Why Fragility And Inaction Could Be The Death Of Free Speech

You are not free to say what you think without risks. You cannot expose a truth that does not suit those who are in control, without paying a price. You will be under fire for stating what is true but dangerous for the established order.

Hoping that you will forever dodge the attacks is unrealistic. Your position is not safe and you must come to terms with this. In due course, they will eventually hit you.

Like the falling man saidd : "So far, so good".

Like the falling man said : “So far, so good”.

For the right to be free, there is no such thing as mercy

In this war for free speech, rest assured that the victor will not be magnanimous towards the loser. The focus, in addition to seeking truth and exposing lies, should be on how to take hits and survive it. Resilience is the aim. Today, liberal governments can try to publicly disgrace you, make you lose your job or imprison you. Tomorrow, through inaction and letting them progress in their hegemony, death could be your sentence for saying out loud what you think.

Every man has something to lose. The less vulnerability you expose to the enemy, the less likely he is to defeat you.

Resilience versus fragility

The reinforcement of the body and the mind by being exposed to conflict gradually, makes us progress through trial and error. There is a total absence of exposure to actual harm among the large majority of SJWs. “Fragile” is what defines our foes and will be their downfall. It is the weak one that asks for equality from the strong. Like cackling schoolgirls, the ones who criticize or mock do very little when facing an opponent that is impervious to their words.

pencil necks

Carl the Cuck. What can this pencil neck do without a crowd? Beware as the likes of him could be in a position of power in the future, provided that they are not culled by the very people they try to defend first

By celebrating strength and seeking resilience instead of weakness, we arm ourselves and the ones that will follow us for the dark times ahead.

The fragile, when cornered and exposed to violence, prays and hopes for the best. When he rarely reacts, he quickly learns that life is not an Internet argument.

Inaction is as dangerous as the threat itself


In a textbook display of fragility, after being openly attacked by Islam, the left’s reaction in Belgium, France or Orlando is the same. People hold hands, light candles and stay idle, hoping things will change by themselves. Whoring publicly for attention is easy. It is a different thing to actually fight what threatens you.

The choice of inaction can be motivated by two things:

  • Fear of being hurt or shamed for someone else’s sake
  • Indifference for the problem at hand

Showing weakness inspires disgust and hatred. This is how things are. Mercy is a recent Christian value that goes against our instinct of wiping the weak from the face of the Earth. Men universally respect the warrior that fights bravely. Cowardice makes the last thoughts of respect vanish.


The weak crumbles under pressure. The resilient stands tall in the storm

Calm is always temporary

1-29-13-Storm Over Farm - Decatur, Texas

When attacked by something they defend, the liberal pretends to be shocked. The delusion is abysmal. The monster the leftist allows to grow will always attack him in return. While curled in a ball on the floor and losing his blood, he says “At least I am tolerant and I have the moral high ground.”

The war for free speech is as simple as any other. The first one to cave in will lose. The enemies will keep hitting. This is why we have to bring back the notion of standing our ground.

On how to be resilient


Among the numerous things that can be done, here are a few that immediately cross the mind:

  • Give an honest look at what your weaknesses are and work on them daily
  • Protect your family and friends
  • Create a very strict circle of trust.
  • Work towards being financially untouchable
  • Strengthen your body by learning how to defend yourself, regular exercise, meditation and a good hygiene of life
  • Arm yourself as your raw physical strength is finite
  • Toughen your mind through reading, writing, developing a state of constant “relaxed but alert” state of awareness
  • Striving for a maximum and balanced level of strength in mind and body
  • Expose the lies of your foes for the world to know
  • Be visible. ACT

The list is longer and it is a lifetime commitment. Take a good, hard look at your actions when you are striving towards what you believe is just. Is what I do genuinely effective? Am I looking for recognition more than a positive outcome? Does it have an actual impact on the world around me?

In his recent article, The Resistance Pyramid, Roosh details how you must firstly be an example of what you preach, acting locally before influencing your surroundings.

As a body can be broken, it is paramount for the mind to be strong, to survive trauma and overcome. I will insist, once again, on physical confrontation being vital. You know after being repeatedly punched and kicked that words, if they do not carry truth, are just a sound wave.

Pour finir

Become the “captain of your soul.” When your own world is under control, bring guidance to others when they seek it. You cannot convince those who shut their minds, no matter the proof you bring them.

When you witness someone drowning, you want to help. But there is no point helping someone that consciously does not want to be saved. Let him drown. Your life is more important.

Roosh’s new book, Free Speech Isn’t Free, has just been released, and comes with three bonuses if you order before June 20. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against leftist attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support helps fund our operation.

70 thoughts on “Why Fragility And Inaction Could Be The Death Of Free Speech”

    1. Socrates had a wonderful way of drilling down on the “morally righteous”, well, the self appointed morally righteous I mean.
      The question “Why?”
      It’s akin to the Six Degrees of Separation.
      “We need to make a safe space for homosexuals to be able to exist without being triggered”
      “Because it’s wrong that they’re subject to judgement by society at large!”
      “Why is judgement bad?”
      “Because nobody should be judged!”
      “Why not? You don’t judge Hitler as bad?”
      “That’s not what I meant, I mean it’s wrong to judge a person’s lifestyle!”
      “Why? People who kill gays are just following their impulses, do you judge them?”
      “Aaaaghhh fuck you you fucking fuck fucktard hater shitlord, aaaaaghhh!”

      1. Facts and Logic are not important.
        The enemy hates us and wants us dead.
        Would you consider having that type of conversation with a terrorist ?
        This is a race war raging. Facts and Logic are not important. What is important is how to take over contrl of the country.
        ONLY the conversations that wil lead to this are important.
        IT IS OBVIOUS now that they are anti-White, and that they will push this agenda no matter what. They will even have the police stand down as our people are being slaughtered.
        Do you think a Brexit will be allowed even if the people vote for it ?

        1. I’m just saying, until the shooting starts, use “Why?” to get them into a direct self contradictory where they cannot give an answer. The Muslim dude who shot the gays, for example, sent them in a thousand different directions of confusion and chaos. So much the better.

    2. They control the money supply, they have an army of traitors, namely all public servants, the police and the army, who will do their bidding so they can keep receiving their salaries.
      HOW are you going to fight against those armies ?

  1. We must bully the left with hate facts.
    For too long we sat on the side being the reasonable ones, responding to accusations, never attacking.
    New strategy : we are superior and not ashamed of that
    Trigger leftist on sight with hate facts and memes.
    No mercy for the cowards. It’s time to organize internet hate mobs and bombard leftists and online news media with hate facts.
    No need for violence, just trigger them with facts till they cry.
    No mercy. Right Wing Media Death Squads now !
    Destroy their precious safe spaces !

        1. Yeah because biased sources and outright lies are so trustworthy and reliable.

        2. How so? The Papacy sent Crusades and ended up sacking Constantinople and with the Great Schism and all the Vatican wanted to have cultural superiority over Constantinople despite it falling into degeneracy and weakness subsequently being sacked by Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths and so on.

        3. Maybe ‘cos Byzantium used Western Crusaders as shields (like they did in all the crusades, without shedding a drop of blood assisting them) while they regrouped and tried to organize their incompetent empire and slaughtered Catholics within their realm?
          By the way the sack of Constantinople was not condoned by the popes but was a deplorable idea by the Venetians, their competitors who manipulated the outrage and greed of the Crusaders. However Byzantines were hardly innocent.

        4. Valid points, Untergang07; However, that “The Ottoman Centuries” (a history of the Ottoman empire that does not whitewash what the Ottomans were, and I would recommend, BTW) mentions that there was a lot of bad blood and contention between the Catholics and the Orthodox; it even says that some in SE Europe preferred a minaret over a papish hat because of the Catholic treatment of the native Orthodox (some of the early Muslim rulers let the Orthodox practice their faith [for a price] instead of the Inquisition).
          There were no innocents.

        5. I see what you mean. I will need to read that book (the Ottoman Centuries) it sounds interesting, but as far as I know, Catholic oppression was oftentimes less harsh than Orthodox one (read much less massacres) vs what Orthodox had to offer to the Catholics in their midst.

      1. Accurate, informative and descriptive just as it was. 🙂 I agree with the recommendation. )

    1. There’s a time where we as a whole must confront the left’s accusations head on and ask the simple question, “So what?”
      I’m racist? So what?
      I’m sexist? So what?
      I’m Islamophobic? So what?
      Me being any of those things does not discount the FACTS. Address the facts or go fuck yourself. We’re in a time of war and chaos with outside forces that want to kill us. How you feel about something is irrelevant. I’m concerned in the survival of me, my family, and my country. I’m not the slightest bit concerned about hurting the feelings of a bunch of muslims.

      1. If anything, addressing the situation isn’t for the person you’re arguing with, it’s for the ones who are witnessing the exchange. Showing facts with a sly wit will help as well, as does showing that yes, you can be considered a bigot but for good reason. One needn’t be bit by a poisonous snake to know they’re dangerous.
        The second you show you don’t care for their accusations of bigotry, they have no where else to go.

      2. Racist and own it. All these words are only being abused and used as weapons by the left. Our societies are slowly slipping to a point where they might tip into war or back to the stone age, can’t allow all this progress to be reversed for fear of being called one of these names. Hell certain political parties on our side actually now state that political correctness is the enemy.

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      3. I made the mistake of being drawn into some mini Facebook thread war a day ago where some loser posted about the Orlando nightclub shooting. The core of his post was about normal hetero males like ourselves creating the environment where killing homosexuals became the acceptable norm. Pseudo philosophical babble about killing them with our daily discrimination, anti gay laws etc….
        So amid all the likes & validations this chump was getting, I replied with a ‘Nonsense….’ followed by the expected logical explanation about how his hijacking this tragic incident to guilt trip the rest of us heterosexual non shooters was a piece of attention whoring & virtue signalling drivel.
        Obviously, my comments were the only ones without ‘Likes’.
        For what it’s worth, I had fun trolling these weaklings.
        But that’s what were dealing with these days.
        A generation that exploits the technology & information platform it did not contribute to creating in order to propagate a philosophy of celebrating victimhood.
        ‘So what’ indeed 🙂

        1. I got called ‘extremist’ for saying I support Trump after a guy at work said he was worried about Trump after a political discussion. Funny thing is he listened to my arguments why Brexit is a good thing and we had a discussion about our views. I just owned the label, each time he outlined his worries I replied with, “I think he’ll be fucking brilliant!” Wasn’t going to debate him, he’d already shown he wasn’t interested in listening to that part of the discussion.

        2. You gotta handle these people like you do women; hijack their emotions. Logic doesn’t work with them. Once I get to work, I’ll link an old article I found years ago that teaches you how to short circuit a liberal’s brain. It’s very scientific but hilarious at the same time.

        3. Homosexuality is a mental disease.
          It takes over a man, when something happens AT ANY TIME OF HIS LIFE, which humiliates him as a man.
          The natural response would be to do whatever possible to avenge the humiliaton.
          If that is not possible, the individual “avenges himself” (directs the hate towards himself), by allowing himself to “get fucked” by other men.
          It’s really simple …

        4. Truth. Ended up having fun using a mocking tone on one of the low T men who thought he’d gotten to me by accusing me of being insensitive.
          This was my response:
          ‘Aww, you poor thing you. I’ve just fired my PR team for not running their ‘sensitivity’ acceptance by you, you big pussycat 🙂 There there now *shoulder pat* (tongue sticking out mocking smiley).’
          Surprisingly after that, actually had one of the younger better looking chicks who identifies as feminist see my side of things. 🙂
          I look forward to your link.

        5. Balls to have conviction. Brains to back up those convictions logically. That’s the way to be.

        6. DEBATE is impossible. It has always been so.
          DISCUSSIONS are impossible. It has always been so.
          At the moment we ‘re with our backs on the wall. Since the “merchants” control the money supply, they can pay salaries to their armies of traitors, namely the publich servants, and especially the police and the army.
          There is no way to fight the army, and martial law WILL BE implemented if we climax the fight.
          We need to win over the police and the army.
          Then we can say “the fire rises” …
          Talk to police officers and soldiers. Red pill them.

      4. There is no such thing as “racism”.
        What exists is :
        1.You are ugly so I don’t want you near me, near the people I know, or even in my country for that matter.
        2.You are ugly so I don’t want you to destroy the beauty of my race with your genes
        3.I don’t like your culture GTFO
        4.Your culture is ok, but I prefer to preserve mine
        5.You may be prettier, stronger, smarter than me, but STILL I would like to preserve my race the way it is.
        The above apply to ALL races. We are not racists you know … hehehe
        FACTS are irrelevant. THESE are the facts. ALL the leaders of the west are traitors who fight for the anti-White agenda. The police and the army are mercenaries of the elite and they sell out their countrymen for a salary.
        The ONLY FACT that is relevant. RACE WAR is real and raging. And you can’t win it unless you have the police and the army on your side. HOW can we bring them to our side, when the main thing for EVERY normal non red pilled person is “to get their salary so they can live their pathetic little lives” ?
        Oh Great Leader watching us from above, why oh why was the war lost ?

      5. ***Correction*** my friend — you’re not “phobic” (afraid) of anything, you are “anti.” Phobic is a condescending left-wing liberal trope designed to diminish your importance and the logical weight of your argument. I always remind people I am “anti” and fear no rebuttal or reprisal.

    2. I use this old ROK gem whenever post-wall crashing feminists get cocky with me:

      1. I love the empty-headed “WOW!” — almost every cunty fight-loving woman in my life has at some pointed defaulted to this expression as a desperate comeback when they’ve had their argument utterly shredded by logic and the Socratic method. It’s their dead-end reaction to being relegated to their proper place, and the quivering white flag of a failed attempt to belittle and emasculate. The only reply needed at that point is “Yeah, WOW — the ‘wow’ you’ll be mulling over in abject frustration before you drift off to sleep tonight.”

      2. “Stop fucking laughing” man,… I’m now reliving that with a thousand voices in my head lol

    3. I also think it can’t be won with passivity anymore and the more they are triggered the more they will act up and the silent majority will see them for the lunies that they are.

      1. Our cause needs victims. A lot of them.
        People have to die at the hands of Black Lives Matters terrorists and at the hands of SJW terrorists.
        It needs to happen LIVE so the “merchant” media will not bury it.
        And lets call them all for what they truly are. Terrorists.
        The only way to handle a terrorist is elimination.
        Bide your time brother …

    4. The problem with that strategy is that facts don’t matter to the left. Look at Trump’s security speech this week. Certain media outlets willfully distorted what he said, and it’s not even a question of misinterpretation. They literally stated things that he did not state or imply, while pretending to break it down for those people who didn’t actually listen to it.
      The left need to be wiped out, unfortunately. They leave a reasonable man no recourse because they are not interested in the truth.

      1. We just need to make them look like clowns to normal people.
        Trigllypuff will do that for us.
        Of course we must also stand strong.
        But it is not THAT hard to beat the left.
        When given the option between a strong horse and a weak one people will gravitate to the strong one.
        We are imposing ourselves as the strong force and people see that leftists are sad losers while we are not rednecks with small dicks but rather intelligent masculine men.
        Eventually they will follow the strong horse.

        1. People don`t follow horses – they ride them. ;))
          Also: the same ones praising Your strength when You ascend to the throne, are the same people who cheer Your walk to the gallows. ))
          ANYONE who can make SJWAA (SJW And Allies..) look ridiculous and irrelevant shall appear strong to the vulgus. :)))

        2. Yep. I use “clown hair” a lot in public conversations now, when the topic alludes to it. Also have started calling over inked women “Smurfs”. Setting real life memes takes work, but it’s fun when you hear somebody else use the same term that you know that you originated in your circle of influence.

      2. Take away the “seriousness” and “relevancy” from the left…and it will wipe itself out. 🙂 Crowd resembles a female, from psychological point of view (hmmm…who said that? Let me think… Oh! Got it…))).. – it craves social approval and flees in panic from being identified with losers and pariahs.

        1. The ones controling the world are anti-White and want to eliminate us.
          They control the money supply, thus they have an army of traitors (public servants, police, tactical army) who will fight for their causes, just so they can get their salary.
          HOW ARE WE GOING TO fight against the army protecting them ?

        2. Somehow I think that You would be surprised by the number of supporters of ideas presented here, that are in employ of army, LE, etc…who are utterly disgusted by the state of nation(s) as it is…and who hesitate to openly join the ranks ONLY because the elites have repetitively advertised SJW narrative as a SERIOUS AND “ONLY TRUE OPTION”…i.e. an option NOBODY dared to put in question and RIDICULE…till now. ;))
          Also…somehow I feel that army MEN (and most of the non-white-knight police officers) had enough of “equality” and “gender diversity” on the job. 😉
          One might find many a “knowing wink”, admiration and support there….but, hey…”it’s only my feelz”…;))))
          Which might be right this time.
          Not yet there. But soon.
          Just stay alive…heard…and smart.

      3. Just tell them the following just because you have a small dick doesn’t make me racist.

      4. You speak the truth my friend.
        They have to be wiped out. PERIOD.
        The only thing protecting them from elimination is the army of traitors they have (the polive and the army).

    5. Naaah….this time I disagree with You, my dear Lunar One..;))…
      I find that MASSIVE and PUBLIC ridicule is MUCH better. 🙂
      Could You imagine a scene where an EQUAL or BIGGER group of muscular manly men would show up at their “protests”/”vigils/Meetings, wearing blue and violet wigs, boasting crudely smeared “tattoos” with silly motifs on beefy arms, holding transparents with memes mocking the libcunts, and screeching in whiney voices: “Oooooh…I am TRIGGERED!!! …Noooo…do not viooolate my SAAAFEE SPACEEEE!”….??
      A beauty to behold…and after a third such event – nobody takes the wretched bunch seriously any more….;)))
      Primary school tactics. The time that all of those cunts fear.

      1. p.s. In one thing…I agree with You: “qui s’excuse, s’accuse”…. ;)))

      2. 1.a group of men and women show up
        2.They beat most of the leftist men to death
        3.they let some men live cause we need slaves and they capture if possible all women, to be used as sex slaves and breeders.
        We need to eliminate aggressive leftist men, to take what’s left of the men as slaves and the women as breeders.

        1. 1. Fine
          2. NEVER underestimate Your enemy; even mentally feeble people can fire guns.
          3. Works short term…yet bad long term policy. Making “martyrs” digs grave even for the just opressor.
          Smart and devious beats brash and impulsive.

    6. Better late than never…
      Of course the truth is always more complex than the fiction.

    7. I have been doing this for quite a while. I know the battle is won when they throw out nothing but ad hominem, or they give me the “Well aren’t you so fucking superior, professor” or something similar. It bugs them to no end not to be able to tear down my ego and get me all emotional and in their realm.

      1. 1.The battle has been won when a lot of them are laying down with their faces deformed, their skulls opened and their brains pouring out.
        2.The battle has been won when all leftist women are USED as sex slaves in order to deliver white babies, which will be taken from them and raised according to OUR values
        3.The battle has been won when the leftists are used as slaves for any type of manual labor
        (we do not kill white folks unless we have to. Women will be used as sex slaves and breeders. Men will be used as slaves)
        I have a dream. To raise the “Banner” and hail our great leader watching us from above.

        1. Heh, I meant rhetorically, as in debate.
          I agree with you in a holistic sense. Except item 2. Have you *seen* American Leftist women? Use as household help, sure, but sex….eh…I’m thinking I’ll give that one a pass.

        2. I wouldn’t even use American Leftist women as household help; I’d be better off doing it myself.

    8. By now I guess ALL White men and women who do not hate themselves, must have realized that the establishment has an anti-White agenda.
      They will directly attack anyone who fights FOR the White Race, no matter if that attack is illegal or not. They have shown their teeth.
      They control the flow of money, they have all the wealth in their hands, and so consequently they have armies of traitors (the police and the army) who will fight against us.
      I suggest caution. Their advantage is too big.

  2. The Left does not have the higher moral ground, they merely think they do. Ultimately, they follow the same political strategy of identity politics that Hitler himself innovated. It works like an algebra formula, and goes something like this: There is a race or group of people (group A) this people is oppressed and underachieved because of another race or group of people (group B). This oppression justifies mass atrocity (Outcome C).

  3. The battle starts with you. I’m a contractor who moves office to office, workplace to workplace, and I always, ALWAYS set the barriers to speech to whatever the fuck I wanna say. I’m not saying be overtly fucking racist obviously (personally I’m not anyway), but take women, I flirt outrageously with every woman in the workplace, aged 18 to fucking 70.
    Taken in isolation I’d be fired everyday, and yet I’ve never received one complaint. We dictate the shit, stop worrying about stuff.
    Set the tone, build confidence, earn trust. You’ll have a soft harem in no time.

  4. … This is a good post though THIS is needful: Trust ye on the LORD JESUS CHRIST and ye shall be SAVED! YOU and ALL OF YOUR HOUSE! Amen!
    ~ Sincerely,
    Bro. Jed

  5. “Showing weakness inspires disgust and hatred. This is how things are. Mercy is a recent Christian value that goes against our instinct of wiping the weak from the face of the Earth. Men universally respect the warrior that fights bravely.”
    A lot of fantasy viking bullshit here. In reality, weakness has its place (even for men), mercy is an ancient value, and there is no such thing as universal respect.
    You can fight bravely for the wrong cause, and thus be a douche who is completely unworthy of respect. Dogs exhibit bravery. Let’s not pretend it’s the highest ideal that man strives for.

    1. True. And a nick from a well poisoned needle kills more efficiently than a clumsy hack with a sword. (A metaphor. A metaphor. A metaphor….so that nobody could “misunderstand it”…;)))))))

    2. Men do Universally respect the warrior who fights bravely. In war or battle of any kind, a valiant effort is respected even by the opponent/enemy. Its a matter of Respect not Admiration, so the “cause” they are fighting for, being wrong or right is irrelevant. Also I would argue that he meant that Mercy was brought on more liberally by Christianity, in terms of it being a virtue or value per se. Mercy before that was seen as a favor or a righteous action meant to prove ones overwhelming power and gain a follower, slave or force indebtedness to the subject of the mercy. Weakness is and can never have a proper place in any man. All men have Weakness, don’t get me wrong, but its called a weakness because its a vulnerability, being vulnerable is generally how we all die.

    3. It’s the difference between being good at being a man, and being a good man.

    4. Erwin Rommel was a brave, brilliant warrior and man, and fought for the wrong cause. Yet I and, not surprisingly, many historians and men respect him for his virtues on the battlefield.
      I can’t think of a brave warrior in history that I don’t find some level of respect for.
      Mercy is an ancient value, that is best applied in times of peace and in the aftermath of battle. Granting leave to your enemy as an act of mercy is nearly always a mistake. Hitler was wounded sorely and given water, instead of a bullet to the head, as an act of mercy by a British soldier in WW1. Dunkirk was Germany granting mercy to the British who would later come back and kick Germany in the nuts. It has no place in the heat of battle. Save mercy for the nurses to attend to the wounded.
      This isn’t “viking fantasy” stuff, it’s the stuff men who were trained as warriors understand.

      1. Well said. Mercy during war is what caused Vietnam and Iraq 2 to drag on so long. During battle, mercy is perceived as weakness. Once they surrender unconditionally, then mercy can and should be extended.

    5. Mercy is an act of idiocy. When you win the battle you :
      1.Kill any opponent who poses a threat
      2.Use all of your opponents as slaves
      3.Eliminate anyone of your people who ever shows sympathy for your new slaves
      4.Keep the slavery going FOREVER.
      See ? You can’t handle the thought of it … You ‘re weak

    6. “Mercy is a recent Christian value that goes against our instinct of wiping the weak from the face of the Earth.”
      Depends on your definition of mercy.
      “Wisdom tempers love, and puts a new shape on hatred. You cannot tell ‘kindness’ and ‘cruelty’ unless you’ve plumbed the depths of both”.
      The only being to fully know Wisdom, Hate, and Kindness is God. That’s why God can order the extermination of multiple tribes of people (via the Old Testament), and still be called ‘merciful’.

  6. Check out the speeches of George Lincoln Rockwell. He predicted much, if not all of what is happening in the 1960’s. YouTube has many of his speeches archived.

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