Roosh Destroys Media At Washington DC Press Conference

On Saturday night at 7pm, Roosh held a press conference in an undisclosed D.C. location. It was a resounding success. Despite Dr. Oz-level blowback from innumerable mainstream outlets, he was able to point out the hypocrisy and lies of ROK’s detractors directly to the faces of several representatives of the mainstream media.

You can see it for yourself below:


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486 thoughts on “Roosh Destroys Media At Washington DC Press Conference”

  1. Two things
    1)Roosh V’s next book will be titled ‘Bang The Media'(no matter how tempting, do NOT name it Bang Martha Stewart)
    2)Roosh-if you are reading this, I would strongly consider not meeting up with ANY of the women that have contacted you in the last week claiming to be dubious as to the veracity of your recent negatively slanted press. You are not Evil Knievel who just jumped Caesar’s fountain. You are a target! If feminists manufactured a deck of cards tonight, guess who’d be the ace of spades? Unless you possess methodologies that with 100% certitude will accurately vet a new woman, do not spend any time alone with one. Like when someone wins the lottery and relatives come out of the woodwork, be extra fucking careful

    1. “I would strongly consider not meeting up with ANY of the women that have contacted you in the last week claiming to be dubious as to the veracity of your recent negatively slanted press. ”
      This. I’d simply flee from any women who come onto you first.

      1. That ‘s certainly an idea. The western allies waited until the 1970’s to fire bomb Joachim Peiper for 1944’s Malmedy massacre. Revenge is a dish that tastes delicious even when served cold. Roosh is no Peiper of course, but that matters little to these women on their warpath

      2. I think Roosh would only need to be concerned about women from or in a small set of countries; places like Australia, New Zealand, United
        States, Canada,
        England. Basically, any place the ‘nutty left’ mobilized.
        It does look like countries in Eastern Europe and South East Asia totally ignored the hysteria.

        1. Stickers of various shapes and colors would also be helpful. Many businesses place stickers around the handles of their glass doorways. An unassuming and subtle ROK sticker with a provocative slogan and website address can be an effective guerrilla marketing tool.
          Placing stickers at eye height inside gym locker doors and around already placed stickers at retail outlets can help with exposure.

        2. Right on. I envision a bunch of men in ROK t-shirts, at a future happy hour. A ROK coffee mug would be cool as well.

      1. “We’re actually working on it.”
        Well that was easy.
        Roosh-How bout a donate, let’s say $50, and get a T-shirt deal?

  2. Roosh one day you’ll call the thunder. you’re only one man, one mind, against dozens of professionals with a profit and survival incentive to shit on you and drag you down. I’m not saying you can’t win. I’m saying that nearly empty room is a morning mist compared to the hurricane you’re calling.

  3. which media outlets showed up? I’m guessing not national media like Washington post, ny times and big tv stations?

  4. Excellent job Roosh.
    Real man OWNS a pack of wild hyenas when face-to-face with them in the real world.
    Fuck the MSM.

  5. Please publish a list of all the media people present at the conference so we can see the articles they write afterwards.
    Especially that one from Martha Stewart.

        1. Incredible.
          Completely ignored everything he said, picked on the Trump thing, claimed that the people attacking him were actually the victims, lied CONSTANTLY, took the VERY few tenuous quotes they had COMPLETELY out of context, THEN asked, and I quote
          “If you have been with Roosh V., contact us.”
          Welcome to the MSM Ladies and Gentleman, clutching at fucking straws…..

        2. Ha, wow, I particularly laughed at this part: “Roosh’s recent work focuses on nonsense such as:
          patriarchy, weightlifting, red pill truths, sexual marketplace value, and male-only spaces”
          So feminism, plus size modeling, revisionist truth, and female dominated spaces are fine cuz we say so, but if males want the same thing for themselves that’s “nonsense”.

        3. “If you have been with Roosh V., contact us.”
          Oh shit. I sense a Cosby scenario on the horizon. I hope you have a good lawyer Roosh.

        4. Thats ALL that they have.
          The abstract HOPE, that they can find or create a False Rape Accusation against Roosh to justify their treatment of him, and by extension us.
          THATS what the “contact us” is really about.
          He called them out to their faces, showed them to be the liars and cowards that they are, and they cant have that and they know it.

        5. Yes.
          That dailybeast hit piece against Roosh, written by Asawin Suebsaeng…..was passive-aggressively deceptive.
          After reading it, I was thoroughly disgusted.

        6. Notice they didn’t post the link to the video? If they did, they’d be discredited on the spot. He should post the video with the same or similar title to their article.

    1. Let me give you a summary:
      “Basement-dwelling, Rapist, Trump advocate”
      There, so don’t waste your time like I did.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. I’m not a pro public speaker or anything, I just find hand gestures and such most effective when used sparingly

    2. Personally, i like that he moves about and is very animated, shows that he’s off the cuff, not coached trained and scripted like the MSM.
      He’s REAL, and thats what I like about him

    1. why do these lesbian feminists always look like small boys?
      (edited to acknowledge the important contribution of the red pill lesbian community)

      1. Not only do they not allow comments, they are afraid to even put an email address out there. But hey, they give you their twitter, so you can have one way communication to read other such amazing journalistic masterpieces as “The Most Florida Year Ever” and “Three Words. Oregon Militia Erotica”
        They are paid off clickbait, and nothing more. In that sense, I guess they didn’t totally fail, as they will try to milk a “rape” headline for whatever it’s worth.

        1. Vice is now owned mostly by Disney, they just increased their share MASSIVELY.
          The Vice started by Gavin Mcinnes is dead.
          He sold his shares out of the company he created years ago when he saw the writing on the wall.
          He’s still Alpha as FUCK.
          Check out his spots on Rebel Media, and/or his show on The Anthony Cumia Network.
          HIGHLY recommended

        2. Gavin Mcinnes and Roosh are brothers from another mother. I enjoy and appreciate both of their perspectives, and the interview Gavin did with Roosh a while back was great.

        3. His interview with Ezra Levant, also a friend of Gavin’s, was excellent too.
          He actually HAD done his homework, unlike these clowns

      2. They aren’t writing and allowing for rebuttals because they know they are full of shit. One reason why Disqus no longer supports down votes. It hurts the feeling of little narcissitic snowflakes.

    2. His article is actually more balanced than the one on the DailyBeast.
      The actually write there that “Though he boasted innumerable sexual conquests in dozens of countries, no woman has yet come forward to corroborate his claims”.
      I just copied and pasted that from the Beast article, it’s real.

        1. No comments allowed? Blow me down with a feather. My favourite bit is them citing the Southern Poverty Law Centre to bolster their biased reporting, an organisation which surely has zero credibility left.

      1. yeah like women a woman Roosh slept with is accidently going to 1) stumble on that article 2) decide to expose herself to troll media 3) do all of this within 1 day.

      2. “Though he boasted innumerable sexual conquests in dozens of countries, no woman has yet come forward to corroborate his claims”.
        That type of fallacious, poorly-written, juvenile nonsense is what passes for journalism these days. No woman “has yet come forward” phrases it like any chick who slept with him was witness to a heinous crime. Are they asserting that Roosh has never been laid? Jesus.

        1. I suppose that is the hamster rationalization why he has never been accused of rape: he never actually had sex with any women.

        2. And easily rationalized due to classic projection–many of his most rabid accusers are men who actually haven’t ever had sex with a woman.

    3. Notice how his top shirt button is buttoned. Lame, looks weak.
      What man has his top button done when not in a formal event? LOL

        1. I thought I’d make an account to help get the word out about Return of Kings. Many people on Breitbart are very receptive to our ideas – hopefully can direct some of them our way.

    4. This specimen here is the reason why as a young Shitlord i disregarded the “can’t judge a book by its cover” fuckery mostly women tried to instill in me against my budding superior masculinity.

    5. What on earth is that creature? Good grief I’ve shat more masculine things in my toilet following a massive grilling session and protein shake explosion following heavy sets. I bet this thing doesn’t have even gonads to speak of-probably they’re analogous to phantom limbs.

    6. That is an article coming from a website which posts horoscope stuff.
      By the way, the estrogen is strong with that one.

    7. It’s funny how just as soon as someone realizes that Roosh didn’t actually support rape, they go to saying, “Oh, this guy isn’t a real threat. He’s just a basement dweller.”
      So they go from saying he’s a psychopathic monster, to he’s some delusional idiot that no one really listen’s to.

    8. Lol is this a joke ? Someone who looks like this has the audacity to spew accusations of un-manliness out of his mouth while looking like this ? For Christ`s sake , his mustache just bloomed in like a 12 year old.

      1. To him, he is a man. Liberals have re-defined “manliness.”
        Just like they’ve re-defined the meanings of everything that upsets them… like racism, bigotry, slavery, rape… and now they work on re-defining math itself.
        Ex. A liberal male.

    9. This guy is rather slow on the uptake. Roosh explained that he was visiting his mother but lives in Europe but this punter still wants to call him a basement dweller. Maybe he was trying to be witty and metaphorical in which as he is even worse at satire than Roosh is.

    10. Technically he is. He’s an unemployed greasy Eurotrash looking piece of shit who lives with his folks. He’s clearly never touched a woman.

      1. You have the reasoning ability of a gnat. In your world, writers and entrepreneurs are “unemployed” and a resident of Europe who visits his mother “lives with his folks”. Alternatively you are just anther lying liar who lies because the truth is too difficult for you to engage with.

        1. Being an adult and living with mommy is infantile, Europe or the U.S. The “man” is trash. He’s obviously lying about nearly everything, since I GUARANTEE he has never known the touch of a woman he didn’t pay for. Watta loser!

        2. Also writing a blog and a few shitty self-published books does not an author make. He’s unemployed and probably on the dole.

        3. Yeah right!
          And juging people by where they live or how many women they’ve slept with, is real adult.
          Sorry buddy, but if you want to be taken seriously here, you will need to up your game.

        4. Chris, you may be on the wrong site, this is where ‘Men’ come to talk.
          In any case, spare us your snide speculations, that crap doesn’t work around here.

        5. Calm down my snarky friend. I was merely pointing out that you are wasting your time here.
          There are plenty of FRA sites where you male feminists can compare tampons.

        6. LOL. The way you keep spitting out “MRA” anyone would think you don’t believe men should have any rights.
          BTW. You are pissing up the wrong tree, there are very few MRA’s on here.
          There are a few FFAs (Fat Feminist Activists) hiding behind male user names though.

    11. “And not a single weight was ever lifted…no panties ever moistened”…………HA HA HA HA. Doesn’t take much to say that he is a mangina cuckold.

      1. His game is so tight he probably wouldn’t have to worry about her changing her mind. Still, video tape it just as one would use a condom.

    1. Isn’t it more that he saw, he conquered and then he came? That seems to be story of the 15 books he has written.

  6. Roosh, you should have told them you were voting for Hillary, because she is pro-rape when it comes to all Bill’s girlfriends trying to out Bill.

  7. Roosh has demonstrated to be a King:
    They work with myriad things but do not control
    They create but do not possess
    They act but do not presume
    They succeed but do not dwell on success
    It is because they do not dwell on success
    That it never goes away.
    (Tao Te Ching, Translation by Derek Lin)

  8. “These journalists were totally unprepared. Weird questions, no research, low energy, all-around incompetence. ”
    That is typical DC media. I have to hand it to you Roosh. You have taken the term “rube” and made it into something really simple. I dont think the DC media even knew what hit them.

  9. Whatever apparent strength was lost by cancelling the meetings, Roosh made up for it with this press conference. Very Impressed.

  10. Look guys, this isn’t hard to understand. Let me draw a syllogism for you shitlords defending Roosh:
    1. Roosh wrote an article about rape
    2. Rape should never be joked about or satirized
    3. Therefore Roosh is a pro-rape rape supporter who wants to legalize rape and all his friends were meeting up for this very reason
    There are no holes in my logic. You cannot assail my invincible syllogism. You may try, you will fail.

    1. You obviously don’t know what a syllogism is because what you wrote isn’t a syllogism. What you have written are just three unrelated sentences,

        1. Probably because you are on defense mode due to stupid/ presumptuous accusations … It’s understandable.

      1. You dare to approach my throne, from here I sit you appear as an ant. Let me school you on the epistemology of your Weltanschauung. It is clearly known, a priori, that your posterior has obtained a functional superposition within the field of your nucleus. With a proper orthopraxy and an ontological proscription I can help you disentangle the neural and fecal particles .

      1. That is a problem that most super intellectual bulletproof philosophers like me have to deal with. And by the way, welcome to the Internet, I can see you’re new here.

        1. yeah sgt has been around for ever. i think i probably first saw him in the female pilot article a whiles back.

    2. Only pussies buy into the feminist limp wristed bull$hit that rape cannot be joked about.
      We joke about men getting raped, or their dicks getting cut off, but pussies pedestalizing women cry too hard when a rape joke about women appears.

    3. The conclusion doesn’t follow from the premises of which #2 is questionable at best.
      Feminist logic.
      In law school I learned three oxymorons:
      Civil litigation (it isn’t)
      Legal reasoning (they don’t)
      Feminist thought

  11. To Roosh.. I admit I used to dislike you. Now I get ya-like ya -and admire the heck out of your tenacity. You gots gonads and conviction. We need more men like you in America. Tired of the weak milksops.
    It’s also very apparent to me that you love and respect your mother very much. And so your spending time with your beloved mom= basement dweller? Really now? Since when does merely visiting ones mom when one lives out of the country equate to one being a basement dwelling loser. The assumptions of these retards is beyond belief.
    You might not make millions but it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that you do pretty well for yourself and don’t have to rely on anyone for support. As a woman I am touched by any man who honors his mother- I hope my son will one day do the same. After watching you berate those idiots at that press conference I be a proud mom if you were my son. Your mom is blessed.
    These people need to be exposed for the frauds they are. And you did so exquisitely. It was horrible how they treated you guys- nothing more than a group of men getting together to have a few beers, discuss the state of the world, and yeah- women.. Harmless.. Meanwhile the real rape culture is thriving and coming to a town near you. WAKE UP dipshits.
    God bless and take care.

  12. Roosh, next time, get a blackboard and have the naughty journalists write a hundred lines promising not to lie any more
    My assessment: Roosh Veni, Roosh Vidi, Roosh Vici

  13. Most of the stories are already written. They just need to get some soundbites (in or out of context, doesn’t matter) to attach to their narrative.

  14. I love how aggressive he is from the outset and puts them in their place. Most people accept his frame and even the few dissenters get laughed at by their own comrades when Roosh starts fighting back against their BS questions. WELL FUCKING DONE ROOSH, you’ve got my vote buddy!

    1. It could be my imagination but it appeared that a hostile female journalist early in the piece, Roosh had eating out of his hands towards the end.

  15. I’d say next time invite some friendly media outlets like Rebel Media here in Canada to counter the very limp wristed, leading questions from the media that were present.
    Would also like to know which outlets were there so we can follow up and see what trash they write.
    All in all considering the pressure of being public enemy number one of a bunch of SJW’s, feminists, swarthy politicans and so called “journalists,” that a disgrace to their profession, I think Roosh pulled it off fairly well!

    1. If you ever want to know where all the douchebags in the U.S. congregate, Vice and the Daily Beast are at the epi-centre of douchebaggery.
      There’s something truly loathsome and contemptible about both their “journalists” and their readers.

      1. What’s even more ironic is that Vice was Gavin McInnis’s creation. He left the company a few years back and it got blue-pill as fuck.

        1. Watch his show on the Anthony Cumia Network, he goes on about it ALL. THE. TIME.
          Such a smart guy, got out well and truly before this GARBAGE came down the line, and was able to completely distance himself from it at the same time

    2. I think if the take away from the press conference still has these cretins writing “PRO-RAPE” headlines that Roosh should enquire about taking legal action. The RoK readers might want to contribute to a fund that pays for lawyers and maybe we could even benefit from the spoils of those lawsuits to fund our future meetings. Dinner meetings on the media anyone?

      1. It’s almost unbelievable that Roosh can spend an hour clearing the air and stating in no uncertain terms that he is not pro-rape and yet the Daily Beast comes out of that meeting and immediately calls him pro-rape again.

    3. The dailybeast is a shit rag… I am sure Roosh could have beat the shit of this puny faggot journalist during the conference but then he would have been charged with something.

  16. Roosh V’s question to the press:
    “What happened in New Year’s Eve in Cologne… does anyone know… someone?”
    Their response:
    Fucking crickets…
    Roosh, what you’ve helped to uncover is the blatant anti-White agenda within our establishment. Many people knew this before, but your work has been instrumental in helping to uncover this agenda to hundreds (if not thousands) of men.

    1. none of them even bothered to offer an apology afterwards knowingly fully well the were unjust and unfair, like there’s no ethics in this game anymore

  17. These “journalists” look like they came straight out of a Bernie Sanders rally. Roosh should have never met with them, he simply provided them with more ammunition, and made himself look weak. Never explain or apologize! – for God’s sake. Cut off their oxygen (information).

      1. He should have invited him to watch one hour’s worth of clips of European women getting abused- and then
        walked out without even speaking to them.

        1. Well, just have a look at the Vice and Daily Beast articles on this press conference. It proves your point: it’s futile to reason with these fucking morons. The degenerate at Vice mentions “basement dweller”, in reference to Roosh, about a half-dozen times in the article. Is this type of people with whom one wants to remain civil?
          As “eye-talians” say, “get da fauck atta hea!”

        2. A few of us will be in the minority. Those punks should have been treated like trash- since their hive-minds were already made up. Roosh was too much of a gentleman.

  18. Winning in their show trials isn’t going to happen. Best to do away with rational discourse and argument and just do whatever you want. The majority of these people couldn’t be trusted to make pasta. They are dependents. Its sad how the urban side folded so quickly. Got crazy bitches walking down the street naked and yet we cannot have a meetup of discussion and manners.

  19. If you ever have another interview, you might want to mention in more detail the diverse articles. Lots of people (including myself) are not all that interested in the PUA stuff. Much more the politics, guns, religion’ society.
    With a pro-dude twist, as you just can’t find that anywhere now except a small niche culture.

    1. Or at atleast dudes that don’t have mancaves and think the lawn is their fiefdom. I respect the Hank Hills of the world but this garbage has to stop

  20. They only showed up to gather more material to use against him. I would have invited them to sit down and ask questions, instead of giving and extended apology and essentially opening up to further energy drain. Those punks were simply not worth it.

  21. Question from press guy:
    “What is your justification for believing that women should be submissive?”
    It just goes to show that these people are completely lost. The concept of women submitting (at least in some ways) to their men is present in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It can also be logically derived from evolutionary psychology. In other words, this concept has for thousands of years served as one of mankind’s guiding principles.
    Gentlemen… I’m to the point where I just want to throw my hands up like an angry feminist and say:
    “Wow. Just wow. I. I… I can’t even…”

    1. As if there is any sort of scientific research supporting feminism or trannies or any of that shit. It’s an absurd question to ask.

      1. There are mountains of scientific evidence supporting feminism… the problem is that they made it up. The bigger problem is that colleges and universities don’t care because they make tons of money with various bullshit studies courses that women and betas looking to get laid love.

  22. Roosh, listen –
    You don’t know me.
    I don’t know you.
    But I want you to know that I watched the entire video above, and I want to tell you that I applaud you for your bravery.
    Seriously bro.
    I recently published an article titled:
    “A Surprising Look At Kratom From An Ex-Heroin Addict”
    I talked about my past, my drug addiction and my friends that died due to heroin overdoses.
    I cried writing the article.
    I’m the last person that any of my readers/followers would expect to cry-
    -because my entire site is about how I’ve fucked 100+ girls, got ripped, started my own personal training business, etc., someone that my dudes look up to and expect to not have feelings.
    But I’m human too. And I did cry. I miss my friends.
    I didn’t want to publish it.
    I was scared people were going to judge me.
    Because of men like you, I had the courage to publish it.
    And because of that, I received an overwhelming amount of support from people all over the internet.
    The American Kratom Association founder Susan Ash commented on my blog.
    I was #1 for ‘#kratom’ on Twitter for a couple hours.
    There were dozens of emails from men saying that the article touched their souls and had made them cry too.
    Some even from people that had lost friends as well.
    I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me, Roosh.
    Even if you never read this.
    Thank you man.
    Your shit is dope.
    -Mike Chagares
    #1 Men’s Self-Improvement Vlogger
    (type ‘mens self improvement vlogger’ on Google. My site: is halfway down the first page)

    1. I’m crying laughing and unable to read past the ‘ex-herion addict’ part cause the laughter is shaking my vision… but now i feel bad after having been able to read past it.

        1. I misread your name for Mike Chang, the krotom dealer, whom i sometimes wonder is for real, that makes sponsor posts here until i went to your website to read more.

    2. If you are the “#1 Men’s Self-Improvement Vlogger”, how come your name isn’t at the top of the Google search?

  23. He should have invited him to watch one hour’s worth of clips of European women getting abused- and then walked out without even speaking to them. Even better, have someone issue an apology that Roosh had an emergency at the last minute and couldn’t make it to the conference. Then Skype in from Europe. Humiliate them by not being there in person.

        1. Seeing that Twitter page reminds me why I don’t have Twitter in the first place. Can’t make a coherent argument in less than 180 characters, short of the strategically placed fuck you.

        2. It’s actually quite fun because you can engage with actual media figures, politicians, celebrities and meet people that have similar views and form a community. It blows Facebook away.

        3. I see your point. I just don’t think I can keep up. Plus I got sausage fingers. Can’t type on my phone fast enough.

    1. Yes, Katie. In the middle of the meeting, I am sure he was thinking, “What is Katie Nelson doing now? I wish I could be buy her a drink instead heading back to Eastern Europe, where I am forced to stomach the image of a slim, feminine Ukranian women who’ve never heard of Bella Abzug.”

    2. If you have spent years cruising clubs picking up chicks, and not been slapped, or had a drink thrown on you, or been called an asshole, then you are just not trying hard enough.
      The guys I know who haven’t had any of these things happen, are the ones who get no pussy.

    1. Such a strong empowered feminist. I’m sure she can defend herself and doesn’t need white male patriarchy to rescue her when the crisis isn’t a manufactured hoax.

    2. Couldn’t make it all the way through that short video.
      Talk about absolute degeneracy.
      All of the so called “stereotypes” and “hate facts” that we talk about here in the manosphere (such as Beta male traits and slut tells) translate so well into the real world with videos like this – it angers and amuses me at the same time!

    3. Coloured hair, fake glasses in a vain attempt to look “intellectual/smart”
      Useless diction, that annoying upward vocal inflection that only Feminists seem to do, and an utterly pathetic, emasculated, scarf wearing FAGGOT of a Cheerleader.
      Take a look boys, THIS is our Opposition.
      Think that they’ll win???

        1. That little fag looks like he should be condemned by PETA for all the gerbils he’s suffocated in his rectum.

    4. Oh my gawd!! Clan of the big glasses with pink hair and anorexia. I’d keep a close eye on Mr. Lispy because he definitely will steal your lipstick.
      Now honey, be a good girl and go make me a samich.

      1. He looks like Egon from Ghostbusters and that chick reminds me of Janine. Wonder if she’ll let him splatter some “ectoplasma” tonite.

    5. “Have respect for the person you’re having sex with”
      Sorry, when a girl that I just met earlier in the day or week spreads her legs for me, I have zero respect for her. Pump and dump till I settle down with a nice, foreign conservative girl. Respect must be earned, and you’re not gonna earn any by riding the cock carousel. 6.5/10 WB.

    6. We cancelled the meeting. That wasn’t our meeting spot though so these people are a little retarded… Hey feminists ever think of carrying a fire arm for self defence, didn’t think so. Also, your nerd punches would make a baby giggle.

      1. Message me if you are in Toronto because we are planning on getting together in the near future anyhow. Or add me on Twitter @jadeaube

      1. They carry their boxing gloves with them at all times and if they are ever confronted with a ‘rapist’ he’ll patiently wait while she puts the gloves on. He’ll even do up the laces for her as she can’t do them with the gloves on without assistance.

  24. The past few days have definitely been an eye opener for me. Seeing how absolutely corrupt the media is, seeing the vileness of feminists and their ilk in the comments sections. Perhaps I was still a bit deluded because my day to day interactions are always respectful, even in debate. I could not comprehend the level of depravity I was witnessing. I came to the realization just how much power these people have to destroy lives. Power that comes from an absolute lack of morality.
    I will admit to feeling fear, a coldness that crawls up the spine once realization sets in that my beliefs make me a target. I thought I understood that many would disagree with my beliefs, but this is far more than simple disagreement, no they would actually and truly despise me.
    Watching this video was absolutely inspiring. I saw in Roosh strength, freedom, and courage. He has built himself a lifestyle that allows him to speak out for our beliefs while being able to weather the attacks afterwards. There is no fear, only strength of conviction, and freedom from those that seek to oppress and destroy.
    I have decided that it is no longer enough to be focused on self improvement. It is now time to be focused on developing a lifestyle that will allow me to speak and act in accordance with my beliefs, with the same strength of conviction and freedom from those that wish me harm.

    1. Roosh lived the maxim. “Never apologize, never back down.”
      He doesn’t have shit to apologize for. The traditional media are frauds, liars and 100% behind a globalist agenda. If anyone should apologize it is the media.

  25. I’m reminded of Hannibal’s victory at Cannae… let the Romans taste victory….and then envelop them and annihilate them. Roosh is the Hannibal to the corrupt republics of the west.

  26. Meanwhile, Obama proposes the most sexist and racist tax of any from his administration. A $10 tax on each barrel of oil produced. It is a regressive tax. It is racist because the cost would fall on minorities, which are known to have less money. Sexist, because women earn less than men all the time so goes the leftist narrative. And don’t forget all those single moms with bastards kids. Ask your libtard friends about this and see what they say.

  27. Roosh aced this press release, the meetups were a big win for him. The tabloids are retreating some of the bullshit they made up about him. He’s about to be a major player if he can get some mainstream interviews. Roosh should do as many interviews with better qualified right-leaning journalists as possible.
    Everyone with a brain saw right through the blatant media lies this weekend. It was a sham job, they know it, Roosh called their asses out on it, and he should continue to do so.
    I am waiting for Roosh to release a political/worldview book.

    1. The thing with them is their hamster wheels are well lubed. They’re already throwing the “journalists” under the bus by claiming they were bush leaguers.

  28. I watched the Roosh Press Conference, and I loved it. Good job, Roosh. You handled yourself well.
    I’m still totally disgusted by the lying media though….

  29. Oh, and I almost forgot…
    Before this press conference, I argued with these SJW idiots over and over….and explained that Roosh’s article was about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    And Roosh immediately confirmed this in the conference.
    But the progressives and SJWs still don’t understand satire.

    1. But the progressives and SJWs still don’t understand satire.

      They don’t understand it because they don’t want to understand it. All that matters to them is the narrative. Facts are irrelevant to them.

  30. I wrote a blog post in support of you. This was a great press conference! Apparently the only group that can’t have a safe space are your men’s groups. Way to stand up to the bullies! I’m sorry they are hurting your family and I hope your name is cleared. You’re totally using the Trump effect, this is a great time for you to get a public forum and I appreciate you using it to defend women from the real threat.

    1. Yeah… this part from him is really weak. I still don’t understand all the Australia tweets. Receiving attention is fine, but gentlemen, our meetings got cancelled. Roosh may get visits and clicks and shit, but as a ROK member I feel completely ripped off.

  31. This was absolutely awesome, but the best part was probably the “do you lift” part. I laughed out loud

  32. Breaking news: Roosh and ROK destroyed the mainstream media, politicians, social justice warriors, feminists and more of our enemies in one weekend.

  33. Cynical old guy here. I disagree—they got what they wanted, more ammunition against Roosh. They gave nothing since they already trashed him and were not going to change their minds. Roosh, you need to rethink your media strategy.

    1. Doesn’t matter. They’re going to spin it no matter what he does. Imo, he did the best thing by having this press conference. It shows he believes enough in his own convictions to stand up to his accusers. Would have been worse if he just quietly left because then they’d paint him as a coward who went into hiding.

  34. Good one. It’s a way to put the MSM on their ass….the same way that Trump is doing it. He’s on stage calling out the bullshit that’s been going on for decades with our politicians. Roosh is doing the same thing with the mainstream media.
    One example is the mass rape and violations going on in Europe. People have a double standard when it comes to this shit. Muslims do it in Cologne and SJWs ignore it. Roosh comes along and they make up nonsense and they lose their shit. It’s ridiculous and Roosh is calling them out on it (and the media for supporting it).
    Bravo, and it’s a reason why I’m a member of ROK.

    1. I was thinking something insanely metal with ridiculous duelling guitar solos that had all the crazy technical arpeggios, sweep and alternate picking, tremolo and so on-like an over the top Wagnerian bombast that crushes all the mangina bitchboys in its wake. Feminazis and those pathetic excuses for ‘men’ are scared of the metal because it is an uncompromisingly masculine and aggressive form of expression that kowtows to nobody and nothing.

  35. Female Reporter: (snobby Tone) Do you acknowledge that any of your writings Might be Genuinely Offensive?
    Roosh: So What!
    Like a Boss!
    She was expecting an apology and an explanation because she’s probably used to dealing with Beta’s who apologize for their Existence. Probably her first time Meeting a Man who Maintains Frame.

    1. My favourite part of the entire sweet smackdown. Roosh said it over and over. “So what”. Be offended. Enough said. That’s my mantra. Don’t play their game, don’t be earnest, don’t try to appease, don’t try to reason. Don’t give a flying fuck what they think.

  36. Thanks for posting this! I was looking forward to seeing it after it came up at the Atlanta meet-up. Was great.

  37. Love the mangina dweeb trying to argue with him, and the shrew at the back – women good, men bad. Feminism good, men with political views bad. Pendulum is swinging. Thanks, Roosh.

  38. You certainly deserved a drink after enduring such poor company. 5 years and out of a job, absolute gold. Can’t wait!

  39. So in an atheist blog According to Matthew over at Patheos Atheism, I just got accused of stereotypes. Specifically the boxing Toronto chicks that wanted to go after ROKers for being “rapists”. Yet, in the pic below, the chicks clearly want to be taken seriously as asskickers. Although they look like poseurs to me. If you want to get in the action, just go to my Disqus profile. If they want to invade this space, they might get theirs invaded too.

    1. C’mon girls, take the damn gloves off, and make me a chicken pot pie. Oh and grab me a beer while you’re in the kitchen.

    2. This pic is friggin’ absurd! Would these women take this stance against real criminals? I think not, because they know convicted male felon would have no reservation about kicking the ever living shit out of them. Guys with 9-5s and hipsters can’t fight back.

    3. It’s a good idea that they wear boxing gloves while being raped. The last thing a rapist wants to hear is her whining if she breaks a nail.

      1. I laughed so hard I nearly had scotch come out of my noise. One of my bad protein shake farts would rip them to pieces and God help them if they laid a finger on me-I’ve learned some insane catch wrestling holds and cranks that would shatter bones and tear ligaments. Not bragging but in a self defence situation I am weaponised and am an equal opportunity destroyer of worlds.

    4. This is absolutely hysterical, do they think they are menacing or something? Not one of those faces have ever been hit by a bare knuckles punch, not impressed.

    5. The only thing scary about them is that once you swatted them like flies after they assaulted you, then YOU will be arrested.

    1. Just when you think the rapugees can’t any worse, they sink to a new low. So does that mean we can freely rape a woman and shout to everyone to stand clear because it’s an emergency?

  40. The ‘mob’ of presstitutes were fishing for their desired incriminating soundbytes and then they gave up. The sound was a half of a second off in the vid and it appeared for a second that Roosh flashed a micro silent ‘tongue wiggle’ at the ‘quiet’ female reporter after she spoke. It was only the delay in audio but in the sound pause afterwards, I thought I heard a slight squeal from her back corner. Was she fraught with irresistable tingles? No, it was just the delay in the sound. Or maybe?

    1. As in near Oakland? HAH!!!! Think any liberals and SJWs wanna get that close to a murder capital and crime ridden town where they might ACTUALLY be raped?

  41. Rabbi Simeon Bar Yochai hid in a cave for 13 years. Dead sea scrolls were hidden for 2000 years aprox. We may need to put RoK teachings underground until the angry mob move onto their next drama.

  42. So 2nd question “blah…blah…offended!”
    Anytime anyone claims “Waaaaah!!! I’m offended! What they are really saying is, ‘I lack the requisite maturity to control my emotions and I expect everyone else to do it for me!”

  43. It was a pretty amazing performance. Listened to it today, and I felt like I should be taking notes. Made an MP3 of it, so I can listen again and again. Every time one of those reporters tried to derail, Roosh brought them back to the points he was there to make. Looking forward to how they will try to spin this when they do their write ups.

    1. They won’t. They have nothing to take from the interview that helps their cause. Plus the general public is dumb and don’t really care about the truth. For the media it’s ,On to the next witch hunt!

  44. I think if the take away from the press conference still has these cretins writing “PRO-RAPE” headlines that Roosh should enquire about taking legal action. The RoK readers might want to contribute to a fund that pays for lawyers and maybe we could even benefit from the spoils of those lawsuits to fund our future meetings. Dinner meetings on the media anyone?

    1. It’d be lovely to sup on single malt scotch whiskey and wagyu steaks courtesy of the media jackals. Let’s go for the throat.

  45. those little DSLR cameras they’re shooting with….. if you add color editing and post-effects you can get cinema-quality views from them right?
    I always wondered why local news, they use expensive cameras yet the shot looks bland as fuck. so is color editing the only difference making cinema look more ‘expensive’, so to speak?

    1. Color correction and post edit will do wonders. Also it’s the lense. If you throw on a 55mm or 85mm l series lense on canon, it shoots like a michael bay film (cinematography quality not film quality lol)

  46. I am amazed some girl hasn’t made a false rape allegation against Roosh yet, or someone will be paid to.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but they must fear the ruse falling apart, being proved wrong publicly and unwittingly becoming the path to his public vindication. It would be horrific for them.

      1. Horrific for them and fantastic for us-it would put a poisoned dagger right into the biggest head of the feminazi hydra-cutting it off and then burying it under a rock as Heracles did.

  47. Like someone else wrote in a comment recently, this is simply an attempt to shame so called beta males back on to the plantation. Fuck them, we are not slaves and we’ll show them the world will burn before we submit to their demands.

  48. Better five minutes as an eagle than a lifetime as a fly-hail to thee Roosh: smasher of the media jackals.

  49. Timing is everything.
    I think one of the smartest moves in this interview, was Roosh’s control of the timing.
    He gave the reporters only a certain amount of time to ask questions. “finish at 8… I have other things to do”… I think I heard him say.
    Warning when down to 5 mins, and then last question.
    If the interview had dragged on indefinitely, it would have made him look like he was desperate to tell them his story. And the media would have moved off track (as they did anyway), and started asking even more off-topic and ridiculous questions.
    A good strategy.
    But aside from the timing. Roosh conducted himself very well. Shut down idiot questions, elaborated only when required, and didn’t let them put words in his mouth.
    Control the frame. Good work.

  50. I watched the whole thing so I could comment accurately. In all I’d say 7525 in favor of Roosh Valzideh. There were a couple moments that he stumble a bit so I can’t say he totally demolished, but if I had to say who won the debate it would obviously be him.
    Yes, I do view it as a debate.

  51. Journalists ?. What a joke they were.
    It was quite obvious from the questions, that virtually none of the journalists had done their homework. Judging by what they said, it seems that none of them had read any of the articles from the blogs or ROK.
    Not a single one had any knowledge of Roosh’s writings, beyond the headlines cut and pasted from feminist websites.
    I think they simply underestimated Roosh’s interview skills, and intelligence. They believed the media innuendo that Roosh is a caveman. They expected that all they had to do was ask him about rape and his views on women, and he would launch into a misogynistic pro-rape tirade, and they just had to make sure the cameras were rolling while he hung himself.
    If they had done their research, they would have known this was not going to happen. Because, as he pointed out many times, all the headlines were based on lies. And a smart guy is not going to allow himself to be on camera, validating lies circulated by the very institutions manning the cameras.
    Thus, he wiped the floor with them, as they deserved.

  52. Holy shit. There so much out of that which verbatim came from idiocracy. Dude that’s fucking nuts.
    Thank you for all you do Roosh!

  53. And look at what the opponents pick out of the press conference instead of looking at the bigger picture:
    Roosh holds press conference, declares support for Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Gets A Not-So-Coveted Nod From Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh
    Donald Trump Gets A Not-So-Coveted Nod From Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh

  54. Roosh you looked understandably so upset but don’t let the MSM get under your skin. The more you look agitated the more they feed on it. You were right on with your answers. Also don’t pound water like it is a martini. If you have anxiety before you go on stage (which the most famous do) pop 1/2 gram of xanax. The marching back and forth commands the stage but it also leaves the impression that you need to control territory that is now virtual. Anyway good job and hope we can do tribal meet ups sometime soon.

    1. Good analysis of the body language. He did very well but the signs of nervousness were quite evident. I would add that he needs to improve on his dress code too – worn out jeans, black baseball cap and simple t-shirt – no good. As a leader of a movement he needs to look far more presentable than that.
      Partly the reason why he owned them was because those were lightweight junior journalists.

      1. The best stage presence I have seen anyone have on TV in a long time is that old announcer from Family Feud someone posted a link to in the comments section of another article. Man that guy commanded presence. I have watched that thing six times over and get a new tip or trick every single time. I can’t find the link now but go watch it if you haven’t yet. Amazing stuff. That guy might have been one of the true last Alphas before feminism ruined the generations.
        Plus one on attire. The whole “who cares what I wear thing it is what I say, do, etc.” thing has really poisoned our culture. I’m not saying that Roosh probably doesn’t realize he should have shown up in some nicer duds (and the impromptu nature probably played into it a bit too) but anyone who does public speaking should be very aware that your credibility is assessed based almost solely out of the words that come out of your mouth in the first twenty seconds you start talking AND your attire. When they do surveys it splits about half and half.
        Good work Roosh. Before you know it Fox News will be coming to you to sign up as an analyst. Then MSNBseen will hire you just to argue with Rachel Madcow for an hour. The future is bright for you. Just stay out of Nothern European countries so that way a fake rape allegation doesn’t make you sit in an Ecuadorian embassy for a few years.

    1. He’s a better writer than a speaker but he has polished his delivery in just the last few months from the Toronto event last August. It’s something h should work on because I think it will be more important in the coming years.

  55. When you are persecuted by the majority and the establishment, you know you are doing something right.

    1. By the way, I would like to thank you for your blog, which I read regularly.
      A very fine piece of work.

  56. We are at a point where SJW “journalists” are happy to make up lies and slander people in their articles. They have completely lost the point of journalism.

  57. That was brilliant. Turned the tables on the media liars.
    I loved the reverse Q&A, where he asks the lying minions questions.

  58. Oh my god Roosh is explaining the English language to a group of professional journalists. No wonder the standard of reporting is so poor when the journalists have such a poor grasp on their native language.

  59. Roosh ought to live like a monk now or at least stay away from western women, because he’s likely to become an easy target for a false rape allegation.

    1. I could see that happening. Some vindictive but pretends to be legitimate, the goes Wicked-tier insane and sets him of to be advised, probably killed. #TrustNoOne

  60. These media jackals are an absolute joke-they didn’t even bother to research anything and are only belching whatever they think of to peddle an agenda and incite all the mongoloid Socialist Jihadi Wankers into a foaming lynch mob. I would have loved to have spoken-I would have eviscerated the lot of them verbally.

  61. There is a good article by Colin Liddell that pretty much hits the nail on the head about what is really going on here. As he says, Roosh is being offered up as a scapegoat to the masses in order to redirect their anger over things such as the rapes in Europe by ‘asylum seekers’.
    As a man of middle Eastern heritage, with a large audience of mainly young white men, a player, a significant figure in the alt-right scene, Roosh fits the perfect profile of a patsy that can be offered up to the masses as a convenient target of their rage.
    It is extraordinary the level of viciousness and hatred that was directed at what was just a bunch of like-minded guys looking to meet up and talk over a few drinks and the like.

  62. Ummm, like OMG. Like my names like Britney. Like OMG, last night I went to this crazy concert, like OMG I got like sooooooo drunk and like hooked up with the drummer. Like OMG, his neck tattoos were like sooooooo hot, just like the movies. LOL! Oh look, cute squirrel. Selfie selfie selfie. #squirellsarecute #squirellslivesmatters
    Like OMG! Ewwww, I heard you guys were all rapists Ewwww, go away rapists! Ewwww
    Like OMG, look the bachelors on. Like OMG, I’d sooooo hook up with him.
    Ewwwww, rapists!!

    1. Sniff! sob!! The drummer didn’t answer my texts. I think I was raped and my drink was spiked because I don’t remember anything. Sniff! sob!!!

  63. What a masterclass in maintaining frame. I would have fallen to bits, voice shaking, etc., but my word, that was an impressive display amidst all those lying hacks.

  64. Feminism dominates a narrative which elevates normal women into shrills
    Males slowly lose respect for women who emerge out of this ideology and begin to form their own lifestyles off the plantation
    Feminists, instead of changing their attitudes, double down by trying to silence the plantation-escapers
    Males with integrity become more resolved to leave plantation.
    Next stage: EITHER an amicable split (manosphere allowed to flourish) OR state-enforced captivity (public school indoctrination).
    Most reasonable people would respect option one as a fundamental right of a person. HOWEVER, we have entered feminism 3.0/BLM mobs, MSM lying.
    Things will get much worse, but at least men made their case.

  65. I didn’t think you came across very well when you were on Dr Oz’s show, so I was curious to see how this would go.
    You freaking nailed it. Confident, well spoken, condescending when appropriate. I hope a lot more people see this video!

    1. He made a follow-up video about his apperance on Dr. Oz in which he explains that his was basically a hit piece. He was told that he was going to be on a panel discussion about obesity. What happen instead is they set him up in front of angry crowd of landwhales and manginas and didn’t let him explain his position. He was so shocked that he didn’t know how to react.

  66. Excellent press conference.
    Shutting down the dialogue from cliched feminist reporter:
    “but my feelings!!!!”
    Roosh: “So What?”
    Hard to hear reporters, but don’t need to…
    Have not heard Roosh speak before. Must say I admire you as a person. Seem like a man’s man, and you get pussy — well done.
    Only criticism would be less animated in a press conference. And less “defense/explanation/justification”. just like you did above.
    Understandably you were traumatized by the stalking/harassment etc…
    Stalking is another powerful tool of the communist hoards.
    You are fortunate to be mobile. Your home, business, personal life, kids, schools, clubs, friends -everything, would be compromised by now…if you had such anchoring.
    I agree with others. Do not respond to any female offers – you will be set up with a classic honey trap; and will be forced to bunk with Julien Assange in a foreign consulate…
    We all must develop stoic unilateral statements to counter the cliched boiler plate lies, dis-information, and disruption form the communist hoards.
    Things such as:
    “I am stating facts”
    “So what if you are offended?”
    “You have no right to – ‘NOT be offended’. ”
    In response to communist-hoard cliched screeching:
    “Those statements are lies.”
    “Here are the links to the truth.”
    Post as reply – before their nonsense is deleted.
    We all make the mistake of engaging them in logical rational debate.
    They don’t care. They are not out for truth or agreement. Only destruction.
    So is important not to engage them at all.
    Points and facts are ignored.
    They simply jump to another nonsensical lie. Ad Hominem attacks, straw men arguments, filibustering(screeching, chanting), deflections etc…
    Ignore everything, and add boiler plate:
    “All statements by this man-hating bigot are lies, here are the links to the truth…”
    End of conversation.
    Same as dealing with any woman…
    We should be able to establish a simple set of counter measures to ‘counter’ Alinsky’s rules for radicals etc…

    1. “We all make the mistake of engaging them in logical rational debate.
      They don’t care”
      I am guilty making this mistake time and time again. I must learn from my mistakes and never engage them , just ignore them. After all , ignorance is the most powerful reply and the only weapon against them for now.

      1. I’ll confess that engaging SJWs is my vice. Sometimes I do it for practice and sometimes I do it for the hell of it – kinda like the way a dog chases after car that passes in front of the porch. I do get something out of this from time to time, learning how to 1) quickly identify false claims and faulty thinking, 2) issue short answers that either get to the point or point out flaws in the other guy’s claims, 2) immediately dismiss silly claims with either a valid point or some form of ridicule that gives the appearance of being valid.

        1. I read that milo yiannopoulos often uses ridicule.
          i.e. Mock and shame their nonsense…
          These days (with friendly feminists) I occasionally make disingenuous, non-sequitors of: “that’s racist” etc..
          It does make them pause, and “double take” as they are inured to these made up nonsense terms, and don’t want to be guilty of them…
          I also try to get to route of issues — i.e ignore their made up modern names/acronyms and just call them communists or man-hating bigots…

        2. As a trial attorney, it is not your job to convince the witness that they are wrong. Your job is to play to the judge and jury and show them how stupid, unreliable or mendaciuous the witness is. Same thing when engaging with SJWs: never do it unless you have an audience who will fairly judge your respective positions. You won’t win over the SJW but when you lay a verbal smack down on them, you can win over fence sitters who happened to be watching.

        3. I agree with you 100%. I should have also mentioned that I often engage the SJWs for practice. They are good sparring partners and prepare me for the cucks. The SJWs are ignorant and undisciplined. The cucks, on the other hand, are more challenging.

  67. I’m about a third of the way through watching the video and I am stunned at the stupidity of the “journalists”. They are either fucking morons or are intentionally acting like ones. Probably 50-50. You can hear the smarmy SJWness in their voices, especially the uptalk faggotry of the male “journalists”.

  68. nailed it ma man. (Y) crushing commies of every version. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Roosh V. Following you from Pakistan. that’s right.

  69. Glad you are standing up for yourself. I didn’t support the internet blacklash on Zoe Quinn, so I certainly don’t agree with whats happening to you.

    1. That’s a shame you didn’t support a backlash against a rancid ugly whore that lied and cheated and colluded with others to lie in media.
      Good job burying your head in the sand. You go girl!

    2. The difference here is, the media was behind Zoe Quinn 100%, and vilifying the “horrible misogynist women haters of the internet”.

  70. I can’t believe the media can get away with telling lies and half-truths. For instance, one of the media mentioned during the press conference, “The Daily Beast”, still has a headline that reads “Pro-rape leader endorses Donald Trump”.
    1. Have they actually read a single ROK article?
    2. Isn’t there an ethics code to which journalists must adhere, in the US?
    3. Why isn’t anyone being sanctioned for this?

    1. I can’t believe the media can get away with telling lies and half-truths.

      They do it all the time. They’re not journalists but political activists.

    2. Probably they saw it as an opportunity to smear Trump as well, as in “Look what sort of supporters he has!”. Journalists are total scum nowadays.

  71. I’m looking through the comments. Has there been any other articles published about this conference other than the one Conrad linked below?

  72. It’s horrible to listen to grown adults demanding answers for being offended, an offense born out of lies resulting in confusion.
    The political left is an enforcement arm of the globalist puppeteer, the author of lies.

    1. Amen. That “wah wah” I’m offended shit is just getting so old. I like how he responded, that was the shit.

  73. I don’t agree with everything Roosh says but he is a threat to people that are fucking mentally unstable leftist who will use any method at their disposable to crush traditional values, family, healthy nationalism and culture. There is a war principally against White Europeans and men in general.
    Feminist endorse murder via abortion because they can’t be held responsible to have protected sex and not bat an eye. In their view murder is called “choice.”

    1. True but you left out one other thing that they want to crush. The thing they hate the most – patriarchy. It is a threat to them because many women want it too. They claim to speak for what is best for women but they seem to have a problem when a girl goes for a dominant man (and they often do). They contradict their own consent arguments. Women often want to, and enjoy, submitting to a man.

  74. A creepy lil mouse got his own life destroyed. Doom hits back. U hated muslims, now u got all u wanted serve us

  75. Excellent video and you handled yourself very well. My absolute favorite part though, just from a comedic perspective, was when you asked the guy, “do you lift?”

    1. May I clarify? You didn’t stand up for Roosh, that is clear from the first post in your thread. What you did is stand up for the right for someone to say what they think in the manner they choose; that’s free speech and the ideologue hordes do not approve of that.

  76. I thought it was really well done. The one thing I was surprised about was that Roosh didn’t plug his article “what is neomasculinity”, particularly when he was asked about his political beliefs. Instead of focusing on an article entitled “How to stop rape”, and then spinning it with the opposite meaning, the media would serve everyone better by grappling with these core beliefs.

    1. Agreed. Taking about neomasculinity would have put a nice positive spin on things but I think he was mostly in damage control mode and exposing the media lies.

        1. anti-feminist nonsense. It seems to follow a similar path to antisemitism. People have been so indoctrinated that they stand up for causes they don’t even know about. They treat any and all opinions to the contrary as an evil boogeyman that must be destroyed.

    1. He is arrogant but so what, Princess? Since you are too lazy to read the article, I’ll give you a hint: no! However, that wasn’t the damn point of the article; the point was for women to take some personal responsibility for their own safety instead of always relying on men.

      1. Um I don’t rely on men to protect me? I’m pretty sure most women don’t either? And a person getting raped isn’t there fault one bit and they are not responsible for it.

        1. You really need to read the article itself. Roosh made the point that if you parked your BMW in a bad neighbourhood and left the keys in the ignition, then whose fault is it if it gets stolen?
          A woman who gets drunk or stoned and then accompanies a strange man to his bedroom is relying on him to protect her; and if something happens then she will rely on the cops (mostly men), prosecutors (mostly men) and judges (mostly men) to enforce the law against someone who she thought had raped her.
          Even look at the calls for action to protest the meet ups: feminists were specifically asking for men to attend on their behalf.

        2. Why don’t you go swimming in a pool with hungry crocodiles and then tell them not to eat you. After all, it’s the crocodile’s fault for treating you as a prey.

        3. Don’t you know what an analogy is? My post was an analogy to emphasize a point.
          I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you have the intelligence to discern the difference between an analogy and literal meaning.

        4. comparing a women to a car? a woman getting drunk is not an open invitation to do whatever you want sorry. And also I didn’t read it because there are so many terrible articles on this site it’s hard to keep track. But I’ve read some pretty good ones that really upset me more than anything. Guys like you will forever be single! I dated this guy with views like on this website. He’s 29 I’m 19. Anyways it didn’t last and I broke up with him because he kept on yelling at on me for stupid things like what I wore and dressing “slutty” my point is he’s 29 Single and never been married with no kids or anything And I highly doubt he will find anybody because he has too many stupid standards. Mean while he was a mental wreck!

        5. I know exactly what an analogy is (: I just thought it didn’t make sense. I knew exactly where you are going with that too. But women aren’t prey because that would imply that are weaker and less intelligent then a man.

        6. Princess, you have the IQ of a garden gnome. Please stop bothering us and go over to XOJane or Jezebel where you may find people of your ilk.

        7. I don’t go on either of those sites. and I’m so sad 🙁 you called me dumb that really bothered me 🙁 lol

        8. It’s rather sad that women consider the security of a car or their cell phone to be more important that the security of their own body. Leaving the keys in you car is not an open invitation to steal it, but only an idiot would leave themselves that vulnerable and then rely on the better nature of strangers to not be taken advantage of.
          There are links to that particular article all over the web; even if every other article was complete shite, that is no excuse for being so lazy as to not read the one article you want to comment on.
          Guys like me? I have a girlfriend, we are currently on vacation in Thailand. We will likely get engaged this summer and married next year. She is young, slim, and sexy without being slutty.
          But don’t get on my ass because you chose to be with a “mental wreck”. I’ve ate several crazy chicks in my time and I own that. A lot of what is discussed here at ROK as well as on several other sites is the fact that the vast majority of girls have mental issues, and while we complain about it the focus is on how to deal with them and manage the situation. Hence, Game including the more obscure LTR Game.

        9. If you don’t need male protection, you don’t need men to be told not to rape. You will protect yourself. Are you high?

        10. So, are you a victim? Because if you are not then you can’t be victimized, right? Just trying to follow your sort of “logic”.

        11. I do plenty of gymnastics. I dance at a club 4 nights a week. And also me being a dancer doesn’t make me a slut.

        12. I never called you a slut, honeykins. Dancing is entertainment, not physical conditioning or improving. It’s also not gymnastics.

        13. Pole dancing is a workout and do lots of tricks and it keeps me in shape. It’s very hard and you have no idea. You need a a lot of strength and balance because you walk in heels.

        14. She knows what an analogy is but not how many men have jizzed inside her, since there are too many and she was intoxicated during most of them.

        15. Yes, with any luck most of the men on this site will indeed be forever single. For many of us, it’s the goal, sweetie.

      2. A personal story. I will keep it brief. I have been sexually assaulted ( groped on the privates- one attempted kidnapping) by total strangers thrice in my life. . I was dressed modestly each time. Was sober as a nun. Two times I was rescued by men- Who were brought to the scene due to my screams- the other I fought back and the perp took off running.
        Thank God.
        Luckily, the vast majority of men are decent humans and aren’t rapists
        My point is this: There are predators out there. Getting drunk- passing out, walking by oneself or going home with a total stranger is sheer stupidity Also accusing a man of raping you because one is black out drunk and has regrets should be criminal. You never see the reverse with men accusing women of rape because the man was intoxicated. Never.

        1. “You never see the reverse with men accusing women of rape because the man was intoxicated. Never.”
          And yet you had one of the smug journalists at the news conference stating that if a man was drunk then it was rape on the part of the woman. Anyone nott completely reality impaired knows that doesn’t happen and there is a complete double standard. If a drunk man has sex with a drunk woman, he is the rapist for losing his self control while under the influence while she is the victim for precisely the same reason.

        2. ” If a drunk man has sex with a drunk woman then he is the rapist for losing self control while under the influence while she is the victim for precisely the same reason ”
          A close family member works in law enforcement so I know this is a common occurance and is devastating for the accused- even if proved innocent.
          This also is an affront to true victims of sexual assault.
          Such situations could be completely avoidable if common sense were applied.

    2. Princess, the Grand Poobah of the patriarchy forbids it. The GP runs on the knowledge that men are aware of that and don’t need it parroted to them every five minutes by a man; that is a woman’s job.

    3. How many men have come in your various orafices sweet cakes? That’s the only question worth asking to a woman, especially one who names herself Princess.

      1. That’s absolutely none of your bussiness. 1. That’s tmi 2. Why does it even matter to you? And 3. You really upset me with that question and your comments apologize to me. And no I don’t call myself princess people started calling me that it’s just my nickname .

        1. Exactly. “TMI” means “too many individuals” have cum inside you. As I suspected. I know you’re ashamed deep down, otherwise why would you be getting all offended at the question.

        2. I don’t have high notch counts -_- the only thing I feel guilty about is living in sin and having sex before marriage. I’m not perfect and no one is But I don’t have a high notch count. And you shouldn’t make anyone feel bad on purpose. That’s soooo mean.

  77. This interview made my day. Total frame control the entire time.
    I also liked how he kept hammering the point of the media misinformation and lies. It’s a psychological tool that most people who see the interview will remember that the media lied about Roosh.
    When people who don’t know Roosh hear about him, it will be competing narratives. They will remember the MSM headlines but also remember that the media made those headlines up. A smart strategic play by Roosh.
    Trying to control the narrative; maintaining a strong frame. Well done Roosh.
    By the way, the Edmonton meet up went well. walked right by the protesters on my way to the meet up. A sad looking bunch.

    1. That was the B-squad, and a couple of them at that. That wasnt shit. Y’all are celebrating the equivalent of a participation trophy.

  78. I think the big mistake was to say “legalize rape” instead of “redefine consent”. My view is that everyone should be held accountable for anything they do on drugs (including alcohol) as if it was intentional. When Roosh said “legalize rape” he meant “hold people accountable for their own activities when they’re drunk”. It’s obvious to anyone who read it, but it’s not click-bait.

  79. Roosh advocates a patriarchy and for that gets doxxed and he and his family threatened? This just goes to show how much female privilege I enjoy. Thanks Roosh for taking the hits for my benefit, and please stay safe.

    1. The only media outlet in my country which I truly trust. 🙂
      Honestly, they’re a refugee for common sense in a far left country.

  80. He’s right. These people are just copying each others articles until it turns into some a media feeding frenzy.
    @Roosh. The charge is “Lazy Journalism”. Smash them with that phrase as often as possible.
    Good Luck Mate.

      1. I couldn’t help myself. I had to click.
        From the article:
        “Valizadeh walked away from the event with the anti-media propaganda video he wanted, and we left with no news of consequence – an unpleasant outcome that, sadly, we had anticipated.”
        “Although many pieces have been written in recent years about the problems with viral outrage, Valizadeh’s press conference underlines that the phenomenon is still not very well understood by many portions of the media who participate in it.”
        It was two women who wrote this article, but this sounds almost WORD FOR WORD like something one of the Cucks over at the NRO would write. They just “don’t get it”… “can’t understand us”…. Heh.

    1. They lost the debate and were exposed as liars. This article was just an attempt to save their reputation as a trusted news agency. FAIL.

    2. lol… the washington pist got punked. I can’t believe they get paid for what they do. Journalism in america is dead.

    3. They were owned and don’t like it. Their questions were pathetic. How do you show up to cover one of the weeks biggest stories unprepared to ask just one relevant question? They didn’t even read the article! Then again, we need to remember that “journalists” aren’t very intelligent. And yes they take each other’s articles, cut and paste and publish them which has been exposed again and again. Nice job putting them on the defensive in a hostile environment Roosh.

    1. Great to hear all the bullet points of liberal a-holes.
      Ad-Hominum attacks. Screeching.
      Anti freedom.
      And prelude to “war on drugs”(swat teams training in anti constitutional home entries)
      Funny – I lived in Hells Kitchen then. A drug dealer operated a bucket system above my apartment building’s front door. Toothless $5 crack-whores operating outside my window. The good old days…

  81. While it is true that Roosh crushed them, I am not sure they understand that. The Left and MSM are so strongly in denial that they are mentally ill over it. Actual Factuals mean nothing to those people. They have their alternate reality to comfort them.

  82. Cliched neomasculine-speak given to D-team, shopping news journalists. What’s with the faux black athlete cadence and body movements? And his “frame” might have been better if he dressed up a bit. Dude looks like he’s about to do an oil change out back.

  83. Well done Roosh. I would have expected nothing less from you. Hopefully everyone actually tries to READ what we have on here.

  84. This was the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen in a while. Truly inspiring. Didn’t realize rape could be so beautiful. Hang in there.

  85. Well said, roosh. This genuinely could be a tipping point, where absolute lack-of-faith in the media becomes mainstream.

    1. We can all do our part and cut the cord. Recently, in fact, it was literally a week after “shit wars”, sorry “star wars” was released that a major investment bank downgraded disney. It went like this…even though shit (star) wars made lots of money its not enough to offset the declines due to people moving away from cable (traditional media) and going full internet. I cut the cord years ago. I think we have already hit the inflection point as it pertains to the news. In fact, when, we try these meet ups again, I recommend that we engage the alternative media (the real media) i.e. Infowars, PJ Media, Gavin, Crowder, PJ Watson, Brietbart etc, before we move. That way the narrative belongs to us. Just to emphasize the tipping point all the more…its beyond politics, the web offers a cheaper and vastly superior product than traditional media. traditional media is kept alive by crony capitalism, but, they know they’re fucked. Shitlord channels, abc, nbc, cbs, hbo, showtime are just content producers now. And they are going to face stiffer and stiffer competition. I would much rather watch and episode of FPS Russia then a shit sitcom on abc. The next phase, is to induce a cultural renaissance within the Right and Neomasculine communities. That’s right, user produced content. Imagine that, real masculine content. Not a stupid fucking remake of the A-Team that has the special forces men second place to some stupid fucking woman…NO, a legit A-Team like it was in the 80s! It will happen.

  86. Roosh,.. Be careful they don’t charge you with a fake rape honey pot
    trap like they did Julian Assange . Sad they have to lie, slander &
    libel in order to push their agenda .

  87. Well-done. You have my support. You would be surprised how many people who are not Twitter and Facebook loud-mouths are growing increasingly frustrated with the MSM lies. They want to control the narrative to control our thinkink.

  88. The washington pist is the newspaper that blew the watergate scandal. It rivals the new york times for influence in america. Roosh just humilated them, totally destroyed them, sent them crawling back to their office with their tale between their legs. That was a blow against PC culture. This was a media coup they didn’t seem coming.

  89. ROK needs to merchandise some t-shirts.
    The ROK logo on the front, and an assortment of lines on the back.
    “Do you Lift ?”
    “You’re offended…. So what?”
    “Martha Stewart… who let you in?”

  90. OMFG I didn’t believe that reporters could be that stupid. No research, no idea and not one brain among them. I stopped face palming after I realised it would leave a mark.

  91. There is hope that logic is still king in this world. Thank you Roosh, I applaud your bravery and calmness. Doing it the way it should be done – stay logical, stick to the facts, stay physically calm and never fuel the fire!

      1. Right on.
        I see that coward, “Soul Saver” is still trying to get you to notice her … yet only responds with her sock puppet IgnorantMe3 when you challenge her ( thought catalog dot com /alla-krasnogorina/2015/08/women-are-the-worst-critics-when-it-comes-to-body-shaming/ )

        1. Yep. There’s loads of “projection” in her hysterics. She’s now reduced to childish little memes. There’s nothing quite as fun as watching a troll have a temper tantrum.

        2. I’ll tell you what is more fun, watching someone cower in fear.
          This is the aim of a good troll, and it is exactly what you are doing.
          Seems I win after all.

        3. If Soul Saver and Ignoreme3 are the same person, then that means I made you reply to me, thus winning the troll game.
          It was so easy to beat you, have you no self respect?

        4. Good.
          I finally got rid of you.
          Lets recount how this went down.
          1. You started stalking me, with threats of ‘there is nowhere to hide’.
          2. With a few taunts, I have managed to silence you completely. You now REFUSE to write comments to me. And they said it is hard to get rid of stalkers.
          Thanks for playing. In future, stop being such an asshole.
          (And here is where it gets really interesting. Am I just saying this hoping that you will reply – just to piss me off – and then I WIN the Troll Game? Either way, I win.)

        5. Nope. Keep trying. You don’t write the “rules” on what is winning, idiot. You lose basically because you post about 30 flame-baits and get one response (when I feel like it). You’re the loser.
          Cowardly? You don’t seem to be that much of a big shot now, JJ.
          Got rid of me… no… it’s just starting… you’ve got no where to run, no where to hide.
          (…and here is where it gets interesting. Do you think it’s “over”. No it’s not over till I say it’s over. You post literally hundreds of flame-baits to get a few responses… it was obvious you couldn’t keep it up… you even got banned from another site for trying the same attack there. You’re the loser, ass wipe.)

        6. Holy shit!
          I knew that would do it!
          Are we up to 80? Is it 80?
          I think that may be a record!
          And here I was, thinking that it was time to give up!
          But you just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You were damned if you did, and damned if you didn’t.
          I have you so much under my control. You truly are my little bitch, aren’t you??
          Oh, what a glorious day!
          Come on, get a few insults going: I want to hit 100.
          (or maybe I’m posting this so that you will leave me alone again? Hahahah)
          You are my bitch 100%.

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