Sex With Animals Is Now Legal In Canada But Speaking Your Mind Leads To Persecution

Oh Canada, why you so lame? At a time when free speech has been under repeated attack from Vancouver to Newfoundland, the Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that bestiality falling short of penetration is legal. The decision was not even close, with seven justices outnumbering the sole dissenter. Inasmuch as the outcome of the case in question, which involved a man accused of sexually abusing both his stepdaughters and a dog, came as a shock to many, such lunacy has been brewing in Canada for many years. Meanwhile, Roosh was hunted down by rabid feminists and SJWs in Montreal in particular last year for daring to talk about gender relations!

Although people having all kinds of sex with animals is not unheard of, and is probably more common than we imagine, laws for or against bestiality are not the sort of things that should be occupying society’s attention much. Concepts like free speech, appropriate levels of policing, what misdeeds warrant criminal prosecution, and related matters are actually the bread and butter of making political and legal systems work. Yet instead of strengthening provisions protecting those who speak their mind without inciting violence, Canada has persecuted and/or prosecuted those who dare to espouse rightwing opinions, or even criticize people such as feminists.

Many of those who reveled in the possibility that Roosh would be seriously injured or killed in Canada in 2015, including drug smuggler-cum-politician Cheri DiNovo, have said nothing or very little about the oral bestiality ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court. (But I do notice far too many shots of DiNovo trying to wear tight clothing on her Twitter feed.) I have not seen negative social media comments about the decision from fellow Roosh haters John Tory, the Mayor of Toronto, and Norm Kelly, Toronto Councilman and acting extra from The Walking Dead, either. Rather than focusing on Canadian issues, like the bestiality legalization, which directly affects their country, the trio are too busy trying to score electoral points from the Orlando gay nightclub shooting more than a thousand miles away. But that Roosh guy? Yeah, let’s pick on him!

Roosh is just one of many persecuted for his non-violent speech, while sick people who want sex with animals are protected

It’s a good thing that members of the Canadian Supreme Court dress like Santa Claus because Christmas just came early for those who like oral sex with animals.

An international sex tourist targeting animals for oral sex would have far less problems in Canada today than Roosh did when trying to give lectures to fellow men last year. This is the very sad reality that confronts “modern” Canada. And he is not alone. Take, for example, the deplorable treatment meted out to Gregory Alan Elliott, who was prosecuted for daring to disagree with and hurt the precious feelings of some feminists. Even after he emerged victorious, the ordeal has probably eviscerated his finances for the next decade, shaved years off his prospective lifespan, and ensured he will be the recipient of future, serious harassment. But any John Smith wishing to be orally pleasured by a domestic goat will have no problems with Canadian law now, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling.

Then we have instances where outright slander and perjury disguised as “free speech” and “testimony” is enabled by the Canadian court system. Despite lie after lie after lie after lie from false accuser Lucy DeCoutere and her fellow rape fantasist to both police and in the courtroom, no criminal charges will be laid. Whereas Jian Ghomeshi’s career is over and will never be resurrected, DeCoutere and miscreants like her are able to carve out lucrative professions as victims ad infinitum. They are as untouchable as the Canadians now legally engaging in oral sex with all manner of canines, felines, bovines and numerous other animal categories.

Canada is in undeniable free fall


It would seem that pedophilia is the next domain of the depraved to be given protected status in Canada now oral sex with animals is fine. American publications like Salon are already going into overdrive to “humanize” and justify self-confessed pedophiles and the crossover between Canadian and American SJWs does not know any national border. Just make sure your politics are not right-of-center, though. Otherwise you’re in for a very tough ride and probable criminal prosecution if you don’t keep your mouth shut.

The relationship between Return Of Kings and Canada is staggering, to say the least. We have numerous American and Australian contributors, plus European correspondents, but inordinate amounts of writers’ time are consumed by a single country north of the mainland US, one that is presently trying to out-Sweden Sweden. When the world ends, people will say the inspiration for the cataclysm was Canada.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in Canada as this social and political disaster unfolds, the following advice may help and console you in your dark times: get out of Canada. Period.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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297 thoughts on “Sex With Animals Is Now Legal In Canada But Speaking Your Mind Leads To Persecution”

  1. That picture with the mom and her kid. Super proud liberal parent, who now gains soooo much status with her friends. Her kid, who just realized its life is totally fucked.

        1. Norm is my fav comedian. His podcast at times gets me to laugh so hard I cry. If you ever have the time, watch the one with him and gilbert godfried. I almost pissed myself. Worth it just to hear about Michael Douglas’ vagina cancer.

        2. I will check it out. Gottfried had artie lange on his show, one of the best podcasts Ive ever heard

        3. Gottfried is hilarious always. But yeah, the norm/Gottfried podcast is one of the funniest things ever.
          Here is part one. Part 2 will be easy to find.

  2. Hahahaha imagine what some blue haired slampig’s clit will look like after all her cats have their turn licking it.

    1. not only a great bestiality song, but also one of the great lines
      “I’ll ignore your cheap aroma and your little bo peep diploma, I’ll just put you in a coma with some dirty love”
      RIP Frank…..OA (original alpha)

      1. I read up on him recently, cool dude. I guess you know his famous quote, something along the lines of “when the powers that be realize there is nothing left to gain from this system, they will turn on the house lights, raise the filmscreen, and you reveal to us a brick wall”

        1. I didn’t know that, but great quote. He was a big hero of mine back in high school

  3. Unrelated but the Orlando muslim shooter was a closet fag … the narrative ‘s going to be severely embarrassed with that one.

    1. It’s already embarrassed. A “peaceful muslim” shot up a bunch of gay, black men. The fact he might be a closet fag himself is just icing on the cake.
      I wonder how his wife feels about him getting himself killed for 72 virgins. That’s gotta twinge a bit, right?

        1. I’ll take being under the protection of the Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights. Deus Vult Horde Scum.

      1. It was reported he let the black ones go free, saying “I have no problem with black people”

        1. Yeah, surely there were cameras. Hell, almost every bar here has cameras just to make sure the bartenders aren’t ripping the owner off. And I still say there had to be others involved. When you kill 50 and injure another 50 people, that’s over 100 men down.. not something I think one man could do alone. Especially with a cop supposedly working the door.

        2. How about Mateen’s call to 9-1-1 where he pledges allegiance to ISIS? I recall that George Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 call made it to the media almost immediately after his incident.
          Is this going to be like Sandy Hook or the Pentagon on 9/11? No photographic evidence ever presented, although it exists, and facts that don’t make sense? It’s starting to look like it.
          With the mother Lieneman doing the talk show rounds, calling for bans of AR15s in perfect concert with liberal thought leaders including politicians, movie stars and media pundits. Just like Sandy Hook.
          They’ll never ban the AR15 so this discussion is moot. Even if they attempt it, there are an estimated 30 million of them in circulation. How many people who have invested money into their ARs are just going to turn them in?
          I’d say a minority of AR owners would comply.
          NY State showed us that with their majority non compliance with NY’s un-Constitutional Safe Act.
          If the most statist and brainwashed of states has such a high non-compliance, just imagine what the compliance rates will be in more conservative states.

        3. Cant they just ban the ammo for certain guns? Gun would become useless eventually

        4. It was a trial run. If he really was going after gay americans he would have hit the club when it was filled with white faggots.
          But if he had done that, then he would ahve gotten closeted politicians, businessmen etc, also he would have ended up killing family members of powerful white families, or powerful faggots (white faggots are going to be more powerful than latino faggots)
          In which case you can bet money that the police wouldnt have waited 10 min to go in. We already know from reports by officers after the chicago trump rally that the police were ordered to hold back. So it stands to reason they did that here. The only question is, did they do that because they just hate faggots, or because they were ordered to.
          For the reasons Im pointing out above, I think they were ordered to sit it out. Precisely because he targeted latinos and not whites.
          TL/DR this was a trial run.

        5. Thats insane, why would you do that to us? Doesnt the government have enough power? Do you want to castrate us all?

        6. Forget it, sometimes I get carried away. Im not a gun owner, but Im tired of seeing men haivng their rights stolen.

        7. Im just trying to see how they might handle the situation, if it ever came to that

        8. Necessity is the mother of inventions. Anything that is outlawed will be produced and available on the black market or will be imported illegally. As long as there is a demand there are plenty of people willing to supply.

        9. “Why did it take 3 hours for a police response (3 hours is longer than I could even last at a club without shooters).”
          I’m thinking: Officer safety uber alles.

        10. I asked this question ages ago. Every nightclub has CCTV, weather they admit it or not. EVERY SINGLE NIGHTCLUB. It’s for insurance purposes.

        11. Also, what fag doesn’t have an iPhone with him 100% of the time? I’m surprised so very little video footage has been released from a 3HR ordeal involving 100’s of people.
          A plane falls out of the sky, and for the 5 seconds it’s visible, people manage to get footage of it.

        12. In one of the videos I saw of them carrying people to safety they’re actually carrying them towards the bar which doesn’t make sense. One guy online made a video showing it in broad daylight and there’s a dunkin donut right behind them and the bar is to the right of that which you can see in the video for a second as they carry them in that direction. So if that news clip wasn’t staged why would they be a block away from the bar and walking back towards it? And they’re saying there isn’t any surveillance footage which is bullshit.

        13. Yeah, I feel my brain has been dumbed down a bit, since I couldn’t even come up with a basic question like that. That’s really obvious.
          The media released a few text messages.. come on you know every one of those dudes was carrying an iphone 6 or newer. They are not sending SMS messages a la 1998. There should be video and audio, if nothing else, on the dead bodies, where we could supposedly hear the guy yelling “Allah Akbar” like they do in the movies.. lol whatever.

        14. I’m the same way with MSM, it’s all one sided bullshit but that article by Roberts was spot on. Nobody will know the truth cause whatever they say first usually sticks and then if you question it they’ll throw out the conspiracy theory jab.

      2. Forget about the 72 virgins. How does she feel that she was so bad at being a sex object that he turned to men instead of her.

        1. She wasn’t getting much attention. Notice how quickly she went on camera to give her knowledge of the shooter, hours before Obama did. She’s admitted now she knew of his intentions and was with him when he purchased the weapons.

    2. Oh they can spin it as a culture of homophobia by right-wing extremist Christians by the preaching causing a person to internalize self-hate and carrying out his hatred against fellow gays.
      Just like feminists their rationalization hamster is nuclear.

        1. They are effectively an open air cult. Alot of them are too far gone. Save for a few they must be left to fend for themselves.

        2. Not too far from the truth, the Nazi, SA, neo nazis, john wayne gacy, jeffrey dahmer, giles de rais (friend of joan of arc and gay) gays despite their low population had many killers something liberals you to not believe furthermore liberals saying homophobes that commit violence on gays are gay themselves dont seem to understand that adds more numbers to violent gays
          Whenever you dig up story about a sick deranged killer most likely he would have raped and killed boys

      1. I keep a token outspoken liberal gay guy in my FB list just to keep my finger on the pulse (pardon the pun) of insanity and you’re precisely right. The moment the news came down that Omar was a Sod-omar, he bemoaned Christian homophobia causing this poor Muslim to hate himself. Christian…homophobia. Nothing to do then, with the Imam he listened to earlier that week preaching that the kindest thing to do to homosexuals is to murder them. The facts. just. don’t. matter. I sometimes doubt the existence of a Good God, but then I see the evidence of spiritual warfare all around me and the idea of Good and Evil don’t seem so silly anymore.

        1. If people did not yearn for the acceptance (or affection) of “white, Christian males,” then they would not be so obsessed with the opinion of said group. Their obsession shows that they, in their own worldview, have idealized a relationship with white, Christian males.
          They are not concerned, as a point of comparison, with the opinion of El Salvadoreans. The reason…they don’t give a shit about El Salvadoreans.

        2. In the scriptures being given over is a sign of judgment. Madness is a way for the wicked to destroy themselves.

        3. Facts don’t matter. That is why they are fags. They are just stupidly emotional weirdos who place cock sucking above everything. Sexuality first, all else equally secondary.
          One fag blocked the exit door to prevent other from fleeing. You’d figure he’d use his body to protect some dudes nut sack in the line of fire. He didn’t. He saved his own ass so he could suck dick another day denying another fag to suck dicks.
          Here’s the deal with fags. We really don’t give a damn what they do privately. We ask for discretion, not blowing people in parks, public restrooms of pride parades. We don’t want to go to work and hear about you getting fucked in the ass. Keep it to yourself. We don’t have to like or accept your lifestyle, nor do we need to see it. Gay people have been around forever. Be gay in private and practice some fucking civility. We heterosexuals have weirdos and we generally condemn sexual acts in public. We expect you to do the same. The fact the moderates among gays accept the fringe without question isn’t helping their side. It’s repulsive.
          They have a choice. Be discreet or piss off others who, by the tenets of their religion, openly condemn and actively seek to murder them.

        4. Homosexuality is basically enjoying being a loser that suck dick in prison
          Of course feminists like nothing but making men them thats why they support homos

        5. With you there. Here in Indiana we had that RFRA bill that bit us in the ass. But we don’t care what person does in their private life, or how fucking mentally ill they are, just don’t harm society while you’re at it.
          The bill was to protect all small businesses from being tagged as “gay themed” and losing their customers, the majority of whom are straight, family people.
          What happens is that gays have their bars, businesses, and hangouts. But they get bored, and when a new restaurant opens they’ll flock there for a few months, And they’re kissing, touching each other, hooking up in the bathrooms. . .yadda, yadda. And the place gets the name of a gay place. Normal people don’t want to be exposed to that, so they stop going. After a couple of months the gays get bored again, and move on to another establishment. Then the first place goes bankrupt.
          THAT’S what that bill was about. It didn’t have anything to do with religion.

    3. They are going to say homophobia is the problem and then pass the Orlando bill to make it a crime IMO

    4. i dont know if i buy that, i think the media is labelling him a fag to push the agenda that anyone who dislikes or hates fags is automatically a closet fag. They want to use it as an excuse to blame Christians for “bullying” him into submission, and so more useful idiots push the agenda of #notallmuslims and #notallfags

        1. leftists continue to pathetically try and counter the muslim argument by pushing the myth of “moderate muslim” or by guilt tripping europeans over the crusades, which was ironically a defence tactic against muslim invaders.

        2. The moderate muslim argument is laughable. Let’s indulge the left for a minute and say there are moderate muslims who don’t wish violence on anyone. The problem is one bad apple spoils the bunch:
          One bad apple killed 49 people in Orlando.
          Two bad apples blew up a bunch of people at the Boston Marathon.
          A few bad apples crashed some jets into the WTC on 9/11.
          It doesn’t take a whole swarm of muslims to kill a lot of innocent people. As we’ve seen, it only takes a few bad apples.

        3. there are arab muslims who don’t condone or indulge in violence. They are what i like to call “cultural muslims”, they only care about preserving their cultural traditions(which is what they see islam as), but they dont fully take islam seriously as any kind of path to god. Some cultural Muslims try to redefine islam in order to look more PC, but the actual faith would call for the beheading of anyone who enables fags or doesnt fully agree with islam.

      1. Everyone is missing the point. The point is a single (or three) man team could go into an enclosed space and take out 50 men in prime condition without being rushed or tackled.
        No one in that bar was armed, no one even had the psychological ability to risk their lives for anyone else in the bar to kill the bastard.
        Whats more, no one in the entire area was willing to pick up weapons and do anything.
        And here is the most important part: no one is rioting over the fact that the police did nothing for three hours while grown men were being shot.
        Whether they deserve to be shot or not isnt the point. The point is, that this could be done and no one is calling for mass firings.

        1. That was my next point, this incident was staged to push gun control. The U.S in the past few years had a bunch of mass shootings followed by heavy guilt tripping from the faggot president in order to disarm law abiding citizens who believe in the 2nd amendment.

        2. I dont think its to push gin control. I think it was a test to see how to bring in killing teams.

        3. Because it gives the media and all the useful idiot leftists a golden opportunity to start race baiting and shifting the blame towards European american Christians for creating “systematic oppression”. This is all by design to cause divide and conquer amongst European Americans(cucks vs rational people), and racial tension between foreigners and European Americans.
          Leftists also love to coddle Muslims, so they use this incident to push the moderate muslim myth. They also push the guilt tripping for fags, which will seep more aggressively into education and pop culture until most people accept it.

        4. Makes no sense if it’s staged. That’s a very weak propaganda even liberals dont practice that what the gay agenda media wants is a homophobic christian to gun homos down to exemplify victimization as their platform

    5. Judging from my Facebook feed, they’re trying to spin it so it looks like it had nothing to do with Islam, only the self loathings of a closeted homosexual.

      1. The funny thing is that backfires on them, a gay cannot stop being gay therefore closete gays are in fact just another gay and proof that gays are mental and violentd

      1. True that, recently read about it. First there was the SA with Ernst Rohm. But even after, a lot of SS used to bugger Russian teenagers and pink triangles in concentration camps.

        1. I do believe the first gay parade in the US was lead by a neo nazi gay and that the SA party was the first gay rights movement actually

    6. Yea, I read that he was a frequent visitor to that gay bar.
      Funny how they immediately go on to bitch about gun control, because even in France where there are strict gun control laws, a group of Islamic terrorists can slaughter 150 people.

    7. I made a comment yesterday to call him a fag. I knew it.
      Well, one less fag anyways.

      1. A Muslim walks into a gay bar.
        “What’ll it be?” asks the bartender.
        “Shots for everyone!”
        Not my joke.

    8. The imam who was preaching the killing of gays a couple of months ago seemed closeted gay in his voice and manners as well

        1. they have a whole caste of little boys that dance and dress like girls, whether it’s in rich palaces or on the poor streets, little boys got raped, and if u read about it lot of those boys in the streets are prostitutes meaning they get paid to have sex with full grown men
          pakistan, iraq, afghan and you can bet most middle eastern cultures see pedophilia as normal
          in islam taking the virginity of a girl is taboo but apparently it’s okay to use boys for pleasure,
          girls for reproduction
          boys for pleasure
          this is middle eastern ideology, heck muslim rapefugees have been raping little boys in europe and are completely oblivious that it’s a crime and people are sympathizing with these monsters like awww they haven’t had sex with little boys the whole time they were running over here give them a break as well look it up

        2. in just a few years when pedophilia becomes legalized and people accept it as the norm like homosexuality we will be called prudes and pedophilephobic

    9. Be careful and don’t buy the official narrative, I seriously doubt that hajji was a fag. Why? the official narrative is he was a self-hating fag who shoot other fags because of homophobia. That’s a diversion from the real point: he was a islamic terrorist, and Islam as a whole wants to destroy western civilization (fags included because they live here).
      Yes, he was seeing of Pulse, but my guess is that he was doing recon for the future attack.

    10. They mention the shooter having frequented the gay bar as proof that he was a poofter
      But if he really were gay he’d frequent a grade school

      1. It’s a serious question. If a guy ties up his girlfriend and does that… well? I honestly don’t know.

        1. Oh ok. Well to me it can’t be rape but it would be sexual assault/abuse and probably other non sexual felonies tacked on like kidnapping etc.

        1. That was humour à propos our current events in the manosphere. It’s too bad I needed to spell it out.

    1. In Canada there is no rape charge, all acts of sexual violence fall under the sexual assault law. I’m almost certain that what you describe would be considered sexual assault. The prosecutor would most likely argue that the perpetrator was directing the actions of the dog and therefor was guilty of causing the unwanted sexual contact. The perpetrator could also be charged with forcible confinement for tying the woman up. So while a bestiality charge might not apply without penetration. The perpetrator would still face a sexual assault charge which caries a max 14 year sentence and a forcible confinement charge which caries a max 10 year sentence.

      1. Ah yeah your right. But I also see it was legalized in 1969 there and illegal prior it seems?! WTF?

    1. lol. perfect. You know this is based on a real incident. It as comedian Sid Caesar. He was apparently a total lunatic. As a joke he dangled mel brooks by his ankles out of an 18th story window and apparently while doing some horseback riding his wife got thrown off the horse and Caeser punched it right in the face knocking it to the ground.

  4. My other thought is: has feminism made women in Canada so ugly that Canadian men now want to sleep with goats instead?

  5. horse in the wedding dress – would not bang 4/10
    And because I respect the sanctity of marriage

      1. Yeah but in the privacy of her horse box she likes to champ at a ball gag instead of the bit.

        1. You know how it is with these horses, give them an inch and they take a mile and a quarter.
          (really proud of this one)

        2. never thought of it as literal….lol
          This song brings back memories of my youth when for one winter after high school I was in Florida and played as part of the house band for a beach bar on thu-fri-sat nights. We always closed with this song. The old people (who seemed old to me then but were probably younger than I am now) always totally got down to it. Good old days.

    1. Well, a feminist ex wife might hope there is; an old fashion donkey punch to the back of the head. For some that is the secret sauce to dropping both orgasm and egg out of the vajayjay.
      Think if the donkey gets married it will get days of observance and nights off if it performs their marital duty? And better question, will ladies finally start to marry all those dogs they keep stuffing in purses? It must be stuffy having to make space with tampons.

    2. You could at least have put something in about having a stable relationship. There’s such a thing as etiquette

    3. Why do I suddenly want not only to legalize, but also to encourage people to act as such? Would get the most screwed-up ones out of the way.

        1. If I had ample space for a dog a labradoodle would be my choice of pet. They are great dogs. Not sure if they are marriage material though.

        2. I am well aware. It will be my retirement dog and I will train it well. That said, something with crossing them with a poodle makes them both very healthy and much more tame.

  6. Just wait until oh-so-tolerant Canada takes a bloody nose from the Islamists.
    The terrorists have shown a predilection for targeting the defenseless, doesn’t get more defenseless than Toronto.
    I’ve been up to Canada, think they’re friendly enough folk, but this utopian conceit that some of us have in the West is simply that- a conceit. The struggle for survival hasn’t nearly been transcended, and right now Canada is just coasting on the fact that it’s more fun to terrorize America, since we’re still pretending we aren’t a pussy nation.

  7. It’s breakfast time here in America. We North Americans fry up and eat this shit. You don’t FUCK it. What’s wrong with Canada? What will Canadians think of next? They’re fucking their goats so what will they do? Will they now start butchering and eating their women for breakfast now? I thought Mexicans had their shit backwards. Nope. It’s Canadians.

      1. depends on how you cook it. Monsieur might back me up on the deliciousness of horse.

        1. Donkey saucisson is exquisite, and a Corsican speciality.
          I’ve never eaten any horse though, for it’s a noble animal.

        2. You are missing out. Head to a good boucheries chevalines and find some nice horse saucisson. Or, if you really want to do it up right, make a nice Pot-au-feu de cheval or turnips fried up with horse meat in a nice Cheval a la Parisienne

        3. I cannot. I really love horses. We used to use them to kick English ass.
          The only case in which I could eat one is if i’m stuck in the Russian winter, because we thought that big ass country would be ours by september.

        4. I never understood that move. I mean, why would anyone who is already in france want to go to Russia? It is like I tell my sister when she asks me to visit her in Austin. “sisterKNEE,” I say “I am in new York city. I am not leaving new York city to go to texas. I am already here. YOu come visit me”
          If I was chilling out fishing off of a dock in Marseilles and someone said “hey, let’s go invade Russia” the only proper response would be “merde”
          As a side note, the one thing I want to eat but have, as of yet, been unable to get my hands on is l’ortolon. I think one day I will need to take a sojourn to Normandy and find a nice town house with a family that will capture some of those delicious fuckers, torture them and give me a linen napkin to put over my head so god can’t see me eating them.

        5. I have the original French recipie by some 15th century monk that begins with something like “if cruelty is seasoning than the ortolon is the finest seasoned etc. etc.
          Fuck horrifying, looks delicious. FIrst you poke out its eyes to disrupt circadian rhythms. Then feed it to 4 times it’s normal size. Drown it in Armagnac . Cook whole on high heat and then bite through that shit so it’s brandy filled organs explode in your mouth while the bones make little cuts so the sourness of your own blood mixes with the sweetness of the meat.
          What’s to be horrified about?

        6. Man I need to taste that too. I like horrific yet delicious things.
          Foie gras comes to my mind…
          Are you a tripe kind of guy ? I ate some “Tripou” from Auvergne once. Legendary.

        7. I love tripe. I usually have in on Christmas eve.
          I actually eat foie gras fairly regularly. What’s cooler is, a few years ago I took a trip upstate new York to the Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm. Saw the feeding pens, toured the processing the whole thing and then had a big dinner with Foie in every course. It was like going to a petting zoo and then torturing and eating the animals after. Fucking awesome!

    1. Within 20 years butchering and eating women might be a better idea than marrying them

    2. Fucking goats is illegal. You can’t even legally face-fuck a goat. Just to clarify, you can only do things like let it lick your cock ( without the head passing the lips) or do intercrural outercourse on its flank.

      1. I wonder what burden of proof can a grunting animal present in a courtroom. Not that I have a dog in this but the cops somehow magically communicate with their K9’s when determining whether to tear your car apart at a random stop. The tail wag of the dog means you’re guilty of something but the cops don’t know what. They have to tear your car apart and find something to justify the tail wag. If you resist you risk being killed. Goat-dick relations court would almost be as much a sham as ‘family court’. Who the hell invented ‘FAMILY COURT’?? Honestly what family needs a ‘family court’? Families need rid of the goddamn ‘family court’. What families need are toasters. Dads need ties and Christmas sweaters and moms need new aprons but swat the family court and its operators out of your community like a colony of rabid rats. Hell a court is a place where you hang people. I’ts always been that. Can’t people see ‘family court’ is redundant in its inception. It’s a gallows to gut and hang families. It must be smashed!! The west will begin to recover when we pound the war drums loud enough.

        1. You just need some alphabet soup. Just make sure you open it from the top. If you open it from the bottom Martha will lie.

  8. Guess this means there will be franchise opportunities for the donkey show up there…paging clark kent- might be a biz opp for you

  9. So much for that ability to “consent” excuse.
    But homosexual/transsexual supporters said this was why things like bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia couldn’t ever happen.
    Oh well, at least there’s still that whole “of legal age” thing, and everyone knows that’s been the norm throughout human history…what’s that? It hasn’t? Well, merde.

    1. Yeah, affirmative consent must not count. That donkey was clearly saying, wait for it, wait for it……neigh

        1. I don’t know there unabashed…looking at the time stamp it looks an awful lot like mine. Next time be quicker to the draw, McGraw

  10. “It would seem that pedophilia is the next domain of the depraved to be given protected status in Canada now oral sex with animals is fine.”
    This seems like a strawman argument but I don’t see it happen for more reason than one, with the main reason being feminazism. It is feminazis who caused the AOC to increase from 12 to 18 with incremental steps and it is feminazis who absolutely hate the thought of older men with younger women, let alone prepubescent girls.
    Now let’s also play Advocate Of The Devil, how would this even negatively affect men if it did in fact happen? I see it as more detrimental to females than males.
    And isn’t our narrative in favour of marrying Young virgins? Just my 2 cents.

      1. 1 minute later, already a knee-jerk reaction. My main point is “I don’t see it happen” and not only feminazis will oppose it. I rest my case.

    1. I dunno about that, salon dot com has already floated a few trial balloon articles concerning pedophilia

    2. don’t lump me in on that narrative score. I am not in favor of marrying and I like my girls a little broken in.

    3. In the case of.Canada it was the Conservative party who raised the age of consent from 14 to 16, but Trudeau hasn’t had the balls to try and change it back. Not that it makes any difference to pedophiles since they are for prepubescent preteens.
      Not sure how low it was in US in past but 150yrs ago in Canada it was 12. Some shit we inherited from England I think.

    4. A colleague of mine works in a research lab where they study alternative forms of sex from a neurocognitive level. They want to medicalize pedophilia and she’s gotten all kinds of grants for her work.
      While she herself thinks kids are being hypersexualized her research nonetheless puts furries, bronies, pedophiles, dog-fuckers, etc., along a spectrum. Fits right into the theories regarding the cis-bi-gay sexuality spectrum being taught in university courses.
      Don’t underestimate the left’s resources for rhetoric.

  11. Leviticus spells out that ye shouldn’t eat what you fuck or shit where you eat basically. Jeffrey Dahmer ate what he fucked and fags in a way fuck what they eat. Out the shithole counts as stuff that’s been eaten and is not to be fucked.

    1. oh Leviticus says loads of things.
      Don’t think you need an appeal to god to say that a) you shouldn’t fuck animals b) you shouldn’t eat shit and c) Dahmer wasn’t quite right.

      1. Actually you kind of do need an appeal to supernatural for any attempt of creating a human moral.
        Using secular moral, you can easily justify animal fucking.
        We eat them, we castrate them, why not fuck them ?

        1. I am sure I can argue against fucking animals using the categorical imperative.
          Even if I couldn’t I could argue that it isn’t morally wrong, but you shouldn’t do it anyway because it is fucking disgusting.
          Nothing morally wrong with licking the floors of grand central station, but it is inadvisable because it is disgusting.

        2. Well disgusting is subjective, as any brainwashed relativist sociology student will tell you.
          The truth is, rationalist moral doesn’t work.

        3. disgusting is not subjective. It is “subjective-universal”
          The subjectivity that leads to repulsion may be internal, but as a condition for the possibility of consciousness it is shared by all conscious beings. If a being is sentient, you can assume that he meets the possibilities for sentience. What is beautiful-sublime-grotesque either corresponds and heightens, or dissonantly shatters those conditions and thus we can assume a sensus communis with certain subjective feelings.
          People who do something that is disgusting are acting against that very possibility of their consciousness and therefore are acting in a way which other sentient beings can judge based solely on their humanity.
          Based on nothing other than the combination of our ego with the a posteriori sense perceptions which we take in, categorize and understand in relation to ourselves, we can say that people “ought” to find something disgusting or beautiful or sublime in order to conform to the conditions of their being sentient in the first place.
          Rationalist morality works just fine my friend.

        4. the simple truth is if someone acts in a way that would obliterate or annihilate their own consciousness then they are morally wrong because they are not fulfilling their rational duty to their own minds.

        5. And in what way is that morally wrong, really ? If it’s only goes against what most people do, and if it goes against their human consciousness, so what ?
          That still doesn’t mean it is wrong, you conservative bigot.
          What if someone rationalizes his disgusting behavior, to the point that he really feels he’s fulfilling his rational duty to his own mind, and what if he’s even able to convince loads of people that his behavior is the only rational one, and what if you, the only rational one, wake up in a world in which most people considere you irrational, in which not raping pandas is considered an insult to your own consciousness, or refusing to acknowledge transdoodles as real women is a hate crime (like, you know, to day ?)
          The truth is what is disgusting only goes against what most people find disgusting, (and they didn’t come to that feeling naturally by the way, this is largely the result from thousand of years of traditional training, or from “brainwashing” in a positive litteral meaning) and against what you think is the basis of human morality.
          The humanist conception of morality, was the trojan horse for what we have today, that is my Hauptthese as the Germans would say.

        6. It is morally wrong in the only way something can be. It actively negates the definitional aspect of our humanity. If most people do it then they ought not. If most people say that 2+2=6 it doesn’t mean it is. In fact: I would go as far as to say that what most people do is totally fucked and wrong anyway and the fact that most people do it is a good way to tell.
          If people rationalize as you say they do then so what? They are wrong. You are looking for an overarching governing force to condemn them and it simply isn’t there.
          I am ok with what we have today. It is basically the same as what we have always had only we are more acutely aware of the absurdity of life and the absolute void and nothingness behind the universe.

        7. It’s funny because I’ve just realized that what you call going against the consciousness I would’ve called it going against your soul, while discusting with my priest.
          We kind of agreed on that one, despite the different terminology.
          Yeah now regarding your last point, we’re back to your email. Which I must answer. Which I will do.

        8. I do not think so at all. I think that a lot of people want to superimpose some form of morality on the world and pretend it is absolute and form on high for their own security because living in a bleak and absurd wasteland can be frightening. But the truth is, rational morality is based in the only truths that actually exist….logical syllogism (and mind you they only exist for and because of humans)…
          The fact that we live in a world where people are more aware of the absurdity and meaninglessness of life and everyone is grabbing at straws…be it religion, social justice, family, race, faggot rights…..and everyone is at war over which one is right because their minds are trying to avoid the nonsense that is the universe….means absolutely nothing.
          While everyone is around scrambling for meaning in being a homo or being religious I am just here relaxing because the world having no meaning isn’t something that bothers me.

        9. agreed. and if you want to hop in the time machine we can just call it anima and have it done with.
          The essential disagreement is this. While you believe, presumably, that there is an overarching order which is being imposed I do not.
          However, I would, in turn, say that da anima is what makes humans humans. In order for humans to be conscious we have to understand the world in terms of logic. Everything we experience through the senses must be either a singularity or a plurality, it must exist within temporal continuity, it must conform to special continuity, it must conform to logical certainty (law of non-contradiction for instance) and, once an objected is experienced (through the senses) and conforms to the laws by which consciousness is possible, it MUST be related to the ego…you have to see things from the “I” or first person perspective. That is what it means to have a mind. If your actions obliterate the possibility of your humanity you are acting immorally because you are acting in a way in which you will yourself, your subjectivity, as an exception to a rule which is constitutional for consciousness which you share with all other sentient beings.
          If you want to call this god that is fine.
          The larger point is that you can get to the same place without ascribing a consciousness to an external entity (either god or the state) and still have grounds on which to call someone immoral.

        10. “I am sure I can argue against fucking animals using the categorical imperative.”
          Did you go through your entire philosophy career thinking the categorical imperative is about how you should treat cats?

        11. Ha. I sure did.
          Let me give you an example I enjoy from my intro class. When explaining the difference between qualitative and quantitative hedonic calculus for ethics I used the example of giving rabbits handjobs.
          You see, jerking off 50 monkeys in quantitatively superior than jerking off a single rabbit, however, since the rabbit can’t jerk itself off it is qualitatively better in terms of the hedonic calculus to jerk off the rabbit.
          Here is the best, I had one class where I had a deaf student. The school provided a translator who was basically exactly what you would expect from a middle aged woman who donated her time to a school to sign for deaf students — pretty much the nicest woman in the world. It was like having Mrs. Garrett in the class with you.
          It took me a while to get used to it. I don’t know if anyone has ever signed for you while you spoke but it feels like ninjas are sneaking up on you at first. My amygdala was firing warning signals and it really fucked me up.
          The worst part is that when you teach there is a certain rhythm. I know when I will get a class to laugh. But because of the fucking lag I would already be on the next topic when the deaf girl started fucking laughing. It really through me off.
          Anyway, when I was explaining how giving one rabbit a hand job was qualitatively causing more pleasure in the world than giving 50 monkeys a hand job this poor woman did her signing with this look on her face that was such a look of sadness and disgust I will never forget it.
          Ahhhh, the tales of Professor Knee are glorious to behold.

        12. not really my area of expertise but I’ll assume that tale about the hedonic calculus of masturbating rabbits is from R M Hares’s book the Language of Moles. From memory I think he proves that a rabbit masturbated to the point of blindness has no way of knowing it isn’t in fact a highly sexed mole.
          That’s quite a good story actually about the translator. I’ve dealt with a few translators in the past, including maketon, but they all had limited comedic value I’m afraid

        13. I’ve never read the book. It is possible that it is a cultural reference that snuck in subconsciously.
          The translator thing was pretty hilarious. There are a few great moments from the university world that I will let seep our here and there as they are relevant. It wasn’t the life for me, but man did I have fun burning that bridge.

        14. “it is a cultural reference that snuck in subconsciously.”
          I’ve only read bits. I don’t actually recall anything about rabbits to be honest. I’m sure academic life would once have been hoot. All lucky jim style, tweed wearing, pretty student boning misadventures….probably not these days though

        15. Why not these days. I actually taught a class called Theories of The Erotic and Sexual Taboo. Man that was fun. Filled up really quickly. 1.5 hours twice a week of telling a bunch of 18-21 year olds about how to properly fuck. Not a terrible gig.

        16. Well, shame that gig’s over then: you could have done an extraordinary session on the politics of Canadian bestiality. You could have given them a horse called trigger gets fingered warning

        17. I was talking to a friend of mine who also used to be a professor. We both kind of got out at the same time. We were talking about whether we would be able to make it through an entire semester without getting fired in todays climate.
          I remember I used to take the train to school. Day one: “raise your hand if you want extra credit lower your hand if you don’t drive. now lower your hand if you smoke. lower your hand if you don’t have any free time before or after class…ok sweetheart, you pick me up. here are my train times. I take my coffee black no sugar”
          Not even kidding I pulled this shit every semester and it worked every semester.
          I could sit and tell you stories for days about being a professor. I was young when I started teaching. Much closer in age to the students than to the other professors.

        18. Lol good times. And they’re gone for good unless something major changes. Nowadays even a fully consensual fling with a student would involve unequal power relations or something and therefore no longer be fully consensual (beyond any beach of trust, professional misconduct etc). Of course it overlooks the minor detail that it is precisely the inequality of power that women are attracted to in the first place

        19. IT is funny, but I remember the line from the faculty handbook by heart.
          “While not explicitly forbidden, romantic relationships between faculty and students is generally deemed unwise” Which I, of course, read as “enjoy the buffet” and enjoy I did……a lot.
          That said, the SJW’s on campuses made it a big deal to demand that students over 18 were consensual adults which is what lead to the debate which lead to the rules that lead to me fucking dozens of students.

        20. I sometimes think about picking up a night or weekend class as an adjunct at a community college. It really is fun.

        21. yeah, well that’s the obvious subtext isn’t it. Goddamn those killjoys sjw jihadis. There is nothing they touch that they don’t destroy

        22. I remember sitting in new faculty orientation while some HR person blah blah blahed at like 50 of us and I thumbed through the book. I stopped on that line and burned it into my soul

        23. You should do, it’s got to be a fun, and the risk level (of some mindless complaint) would be less as they’d be more mature.

        24. I never felt a risk level. Honestly, I was a professor in the late 20’s in good shape and teaching philosophy who would pop in, hung over from a night of drinking, all tatted up in jeans and a tshirt, blow some fucking minds by laying down some philosophy shit and than either get a ride to the train or if the weather was nice peace out on my motorcycle.
          I had one student tell me she was late to class because she was in her car masturbating. Another girl drunk dialed my mobile phone number (which was on my syllabus) and asked “would you ever sleep with a student” to which I responded “depends on the student”
          So many good memories. I better stop now.

        25. “I had one student tell me she was late to class because she was in her car masturbating.”
          Well, as academic excuses go that’s better than my dog at my homework. Although in fairness if the class is called about sexual taboos” she could always try “I ate my dog as part of my homework.” Sitting in her car masturbating is probably a lot more encouraging though.
          Academia had a good thing going, and those SJWs have fucked it for everybody, including latterday students who seem to be going crazy for lack of a good dicking from their professors

        26. now I am on memory path with that girl. I remember at the end of the semester she asked if I wanted to hang out. I gave her my address and she drove into the city. She was almost 10 years younger than me and I wasn’t even 30 yet.
          When she showed up I came downstairs and saw her pull into a spot. She got out with her purse and this beach bag filled with clothes and shoes. She literally brought clothes with her. There was no doubt in her mind that she would not be going home that night. I wound up seeing her on the regular for a few months. Once a week she would come into town and we would have a blast. I wonder what she is up to now. Prob married with a dog named after me and a clueless husband. She would be too old for me now anyway.

        27. “Prob married with a dog named after me and a clueless husband”
          That made me laugh. Poor guy, cucked by a dog named lolknee, with a dodgy cruciate ligament.
          Seems we have found your lost memory palace of academic shags. Sex and learning always seem rather bound together I think.

        28. I’ve always said: if you can’t seduce someone you can’t teach them.
          Yes, I assume all manner of pets are named after me. One girl told me she named her fish after me. After that I just assumed they all named a pet lolknee and their new boyfriends had no idea why

        29. She named her smells like fish after you? Now that’s a compliment.
          Yes, I think you’re very right about teaching and seduction.

        1. Oh sure. I laughed. Right in the middle of taking a drink of coffee. Now everyone is going to think I have a drinking problem.

      1. this would be the correct response. I suggest you keep this pic on your desktop. As the week progresses you will need it more.

  12. Let me guess. Penetration only applies to the non-human. So it would be legal for a woman to “envelope” a drugged dog’s penis in some lesbian fetish porn while still keeping the door open to sue a farmer who “penetrates” a cow’s vagina with his hand if trying to help deliver a baby calf without a vet’s license.

  13. It doesn’t make sense. Animals can’t technically consent. Then again, you can’t get animals drunk to bang them.
    I’ve only been to Canada once, so I can’t say much about it’s culture, but if they’re as attached to their pets, ahem, companions as Americans are, then that explains a lot.

    1. if you have to slip your dog some rohypnol in order to get her back to your place you haven’t trained her properly

  14. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    ― Theodore Dalrymple

    1. Genius quote. Stealing it.
      Indeed. In the revelations of those who survived Romanian communist torture camps, they had their hair pulled out and nails turned out while being force to say things they thought sacrilegious like ” God doesn’t exist ” and things like ” I love communism, I hate my family, I hate god, The great leader is my parent, The communist party is my family ” and then to say things obviously false like ” Event x didn’t happen ” when it did. Sometimes they even forced them to say gibberish like “2 + 2 = 5″ and ” Earth is square” , etc.
      This makes sense, if you read Orwell 1984 and doublethink. This is also in line with Yuri Bezmenov’s speech about demoralization.

  15. Canada in 2016 is fucking weird for real.
    – Fort McMurray was recently suffering mass forest fires, and Canada rejected foreign aid. Meanwhile we’ve been giving money away to other countries left right and centre since Trudeau became PM.
    – We’ve extended Gay Pride Parade to become Gay Pride Month. Because we need naked old people walking around downtown for 30 days instead of one.
    – The Canadians taken hostage by radical Muslims in the Philipines were recently declared murdered by their captors. Trudeau didn’t do shit to save them, and put no pressure on the Philipine government to help. Instead we’ve brought in Syrian refugees and gave them free Canadian citizenship.
    – We are seriously considering changing the lyrics to our Canadian national anthem to be more “inclusive”.
    – Apparently we fuck goats now.

    1. wow. I didn’t know all this about Canada. Any list that ends with “apparently we fuck goats now” has to be bad.
      And Fag Month? I thought NYC was bad because we made fag week. I am surprised you don’t have to get into some unholy combination of a stockade and a glory hole and let yourself be sodomoized.

    2. lol… I have to chuckle at some of those. But holy shit. This is first world western civilization? Our ancestors from hundreds of years ago would be pretty pissed if they saw where we took things…

    3. “Oh Canada, blinded by the light; wrapped up like a douche, another runner in the night..” how does the rest go?

    4. i think they already voted to change the lyrics – although for the sake of accuracy they just restore the original lyrics that were at some point changed to the current version.

  16. That donkey in the photo is better looking than most western she-whales, and more pleasant to be around.

  17. The word hopeless springs to mind. As a man I hate to say that, but at some point we need to admit that the west is beyond saving and take steps to start over.

  18. I assume that our healthcare system will be paying for the ailments associated with bestiality. Great.

      1. There’s many wild theories on it, but it seems plausible that AIDS originated from either sex with primates or handling/eating bushmeat.

        1. I still don’t believe in the existence of AIDS. I think a bunch of Africans had the flu and that just didn’t play sad sack enough so celebrities invented this aids concept and linked it to faggots too just for the fund raising lulz and publicity.

        2. Aids was hyped in the late 70’s like the Swine flu and the medditerraniean fruit fly. The health departments reported an amazing SEVEN fruit flies populated N America. Amazingly accurate isn’t it? They had tabs on these occurrences that were so accurate they must have occurred in a petri dish under a microscope.
          AND AIDS was touted as a sure coming plague a decade before the culture of fags sucking hundreds of dicks was promoted. MSM blasted to the nation how ROD STEWART collapsed on stage from a bellyfull of cum long before desperado betas lurked in droves in public parks trying to ape the quota of HUNDREDS of dicks. The MSM was incubating and feueling a new culture of wanton dicksucking. Fags didn’t invent the ‘dick thirst’ insanity, it was the MSM in collusion with the mad labcoat psy op monsters who infested the seedy back doors of lefty/globalist academia and government.
          The proliferation of the roving dicksuck fag underculture exploded with the SAME illogical train of disconnect that we see MUSLIM INSANITY exploding wile plagued with this so called ISIS. So ISIS is the ‘aids’ of Islam. It too came from a petri dish and gives Muslims the same radius of ‘me’ space to enter and traverse about unhindered. Non muslims tend to avoid incoming muslims to a slight degree giving the newcomers an air of private space while the ‘hosts’ avoid the foreboding ‘isis bug’. It is all high level brain screw psy op socialogical science in action.
          And remember NO ONE went around sucking dicks like a mad hatter before the announcement of AIDS. It was too reverse psychology just like the seemingly illogical leftist gay love to muslims that reaches the highest levels of policymaking.

      2. Actually, AIDS started with the fetish of cutting the body, especially the legs, and rubbing the blood of the Green Monkey into the wounds. This produces long raised welts which are attractive to the eternally retarded negroid mind.Then some sick white homosexual with a fetish for negro boys, started the process of spreading the plague around the world. Nothing like race-mixing and buggery to spread an epidemic. The rest is history.

    1. If it is illegal to penetrate an animal, would it be illegal for the animal to penetrate a person?
      Canada, get on this. We need answers.

  19. I would be embarrassed to be a Canadian after this asinine ruling.
    It seems every country with a huge population of feminist, homosexuals and perverts are being infested with Muslims.

  20. I live in Toronto and the degree of feminism and political correctness is through the roof. Many white knights and manginas too which explains why “real” or smart men are not getting married or having kids.

  21. Why even raise the issue of bestiality??? Putting it in the MSM and slick newspapers is like ‘spotlighting’ the issue that concerns maybe .01% of the retarded population. Many adult retards haven’t even figured how to jack off. Of course once they do figure out, they can’t stop. What better do they have to do?
    BUT SPOTLIGHTING the issue in the legal houses is proof our courts are completely a club of the enemy. They’re just as guilty as the MSM in promoting culture killing thought and deeds. There are a lot of half retard but functional people that are as normal as they’re copable of being who will hear of ‘goat sucking’ and sheep licking. These dumbasses will throw down their scrabble games and say ”hey did you hear on the news about donkeys and goats being the new rave??” That’s how these awful things like the fag culture and carousel whoring get a boost and become mainstream practice. It’s being MAINSTREAMED. Watch out. The courts and the MSM are traitors of the same club.

  22. Western liberal women could care less about Muslim men, since most of them are from economic shitholes: Egypt, Somalia, etc. These men are not capable of cosigning a loan on her dream McMansion in suburbua; therefore, Mohammed (fill in the blank) is basically dead to her.
    That’s why so many women cannot understand Islamic terrorism. These low SMV Muslim men simply do not exist to these women; their struggle (or insanity) is no different in that regard to a neckbeard beta in his basement – it simply doesn’t exist.
    Let’s face it…the most “racist” and “prejudicial” sentiment in the world is female sexual preference.
    It you work at Mcdonalds, are a security guard, sweep floors, etc., then you are dead to most Western women. Think about it…why do women read these celebrity, gossip magazines? It’s to find out who the tier-one men are fucking. The only Muslim men that would be “alpha” in a Western woman’s mind would be something like a wealthy sheik. And most of these sheiks only want Western women to use for facial doodies on Dubai weekends.
    Compare their reaction from Orlando to their reaction to Brock Turner. There you see the hypocrisy. Turner – being representative of the Alpha, white male – is what most of these women secretly want. Therefore, they cannot get enough of the story. I really think the reason that Turner only got six months is that there are a line of women waiting for him, fighting for the chance to get his “bad boy” seed.

  23. Canada – the country where you can screw an animal, but not say something that would hurt its feelings.

  24. Does anyone remember when Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty gave that interview and said something to the effect that once homosexual behavior is accepted, bestiality won’t be far behind? Remember the outrage?
    Here’s the thing… if heterosexual behavior isn’t exclusively affirmed as normative, what’s wrong with bestiality? Homosexual behavior has always existed as has bestiality but they were both subject to various legal, social and religious strictures so as to be discouraged. Traditionally, only heterosexual behavior was affirmed. But if we’re now affirming all sorts of variations of sexual behavior, why not bestiality? Is it because of consent? A man’s dog does not consent to being purchased as his pet. If the dog likes being petted and stroked and seeks to please his master what’s wrong with introducing an element of sexual contact into the relationship?
    Of course, it’s revolting and obscene, right? So was homosexuality up until two generations ago. Once you get past the revulsion and you accept the rationale for affirming alternative forms of sexual behavior, can someone explain why bestiality is wrong and should be illegal? If you accept the logic of modern sexual ethics, provided the behavior of the man does not harm the dog, what’s wrong with it?
    Maybe Phil Robertson isn’t the crazy redneck he was made out to be?

  25. Yay for Canada, they’ll make it a Chickenlover’s paradise yet!
    But you know who else if conspicuously silent on this issue? PETA. But then, what does one expect from those dog fuckers. I’m sure corks were popping in their head office (so to speak) when the announcement was made..
    Just be thankful that sanity can prevail in Germany, if given the chance:

  26. Im amazed everyday when I read the news. Every day this fucking world sets a new level of corruption, decadence and madness.

    1. Caligula himself would be ashamed at the decadence and insanity. Also, if your username is a reference to the Case of Charles Dexter Ward very nice.

        1. Pity he isn’t. He was absolutely incredible and his works are very much in tune with my world view.

        2. Read all of H.P.s stuff. Still have the books, but as they are older than dirt and falling apart.

  27. Liberals are all gung-ho about stopping animal abuse. Have a dog in your pickup with the windows cracked when it is 60 out and they will see to it that you go to jail. Sodomize your dog? Well, that is a moral issue and everyone knows you cannot legislate morality.

    1. Back before i permanently bailed from social media I saw a post on Facebook with a pic of some kind of dog carrier on a bumper hitch and people in the comments were losing their minds over it. To listen to those morons one would think that a dog in a car dies a horrible agonizing death in 3.6 seconds after the door is closed and saying if they saw one in a car they would break the window. They will never have to break my window though because there isn’t going to be a shit eating dog riding in the front of my truck, he will be in the back where he belongs.

  28. Katie Wynne, the dyke premiere of Ontario, aka the Wicked Witch of Don Valley West, used to be the minister of education. During her time there, a new “sex ed” curriculum was introduced, which included materials teaching children in Grades 5 and 6 how to perform fellatio and sodomy. Who was the principal architect of that plan? None other than Bernard Levin, currently serving time in Her Majesty’s prison for counseling a woman (actually, an undercover cop) how to ‘groom’ her 12-year old daughter to have sex with the woman’s boyfriend. So I expect the age of consent to be lowered, although I’m sure it will be for same sex experiences only. They don’t want 35 year old men having sex with 15 year old girls; they want 55 year old queers having sex with 10 year old boys.

  29. I would have thought something like this would have come about in the U.S. first since so many Americans nowadays think that pets are just like people.
    As crazy as Americans are about animals I’ve been expecting them to start smelling one another’s butts instead of shaking hands.

    1. Okay, so what? Fucking 7/8 supreme court justices voted for this in 2016. Why is this an issue in the first place and one that got as fucking high as a supreme court in a major western country? No, Canucks should be ripped on. There are no cases for a debate on “freedom of speech”, which, you know, is one of the cornerstones in what we call freedom, BUT, they sure as shit have a place on the docket for animal fucking.

  30. Okay, so first of all this if flat out fucking disgusting, period. Second, and apropos to the left’s hysteria over rape and obtaining firm undeniable consent from a would-be sexual partner (even though this seems to only matter for women) where is the outrage? How in the fucking world can you ever get consent from an animal? HOW! Okay, so animals do have the ability to show emotions and react to stimuli, so, fido might respond favorably to some pervert jacking him off. Any way you cut it fido is not operating with enough awareness of the situation, especially, when you hold sexual consent to the standards that men are held to with women today. A drunk as fuck female college student nearing blackout still operates on a higher level of intelligence then any animal. Fucking animals is like fucking retards. They may “like it”, I guess, but they don’t really know what they’re doing. I can convince a retarded person to do just about anything with minimal effort. What this amounts to is exploitation, plain and simple. So where is PETA on this issue, where? If some white man held a retarded female captive as a sex slave, but still fed her and provided shelter etc – there would be outrage. So, how is this any different. Fucking animals is gross and people who do it are more than deranged…they are taking advantage of innocent animals.

  31. Liberalism is a filthy, criminal mental illness. Soon we will put all these criminals and perverts in concentration camps, after a fair trial, of course.

  32. It’s going to go the same way as abortion. When abortion was first thought of it was inhumane and equivalent to murder. But then they used rape as a means to say abortion is needed apparently rape came to be considered worst murder.
    In first world countries of course rape would be seen as the worst mainly because they’re not surrounded by death and third world country citizens have witnessed deaths more often than first worlders
    Pedophilia is going to be rationalized especially with how quickly children are maturing due to our advanced technology and education (girls reach puberty at ages 9-11 now) and there’s going to be those that see it right to lower the age of consent and pedophilia is only considered at 5 years or younger… and who knows how lower they will make it

    1. Whatever age the liberals sets that little boys can elect on their own with absolutely no influence from their liberal parents :^) to cut off their penis and dress like Elsa from Frozen becomes the age of consent.
      Such “rights” will only be given to gays and trannies, however. Feminism is about destroying anything men might enjoy, and the ability to legally sex up girls in their most fertile years will always be forbidden. Female teachers having sex with 8-12 year old boys are “victims.” Male teachers having sex with any woman under the age of 35 are creeps and pedophiles. So it shall always be.
      But if you want to dress yourself as a woman and suck off a dog in a Target’s ladies room, you’re a hero, because damn that’s progressive as fuck!

  33. Not for nothing, but I imagine a lot of cowboys would rather marry their horse, then a woman. The horse is vastly more honest and reliable. By the way, if polygamy is illegal in Canada, does marrying a horse protect you from civil union marriage laws?

  34. nah the canadian supreme court members are dressed like santa claus because they’re getting ready for pedophilia to be legalized
    jump on santa’s lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that comes up

  35. What would you possibly expect from the tares of the Bible. They are they children of Satan and Jesus said they would grow together with the wheat until the harvest. Enjoy all that sodomy and baby murdering, it won’t be a pretty sight when Jesus steps on you in his wrath and your blood stains his garments. The judge of the whole earth is waiting patiently for the last person to repent and then his wrath will flow on the Godless. Don’t believe in him now, you will later.

  36. Wow, I remember when Canada was far more conservative than here in the U.S. Now you guys are chasing cats and dogs to get your jollies. Way to go you deviant hosers. Please stay on your side of the border, nutty Canucks.

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