Why Doesn’t Tinder Co-Founder Justin Mateen Use His Own App To Meet Women?

Tinder co-founder and chief marketing officer Justin Mateen was sued by his subordinate, Whitney Wolfe, for sexual harassment after their stormy office relationship ended. As a result, he has been suspended from the company. The allegations against him strongly suggest that the co-founder of a popular dating app doesn’t even use it to meet women. Instead, according to court documents, he obsessed over Wolfe for an extended period of time, even calling her as a “slut” while she was still employed with the company.

Here’s Justin Mateen:



Here is Wolfe:



I’d bang her, as I’m sure most of you would, but would you jeopardize your career as co-founder of a mega popular app to do so? The only reason you’d say yes is if you were desperate and felt you couldn’t get anything comparable. This would be understandable if Wolfe was a beauty queen or if the app you invented wasn’t meant to meet other people. It’s right there on the homepage!


And also the about page:


How Not To Text A Subordinate That You Were Sleeping With

The complaint that Wolfe filed in California has enough evidence against Mateen that it’s unlikely he will ever return to Tinder. While I’d be the first to suggest a sexual harassment claim is bogus, due to a woman’s innate ability to lie in order to gain a material advantage, Wolfe’s case is not without merit. See for yourself:





Why Didn’t Mateen Use His Own App To Meet Women?

Mateen put his job at stake to send angry text messages to a subordinate he was sexually involved with. He did this because he believed—either consciously or subconsciously—that she was the best he could do, in spite of the fact that his app, Tinder, is designed for single men like him to meet beautiful women, the likes of which are featured on the Tinder homepage. If his app was so useful in meeting women, why was he sending pathetic text messages to Wolfe? There are two explanations:

1. He used Tinder to meet women but failed. If you’re a man on Tinder, you already know that girls select the best looking men. Mateen is not ugly, but he may not be good looking enough to get enough matches that could lead to a new relationship. By failing on Tinder, he decided to stay in Wolfe’s orbit.

2. He doesn’t believe in using Tinder to meet new women. This is the more likely scenario. While he will market the app to American men, he chooses not to use it himself. While he degrades the mating process with an app that pushes women into selecting hot guys with six-pack abs, he chooses to not swipe at all. This is a clear case of a Silicon Valley nerd pimping technology as a great way to bring people together but in the end deciding that it’s best for him to abstain. He’ll encourage proletariat losers to use it, however, so the app’s “engagement” metrics are high when Tinder is sold for billions to Facebook or Google. He’ll laugh all the way to the bank while weeping over Whitney Wolfe, begging her to join him for a ride on his new yacht, paid for by the time and attention you put into his creation.

Every time you use Tinder, every time you maniacally swipe left or right, I want you to remind yourself that the app is not good enough for the founder to meet a good woman. While he aggressively pursued a relationship with someone he met face-to-face, he expects you to use an app that actually hurts most men by reducing the entirely of their value to a little photo on a device made with Asian slave labor.

Whenever the latest app from Silicon Valley is shoved down your gullet, just know that the people behind only care about getting paid, not about improving your life. Now get back to swiping you lowly end user, so the other Tinder execs can make their fortune.

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246 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Tinder Co-Founder Justin Mateen Use His Own App To Meet Women?”

    1. Note how the first set of texts has a time/date stamp while the second set has not. So pretty unclear to know which conversation took place first.
      And well… in one conversation the guy is all distant and in the other the girls is being all distant. Loads of butthurt on both sides. Clear sign you should not discuss any of this over text, should not shit where you eat, and well, if you break up, gtfo.

    2. This Mateen guy is pathetic; I have no sympathy for him. I cant even blame the woman, you’d feel disgusted seeing a guy bitch out like that if you witnessed it too.

      1. My thoughts as well, he appears to be a douchebag (and not in the alpha sense). Guys like that I get the urge to punch in the face when they open their traps and start yammering on. Throw in IT nerd personality and it’s a wonder he could even get a date out of any woman, let alone her.

  1. What ever happened to Silicon Valley? All those companies seem to ‘produce’ these days is useless app after useless app… What happened to the groundbreaking tech to advance civilization?

    1. Capitalism at work. Why bother with the advancement of civilization when you can make so much money making brainless apps for brainless sheeple?

      1. Are “intellectual property” rights capitalism? Is a government constructed ban on having ideas that other people have already “patented” considered capitalism? When the government sends goons to your house/business to destroy you, simply for constructing and distributing someone’s “patented” software, pharmaceutical, novel fantasy setting, or chord progression/lyric, or *censored film, is that capitalism?
        I don’t think so.

        1. IP and patents has value in a capitalistic society (voted up btw) but it is radically geared towards favoring the large multinational corporations. Does it make sense that you can patent Mickey Mouse for example for 100+ years in a capitalistic society? Are a few lines of code really patentable (eg: buy it now on ebay auction–ridiculous that Ebay could patent that since that has been a feature of many brick and mortar auctions for at least decades)
          Some period of time is helpful for capitalism since it encourages innovation so you have time to re-coup your investment cost. But it’s so butchered right it grossly distorts capitalism in favor of fascism.

      1. Quite correct from a front end perspective. While computers will clearly keep advancing I think their hey day of amazing year by year leaps of technology are over, at least until somebody gets quantum computing nailed down.
        What’s next then? I have no idea. Maybe private space ventures will take the torch and keep the march moving forward. Just a guess, or rather, a personal hope of mine.

        1. I think part of this is because they purposely control the “pace” of new tech so they can maintain a predictable income. They don’t want to blow their loads too quickly.
          Look at smart phones. The sheeple keep buying new ones year after year with no innovation, just a different, pretty wrapping.

        2. You’re pretty much correct. Nvidia for example has technology that can blow their current high end graphics cards out of the water, but they’re releasing the tech slowly because they want to have stable, long term profits.

        3. What’s next will most likely be hyper intelligent computers that can improve upon themselves. The concept is that we will relatively soon create computers that will be more capable in every way than the human mind. Which means it will be able to make a computer better than it, then one better than that, and so on and so forth. With these massive gains in cognitive ability, the rate at which new tech will come out will exponentially increase. It sounds far fetched but it’s a pretty grounded idea. We’re already creating machines that can accurately replicate the different functions of major parts of our brains.
          The concept has been coined as The Singularity if you’re at all interested.

        4. Quote: ” The concept is that we will relatively soon create computers that will be more capable in every way than the human mind. Which means it will be able to make a computer better than it, then one better than that, and so on and so forth.”
          I could see this happening one day.

        5. We went from Wright Bros to Walking on the moon in 60 years. Now the US has degenerated so much we cant even put a “person” into space. The culture of advancement lost out to multicult.

      2. I’ve met many of these tech addicted zombies you speak of. Everything about them has been reduced to something related to their phone. Apps are used religiously by these people to order food, rent apartments, hail taxis and meet people (tinder, faceselfie, instaattentionwhore). It becomes very hard to run game on some of these girls that have become so tech obsessed because they live in some technogarbaled world. Its not because you don’t understand but rather you’re too lazy to figure out all that crap they like. There was one girl that told me that she got her bf simply by chatting over gmail. No face to face meet until later (true story). Call me old fashioned but I still prefer traditional human interaction where I get to touch, smell and feel a woman’s body as I get to know her.

        1. I agree with you. There is nothing like a face to face meeting to see a persons body language, the way they carry themselves and communicate. Soon the world will be like the movie Demolition Man where sex, touch and any real human interaction will only be virtual.

        2. That was a hilariously awesome movie. I love cheesy movies in the sense that they do mirror many of the truthful aspects of a disease society. He took those glasses off because he was so mind fucked by how the chick was getting off in his mind but he couldn’t actually feel her or smell her and feel his penis penetrating her vaginal walls. Nothing beats the old fashioned way 😀

      3. Thanks for the head-up on the book. I read an synopsis to know what it was about, Having been in software for over 30 years in some shape or form, I predicted much of this happening. I’m glad someone codified it for others to read and understand.
        The biggest takeaway for me and I hope others is that in an information economy, the value is in the information. Consequently, people are valued by the information they have revealed about themselves to these data monopolies in silicon valley, who are more than happy to keep cranking out free “bait,” that is apps, websites, software and services, to catch your valuable data. The problem is that if you don’t know how the system works and how valuable your data is to these data monopolies, you willing give it away for free. And guess which gender gives away more free data about themselves in return for bright, flash, fun entertaining and engaging content. Yup, females. They just can’t help themselves. And, they do not understand that they devalue themselves way beyond their ticking bio clocks by giving “it” away for free. Take an over-the-hill 30 something slut with an iphone and ipad freely engaging in revealing everything about her life online and through every other form of electronic communications to the world, and you have a truly worthless woman.
        The one thing I didn’t see in the book is the cataclysmic end of the information economy, which I predict will happen within a decade or so.
        The value in the gathering of information by giant data monopolies is that they don’t currently know everything about everyone. Supposing as I do that there is a point at which 80% – 90% of relevant valuable information is knowable to these DM’s,, which is a real possibility with the acceleration of the technology and connection of everyone to the Matrix, then there is no longer much if any value to further data mining of humans. Once all relevant info is known, what else is there to know, and what value does anyone have any longer in offering free bait to collect it. People giving away their info for free, especially on Facebook, twitter, and every other social-cancer site online just accelerates the race to the day of total knowledge. Sure there will be new people born on this planet. And, the mechanisms to start tracking their every data point from birth is advancing just as fast. Humans will be “totally known” from before they are born. Just look at how much data is collected about a fetus during pregnancey. This data has value to companies and guberments. You an bet your bippy it’s already being packaged and sold at a price.
        But neither the parents nor the child will see any remuneration for getting sonograms, exams and blood tests. And, lack of compensation for giving away data about ourselves, whether freely given, or covertly stolen from us is the main premise of this book. We don’t own the future or anything in it in an economy where our value is our data, and that data is already in the hands of others. Once we are sufficiently known, we posess no other value to the corporate DM’s other than to be sheepish consumers of whatever they are wanting us to buy–products, political ideologies, social constructs — whatever they want to sell us. But at some point humans who are displaced from trading anything else for value due to the digitization of goods and services, will not be able to earn the means of purchasing those products and services. The whole scheme will collapse. And a few forward thinking people who see this will prepare and be the ones to escape this trap. As even the most complex of human work is reduced to digital data and machines to perform the physical operations of work and production, there’s not much left for humans. And there will be little value left if the only thing the system needs is our information that’s already been freely given.
        I could write a book on the book and where it left off, but you’ve prognostications for where this all ends.
        Thanks Roosh for putting me on to this book. I will take the time and read this one in full.

      4. Jaron Lanier is spectacular and one of the wisest in tech to begin with, thank you Roosh.

    2. interesting article – what’s more apparent is how women will mess with high value men, just for the sake of bringing them down.
      clearly the GF here was a typical feminist office troll intent on toying with the boss. you can’t blame her if he’s such a pussy, to behave like he did, but it’s a question of her jealousy and ‘superior’ feminist attitude that is more interested in pulling the guy apart than creating a good relationship with him.
      the ultimate question here does not relate to JM’s drive to wife up, it relates to her miserable, cold hearted rejection of him.
      sure he’s a blue pill pussy, but remember that yesterday’s blue pill pussy, was simply a decent man that fell in love with a woman and wanted to marry her… there’s nothing inherently wrong with the innocence of that attitude, it’s only in the context of today’s heartless liberated women we find it to be laughable.

      1. You can blame her, she was a cunt as well. Decent people don’t excuse poor behaviour by going. “Oh well the person I am treating poorly is a cunt and deserves it.”

        1. YES, THEY DO. EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU THAT POSTS ON HERE DOES IT or at least pretends he does. how stupid are you??

      2. I know that it seems harsh to condemn him for his idealism, but after a certain point, when there’s evidence all over the place that proves you’re living in a fantasy and women are NOT what you think they are, you deserve what the fuck you get.
        My compassion and pity for men who have fallen prey to the Divorce Industrial Complex, cuckoldry, and custody theft erodes a little more every day. Everyone knows marriage is a raw deal and gives a woman absolute power over the man, everyone knows knows that women are hypergamous and their loyalty (if you can call it that) is ever shifting, everyone knows all this shit deep down, but they lie to themselves and use the old NAWALT bullshit to comfort themselves and drift back into fairy land.
        This clingy, spineless, emotional, boot licking, pedestal polishing cuntboy played Russian roulette with the pussy and got his professional head blown off. I can not conjure any compassion for him.
        On another note, he doesn’t use Tinder because he knows that the only women on Tinder are cheaters and fuckin cumdumpsters. He won’t use his own product because he knows the kind of woman who does, and knows that they’re shit.

        1. If couldn’t agree with you more, but where does this leave the world ?
          If I need an amoured vehicle with 5 men and a 50 calibre on the roof to leave my apartment… sure I can laugh at the twerp who gets nailed with three in the head for walking about with no protection, sure I can feel bad for the suckers that get nailed in roadside bombs…. we know where we are….. but that doesn’t change the reality of living in iraq.
          in terms of families and civilization, we are all living in iraq.

        2. On the streets of Iraq, you don’t really have much power in what happens to you; if someone wants to kill you, they’ll find a way to make it happen. So many factors beyond your control.
          The difference is that we can safeguard ourselves by simply not giving people the power to fuck us over.
          Don’t get married, don’t have kids, at least not here in the West. The winning move is to just not play the game.
          You can’t get fucked over in divorce if you don’t get married. Your kids can’t be stolen and used as living annuity if you don’t have any. That is the only winning hand we have available to us to play here in the West.
          That’s my point; these men get fucked over only because they gave people the power to do so. If they wish to surrender absolute power to these women, I can’t find the will to feel bad for them when they’re cucked and fucked over by the injustice system.
          Still, justice remains to be served; while I don’t feel bad for these men, evil is evil. False rape accusations, cheating/cuckoldry, divorce theft, and custody theft are evil, and evil must still be punished and shamed, regardless of the fact that the men victimized by these evils were the very ones who made their own victimization possible.

        3. well you don’t miss what you never had i suppose….
          i’ve had years of my life with a wife on lock down and it’s fantastic…. i feel bad for hard working men who think that living alone in a box is the solution… i can do that in jail for no cost.

        4. “i’ve had years of my life with a wife on lockdown”
          lol…is she under surveillance 24/7? Does she have no will of her own? Is she locked up in a chastity belt?
          Complacency in your own Alpha game is a fatal flaw. Keep in mind, what I say is in the context of Western women…if you live in Western Europe or the Far East, I can see how that would be a more attainable scenario.
          And “living in a box” is hardly how we live. A man can have a fulfilling life absent of marriage and procreation, so long as you have enough game to get your balls drained once in a while.

        5. You have to show more compassion. It’s pretty far from common knowledge that marriage is a raw deal, as society has ingrained us to think a certain way. To be fair, marriage used to be a pretty good deal. High success rate, high family functionality, etc.

      3. Typically I take the man’s side, but here he fucked up. He needed to do his damn job and let her do her job. He actually committed unreasonable sexual harassment , with retaliation , abuse , and making a hostile work environment. I have been on the other side of this situation with a unwed single mother aggressive pursuing me as I rebuffed her advances , and she made work unbearable. This dude was as beta as it gets. She may be a woman but he is the bitch.

        1. Serious? If she didn’t want sexual harassment she shouldn’t have fucked her boss. The only reason he couldn’t bounce her after they broke up was bc of these bullshit womens rights laws. Who the fuck is she anyway? Some subordinate scrub who took down someone who actually made a useful app.

        2. I disagree. They had sex, she wished to end it and he behaved like a straight bitch. He took himself down by not accepting rejection like a man. I do not want to take her side but she is in the right here. Those text messages are painful to read, my testosterone took a dip just looking at them.

        3. He took himself down in the relationship/pride sense and he acted like a bitch but under a masculine society she would be fired from the company, replaced with hotter pussy, and never heard from again. She pissed off the owner of the company, and now instead of getting her own job where she is welcome, she wants the government to step in and make reparations.

      4. oh! you don’t like the way she treated him? listen to yourself and 99% of the men on here. you advocate treating women like shit because they are essentially all blood sucking money grubbing sluts. let a woman who is willing and able to take care of herself decide she’s not interested in a man (who looks and sounds like a total douche) and she’s a heartless liberated woman, cold heartedly rejecting him. get the fuck out of here, you really don’t see it, do you.

    3. The only worthwhile technology advancement is occurring on the non-sexy B2B side. 3D printers will be something to watch. But the useless apps are what is deemed “sexy” so that gets the most attention.
      No question that at a macro level recent tech advancement/automation has hollowed out US middle class. But what is going to stop that short of government intervention? The middle class got too comfortable with guaranteed pension/union jobs that you couldn’t be fired from. If people actually make an effort to adapt there is opportunity to make a good living. After working a string of sales jobs that went nowhere post-college for several years making jack shit (30K) I made a move into online advertising 5 years ago and now make 100K (not in silicon valley). And I have companies beating down my door. I had to teach myself the shit – I was a finance major and couldn’t break into finance post college. Where other doors were closed and basically said “you suck no matter how hard you work”, tech gave me a shot. If my ass can do it, there’s opportunity here.

      1. Ifyou dont mind me asking what technologies are you in? Is this Big Data and likewise or sampling etc?

      2. 3D printers are showing up now, because the relevant 20 years old key patents expired recently. 3D printing is a perfect example of how the patent system holds back technological advancement.
        And that is nothing new, you can go back to the invention of the automobile and the airplane and see patent holders hindering others in advancing technology. The airplane case did go so far, that the US gov hat to intervene to be finally able to build planes for WW1…

    4. The amazing civilization “advances” going on right now is in data mining. To that end eyeballs, and the voluntary parting with person information is critical. That is the reason why these “useless” apps gain so much attention.
      There are of course other more tangible techs in the pipeline. For example, self driving automobiles will be revolutionary. Smart mini buses for 10-15 people could organize door to door services while minimizing commute times. They would be public transportation that people actually use. Or allow lower middle class and even poor families the ability to timeshare on a vehicle. Even the suburbs could be revolutionized. Right now the official car in my neighborhood is the Honda Odyssey and 7 in 10 families have either a minivan or a large SUV. People could own simple commuter cars but rent minivan’s and SUV’s as needed. People living in the burbs would no longer need 2 cars by necessity.

      1. “self driving automobiles will be revolutionary”. Yeah, even less freedom of movement, and a convenience product, specially when the police or security forces needs to talk to you…

        1. 90% of adults voluntarily carry a GPS tracker right now, I fail to see how saving yourself a lot of money and time is going to make your situation vis-a-via the police state worse.

        2. Think outside of gps. The government decides that your city is too inefficient, bam, your car won’t start and take you places and you get a public service message to ‘carpool…or else’. Or you’re “driving” home and the police start mass pulling over vehicles, without your consent, and performing “safety checks” aka searches. Don’t want to comply, demand a warrant? Ok, your car no longer functions, have fun walking home. And of course, there’s full and instant tracking of every single vehicle. At least with GPS they need to actually target you individually, with automated cars every car ID is tracked every single inch of the way in the behind the scenes databases.
          Outside of government issues there are non-compliant vehicles, such as old cars and motorcycles. They simply cannot outlaw them, and once the old car supply dries up there will still be a steady stream of motorcycles to contend with, and that’s a huge voting bloc that won’t fancy any politician who suggests we ban motorcycles. Better hope the radar/AI is fantastic in automated cars to deal with the random elements of motorcycles, because if they’re even a smidgen off target these automobile manufacturers are going to find themselves stuck with huge lawsuits. At least with normal cars the manufacturer is absolved of responsibility if the new car driver messes up. By automating they are by default assuming this liability.
          I think automated cars can be an interesting idea inside major cities, but for open travel they just seem too fraught with risks, liabilities and more freedom encroachment than I think most people will like. Could be wrong of course.

        3. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that “self-driving cars” are a regression to the times when the commoner didn´t get autonomous movement vehicles (meaning under their full control) besides a trustworthy horse or two. By the way I do not use GPS tracking in my car, I just use the cellphone GPS sometimes. I ‘d rather strive to learn the streets than “outsource” my wits to the GPS 100% of the time. Atrophy comes when something is not used.
          The self driving car is not an example of real innovation. It falls in the category of incremental innovation, because they combine and optimize the use of already tried and used technologies and create no new markets. Real breakthroughs (or disruptive innovation) would warp drives that enable us to finally exit the planet or efficient solar desalination and irrigation systems (the latter already exist…).

        4. Absolutely agree, on every point you made. I’m the same way regarding GPS, I don’t even have one in my car and I certainly don’t (and can’t) use one on my motorcycle. Automated cars are one of the most horrible ideas I’ve heard yet which has a very real chance of coming to pass. The whole love affair with cars that Americans have is because it allows us autonomy and freedom to go where and when we wish. Handing over that autonomy to some government-corporation collusion is not going to turn out well.

        5. it’s interesting that the technology for self driving cars already exists and could be marketed right away….. the reason they are holding it back is to market it like cellphones… so you get the car ‘free’ on the contract … so basically you are paying to use what amounts to a private version of public transport….

        6. While I agree with you It would never happen with automated cars. If they are as safe and accident proof as they are claiming them to be, then think of all the D.U.I’s and traffic tickets the state and insurance companies WON’T be profiting off of from the population.Hell there would be no need for car insurance companies if all these cars are all driving themselves perfectly. It’s kind of a conflict of interest. Corruption stifles innovation and always comes out on top.

        7. Self driving cars are going to happen for one big reason. As cars get more efficient the government will have to tax you for miles driven rather than a fuel tax via gps.

        8. Motorcycles are almost extinct already in Germany. They require a special expensive drivers license, have a special age limit (25 instead of 18 for cars) and of course mandate a helmet, so no-one uses them, expect outlaws and some lawyers and dentists.
          People are also afraid to use them, because motorcyclists get regularly overrun by cars, because everyone uses cars and no-one knows how a motorcycle looks from behind.
          So at some places banning motorcycles completely is in the picture, wouldn’t raise much protest and would be appreciated by most people. To make them angry, you would have to introduce a general speed limit…

        9. “So at some places banning motorcycles completely is in the picture, wouldn’t raise much protest ”
          If you are speaking of German culture, the only way to upset the Krouts is to take away the entity that gives the people orders. They are truly upset and cannot function unless nanny government is telling them what to do.

      2. “self driving automobiles will be revolutionary.”
        The only thing that will be missing from this bright, colorful future you describe is a fine that comes out of a nearby wall everytime a guy says something that’s not politically correct.

        1. “John Spartan, you are fined five credits for repeated violations of the verbal morality statute.” … so much for the seashell thing eh?

        2. “John Spartan, you are fined five credits for repeated violations of the verbal morality statute.” … so much for the seashell thing eh?

      3. Facebook = Data Mining Tool
        Was the Department of Defense Behind Facebook’s Controversial Manipulation Study?
        SCG News has written one of the best articles I have seen yet on the links between the Facebook study and the Department of Defense. It notes:
        In the official credits for the study conducted by Facebook you’ll find Jeffrey T. Hancock from Cornell University. If you go to the Minerva initiative website you’ll find that Jeffery Hancock received funding from the Department of Defense
        for a study called “Cornell: Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in
        Authoritarian Regimes”. If you go to the project site for that study
        you’ll find a visualization program that models the spread of beliefs and disease.
        Cornell University is currently being funded for another DoD
        study right now called “Cornell: Tracking Critical-Mass Outbreaks in
        Social Contagions” (you’ll find the description for this project on the
        Minerva Initiative’s funding page).
        So I went ahead and looked at the study mentioned above, and sure enough I found this:

        1. think into it logically…. could a twerp like zuckerberg, who is lame enough to marry a horrid looking woman, really invent, fund, and do all the business of facebook ? including keeping those twins out ? and why did he also oust his other business partner… an aggressive guy like that doesn’t troll about in hoddies and marry an asian 4…. no way….
          did you know that the CIA invented the xerox machine to install into embassies and spy on other countries ?
          did you know that Fox was originally a CIA company making movies with propaganda agendas ?
          so what do you think ?
          facebook was most likely invented by the CIA, and zucky baby is just a patsy.

        2. I don’t think it’s any secret inside tech circles that Zuckerberg couldn’t code a one button Hello World application without the help of a “In 21 Days!” book. He clearly got the code from somewhere else, either by hook or crook.

        3. he doesn’t strike me a business type either…. Bill Gates has smarts, Suckerbum, is a nobody.

        4. Jesus Christ, you’ve never met a conspiracy theory you didn’t like, have you?
          Facebook was certainly not the first social networking site, nor was Myspace. I personally registered for four social networking sites prior to 2007 when I signed up for FB and when it really hit the bigtime. It appealed to people in a way that the other sites didn’t.

        5. It appeals because it has a like button but no dislike. You can get endless validation even buying likes, and ignore everything that doesn’t fit your worldview.

      4. Self driving cars will get you killed if you don’t react like the Asian guy in the SUV that realized the biker gang was funneling him and braking in front of him in order to rob him. He drove over a felon biker that had not license to drive, a self driving car would be for victims.

        1. I don’t know. I can fire off some pretty accurate shots if I don’t have to hold the wheel and watch for obstacles

    5. The Valley is 100 times the size now, that it was back in the Jobs/Woz era. Yet, the number of Woz grade engineers haven’t climbed nearly as fast, if at all. Hence, 97% of today’s output don’t meet that exalted standard. 3% still may, but its being drowned out in media catering to those who can’t tell the difference.

    6. Funding for military tech by agencies was replaced with venture capital for quick revenue gains. It’s like basic sillicon valley history.

  2. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    1. Not to mention that, judging from the form and content of his messages, a paragon of culture and sophistication he definitely is not. Guess a propensity for coding can neither replace nor camouflage a clearly vacuous upbringing and entourage betraying a severe deficiency in emotional and cognitive maturity.
      Whatever else we may think about her, she was right to dump his defective ass. What a sad freak indeed.

  3. Beta remains a Beta after one billion $ in the bank. Incompetently hunting Alpha Widows can only produce short-term interest in a woman. The situational Alpha status and K-selected wealth will not keep a woman by his side, if she has still some other superior options with guys who are more Alpha. His oneitis and total lack of Game did not help his case either. He should be grateful, that she dumped him and did not take him for half his worth. But I guess the company will pay her off now.
    BTW – Tinder can be used even by the slightly above average good-looking guy, but you have to get a good photographer, who will do some excellent shots. Most guys can be made to look like models with the right professional. Even this guy might have met some girls with some good pics and strategic supercar/luxury-place background setting.
    But since his romantic perception is deeply in Blue Pill Land, he got what was to be expected and was lucky at that.

    1. Certainly he sells himself as a good father and husband and wife. He should of just hired more sexy people. Not slept with them and just limit her office attention. Now he is cooked! The lengths that Jews and Muslims do for a girl with fake blonde hair boggles the mind.

    2. Define Alpha? What the hell does it mean? So many definition of it floating around, word is meaningless now.

      1. Alpha is a state of mind in human inter-sexual relations. There are plenty of analogies on Heartiste and Rational Male, but I also like Krausers: http://krauserpua.com/2012/12/08/alpha-sigma-beta-gamma-omega-its-all-mindset/ & http://krauserpua.com/2014/04/18/alpha-vs-abundance/.
        And frankly, most women I talk to, get it quickly. Only the feminist media brainwashed believe in the rich handsome Alpha. The funny thing is that one girl I know even left such a good-looking, tall, career-driven “Alpha”, while she still pines after her past boyfriend – the masculine mailman “Beta by the terms of her”. But that very same woman denied any kind of Alpha-Beta-and-Red-Pill-wisdom….

        1. You can have all the money in the world yet be not masculine enough to attract women.

  4. Today I said to myself aloud that a girl was the best I could do and then I thought my mind entertaining that one thought could easily destroy my whole emotional, mental and physical frame. It was a scary epiphany. But I also think the scarcity of quality women leaves men entertaining this thought all too often. Always to their detriment.

    1. Three billion women on the planet and you think you found the best that you can do? Dang holmes, don’t ever go there mentally.

      1. in the world wide sense. sure there would be a lot of quality women worldwide numerically but as a percentage i think it would be rather small especially when compared to the men in pursuit of them at all costs.

        1. Outside of the anglosphere however your odds increase exponentially if you’re a white male, or even simply recognized as being an American/Canadian/British. That kind of evens the odds in your favor I’d hope.
          I get what you’re saying though. It’s hard to find a girl under 40 who is not masculine, covered in tattoos and not devoted to her career and her iZombie device. Try Montana or Wyoming or the Dakotas is my advice, still seem to be some decent women nestled around out there.

  5. Hey Roosh there’s a new meme in town : The Alpha Woman! She’s looking
    for a Beta Man to balance her after years of unfullfilling Alphas. This Tinder guy just needs one of the lovely ladies featured on The Alpha Woman web site.
    “Today’s Alpha woman is everywhere. In dress and style, the Alpha is the
    familiar, highly visible prototype: unabashedly sexy as well as
    career-oriented. She’s the MD who manages the clinic like a well-oiled
    machine, or the self-confident Web editor who envisions herself running
    the company with her combination of tech skills and business savvy.
    She’s the chic, assertive saleswoman who convinces you to buy an outfit
    you aren’t sure you actually need…There’s never been a better time to be
    an Alpha woman. She’s on the rise in her education and in her
    profession. She’s self-reliant, and she can explore her sexuality and
    make her own life choices.”

    1. I read an article about “how the beta man loves the alpha woman’s sexual experience to guide him.”Thank God I choked on the blew pill spat it up and went for the red pill

      1. great when you are 18… i was with an older woman who had lots of experience when i was 18-22…. hard to hold them down and ultimately fruitless since what man wants to be with an older woman later in life….. but can be good…..

    2. Hehe – Alpha woman = top models, 9-10s super-sweet feminine 18-22 year-olds with decent IQ (occupation and career is unimportant – she could be scraping road-kill off the highway as far as men are concerned).
      An Alpha woman is not a washed up aging career slut who is hitting the wall or has already made impact with it. Those deluded morons think that they can take Manosphere terms for men and just turn them around for women and voila – the good-looking Alpha billionaire will start chasing those well-deserving “Alpha women”. Damn – if it weren’t for the wicked reality, the world would be a feminist masterpiece.

      1. “super-sweet feminine”
        The typical manosphere obsession. The fictional past where women were super sweet and feminine. HIgh value woman are the biggest bitches out there

        1. An 18-20 YRO, who is slutting it up every week and went through the typical US highschool with destructive solipistic “popularity” contests and non-stop psychological bullying – YES – those are bitches by the age of 19. In the rest of the world, the social dynamics are very different. Even in France or Germany you meet lovely very beautiful women at age 19, who simply have not realized how pretty they are. If they had been going to the typical American High the very same girl would be rotten to the core.
          I meet plenty of sweet young 8-9s in Eastern Europe. But I agree on the point, that the more beautiful she is, then the more likely she will be whoring, escorting, slutting or just plain madly bitching somewhere in her 20s. It would still make them Alpha Women in the eyes of most High Level Men.

    3. lol Elmer
      Is there a chapter on how to care for multiple cats at once?

      1. The winning comment :
        My brain wanted a beta but my ovaries demanded an alpha. Betas make good house pets but if you want excitement, great sex and a breadwinner who can handle shit while you produce some babies you need an alpha male.

        1. I bet that site is created and run by our alpha brony friend (charles was it?) from the RoK comments

    4. Darn the book had to be fiction. It would be nice to meet an actual self-reliant woman.

  6. Cringe-worth text messages, wow. This should serve as a reminder to us all to not do the same thing.
    For a rather unattractive woman, too. Good grief.

  7. Couldn’t she have played this fool better by marrying and divorce raping him? Or do all women care about is hooking up with aloof men? This shows that being a millionaire is not enough to lock down an american woman these days, you need game.

    1. Or he may have been an absolute asshole who rarely bathes. I don’t mean asshole in the good alpha sense, I mean it in the real sense where you seriously want to punch the guy after ten seconds of talking to him. There is no guarantee here, from his texts he does seem like an idiot.

  8. “I’d bang her, as I’m sure most of you would”
    I dunno, she’s kind of a sad looking 7. I guess she’d be a viable alternative at 2 AM, after a dozen beer.
    Maybe I’m too fussy. Nah.

    1. I couldn’t see putting much effort into her. She looks like she has the kind of personality that kills boners over time. A quick opportunistic fuck is all she could ever be.

    2. I’d dump one in her. If she’s got a nice ass that adds like 3 points for me. I probably wouldn’t do an LTR or children with her though. Of course I probably wouldn’t be on her radar in the first place.

  9. Whenever the latest app from Silicon Valley is shoved down your gullet,
    just know that the people behind only care about getting paid, not about
    improving your life. Now get back to swiping you lowly end user, so the
    other Tinder execs can make their fortune.

    Quoted for the money shot of the article. And you know what? Most guys will do exactly that, even many so called “alphas”. Because yeah, girls use it and we need pussy more than self respect and God forbid we demand more from women.

      1. There’s nothing anti-capitalistic for noting bad market trends and horrible tastes expressed by the mob. I used to mock the fame and notoriety of the band Jackyl (back in the day) but it was a comment on the mindless stupidity of their fan base, not a critique of their ability to generate wealth. If you can take suckers to the bank, do it, but do allow me to laugh at those buying the snake oil as fools.
        Or maybe he meant it how you suggest, but I tend to doubt it.

      2. Right wing nut jobs see Marxism everywhere. In fact the right are just as brainwashed and stupid as the Marxists.

        1. I’m currently reading about the history of Marx and Socialism in general so it’s just on my mind lately.

        2. dude, don’t bother explaining yourself to a troll. It’s submissive and unseemly for a man.

    1. I am trying to figure out what her necklace means. It almost looks like she’s a fan of Christ, but upon further inspection it only appears that she is a fan of addition?

      1. Well, to be fair, who doesn’t get all shaky in the knees for basic math?
        I doubt she’s a fan of Christ. Lots of chicks still wear a crucifix yet wouldn’t be able to tell you the last time they attended mass/church, and will most likely say something idiotic like “Well, I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious follower per se…” and then go off on some tangent involving psychics or astrology or numerology or some other idiot trend.

  10. FROM THE FEMALE POINT OF VIEW: Why didn’t this girl just ignore his texts??? Not worth a bit of her time. He is a classic narcissist and HER being the one to end it, caused a narcissistic rage–typical. The more “negative” attention they get, narcissists love that too. Ignoring the narcissist is the best way to get out of that sort of a situation. If work got so bad for her, she could have developed a little action plan to get out–surely she’s successful enough that other companies would want her? Or start her own biz with just women? Instead, she plays the victim role FANTASTICLY gaining attention and sympathy from all–all for not being able to handle a pathetic loser who is not worth a mature woman’s time of day.

  11. Another classic American tale of the tragedy of pedestalization leading to another sulking beta male. Ruining his career for a 7 at best. Too bad. Those texts are cringeworthy…
    I think Roosh’s observation’s here are valid but a bit sensationalist. I mean, it goes without saying that people who sell a product are looking to make a living first before making people happy. Regardless, I don’t think it’s safe to assume that this chump didn’t use Tinder or that he necessarily “failed” with it if he did. I’m sure he knows all the statistics about his product so he knows it works – he knows thousands of people are meeting/hooking up using it. Doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to try to find love outside of his own app. If I own a seafood restaurant, is it socially unacceptable for me to eat anything else besides seafood, or eat anywhere else besides my own restaurant?
    Even though it is a piss poor idea if you are an executive – hitting up a girl that you see everyday and share a space with for 8 hours is just convenient, even compared to using Tinder. If there were no consequences, I would much rather walk across the office and ask the cute girl at the water cooler out for drinks rather than use an app, swipe a bunch to find a match, chat for a while to build rapport, then try to set up a date with a 50% flake rate because we are still complete strangers and she has zero investment with me. He already knows things about this girl simply by proxy, knows her work schedule (obviously) and has plenty of foundation to build an interaction upon.

    1. we can laugh at him because we know better, but the reality is that men everywhere have been taught to behave like this, while women everywhere have been taught to be cold hearted career trolls…
      a girl that is sleeping with the boss, is more likely thinking of the payout in a harassment suit than marriage and kids.
      you can’t blame the guy, any more than you can blame an individual jihadist for touting an AK….. the environment of ignorance breeds this kind of behavior.

      1. Here’s a show:
        ‘Breaking Beta’ Go ahead, it’s yours.
        Imagine the production company with the balls to put it out there, shattering all illusions. Think about the implications for a show like that done right.

        1. Actually Breaking Bad was pretty much that show. He started out “doing it for the family” and all that assorted bullshit, but by the last show totally owned his life and declared that his going rogue was far more thrilling and made him feel much more alive than being a beta schlub could ever accomplish. Then he died by his own terms after taking out all of his enemies. That show was a perfect roadmap of “from beta to alpha” I think.

      2. “a girl that is sleeping with the boss, is more likely thinking of the payout in a harassment suit than marriage and kids.”
        She was probably SO excited when she finally got the goods (harassing texts) from him.

        1. Her replies, at least the ones I read, appeared as though she was calculating. Not to exonerate this fool, but she knew what she was doing. He’s a desperate idiot.

    2. I agree about the sensationalism. In this article Roosh does narrative, narrative, more narrative… and then BAM! No segue, just hits you with the “So next time you use Tinder, understand the app you’re using wasn’t good enough for the co-founder.” I normally enjoy Roosh’s writing but this one was just bad. First off, you gotta segue. Something to make the end claim relevant and able to hold weight. Second, nothing wrong with not using Tinder (not that this cancels out any of the beta shit the co-founder was getting into in his texts to that blonde). I applaud men that don’t use their hands and fingers to meet women, but rather their feet and mouths.

  12. If you’re going to be a pussy and whine like a bitch at least do it off the record. Working in the tech industry one should know better.

      1. She has been a “sex writer” at Salon for the last 10 years and is now crowing about the marital bliss she shares with her new beta husband. She has discovered that mining the manosphere is a good click-bait strategy.
        From the Press Kit :
        Manosphere, def: A loose but growing collection of blogs habited by angry, violent misogynists, homophobes, phony “Pick Up Artists”, right-wing racists, and other losers who think women owe them sex and should not have rights.

        1. Heh, typical sneering feminist isn’t she? I tried to make it through her article but couldn’t, it was clearly 99% fabricated in her head (I doubt her husband refers to himself as a beta).
          Let’s go through her list:
          Actually I’m quite happy in life, content even you could say.
          How is that a good or bad thing without a qualifier. Police officers are violent, but they serve a common good (in theory, work with me here). People who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and carry are indicating a potential for violence, but they are peaceful until provoked. Just saying “violent” is idiotic without qualifying it.
          Code word for “won’t accept feminism at face value on command”. Rejected.
          I don’t want to see horses have sex. Nor do I wish to hear about horses having sex. I also have no desire to sit around celebrating horses having sex. Does this mean I fear horses? Certainly not. Same thing in this case.
          phony “Pick Up Artists”
          If they’re picking up women, how is that phony?
          right-wing racists
          Actually you’ll find a lot more racism on the left than the right, but that said racism exists independent of political ideology. Am I racist? No, I could give two shits what color you are. I am aware however that culture and statistics paint distinct pictures that any wise man would be a fool to ignore when walking down an inner city street at 2 am. That doesn’t make him a racist, it makes him somebody who is aware of his environs, which is called situational awareness. Still, I judge every man independently based on what he brings to the table when we’re meeting and talking as individuals.
          and other losers who think women owe them sex
          Who here besides *anti* PUA losers think women owe them sex?
          and should not have rights.
          Of course they should have rights. The right to life is sacrosanct, for example, yet I bet this crone believes that abortion on demand is fantastic despite it killing as many female children as male children. Amiright?
          What they don’t deserve however are special rights and special treatment by the law. If you want equality then let’s get down and dirty and *give* you equality. You’ll be begging for inequality within ten minutes of the legal system treating you just like it treats men, cupcake.

  13. No man should ever say to a woman, ” I can foresee a life with you as my wife and the mother of my children.” This is an absolute no-no. The way we evolved as a humans conferred upon monogamous men, shame. Monogamy in pure biological terms is weakness, it means that man is an embarrassment to his species. Women recognize this and are thoroughly and internally disgusted by it. Despite the last 500 years of slave religions inculcating monogamy into the human psyche, the last 250,000 of human development dictates what we really want. Imagine a lion or tiger hovering around one female lioness or tigress, you’d think “wtf is wrong with this weak ass carnivore”?

    1. you are right…. every girlfriend i’ve asked has admitted that it would turn her on to watch me fucking another woman infront of her…
      i think the water works over ‘cheating’ is powered by the frustration of not being able to watch.

      1. Every girlfriend? Sure, ok. Try that with a wife. She might wonder about her future and her security a little! Takes a little more work to convince your wife that you should have concubines.

        1. Try that with a wife.
          That could work, it depends on whose wife you ask. The neighbor’s wife, for example, may find the prospect thrilling, heh.

        2. i’ve had several wives… i never acted on it, because of course they’ll probably freak, but they all talked about it after a few vodkas and a good fuck.

      2. Hmm,
        I lost “the one” if there was one. We were fucking and not officially dating. I really dug this girl, real feminine and sweet with huge tits and she would fuck any way and any time I wanted. Anyways it became long distance and she visited me. I ended up getting drunk and had phone sex with another girl a few feet away from her while she was sleeping in my bed.
        Next morning she was done, looking at me like I had broke her heart, crying and I exclaimed “we aren’t dating”. She left immediately with a hurt look in her eye I won’t ever forget and I never talked to her again.

        1. That’s a cop out bro. If as you claim she was a feminine keeper you should have looked her in the eye and admit that you fucked up.
          You got carried away and you understand if shes mad and you accept any decision she makes. However you are sorry for what you did and are willing to make things right if she will let you.
          If she was an american feminazi princess then tell her to fuck off.

        2. WTF why would you have phone sex if you have chick lying next to you?
          the chick must have not been that hot

    2. He should never have said that to her I agree but the rest of your post doesn’t make sense.
      We aren’t lions, you can’t invoke biology and then make a comparison between humans and lions, two species which have wildly different evolutionary pressures put upon them. Our lineage drifted into monogamy about 3 millions years ago, prior to then we mated more like chimpanzees with females having multiple partners. Even in polygamous societies long term bonds between two partners is common i.e. there is always a favourite.
      We may not have evolved to be purely monogamous but there is great evidence to suggest that monogamy has advanced the species over the last few million years. For example, having a “traditional” family where the father provides for his children led to children gaining more protein in their diet because the man was bringing more meat for the family, this led to increases in brain size which obviously helps the species. Monogamy also increases the chances that your children will survive and be successful in life, and therefore pass on your lineage.

      1. There are stark differences between lions and humans but he can still make comparisons.
        Lionesses actually are the providers of food to the pride and the Males simply protect the pride from other Male Lions and Hyenas. He gets compensated with pussy on-demand and “the Lion’s Share” of the kill. Here you can draw comparisons. The male doesn’t need the female, they need him. Females come and go, but he knows they will come back out of necessity because their children have low chance of survival.
        In today’s society all 3 of a woman’s basic needs are covered by society: physical security, financial security, and emotional security.
        You mention that monogamy is the norm but quite frankly it isn’t. The redpill shows you this. 20% of men are getting with 80% of women.

        1. 20% of men are getting with 80% of women
          That is clearly false. That may be the end game of hypergamy, but currently there are countless millions of married couples and LTR’s.

        2. 20%/80%? The hookup culture does not apply broadly to the entire population, which is what is being discussed here.

        3. Exactly. I think it might apply to the 18-25 year old men and women, and it probably always has since at that age women just want the good looking jock or the quirky artist type, but over the entire population it is demonstrably false.

        4. In fact I find tigers more similar to red-pill men. Tigers firstly are far more massive than lions, and in the Roman arenas when they hosted lion-tiger fights, the lions would get destroyed on a 85% basis. The breeding patterns of tigers are different too, for male tigers, tigresses are a liability, and after copulation, the tiger is soon on his way to hunt and fuck alone. The tiger also has propensity for human and alligator flesh, while the lion just for relatively easy prey on the Savannah. There is no more bad ass predator on the planet than the tiger save for the human male.

        5. I’d put a tiger up against a great white or tiger shark any day of the week for sheer killing and predatory efficiency, heh. But on land, yeah, agree completely.

        6. Wow you are right. Never thought of it before. Aren’t tigers complete loners?? Solitary killers. I saw this special ( think PBS /BBC documentary) about these maneating tigers in northern India. I think I heard that hundreds are killed yearly by tigers in this region.

        7. The problem with the 20/80 rule of hypergamy is that it lacks a dimension – time. It’s a simplified model to make a rhetorical point.
          As Roosh pointed out on his recent blog post, he can steadily date a 7, but only have flings with a 8 or a 9. Add in the time factor, and relationships follow the 20/80 rule. If you as a man are an 8, you can find hookups with 10s, and short relationships with 8s, but you can only secure a 6 for long-term marriage… but as Roosh also points out, you’re the one who’s going to run away from the trusty 6.
          Relationships are fundamentally unstable right now.

        8. They’re extremely good at hunting with unmatched ferocity. Look up some clips on youtube.

        9. Surely that isn’t right? Men can generally get a better looking partner to marry than to fuck whereas for women it is the exact opposite.

        10. I could likewise draw upon the example of the grey wolf because the grey wolf is a monogamous mammal, but it isn’t scientifically relevant to humans in a significant way

        11. A man’s value is dependent upon the social context; when I’m filming a movie, and I’m directing/acting I’m alpha as fuck – bring me to a hip hop club, and I’m a gamma.
          A beautiful woman will always have options – both the thirsty guys inflating her values, and high-value ‘life boat’ men to jump off on, should she grow tired of you – and given the inflated sense of entitlement, it is guaranteed that she will eventually grow tired of you.
          One day you’ll be bagged out from work (I’m often bagged out and emotionally drained by days that go *great*), and you’ll fail a shit test – at that point, the guy she’s only seen at his best, seems like a better option.
          The underlying problem is that there’s no commitment anymore. Everybody is trying to negotiate the best situation they can find, and you’re permitted to jump ship whenever you feel like it.

        12. Can’t disagree with any of that, that’s why i refuse to get married. I’m not losing everything i have worked for because a woman has suddenly lost interest and desires another man.

      2. First of all, homo-sapiens have been around for 250,000 years max. Secondly, evolutionary biologists and archaeologists agree that monogamy coincides with the advent of civilization around 6,500 years ago. However, for the majority of human existence this behavior is not only unnatural for us but repulsive for women and torturous for men. Monogamy is for property to check the promiscuous instincts of women to ensure a male’s paternity, that’s the only reason it was invented, because of property and heredity. In today’s society, monogamy is hardly worth it.

        1. Perhaps monogamy was invented and enforced by men who were sick of all the women going to the rich dudes on the hill with the hundred of concubines? Perhaps it was the elites themselves that instituted monogamy, so that the masses of young men living down the hill from them would not pipe up and have a good reason to march off to war when the time came?

        2. I suspect that both you and Lance are correct, there doesn’t have to be only two reasons, nor a million reasons, but everything you both wrote sounds about right. When they re-invent monogamy after our society goes the way of the dodo bird, I suspect they’ll have all of these reasons in mind.

        3. Yes we have but I was talking about hominids, who are our ancestors. You can see here http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/early/2010/11/01/rspb.2010.1740.full that there is evidence to show our ancestors were polygamous but switched to monogamy as I previously said. The reason for human monogamy is complex and is discussed in Dunbars “Social Brain, Divided Brain”. Infanticide may be one reason why monogamy developed is because females needed protection from harassment and infanticide. In truth, monogamy vs polygamy is an unsolved debate with regards to humans but you use emotional language and anthropomorphize animals to back up your arguments which are scientifically weak, do you regard the monogamous grey wolf as being weak? It doesn’t matter either way as once you get scientific you have to strip your writing of this kind of language.

        4. There are economic arguments to do with male income that are theorized to be related to monogamy/polygamy. It is a mystery that the most advanced economies are largely monogamous whilst primitive economies have polygamous practices. One theory, if i recall correctly is that in societies with high male wealth inequality polygamy develops due to low number of high quality females, the man has to find many wives to ensure quality children. This is an inefficient way to generate quality. More advanced countries with less wealth disparity between rich and poor are more monogamous because the men have access to higher quality females and it is more efficient to raise one quality family with one high quality female. That is putting aside the evolutionary reasons, the whole thing is very complex.

      3. How you guys can talk about what happened millions even hundreds of thousands of years ago with any degree of certainty boggles my mind.
        Most people cannot accurately recall what happened in their own personal lives just last week and even with all the available tools we have to assist in that which leave records.

    3. Brilliant observation. But I think Wolfe blitzkreiged Mateen in bed with anal.
      That’s why he wanted to commit to her, in addition to his inherent betaness. Such men are increasingly found among men of Asian descent. The thing is that with white women, every man needs to act as an asshole. Asshole game always works with the white woman. This Mateen wimp is a disgrace to himself. What a fool to write all those needy messages.

    4. Glad to see you still commenting. Hope to see a few more that seemed to have disappeared.

    5. People that evolved in K style areas favored monogamy, while those in R style evolution areas are better off without it. Where a man had to build a house, and store enough food+fuel to survive winter such as Europe and east Asia it was hard enough work to support a wife & his kids. Where the population was controlled by disease & predators single moms could support any kids that survived with no help from men.

  14. Forget using Tinder. He should have just gone to SV parties and told women he co-founded it. That alone is impressive.

  15. This reminds me of Athlone’s article “Why Money Can No Longer Save the Beta Male.” If you’ll recall, it was about Rishi Bajaj, a simp who managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund and fell head over heels for a Miss New Mexico Teen 2007 contestant (who, IMHO, was barely a hard “4”). During their brief relationship, he showered her with gifts, and allowed her to run up an almost $60k tab on his credit card. Now he’s suing her to get the money back. What do Bajaj and Mateen have in common? We know Bajaj is East Indian, and “Mateen” is an Arabic surname. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that Justin Mateen is either Iranian, Turkish, or Pakistani. Once again, you’ve got a foreign guy who, armed with money and the belief that he can use said money to impose his cultural mores on Western women, has fallen unceremoniously on his ass. Just look at the texts. He’s all “I thought you’d make a good wife” and “you’re a slut.” A majority of eastern men look at women everywhere from the framework of a wife/whore dichotomy that us Westerners abandoned decades ago. A lot of middle eastern men try their damnedest to snag a Western bride, because they’re turned on by someone “exotic,” someone who’s not nearly as repressed as their own women, someone whom they think they can turn into their own private live-in call girl (something that Charlie Sheen couldn’t even pull off). It’s like simps who try to wife up strippers thinking they can lock them away, ply them with money and expensive gifts, and have their own private show every night. But it doesn’t work that way. These guys come off the boat with LITTLE TO NO GAME SKILLS and think money mixed with a little charm, machismo, and designer shirts is all they need, because THAT’S WHAT WORKS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. I think it should be mandatory that if any of these guys think they’re going to work over here or date over here, THEY’VE GOT TO LEARN HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. Otherwise, all you’re going to get is more cases like Mateen’s, or worse yet, more cases like the Virginia Tech shooting.

    1. the point you missed out is that these guys ‘off the boat’ have the correct attitude in some respects… they know how it should work….
      probably they lack a little red blooded alpha, their fathers were too macho and their mothers too mothering, telling them to find a ‘nice girl’ and treat her right…..
      but from everything i can see, the alternative doesn’t work at all….. ‘game’ is just a patch on a sinking ship….. the concept of wife / kids / family is dead without this old framework.

      1. I see your point. The only thing is, these guys obviously haven’t heard the age-old adage that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. They’re trying to have their cake and eat it, too. Like you said, their homeland’s system works by and large, but they forget WHY it works. If you get a chick that’s fresh off the carousel (like most Western women in general and many models, beauty pageant contestants, celebutantes, airline stewardesses, cheerleaders, etc. tend to be in particular), you’re already handicapped yourself at the outset. An old guy once told me that you get the best sex from a freshly turned-out square, that you turn out yourself. Find you an Adrian Balboa or whatever the modern equivalent of a nerdy chick who hasn’t been on the carousel is, put some moves on her, blow her mind, and THEN you can truly have that “lady in the street but a freak in the bed” that rappers talk about. I think that’s why the kama sutra was invented. Indian men wanted to marry virgins (or at least women who would be faithful and hadn’t been all around the world), but they also wanted great sex, and they got the best of both worlds by instructing the women on what they wanted and what they expected bedroom-wise. I don’t think guys like Bajaj and Mateen would’ve done so bad if they had pulled a cute but kinda shy librarian or a chemistry major and banged the brakes off her. It would’ve cost them a lot less money and effort, too. By chasing women who were probably (a) already used to being banged like a salvation army drum, (b) used to having tons of money and attention tossed their way by all and sundry since they were in junior high, and (c) so conceited and full of themselves that they probably called out their own names during sex, these guys were destined to fail.

        1. problem is these days the quiet librarian type is too busy doing her BFF with a strap on.

  16. A man in 1714 would be lucky if he could count his friends on more than one hand, a man in 1814 would be lucky if he could count his friends on more than one hand, a man in 1914 would be lucky if he could count his friends on more than one hand, in 2014 the same still applies, despite facebook, despite tinder, despite any of the social media bull shit which tries to sell you a fake virtual life. The majority of it has been created by complete losers like Mateen, Zuckerberg et al… you don’t need any of their crap to be successful with women or in your social life. Their marketing is bullshit, don’t believe it, the fundamentals don’t change. One of the biggest mistakes of our time is to have allowed nerds to have so much influence over how we interact with each other. And now we see that they don’t even use their own creations.

  17. Money is not a substitute for Game.
    That woman may have used that guy as a mealticket, via an express marriage, express pregnancy, express divorce and express alimony. Not unlike most western women these days. Even 10% of a billion less taxes is a great deal when all you have to do is (seldomly and quickly) fuck a nice guy beta.
    Instead, his clinginess, neediness, self-sabotage and atrocious Game managed to alienate a woman who hit the Wall at 24 and, at best, passes as a 7.

  18. I see no threats here, (Yet she accused him of threatening her, setting up a false threat narrative.) would a woman who acted like this be sued for sexual harassment? The answer is no. Sexual harassment laws are only for targeting men. This dude is a loser, but to use the legal system to deal with this, shows you a lack of character that most woman have.

    1. I disagree slightly, harassment laws are to protect the employer from liability. All the HR shit is to protect the company from lawsuits.

        1. Is that a serious statistic, and if so, can you source it for me please, I’d love to use it in the future with some amount of authority.
          Also, what’s the statistic in regard to men?

  19. Tinder is a fun app but as a PUA, I do not rely on my looks. I rely on my bodylanguage etc.
    Tinder is mostly crap and women there are not even worth a relationship.
    Go out and meet real people in reality. That’s the best way for everything.

  20. I am all for using dress codes to hamper women’s ability at work to create a disruptions. No visible collar bones, shoulders, knees or any skin in between. Further, you must be able to run a 20 second 100 meter in your attire.
    Betas are going to beta but at least it will be harder for them to get baited.

  21. Zuckerberg: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
    Zuckerberg: Just ask.
    Zuckerberg: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
    [Redacted Friend’s Name]: What? How’d you manage that one?
    Zuckerberg: People just submitted it.
    Zuckerberg: I don’t know why.
    Zuckerberg: They “trust me”
    Zuckerberg: Dumb f*cks.

  22. Why would he use it? He is a millionaire who founded Tinder. He can get all the poosy he wants.

    1. Apparently, based on the article, he can’t. He barely snagged a frumpy 5/6 and even she left in disgust.

      1. The circumstances between the two of them were complicated, however.
        He can smash run-of-the-mill hotties all day long if he wants. It just seems like he’s not into that.

        1. No, he cannot, he is beta, and his money cannot make up for his intense betaness. He lost a 5/6 who was frumpy and jew. Pretty hard to do. Jew girls will pretty much fuck anything.

        2. In what way complicated? That she worked for him? For a CEO/owner that’s like shooting fish in a barrel from an attraction standpoint. He starts off as the immediate “alpha” to any woman in the office simply by being in a position of authority over them. Not saying he is alpha, he isn’t, but the master-slave relationship does induce the tingles in women. And even with that in his favor, he failed miserably. I’m betting he tried outside the company many times and came up short consistently. No proof of that, just a hunch based on his butthurtness and pathetic beta attitude.

        3. lol, I laugh because it’s true. They’re quite freaky too, I had the pleasure with 2 on separate occasions long ago. In both instances their parents didn’t like me because I wasn’t Jewish. If I was wealthy I’m sure they would’ve changed their minds.

        4. A jew girl will pretty much fuck anything that walks….so long as its not indian

  23. Man, this guy violated every rule of game 101 becuase he had none. And now’s he’s going to pay the price for his little immature beta boy outbursts, which he foolishly put on via text — uh, that’s pretty damming evidence unless he can somehow get his attorneys to have it thrown out. Even then, he’s in a world of hurt and will pay handsomely.
    But, we should thank Mateen for serving as a poster child, a case study for what lies in wait for beta males who play with cobras without the proper knowledge and experience. Perhaps his demise will serve to enlighten more men to the realities of the world and the need to be red-pill alpha, especially in the workplace.

  24. I’m not saying I’m the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread but…this guy is Webster’s definition of mangina. To the fucken TEE.

  25. LOL, am I the only one who notices that he looks Indian? Chasing a blonde jew girl….LOL….Stereotypes.
    This just confirms what most in the game community know, online dating is very hard, so hard that even the founder figured it’d be better to chase local office tail than on tinder. And he should have some value being the ceo and all of a multi million dollar company like that. Also confirms the inverse relation between money and game. Very hard to have game, if you have money. Only a handful of men are able to pull off being alpha and having money….donald trump

      1. Hard to pursue both at the same time. Building a million dollar business doesn’t leave much time to approach in the clubs and street.

        1. Right, agree, but that’s during the building phase. Businesses, as you know, have growth cycles. Once you’re established and have a horde of people working for you, you tend to turn your focus towards more…interesting…pursuits (such as, for example, the subject of this article). Or you’re an adrenaline junky, sell your business and then start a new one and remain nearly celibate, a path some men actually choose. Just saying it’s not a mutually exclusive thing (or close to mutually exclusive).
          The same could be said of guys in college who are serious about their education. Sure, they’re studying too much and seriously to get much trim, but once they have the degree in hand then anything is up for grabs from a sexual marketplace perspective. I actually knew a couple of guys like this in college, didn’t have a spare moment to party and told me straight out that women were a waste of time and money at that point in their lives, but ended up with some fine chicks once they were out of academia.

        2. Yeah, speaking from experience, I wish that I did that while in college. Stuff that gets discussed now, but was rare information back in the day.

        3. wrong businesses never become established, they are either growing which takes 100% attention.
          if you relax the guy next door will take your customer.
          You then sidetrack the argument by saying, “you could sell the business and become a playboy…..well then your not really running a business then are you. You sound desperate to prove a point for some bizarre reason, but flailing all over the place.
          Total bullshitting for some reason. Too close to the truth.

      2. It seems that men tend to take the low hanging fruit. And when you are rich you don’t have time to learn game because you are busy working hard. Sure there are exceptions, but its very hard to have good game and money. When the guy who works twice a week is approaching dozens of hot women you are writing code.

        1. See my answer to Roosh below, I think I may have addressed your post there. Thanks for the answer though.

        2. That and the culture. You start out on the losing end of things being raised in a feminized society.

        3. O yes the movies and the culture tells you be a nice guy and you’ll get what you want. When if you are a shit bag your more likely to get a girl

      3. Because once you have one you can trick yourself into thinking you don’t need the other, as Mateen so quaintly demonstrated, and is now suffering for.

        1. I don’t think they “trick” themselves. They’ve got a scarcity mentality (I can’t do better than this).
          I think most men hate the logistics and effort involved in getting laid, especially with the most attractive women you can get. Unless you live the life and do well, it’s honestly a real PTA. That’s why so many men latch on to the first woman that gives them the time of day.

  26. I never used tinder and I don’t plan to. It’s nice to hear a new and real perspective other than “MISOGYNY HARASSMENT DERP!” You’re hearing from the media and feminists.

  27. I thought he would cry ;later in the message transcript. The only message missing was “bwaaahhh sob sob you left me sob sob”’.
    No man should ever act needy for any woman. Especially white women, and most importantly blonde women. Justin Mateen is the quintessential oneitis patient.
    Today he is a fucking fool in front of everyone. Just for the sake of blonde pussy.
    Looks like his ass got roasted on his own Tinder.
    This is a superb article, it’s true that he should’ve used his own application to meet women. Looks like he was beta to fear being ridiculed for even doing that. But this explains the case with a lot of CEOs through out the world. Just shows that a beta will always be a beta even if he is a CEO.

  28. This guy sounds like such a pussy…Jesus he could be a level 5 pussy slayer with his $$ money and fame.

  29. ” I actually thought you would be a good mother and wife”.
    – LOL LMFAO!
    This guy probably has mommy issues, and was either abandoned by his mom, or raised by a controlling one. I think he wanted Wolfe to first provide sex as a wife as well as breast-feeding later as a mom- both to him. Mama’s boy!!! No wonder, he started crying when she broke up.
    “I have horrible judgment”.
    – She probably realized later that she had even worse judgment than him to choose a beta like him, after she fucked with him in the first place. Smart Jewish girl, she had it all planned it out. Saving all those message transcripts to use against him. She probably gave his career a harder anal pounding than what he must’ve given her on bed.
    The fact remains American women are indeed shallow, but the average beta is not shallow. He is worse. He is totally dry, with no depth at all.

  30. The more I read such stories, the more I realise one thing: Money doesn’t run to the deserving.
    And possession of money doesn’t make you alpha. It’s your attitude which does. The world is full of rich Betas as CEOs. These Betas are the ones who corrupt women, by pedestalizing them with expensive gifts, and wife them up after the sluts have come home to roost.
    The simple but often ignored truth keeps rearing its head time and again:
    Business and pleasure don’t mix in the long run, and should never be mixed in the beginning itself.
    He started a relationship with her within two months of joining Tinder. What a
    loser, he calls her at her home and ‘demands’ a relationship. Sounds
    like an overgrown Elliot Rodger. Adios Mr. Mateen.

  31. The more I read such stories, the more I realise one thing: Money doesn’t run to the deserving.
    And possession of money doesn’t make you alpha. It’s your attitude which does. The world is full of rich Betas as CEOs. These Betas are the ones who corrupt women, by pedestalizing them with expensive gifts, and wife them up after the sluts have come home to roost.
    The simple but often ignored truth keeps rearing its head time and again:
    Business and pleasure don’t mix in the long run, and should never be mixed in the beginning itself.
    He started a relationship with her within two months of joining Tinder. What a
    loser, he calls her at her home and ‘demands’ a relationship. Sounds
    like an overgrown Elliot Rodger. Adios Mr. Mateen.

    1. >Sounds like an overgrown Elliot Rodger
      Not surprisingly, many of these tech nerds in Silly-Con Valley are overgrown manchildren with ass-burgers. You don’t have to be a woman to realize how fucking lame it is to hang out with some of these dildos.

  32. “How Not To Text A Subordinate That You Were Sleeping With”
    Wicked humor. But simply superb. Fell off laughing reading that headline.

  33. Isnt this a bit unfair on Tinder? No matter how good an app is, if a guy is obssesed over a woman, he wont want to meet anyone else. At least that is what I have learned from reading all those articles on RoK about the dangers of “oneitis”.

  34. I don’t think it has to do with not respecting his own product. He may have been Tindering on the side anyway, what proof do we have he never used it?
    Mateen is a Los Angeles Persian Jew . Persian Jews are very traditional
    and still care about marriage and having children. This guy worked with
    Wolfe and saw wifey potential so he went for it. People who use Tinder acknowledge it’s for hookups, not relationships. Maybe he wanted a relationship with a smart girl?
    I agree that his texts show he was too sensitive and worked up and he shouldn’t have dipped his pen in company ink though.

  35. Another rich guy with no game. Rings a bit of Donald Sterling. Also, to a lesser degree of Eliot Rodger – that false belief that money, in and of itself, is enough to win a woman’s affection and loyalty.

  36. The thing is though that not only does it reduce men to how they look in a profile picture but it manages to achieve the impossible by making western women’s attention spans even shorter and further eroding their capacity for genuine connection and passion.

  37. This is not only a case of a guy with no game. This is a case of a beta who probably fell in love with a ho at work. And men who love hoes are always destroyed in the end.
    Whitney is definitely fuckable. She’s got slut eyes and a whore’s mouth. And she’s long legged. And from Mateen’s messages, it is highly likely she fucked every client to get the deals and increase the sales. That’s why Mateen called her a whore for jumping on middle eastern pigs. Probably Sean Rad wanted to fuck her as well. Just that Whitney had other plans. That’s why it didn’t materialize. Mateen is the beta willy who was silly to love her. That’s the first rule with women or hoes: never fall in love. And the second rule is:never forget rule number 1. And if you fuck a ho and enjoy it, NEVER BE JEALOUS if she fucks someone else. Hoes are meant to be fucked and passed around, not wifed up. And especially American hoes, the worst of all women on this planet.
    Mateen was doomed from the start. He invites her to his place two months on a pretext that he’s having relationship problems with his girlfriend. Who invites a woman just like that? They must’ve been very good ‘friends’ for her to visit him. And she says that’s when he professes his love for her, when she visited him, because he ‘demanded ‘her to come to see him. Her story appears a bit too artificial to believe. Why didn’t she file for harassment for that? I think he paid to fuck her long before this happened.
    If her story is true that she went to visit him at his home for the first time , then it’s highly likely that he wanted to stick his cock inside her since first the time he saw her. He sounds like Elliot Rodger: blonde obsession and all the beta whining shit. But I’m sure Whitney must’ve fucked his brains out, for she immediately found a beta victim. And he played himself into this shit. No man should involve himself sexually at work. At especially in a company which itself promotes the hookup culture, and that too with a woman who ‘co-founds’ it. Just speaks volume about her character as well. She might as well be an accomplished whore herself. I’m sure she has no qualms sleeping with anyone. She’s young, and definitely bangable. Mateen’s loss is not her; it’s his career. What a dipshit.

    1. This comment is gold
      i haven’t laughed this hard in awhile.
      Tinder is for slores, i know a few girls on my social circle who used it and they are all know slores.

  38. They tell me that here in Colombia Tinder is amazing for ONS… I never bothered with it because I get already too much noise just from Facebook but I know at least one guy who is pretty far from good looking who says he hooks up all the time on it :p
    P.S. that woman is 3 o clock slop and I wouldn’t touch her!

  39. Tinder sucks for 90% of guys. I looked through a lot of the guys profiles and I could tell many of them don’t even get laid. Some of them are pretty decent looking and above average, but you need to be top 10% in looks to get laid. Most guys are not getting laid but females can get any dick they want.

  40. Just tossing this out there. According to Bloomberg news this man child is not even remotely associated with tinders success, he was appointed to the position over this chick after she landed the sales by selling this to sororities around the country. The appointed CEO then hired his “bro” as the marketing exec.
    The bonus is that Tinder is not even a startup. It was 100 percent funded by match.com’s incubator and fully developed by match.com staff including this chick that got screwed literally.
    Match.com let the CEO make up stories about being a hot startup to build hype with shareholders. Its real purpose is to get you paying for match when you get tired of swiping to fuck.
    Mateen is a fucking loser with no accomplishments other than his own company being taken down by the FBI for hosting child porn.Now he doubles down by being desperate in the office, an obvious minefield. I cant fully express how much people like this are utter oxygen theifs and deserve to get punch fucked vigorously by any and all external forces.

    1. Having been in college when the app was released, THIS is how tinder succeeded.
      When it was first released it hired “campus ambassadors” who were California sorority girls to use and pitch the app.
      For a brief period of time, there were more girls than guys on this app. UCLA and Santa Clara sororities used the app and matched with people. A few of my friends got lucky and started dating some of these girls, but within 2 months Tinder had been written about everywhere and droves of thirsty men followed.
      It got worse when the Android release of tinder brought even more men into the fold, ultimately making Tinder the Validation App (TM).
      You are exactly right, Tinder was an orchestrated campaign by Match to appeal to the Highly desirable “College Demographic”. College students would normally SCOFF at the idea of using a dating service, but being the technocrats they are, all they needed was a plethora of sorority girls to swipe through….
      …Sorority girls no longer on the app.
      If you don’t have fame or strong looks, use game! And don’t use it on tinder.

      1. When I was in college the idea of using a dating site was looked as the height of being a pathetic loser. Now… not so much.
        That said, in the same way tinder is now a sausage fest. It used to be thirsty guy’s would fill a cooler up with fruit punch and vodka on the back porch and call it a party to suck in the easy women. As soon as word got out there would be 50 guy’s there with maybe 5 girls. Any attractive ones would split as soon as the full court sausage press was on.
        Point being, its always better to run game in limited/exclusive venues. As soon as the number of thirsty guys start to get to high women shut down. Does not mater how good you are, all they see is a haze of dick. I think this is why I prefer day game. Day game is really the ultimate venue, becuase most guys can’t handel it, women dont expect it, and you have the entire place to yourself.

    1. It does work for the minor celebrities, athletes, and good looking men who use it.
      80/20 rule goes on strong on that app.

  41. My friend works for Samsung in their music app division, yet refuses to use social media. The hypocrisy of the Geek. He works 60+ hours a week for several months straight. He’s going on 40, yet still single. Welcome to the Silicon Valley slave labor force, disguised as high-tech well-paid workaholic geeks who can’t get laid to save their lives. Sure Tinder may have helped assholes like this Mateen get filthy rich but for every one Mateen, there are 99 of my blue pill, slave friend. Is it all Mateen’s fault? Not in the slightest. It’s all my friend’s fault. Wish I could tell him about this site but he is to brain-washed to accept the truth. That’s why he’s where he is in life. Right now, I may be stuck in a shitty job, literally living in the middle of nowhere. But at least the job is low-stress, I’m well-paid, and have plenty of me-time. Main reason why I have been refusing to go back to the area so far.

    1. ‘He’s going on 40, yet still single.’
      Sounds like a good place to be.

  42. She is a money grabbing slut, just one of many that target the wealthy of Silicon Valley:
    This is quotes from a site called http://www.unz.com/
    “Elaborating on Color Me Surprised’s point, I actually read the plaintiff’s absurd complaint. For your possible entertainment, here’s something that I posted onSlate [in the comments]. I swear to you that this is an fair and accurate summary of her complaint, leaving out nothing substantive that it says to bolster her case, although I have added a few asides to the chronology in [square brackets] that I didn’t include in my Slate comments.
    Omitting mere rhetoric, here is what the plaintiff’s court papers say:
    1. The 24-year-old plaintiff had been in charge of marketing at the company. In September 2012, however, the company hired somebody else to take over her job. He became her boss.
    2. In November 2012, her new boss began “pursuing a romantic relationship” with her.
    3. In February 2013, after an unspecified number of dalliances, plaintiff and her boss began “officially dating.”
    4. In “early 2013″ [right after she started sleeping with her boss], plaintiff “began doing more and more press interviews and features” on behalf of the company.
    5. In April 2013 [right after she became his “official” girlfriend, whatever that means], the company gave plaintiff a bunch of stock options.
    6. In September 2013, plaintiff had the first of “several” breakups with her boyfriend/boss. [the complaint refers to a continuing series of “breakups” lasting for the next three months, whatever THAT means]
    7. In early November 2013, the company took away plaintiff’s “co-founder” title.
    8. In late November 2013, plaintiff “gave the relationship a second chance.” [i.e., when she found that she had been demoted for breaking up with him, she decided to try to make up]
    9. On December 12, 2013 [a couple of weeks after getting back with him], plaintiff “ended the relationship” with her boyfriend/boss, except for “a couple of isolated incidents in the next two months.” [i.e. she kept sleeping with him until February 2014, which adds to my confusion about what she means by “breaking up”]
    10. At various unspecified times, Plaintiff’s boss (and now ex-boyfriend) accused her angrily of screwing around with other men [since she never denies this in her complaint, we can assume it is true], being a slut and a whore and a gold digger [which doesn’t seem like an unfair inference on his part], both to her face and in emails and texts, and said nasty things about her to other people, including people at work. Plaintiff and her boss had at least one loud argument in the company’s offices.
    11. In “spring 2014 [this must mean March, less than a month after she stopped sleeping with her boss],” plaintiff met the CEO’s new girlfriend and “came to consider her a friend.” She began sending the girlfriend texts complaining about her boss/ex-boyfriend problems. [Note that she met the girl no earlier than the beginning of March, and everything blew up in the beginning of April, so she barely knew this girl when she began bombarding her with ranting texts]
    12. On April 6, 2014, plaintiff’s boss/ex-boyfriend did not say hello to her [i.e. tried to avoid her] at a company party, resulting in [her making] an ugly public scene.
    13. Beginning the next day, plaintiff exchanged a series of text messages with the CEO, where he made clear that he wanted her gone from the company [who wouldn’t?]. She sent him several texts in which she said she was quitting and stated more than once, in no uncertain terms, that she was not going to sue the company.
    14. “In the days that followed,” plaintiff sent the company a resignation letter [by the sound of things, written by a lawyer].
    15. “A few weeks later,” she met with a senior executive of IAC, the company’s owner, and, weeping, recounted her side of events. He told her he wasn’t going to do anything for her.
    16. On June 30, 2014, she sued the company and IAC.
    To summarize, according to her own court papers, reading only slightly between the lines:
    In November 2012, the young, inexperienced plaintiff, who had washed out as head marketer for the company, began sleeping with her new boss; got ahead in the company as a result; dumped him in September 2013 and slept around, although she kept stringing him along until February 2014; then acted like a jilted high-school student (despite the fact that she was the one who had dumped him; but not that her ex-boyfriend acted appropriately either), making a disruptive nuisance of herself at the company, including trying to enlist the CEO’s girlfriend (a complete stranger to herself) in her battle against her boss/ex-boyfriend; all culminating less than two months after the final break-up in her screaming, unprovoked, public outburst that ruined a company party.
    Now the hysterical, vindictive, immature ex-girlfriend is suing over the tawdry break-up of her short-lived love (?) affair. Instead of her lawsuit making her the object of ridicule and scorn, Slate treats it as a “bombshell” revelation of “sexual harassment” and “misogyny,” and she is probably going to collect a large sum of money from the company. Well… to be more accurate, the company doesn’t make any money and probably never will, so upon the advice of her lawyer, before suing, she first arranged for a meeting with IAC, which is a prosperous company, in order to add them as a deep-pocketed defendant.”

  43. Has any “good woman” ever been found in a personal ad? Online or off? Ever?

  44. Can we all make a pledge to keep women out of our businesses and careers? I’ll never hire a woman for my business. All they fucking do is cause trouble. They are self-destructing themselves in the workplace by pressing these sexual harassment issues. If you’re unhappy with the way men are treating you at work, fucking leave the job. Don’t try to leech more money out of the system because you fucked the boss, pissed him off, and now want to blame the system.

    1. I remember back in ’78 I hired a female sous chef at my restaurant, long story short she forgot to turn off the fryer even though I had told her 6 times yes that’s right.. Worst mistake of my life well second other than that other girl I had in Chicago but that’s another story

  45. geeks are favourite beta fodder for alpha women like this. Was an article a few weeks back on here about a womens tour to SF to snag beta geeks just like him. A geeks life is long hours using the side of the brain that is rigid, logical, non-artistic, non-humorous, non-social. That is why they struggle with women. His looks is probably irrelevant to this failed office relationship. Office relationships are risky anyway, but with a geeks long hours in a 95% male office, the blinkers go on, the male competitive ego kicks in, and you will find groups of high net worth males wrestling with each other in their cubicles competing for attention of a few VERY AVERAGE looking females in their tribal territory.
    As for finding her hot i do not.
    PS comments below suggest there is more back story to this mess…this guy was hired in by his own brother allegedly?? wtf rotfl lol lmao etc..

  46. Lol this guy is average looking. He ain’t smashing SHIT unless he displays his status in someway. If he approached random girls, 90% of them would reject him. Even then, these girls won’t be attracted to him; they’ll just use him up for his money while fucking some hot jock on the side. He is not even bad looking in my opinion; he actually looks but you have to be OBJECTIVELY GOOD LOOKING to be good with women. The funny thing is that women never actually develop attraction for guys with money and status; they are just attracted to his possessions and they stay around for the lifestyle. These women constantly cheat on these guys because of the lack of physical attraction. Money and status trumps all when women are over 30 but from 18-30, it is mostly LOOKS. YOU HERE ME ROK READERS, LOOKS RULE ALL IN GAME.

  47. I’m pretty sure the irony of an “expat” teaching American men how to pick up primarily “american women” isn’t lost right ?

  48. For the record I’m a dating coach based in the US.
    I know the climate and frankly, while women suck. It’s possible to get laid. Peddling international self help that isn’t really applicable to American women is pretty much the kettle calling the pot black.

  49. Tinder. An app for beta males written by beta males. Kid tested…mother approved. Those who dont “try the food” (so to speak) and the above is the result.

  50. Most likely – he didn’t use Tinder because he knows just how much of your data gets kept.

  51. I get so frustrated reading stories like this. Why can’t this guy think with his big head rather than his little head? If I were him I would never even day dream about bedding any of the women in the office. It’s bullshit distractions like this that fuck up a promising business. What a normal male would do is build the business, get the money and get contacts that come with said money, and then meet women who are worthy of his attention. There are a lot out there, who have there own money too. Instead he decided to slum it in the office. He deserves this downfall. I don’t mean to be a hater, but I hate it when people blow their opportunities on bullshit.

  52. Roosh is absolutely right. Male attraction is one male attracted to four females, and female attraction is four females attracted to one man. Tinder is causing the female whoring to the top 10% of males, and making the dating profile that people spend so long to write on OKCupid, redundant. Even if you are good looking, can you compete with the studs with amazing hair, fair complexion, and biceps in their arms? No you can’t? So what chances do you have, unless you go for the minority of females who don’t care about alpha males. You even have women on Tinder who have no intention of messaging or hooking up, who just want male validation and attention that they’re attractive. Do you see that on OKCupid, no you don’t.
    Choice is corrupting women. My mother who is in her 50s who is not particularly attractive got 3 marriage proposals in one year, and hasn’t dated a man in two years. She cannot choose a man, she is window shopping, flirting with men by putting on a false laugh on the phone, and not rebuffing men when they state they love her or call her sweet names, which is only encouraging the male’s behaviour. Her advice to women is to wait hours before texting back, not to do anything nice for men, and be selfish and only think about herself.
    Now what incentive does she have to be nice, if there are other men waiting in line, and she doesn’t even get one message a week on dating sites? What other than her being born a woman, has she done, to warrant the love of others, if she doesn’t want to do one kind thing for a man and doesn’t want to show she cares but expects men that like her to wait on her for two years (which she said they should wait).
    Tinder is causing LESS men to get laid, not more. It is a lie.
    Some relevant articles.

  53. Wolfe just released a Tinder clone called “Bumble”. It is pretty similar in most ways except one. Only women can send the first message and it has to be in the first 24 hours. The idea is to provide a “safe environment”. The best the men can do is extend one match by 24 hours. This app will fail since it relies on women to initiate, which we all know they hate to do.

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