How To Deal With Friends Who Believe In Social Justice

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can think for themselves and see the truth for what it is, and those who don’t bother to do any critical thinking, and just believe what the majority tells them to believe. To them, truth matters less than what is socially expedient.

Unfortunately, the second type outnumber the first at least 10 to 1. This ratio might be different in other countries, but I’m speaking from what I’ve experienced in Sweden. Generally, though, it seems like a rule of humanity that only some relatively few bright minds have the honesty and clarity to see things for what they are, instead of what they wish them to be.

What this means is that you likely have a lot of people around you—neighbors, friends, family, coworkers—who belong to the group that let others do their thinking for them. I know that’s the case for me. It’s not easy finding friends who agree with me on subjects like politics and ethics. Hell, it’s hard enough to find someone who will even tolerate any ideology that didn’t originate with Karl Marx.

I still like to hang out with my leftist friends, even if we have our differences. I’ve tried to change their minds, but so far without any luck. So if I can’t change it, I’ll have to learn how to live with it. Over the years, I’ve found ways to deal with the circumstance of being right-wing in a left-wing society. Below I share with you some thoughts I have on dealing with friends who have opinions that you disagree with.

1. Don’t bring up your own views without good reason


Your friend’s face when you dare to question her.

I’m not saying you should hide your opinions as if you were ashamed of them. But from my experience, having a calm, factual and productive political discussion with SJWs is nearly impossible. They get offended and emotional for the smallest things—what they call being “triggered.” If you’re not with them and their Marxism all the way, you must be a right-wing extremist bent on raping women and lynching blacks. Maybe you haven’t done those things already, but you surely have the potential to.

My conclusion is that it’s best not to bring up politics at all when you’re in the company of these kinds of friends. At best you’ll spoil the mood, at worst you’ll make them break down and run away in tears.

2. Prepare yourself with good arguments

fierce argument

If you do get into a political argument with them, make sure you have your facts straight and all of your points clear ahead of time. Watch debates on Youtube and learn from your favorite pundits. Even if you don’t have any chance of changing their minds, you’ll at least be able to stand your ground against their onslaught of stupidity.

Just before you completely crush them with your superior arguments, take the high road and give them a chance to retreat in a dignified way. Say you agree with them on some minor detail, but that you can agree to disagree on the bigger issue. Hopefully, that’ll be the end of it.

3. Don’t trust them to be loyal when shit hits the fan


Think 1984. A totalitarian government has come to power, violently suppressing every dissenting voice in the nation. You’re under constant surveillance, not only by the government but also by the people around you. Say the wrong words an they’ll report your political incorrectness to Big Brother. Imagine if something like that would happen for real. It could—we’ve already seen it in places like Russia, China and North Korea.

SJWs are cowardly collectivists. You can never really count on them to have your back. Rather, you can be sure that they’ll climb over your dead body to move further up in the hierarchy. If shit does hit the fan, you need good people close to you to fight whatever power is holding you back. Which brings me to my next and last point.

4. Find new friends


The smart thing for you to do is look around for new friends that are more reliable.The Internet has made it a lot easier to find and contact fellow thought criminals, so you should take advantage of that opportunity. Roosh V Forum is the place where fans of Roosh and Return Of Kings come together. They come from all around the world, and some of them have already organized more or less clandestine meet-ups.

Some say one should judge a man by the company he keeps. I’d say that’s true to a degree. If you don’t feel comfortable being judged by what kind of friends you have, maybe it’s time to go looking for new ones.

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239 thoughts on “How To Deal With Friends Who Believe In Social Justice”

  1. Keep in mind that lies that go unchallenged and unopposed always grow in scope and power. Staying silent for the sake of peace and civility is not really a good option in the long run.

    1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke
      This is why religion is so massive.

      1. ” ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ – Edmund Burke
        “This is why religion is so massive.”
        Religion is absolutely universal because without it there is no frame of reference for what is “good” and what is “evil.” No such thing as men without religion, atheists included.

        1. Well, then I by your statement, killing others who don’t believe in the same imaginary man in the sky as you is “good”. Fuck off.
          Morality, or what is “good” and what is “evil”, is not defined by religion. It never has been. I don’t rape because it’s against religion – something that is OPTIONAL – or against the law, I don’t rape because I know that it is wrong to harm a human being in that way.
          If you need religion and the lie of eternal suffering to not be a horrible person, you’re a horrible person.
          Religion has caused the murder, torture, rape, and poverty of millions of people throughout the world in the last 3000 years alone.
          Fuck religion.

        2. I’m quite sure that we as a society don’t need numerous ancient books and gods for us to recognize that theft and murder is “bad”.
          Aside from that, good and bad is simply a matter of perspective. We call pleasant things “good” and things that invoke negative feelings “bad”. We make decisions based on that and don’t question it much further.

        3. False. Socialism has a body count of 100 million. All the dead of religious wars in history do not get near that number.
          Dispense with the religious hate.

        4. Islam has , not Christianity. In modern Times Islam is still terrible, but communism which is entirely Atheist is Truly Responsible for “The Murder , torture, Rape and Poverty of millions” and millions and millions, and millions (your Argument now… The Crusades! The Inquisition!, not even close to the amount the Atheist fueled ideologies behind communism are responsible for killing, and are still responsible for Killing in place’s like Atheist North Korea), BTW Atheist countries ( only countries that are atheist are mostly communist) don’t allow Freedom of speech, so on top of all the Killing’s atheist communist countries are responsible for, they won’t let you speak your mind either, unlike in the US (% is mostly Christian) you have freedom of Speech, and in the modern age no western Christian country is going to kill you for not “towing the line” of Christianity, or throw you in jail for speaking out against Christianity, but the atheist(communist) countries, you still “disappear” if you don’t go with the political parties Atheist policy ( much like the Chinese Christians facing persecution now in china) Reality shows that Atheism practiced in Government is Responsible for many Civil liberties undermined and Mass executions of populations.
          Fuck Atheism.

        5. “I’m quite sure that we as a society don’t need numerous ancient books and gods for us to recognize that theft and murder is ‘bad’.”
          War is in essence theft and murder when trying to conquer other countries. The people of the conquering country doesn’t see it as a bad thing.

        6. You can’t say “false” because I didn’t say anything about communism.
          Actually, most people in those countries are FORCED IN ATHEISM. It’s about control. That makes your argument invalid.
          Also, that’s not the point I wasn’t even talking about socialism. People say that religion is a must and you must follow God to be a good person when history has shown us differently.
          So good job at missing the fucking point retard.

        7. You’re speaking from a relativist position. For the absolutist there is no difference of perspective, just one universal morality.

        8. “Well, then I by your statement, killing others who don’t believe in the same imaginary man in the sky as you is ‘good’. Fuck off.”
          Killing: execution of criminals, self-defense, war.
          I believe you’re thinking of “murder,” of course, the difference between killing and murder varies between religions. For instance under the atheist religion we saw tens of millions of Christians “executed” in the Soviet Union, state sanctioned murder/genocide as defined by Orthodox Christians, justified self defense according to the government. And, then there’s the USA, where Travyon Martin was either a criminal who was killed by Zimmerman in self defense, or a victim of an evil “white Hispanic” murderer who had no right to self defense and deserved to be assaulted.
          “Morality, or what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil’. is not defined by religion. It never has been.”
          Always has been, always will be.
          Your “morality” without some revealed absolute truth coming from religion is worthless for basing a civilization on. Atheism like feminism and sodomy are always signs of imminent collapse.
          “I don’t rape because it’s against religion – something that is OPTIONAL -or against the law, I don’t rape because I know that it is wrong to harm a human being in that way.”
          You must be new here. I’m sure you’re guilty of “rape” by the standards of religion of the “secular” Left. Haha.

        9. “People say that religion is a must and you must follow God to be a good person when history has shown us differently.”
          Who is “people”? According to my religion everyone is a “sinner” (“bad person”), by God’s standards; and “good” and “nice” people, by human standards, die and go to Hell all time: 24/7/365. Oh yeah, here’s another difference between my religion and your “morality,” Christianity is a religion of billions practiced across millennia and all of Western civilization is (or was) based on it. Your “morality” is yours and yours alone and almost assuredly hasn’t even been fully defined and/or not in a state of flux across your life.

        10. I can vouch for what you said. I have meet many people from communist China and they have said similar things. Just like animal farm, some groups of people you do not question or you disappear….

        11. “Religion has caused the murder, torture, rape, and poverty of millions of people throughout the world in the last 3000 years alone.”
          Which one? Whose history are you quoting? What don’t you back your above statement up with some facts as I hear this asinine drivel from ever SJW schmuck who “went to college” and tried to exercise their daddy issues through hating faith.

        12. Have you never heard of the Crusades? Or the Spanish Inquisition? Or the 7/7 bombings in London, England? Or the Paris Massacre? Or the attempted car bombing of Viacom, which owns South Park? Or the Colorado abortion clinic massacre? Or the attack on Brussels? Or Cologne, Germany? Or how Galileo was put under house arrest for 9 years until he died? Or Charlie Hebdo attack? Or any of the times Catholic priests raped children. Or the San Bernardino Massacre? Or Sharia Law?
          Everyone killed/harmed in these events were killed IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.
          When I say religion, I mean all religions involved.
          How about you educate yourself on the travesties and horrors religion has brought on people in the name of their God, beliefs, etc.
          Typical SJW schmuck who will ignore facts and make up completely wild accusations.
          Fuck religion.

        13. “Killing: execution of criminals, self-defense, war.”
          God never killed in self-defense, because he was never attacked in “person”.
          So when God sent bears to maim and rip to shreds 42 children for making bald jokes, that was self-defense? (2 Kings 2:23-24)
          Or when God killed all the first-born children of Egypt? (Exodus 12:29-30)
          Your God can’t even follow his own rules. You follow the god that failed.

        14. Fuck this noise. Christianity and Islam can not be compared. You would like some faggot ass college kid.

        15. “killing others who don’t believe in the same imaginary man in the sky as you is “good”.”
          Dude, this is about as Straw Man as an argument can possibly get. You got it exactly ass backwards, anyway. Religion has reduced the amount of murder, etc, and not at all been the cause of it. Religion gives people a REASON!!! to find a way of living without murdering to get what they think they want. Religion even makes people question what they want and why they want it in the first place, and not merely examine how they intend to get it. Sheesh!!! For example, both Buddhism and Christianity preach non-greediness. What in the name of unholy fucking hell could atheism possibly say about non-greediness that was not ridiculous?

        16. Well both have killed millions of people in the last 3000 years so I can compare them. They both killed non-believers and homosexuals who did nothing wrong.

        17. So are you going to come up with a counter-argument or just say “uh huh” like an egotistical ignorant beta who won’t look at history?

        18. God nuked Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality. They are an example of what God will do to this country, if we don’t get it together.

        19. 1) The Bible is NOT law. The Bible is just a collection of stories.
          2) God breaks his own “Thou shalt not kill” which he knows he is going to tell Moses because he is omniscient. God is a hypocrite.
          3) Homosexuality is not a sin. It never was and never will be.
          4) America is probably the most sinful place on Earth, so why hasn’t God destroyed us yet? Because he doesn’t exist.

        20. Psalm 14:1
          “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

        21. Thanks you. Despite the claims of brotherhood and peace the region is at a constant state of conflict and just take a look at how they treat refugees.

        22. I think that you’re simple, obviously have some kind of axe to grind and are kind of bitchy so I simply refuse to trifle on those grounds alone.

        23. All the Anti-Christ’s are evil. I pray Men who don’t believe in God come to find the Lord Jesus, so they may see their error, and be saved.

        24. Ephesians 2:8-9
          For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

        25. And I think you’re just an idiot who won’t look at history, facts, or logic and just likes to make shit up and believe in fairy tales. So I refuse to trifle on those grounds alone.

        26. You understand what I mean right ? The sniping back and forth, the name calling… It’s bitchy. I’ll tell you what. I apologize, enjoy.

        27. And I think you’re a little beta with mommy issues who won’t look at history and open your eyes.
          Uh huh.

        28. It doesn’t matter. You still make people dead.
          So when God flooded the Earth what that killing or murder?

  2. “Find New Friends” the best piece of advice! Stop trying to grow as a man while surrounded by cucks. Drop the dead weight.

        1. Hard not to when you have 1000 more distractions in your day than an 18 yeard old 50 years ago.
          They think they already know, or they do what they do with every other bit of info flying at them: they acknowledge it and just keep consuming the other shit in their world. Even if they recognize it as Truth, they will rarely change a thing.

        1. Well, not if you’re an idiot. When I was a kid there weren’t man men in my life who offered or could offer good advise. “Because I said so,” only goes as far as of the person saying it is correct. (Of course, this is assuming that the one on the receiving end in cognizant enough to comprehend why that is not a good reason. On a side note, I always new my place.)

        2. I was joking of course. Clever kids know wisdom when they hear it. The rest have to fuck up first before they appreciate it.

        3. That’s a good observation. Through introspective growth can come much wisdom, one only need to delve deep into the abyss of their soul to see it. Many dare not venture down this path, for she takes no prisoners. Either you see your being or are destroyed by it’s malovance… many would not.

    1. You don’t really have left-wing “friends,” you only think you do. They will toss/betray/attack you the SECOND you show signs of “not in the herd.”
      This is true for all left-wing friends without any exceptions whatsoever.
      If you think you have a left wing friend who is an exception to this rule, examine your life for other signs of delusion as well.
      >>Stop trying to grow as a man while surrounded by cucks.
      This should be in the article. They WILL try to keep you at their level, and actively work to prevent you from moving up.

    2. ^This. And set a trajectory as well of where you want to be in 5-10 years so you’re steadily improving.

      1. Good, good point. While it’s great to have friends that fit with you right now, you have to think about where it’s all going. I knew a really rich guy who did what Preatorian advocated. He had 4 close friends, and as still young men, they agreed that they would all work towards getting rich and stick together. Now, they went their own ways on things, but they always met, every year, in Boulder, CO. Nobody knew what they did or what for, but it was intersting to learn about the whole thing.

    3. Absolute agreement. You are who you surround yourself with. I advocate being a combination of stoic and various forms of hostile to aggressive attitudes against people I do not like.
      If they are weaklings, cowards or group thinkers with no will to power I want to push them towards a confrontation so they will either change or be gone from my presence.
      One needs to become more tribal and form groups of men who exude their will to power from the inside.
      Much of this will require you to be extremely confident and dangerous in some way. It is possible perhaps to gain this just from the perception of being dangerous but unlikely to last when truly tested.
      Finally I advocate a complete embracing of the villain archetype and you can read about that further here

    4. When finding these new friends, two things to remember and be happy, but be ruthless about it.
      1) You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you
      2) If you are the smartest one in the group, you are all in trouble when shtf…

      1. Can you expand one #2? In any group, some one is going to be the smartest. Also, smartest at what – calculus, or how to handle difficult social situations?

        1. The short of it, surround yourself with knowledgeable people of differing faculties so everyone in the group / gang can draw on each others resources / intellect, if you know more than the 5 people surrounding you, its time to get / add new friends or stagnate.

    5. Yeah, you become the people you’re hanging around with, unfortunately. One of the reasons we’re a lonely society.

  3. Some but not all and one in particular of my best friends is like this. He has broken my heart at times and abandoned me at other times i feel over it.
    But that is solid advice i avoid talking politics or ethics with him. It’s not what our relationship is about so no need too. Strange thing i can tolerate his views and not hold them against him yet i would be the one labeled intolerant !! thats the frustrating part for me. I would love to debate him if he could not get emotional or fall back on a stock pile of slogans and cliches. I would eviscerate his opinions with facts but it’s not worth our friendship.

      1. yeah i love my friends.
        I was going to reply with you must be a closet homosexual if you are so quick to go there but then that would be as fucking stupid as you.

  4. break down and run away in tears.
    Where is the fun of having an argument if that does not happen? I like to win and prefer a head on approach when deal with democrat

  5. Remaining friends with SJWs is an exercise in masochism.
    The only good apart about having them in your friend group is that SJW males are always friendzoned and hang out with lots of girls as equals. They aren’t fucking these girls. Being a man in a group full of beta boys guarantees you get first dibs on the pussy. Just keep in mind, the pussy you’ll get is retarded and never worth dating.

    1. I LOVE to agressively flirt, (and occasionally close) with a chick right in front of her “BFF”. While I never acknowledge their presence, I can see green envy steam coming out of their ears in my peripheral vision while I try to bang the chick they wish they were banging. Hahaha

  6. When I was a leftist SJW, my leftist brother and family used to cheer me on when I was in-your-face and opinionated. But when I started arguing in the same way a few years back as a libertarian, people (leftists) started speaking of me as dangerous and needing medication.
    I have since learned to be reserved and strategic. I wait to be approached before volunteering an opinion.. As behaving as an angry leftist is applauded as courageous. Behaving as an angry libertarian will get you locked up or out of work pretty fast. Even among people you thought you could trust. I actually toned down my rhetoric out of fear.
    Conservatives must learn to dominate their emotions and behave in a mature manner if they are to hold onto their jobs and position in society. Leftists can let it all hang out. I know as I have been on both sides.
    I was not surprised when Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner said she found it harder to come out as a transgender than a conservative.
    Leftisst were far more aggressive and hateful. And will try to fuck you over personally for philosophical differences far more often than conservatives.
    I think it is because the latter are willing to respect the individual (even lefftist) simply as an individual to a far greater degree.
    Find it easier to agree to disagree and still interact positively on friendly terms.

  7. It’s bad enough I have to watch everything I say to these clowns on the job to avoid HR, I’ll be damned if I’m going to appease them on my own time. Better alone than in bad company.

    1. Exactly! All I talk about at work are travel, food and weather…to stay on the safe side. Leftists made life boring, there’s no fun in “progressive” societies.

      1. I concur. Joined Quora site because I enjoy debating issues. Bad decision. Overwhelmingly SJW’s on there. A woman claimed “Amy Schumer wears a size 6…a size 6 folks”. I replied that was proof women are mathematically challenged. I was slapped down by Quora moderators for “violating site standards”. I replied “it must be hell going through life in such a humorless manner”. And deleted my account, obviously.

  8. “3. Don’t trust them to be loyal when shit hits the fan”
    This. In addition to what was said, you can also write these types of guys off as soon as they get a girlfriend. Having plenty of self-loathing to go around since childhood due to being told their maleness makes them evil, they’ll work overtime to please the women in their lives and cowtow to their every whim.
    I recently reconnected with a childhood friend who went into full-on SJW mode since I last saw him. We were planning on writing songs and forming a band. Unfortunately, it never really amounted to anything because his entire life revolved around the needs of his (Fat ugly feminist) girlfriend. Like this point said, I knew I could never count on him because of this. He cancelled at least 50% of practices/songwriting sessions due to some “crisis” his girlfriend was conveniently having that day, so could I rely on him to show up to a gig? His girlfriend also didn’t want him playing music in the apartment when she was around, so could I count on him to practice his parts and know them and not absolutely fuck up live?
    I haven’t really seen him since this all happened. He chose his girlfriend and her needs over me, and I couldn’t respect that. He’s tried to reach out to me and set things up, but of course he’s always cancelled or his girlfriend makes other plans for him so we can’t see each other. This kind of pussywhipped behavior and SJW bullshit goes hand in hand.

    1. I’m reminded of an old friend who went tranny. I was tolerant for a while, but when he started posting about bum plugs on facebook I clocked out.
      You cannot save those who desire damnation.

      1. Dude, that’s heavy. There was this homosexual in one of my classes in college, I was the only guy to talk to him, all his friends were girls, I was just trying to be nice to everyone in class. He started stalking me.

        1. Thing is, I have no problem with sexual deviants. It’s when they scream “look at me! look at me!” that I start to dislike them. Many conform to LGBTQ standards for the easy access to friendship and sexual release.
          He was one of the subjects I used to form my theory of deviant development (which incidentally is on my blog, if you are so inclined).

        2. Right. I don’t mind their existence or trying to make a life. But they when they’re dead set on pushing themselves on you I have a problem with. Like this restroom thing. What’s going to happen there is I’ll take my 14 niece someplace and, to her embarrassment, have to accompany her to the restroom. If a guy in a dress in there he’s going to get a beating.

        3. You really have to check out situations. I’ve been nice to gays before and no problem. Nice to know that I’m not queer bait.

        1. Great group, first heard them in Germany 1999, with the October beer fest in Munich, lots of other great songs on their albums, Vater Unser is the best musical version of the lords daily prayer I have come acrosss.

    2. Recently several of my friends have gotten girlfriends and pretty much fallen off the grid, don’t respond when I reach out to them, won’t commit to plans or follow up on plans, etc. It’s disappointing

      1. I’ve had friends pull the disappearing act. But the flip side of that are the enmeshed guys who still hang out but want to bring their gf with them. This is even worse when the girl is “one of the guys” so she thinks it’s fine for her to intrude on male bonding time.

        1. Exactly. This is bad for 2 reasons:
          1) Throwing a female into an all-male group will mean she becomes the center of attention, even if you don’t realize it or consciously try and give her attention. The guys will also watch what they say around her.
          2) If your friend brings his gf then you can’t TRULY hang out with him. He’ll have to give most of his attention to the gf, and you can’t talk about wild stories from the past, other girls, etc. lest she get angry. Most guys don’t realize this, but 99% of them act WAY differently around their girls than they do with their friends.

        2. I do too and that’s the right thing to do imo. If you can’t bring something that I can’t then we’re not really friends.

        3. Yeah, they have their own reasons and agendas that kick in when they’re socializing with guys. Same thing in business situations. It’s ridiculously transparent when a guy brings his gf and she’s in yoga pants and slutting around, and she non-verbally says to him that she’s showing off for him, but really what she’s doing is whoring around. Or the girl who’s just spying to see how he acts around his friends- because girls notoriously unload stuff to their friends that they wouldn’t want the bf to see.

    3. Any woman that doesn’t want you participating in your hobbies should be immediately dumped. Hell, any woman that doesn’t encourage you to participate in your hobbies should be immediately dumped.

      1. Yeah, like they didn’t know what kind of person you were when they decided to hook up with you. When a women suddenly decides she doesn’t like your hobbies or other things about you, it means she had/has no clue about who you are and hooked up with you based on female sylopsism. You don’t really exist for her, and are only there to fit into the fictional drama life she’s created.

  9. 3 and 4 yes. 1 and 2 no. No argument will ever convince them, only the appearance of strength.
    Dealing with these people is just like game: amused contempt and humor will give you a victory every time. They’re pretty much just trying to see what they can get away with in the face of all common decency and basic observation. The second you take their ridiculous views seriously, is the second you’ve lost half the battle.
    Talk about your own views whenever you feel like it and it’s appropriate and never back down (but be careful at work), especially when women are around. Like Sylvia Plath wrote: “Every woman adores a fascist.”

  10. Ridicule is a powerful weapon. If you can take a friend’s argument and softly but powerfully ridicule it, this could dismantle their entire argument. I find this is effective because it can be done surprisingly peacefully, and because the entire SJW ideology is built on snarky Jon Stewart one-liners.

    1. Finally someone else who has picked up on the jon stewartification of political dialogue. I don’t see snark overturning monarchies and dictators and bringing freedom to the world but it seems thats what people take as winning an argument these days.

    2. SJWs learn their political theory from entertainment, not books. For them it’s about emotions and virtue signaling, not facts and historical precedents.
      This is why it’s easy to spot them, and dismantle them.

    3. I use Alinsky tactics right back at them. It doesn’t change their minds, (nothing will) but it gives them a taste of their own medicine.

  11. Whenever I’ve gotten into discussions of politics and whatnot with lefties, I stated my conservative views in such a way the end result was they telling me I should be running the country (or something to that effect).
    I’m not sure how to feel about that.

    1. You were probably the first adult they have met who actually took the time to deconstruct their world view and present reality in a form they could understand. Most people don’t have time for their drivel.

      1. I’m reminded of the dying words of an supercomputer in David Brin’s “The Postman”:
        “Who will take responsibility for these wayward children?”

    2. As quickly as leftists take to calling people fascists, they seem to gravitate with the same speed to caudillos and strongmen that they believe can wave a wand over their problems.

  12. It’s actually amusing to be the shitlord around SJWs at a party or function. Although I don’t attend many functions involving SJWs these days. When I do I tend to find that I’m the only man wearing non-skinny jeans and I have a clean shaven face with an adult haircut. That alone marks me apart as “the adult” in the room.
    It’s even better when their girlfriends find ways to talk with me for extended periods of time. Usually when these effeminate men open their mouths and say something that’s obviously virtue signaling I give them the “whatever” look and it shrinks them into obscurity for the rest of the evening.
    Treat SJW dismissively in social setting and watch them shrink. Confronting them acknowledges their viewpoints, “nexting” them paints them as ignorant children.

  13. This article beggars the question: Why on earth would you remain friends with such closed-minded, regressive dickheads? In my experience, the 10-1 ratio mentioned is about right.. however, I find many of those 9 people (especially men) are open to a lot of red pills beliefs. In fact, you’d be amazed how many guys are sick to death of the current male-bashing grrl-power feminist culture, once they confide in you.
    BTW you might not be a great fan of Stephan Molyneaux, but this vid is spot on with the article:

  14. What happened to Sweden. A country where some of the hardest, toughest men came from. Your Viking ancestors are looking down in shame.

  15. 3. Don’t trust them to be loyal when shit hits the fan
    I think this is the most important one of them all. My 93 year old grandmother told me a story about her experiences about the Japanese invasion of Singapore. In WW2 the Japanese overthrew the British in Singapore. During the time of occupation the people were spit into two groups. There were the nationalists, those who resented the the newly occupying Japanese force and there were those who wanted power within the new Japanese regime.
    How she described those who wanted power from the Japanese was pretty much the same as how I would describe the current SJW’s. These are the sorts of people who virtue signal, those who want to look good in-front of powers at be. Essentially the sycophants. Just like socialists, they wanted to undeservingly receive the riches of the newly stolen wealth. To gain favour with the occupying force, they would spy on their neighbours, finding those with dissenting opinion and ascertaining those who fought against the Japanese. Afterwards these individuals would dob them in. The exposed individuals were marched into the ocean and executed. My grandfather remembered the ocean being red with the blood of those who were shot. The reward of giving up their fellow country men? Accolade, a verbal congratulations from the new force. Sometimes they would receive a few dollars. These people are pathetic. I asked what happened to those people who dobbed in the other Singaporeans after the Japanese left Singapore. She replied, “They were dealt with”.
    After I heard this story, my wife and I have always divided people into two groups. Those who we would trust in the SHTF moment and those who we wouldn’t.

    1. In Nazi-occupied France, these people were called “collaborators”. After the liberation of France many of them were taken out and shot. Heh.
      Unfortunately, with the leftist PC/feminist dystopia we currently find ourselves in, I reckon liberation will be a long time coming.

      1. If communist China overthew any of the western countries, the SJW’s would be the first collaborators.
        You are right. Who would be our liberators?

        1. They’d be the first we exterminate and terrorize as well.
          Betraying one’s people to an occupying enemy is about as bad as it gets.
          Socialists and SJWs are traitors..

    2. Thank you for your post. I sometimes wonder if that the leftists have over played their hand as they feel safe to no longer hide their aims and openly undermine the institutions that provided them cover for so long. The feel secure that pendulum isn’t gonig to swing back on them and the consequences of their actions will need not be atoned.
      Any case. Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club posted articles similiar to your post about Phillapino callaborators under Jap rule.

      1. The left are crazy, but not all leftists are SJW’s. I can totally foresee the SJW’s I have to associate with dobbing in their friends and family for a pat on the head or a loaf of bread.
        Interesting that other stories exist, I will definitely look up his articles.

        1. “The left are crazy, but not all leftists are SJW’s”
          Most leftist are dupes, but a handful are truly evil. Those types need to be kept away from poistions of authoriy, money and children.

    3. The Poles during WWII didn’t play around either – those few traitors of the nation who collaborated with the Germans were picked out and shot by the Home Army.

  16. “Find New Friends” is the only piece of advice worth following. SJW-types should be associates at most, but never friends. You can’t be a true friend with a narcissist. Use them for your own needs, such as work and business, but when it comes to friends, find people who aren’t immature asshats.
    Best of luck to you John, living in Sweden and all. I weep for your people.

  17. There are no friends for people who care about the truth anymore. We have to be the strong lone wolves hunting in the arid steppe that the world has now become.
    We will not be the leaders of a bright tomorrow but we should still try to work towards it, as one day our grandchildren may see what we fought and died for.
    Stay strong, find a good woman to sow your seed in, hunker down and fight for what you believe in!

  18. A friend is a rare commodity. Most people you know are acquaintances, colleagues, or the friends of your wife. When my ex played the false DV card I found out at light speed how many friends I had. One true friend and one loyal work colleague. I have since jettisoned the charlatans from my life and have never been happier.
    Men naturally compete with each other and will be looking to one up you in some sense. A woman is never a friend to a man. Be very selective in the people you let into your life. Most do not have your best interest at heart.

    1. Real men cannot have friends it seems. That’s what almost 40yrs has taught me. Anyone you trust becomes a liability sooner or later.

      1. I am a bit older, but I can count my life long friends who are still alive on one hand. Ok. One. Strange as you get older.. but you tend not to make any friends or tolerate others bullshit for long.

        1. I’m down to zero already for a long time, 5 years or more. I don’t need instable idiots to fuck my shit up for me, I can do that on my own ;-).
          I used to have friends, good ones too, but one after the other they either become ghosts because they were with some girl who said I was a chauvinist pig bla bla or they just did some shit that was just unbelievably stupid and tried to drag me into it, and got offended when I said no.

        2. I knew the guy K-12. Was the best man at his wedding. Luckily his wife, of 23 years, is a good Mexican woman and I must admit has tempered him (he was a bit of a brawler) to become a great father of 3 kids.

        3. Good to hear there still are good stories being made by good men out there :-).
          I used to be a brawler hehe but I have tempered it because of my wife, and before her like 2 exes or so…
          I actually got robbed at gunpoint by 3 guys, fucked them all up and ditched the gun in a pond, went home and had my girlfriend get upset at me because I hurt and beat people…
          She screamed at me that it is not my right to beat people up for wanting to rob me.
          Unbelievable shit, needless to say I ditched her not long after this.
          Edit to add: if you point a gun at me I will fuck you up… This is a non negotiable thing for me and has been for most of my life.

        4. If you are from Ohio, then we need to break contact immediately. Heh.
          “I actually got robbed at gunpoint by 3 guys, fucked them all up and ditched the gun in a pond,”
          You should have taken their clothes simply to bathe in their humiliation.
          My last fight was when I got jumped on the street in Barcelona by 6 young guys… I was bigger, but I surmize they thought their numbers would make up the difference. After 6 city blocks and 2 of the laying on the pavement they gave up. There were at least 100 witnesses through the whole ordeal and no one lifted a finger. No cops either. After they walked off some by-stander walked up and handed me my glasses (which were knocked off 5 blocks ago). They must have thought I was European. Heh.

        5. Nice, my max sofar is 27 guys but not totally sure I counted them all, I mauled about 8-10 of them and then thought fuck it and went to get my gun, while they tried to take me down lol.. In the end we shared beers because they said they take their hat off for me hehehehe. They had never seen someone fight like that even in movies…
          Edit to add, I try not to damage people I take down hehe which I suppose is not usual. But my training means legally I am a deadly weapon so I must exercise extreme care…
          Edit 2 no I’m not from or in Ohio I’m in Europe…
          Edit 3 before anyone asks yes I’m of Viking blood 😉 there is still life if the Vikings blood, the berserker still exists and the war call can sometimes be heard

        6. My hat is off to you.
          When you mentioned the below ..”went to get my gun,” I assumed you were from the US.
          In fact, the stupidy that happened to me would have never happened where I come from. I would have simply lifted my shirt revelaing the pistol and the punks would have tunred around. Alas. Instead I had to crush a mans larynx.

        7. My worst here is actually breaking someone’s skull badly by punching too hard. Yep he died as a result of him picking a fight with the wrong guy..
          It was not the easiest thing to deal with but girls went wild for me weirdly enough so I had plenty of distractions

        8. I am a bit older, but I can count my life long friends who are still alive on one hand. Ok. One. Strange as you get older.. but you tend not to make any friends or tolerate others bullshit for long.
          I could have made this post. Co-signed. Enjoy the fun times with people while they last but don’t get too attached, eventually they flake in some way or another.

        9. Like that line by the Eastwood character in Gran Torino, “Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with? That’s me.”

        10. Saw that happen in Sioux one time (4 though) sucker punched one and tripped another. Street pinks are the worst of the worst. The other dude was a really nice fellow and we ended up chatting a bit. In Canada, Ontario at least, you’d get labelled as a hate crimist for taking some junkies tooth out even though they would have stuck this guy for whatever they could pull off of him before the cops came. If they did get caught by the cops… No dad, older kid made me do it etc etc while if you’re a white dude you’re stitched up because patriarchy or colonialism or something.
          The people watching looked like a bomb had gone off and you could tell that the thought of using force simply never occurred to them. They were absolutely frozen. The concept of standing up and asserting social standards never even occurred to hem. I swear that one guy actually looked at the broad that he was with like he expected her to explain it to her.

      2. Mostly true but not quite. A real man can be friends with another real man because both understand and live by the code of honor and loyalty. Unfortunately, real men are few and far between. Cheers.

        1. So true. Despite the gasp of air when two men recognize each other, share a few words and wish each other well. You both move on knowing you will never communicate with each other again. So it goes. But it bolsters you to know there are other men out there.

        2. I find its harder to maintain true friendships when you’re in a serious relationship (girlfriend/wife).

        3. Woefully typical. Destroying your social circle and making her social circle “your” social circle make you dependent upon her and easier to manipulate. The second a chick tries to keep your from your friends immediately give her the pink slip and go have a plate of wings and some beers with your buds. Who knows, you might be able to score with the waitress.

        4. MGTOW is all about educating the brotherhood. Could you please provide some details of your particular case so that we may learn something. Thanks.

        5. My case is that Im an immigrant who lived here and there in North America, and I didnt spent enough time anywhere to create strong frienship bonds.

    2. “Acquaintances” – I could never understand why Anglo-Saxons refer to everyone they know as a “friend”, I dont recall hearing the word “acquaintance” in many years I’ve lived in North America. They make a great distinction between people.

  19. If you must, challenge the SJW into action beyond the keyboard; whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen in the local Skid Row, at risk youth mentor program, or even abroad in a 3rd World country.
    Their idealism will quickly erode as they see people are exactly where they belong in life due to the decisions they’ve made and not some invisible hand keeping them down.

    1. I am employed by an altruistic nonprofit and the most powerful tool that you have mentioned is the short-term missions trip to a 3rd world country.
      Now for some, even this will not help as they are so wrapped up in themselves, they only gloat over how wonderful they are that they are spreading abroad their particular brand of nonsense and are incapable of sensing the suffering and need that exists around them. However, there are others who are shocked out of their condescending arrogance into the reality of how good they actually have it when compared to the rest of the world. My favorite thing to say to them is, “See. You are the 1%.”
      However, be aware there are some SJW’s that are completely lost and for them there is simply no salvation. The impenetrable barriers they have built around their minds cannot be penetrated no matter how much reality you rub in their face.

  20. Thank God in Venezuela you don’t find them very often but it’s sad how we’re getting infected.

  21. People who believe in SJ unfortunately make up 99% of my entourage and that includes “friends” and family. But i’ll be honest and say i don’t have many friends. I’ve always found books more interesting, enriching and even more engaging than people. For example i tried to explain to my colleague at work the origins of the word FUCK (his favourite) and the possible semantics behind it or the origins of fascism and why you can’t really be a fascist if your are not of Italian nationality. Well his eyes and lips twitched downwards because he was too spaztic to comprehend any of it and he just ended up getting angry because his brain went into overdrive and what i said did not fit into the simplistic mould of what he had been taught all his life (very little really). History is full of examples of brilliant people who tried to change things and others in general and it never ended well for them. So dont’ bother with people. Kick your feet up, read a book, have a coffee.

  22. I stopped talking politics a while ago, by the exception of a few people similar to myself in the belief system. As a Russian, I get asked this question quite consistently by the cucked Canadians “So what do you think of Putin?”.
    Before, I would go into lengthy explanations about the Russian history, mentality, the way life used to be in the 90s and now and such, concluding that Yes – I like the man. But they would always listen and then spew some Leftist trite about him, kinda “well, he’s a dictator/Hitler/hates gays/annexed Crimea bla-bla-bla-bla”. At this point, I just say “Im not into politics, if you want to know more about Putin – google him”.
    My point – why bother hanging out with Leftartds? They’re only good at giving advice on best local coffee shops.

    1. I’m in one of the Western cuck-states and call tell you I have a deep and abiding respect for Putin; he is a patriot in every sense of the word, has a pair of balls that are bigger than cannonballs and epitomises so many positive masculine virtues; better than the sacks of garbage we have here.

      1. Yeah, I think many of us long for masculine role models. You know, most of the leftards I meet are vocal as hell but weak as puppies.

  23. Four is the only one worth thinking about. People who are blind to the truth aren’t worth more than the five minutes of your time that it takes to determine whether or not they’re receptive to said truth. Friends, family, it doesn’t matter, there’s nothing to be gained from relationships with them.

  24. I have some social acquaintances with whom I can share a couple of beers while talking of music or girls. I have some training acquaintances with whom I can go some rounds of sparring. I have some work acquaintances I can talk about work related topics, and share a lunch or two.
    All of them will throw me under a bus (or shoot me, no kidding) if they knew my political/racial/cultural positions.
    I don’t have a single friend who shares my political/racial/cultural positions. Not a single one. Thats why we must create a network of thought criminals IN REAL LIFE.

  25. Cyborg, the token black character in the Justice League, has powers only because of technology. Affirmative Action, anyone?

  26. Social justice doesn’t work because society’s losers have conflicting grievances, and the competition among them will become openly confrontational as the economy declines and the different factions have to fight over a shrinking pie.
    We can see this in the Bernie versus Hillary contest. As the joke goes, Bernie’s rallies look like conventions of Whole Foods shoppers. The white Millennials who support Bernie want to push aside the blacks, feminist degenerates, Hispanics and gays who support Hillary to get to the head of the line for wealth redistribution because they can see where the economy will likely go in the coming years, and they just don’t feel like sharing with these other losers, despite the social-justice rhetoric.

    1. Nah. They’re just dumb.
      They think Bernard Bar-Levi Gitman’s Socialist (Commie) street cred. is ‘outsider’ cool. And think the hip ‘outsider’ 80 yr old is channeling “Che’” – the peacenik egalitarian romantic – and will fast-track a raceless, classless, utopia where money doesn’t exist because sharing amongst 100% equal everybody (after the mean people and their money are liquidated) who work only because needs and love.
      Need food? Blacks, Whites, Browns, n Yellows of all cultures will interbreed & learn to farm together. Shoes? Interbreed & Cobble together. House? Build/live & interbreed together. Medical? Interbreed & heal together. After “mining” material (hemp!) for tools (pre-fallen sticks and hemp!) gathering seed, harvesting organic shoe material (hemp!), construction material (hemp!), and transporting the materials hand to hand via an ecstatic human chain of genderless zhes (no more cars!) including fellow Human Being: Tier-1, B.Gitman of Landmass West (Soviet 4-North) zheself!
      The World will tune in to 24/7 White Apology Radio (WAR) and see what fun
      REAL Communism is. All will scrap their militaries, religions, cultures, economies, histories, and sexual identities and join in. World Peace! World Citizens!
      No more shipping – Continents will be bridged by the bones of badthinkers (and hemp!). All receive a Doctor of Everything Degree at their unabortion – for free!. No further schooling required (except for new Tier-2s and all Tier-1’s unaborted who suffer the indignities of brain pollution for the good of Everybeing).
      The temperature and (just right) rainfall will stabilize forever. No storms or quakes. All fresh water will be pure and drinkable. The sea like swirling glass. Extinct animals will reappear. Love and Cooperation are the only energy source needed (Sol and Luna light the World!). Naked, Lightsmock (hemp!), Cozysmock (hemp!), & Nippysmock (hemp!) are all one-of-many needs.
      Carbon will disappear – a single giant SUV (the size of Australia) will be built from all vehicles, factories, coins, metal and weapons on Earth and run continuosly to maintain Earth’s atmosphere and life. To ring in the New Sun-Lap, a Human Being: Tier-1 will balloon to the “Earth Car” cabin (just a tad below the atmosphere) and ceremonially honk its horn once for each Sun-Lap ago (Human Being: Tier-1 “Bernie” honked in Sun-Lap 2!).
      Because that’s how Communism works! Or would if Money and Badpeople disappeared (they will, but not in a haze of interracial-sex, cooperation, and hemp(!)).

    1. I’m in the same boat. A long time ago, I was a far left liberal and many of the relationships I’ve built were based on those political beliefs. I’ve maintained those relationships and they accept my evolution. I make sure to follow rule #1 and so do they.

    2. Do it quietly. Simply cease contact. 90% of them won’t even notice you’re gone; especially the female ones, if you have any.

  27. You have to develop the courage to stand alone. Investigate to the end and you will find out why that’s the only possible way.
    Whenever you speak of your views, keep in mind that you do not need anyone to share them or be convinced by them.
    Just sing your song and go gracefully ahead on your own path.
    It can only be your own.
    Let go of all expectations.
    You might still have some hopes here and there and now and then, but soon those too will disappear when you meet reality.
    Try to get too much of anything and you will go astray.
    And to set longing against loathing makes the mind sick.
    If the eyes are not closed, all dreams stop by themselves.

    1. or when they are receptive they just cant keep up, they can’t become it in a practical way. they are no learners.

  28. I don’t associate with people like that. I don’t waste my time with those people. I wouldn’t come to the aid of one of them. When I find myself around them I try to say the most inflammatory crap I can think of so I can watch them leave–pissed off.
    The problem is if you hang out with them, you start picking up their bad habits. You start thinking they have a point.

  29. Ditch them. I have rid myself of several friends for this reason, some of whom I have known since childhood.

    1. As things have become more serious, I have had to ditch more and more friends. They are on the other side of the civil war.

  30. Approach socio-political discussions from a sideways manner. Most of the more moderate leftists don’t understand or know their own ideology, they’re just subscribing to a brand.

    1. These people are just losers. The girl that calls that guy a beta male is a fat, unattractive and unimpressive individual. This is what politics has devolved into. Losers calling the winners beta males. You see the satisfaction in her face…she is full of hate, because she is a loser. And today at some “rally” surrounded by other losers they use it as a chance to take down people better then them.

  31. It’s difficult to see how many of your friends are leftists, even to a more minor degree than some, until you move over to the right. Conversely, it’s interesting to see just how hard right you’ve become until you look at the things you used to adore & now look at & scratch your head with resentment & disgust. Things that I used to not think twice about as having political motives such as movies & music I find difficult to enjoy nowadays without analyzing them & uncovering their negative liberal makeup, making what was once a normal hangout session with a friend or two now me ruining the evening with my “conservative tirades”. Like most of you I’m sure, the thoughts & conversations I have with myself are kept personal, sadly. I have at best two or three guys who know where I truely stand on most issues, but leftist ideology has become so casually engrained into modern culture you can’t even make new acquaintances without already assuming they prescribe to the blue pill, many unconsciously. I have let go of what once were considered some of my best & oldest friends in more recent years because I can’t stomach their pc bullshit & the walking on eggshells that goes with it. There’s no talking openly & honestly with any of them.

      1. Even the old stuff I rewatch years later I find myself wincing at subtle but catchable shit that makes me think less of the director. Of course, Hollywood has always been that way to a degree, though much more prevalent in the last fifteen years or so, but there are still traces of it. Casino, Scent of a Woman–Christ, I’ll even throw Risky Business a bone– those beautes were the end of an era. Say bye-bye to quality entertainment & wait like a good boy for the next turd Marvel squeezes out, (Deadpool excluded).

        1. Haha, no. I was saying the movies I mentioned were the last of their kind. Casino is in my top three, definitely. The days of the manflick are over, sadly. Sharron Stone was a gold diggin’ hoe, though.

        2. I saw the 1968 Planet of the Apes last night.
          I know that it was produced at a time of heightened fear of nuclear holocaust, but the amount of soixante-retard preaching in it was incredible.

        3. Or you could look at it as a warning if the “apes” of the world take over. Did the humans get affirmative action? Free welfare? Tolerance and conciliation? Nope they got hunted and thrown into cages for extermination.

        4. DeNiro/Ace was a gifted Beta/small ‘g’ Gamma scribe emboldened by his Alpha protectorss.
          He came to believe He was an Alpha by association (much like a feminist wack job backed by white knights). He is repeatedly cuckolded but still loves his whore wife. Said whore wife and CuckBetagamma Ace’s Alpha delusion fuck everyone. In true SJW style he betrays and projects to save himself.
          Wonder if this would fly on an open movie review? 😸😸😸💖☺

  32. Transformation from non thinker to independent processor is a hardwiring issue. The time to ‘wake up’ is by the age of 17 at least, while neuron loops are still competing for dominance and the outward face grimaces like a reptile. The ‘system’ knows this and will try to steer any free thinking mind it detects into the collective perscribed right think shit hole. Many then spend the remainder of their lives trapped in the same black hole with their fellow lost souls and have a gargantuan challenge to overcome just to see some light. Booze, pharmaco mind numbing pills and kosher sweetened nitro pink slime diet then keep a zombie energized on autopilot doing the cyclical daily grind bot work and then crashing. The organs can tolerate two decades of this maintenance and then expire. The mind is already dead. The bots live as stupid quivering afraid ‘see something say something’ proley citizens under whatever fat lady with a nametag or robe is assigned to preside over the ward.
    The grid must be reset, shut down, disassembled, part numbered and shelved piece by piece. It is of no use to us. The men of our species can govern without the crutch of invasive tech and without the citizen snitches acting as deputy agent enforcers of the comatose zombie mind cloud brainwave state. It is a species wide phenomenon that must be shaken and thrown off. We have gone through centuries long periods of brain dead emasculation and hypergamy before. Call it our matriarchal demons. Those demons can and have always been exorcised.
    Within the next two decades the human race will enter an age of ‘man’. The return of ‘the man’. Of ‘kings’. ‘Man’ will return to the throne. The bitch forces will work diligently to steer mankind soon into a rediculous fratricidal bloodbath. The chips say this time the bitch will be bagged. We’ll skirt the bitch deception this time and avert the turmoil. We’ll do it right this time and soon the reigns held by man will be tight. Then, a millennia of ‘man rule’. For once.

  33. Finding new friends is the best way to go.
    I remember once outlining what I thought was a clear case against third world immigration to a good friend. I outlined the problems of culture shock. Brain drain. Birthrates. I tried to instill it in his head that Leftist pet issues like gay rights would be out the window in a heartbeat if Muslims became the majority in the West. He seemed receptive. I was sure I’d convinced him.
    The next day I got an IM from a mutual friend: “Hey Alexandre, Cuck is telling everyone you’re racist and hate all immigrants. Is that true?”

      1. Yeah, I haven’t talked to him since it happened in the mid-00’s.
        I did just check on his Facebook and it’s about what I expected. Call center job at age 34. Fat single mother girlfriend. Sporting the “lumbersexual” look. You can’t make this shit up.

        1. Ha that’s funny. Me and him are the same age. However I own a small business, work out 4x a week, and sport a very clean cut modern look. However I’m still single. Although I’d rather be single than dating a fat land-whale single mom!
          Here’s what gets me though. Why would a guy settle for an overweight, obese woman? Is there just that notice to them “I won’t find anything better” in their mind that prevents them from trying harder? Not to sound mean but I won’t even approach an overweight woman to talk to unless it’s for a service of some kind. They just don’t appeal to me whatsoever. Every red flag should be going off for a normal right minded guy about those types of women. Do they just shut them off and decide that it’s worth it?

        2. Lumbersexual? That’s a new one to me. What does it mean?

        3. I don’t want to spoil it… but have a 5 gallon bucket handy and type it into google image search.
          That’s really the only way to explain it.

        4. It started as a hipster thing and then went mainstream. Plaid, bushy beards, workboots, et cetera. The effect is almost always ruined by the fact that they don’t look like they do manual labor for a living or exercise.

        5. Oh, those faggots. Yeah, can’t lift two bags of white bread at the same time and dress like they just came out of the woods.

        6. If you look closely at their posture, some of them resemble 47 yo bitter childless HS teachers who should be wearing a skirt. ha

        7. >Why would a guy settle for an overweight, obese woman?
          Ugly girls often have an actual personality or sense of humor to make up for the fact that they can’t just flash their tits at men to get everything handed to them on a silver platter.
          Jimmy Soul knew what was up.
          They have to work for it – at least a little bit. Being a woman is life on EZ Mode regardless, but being an attractive woman is straight iddQd cheat code.
          (Also they suck dick like their life depended on it. I mean a mean dick…)

    1. Unfortunately using facts and logic to discuss anything with these losers is about as effective as “applying medicine to the dead.” They’ve been indoctrinated from their first days in school to believe that leftism is the only way to go and any other competing philosophy, particularly that based on traditional cultural Judeo-Christian values, is “bad.”

  34. How to deal with them? Seeing as society is falling apart all around us thanks to people like them, I would say total ostracization is the way to go. We should be angry with these people, very angry, and they should be told to shut up in no uncertain terms.

  35. Our 5 best friends hugely influence who we are in my experience, and always arguing my point gets a bit wearing. However, I have noticed a gradual change of focus over the years in whom I spend my time with. The adjustment seems to happen quite subconsciously, even if you don’t make any kind of conscious effort.

  36. No. 4 made me think of father ted’s priest’s chatback service. I always wanted to join that

  37. SJW should never have the word “friend” next to it. Dump that shit. Friendship means shared values on some level. SJW’s are Marxist dillweeds. What the fuck can you have in common with them of any significance?
    Straight into the fucking trash bin with them.

    1. That happened right after 9-11 for me. I pulled the plug on a few acquintances and never looked back.

  38. I’ve applied this to family as well. I’ve gotten to the point at which I cannot stand to hang around my ultra-leftist relations because they will inevitably bring up politics and how I’m supposedly some kind of racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe.
    My time is worth far more than that, and I refuse to expend that precious, irreplaceable resource hanging out with family that seeks to shame me for who I am.

    1. I’m a proud racist homophobic mysogynist, and not afraid to say it.
      Leftist asshats know better than to spout their opinions around me ;-).
      Try some more “in your face” tactics and it will eventually hit home.

      1. Try some more “in your face” tactics and it will eventually hit home.

        I’ve considered it… but that would require me to waste my time. I’d rather use that to further my own interests and pursue my own happiness. I also don’t want my children thinking that their kind of irrational ways are in any way, shape or form normal, acceptable or appropriate.
        They’ve harassed mutual contacts about how much they supposedly miss me and my children, but I don’t care. They chose to burn the bridge.

  39. Solid article. 95% of my female friends are left-wing ( I do not befriend male leftitsts) . They are wonderful people but clueless with it comes to politics, society and culture. It’s all about the ‘feels” for them. They are a walking contradiction with their cognitive dissonance, moral and cultural relativism mindset. They know better than to bring up politics in my presence because I will destroy their argument with logic and reason. they call it “arguing,” but I call it an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Funny thing is, every now and then they’ll say something that relates to conservative ideals. they don’t realize what they said until I mention it to them.
    Needless to say I am not taking any more friendship applications from liberals. I am now trying to increase my friendship with like-minded folk.

  40. It’s easy to just say “Find New Friends” but the truth is that if one lives in America or the Anglosphere today, one will be an isolated hermit if he rejects those who do not share his red pill beliefs. Also, I do not see it as a “left wing / right wing” issue, as, at least in America, I feel no more of a connection to the beliefs of the right wing Republicans than the left wing Democrats. It’s mostly just trading one group of issues that trouble me for another. (Trump, of course is different, but then again he’s not really left or right wing, he is his own man).
    Instead of “find new friends” I would say to minimize the time one spends with this group, and don’t make them your close friends. Otherwise you will have a very boring and anti-social life. I went to an incredible party this past weekend. And it was full of gay artists who tried to hit on me and SJWs–and the only attractive girls there had mutilated their faces with piercings. It was a cool party precisely because it was held in this castle-like home of an eccentric weirdo artist. I still went, and enjoyed good food, wine, and brief conversations. I didn’t expect to meet a high quality woman there because I do not expect to meet high quality women in the west. So that was not a disappointment.
    Almost every one of my friends is blue pill. Whether they are married beta simps or SJWs or male feminists or vegetarians. Some of them are well-educated and we can share a philosophical discussion. Some enjoy talking about history. Some are open to redpill ideas in a very small niche area. I’ve known these people for a while, because we have some shared interests in one sphere or another. Instead of cutting them off completely, I simply minimize my interactions with them. I don’t invest much in the relationship, but I still do see them socially. Of course, you CANNOT rely on these people to be there for you in times of hardship, so you keep them as semi-close acquaintences, but it’s better than a guy having no real friends at all.

    1. makes sense and is a far more rational answer to the problem than “get new friends” Also I pride myself on being loyal and tolerant (truly tolerant not liberal pretense) so I would not like to abandon people because some of their views don’t suit mine especially when we have a connection and been through things together and they are loyal in other ways and good fun to be around and agree on most and some even more important topics. Why would I shun them completely ?? No my problem arises when they can’t extend me the same courtesy of tolerance and acceptance.

  41. I can’t be friends with an sjw, period. Even if they are unaware of the direction and end-state of their ideology, I still hold them accountable because the stakes are too high and the insanity too insane. For instance, this whole “gender” bullshit. You just don’t get to cry, whine and complain your way to changing something so fundamental to civilization as well as reality to fit your fleeting and selfish feelings. No. Moreover, and apropos to all the sex shit these lunatics constantly want to scream about, I see a clear pathway to normalizing pedophilia. So, an sjw or even a rank and file democrat, to me, supports pedophilia. I acknowledge that many do this unknowingly, but, given how heinous this crime is there must be zero tolerance. Sadly, its starting to creep in little by little i.e salon’s recent article. Eventually, unless checked, the same tactics yelling and accusing people of “phobia’s”, will be employed as they are right now for “trans” people. Observe, the danger here. And you can bet that your sjw friends will jump all over this “civil rights” issue too. I can’t be friends with people like that.

  42. Careful who you share your views with. At the point I don’t bother sharing my views at work, or with strangers (in person). Even feel out the mood with some family. Just find some likeminded folks at the point. But in the end, trust noone.

  43. Friends?? The moment someone begins to believe in these delusions there is no such thing as friend with them.

  44. I can never argue with anyone that is not in my intellectual equal and there’s no one in social justice Warrior liberal that is my equal. I just drop one line for them. “You’re just a psychologically sedated fool.” Then I leave.

  45. When you have a crowd of simp friends, discussing something that challenges their marxist/feminist ideology is like showing a cross to a vampire.
    I have some friends left over from high school i hang out with occasionally, and the last time we hung out, i had to fend off like three of them because they found out about me being a part of the neomasculine movement. I engaged them in a calm and rational state, but they were so emotional and dead set on accusing me of wanting to be a date rapist just because i dont want to be cucked by a woman(one of them was in an “open” relationship while the other was being friendzoned for two years).
    I find its the easiest to try and keep conversations limited to neutral topics like movies or w/e. Once you start to grow and mature as a person, youll find its much more mentally healthy living a more quiet life, or hanging out with people you can relate to.

  46. With friends like that, who needs enemies. Just drop the facebook generation’s definition of “friends” already and move on, it’s getting old and retarded. Just because you know someone your not magically friends all of a sudden.

  47. You can drop them. And after explaining why, you should drop them. But you better explain why, like a man, and not hold back. They support evil, pure and simple, and don’t hold back from telling them how it’s destroying all that’s good in the world and how disgusting you find it.
    Then, even though you will likely never speak again, they’ll begin to doubt, or at least pipe down. Because you have just shown them that the winds have shifted. the times are changing.
    And the ones who don’t doubt themselves, who just run off and scorn you, were always scorning you secretly anyway. And they were never, ever going to change anyway. So all you lose is a fake friend, or fake borther or sister, mother or father.
    And yes, they were undermining you. They were wasting your energy and time, with snide and subtle comments, with passive-aggressiveness of various sorts, or with just plain talking behind your back.
    They cannot help it, cannot help themselves, have NO control over it. You are the enemy, always have been, and they are the fakest ‘nice’ people you have ever met.

  48. #4 Hands down. Probably harder in Sweden than it is over here in the States. We have plenty of neo-con cuckservatives and leftist cucks as well but it is usually easier to wake people up here with a couple well placed youtube videos.

  49. I’m in a really hard place because I have aunt and cousins who are fanatical SJWs. To me family is everything and I’d never break contact with them. But it’s getting really hard to tolerate their bullshit. And any rational discussion is totally impossible.

    1. You never want to burn bridges with anybody. Keep them alive and growing especially as family. What you need to do is own your beliefs no matter who the fuck it is. Believe me, if they really are your family, they will not give a shit if you tell them you think the sky is pink and believe in santa claus. They will always love you and be there for you.

  50. 5. Don’t. Simply don’t “deal” with them at all. Stand in your truth and hold that ground. Don’t engage SJWs unless they come on your territory. Don’t argue with them… don’t engage them… don’t pay them any sort of mind. Make your way in the world as a grown man and leave the children along the wayside.

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