16 thoughts on “CNN Audio Leaks By James O’Keefe Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype”

  1. I’ve been praying for an objective (as possible) news source for some time now. Real Clear Politics is a start. The problem is getting the money to do meaningful journalism isn’t easy. I also think news media is just the tip of the iceberg. As has been commented many times on this forum, the true globalist ‘programming’ isn’t in the news, it’s in entertainment. We have to start producing and promoting counter narrative entertainment consumables ourselves.

  2. James O’Keefe is something of a right-wing version of Michael Moore: selectively editing his footage and generally using dirty tricks typically attributed to the left.
    While I despise his less-than-honest methods, I don’t blame him for using the left’s tactics right back at them. Hoisting the left by their own petard is quite satisfying, and a dirty pleasure.
    I remind myself that part of the American Revolution was based upon a fraud: the Boston “Massacre” in truth was egged on by colonists throwing rocks and hitting British soldiers with clubs. It wasn’t until a British Soldier was hit in the head and started bleeding that they opened fire. The idea that British Soldiers would open fire on civilians without provocation is ludicrous, and echos some of the Black Lives Matter bullshit.
    The soldiers themselves were even acquitted. They were not represented by a Loyalist attorney, but by a somewhat famous man you may have heard of: John Adams.

  3. Hate to say it, but yeah, compared to his other works, this turned out to be a non-starter, so far. Perhaps he’s got more up his sleeve? Or maybe this is just a recruiting drive to get CNN paranoid about leakers. Either way a bit of a letdown.

    1. Most of the stuff he came out with was lame at best. Nothing groundbreaking that 90% of us didn’t already know

      1. I have to disagree – the planned parenthood (selling baby parts) expose, the voter fraud videos (especially the one where he nailed Holder), those were pretty damning.
        Sure, “we all knew”, but to get them dead to rights, on tape, was something I’d never have expected from the people supposedly on our side. They’re usually too busy sucking up. It’s about time we had someone out there to help the leftoids lose sleep – an offensive approach is so much more engaging than a passive, defensive approach.

      2. The point was that he got proof of narrative manipulation from CNN, straight from their own mouths, in an environment where they felt somewhat safe to admit their practices.
        I know you bros were expecting something more diabolical, but you need to consider the context of how normal people perceive this. This was just board room banter, not the deeper truths about the MSM we suspect. You know about this shit, we all do.
        But you saying “its a letdown” in social media or a conversation only makes normal people want to avoid a quality redpill. There are many normal people who don’t want to accept the realities surrounding corporate media. They are scared and vulnerable intellectually.
        This video can be incredibly useful in the future, when people talk about fake news and shit of that nature. Use it in a rhetorical capacity. O’Keefe gets proof of things the mainstream calls bullshit. That’s what he’s always done. And that’s what he did here, again.

  4. The thing is, is that the video confirmed stuff we already know.
    “CNN only uses favorable polls to support their narrative”
    Well, we already knew that by Trump winning.

    1. The thing is, is that the video confirmed stuff we already know.
      Yeah, bit of a let down. But, of course, it is actual confirmation. Prior to now we’ve just relied on interpretations and on-air slips. In a sane world, it could be used to silence the occasional claim that the media is biased to the right. But we know that won’t happen; nothing will shut that guy up.

      1. “on-air slips.”
        If any on air slip is worthy of it’s own article this would be it.

  5. That’s two videos where I’ve seen pug abuse!! SHAME!
    O’Keefe has done some good but he’s also… a tad on the touched side occasionally. Anybody remember that video he made dressed up as… I guess Michael Jackson?

  6. I’m getting a little aggravated with Trump so far. He should be out there tearing ass. He has the means and the smarts to know how to do it. All I’m seeing is hobbling around and allowing the bastard media to hobble him more.
    Pass the National CCW, get these tax cuts going, expose that Soros fuck and put together a plan to replace Obummer care. He has mountains of support from folks like us and millions of others. I don’t see him utilizing it at all.
    As for this issue Roosh is spot-on. There’s no there there. Or what the The Bitch calls “a nothingburger”

  7. The job of a journalist according to CNN VP
    “Aid the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable”
    If you don’t think that’s a smoking gun. Then you’ve never seen a gun, nor smelled smoke.

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