A Woman’s Most Potent Weapon Is Emotional Manipulation

It is already old news that the founder and CEO of Lululemon was forced to resign due to his “controversial” remarks on the proper use of his company’s clothing. When I wrote my original article, the thought that Chip Wilson may be risking his career (or at least his position) with his courageously honest approach certainly crossed my mind. To quote one of the great Red Pill works of fiction:

“This is Jack’s total lack of surprise”.


… But I digress…

A recent article by Raywolf about the predatory nature of the mate-seeking woman sent me down a trail of thought that I still now find myself travelling on. I think I found some of the ideas expressed in the article, and the literature therein referenced, an undeniable parallel to relationships I have experienced in my life.

“We’ve all had those clinging girl friends determined to make us swear undying love to them, and as the matrix glitched around us, something was not right but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. ”

This line in particular struck a chord with me. I have experienced this moment of clarity in relationships more than once. This is the Red Pill moment when you become aware that your girlfriend’s constant professions of love are over embellished at best, and at worst, blatant manipulation. I used to believe that the girls I experienced this with just happened to be psychologically unstable, but I am beginning to wonder if this disingenuous emotional snaring is a basic female survival tactic. What if women are, fundamentally, emotional predators? Would this explain the propensity for young women to socially combat each other when placed under the same roof, whether it be at home or at the work place? After all, what would predators do if placed in the same cage?

Two Young Women Fighting

I do not claim to know that any of this is fact. As a man of science, I understand that nothing is fact until rigorously scientifically proven. However, over the decades, the concept of evolution has proven a very useful tool for explaining some of the more peculiar behavioural traits exhibited by our species. In my opinion, Evolutionary Psychology is the one branch of psychology that time and time again can accurately explain behaviour, simply because it relies on one and only one basic premise: we evolved.

With this in mind, reflect on this statement: in a world of men and beasts, man can survive without woman, but woman cannot survive without man. For obvious physical reasons, this statement holds true. In the environment of evolutionary adaptiveness (or EEA), man had a body suited for fighting both predators and other men, and could mate and reproduce several times a day, without ever having to pair bond with a woman. Woman’s survival, however, depended on her ability to emotionally snare a man to protect both herself and her offspring. Is it any wonder why women have developed adaptations to emotionally manipulate men? In a world full of physical predators, woman has made herself an emotional predator in order to protect herself and her children. Whereas man’s weapon is his physical prowess, woman’s weapon is her emotional manipulation.

But here comes the part some of you may not want to hear: you cannot blame women for this. We are all the products of a cruel and unfair existence. We are all the outcome of a never ending arms race…


It is likely that women are, most of the time, not even fully consciously aware of the emotional weaponry they employ. I am by no means saying that psychologically healthy women do not believe they are “in love”, and are instead just faking the entire ordeal; this is not how evolution directs us. Rather, the question should be: what is this “love” they are feeling, and is it fundamentally self-serving, and thus, categorically disingenuous? Do they love the man, or do they love the feeling they derive from the man? I cannot count the number of times girlfriends have told me that they love the way I make them feel.

It is interesting to note how young teenage girls seem to have a single track mind during the formative years of adolescence. Ask any parent of a gossiping teenage girl and they will tell you the single subject matter is boys. That is not to say that boys are not fascinated with their female counterparts (trust me, we were), but their interests seem to expand beyond just the opposite sex. For that matter, the primary subject matter for entertainment geared towards adult women tends to be almost exclusively the subject of men. Whether it is the predictable rom com, or the latest edition of Cosmo, the topic is men; falling in love with men, how to attract men, how to please your man, etc. etc. etc. This all starts to make sense if we take into account a woman’s evolutionary need for a male protector. As men, we want women, but we do not always need them around. In the EEA, this was not the case for women. Of course, the feminists would tell me this is simply the result of the patriarchy. Alas, this is one conspiracy theory I do not buy into…


And this brings me back to Chip Wilson (yes, again). If women are emotional predators, would it follow that feminism itself, being a product of women, is fundamentally an emotionally predatory school of thought? It certainly seemed like the sharks were circling around Chip, even before he left the television studio. What is the history of feminism if not a focused and unrelenting attack on masculinity, the alpha male, and the law of the jungle? In this case, the predatory attack was on reason itself! Dare I say that these feminist attacks stem more from an emotional response than a coherent, logically sound theory? Where a feminist sees patriarchy, an evolutionary psychologist sees inevitability.

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206 thoughts on “A Woman’s Most Potent Weapon Is Emotional Manipulation”

  1. Women thrive on emotional turmoil. It is part of your daily ambiance if you live with one.

      1. true and they’ll deny it to the end, thing is they WANT and NEED it, because men have always benn actually doing something other than sitting around in a dreamy fuzzy daze making up excuses. LQQK at the world men built. Now LQQK at the destruction a lot of “women” cause. Most are babies their whole lives, well, we’re talking about the loser ones here that cause problems for cash, aren’t we?
        most are hookers in disguise.

  2. Women themselves are emotionless sociopaths. But women understand that men can be quite emotional and thus they will FAKE emotions in order to control a man.
    Women are truly subhumans.

    1. Are women banging down doors trying to get at you and control you, Alpha Male? Post a pic and prove they’d want to.

      1. You have much to learn about women.
        You should already know when women want to manipulate and control they don’t exactly “bang down doors”. That’s much too overt. Women strongly prefer COVERT methods. They would use a much more slippery backhanded approach — like poking holes in a condom…. or “oops!” *forgetting* to take the pill….. or Billie Jean might pretend the kid is my son. (if you get my meaning)
        This is how they maintain “plausible deniability”.
        (you’ve heard of that, yes?)
        And since you asked for proof… here it is:

    2. A couple of years ago, I was driving with my ex in the snow. Where we were was so beautiful that I was overwhelmed by emotion and couldn’t bring myself to speak. She on the other hand chatted away like a parrot. It was then that I began to seriously consider the differences between men and women.

  3. Emotional manipulation is also the weapon that women seem to use mostly instinctively. Many of them don’t even realize they’re doing it.

    1. Absolutely right. It’s easy to think they are *experts* at it, but they really do it instinctively. Too many men allow themselves to be angry about it (like at gold-diggers), but that’s like being angry at a kangaroo for hopping.
      Fortunately, NOBODY is easier to manipulate –>> than a manipulator.
      Who listens to sales pitches more than anyone else? OTHER SALES PEOPLE. Attorneys are also surprisingly more likely to be the ones to not have a pre-nup…… because manipulators think they are in control of everything.
      And that’s their hubris.
      A gold digger can more easily be beaten at her own game BECAUSE she is extra manipulative. She already thinks “men are stupid” and sets out to exploit men intentionally. So when a guy says “hello I’m a doctor” (or she spots a guy with great shoes, a Rolex Daytona and a Porsche) she jumps into bed with him because she thinks it’s how she’s gonna get her greedy claws on his cash. Then she finds out he’s not a doctor (or broke and in debt) and she gets PISSED.
      She accuses him of “being a player”, but in reality, she’s pissed because her OWN manipulation / plan failed.
      Her own “weapon” backfired.

      1. I do this all the time – it’s called mirroring. and trust me, it keeps the female human garbage FAR AWAY because they know it doesn’t work so I have had a drama free life.

    1. ya know how a woman is lying = HER LIPS ARE MOVING.
      Men are so smart because they have 2 heads to think with, women talk so much because they got two lips.
      When a parasite latches on – it’s still, just a parasite feeding off A host.
      LQQK around.
      Tell your boys the udder truth about the “modern woman”.

  4. Great article. I’ve always believed this to be true. But you guys are in luck, because modern women are really stupid. Compare them to your grandmothers and you’ll see that they’re total amateurs.

    1. Maybe. But women now have the advantage of a society that privileges them in every way unlike our grandmothers that lived in a more equitable environment and consequently couldn’t take advantage of men so easily.

      1. Women have all these advantages because all the men in leading positions today are raised by really good women. Therefore, they will do everything in their power to protect women from poverty and other unpleasant facts of life. The next generation of men however, will be all raised by alcoholic single mothers with no impulse control. Therefore, I think the end of special privileges for women will probably be in 10-20 years. I don’t know how any woman can be a feminist. They’re messing up centuries of social programming because they want to have sex like men (which they’re not even built for so it’s not even a prize). So don’t worry men. Things will get much better for you soon because modern women are giant flaming morons. I just wish there was some way I could opt out of this mess. 🙁

        1. “They’re messing up centuries of social programming because they want to have sex like men”
          Pfft! Most men aren’t even having sex. If we wanted sex like them we’d be masturbating to porn like all you incels! Nope. We want to have sex like women have always had sex – with whoever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want.

        2. And all that sex raises your oxytocin and cortisol levels(losing your ability to invest emotionally in sex ), stretches out your vaginal walls..and since your having sex so much, you will lose the ability to connect with men since sex, for women is an emotional thing where they have to invest they whole body into. But for men it is impulsive, like having one area of out body feel euphoric for 25 minutes.

        3. Not likely, sadly. The men who matter by and large continue to grow up in intact families. Read “Coming Apart” by Charles Murray.
          Further, as Mark Minter proves, a MRA is only a blowjob away from becoming a feminist. And, the corollary, is only the birth of a daughter away from becoming a RAGING feminist.
          There is no escape, gents. Things will muddle along as they always have. I wish I felt otherwise, but working on a trading floor for years taught me to disassociate what I want from what I dispassionately reason to be the likely outcome.

  5. Just went through some crazy emotional manipulation with a woman for about a month. So sweet and loving then the switch flipped to ice cold. Happens all the time, problem was I couldn’t just move on because there was a chance I got her pregnant. Tried to make contact with her for weeks and finally just had to ask through a text. She responded but never a gave a definitive yes or no. So I may or may not have a kid I’ll never get to see. Once they go cold you are no longer a human being to them.

    1. “So I may or may not have a kid I’ll never get to see.”
      You may find out when her desire for more money proves a greater force than her desire never to see you again.

      1. In todays society I am sure she can find a way to squeeze the money out of him without ever actually seeing him again.

        1. In that situation he may want to “metaphorically extend” himself to a foreign country along with a name change : )

      2. In todays society I am sure she can find a way to squeeze the money out of him without ever actually seeing him again.

      3. Fortunately I’m broke. She is 12yrs older than me and for all I know married. Maybe in 10yrs I’ll be paying backlogged child support but for now I’m thinking I may have been sperm jacked.

    2. that’s the biggest blow most guys experience when they realize their precious “soulmate” is over them after two weeks and 2 pints of ice cream.
      bottom line: a woman can’t love a man like he loves her.

      1. Yeah it is no longer a shock to me. It’s what I expect from the start. Stings less each time.

        1. men are the real romantics and women the real pragmatics, society has been conditioning us to act in the opposite.
          look at older women, they are all about taking care of their family while older men loves young women because they can still romantically court them. that’s why men are the dreamers and women the doers in terms of courtship and that’s why you should never chase a woman down.

        2. “look at older women, they are all about taking care of their family”
          They are?! In which country?
          ” while older men loves young women because they can still romantically
          court them”
          They can?! In which country?

    3. that’s the biggest blow most guys experience when they realize their precious “soulmate” is over them after two weeks and 2 pints of ice cream.
      bottom line: a woman can’t love a man like he loves her.

    4. Saying she might be pregnant is the oldest trick in the book. Make her piss on the stick with the door open.

      1. I don’t think you know what cuckold means. Some poor guy may be a cuckold but it ain’t me retard.

        1. Learn to read, I knocked her up and some other guy is going to raise it. She wasn’t my girlfriend we just fucked for fun.

    5. “She responded but never a gave a definitive yes or no. ”
      This is as close as you get to a “cold blood predator”…a tyrannosaurus rex.
      Therefore to her you are indeed NO LONGER HUMAN! You are prey my friend!
      Make sure that IF she tells you she is pregnant you get a DNA test soon after the birth!

    6. Thats a no. She would be all over you if it was a yes..now she just enjoys making you sweat

    7. So you may or may not have a kid out there? We all may or may not have a kid out there. The only kids which matter are the ones you develop relationships with.

  6. And this is precisely why it is so encouraged to not make yourself emotionally invested in a woman. Kindness = weakness to western biddies.

    1. had a side tart tell me she likes how I don’t give a crap about her unlike her live in bf…
      enough said.

      1. they’re all side tarts. all they got to work with.
        what makes men cheat = OTHER WOMEN… and we all know it’s true.
        I however avoid the STD buffet and ignore them as they try and pull their shit, but I will fuck a bitch that just broke up = because it’s a sure thing as they swing from branch to branch. Seems somebody in “socialism” society taught men just what to do with those types of women who make those choices and them gals got nobody to blame but themselves.
        “FEELINGS” don’t pay the bills. And boy do they rack ’em up – like college tuition = all wrote off because WAAAAAAAA! They do not have foresight – EVER. Only the ones with manners and control can keep pulling off their manipulations.
        Which makes no sense, all the attributes women love about cats they hate in men BECAUSE THEY WANT CONTROL, when sadly, most can’t even cunt-troll themselves.

  7. The article could have been better if you listed some of the major emotional manipulation tactics women use. Four off the top of my head:
    -Fake Smile and Kindness: to gain favors
    -Guilt Tripping: to make you commit to things you don’t want to get involved in
    -Shameless Lying: to cover up their lies and maintain their ‘innocent’ image
    -Shaming: to control you by using your insecurities against you.
    What disgusts me more than the manipulation tactics themselves is just how smug they are about it. As if I’m too stupid to see right through them.
    To counter this:
    1) Always remember that your needs come first.
    2) Beat them at their own game. The only real way to do this is to jump in and get dirty by being socially involved with them. I once worked one summer with all female staff with me the only male. I learned more about women during that summer than when I took evolutionary psychology course in university.

    1. And what about
      Carrot Dangling: Obtaining present financial and physical gain by way of implying some potential future reward by being subservient.

    2. And what about
      Carrot Dangling: Obtaining present financial and physical gain by way of implying some potential future reward by being subservient.

      1. Having grown up in a house full off women, I totally understand your point. I’d also like to point out another tactic I still have to deal with, even as an adult, I believe the term is ‘gaslighting’, and women are the fucking masters.

        1. According to my total recall, my mother was one of the worst offenders; she would seek to control not just me, but both my siblings and even unrelated persons outside her house. She has claimed at several points while i was still in school, that she was standing up to me, and insisting that i was bullying her or somebody else. Not true. Cheryl did never stand up to any bullies throughout the whole affair; she WAS the bully, in every single case! She even managed to dictate to the school staff.

        2. Maybe…though if i did sire somebody who was so spoiled and conniving, i would straight away execute him/her the moment s/he turned eighteen, and serve the cadaver as part of a banquet.

        1. I get lots of dudes wanting stuff from me. Chicks are usually not willing to ask but I can tell how much the prospect of stuff makes them more interested.

      2. Some of the biggest betas come from living conditions like that. The more women you were surrounded with while growing up the higher the chance of serious betadom/the stronger the illusions. After the age of 7 a boy should be exposed to a minimal amount of female influence, otherwise the female imperative becomes ingrained into his system.

        1. yes, and this is the problem in LTRs and with the whole ‘soul mate’ theory…. a woman doesn’t make a good best friend because you slowly sink into her quick sand world of emotional flip flap… even the most hard assed career girl, who was so clear minded and logical when she was single…. turns into a gooey emotional chica given a few years in an LTR…. I dated a diplomats daughter once… she was so dead set on following in daddies footsteps and amazing clear headed …. she could have been an ambassador one day….. until i lived with her for a year and she turned into a nagging, crabby housewife….
          the phase ‘fucking her’ takes on a whole new meaning…

        2. my biggest red pill truth came from the realization that no girlfriend can ever be your best friend.
          they pretend ONLY for your commitment.
          once the commitment is made or she gets bored, her true colors will show.
          that’s why women never miss the friendship part of the breakup, because there was never one to begin with.

        3. Hmm…what would you say to the prospect of employing slave girls in our enterprises?

        4. Thats probably what made them the way they are..not this caveman nonsense.
          Women were basically enslaved. It makes sense the owner would keep the ones that squirt from the scene and toss the others out.

        5. damn…i have almost no hope! Relaxed and content women are becoming more and more like unicorns 🙁

      3. as did I and I stopped the youngest from doing this shit and taught her what a woman IS – and what a whore is = she chose to be a woman instead of a weak ass lying cheating empty soul less parasitic evil little whore… unlike ALL her school friends who were female = TOTAL LOSERS ON EBT SHACKED UP WITH LOSERS FOR DRAMA. PATHETIC. Women are to be protected and cherished, can’t do that when they throw their lives away and blame everybody else FOR THE STUPID IGNANT CHOICES THEY MAKE = IT’S EMOTIONAL GUILT TRIPPING. Real women don’t do crap like this – THEY’RE REAL WOMEN, AND THE REPLIES IN ADVANCE TO “REAL WOMEN” IF YOU’RE BITCHING ABOUT IT, WELL HEY, A WOMAN’S ANGER IS THE WEATHERVANE OF TRUTH, Grow up little girls, may WANT to LQQK around and realize that when the SHTF – you’re all dog food.

        1. Whores exchange sexual favors for non-sexual favors….I don’t see how expecting a “committed relationship” in exchange for sex isn’t whorish.

      1. And be sure to add “the silent treatment”, also known as “don’t you see that I have a stick up my ass?”.

        1. or some other cock, keep it real.
          ‘one of my 5 b/f’s caught me cheating on him! I’ll never trust men again! Waaaaa!” – most don’t have respect for themselves, so why the fuck should YOU?

        2. I woulda tag teamed her…but then she couldn’t maintain her delusion of social conformity and success.

        1. No, it’s not, the phenotypical component of it is neoteny. Women retain more juvenile features so as to invoke the protective instincts of men by viewing them as fragile and deserving of care, like children.

    3. Unlikely a psychopath, likelier a sociopath. In fact, the writer of sociopathworld.com is a woman.
      Women also veer toward histrionic and borderline personality disorders. An article on identifying those would be intriguing.

      1. they’re ALL PSYCHO… LQQK AROUND… which is why they’re always on social media = to compete and hide their whore-dumb choices… it’s hilarious to watch. One thing women truly invented all by themselves = problems for humanity with their WANT. And WANT… IS… The Great Whore mentality.

        1. They are just acting like rich people. You know, entitled to profit off the input of others.

      2. Here is a quick pointer, the more hair she removes, the more likely she is a borderline…..especially the eyebrows.

    4. Nice article… I think people who are more insecure, and lets face it women have a lot more to be insecure about… tend to verge towards a bully tactic…. the school bully might be taller, but he’s also very insecure…and often only uses violence when necessary… the rest is just psychological…..
      the snarky school teacher, the asshole policeman, the backstabbing coworker, gay men can be dreadfully manipulative…. etc… there are plenty of male examples where manipulation is used….
      insecure people can be incredibly cunning, and taken to an extreme psychotically clever… your typical psychopathic killer has all kinds of childhood issues to the point he could be considered insane….. but he’s also functional because he’s developed incredible powers of manipulation to guard himself from other people opening those insecurities…
      you take a character like Hannibal… the reason he is so astute and so able to get inside other people’s heads is precisely because he has to keep them away from his own psychological short comings… chopping people up and eating them is just a way he can thrive and feel he has control of his world…
      so women are no different… they have the urge to have kids…. that needs a stable home but it also means giving up a lot of control… being pregnant and breast feeding for 6+ months…. that’s a big deal…..
      so their manipulation is just their way of coping… at times and when given the opportunity, they may well focus that into tearing apart the nearest alpha male….
      knowing that… you have to deal with them the same way you deal with any bully… show them you will not be swayed…. and don’t give them excuses to fly off the handle….
      even the whole cheating issue for example…. i mean if she has her period or is sick or etc… in these modern times of birth control, what’s the harm of a little bed hopping ?
      but a woman in an LTR goes crazy on her man for cheating, not because of the cheating but more because she has an angle to gain control….. now she can make him hop and jump and do what she says…. many married women will take back a cheating husband…. and many players have found girls being ok about non exclusivity… why…. ? because once they understand there is nothing to be insecure about, then they chill out….

      1. “I think people who are more insecure, and lets face it women have a lot more to be insecure about’ why would you say that? Men and women tend to be insecure about different things so it’s hard to say who is more insecure. And have you seen the men on this site? if bullying is a sign of insecurity please take a look at “fat shaming week”, yes obesity is a problem in this country but, it shows just how insecure some of the men here are.

        1. Nothing I said implies insecurity on my end, I simply stated that men and women differ in their insecurities, thus there could be no formal way to measure the level at which either is insecure. If you do not agree try actually retaliating instead of just attempting to insult me.

      2. Perhaps this should be solved by killing the woman and serving her as a feast, when she has had all the children she wants. Problem solved, no?

  8. And the go-to weapon in their arsenal? Guilt. A skilled woman will lay a guilt trip on you like a B52 dropping thousands of pounds of materiel on a north vietnamese hamlet, with precision and devastating effect. Like that poor villager, you don’t even know the bombs have been dropped, until…
    I always expect guilt as her first counter move.

      1. Guilt, shame and fear (of the rage, for instance) are the tools of emotional manipulation.
        Recognize these and you will recognize manipulative tactics.
        Master them and you will be immune.

        But… you forgot the part where you say “LATER BITCH!”!

        1. 4 emotions also:
          jear = jealous, envy, anger and retarded rage.
          omg shelf life HAS to just fucking suck, eh? ” )

    1. My ex went down this path in only the last week.
      Having decided that we were ‘going down separate paths’ she decided to end our marriage of 7 years. I bought her out of the house and she quite her job soon after on the promise of a new one after completing some study.
      Fast forward a few months and she sends a text saying that she’s got herself in financial strife and needs help. Dig a little bit and I find that she’s looking for money to go to one of her friend’s wedding in another city. After suggesting that she seek family help and get a part time job if things are so tough she states that things aren’t that bad.
      So, bluff called and my money stays in my pocket. But then the guilt trip combined with public passive-aggressive shaming. It stood out like the proverbial dogs balls to me and I felt a mixture of contempt and pity.
      Fuck I’m glad I’m out of that relationship. The other upside is that I’m now seeing a young woman 17 years my junior who’s a kinky nympho. Nice.

      1. 17 years your senior? im sorry about your wife and all but that’s just horrid. Do you honestly think she wants to be with a man who is old enough to be her father? No! All she see’s you for is money no matter how much of a ‘kinky nympho’ you proclaim her to be. come the next hot guy and she will ditch you so quick that you wont even now what happened. For the record, im not against age gaps as a woman I would never date someone who was less than 10 years older than me but any more than max 15 is gross.

        1. A man dating a kinky nympho 17 years his junior cares not if she flits to the next stallion on the carousel. Remember, cupcake, we are men. We have different goals. Once you give us sex, we’re in the driver’s seat until we give you commitment.
          If we ever do. Heh.

        2. Haha, if that helps you sleep at night you can tell yourself that. When a woman puts herself into a situation that can have her at loggerheads with her close family it is likely not as you put it.
          If she’s around for the money then she’s going to be disappointed but then she knows that and funnily enough is still around. I’m yet to see much in the way of a downside to date.
          Thanks for outing yourself as having that kind of shallow outlook on things though.

        3. Not even a good try, but amusing given the nature of the article.
          Indeed you would have been but for the irony, but it’s not like I was interested in you anyway, because:
          I’ve done lots of spiritual healing
          I’m in touch with all my feelings
          I’ve read palms and read the stars for kings and queens,
          And I hate to bum you out, but you have without a doubt
          The ugliest aura that this poor boy’s ever seen
          I can see your aura and it’s ugly.
          Your Spirit must be rotten to the core,
          And to a new age guy like me
          You’ll just bring pain and misery,
          So dear, I cannot love you anymore.

        4. ” All she see’s you for is money no matter how much of a ‘kinky nympho’
          you proclaim her to be. come the next hot guy and she will ditch you so
          quick that you wont even now what happened.”
          Puh-lese. You sound like you’re 40+. Today’s young people don’t “ditch” someone before they move onto the next. They bring the next on board. Its called plate spinning, plural relationships, polyamory. Monogamy and is for old people.
          What young women do today is keep one sugar daddy simmering on the back burner while they move a stud muffin on high to the front one. That way she’s always sure of a nice hot home-cooked meal, no matter what.

        5. Lol!
          This comment is a PERFECT example of how accurate the article is!
          Shaming language…..hamster spinning….more shaming language…”WALL denial” (this should be a term)….All in eight sentences! Amazing!

        6. Yeah and here is proof she doesn’t have a clue about women:
          17 AND ATTRACTED TO MEN 40-50
          That should send her hamster into overdrive just perfectly.

        7. Shut up bitch. You haven’t got a clue about women:
          17 AND ATTRACTED TO MEN 40-50
          YOU are not the example. So you can stop pretending that YOUR preference says anything about other women. Fuckin’ delusional self-centered stupid broads are unbelievable.

        8. My friend fucked a hot 18 year old chick just a few months ago and he’s in his 30s like me. The cost? A 2 hr date at subway followed by a pull back to his small apartment all costing him about 15 bucks. If a chick likes you or finds you sexually attractive, money and age gap simply do not matter at all.

        9. Female please! You sound like some teenybooper dingbat who thinks the
          world began yesterday with your 40+ nonsense. Females have always been
          the same. If they had some guy and were looking for a replacement they’d
          line up the replacement before leaving the guy. And stop with the
          monogamy and all the other crap that’s in your head full of mush because
          anything you think exists today was made popular by men my age (long
          before you were born) In fact, I find the young today to be rather
          repressed sexually while simultaneously more slutty in conduct. Females
          have always been materialistic and subject to the herd mentality, esp.
          American females, but I think it’s even slightly worse than it was in
          the 80’s.

        10. So younger women see us for money? What’s your point?
          As men, we generally don’t give a fuck.
          Ha ha, one of my ex’s best friends divorced her husband at the age of 47 and then proceeded to offer herself up as cougar scraps for any young man desperate enough to fuck her. She would always complain to my Ex, “We have such great sex, why doesn’t he want to spend time with me, why doesn’t he say he loves me!?” I felt like telling her, “You stupid slut, a young man will fuck anything offered on a platter to him, even your cellulitely old ass, just for the hell of it. No, he’ll never love you because you’re an old tramp, but he’ll fuck you when he’s got nothing better on the go.”
          Ha ha, the stupid old cunt. Even when she was paying for the accommodations of one particular young guy, she couldn’t see that she was paying his living expenses in exchange for sex; prostitution basically.
          Women (the older ones anyway) need to romanticize relationships of convenience. Men don’t give a fuck. We know what’s up. For those men who go to Thailand and the Philippines, they know they’re paying for a young lady’s company, but they also know there is an endless supply of young ladies and that’s what thrills the fuck out them! 😀
          Sure, you won’t offer up your pussy for ca$h, but many others will! 😀

        11. And would this work for a 5’4 man who does not want to blow more than 15 bucks for a one night lay ?

        12. I got a whole buffet of and women who come around constantly and I provide for them what society and others cannot, AND I AM A BACHELOR FOR LIFE. Esp. after a crippled cunt SAID she had my kid and her mommy worked right under 2 police chiefs – yeah, want to talk about WAR – I’m the best there is at it when it comes to cunt “women”. I ignore the losers.

        13. TRUTH. Except for the weak boys and single mother raised white knights and mangina’s.
          Blame feminism – it’s the same reasons they got the attitudes and outlooks they do in the ghettos, like Ferguson.

        14. BINGO! but she won’t WANT to read and learn, it’s easier to just spread gap and trap.

        15. SHELF LIFE! ” )p
          unlike men.
          men produce their whole lives.
          Either led the little girls or get used and abused by a gender bent law of guilt trip matriarchy
          .. and that udder bs is coming to an end as well.

        16. I let the girls and women confuse themselves and ride me… don’t even have to get rid of them they get rid of themselves once they know their wares cannot seal the WANT deal = sex is free for me. Unlike married men or those with LT g/f’s.

        17. so just make yourself available and you’ll have a lifetime of sex instead of paying for it! ” )
          let the girls delude themselves, like they always have.
          marriage is slavery for the man – a financial guilt trip from feminist weak parasites who cannot survive on their own that was based in love and caring, BUT THE WHORES RUINED THAT NOW DIDN’T THEY… just like the ruined themselves and blame men. There’s a natural order to things – thing is FEMINISM = GIVING WOMEN THE RADICAL NOTION THAT THEY ARE MEN. All there is to it too. Not all women true, but those born after the first wave = ALL OF THEM HAVE THE CAPABILITY SO NAWALT IS DEAD AND JUST ANOTHER EMOTIONAL EXCUSE TO AVOID GUILT AND BLAME – SO THEY PROJECT IT. So go fuck who you want just like them, but… avoid their constant lies when they realize they did it to themselves and try to blame you when they sold their asses – it’s called prostitution for a reason.

        18. also the “madonna/whore” complex = all a woman’s problem, they’re the ones doing it so let them deal with it, not men or society, men got way better things to do LIKE LIVE LIFE AND keep building, while the kids and babies destroy – for attention.

      2. Good for you you got rid of a lying, cheating parasite. now warn the rest of the world about her choices and chosen actions and outlook on life so no other man – or woman – falls victim to her lazy ploys to get by in life. The parasites just WANT. WANT is The Great Whore mentality.

    2. My ex went down this path in only the last week.
      Having decided that we were ‘going down separate paths’ she decided to end our marriage of 7 years. I bought her out of the house and she quite her job soon after on the promise of a new one after completing some study.
      Fast forward a few months and she sends a text saying that she’s got herself in financial strife and needs help. Dig a little bit and I find that she’s looking for money to go to one of her friend’s wedding in another city. After suggesting that she seek family help and get a part time job if things are so tough she states that things aren’t that bad.
      So, bluff called and my money stays in my pocket. But then the guilt trip combined with public passive-aggressive shaming. It stood out like the proverbial dogs balls to me and I felt a mixture of contempt and pity.
      Fuck I’m glad I’m out of that relationship. The other upside is that I’m now seeing a young woman 17 years my junior who’s a kinky nympho. Nice.

    3. or anger so she can go tell Brad what an asshole you are for not giving her what she WANTS. I LOVE watching little girls compete, it’s HILLARY-IOUS.

  9. Emotional manipulation is usually their last ditch effort to snare a husband/commitment. The covert methods and passive aggressiveness aren’t working anymore and they get spooked. They will even tell you things like you “owe them” for the years spent together like it meant nothing without leading to marriage. They will tell you how their life will be ruined because they’ve painted themselves into a corner and instead of developing self, they pinned it all on the relationship. Once that is taken away, they are left adrift but no worries, they will survive. Women over 30 are especially prone to this behavior-deep down they know their value is decreasing and will remind you of that like it’s your fault.
    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering in the words of master Yoda.

    1. and the devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world SHE didn’t exist.
      religion = duality… men built it, women are destroying it for WANT of EMOTIONAL VALIDATION AND ATTENTION.
      maybe they should have got off their butts oh, THE PAST 22 MILLIONS YEARS, but nope, easier to be a coddled angry “misunderstood” baby, lol.
      All they got is their guilt trips – the loser women, remember?
      The ones who make bad choices and blame society and man and other women. PARASITES.
      Now a real women, and real women are real, they all are, however, a “real woman” figured all this udder bs out AND DON’T PULL IT AND HAVE RESPECT FOR EVERYBODY, ETC. – even the loser vagina’s.

  10. Females can be as ruthless as a Machiavellian tyrant. It explains why many women dominate Animal Welfare groups, Social Justice groups, and become psychologists and therapists. Often they’re so good at controlling one’s mind that they turn it into a lifetime pursuit.

  11. “Dare I say that these feminist attacks stem more from an emotional response than a coherent, logically sound theory?”
    Certainly, and if you read early writings on the matter you find they understood this explicitly.
    As a political theory it was created as a tool to leverage women’s inherent nature, as delineated in Schopenhauer’s famous essay, for political purposes.
    Femin –ism is simply the political weaponization of the feminine.
    Feminism may be politically defeated, but the feminine can never be. The war of the sexes is a defining state of life and humanity. Eve, Hera, Pandora, Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra. When has there ever been a time other than the post modern when women’s nature has not been understood?
    When has there ever been a time when the behaviour of these women was not understood as the normal, and that of Penelope the rare and treasured exception?
    The deepest damage done by feminism may well be the suppression of classical education which exists, in large part, as a red pill vector.

    1. they son’t think, that’s the whole fucking problem. THEY JUST WANT and produce nothing but problems, talking the LOSERS VAGINA’S. not all girls, gals women.

  12. “But here comes the part some of you may not want to hear: you cannot
    blame women for this. We are all the products of a cruel and unfair
    existence. We are all the outcome of a never ending arms race…”
    Only partially true, one half of the equation. Nature is also collaborative. Survival, thrival and culture depend on collaborating with other organisms.

      1. The cow in your hamburger enjoyed a collaborative relationship with humanity.
        This does not mean that the cow enjoyed becoming a hamburger.

  13. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
    Nah seriously, unless a woman got a knife or anything else sharp in her hands there is nothing to worry about, unless she get the legal-system involved of course…

  14. Last Dissident,
    “What if women are, fundamentally, emotional predators?”
    Not just emotional predators. Women are the predators in relationships. Period.
    This dawned on me after my divorce. I had been very effectively predated when I was 20-25….Once I had children I was going to stay the distance and Jennifer knew this.
    My fav#1 explained all this to me. One day we were talking about how so many women on line try the shaming language of “you are a loser because you can’t attract a woman”. I said to her “calling me a loser for not attracting a woman is like calling a surfer a loser for not attracting a shark.”
    She laughed at that. I went on to tell her that I knew women were the predators now and that it only worked while they lied to our faces and pretended that we were the predators. She admitted and agreed with every word I said.
    You young men ought to read chapter 8 of living free called “How are Men Enslaved”. When I first ran through this story with my fav#3 one time at brunch she looked at me with steely eyes and said “You are so cynical”. I replied with, “Maybe, but I happen to be right.” She agreed. The story of how men are enslaved is correct.
    And you young men who are seeing this for the first time? You can blame the older men over on the spreahead and AVFM for suppressing this story and hiding the truth from you for the last 3 years.
    I am very glad a man like Roosh has come along…a young man with balls who actually has the best interests of young men at heart and is doing his best to give you the best advice he can at his stage of life and his level of knowledge.
    I didn’t really take much notice of Roosh until he lambasted the MRA area….so I sat down and watched some of his videos to get a feel for the man. I think his heart is in the right place. That is my opinion. And full credit to Roosh for earning my respect at such a young age. His appearance on Ukrainian TV set him apart from all the other men I have seen in this area. You young men ought to be putting plenty of money in his tip jar. Young men like Roosh are rare indeed.
    Here is the chapter…If some RoK writer wants to reproduce it and add his comments? You are more than welcome.

    1. The fact that many women purposefully and knowingly use emotions to manipulate men hasn’t alluded me. I just mean that what a psychologist would consider a psychologically healthy women most likely would not be fully cognizant of any manipulation, she would genuinely believe that her emotions are “real”, that they do not serve any sort of underlying tactic. Evolution has not made us consciously aware of the purpose (or survival strategy) that our own behaviour is predicated on, simply because it would not be necessary and would be a waste of energy.
      There are, however, legitimate sociopaths out there, who are fully aware of their own manipulative behaviour (I actually learned whilst studying psychology that sociopathy is much more common in women). It’s possible your ex was a legitimate sociopath.

      1. We do not eat fruit because it is sweet.
        Fruit is sweet so that we will eat it.
        The sweetness is not a property of the fruit, but of our brains.
        And yet we experience the sweetness of the fruit as if it were the property of the fruit.
        So is much of our behaviour. While we are not the simple machines that the pure behaviourists would have us believe, neither are we anything near blank slate creatures of pure, ethereal cognitive energy.
        It is our meat that makes us move and, as often as not, informs us why we did it.

  15. “But here comes the part some of you may not want to hear: you cannot blame women for this.”
    But you CAN hold them responsible for their crimes because they claimed equality.
    I do not care that women are predators and liars and hypocrites. I care that they are criminals. And criminals must make remedy for their crimes.
    THAT is my point. And any man who says women are not to be held accountable for their crimes is my enemy and I will treat him as such. So should all the young men here.
    “It is likely that women are, most of the time, not even fully consciously aware of the emotional weaponry they employ.”
    You are young grasshopper. I can assure you that women are 110% aware of what they are doing.

  16. Great article. Evolutionary psychology does explain alot, and your argument seems more than reasonable. Professor Kevin Macdonald’s Culture of Critique looks at Cultural Marxism (of which Feminism is one of the most damaging facets) through an evolutionary psychological lense, and offers fantastic insight into how the proponents of these movements benefit from them, advancing their own collective interests.

  17. I can make my chick cry tears of blood when arguing because I know which buttons to press. Tho, after shifting the conversation around and saying some funny subtle shit here and here, she would just “Magically” go back to normal like a remote that needed a battery change. It NEVER fails. At least, until she gets tired of it and keeps it moving. Cool whatever. Still, its freighting how easy she would go back to “Normal” after a crazy fight.
    Damn Fembots

    1. Knowing how to make a girl cry, with one or two sentences, is an effective way to end an otherwise never-ending psychotic battle.
      I speak from experience.

    2. Please tell me how to do this effectively. It would be valuable info to everyone. I feel like I come off as weak when I try to verbally put a chick in her place; as if I stooped to her level or something.

      1. When in doubt…… SMILE.
        They really HATE that.
        An effective retort worth putting in your arsenal is:
        “I’m not your boyfriend/husband. I don’t *have* to listen to you.”
        Again, best delivered with smile.
        (Twice as effective in front of other people.)
        When someone tells you something you don’t like (or jabs at you), a quiet smile is always a position of strength. You can’t go wrong with it. Tom Cruise is a NATURAL at this. Whenever he doesn’t know how to answer or respond…. he breaks into a big shit-eating grin (or even laughter) which says “ha ha nice. I know what’s going on here”….. even though he may be feeling rather insecure or put on the spot in the moment. It also gives you a second to conjure up a retort.
        The key is not to take ANYTHING a woman says seriously. Most of the time it’s not even DESIGNED to be taken seriously. It’s designed to TEST you and illicit a reaction.
        SHE: “You have a tiny penis.”
        YOU: “Hey can you break a $20?”
        SHE: “You’re such a fucking asshole”.
        YOU: “Thanks! I KNEW you liked me.”
        SHE: “Men are afraid of commitment.”
        YOU: “Do we have any pretzels?”
        Deflect that shit like a goalie. Treat every insult like a compliment – because that’s exactly what it is. Putting women in their place is so much fun. And it’s up to YOU to make it fun, because she never will. If it’s not entertaining and fun for you… withdraw yourself from it, because she will argue 1+1=3 and think she is right.
        “ARGUING” FOR REAL with women is otherwise very UNWISE. Here is an excellent read on how women use emotional manipulation when arguing:

        1. You’re fucking right there! Ten years of marriage and she never called me “fucking asshole”….1.5 years of separation and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard it, so I guess I’m doing something right! 😀
          I had a bitch customer who came in complaining to me last week:
          “Are you the owner?!”
          “Nope.” (I lied.)
          “Are you the manager?!”
          “Call the manager now!”
          “Nope. She’ll be here at 10am”
          “I’m not happy with this, not happy with that, blah blah blah”
          I smile, nod, stay quiet, look out the window occasionally.
          “Aren’t you listening to me! I’m very unhappy!”
          I shrug my shoulders, still silent.
          “She yells, “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!”
          I smile, nod, look out the window occasionally.
          “What’s your name!?” she demands.
          I smile and say nothing.
          I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE TREATING ME LIKE THIS!!” she screams as she fumbles with the door in trembling rage and exits the front office.
          She wanted an argument, or wanted me to beg for her forgiveness, or whatever, and because I did not submit to her will, she went into an insane rage. And I did it all with silence and a smile. I’m quite proud of myself. 😀
          By the way, the old “You have a tiny penis!” never works on me. AHEM! 😀

        2. Oh yeah that’s the give away:
          … and you didn’t even have to treat her badly. When women stomp their feet and behave like you treat them badly for calm ness and smiling, congratulate yourself, because you just met crazy.
          Even my brother has done that. Thought he was giving me shit for something: “you know you could have sent my wife a birthday card”…. and I just Tom Cruised him. He got so pissed.

    3. That is why they are such a dangerous creatures!
      They can go from saying they love you to cutting your dick off within seconds…like turning the light switch.
      If you are a Blue Pill individual the world is a VERY dangerous place indeed!

    4. Dude please share, I wanna do this…there are many bitches that threw hard object at me because I said no for them to sleep over after banging them.
      Bitch was like ” my pussy hurts” and ” well deal with” and shit started. I’ve always been good and getting the bang, but suck after that point.
      Would like some more subtle tricks if you could share.

      1. You have the answer already. Be subtle. You were I feel too blunt when she asked that. You should of said something slick like “You’re Welcome” or “Only hurt? Damn I was trying to go for painful. I must be falling off” Leave to the bathroom after those. Don’t wait for a reaction.
        Tho, at the same time she could of just been a crazy girl. What was said wasn’t worth all that. Fuck that bitch

        1. True. Thanks or your advise. I ma naturally blunt and aggressive. All male workplace and having a strict blunt father who knew how to keep a bitch in line.

    5. I’m not as expert as the Red Pillers before me on here but, I’ll just keep it as honest as I can. .
      1)History: It plays a key role in this. A chick you have a One or Two year Relationship with wont work. They still have a window to keep it moving and not care about what is said to the point of tears of blood. It takes time basically. Time also so you have some knowledge of what truley makes her tick and react.
      2)Saving your TRUE nature: By this I mean, just think of your Father and why you were scared of him as a kid. Mine didn’t ALWAYS react to things like My Mother did. My mom was a constant reaction to things. . . So, when My Father did react it was like a BOOM. A bolt of lighting struck through. Why? Well, Chateau Heartiste covered this before. If you always react in anger it loses value. Yeah, me and her argue but, I always keep it at a level 4 at best. When I do really want her to listen I raise it up to my true nature as a Man. We all know what that looks like but never show it due to Society’s bondage on us as Men. When she sees this side she naturally curls up and acts as she should.
      3)Heartless: Basically do as they do. A woman will try and cut your balls off in a argument. Well okay cool, watch me get on the bullshit as well. Say something that will strike a cord in her. Not TOO much tho because then it just becomes reckless and abusive. That is too easy. The Mastered reaction is harder. Save the “Death Bombs” for the end of a relationships when it doesn’t matter. Fuck it.
      Of course there are some things to consider. If she is higher than you on the looks this may or may not work because she can find another one that will do what she wants (Despite her not getting that, that will just make her more mad in the long run. Oh women) so she may not put up with it. Despite that tho don’t hold back. Still do it. Better to live with regret than doing nothing.
      If you are above her in looks no need to worry of course. She will lack options. Not have NONE (Depending on the age) but will only lack and stay with you because there is nothing out there for her.
      But yeah that was the best I can do as far as explaining it. Any Criticisms is welcomed. I am always willing to learn an become better.
      A Master’s work is never done…

  18. I have been thinking about this topic for some time now (female manipulation and female Psychopathy or Female Narcissim, I consider Narcissism as a *garden variety Psychopathy* anyway); found this author who talks about Female Psychopathy, he is brilliant. Here I share:

    1. Great video, very interesting. Gotta say it took some serious compartmentalizing to concentrate with all that booty shaking.
      Who is the author?

  19. I think that one simple glaring oversight of these articles questioning the female ability to love is brain scanning technology. It has been proven, with CT, MRI, fMRI, and PET techniques, that women’s brains light up when shown a picture of a man that they claim to love – the same way that a man’s will when shown a picture of a woman that he claims to love.
    Yes, women feel love. Of course they do, they’re human. HOWEVER, women are privy to a phenomenon virtually unheard of for men. A woman can drastically increase her worth, social standing, and position in life by jumping from an average partner to one higher up the social chain. This is, of course, advantageous on every level for a woman. Why put up with boring ol’ Grok, who’s the same day-in-day-out and always brings the same sized antelope home from the hunts, when Glorp, a tribe alpha who brings home an impressive diversity of kills and could support many many children, has shown interest. Not to mention the genetic aspect; nobody wants the genetic offspring of a loser like Grok.
    I would propose that, while women do experience love, it’s easier for them to cut the emotional tie if they perceive it to be advantageous to do so. They might not even consciously be aware of this and will rationalize it by minimizing their partner’s efforts and attributes, whipping him into submission with absolutely no intention of actually sticking with him (unless, of course, things with her new boyfriend don’t work out).
    I find myself reminded of birds. Female birds will pick a mate with a good nest, and then go out and have affairs with the alpha-equivalents that they couldn’t land. They then return to their mate’s nest and her chicks have all the advantages of two parents slaving away to take care of them, as well as sturdier genetic stock. The poor male in this instance might only father up to a half of the chicks he’s tending to. But he accepts her back, he always does. The poor bastard.

      1. then he needs to meet natural selection. a glazed life taking care of a guilt tripper is not living. NO “WOMAN” HAS EVER TIED ME DOWN AND I DON’T FUCK CRAZY = 95+% OF THEM.
        And I just love how they emotionally manipulated LAW with their guilt trips, they got 2 issues, free birth control and free abortions and in politics, they think WANT and OPINION MATTER – nope, they’re just there for show and entertainment for the rest of the retards.

    1. Realistically Glorp would have quite the brains, and so he should be able to sense a trash woman from miles away, and reject her, If Glorp does not do this he’s actually a beta.

  20. Feminism isn’t a product of women. Most feminists are useful dupes of socialist and capitalist agendas (factories sponsored women’s work equality groups in order to deflate wages for families.)
    Keep in mind that until chivalrous western patriarchy, women’s emotional manipulation was about as useful as an asshole on an elbow. In a might=right world, men ruled. Literally. The feminists were right: Men “oppressed”, or at least ruled, (and continue to rule in most of the world), over women because they COULD. Only via a welfare state that borrows money (while it can) to keep children from starving in unwed mother households can the feminist matriarchy pretense exist.
    Actually, women’s emotional manipulation is pretty easy to spot. Other men are shocked I spot it so easily but due to circumstances of my birth I had to be practical and couldn’t entertain convenient delusions of chivalry. Women don’t manipulate men. Men manipulate themselves and women are just there.

    1. “. . . until chivalrous western patriarchy, women’s emotional manipulation was about as useful as an asshole on an elbow.”

      1. Is that Scheherazade Ali the Afro-Centric Activist, or Scheherazade the fictional character from 1.000 Nights?

        1. That is Scheherazade the mythical representation of the feminine as the manipulative power behind the power that is eastern and predates chivalry.
          As a point of order she would have been a Persian Zoroastrian, not an Arab Muslim, her real life inspiration living circa 700 B.C.

  21. What is a man’s most potent weapon? And don’t say his dick. Not everyone who reads here is black.

    1. Excellent question. It comes down to the difference in the way men and women understand *force*.
      Women understand force IMPLICITLY. Female “warfare” is fought socially with emotional manipulation, ostracizing their opponents from a group, backstabbing, dissimulation etc…..
      Men understand “force” EXPLICITLY. Men use fists, guns, bombs, knives and intellect etc. to neutralize a threat. It’s very obvious but that’s the important difference between male and female warfare.

        1. Molnar, the pathetic beta male who got baited by that east european slut named “His Sister”.
          Grow a pair of balls you faggot. You immediately bow down to the first vagina that deems you worthy to spray her aroma upon you.

      1. I’m a minimally affectionate and emotionally cool man; coming from a very emotional and affectionate Russian family, my exie mistook this as a lack of love for her. This gradually crushed her self-confidence and made her take drastic emotional measures to try to possess and control me, which soon backfired and drove me away, as I will not be ruled.
        So anyway, yes, indifference is a very powerful tool.
        Always let her be the one to say, “I love you” first. I would nonchalantly reply, “Love ya.”

  22. Much of this is true. And I agree, most women are not aware of their own nature. Most guys agree that women often fear reality and do much to avoid it. I think the reason for this could be that the guilt associated with “bagging” a man purely for his resources and protection is a lot to deal with. Women have to ignore certain aspects of their nature in order to secure their basic needs. If they acknowledge their own nature it will be difficult for them to take care of their needs at the same time as having a sense of well being.
    One thing I do not agree with is the idea that male evolutionary history simply involved killing beasts and mating with random females before moving on without providing for offspring. Human social nature has played a huge part in our evolution and without it we would still be swinging from the trees. We would not have language, we would not be able to empathise and we would have very limited imaginations. What lies at the heart of all successful societies is the family unit. It is the fundamental social unit in human society. And, with that understanding, I think we should also try and understand our male nature in relation to the creation of the basic social unit (IE the family) and society at large.
    I hate to say it gentlemen but I do think part of our basic male evolutionary nature also involves securing a supportive social environment for our offspring.
    Studies have shown that children in single parent families fair worse than children from two parent homes.
    Going around banging everything available may increase quantity off spring but it decreases quality.
    A a man, it is up to you to decide which is the mating strategy most likely to secure not only longevity of your genes, but increases your genes ongoing chances of combining with the best quality genes available.
    A lost loser who didn’t have guidance from both a mother and father is less likely to find a quality mate.
    Quality or quantity is the name of the game.

  23. The ‘tactics’ of feminists do suggest emotional predation e.g. name-calling, exclusion.
    One way to bring round sensible women would be to point out the BS in women’s magazines and why. The feminists do this to convert and there’s no real-world equivalent to their propaganda.
    I like asking feminists who patriarchy is, and watch them fumble. Shit for brains.

    1. Ha ha, you just reminded me of when I asked a coffee shop feminist type to show me the laws that discriminate against her. She came back with some sob story about a women that was getting paid less than her colleagues. Asked her for the laws specifically, she came up with nothing and eventually told me to shut up as she is not interested in my views. Typical.
      By the way I think the word you are looking for is “subvert” as opposed to “convert”. Most women will deny being a feminist whilst “FEMINIST” is exactly what they are. Women have been very cleverly duped by feminists.

      1. I asked the same of an asexual. I was like “Yes, you said the law discriminates, but how? Which laws?” I had to repeat myself at least half a dozen times only for her to stamp her feet and essentially complain I was bullying her and, get this, acephobic.
        Subvert, yes. I’m a recovering feminist myself, I saw firsthand how they brainwash people and got the fuck outta there. It’s like overcoming cult programming.

        1. Well congratulations on seeing through it all. Considering that feminism is designed to use your female nature against you then you have overcome yourself as well as feminism. Not that female nature is bad or evil but it has the potential to be if you yourself are not in command of it. It works the same for the guys too. Our nature, to be be both protectors and providers, is the very reason unscrupulous men are able to dupe us in to fighting their wars for them.
          Some people love seeing them self as a victim. Their very identity depends on it. There’s a lot of free goodies you can win for yourself by playing victim.
          I am not sure what you would consider the pros of throwing away any notion of your own victim hood but, as a guy, it means being able to live my life with a sense of self-respect.
          There is a huge irony behind feminism in that in dividing us mere mortals it benefits the wealthy men at the top the most.

        2. PS “acephobic” ha ha. Didn’t even know that existed! What will they come up with next.
          I guess to see yourself as a victim you have to have a snappy word to impose on the people you have decided are oppressing you.

        3. Cheers. I saw a group of previously ordinary women turn into the very worst dregs feminism has to offer. Who’d choose that? I mean, they don’t even tackle anything that matters, not a breath against Islam or circumcision.
          There’s too much victimhood full stop nowadays, people are getting tired of it over here in Europe. I’ve never had that mentality, it’s weak whoever has it. Why put your life in someone else’s control?

        4. Well, I guess it must have something to do with us being a social species. Everybody wants to be at the top of the social pile so in a society were “victims” are given higher status, everyone is going to want to be a victim.
          I have come across so many women that use feminist dogma to try and get me to accept them as weak victims who deserve my making a sacrifice for their benefit. I thought that was called chivalry and feminists are against chivalry. Confused is what they are!
          I don’t think feminism creates selfishness in women (and often men) I think brings out what was already there but hidden for the sake of social acceptance. These people weren’t made selfish by feminism, they were already selfish and feminism has just made it socially acceptable for them to be openly selfish. In reality feminism actually makes it easier for normal minded people to spot the idiots of this world. Fine by me, it makes it easier to pan the gold from the soil.

        5. Dunno why you bothered, in my experience big words confuse them.
          I think it encourages the worst potentials of women, grasping, whorishness and playing the damsel (give me XYZ).

  24. Someone once told me “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” That person was a woman. Who I dated. Who cheated on me. Ain’t that some shit.
    These days I just assume most of what comes out of a woman’s mouth is bullshit. The rest is useless drivel. The only thing worth paying attention to is what they DO to make your life more pleasant. Fuck all else. It is your own responsibility to not be had by the charms of a conniving, manipulative broad. Don’t let yourself be a victim.

    1. When it comes to woman; judge the tree by the fruit it bares… None of them are honest but then not all of them are bad either…

  25. Arthur Schopenhauer was way ahead of you:
    “So that it will be found that the fundamental fault in the character of women is that THEY HAVE NO “SENSE OF JUSTICE.” This arises from their deficiency in the power of reasoning already referred to, and reflection, but is also partly due to the fact that Nature has not destined them, as the weaker sex, to be dependent on strength but on cunning; this is why they are instinctively crafty, and have an ineradicable tendency to lie.
    For as lions are furnished with claws and teeth, elephants with tusks, boars with fangs, bulls with horns, and the cuttlefish with its dark, inky fluid, so Nature has provided woman for her protection and defence with the faculty of dissimulation (deception), and all the power which Nature has given to man in the form of bodily strength and reason has been conferred on woman in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever.
    Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on.”

  26. True Story: hung out with a chick a few times and we get together for dinner. She is all dolled up, heels, tight skirt, make up: i.e., she is ready to have sex. At this point in my life I find this stupid and amusing.
    Her: “Are you emotionally available?”
    Me: “Financially what???!!!!!!”
    Her: “I didn’t say financial. Are you emotionally available?!”
    Me: “Emotionally manipulable??!! What are you saying?!!!!!”
    I got much more enjoyment 1) ruining her stupid theater, and 2) saying “no thank you”, than if we would had had sex (no big deal).

  27. Women are like non-working dogs and cats: social parasites.
    But we do indeed need them if we are to perpetuate ourselves.
    It is all a matter of balance.

  28. The older I get, the less I feel capable of falling in love, at least with the great majority of modern women. They might love their rom coms, but what they love about them is not the beautiful connection love nurtures between a man and a woman, but the ego-sating feeling they receive by getting a man tio fall in love with them.
    Women are intensely selfish creatures (with some wonderful exceptions, of course), animals whose prime directive is gaining status and getting the best man around to be their protector. Hypergamy realized.
    How can a man with a poetic soul fall in love with a woman if she is inherently, incurably selfish? Love should be a 2-way street, not a man’s soliloquy to the greatness of his woman. Yet it seems the modern woman only sees love as a reflection of her own value, not as a beautiful and rare conjoining of two seperate entities who feel responsible for each other.
    The modern woman wants to be a goddess, and culture assures her that is her right. Yet what does she do with her deification? Bangs 20 guys on Tinder, blows another 20 in drunken flings, then demands the best husband available because SHES WORTH IT. Do they ever wonder from whence their wealth derives? I think not

    1. The most saddening part about it for me is, there are so many dumb men around who play right into it all, the women will never change, because for every guy who sees through it all and is sick of it, there are 100 waiting to play right into her hands.

  29. well i’m not like that guess that’s why don’t fit in. not everyone is like this there still is kindness and hopefully from both genders.

  30. Any time I start to feel disillusioned and jaded by the bombardment of shitty manipulative behavior from women, I always think of that classic scene from the film As Good As It Gets –
    “How do you write women so well?”
    “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability”
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What a line.

  31. Better to don’t believe a women who cry. Women are dangerous I know it is sad but this is the true most of women has no conscience their are very money hungry and selfish. I’d rather play poker bot

  32. She got no respect for you protecting her from the world – and most of all herself, lol = NEXT THE LOSER PARASITE. Do not solve problems the losers create on purpose for attention so they can cunt-inue to play their mostly life long commie social games in their imaginary worlds. Why do you think we invented all this = TO KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED BECAUSE THEY AIN’T DOING SHIT ABOUT NOTHING ELSE BUT CAUSING PROBLEMS FOR ATTENTION. The little boys and mangina’s mommy fucked up raising in their hey it’s only commie weak ass jealous of those who make $ lives and worlds hiding behind Democracy = freebies for all, unless you white then you’re supposed to be slaved to work for them so they can cunt-inue to cause global problems, etc. and real men know it as do real women so fk off with the “I WANT!” weak ass parasitic crap and get to work or NATURAL SELECTION WILL COME AROUND. This is what they fear and worry about – nobody wants a CUNT IN THEIR LIFE. I ure as shit don’t and fuck the PC crap = all these gender problems = CAUSED BY WOMEN FOR ATTENTION – ya don’t see boys, guys, men running around udderly competing every day now do ya – unless they’re little bitches to begin with. Little bitched so strong smart and competent MOMMY fucked up raising because past getting her free ride in life with her emotional manipulations and guilt trips = WAAAA! IT’S NOT WORKING! BLAME THE PATRIARCHY (everything the world has ever had – like what are they going to do = TRY AND GUILT TRIP THEIR WAY INTO THEIR IMAGINARY POWER) i’M NOT GETTING MY WAY OR WHAT I WANT! WAAAAA!
    Fucking children most their lives, funny thing is, WOMEN ARE THE ONES DESTROYING YOUR SOCIETY – BETTER WAKE UP MEN, SOME GREAT WHORES ARE PLAYING GAMES AND NEED TO BE KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT… PERMANENTLY. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Bitches WANT to ahem “think” they know what’s up – IF THEY ACTUALLY DID THEY WOULD REALIZE ONE POTENT THING = MOST OF THEM ARE ONLY FUCK TOYS. Smart, no they’re not.

  33. … know what I do? I ignore what the cunt WANTS… I make them earn it, and if they don’t POOOF! I get rid of them and do not look back and cut all ties. If a gal ain’t gonna respect you and just WANTS a guy around to pay her ways through her life long childish life… then she’s a baby… do what you will… then broom her. It’s not a man’s job to raise his family AND his wife. Wonder why they HATE religions and want to get rid of them? Because it calls them on their shit and they are held accountable… can’t have that now can they? As a man… why the fuck am I paying for free abortions when their pea brained gap traps fail and why am I paying for birth cunt-troll they blame on failing to back up their parasitic natures? LQQK… it’s all a guilt trip. Act a whore – get fucked and tossed like one, got no future because you decided to be a hoe and a diseased idiot, it’s not societies fault for the choices you dumb ass little girls make and blaming men – pathetic, but then again that’s what they WANT… attention. They’re all kids their whole lives, once you realize that you will be better off.

  34. https://exposingfeminism.wordpress.com/shaming-tactics/
    and here’s your start to all their weak ass cry baby udder bullshit… I LOVE the can’t get laid remarks… it’s hilarious when I post a pic of me and my old lady… then the cunts just go and cry on the internet somewhere else. Bitch please, you a hole for dick… and that’s what they’re bitching about… but… they made their choices and beds… they WANT you to make the covers and wipe their asses their whole lives.
    The toilet seat up of down issue in Sweeden, lol! Either fuck your men shelf life losers – OR THEY ARE GOING TO GET LAID SOMEWHERE ELSE – use your dick instead of placating some cunts shelf life fears of her own self abandonment. Ampsterdam is right around the corner and half the world’s female populace is just a hooker anyhow, sooooo… go get laid, fuck her “feelings” they don’t pay the bills, you do… USE YOUR COCK AND BALLS TO AVOID PROSTATE CANCER… THAT’S WHAT STAVES IT OFF AND THE OLDER MEN GET THE MORE THEY NEED TO JIZZ, ALL THERE IS TO IT. They’re shelf life ain’t a man’s… and they gotta do ANYTHING to survive… well they’re not parasiting any longer and men aren’t working for little girls just so they can go shopping and compete against the next parasitic gestator off all mankind. Simple as identifying which ones are sluts and whores, and which ones aren’t – thing is… THEY ALL WANT… THE “OPTION”… and hate the shit they pull, and point fingers. Last time I checked… STD’s LOVE a warm, dark, moist place to be harbored, bred and spread from… but lemme guess, that’s a man’s fault too. No it’s not, and we all know it.

  35. Man’s weapon is not exclusively physical proweß, but intellectual force too.

  36. There actually have been some studies on this, especially with evolutionary biology, as was mentioned.
    Unfortunately I do have to agree that most women I have encountered are like this, with the exception of two that I know besides myself, one being a friend from school, and the other my grandmother.
    It is a fair point to ask whether individuals are merely acting on evolutionary behaviours, or if they genuinely love someone, but love in itself is an abstract concept that everyone defines differently. I doubt we’ll ever be able to set a clear point of reference when it comes to these sorts of conversations.
    I can say for myself, I don’t love the way my husband makes me feel… I love him. I don’t want to simply be with a provider; if given the chance of having a more successful, attractive mate, I wouldn’t leave him. Most of this is due to the fact that I’ve always felt drawn to him since I first saw him, but also because we work well together, emotionally and otherwise. Both of us have grown to understand each other for the most part, and we work together to reconcile any differences that we can, and certainly to curb the rare fight.
    As I said before, I know most women are not like this, and that does make me very sad. Hearing friends talking about the number of men that wanted to date them as if it is a competition makes topics feel extremely shallow. I suppose one of the reasons I might be different from your regular roastie is because my father remarried to a woman that came from a very gynocentric, manipulative family. With the contrast of my kind, understanding and wise grandmother, I knew what kind of family I wanted to have for myself later on, and what kind of woman I wanted to be.
    I guess all I’m saying is, I totally get you guys. I often say that I’m glad I wasn’t born a man, because I’d probably be miserable if I was looking for a real connection with someone.

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