Why American Men Should Refuse To Vote

Tomorrow, the U.S. holds its midterm elections. While not quite the orgy of inanity that is a presidential election, there’ll be plenty of idiocy pouring out of the chattering classes like diarrhea out of a sewer pipe for weeks to come:

Well Jim, the Elephants look like they’re going to win this one, but the Donkeys aren’t going down without a fight.

True, John, the Donkeys have many loyal supporters but the Elephants are fired up and angry and have the momentum…

Hold on, McConnell has the ball and is dashing for the finish line! Can Alison Lundergan Grimes catch up with him! She’s struggling… TOUCHDOWN! THE ELEPHANTS WIN! THHHEEE ELEPHANTS WIN!

Politics is football for the over-educated and under-read: they’re both spectator sports that are slow, overly commercialized, boring, and meaningless. And while someone like myself born without the sports gene can at least have fun at a Super Bowl party, there’s no mirth to be found in the cavalcade of stupidity that is the American body politic. Yet for some reason, I’m expected to participate in the charade of politics by casting a vote every year.

I refuse. I haven’t voted in three years, I’m not voting this year, and I’m not voting ever again. Here is why all American men should follow my lead.

1. Your vote is meaningless

I mean this both literally and metaphorically. In a nation of 300 million imbeciles, your vote as a sane man is outweighed by the lazy and the crazy. The average American reads at a eighth-grade level, doesn’t pay attention to the news and has an IQ in the 90s. Their votes count just as much as yours. If you live in a state where legislative districts are gerrymandered to favor one or both of the major parties (i.e. almost all of them), your ballot is worth even less. And God help you if you’re a Republican in Cook County, Illinois or you live anywhere else where voting fraud is rampant.

Not only that, elected politicians comprise only one part of the government: the weakest part. As James Burnham predicted in his brilliant book The Managerial Revolution, power in the U.S. has gradually been shifting from public officials to unelected, unaccountable managers. Civil servants, the Federal Reserve, and alphabet agencies such as the FBI and NSA have far more power than Congress or even the president himself. Can your vote to determine who runs the NSA or the Fed? No, you can’t.


2. Politicians on both the left and right hate you

There is not a single politician of importance in the U.S., liberal or conservative, who gives a damn about men’s issues. The Democrats have abandoned all pretense of being a party for the common man and have made gimmedats for single mothers and feminist urban slut machines the centerpiece of their platform. NAFTA, the piece of legislation that has done the most damage to the middle class in the past twenty years, was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by a Democratic president.

But anyone who thinks the Republicans are any better is smoking crack. While the GOP is not as overtly malicious as the Jackass Party, their leading figureheads are just as equally corrupt and beholden to corporate interests. There are no Republican politicians advocating for the abolition of alimony, family court reform or any issues that would improve the quality of life for men in America. Indeed, the Christian wing of the GOP has a disturbing tendency to white knight for women, as shown by such things as IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, an unconstitutional attempt to keep men from marrying foreign women) being co-sponsored by two conservative Republicans.

Furthermore, while Republicans are marginally less insane than Democrats when it comes to economics, they have a disturbing obsession with picking on the poor and downtrodden. For example, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a folk hero among conservatives for his battles with the state’s overpaid civil servants, supported a bill that would allow retailers like Wal-Mart to force their employees to work seven days a week. I’m not stupid enough to think a $15 minimum wage is a good idea, but neither is treating our poorest citizens like feudal serfs.

If you’re a productive, industrious man, both Republicans and Democrats want to fuck you in the ass. The only difference is that the GOP will use Astroglide and cuddle with you afterwards. How about we choose not to have our sphincters split open?


3. Politics itself is a charade

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it’s difficult to look at the pageantry of American politics and conclude that they aren’t all in on the scam. Unless you’re a low-information voter who only cares about government handouts and boutique issues like abortion and gay marriage, both the Jackass Party and the Dumbass Party are bound to disappoint you. Neither party has any interest in solving the issues it purports to care about, because keeping their supporters unsatisfied is the only way to motivate them to turn out at the polls.

For example, everyone made a huge deal about how House Republicans “shut down the government” (in quotes because the important agencies, like the NSA, mysteriously kept running despite the lack of funding) last year in order to stop Obamacare. I predicted that John Boehner and company would do an 11th hour about-face and cave to every single one of Obama’s demands, then go back to their constituents sniffling “Welp, we tried, but we just couldn’t stop Obamacare, sorry. But please pretty please vote for us next year!” And—SHOCK! HORROR! SURPRISE!—I was right.

The Democrats pull the same shell game with their constituents. Obama was swept into office on the promise that he would close Guantanamo Bay, repeal the PATRIOT Act and end the erosion of civil liberties that defined Bush’s presidency. Six years later, Gitmo is still open, the NSA is spying on our every move and Obama has decided to one-up Bush by killing people without due process with drone strikes. Add in the bogus prosecutions of Republicans for “corruption” in the past year—and Obama’s complete inaction in regards to Wall Street corruption—and a pretty ugly picture emerges.

There is only one way to fight the corruption of our political class: refuse to vote. Merely casting a ballot, regardless of who it is for, is an act of acquiescence to the system. I regard the United States as a degenerate failed state incapable of doing anything aside from oppressing its citizens. I may not be able to keep the IRS’s fingers out of my wallet or NSA cronies from jerking off to my girlfriend’s nude selfies, but I can refuse to give the entity that controls them my stamp of approval.

So tomorrow, stay home. Play video games. Make love to your girlfriend. Snort an eight-ball and watch reruns of Girls. But for the love of God, don’t vote.

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344 thoughts on “Why American Men Should Refuse To Vote”

  1. I agree that most politicians couldn’t care less about America but the President still appoints top level civil servants like the Fed Chairman and directors of the alphabet agencies in addition to SC Justices. I vote for Libertarians every time and then tell everyone how idiotic they are once the Dems and Repubs fail to do anything. Biggest mistake this country made was making voting easy. The Founding Fathers knew the average American was going to be too retarded to make sound voting decisions and yet we keep trying to make voting easier. If you can’t pass a citizenship test and haven’t paid federal taxes in the last 2 years you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. We have significant obstacles to operating a motor vehicle in public but any moron can register to vote.

    1. The Presidency is nothing more than a puppet position. It has been since at least when Bush the Second took over in 2000. So whatever people he selects to hold top positions are already designated by the puppet-masters.

      1. JFK was the last President who had any real authority or power. Look what they did to him. All Presidents after JFK knew not to rock the boat. They are ALL puppets.

        1. JFK was the last President to really care about this country. And he was murdered for it. Every President since JFK has been a corporate whore run by the banksters and controlled by the national security state that Kennedy opposed. Read: JFK, Why He Died and Why It Matters. Great book, great read.

        2. People will often say that the mob killed Kennedy but no one can point fingers and name names. This is because the ‘mob’ or mafia is integrated into our corrupt government at many levels. They cloak themselves and many people in government who know of corruption can’t seem to call out the spades, but will acknowledge the government for being what it is. And thus to the lackadaisical American citizen – it is what it is.
          What is surprising is that the lone gunman tale remains propped up after all these years without conclusion or closure.
          In Sicily, the home turf of many mafiosos, the divide between good and bad government is a clear call.
          The 1992 assassination of Italy’s leading anti-mafia crusader Giovanni Falcone was as spectacular for Italy as the JFK killing was for the USA. As he was driving near Palermo, an explosion beneath the roadway with the force of OVER A HALF TON OF TNT created a nuclear like mushroom cloud that rose hundreds of feet. 400 yards of roadway were pulverized. Giovanni has since become an Italian folk hero and has a memorial day. The notable thing is THAT THE CULPRITS WERE CALLED OUT and known within months. ALL OF THEM. Their little (actually horrendous) show of ‘power’ roused the people to JUSTICE. The fucking mob dogs were rounded up by the equivalent of a torch carrying mob of proud Italians. And THEY KNEW who they were looking for.
          So what the HELL would it take for Americans to start twisting arms and ROUT OUT the filthy and corrupt from our dysfunctional government? And I mean both elected AND non-elected.

        3. The book “midnight in sicily” touches on the Falcone murder- fascinating stuff about the mob in Italy.
          College kids shouldnt be allowed to vote. I was a know- nothing back then, I shouldnt have had the right.

  2. I agree, why vote for people that you don’t really support or who don’t really care about your views. Democracy in actual fact, is not the great savior of the world. There are more important things such as trial by jury, habeas corpus and the bill of rights which put limits and constraints on power.

    1. You got it right. Defense of natural rights is the only ethical use of government regardless of the type.

  3. I remember reading a reporter from my country covering the last US presidential election and it was eerily similar to how one would write about the trials and tribulations of a sports team.
    In my country the politics are a bit different, because we use the D’Hondt method for calculating the votes, so instead of having two parties that are (superficially) different, we have nine parties in the parliament now. This system means that no-party can ever have the majority of seats in the parliament, so the party that gets the most votes must always negotiate with others to form a government. Of course this leads to the parties parroting each others rhetoric and avoiding any vicious attacks against their political opponents, making our national politics a very dull spectator sport. All the while bureaucrats and officials (many, if not most of them appointed because of their loyalty to the party and not because of their merits) actually run the show behind the scenes.
    No wonder why voter turnout is so low over here.
    But I’m a schmuck and I still vote.

  4. Let It Burn. American politics has degenerated into a cesspool of bullshit that you just have to not play it in order to make it non-functional.

    1. It’s pretty dysfunctional now. How would not participating make it non-functional? If you want a fast track to a feminazi society, follow this advice and prevent American men from voting.

      1. “If you want an even faster track to a feminazi society, follow this advice and prevent American men from voting.”
        Yes. Feminists everywhere are rejoicing over the advice in this article.

  5. Agree 100000000% with #1. Countless ads tell you to vote “because it counts.” Bullshit. Never has, never will.

  6. I don’t agree with this at all. Your vote is your only chance to express your opinion on the job they’re doing in any meaningful way.
    You can write articles about much they suck, blog about how much they suck, and tell everyone within the sound of your voice how much they suck…if you don’t vote it doesn’t matter.
    If you can’t be bothered voting, why should anyone care about your issues? Even if you lose, and the policies go against you, you take the time, cast your vote and let yourself be heard.
    You will never get what you want by curling up in a ball and giving up.

    1. I’m not a US citizen, but Matt makes a decent case for not voting (not consenting to being ruled by them). The problem with voting is that there’s no guarantee for customer (citizen) satisfaction. So politicians can do a 180 degree turn after they’ve been elected and they can rely on the public’s short memory for re-election.

      1. Voting affords the customer majority 100% control over product selection. If the majority is too lazy and ignorant to determine what product they want, then they will not get the product they want. American politicians are a product of the voting populace.

        1. Then they can be voted out in the next election and their party as a whole can suffer a setback. Of course, this requires voters to be responsive.

        2. If I do not see a product I like I won’t buy it. It is totally irrational to vote for someone you don’t agree with. Given that I don’t see anyone worth voting for why should i vote?

        3. Nope political parties live or die by votes. Mass abstention would destroy a political party. You need to explain who I’m being obedient to given that I am free to oppose whatever I like regardless of who I support.

        4. No they don’t. They live and die by winning offices. Which, by the way, doesn’t take more than one vote to accomplish.

        5. You haven’t really answered why anyone should vote for something they don’t actually like or want. What I advocate is a mass abstention from voting Republican to punish them. Alternatively vote for an independent if there’s one you like. Either way by denying them votes they have to change if they want power or else be replaced. Only an abstention or a tactical throw away vote can achieve this. Used in this way abstention is a powerful way to achieve an outcome when you see nobody you want to vote for. Of course it only works on a mass level but that’s why I oppose people who say you got to vote no matter what. Either way there is no logical reason for me to choose someone I don’t like.

        6. Because it does not logically follow that mass abstention produces more favorable government. It merely increases the influence the voting participants have on the government. Politicians only care about winning. Not voter turnout. Politicians want apathetic voters that will swallow whatever load they are given. I personally would prefer fewer voters to participate however the left has been quite successful recently in motivating their base of bottom dwellers to the polls. So don’t complain when “Yes means Yes” becomes federal law.

        7. I know politicians care only about winning which is why mass abstention of the Republican vote is so powerful, because they cannot win. If that is the case then what should the Republicans do? Either reform or wither away. That is the point, to force change. There would likely be a huge panic as gun owners etc.. Worry themselves to death about gun laws and social conservatives worry about abortion. A new party would emerge, hopefully incorporating blacks and Latinos who don’t vote for the present Republicans and without which future governance is impossible. It does not guarantee better government but on present trajectory the sjws and feminists are slowly winning on every issue, so maintaining the decrepid dying old Republican party is a losing cause.

        8. I agree with your sentiments that we would be better served by voting out the GOP faster and getting a real conservative party. However, I believe that change will happen more quickly if voter participation were higher and giving more credibility to 3rd parties. The complete annihilation of the GOP will result in significant Feminazi priorities that we might never be able to recover from. You might think it reversible but the following generations raised with that standard will believe it normal. That is not a risk I am willing to take.

        9. Well we can agree that there has to be a change, as I think most readers here will agree. I personally would take the risk but my view is the minority. My fear is that by the time conservatives get there act together things will already be ingrained. At least intelligent discourse will further the debate.

        10. Too many on here have this rapture-complex with a “collapse.” As if there is some guarantee that what emerges after that will be measurably better than what we have now. I hope that is the case but again, I am not willing to go all in on this either. Also, as you hinted at, the framework following a collapse might more closely resemble what the masses perceive as normal. Give the liberals a few good decades of free reign in the political arena and the feminazi ideology will be deeply ingrained.

      2. Not voting is not the same as not consenting. You don’t vote to consent to being governed. You will be governed by these people regardless of whether you vote or not.
        Someone is going to win the election. Someone is going to run the country, state, senate, local dog pound, etc,
        Not voting simply means you consent to whatever everyone else decides for you, without having any ability or desire to speak for yourself.
        I don’t care if you vote for the Alpha Male Party whose only policy is changing the crappy divorce laws in this country. If that’s the issue that’s most important issue to you, you vote for that party even if their candidate only gets 0.01% of the vote.

        1. That’s the reason I vote. Me abstaining from voting won’t stop the left from making my life more difficult.

    2. Are all of you fucking brain damaged? No matter if you vote or don’t vote, all of these sons of bitches will turn on you no matter what the fuck you want. They dont give a fuck about fulfilling their promises at all. To say that you will have 100 percent control over the product because you voted is nothing more than you trying to dilute yourselves! good god people, read the fucking article again!

        1. What the fuck would a 100% liar even be? The definition of a liar is someone who tells lies. If you tell lies then you are a liar by definition, no need for a quantitative analysis to determine how much of a liar you are.

        2. What evidence do you have to deduce such a conclusion? When did you believe me before and what am I asking you to believe? If you don’t accept that definition refer to a dictionary.

        3. I guess it should be noted that even if they do go through with their campaign promises, they still fuck it up.

        4. Regardless, that is a direct example of something the one party promoted during the campaign that would have almost certainly not happened if the other party won. And this is affecting millions of Americans. Furthermore, I believe this was legislation that was detrimental to the country- not just me directly.

        5. Cause you’ve lied once… therefore according to your stupid definition… you are a liar.

        6. That’s not my definition, it’s the dictionary’s definition. Perhaps try referencing one.

    3. If you vote, it doesn’t matter either. Most Americans don’t know who won the civil war, from whom we won independence, what year that happened, who were the belligerents in WWII, where Afghanistan is on a map et al.
      They also watch TV and are brainwashed with the Blue/Red team propaganda.
      The thing is, there are at least 4 core policies of the United States government that have been in place for at least 50 years and the government has not once changed its course in that time regardless of which leg of the fascist colossus is technically in the driver’s seat.
      Here’s the core policies to which I refer:
      1. Free trade globalism — outsourcing, open borders, in-sourcing H1B
      2. Currency devaluation through deficit spending (if you don’t understand how this is related you need to do some research)
      3. Increasing size of government/number of laws and regulations: malum prohibitum
      4. Increased policing/militarism/global empire building.
      There are others but these are the big 4 that have gotten us where we are today.
      We don;’t get to vote on these issues but we all get fucked from them.
      It sure looks like the politicians aren’t in charge at all, but rather those who fund the all important re-election campaigns.
      A voting machine is an IQ tester. If you touch it, you show your masters that you lack sufficient IQ to understand their scam; they know you’re a good sheep. Baaa Baaa.
      The masses will ‘vote’ for whomever the media chooses. Ron Paul’s last two election campaigns.
      The media marginalized him (kook, loon, moonbat,racist), ignored him, and laughed at his ‘ridiculous’ ideas — which when examined carefully are exactly consistent with the founding ideals of this country — hence antithetical to what’s been going on since 1913 (see 4 core policies above).
      They could not let him win. Shit most people aren’t smart enough to understand the founding principles, much less recognize an honest man.
      They vote for more free shit. Not many will vote for a cut in their pet program.
      Imagine a Senior citizen voting against deficit spending to fund SSI, or a cop voting to end the war on drugs, or a soldier voting to reduce military spending (RP got the most support of all other candidates from the .mil so there might be some hope there), or a welfare recipient voting for cessation of welfare?
      Since more than 50% of the population in this country has their income directly tied to the current government status quo (welfare, wall st, defense, fed/state/local employees, ssi,pensioners etc) how can anyone reasonably expect people to vote to lessen their take?
      And if they don’t reduce the spending, the debt will grow, and the USD will continue to be inflated to nothing. I see no real opposition to any of this outside of a very small internet community, the III percenters or 3PERS.
      As long as men keep trying to maximize their income and failing the ‘voter booth IQ test’ this shit will continue.
      If you consent, then you should enjoy the ass-raping you’re getting.
      I refuse to consent.

      1. You consent by not voting. Write-in a vote if need be. Ron Paul didn’t win because too many Americans are retarded.

        1. I think you are mistaken. Sure I voted for Ron Paul in 08 and 12. But I also understood that he could never win.
          Here’s the thing. Both parties work against, rather than for, the interests of the American people.
          1992 was our last chance to change anything with voting and we failed (I voted for Perot).
          Check this out: Clinton vs Daddy Bush vs Perot.
          2 minutes Perot will destroy the notion that globalism is good for America and watch as those two sellout cunts laugh when he says it.
          Yet, what Perot said in 1992 is true to this day.
          Watch and learn.,

        2. Thanks. The problem is the masses of voters who cling to illusions and mistaken beliefs and who reject any information that contradicts their views.
          Let them have their Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals contest.
          I have no interest, and what they don’t realize is that the politicians simply do not give a fuck about them, once elected.
          Although more people seem to be awakening to this fact, the aware are far outnumber by the sleepwalking sheople.
          Benjamin Franklin once said something, (paraphrase) like this:
          Once the voting population discovers it can vote itself largess from the public treasury, it’s over.
          That’s where we are.

    4. If everybody stopped voting Republican then they would simply cease to exist as a meaningful force. They would then be forced to change or die and be replaced by a party that people want to vote for. So not voting is a powerful strategy to delegitimize.

      1. I have pointed this out before….
        You are looking at a minimum of three election cycles after a major party implodes and ceases to exist before a new party with any significant strength will arise to challenge the remaining established party. The democrats in that time would pass every feminist, homosexual, and socialist dream they could think of. No, I may not like the current situation, but the alternative is certainly unmeasurably worse.

        1. I see your point but they are getting there way anyway, slowly but surely. Maintaining the status quo is not a viable long term strategy. Eventually it will be your grandchildren who inherit whats left of things.

        2. Change requires trauma. The faster they do it, the more traumatic it is, the sooner the collapse, and ‘hopefully’ the faster people wake the fuck up.

        3. “The faster they do it, the more traumatic it is, the sooner the collapse, and ‘hopefully’ the faster people wake the fuck up.”
          What guarantee is there that a collapse would be definably better than what we have now? The masses are morons. If you think it is certain they will attribute the feminists to the collapse you might very well be mistaken.

        4. There is no guarantee of anything. I’d agree that the masses are morons, as did the founding fathers of America. There are reasons why the founding fathers were opposed to Democracy and why there were limitations on who could vote.

        5. Yes, and removing the restrictions on people to vote is what is largely fueling our failures as a nation. Requiring voters to be federal income tax payers (less than half the voting age populace) and also pass a citizenship test (survey put current pass rates ~40% for natural born citizens) is a recommendation that I have always been in support of. At least then voters would be informed and responsible for the outcomes in elections.

        6. Even when you do vote, it is impossible to know whether your vote is ever counted the way you cast it. On top of this we have an electoral college for presidential elections. However, I think the problem stems from a much deeper source than voting requirements. If there is any ‘entity’ to which a finger can be pointed for our problems, I would argue it to be largely consumerism.

        7. The electoral college has voted in accordance with the majority constituency over 99% of the time. I would agree that consumerism is a problem but I feel that it is being left unchecked with our political system.

        8. Yes, but electoral vote trumps popular vote due to how electoral votes are weighted. That’s before considering whether the popular vote is even reported accurately due to the massive size and voting fraudulence. As for consumerism, well it’s pushed by corporations that essentially run the government thanks to lobbying among other things. It’s accepted by the masses, because it allows them to focus on their individualist self-interests, instead of considering effects on society.

        9. The only thing I would disagree with you on is the prevalence of voter fraud. I think it is a problem that should be deliberately mitigated but exceedingly rarely influential in election outcomes. Also, part of the reason for having the electoral college was because the founding fathers did not entirely trust the populace from having too much control. Seems like it was a prescient decision. Lobbyists are effective because Americans ALLOW their politicians to make preferential policy for the special interest groups at the expense of citizens.

    5. Ask yourself this: Has your life changed drastically from one president or congress to the next? Governor? Legislature? Mayor? If mine has, it’s only been because of my actions, not theirs.

    6. not voting doesn’t mean curling up in a ball and giving up. it just means accepting what you can’t change and being as productive with your time as possible. even if there were a good candidate like Ron Paul on the ballot in every state, it still would not be worth my time to go and vote. mathematically, the only way your vote will sway the election is if a candidate wins the election by a margin of 1 vote, or the election ends in a tie. even if the election is so close that one candidate wins by just 10 or 20 votes, your single vote is still meaningless. it is a waste of time. I’d rather spend my day working or doing something fun, or even sleeping. those things add more value to my life than waiting hours in line to vote

  7. You said yourself that Republicans are marginally better than Democrats. That’s reason enough to vote. Remember, the 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 votes (in Florida). That was the difference between having Justices Alito and Roberts versus two more Sotomayors. Sen. Franken was elected by 312 votes in 2008. That was the difference between having Obamacare and not. State-level and local races are sometimes decided by fewer than 10 votes.
    I am sympathetic with the argument that voting doesn’t pass a cost-benefit test, but it’s pretty much all that we have. Don’t let the political class succeed in their agenda to fully beat you into submission.

    1. WTF are you talking about? Remind me who cast the decisive vote affirming Obamacare (hint: It wasn’t Ginsburg).
      Until well meaning but misguided folks like you get it through their skulls that voting is worse than useless we have no hope. It matters not a whit who you vote for, the big banks, corporations, and military industrial complex are going to get what they want. Not voting in the current environment is the only choice of free men, because while things will continue to slide into oblivion, at least it won’t be with your consent. Don’t lend legitimacy to the regime by voting.

        1. But he was placed there by a “conservative.” As the chief justice, no less. Which was kind of my point.

        1. Choosing the lesser of two evils, when this can be done without participating in an intrinsic evil yourself, is not a “compromise” of principle. It IS a principle.

        2. Only if it is not, in fact, a lesser evil. Which is sometimes, but not always, the case.

    2. Don’t forget about voting with your wallet and lifestyle. Don’t support or become beholden to the corporate overlords who actually run Washington. Don’t buy their products, don’t eat their food. Buy local, plant a garden, ride a bike, conserve energy, and stay out of debt. Don’t become the average American sheep.

      1. “Don’t forget about voting with your wallet and lifestyle.”
        And also with your feet.

      2. Voting with your wallet and with your feet are the two most important votes you can cast.
        There is a third vote, voting with your gun. But this usually does not happen until people are robbed and cornered.

    3. Republicans may be marginally better for some people, who care about having a white majority society, like hunting, etc. while Democrats may be marginally better for people who care about universal education, health care, environment, etc. Guess what. With either party, people will still hunt, (until the powers that be decide no more). With either party we will have mediocre public education and medical systems.
      None of this negates the points in this article. In the end there is very little difference between one party’s positions and the others. They create false wedge issues like guns and gay marriage but the real issues that affect your life are the same in both parties. The author is correct that your vote does not count, politicians on both sides hate you, especially if you are a MGTOW, and the laughable idea of choosing between 2 dictators and pretending that you are “free” Is silly.
      I still will vote, because I want to vote “no” on all the constitutional amendments they are proposing in my state, but I couldn’t care less about the candidates running for public office. Especially things like judges (yes wtf, judges are elected in my state and have a political party!). These people ride to office on straight party voting and there is no thought whatsoever given to their competency.

    4. The only problems I have with the article are:
      – it does not take referendum votes into account, which can be petitioned onto the ballot in most states. In Washington for example “tech elites” are funding a gun control initiative. The same people who cried their eyes out when Monsanto funded against the GMO labelling initiative all of a sudden got quiet when these “Kings of SJWdom” went full retard on gun control. A referendum may or may not be a partisan or party based thing and more often in most cases they are used to raise or prevent raising of taxes.
      – the article does not take into account that while we can choose not to vote, the people who will vote and vote to get more of our money or turn us into criminals at the stroke of a pen are doubly empowered. In other words, a snarking urban douchebag versus some guy in the sticks who wants to be left alone for example. If the guy in the sticks decides not to vote, then urban snarking douchebag has in effect TWO votes. (and it’s bad enough that he probably already gets more than one).
      I would sooner see the end of democracy overall and would celebrate that. But there is something to be said about a “house cleaning” once in a while to send a message. Are the two parties alike? You bet. On the left there are all kinds of business and law firm corruption that the smoky backrooms hold over them to keep them in line. On the right it’s a lot of closet gayness and drug use that gets used on them. The prime target of the NSA is not really us so much as the people who represent us. Get into anybody’s shit long enough and you can find something on them and more often, if not something solid, something that can be construed as solid with a media system entirely sensationalizing it and hordes of brainless sheep eating it right up.

    5. I feel the same, and I also maintain residency in a swing state. If I was in a state that was deeply red or deeply blue, that would be one thing. But when people from Florida, Ohio, etc, complain about who the President is, and didn’t vote? I got just one thing to say to that, “Shut the fuck up.”
      Voting is the one peaceful measure of power a democratic people has. It’s either that or Jefferson’s periodic revolutions, and the American people don’t have the stomach for that.

      1. I think we’ll have secession before another revolution. The only question that remains is whether the federal government will allow a peaceful secession, or if they’re come marching with soldiers again.

    6. I also have to disagree with the article. Votes really do matter in local elections, and most politicians get their start small, and then work their way up. A lot of these politicians could have been squashed while they’re still small. I research all my votes, even the people who are apparently “nobodies.” I download my ballot, go through the list of candidates, and it takes about an hour out of my time. I make a list and then take it into the voting booth with me. It’s easy. If all Red Pillers did this we might make a difference.

  8. Why vote when your choices have already been laid out for you by moneyed powers that permeate the political structure. The Demicans and Republicrats are like two crime families. Neither one gives a fuck about you, they only care about their personal enrichment and aggrandizement.
    It’s too late in the game to hope for change through the current system. Do you really think any party would roll back abusive divorce laws? How about stopping the murder of 1.6 million babies annually? Abortion kills more humans each year than heart disease and cancer combined. What about privacy laws to protect people from the NSA? Or legalizing prostitution as much of the world has already done since it’s not an immoral institution’s (e.g. the government’s) place to determine morality.
    There’s a reason none of this is ever brought up, and a reason this system will never change. As has been said, you have owners, not representatives. They own you, and they manage you as any farmer would a flock of sheep.

    1. > your choices have already been laid out for you
      Vote in the primaries. The main election is pretty much a waste of time. Incumbency rates being what they are, and the D vs R races being essentially driven by demographics, it is the risk of losing a primary that really strikes fear into the politicians. That’s when politicians and political aspirants learn the lines they dare not cross. Witness the panic Eric Cantor’s primary loss caused the politicos. It is having important effects on the legislative agenda.
      If you are in an area where democrats usually win, register democrat and vote in democrat primaries. Unlike the main elections, an individual can actually speak his mind during the primaries and have meaningful influence. The unwashed masses mostly don’t show up for the primaries.
      Vote and maybe even consider giving money during the primaries. Tune out for the main elections.

    2. Right on. The only bastards who rise to the top (and are thus the only ones we are allowed to vote for–write-ins are a joke) are always the ones who, in the words of the late King Robert Baratheon, excel at scheming, back-stabbing, arse-licking and money-grubbing. That’s all our government is now. Especially with the conservatives. At least the Democrats attempt to pay lip-service to their target demographic of fruits, nuts, freaks, and ne’er do wells, which I guess is easy in a place where liberals have had pop culture under wraps for the past twenty years. The only principles the Republicans will actually stick by is a) striving to keep black men away from white women at all costs (not understanding that 90% of black men could give a flying f*ck about white women) and b) adhering to the encouraging words of these fine fellows here:

      Ask these jokers about repealing same sex marriage laws, ending abortion, tackling these criminal divorce and custody laws, and doing something about paternity fraud, and they start sweating harder than a chicken at a church revival. As soon as a lib-tard yells, “you just want people to go back to living like ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and “Donna Reed’” (which didn’t seem too bad to me, by the way), these cowards scatter like roaches after a flood light’s been turned on. They’re more concerned about being popular (and about their wives making them sleep on the couch if they acted like they had some balls and stood up for something) than they are about their constituents. I’m tired of people bitching about single mothers, children committing crimes, f*cking Detroit, and any of the other things politicians complain about, when all they have to do is actually DO WHAT WE ELECT THEM TO DO AND FIX IT. I mean, aren’t you supposed to get fired once you’ve consistently shown that you can’t do the job? Hell, you could be working at a burger joint making $6.00 an hour, and as soon as you forget to empty the trash, you’re out on your ass. You mean to tell me that each of these schmucks get to make six figures, screw up perpetually, and GET VOTED RIGHT BACK IN? Of course, this is all irrelevant. I don’t think anybody’s actually been “voted” into office since that “hanging chads” bullshit from a few years ago. Voting today is like that “jury machine” from Futurama. You can “think” your vote is counting, but the decision’s actually made by whichever schmuck paid enough money to get access to the voting machine controls. On second thought, here’s a crazy idea, maybe all of us should put some money in a pot and get one of the guys on this board to run for something. I might think about voting then.

  9. Better yet, go in to the polls and write your own name in. If you know how to to run your life, you should be confident enough to write in your own name.

  10. Democrat vs republican is just the same old divide and conquer strategy we’ve seen over and over again through out the ages.

  11. Definitely don’t obsess about politics and tune it out of your life as much as possible, but not voting is just lazy.

  12. this reminds me of that 1 episode of south park where the school had to either vote for a giant douche or a turd sandwich as the school mascot. The whole episode basically describes voting to a T. “People died for your right to vote!” Despite being forced and having to pick one stupid canadate over another stupid canidate was the overall message.
    every time somebody gets pissed off at me and repeats the same line “people fought and died for your right to vote”, my response usually is “they fought for my right to vote for somebody that wasn’t completely insane.” overall, they also fought and died for my right not to vote if I found that any of the candidates we’re not suited for the job. I love how patriotism is used as a guilt trip to make me vote for somebody I don’t want to vote for. If I don’t believe in the candidates, what the fuck is the point of voting for the lesser of two evils?
    yes, I am registered to vote. I have never voted because of this very concept by itself. Democrats and Republicans are fucking bull shitters. Lewis Black once said, a Democrat blows, a Republican sucks.

  13. I agree with this article 100%. I’ve said for a long time that voting is for people who DO NOT feel strongly about the issues. Let’s say that you vote against a policy or law that you disagree with, and it passed nevertheless… are you simply going to abandon your principals and obey that policy or law? If so, you didn’t feel to strongly about them in the first place. The only votes that count are those made with rifles. Until you are ready to use one, voting is nothing more than distracting, humiliating, worthless scam. Don’t amuse your masters by doing back flips through their circus hoops. Don’t give them the satisfaction of your meaningless participation or endorsement. Do grease and load your rifles….

    1. Voting provides the current system legitimization. If there was an election and nobody came, the “government” would cease to be legal.

  14. I gotta respectfully disagree. Voting is the only voice we have, no matter how small it is. As another poster below pointed out many major races were decided by a very small number of votes, and the public policy outcomes of all of those elections couldn’t have been more different.
    We now live in a country where the majority of voters collect some kinds of means-tested welfare benefits. Not voting only empowers that bloc of voters more.

  15. Good points, but a mass-walkout of males in the voting booth certainly doesn’t help. Tomorrow will be Obama’s judgement day. If the Repubs win the Senate, they’ll move to impeach. I like to think that Obama out of office would help this country.

  16. Matt
    This article is stupid. Voting isn’t the only thing, but it is very important. Your enemies (feminists) understand this. So should you. 19th amendment dude.

    1. “Your enemies (feminists) understand this. So should you.”
      That alone should be reason enough to vote.

      1. Simple isn’t it
        It should be exceeding rare that a red pill man should support ANYTHING that a feminist would. ROK men not voting is a feminist wet dream.

    2. The technical act of voting may as well be something to indulge in, but it is supremely important to not affix any kind of importance to the outcome.
      “Democracy” was originally conceived to give people a check on Aristocratic power. IOW, a way to limit the reach of government, which is definitionally good.
      But at the core of the progressive scam, it is now used to legitimize power. Which is why you hear drivel like “they get the government they deserve”, “they should have voted differently.” —Well, Sherlock, I did vote differently. Didn’t work. Government didn’t get any smaller. Ergo, fail.
      The important point being, there is no legitimate government, perhaps aside from one fairly explicitly spelled out in the Bible/Koran whatever. Having been elected, gives one no more of a legitimate claim to rule, than having a dad who was King. Or claiming to have blue blood. Or any other bizarre excuse one can cook up, in order to justify harassing others.

  17. Democracy: Two wolves and a lamb asking what is for dinner.
    Although we might have no choice put to vote if were going to ever prevent the leftist “progressive” authoritarian totalitarian nightmare that already exist in Europe. If the left ever get too much power they might ban ROK under the guise of “hate speech” or whatever the new heretic word is. Then men would have no where to go.The reason the left have so much power is because they vote and we don’t. To quote Aristotle: “You may not be interested in politics but politics is interested in you”. We may not like it but voting is the only power we have and it is the only barrier between us and the feminist, leftist, Marxist nightmare.

  18. Also, while I doubt any politician will go out of his/her way for men’s issues, we have a presidential candidate coming up who will go out of her way for female issues. This is an issue we cannot ignore. Men must vote unanimously against Clinton.

    1. Republicans do a piss poor job of seeking out fence sitting minority males so that ain’t gonna happen.

  19. Spot on.
    Voting in the US is merely an opiate numbing believers from the pain of accepting all too common evidence that the governed are consistently irrelevant.
    To vote, there must be certain belief that the system works. My vote is “no confidence”. I don’t vote.

  20. The way I see it is that there is something seriously wrong when a single mom with 5 babies and 5 baby daddy’s has a vote which counts as much as mine.
    The founders had it right to a certain degree, only landowners should vote, or at least people on any form of public assistance should be disqualified from voting.

    1. The founders, or at least Jefferson, also realized the people really ought to have themselves a revolution every generation or so. To prevent the bums from getting too entrenched.
      And that insight is infinitely more important than fiddling around with silly little voting rules and other board game substitutes.

        1. I think peaceful secession is far more likely than revolution at this point. The only question is whether the federal gov resorts to military action, which seems less likely in the hyper-politically-correct environment Leftists created. If Leftists want to live in a European-style socialist country with 60% taxes, then they should have the right. What they don’t have is the right to push the same thing onto others who don’t want it. No point in staying in a relationship that isn’t working.
          Sure, we might not get the exact candidates we want, but if we don’t vote we just might wake up one day and find that Laci Green is President with Vice President Anita Sarkeesian.

      1. Universal suffrage is actually the worst thing that could possibly happen to democracy. If Jefferson was realizing future revolutions, then perhaps he was recognizing the whiny potential of the non-voting elements of society eventually winning themselves representation for their own payday.
        If universal suffrage were universalized to include all organizations that operate democratically… then non-stock-holders and non-bond-holders would be able to vote at every single corporate shareholder meeting in the developed world. I think we can see why this should be a complete non-starter. If you have no skin in the game (Taxation/Conscription), then you should have no say in how the game is run.

        1. We don’t have universal suffrage. Animals and children still cannot vote. The only way forward is to extend the vote to these oppressed groups so that we can all be equal.

        2. “Democracies are as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths…and we want nothing to do with them.”
          —Madison, Federalist 10

        3. Then there are those who mindlessly go on about how we reside in a “Democratic Republic”…lol…that, to me, is like dry water…you *cannot* be a republic and a democracy at the same time.

        4. “Democracy, as a system of government, cannot endure…because once the people realize they can vote themselves funds from the Public Treasury, they will bankrupt the nation.”

        5. It’s your period Karen. It’s OK. Take a midol and lay down – there now, you will feel a little better.

        6. “We don’t let children in combat, why would we allow women. We don’t allow women in combat, why should they be allowed to vote. Maybe the only people who should be allowed to vote are people who have been in real combat, who have taken real risks for this nation.”

      2. “If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

      3. What they have shown us, for the third time (?), is that a republic does not work and always ends in tyranny. This one is imploding remarkably quickly and may end within our time. One can only hope that people draw the appropriate conclusion (government does not work). I think that technology is the key here as knowledge of the inadequacy of the government spreads quickly through modern communications and the ability for people to self-govern increases.

      4. the solution is simple : ban career politicians, ban expensive advertising, voters can read a 1 page sheet on each candidate and voting is done with biometrics over the internet, generating an open result that anyone can cross check.

        1. i tend to agree, for years i’ve wanted ONE TERM for these bastards and then ban them from wall street. should take away a lot of the incentive for the scum.

        1. I disagree, the concept of “working and earning money have been so misused… by your definition then bankers deserve to be important, because they “work” and the “earn money”….

        2. I am sorry who used the word labour?…. and in which world do you live were bankers don’t earn money?… how can a system earn when systems are created (by men obviously) for their benefit….?
          The point I was making ,by implication, was that bankers are in fact lazy leeches who do no work whatsoever but are very important and have high social status etc …

        3. I understand your point, but bankers come closer to earning money that welfare recipients do.

      1. Well, he works and owns land. Somebody who doesn’t work or own anything is a worse prospect to have voting, since he will vote based on self preserving his existence via government largess.

        1. I bring this up every time a woman snarks something about men “dictating reproductive rights to women” in the context that he who has no uterus has no right.
          Can I have it that people who don’t own land don’t get to have any influence on land use laws and property taxes?
          Can I have it that people who don’t have any income don’t get to dictate through any voting or other influence any laws regarding income taxes?
          Can we get people who don’t have families not to attempt by vote or referendum any influence on family law?
          Can we get people who cannot reproduce to be entirely shut out from any decisions or policies involving children?
          Can we get people who do not possess (and cannot) firearms to not have any say on the Second Amendment?
          No! Of course not! Why that would be fair!
          And that’s not what the Cuntocracy is after.

        2. of course not…..you’re a man.
          It’s all bullshit (pretty much anything a woman says when trying to debate facts).

        3. What modern women do not understand is that once they get married they have all of these things for free. But they want them for free now without the man, since with a man comes authority. Women, like children, want to escape authority.
          Freedom, horrible freedom.

        4. Exactly why it is pointless to respond to them unless it is to tell them things they want to hear (like “take your clothes off baby and let me give you what you really want”).

        5. As a person without children, I would be over joyed to stay out of raising them, but only if I don’t have to PAY for them…no property taxes to your kids school, no bonds to build them parks and libraries, no pell grants, no WIC no paid paternal leave, no child tax credit, no subsidized daycare or school lunches.. The list is endless. Don’t ask me to pay for your offspring and I’ll happily STFU. Otherwise, deal with it because he who pays the piper calls the tune.

        6. Ha, I see what you did there. Pretty clever. But still. There is some intense butthurt in that comment I replied to.

    2. actually her vote may count MORE than yours due to the pointless little states (like north dakota) getting 2 senators, same as texas, CA or NY.

      1. Some of the “pointless little states” serve as brakes on the parasitic urban-dominated “big states” like CA and NY. If not for states like ND, by now all white heterosexual males would have been shipped to re-education/castration camps.

  21. This year didn’t they try to use a half-naked dancing Lena Dunham to get us to vote? That ought to clue you in on what a joke the whole process is.

  22. I don’t vote either but I would mind being in position to be the one that counts the votes.

  23. Im not sure why everyone is getting down on this article, I mean we have a 1 party system in this country, anyone who thinks otherwise should look at Europe. Look at what the republicans did even though the overwhelming majority of Americans want our borders secured and illegals sent home. They were busy trying to make backroom deals and the only reason it looks like it didn’t happen is because the base kept pointing pointing it out in alternative media.

  24. look at UKIP in UK. The political elites in england are, or at least seem to be, running scare. Whatever you think of it UKIP started as a protest vote and was generally dismissed as a fringe right nasty party obsessed with uncontrolled immigration and the EU. Turned out so were a lot of regular voters.
    The problem with US seems to be the money involved. But that’s a question of democracy

      1. I’m not in love with UKIP but their rise has been impressive. The mainstream media were hugely hostile & virtually refused to cover them, but now don’t really have that option.
        Those two issues immigration / freedom of movement within the EU & the possibility that the UK could leave the latter, will be the test of how stage-managed all of this is if at all.
        I don’t understand the frame of mind where everything is ‘puppet-mastery’ by invisible dark forces. Seems more like the psychological phenomenon of learned helplessness

        1. Don’t forget, Farage is a banker and have good connections into UK banking system.
          It seems Farage is currently playing a controlled opposition and when EU as a currency and trading block starts losing influence within next decade, UKIP will have proven it’s worth.
          Farage is basically a plant. Like a boy band he was designed to be popular with the people and be successful.
          Also read this:

        2. Depends what you mean by a plant. Politicians always have agendas, and backers. If the EU breaks up, no doubt some groups will benefit financially while others will lost. What’s new.
          As for UKIP’s attitude to Israel, any party hoping to be taken seriously will do well not to make it impossible for pro-israeli media groups to take them seriously. Israel isn’t a hot-potato for UKIP unless it opposes it – it wants a Tory coalition which isn’t going to happen unless it makes at least some of the right noises

        3. Depends what you mean by a plant. Politicians always have agendas, and backers. If the EU breaks up, no doubt some groups will benefit financially while others will lost. What’s new.
          As for UKIP’s attitude to Israel, any party hoping to be taken seriously will do well not to make it impossible for pro-israeli media groups to take them seriously. Israel isn’t a hot-potato for UKIP unless it opposes it – it wants a Tory coalition which isn’t going to happen unless it makes at least some of the right noises

    1. I’m an American, but I’ve noticed a lot of hit pieces (ad hominems) against the UKIP. Those kinds of articles where they don’t actually talk about the party’s platform, but instead slanders them with personal attacks. Kinda like how the media in the US covers the Men’s Rights movement.

      1. the media tried to kill it but were unsuccessful and are now taking them seriously. If you compare something (quite different) like gamergate the media is trying to quash that too. If enough people get on board they’ll have to take that seriously too. Farage has quite cleverly (& cynically?) turned the battle into a populist versus elitist struggle

        1. If the media really wanted to “kill it” they would have ignore them completely, it’s far more effective.

    1. Democracy is just a polite term for mob rule. Without some guarantees that natural rights are to be respected, those rights would devolve into privileges that can be taken away with a simple majority vote.

      1. Exactly. And what are our choices? Candidate 1 or 2? Both will work diligently to strip your natural rights, and along with it your dignity as a man.

  25. I believe both parties are under the pockets of Big Money, but disagree the Republican party is so much better than the Democrats. From my vantage point Republicans are mostly to blame for gerrymandering as they are now losing their percentage base voters as districts become more diverse. Also they directly go for the interest of big business which in direct violation to Poor Whites who actually vote for them (poor whites are the majority poor in this country by Raw numbers). Also in some of our vantage point although the left has feminism, the right comes off as Xenophobic and seems to view history in an overly positive American rules type of way, and calls those who reveal history in its naked form as “apologists.” I guess it depends who you are that shapes your outlook. However both parties are still benefitting the top 1% more than ever before.
    *Note (I really agree with the point #3 of this article hits the nail right on the head)!

    1. There are other parties besides the Republican and Democrat parties.
      I understand the total frustration with both of those parties. I don’t vote for either of them and have not voted for either of them for almost 20 years now. I get that they both suck. It’s discouraging to say the least how bad they both are.
      There are other options and regardless of how much Matt Forney and Hillary Clinton want you to think your vote is meaningless and you should just stay home and play WoW, you need to find one of those parties you have some faith and some belief in and vote for them, regardless of how well they do in the final outcome.
      Change doesn’t always come about instantly. Usually, the whole country doesn’t rise up at once at the drop of a dime and say, “Enough!”. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes you gotta put the effort in even when it seems pointless and what you’re doing doesn’t matter, and sometimes it takes election after election of a small minority voting for an unpopular candiate/party/idea/policy before others take note and it starts to gain traction.
      But you do it because it’s right, it is worthwhile, and in the end things will change.
      Hoc quoque transibunt

      1. Thanks I agree! I have a third party I do like…maybe I will start voting for them more frequently.

        1. Regardless of what it may seem like and how many people tell you not to bother…I think you’d be doing the right thing. You may not see the effects for a while (a very long while), but it’s worth it.

      2. How exactly your vote will change anything? Think about the following scenario, white men don’t vote in the next elections in USA. Complete boycot. With this choice, the minority men and white women will give COMPLETE power to the feminutter, insane liberals.
        Is this a bad thing? Why do you think that it’s a bad thing? If nutty femliberals control your country, this will lead to sexism against men (extreme sexism), escalation of gender and racial issues and finally USA will be at the verge of full blown race/civil war which will lead to White National regime.
        Stop voting mates… stop. Just give yourself a rest. Think Globally, think in a Perspective

        1. That made absolutely no sense… a national white regime?? How the hell is that gonna happen?? We cant even handle immigration. Trust and believe if anything like that happens it wont be a black or white guy running nothing. Americans dont even own anything anymore. while americans are blinded by race and other divisive Issues most of our resources are now controlled by foreign influences. George Orwells “animal farm” describes modern politics to a t

        2. But i am not american. I gave example with Ukraine. A country which managed to overthrow (militarily) their marxist president and revive National Socialism.
          Americans are blinded by the non-racial identity. Honestly, the anti-immigrant and conservative crowds in the west are actually very counter-productive. They are just delaying the inevitable race war.
          Why instead the fight against the immigration… they don’t let the immigrants SWARM trully in USA?
          There is nothing more race opening, nazi-sympathizing for a white man, than seeing millions of non-white angry men.

      3. Look, I like the idea of third parties, and support their platforms, but they are completely ignored in the media, and therefore 99% of people don’t hear about them or vote for them. You could also say there are other football leagues besides the NFL which may be technically true but meaningless. If you want to watch football, it is going to be an NFL game. If you want to be ruled over someone who is not a D/R, good luck.
        Jesse Ventura was the last independent elected to major office, and he stated that a bunch of government spooks interrogated him after his election and asked him how the hell he did it, because they are terrified of people outside the system being elected. You can be assured they have taken steps since then to ensure that this does not happen again.

      4. I agree but this two-party system is here for a long time to come, unless their is a big shake in the financial stability of this country. But I agree with your statement.

    2. Modern democracy is being replaced with Direct Democracy in National Socialist states like Ukraine. You see a black criminal, the people demand justice and kill him. Direct Fucking Democracy.
      Let’s be honest, white men… why instead voting, you don’t try to overthrow your government like in Ukraine and replace it with National Socialism, the best ideology suited for white men?

      1. Because America is full of Yankees. The only thing Yankees hate more than themselves is anyone who tries to get out from under their control.

    1. /but you do swallow the bullshit propaganda whole, like Linda Lovelace in deepthroat no?
      Maybe you don’t know this but the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was invented by the CIA to quash alternative explanations to the Kennedy assassination and Warren Commission report. People recognized the obvious lies in the official version (sound familiar?) to the media had to portray anybody questioning the government as ‘crazy’.
      When most Americans hear the term ‘conspiracy theory’ they shut down all critical thought and stop asking questions. The CIA’s program is devastatingly effective.
      When I see that term as you have used it I see a compliant sheep.
      Not to say you cannot be cured but you should start now if you’re interested in the truth.
      Here’s a good place:
      The CIA has publicly admitted that it controls US media and its message.
      Ignorance is no excuse sir.

    2. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy truther! Rule #1) Never never never believe anything the U.S. govt says. Rule #2) Refer to rule #1!

  26. While I agree with the title, most of the reasons were pretty generic tripe. Surprised you didn’t finish it off with a Vote Paul.

  27. You forgot that voting can get you tagged for jury duty. Though some states use DMV data as well.

    1. Voting is pointless, but if you really want to make a difference then sit on a jury and vote your conscious regardless of the law, and always remember jury nullification can right unjust laws.

  28. To those who think voting is useful, what do you think it will accomplish? If you think all you are doing is making your voice heard, you are wrong on at least 2 points. First, voting makes you responsible for the people you voted in. Their sins are done in the name of the people, you.
    Secondly, is your voice really heard? Do either party or candidate really reflect what you would have truly done?
    I am against abortion. Has republicans gotten it abolished yet in the 40 years it has been legal?
    Are republicans making any true effort to stop commom core?(wherr were they when it passed?)
    Who allowed foreigners to give money to campaigns and who is making any real opposition to that?
    Who is planning on ending Obamacare? Both parties are complicit in its creation. Republicans betrayed the people and helped pass it and John Roberts the Bush appointed chief justice affirmed it.
    Republicans never closed the border either and never will.
    War is a bipartisan business. War is a racket.
    No one defends men from unfair family court practices and no one will.
    No great republicans have put into action anything to create a national quarantine against people returning from plaguelands.
    No one is creating conditions for bringing back jobs.
    No one is calling for values and mores to be honored again. We cant legislate morality but leaders can lead all th same.
    Both parties are controlled by oligarchs who are untouchable. They fund their campaigns. Those you vote on are not YOUR choice, they were theirs first and are their property.
    I will vote or support the man who actually represents me. Since he doesn’t appear I abstain til he does

    1. After the election, watch the Republicans support Obama and endorse amnesty for illegal aliens. Mitt Romney recently said the GOP will support amnesty after the election. Wall Street wants cheap, foreign labor, and what Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets. Drop out and enjoy the decline. It’s over for the working man.

  29. You have the option to always register as an independent(as I am) and vote for that party but that doesn’t matter now does it?? Or you can vote for the main opposition party to cause maximum gridlock in the political process (if the party candidate wins of course).

  30. I voted against Sandra fluke here in california.. took me 3 minutes to full out m ballot and put in mail.
    The main difference between repubs and dems are in an ivory tower they are elitists and won’t listen to the people. Repubs are spineless cowards but they can be made to do the right thing thru protests and townhalls.

  31. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
    -Winston Churchill
    Why do you think we have the media? The average voter is too uninformed to make rational voting decisions, so they need their hand guided for them by those holding the real power.

  32. At 18 I (foolishly) registered to vote as a Democrat.
    Thanks to extreme Feminism and being told to “check my male privilege”, I will do just that by “checking” every box next to a Republican male’s name on this year’s ballot.

      1. Yes, of course I read this article. I didn’t think that I needed to spell that out.
        The thing is, if you refrain from voting, your enemies will not only elect the people who represent them (and further oppress you), but said representatives will win by a landslide.
        It seems cliché to say something like “If a thousand people thought that their vote wouldn’t matter, then blah-blah-blah.”, but it is just common sense.

    1. Republicans are nothing more than white knights for the feminists. I get so tired of Republicans down south wanting to rescue single moms, shaming and ridiculing men, and promoting traditional marriage by telling me to man up and marry these sorry, worthless pieces of shit known as American women. The GOP can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. Our conservative Republican governor here, Sonny Perdue, signed into law the family violence act which made it illegal for me to run my home and almost got me arrested when I kicked my daughter out of the house years ago. We need to realize that as men no one gives a damn about us and no is going to fight for us. It’s our duty to tap out and leave the system. No more marriage, kids, or supporting this current system. It’s all about survival now. America is gone. Enjoy the decline.

      1. Agreed. I’ve been a life long GOP voter, but after 2012 I figured it was all a waste. Matt did a good job of explaining why. There is no one left to vote for. Even new, uncorrupted members quickly get absorbed and re-educated.
        I think MGTOW and minimalism are the way to go for men these days.

      2. I think that may be a “Southern gentleman” thing, because the majority of white knights I have encountered across America are little sissy liberals.
        As for not supporting the current system, I don’t think we really have much of a choice… Unless I missed the part on my W-2 form that allows me to opt out of paying federal and state taxes.

  33. So what do you propose? We have three boxes to change things, the soap box, the ballot box, and the ammo box. You are telling us that the ballot box is worthless. At the same time you tell us to basically surrender whatever political power we may have to feminists who certainly will vote and want the screws turned even harder on us. That leaves the soap box, which they barely hear us when we vote, we need to organize harder, and they won’t bother to listen if we don’t vote. The ammo box? Let’s not really consider that, there is the whole getting squashed like a bug thing I am against.
    I haven’t been here very long, maybe a year or so, and I think a lot of the thinking going into these articles is slipshod and getting worse. The editorial staff really needs to tighten up and not allow such logically flawed thinking.

    1. You seem to think the soap box and ammo box are not meaningful methods of change, but provide no evidence as to why the magical ballot box will change things.

      1. No, the soap box is valid. It just isn’t useful without the ballot box. By all means go out and point out to your friends why we have the right of it. Men, especially divorced men are going to be inclined to listen and probably represent a significant enough block to get at least some attention, but not if we aren’t going to vote for our perceived interests.
        The Ammo box is a last horrible resort. If you have nothing, and I mean nothing to lose, go for it. Until then, try more civil methods.

  34. if you choose to vote you are in effect affirming that the current system works. Making an educated decision not to vote is a more powerful statement because you are rejecting the current system.
    the masses enjoy things like voting because it creates the illusion that you are powerful and have some say in the system, when in reality all you are doing is choosing between mcdonalds or burger king, you are equally fucked with either choice and neither will improve your life.
    any Immortal Technique fans out here will recall the following verse: “and they might even have a black president but hes useless, because he does not control the economy stupid!” As Mr. Forney described, the machine has already been set in motion and you are much better off spending your time doing pretty much anything except voting.

    1. Of course, and the two party system isn’t helping. It’s like there’s 16 million different colors and the options are grey and light grey.

  35. I’m completely aware my vote is useless. I think the past couple of decades has created an irreparable rift between the bureaucracy and the people it’s supposed to serve.
    It’s just hard for me to accept that truth. Voting at least gives me the feeling that I’m trying to help. But there are better ways to get involved if you want to stand up for your values, they just aren’t easy. Freedom isn’t easy to come by.

  36. Democracy does not exist. It never has and it never will.
    When there is no real choice, you do not have a democracy.
    All political parties and politicians are the same- corrupt to the core and intent on profiting on the destruction of the masses. They are all the same. We red pills, all know who really runs the world. Yet we will be dismissed as conspiracy nuts and kooks. No point trying to fight stupid- the masses will always choose to live in the blue pill matrix.
    Which is why I keep preaching to walk away from it all, and to live by your own value system, and to always remember, there is no point trying to fight a system that will destroy you.
    I end this comment in the words of George Carlin- “Elections are a charade designed to give you the illusion that you are free.”

  37. Democracy deserves a place alongside all of those other forms of government that failed miserably.

  38. It seems that with RoK receiving upwards of five million unique hits each month, with a large percentage of those originating from the U.S.A., that if we voted in solidarity for independent candidates, it most likely wouldn’t put any candidates in to office, but it would just maybe make enough noise for us to be heard. Ross Perot, for better or worse, was able to alter the course of history with his presidential bid, to the point where the major parties then finagled the debate regulations to prevent third-parties from having a tangible ability to enter said debates. No matter what you believe, we need monied interests out of politics, and more independent candidates.

        1. They know they don’t need to worry now about those nasty men getting a say in the system they’re trying to stitch up

  39. I agree – although I am thinking of voting in the local elections.
    The takers are almost outnumbering the producers (maybe even already are) and the takers will just vote for whoever gives them the most goodies at the expense of the producers. It won’t change until there are no longer enough producers to keep the whole corrupt system afloat.

  40. Amen. I stopped voting and I don’t miss it. I can do far more to affect change in my life than some hack politician. Waste of time!

  41. I’m a Libertarian who lives in an adjacent county to Cook County – Lake County. My vote really doesn’t matter.
    If only we could force Chicago to become it’s own separate state…
    Stay away from Illinois. Your soul will slowly whither, your money will be “voted” away, and your dignity will be forever lost.

    1. I’m in Chicago and will be voting with my feet sometime soon…I’m pretty Illinoyed. Hope to see it in my rearview mirror one day.

      1. I bailed in 2000! Been traveling around ever since. There is nowhere left to go. It must be cleansed with fire. They’ll probably burn themselves to death. Just let it burn.

  42. Write in Mickey Mouse. It would be too awesome to him get a solid percentage and they would have to announce that.

  43. Voting is not about choosing who will actually rule over us. It’s the liturgy of our public religion, where we reaffirm our allegiance to our public god: liberalism. Our choice is between the left-liberals or the right-liberals. The former are leading the march toward socio-political collapse. The latter are bringing up the rear, impotently grumbling about how we’re going too fast, but not really disagreeing about the destination. Don’t vote. It only encourages them.

  44. Vote, but vote third party. It’s not a waste. It lets the D&R fascist nightmare know that at least a few of us are onto their game and not giving up the fight.
    Plus, voting on state issues is good. The good people of Alaska are hoping to legalize pot in the face of the antiquated, oppressive feds.

    1. We were trying to do that in Florida too, but Ultra-Zionist Sheldon Adelson spent $5 million to squash it. Even though most FLORIDIANS voted yes, that doesn’t count.

  45. Imagine Lineville, a town spread out along a four-mile stretch of highway, with enough residents to support two grocery stores. The sensible placement of these stores would be at Mile 1.0 and Mile 3.0, so that no one lives more than one mile from a store. But then one owner moves his store to Mile 1.5, stealing the customers from miles 2.0 to 2.25, while forcing those between miles 0.0 and 1.25 to drive farther. This story ends with both stores side-by-side at Mile 2.0.
    And that is why there is so little difference between the two political parties.

    1. In my state, Georgia, our Republican governors and state legislatures have fully supported the feminist agenda under the guise of protecting our women from these big bad men. They’re all in on it. Realize we men have nobody going to bat for us. The Republicans have supported all the domestic violence legislation that have reduced men to second class citizens. The GOP should be rebranded The White Knight party!

  46. cant you still vote for yourself? it just seems to me that checking out of the system is just legitimizing it in a different way. its like sticking your head in the sand. i believe that simply voting for yourself is a better way to protest the bureaucratic monster we face without tucking tail like little bitches.

  47. I’ve watched this charade since Goldwater ran against Johnson. Back and forth we go between Democrat and Republican and nothing ever changes. It’s all a con, a lie. The system gives us the illusion we have a choice. We don’t. Banksters fund both sides of the political spectrum just as they’ve always funded both sides of every war. Drop out and quit playing their game. Matt Forney is right.

    1. Voting is actually harmful, because it legitimizes criminals and feeds illusions everywhere.

  48. This is the system we have. I don’t agree with it and I’m sure most men don’t either…but this is what we have.
    Refusing to vote is just as much a vote for the parasites, leftists, evil, etc.
    It may not mean much…but you still have the power to vote. Write in yourself, vote third party, etc if you don’t like the establishment.

    1. I don’t see how writing myself in is better than simply not showing up. In fact it’s worse because it’s a waste of my time going to the polls to do so.

      1. Because politicians are interested in market share. They don’t care if voter turnout is 10 or 10 trillion as long as they take plurality. If an increasing number of voters turnout to vote outside of the two major parties, the major parties will be inclined to change their product to appeal to those voters.

  49. Not only did the Republucans force on us the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, they also shoved down our throats the Violence Against Women Act. There are no bigger white knights than Republicans.

  50. We talk a lot about the importance of frame control, bit this article is an excellent example. Vote for either mainstream party you’re buying into the frame. Vote for a third party you are still buying into their frame. Not voting you are *still* buying into their frame. Because you accept that this is the avenue for legitimate change. Not voting actually suits the ruling elite just fine. In Canada we have a ruling party of authoritarian twerps who are returned to power time and again with about a third of the popular vote. They need but toss some red meat to their sycophantic base. They count on voters being alienated. The pliant overcomes the rigid. You don’t beat them at the polls, you don’t counter strength with strength, you will lose. It’s not parties, or voting, it’s the entire system. You win by not accepting their frame in the first place.

  51. More and more Americans agree with you. Our voting percentages have been dropping for decades. My last vote was in 2012. I’ve been a regular, every two years voter since I turned 18. I’m finally disillusioned enough to think not voting is the answer. Sure it will hasten the inevitable fall, but it’s been argued that western civ has already fallen, and is now just moving on inertia.
    As you’ve pointed out, Matt, the system is just too entrenched and broken. Even voting in a “good” replacement doesn’t work, since the new member is quickly assimilated into the collective hive mind of party control.
    Besides, I’m an old white guy. So I’m the villain who created all the problems and shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. At least, that’s the impression I get from most liberals.

  52. The effort is illusory you moron, you casting your vote won’t prevent the left from making you life more difficult either.

  53. I haven’t voted ever. I was a punk kid growing up saying fuck you to authority and when I moved past that I never saw the point when I figured out how the system works. I must say though, the funniest thing I have ever seen was watching the people cry when Obama was put in office. Moving past the whole black thing and to think that they actually believed that guy would do anything for them. Fucking hilarious and so sad at the same time. Politics is a horseshit masquerade just looking for suckers.

    1. That’s very brave. I was far too brainwashed (read: mentally weak and passive) as are most of us to see the charade. I’ve long since grown up and reformed and could never allow myself to vote again.

      1. Yeah, I never saw the point. When you see that class elections in elementary school are a popularity contest and a string of lies… you’ve been introduced to the redpill from a young age. My thought at a young age were that these people were not going to change a thing and were becoming a tool of the administration for social control you really just don’t give a shit any more. I was called “silly” then for thinking that it was pointless, called “jaded” now for thinking the same thing. Call me what you will, drink your starbucks and pay your bucks to the stars… nothing changes but the labels.

        1. I saw that too…but didn’t put 2 + 2 together until I had live a while as a Man.

  54. “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    -Mark Twain
    “The best argument against Democracy is to spend five minutes with the average voter.”
    -Winston Churchill

  55. When financial abuse laws and affirmative consent laws are being voted on, watch Republicans line up to support them.

  56. This is a bit disingenuous. Voting at the Federal level (offices) seems rather a rigged game. But voting at the state and local level does in fact give you a voice. In Ohio we’ve kept consistently gun-friendly politicians in office, we can call them directly or meet them face to face whenever we want, and we hold their feet to the fire. The closer to home your candidate or issue, the more your vote actually counts. But votes for, say, President? Rigged to the last vote.

  57. Why not vote Matt Forney? At least we would be voting the same and making a statement instead of abstaining or voting randomly

  58. The advice doesn’t fit the problem you’ve described. Yes, the standard “left-right-left-right” march of our Modernist, humanist, “rights”-based system is a farce and all the rest. The solution isn’t “embrace the bonobo masturbation society and stay home rather than vote,” but, “bear all this in mind as regards voting, and perhaps only vote in productive ways.” Sometimes voting for the lesser evil is itself productive; sometimes voting for a third party is a moral option; often there are other issues, like local propositions, that should be voted on.
    For example: I am proud that in my Blue City, the folk nevertheless had the common sense to vote against a proposition last year that purported to permit a massive tax raise for “road improvements,” but which had a loophole allowing for the funds also to be funneled to public schools at the city government’s discretion. This was after we denied the schools increased tax revenues in response to their introduction of a program aimed at Mexicans, that supported genocide against the White populace as a birthright of oppressed Latinos all through the Southwest. It is a very good thing, that people turned out to vote against it: both because it saved the taxpayers a boatload of money, and it castigated the local school district (and teachers) for their spitefulness.

  59. The only vote you have is where you choose to put your money and your feet.
    You think Crest makes the best toothpaste? Buy their shit.
    You think Apple makes better computers? Buy their shit.
    You think organic food is better? Buy that shit.
    You think H&M sells nice clothes? Buy their shit.
    You think a cause is worth fighting for? Donate to that shit.
    You think your parents are great? Buy them shit.
    You think a certain car is better? Buy that shit.
    You think a university education has a good ROI? Buy that shit.
    You think Starbucks makes good coffee? Buy their shit.
    You think your friend deserves to be supported for his art? Buy his shit.
    You think Jesus is a better god than Mohammed? Buy his shit.
    You think Coke is better than Pepsi? Buy their shit.
    You think hookers are better than hoes? Buy their shit.
    You think dogs are better than wives? Buy them shit.
    You think Nintendo is better than gardening? Buy their shit.
    You think a house is better than a condo? Buy that shit.
    You think Roosh is better than Oprah? Buy his shit.
    You think the West is making you miserable? Walk away from that shit.

  60. There’s nothing wrong with voting for newcomers across the board. If nothing else, it sends the message that the leash is growing shorter.

  61. “Every four years, the major multinational corporations get together and put someone in the White House.” Noam Chomsky

  62. I am very surprised at how many men here bought the argument of the article.
    It’s not too well thought out.
    In any collective action, one can either participate or not. By giving up the opportunity to vote, you have in effect agreed to the outcome. No one, especially not Mr. Stern, is saying we are living in either ideal, or even acceptable social and political conditions. But although we can’t choose the circumstances in which we’ve found ourselves, we can choose future outcomes. Voting is just one way.
    Take the matter of war. Men could either fight or find a way not to. Luckily, our grandfathers and great grandfathers chose to fight. Tuesday, all you have to do to participate in choosing between two outcomes is pull a lever.
    Imagine what you would think of a man in World War 2 who said things like, ‘You’re only one soldier. What difference will you make!’, ‘The US system is corrupt, why we have an income tax that was not in the original constitution!’ or perhaps , ‘FDR and the Republicans don’t give a damn about men’s issues!’
    Not voting because of your ‘conscience’ is preposterous. And the author gives no convincing argument as to why it is either moral or prudent to stay home next week, as I’ll show.
    Those of you who are proud of never voting, we owe you thanks. You gave us the NSA’s big data gathering of our phone and internet activities. Yes, the Obama administration is responsible for changing the rules in this way, as even the Washington Post has acknowledged.
    So let’s look at some of the points the author makes.
    1. Your vote is meaningless.
    We’re all reading about the potential for election fraud. But the author is talking about something else. His insights are as follows:
    Others are idiots! Their votes count as much as yours!
    Is this in any way news? Well, it is simply an implication of one person one vote. And why should we be astonished by this, as if it is a revelation?
    2. Politicians hate you. They don’t give a damn about men’s issues.
    Politicians might have contempt for the population. But they respect any issue
    that might make or break them electorally. So think about it. If MGTOW stay home and DON’T VOTE on Tuesday, and politicians get wind of it, do you think they will be LESS likely or MORE likely to care about men’s issues in the future? I will leave it to you to think this one through.
    3. ‘There is ONLY ONE WAY to fight the corruption of our political class: refuse to vote.’
    This proposition is not the product of much reflection. There are NO OTHER WAYS of fighting the corruption of our political class? To ask this is nearly to answer it.
    What kind of alphas are inhabiting this site if the consensus is that there are no powerful, long-reaching, positive steps that can be taken to get the political class in line in 10 or 20 years….oh, besides not voting?
    4. ‘Merely casting a ballot, regardless of who it is for, is an act of acquiescence to the system’.
    True. But so is stopping at red lights, consenting to airport checks, showing an ID at a liquor store. But guess what, staying home from these activities will not contribute to the decline of civilization.
    No one has to report to boot camp next week. No one has to risk their limb or life to protect our way of life. No one has to wonder if they will return to their families again. All you have to do is vote. Your vote counts…but just for one. That’s why each of your votes is meaningful. And we need you, men.
    However, if you care more about your ‘clean hands’ than your country, no matter how degenerate it is right now, that’s on you.

  63. WTF, watch reruns of “Girls”? Um, no. I don’t line the pockets or give attention to ugly child molesters like Leta Dunham.

  64. Pre civil war if you didn’t own physical property you could not vote. It’s what kept government small . Today govt is nothing but one giant criminal enterprise with grand larceny as its centerpiece.
    I haven’t voted in over a decade, feels great and keeps me from getting dragooned into jury duty.

  65. This is not a way to fight corruption. This is a way to hand the entire thing over to the people who got us into this mess in the first place. They’d just keep right on, and we still have to live here.
    Vote for third parties! If we all actually showed up and actually voted for our interests instead of following the sports team-esq doings of the two major parties, our government would be a very different animal. You have a solid point about the unelected managers that are responsible for the long-term policies of this country; that’s a great issue for a third party to tackle. The can force compromise by withholding their coalition votes. Today, we have like 2 independents, they’re members of the same shitty false dichotomy because they lack peers to coalition with. 1 man can’t stand against the entire two-party paradigm. But 10 men? 20? 30? Why not? I’ll tell you why not — because we either don’t show up, or when we do, we make the same choice that all the so-called morons make. Show up and choose different, let’s at least give that a TRY, eh? Never before has it been attempted, and between the two choices: quit or try, I’d rather try.

  66. If you want your vote to matter: become wealthy, start a superpac, and invite your congressman yachting.

  67. No, what American men should do is not WORK. GO ON STRIKE. A NATIONAL STRIKE – like you see in 3rd world hell holes & France. All men (outside of the military – they don’t deserve to be imprisoned or shot – though they should defy orders to end the strike) should go on strike and stop working until:
    1) American women lose weight. It is clear that unless they have a direct financial incentive (whores, strippers, and hotties able to get alpha commitment), that they won’t lose weight. When civilization starts breaking down and violence beckons, they will lose weight.
    2) Marriage law reform. No more Divorce Rape. Men get preferential custody of their children (not always – As much as I hate kids, I’m not giving them over to child rapists – it does happen).
    3) End of the welfare state. If bitches want to pop out kids, they had better make sure that the father of those kids can support them and is probably not a child rapist (see 2). No more of the state supporting Alpha Fux Beta Bux.
    4) Get the hell out of the rest of the world. It’s none of our business.

  68. Every vote counts. Unless you vote for a third party, in which case you’re throwing your vote away.
    I voted once, in 2008 when I was 19. Not a single candidate I voted for won, so I certainly don’t feel like I have much a voice in American politics. Of course, that’s because I (and all the rest of you) don’t.

  69. If you don’t own a Fortune 500 company or have $1 million+ in assets, voting in the U.S. doesn’t matter. Sadly I think you can do more good through internet comments and trolling than voting.

    1. I don’t understand this comment. CEO’s of companies have the same vote as us. Same with millionaires.
      Now they may have more sway in the decisions that politicians make because of their donations, but they can’t vote 100x us.

      1. Do not underestimate the power of cash and establishment. Bill Gates vote is not the same as yours… heck they vote by funding campaigns while the rest of you stand in cues like morons… money talks and bullshit stands in a che waiting..

  70. If everyone who comments on this site voted, it would be a drop in the bucket. A boatload or two of refugees alone would erase or unvote any progress or vote of will that would give people any leverage with the ROK commenter vote.
    And just WHO THE HELL ARE the damn ACTORS that stage at the polling locations, running the tables and overseeing the machines. They always look like Wal Mart greeters. I’ve never seen them before in my neighborhood. Has anyone followed or tracked these characters.
    Voter fraud is serious enough to where WE THE PEOPLE should police the whole process. FOLLOW THE DAMN ACTORS just as should have been done in Newtown Ct. How many folks in a typical community are for real and how many would surprise the rest if they were fucking revealed. Geeez. Do we need sunglasses like on ‘They Live’?

  71. Kill the Republican Party, Kill it Now!
    Vote Dem. Vote for the nuttiest dem on the ticket and get it elected. When the
    Republicans are dead and gone, the Democrats will self implode.
    Blacks hate Mexicans and the Mex hate the Blacks. Help this along. Screw the
    Asians, both the Mex and the Negroes hate them too. The Asians don’t support us even thought they live like us, so screw them. Let the gays and tranny’s fight the muslims, who in turn will fight the jews. They’ll have to fracture since fear of the evil RINO’s act as the glue that holds that hodgepodge group together. Without a common enemy, the leftist coalition devolves into groups diametrically(and often violently) opposed to each other.

    1. The Soviets didn’t self implode, rather, they enslaved an entire nation and their sickness spread to China as well.
      Delusions of self implosion are just that, delusions. They will fall, but only after a full century of pure evil. I won’t consign my children and future progeny to that fate just to sound cool and like I’m poolside.

      1. This is good wisdom, even though the two parties are virtually the same in my opinion it’s better than a one party state. If the right opportunity came around one of the parties might be tempted to seize said opportunity, we’ve seen with the Republican party seizing upon the formerly Democratic south.
        It’s something to hope for, but perhaps a groundswell of support may be in the future if things get bad enough that one of the parties would return to a more common sense stance.

  72. “I have never voted in my life… I have always known and
    understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will
    – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

  73. I voted, but mostly just because every other commercial on Pandora in my state was some feminist hag talking about rape and abortion and how it was important not to vote for so-and-so. I voted for so-and-so just to spite the people who made that ad run over and over again on Pandora. I need Pandora to numb the boredom of my corporate slave job.
    So I didn’t vote because I thought it made a difference. I did it out of spite to the annoying feminist with the shrill voice ruining Pandora for me for the last two weeks.

  74. I have a prediction of the winner today….Evil.
    Do you REALLY want to max a difference? Plant seeds in Men’s minds, help break down a lifetime of bad programming from state schools and television.

  75. Participation in a Republican form of government requires the citizen vote. The system will fall to its knees if that doesn’t happen. Historically citizens will show anger outside of voting in other ways that will make you think otherwise. See: French Revolution for more details.
    I do agree with the author’s conclusions and appreciate the stand he is taking.

  76. Thank the internet for sites like this. Our BARK is much much MUCH bigger and impacting than our miniscule and ignored whimper of a vote. WOOF. BOWWWW. AW. AWW. AOUUUUUUU! – – TO THE FULL MOON!

  77. If “The average American reads at a eighth-grade level” it’s because of all the redneck retard articles on this site encouraging men to work in “men only” careers and to espouse formal education so they can work in mining, crab fisheries, and oil rigs, just to avoid women. Be careful what you wish for.

  78. Lasting freedom and peace will not return until monarchical government returns or until stateless civilizations come into existence (read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed”). Democracy turns into tyranny very quickly for various reasons, one of which being: a monarch becomes the ruler because he was born into the position. He has no choice. Which means he might be a decent person. Presidents and Legislators become rules because they run for office, and the people most inclined to run for office are the ones most likely to
    be sociopathic, socially destructive control freaks and tyrants.

  79. I understand Matt’s despair, but counsel against disengagement lest the USA follows the fate of the Roman Republic. It is not inconceivable that one day an imperial family may occupy the White House, though the first dynasty will probably wait a little while before they call themselves emperors.

  80. I’ll give you a better reason not to vote if you’re an American: jury duty.
    In many states, unless you register to vote, you won’t be called for jury duty.
    In some states, you may be called for jury duty if you own tangible property or if you receive aid from the state.
    Should you wish to remain travelling indefinitely without the inconveniences of having to answer to an official jury summons from your “home state”, I strongly suggest disenfranchising yourself by not voting, by avoiding property ownership within the US, and by refusing any form of aid from US government organisations.
    Want to avoid “coming home” to a jury summons? Stay away from voting.
    I’m sure there’s someone who would like to exercise “patriotic shaming game” at this point, but I’ll point out that as an Outernationalist, the only government services you’ll need to use are for passport renewal and driving licence renewal, so it’s not as if you’re a huge drag on the system.
    But remember, being able to be blamed by imbeciles for practising a solitary masturbatory act known as voting is really where it’s at!
    Remember the good old days when you used to have to enter a voting booth to perform this form of civic wankery?

  81. I haven’t seen so much apathy congregated in one place since reddit took down all the fappening links. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Since when is apathy a masculine trait? Since when is rejection of the ideals of our great founders something to be lauded as if you conquered an army to achieve your status as heir to a nation.
    I would’ve expected to see an article about storming the polls like the mighty 300 and spraying testosterone all over the place leaving our mark among the quivering huddled masses. Instead we get this garbage from one of the better writers here which really surprises me.
    I don’t believe that George Mutherfucking Washington fought against tyranny so a group of spoiled skirt chasing wanna be men could sit by the pool and let it fall into wreck and ruin.
    If the government wants to take my rights, Molon Labe

    1. This a by product of the current system and society some guys will check out upon analyzing their actions such as the author, I don’t see it as apathy as he has actively thought about what his vote means, he is making in my view an informed decision.
      I would agree with you if he just said don’t vote and didn’t give a reason for it. Not voting if you don’t believe in the current system is the best course of action at the moment, it isn’t acting in a belligerent 300 like manner. If a pro friendly man candidates where on the ballot I’m sure most manosphere guys would vote for them but that doesn’t sell in the current climate.

      1. Lol Martha was in the kitchen and not telling George how to win a revolution. And they wonder what happened.

        1. Isn’t that the truth. That’s the part of history (and logic) that women want to ignore (because it makes too much sense).
          Know your role, women…check the past.

  82. This is an interesting article, the knee jerk reaction of “You must vote it’s your civic duty” was predictable, lesser of two evils, etc. I think voting on local elections still gives some small say on stuff like tax levees and the like, I think it makes sense to vote on that.
    Voting at the federal level is clearly futile and a no vote or vote means almost nothing in those circumstances, as the federal government encroaches upon state/local matters more and more via the threat of federal funds withheld so to will the state/local voting become meaningless as it will be top down.
    This is a good article, it’s up to each person to decide whether they will vote or not, certainly can’t fault anyone for voting but it’s increasingly becoming a futile endeavor and voting does legitimize the current system, if it makes you feel better then vote, if it makes you feel bad don’t vote, either way it means very little if nothing in the end. A perfect example is the NSA, most Obama voters were under the impression that it would be scaled down, the exact opposite happened it is being ramped up at levels/policies that would probably make W. Bush blush, Obama is either doing the exact opposite of what his voters desire, or isn’t really in control of the national security state, either way it means your vote means nothing currently at the Federal level.
    I think most people and I don’t fault them are unwilling to admit to themselves that they are living in a version of what they condemned for so many years in non “free” countries, to admit it would require action and that is a bridge too far for some people.

  83. I know what you’re saying. But still, I have to vote. Because the Republicans just might back off amnesty. They have before. If the Democrats keep the senate, things will get worse, and stay that way. Forever.

  84. i don’t vote except on ballot questions because the system is fucked. on the ballot questions my vote counts because they (are supposed to, don’t always) become law. that said i think pretty much any one of these psychopaths would be a little less diabolical then hillary clinton so i’ll be voting in that election.
    last couple times i voted were to decriminalize marijuana in MA then legalize medical marijuana a few years later because, shit, that effects me (i like to burn one or three down after work.)

  85. “…power in the U.S. has gradually been shifting from public officials to unelected, unaccountable managers. Civil servants, the Federal Reserve, and alphabet agencies such as the FBI and NSA have far more power than Congress or even the president himself.”
    you left out my least favorite, the supreme court, 9 fucking devils making all the rules.

  86. Why vote indeed. Democrats want feminism, hate white males and blame us for all the world’s evil. They favor flooding the country with illegal aliens and shiting on the family with one sided laws that allow women to rape men in family court. Republicans are not much better. They want to create shitty ten dollar an hour jobs with no benefits while they bust up every Union and outsource every job to a third world shit hole. As a white man sure Republicans are a better pick, but they don’t care about men and have taken my vote for granted for decades. . They also refuse to change laws regarding divorce that favor women. I’ve also been on the unemployed side as have friends during my life and the right wingers are nasty judgemental fucks. Their solution for everything is to shame and blame men. Both parties want men back on the plantation providing beta bucks. Yet both do everything in their power to destroy jobs thus stopping men from providing. Tired of being yanked back and forth by these gangs. I’m staying home. Let the feminists and trad cons fight it out.

    1. “They want to create shitty ten dollar an hour jobs with no benefits while they bust up every Union and outsource every job to a third world shit hole”
      what republican supports a minimum wage? i agree with the shit about the democrats but “10 dollar an hour jobs” is WAY more credit than republicans deserve, they want wage slaves to just be flat out slaves. the governor of wisconsin for example wants to abolish the weekend.
      the democrats also don’t give a shit about jobs though.

      1. The ten an hour is not literal. Just meant they want crap jobs in place of the breadwinner jobs that were outsourced. Dems don’t care either about jobs. . Clearly Scott Walker is a dumbass as well. Hope he Loses

  87. I see none of the damaged women have come here to leave their remarks. It’s because they don’t want men to vote and it’s not an article about them.
    Women are fucked up and it truly shows men how self centered (and selfish) they really are in today’s society. You only have to look at the number of comments (regarding Matt’s last article).

    1. Yes criticizing a girl for being a tattooed whore gets countless posts from the fat whore single mom’s. Posting about men not voting because the system is anti male and both parties are against men…. Not a peep from these same women.

      1. It goes to show every man out there just how “equal” women really want us all to be, in the end.
        You only have to point out the logic in it all and you’ve won the debate (with any woman).

  88. Do you want to know how to commit political suicide in America? Just criticize a certain parasitic Middle Eastern country. You’d better have a grovelling apology ready, otherwise you are done.

  89. I kind of agree with this article. I didn’t vote either, quite frankly because I’m extremely dissastified with both parties.

  90. I wonder when society will realize most men have checked out. . . When they will realize their churches are 60% female and men don’t go to church anymore. When they will realize men are in prison, unemployed and underemployed. . Men don’t vote, men increasingly cannot and will not marry. Men are getting less degrees than women now, single women in their twenties now out earn single men in their twenties. Boys can’t be men and are drugged up on Ritalin as kids if they act as nature made them. As goes men, so goes society. The warning signs are here and evident to anyone wiling to take an honest look. . Society is committing suicide. . The only solution seems to be for them to just keep yelling man up. . This won’t end pretty and I fear for any future generations. When a man can be in shape, educated, hard working and still fail and get blamed while a fat uneducated single mom is hailed as a victim and hero it’s time to drop out of society. Church, politics, families, media all blame men. There is no escape from this nasty abuse. .

  91. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and
    policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a
    foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers.
    Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the
    American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without
    leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.
    The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing
    less than to create a world system of financial control in private
    hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the
    economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in
    a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in
    concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings
    and conferences.
    – Carrol Quigley
    In summary:
    Democrats say they are for civil liberties, but certainly don’t believe in economic liberties.
    Republicans say they are for economic freedom, but certainly don’t believe in civil liberties.
    Ultimately, both parties are irrevocably rotten at this point. Regardless of which party wins, we still lose! The country will continue to move in the same direction regardless.
    Expect more taxation, more inflation, higher prices, even more useless wars, less privacy, and fewer liberties as we move along towards 2018…

  92. No politician has the balls to upset the man-hating fembot lobby. Masculine men have the choice between the Tweedledee and theTweedledum party.

  93. Shitty advice. Thanks to twelve millions of motherfuckers thinking like that, we in Brazil are stuck 4 more years with a socialist (pro-feminist / anti-men) government stealing from the people.

  94. I think men should vote. Just not for Democrats or Republicans. Vote for ANYONE that is not in one of those parties. It does not matter if they are far left or far right or libertarian or whatever. The purpose is to vote for something other than the Feminist State – which is what is maintained by Democrats and Republicans.

  95. I used to vote like clockwork every cycle.
    I’ll never waste my time again.
    No one who saw how handily and efficiently the criminals marginalized and sabotaged the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 can take any of it seriously anymore.
    It’s just a big game where the competitors fight for a place at the table to grab double handfuls of the loot the winning gang of sociopaths extracts from what’s left of this country.

  96. Republicans and democrats may monopolize (or duopolize) the government, but not the ballot. If you do decide to vote, you can find the alternative parties or independents.

  97. Same over here(England)…voting is an exercise in futility(especially in the Multi-cultural madhouse)

  98. The constitution did not give the right to vote to anyone. It is high time the republiBums or a 3rd party really take control and stop enforcing these illegal judge issued and government department rules and stop the low-information/only interested in the Kardashian types from voting. Makes as much sense as not letting people buy large sodas, forcing them to buy genetically modified food, fluoride and the other poison chlorine in water. Just a thought.

  99. You’d get a lot more shares if the this didn’t come off as angry and hateful. Your critics eat that up. Your preaching to the choir, its the others who need a digestible message.

  100. While I agree with a lot of what this article says, I don’t necessarily agree that not voting is the answer. I also don’t agree with the arguments against voting for non-major party candidates, which is what should be done.
    Pick a non-major party, or make up your own if you have to, and fight against the Democrats and the Republicans. But not voting is apathy, and apathy never accomplishes anything.

  101. I know my vote doesn’t count for much but I still vote usually for candidates in libertarian party. Capitalism my not be a perfect system but the nanny state with burdensome regulations is more of a problem. Many welfare programs are actually a small but increasingly part of problem.
    Why the government is so expensive:
    1. Unionized Government workers at all levels with wages and benefits ( especially pensions ) far exceeding what is paid in private sector.
    2. Defense
    3. Social Security
    4. Medicare

  102. This is why so-called “democracy” is pushed as a positive change in so many countries which previously were not. “Promoting democracy!” we hear all the time. Democracy is good for those who wish to CONTROL the masses, because it is easy to mind control and manipulate the majority of people!

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