How Women Become Worthless

I really enjoy writing here at ROK. The readers are intelligent, and the short format allows for a quick dissemination of brutal truth without the tawdry and oh-so-tiresome task of qualifying every single statement in order to preempt the inevitable bot comments from those with the reading comprehension of an empty beer can.

If I had a dollar for every “mean, misogynistic and short-sided” post I’ve written down through the years while making extra desk space for a coloring book and the 6 year old girl who stole my heart, I’d be a wealthy man. Her mom is a fine woman too, and I’m glad to have her around when she’s allegedly between boyfriends.

There’s no doubt that the world is filled with fine women, and any man committed to staying unmarried and not allowing emotional tomfoolery to inhabit his dome will often find his experience with the lady folk to be a rather pleasing one. Yeah, even the party girls with high notch counts. If you’re not going to marry her, it really shouldn’t matter as long as the two of you get along.

But unfortunately, many of these sufficient women become worthless. They start out as decent specimens, but somehow manage to find themselves on the red pill man’s pump-and-dump list. This is a bittersweet topic for me, because while I enjoy a random romp with girls who have managed to concentrate all of their worth between their legs, I’m also well aware of the many added benefits of girlfriending up a good one.

The way women become worthless is simple. It’s the SMP version of whats knows in the business world as the Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle is a belief that, in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization’s members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, “Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.”

A pretty girl posts a sexy pic on facebook and you click like.

You just promoted her.

The same girl goes to the gym, and a dozen guys stare at her like hungry wolves.

Promoted again.

Everyone in her family and social circle sees her HB7 and raises her three points.


Everything that comes out of her pretty little mouth is super relevant and interesting to the guys who want to bang her.

Promoted again.

Her beta orbiters trip over themselves trying to please her just for the satisfaction of being near her.


The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. From the day she’s born until the day she slams into the wall in her mid-30s, she just keeps being promoted until she reaches her level of incompetence. When the day comes that she can’t live up to the position she’s trying to fill – most awesome, sexy and unique thing everrrrr – she becomes a worthless self-centered bore who ends up in my phone as “Blonde HB7 Tiny Boobs Wrist Tattoo.”

I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to pin this one on men. We create these monsters by promoting otherwise good women far above their grade. If you’re doing this, I respectfully ask you to stop. Though the female ego is certainly complicit in this scenario, she can’t promote herself. It would be unwise to point a finger at feminism or a society that promotes girl power because her ego is just a self-written performance report. It takes a man to review the report and agree to promote her.

Slamming into the wall is a hilarious version of downsizing that sends the old, fat or ugly ones to the feminist welfare line. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I encourage men everywhere to cultivate a more solvent and manageable SMP by knocking off the beta orbiting, white knighting, and supplication that keeps promoting these women to positions they cannot handle. It’s rather unbecoming, and the shaming language from those being ushered out of relevance by red pill security guards is starting to get on my nerves.

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86 thoughts on “How Women Become Worthless”

  1. A problem with this diagnosis, is that a single pump and dump (at least if there is any thin sliver of a hope more could be on the line) by a perceived alpha or “hot guy”, counts for more than a million Facebook likes, as far as perception of being “promoted” goes. A bit of a corollary to Heartiste’s five minutes of alpha, one can say.
    It’s not as if women don’t feel equally “promoted” by the guy trying to feel her up at the bar, just because he throws her some neg first, instead of a compliment. IOW, the solution to women being bitches, is not men becoming assholes. If being a whore had real, serious and immediate consequences, women would largely stop being whores. But as long as the only consequence is that she will “forced” to go out alone, and get her “revenge” on her “intolerant”, “sexist” and “Stepford Wife obsessed” ex, by being banged in a toilet stall by someone ostensibly (through beer goggles, if nothing else) handsomer and more “alpha” than he was, she’ll never get it. Whether Mr. Toilet Stall Banger negs her or compliments her first, doesn’t really matter.

    1. Agreed. So is it the women in this culture or the culture itself? Both?
      For too long I’ve been mired in women whose lives would be cautionary tales told to small children to keep them in line if not for the culture-wide saturation of similar behavior. And as a result it’s all too easy to say that despite all the heavy handed fem-influence of the last fifty years that women have actually always been this way and all it took was a culture this apathetic about it’s fate, standards, or general condition to allow it to go unchecked.

  2. A worthy objective, and I do shake my head when I see the endless horde of white knights and men in general pandering and slobbering over women for simply existing. I pity them for wasting their time and ruining everything for all men.
    Shaming them is effective and I have noticed that “white knight” has become an embarrassing thing to be called for a man. That’s good. But I’ve also come to accept that they will always exist as long as women have a vagina. I’ve noticed it even in the manopshere. While there are almost no white night panderers in the manosphere, when a commenter comes along with the user name like “”just a girl”, or “SunshineMary”, guys will breath in that pussy scent wafting from the female name on their computer monitor and congregate around her, demonstrating their alpha intelligence by explaining the ways of the world to the cute little lamb.
    I’m not even criticizing them, I’ve felt it too. And that’s also not to say there is something wrong with engaging in conversations with women around here. Perfectly fine, it’s just an observation that it’s more than conversation sometimes, female sexuality is so powerful that even a female name on a screen gets guys all fired up.

    1. A woman starts her adult life at her peak SMV/MMV, and she has it just by existing. This is why men pander and slobber over her. For a man to be valued, on the other hand, he must become something, whether it is an earner or a charming cad.
      Re the original article, the idea of hitting the “Wall” in the mid-thirties is a myth. If you are a 25-year-old man, you might see a 35-year-old woman as past it; but if you are a 45-year-old man, she looks kind of cute. The truth is that a woman’s SMV/MMV declines steadily with age, and unless a man is a high alpha, his SMV/MMV is not far behind.

      1. HC has a very good marketvalue test for both men and girls.
        His wall is 50 and from my experience (40ish) this is most accurate for most women. They get heavy age-penalty before reaching this age mind you.
        I do not see this same problem with men. Not at all. I am wiser and more experienced now than I was 20 years ago. And again HCs test does take this factor into account very well.

      2. I respectfully disagree. Male SMV continues to increase until at least age 40, or when his looks fade considerably. As income increases male SMV increases irrespective of age as well. Yes, Warren Buffet can definitely get an 18 year old hottie to fuck him if he wanted.

    2. Interesting thought man because I was thinking something along those lines aswell. It’s basically impossible to NOT promote women as somehow by chance every single male was red pill, they’d still get hit on thus ‘promoting’ them. We could socially engineer girls to be the one who approach men but that would ruin masculinity. The only guaranteed way was of women were to be both feminine, and be viewed as expendable but this contradicts itself.

  3. What bothers me most about this situation is that there’s very little that can be done to segregate the problem. You can’t just haul off all the worthless ones and put them in some adjacent zone to live in. Instead you have to step into every relationship with a girl knowing she’s going to lie at some point, that she’ll try to manipulate to gain the upperhand, that she will try to contribute very little if anything and that she will start acting difficult at some point along the way, and for what? I honestly don’t know how men have tolerated the crap women throw at them for so long. It’s amazing to me. And because they have tolerated it, somehow I must at some level no matter how small acquiesce to some degree a similar form of tolerance.
    I never thought I’d say this but maybe a benevolent dictator would be good for a while. A red pill dictator, who would put all the fatties into one zone, we’ll call it the Fat Zone, another can be called the Fem Zone for feminists, all manner of zones so that they could live among their ilk. Want join the Athletic Zone where people are in reasonable good shape? Lose weight, stop eating. Want to join the Equal Zone where men and women are treated equal where men do not give most of the social, economic and legal benefits to women? Sign a contract stating such explicitly. Want to join the Man Zone where the men make the rules and rule the roost? Sign on the dotted line gals. Everyone can get what they truly want. Maybe it won’t be perfect but I sure as hell would prefer it.

  4. peter principle is genius (i’m wondering why its called that?) but it perfectly demonstrates how overvalued specific things can get (in this case, high SR women)

    1. The Peter Principle is a book written by Dr Lawrence Peter. He named the theory after himself.

  5. saying men are the problem and should stop being betas is simply an impractical way to stop female egos from skyrocketing. beta males are no new invention and have existed, in large numbers, since time began. they are not going away. just because online dating and facebook have immortalized their hamfisted attempts at getting poosy dosnt mean it didnt happen before. girls would get all sorts of looks, gifts, and marrage proposals way back when that fed their egos. you could say that because they are now online, a woman can have constant access to validation but thats not a whole lot diffrent than living in a rural area, as many used to, and seeing the same orbiters every day.

  6. I am behaving myself much better now. A recovering White Knight/Beta Orbiter, I no longer click “like” on these stupid bitches’ facebook comments or obvious appeals for attention. Boy I used to do that a lot. I used to think “friending” someone I thought was cute was a way to get her. I throw up a little in my mouth every time I remember these things. Like I said, I’m behaving much better now.

  7. I’ve found a way to counteract this by complimenting and then insulting myself. I go to the gym all the time and I’m not fat, but I always say “yeah I need to lose weight”. This triggers a response of “no you’re not” or “you look great.” Either way she has inadvertently promoted me. This doesn’t work always however it’s an easy way to give the compliment you wanted while self promoting yourself. It, in essence, keeps you on the same level.

    1. Gotta be cautious of self-deprecation, though.
      Like Heartiste has said:
      If the fault you mentioned is real, then you’ll seem insufficiently confident and drag yourself down in her eyes.
      And if the fault you mentioned is obviously fake, it’ll seem like you’re seeking to draw her attention to how great you are in that area — like you need her validation.

    2. Start by telling them “you need to lose weight”…because more than likely it’s true.
      We need more honesty out there from the start. That will keep her in check and on her toes (too many of her friends, orbiters, etc…are already telling her that she’s fine being fat).

  8. “I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to pin this one on men.”
    PRECISELY. everytime i meet a new girl, my job is to train her to be MY girl. i told one, “you see, you’re used old dude. he ain’t me. either you measure up to what i’m looking for or you’re gone. no harm no foul, we just ain’t right together.”
    i told another GF just before breaking up that she brings NOTHING to the table. i said it in jest, but soon realized it was true. sad thing was, she had NO CLUE i wasn’t happy. she told my friends she thought just because i was getting laid that i should be happy. now she’s someone else’s problem. and she STILL came back for sex after i broke up with her and moved to another state. wasn’t until i told her that couldn’t see her b/c i was dating someone else that she suddenly BF’d her FWB dude.
    classic. NOTHING in regards to young women surprises me anymore.

    1. Shaking my head….so true. Women have been trained (by society) that all they have to do is show up and give it up once in a while. That’s it…nothing else…because they’ve all been trained that everything is about them.
      I do the same with women. I let them know which day (schedule) we’ll be hanging out (because I have other shit to do) and if they don’t like it then the door is that way. It works like a charm (keeps them in check).
      They are so used to many men giving in to their needs and wants.

  9. I agree with the author’s assertions however the white knighting is a runaway train. Too many young boys are pavlovian trained to worshp women and it is going to take something major to bring about a paradigm shift.
    And I have seen too many men with ‘corkscrew head’ rotate and turn around just to check out some skag walking down the street let alone giving attention at the gym.
    Unfortunately women get validated at every corner, at every angle, and at every other second of their lives.

    1. OMG this is such an amazing comment! We need more chick readers like you who “get it.” Comments like this fill my heart with hope because they remind me that there’s at least a few mega-awesome women left! <3
      If you ever need anything – marriage, children, a check, a ride to the airport – anything at all, let me know. <3

      1. Dear Just a girl,
        Interesting comment, but I’d like to take a moment to explain to you where you’re going wrong in your thinking. I’ll start from the origins of the universe and life up to the present day.
        *sniff* What’s that scent? Anyway, there was this thing called the singularity which resulted in the big bang…
        … and that’s how we ended up with feminism. I’ll await you in my bedding chambers.

      2. and here is an example of why women think they won it all – you are reverse manginaing…

  10. I just don’t think preaching to us is going to solve the problem. I already do my part, it’s the countless betas who keep liking facebook photos. If it were easy to tell them to knock it off, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in now. Women in my region are so full of themselves, 4s prance around like they think they’re 10s, and 10s have such terrible attitudes that they’re not worth talking to.

    1. Yeah, it’s a problem that’s definitely bigger than one article can cure. But with the drip, drip, drip of gentle reminders, perhaps we can nudge the next generation in the right direction.
      Or not. Who knows. It’s worth a try though.

    2. I think by repeating this type of message we can educate more and more men.
      Will everyone get “on board”? Probably not, but it will at least give them something to think about along their travels. It goes hand in hand with fat shaming because too many people believe, today, that’s it’s fine (accepted) to be large (unhealthy).

  11. Excellent points.
    White knighting was less a problem before the Internet age. You could only stare at a woman so long and most Betas didn’t just walk up to strange women and compliment them.
    But nowadays, Facebook and Instagram are major ego-stroking devices for women. Someone needs to do a post called “NEVER like a woman’s Facebook photo.” The massive amount of orbiters on FB makes me ill.

    1. Someone once suggested saying, “I like your left eye better” on girls photos. I’ve commented this often on many girls profiles (lost count) and I think only 2 girls had not replied or liked the comment as opposed to zero interactions to orbiters comments.
      Interesting thought experiment.

  12. The first, easiest step for men taking the red pill, in my opinion, is to stop the orbiting. Dropping off the face of the planet (to certain people) was one of the best things I did to get myself in the right mindset. I haven’t “promoted” a woman in years, and it feels good.

  13. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have always been annoyed that the betas inflate women’s opinion of themselves to the point that they are useless. Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take her for a romp in the hay, but it means that she thinks it is more than it is. And it is the primary reason that I do not date women beyond 25 – they have an over inflated opinion of their SMV and do not understand their real position, and it’s just easiest not dealing with it.
    Of course a 25 year old with a child is equal to 30+ year old. a kid tacks 10 years onto her, so puts her out of the running since kids are just a major pain in the ass to deal with. Women don’t seem able to grasp that – although there are a lot of betas out their who are fine with it, and that’s great for them – bottom feeders that they are.
    But the over inflation of a woman’s SMV is one of the prime reasons that I prefer foreign women – they are nicer, and generally understand what is needed to stay attractive, whereas a American women think sweats is acceptable attire.

  14. This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. I’ve been dumbfounded by the amount of guys that actually do this. But I’ve never been able to pinpoint why they do it and why a broad that isn’t something special can be worth so much “promotion”. Thank you for putting the words in my mouth, great article.

  15. Quick question, so why the desire to bang 9’s and 10’s, isn’t it a useless endeavor to indulge in worthless pursuits? yet “manosphere bots” spend eons of time learning game, practicing game, bettering themselves and self improving?

    1. Sarcasm?
      If that’s a real question: for starters, biological impulses largely triggered by dopamine and testosterone push us to have sex — and with the best-looking women (i.e., healthiest / highest chance of survival / best looking children to pass on DNA)
      But seeking to have sex with 9s and 10s does not mean we need to overly inflate the egos of 7s just for quick bangs.
      And just because we have a biological need to have sex with women does not mean that we can’t view them in a realistic way and as troublesome creatures in many areas.

    2. Adaptation man you go with the times. It’s a numbers game. Lot of traditional women around? Employ classic traditional game. Lots of degenerate whores around? Fuck em all. Gotta fuck em all… I know it’s my destiny…lmao the only ones doing something different are mgtow guys.

  16. not to double comment, but I think I see the difference between you guys and Chateau Heartiste, I may be wrong or lacking info but I doubt I’ve seen him proclaim that women are worthless.

    1. They are not worthless but im pretty sure heartiste agrees that western women reach a point of uselessness. They have value in the beginning but at that time, they dont use that value for anything serious other that getting pumped left and right, attention whoring etc, you know, the sex and the city dream..after many years of this they are just beyond rescue, their self insteem is inflated beyond any reasonable level…plus they are getting rather old. So yea, at that exact moment, they become wortless. But they still have no reason to panic, there are hordes of horny bluepill men, who didnt get sex during THEIR prime , to pick the sorry remains..
      When you understand the dynamics behind this, you are a redpill man.

    1. This kind of game hater is the dumbest. DURR HURR, you show how much better you are compared you her, therefore, PROMOTED.
      If you don’t do it from a place of inferiority, no it isn’t.

  17. I’ve been waiting for this generation of women since I was 22. The beauty is that I’m almost 40 and pulling 20 yo 9’s.
    Game is the great and true equalizer. We like women basically for their looks. Women like us for who we are. Games makes us more like able to women. Leant it and enjoy the success.
    Today’s hypersexualized woman is the easiest and most likely to put out EVER. Today’s woman has made relationships meaningless and worthless. We can cop the putti without one. Lol.

    1. they are also the most diseased worthless pieces of shit ever too. enjoy your herpes.

  18. So basically you’re saying a woman becomes worthless once she loses sex appeal? Good god get the fuck over your penis.

      1. She now hopefully has value as mother, grandmother etc or something else not sex related. But for the man on the street, she is worthless in the sense that he will not waste a second glance on her.

        1. all women everywhere anytime under any and all circumstances want second, third, fourth, fifth and beyond glances from any man, anywhere, any time.
          like those girls who catch guys checking them out. they always go “eeeewwww creeper!” and then keep turning to see if they’re still being checked out.

        2. Agree. It’s all an ego boost for the woman (it doesn’t matter if the man is ugly or not). Again, it’s attention seeking at it’s finest.

    1. @Syringe:
      Get the fuck over your self-conception as a special little snowflake and go back to Jezebel, feminist trash-hole.

    2. women are fucking worthless cunts who just want you to throw money into their gaping holes

    3. No that is what you are saying. What the author said was women are full of themselves due to men, blowing smoke up their asses from all angles, and when the comments dwindle, at any point, they come apart.
      It’s called the age of narcissism, look at me syndrome and being self-centered.
      Facebook is a classic example. Oh please can I see another F’n self pic of an insecure women searching for an ego boost, for her narcissistic personality? Not one but 3 plus in a day. lmao
      Block button is our friend. lol

      1. Isn’t that the truth. The selfie with the “poor me I had a bad day” caption has to be the worst of these attention seekers.
        It screams “I need attention”.

    4. No. The author of this article may think that, but the honest to God truth is that a woman loses her worth when she loses her purity. Unfortunately, there are piece of shit men always willing to steal from decent men the purity of that woman for nothing that the decent men should have been able to marry…while the same fucked up men and women who roll in the hay with each other wonder why they are fucked up aging losers that nobody wants anymore. It’s the fact that they are this way that has ruined the world. Men have been forced to BECOME indecent just so that they can have some fraction of the decency they were meant to have, but can no longer have because women are worthless fuck bags who sex anything.

      1. When I read ur comment, I imagined the profile of a fat 40 something tatted up woman with a severe case of meth mouth and looking for “soulties” cuz she just realized yesterday that all those cocks she sucked would come and bite her in the ass someday. Who would have thunk right??? Also, the man needs to be smart, handsome, confident, loving, caring, passionate, and must have a good drive in life (read: have cash). Serious responses only.

    5. No you idiot did you even read the article? A good woman is useful as a companion post wall. A drugged up slag post wall who can’t hold a man down if her life dependent on it (not the case now cuz of welfare) is no good. Think before you use shaming language here it’s not appreciated.

  19. Sorry, but I have ZERO interest in marriage, I don’t lie to women, and I don’t deceive them. I love women, I do.
    I’m just pointing out the current state of the SMP. No human being is “worthless” (well some are). Women aren’t worthless, but relationships are. With game, I can access all the female attention I want.
    Period. I’m assuming syringe is a woman. Or and omega.

  20. I wonder what Edward Thatch will think when that six year old girl who stole his heart becomes “Blonde HB7 Tiny Boobs Wrist Tattoo” in some other man’s phone.

      1. She’ll be a little cum swallowing slut in no time, won’t she? Won’t you be proud then, daddy? lol

  21. I love this philosophy. I have refrained from ever giving any woman unearned compliments or really ever becoming their friends. When they tell me a sob story, I just say “That’s sucks.” rather unsympathetically. It’s pretty awesome not feeling pity for them.

  22. This is a fucked up fact that is shaping our everyday lives.
    reminds me of Cameron Russell’s TED show and also, Rollo Tomassi’s post which is based on the mentioned show.

  23. Interesting logic here.
    One Question: Does it not also apply to men? Women “promote” men just as often as men do it to women. Men arguably also get “promotions” by society far more often than women.
    So, based on your own logic, men slowly become worthless by the same principle.
    Maybe if the writers on this site weren’t so one track minded you would realize that by taking a principle that applies to one thing (the workplace) and applying it to another (women), you are not only employing a major logical fallacy, but also forgetting that I can apply it right back at you.

    1. Not really there Fatima. You can tell a man he has a fat ass and he won’t care, but say it to a woman and she’ll short out. Logical Fallacy?!!!
      Women have no fucking logic whatsoever, so what’s the point of trying to argue logic here.

    2. Men aren’t the problem in the work force….women are the problem.
      The reason women don’t make the same pay or get promoted is because so many of your team mates (other women) are dragging them down. Women will gladly step right on another woman (for less pay) for the same position (and usually more work).
      I don’t blame other men (or women) when I do a shitty job at negotiating my salary, contract, etc….Women need to start placing blame where it belongs…on other women.

  24. I am a female from Mexico -born and raised in Mexico-, and I love this site, I really do; thank you guys (and girls, those who post here) for all the articles.

  25. Do you have advice for me on how to deal with men who like fat and unattractive women? Because I’m fat and unattractive and in my 18+ years I’ve been asked out 3 times by men and sex 2 times but when I read articles about how most men don’t like fat and unattractive women I get very confused. So please help me deal with these kinds of men that do like ugly and unattractive women. What do I say to them to be specific.
    Also keep in mind that I don’t like men (I’m no lesbian), I will lose weight and fix myself up. So what do I say to men that flirt with ugly, fat women? I will be going to other sites and ask for their opinions as well. Thanks

  26. This goes so much deeper, its not just about promotions. It is literally everything with a vagina in America, gets 10 promotions a day.
    the fat landwhale, with acne, thats 17, gets treated like a fucking queen just the same as Megan Fox or Jessica Alba do. The hideous acne ridden landwhale gets put onto the same category of hotness as a Jessica Alba or Megan Fox.
    the phrase “fat girls need love too”
    America has literally said….fuck appearance ladies. dress like a man, weight 600 pounds, and someone will want to marry you. oh and dont worry about housewife skills either.
    you will see folks with one of these landwhales or their slightly smaller cousins “chubby whales”, all with Acne, with hideous faces, dressing like complete crap, get praised by boyfriends as hot as hell. I suppose Ive always thought it to myself, but only in the past year or two i have been able to really express it. But I could never get a boner to these creatures, ever. The evidence is in the fact that Ive never google “fat person porn”.
    Yes porn has spoiled me, but still….maintain a figure ladies. Men are visual creatures. but even still its not just that, spent 2 weeks in Germany before, and all the girls had a pretty face and body. like literally, its amazing 2 years later and seeing some of these girls for only seconds at a time, and I still remember their damn faces, swear I think about some of them like 3 times a day at least. They had it all, even the “Cougars” were somewhat hot. they had the whole damn package. I dont know how much of this was make up, lifestyle, and/or natural beauty but good gosh man. American women rarely have one part of the package, much less both and if they do they are mind poisoned by feminism and liberalism. and if you wade through all that you have the divorce court system ready to murder you.
    of course its men too, they are participating in the selfie facebook give me likes photos trend, men are being fat slobs as well, men aren’t even making the minimal effort to look half decent too. Men arent growing out beards, and men just arent doing manly things.

  27. reality sucks – for women. men are of GOD, women are of something else. they are mostly disrespectful, problem drama causing parasites off mankind that are born with no honor, accountability, integrity, respect or empathy and are constant liars under the guise of ‘saving your feelings’, lol. nope. they just don’t want to be caught and held accountable for choosing the ways they do and are mental children their entire lives until their tits and ass sag and their fuckability factor wanes. oh, to be a desperate, out of control, self deluded gal in today’s Western Occidental natural born whore culture sure is a hard thing – especially when they did it to themselves. oh! but wait! it MUST be a man’s fault women choose to be nothing – right? isn’t that right? I mean, they have to blame somebody, instead of looking in the mirror and accepting… responsibility. there are GOD’s women out there, not too many and most are taken, but they’re there – dealing with the opposite attention whore loser men – and they are out there guys, we all know it = it’s the mangina’s and white knights that go to defend the little worthless harlots in the hopes for getting a piece of worthless parasitic blown out ass that every other beta and omega are vying for. women eat the attention up while real men watch and check the whores off their lists to avoid. women think they’re so smart, if they were they would run the world, but alas they’re children their whole lives. what have they done for mankind besides gestate life? and they are just carriers – sperm is alive and kicking and THAT is what gives their little constantly dropping to the forest floor eggs purpose – that is IF they’re picked. it’s gotta suck to be a child one’s whole life indeed, so self deluded, confused and turned into nothing but a consumer and holes for cock – but they willingly submit themselves to their own choices and abuses because don’t’cha know… they’re so smart! Look, men, it is not your responsibility to take care of a woman who is not worth it, to save an idiot woman from her own self created competetive daily soap opera drama’s so she can beat the next whore out and “feel” good about herself. Feelings do not pay the bills whores – but their pussy does and that my fine gents is why prostitution is still this worlds oldest profession = it’s all a woman has to work with. women are indeed the niggers of this world. Americunt’s and Eurocunts have no clue and it’s not your job to teach them anything – because again, apparently they’re so smart. it’s all for show guys, please do not feed or even look at the worthless THOT’s out there – and if you do, record fucking them so when they’re mad, like the stupid little girls they are, you can defend yourselves against what is not of GOD… but of something else. GOD HAD a wife too ya know, it’s all about +/- energies going round and round, but women are empty and always looking for a purpose while refusing to respect anything, including themselves. so the losers get fucked and chucked because they make bad choices, ain’t a man’s fault she’s an idiot and it’s not a man’s job to educate her – again, apparently, they’re so smart. nope. what you have is a society of whiny, bratty, worthless consumers who focus of the wrong things in life and for them it all starts with what gives their existence purpose = cock. don’t breed with them. they’re garbage and know it and hence their attitudes of where are all the good men!? NEWSFLASH WHORES – ALL THE GOOD MEN HAVE GOOD WOMEN AND JUST CAME HOME TO A CLEAN HOUSE, A FANTASTIC MEAN AND ARE ABOUT TO GET THEIR COCKS SUCKED BECAUSE A REAL MAN TRAINED THEM FOR PURPOSE AND LOYALTY. ya can’t let these losers stomp all over you and ya can’t trust the law system who use uniforms and bs gender bent laws to help attack you because they’re out to save little miss princess cum dumpster from herself as well… just to be her hero and get some blown out worthless pussy as a reward. nope. I suggest you men skip over all of them and focus on the current 18+ crops because they can be trained and I will tell you why: as a woman’s age increases her options decrease (now you see why they cock hop and lie constantly being worried about reputation and talk shit about men who peg and use them for what they are = holes for cock), but as a man’s age increases so does his options. date down in age and train them to serve you – because they want a strong man who can control them and who fucking use them… just like they want to be. women are two times, or more, as horny as men – but shhhh…. they gotta keep up appearances they’re actually human inside. newsflash – most of them aren’t. just look around at the crazy stupid shit they do day in and night out – for childish attention stealing from Marcy over there, lol. they’re children. and children need to be led, disciplined and educated… and corrected and reprimanded. so who is to blame for women? themselves. the woman who bore the whore before them because women are idiots and pass it on down the line – while ignoring little timmy over there because of all sorts of fucked in their heads reasons. men are born knowing, women could ‘care’ less to figure it out and want it all handed to them like the babies they are – for life. so, ignore the little whores your age and go younger and train them. leave the blown and fucked out human garbage to ponder alone, with their cats, where THEY went wrong in life. ignore the worthless, do not save any of them – and in one generation… the losers will be bred out of society ww. The Great Whore is a mentality, men and women both have it, but men have an advantage, numerous in fact. anyhow, nobody says you have to put up with it and if you do, it’s your own damn fault.
    when you’re confused about a gal it’s because she’s gaming you = walk away and warn all other brothers about that worthless parasite to avoid them and hopefully correct their choices, actions and ways.
    when she can’t be found = that’s because no woman is loyal and use the excuse that they’re just wanting the best specimin for her eggs to breed, blah, blah, blah = no, she’s out whoring around because no woman ever will deny an opportunity at string free cock – sure they’ll choose who not to fuck, but really, c’mon… they fuck anything, including cucumbers, remote controls, your baseball bat, etc. and then turn around and lie, lie, lie.. and lie some more.
    why do men cheat?
    because some other loser natural born whore is out there throwing it around for free – and some idiots love a free gap trap lunch.
    on disease:
    bacteria, mold, whatever loves a warm, moist, dark place to be harbored, bred from and spread from = pretty obvious why planned parenthood is so popular, eh? oh! and all on your tax dollars too boot! see, another example of a child being taken care of because they consistently make bad choices backed up with bs excuses.
    estrogen vs testosterone:
    testosterone is 10x’s stronger than estrogen, yet you don’t see men running around causing a ruckus like the gals do = just an excuse for them to remain being the cunts they choose to be. idiots don’t even care to learn about their own bodies = see, children. I am a man and I know their cramps come from what they at – but these geniuses could care less about knowledge, they just want, want, want more attention and any excuse is good for it, because they need a man, unlike a man needs a woman.
    so men, the choice is yours. if you desire to save a worthless woman from herself = have fun in your life of hell raising not only your children – but your wife as well. women are parasites off mankind and will use anything to get ahead and to get what they want.
    they say it’s a man’s job to respect women – well then it’s a woman’s job to give the man something to respect and that right there is the god damn fucking answer to it all = THEY DO NOT RESPECT THEMSELVES AND CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHY ANYBODY ELSE DOESN’T EITHER.
    children. their whole lives. walk away men, walk away from the self made losers and focus on yourself, your life – and living, because Americunt’s are only some of this world’s gals – and elsewhere the women are pretty damn cool and on the level… because they respect you. ignore the whores.
    Take the Very Best of Care MEN… ya little boys got a lot to learn, pay attention and to the whores… well…. have fun with your cats.
    OH! also, no man will wife up a slut who slept around with no cares because men know once a whore = all-ways a whore… so society regulates you to keep being prostitutes in some form or another. women. sheesh! some people’s kids – great jobs “moms” = because most mom’s are morons – where do you think their little girls get it from?
    Later MEN! ” )

  28. why do people blame men. a woman knows if shes hot or not she doesn’t need to be promoted by some lame guy. they get promoted only when a guy they are attracted to notices them. That is it. If your not good looking they can care less what you think. The problem with woman is they are not as hot as they think. Once all the makeup comes off they go from 10 to 5 sometimes below that but in their mind they are still 10. Thats the problem is they become delusional thinking they are 10 but its just cause they spent 300 dollars to do their hair and put 100 dollars in makeup to make their face prettier then it is. Some woman are a 10 and your not so your not going to get her shes going to go with the top of the food chain guy. But for some reason you think its cause guys pump up their personality. They don’t need some lame guy to promote them. Woman and men will always run to the person they are the most attracted to and thats just the truth in any other situation they will just use the person for money or place to stay.

  29. Unfortunately men can’t muster the courage to tell a girl she is unattractive. Men have no standard (most of us)

  30. I feel like I am around worthless women everywhere I go. It is sad. I want to go where I can find at least one good woman. But, I guess that she is in a foreign country. I would thus go and meet her.

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