10 Potential Attacks That Can Defeat Cultural Marxism In Academia

In a seminal article on the freudo-Marxian origins of current leftist cultural hegemony, paleoconservative William S. Lind asked how we could answer it. He put forth two strategies: either we “retake the existing institutions from cultural Marxists” or we “separate ourselves and our families from the institutions the cultural Marxists control and build new institutions for ourselves.” The second strategy, Lind said, was more promising: cultural Marxists can defend their strongholds well, efficiently punishing intellectual dissent and discriminating on ideological grounds whereas new institutions would let us free to pursue our own plans.

This was in 2007. Ten years later, time has passed, masks fell off, some road has been covered. Most of the Republican establishment came across as a bunch of sellouts, running donations campaigns so that they could maintain their lifestyle in NY or Washington while their fellow citizens were dispossessed and exploited.

A variety of dissenting currents, ranging from the 14/88 to the most moderate MRAs, succeeded at gaining cultural weight and unmasking the so-called progressives and minoritists for the destructive dictators they are. Alternative media became an institution of its own. Mainstream media, in contrast, destroyed their own credibility by melting down hysterically around Trump.

Yet, the media are not enough: treating news entertains our outlook and sharpens our awareness, but academia is a higher institution that controls the back shop of culture. At one moment or another, it has to be retaken. (Or someone creates a red pill version of the Bob Jones University.)

Granted, North American colleges turned into a big scam and SJW factories. But it isn’t bound to be always like that. The sheer existence of critical academics, from Nassim Taleb to Kevin MacDonald and Neven Sesardic, the persistence of politically incorrect studies in genetics and psychology, show that openly red-pilled scholars can survive in the academia provided they are based enough.

If you already are in the academia, and manage to find a teacher whose mind is open enough, you could pursue an indirect strategy by orientating your research towards seemingly innocuous but actually relevant topics. This would contribute to get back to the truth, to common sense, and undermine the narrative—which is still possible if done in accordance with the insular scholarly etiquette.

1. The representations or discourses about the middle classes


Marxists historically hate the middle classes. They considered the backbone of the society as “bourgeois”, that is, egotistic and “oppressive.” Their project of a classless society implicated the destruction of independent, self-owned men.

After the first World War, when Marxism and radical Leftism were one cultural agent among others, many academics were sympathetic to the middle class. An article from 1925, describing how much tradesmen and employees were hurt by inflation, fixed salaries, and Bolshevist unrest, shows open kindness for its matter. Other works quoted in the article do the same.

Now compare this with that stance:

The great enemy of a genuine revolution is, not capitalism itself, but its by-product, its bastard offspring, the middle class; and as long as the middle class remains intact in Europe, a revolution is not possible. (Gregory Zilboorg, The passing of the old order in Europe, pp.184-6)

The historical hatred of petit bourgeois had a lasting effect upon the Leftist counter-culture and eventually on culture as a whole. As many teachers enjoy working on ideas or representations, these ones could be studied from a distanced point of view. It would give us all some ammunition against the sticky “middle classes are shit” atmosphere.

2. The “little whites”


Once upon a time, only a very tiny minority of whites would live in mobile homes, depend on welfare and spend their free time drinking beer and spitting. These, called derisively “white trash,” would not elicit much compassion from the wider public. Today, most whites are undergoing economic dispossession, cultural upheaval against them, demographic replacement, and even physical assaults from non-white thugs and Leftists. You don’t need to live in literal trash to now about that.

Good news, some have been giving scholarly attention to the matter and managed to get their effort published in books. Sympathetic authors include Wilmot Robertson (The Dispossessed Majority, 1972), Peter Brimelow (Alien Nation, 1995), Thilo Sarrazin (Germany Is Doing Away With Itself, 2010), and others. Antipathetic ones include J. D. Vance (Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, 2016) and A. R. Hoschild, a Berkeley professor who wrote a condescending book about the small whites (Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right, 2016). The latter make normal people cringe, but they give an ideal point of departure to any work willing to tackle the issue and criticize the Leftist point of view.

3. “Precarious manhood” and MRA claims


Yes, the MRA often look like the symmetric of feminists. They tend to consider men as a class with particular interests—something akin to the feminist view of women as a class—and ask for “real equality” by pointing female privileges and how the System neglects men. Their tone can seem a bit whiny as they don’t insist much on personal improvement.

Yet, what they do is necessary and completes well our point of view: when we insist on how to improve ourselves and our lot, they put forth issues and a class solidarity we ought to use. We’ll put forth genuine sex roles after feminism is defeated. For now speaking the language of Leftism, through equality, privilege, power dynamics, and so on, will work much better in the academia. So, prepare yourself to speak sympathetically albeit abstractly, and start with J. Vandello’s notion of “precarious manhood”, not to mention some evolutionary psychology and economics, to rebut the misandric narrative.

4. Bourgeois bohemians


Mostly used in France today, the expression appeared in New York and was popularized by the book of a self-claimed bobo, David Brooks. Americans use expressions such as “urban elves” with the same meaning. In France, where the expression secured a sure place, establishment bobos kept shrieking that it was baseless and nebulous: most works published on it come from bobos claiming that “bobo” doesn’t mean anything, or that “bobo” is mostly used by “populists”, or that bobos are victims of undeserved hate.  Nonetheless, the very attention they pay to the expression shows it is a thorn in their side.

Providing you substantiate the expression—I did a bit here and it isn’t hard to—, you could use Marxist tools of class analysis and discourse deconstruction to highlight how the bobo identity relates to discriminating against the working class. Using Leftist tools to attack the Leftist establishment class could be efficient and, for sure, ironic. Shouldn’t urban elves be more egalitarian and less discriminant against their hard-working, berated fellows after all?

5. Colonization and slavery

Léopoldville, Belgian Congo, prior to the 1960 separation

Léopoldville, Belgian Congo, prior to the 1960 separation

These ones have been massively used by cultural Marxists, then by muh race-baiting matters activists. Their very association is biased as it gives a picture linking slavery to white colonization. In truth, slavery has been practised almost universally: Africans have been enslaving each other since the dawn of times, Arabs used their knowledge of the desert to abduct blacks south of the Sahara—and they also enslaved many Europeans—, Mesoamerican empires enslaved smaller tribes, and so on. Europeans were by no means alone to practice slavery, and after they did, they were the first to actually end it.

Colonization is another matter. Motivated partly by the thirst to discover, partly by Enlightenment messianic secularism, and by intra-Western rows, it mostly consisted in developing natural wealth and building tons of infrastructures that bore by themselves no financial benefit. Serious historians showed colonization actually cost a lot to Western countries.

If one studies the matter aright, i.e. goes to real facts and detailed archives instead of pandering to the pathos-loaded pictures of race-baiters, one shall see the falsity of the latter’ view. For example, Europeans were not abducting slaves: African tribes were enslaving each other and some tribes would sell their prisoners to shipowners with a huge benefit—African elites were the first to benefit from the Europeans’ efforts.

Check Hugh Thomas’ The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade (1997), Paul Baepler’s White Slaves, African Masters (1999), The Oxford History of the British Empire, the French historians Jacques Marseille and Bernard Lugan, and only later go back to the whiny anti-white literature prepared to dispel its clouds.

6. Politically incorrect thinkers


Think about Otto Weininger, Ernst Jünger, Oswald Spengler, Carl Jung, Carl Schmitt, René Guénon, Julius Evola, and many others. Even if you have to pay lip service to a seemingly negative or overcritical point of view, as to virtue-signal that you are distanced from them, speaking fairly about their thoughts and exploring the issues they raised is always interesting. It can help fostering an alternative to the Frankfurt School, the Foucaults and other far-Leftist current references.

7. Hooliganism


This one may be more appealing to European readers. For a long time, hooliganism, or the peculiar hobby of some soccer supporters, have been despised by the so-called intellectuals as brutish and “uneducated.” There is classism there, as despising hooliganism is a way to come across as more refined and intelligent than the seemingly stupid who fistfight over soccer teams.

But look at that: BDSM, once considered a kind of sick perversion of sexuality that shouldn’t be too publicized, have been picked up by academics. Along with other subcultures orbiting around “alternative” sexualities, sadomasochism became a research or rather overly abstract waffle subject. At a master course, I had to go through a 28-pages text glamorizing and intellectualizing the rather weird practices of Bob Flanagan, self-proclaimed “supermasochist” who hammered a nail into his penis and got literally marked with red iron by his dominative wife.

The same can be done with hooliganism. Time to intellectualize local soccer identification, risk-taking, codified brawls and whatever can be found in the hooligan subculture.

8. Marxism as reductionism


Anti-reductionism has become fashionable since the 2000s. It is mostly applied to science, but one can expand it as a critical tool against whatever thought that tries to boil down a complex world into a rather simplistic or one-sided framework. Economic Marxism tries to reduce history to “exploitation” of a class of individuals by another, reduces individuals into products of economic conjecture, imposes a gratuitous theory of progressive steps on history and negates nature. Cultural Marxism does mostly the same with other groups considered as classes.

These are quite reductionist, as we know when we start seeing the world on sides Marxists deny or reject as non-important. Thus, opposing “reductionism” allows for attacking Leftist theories and upholding the forgotten and irreducible reality.

9. Idols of the Enlightenment


Democracy, parliamentarism, “equality” (that means individuals reduced to abstract unities and thought of as essentially identical), nationhood as destructive of ethnicities and cultures, so-called progress or humanism, pleas for toleration addressed to others… Postmodernism already attacks these, but when it does, it mostly uses these as a proxy to attack Western culture, whites, families and social equilibrium. We can use the desacralization of modern idols to get rid of them: unconditional rights, for example, have only fostered disorders and chaos.

This one can be made through comparing what modern philosophers promised or wanted and what we actually have. For the latter element, take a look at the school of public choices or at works such as Frank Karsten’s critique of parliamentarian cronyism.

10. Intellectual diversity


When you start perceiving a hegemony and long for something different, you can say you want diversity. Leftists used this ploy to make society less and less ours, subvert normalcy, and push for our wholesale replacement. But as now they are hegemonic, in the sense that they decide what can be said and what cannot, and that they impose mainstream views and theories, we are those who long for something else, something non-Marxist, non-globalist, non-anti-white and anti-male.

If antiracism is a codeword for anti-white, intellectual diversity is a ticket to relax the hegemony and admit some genuine diversity of ideas among the academic. More and more people have openly asked for alternatives to stultifying Leftism. Now, intellectual diversity seems to have obtained support from Republican senators. Cases ought to be made in public. We want more alternatives considered in vivo and in journals. As universities pretend to commit to diversity, let’s take them at their word and stand against ideological discrimination. Why no affirmative action for conservative scholars?


If you have no money, potential scholarship or opportunity at a college free of charge, doing your own thing apart from the academic system may be better. But if you have a knack for the scholarly world or are already there, consider how you could use your own specialization to push for truer or alternative views. We are the real silenced voices, we are the normal, the substance of civilization, and the most skilled to find out kernels of truths when not bludgeoned by political commissars.

This is, and ought to be, only the beginning.

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75 thoughts on “10 Potential Attacks That Can Defeat Cultural Marxism In Academia”

  1. I think the ultimate lesson from the past 2 years is that we on the Right need to do what we need to do to win.
    For too long we played by the Queensbury Rules whilst the degenerate left stabbed at us with rusty blades.
    Winning is what we need to do. The last 2 years have seen events fall in our favour. But we need to ram this home. When your opponent is out on his feet, don’t give him time to come around. Strike decisively. Finish the fucker off. You’d be doing both of you a favour in the long run.
    Show the left up unapologetically for their degeneracy, hypocrisy, perversity, self-destruction, incompetence, general worthlessness.
    Stigmatize them like they did us. Hold nothing back! Look to people like Gavin McInnis – they handle these fuckers with the respect (or lack thereof) they afford us.
    Fucking. Win!

    1. “Winning is what we need to do. The last 2 years have seen events fall in our favour. But we need to ram this home. When your opponent is out on his feet, don’t give him time to come around. Strike decisively. Finish the fucker off. You’d be doing both of you a favour in the long run”

      1. As you say “word”, but you all need to stop using words and start using guns. Until you kill your enemies, their families, and their children, they will just come back.

        1. This looks like the Bolshevik project of “dissolving” entire social classes, which meant sending millions of people straight to the Gulag. As for myself, what I attack is Leftism as an ideology, a worldview, a set of concepts and credos. It is different from Leftists as people. I know plenty of guys who were Leftists before. I have been engulfed into Leftism myself before emancipating internally from it.

    2. I enjoy watching Gavin McInnes videos. I especially like a comment he made in regards to the twisted thinking of the left. In my opinion he provides the best explaination at 5:55 in the following video when he begins talking about the lefts daddy issues. I will not go on a tangent, let the viewers decide. Leftist thinking is a defiant attitude toward the daddy’s of society.

      1. McInnis is a degenerate. Milo and McInnis in a warm embrace, deep tonguing each other is not my idea of a leader.
        We need strong, moral White men to lead us; men who are repulsed by all of this faggotry and who can get go work with drive and intelligence creating a world for Whites to survive and thrive.
        In 1950, Whites were 30% of the world population.
        Now we are 6%
        We don’t need quantity but we do need quality.
        Your women will come back to you when you remember how to be men.
        Tick tock gentlemen….

        1. I looked it up and sure enough, there they are tonguing each other. What a disgrace. Did.not.know.that.
          “Your women will come back to you when you remember how to be men.” Post that comment on a liberal website.

    3. Absolutely right. Fuck being gentlemanly and sporting; this is not a battle, it’s a motherfucking war so while the Left is bloodied from Brexit, nationalism and President Trump we need to curbstomp them to a pulp and leave their broken bodies to be fed to the hyenas.

    4. Michel Foucault was a complete pervert who never wrote a single authentic sentence, except, when he said he wanted to be fisted by an Arab male, kind of describes the whole self- hating Marxism madness we suffer from.

      1. You shut your shit about Foucault. That man stood up to academics and doctors to demonstrate how knowledge is shaped by those with power. If you could see past your rhetoric you’d find many of these “leftist” authors say things you’d agree with.

        1. Taking a grain of truth and coating it with reductive garbage.
          I’m pretty sure those perverted French Marxoids actually admitted to being frauds anyway.

        2. You can’t throw around reductive as if it’s an end-all be-all of arguments. You say something is reductive and then you explain HOW it is with EXAMPLES.

    5. Exactly, been saying this for years. Until the right adopts a win-at-all-costs mentality like the left has adopted, the right will lose.

    6. In my state, when someone says “the sky is the limit”, we let them know there’s footprints on the moon… Stay motivated fellow Kings!

    7. Yeah, because sticking a buttplug up your ass like Gavin did on camera, is someone to look up to.

  2. >> “cultural Marxists can defend their strongholds well, efficiently punishing intellectual dissent and discriminating on ideological grounds” >>
    They have no jurisdiction over tables like ROK. Like any judiciary, they can only punish you within their jurisdiction, like on campus. So we set up kangaroo tribunals on our besieged campuses and try them instead. If they nullify and dismantle the tribunals, then try and try again. Keep coming back. We’re here to drive them out simple.

  3. The Belgian Congo? Are you fucking kidding me? King Leopold II makes Hitler look like a primary school bully. The French and Belgians regimes in Africa were responsible for some of the most atrocious brutality, this is just historical fact. The only European colonizers that had any resemblance of humanity were the British who had the foresight to educate and incorporate the prominent native tribes in governmental administration, the proof is in the pudding, its no coincidence that former colonies of the British are the most stable whilst the African countries colonized by the French and Belgians are absolute shitholes..Even till this day, I would rather live in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe than Sierra Leone or Congo

    1. Sierra Leone was ruled by the British until 1962.
      You are correct about Leopold II , however. Under his rule the Congo suffered one of the biggest genocides in African history. Sadly this is an often overlooked fact by historians.

    2. yeah, well, Belgium and France have become hellholes today, infested with criminal immigrant scum. It seems like some people think they can take the whole world with this idea of “reparations”, but enough is enough and enough is almost here.

    3. Curiously, I heard the exact reverse about North American colonization: the French treated Indians humanely whereas the British were brutal, treacherous and careless. This would explain why most Indian tribes allied with the French during the war for Québec. But anyway, this kind of debate is at best very secondary. What matters is that, in general, European colonizers have (i) built a lot and (ii) abolished slavery and tamed warfare, both previously raging with no White man in sight.

      1. It is simple really, brits are not above propaganda, even today.
        You know that the Frenchs treated their blacks better by how many of them where ready to fight for France in WW1.

    4. Didn’t the british suppress the post-ww2 uprising in kenya with concentration camps and castration? didn’t they wipe out the tasmanians?
      I think there is a whole lot of blame to go around. Oddly enough, the Germans were the least guilty of all the major European powers of colonial exploitation and brutality, yet WW1 and WW2 are chalked up as some ‘war for freedom’.

    5. When people think of Africa, they typically think of French, Belgian, Italian colonies which are undeniable hellholes. I was blown away by how far ahead the former Anglo colonies in Africa were compared to the rest of the continent. Might as well be two different worlds.

    6. “I would rather live in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe ”
      No if you’re white, my family had to walk away from their farm, and were only allowed to take what they could carry. As they walked away the farmhouse was burned down. It’s all scrub land now as none of the natives knew how to farm.

    7. Good, good.
      Germany was the power that treated its dindus (and even chinese in Tsingtao) better than any other colonial power, followed by France. The pommies were just greedy, exploitative bastards.

  4. The only way to beat cultural Marxism is to NAME the ((( ))).
    Name the (((pusher))) of the degeneracy, and name the signal boosting (((opposition))) who never ever will go after the degeneracy pushers.
    What do feminists, pornographers, and ‘factual feminist’ anti feminists have in common? They never attack each other and their kids all go to the same school.
    Cultural Marxism, simplified, is making people fight over bullshit so that a minority can exploit and rule. Don’t play that game! Call out the bullshitters and call out anti-bullshit cheerleaders who refuse to call out bullshitters.
    The only way to win is to not play.
    Game 101: establish your own frame.

    1. The ((jew)) is a shape shifting squiggly worm to name or put a finger on. Sometimes ‘jew’ means different things. At times, it’s even a verb.

      1. Hitler was right about a lot. But I am still glad we beat him. I still think there is hope with the Trump campaign against PC. It will have to be a fight at the grassroots.
        Japan and Germany were right to oppose the plutocrats. But I still have some hope we can make the system of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson work.
        But I would prefer Hitler to the sort of values coming out of Berkley these days of PC, war on family and hetersexuality, excessive welfare state.

    1. The first part is masterfully worded. Copy and paste it on other sites, everywhere. Make it a viral piece.

  5. “Economic Marxism tries to reduce history to “exploitation” of a class of individuals by another”
    A good chunk of human history can actually be explained by this idea. Almost all civilizations eventually degenerate into a kleptocracy in which a small elite steal all of the finite wealth for themselves. North Korea is perhaps the best example of a modern kleptocracy. America is actually quite similar to North Korea in that regard.
    The thing to realize is that Marx was half-right. Marx was correct in pointing out that capitalist societies quickly degenerate into kleptocracies. However, Marx’s solutions to the problem did not work out at all.

  6. Good article, but all this is too complicated. We just want to get to the fighting. We are stalling the inevitable. We all know that the Left will only be vanquished by force. Debating is their terrain, because they tie everyone up in logical pretzels and run out the clock. Look at how much they have accomplished while we have been trying to debate them for the past 50 years.
    The Left will always win in a culture war because they appeal to the base, selfish desires of the lazy, corrupt, and worthless – who make up 90% of the population.

    1. The left wins in a cultural war with the ‘lazy’ ‘shiftless’ women primarily because we men have neglected to keep them employed exclusively BY US. We need a sweeping jobs program for our women NOW where our women work for us men. Each man picks his servant. And we won’t pay them in money either. Are you kidding? Money in the hands of a woman? Totally insane, but that’s what feminism has brought. We’ll pay them alright – IN DICK!
      Pre feminism, women DID in fact work for their man and they got paid IN DICK. When it was payday, the man didn’t get paid in pussy, no it was the other way around. You stuck your dick in her slot and she got hers. PAID. All parties were happy.

      1. Societies that pay a dowry have the right idea. You should get a big check or a house or a hundred oxen in order to take on the massive liability, the rapidly depreciating asset, that is woman. You are taking this millstone from another man’s neck and placing it around your own. That’s worth at least a couple hundred grand.

    2. Complicated and long-winded compared with daily media stuff, for sure. It is necessary though. The media is about what is happening now, what happened a few time ago, what may happen in a close future. The media jurisdiction matters much but it isn’t all: if we let the academia to the Left, they control the narrative about history, about what’s officially acknowledged as true or false, good or evil, and so on. Of course it is complicated. A whole civilization is at stake.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I meant no disrespect to the author. It’s a good piece, and right now, fighting them on this terrain is the best tactic. I’m just saying we are only buying time, because in the end, parasites will not be defeated by superior ideas. It is literally a matter of survival for them to keep us cucked and blind. They will fight to the death to maintain the stranglehold they have placed over our societies – and all the wealth we generate. So when it comes down to it, we have a date with destiny – physical conflict – in our future.

      1. On the other hand, isn’t killing whites (when you are a BLM thug) or pushing men to suicide (as men suicide four times more than women, and a lot of it stems from harsh divorce) immoral? I guess your little protégés can do whatever they want without being held accountable whereas we are supposed to justify ourselves against false accusations like yours. Bye.

      2. I’m not sure it is in a war of self-preservation. But I’m not a killer or a particularly religious man, so you’re better off asking someone else.

  7. We have but two stark choices before us: separation, or civil war. The only third scenario is to limp along like we have been, but external forces will make that impossible.

  8. Paleoconservative?

    Is that caveman conservatism? 😀
    What is with all these stupid side names? Alt-Right, Alt-Light, Paleoconservative, Neoconservative….
    What’s else? Mesoconservative? Jurassiconservative? Cretaconservative?

    1. neoconservatism is a Zionist pusedo leftist movement, Paleoconservative is far right and actually seeks to conserve

  9. I like the billboard down in North Carolina got the libs and feminists up in arms and howling mad. REAL MEN PROVIDE REAL WOMEN APPRECIATE IT. I do not know of anything more true.

  10. Attack the media and the college institutions first, when these two are dismantled there will be much rejoice and victory on behalf of free peoples everywhere. The media is their only veil over the eyes of humanity aside from the fact that most of their leaders operate and plan in secret. If all mainstream news channels, newspapers, and television shows are derailed and disbelieved, then there is no more mass hypnosis, and all the people coked out on fast food, alcohol, fakebook, etc will have to see things with a painful injection of reality for quite some time. The college institutions should be unfunded and unattended. No longer will masses of the up-and-coming generation be coerced into lifelong debt and slavery to the very institution that wishes to form them all into a genderless identical blob of human mush. Everything is aligning to grease the pockets of the banks for the forseeable future, that is why they despise the white race, and all races for that matter, but whites above all else.
    The final enemy in this conflict will be the central banks, it is not a nation-state, a country, or a government, all of these have the potential to do God’s work and justice throughout the world, just as they all have the potential to do evil. The banks however, represent an idol to be worshipped above the creator and therefore they are the inherent enemy of all men.

    1. Hmmm, so media, academia, and banking. I just can’t put my finger on what these three fields have in common.

      1. They all have so much money…
        God damn, I knew it…it were the rich people all along.
        Just like in the movie ‘They Live’.
        Btw: If you replace the Aliens in ‘They Live’ with the Skypes it’s no longer sci-fi – it’s a documentary instead.

  11. I don’t think there is anything in academia worth saving. Outside of science academia has produced nothing but a giant pile of excrement for the last 50 years. There have been no advancement s in literature, english, philosophy, or any other field. Rather its been a complete digression into the most nonsensical hedonism ever seen. In my mind there is nothing worth saving. Therefore I say lets just burn down all the colleges and be done with it.
    All the science, the real science that is, is duplicated outside academia and if it worthwhile it will be saved

  12. Regardless of how much we “fight back”, we won’t see real true victory until Affirmative Action/EEO, welfare, child support, and abortion are completely banned. The leftist elites sit back and laugh while we peasants have our left/right spats. As long as Affirmative Action and Welfare are still in place, females & minorities will always receive guaranteed jobs and education above white males and the lower ranks of society will continue to increase in number since they have welfare to pay for their litters of rats.
    Once those are eliminated, then females can finally be kicked out of the workplace and those jobs can be opened up for white men that would like to be married and support their families rather than some stupid white bitch that receives a huge paycheck so she can go buy more material goods being that females are by nature materialistic pagans.
    Show me a neighborhood full of crime and drugs, and I’ll show you a neighborhood full of single moms. Women cannot raise kids on their own. They will raise criminals and immoral degenerates. Morals and values are taught and instilled by husbands/fathers as head of the house holds. When you give away free welfare money and subsidies to females, they will go have a litter of thug rats. If it’s a single white mom and she happens to have an affirmative action job and lives as a singe mom in the burbs, she’ll raise her kids to be liberals. Spirituality to women is going to a yoga class. Women WILL NOT teach Christianity to their children.
    Affirmative Action & Welfare needs to be crushed and women need to be crushed and put back into their place in society. The job market was invented by men and belongs to men. Women don’t “deserve” jobs. Awarding women with free jobs and money is redistribution of wealth stolen from men via laws that is ours under natural law. Once women are crushed, society can be cleaned up and maybe just maybe, women will start respecting men once again.

  13. RE: Mesoamerican slavery.
    In 1325, the Aztecs flayed a rival chiefs daughter alive and wore her skin to dinner-which the father was forced to attend. Fearing retribution, the Aztecs fled to Lake Texcoco where they witnessed the prophecy of an eagle snatching a snake from the river. This is the basis of the modern Mexican flag. To celebrate, they began the practice of cutting out hearts of live captives.
    These are the “peaceful” people Cortez thankfully crushed.

    1. Cortez is my hero and role model. I really like the story about how he sank his ships to leave no retreat for his 300 men up against an Aztec army of 40ooo.. No way back, and said, “Conquer or die !”
      I told my son that story when I dropped him off at college his freshman year. Childhood was over, there was no way back. He had to make his way and be like Cortez.
      So far, he has done pretty well in college, will be a senior next year, and just got an ROTC scholarship. And a study abroad scholarship for Japan last year.
      Yes, it ripped my heart out to see him leave home, but I tried not to show it.
      I rode home feeling a little older, though. I enjoy my life, my hobbies, projects such as literature and gardening. But he is the future now, not me.
      I just hope he will find a nice girl and I will get to be a grandpa.

  14. Andre is a Frenchman at his best, putting some intellectual muscle into it. (French academics really are better at certain types of philosophical analysis. Even though I do not think Andre considers himself an academic, he still gets that culture.)
    I tend to just get pissed and rant, like Americans do. Which by the way, the rant is an American art of getting to the point in a different way. Like Alex Jones. He makes a lot of smart people cringe, but says some things that need to be said.
    By the way, I really appreciate the book by Eugene Tabernier that (if I remember correctly), Andre recommended. I am reading it in French. Will take a while, as I only read it for about 15-20 minutes a day, and look up every single word I do not know in French. (Am on page 123 now, and there are almost 300 pages in my version of book.
    But I miss reading French, so if Andre has another French book on a related topic, I would appreciate the recommendation. I miss studying French, but am not going to read a book unless it is interesting.
    Also, I am reading Spansish also about 30 minutes a day. Daniel Estulin is pretty good for NWO topics. If anybody knows a good book in Spanish on NWO, attacks on Christianity etc, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I will just get another book by Estulin.
    It takes me a month or two to get through a book in Spanish, but I really enjoy the process of reading slowly, looking up words and thoroughly digesting the material.

  15. If you are a man, just focus on STEM. Minimize liberal arts courses. Study languages. Stay away from political life on campus.

  16. so-called progress or humanism

    The Alt Right’s world view has become the new humanism. The old, discredited humanists promote a list of beliefs about nonwhites, women and people with broken sexuality that they would recognize and critique as woo-woo in other contexts. If an Alt-Right version of the humanist celebrity Carl Sagan lived now, he might write an essay titled “The Equality in My Garage.”

  17. I’ve been in academia for quite some time. Realizing how the trends of adult education have changed over the last decade, it is quite clear that the foundation which the entire house is built upon is crumbling away. Academicians are frightened, because the shine of their shit has lost its luster. They are no longer viewing themselves as respectable.
    Much of this article is self-absorbed nonsense. The key to driving out cultural marxism from academia is to infiltrate it at the student level. The presence of one red-piller is enough to tilt any discussion back into common sense. I used to think that professors were just threatened by me, but I now realize that I represent something very dangerous…..a free thinking man.

  18. And this is why you aren’t already a part of academia. Parts of this article are incoherent. I don’t mean simple spelling and grammar errors (although those exist too, ROK needs to get a better editor), some sentences just don’t make sense.
    For example, “Yet, the media are not enough: treating news entertains our outlook and sharpens our awareness, but academia is a higher institution that controls the back shop of culture.” Treating news what? Treating them well? Treating them badly? Something is missing from this sentence.
    Also post-modernism generally attacked academics for their analysis that reinforced structures of power and treated the “other” as exotic. Not really relevant to perceptions of white, western families, poor or otherwise. Please take a theory class in anthropology before you post on the internet.

    1. The Big Other stuff is an abstract schemata that has been artificially superimposed on texts. It is but an arbitrary choice of interpretation, a choice used to foster anti-white, anti-male aggressive “minority” identities (that did not even exist before cultural Marxists invented them and heavily promoted them through vicious propaganda). If your schemata discards whites and families, the problems comes from the schemata, not from whites or families. If your vision is blurred, the problem comes from your eyes, not from the objects. Doesn’t matter if you create an intricate, sophistic “argument” to claim they are intrinsically blurred. Get out of the Leftist frames if you want to be able to see reality (which includes the criminal abandonment of most whites by the globalist establishment).

  19. Good to hear the German author Thilo Sarrazin mentioned. Will mention one other for those who are interested, also quite intellectual but much more entertaining and with a sense of humour, Akif Pirincci. I read Deutschland von Sinnen – Der irre Kult um Frauen, Homosexuelle und Zuwanderer – Germany Gone Mad: The Crazy Cult Around Women, Homosexuals, and Immigrants. Very likable conservative like us. He keeps getting fined by the courts in Germany for saying things that are politically incorrect, but he has made a lot of money out of “cat crime” books still feel a bit sorry that he has to fork out good money for breaking rules that shouldn’t exist, like Roosh he has his ass on the line and practices free speech despite the consequences, which are not free

  20. The Universities have become so decadent because of an excess of wealth. The federal government funnels hundreds of billions of dollars a year to institutions of higher learning. They are drunk on wealth and power. The best way for Trump to sober them up is to cut off the funding. When the funds dry up, and money becomes scarce, they will come back down to earth and won’t be so willing to squander resources on wacko Lefties.

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