10 Reasons You Should Become A Survivalist

If you are the kind of man who reads Return of Kings, you are aware that all is not well in our current political, economic and cultural situation. You’ve taken the red pill, and the deeper you go, the more you believe that the layers of lies are endless. Manosphere sites are excellently documenting the perverseness of modern culture, and the mocking exposé of lies is amusing and intellectually stimulating. But as abstract as all of these truths about feminism and our hollowed out culture might seem, they lead to disastrous real world consequences in due time.

If you are honest with yourself, as all men should be, you know that the decline is happening and that our situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Average people are increasingly conscious of the bad times that loom, but most consider it too painful to seriously contemplate. When questioned closely about what the future holds for America, most people get a worried look, and mumble something about how things will work themselves out. Reject this passivity and start concrete preparations for all emergencies, short or extended; leave rationalizing away tough truths to women.

The benefits of having modest preparations for a power outage or the extreme weather in a specific area should be obvious. Time after time people are “surprised” by disasters that they knew were inevitable. Assembling food, fuel, equipment and supplies for three days without electricity seems simple, and yet many Americans have little more than a can of tomatoes and a flashlight with dead batteries to weather the next emergency. While the basics to live for a few days in a grid down (no electricity, no water, no hearing gas, no sewer) situation are the absolute minimum that a sane person should have. But I believe that preparedness philosophy must go far beyond readiness for local events.

Every doom and gloomer has a pet theory about The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), ranging from nuclear war to environmental destruction. TEOTWAWKI has been a preoccupation of peoples for thousands of years, from the Norse Ragnarok to the Christian Revelation to Saint John. It’s easy to mock such predictions; after all, “The World” is still here. And yet history is littered with extinct civilizations, “worlds,” if you will.

I’m not here to convince you of a specific theory of what will cause the inevitable collapse of the American nation state, because whichever one of the many plausible theories turn out to be correct (I personally believe that a slow, but accelerating economic collapse is already well underway), the conclusion is the same: We go from a world of cheap oil, super markets, and HBO On Demand to one in which daily survival is precarious. Our sick civilization can’t stumble on much longer, and it becomes us to prepare ourselves materially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Calamity may strike tomorrow or years from now; it may unfold over the course of hours or decades, but it will come to America as the logical conclusion of our poor choices.


Acceptance of the preparedness movement has risen in the last six years, breaking down the stigma of “survivalism” that the news media handily associated with militias and cults in the eighties and the nineties. Thanks to the financial decimation millions of American’s experienced to benefit our corporate overlords, it became increasingly mainstream to be ready for the next event. The fallout of 2008 awoke many to the reality that the federal government will do nothing to help them in their hour of need. Prepping and survivalism aren’t just for your crazy uncle any more.

Preparedness is a rewarding journey, and I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should take the first steps toward it immediately. You will see that getting ready to survive isn’t a theoretical project; it will dovetail with many of the game and personal improvement goals you probably have already.

 1. You will learn useful skills

As Robert Heinlein said, “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” Survival encompasses a broad skill set that can improve you in almost every area. Cooking tasty meals from scratch is a trick that you  can put to work right away of or dinner dates. Become a handy carpenter and you can do your own repairs and build your own furniture. All of the skills you need to learn, like sharpening a knife, using a saw, and mending clothes all have great value in your current life.

 2. You will see the world with different eyes

Are you ready for a second regimen of the red pill? A preparedness mindset will make you look at the world differently. When you go to a supermarket you won’t just see aisles of food. You’ll see exotic crops from all over the world, delivered by a tenuous, fossil fuel driven supply chain managed by complex computers. When you look at American cities, you will see places that would become unlivable within weeks of the grid going down. You will see highways that would quickly become parking lots if thousands tried to flee at once. You will see that America is addicted to excessive consumption and waste. You will see that people don’t care about tomorrow as long as they have their luxuries today. Start asking yourself “what if?” questions. What would you do if you lost your job? What would you do if you couldn’t buy food at the grocery store? What would you do if you couldn’t get gas for your car? How would you evacuate in an emergency? Why is our the government increasingly treating citizens as enemies? Why are we encouraged to mindlessly consume instead of making things for ourselves?


 3. You will meet interesting people

The preparedness movement is broad, and can encompass anyone from Amish farmers to investment bankers. I’ve met many people in my travels who made preparedness part of their lives, and every one of them was an interesting person who taught me something.  Growing up in Alaska, I helped a retired hunting guide build an addition on his log cabin homestead that was so remote that it could only be accessed by a Super Cub bushplane or a long walk through pathless woods. From a conspiracy theorist friend who ran a gun store from garage to hippies in a yurt commune, the preppers I’ve met have been fascinating people to be around.Prepared folks are always eccentric and sometimes even a little crazy, but the practical lessons I’ve learned from them have been invaluable.

 4. You will meet a better quality of women

There is a significant minority of sensible American women who don’t want to live the dramas that are advertised on reality TV and the Internet and who reject mindless consumerism… and I’m not just talking about hippie chicks who don’t shave body hair. That’s been one of the best aspects of prepping for me: meeting like minded women who are ready to dispense with lifestyles and start actually living.

 5. You will get into shape

Much of the fitness culture is driven solely by aesthetics, but a healthy body is vital to survival. If you don’t have a strong body, you don’t have anything. Wilderness hikes, back packing trips, snowshoeing, running, kettle balls, spinning, and old fashioned lifting sessions; anything to contribute to your overall stamina and strength is good. Remember to cultivate all around excellent fitness instead of focusing on one aspect of training  too much.

 6. You will conserve money and natural resources

Preparedness is an opportunity to cut expenses in many areas. The skills you’ve learned, like cooking and automotive repair turn into huge cash savings. By buying food and other consumables in bulk, you can get much more for your dollar. A variety of do it yourself projects, as modest as a few vegetable beds or as ambitious as building your own house will further contribute to a frugal lifestyle. By eliminating waste in all areas, you will have more funds to save, invest, prepare, and travel. All of this contributes to attaining a state of financial preparedness, living debt free and frugally, making wise investments, and keeping adequate money in savings. The goal is to be recession proof, rendering the whims of Wall Street irrelevant to your life.

7. You will be inspired

I read a lot of survival literature, both fiction and nonfiction. These stories show a man what is possible with determination and perseverance. Hatchet, which I read when I was younger, is the story of a boy who finds himself stranded in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a small ax and the clothes, using his wits to survive the summer. Louis L’Amour’s novel Last of the Breed is another great fictional story of an US Air Force pilot escaping a gulag in the Soviet Union, surviving the harsh Siberian winter as he flees across the wilderness. But the best stories are the non-fiction stories, the ones that make you realize how insignificant your personal challenges up to this point have been. The account of Earnest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition aboard his ship The Endurance is one classic. Lewis and Clark’s account of their transcontinental expedition is another timeless story, as the explorers lead their party through the heart of the uncharted North American continent.

8. You will develop eat healthier eating habits

A nutritious diet in America is seen as status symbol and a fashion statement rather than a path to a sound body. Expensive diets come and go every year, each touted as the ultimate in what you should eat. Imagine that you didn’t just eat a gluten free or Paleo diet to keep up with the newest fad. Instead, visualize using strength and a rugged constitution to carry yourself through life threatening situations; your diet becomes a primary concern. Your prepping habits and skills, like exercise, home cooking, gardening, hunting, etc. both necessitate and facilitate a good diet.

 9. You will have fun

Prepping is a gateway to many hobbies. Shooting, which is a vital survival skill for hunting and self defense is also something I enjoy recreationally. Gardening is relaxing, as well as interesting opportunity to learn about botany, geology, and meteorology. Cooking becomes a way to eat tasty way to feed yourself and explore new cuisine.

 10. You will become more independent

Enjoy the confidence you gain when you know that you are resilient no matters what the future holds. At a time when everyone is completely immersed in a society that is against all things masculine, you will be able to live on its outer edges as a free man.

If you are a red pill man, you may think that there isn’t any hope for defeating the forces against us. But consider how quickly the other side would evaporate as their blue pill beliefs hit the hard rocks of reality. As men who are learning to see the world as it is, rather than the way we want it to be, we enjoy a significant advantage. If you’re reading a blog like this one, you are already on the path to mentally preparing yourself. It is time to accompany those mental preparations with concrete physical preparations as well. Winter is coming.

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190 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Become A Survivalist”

  1. I’m not saying you’re wrong, because you make valid points. This video is from a former prepper who, after gone all the way to separate himself from the Human tribe, has come back to deal with things a bit differently. I’m also not saying this guy is 100% right, but like you, he also makes a few legit reasons:

    1. No one says you have to have to separate yourself from society to prepare. You can always begin to loosen the coupling between civilization’s survival and your own. Skill acquisition, relocation, stockpiling of essential goods and tradeable items.
      ‘Da EeBeeTee stops working and diesel shortages start. Supermarket shelves empty in hours, distribution centers in days. Are you going to go hungry and die, or thrive?

      1. I think what you state is key, and also what is being asserted in the video I posted. It’s not about running off somewhere in a cave and nothin g to do but sit and wait with a rifle and shoot anyone who comes close to you, but rather being able to survive within the broken infrastructures.

  2. I have plug Sean Kennedy’s Patrolling here, it’s been the kernel of my survivalist streak since 2005. One of his tenets cuts to the core of 6.
    “What does it do? How well does it do it?” That it. That should be one’s criteria for any product decision. Fashion doesn’t mean shit. Branding. Advertising. It’s all bullshit.

  3. Good write up. A sensible way to either approach it, or present it to others, is to tackle it from the angle that natural disasters happen all the time. Given the beating that New England has taken over the last decade, not to mention Katrina and other hurricanes/blizzards/tornadoes/etc. it’s not a hard sell and easy to point out with examples. And what sane person then wouldn’t want to have food and necessities in store in the event that power goes out for two weeks. We had a storm here in Ohio not terribly long ago that had power out for a couple of weeks for an awful lot of the state. Having the ability to have fresh food (canned, powdered, dehydrated, etc) that doesn’t go bad without electricity, not to mention resources that allow you to cook, keep some lights on, etc. for that period of time was a major thing in my household that everybody was grateful for.
    Just present it like that, you’re golden. Not that you should have to justify anything, but it does help if you want to avoid the “OMG, he’s a prepper nut!” stigma.

  4. Solid article.
    If you develop a plan, you’re better off than the other 95% of society that would be on their heels in a major catastrophe. You see the stock market collapse? You have a plan for where you’d go and what you’d be doing there. People without a plan will just hunker down and hope everything turns out alright.
    Mjolnir probably knows about the “golden horde,” which is the mass of humanity that will collectively move out of cities should a major catastrophe occur. This group did not plan, and thus they are going to take what everyone else has.
    You want to live far away from major population centers in order to avoid the golden horde, or you must have a plan to get away from population centers fast

    1. Excellent post.
      We have a farm on 40 acres out in the country we can bug out to, if absolutely required. Generally though, if it’s not TEOTWAWKI, it’s best to bug-in.

      1. For a very realistic description of a likely trajectory for the US, read up on Ferfal. He started blogging after the devaluation in Argentina; and only recently fled to Europe. He is a big proponent of bugging in, rather than out.
        A full on TEOTWAKI may bid different advice, but is extremely unlikely, unless Mr. Putin decides he really has had enough and that a nuclear Armageddon is preferable to all realistic alternatives.
        Instead, those in power will become increasingly brazen when it comes to using their position solely for their own, private good, while letting criminality slowly rise. While all at the same time doing their best to prevent regular citizens from obtaining the means to defend themselves; since doing so makes them less dependent on the powers that be.
        So, things just slowly get worse for most people. Not immediately, or even necessarily perceptively. Just slowly worse, and worse; at a pace that most sheeples simply gets used to.

        1. I agree stuki. there will be no end of the world type scenario. If there is it will be nuclear and there is no such thing as survival in that it’s hoping for a swift death rather than a slow one by radiation poisoning. The US will year after year slowly erode socially where every neighborhood will have to have bars on windows, watch your surroundings everywhere you go like south Africa. Only the super rich will be afford to live in totally gated communities. That’s why they want to keep passing more strict gun control laws because they see that coming. people will still work, be more miserable and have more painful old age that hasn’t been seen since the 1800s. Like the frog in the warm water with the heat slowly being turned up. those that prepared with underground bunkers will wish they spent it on a high grade security system outside cameras at their primary house as they will still be working and society will still be intact. the warren buffets of the world won’t let the economy collapse as they lose their wealth as well. won’t happen.

        2. I agree with this as well. I do expect a decline, as each new generation is raised by a higher percentage of single mothers and SWPLs, and as all the countries of the world reach their borrowing limits at around the same time. However, no matter how bad it gets, the riots will only cover at most a few square miles in city centers and will only last for hours and days, maybe weeks at the most.
          People think an economic or monetary collapse means a complete cessation of economic activity, or a complete loss of monetary value, but in every past collapse, what you see is a sudden and significant drop in economic activity or monetary value. We’re talking drops of 5-25%, not 95%. This is what I believe we must expect and prepare for.
          There will be parts of the world where things are very bad, but there will always be parts of the world where things are doing better. I believe there will continue to be new smart phone models throughout any decline, and super futuristic medical technology, space technology, robotics, and materials sciences will still be developed over the next 2-3 decades and beyond.
          I think it is definitely important to be able to deal with power outages, Katrina situations, etc., but I think the number one strategy is to develop job skills that will remain in demand even if the world economy shrinks significantly. If the region you live in becomes extremely bad, be prepared to move to another part of the world, and get out before it gets excessively bad. Have some contacts and resources in different parts of the country, and in other countries too.

        3. “the warren buffets of the world won’t let the economy collapse as they lose their wealth as well. won’t happen.”
          Agree with everything you said except this part.
          With guile, political connections and muscle, it is possible to become obscenly wealthy in the aftermath of an economic collapse. Look to the Russian oligarchs’ activities following the collapse of the USSR.
          Smart guys like Buffett can hedge their losses and come out on top, even in an Argentina style meltdown or total war.

        4. problem now jib is that total meltdown now equals nuclear and no profit in being dead. so they’ll always keep us on the edge with wars with convention weapons and social engineering. the dumber the US, the bigger the shiny things to buy. that’s our future. that’s what they want and are getting

    2. The other thing you need is a group. You’ll do much better if you’re part of an organization that’s prepared rather than as a lone wolf.

      1. 100% correct. Tribe is the single most important thing. Surround yourself with sensible people with skills who are in good shape. There’s still a few of those people left.

        1. Yup, community building with like minded people is what you need to do. Not hiding in the woods.

        2. In order to be accepted in any kind of tribe/community worth being a part of, you first have to be self sufficient. When ties are tough, noone wants to drag deadweight around.
          Hence, 1st learn to survive/take care of yourself. Then, offer your camaraderie to others, who may have something to offer in return.

        3. First you have to be able to pull your weight and be reliable. No one person is “self sufficient”.

        4. Sure they are. For quite extended periods of time. It all depends on initial conditions. Give almost anyone; heck, even one of them much here maligned womenfolk, enough initial resources, and she cold probably keep at it for decades without perishing, all by herself……
          More relevant to the situation at hand; is whether what one “needs” from the collective of others one wishes to commune with; is outweighed by what they cumulatively feel one contributes. Absent that, they are better off without one. Which means they will kick one out, since doing otherwise will weaken them to the point other communities, competing for the same limited resources will eat them alive.

        5. A society grows great when old men plant trees they will never know the shade of ~ Greek proverb
          My grandfather planted fruit and nut trees along with grapes, which can produce food 100years later, on his property making food that for the most part only needed to be picked. I didn’t really think about it before but there might be something masculine to having edible landscaping since its chosen for production instead of looks. You could have both like the rose bushes that have edible hips, and thorns for a barrier.

        6. Just planted two apples tree, and one plum ‘shrub’ look forward to planting cherry trees this summer. Got a taste of the European lifestyle, how they mend even small victory gardens and reap the rewards of even a small harvest for their small interwoven families. Really opened me up to having a victory garden on my property.

        7. Other way around. A tribe is an extended family, a group of people related by blood.

        8. ‘Give the women resources’
          Men have to find them. Why not keep it equal?

      2. That is truth, but it does vary depending on just how far “Away” from society you can put yourself. For instance, if you have a small sailboat with sufficient survival gear and you live in a coastal metropolis, you’ll do probably 10X better as a solo heading out to sea or for foreign shores than you would trying to find a part of the interior of the U.S. to camp out in as an individual.

  5. A great article, there is something inherently masculine about being self sufficient and knowing you can survive.
    Id be interested to know how you could truly be prepared in smaller countries like the UK where large populations live in areas of small land mass. If the shit ever did hit the fan they’d strip the countryside bear within weeks.

    1. “If the shit ever did hit the fan they’d strip the countryside bear within weeks.”
      Nothing worse than a naked bear.
      Plan instead to “bug in” would be my guess. The problem is that in the U.K. you can’t properly defend yourself in the first place, so trying to avoid the hordes of looters AND the uniformed thugs with rifles is basically impossible, barring a good bit of luck falling into your lap.

      1. Maybe one could eventually 3D-print a weapon just in case. Defending yourself and your property is a basic human right. Well, at least it should be.

        1. Yeah, eventually. I really don’t trust that technology yet, but it’s making impressive leaps. I suspect in that case, the U.K. would simply make it illegal and then go down every street scanning from a van for people that might still have one, as they do in order to collect television taxes. Just a hunch.
          All of this is conjecture of course, I seriously doubt there’s going to be a nu-cu-lar war or some kind of collapse that would bring a society to rubble. But, there are actually natural disasters, and fuck me if I don’t understand the mindset that doesn’t want some food and water on hand in case the power goes out for a couple of weeks. It’s just plain stupid. Guess some folks like to dumpster dive.
          And absolutely agree, self defense is a basic human right. It’s why I carry a sidearm every day.

        2. Forgive me my ignorance, perhaps I misread something here, but how do you legally carry a sidearm while living in the UK? I thought the EU abhors the thought of its citizens arming and protecting themselves. They are practically expected by politicians to present everything they own on a silver platter to criminals when coerced to do so.

        3. I don’t live in the U.K. I was mentioning the conditions of the U.K. My family came here after WW2 from the U.K., both sides, and still have cousins in England/Scotland. England, and U.K. absolutely abhors arms. Not sure where you’re getting an anti-defense vibe from me, honestly.

        4. “Not sure where you’re getting an anti-defense vibe from me”
          Nowhere, I put up a little rant about the EU and its idiot politicians.

      2. compound bows are not illegal in the UK, are renewable, deadly, and utterly silent.
        Sure they take more skill than a rifle, but skill is something worth pursuing.

      3. One of the best self defense weapons bar none that I have read about is ….
        Make your place look like a looted derilect dump and post on the boundaries of your house those ‘danger biological hazard do not enter’ signs, It would take a brave looter to loot a house with those up.

    2. It wouldn’t be pretty. Heavily populated areas are “nine missed meals from anarchy.” If I remember correctly, the British Isles haven’t been self sufficient food wise for a century. There are some remote areas though, like the Scottish highlands. Beautiful country up there.

    3. Shit would have to hit the fan pretty hard in order for people to begin ‘stripping the countryside’ as you say. Check out this article about a man’s story of survival in Bosnia during the Yugoslav conflict.
      The feces has been thoroughly aerosoled when you have to worry about whether the next NATO airstrike is going to vaporize your house. However the most likely SHTF situation I can see happening would be economic and societal collapse of western society. There’s a book that covers survival in these situations pretty well, I’ll post a link.

      1. Very interesting article, so I basically need lots of guns and ammo, a big family, lots of well hidden supplies, some kind of useful skill and not be a show off. Although, I’ll point out that the man was under siege and couldn’t leave the town, most likely if he could then he’d have ended up as a refugee somewhere. Nonetheless, the article shows how easily civilization can crumble and how to survive.

        1. More than anything; shut the f up! By the time you need all that ammo, you are obviously fingered for someone who has stuff worth taking already. And by then it’s too late, unless by lots of guns you mean an entire military platoon.
          Once several million people are starving, the sound of gunfire emanating from your homestead as your defend your stash; will attract more desperadoes. And then more. And then more…. Until one finally break through. Pretty much by the same mechanism that led to the jokes about Polish people going to town, and lining up at the back of every long line (queue) they cold fine; under the assumption that there was something valuable at the other end. And, this being a game site and all; the same mechanism that makes social proof so important for attracting women.
          So, the best thing to do as a survivalist; is to lay low. Display nothing. Look like you have nothing worth taking; and you will be left alone. When SHTF; the ones bragging about how prepared they were to a sea of desperate destitutes around them; won’t last long.

        2. That’s the Zombie Apocalypses: I’ve got plenty of Double Odd Buck ready for them critters!

        3. By lots of guns, i meant three or four and about 2000 rounds for each as suggested in the article i replied too. Most of that would be used for trading purposes id assume. I also said that you shouldn’t be a show off, that means laying low. Obviously if you brag about how prepared you are you’re going to be robbed, just like if you walk around showing off a gold plated iphone in some ghetto you will be robbed because you have something people want. In fact i wouldn’t tell anybody that I’m prepared even before anything goes down, people have long memories and they will hunt you down. But if everyone thinks you’re as unprepared as they are you can play dumb.

        4. The first ones to be killed are the clowns who show up in their tacti-kool gear and proclaim themselves the new kings.

        5. This is like the 5th time you’ve said the same thing. You really do have a bee in your bonnet over men refusing to feed the machine and going all *GASP*..woodsy don’t you? The more you talk the more you sound like a chick in a make work job. HR perhaps? I guess if (white) men say fuck the machine you’re pretty much screwed eh?
          Hence your mad scramble and shaming tactics used here to bring them back to the fold.

    4. Most of the American countryside would be stripped bare in weeks if only a small percentage of Americans hit the woods trying to “live off the land”.
      Consider the state of New Jersey. The Census numbers of 1790 show a population of 185K (Today’s pop is 9 million). By 1790 there were no wild deer, turkey or bear left anywhere in the state, and ALL the old growth forest had been cut down. Keep in mind this was all down with primitive hand tools and firearms.
      Most of these survivalist jokers are kidding themselves.

      1. You make the mistake of thinking the population would remain stable. I don’t buy much into TEOTWAWKI, but I do understand that civilization is so thin that even a small hiccough in things can turn people savage pretty quickly. Katrina stands as a pretty good example of that. Once the power goes out for any extended period people get rotten, fast, and further, people start dying at a faster rate.
        I suspect in a given month a good 70% of the population would die off under TEOTWAWKI conditions.

        1. Yeah, Germany certainly had no giant massive loss of life during WW2. What was I thinking?
          By the time the end rolled around the only people left holding rifles were 12 year old boys and 90 year old men. The rest, gutted. Fucking gutted.
          Whatever, dude. Some day when your boardwalks get knocked down again you won’t have other pockets to pick and might actually have to take care of yourselves along the east coast. Not my problem honestly, and just like last time you may be sure that I won’t be donating to any “relief” efforts. When we have power go out for 1-2 weeks here, every decade or so, we get by just fine and don’t need to run to the Fedgov like little bitches begging for money. But if that floats your boat you’re welcome to it.

        2. If there was a Carrington class CME about 90% of the population would die off in a year.

        3. I’m talking about postwar Germany. A country left with a smashed infrastructure and no functioning economy. How come your Rambo fantasy didn’t play out there?

        4. Germany wouldn’t have had the prosperity it enjoys today without the Marshall plan. Look it up. Thanks to the US rebuilding the infrastructure and economy of Germany and using it as a bulwark to the Soviet hoards. The Rambo fantasy didn’t play out there as the US army occupied the country for decades afterwards and used the Nazi officials of post war Germany to keep some sort of law and order. There much starvation and murder but not as much as could have been.
          Many in Europe bang on about the EU promoting peace in Europe for the past 60 years but to my mind it was the US forces and NATO.

        5. Please stop feeding the ignorant lefty Jerseyan Fagtroll.
          Look at his behavior in this comments thread. He’s behaving like an attention-whoring cunt. He’s not at all interested in anything you or others here have to say, just trolling.

        6. You’re right, but I was hoping a few of my comments would be of interest to other ROK readers.

        7. Fair enough but it still made a huge contribution to the German recovery and to stabilize the country after the war as the US needed a stable Germany to keep Russia at bay. Patton at the time wanted to keep going and recruit many of the defeated German soldiers to destroy the Soviets. Without the Marshall plan and US involvement in Germany for many years after the war it would have been a different story.

        8. The “Economy” of postwar Germany was not particularly dysfunctional. Quite a bit less so, than the Nazi economy that preceded it, in fact.
          And infrastructure is largely overrated anyway. Which is why it doubly irritating to hear the well indoctrinateds wax on endlessly about “who is going to maintain the roads”, whenever someone less drone like dares exposing the utter idiocy inherent in believing governments are some sort of useful organizations.

        9. Marshall plan? It’s only West Germany did well. East Germany was a shithole for a generation or more.

        10. But alas, I’m just a wimpy Pajama Boy who’s going to be liquidated when Pax Americana falls.

        11. You see my fantasy that Pajama Boys will still be in charge after the collapse is much moar better. Plus, I’m scared of black people…

        12. if men simply stopped driving trucks the actual population in most states (Not utah) would die within a single week.

        13. that was 1948, this is now. Most of the german population had never had electricity, and a large number never had running water. They had survived just fine without ‘modern technology’ since the early 1600’s, not to mention their ‘old people’ still had knowledge of how to farm with nothing but hand tools and horses.
          Today? not a chance. Not even for Germany.

        14. Good point – tons of immigrants are coming to Germany. The second largest city of Turkish people in the world is Berlin. The question remains if the cultural influence of good work ethic will also be adopted by all other non anglo Germans.

        15. Typical of survivalists. You make broad generalizations for which you provide no evidence. Germany had not electricity or running water? During the 1930s the percentage of Germans living in rural areas served by electric utilities was HIGHER than in the United States. Germany also had a higher literacy rate than did the United States. Look it up.

        16. That is a little pessimistic. I would give them a month with all the looting and cannibalism, before the cholera really kicks in.

        17. It’s not about the cholera. Many coal and oil power plants have less than three days worth of fuel. Very few grocery stores carry more than a week’s worth of food at any one time. Urban centers, even less.
          Without Power, most water distribution centers shut down. Now pressure. urban areas are deprived of water within two days. Food stops after three days. Five days without water, about a week, and an enormous amount of people are dead.
          Rural areas could survive considerably longer if not indefinitely, but even the suburbs would have less than a month.
          I actually did a long analysis of what would happen if every man went on strike, to contrast it with what would happen if every woman went on strike. The most brutal hit occurred in males striking in transportation, and the highest loss of life, which contrasted markedly with Marxism’s focus on production.
          If all females went on strike tomorrow, there would be a slight hiccup, some paychecks would go out late, the lines at the DMV would get a bit longer, and then gradually increasing wages.

        18. Good point about water supply. I think a reasonably clever person might be able to scrounge up more at least a few week’s supply of potable fluids, though. Start with your water heater tank, then make a simple rain capture cistern with your roof. YMMV depending on location.
          I think you’d get a round of die off from exposure, dehydration and starvation, followed by progressivley worse waves of lethal communicable disease. It would feed back on itself, leaving a small population of relatively hardier survivors.
          Throw in some small scale mayhem and maybe warfare and it sounds like a party! Won’t be there. I’ll be at sea, thank you.

        19. I.m biting back at your crazy posts! How did they survive. What you think they survived by themselves. A huge wall went around West Germany and nothing went in. Firstly the rest of the world was not going through the same crisis. Second massive amounts of money and skills where pored into west Germany. And C they were propped up by the rest of the world. You are aware that during the berlin crisis later on when Russia blocked road access to berlin they (the allies) broke the blockade by flying in even coal for heating!
          What do you think would happen in the USA if everything stopped; when the druggie can’t get his hit, the alcoholic has no access to his hit, I can’t access my prescription medicines I need to survive, well what will happen is mayhem. Everyone will loot everywhere. Oh yes! Look at the little disaster of hurricane Katrina. Even there the feds could not ensure that the petrol stations along the evacuation routes had enough petrol to supply the cars and they had to be abandoned. no multiply by 100. What I don’t understand is why you are so into the anti-Rambo stuff. Most people are realistic and know that society would go to hell in a hand-basket, it would be short a brutal for most people. Those who had planned would have more ‘rolls of the luck dice’ to survive and in a little while society would slowly rebuild.
          Is it going to happen. IMHO no. But what is your problem with extreme survivalist? I think they are a little nutty also but so what? Who are they hurting. I actually love the fact that people are ‘getting of the grid’ and not believing the economic bull that is being pushed today all round the world.
          But no the world is a much better place. Everywhere becoming the same culture, good little consumers while the 1% get richer.

  6. Survivalism is Rambo fantasy bullshit. Human beings have never really been “independent”. Even cave dwellers lived in bands and depended on each other for food, shelter and self defense. Like it or not, humans are social animals.
    Even something as “simple” as a firearm would not be possible without an advanced civilization. Don’t believe me? Try and build your own gun from scratch, after digging up some iron ore and refining it into steel.
    Survivalism leads lots of dumb-asses down a blind alley. Instead of going out into society, engaging it politically, and demanding a seat at the table, they head off to Bum-Fuck Nowhere and hide. The idiots who refuse to comply with the Census are perfect examples. They ensure that they will have no share of political representation, nor will their tax dollars benefit the community they live in.
    Survialism: Making the Koch Brothers bust a gut from laughing.

    1. Must have zero natural disasters where you live, eh? Has to be nice, what, no blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, any of that to deal with.

      1. I live live in New Jersey. Hear of Hurricane Sandy? I lived through that. Guess what? No hooting, no looting, no shooting….well except in the places where they usually have shooting, like Newark.

        1. No, you’re right. You got to loot us folks in other states because of your unpreparedness, and you still have damage that you haven’t managed to clean up.
          If you think preparing for a natural disaster is wrong there’s nothing further we need to discuss. It’s a foolish idea to rely on government cheese and toilet paper trucks, but hey, if that’s your thing.

        2. Spare me the left wing propaganda, troll.
          You’re not interested in discussion, you’re here to troll. Slainte.

        3. I was going to say no looting or shooting that the storm must have made NJ safer than normal.

        4. When the Fed debases the dollar 3 to 1 in half a decade, and hands three quarters of that loot directly to people in New York’s immediate surroundings, their talk about carrying the rest of the country rings pretty hollow…….
          In NY, CT and to a lesser extent NJ; all activity revolves around either collecting handouts from the Fed directly, by the billions per head; or by polishing the knobs of those who get the direct handouts. None of which is particularly productive activity.
          In fact, it is so darned detrimental that very few not directly affected, would be any worse of if the next place headed for a landing on a Manhattan office floor, is packed solid with nuclear warheads….

    2. There is are romantic fantasies of survivalism, like Rambo and Mad Max the Road Warrior. If you had read my post you would have seen I wasn’t talking about those things at all.
      Although when I hear a feminist talking I imagine him/her strapped to the front of Lord Humongous’ kill dozer.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfL4xKQeSfo

      1. Yeah, the fantasy world conjured by the left to mock anything even vaguely approaching being prepared for even minor disasters is amazing. There really is no point in addressing them, I’ve found, once they’ve outted themselves as a snarky leftist.
        Great article man, well done.

      2. Maybe you weren’t encouraging Ramboism, but most of the commando wannabes will see it like that just the same. Is it a good idea to prepare for TEMPORARY disruptions caused by natural or man made disasters? Yup. Is the reset button going to be hit sending us all back to 1 million BC? Nope. Too many weak men are attracted to survivalism because they haven’t got the balls/brains to slug it out in society like real men. That’s what sets us apart from apes: Brains, not brute force. Despite all the macho jee jaw he likes to project, Putin has gotten to where he is by being a master chess player.

        1. “Slug it out in society like real men” lol. American society is beneath contempt. It’s too the point where no dignified man with a shred of masculinity would want to participate in it.

        2. OK, if you believe yourself to be a real tough guy, try Russia and join the vor v zakone culture. You’ll do well, if you don’t get your brains blown out the first week you’re there.

        3. I for one welcome our Russian overlords. Putin will be a great improvement over Obama and the coming reign of Hillary (God help us).

        4. And the average Russian has gotten to where he is; destitute and enslaved; by falling for the crock that there exists such a thing, even theoretically, as “master chess players” that will make your life, instead of just theirs, any better.
          It’s “Obama pay my mortgage” fallacy taken to it’s logical conclusion. And, like Rome found out, ultimately futile for even the Putins as well.

        5. Overlords are good for one thing only; target practice. Regardless of what drivel they may spout on TV.

      3. We kinda got boned on the whole Mad Mad thing. That’s what we THOUGHT was going to be the societal collapse. But compare that collapse to the one we have going on now. The fictional collapse is easier: no zombie banks propping up a militarized police state, no “every other person is a douchebag/aspietard”, no media engine still spewing out crap and distraction, no medical industrial complex keeping people sick and fat. Etc. Heck if we went “Mad Max” in say 1980 when these movies came out, the world would be back to business by now but all that wrecks us now in the kind of people are deal with today would have been sloughed off in the aftermath.
        How many of the various kinds of people with the sense of entitlement, betaness, and special snowflake mentality would last more than a week in this environment?

    3. You can buy freeze dried nitro packed food wont expire for 25-30 years, and a months worth of that along with a water filter(lifestraw good and small), mylar space blankets & plant ID cards will have you better off than 90% of the population. This will also let you ride out storms. After Sandy where people had over a weeks notice, there where people in nice cloths dumpster diving for food 2 days later. You can buy a one month for one person supply of food that comes in 15″ x 12″ x 9″ container that will last for 25 years from easyprep, even a NYC tiny apartment could find room for that.

      1. Don’t forget your water heater has drinkable water in it. If you know how to drain it you can get 40-80 gallons of drinkable water even if the power and water is down.

        1. And, the water in your swimming pool is only a water filter away from being perfectly drinkable.

    4. Right, cause life wasn’t possible before industrialization and a government $20 trillion in debt. Yes, you are born, but certainly it’s possible to survive independently. Firearms are for fighting against men, and if you can’t make one he can’t either. You have no say in society, 99% of your tax money does not benefit your community (the other 1% is spillage), you’re just fooling yourself.

      1. Hahaha, You guys really think you are the improved version of Rick from The Walking Dead series mixed with Bear Grylls. If you have more recources then other people in a situation of extreme scarcity do you really think you last long in a country with an average of 33 people per km2. And then im only talking of the US. Europe has a far higher density. Nos feratu is right. Its just a fantasy for you guys to make you feel good.

        1. Average population density means nothing. Have you even visited the rural US interior? Even today, there are numerous large, easily inhabitable regions with virtually no human presence.
          You and the other poster are trolling because this stuff scares the shit out of you.

        2. Dear JJlmer, your are talking about extreme survivalism and there are other less extreme types of surivalism/disaster protection which reading info here has some useful tips. One simple example, if you live in a coastal area with storm surge risk have you planned how to get out and keep some supplies, food, shelter in your car and arranged with friends, family away from the coast that you can stay with them in case of a storm surge? Yes! Congradulations you are practicing micro-survival skills.
          Have you down-sized and reduced spending so that if you lose your job (a very likely possibility in this economy) you can ride out your personal family financial storm until you get another job? YES. Well you have implemented some basic survival skills.
          Its not all about TEOTWAWNI but for most it is planning what to do if an earthquake cuts electricity/water/food supplies for a few weeks.
          For me personally, as a sheeple am I slowly (oh soo slowly) weaning myself of my consumer lifestyle and fairly pointless ‘consume, consume more stuff lifestyle’ and living a more simple (not less enjoyable but simple) lifestyle growing more of my own food, enjoying simple pleasures like acoustic music, getting to know nice people in rural areas. YES.
          IF TEOTWAWNI hits will I survive more than a few months? NO.
          But if a minor disaster hits am I more resilent, fitter and more able to cope with it? Well yes I think in small ways yes.
          But don’t I miss the consumer rat race? A lot but I’m slowly weaning myself of it.
          Would I wish I was on that guys boat if the big one hits? YES. But am I willing to spend all my money and time to do what he is doing, track him down and pay him to train me in the boating ways? NO

    5. You sound like a heavily indoctrinated leftard “big daddy alpha gubmint will save us all!!” type. Feminine type thinking bud.

  7. Also, another thing that would become extremely valuable in a post-catastrophe USA would be XY chromosomes. Women can’t lift shit, and manual labor comes at a premium in societies that lack automation.
    In our modern society, women can BS through a bunch of jobs they are clearly unqualified for, because the consequences for failure are not severe. But when failure results in starvation, men begin to return to a prominent role in society, which is how nature intended it.

    1. it’s always funny dealing with women who claim men have ‘half a chromosome’.
      I usually tell them that we have two unique chromosomes and they have only one and a duplicate.

      1. Shut those bitches up with “Men DISCOVERED the chromosome. All you know how to do is puke what someone else told you.” Women are unbelievably arrogant.

        1. yeah, like chanting that shit about ‘women hold up half the sky’.
          Even if you want to be totally figurative, men hold up the sky… women simply live under it.

    2. Also, you have a bunch of thirsty jackasses carrying these women in the workforce doing the bulk of the work that they are too lazy to do.
      So they take advantage of those situations, it’s in their genetic makeuo, the apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  8. SHTF doesn’t happen unless there’s a natural catastrophe, still useful to have the skills.

  9. Women who are “on board” are rare and even those who are, are a LIABILITY!
    – how many times do we hear of a prepper being rolled up and his guns taken because “an estranged ex” called the police? Forget it. Now matter how on-board they are, the ABSOLUTE POWER THAT CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY is still infecting her and if something goes wrong with the relationship then everything is at risk. And it does not matter ONE IOTA how “legal” the prepper is. Tell me, when they have taken all of the guns and it’s going to cost tens of thousands in legall fees to get it back, how much lawyer money does someone living off the grid have?
    – Women have had a lifetime of indoctrination to the medical industrial complex through TV and magazines. I lost count of how many times I met guys who were going off-grid with “wifey” in tow, and she’s fat as all get out and on several prescriptions at any given time. Let me tell you what happens: they can’t get “remote enough” because having to drive 5 hours to the monthly doctor visit is too much. Then, eventually, because of the Rx drugs, “something” happens to her that requires coming back on grid AND the retreat and guns end up having to be sold to make the medical payments and Mr Prepper ends up working at Walmart.
    – Women have had a lifetime of “pantsing it”. I have seen women with ZERO tactical and heavy equipment training, the very kind who is so-called “on board” still having the dangerous habit of not being able to be told what to do without questioning and getting “all pissy”. Let me tell you this: in a critical situation, whether it’s a firefight or trying to save equipment that your life depends on, someone acting “pissy” because they grew up spoiled rotten will get you killed fast or slow. Women are simply “not fieldable” for many reasons. Want to shit test a pantser? Tell her you don’t think she is fieldable and see how she reacts. Now, if she is Mrs. Tactical and had the training AND combat experience, or can drive tractors and front loaders (farm girl) she might have reason to object but if otherwise lacking such skills, and she objects, then you got a pantser on your hands and she needs to be convinced of her limitations or dropped. A woman who demands an AR-15 and wants to go to tactical training, but has all the personality of a modern urban special snowflake is a problem. If she wants a handgun and a medical kit instead and wants first aid training and would rather learn about survival in regards to finding food and shelter, you might have a winner.
    – How is her health? As I mentioned before: if she has a “Harkonnen Heart Plug” (dependency on the medical industrial complex) she is not only non-fieldable but a liability and even if she’s not an addict and has enormous willpower, if she abused her health she may simply lack strength and stamina. If she can’t carry a shovel to bury herself with, then time with her will be wasted. If she can’t be told she has to do some training, like some running perhaps or long hikes, then reconsider either her place (in our out of your life) or her role.
    – Is she a chatty Kathy? Loose lips sink prepping operations. A gabby woman, if used properly can be good – but expect to keep her out of the loop as you would anybody else and feed her lies. If she cannot be convinced her gift of gab is a liability, then she’s a risk and should be sent away.
    And if there is an aftermath…
    – suddenly the bearded hated white heterosexual gun owning racist bigot homophobe prepper is going to look very attractive to the “average woman” who spent her formative years watching Oprah, popping pills, and pursuing the Sex in the City lifestyle. Forget them! See them as zombies: they already turned and are gone – dead already. We might see a day come when no woman leaves their home (or hovel or car they are living in) without high heels and plunging necklines but don’t be fooled. They are simply falling back on their only resource and have little else. Find the strong women who emerge from the rubble who can shoot straight and speak the truth and she’ll bear you many sons! (sorry, couldn’t help it). The bottom line is, most women are part of the “system” that brings about the collapse and their genetics need to fall away so that in another 2000 years it’s not the same old same old.

    1. “Let me tell you this: in a critical situation, whether it’s a firefight or trying to save equipment that your life depends on, someone acting “pissy” because they grew up spoiled rotten will get you killed fast or slow. Women are simply “not fieldable” for many reasons.”
      Yes. Men are too influenced by unrealistic portrayals of women in movies, videogames, and pulp fiction to understand this.
      Everyone seems to overlook the war bride effect. Women are only your ally once you’ve already won.
      If you falter, you don’t want to get AMOG’ed by a dude with a shiv. Get your loving on the run.

      1. “Yes. Men are too influenced by unrealistic portrayals of women in movies, videogames, and pulp fiction to understand this.”
        Women are lousy for going on the offense, where you have to carry at least a 10 pound rifle and 20 pounds of gear in a pack in order to get anything done. On the defensive however, fighting invaders in their hometown, they can do quite well, especially as snipers, as seen in real life on the side of Novorussia (against the US backed Kiev Nazi junta in Ukraine) and the Kurds against ISIS.

    2. QUOTE: “Women who are “on board” are rare and even those who are, are a LIABILITY!
      – how many times do we hear of a prepper being rolled up and his guns taken because “an estranged ex” called the police? Forget it. Now matter how on-board they are, the ABSOLUTE POWER THAT CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY is still infecting her and if something goes wrong with the relationship then everything is at risk. And it does not matter ONE IOTA how “legal” the prepper is.”
      Yup. Let’s also consider that the system is out to get men, not women. In fact this is why most females are oblivous to SHTF. Everything in the western world is about gynocentricity. Part of the plan to keep an iron fist down on men is to dupe the hormonal driven animals that women are being “OPRESSED”
      Women wil not be the one peprseucted and have no reason to hide.

  10. My “bugout” or SHTF plan, which I would recommend to anyone, though it’s not for everyone: I have a big steel hulled sailboat. Tons of fishing gear, dive gear, spearguns. A RO watermaker. 10 Kw generator, with fuel enough to run it for over three months nonstop. Solar panels and a wind generator. Extensive medical supplies. Loaded with small arms and ammo, and the steel hull is bulletproof at least to small arms. Enough rice, beans, and coffee to last six months.
    In a real SHTF scenario, I will sail offshore and sail in a huge circle for a few months. I figure 90 percent of the sheeple will die in the first three weeks. If they are still shooting at me when I try to make landfall, go for another three months. Head to a remote island.

    1. What model is this sailboat that is big enough to house all your stuff but manageable by one person? A 10k generator uses ~ 2gph so you are talking about having over 4000 gallons just of generator fuel.

      1. Most people run generators intermittently. If shit is so bad you dare not seek harbor anywhere; I would highly recomend some warm clothes and simply getting used to saltwater baths over wasting fuel on frivolities like generators, though.

    2. Humans are fundamentally survivors. Adaptable people will always have an advantage.

    3. As I mentioned above; read Ferfal. Much more realistic than any “today lets play TEOTWAKI for 90 days before returning to normal” scenario. Just things getting worse and worse, little by little, for decade after decade…….. Just like in Rome. A few centuries between the place being worth vile living in, and completely collapsing.
      Unless America completely changes course, 180 degrees; the end result; what you have to look forward to, will be something akin to Afghanistan today. That’s the promised land. In the meantime, there will be lots and lots of water under the bridge; highly unlikely to take place in 90 days. More like 90-900 years.
      That being said; a big boat capable of sustaining you is a great resource. As big as you can afford and are able to handle; both in terms of sailing and maintaining, and defending. Besides, cruising the world ain’t such a bad life even absent an official TEOTWAKI.

    4. So how are you going to make you own fuel? What are you going to do when those 90 foot swells off the ocean that cripple even modern major military ships come your way? I really am curious. And what if theives board your ship when you are asleep or pretend to be police? Running from the cops are suicide because they will literally shoot each other just to shoot a running suspect.

      1. @hernandayoleary:disqus read “Sailing alone around the world” by Joshua Slocum, who sailed 46,000 miles and made the first solo circumnavigation from 1895-1898 in a 31 foot sailboat he made himself. Earlier in his career, he and his wife built a big rowboat out of scrap wood to get from Brazil to Massachusetts after he lost his ship.
        I’ve been sailing on merchant ships for 20 years. I’ve never seen a 90′ wave. They do exist, and have popped up in a few places in the world, so you simply avoid those places. Biggest I’ve been in was 70′, and that was pretty awful, but we were in shallow water (Campeche, Mexico, running unsuccessfully from a hurricane), and the ship took it well, though we lost 2 in the storm (imagine a handful of coffee beans in a can. Now punt the can).
        A small boat never needs to be in more than 15′ seas. Good cloud-reading skills, a knowledge of prevailing winds, and a sailing plan that gives you places to run for shelter or run for open sea, will keep someone alive. Ships that end up in trouble often do so because they’ve got a mission or cargo that influenced the master’s decision on whether to go through or around a storm.
        There aren’t a lot of cops on the water. There’s not much to be concerned about there. Police and fire boats are among the worst-handling and worst-handled vessels in a sea. Cops and firemen are no more suited for working on the water than shoemakers are. They’re made for rivers and bays, and in a survival situation, the best place to be is beyond 50 miles from shore, where even radar won’t pick you up.

        1. So how are you going to make your own fuel, where will your food come from and will your radat still work when the world goes to shit. Also what if your engine goes out or you have an engine fire? And off the atlantic do they not have these large 90 foot swells? What if you hit a rock underwater that is not visible?

        2. What if you get hit by a car the next time you step outside? What if you are diagnosed with a massive brain tumor next time you go to the doctor?
          No plan is flawless, and the farther away you can get fro anyone who isn’t on your team the better off you’re likely to be.

        3. Do yourself a favor and read a little about long distance sailing. The problems you mention have been evident to everyone and have been addressed (to varying degrees of success) for a hundred years or more.
          Slocum’s book is a good place to start.

        4. I think its the opposite, when we run from our problems we lose because that is how they take over and then no one is there to oppose the nyc democrats communist laws.

        5. You sail. Don’t need power for that. Food has to come from your stores- you can’t be at sea forever, but you can control where and when you go to shore.
          The Atlantic DOES have giant swells, but you need special conditions, and it’s rare. Hence the idea of the 100-year storm, like the Perfect Storm of 1991. Outside of a hurricane, storm conditions in the deep ocean are more survivable than on the coast. In the past 3 centuries, thousands of commercial fishermen have survived the Atlantic in more fragile boats than we have today… and some didn’t make it, but most did.
          You don’t live on the ocean, do you? If there’s a society-wide crisis, the idea of avoiding risk becomes foolish. At that point, you simply must mitigate.

        6. The whole “90 foot swells” scare, is largely hypothetical. Permanent North Sea oil installations are designed and built to handle what they call a 100-year-wave; 30 meters, or around 97 feet. I doubt anyone there has seen one yet; but to be on the safe side, there is some agreement that one just “might” pop up every 100 odd years or so. The north sea, especially in winter, is after all a place with rather nasty weather.
          Even in the Southern Ocean, where waves get substantially bigger (due to much longer “fetch”, or distance to nearest land. Between Cape Horn and Antarctica, waves can just go round and round while building up, unimpeded by any landmass), I have never heard of such a thing as an honest to goodness 100 footer. Fastnet, which smashed up a few boats, supposedly had breaking 40 footers, which are rare, but not entirely uncommon down there. Supposedly even 50 footers are seen enough to be worried about, and some claim there have been waves 60 foot tall during the worst storms down there. But since wave energy grows by something like height^(2.5) or so, it would need some seriously sustained hurricane level activity (or a meteor strike) to whip up 100 footers even there.
          And, with modern weather forecasting and communications, unless you have to be where the weather is at it’s worst (either because you are racing or have a schedule), there is really no need to seek out the worst places in the worst seasons. After all, the only thing you really want to do is get away from the hordes and the government. No use overdoing it 🙂

        7. If, when we run, we also take with us our productive capacity, rendering it unavailable for them to steal, we are still doing a good deed, though. While staying back while working our ass of for the benefit of the oppressors, isn’t exactly helpful either.

        8. Thank you to the actual seamen for answering. This is an eighty foot sailboat. She’s not fast, but you can bring everything AND the kitchen sink. She holds LOTS of fuel(3000 liters). Plus solar panels and wind generator. And, she’s a SAIL boat. Doesn’t need any fuel. That’s the idea. I’ve always got her loaded with staples, and you can always catch fish.
          I’ve been a charter boat captain for over 25 years, so I know what I’m doing. And, with well over 100,000 miles offshore I’ve NEVER seen even close to a ninety foot wave, even in several hurricanes. Waves like that only exist in the Southern Ocean, and I have no plans on going down there. I’m a little partial to the tropics.
          Oh, and for defense I’ve got a bunch of guns, but my biggie is a giant water cannon that runs off the main engine. Basically a 300 horsepower water pump. This thing will knock men overboard on another boat, shatter windows and fill them till they sink in seconds.
          I don’t have this boat because I think the world is about to end, I just like nothing better than sailing. BUT, if TSHTF I am always ready for it.

        9. More from the UK coast:
          That’s a heavy, deep 90 foot fishboat in 30 footers…… Wouldn’t exactly cherish being there in a 20-45 foot sailboat……
          Still, statistically, if your sailboat is well founded and maintained, and you follow proper storm tactics, you will be OK in the end. Just not particularly comfortable while it lasts.
          The guys in the fishboat have to go out, and not only heave to in survival mode, but actually work, in those conditions. From the pictures, it looks like the skipper is actually trying to make good headway against those seas, something few non racing sailors would bother with in conditions like that.
          Also, for people just trying tog get away, rather than to catch fish in season, there isn’t much need to spend winters up there. Better winters in the south, and then summers in the North.
          And then, even the North Atlantic can be a-ok i smaller boats, like this guy proved:

        10. I like the water cannon Idea. Much easier to justify to some Singaporean port official looking for an excuse to flog you, than a cache of “black” rifles. “Sir, I’ve got big boat. I’m just prepared in case it catches fire…….”
          I guess if you’ve been a captain for 25 years, a 90 foot sailboat is OK. For your average bunkered in Idaho landlubber, I’d really suggest staying well under 50 feet, ideally under 40. And under 30-40,000lbs. Beyond that, most people really start needing a crew.
          Or an ocean going diesel trawler yacht. Those things have come such a long way over the past few decades, that some of them are now legitimate pelagic vessels. And can be quite a bit bigger before becoming to much to handle for most mortals.

        11. I guess my wave size knowledge as of above, was perhaps a bit rusty. It looks like there have now been actual measurements of some genuinely scary big waves in several parts of the world:
          Doesn’t necessarily bode well for multi billion dollar offshore installations that cannot be moved.
          Still, few people not specifically looking for these things, have much business sailing in these places in the midst of a hurricane or a massive winter storm. And, now that scientists are on to the higher frequency of larger waves, reporting and fore warning ought to get better as well.
          Be careful out there regardless. Being stuck between a totalitarian government and a 100 foot ocean wave kinda sucks……

    5. Good luck with that plan! Hope you survive and I don’t need to tell you to make your boat look like shit and disable it with an easy fitted kill switch to make sure you, who has done all the preparattion, don’t get to the boat mooring site and find some unplanning parasitic sheeple has stolen it.

  11. I have about 9 months of MREs and dehydrated food, a water filter, medical supplies, EBT-B and Combat Life Saver training. Plus over 4000 rounds for my 2X AR15s + half a dozen other weapons.
    I’d like nothing more than to sit on my porch and shoot at people while eating an MRE.

    1. Why. I’m confused why you would want to shot a kill people.
      If I had your skills, supplies and combat training I would rather sit on my porch and shoot people protecting a dozen people in my place who had brought with them the same supplies food and, skills like a nurse, tradesmen, etc.

  12. Good article. Even basic preparation can make all the difference if something arises to disrupt the normal day-to-day.

  13. Gold, Silver and Plenty of Lead…
    It’s not a matter of if but when this will go down. I’ve got my Glock, AR15 and 870 Tactical at the ready.
    Check this out ” Strategic Relocation”:

  14. Christ, you guys are such a bunch of basement dwelling faggets. The author calls himself Mjolnir for fucks sake.

  15. I took up shooting just over a year ago and it somehow led me to survival training ,hiking,hunting etc etc.I feel more like a complete man after making these activities a part of my life.There’s nothing like kitting up and training with buddies a couple times a month at the range.I mean you don’t have to go all tactical like me I just get a kick out of it but being proficient with a fire arm is a must.

  16. Survivalism can indeed be entertaining, economical, practical, and fulfilling without necessarily anticipating an apocalypse, which I consider far less likely than a continuation of ongoing gradual decline.
    A major survivalist compound is under construction several hours from my residence.
    Through reverse image search, I discovered the first two images used in the article are sourced from adventure gear vendor The New Artemis. The third is of Les Stroud.

  17. I very glad to see several posts in the comments that are very aware of how dire the situation has become. When the SHTF at least half of America won’t make it. Then we can rebuild without the dead weight.
    ROOSH: run more red pill stuff like this and less articles like the douche bouncer that called himself a “fearsome motherfucker”. This is the best article on ROK in quite a while and the bounce article was the worst one since this site started.

    1. To add, commando fantasies are not as good as my fantasy of getting raped in my mouth and ass.

    1. People may think that Penn and Teller are exaggerating this, but this is exactly what I’ve seen at gun shows.

  18. Excellent article. ROK is on a roll.
    I actually enjoy being prepared now for SHTF scenarios. Not only that you kind of get the feeling you’re onto something when the cathedral tries it’s absolute hardest at portraying preppers as something for “those kooky white men”. Considering lefty minorities and chicks are the most dependent on “big alpha gov” I can see why there was always a big push to shame them.
    Enjoy the decline.

  19. I picked up a lot of the confidence I needed to become the man I am today from wilderness survival living and wilderness meditation. I learned so much about my limits of comfort and preconceived notions of what I “need” by going into the woods solo for days/weeks at a time with just basic provisions when I was in my late teens and early 20s. This gave me a ton of social as well as personal confidence. Should I be intimidated by a small group of bitchy girls at the bar after I’ve slept through the night a third of a mile away from a howling wolfpack? Can I be intimidated by my Napoleonic boss when I’ve backed off from a cave when I heard a bear start to bark from it’s depths?
    Aside from the worst-case SHTF scenarios, there are a lot of associated skills besides “survival” skills that are very useful to develop and hone. In my opinion, these include:
    Resourcefulness – so much of truly being a man is tied into what you can actually do with the limited resources or knowledge you have.
    Can you make the most out of what you have? Do you have the means to
    identify and acquire whatever you truly need? Do you understand what is
    important and valuable versus what can be overlooked or left behind? Do
    you know what you truly need? Do you have it, and if not, do you know
    where you can find it? This applies to tool making, plant and animal identification and preparation, first aid, even looting. In today’s society, it translates into what you could do given a limited budget, how handy you are at fixing things around the house, how you can save money by making minor adjustments to your living, and so on.
    Social acuity – the ability to blend in as well as be accepted by people. You wouldn’t last long in a doomsday scenario if you’re soft or if you otherwise become a “target”. It
    would be paramount to keep a low and neutral profile but be likeable enough to be able to interact with others. At a higher level,
    this includes the social skills to be trusted, liked, or tolerated by
    many different groups of people. Despite what books and movies might
    show about the future, there will be a lot of humans and “society”, and
    even worst-case scenario, you’ll be dealing with many types of people
    and groups no matter what. While modern game thrives off the ability to stand out and above other men, surviving more desperate times would require you to be more of a social chameleon.
    Stealth – or the ability to acquire what you need without drawing attention. This ties into the idea of social savviness as noted above, but also with more individual skills such as using fishing traps, hunting with a bow, and finding camping spaces that are away from strangers, etc. As a kid who grew up in the hood, I see not only the value of keeping a low profile wilderness situations, but also keeping your head down in sketchy situations such as late night downtown when you just want to get home and not fucked with by some thugs.
    Mental toughness – one of the things that I have noticed that makes me either good (or at least realistic) with women is the idea that I may never see them again. Could you be OK with the idea that if shit goes south, you may not ever see your friends or family again? Have you accepted the fact that some day, you will die? These are pretty grim thoughts, but these are things to certainly consider and think about at some point.

  20. I often wonder if the survivalist movement, at the top, is headed by the same people who are crushing real men. I don’t think the author is a bad guy or anything but it seems like a great way for the globalist to get rid of all those young angry sexless bitter men to tell them go out in the bushes and wait for Apocalypse to happen. WEll knowing countries only collapse one of ttwo ways
    1) Foreign invasion
    2) Slow collapse from within
    1 seems unlikely. 2 seems like what is occuring. That being said, moving out to the forest of montana and off the grid seems to make sense. But it is like moving abroad. You will still be fighting the globalist when they come to your state and force new laws down on your state and local government. You see with Obamacare going to the forest and disappearing isn’t even an option anymore because not having insurance nor paying obamacare is basically tax evasion (remember the supreme court ruled it was functionally a tax) and that is a jailable offence. And you sure as hell won’t be able to fight the bad laws from jail surrounded by bubba and racist gangs and racial jail warfare.
    Instead it seems like a clever ploy to get the people who oppose them out of the conversation. Good luck getting any movement going from your forest house with no internet.

  21. Survivalism is bullshit. If anything it will be hilarious to see the bad boys running wild and wrecking havoc on the fembots and their lackeys, but you can already see this happening in the major cities like NYC; the women there pretty much live in fear most of the time of getting raped but they make up for this fact with their delusional belief that living in a ghetto is “hip” and “cool.”
    However, leaving the Sex and the City styled metropolises that are now almost entirely run by faggots, aggressive single women, pussy snipers and natural alphas is probably a good idea, if only just for the sake of alleviating stress and enjoying life, nature, dogs, and hobbies.
    It’s pretty clear that a solid income is really good for nothing other than supporting yourself – which can be done at at very basic level. My best friend makes $60,000 a year working in Manhattan but lives with TWO OTHER men at the age of 28 just so he can be close to the bars. He rarely, if ever, gets laid (average looks, average height), his LDR girlfriend admitted to cheating on him, but he keeps on going with the hope of a healthy career and true love which will magically fall on him…
    Meanwhile I live in a foreign country where the vast majority of average men have girlfriends / married, women don’t party or drink, am married to a foreign babe, make enough to support us (much lower cost of living), and am happy to have made it this far without blowing my fuckin’ brains out. I also have a short Japanese uncle who lives in a bumfuck small city in redneck land, he works his ass off at a job he loves but doesn’t make much money, he drinks like a sailor, shoots deer, goes ice fishing, and he has a steady redheaded girlfriend who is chill as fuck, they refuse to marry, and he already has a son with a hot blonde woman.

  22. Part of my survival plan involves three women. Not women in my life now, but women that will be in my life when the decline in civilization hits an inflection point and accelerates downwards.
    In hunter gatherer societies, women performed important roles. They tended camp. They foraged. They got water. They sewed clothing. They cared for children without help. They cared for the men that protected them. These hunter gatherer societies are what I based my selection of The Three on. Each one will play an important role and serving me and fulfilling our collective survival.
    The extra twist is that all three are hot. But they are not just hot. I have seen certain qualities in them. In particular, they are resourceful.
    So, getting into this rapid decline phase will not be all bad. I will have The Three. After they work hard all day for me, they will tend to the man that protects them.

    1. being prepared means having the three NOW. if it doesn’t happen soon, then feel free to swap out the three for fresh ones a few times before the shit hits the fan.

    2. I’m gonna mention that to my militia buddies. They have stockpiled pretty much anything from beans to gold to guns to ammo to bitcoin to bug out caches all over the country. But as far as I know, at least aside from some Mormons, none of them have remembered to stockpile women.

    1. I always found a boy scout handbook pre-1970 to be intensely useful. You can find them in secondhand bookstores.
      in addition, time magazine’s ‘back to basics’ helped me figure out what basic tools would be neccessary to live well even in low-tech environs.
      Those two books are sort of a core of the sorts of ‘knowledge’ that helps you become truly and completely self-sufficient. Knowledge is the first, and most important, step.
      As far as figuring out what sorts of stuff to buy to be prepared, it depends mostly on what you feel is the most likely survival scenario. I am not sure what books you can buy to figure out the likelihood, I just figure that a few decent survivalists handbooks, the anarchists cookbook, a decent rifle, shotgun, and backup gun and a couple of thousand rounds of same are the absolute minimum.
      Mormons suggest a year’s supply of food and water… mormons are the original survivalists. there are lots of mormon guides to food storage out there.
      Personally, I have a decent 130 pound compound bow, a 110 pound recurve backup, a crossbow, and a nice hunting knife collection as well as a nearly endless supply of things like backup strings and fishing supplies. I figure a bow is a silent and efficient way of killing either prey or enemies.
      Work on the skills to use your weapons… go to a range, become a crack shot with your chosen arms. Work on fishing and hunting skills, silent movement and killing techniques, Martial arts etc.
      LEARN TO COOK! It’s not a ‘woman’s skill’, women, for the most part, are fucking lousy cooks with zero creativity… the only way most of today’s women can cook is with detailed recipes involving store-bought supplies.
      learning the chemistry behind baking, how to turn basic supplies into ready ingredients and then healthy and tasty meals will serve you well even if nothing hits the fan.
      I cannot tell you how often knowing how to make homemade sushi, fresh-baked rolls, or an outstanding carbonara from scratch has gotten me laid.
      Practice what you preach if you can afford it… learn how to make cheap damascus steel out of iron nails, a mason jar, and charcoal briquettes. learn how to create basic chemicals that have a million real life uses, like bicarbonate, sulfa drugs, and alcohol, both wood and vegetable. learn to fence and convert a gasoline engine to the wood alcohol you brew. Learn to repair basic engines. learn winemaking… making decent alcohol has always been a key to early wealth in frontier and recovery societies.
      Learn to make a sourdough starter. It’s easy.

    2. There’s loads man. Just type in “bug out bag” or “SHTF prep” in a search. This stuff has a huge following and grows bigger every year.

  23. I suggest having a bugout bag if you have kids.
    Right now, ridiculous child snatches by CPS on the flimsiest of excuses, especially for white children, is on the rise.
    if you see a CPS investigation team, or get suspicious letters from a schoolteacher or the CPS itself, you need to keep a sharp lookout… at the slightest hint of CPS involvement, it is time to change states. Grab your kids, get in your car, run like hell.
    If you don’t, you are likely to never see them again.

  24. Survivalists are like the dumb asses that built bomb shelters back in the 60’s. Every neighborhood had several idiots who put a big whole in the ground with canned goods, air purifier, etc.

  25. Instead of things like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, most guys think of ‘preparedness’ as consisting of a tacticool shotgun and a case of MRE’s in a camo-coloured box. I like how this article emphasises good habits and learning skills.

  26. 11) You will become that smug, self-righteous jackass that no one wants to hang around with, and quite possibly you will be ‘that guy’ on the 11:00 news who was shot in a standoff while holed up in his bunker screaming at people to “Get off my lawn!!!”

  27. I think women and men compliment each other. In a post-survivalist situation I think it would be useful to have both genders. I know my gf can shoot as well as I can, fish and hunt. She is also has great botanical and farming skills and, being a rural girl has a great outlook on life. What do I bring? hmm. Male strength, shooting and some survivalist abilities. We compliment each other wonderfully.
    Also if TSHTF I know who I would rather have covering my back. My gf rather then some fellow male.

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