The New Ghostbusters Movie Will Be Ruined By The Feminist Agenda

Hollywood has done it again— and by “it,” I mean taking a franchise that features men as heroes and transformed it into yet another casualty of fashionable feminism. This is especially hypocritical considering that this movie is based on a franchise that features men as heroes and was judged as sexist by feminists for featuring only males as the heroes.


Slinging ectoplasm is man’s work

Like the proverbial kid sister who would fume at the fact that her brother and his friends would lock her out of the male only clubhouse, the feminists and their mangina accomplices in the media once again demonstrate their need to forcibly intrude upon any perceived male bastions. Their solution? Take the all male cast and replace it with an all female cast, thereby sending the message that it’s ok to be sexist, so long as you’re sexist against men…then it isn’t really sexist, but gender equality.

Recently in Entertainment Weekly, Paul Feig, director of that wonderful feminist cop fantasy “The Heat,” was quoted as saying that he wanted to reboot the franchise by taking it in an entirely new direction with an all-female cast, while not ruining the memory of the previous all male cast.

The question begs to be asked: how do you show respect to the cast of Ghostbusters 1 and 2 by completely eliminating the history that those installments created in a second sequel?

The answer is: you don’t. In the creative mind of Hollywarped, you show respect to the fans of a franchise by creating a new franchise from the raped carcass of the original. Like a xenomorph springing from the chest of yet another unfortunate host, the end result is less than the core audience expected, and more than anyone in the victim’s place would want.

Is there a need for a reboot?

Why should this franchise be rebooted in the first place? Why eliminate the legend that helped make it a successful and beloved franchise in the eyes of many? Surely a new Ghostbusters featuring the sons (and daughters) of the core list of characters would have appealed just as much, if not more, to the main Ghostbusters audience and those less familiar with the franchise, so why neuter the Ghostbusters completely? This defies all logic—to say nothing of the fact that having the corpulent Melissa McCarthy run around the city with a 35-lb proton pack strapped to her girth defies the laws of physics.


Her next movie will be a starring role in the remake of The Blob

Wouldn’t it have been fair to include both sexes as the next generation of Ghostbusters, in order to show respect to what was presented before? As the Shakespearean bard would say, therein lies the rub. It’s not about fairness to feminists, it’s about presenting women as superior to men, especially in instances where men are presented in a positive light and there is no female around to share in the glory. Sigourney Weaver’s character didn’t count, she was the damsel in distress and Janine was the comedy relief. In the eyes of feminists, this is especially unacceptable.

The adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” doesn’t seem to apply in Hollywarped, especially when you factor in the feminist agenda affecting this and similar movies. I suppose the phrase “if it ain’t got estrogen, be sure and inject some” might be more fitting.

I have no problem with seeing a woman (especially a beautiful one) in a testosterone-driven plot provided she is relevant to the story and does not exist mainly to push some leftist gender-specific agenda. How many of today’s major movies that you can name didn’t have a token feminist representation in the lead or in a supporting role? Exactly.

Given this, I’m almost surprised Bilbo and company from The Hobbit film series didn’t have to deal with an empowered female hobbit on their wonderful quest. Oh wait, there’s just one thing…Tauriel substituted for that. As any reader of the series is well aware, she was made up for just that purpose, to offset all that dangerous Middle Earth masculinity the film series was in danger of providing. Peter mangina Jackson created this character with the help of two female writers. Mission accomplished.


Don’t call me Link, i don’t know who that is.

This situation isn’t like to get fixed anytime soon, so long as mainstream cinema continues to churn out cinematic estrogen like chum for the consumption of the masses. Drivel like Lucy is becoming par for the course, and Ghostbusters 3 looks to be proudly following in this new tradition.

A bit of nostalgia

Remember when real men used to be represented onscreen as real men? Who can forget Vito Corleone in The Godfather, especially that memorable scene where he smacks Johnny Fontane? Vito was obviously a red pill man who dealt with matters the red pill way. Nowadays it’s more common to see a male represented as an ignoramus or a weakling, or seeing women acting like men.

In today’s twisted society, Johnny Fontane has become the norm and Vito Corleone has become the exception. I doubt Ghostbusters 3 is going to be any less twisted in pushing its cinematic feminist agenda.

Oh what a brave new world, that has such wonderfully feminist, sexist people in it.

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389 thoughts on “The New Ghostbusters Movie Will Be Ruined By The Feminist Agenda”

  1. I heard about this female Ghostbusters movie awhile ago, but had no idea who was cast in it. I assumed they would get some cute attractive actresses at least.But holy fuck, it’s like they got the ugliest ones they could find. Seriously, how does Melissa McCarthy get work? She’s short, fat, and not funny at all. She must have the greatest agent in Hollywood.

    1. Or she’s related to some top brass. Her Irish last name alone won’t get her favors like it does “certain other” people (tiptoeing here).

    2. I thought she was hilarious in Bridesmaides. Sure, she’s short and fat, and I wouldn’t touch her. Also, that’s all I’ve seen her in, so perhaps she just got a really good scriptwriter.
      I’m not even infatuated with any of the “cute, attractive actresses” these days. I mean I’ll see them and hope they get naked, but I don’t sit around and fantasize about them or anything. The last one I had a crush on was Scarlett Johansen but I’ve seen too much of her slutty side to care about her any longer. Like anything else, the best actors are men.

      1. Sure, she’s short and fat, and I wouldn’t touch her.

        Sounds like a good sig.
        She’s short. She’s fat. And I won’t touch her.

      2. the cast should be
        dave chappelle (winston)
        bill burr (venkman)
        patton oswald (akroyd role)
        mo’nique (for the secretary role)
        gilbert gottfried (moranis role)
        jim breuer….just because his faces

        1. I put mo nique in the list to troll people, and you choose patton and gottfried to get miffed at 🙂

        2. Monique is super gross but she is funny.
          Her racial flow chart from that bounty hunter lady movie with Keira Knightley was absolutely hilarious!
          “Im a DeVry graduate, bitch”!

      3. If you’ve seen one of her movies, you’ve seen em all. That’s her schtick. Be fat. Be loud. Be a slob. Do all of that but try to act like a guy while you’re doing it. Hollywood comedy gold! Seriously though, would you find her funny if she WASN’T fat? Don’t just say yes, really think about it. Probably not. There is a reason she has to stay fat, and that is to land more rolls as the loud crass fatty. She has the money and the time now where she could hire a personal trainer and lose the weight. She won’t do that until she’s ready to retire from ‘acting’.

      4. I’m not so sure about the best actors being men. In fact, I disagree. That’s one area where I can’t see a clear winner. Male actors certainly have more star power, but I’m not sure if it’s because they’re better actors in the technical sense, or they just appeal to more people since women will pay to see men they find attractive like Leonardo DiCaprio or Denzel Washington and men will pay to see them because they’re cool dudes and embody a masculinity they appreciate.
        That being said, in my opinion, Meryl Streep is the best actor/actress I’ve ever seen.

        1. I don’t care for the huge megastars, and Merryl Streep is definitely talented. But she is the unicorn exception. But consider: Edward Norton’s performance in American History X and Primal Fear, Phillip Seymore Hoffman in most anything, Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Joaquim Phoenix in several movies, the Master was good, Deniro in Devils Advocate, Steve McQueen in anything, Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs, and even the minor role characters who were just so believable and entertaining like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.
          All of these are captivating, memorizing performances where you don’t feel like you are watching actors, but the story is actually unfurling in front of you.

        2. I always saw mcqueen as a presence more than an actor.
          I hate admitting this, but joaquin phoenix is an amazing actor. “Her” shoulda won best pic last yr. would be nice if they voted best movie something that presages the future rather than dwells on the past (and its not a race thing, it was lame when that pic about a king’s speech impediment won too).

        3. Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper.
          Disclaimer: I dislike Russell Crowe in anything else.

        4. Dont let your wishful thinking get the better of you. Go trolling for cheap thrills elsewhere.

        5. It’s nothing personal but I wouldn’t wish your “alternative lifestyle” on anyone.

        6. KilltheBank
          11 minutes ago
          “Well, when I was busy fu kn my fist, I wondered if you had had enough to eat.”

      1. What? You don’t find the same joke of “I had sex with a black man, he was THIS big!” or “I had sex with a Jew, he was uncircumcised!” told over and over again by all of them funny? Lighten up, man! 😉

        1. What the hell kind of jokes can those ones tell? “So I cut my hair short, decided I looked good as a version of Billy Idol with tits, and went and preyed on cute innocent bi-curious feminine girls!”
          I want to puke any time I see shit like that. What an affront to nature! You know that the cute girl is totally being held relationship prisoner, too!

        2. Opie and Anthony call it “a hole” as in a blackhole that sucks all the funny out of the room lol

      2. I love comedians, going to comedy shows, listening to comedy. And while there may be a female comedian that could tell a joke or two that would make me laugh .. [Anjelah Johnson who is also nice to look at is the only one coming to mind now.. And really all she does is impressions (of stereotypes), which is something almost anyone can learn to do.]

        But there is not a single female comedian that I can think of that I would pay to see live. I’ve seen dozens of male comedians, including the great George Carlin twice. They are worlds apart from any female comedian. People like Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Sarah Silverman were given a national audience but if they were men, their talent level would not have been high enough to get them the obscene amount of airtime they are given. They are simply nowhere near as funny as men.

        1. I heard this somewhere, can’t remember where though: The reason women aren’t funny is because they only have the ability to talk about something that happened. e.g. “The other day my boyfriend left the toilet seat up and I…” Whereas men have the ability to joke about things they’ve never actually seen. A good example is Bill Burr. While he talks about women all the time he’s able to take it to a different level, likening women to robots that keep coming at you with suggestions of things to do with your day.

        2. Yes. Correct. And if I’d used the word, “imagination,” instead of, “things they have never seen/experienced,” would that have made the point clearer or less clear?

        3. Actually, you’re right. I assumed you were having a go. I was being a dick. I’ve been conditioned this past month by dumb people talking shit to me and I just took it as another swipe. Sorry.

        4. and peeps on this site dont do that much, at least in my experience. thats why I dont bother commenting anywhere else on the web 🙂

      3. Female comedians should be more popular. Every time I hear a woman talking about gender equality I laugh until I cry. The fact that they can’t transpose that to the comedy club is baffling

        1. there is a college here in nyc offering a night class designed to get more people of color to become comedians. cant make this shit up…

    3. Melissa McCarthy get work? She’s short, fat, and not funny at all.

      They should have casted her as the marshmallow man.

        1. Doubtful, you are just parroting what the liberals told you to say.
          Play race card when out of ideas.
          Unlike most of these guys here, I love the brown sugar, but the pickings are extremely thin for that group.
          If you had any intellectual honesty you would admit the same. No one wants a fat ghetto hoochie.
          I only go for college age, or military when I need the Molasses.

      1. Agree…as well it should; and the same goes for the upcoming feminasty version of Terminator that’s due out this summer.

  2. It is clear that Hollywood has been infiltrated by feminism. Feminism is brainwashing the masses and driving the message that women are the new men. We saw it television shows like “Malcolm In The Middle” and now we are starting to see it in the movies.
    First, when I heard about Hollywood turning the character Thor into a woman, I laughed. But then started to get really annoyed when I saw the trailer for Terminator Genisys, where Kyle Reese from the looks of it, has become a beta simp and Sarah Connor as the lead.
    People really need to start to wake up and realise that women are destroying our society. Thats right- destroy. Men build, women destroy. Everything that was once considered morally wrong about our society such as divorce, single motherhood and reversing traditional gender roles, is now considered right.
    Insane times we live in.

    1. It is clear that Hollywood has been infiltrated by feminism

      EV*RY*THING has been infiltrated by feminism. That’s what you get for giving women equal rights. Women are the majority of the population hence they turn everything into a feminist shithole.

      1. Simple solution: revoke women’s rights. After the mess they’ve made out of Western countries, I bet given enough push every male politician (thankfully still the majority in every government) would vote to see em back in the kitchen and back under foot.

      2. It would be thought that with all the programs the feminists would have achieved whatever it was they set out to achieve, with all the backing from governments and media and entertainment, one would think that women would have sailed across the galaxy and back, it’s interesting that Men with all the hate they face still are powering the country and still are innovating, while women and feminism with all their “Empowerment” haven’t really contributed anything, or accomplished anything…other than an endless supply of complaining and being responsible for a society that is becoming dysfunctional because of it.

        1. That’s All it is, Either Transference or Scavenging , your absolutely right nothing gained by pure Merit.

        2. I don’t know her life exactly, but I know there are both men and women with merit for their work/effort. But Is it merit in proportion to their fortune ?
          You always need some luck, not just hard work, but some people earn it much easier, for example famous actors, and in some way, it is not much different than those who inherited it from others.
          Then, even if we include Oprah in the list, it does not change the fact that not only billionaires transfer money to women, but men in general. And not just money but also opportunities.

        3. Oprah made her fortune off of tons of housewives who spent their “hard work” time at home wasting it watching oprah’s show and the dopey indoctrination it spoon fed them.
          She is like the pied piper of stupid american females.

        4. Oh my God! I hate seeing anything you post!
          How dare you invoke that fucking name here!

    2. what I can’t work out is whether they’re actually making money out of this, or simply trying to brainwash people
      I understand women might want this, but why do men go along with this

      1. When guys I know tell me they’re excited to go see the new Terminator I’m completely confused.
        There is no possible way it will be better than the originals (EDIT: or come anywhere even close)…
        Are people that desperate for a fix that they’re willing to consider this filler as good?

        1. “are people that depsperate for a fix that they’re willing to consider this filler as good?”

    3. Men build, women destroy

      Not “destroy”; “consume”. Women are consumers of the wealth generated by men. Which is fine by me as long as the male quo is reciprocated with female quid. Feminism wants the quo for free.

      1. Nope. They also destroy companies as well. There have been many stories of companies going bust because feminism has forced them to hire females, rather than actual skilled candidates.

        1. This may be too fine a semantic point to be worth debating, but if you said “feminism destroys”, I’d be in complete agreement. Women in general are not destructive, though; acquisitive, materialistic, volatile – sure. Feminine nature can result in incidental destruction, but only when men allow it to run amok, as we have in the last 50 years. An internal combustion engine can be destructive if it’s not properly maintained, but no one would say that cars are generally “destructive”.

        2. The voice of reason. If you were a female you would have just added more fuel to the fire, if you were a feminist you would have just laughed at the debate.
          Great job demonstrating the logical capabilities of the average Man.

        3. “Feminine nature can result in incidental destruction, but only when men allow it to run amok, as we have in the last 50 years”
          -Totally agree. This is why men need to understand that women need to be kept under control.

    4. Hollywood is just jumping on the new group of customers (consumers) – women. They’re towing the feminist line in order to get access to the women who make on their own money (or have access to a household’s money). It’s really that simple.
      All corporations are going this route as well as our government. They are simply catering to women (and the latest FI) to get access to their money.
      The downside is it’s fucking up the balance in society.

      1. Im lucky. My girl was told repeatedly that trainwreck was “funny”.
        She ordered it and fell asleep after twenty minutes!
        Bonus: She woke up near the end and said “Is this still on?”
        I was too busy reading ROK to notice.

  3. It was only a matter of time before they remade Ghostbusters and looks like it’ll be one to avoid. Why don’t they cast Jason Statham as the giant Marshmallow Man..

        1. Yes, because Tom Selleck on his own does the job it would otherwise take three women to do.

    1. You forget that gays are already popular with the PC/feminist crowd. They are portrayed far more favourably than straight men ever will be

    1. perhaps we can have Jennifer Lawrence naked and covered in ectoplasm…. then again we’ve already seen that before….

      1. I honestly wouldn’t worry about the new Ghostbusters. It will be shit no matter who’s in it, like RoboCop and Total Recall. Those movies represented a moment in time that cannot be repeated.
        Still, a Ghostbusters movie with an all female cast sounds like a great idea for a porn movie. Oh wait we don’t watch porn on this site shhhhhh!

        1. That’s not the point of them changing it, though. It’s not just about making something “new” or “different” it’s about destroying culture.
          Ghostbusters is part of our (white) culture. So is Sound of Music. Also Annie (which now has a black kid playing the part). Sure, these aren’t great films like Citizen Kane, but it’s still, effectively, raping our culture.
          Look at Star Wars. It doesn’t matter whether you think a black person in a Stormtrooper’s uniform is cool or not (or whether he’s wearing a disguise or is an actual Stormtrooper), the fact is the VERY FIRST face you see in the trailer for the new film is a black man in a StormTrooper’s uniform. And that’s a huge FUCK YOU to the fans who were so god damn excited to get, not only a new Star Wars film, but one with Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and that bitch. Do not think this was an accident. The studio’s knew what they were doing: getting people trending.
          If you step into our shoes you’ll see it clearer. There are a lot of black cultural hallmarks, namely music. Jazz, blues, rap. To this day I hear blacks whinging that Elvis stole their sound and sold millions because he’s white. And fair enough, would piss me off too.

        2. Is that really a good example though? There were blacks in the original Star Wars, or my name isn’t Lando Calrissian.
          Meaning that it’s not out of place in that universe. Now in Sound of Music, yes, absolutely and utterly out of place as to be nigh comical when you consider where the story takes place – impending and post Nazi Austria.
          Outside of Star Wars though, I think you make a good point.

        3. So instead of sticking to the feminist theme of the article you’re going to rant about black people?
          Take a poll. How many black people give a flying fuck about Elvis and what influenced his music?
          Unless you live in a bubble, we all influence each other to varying degrees.
          You sound like an old man stuck in the past.

        4. Did you see the backlash? It’s a perfectly valid example, especially since it was already established in the previous Star Wars films that ALL StormTroopers are clones of… I forget his name, Jabo Fett (or something like that, you know, the NZ Dude).
          In fact, the more you think about it, it’s a perfect example of Fuck you.

        5. actually he is right, you don’t see him complaining that Samuel l Jackson was in a star wars film, and that there shouldn’t be black people in space, or black jedi, because mace windu is an originally black character…..
          yes he is stuck in the past, a star wars fan that wants the series to remain true to lore. rather than become needlessly diverse. nothing wrong with that.
          Why must the future be needlessly diverse, why is that good thing, explain?
          PS Jango fett is not even a “white” man, he is also definately not “black”, dude is half pacific/NZ islander, Should stay that way or look similar

        6. Ah, I didn’t know that. I’m not, and have never been, particularly fond of Star Wars, at least not to the point of seeing them beyond the first three movies back in the 80’s. And even then, eh, didn’t do a lot for me. So thanks for the update, now it makes sense why you’d pick that movie.

          Well, that is only half true.
          The long-standing canon of the books (which Disney arbitrarily pitched in the can) held that the Empire recruited heavily to keep its ranks filled. Han Solo was a student at the Imperial Academy training to be a naval officer, and Luke wanted to do the same at first. In this interpretation, the Clone Wars ended with the destruction of the cloning vats.
          When Lucas released his vision of the Clone Wars (long after these books were released), they did some backfilling. Now, the theory is that Kamino got blown up, and the clones were saved for REALLY important missions only.
          Having the black stormtrooper in the intro was just about Disney getting their press. Same goes for every “Disney Princess” over the past five years or so.

        8. I remember in the mid 90’s there was a made for tv Cinderella movie starring r&b singer Brandy and a mostly black cast. My family sat down and watched it together and at the end my dad joked that he couldn’t wait for the gay version. less than 20 years later it doesn’t seem so far off. I could really care less if they make a black or gay version of whatever old story that has been rehashed too many times to count, but I think we can all agree that there would be a serious backlash if they made a Beverly hills cop remake starring Channing Tatum.

        9. You must be a very patient man… talking with this clown. Its a bit like talking to that funny old racist guy for whom the world has passed him by. When he was young, he was a threat, now he’s just amusing and ever so slightly pathetic.

        10. Mate, Star Wars is bollocks. All of it. They can turn the whole cast into lesbian retarded dwarfs for all I care. Only a childish mentality worries that “ooh ooh they changed my Star Wars”.
          And Darth Vader was Black so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

        11. What about Luke and Han as Stormtroopers? How is it possible if all the Stormtroopers are clones of a Maori guy? Fuck me, they made white guys Stormtroopers – fucking PC movie business!

        12. The movie isn’t even out yet and you’re already making false assumptions. So what you saw a black dude in a stormtrooper outfit? For all we know, he was hiding in it the same way Luke and Hans did in the episode A New Hope. Stop being a racist pig!

        13. Good job half reading comments. I stated every fucking thing you said, and explained I was pissed off with studio’s trolling on purpose. Yeah, crawl back into your hole.

        14. Father – from the “Dark Side of The Force…” . Must’ve rinsed Luke’s Mom’s with “Vader’s Baby Batter”…

        15. It just occurred to me: The 2nd most evil man in the universe just received the death-blow from his now-victorious nemesis.
          He’s got minutes or less before he expires, and says, “I’m your father…”. Just to fuck with Luke, and the pussy fell for it. Vader lied, and bobsyeruncle.

        16. The black stormtrooper was a giant cunt and the girl lead was EXTREMELY annoying.
          She knows everything, she is somehow super strong, and in 5 seconds becomes a more powerful jedi than the fag they cast as Kylo Ren.
          JJ Abrams is a fucking disgrace from the secular self chosen.
          That being said, I for sure expected far worse, but not by much.

        17. I expect better from you, “dats rayciss” is for liberal cunts playing the race card.
          I dont give a shit if you are black, as long as you arent a fucking cunt.
          I am proud of being white and I dont care if Im called racist.
          Correct me if Im wrong, but Star Wars is one of the whitest franchises out there, so making one of the leads a black guy for no substantive reason is liberal grandstanding.
          Be black and proud if you wish, at least youve got Lando, this Boyega guy is a douche.

        18. Boyega wasnt cast because he was a smooth talking Billy Dee Williams, or for being remotely talented.
          He was cast for being black.
          Nothing more. Can it get any more blue pill, than that?
          Are you ok with pandering to minorities by liberals?
          You shouldnt be, they only do it because they think you “need their help”.
          Call me racist all you want but at least I believe you can stand or fall without my “help”, and Ill treat you with respect if you deserve it.
          Supporting the destruction of the evil white man is only going to affect you negatively, Odumbass can always replace you with illegals.

        19. So what? Your hero sam jackson is a racist motherfucker too.
          Put that shwag in you pipe and choke on it.
          Only dank for me.

        20. Elvis sucks.
          But if you ever said faggot shit like that about John Wayne around me, Id fuck you up with no mercy.
          John Wayne is a fucking legend and you are a fucking nobody.

        21. You are only saying that because he is black.
          I am saying that also, but thats because I can give credit when its due.
          Winston was always my favorite.

        22. Faggot. Go cry racism to the puff post or raw story.
          Being called racist, especially by a white liberal, does not matter anymore.
          You asslickers have overplayed that hand.

        23. It is from a Public Enemy song, not my words, and more SARCASM FAGGOT.
          Your internet tough guy routine is petty.

        24. You know what the real problem with the black storm trooper is? He was taken as a child to be raised as a stormtrooper.
          Yet somehow he grew up to be am Ebonics Ghetto English major screaming Ghetto talk “yeah bro!” as if he’d grown up in downtown Brooklyn.
          How does that even make sense? Apparently they teach Ghetto Talk in stormtrooper academy.
          Lando was never a ghetto black character and even Samuel Jackson, who made a career on being Ghetto, didn’t act Ghetto in the prequel trilogy.

        25. White people created rap black people created rock. Black people
          excelled in rap and white people excelled in rock. Don’t ask me why but that happened.

        1. Well in a sense it is since without political power (feminism and mostly male elites), women innermost instincts would still be suppressed. American gender politics and ideology are nothing but a mortal deathwish a mind disease whose sole purpose seems to be population reduction and eventual extinction of civilization.

        2. Anti_femastasis i’m curious, what are your thoughts on Christina Hoff Summers?

          1. She’s a second wave feminist and the bottom-right on the famous “Jews are behind feminism” macro that gets posted everywhere.
          2. AFALT. She’s part of the problem.
          3. She’s old and she sees that her generation is replaced by a new generation of femishits. So she makes Youtube clips. Oh, and because she’s being paid by some Republicans I read somewhere.

        3. perhaps its their nature to do this hence why tradional culture is strict on their self destructive habits.
          But it kinda is neo colonial shit since, feminism is export of american culture like fast food, and the more a foreign girl has been exposed to more western media shell westernize as aresult and become trash. Western media has been in enfused with feminism and thats whats been sold overseas. In fact some say the first feminists in india were british when they abolished sutte among other things.

  4. Wunderbar !
    I just posted a comment suggesting a boycott list on Rok.
    Let’s cut these anusheads down.

  5. Could be a great film. Just get rid of the green ectoplasm and replace with menstrual blood filling up the elevators like in the Shining.
    What’s the tagline going to be “Who you gonna call?: the rape crisis centre”

    1. If there’s a creepy guy, in the neighbourhood,
      Who you gonna call? Fem-nazi’s
      If he says hello, and he don’t look good,
      Who you gonna call? Fem-nazi’s.
      I ain’t afraid of no man.
      I ain’t afraid of no man.

  6. How about ‘Terms of Endearment, my Shirley Valentine, and Beaches’ with an all male cast? Oh and Pretty Woman, except with gays

  7. “Vito was obviously a red pill man who dealt with matters the red pill way.”
    Oh really? Lol.

  8. Feminists are outraged the original Ghostbusters sent the message that little girls need men to protect them from scary ghosts. This is how emotionally broken they are inside.

  9. Did they purposely cast the most pathetic, ugly, loud, post-wall women they could find?
    Who would actually want to see this?

    1. “Who would actually want to see this?”
      OTHER pathetic, ugly, loud, post-Wall women, as well as their beta orbiters.

  10. this movie is likely to lose money.
    Hollywood will only push an agenda to the point of what can sell. If it loses money they abandon that niche of movie.
    It’s clear they understand American women relate to fat women in movies. There’s never been a better time to be a fat female actress.
    The female audience wants their fantasy that over 30 obese women are ’empowered’ to do things.

    1. “The female audience wants their fantasy that over 30 obese women are ’empowered’ to do things….” except lose weight of course.

  11. There’s just a lack of badass filmmakers who know how to tell a good story in general. How many still alive and active are there? Spielberg, Scorsese, Eastwood, Aronofsky, Wes Anderson, P.T Anderson, Refn, Von Trier… is that all? Who am I missing? Peckinpah is long dead and so is Howard Hawks, Lucas bats .500 and so does Fincher, Walter Hill hasn’t had a hit in forever, Coppola who you referenced isn’t doing much of anything, Peter Jackson has proven he’s only good at adapting existing material to film with a blank check, and Milius may never recover from his stroke. Very few good storytellers anymore to really push the badass, hero or even anti-hero protagonist. Watch the documentary “Milius” on Netflix, it will make you smile until you get sad at the very end. What a badass! Hollywood has suffered without him!

    1. It is also most unfortunate that Stanley Kubrick is no longer with us. His films were typically quite thought provoking.

    2. ” Spielberg, Scorsese, Eastwood, Aronofsky, Wes Anderson, P.T Anderson, Refn, Von Trier… is that all? Who am I missing?”
      David Fincher. Still dark, still uncompromising.

    3. How do you feel about Tarantino? He’s no Hitchcock or the others you mentioned, but Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and Django Unchained are pretty good flicks in my opinion.

      1. Robert Rodriquez too. Guy made a first flick on a shoestring(just like Quentin, but with even less $ to work with) parlayed that first flick into a solid career.
        Q peaked with Resevoir and True Romance(I know he only wrote it).

        1. Personally i think Tarantino and Rodriquez are overhyped hacks.
          Most of T’s work is based off of someone else’s creation. I suspect even Kill Bill falls into this category.
          Rodriguez has pretty much been shameless in his leftist agenda, most notably on display with machete and planet terror. Any film maker that enjoys pushing leftist tripe on you is one to be avoided in my book.

      2. Oh yeah, forgot about him, he’s great. A few would inevitably escape me as I was typing. Also De Palma even though I have no idea what he’s up to and John Carpenter’s 80s films, he’s a disgrace now.

  12. Why? This Girlpower shit has got to end.. it is ridiculous.. Game of Thrones etc just crap, come on now, women are the weaker sex, always have been and always will be. Stop flipping the script just to further the feminist agenda.. I’m sick of token female characters.. just get rid of them. Predator, now there’s a real action movie, and with not a feminist in sight

    1. They are taking a step further down the girl power line, having an all female cast.
      Watch if this movie loses money they wont try an all-female cast again.
      Saturday night live’s ratings are so bad they had to bring back male stars to anchor the ratings with jim carrey, chris rock etc…
      kate McKinnon and whoever that fat black chick is, are disgusting and anyone who pays to see them in a movie has mental issues.

    2. It is quite silly. In practice, Hollywood appears to be not so much interested in entertaining but in pushing their political agenda upon others. Their material is typically highly filtered through a left-political lens. This is the primary reason I avoid modern film and television. My interest for those mediums to be provided with entertainment rather than being preached to by what largely amount to a “secular religious” zealot.

    3. Agree with you on Predator. Look at Conan the Barbarian too. Strangely enough it had a very strong female character in Valeria. She could fight, but she wasn’t supernatural and damn did she know how to treat her man. No wonder Conan tries to bring her back from the dead in the next movie, a woman like that- even as a character- doesn’t exist.
      Why isn’t she celebrated as the pinnacle of “grrrrlpwr” idealism? I think we all know the answer to that.

      1. Valeria also was not a competitive big-boobed bubblehead with a bad attitude that spouted misandric Vaginazi snark every five minutes…but still expected to be treated like a snowflake Princess.

  13. At a time when ticket sales are really low, movies are feminized. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Same with college. As The Last Psychiatrist put it, college degrees are worth less than ever before, college is about obtaining meaningless titles and credentials with all the trappings of power and importance, but without any actual power. And feminists are celebrating that women “surpassed” men in terms of college attendance.

    1. It is rather interesting and important to realize that as women have obtained more degrees it is simultaneously losing its value. Of course, college was never intended to be a “right” but rather was relegated to only specific types of individuals with certain intellectual skills. Unfortunately, like so many things in the modern world it became highly politicized. In doing so it’s curriculum is continually “dumb down” in order to accommodate less than spectacular students.

      1. With the government’s help and guarantee student loans, college seems to be a right, and not a privilege. Demand goes up, so does prices. Basic economics. Hence now the $1.2 trillion student loan debt crisis.

        1. Yup. The gender equivalent of Affirmative Action programs have helped females achieve these degrees ergo more females are seeking them. The additional fact that Men have become disillusioned with the liberal bias on most college campuses to the point of academically frequenting them less and less means that there would naturally be more females in college than males.
          As with most everything else, the left tends to use specious facts in order to push their bs agenda.

        2. Not to mention how being an “evil white male” on campuses nowadays makes you a target for false accusations of all kinds (e.g., ‘rape’, harassment, racism, etc.). If you are a white male, you might as well have a bulls-eye on your back.

        3. Colleges are a business, today…nothing more. They only want your business (sign up, stay longer, switch degrees, etc…). They just want you to stay in class….milking it.
          Too many people are “professional students” today and colleges are loving it.

      2. The officer’s programs in the military, and the entry exams for the police and fire departments are being ‘dumbed down’ the same way, all so that more ‘disadvantaged’ womyn and ‘minorities’ can qualify, regardless of their abilities and intelligence.

        1. That’s how our society is really becoming a problem (and weaker). It’s when we dumb down tests or lower requirements so that others can join in.
          I don’t care how equal women think they are to men. You’re not going to see a woman weighing 130lbs pull a man weighing 200lbs out of a fire or burning building (it ain’t happening).
          There is a reason why some requirements need to remain the same…it means life and death.

    2. Yes, but what degrees are they getting? Certainly not read ones but things like ‘Women’s and Gender Studies” degrees and others in the so-called social sciences (frauds the lot of them). We need to differentiate between real degrees and these fake ones.

      1. Yeah, that’s the point. At a time when people are more cynical than ever about the the worth of college and are starting to realize that it’s mostly a racket (with the exception of STEM), feminists are cheering about the fact that there are more females in undergrad than males. That might have been a victory 40 years ago when liberal arts degrees got you jobs, but not now. So is it that women “surpassed” men in undergrad degrees, or is it that men caught on to the fact that those degrees aren’t as valuable as they once were and opt out of college?

  14. I’m really looking forward to the Rambo remake starring that creature that played Precious now.
    Actually that might be kind of funny.

  15. One thing is to watch Charlie’s Angels but here you won’t even have a nice piece of ass to see. There is a reason why over-weight-over-the-hill women do not star often in big movies; perhaps because it is not profitable?

  16. Just more proof that women can’t Create or be Innovative.They remake Ghostbusters with an all female cast…why don’t these feminists get together and create their own franchise from the ground up? It’s as the saying goes, Men create and women scavenge, If feminists are really upset about women not being portrayed as the heros then why don’t women get together and create their own entertainment?But no they take an existing plot a rewrite it…how original , c’mon feminists come up with your own plots..Scavengers…

    1. It’s pretty much because to invent, innovate, or create, requires independent work, effort (mostly without support from someone else), and the ability to take risks.
      As we have seen for the last fifty years, modern women are VERY lacking in those same qualities. We have seen how they prefer to avoid risk and possible failure at all costs…that is, unless they can blame their failure(s) on someone else — usually a man, men, ‘Teh Patriarchy’, etc.. (That is illustrated in the 1994 film “Disclosure”, where Michael Douglas is an executive who is being set up for a sexual harassment charge by his underhanded ex-girlfriend at the company where he works.)
      The typical Modern Woman wants rights without responsibilities — she also wants authority without accountability.
      Remember the character of writer Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) in “As Good As It Gets”: when asked how he writes women so well, he replies, “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”

    2. The sad part is that all of their actions are in contrast to the very thing that they “fought” for (more like bitched about) for years – equality.
      They bitched about all men taking the lead roles, the powerful roles in movies. Their response when it’s their turn up to bat….they’ll replace all of the men with women?
      Where the fuck is the equality that these women bitched about for years?
      That’s how you know it’s more about power and control (or payback) and less about actual “equality”.

  17. This is a blessing in disguise really. Much better than if they had just subtly woven their feminazi filth into the fabric of the story. This way everybody can at first glance identify it as the turd that it is.

        1. I work in CGI. Trust me, there is no program powerful enough to fix that. Would take hours of compulation alone, not to mention a whole sweatshop of the most talented CGI artists known to man. Impossible.
          We can polish turds, no problem. But Melissa is equivalent to explosive diarrhea.

  18. Women can’t much less kill a spider and we are supposed to believe they will be fighting undead spirits?

    1. I would like to see what would happen if a mouse got loose on the set where they’re filming this tripe…

  19. When I heard that the new ghostbusters was going to be an all female cast my first reaction was “that movie is going to suck”. No wonder none of the surviving cast would agree to be in the movie.
    Also, that one blob of a woman looks like she needs to be shot with a proton pack and put into a containment unit. There is something wholly unnatural about those jowls.

  20. Hmm. You could interpret Ghostbusters as a satire on theistic supernaturalism, where manifestations of ghosts in the modern world call forth the effort to capture and contain them technologically. Look at the screenwriters of the original Ghostbusters: A collaboration between one of the Others and a European-Canadian.
    Which goes to show that you can’t blame the Others exclusively for the effort to make traditional metaphysical beliefs look ridiculous. Plenty of white guys have done their share of that going back to the Enlightenment.

    1. “Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist there is no God.” – Heywood Broun
      “If we’re going to expand our base and we’re going to draw in more people
      to recognize the virtues of living in a secular world, we need to
      appeal to more than just that geek and nerd subset of the population. We
      need to have a wider base. And that seems to be a peculiar thing to say
      now because right now atheism is booming. It’s growing at a really
      rapid pace. But on the other hand, I seriously believe that we’re on the
      cusp of a crisis. We’re not there yet but it’s looming in front of us.
      Will we adapt and thrive and change the world? Or will we remain an
      avocation for a prosperous and largely irrelevant subset of the
      population? Will we become something more than a scattered society of
      Internet nerds? That’s what we have to do.” – the atheist PZ Myers in 2013

  21. It’s a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ approach to a movie. If it does well it will prove that women can act these roles just as good as men. If it doesn’t it only failed because men were too misogynistic to give it a chance.

  22. I thought Ghostbusters 3 was going to be terrible whether they had women in it or not; there’s a reason why Bill Murray kept it from happening all these years.
    I agree that the concept of recasting established male roles as female roles gets old after awhile. The new Hobbit movies for example have a bunch of feminist crap added to them. It was a bad idea to bloat a children’s book into 3 long movies in the first place though. They were going to be crap to begin with.

    1. “The new Hobbit movies for example have a bunch of feminist crap added to them.”
      The above is the primary I avoided handing over my hard-earned money to see them. The majority of entertainment these days appears to be little more than left-political activists attempting to inculcate their political belief system into the minds of others. I see nothing entertaining in watching material that was created by individuals that utilize their positions for political activism.

    2. Hobbit was such a shameless bowing to Princess Vagina that I suspect J.R.R. Tolkien is going to come back from heaven and go on a shooting spree in Jackson’s production facility. It wasn’t even trying to hide the agenda of “We can’t have men being men and acting noble, bring in Grrrrrl Powahhhh!”

      1. Oh, the good and old “Grrrrlllllgjgmvmckdjfk pouwahhhhrrrhgg” turning everything it touches into shit. Same thing happened with the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. First movie was cool, true to the Disney theme park ride and all with a “save the damsel in distress” plot but then in the last two movies it just went to shit…. they showed a 40 pound Keira Knightley beating the crap out of zombie sea monter pirates 10 times her size… hell they even made her the King of the Brethren of the pirates of the world in the third movie… seriously.. yeah.. so believable..

        1. Agreed. The “girl saves the boy” meme is beaten like a dead horse and yet we’re still presented with it as “new, bold and daring!” by the MSM.
          It does make me wonder though, about getting into movie production. Hollywood are the gatekeepers, but only *of* Hollywood. They are an old ruler who is sitting on a mound of gold but who has not the strength to raise a sword any longer. They’re ripe for replacement.
          Hmmmm…..wonder what it would take from a logistics standpoint, beyond what I can safely guess (camera, scripts, actors, a distribution network, etc)?

        2. Not really. That’s just it, to basically get around the gatekeepers entirely. The moment you employ their “powerful people” card, you’re basically absorbed into them.
          But do it like they did it in the 19-teens. Walk around to theaters and sell your work to the theater owner directly based on some kind of ticket price contract (or whatever). One person it would be heavy work, but with a dedicated crew, why not?

        3. And how bad is the acting by the lead “girl” trying to save that boy? Have you ever seen one or heard of one getting any praise…I haven’t. It’s ridiculous.
          The new Terminator movie is trying it (again) and it’s bad.

        4. To be fair, there was a guy with an octopus as his face. Still, more believable that Keira’s roll.

    3. I agree with you except for Bill Murray. Yeah, everyone says that BM will only do movies that he likes, he’ll take low pay because he loves the script, he’ll even put his own money into the budget to get the movie onto the screen blah blah blah. Then I remembered Space Jam.

  23. I just read that they also want to bring back the show macgyver but with a woman this time in hopes of getting girls interested in STEM fields

  24. i agree with this so much, i think to be honest bill murray said the female ghostbusters thing as a joke and someone in marketing thought it’d be a sound ‘girl powah’ idea

  25. One of those women look like they should be playing the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and not a Ghostbuster.

  26. When will people stop pretending that Melissa McCarthy is funny?
    I went to see KINGSMEN the other day (great movie, by the way) and I had to endure the trailer for SPY, McCarthy and Paul Feig’s latest comedy extravaganza, and every joke went down like the Hindenberg.
    I imagine this new GHOSTBUSTERS will have a hilarious scene of McCarthy having trouble putting her proton pack on.
    Because she’s fat.
    Get it?

    1. Or how about she can’t muster the courage to slide down the fire pole? Ya know, cause she’s fat and clumsy! The first time she tried she got sooo scared she farted!!

  27. People watch movies for escapism and to enjoy a fantasy. I can watch unfunny fat and ugly women anywhere I go, sadly it’s all too common. This will flop.

  28. I wonder how Feminists would feel if we made a Charlie’s Angels sequel with an all male cast.

  29. I swear on all that is holy if they’ve got The Godmother coming down the pipeline, imma go postal.

      1. I meant a remake of The Godfather with a skirt in the lead. That looks like some straight-to-DVD piece of shit you’d find in a $.99 bin at Target.

        1. They kind of did a biker version of that with Sons of Anarchy in the way that Gemma controlled everything from behind the scenes. I still don’t see what all the hype is about. It’s like they wrapped a show around bikers and injected feminist bs into it with every succeeding season.

  30. Funny coinsidence. I’m from norway and in norwegian the literal translation of “Paul Feig” would be “Paul Coward”. Seem quite fitting.

  31. Can’t wait for this movie to flop so feminists can blame it on patriarchy. Calling it now.

    1. all the grunts are women. the men are the medics, running their sanitary napkins out to the front lines. At this time, a “war time out” shall be enacted…

  32. Next, we need a transgender, Muslim, dwarf, handicapped and gay GhostBusters squad for maximum political correctness.

  33. I hear that in this version, the malevolent slime comes from the cavernous twat of Melissa McCarthy.

  34. Don’t give your money to this monstrosity. Let it fall like a Feminazi Titanic. If you are too curious to know how they [tried to] destroy a good movie… torrent it.

  35. really? old ugly woman that fight supernatural beings? who the fuck wants to see that? its ridiculous how they rape the old franchise, cant they be sued somehow? the last movie i saw in the cinema was 300:rise of an empire with eva green. she was hot and OPENLY evil, which appealed to me, though her fighting skills repulsed me. best szene was when she tried to seduce the greek commander, was hot and showed how woman are supposed to fight. but anyway, that ghostbusters.. i have no idea what drove the producers to risk their money on some old and fat hags? i hope that movie will be a desaster und wakes up other producers, so we dont have to watch shit like that anymore.

    1. 300:Rise was a truly awful movie…… Eva Greens tits however were sublime….. female perfection….. worth the price of the ticket…. methinks the director was banking on this….

  36. Don’t even get me started on hollywood casting. Idris Elba is being pushed as the potential new james bond. And before any black person says, why not, he’s a fictional character, well, so is Shaft. If I ever get the chance I’m going to make shaft a white character (just for the shits and giggles). It’s about respecting the author’s original work, don’t fuck with established icons.
    And while I’m having a rant, I’m fucking sick of seeing the top scientist, chief of police, president, etc being black characters. It breaks the 4th wall. Recently I saw BlackHat (which is shit) and they had the CIA (or FBI or whatever) head of investigation for a cyber hacking cast being a 40-50 something-year-old black woman. For fuck’s sake.

    1. Theres an “amazing” broadway show right now, heres the premise: a hiphop rendition of PRESIDENT ALEXANDER HAMILTON’S LIFE. aaaaaand most of the cast is black.
      I want to get a kickstarter thing going for my play, and heres my pitch:
      Michael Jordan- the musical. MJ will be played by that afghan girl who got shot in the head and subsequently won a nobel prize…for getting shot in the head.
      the guy who plays Tyrion Lannister would play the part of Magic Johnson. Or Hakeem Olajuwon. whatever.

      1. God, how fun would it be to do this crap in reverse?
        Martin Luther King Jr: The True Story – starring Dolf Lundgren as Martin Luther King Jr.
        The Rosa Parks Ordeal – starring Jessica Alba as Rosa Parks.

        1. If dolph did MLK with big red boxing gloves on the whole movie, Id be down to see it.

        2. and two more tickets if the screenwriter works “I must break you” into his “I Have a Dream…” speech.

        3. Redo Selma with an all white cast.
          That would be perfect. Even better if it won some awards.

        4. Well the thing is, King and Parks are real characters in history so any deviance from who they were ethnically and of course gender wise would result in a huge backlash from the Black community.
          Excuse that little nitpick. Btw, your jocular dolph lundgren comment almost had me in tears 🙂

        5. I should also mention that historically speaking, Jesus Christ has been the most racially misrepresented person. Almost ever representation casts him as lily white, when his geographical point of origin would have made him Middle Eastern, with a darker skinned pigmentation as a result.

        6. Nice one. I’d go see it if his only answer to everything in the movie was “I must break you”…gloves or no gloves.
          That would be a movie to see (good laughs as well).

      2. There seems to be an insidious effort to move Bond away from the typical representations cast in the past. Personally i thought the whole blond look of Daniel Craig was pushing the envelope, and now i realize that they aren’t just looking to push the envelope they are looking to tear it wide open by casting Idris as bond.
        While there are Black britishmen in England, casting him in the role of Bond would be offensive to the author’s original vision. It would be the equivalent of casting Jet Lee in the role of Frodo, for example, or benedict cumberbath as Shaft. Unfortunately, they have the power do do as much creative interpretation as they like.
        On an interesting anecdote, Sean Connery was not favored by Fleming to play Bond. He eventually won him over, but not before he raked him over the coals. It may be possible that Idris will do the same for the audience in question. Time will tell.
        Be prepared for them to cast Bond as a Woman someday, trust me, that crap is coming.

    2. Did you watch the live “Sound of Music” last year? My wife did, and turned it off when they paraded in the Mother of the nun convent who was, you guessed it, black.
      Yep, Austria in the year 1937 was a multi-culti paradise. Why, you couldn’t turn and swing your arms without hitting various minorities. Those multicultural Austrians were so charming, back in 1937.
      Nothing in this propaganda machine is by accident. Nothing. They are sending a clear message with all of this revisionism – we are not welcome.

  37. Fuck this shit, this leftist feminist agenda and that fuckin producer. And I bet their ennemy will be a manly guy or something which embodies masculinity at it’s finest.

  38. Here we go…..a piece of many peoples childhood here being dug up and paraded through the streets wearing a sunhat and tutu….. wtf kind of drugs are these Horrywooood buffoons taking….. they got more baby laxative mixed in with their coke…. but its lodging in their brains instead of clearing out their bowels…. to my mind this is sacrilege……

  39. The brawds in the article’s header image are the ones who are going to be in it? Could we make another movie with them and call it Fat Busters ?

    1. Good choices. You should check out the formula one movie Rush, and if you haven’t seen it also Heat, mr bear sir.

  40. I’m going to present a few updated scripts for production. Tell me if these will work.
    Tom and Lou – A remake of Thelma and Louise, it will show Tom as a cuckholded simp whose wife prefers that he stay in the kitchen with an apron on, and Lou seems to have constant issues with his manjawed shaved headed highly tatted grrrrl friend. They both decide one day to defy their assigned roles, and they jump into a car to get away from it all. Unfortunately their journey turns into flight when Lou kills a broad who threatens to cut off Tom’s weiner. They are hunted by the police, mostly women, and make a defiant last stand where they run their car, a 1968 Camero with sweet wheels, over a ramp dukes of hazard style and escape across the border, leaving the female police chief gnashing her teeth. (I prefer happy endings)
    Aliens – Aliens take over a human colony outpost. The Space Marines are sent in with their guide, Rip Lee, who becomes the ass kicking patriarch of the group and single handedly destroys the planet and the aliens while smoking a cigar. The alien queen appears on his ship in orbit, where he promptly kicks it in the tits and out the escape hatch, then he retires to the ship cafeteria for a nice bottle of Scotch before bedding down for hypersleep.
    Steel Magnolias – A group of men come together while planning a bachelor party, and talk about strippers, guns and good hootch. Features frequent punching and feats of strength. One of them almost has a feeling, and is soundly mocked until he gets his shit together.
    Under the Tuscan Sun – A male writer impulsively buys a village in Tuscany and beds countless beautiful women then dumps them to the curb when he gets tired of hearing them talk.
    I gots ideas. So many ideas.

    1. I’d watch all of those, particularly that Steel Magnolias.
      Pretty Woman. Some scruffy gigolo who boffs women for cash captures the heart of a fabulously wealthy 22 year old trust fund chick who marries him without a prenup and buys him a strip joint to run.
      Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. No idea since I never saw this and don’t know what it’s about but it sounds like a good candidate for an all male remake.

        1. NOTHING like the feel of steel, ready at your hips! (ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching…)

      1. An ex gf made me watch that “sisterhood” movie.
        near the end i felt ready to gouge out my eyeballs with a rust tipped screwdriver.
        What kind of female idiot would wear pants that some other girl has worn, given the hygiene issues involved?
        Oh wait…i said “female idiot”…i was being redundant there, obviously 🙂

    2. Greys anatomy, man’s edition; surgeons just tell the women to shut the fuck up when they try to talk incessantly about relationships during operations.

  41. The day i see some all female cast version of the ‘Right Stuff’ is when i know every single male stronghold has been subverted. Accompanied by the metaphorical Charlton Heston figure baying in impotent despair at the half buried monument of past glory.

  42. I feel like someone must have accidentally thought about this and Zuul is making it real. After all, during the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg. Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKentrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many, Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!.
    Seriously though, can you think of a better term for Melissa McCarthy than “a large and moving Torg”

    1. Scene: the ghostnaggers confront paul gozer the feig (pronounced fag and dressed in drag) and he addresses them:
      Paul feig (pronounced fag and dressed in drag) CHOOSE THE DESTRUCTOR!
      Just then, a giant bottle of vagisil with legs materializes and stomps its way towards the ghostnaggers

  43. He-man’s gonna be replaced with She-woman and Conan with Connie or Joan-anne.
    I see it happening.
    The year after that, our boys in school are gonna be given mandatory estrogen pills to curb their “violent/unstable” T-levels

    1. Well, they’ve already made Thor into a woman, so why not?
      Fuckin’ eh man, that just sticks in my craw. Germanic mythology is chock full of strong Nordic women, they could have easily just made a comic with Freya or Frigga, each a badass goddess in her own right, but no, they had to transgender the very epitome of masculinity in European culture.
      The depths to which I despise social justice weenies cannot be plumbed.

      1. They wouldn’t use any Germanic or Norse feminine heroes because it not about being satisfied with what they’ve already accomplished, its about just plain old jealousy of anything male and attacking anything masculine. Yes, all European masculinity must be eradicated.
        I’m still reeling from Thor being a woman now, jeeeez.

        1. Oh, right, I know the skinny on this. It’s so utterly transparent and, frankly, small of these snickering little hyenas that I wonder how they can look anybody in the eye during daylight hours.
          I await them replacing Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) in Irish and Scottish mythology with a crippled Hindu woman. Or whatever the fuck they think needs “empowerment” by tearing down masculine symbols of strength and resolve.

        2. It wont sell.
          The worst thing is this: apparently a 9 yr old girl starting a campaign for more girl characters started this nonsense. why is a corp taking advice from a child? I just heard this, and it really pissed me off. This girl(and any of the 86 girls who currently read comics) will stop reading them once they hit puberty.
          But by all means, alienate 98% of your locked in readership in order to “grow you market” as they like to say…

        3. I strongly suspect that like most things on the left, the “9 year old girl” thing is a lie. It likely came from a horde of women managers in a board room beating down on the remaining male writers about their not being on board with the program regarding feminism. Or some equally stupid shaming tactic, or outright “order”.

  44. As always, feminism never creates, it simply takes over something that is already established and ruins it.

  45. Wiig is probably one of the ugliest actresses working today and McCarthy one of the fattest. Pass.

  46. I am waiting for the next feminist remake…
    “Juliet and Romeo”
    Plot Summary: Juliet is a high-powered Jewish attorney in New York City. On the weekends, she is a champion MMA fighter. She has a big match coming up, where she will fight 10 men at the same time.
    Romeo is the owner at the MMA gym. He falls in love with Juliet’s hulking biceps, and her complete absence of traditional femininity. Even though she punches him several times in the film, he continues to fall madly in love with her.
    The movie ends with Juliet victorious (easily defeating the 10 men). Romeo rushes to the ring and carries Juliet on his shoulders.
    *Critics applaud it as the most important film of our time.

    1. “Juliet is a high-powered Jewish attorney in New York City.”
      So it’s Caplan instead of Capulet?

  47. As Bart Manson commented below. “As always, feminism never creates, it simply takes over something that is already established and ruins it.” Change it to women and it would ring even truer. Women love to take over anything men do i.e. all male spaces have been eradicated. Look at games, colleges, work sites, gyms being turned into “female friendly” (cross fit was made for manginas effeminate men, planet fitness, and so on). Never negotiate with these man-haters who have undermined men from the start. It’s a sad state of affairs were Slimer would look better then all the Ghost buster so called women.

  48. This is the natural left wing progression to the pc cartoon bs that ran in the 90’s, called “extreme ghostbusters”
    Notice the not so subtle left wing talking points…one black person (cue to the NAACP) one girl (cue to the feminists) one hispanic (cue to the illegal aliens) and one disabled person…because a ghostbuster with a wheelchair is just so politically correct…wtf?
    In its defense, it at least didn’t crap all over the history of Ghostbusters. Egon was their mentor and they even had the rest of the classic cast come back to help out later on.
    And of course, the chick was the tough one lol

    1. Only in the 90’s man. Soul patches and the word “extreme” and it’s many variants were in style. That African American gentleman has quite the set of lips on him though, it offends me. Not pc enough.

  49. By the way, this ridiculous casting premise seemed to start with Bill Murray’s joke (or dementia ramble) about the next cast being all female. Dan Akyroyd seemed to be on board with it as well, but he is pretty liberal so that’s no surprise. Ernie Hudson was the only one who called out this bs for what it is….until he got a pc smackdown from the hollywood elite. Now he is singing its praises like the good little hollywood serf that he is.

    1. All of hollywood is a liberal pile of trash. I can literally go back to any sitcom put on television and the feminazi agenda is pushed in it. Women cross dressed as men or complained about men spaces. Also look at any so called hero for men: Arnold, Snipes, or any big action star has put on a dress to appease their masters behind the scenes. We can’t forget Bugs Bunny kissing on men. Emasculation at its best.

  50. Stipulating for the moment that you are correct that the feminist agenda of the third ghostbusters movie will ruin it. What ruined the second ghostbusters movie?

  51. Who would even buy the premise. I can imagine 4 eccentric, nerdy guys forming a company of ghostbusters . . . but four women? Four modern American women? On top of that, forming such a concern would involve a tolerance for risk . . . again, how many modern American women have such a tolerance?

    1. Right….cause we all know how women love to tinker in the garage or around the house on shit. This is nothing more than trying a hard sell on people and society.
      Next, we’ll have a movie about 4 guys in a sewing circle? Fucking ridiculous.

  52. Feminism seems to be the philosophical equivalent of some pernicious disease that manifests depending on a female’s poor intellectual diet, which in this case would be too many feminist heroines, too many visits to the jezebel website and of course too many misandrist views.
    Intellectually speaking, every female has a feminist predisposition for the philosophical equivalent of osteoporosis but it doesn’t necessarily manifest unless the conditions i mentioned earlier are met. Otherwise, the female in question can lead a healthy and productive living as she graduates to the maturity level of a Woman later on in life.
    It goes without saying that this negative circumstance is increasingly become the norm and not the exception with females today.

  53. Fuck you Bill Murray.
    Ghostbusters 3, now starring a dried up prune, a lesbian, and two land whales. Why would any man see this?
    The studio should just have told Bill Murray to fuck off and made a ghostbusters 3 without him ages ago. Murray’s scenes with Sigournay weaver were the worst thing about both movies anyways. So, get rid of him, give more of a role to the black guy, & cast a new girl. That would have been watchable.
    The first movie was such a gem, arguing for initiative, struggling to make it, and the dangers of clueless regulators. I don’t want to know what this one will turn out to be.

  54. Here’s the new theme song… (apologies to Ray Parker, Jr.):
    If your scale gets strained
    in the neighborhood
    of three hundred pounds.
    If you’re dumb or weird
    and you don’t look good
    It’s never your fault
    GO SISTA’s!
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    If you’re preaching things
    made up inside your head.
    It’s never your fault
    GO SISTA’s!
    Every miserable man
    Is a rapist, in your bed
    It’s never your fault
    GO SISTA’s!
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    It’s never your fault
    GO SISTA’s!
    Cause you’re not alone
    with your right to vote
    …and you go
    GO SISTA’s!
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    (We all likes us grrls!)
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    (Rawr! Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!)
    It’s never your fault
    GO SISTA’s!
    If you’ve had at most, just a
    single post, baby.
    No, I’m not a troll.
    GO SISTA’s!
    (Lemme “Phil” you something…
    Doctor makes me feel good!)
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    I ain’t afraid of no bro’s.
    No cat calls allowed! No! No!
    GO SISTA’s!
    Plenty dumb, and no more
    A bet you just want a whore
    I think you better go
    GO SISTA’s!
    Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    uh… Think You’re logical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    (haha ) Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    (I “can’t even”. you!)
    Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    GO SISTA’s!
    Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    Who’s not logical?
    GO SISTA’s!
    Who’s illogical?
    GO SISTA’s!

  55. This has been in the cards for a while. Leftist have always been sore about Ghostbusters. It’s biggest sin? It made fun of leftists things. The bad guy is an EPA fellow. He’s ruthlessly mocked and shown as a dick.
    There are still leftists sore as hack about the EPA being mocked. Harold Raimis was famous for poking fun at leftist pets.
    This new ghostbusters will probably have the bad guy be a conservative and the EPA sung as the hero.
    They just can’t stand being laughed at and poked at.

  56. It’s no secret that all these pathetic t.v shows and movie remakes that are overhauled and replaced with “strong independent women” are feeble attempts to pander and fleece women since they are the main SPENDERS of money. Most of todays men are beta defeated dumbasses bro’ing at the local sports bar living vicariously through televised overpaid steroid cretins. They give their money to their “empowered” wives to take the kids out for the day to see this bullshit that caters to them.The irony is that Hollywood insidiouslyfull knowingly panders to these idiots because these women also live vicariously through these fictitious myths of strong independent alpha characters and have been duped by the myth of feminism and devalued & exploited by globalism just like their husbands.

  57. If you’re watching Hollywood movies or television or the Grammys or the Oscars or professional sports, you’re part of the problem.

  58. With literally all movies, advertisements, comedy programs and even discovery and national geographic reeking of shitty feminist theory, another shitty movie won’t make a difference. Come and fuck me in the ass ghostbitches, thanks for spoiling the fun I got from the previous sequel

  59. Man, when I heard it was going to be an all female cast, I fuckin new that McCarthy would be in the movie. Hey look, a fat slob of a woman acting like a fat slob of a man! Too funny.

  60. You wanna know what frosts my ass over this whole thing? For 25 fucking years, Dan Aykroyd was trying to get the studios to start making the 3rd movie, but Bill Murray had to be the fucking holdout. After 25 years of trying, Harold Ramis dies and all hope is now gone for the movie being made. Before Ramis’s body is fucking cold, Fieg pops his greasy head up out of nowhere and drops this fucking script on the head of Sony Pictures’ lap and that dumb cunt goes, “LETS GREENLIGHT THIS FUCKER! Take a pound of coke out of petty cash!”
    On top of all of it – because everyone in the Ghostbusters Fan Community is thirsty for this and readily jumped on the SJW BetaTrain like a bunch of brain damaged lunt fish – it’s getting praise up the ass by a bunch of people including the 3 remaining leads of the original.
    Did I mention I hate publicists? They’re a fucking cancer because I know for a fact Aykroyd is internally screaming in terror and Ramis is rolling in his grave. Their would be no way in HELL Aykroyd likes where this is going and even Ernie Hudson started off this thing thinking it was a stupid move. I bet dollars to donuts Hudson got a metric fuckton of feminists (all who came from the fandom no less. There are more of them than you think, and they’re all violent and stupid) so he had to change his public tune.
    It’s bullshit. Why is Aykroyd’s sequel pushed off for 25 years, Ramis dies killing Aykroyd’s ambitions, than 6 months later at first mention from a failure of a movie director it gets accepted lock, stock, and barrel? Between the obvious gimmick tactic at play to the fact Sony operates on the Mel Brooks’ “Producers” logic of gaining from failure, it becomes painfully clear Sony needs to burn to the fucking ground. After the info leak back last year, it was clear Sony does most of their shit overseas and they cheapen the production and lie their asses off at the numbers. This is being produced in this way so it can fail, and since the fucker running Sony is a fucking woman, she’s doing it as a double-fuck you to the movie going public by killing the Ghostbusters fandom and showing the failure of modern hollywood.
    Fuck all of you, Hollywood. I hope you truthfully choke on real dicks. I wait for the day all of California drops into the ocean. LA and Hollywood drown taking your bullshit money game with you; San Francisco goes under taking SJWs and your bullshit tech review companies with you; San Diego and all your fucking border-hopping Mexican fucks go down… Hopefully with the recruits at the MCRD pot-shotting your fuckers in the head while somehow surviving on boats or something… for good measure; and above all, all you unwashed retard liberal hippy fucks finally get a fucking bath!
    GOD, this news pisses me off!

    1. The truly baffling part is because at least one guy in Sony (going by the leaks) is under no misapprehensions about the fact some women actors are shit. Remember the shellacking Angelina Jolie got? “Minimally talented actress?” “She’s a camp event and a celebrity?” “Anyone can see this proposal (a Cleopatra biopic) is a giant money sink?”

  61. Sadly, with the decline of America, this just goes to show that Hollywood is out of new ideas. Need a movie- just take a old movie- take out all the male cast and insert women into it… Yes sir, that will make a profit!
    As with anything Melissa McCartney, I refuse to see any of her work. I am sure that she is a nice person, but I do not find her humor or her gags funny. In general I tend to not find loud, crass, gross, men bashing and inappropriate humor funny.

    1. All she does is what women have complained about not wanting any more. Making the fat girl the loud, tacky one. Because it’s funny because she’s so fat.
      There’s also that sexually aggressive role that scares away the men that she plays that flies in the face of big girls being beautiful too. That wedding movie she was in.
      But even taking out the all female cast, I don’t see this as a movie to be remade anyway.

      1. Dont’ forget the obligatory “beating up guys especially white guys as a means of payback for women’s suffrage”

    2. Glad you mentioned the man bashing. I can’t fucking stand her sick “humor.”
      Her favorite line seems to be “I’ll cut off your dick!” Something that disgusting would never get through the filters if the roles were reversed.

  62. it will be a flop like all ’empowered women’ movies! if u check IMDB, they never get good ratings!

  63. The market will dictate trends. If the movie sucks b/c of the all female cast and it flops (I’m assuming yes b/c Ghostbusters fans don’t want to see a reboot) this type of movie won’t be made again. The attention the author is giving isn’t really necessary.

  64. When I heard about this I was bummed out ,I’ve been a GB fan since I was a child and now I’ve abandoned the franchise.

  65. This is our fault. As men we should be correcting this and restoring order. We will not back down. We as men will put women where they belong in the kitchen, on their knees, naked near me, or all three at the same time. Today we Fight!!!

    1. Curious, how am I to blame specifically for the casting of Ghostbusters III and furthermore, what effective actions could I have taken, specifically, to prevent aforementioned casting choices of this movie?

  66. Look at that…they’re set to make the guy who plays Thor a receptionist and some SNL nobody as a bad guy. Two guys cast in the roles that females held before.
    Anyone else see this as more pandering to feminist bs? By putting a guy in a role traditionally held by females and putting another guy as the villain (aka representative of the Patriarchy)
    Lawd, this social justice Bs never ends.

  67. theyre just trying to get original male and female fans in using the name and the bill murray cameo and the remaining female crowd in by changing the cast to all unfunny female comedians that look like theyre from a weird sex in the city remake to get the women in that think “take that guys” just because its a female cast, its a terrible idea and its going to flop, people are already expecting another fantastic4 part 2

  68. So they claimed it wasnt a feminist statement to cast an all female ghostbusters gess ist Now fair to say it is.
    The man who say they dont like it are being called sexist but its ok for the woman working in the film to openly show their rejection towards man and proudly exercise their GIRL POWER.
    But hold on this isnt a female rights movement its a movie about Ghostbusters, and more important its a product to make money,its biusness, so good for you Sony we will see how it works for you.
    That being said well im mexican and i dont care being called a sexist im tired of all the political correctness and i HATE this movie , yes its becouse its all female cast but its not just that ,ist the director,i cand stand mellisa mcharthy,ungly props ugly car its the uniforms its that they look like man hating dikes, i realy and genuinly HATE every single thing and aspect of what i have seen about these project so call me sexist its ok every one has the right to have an opinion but so do I.
    Equality of rights for woman is one thing, its only fair and necesary, i dont make a biusness decisión with out asking my wifes opinion.
    Equality of gender does not exist,we are diferent its mother nature who Made it so ,testosterone and storgens are ment to be diferent ,so well be atracted to eachother so there can be children and thats why sexism exist ,thats why man and woman in general like diferent things ,thats why there are diferent products for man and woman .
    I dont need or want a tampón just as muchas dont need or want to see a chickflick.
    My wife doesnt need or want to shave her facial hair just as much as she doesnt need or want to see acción adventure movies in fact she just wont see them.
    Ofcourse we are all individuals and there are all kinds of people and tastes but in general and globaly WOMAN AND MAN ARE DIFERENT AND THAT IS A GOOD THING.
    Ghostbusters is a product that in general has a vast majority of male fans ,and as FANBOYS we love our movie ,our characters yes OUR, they are our becouse we love them and we are not hapy when its gets taken and trashed just for the seke of misgided feminism and presented as a gender Equality statement.

  69. I sadly weep at the sight of this… this is the worst thing I heard all year… I’m so tired of good writing and the worlds favorite movies being decimated, shit on, ground up, spit in, and churned out for profit and agenda…
    feminazi-ism has everything to do with this as does the desire for a quick buck… it’s a trend that will stick if more people don’t call for it’s end.
    I’ve slowly lost interest in the box office titles over the years for this very reason (as have most…), but this takes it too far.
    My wife and I are infuriated with this crap. She refuses to see it as do I. We’ve also signed the petition against it. Hopefully more will too as well, it’s time to start saying enough is enough with this crap….

  70. I doubt any fan of the original series is going to pay $15 to sit through some rom-com chick flick disaster spin off. Hell I doubt I’ll waste the time and data to pirate that shit.

  71. As a women I can agree about the feminism overload ruining movies. But then I read the comments and it turns from anti feminist to a pure hatred of women. This makes me side with the feminist and agree the male mindset toward women is scary and dangrous.
    Most of you men who hate all women consider yourselves to be progressive, liberal, tolerant, democrats, atheist. Not only do you hate women, but you hate black people as well asking with any other non white race. Every atheist white male leader in the history of the world have killed millions of non white people because of their belief in evolution, Darwinism, and eugenics.
    When I hear non white men joining in this white male women hating. I laugh because if white men had it their way. Women, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and all other non white races would be wiped off the earth or put under white male rule. White men only tolerate non white males. Just to get their numbers up, but they are using you and secretly hate you. I dont know. Maybe this is God’s way of punsihsing the awful history white men have had on the world. I guess if I was a white male I would be afraid seeing women gaining more power and black people as Strom Troopers. Indians as doctors and engineers, Africans as doctors, Asians taking over manufacturing and technology, Hispanics ruling over opening small businesses in America.
    I find it funny that the only way white men can be successful is killing and ruling over others. Most history has been changed to make white men look better than they really are. Many inventions white men claimed to discover have been around for 1000s of years by the Chinese and Egyptians. Have the American history books tell it, it seems like white men invented everything. This is false.
    Many non white empires have lasted 1000s of years without the help of white men. America is on the decline after 250 years. How is that?
    Also, Europe was not the first the travel the world. This is another lie made up by white men. Even back in Biblical times people sailed to South America, America, and other places. Many where, Middle Eastern, Asians, and Africans.
    So if you are a non white man, and you have happily joining in this women hating, just remember that you are being used and that many atheist, evolution believing white men see you as lower species. Unplugg from the world system.

    1. ” But then I read the comments and it turns from anti feminist to a pure
      hatred of women. This makes me side with the feminist and agree the
      male mindset toward women is scary and dangrous.”
      You shouldn’t allow a few bad apples to discourage you from siding with the truth and those who support it. On this site i’ve seen some questionable remarks myself about race and ethnicity, but i chalk that up to ignorance, fear, or trolls pretending to be the common readership here. Neither of those factors discourages me from embracing the truth, regardless of how few stand with me.
      “I laugh because if white men had it their way. Women, blacks, Latinos,
      Asians, and all other non white races would be wiped off the earth or
      put under white male rule. White men only tolerate non white males.”
      You shouldn’t make such sweeping generalizations over an entire ethnicity, that is beneath you. I’ve been reading your comments from the beginning and i think you are pretty sharp and sharp enough to realize that simple prejudice alone does nothing to improve the condition of the human rice, more so when you apply faith into the equation.
      You should also realize that no ethnicity is immune from barbaric actions. Blacks have been enslaving Blacks to this very day, but you don’t hear much about that because it doesn’t suit the progressive socio political narrative. In many Black controlled nations slavery is a dirty little secret that the western world prefers to ignore.
      Some of your words here can be considered hateful; take care not to become the very thing you would publicly deride. Just a pearl of wisdom i chose to share with you for last.

  72. They should have followed the example of the 80s cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters and in particular the 90s follow-up series Extreme Ghostbusters.
    At least the female character pulls her own weight as a team member and has your back in a fight, and the sexual tension between her and one of the male leads does provide some comic relief.
    The original Ghostbusters was the best. The sequel Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t up to par plotwise. And the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters did justice to the series, at least until the advent of Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters which was just too retarded. The Extreme Ghostbusters showed how to properly pass the torch.
    While I do feel some attachment for the franchise, as anyone of my generation would, I’m not gonna fret over this. Hollywood owns this franchise and can do as it pleases. As film critic Michael Medved pointed out, Hollywood churns out shitty movies that push the leftist agenda even if it’s at a net loss. When the system subsidizes this crap with our own tax dollars, you can see why they don’t care if it flops. They want to get their message out no matter what.
    I’ll just ignore it and focus my attention on something worthwhile.

  73. McCarthy is a pig and the black chick is manly.
    That fat bitch isnt any funnier than chucky schumer’s fat ass neice.

  74. “Begging the question” is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.
    To beg the question does not mean “to raise the question.” (e.g. “It begs the question, why is he so dumb?”) This is a common error of usage made by those who mistake the word “question” in the phrase to refer to a literal question. Sadly, the error has grown more and more common with time, such that even journalists, advertisers, and major mass media entities have fallen prey to “BTQ Abuse.”

    1. Your trivial pursuit might be more meritorious were it not for the fact that the author said “The question begs to be asked” and not “begging the question.”
      You have however, provided us with a wonderful example of how a StrawMan works. Thank you 🙂

  75. they have really fucked this one up really bad. this will be the worst most apauling remake ever done. i will not watch this shit. it is going to lose out on a lot of money at the box office. the only people that will watch it is people who are not very familiar with this movie. the ones who grew up with it knows what i mean. why would you replace with women. i watched the original from a standpoint to as all i see is four heros. not men or women. but some watch and are exactly the opposite they see four men. so people who view men and woman different are the cause of this new ghostbusters shit fest. they should be seen as a whole we are all the same. we are humans. but these stupid ass people shouting thats sexist. yeah because thats how you see them not as just heros but MEN…. i hope know one who is a true fan will watch this shit….

  76. a classic series ruined because of feminazis and sjw’s! im SICK of this femiazni sjw propaganda in films and media!
    fuck paul feg and sony pictures for doing this to the classic ghostbusters series. they ruined it. lookup paul fiegs original idea for a new universe of ghostbusters, the movie upcoming involves ALIEN GHOSTS FROM ANOTHER GALAXY…. YEAH… FUCK YOU PAUL FIEG AND SONY PICTURES I HOPE YOU ALL BURN TO THE GROUND

  77. Many views of the new Ghostbusters official trailer on YouTube.
    It has almost 1 million dislikes (compared to 250K likes). The comments are priceless as well. Go to the trailer, hit dislike and leave a comment.
    God damn SJWs and feminist bullshit movies.

  78. Couldn’t agree more that this feminist agenda in Hollywood films is bloody annoying. Want an antidote? Watch Predator.. one of the most macho movies of all time, and no strong empowered female TM

  79. People talking Star Wars because no one wants a ghostbusters movie, let alone an all female! Now they are gonna do an all women Oceans 11. I’ll be saving my money not supporting these liberal fucks!

  80. It’s even worse than predicted, at least China had the good sense to ban this offensive femtard nonsense, still, wonder why the sockjus femtards haven’t had a go at the Chinese for being sexist? Must only apply to cis white males.
    If a dude on the bus
    Looks at you the wrong way
    Violates your safe space
    With a bit of eye rape
    Who you gonna call?
    Ball Busters.
    Melisa Mccarthy ain’t afraid to punch men!

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