came to this site because someone posted a link in the comments on xojane.com , which I’ve been surfing the past month to learn more about how the other half lives. I highly recommend it to give you some counterpoint to what is written here. Especially the rape stories. Remember less than 10% of reported rapes are false which means that 9 out 10 are true.
          Oh, and here’s a shit single dad story, but he’s actually not that bad. He realizes that he is incapable of properly raising his kids after his wife dies and gives them up to relatives.

        10. “But I’m not interested in arguing about single moms. I’m interested in the broader conversation about gender inequality.”
          I’m not surprised. We call that changing the subject, also known as an intellectually dishonest debating tactic. There isn’t any gender inequality in the West.
          “What I find so bizarre about RoK is the general disdain for women here. Comparing them to dogs and children, belittling their experiences of discrimination and even rape and using sweeping generalizations about intelligence and emotional stability.”
          Again I’m not surprised, because you’ve little life experience and are still regarding women as special creatures rather than human beings. This is what we call taking the red pill: seeing women for what they are, and not what Hollywood or the mainstream media would have you believe they are.
          Enough of their “experiences” about discrimination have been demonstrated as subjective and exaggerated when put to objective scrutiny — such as to render any such account suspect from the beginning. Also see: Inappropriate Generalisation, or Proof by Example. The myth of the gender pay gap is only one such exaggeration. Rape, too, is exaggerated: the 1 in 4 statistic has been repeatedly alleged and it’s been repeatedly debunked as an exaggerated number that includes interactions that are not rape as rape, down to including regret after a consensual sexual encounter as rape. This stat grounds the “rape culture” myth — one that even RAINN couldn’t stomach putting to the White House in their submission, stating explicitly that there is no such thing as a rape culture in the US.
          “Especially the rape stories. Remember less than 10% of reported rapes are false which means that 9 out 10 are true.”
          Which, again, is underreporting the false rape accusation rate. The FBI’s statistics, which are not collected scientifically, put the false rape rate at anywhere between 2 and 6 percent, depending on how you class “rape”. But the studies that have been conducted scientifically and by a thorough investigation — and there are a good dozen or more of then, all reported on Wikipedia — put the false rape rate much, much higher than that. One study, which might be an outlier, put the false accusation rate at 90%. Other studies put it at between 20 and 60%. If you can predict the correctness of a rape allegation with all the accuracy of a coin flip I’d say you have a problem with your thesis that the majority are true.
          “Oh, and here’s a shit single dad story, but he’s actually not that bad. He realizes that he is incapable of properly raising his kids after his wife dies and gives them up to relatives.”
          And again: find me five single mothers who have a similar level of self-responsibility and self-knowledge. You are only making my point.
          Xojane doesn’t impress me much. For a start, it profits directly from rage trolling: http://www.returnofkings.com/36717/anatomy-of-a-troll-job-the-xobang-gang-and-the-business-of-rage
          And it publishes seriously dangerous commentary too:
          And it’s a pretty shit little joint for racism as well:
          So please. Unplug your head from the feminist media and try thinking for yourself.

        11. Announcing that I was changing the discussion is the exact opposite of being “intellectually dishonest”. It’s called being upfront.
          You cherry picking data is dishonest!
          Did you read the whole wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_accusation_of_rape ? Your 90% stat was based on 18 cases. The study of 2643 cases showed only 3% of rape claims were “possible and probable” false claims. From the section “Estimates on Prevelence”, “while researchers and prosecutors do not agree on the exact percentage
          of false allegations, they generally agree on a range of 2% to 10%.”
          But lets go with your ridiculous claim of 50/50. Now go read 10 first hand accounts of rape knowing that at least 5 are true, which doesn’t matter because all the stories have a few things in common. The rape was traumatic, going to police was traumatic, going to court was traumatic and the rapist usually gets off. Read these stories and you’ll get a sense of why women don’t report and if they do report sometimes regret reporting.
          Also, 99% of rapist will lie and deny the rape.
          Stop being part of the problem!

        12. “Announcing that I was changing the discussion is the exact opposite of
          being “intellectually dishonest”. It’s called being upfront.”
          No. It’s called being intellectually dishonest, because it’s changing the subject in order to avoid conceding the other person’s point.
          “You cherry picking data is dishonest!
          Did you read the whole wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
          ? Your 90% stat was based on 18 cases. The study of 2643 cases showed
          only 3% of rape claims were “possible and probable” false claims. From
          the section “Estimates on Prevelence”, “while researchers and
          prosecutors do not agree on the exact percentage
          of false allegations, they generally agree on a range of 2% to 10%.”
          I read it. Did you read all of my post? Or indeed all of the Wiki? I said:
          “One study, which might be an outlier, put the false accusation rate at 90%. Other studies put it at between 20 and 60%.”
          Wikipedia lists these studies as part of the article, with the following false accusation rates.
          Jodran – 41%. Kanin – 41%. Gregory and Lees – 45%. Maclean – 47%. And Stewart – 90%. Philadelphia police study – 20%. Chambers and Millar – 24%.
          All of those studies were carried out with a hell of a lot more rigour than the FBI’s stats were, or indeed your single citation of 2643 cases. Rigorous studies of small populations trump shoddy studies of large ones.
          I doubt my claim of 50/50 is ridiculous given those numbers. You’re also being an idiot if you think you can reliably pick the false accounts from the true ones just from a woman claiming the experience was traumatic. Liars have plenty of reason to be traumatised by reporting and then backing their lies in court — for fear they’ll get found out, therefore there’s no difference in the trauma either.
          That’s indeed the very reason false rape accusations are made – because, as Blackstone noted in 1760 when surveying 800 years of English law, rape is a heinous crime which ought be met with death, easy to allege, difficult to prove, but even more difficult to defend against when innocent.

      2. Yes men are just as dangerous too but we should also not ignore women crime. Crimes ( no matter which gender committed ) should be dealt accordingly and harshly and swiftly. A lot of people overlook women’s crime because some guys out there think that women are gentle and cannot be capable of psychotic behavior just because they are women. It’s pretty sad but there are some guys who actually think like this. Men who are violent and prone to criminal behaviors should be locked up and dealt with harshly. This also applies to women as well.

  43. Im married and my wife said that Im the most selfish guy she’s ever been with. I laughed.. she continues to treat me like a King.
    Brings me coffee -every morning – while Im still in bed. She also does my laundry, cooks my meals etc.. .and has for years .
    Selfishness has its benefits!

  44. Why the fuck do you want to stay with a woman who keeps playing games like this? You should dump her immediately, unless she wants to change her fucked up personality and mentality. The reality is: most women in Western countries are not relationship material. I always thought that they were ‘normal’ and that I was ‘weird’, but it’s the other way around. They are fucked up and the men are forced to deal with it. Most Western men don’t know any better, so they think the behavior of their women is normal.
    Thank God I come from a traditional culture that is not fully infested with this Western garbage about feminism. I always feel uncomfortable when I’m surrounded by feministic and masculine ‘women’. Probably an instinctive reaction that things are wrong.

  45. Donovan, would you recommend this with a traditional foreign girl you’re dating/married to also? I think flirting alot with other girls in front of a girl raised in a strong family with a strong family who grew up rather modestly may crush her as opposed to a brash spoiled American girl. Thoughts?

    1. The flirting and selfishness I would not recommend with traditional/foreign girls as it’s not necessary assuming they’re not influenced by Western feminism. Being unapologetic, however, is a universal rule with all women.

  46. This is terrible advice unless you want to act like a sociopath. At best you come off looking like someone who needs to grow up and mature emotionally. Are you afraid that no chick would ever stay with you if you were honest and open with her? Promoting psychological abuse is sick and being sexist is not something to be proud of.

    1. You come off sounding like someone who inhabits xojane, and your posting history confirms it. Fuck off.
      P.S.: Upvoting your own posts is pathetic even by troll standards.

    2. Dear Aaron , you be grown up and honest and open with women. Please do that. We are waiting for you to join our ranks when you will see the error of those ways.

  47. If I were to get all Pareto on your ass, then spend 80% of your time treating her like a princess and 20% of your time being a selfish dick. Nice guy all the time = beta and she will dump you after a few months. Dick = “alpha” and they will dump that after a few months.
    Pour your heart out to them, but keep them fucking guessing at what will set you off so they stay in line. It is an unfortunate quality of the female that you have to do this Jeckyl and Hyde routine.
    The only other successful way that I have seen is to acknowledge that they are a woman who you have sex with, and then otherwise treat them like a 10 year old.
    If you are giving them good dick and good love and display as crazy enough to go off the rails if she cheats, then she probably won’t.
    If she is a good “daddy’s girl”, then she probably won’t either.
    As far as the advice in the article is concerned, I find it suspect.
    1) I am a terrible flirt generally for the simple reason that I like to chit-chat with pretty women (or even out-of-bound girls) as a matter of sport. I have to turn it down three or four notches if I with a quality woman (if a ONS is inevitable then this does seem to add to it). The crazy ones will be jealous and lay into you once you get in private. The sweethearts will be rather upset if you laid it on too thick. If anything, flirting with other women will cause your woman to flirt with men and cheat on your more.
    2) “Sorry” carries two distinctive meanings that I dub the male and female versions. The male sorry is “I fucked up and I should not have and I apologize”. The female sorry is ” I empathize with your bad situation and hope I can help you”.
    It seems that this article adds a third and fourth version for men that are “I fucked up, but get over it, bitch”, and “apparently I messed with our emotions unintentionally, but they are your emotions so don’t blame me.”
    3) “Selfish” won’t do it without the CONVEYED confidence of your superiority. If the girl doesn’t buy it she will cheat on your or just tell you to piss off.
    Donovan has written some great pieces but this rates as a FAIL, like I don’t know what universe he is living in.
    Getting back to Pareto, you have to “make love” to them most of the time and then “fuck” them at least once a week.
    Or let’s look at a more normal LTR where you do it 3 times a week. Over 3 months – a season – that would be 10 times. Twice over that time you have to make unreasonable sexual demands.
    Or just generally, with life’s more mundane things. Once a week be a dick, tell her your are being a dick and stick to your guns.

    1. Seems like a lot of work mate … not even reciprocated. The insignificant amount of economy that i learned in high-school still tells me that the investment-reward discrepancy is to huge to be worth it.

  48. 1) Flirt with other girls as a segue to pass them off to your girlfriend to set up a 3-some.
    2) Be firm with women and make then own their bullshit. My girlfriend was acting irrational and I called her out on it and pointed out specifically where her brain went wrong; then I walked away. I didn’t get laid that night, but that secured lots of sex thereafter.
    3) You have to make it clear just how awesome you are and how much you add to their lives such that they MUST make certain concessions. My girlfriend has never sucked a man’s dick but I am quite firm that my wife will give me oral sex, generally on demand. She is all messed up about it but I think she will agree for the greater good in the long term.

  49. apologize: Never. Man or woman, just dont. Whats it for anyways?
    you made a mistake. Make sure it does not happen frequently. If it does, you are an idiot. Dont be an idiot. Well that said; IF you made a mistake it is ok to say:
    “It is possible I made a mistake. This wont happen again.” -> Then you never talk about it ever again. Case closed.
    If you manage to follow this simple advice you will be shocked how the respect you get from both men and women will change for the better.

  50. I have to say there are some crazy bitches out there but never would I suggest that this is the stead fast way to maintain a pussy for life. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? a pussy who stays by your side until the day you die? That’s what I’ve always wanted, certainly not what I’ve gotten speaking as a man who has been cheated on before. I was angry, furious at the cheating slut who dare I say broke my heart. I’m not afraid to admit I have one, maybe I’ve been in a relationship for so long now that I’ve become a little…… tender. How I never thought it would come to this but admittedly I’m happy. I realised that I had been selfish in my needs, I never apologised and I scouted other girls, I thought what was the harm in looking? I’m not doing anything wrong. That was the problem, your anecdote reminds me of a very similar experience I had with this chick over 15 years ago and many more. But it was an unbalanced relationship, indeed you’re right that if you look around then she doesn’t have time to think of cheating on you and it works….. for a few months at most. But she grew tired of me thinking about what I wanted and needed, about not feeling valued and not saying sorry for when it truly mattered. And yeah sure sometimes we may think it doesn’t matter but to that …… mother fucking crazy slut of a bitch……. it mattered. I’m glad she’s gone but it took me a while to realise some of the issues that pushed us apart. I learnt the error of my ways, it wasn’t without some help admittedly but I found that I could trust a woman again and be happy. Maintaining a life long relationship is hard work but you reap the rewards. I’ve been with my wife for 12 years now we make sacrifices for one another, I apologise when I’m wrong yet when she’s the one to blame I don’t and I tell her that I won’t apologise. Yeah we get angry at one another but it’s not fake like it used to be with this other girl and it’s not over things that could have been prevented on both our parts. I still have some selfish tendencies, things I like to do when I want to do them but so does she. I sacrifice some things to make her happy and because I’ve made her happy and she’s reasonable enough she’ll sacrifice some of her needs in order to fulfill mine. I think It’s because of this that i unashamedly only have eyes for her, I don’t need to look around because by thinking of her and keeping her happy, she makes me even happier. I have everything I want and to all you Gentleman out there I wish nothing less for you as well. I distill this advice to you in hopes that it may lead to your happiness as well. A Happy New Year to you all!

  51. Here’s how to keep your woman happy. Always meet her half-way, that’s 50%. In reality you only have to meet her 10% to 15% of the way and she’ll still be happy because women aren’t very good at math.

  52. Married for over 30 years with the same woman and I can say that the author is correct. Enough said 😉
    Women protest about this, but no means yes and yes means yes. Taking women seriously always leads to problems..big problems. Look at Western society and it women with their feminism.

    1. Married 14 years and I concur, although I do take it a little easier than the author.
      Yes I flirt with the waitress, but I won’t actively look. I just keep it fun, try to get a smile out of the girl at most. I may tick off the wife, but not enough to create drama.
      I may apologize for something meaningless, like doing something clumsy or forgetful, but not for any actions I was intentional about. Doing that keeps them from thinking you are an arrogant jerk, but doesn’t make you lose her respect either.
      Being selfish has a time and place, but so does being unselfish. I will help out, and sometimes take a weekend at her parents place. However, I will require the same from her and make the decision on when or how.

  53. Gentlemen,
    Now, without a doubt or even an inch of hesitation, I have solemnly concluded
    after reading this article that I am one fucking pussy. There is no way around
    this very ugly and sad truth. This is just how it is.
    Despite the fact, that I have read an incredible amount of blogs on masculinity
    and read numerous sites on game, I always seem to make the same damn mistake at every turn. For some magical reason, I always think this time is going to be different.
    Except that it never is.
    In my case, it can go two different ways:
    A. I meet a random girl somewhere. I see the opportunity right in my face and I
    put all my might, strength and hardcore game furiously crafted through years of
    experience and I kiss and escalate incredibly fast the same night, which results
    in an inevitable one-night-stand. No questions asked.
    B. I meet a random girl that I think could be a potential loving long term
    relationship. I play it cool, which doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t fuck her
    pretty soon after the first meeting–just want to make that clear–,and,
    although I try hard to focus on my game, I, for some stupid reason, little by
    little let her ran the show and end up breaking up after a few weeks or months.
    It doesn’t matter how hard I try the outcome speaks for itself, always.
    Does that make me a closeted White knight? It might, but I can’t seem to change that.
    Now, while having random sex pretty often does boost my self-esteem and ratifies what I already know about game and women in general, it does not fulfill me in the long run. Ever.
    It seems like a tellfrom the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde because apparently at first glance these two ways of doing things would not seem to overlap, but sadly for me they do so. This ultimately results in me losing interest in women altogether as I can’t seem to have a more forward, insightful relationship with any girl.
    Is it always all or none?
    Any advice? Does anyone else experience this at all or is it just me?

    1. Well you know damn well that what you want is an unicorn . Also , if you stop treating her like shit , she will stop being in love with you (the image of you actually). Don`t forget , women are not capable of the same type of love as us men.

  54. I don’t think women think very highly of themselves deep down. They disgust themselves because they know what they are. Now try to imagine something that you would feel is above you by a great measure..a god, a (hate to say it) celebrity that you admired as a child..and picture one of these great individuals bowing down and sniveling out an “I’m sorry” for something minor to you…what would that do to your ego? Even as a male, your ego would inflate a little bit. My hypothesis is that in women this effect is magnified even greater because of their small physical size, hormones, and how they are overall wired by evolution. Women would’ve looked to men to fight off scary animals, so if they see a man apologize or cry or do something weak in their eyes they just flat-out will not respect who you are anymore. Respect is more powerful than “love”…a woman that “loves” you might cheat on you but a woman that respects you will not.

    1. “Respect is more powerful than “love”…a woman that “loves” you might cheat on you but a woman that respects you will not.” Do i have your permission to use this ? It`s to good :))

  55. This article is so wrong on many levels. All the aforementioned behaviours always convinced me that the guy was not into me enough in a long-term perspective. I’ve had two important relationships in my life: the first was with an asshole, the second with a loving and caring guy. The first one made me feel so insecure and neglected that I was constantly seeking for other guys’ attention, and in the end I had to cut the relationship after one year. The second one made me feel loved and nurtured and therefore I had (have) deep respect for him and never ever even considered flirting with another guy. The woman you’re talking about in this article might refer to some girl who’s not really invested in a relationship, definitely not to a girl that is looking for a long-term commitment.

    1. This second relationship … come back here when you get bored of him and cheat on him … with the asshole that you had before him.

    2. Also , even though you said that the first relationship with the asshole made you feel insecure and neglected , still you mention that relationship as one of the two important ones that you had. Do you see the discrepancy right there ?

      1. No Bogdan, it was important because it was my first boyfriend ever. And to answer the other thing you said, I consider cheating as a form of deep disrespect towards any human being. I don’t cheat on family, I don’t cheat on friends as I don’t cheat on my boyfriend. I simply respect and demand to be respected. And what do you mean ‘when you get bored’? You can get bored with videogames and books, not with the people you love

        1. So… the asshole got your virginity, and the good dude got the baggage that he left.
          Are we taking notes here, gentlemen?

        2. Actually, not true. The ‘asshole’ did not ‘take’ anything from me because I never trusted him enough. Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have sex, especially when you’re young and you have certain kind of beliefs. I was with him for 1 year thinking about a long-term relationship, but since he didn’t show the love and care I was looking for, it was clear that it was not going to last. We, as girls, make judgements about guys exactly as you guys do. Being a girl that wants to commit for life, why should I commit with a person that will not take care of me when things get tough? I did not get engaged to the untrustwhorthy and ‘slutty’ kind of guy: why would I? I got engaged to the angel guy who makes me feel loved and protected.

        3. Amen AVe… for the most part.
          Although I’d like to check further if GiuliaM is really giving the straight scoop here… essentially a partner count of 3 or less?
          If so this could be an interesting learning moment for her and us… she may be more on the unicorn end of the spectrum (at this point…) and salvagable?

  56. You know, I’ve been lurking on this website and really digging some of the political articles, but the playa mentality is kinda revolting.
    I’m a conservative woman who learned a long time ago not to play games with men, and I know that most modern women still need to learn that lesson… BUT…
    Adultery, whether full-contact or just the mind, is not a positive attribute. My favorite quality of my husband is that he doesn’t play games, nor does he accept game-playing from me. We’re grown-ups now, not in middle school. We have friends of the opposite sex, and I’m sure that either of us could get laid at will from someone else, but we never rub that in. It would be hurtful, and unfair.
    I know I’m trolling… I know… I know… and I’m glad you guys are fighting the good fight in other ways. Just putting in my 2 cents.

    1. What you’re referring to is actually one of the biggest divides among this community: to game or not to game. On one hand, game exploits a dysfunctional dating culture, which means it is the culture that is the problem, not a lack of having “game” skills by individual men. You could even make the case that game makes the culture even more dysfunctional. On the other hand, us men are not just going to wait out our 20s hoping for a “conservative woman” like you, because the odds of achieving that are heavily against us in the western world. What it comes down to is 1.) be a sexless “nice guy” waiting for a nice conservative girl to come along and marry us, or 2.) exploit the dysfunctional culture and not be so sexually frustrated 3.) marry a nice foreign girl

      1. You don’t need to play head games to have game. Your game should be about having fun so she wants to be around you, and figuring out what turns her on so wants to sleep with you, and not doing stupid shit to scare her off like texting or calling too much.

    2. Amen to what Spring Chicken said , he`s right. It`s women that control the sexual market , we men just conform to their standards. Women want to be played , we game them. If we don`t , we remain sexless.

  57. My husband acts like an a**hole half of the time (he used that word to describe himself), and Prince Charming half of the time. It drives me crazy sometimes, but I’m so crazy about him!
    So, from a woman’s perspective, it’s most appealing to have both attitudes.

  58. When you say “sorry,” a woman hears “I’m a sorry ass.”
    Make it about you. A woman feels more useful if she’s accommodating you, you may not feel like you’re giving her attention but you are by including her in YOUR plans, they love it. I’ve had girls say, “thanks for taking me to the store and showing me the things you like.”

  59. Early detection of this kind of shit test can save you a lot of trouble in the future. If you can’t handle a shit test properly when dating, you’re going to lose all of your shit in the inevitable divorce after marrying.

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