Does The Future Belong To The Left?

Likely you’ve heard leftists describing themselves as being the ideological torchbearers of the future. By extension, anyone resisting them (or even skeptical) is portrayed as being out of touch with the times, trying to stop the inevitable, or attempting to derail the natural evolution of society.

This sentiment is often given in catchphrases such as these:

  • “You can’t turn back the clock.”
  • “You’re on the wrong side of history.”
  • “So I bet you want to go back to the times when [something bad] was happening.”
  • “Change is inevitable.”
  • “You can’t stop progress.”
  • “We’re the forward-thinking ones.”
  • “You’re a reactionary.”
  • “Don’t you realize it’s [the Current Year]?”
  • “You’re a Neanderthal.”

Actually, even the term “progressive” is a subtle framing tactic; it’s an implied assumption that their policies really do represent progress—which literally means “moving forward.” Another reason the term is used is because liberalism has acquired a negative association by some. Since they mean the same thing (assuming the modern variety of liberalism, heavily influenced by cultural Marxism since the 1960s), giving it another name is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Logic time


Being a Neanderthal doesn’t mean you’re always wrong.

All the above catchphrases depend on a certain implicit assumption. If you don’t call them out for this hidden premise, then their frame wins the argument. The implicit assumption they want you to believe is that politics only moves in one direction: leftward, of course. These catchphrases are often delivered with a triumphant smirk, signaling that you’ve lost. Whoa, not so fast, there!

I wrote “catchphrase” rather than “argument”, because none of the above actually are refutations based on facts or logic, no matter what it is you said. These are really thought-terminating clichés shorthand for an “argument from novelty”, which is a rhetorical fallacy. The proposition “newer is always right” is just as incorrect as saying “newer is never right”.

Let’s take something pretty uncontroversial: 2+2=4. If you say this today, it’s true. If someone said 2+2=4 in 1956, it was also true then. If an actual Neanderthal said that, it was still true 40,000 years ago. We should evaluate the truth of something regardless of who said it and when. Obviously this principle applies to things other than math as well.

What left and right mean (sort of)

The terms left and right originate from the seating in the Legislative Assembly of revolutionary France. Those who sat on the left favored change, and those on the right favored tradition.  This is where the confusion sets in. Changes do happen, but it’s not always in the same ideological direction, no matter how much some might want you to believe that their views will inevitably prevail.

Unfortunately, the left/right designation is a bit imprecise for several reasons. For one example, ideology isn’t completely binary, and there’s no place for anything off the map. Also “change” versus “tradition” isn’t always a good predictor of whether a specific policy will be “left” or “right”, at least not the way we usually consider these policies. (For example, by the strict definition, gun control would be a “right wing” policy in a country that already has it.) Still, we’re sort of stuck with the left/right yardstick, imprecise though it is.

Note that traditions aren’t always the best way to do things, or remain useful forever, but they do get to be traditions because they work. Therefore, throwing them out the window without careful consideration is unwise. Still, leftists often have an odd notion that they’re smarter than all the generations who went before them.

By the textbook left/right standard, the most right wing government possible would be absolutist monarchy, like the proverbial Attila the Hun, or really any of the kings back then. That in turn evolved from tribal chieftains; Rousseau’s idea of early mankind in an anarchical state of nature is wrong, as anyone with a passing familiarity with tribal societies is aware.

The furthest left leader thus far has been Pol Pot, who made Chairman Mao seem pretty moderate by comparison. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime made sweeping changes to bring about an agrarian-based society. That involved eliminating the bourgeoisie in a very literal sense; people were put to death for owning glasses, because this meant they knew how to read. A third of Cambodia’s population was wiped out, which is not exactly the best track record for statecraft.

According to the “all politics moves leftward” meme, things will get a lot more leftist in the future, and continue on that trajectory. So the most left wing government possible would be… who the hell knows? If it’s really true that politics always moves leftward—carried adrift like a rudderless ship—then one day an administration similar to the Khmer Rouge will one day be the “new normal”. That eventually will be surpassed by something even more radical and screwed up, whatever that might be. Where does it end?

Is change always good?


Not all changes are improvements. There’s wisdom in knowing when to leave well enough alone.

“Change” is a favorite leftist buzzword that’s warm and squishy, like used diapers. However, change is not a direction, just as hope is not a strategy. It’s true that societies do change over time and circumstances. For example, communal ownership of property does work in some small, very tightly-knit tribes and religious societies. However, every attempt to implement that in an entire country has led to disaster.

Also, monarchy really did make sense back when the peasantry was mostly illiterate and only the upper classes were educated. That’s not so compelling now that the public can read and has at least a rudimentary grasp of civics and economics. For this reason, I suspect that the dumbing down of the educational system might be an effort to make the public susceptible to demagoguery and even dictatorship, or at least unaware and compliant.

Basic human nature doesn’t change; any ideology disregarding this fact—or disregarding elementary biology (such as feminism)—is doomed to failure. Also, what works for one culture might not necessarily work so well for another. That’s one big reason why packing many cultures that don’t have much in common inside the same country leads to problems.

What is progress, and who decides?


Here we come to an important question: what exactly is “progress” and who gets to decide? If you ask a leftist that, you’ll probably get a “deer in the headlights” look. I do have an answer to that one. The System—leftists who have wealth, power, and media access—form a center of gravity within a loose coalition and call the shots. The Hive—all the little guys implementing their policies—follows along.

Still, does being a virtue-signaling Silicon Valley billionaire, or knowing how to sing or act, or running a Wall Street finance operation, or even being a big-name political hack make any of those people particularly wise or fit to lead? Actually, the world that Social Justice Warriors think they’re struggling to bring about is very different from what it’s being socially engineered to become.

The changes that the “progressives” do say they want may well lead to a future dystopian society characterized by vast extremes of wealth, a surveillance state with no personal privacy or self-government, and the loss of genetic and cultural diversity by throwing all of humanity in a global biological stir-fry. This is what will happen if the globalists running the show get the kind of world they want.

The plans are well on the way. The middle class suffered greatly from economic catastrophe while Wall Street bounced back and the rich are richer than ever. The surveillance state is very much in place (with microchipping perhaps on the horizon), the government is increasingly neglectful and hostile to the public, censorship is becoming more sophisticated, and managed democracy is the norm. The Western world has been targeted for destruction, and all other societies eventually will be homogenized to death later, which will be the end of diversity. What kind of “progress” is all that?

In any case, it’s preposterous to say that every single thing the leftist collective hive-mind agrees on is something that advances society in a positive direction. For one matter, several leftist policies aren’t really about equality. Hiring quotas, set-asides, and other rent-seeking measures benefit one set of people but disadvantage everyone else. The usual rejoinder is that this is to correct some wrong that might have happened decades (or centuries) ago, which few (if any) of the individuals now being punished personally benefited from in the first place. All this may be “progress” for the favored groups, but certainly aren’t for everyone else.

Another problem is when leftist policies are wasteful, do more harm than good, or have an ulterior motive. For example, welfare sounds humane in principle, but the unintended consequence was intergenerational poverty, and that in turn caused crime rates to soar. (Hint: if you subsidize something, you get more of it.) Further, LBJ’s intentions were far from pure, and welfare even has been used as a political battering ram. The point is, taking one step forward and two steps back certainly isn’t progress.

The final take

Changes do happen in society, which then filters into politics. If the changes don’t work, then they should be abandoned. If they do work, then they should be retained, in which case they’ll eventually become time-honored traditions. There’s no reason we can’t question proposed changes, or must adopt them willy-nilly.

The ideological scene is not unidirectional; it’s a back-and-forth motion, usually moving slowly. We can’t re-create the past, but there’s no reason why we can’t learn from the acquired facts of history and implement what has been proven to work. The second half of the 20th Century was mostly characterized by liberalism, something carrying forward into today, but there’s no reason why this must continue indefinitely.

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93 thoughts on “Does The Future Belong To The Left?”

  1. Progress, leftist stylie:
    War against biology
    Outsourcing morality to the state
    The systemic destruction of values
    Slatternry/debasement of females
    Absence of thrift
    Gargantuan debt
    Open corruption
    Willing self-destruction
    Cultural self-denial
    Suicide/death worship
    I’ll also add the priceless irony that the left damn near murdered the one thing that could regulate unfettered capitalism – Christian/Conservative Mortality.

    1. that is what yolo is all about – denial of legacy in favor of living in the present, hedonistic materialism

      1. We ONLY live in the present moment. Future and past is an illusion of mind and ego.
        The rights, or atleast your own cynicism towards materialism, is contradictory to the rights supposed fiscal business beliefs IMO.

    2. add: the elevation or obsession with the trivial like Tranny bathroom rights and gender pronouns…

    3. “Suicide/death worship”
      “capitalism – Christian/Conservative Mortality.”
      I believe you meant morality 😉

  2. There’s no future for the leftists. They’re like the platypus or other species that are endangered at this point that have met their evolutionary dead-end. On the bright side, lots of millennial, hipster types are doing reverse surgeries to correct their bad decisions on piercings and tattoos to look semi-human again.

    1. how does one unstretch their distended ear lobes? I mean, once you can put your cock through someone’s ear lobe, I don’t think there’s any way of going back haha

      1. The surgeons have to cut away at the skin then stitch it up. I’ve see countless retards getting this surgery to correct their childish mistakes.

    2. I so hope you’re right, fantastic that Trump is in in the US but am quite nervous, despite recent terrorism, that the right won’t properly make it in Europe. They were all too brainwashed when they were young. Hope I’m wrong..

      1. Read yesterday that lots of Germans are fed up and turning against Frau Merkel after what happened. Expect her to be out of office next election cycle in that country.

  3. I think we are seeing a shift away from the left as we know it and into a false right with old leftist baggage.
    Roosh made some interesting observations

    The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture

    Jews conducted cultural undertakings that they believed would end anti-Semitism once and for all, but like most utopia builders, they forgot to account for the consequences, particularly how multiculturalism, a Jewish keystone policy, is beginning to cater to additional groups that are hostile to Jewish interests. Also, incubating social justice and then losing control of it has left out Jews as a victimized group and promoted Palestinian interests instead.
    Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.

    1. Great Post… I think that is already happening. All Minorities see Jews as, and I have spoken to several Jewish colleagues, are OVER PRIVELEDGE & RICH WHITES… The Blacks and Browns do not see them as POC. Also the POC do not see East Asians as POC.
      It just seems that East Asians/Whites and Jews are High IQ Groups, and Most Blacks and Browns are Low IQ Groups, so this will create conflict…
      Almost all the Anti-Semitism in the west now is done by Muslims…. That is a FACT! They are scared now they allowed beasts into the West!

  4. “Does The Future Belong To The Left?”
    It will unless we take it back. We will see what happens with Trump – and the rest of us non progressives; the next 10 years are going to be crucial.

  5. Left and right orientations run deeper than you make it sound. The gun control example doesn’t apply for this reason. In Europe, we have more or less strict gun control and if someone wants to lift it, it is clearly the right wing.
    In a nutshell, I would put it this way. The right is about accepting and respecting people and institutions as they have naturally evolved, the left is about designing the world from a blank slate according to a blueprint their intellect deems best. The terms ‘conservative’ and ‘progressive’ reflect this. Make the best of what is there versus screw what is there and strive for perfection.
    Owning a gun is a down-to-earth, practical solution to the problem that you might get attacked. It means you acknowledge that the world is and remains a domesticated jungle and is not a perfectly designed machine. But your gun doesn’t solve any larger issue and it doesn’t make the machine any more perfect. The left don’t want you to find your way through this world, they want you to help build their perfect one.

    1. An elderly local gentleman who has been doing his part passed away recently-6 children-37 grandchildren-144 great grandchildren and 9 great-great grandchildren. Dude must have been building his own army.

      1. Demography is a bitch. Compare it to the average European couple with 1.1 children per cunt.

        1. The dudes oldest son has like 15 kids with I think 11 sons, they stay busy out there I guess.

        1. Yes it is. When I was younger I only wanted two kids. Now that I’m older I realize how much fun it would have been to have a house full.
          Many younger people look at having kids as something that holds them back but when you get older you realize it’s quite a blessing having little ones around.

        2. When I was younger I was disgusted at the thought of marriage and having kids – no way (you’d have to know my parents….)
          Having found the Right Girl my attitude eventually changed and I was open to it, even looking forward to it. So for 15 or so years we ‘tried’, even checked out adoption. No dice.
          Fate is a motherfukker, but for one thing I know more than ever that they are indeed a blessing, not to be taken lightly.

        3. Sorry to hear of your problem especially in light of how many people now that think children are a burden.

      2. That’s nothing compared to the Amish:
        “Gideon B. Stoltzfus, 97, of 2615 Stumptown Road, Bird-in-Hand, died Monday afternoon, Oct. 13, 2008, at home after a brief illness. He was the husband of late Annie Lapp Stoltzfus who died in 1998. A retired farmer, he also operated a general store at his home. Mr. Stoltzfus was a member of the Old Order Amish Church.
        He is survived by: seven daughters, Sarah King, Leola, Mattie wife of Amos Lapp, Gordonville, Katie wife of Noah Lapp, Lancaster, Rebecca wife of Henry Stoltzfus, Lititz, Sylvia wife of Samuel Stoltzfus, Gratz, Mary wife of Chester Stoltzfus, Ronks, Amanda Lantz, Lititz; a son, Amos husband Sarah Glick Stoltzfus, Bird-in-Hand; 101 grandchildren; 498 great-grandchildren; 58 great-great-grandchildren”

        1. I guess old Stoltzfus didn’t get the memo that it costs a million dollars to raise a child from birth to adulthood!

        2. You think old man Stoltzfus ever figured out what caused that?
          The man I was referring to was also a retired farmer and founder of King Of Kings Christian Church. Had enough chilluns and granchlilluns to have his own congregation.

        3. Yeah that million bucks thing lol I have two grown successful children and I haven’t made a million since they were born.

        4. I wouldn’t even be able to remember all those names, I would just have to point at the one in question and say, “Hey you!”.

        5. This guy had more reproductive sex than I had non-reproductive sex in my entire life.

  6. “Idological torchbearers of the future.” LOL.
    In 1920, Stalin, who would go on to Murder 20 million of his own countrymen, many of them party loyalists who were purged after serving their purpose, was in Russia’s future.
    In 1926, Mao, who would go on to Murder 70 million of his own countrymen, many of them party loyalists who were purged after serving their purpose, was in China’s future.
    I’d be cautious about championing myself as the ideological torchbearer of the future, particularly since the future often has a hard-on for your annihilation.

  7. Being left varies a lot a from people to people. But unfortunately, the ones that are nothing but self-victimizing scoundrels stand out more. Usually lefties are a funny bunch. For example, they love to claim that homosexuality is normal in nature, since animals display it. But when we’re talking about keeping our “flock” free for invasive cultures or survival of the fittest, then we must be super-evolved (which in their heads means thinking exact like them)
    I live in Brazil and every single crazy policy the left would love to implement in the US has been put in practice here. And none of them worked. Nowadays, I spend my time warning the good people of the Internet not to let their countries commit suicide like ours did.

    1. It will never cease to amaze me that given Brazil’s size and natural resources that they aren’t and probably never will be a superpower.

      1. Wealth is the product of work. Gold or iron ore are useless without processing. Natural resources just mean opportunity not wealth. And Brazil’s mostly white elite is leftist and extremely corrupt, unable to order the country. There is not even a movement to the right, the people has been brainwashed for a long time.

      2. Could be because they imported over ten times as much vibrant diversity back in the day. DIEversity is their strength don’t you know.

        1. I wouldn’t say that. Argentina is going downhill fast since Peron and was until recently almost white. Neither of those countries will be anything in the world stage since their populations are infected with the same mental disease…whether they are whites, mestizos or mulattoes.

    2. Interesting. You should write an article. I had the opportunity to visit your country in business trips but I didn’t have the chance to roam around.

      1. Hey there UG07. I usually save my advice for people on forums and comment sections, usually when the subject involves people defending (or saying the truth, like this article) things that were responsible for the demise of Brazil’s chance for a decent future. Over here we’ve reached a level of insanity that should be something to be thoroughly studied. The people of Brazil are among the most unequal in the world. Don’t let the “racial harmony” bs fool you. We’re not a single people, we’re various “tribes” that tolerated each other but now, things are out of control. And even that tribal mentality is breaking down in Brazil. Individuality here is the commander in chief.

        1. Well you just confirmed many of my first impressions. However someone, preferably from Brazil should write about it. Do you know any blogs about it?. The fact that you have a Ministry for “Minorities” and another one for Women as well as “affirmative action” makes my internal alarms to go off. Good luck down there. I always admired the period of the Monarchy and thought that the only way to keep such a big and diverse country together was by such a regime. I hope it doesn’t fall apart, otherwise will be cluster of failed states, like their cousins in Hispanic America. Good luck down there. Take care of yourself.

        2. Yes, Michel Temer closed some of those, including one that was called “Ministry for the Racial Equality”, but that was just one of the many crazy things Dilma created. I really don’t read many blogs, I take most of my impressions from social network and news outlets here but my day to day interaction and the things I witness now (in comparison to when I was a kid) show me that things have changed a lot for the worse. One could pick any peculiarity about my country and have a hard time believing that things really are conducted that way, but they are. Brazil is a complicated case right now. What I can say is that the left had the time, the money and the political freedom to finally change Brazil for the better and for good, without retrocession. The other day I was reading about Indonesia, how they encouraged their tribes and other “marginalized” people into the modern age of living. Of course, they gave them all the things they needed, and without the terrible bureaucracy and corruption that plague us, the money was enough and the final result was great. Soon after Lula got the power in 2003, China started buying a lot, we had the commodities, they had the money and the market. Brazil had the much famous boom in the economy and it looked really promising from 2005 until 2009. Anyone looking from outside would see Brazil as the promised land at those days. The numbers were very appealing. Money from investors poured in by the buckets. Only those who wanted to stay unemployed would do so and even then, lots of money coming from the government if you needed. But anyone who looked at the whole thing well saw what was happening. Using the rivers of money coming from China, buying oil, ore and everything we produced as a nation, the commies here created something that impossible to stop. At the same time they were burying people with money, they were putting their cronies and sympathizers inside the justice system, the school system and the political scene, of course. They completed dominated the media. Everything they wanted they had. Of course, they put EVERYONE they could inside a university or college. You’d think that would have improved our workforce. Nope. You see lawyers, doctors and business managers that can’t write on a 7th grade level. They can’t read something that’s not a piece of liberal news without feeling overwhelmed. They are nothing but self-centered, self-righteous SJW who will do nothing but whine, complain and blame. Brazil’s mentality on good part of the people was forever altered. The situation of our school system alone would be enough to send everyone fleeing. Our education system, as of now, is nothing but a communist making machine. I’m not exaggerating. I lived in the US for 9 years. I read more American news than Brazilian ones so I can see the difference here and there. Things here are worse, much worse. The black x white here is worse than in the US, it’s just blacked out by mass media, but it’s constantly there. And now you can feel it on the streets. U read what the youth there says and what the one here says. Over here, the commie infatuation is huge. Liberal tendencies, like turning homosexual, are happening in much greater numbers here. The feminazi pandering is huge. I compare here and there all the time. Over here, the media is simply plain down left without even trying to hide the agenda any longer. The worst one I see right now is Yahoo. Over here, everything is beyond yahoo. Wow, look at that text wall.

  8. The left want “change” as if all change is good. Example: Hitler was elected, if that ain’t change, I don’t know what is. Trump, most definitely, is a change. The left screams “power to the people” and claim to want to have the people’s voice heard. Well the people spoke in 2016 and the left doesn’t like what the people had to say, They claimed that racism and bigotry won, that angry, racist white people still control things. They believed their own press and assumed they were on the “right side of history.” I guess they were wrong……..again. Trump spoke to the “everyman” which included blacks, whites hispanics, anyone who works for a living and is trying to take care of their family, or grow a business and were tired of being used as voter cattle and being told that the nation’s problem was their fault. All I can say to the left is; be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, and it appears that they did, just not the result they hoped for.

  9. Has anyone seen the MTV White Guys Resolutions For 2017 video? WTF? I’m generally a laid back sort of fellow but, shit like that makes me want to go burn a cross or something just to say “fuck you!”.

    1. That was so bad that even blue pilled liberals revolted, Mtv literally had to take it down.

      1. I’d change 2016 to 2017. If MTV is still airing past that year, I will be shocked. I’m still shocked the channel even exists after their reality show phase.

    2. Crazy isn’t it. What’s crazier is this stuff eventually gets accepted by the great unwashed then (((MTV/Media))) will move to saturate our minds with even greater bullshit.

      1. I guess in their own delusional way that maybe they were attempting to make a joke about it. It’s the whole double standard that irks me, imagine if that bit were entitled “What Black Guys New Year Resolutions Should Be” and started off with something like” stop robbing the liquor store!”.

  10. Ah, the “logic” of the left. One of my personal favorites is when I express disagreement with some act of government, the conclusion is that I should move to Somalia because they don’t have a functioning government and I would obviously like it better there.

    1. It’s like when they say ” if you like having paved roads and sewer systems you like socialism”.

  11. The Leftists are in such a rage because Trump proves that resistance is not futile. I’d like to prove that their insistence is what is futile.

  12. The French Revolution appears to have started the left/right divide, as the article mentions. In my opinion, it boils down to atheists versus Christians.
    The idea at the time was that society could be built using a ‘top down’ approach, guided by reason and intellect. God/Christianity was expressly cut out of the equation: “We’ll take your morals, Jesus, but we don’t want YOU”. My suspicion is that the left/right divide was a creation of atheists who wanted a legitimate political ‘categorisation’ for expressing heresy.
    So around 1789 was the beginning of classical liberalism, i.e. the Western freedoms of today: speech, association, public education, popular democracy. Was there too much of a focus on rights, but not responsibilities? It would seem that if atheists were simply looking for license to do as they pleased, then these rights fit the bill nicely.
    The Classical liberalism of the 18th C has degenerated to today’s modern liberalism. I theorise that this stems from the hubris of the ‘top down’ approach, the elevation of science over of spirituality. The devolvement was inevitable from the get-go, I would even say that it is axiomatic that classical liberalism devolves to degeneracy.

    1. Atheism has nothing to do with the progressive utopian nonsense that many of today’s so-called “atheists” have bundled with it. A logically consistent atheist would recognize the tragedy of the human condition: God doesn’t exist, but then neither does “progress”; man’s nature doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year.

      1. This.
        Also, a true atheist wouldn’t give islam a free pass like leftists do. Both religions, well ALL religions, are totally irrational to us.

      1. Homeschooling is forbidden in my country. I know because as a bullied student I wanted to opt out totally.

  13. What calls itself the left is parasite that is evolved solely to exploit and subvert. Social Justice does not really create. It perverts, it subverts and it steals. It requires endless revolution to provide the environment for its propagation.
    If It does succeed in winning, it will rapidly cannibalise itself

  14. Progressive utopianism arguably has at least one root in New England-style Calvinism. PU’s have simply repurposed the Calvinist impulse to scold, punish and reform sinners towards the malefactors who commit secular sins like “racism,” “sexism” and “homophobia.”

  15. p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); line-height: 120%; text-align: left; }p.western { font-family: “MS Sans Serif”,serif; font-size: 10pt; }p.cjk { font-family: “Symbol”; font-size: 10pt; }p.ctl { font-family: “Liberation Serif”; font-size: 12pt; }
    English word, Progress,
    both as noun and as verb, derives from the intransitive
    third-conjugation deponent Latin verb, progradior,
    which means, “(to) go or move forward.” This raises the
    question of which way, then, is “forward.” Three different
    construals are possible: 1. Toward
    a goal or end (telos).
    This poses the further question of why the specific goal was chosen.
    a point of departure.
    This poses the further question of why depart.
    in the direction one’s nose is pointing.
    This poses the further question of why move in the first place.
    natural usage of at least European languages, Progress
    carries the connotation of improvement.
    To improve
    something is to make it “better.” Better
    (Latin, melior
    [m. and f.], melius
    [n.]) is the comparative form of the adjective, good
    -a, -um).
    Hence to improve something is to ameliorate
    raises still another problem. “Good”
    can be either an externalization of “I like it,” or it can
    be a conditioned speech reflex (something being called good because
    authority-figures in one’s childhood have called it so and enacted
    that valuation more or less consistently). The antinomy or antithesis
    of good,
    can be either bad
    (in the classical sense of mediocre or deficient) or evil
    (that which is at once both hostile and threatening — or that which
    is intensely repugnant to one with power to actualize his judgment).
    Conflict arises when one spontaneously likes something which another
    brands as bad or evil, and/or when one spontaneously dislikes
    something which another praises as good. What this shows us is that
    such terms as good
    and bad
    (or evil
    or wicked),
    and their derivations, are values.
    Values are “Go”
    and “No-go”
    signs in one’s subjectivity and/or social atmosphere: A good
    thing or activity is positively-sanctioned
    (even if that positive sanction is only the absence of a negative
    sanction). A bad
    thing or action is negatively-sanctioned
    (even if the negative sanction is only the absence of a positive
    sanction); and an evil
    or wicked
    thing or activity is strongly
    “progress?” Waves continue to lap the shoreline even as the
    tide recedes. Those who do not know better, get deceived by illusion
    that the water level remains constant. Superficial, merely topical
    and/or “cosmetic” change gives the illusion
    of “improvement” of this or that item; and actual
    improvement — systemic increase in the quality of the item in
    question — does occur; but none the less, the source is running out,
    soon to run only to a trickle near dry.
    concept of progress acts as a protective measure to shield us from
    the terrors of an uncertain future.” — HERBERT, Frank, Dune
    chapter epigram.

  16. The end game for those who push leftist ideology/globalism, is complete control/elimination of the individual – body, mind and spirit. You will not be able to think incorrect thoughts when their plans come to fruition. These are the nuts who will be pushing robotics, merging AI with humans, and eventually making it so one cannot buy, sell or even take a crap without the hive mind knowing. It is evil beyond all comprehension.

  17. The leftists who believe in social progress, constantly reminding you that they are on the right side of history, are naive at best and stupid at worst. Man is a slow moving animal that takes a while to adapt unless extreme conditions are forced on him. That’s the reason most revolutions throughout history have been complete failures. It is also why the left continue to apply force via the state apparatus because they know it’s the only way to ensure compliance in the population at large.
    Naturally we have to resist them to prevent further social damage, but resistance it built into the dynamic from the outset so there is no need to worry. They overplayed their hand and now we have Trump and Brexit. There is more to come.

  18. Ring the bell. Watch pavlov’s dog salivate. ROK has trained the alt right bitches well. lol

  19. In my 63 years I’ve watched the West go down the drain. For the first time in my life decent, sensible people are fighting back. It’s a God damn beautiful thing.

  20. But what of genetic change – I heard that people some 2,000+ years were stronger and fitter than today’s athletes.

  21. You guys have no idea. Try living in my country, dominated by left wing elites. Even our so called right wing government – lead by a WOMAN ffs – is pretty left wing. We are shackled with the worlds largest welfare blanket, and a widely despised socialised national health service. The handouts draw in immigrants from every backward 3rd world country in the world with their uncontrolled fertility. In my own Manchester suburb of Prestbury you rarely hear English spoken these days. On top of this we are forbidden to own a firearm to defend ourselves and our families.
    I have a little disappointment that the Clinton woman seems set to evade justice for now, but hope that this, and dealing harshly with other left wing elitists, is a second term aim. We look to you as truly the land of the free.

  22. Read George Lincoln Rockwell. So much of what is going on today, he wrote about in the ’60’s. His writings, speeches are available free all over the internet. Just sayin’

  23. Good stuff. If you can persuade everybody else that what’s progress for you is progress for them too, you’re laughing. Of course eventually they realise it isn’t anything of the sort.

  24. For reference, Left vs Right can be more accurately considered as a continuum between order and chaos, with Conservatives being the closest people to the status quo. So instituting monarchy would be an extremely right-wing move, despite representing change, while keeping a communist system intact would be very left wing (as communist parties are inherently chaotic).

  25. The future is the Chinese system.
    A technocracy with libertarian economics for the billionaires and cultural Marxism for total control of the plebes.

  26. the left liberals are just useful idiots. Future doesn’t belong to them LOL wtf.
    Future belongs to small group of powerful bankers and politicians.

  27. I find it amusing how some of them give themselves names such as “truth” and “free thinker” when posting to message boards. What fat-heads.

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