The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell In A Relationship

Many of you might have heard about a book I wrote called The Key Logger. To write the book, I used a key logger to record all the things typed by girls on my computer while I was dating them. I have had a key logger on my computer for a very long time, and it allowed me to do something that most men couldn’t: know when women lied to me.

These seven lies were the most common ones that women told me over the many years I have used a key logger. I will link to various articles and studies to help you understand why so many women will lie right to your face, and why it is so fucked up.

7. Age

Most of the girls I date are within the 18-22 year old group. However, I noticed something from the small number occupying the 24-and-up group: they frequently lied about their age. Maybe it was only a couple of years, but they would lie. Normally, I wouldn’t include such a small sample size on this list, but because such a high percentage tried to shave off a few years, I had to add it.

Girls lie about age for the obvious reason: men are attracted to younger women. Check out this article about at what age men and women find each other most attractive.

Even with all the BS that the media is telling women (“40 is the new 30,” etc.), women still instinctively know when men find them the most attractive and when they are above that age, they will sometimes try to hop in a time machine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

6. Being Single

Another thing many women will lie about is whether they are single. There is the obvious one where they will pretend they have a boyfriend when a guy they aren’t attracted to asks them out, but we will focus on the opposite situation. When a girl really likes a guy she ends up meeting, many taken girls will lie about not having a boyfriend. At the very least they will never mention it, which is the same as lying about it.

There were quite a few girls that were in committed relationships before they met me. I don’t usually ask a girl if she is single; I just assume she is from the fact that she lets me kiss her and touch her in a more than friendly way. These girls would never mention their boyfriends and I would never know about them until getting a strange phone call, message on Facebook, or key logging them and seeing that they were tying to juggle two (or more) guys.

Sometimes the girls would try to go on dating both myself and another guy. Other times they would dump the guy after it seemed like the two of us were developing a consistent pattern of seeing each other. Then, there were the girls that would cheat on their boyfriends of many years for the passion and excitement of being with another man.

You know what’s scary about this? That man they cheat with could end up knocking them up. Take a look at this study about how honest they are with their boyfriends in situations like these.

50% of women ADMIT that they would lie to their boyfriend saying it’s his kid, and 42% of women would lie about taking birth control so they could get pregnant. Talk about the ultimate “fuck you” to your boyfriend.

5. We are just friends, he’s not interested

Another common lie women will tell you when they say they are committed to you is “We are just friends, he’s not interested in me.” I used to think that women actually believed this and were just too naive to notice. That was until I saw for myself the obvious way that these guys acted towards them: “I miss you,” “You look so sexy in that picture,” etc.

From these messages it was clear that no woman could honestly believe that these guys were interested in just being friends. Then, there were the girls that would say the same things back. Why do women do this? There is a few reasons. They sometimes do it to get validation. Maybe it’s just boredom, or maybe she has other plans for him.

Women will have “backup plans” and “the ones that got away” that they will continue chatting and flirting with. They keep “backup plans” in case the relationship doesn’t work out or they have somebody to run to when there is a big fight in the relationship. She will keep “the one’s that got away” for the possibility that she can win him over. You may be getting dumped soon if she succeeds. Women will jump ship when they think they can land a guy of higher value.

This is scary because of how easily this can lead to her getting knocked up by another guy. Maybe “the one that got away” pumps and dumps her, or maybe a “backup plan” gets into her pants in the middle of one of your fights. Either way you could end up in the same situation as this guy.

This guy raised his kid, then found out that his wife had cheated on him with another man and that other man was the father of his little girl. After this, they ended up getting divorced. Go ahead, guess who had to keep paying child support. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the real father. That’s right, it’s the guy that was duped into raising another man’s child.

To add insult to injury, his wife ended up getting back together with the biological father of the kid. So the guy ended up paying child support for a kid who lived with her biological father and mother. It’s very likely that this affair stemmed from the wife telling her husband “he’s just a friend.”

4. I don’t flirt with other guys

The next most common lie is one they may tell you a lot: “I don’t flirt with other guys.” This one is so common and so hard to catch her in, because of the loose definition of “flirting.”

Here’s my definition of flirting: talking to a normal guy in a way that could lead him to believe that you are sexually interested in him. Girls can read body language much better than men can, so they really do know when they are flirting and when a guy is only interested in something more. They do this for the same reasons as the lie above: backup, plans, boredom, etc.

3. I’ve never done this before

I think every experienced man out there has heard this countless times. After bringing a girl back to your place on a first date or after just meeting her in the club, she will say “I’ve never done this before.”

She’s saying that so you will believe that she is a good girl who would never go home with a guy she just met, but that you were just that one in a million who it ended up happening with. Of course, if she’s saying that, it’s not even close to the first time she has ever done something like that.

Girls will try to appear innocent so that they don’t lose the opportunity to have a relationship with you. Girls know that “You can’t turn a ho into a housewife” so they will try to create an illusion in the hopes that you will fall for it. Unfortunately, many men do fall for it, and things like the next study are what ends up happening.

The more sex partners a respondent had had between age 18 and the time of first marriage or cohabitation, the more likely he or she was to be unfaithful (1.01) Source.

Yeah, you get married and surprise, surprise… she cheats.

2. Last time she had sex

This is one of my favorite things to ask. I started asking it a long time ago and it’s still fun to ask because of the ridiculously high percentage of girls that lie about it. I don’t know why, but most girls like to say the last time they had sex was 6 months ago. For some reason, in their heads, it just sounds right. Too bad that at least eight times out of 10, it’s a straight-up lie.

As I have previously talked about, girls are very aware of the fact that men don’t want to date a slutty girl, the same way that women don’t want to date a guy with no job or who lives with his mom. They know this, so they pretend to be innocent and they use this innocence as a weapon:

This is an article I wrote a while back about a girl that ended up sleeping with all three past writers of Swooptheworld within a nine month period. It shows her hilarious responses when confronted with the fact that all three of us knew we had been with her. She still wanted to be seen as a good girl.

1. Number of Sexual Partners

The most common thing that a girl will lie to you about is her notch count. I would say more than 90% of girls lie to me about this. This was the first lie I noticed a pattern with so many years ago.

Girls want to be seen as innocent, but they want it to seem believable to you. Most of you have seen the movie “American Pie.” In that movie there is a scene that mentions this:

Jessica: If a guy tells you how many girls he’s hooked up with, it’s not even close to that. You take that number and divide it by three, then you get the real total. OK, so if Kevin is saying it’s been three girls it’s more like one or none.
Vicky: None?
Jessica: The rule of three. It’s an exact science. Consistent as gravity.

The rule of three works in this situation as well, just backwards. When a girl tells you she has been with three guys, nine guys is probably more accurate. If she tells you six, probably around 18. However, I have found that a lot of times it’s even more, maybe six or seven times the number she told you. Contrary to Jessica’s thoughts on the rule of three, it’s not an exact science, but using it is a good way to have an idea of how many guys she has been with.

It’s so strange that nobody ever talks about this because it’s an obvious lie, and one that could trick a guy into giving everything to a girl who has been riding the cock carousel all her life. Check out this study that shows how drastically the chances of getting a divorce goes up if after every new guy she sleeps with:

most common lies


What these most common lies tell us

Yes, women have been lying to you all your life. There is one positive thing you can take from these lies: it means that she is interested in a relationship with you.

Unfortunately, that is the ONLY positive thing about all these lies. Just because they want something serious with us, it does not make it OK for them to con us into a relationship with them. They use the fact that we want an innocent girl, and have become masters at appearing more innocent than they really are. They want their prince without having to live like a princess… don’t be duped.

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  1. May have to go with the rule of four soon for for these new generation women. Especially if she is older than 25 and lives near or in a city. Or if the city is not her place of birth. Some sluts are striving to become international sluts.

    1. In America, if she is attractive and not socially awkward her number is at least 10….20 if she went to a large university. A girl I met in college said she “lost count after 25”. I almost threw up and she wasnt even that attractive. Honestly if you can find a nice girl with a number under 10, youve hit the jackpot

      1. Funny but where the player would be chastised for such behavior, even as the women continue to sleep with or tease him, the selfie has exposed something far worse of the woman. Like us they value the experience of sex. Unlike us, they use their bodies much like a photography uses pictures, to tell a story. She, if left to her own devices, will have slept with several men, in order to have a story to tell when it is all said and done. At least she may have been honest. If you thought that was bad, you should hear the stories of the snowflakes who have 5 men and studied abroad for half a year.
        Be sure to keep two condoms ready at all times. Friendly advice if you plan on being sexual.

        1. That reminds me of the valley girl that always insisted that the guy wear two condoms. She wanted to be fer sure fer sure.

      2. I graduated in 2013 …. it’s not that bad. Yes the sluts are super sluts, but you can find virgins up to sophomore year. I don’t agree that 95 percent of women are sluts it’s more like 65. There are still very attractive women in college with little sexual experience that can be had, but by 24 … she’s a used Xmas tree.

    2. Early on I folloewed the rule of ten; the number of notches the woman admitted to multiplied by 10. Now I have had to modify it to 10 + 2; multiply by 10 and then by 2.

      1. Sounds like an almost safe way to be either, extremely safe on your health and well-being or, borderline nihilistic on your relations with women over all. As disgusted as I am with the state of slut celebration in America, I am not sure I can use this rule across the board for women. Maybe half at worst but not across the board.
        What caused you to have that generalization? And granted, women being liars by nature is a good reasoning, but for such a stretch, you might need some evidence. Because otherwise to go from the 4 to 10 rule such as 5 = 20 or 20 = 80 versus 20 = 200 sounds a bit intense. Maybe I haven’t seen enough but that sounds in dire need of proof.

        1. I have a wide experience with women that informs my opinion (and that is all it is; an opinion). I also have 6 sisters. We are all old now, but even in their younger days, if I sat quietly in the corner, they would forget I was there. This left me few illusions about sugar and spice and everything nice. A couple of divorces put the icing on the cake. I have been divorced twice and married 4 times. My second wife died young leaving me with 4 kids still at home, the youngest 3. BTW she was a wonderful woman, but I shudder to think of her notch count, as she was a complete slut in the bedroom (and pushed hard for semipublic place sluttery, but I was always too conventional.) This is what most men really want; a total slut that is their slut and only their slut. She was also the most intelligent woman I have ever known. She got two masters degrees in the time I got one and during that time she was pregnant twice and delivered two babies while both of us worked full time. Yet she was still a woman and an inheritor of the curse of Eve.
          But don’t think I have put away women. I am married. I am 59 and she is 31, to be 32 in a month or so. We met when she was 23. She told me within the first few minutes we spoke that she was a virgin and would be at her wedding night. I was skeptical but it proved to be true when we married 2 years later. Two weeks before our wedding she told me that I was the first boy she had ever kissed. Her performance made me believe that was true. How could it be that an attractive 25 year old woman with normal hormones is a virgin at 25? By being raised in a traditional patriarchal society, the Philippines, in a small village. She never went anywhere in her life without being escorted by a male family member. This included our dates; which were chaperoned.
          There is only one way to know the notch count of your bride; if N=0. There is no exception. I looked at the world of women and dating and decided that the only possible safe sex was to marry a virgin and remain faithful. Old time morality is the only way. We are approaching our 7th anniversary and it is still working. YMMV.
          Also BTW, my wife recently asked me what my notch count was. I told her the truth; that I had no idea. I had lived over 50 years before we met, had been married three times, and had been in the Navy for 9 years before my first marriage. There is no way I could ever even estimate a ballpark figure. So, I am a slut.

  2. My experience with these is fairly similar. Most women lie to gain an indirect advantage. Everything they do is from the instinctual knowledge that she needs leverage to counter a man’s strengths.
    She needs passive aggressive techniques to counter his direct physical advantage in a fight. Police, DV industry, sex, and guilt trips to name a few out of millions.
    She needs an entire medical, and legal, apparratus to guarantee her safety as she self destructs her natural order around her. As they continue to let harpies like Hannah Rosin shame men into extreme levels of apathy, they instinctually realize that the thousands of years of learned protections they relied on have potentially disappeared.
    She needs affection, as just about everyone man or woman needs, and has natural fears about getting older different from a man’s. Her power comes initially from her beauty, if any. When that fades, it comes from the brood she bore. After that, it comes from her reputation as a care taker.
    These are just a few things, and they all point to women getting fucked in a big way. If women have no reason to maintain the old order, then neither do men.
    Enjoy combat, forced labor to survive, and paying your actual share of taxes to support yourself ladies. Men are leaving the building in larger numbers. Many will never come back.

    1. i’m surprised this article doesn’t mention how dirty the conversation gets when women talk amongst themselves….. their graphic sexual antics and fantasies are laid out like a 50 shades novel to their BFFs…..

      1. True that. I’ve found if you play it right, you can get them to spill the beans to you, too. But I am starting to question whether it is worth it. Once I convinced myself they are capable of the skankiest behavior imaginable, I didn’t need to know any more.

      2. True. In my time, I have heard some of the most manly, face-reddening, embarrassing crap to drip like post-coitus splooge from the mouths of naval battle-axes that would make many men squeam.
        The fact is, they keep it private, so they can wield shame in our general direction.
        Brush it off, and remind them you know their twisted little thoughts behind there faux-Jesus-smiles. The little demoness, lying in wait for a life of tax-funded entitlements, slings her verbal arrows from her inner vanity fair to cripple your manly hearts desires. Quite literally flipping the script to better hold you hostage with your own healthy desires. Conning you into thinking you are a dirty little ape, in need of her ever-angelic guidance.
        Shame them accordingly, without mercy. If they decide to up the anti, remind the little welfare professional that she can lay on her back to practice her profession with some other sucker.
        I don’t care how hot you think she is. Be patient, her pheromones will wear off, thus removing the mask of your hormones, and revealing the demonic little harpy chocolate underneath.
        A chocolate merely good for baking the cake of your experience, and not the structure of any home of a future together.

        1. “… conning you into thinking you are a dirty little ape, in need of her ever-angelic guidance.”
          Practically straight out of Esther Vilar’s talk about “fake divinity” — it’s an eminence front, it’s a put-on, it’s a put-on …

        2. Don’t worry you yourself are nothin but an experience albeit a very unpleasant one

        3. Ok so she’s either an angel or a piece of shit? There’s no happy medium anywhere? Seems like a lot of generalizing

        4. LOL. Coming from women, that’s rich.
          For one thing, women use many men for free dinners, stuff, and their availability for use as an emotional tampon. All by hinting they might get access to a woman’s vagina.
          Men use their love, if we have any, to get sex. You use your sex to get love. A vicious cycle if you will.
          However, I find your hypocrisy telling wittle feminist. For you and your ilk paint all men as sociopath abusers in order to shame us into the provider role. When in reality, the majority of men are kind, compassionate, and often warrior when a woman or their nation calls.
          So, by all means, be butt hurt. I could care less, it is merely your problem.
          Enjoy your equality. I speak for many here in that we are glad you have it.
          We don’t have to marry you. Pay for a lavish, and highly unnecessary wedding day that regardless of price and fluff, resembles all the rest. And practically guarantees a frivorce. The real reason we act this way.
          Because no matter what argument you make (NAWALT), you can do that to any man once he marries you/has kids with you. All the laws, and benefits, are written with your wittle oppressed ass at heart. So spare me your guilt trip, and kick rocks.

        5. I aim to let you know how little you matter. As usual, mission accomplished. Feel free to leave, or browse in anguish at our wares.
          And fuck you. 🙂 I mean that.

        6. No sweetheart, I have a college educated foreign model that does that for me, and bares my offspring.
          Your “hoopliciousness” is not required. Enjoy your cats.

        7. Where did I say all men are sociopaths? Are you high? I love men! They are great I’m married to one! All I was pointing out was that men lie to women as much as women lie to men and that this nothing more than a bashing article like the kind I expect to see on Jezebel. I’m sorry expectation upsets you. That’s probably why you’re fated to be a beta.

        8. Its amazing how many men who post here have foreign, highly educated, professional models as their subservient partners. I hope they don’t all “bare” their offspring, that would be more than a little strange.
          So, if you have such perfect partners, wtf are you doing here whining like a bunch of spoiled, entitled, resentful little brats?

        9. Who said I’m whining?
          I am merely raising your future’s future butt hurt destruction. Training men to see through your pretty wittle lies. I have beat up the vag of hundreds of women, and wymmins. And I can tell you, my wife who was an actual virgin, and could have had numerous married men as a husband, or fling, chose this sailor. Hehehehe, you women only want a man who other women want. That is what these men here are learning from me, and others.
          And she is not perfect. But she is better than you, and closely resembles what feminists actually claim they want to be. But is not a feminist. I find it ironic, and your despair delicious.

        10. I’m guessing properly, and repeatedly in this false accusation happy hook up culture, photoworthy tramp stamp. Come on hoopy, let’s see it. You know you got one. You know you do.
          One question, butterfly, or what a whore feminist considers a interesting, and pithy saying in Asian Calligraphy?

        11. I don’t actually but thanks for checking and I’m not a whore just because we disagree you sir need to get a grip

        12. As a woman who has always paid my own way, including the wedding, house and children, all I can say is “that’s how my momma raised me”.

        13. Did we ever starting giving a shit about what women think on this site? No. All women can use the Door —————>

        14. It’s more shaming because you do have a foreign wife and you are happy with her (and your life)….that’s it.
          Thumbs up, man.

        15. True, but I can’t have fun while watching it hit the welfare professional’s full tank of bon-bon ass on the way out?

        16. Thank you. Honestly, I am one of the luckiest men in the world. I have a son, who I have fought to be in his life, that loves the hell outta me despite his mother’s bad intentions.
          A wife that is most everything I could want, and then some.
          And she has given me another son who is a joy to play with everyday.
          And she handles the bills why I use my GI Bill to finish my engineering degree!
          Life is never perfect, but it could be a lot worse.
          Cheers. Hope you find yours, if and when you are ready.

        17. Dude you better read that book and another called the anatomy of female power…. book changed my life in 100 pages…

        18. So, this is where you went Mr. Lyrical Jesse James. You dropped some science in that post.

        19. Thanks for the push man; I started 2 days ago. Some notions I was familiar with, but man, does that lady press an idea against the no-value having women. Not all women are bad, just the ones that are trying to con you in some way, be it kids, provider, house, loans, cars and in exchange for what? For a piece of ass of which you would get for free once you learn some game and apply.

        20. “Post coitus splooge” is your favorite insult, isn’t it? It does seem to entertain the morons here.

        21. The man is happy with his foreign wife. A much better prospect (versus any woman here) so I salute him.

        22. Here’s the link to that by the way: The price listing on Amazon is $116 something as of now. It doesn’t even have a publisher and it’s currently banned… Mind you, this book surfaced BEFORE feminism came along. Don’t forget to add http before the link, after copying/ pasting it.

        23. Nope. And extremely few women are angels now, the media encourages them on selfish bullshit and they all lap it up.

      3. I went to a child’s birthday party last weekend, and all these southern baptist women were sitting around talking about that book! They’re obsessed with it. Women are far more dirtier and sexually promiscuous than men realize. My daughter and her then boyfriend, both good looking and in their early 20s, did a social experiment. She wanted to see if she could pick up more women than he could. So they went to the local mall here, south Georgia, and started hitting on every attractive woman they saw. At the end of the afternoon, he had gotten only a couple of numbers, while she had dozens! She said just about every woman she hit on wanted to hook up with her immediately, while he was treated like some perverted creep by these same women. Today’s woman is not like our grandma. They don’t know how to cook a meal or iron a shirt, nor do they care. They read 50 shades of gray and secretly hook up with as many men and women as they want, and you will never know about it. They will never tell.

        1. That’s basic biological forces at work. Women are the more valued sex, the ones to be approached. Men are expendable.
          Another truth women wil never admit to: being a permiscuos slut and whoring attention is easy, almost effortless.
          For men to achieve a high N count with a many high smv women- its an adanced skill set.

        2. I am taking it you have “talked” to many men like him. And then went home and kissed your “manly-feminist-supportive” boyfriend who was home, alone, bathing your cat collection.

        3. Oops, speaking of reading comprehension, you missed the part where I said your soon-to-be-ex-husband got the sloppy seconds splooge flavor from your vagina that your side of tubesteak left post coitus.
          Make sure your grab a free ROK gift bag of don’t give a fuck on the way out sweetums. Try not to spend all the coupons at “earn that ass, and dick central, I hear you welfare queens rule the roost over there. Way to bring society to it’s knees one dick at a time. Or several.

        4. Typically, you float this site and occasionally add something. Checking this thread of your’s, you seem off. I’m not sure what you are arguing or why. I get you’re a lady who enjoys the articles here, or something. Are you saying he gets trolls? Hates women?

      4. So? Last i checked men were known to chat about their sexual exploits over a few beers that a crime now?

    2. There it is boys :” Everything they do is from the instinctual knowledge that she needs leverage to counter a man’s strengths”. With this you should unequivocally know and expect that she’s never going to play fair and use every dirty fucked up little trick in the book and with not an iota of remorse nor care toward you.
      I read that women are motivated by fear and desperation. This rings some very deep truth – I can’t trust them; for as much stronger and smarter we are than them they’ll employ deceit and cunning to the same measure to achieve their own ends.

      1. True. It is the little chihuahua that barks up a storm. Largely because that is what it does. If it’s not “cute” to it’s attacker, it runs and hides behind the owner’s other dog. A rottweiler, or mastiff breed. Basically, a large, independent, strong intimidating animal that the owner trains “NOT” to bark! For it is the 180-250lb number-two technique knock-out fighting machine you hold back in case the little annoyance realizes there is an actual threat, and it allows you enough time to get your guns.

      2. Even deeper than fear and desperation: Women are now motivated by envy (of men), one of the worst of the 7 deadly sins. Envy is dangerous because it motivates a person to destroy others even if it means destroying them self.
        Envy is a suicide bomber on crack.

        1. You look hot, I’d stay off this website because I think many men will desire you. Any tats and piercings?

        2. His misstep has nothing to do with his point. So of course attacking something superficial like spelling would be your tactic. Women always cling to the surface it seems to avoid the meaning.

        3. Don’t forget emotional misdirection. Nothing circumvents a solid tongue lashing more than a well timed, “But, I’m not like that!”

      3. If you’re so fucking smart, why aren’t you seeing through the deceit and cunning? Yes indeed, women are afraid of you big, strong, smart men. Desperately afraid. LOL.

    3. So what is to be done. Do men bear this nonsense forever or will chaining the hypergamy back up be necessary?

      1. There is no moral high ground here fella.
        They started it with feminism, and then weaponized it in the 90s by starting the current, hypergamic, hook-up culture, and rape hysteria.
        However, don’t get it twisted. Many a man here enjoys the coital embrace of the whole host of co-ed, business, and cougar poonani bonanza that the current paradigm offers.
        We play our game, don’t disrespect a playeress when she devastates your effigy of yourself that you want to worship as greatest alpha ever.
        It no longer matters who started it. It matters how we finish.
        No on respects the spinster in her cat-halla condominium anymore than the post-mid-life crisis 60 year old jock longing for the glory days in high school and his stock options with lubriderm.
        What do you call a player/queen-bee at fifty?
        Civilization was not just built off of war, but off of the family. The family provided a strong, independent unit with which to give an avenue for potential wealth, love, and happiness for the individual man or woman; and babymakers/tax-masters lovin, and pushing their men to strive for greater prosperity with which to tax. And to produce future spear-cushions, and nubile young lovely to enslave the next generation of morons.
        Now, the family is threatened, and the fools up top realize, perchance too late, that Elvis has gotten the cow’s milk, and said fuck Graceland, I’m out…no suicide.
        So whilst feminzais were slapping each others clits in celebration of burning their bras…they failed to realize that their sons, and grand sons would inform them of their retirement home-less future with the symbol of their burning utility belts.

        1. That’s what I mean. Unless the family is repaired by stemming this, civilization is going to have a hard time recovering.
          Then again, if civ does collapse women will no longer than the passive supports systems and will have to change their tune. And once rebuilding will change back. So the manosphere needs to be there to point this out so maybe the mistakes are not repeated.

        2. I don’t agree. It is not man or woman, but human nature. We are greedy, self-absorbed little creatures.
          We have reversed the creation/millions-of-years of evolution for incentives.
          When the shit hits the fan, the incentives largely subsidized by the male tax payer will be gone. A distant memory of a nicer time. When contrary to that times popular belief, men were not rabid rapists out to destroy everyone. But honest, hard working folks who loved their women and kids enough to die for them.
          When that changes, God forbid some dystopian existence, women will be too battered down and conquered to care.
          Billions, upon billions of people are alive today because of mother nature’s one time gift of cheap energy. Fossil Fuels. It takes hundreds of millions of years to make. When it is gone, it is gone.
          And so to, most likely, will be the hope of everyone. Including feminists. They will wish for the day when men defended them, and still not regret the crap they said.
          But billions of people will not just go quietly into the night of oblivion. They will claw, rape, scratch, war, and disease their way into their graves.
          Unless a new form of energy, or a more efficient use of the technology we currently have is developed.
          Without cheap energy, or slave labor, this kind of wealth the USA has amassed is fleeting. If we had not discovered fossil fuel, the Earth’s population would very likely be less than a billion. And perhaps we would still be banging each other in mud huts or non-electric colonials.
          It is precisely the ingenuity of the alpha-lead beta males that produced most, if not all, of what we have.
          Feminists think they have gotten to the table.
          For their sake, they better hope they are right. For they are gambling against nature, and have only a few hundred years of trial and error below the belt.
          I seriously doubt they will win, but if they do, they probably will kill all of us.

        3. Sounds very Malthusian. Mankind always develops some way to thrive. And I very much doubt that there will be a total collapse of society any time in the near future.

        4. NOt saying society will completely collapse, and amoebas will have to take over.
          I am saying that there are far, far, far greater threats to humanity than misogyny.
          I am not convinced there will not be a collapse. Not just peak oil, but the fact everyone borrows far too much money. You can’t sell people investments at a full dollar value, then sell it back to them at 1/12th the value, and then inflate said value to “make it seem” to be the full dollar value. Once everyone comes to collect, the Ponzi scheme is done.
          We have an overload of people then. Between the way our economy is handled, that cannot go on forever, and running out of oil without a viable alternative, our population cannot keep growing like it is.
          Those are just two potential nightmare situations that will bring out the worst in humanity.
          And when humanity unleashes it’s dark side, women tend not to do well.

        1. Chivalry isn’t entirely dead, but the Grey Knights and the Black Knights are having a recruiting drive …
          It’s very convincing: join us or take an arrow to the backside for your beloved sluts.

      1. True. The modern feminist, like hoopy above, feels she should have all the benefits of the Victorian era relationship; and the modern one. Men, as usual, must pick up the responsibility check. Or he is “Not a real man!”
        These women are incensed that the current incarnation of the men’s movement, us, are not failing like the one a hundred years ago.
        With no man to pick up said check, a lot of these “hoopyies” are butt hurt and bent out of shape because their ass is stuck in the back of life’s kitchen washing the proverbial dishes. Seeing the man she waited for waving at her with one hand, and his other crawling up the leg of the foreign/respectable-woman’s leg with the other all the way home to his boudoir.
        I only respond to the hoopyies of the world for their anguish is a testament to the pain they have in store for following feminists. I find the fact they have, quite literally in many cases, bred themselves out of the equation truly delicious.
        Between the MHRAs, and the awareness they have raised with the general public, and women to stupid to see what PUAs are doing; it is only a matter of time.

        1. “Modern feminist”…you really must be high or totally shithouse at comprehension. You’re going to call me stupid? You can’t even put together a solid argument with correct spelling! I’m saying if you want to be taken more seriously you should work on presenting sound rational arguments. This is neither. Personal attacks do not an argument make my friend.

        2. LOL.
          Even if you were right, it is obvious I got the butt hurt part totally comprehended.

        3. Gentlemen this moron right here is what’s sinking your ship and why you will never be taken seriously. You are being pulled down by beta losers like this one who can’t make a valid point.

        4. Loose weight? Oh did you mean LOSE weight dumbass? Lol no I don’t need to but you might wanna think about investing in a dictionary. I mean I already know you’re stupid but if you got a dictionary the next person may never hae to know. I’m glad we are helping each other improve now that’s dialogue!

        5. Hahahahaha.
          Looky here fellas, the classic shame language so un-unique to feminsts. Merely a design they co-opted like Chinese engineers, because they don’t have the intellectual capitol to build that themselves.
          Hoopy here is the reason why if you must date a working women, make sure she is more Marissa Meyers, and less, far, far less, Jessica Valenti.

        6. Why waste one’s time on something so vapid, and unoriginal as feminist trap-points?
          For hundreds, if not thousands of years, men and women alike have been countering the lazy, whiny feminst brand. With no avail on getting any of you to see what is practically right in front of your eyes.
          Now, you all can work. We granted your request.
          Then you say we are not paying you as much, but refuse to acknowledge that you consistently choose against the best paying careers, or choose to have us pay your way…to drop out altogether later and marry a man who can pay your way.
          Now, you freekin morons want to get into combat?
          Hahahaha. I cannot wait to see the fireworks.
          For years, feminists have ensured women will never have to sign selective service registration. One that every man has to register with in case they need to re-institute the draft.
          If we do not, by 26, we are imprisoned, denied federal jobs, financial aid for college, and fined up to 250000 dollars. Uncle Sam and his welfare queens, you, are going to get his bullet shield ass one way, or the other for his whole life.
          Now, you are going in for combat, but still won’t change the draft policy. Solely so you can get even more preferential treatment for military advancement. LOL
          Yet, like all the rest, you will go through the schools, get your GI BIll, knocked up by one of our bravest, then get out with a medical discharge, child support, preferred business agreements, and cradle to grave entitlements in tow.
          And you all wonder why men’s interest in marriage, as the feminist run generations go by, is surely approaching zero.
          Pretty soon you harpies will be bringing back the actual “bacchelor tax,” and not just hiding it under social security, VAWA, and the like.
          Kick rocks bitch. And take don’tregret with you.

        7. I hope someone treats your daughter as horribly some day. Maybe then it will put things in perspective for you. Cause that’s really all you’re doing, treating other people’s daughters and wives and mothers like shit. Just keep in mind, what goes around comes around.

        8. And why did you not bring back sammiches from the sammich mines of your lovely little concentration camp? With cold beer in tow.
          Yes, it is suppose to be opened first. Now suck. Then GTFOOH.

        9. If my foreign wife, who makes a six figure salary and I have a daughter, I will give her a piece of golden advice.
          Learn from me, daddy will teach you every subject under the son as I have taken most of the advanced STEM courses, and am a prior technician.
          Then, while still young, marry a strong man (preferably whose at least 5 years older), experienced, proven, and strong that daddy wants to have his genetics in his family. Earn your degree between 18-26 (the age most women who get a degree start trying to find a man to subsidize their family), and then start your career where you are already married, have your children out of the way, educated, and ready to hit the ground running.
          Then, spend the rest of your life fucking the shit out him. And him only! So that way when I am a grandpa, I don’t have to deal with any shit related to your feminist bigotry, and that man’s parents, and I can enjoy their little slice of heaven with them. Proudly helping them when they fall on hard times, and instructing them when the inevitable hard times take their toll on their relationship.
          No government, or feminist bitch’s opinion will be necessary.
          Take your government you tramp, and fuck each other.

        10. Your still here?
          I guess like your rough fucking, you are a fool for punishment outside of too huh?
          Pretty soon, this thread will no longer be responded to. So be sure to stop over at another thread, and get your fix of masculine intellectual splooge all over your face ok.

        11. For such an “educated” man you think you could spell three letter words like sun, taking this into consideration you might want to seek a more knowledgable source for education. Unless you want your offspring to appear just as ignorant. I really don’t know why you are taking this so personally, maybe it plays on your insecurity. I’ve merely asked a question and you’ve gone absolutely ape shit what’s that all about? I thought men were suppose to be the level headed ones lol

        12. If that is all you have left, I have won this argument. Like Sun Tzu, I have defeated someone who did not know they already lost.
          I have not once lost my cool. Merely gained great pleasure in this exorcize, and simultaneously gave an education to readers here who may not have seen it already.
          I find it funny, that feminists use the word ignorance so hypocritically, whilst failing to see the obvious errors and omissions they make in everything they say.
          You have a nice day. Perhaps at jezebel?
          We have no more need for you here.

        13. *exercise
          seriously how much would it kill you to at least learn how to fucking spell? If you want to “educate” people make sure you sound educated. You’ve proven nothing other than the stupid runs deep in you

        14. Yes you need to loose weight or be replaced by a beautiful, tall, long-legged, and a real cultured, educated eastern european women, you are toast.

        15. Jesse you are a good man. I am thinking the same way. I have a daughter 21 year old virgin. I told her when she hits 22 we start looking for a good man for her. She totally agrees. I told her Confucius said a woman’s virginity is her treasure, and should be saved for her husband.

        16. Seriously? One typo and you’re going to shift the conversation away from it’s meaning because of this small typo? Even if it was a mistake. I believe you’re just trolling.

        17. That’s uncalled for. No reason to call someone names for shifting the convo from a typo. I’m big on spelling and grammar myself, but it’s not like a typo constitutes dumbassivity, nor someone’s weight, as to not knowing what she’s talking about. She doesn’t have to leave either. I find it ridiculous that the men here can’t debate her intellectually, rather than refer to ad hominem attacks. Who’s acting out of emotion now? Pathetic.

        18. When are you going to understand that “lose” and “loose” are two completely separate words?
          Example: Losing weight means to decrease in the sum of say… poundage.
          An example of loose would be like, “your mom is loose”.
          Two totally different words. I have to agree with Hooplicious420 at this point —> You need to reeducate yourself.

        19. You may have taken every STEM course, but your spelling and language usage totally sucks dude. You need to unalieniloquize your subject-matter accordingly.

        20. No offense George, but I doubt your daughter is a virgin. For humanity’s sake, I hope she is… But this virginity thing you’ve described is inexistent in the post-postmodern world.

        21. Maybe your mom is loose because feminist started in anglo countries, unlike the rest of the world, white knights are pathethic, drop it really. Intelectual conversation my ass.

        22. Many are treaty horribly and if someone doesn´t help you start to count with yourself and maybe start to grow and use your brain and atittude to defend yourself and with that gain experience and smart streets.

        23. HI Robert<
          My daughter has grown up in Japan. I really do think she is a virgin still. I told her to save it for marriage. She agrees. I grew up in Newport Beach, if we were there I’m sure she would not be virgin LOL

        24. Dude, do you enjoy being cuckolded by your future ex? Did you know where you are here? Several times I misspelled words on purpose. The two of you both failed to get it. You’re a waste of time. Enjoy friend zoning your way into a happy relationship with an “empowered” woman. LOL

      2. It’s sad that you can’t just be decent to a person without bein concerned what’s between their legs

        1. We all can. It is not what is in between your legs that is your problem, but what’s missing between your ears. One, a brain. Two, something you could put in your mouth and hands that would be far more productive for you than speaking, and typing.
          I will gift you one guess. Your welcome.

        2. Hehehehehe.
          Feel better?
          You actually won something! Grammar Nazi Of The Second award. Here, take your G-NOTS award, and realize that nobody cares. It is in the shape of a quadruple sized G-string on a pedestal. Yayy for you hon. But please be careful, it is laced with radiation, and if you wear it (since it is obviously in your size) I might actually have an inkling of caring about you.
          This is the last time we will speak on this thread. No one needs to inform you I give you permission to get the last word.

        3. With all the respect I can muster, why are you here? You are so incredibly toxic. I have no desire to argue or fight or to name call. I am just kind of astounded by you to be honest. This is not a place for you dear, you offer nothing to the this corner of the internet other than to reinforce our collective beliefs. I am actually speechless.

        4. Start to live real life, people in general like atractive people not ugly, that is how life works, the rest is excuse you talk to xcuse yourself not to try being atractive, but it is your decision, life it’s unfair, get it already.

      3. Agree…and to have chivalry you must have “ladies”, first (and we all know that time has passed).

    4. Well said. They wanted this “brave New world” and they got it. They just forgot that by the end of the story it’s a dystopia.

    5. Hi, I and my ex boyfriend broke up about 7 weeks now. We’ve been together for 4 years. We had so many issues during in our relationship. We got engaged and eventually he changed his mind not to get married soon and told me he doesn’t want kids. It broke my heart. He also told me that culture differences is another problem cbetween us. When we broke up I beg many times. He told he doesn’t want to go back in to our relationship and he wants us to move on. I stayed another 2 weeks with him while I am looking for a new place. we had sex a couple times. He told me he just want us stay as friends.
      When I moved out, he didn’t txt or call but when we each other we are fine talking like a friend. Is there anyway that i can win him back? that was the question i asked my sister and she told me he have had an encouter with the famous love doctor and i contacted him and he prayed for my relationship and my boyfriend came back to me and my relationship was restored and now we will be getting married soon. Please get to know him and ask for his help on ([email protected]). The love doctor is the best and will help you 🙂

      1. I knew a guy who had sex with a girl who had “zero” partners. She gave him crabs.

    1. That is correct. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that women, on average, only own up to a third of their actual partners.

  3. you got to love their justification when they actually are caught in the act of lying about this shit. “oh, but men do that all the time!” it doesn’t make it right for them to do it, if they actually do it. Frankly, he starts lying because a dumb bitch like you started lying to him first and he caught wind of it.
    that article about the dude who found out his wife cheated on him, was raising another man’s daughter, got a divorce, and had to pay child support for another man’s daughter while the ex wife went back to live with the child’s biological father… holy fuck. I didn’t think women could get any more shameless. How the fuck… Why the fuck did the judge allow this kind of atrocity to happen when there is a valid reason for the man to get divorced from the woman and not pay child support?! she commits adultery and he has to pay the price? What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

    1. The same thing wrong with America overall. Very soon we may all to have to gut that old notion of love frrom our psyches. Or replace with the exactness of a trial lawyer who is determined to eat right now.

      1. ” Very soon we may all to have to gut that old notion of love frrom our psyches”

    2. Judges and lawyers are sucking at the diseased rotting tits of the system for their bread and butter. Fucking men over keeps the system going. Women fuck men over. No reason to suspect judges wont side with women and give them the benefit of the doubt; its good for the system

      1. Yeah, imagine a world where if a person didn’t earn enough money, the judge awarded the child to the higher earner because they could afford the child. Imagine a world where when a marriage ended, there was no alimony. I suspect that divorces would drop dramatically.

      1. Yeah, dumb men don’t get the message, dna test at birth before you pay a single dime, otherwise you are on the hook for life.

      1. And people wonder why I hate the word, “technically”. I consider it an excuse to not think objectivally.

    3. In most states here in America, from what I read, if you are married to a woman, and she gets pregnant, its automatically your child, and assumed by the law. Even if the kid comes out black, and you and your wife are both white. You get fucked. Think about how many kids are being raised by guys who assume its their own? Be careful out there guys.. dont let them con you.. never admit its yours. The only way is to court order a DNA test. However, she will now be obligated to give you custody, and if you can win 50/50 parental rights, she doesnt get shit for child support. Also, if you owe child support, they wont let you renew your passport. Just some info.

      1. Hell, some states will revoke your driver’s license or throw you in jail.
        How the hell are you supposed to go to work to pay child support without a license (or if you’re sitting in jail)?
        Brilliant laws…..all aimed at men, holding men down and keeping them down.

        1. “Brilliant laws…..all aimed at men, holding men down and keeping them down.”
          Ezactly. It’s part of the elites agenda.

    4. I suspect the judges hand was bound by law. In otherword, mangina politicians wrote laws that say any child born into a married couple is automatically the “father” of the family.
      it is also possible that because he waited 2 years until the mother moved back into the real dad’s that it was too late. He was paying child support for 2 years even though he knew he wasn’t the bio dad. That also could have done him in.

    5. The court system is very behind and backwards on the issues of alimony, child support, etc… They think it’s 30 years ago (or later) and that the poor woman with 3 kids needs help from the bad man who took advantage of her.
      In reality, it’s the many women today who are the ones at fault (but the court still sides with them). My brother’s situation is a perfect example. He was with a special snowflake who turned out to be very irresponsible. My brother took his daughter and raised her on his own while the snowflake fled the state (no child support payments).
      Yep, you have to love that “equality”. Women are after power and control. They want it to be “their time” now….time to get even.

  4. And hollywood is trying really hard to perpetuate these lies.
    Do you want to see some blue pill propaganda at work ?

    1. i must agree with you but then again france is churning out the happy go lucky multiculturalism films(the intouchables). so its not just hollywood.

      1. That’s true. We’re culturally colonized by the U.S, so we’re kind of following you into hell, although we have a strong opposition.

        1. The gay marriage and the queer theory forced in nursery school seem to have been the red pill moment of a lot of people in the country.
          We had millions people in the streets protesting against this. Although it didn’t stop the gay bullshit, it slowed down the endoctrination in schools for now.
          The tension is still building up.
          We have a strong underground traditionnalist and nationalist movement growing.
          Mostly thanks to this guy, who is, for french medias and politicians, the equivalent of the devil.

        2. Thanks for sharing this, this guy is very interesting.
          Different flavour than the discourse we have in North America, the vibe of continental philosophy makes argumentation a more pleasant experience I have to say.
          “There is no real difference between the left and the right. The difference is only aesthetic. Now the only divide is between globalists and those resisting globalism”

        3. …thats for sure. You should try dealing with it in the US, between the jewish culture-virus and the gay (now trannie) agenda, its like living in a cross between the Soviet Union and a Broadway musical.

        4. I’ve never cared what gay people do, but the tranny agenda in the US is really starting to get under my skin. It is pervasive.

        5. Yeah I don’t care what gays or trannies for that matter do with themselves or their buddies. What I don’t dig is having it shoved in my face. What I’m wondering about is who’s going to start looking out for the rights of kids who get “adopted” by these clowns. How the fuck does someone whose entire identity revolves around who they like to bang an ideal foster parent?

        6. “Yeah I don’t care what gays or trannies for that matter do with themselves or their buddies. What I don’t dig is having it shoved in my face.”
          That, plus I really can’t stand them flexing their political muscle and essentially demonizing heterosexual life via tv and movies. They are now ‘fagging up’ shows and films. Should things continue they will make it illegal for a man and woman to have sex with each other.

        7. its like living in a cross between the Soviet Union and a Broadway musical.
          Starring myley cirrus

        8. The French have been at the forefront of cultural decline for about 200 years now. It’s not just ‘the bad americans’.

    2. …jeeeeezus. This trailer made me throw up in my mouth. “Be a pussy, let women walk all over you, its good karma and things will just work themselves out!” …..fuuuuuuuuck off.

      1. Remember…it’s all about the money. It’s about getting women to go to the movies (maybe take a guy) to spend their dollars. That’s that driving force in the U.S., today…and men? The men can fuck off.
        Sad but true. Keep it in mind.

        1. It’s about more than money: there are certain important ideologies that have to be transferred also, and some things we don’t even want to think about.

  5. Women tell half-truths. If she’s “single” she’ll have other dudes lined up in case things go south with you, if she’s never done this before it’s just code for she’s never done it will you, she’ll always round down the number of dudes she’s fucked.

  6. What amazes me are the number of women who have boyfriends but will flirt and tease like crazy with other men. This has happened to me a countless number of times. In some cases i felt the women were just waiting for the right opportunity to cheat and/or jump ship.
    Scandalous women are everywhere.

    1. Nope. Efficient laziness. Knowing full well how boring they are and ineptness at improving their ability to be of interest over time, they seek to keep their fangs sharp in the event that the guy gets wise to their game or they find some wealthier chump who believes they found someone special. And that wealth does extend to simply being a guy who can make her scream God over the guy who bought the engagement ring.

      1. I don’t think there’s anything lazy about it though. Efficient, yes.
        It’s basic plate spinning.

  7. I ran into this recently. I started talking to a girl about a month ago. She told me she had just broken up with her boyfriend. However, a couple weeks later, her “ex” messages me on facebook telling me they slept together a couple nights ago. So I stopped talking to her immediately. A couple weeks later she texts me. She claims her “ex” is just a lying asshole and I should have heard her side of the story before I blocked her. I give her a second chance, unblock her and start talking again. Lo and behold, she posts a picture of her and her “ex” within a week. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but my suspicions were confirmed. Needless to say, there won’t be a third chance for this broad.

    1. if some guy messages you out of the loop then honestly she is not worth the dramas. that shows that she affiliates with head cases and likely has a solid case of it herself.

    2. My ex called me at 2am a few months ago… I follow the no contact rule but it seemed so random I thought maybe something serious was up so I answered.
      “Hey, I was thinking about you and I just wanted to talk and catch up.”
      “Where are you? Are you drunk?”
      “I’m at a concert its awesome. I just saw Steven (my close buddy) and now I’m thinking about you. And yeah a lil drunk teehee.”
      “Don’t call back.” And I hung up.
      Spoke with Steven the next day and he mentioned the concert. What my ex didn’t mention was that she was there with her new beta-boyfriend. She was calling me while this dude was right there with her. Ridiculous.

      1. Good for you.
        I am by nature compassionate, like you, and so if an ex called me up at 2AM I would be inclined to answer.
        But I have to wonder, would she come to your aid if the tables were turned? Methinks not.

        1. If an ex called me up at 2am, my phone would be on silent and I’d be happily sleeping or with someone else. And she wouldn’t even get a call back. They’re an ex for a reason. If it’s a friend with benefits I’d call back at some stage when I’m not busy or when I feel like talking (and that would be only to arrange a meat up).

      2. My recommendation would be to block and delete her out of your phonebook. Nothing good can come from communicating with her any further.

        1. I think that’s poor advice. I have done that and it was out of complete betaness.
          When you block someone it implies that you emotionally can’t cut the chord but mentally want to. She would only call if she knew she still matters to you on some level.

        2. I deleted her off of Facebook immediately after I dumped her… that would have gotten under my skin.
          She hasn’t tried to contact me since the night I described above.

        3. Always remember, we are alone in life…every last one of us. Emotions are fake…there is only the reality around you. Last but not least…they are ALL whores and deserve no better treatment. Your masculinity and fortitude is your ONLY salvation. Stay UP!

        4. I do it out of complete disregard for them- which is what it conveys to them. I’ve found it to place me in a position of power. They don’t know if you are blocking them or ignoring them.

        5. When I block a female I hope it conveys that I have no interest in maintaining an emotional or mental connection with her.

        6. “cut the cord” means to cut that which is attaching you to something, such as an umbilical cord.
          A chord is musical or geometrical.

        7. Every former girlfriend deserves one courtesy rage filled fuck for the road. It is the most respectful thing you can do for any woman who chose to be a slut. And she will thank you for it.

        8. Emotions are very real and denying/suppressing them causes more harm than anything. Many physical ailments come as a result of repressed feelings and stored up anger/grief/regret. The goal is to control your emotions, not pretend they dont exist. Masculinity is strength.

        9. Disagree. I’ve had to block #s from women for legal reasons: broke into my house, threats, etc.
          Women can’t handle rejection well, and when/if they go nuts it serves your defense against in that no communication has come from your part.

        10. Already field-tested over the span of many enjoyable, stress-free years.
          It “gets” me the same place as it would have if I’d have made the mistake of treating women like human beings. The difference is, I don’t have to waste time acting as though I give a shit about anyone equipped with a vagina.
          It’s quite liberating.

        11. Sure, if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. And don’t even start with”they’re all educated, professional, attractive, intelligent, under 25 year olds”. You guys are too much.

        12. Read it again, dumbass. It’s quite apparent that you didn’t catch the fact that he said, “I
          don’t have to waste time acting as though I give a shit about anyone
          equipped with a vagina”
          …. which for your particular level of reading
          comprehension means that he doesn’t bother with women at all. We’ve got
          better things to do with our time. You seem to think that Men truly care
          about scraping any portion of the barrel, let alone the bottom of it.
          around whore… Men have literally checked out of the hotel (emphasis
          on “ho”). There isn’t a vagina in the entire Western feminist society so
          imbued with value, or worth that would make a Man scrape for
          You cunts aren’t really much at all…
          … and that’s the point.
          This is why Men, in droves, are looking elsewhere — because Americunts ARE the bottom of the barrel, including the likes of you.
          What is a cunt, exactly… well…
          it’s essentially a feeble-minded, self-centered, self-entitled brat who…
          C an’t
          U nderstand
          N ormal
          T hinking
          Basically – you.
          Enjoy the world you’ve laid waste to – you cunt. Men have made the right choice and we certainly haven’t included you, or your feminist cuntresses in the plan.

        13. Lol. I think the reading comprehension thing is your problem, not mine. Do you feel better now that you’ve told off a stupid cunt? I hope so, you sound like you’re on the verge of losing it.

        14. Aw my replies are being deleted. What a shame. Gives someone something to do I guess. What a job.

        15. Said in a melodramatic voice..”and you are ALL assholes and deserve to be treated as such! There will be NO SALVATION for you!”

      3. I dunno man. If its convenient, I could see telling her to come by and breaking off a piece. If she says she “can’t”, then blow her off. Women like to control how “much” interaction they have with men, but as men we forget that we can control how “little” interaction we have with women.

        1. My instinct always told me that licking where you spat [sex with the ex gf] is always, under no exception, a faulty idea for which you will pay the price sooner or later, be it via phone calls, contacts, drama or any other compromise you bring to your peace and well being. Cheers !

        2. In such interactions where I can’t see any real benefit to me, despite good times past etc, I just delete everything, go and don’t look back.
          I prefer it to the alternative – waiting thirsty for a woman to decide what she wants. Ain’t happening, not on my watch. I tend to be decisive, so when I see a shift of interests, or lack of motivation, GTFO.

        3. Can’t argue with that. I mean I have an ex I wouldn’t have over unless I had a shovel handy. Just seems like there’s a bigger issue to sort out if the guy feels a need to delete and block…level-5 stalker types aside, of course.

        4. Bigger issue is if she is still open to be blocked, she still holds a space in your heart. Cue soft music. What that translates into is, she is still capable of wasting your time, energy and dedication and you, knowingly or not, signed over the keys to your independence to this woman. Even if you believe in the propaganda of getting back together, you must seek freedom. That means not blocking but moving on.
          Courtesy sex, is about vengeance and a final release. Let her mind spun as you decide you’re letting the slut go for greener pastures. And make no mistake, ex sex is about her being a slut thoroughly as now you can do all the filth you held back on, because she was ‘special’.

        5. That may be. I agree with the rage. I disagree with letting anyone hold anything over you. Being dumped or dumping puts you in the better worse than position. If denying puts you in the better than do it. Personally, knowing she came back for sex and after granting the rite, I took it away, puts me in enough power to say we can part now. I’ve won.

        6. I dunno. If she calls you randomly after months at 2am and you ask her to come over, I see it as her having the upper hand. You are enabling her to think she can call you randomly whenever she wants and have you at her convenience. And if she comes over and you bang, she will think you still have some sort of feelings for her, or at the very least, you still want her in some shape or form. Just stop talking to ex’s all together, no more meeting up, no more hanging out, no more sex. Anything else is mixed signals that nobody wants to deal with or clarify.

        7. Good point. I’ve never personally had the issue of women worrying that I have feelings for them, but I could see that being a problem.

        8. If you fuck them enough, they will think you actually like them, trust me. It is a problem.

        1. I still work down the hall from her for another month or so.
          I aint doing anything to cause any unwanted attention to my history with her. Maybe the female co-workers would find the drama sexy but I’m there to get a good reference letter from my superiors and gtfo.
          I already had the mind-fuck-post-break-up-rage-sex with her a year ago. Trying to top that would just tarnish that memory… That isn’t how I do things.
          This phone call happened over a year after our 4 year LTR ended. I don’t have any reason at all to bring her back into my life in any way. Nothing but problems. Let someone else deal with her crazy shit.

        2. If you mean sleeping with your ex, I would proceed with caution. She could accuse you of false rape.
          Some women can’t accept it’s over and part ways. They have this urge to destroy you for dumping her. She’ll use your need for sex as a trap.

        3. And that makes absolute sense. Work over pussy, but if she didn’t work there I do think you owe yourself a hate fuck.

      4. Don’t keep in contact with your exes. The story you just described is par for the course when you continue to allow them access to your life.

      5. Whether or not I would’ve picked up would’ve depended on which ex was calling. I parted with some on good terms, but we both agreed that we had fun but it was time to part ways. For those I would probably pick up the phone to see what was up, just as Clark did. Others, however…nope. The ones that fuck me over get the scorched earth treatment with regard to communications.

    3. Honestly, you shouldn’t have even given her a second chance. She just wanted to test you. You showed her you were indecisive when you unblocked her. She knew she could have you whenever she wanted you. You put her above you, so she dropped you.You should have told her, “I’ll think about it,” and then never unblocked her. It would’ve drove her crazy. Women often confuse constantly thinking about someone with liking them. The point is to mindfuck her, plus it’s fun.

      1. Well like I said my suspicions were confirmed. I proceeded with caution after I started talking to her again. Basically only talking to her if she initiated. But, I hardly knew her, and she played the “you don’t know what I’m going through” card. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but never let the suspicions leave my mind. Once I saw that she was back with her “lying asshole” boyfriend I blocked her again. But I’m not giving her a third chance. I just quietly laughed to myself when I saw the picture of them two together, somewhat at myself for even giving her a second chance but mainly because I wasn’t surprised at all.

  8. It’s well established that women are natural liars and manipulators. It’s just the way they’re wired up. Throughout nearly all of human history women spent most of their adult lives pregnant. Due to the highly damaging cost of violence on a woman’s reproductivity, women could not rely on violence to get what they wanted, like men could. So women had to evolve into master manipulators. The nature of women is to avoid confrontation and manipulate to get the resources that they want. When a woman lies or tries to manipulate you she’s just being a woman, the way nature designed her. Expect it. Plan for it.

  9. A consistent one I encounter is they use any justification they can for keeping the number of partners down. Oral, anal, drunk flings don’t count, etc. Never trust a western girl on her numbers. Most of them are mathematically retarded anyway. Also, they care more about their image than anything else. They don’t tell anyone the real partner number even if they have no desire for a relationship.

    1. I think for more of them the truth is something along the lines of they stopped counting after 50 or number X…etc…so they just don’t remember.

  10. It gives me such delight reading articles like this one. It’s been over a year now that I read ROK, and it keeps it sharp, cool and manly. Welcome to the manosphere !

  11. I’m currently reading “Der dressierte Mann” from Esther Vilar.
    That and this article make me want to join a monastery.

  12. I can deal with most of this shit…
    The lies, the two-facedness, the emptiness, the hypergamy, I can deal with that… It is what it is…
    What I cannot deal with…
    Is that by law I will go to jail for not financially supporting some random other dude’s bastard children.
    I know that sounds harsh… and I’m not putting down orphans, they deserve as much help as we can give them. But if I did not sign up to exclusively pay for some other man’s child for 18 years, than it is not my responsibility, it is their responsibility.

    1. I agree. Most of this bad behavior form women would not bother me nearly as much if it were not such a huge financial risk. I’m currently working towards not working as soon as possible. Any money drained out of me is taking early retirement years out of me.

    2. I know a woman who has three children, and two of them aren’t by her husband. How do I know? Because she told me when she was sloppy drunk, and I always suspected since they look nothing like the husband. They’re getting a divorce, and I’ve heard her discuss with others how she’s maneuvering so she can pry every last penny out of him. Needless to say, I have no respect for her. It’s unclear if he knows, and while I’d like to tell him I also think I should stay out other people’s personal drama. Dude should have gotten a paternity test. If I ever do have kids I will have them paternity tested, even if I have to do it secretly.

        1. I know this one guy that you try to tell him, he wouldn’t listen nor believe it.
          As the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

      1. As you said, stay out of other people’s drama. You don’t want any of your own, you certainly don’t want somebody else’s.

        1. The woman is actually a relative of mine, he is not, so if I get in the middle of that shit I might not ever be able to get out of it.

        2. I’m sure he has some sort of idea. A friend of mine had a girlfriend that was fucking other guys on the side. He and his girlfriend shared mutual friends, some knew of her sleeping around, but did not tell him. When he finally found out and went through all the motions of emotions, he told me he wasn’t mad that nobody told him, he was mad because his intuition told him a long time ago but he didn’t listen. I’m sure it is hard to convince yourself that you know your woman is fucking other guys; it’s probably much harder to convince yourself that you are raising some bastard spawn due your woman sleeping around. Much harder. Sucks to be put in that situation, but honestly, I blame the woman who told you that information. I’m sure she wanted to get some shit off her shoulders, but being a selfish bitch, didn’t realize that she transferred that shit onto your shoulders. That’s how telling hurtful secrets work, you put the stress of knowing on someone else, when they should be left on the perpetrator. If anything, you should give her a piece of your mind about putting that crap on you.

    3. The bigger problem is this was a bad investment in every way. It’s like buying a new building with the potential for residual income to learn, the walls have termites, the floor is rickety, the plumbing has corroded, the wiring a fire hazard. The kid not being your’s is merely the equivalent of owing property tax dating back 20 years because the owner sold those rights to you.
      All together, research and discernment trump over-looking. The woman you sound like your cool with sounds like a building waiting to collapse. You may be able to handle that Kal, umm, Clark, but some of us aren’t bulletproof.

    4. Welcome to America.. Land of the free? Free mother fucking handouts at your expense. Do NOT have children in America.. go get fixed.. If you want children, proceed to Plan B) move to Ukraine/Poland etc. Have children. Do not get married.. up to 10 years, she gets half of that out of your retirement (5 years, done deal). After 10 you are fucked, and pay her for life.. On top of that, she is living off child support.. Its not for the kid, she is using it to live.

  13. When I just freshly graduated from high school, I also used to believe in the misguided mindset that girls are innocent and such bullshit. 10 years later, I feel no regret that I didn’t date anyone.

    1. most of the guys I know that had the hot chick in high school gave up the following: their wrestling career. One guy made it to the state tournament his freshman year, started dating the hot cheerleader, ended up not placing in the state tournament in any year after, never finished college and now has a fat wife. Then there are the ones who were charismatic. They got so many hot chicks, they let themselves go later in life and now have below average chicks.

      1. Damn, that sucks. Women should not take over your life. Your career and future comes first! Making it to state freshman year is insane. He had so much potential and he gave it up. If he ignored the bitch, he would probably be an MMA fighter now.

  14. I’m in my mid 30’s, so I don’t expect a woman to have low numbers.
    I find most women my age still bangable, and since they are trying to settle down, I am much more appealing than a lot of other men.
    I have my own place, most of my finances in order. This makes me more appealing than the physical part.
    What they don’t know is that I had a vasectomy, so they are willing to do anything I choose to, sexually.

        1. If you do, get yourself a decent microscope and occasionally check for sperm. It’s easy.

      1. I know your question wasn’t directed at me, but I’ll chime in anyway.
        No regrets whatsoever. I already have kids, but even if I didn’t, I still would rather face the cost of the snip, plus the cost of reversal later in life, than risk pregnancy by deceit. I still cannot believe how many women I have talked to who have admitted to having children like that. And those are just the ones that both acknowledged it to themselves and admitted it to me!
        One bonus to being known sterile is you don’t have to tell the woman. Often it’s a great thrill to them taking the risk. Which in itself is insane and should make you question your faith in female humanity.

        1. None significant. I lost my mind but I’m pretty sure that was for other reasons.
          One thing the doctor mentioned is the possibility that your body develops an immune response to your sperm. They leave the vas deferens dumping the sperm into the scrotum, where they die and are absorbed. The body develops antibodies to the proteins. If those antibodies are in your semen, reversal is unlikely to be successful.
          Definitely do your own research before going this route.

        2. In my case this is not true. They folded over the vas defrens and then clamped it and cauterized it. I wanted to be “fer sure fer sure”. What is true is that when done in this manner a reversal is seldom successful.

        3. There is a high potential for infection and testicular loss when a groin injury is sustained. My buddy who got the snip got kicked full force while doing his cop duties and lost his 2 guys because the system could not drain properly. If you’re in the police, military, mma, security etc. DO NOT GET SNIPPED! Luckily he had two kids before getting snipped. Also, the medical industry constantly accuses him of steroid abuse for his test patches although he’s been on them for 8+ years and literally needs it to perform… be careful.

        1. Very smart move to date the 30 year olds. They have been through all the games already but they still look good and have sex drive. They are less likely to act silly because they probably did something in their 20s that cost them a relationship they would still want to be in.

        2. I’m 22 and I’ve recently started trying to diversify my women. Looking at a couple women who are 27+. Should be interesting. Eventually I want to find a bomb ass 30 something who’s an amazing fuck, perhaps get a bit of financial gain out of it. I’m an opportunist.

        3. Yeah, but despite the feminist hope that men conflate all non virgins… there’s an ocean of difference between being #2 of a girl who just broke up with her HS boyfriend, and being number 30 of a 30 something “don’t slut shame me” Jezebel.

  15. There’s no reason to suspect that your little special snowflake isn’t going to lie about any of these seven. Don’t lie to yourself and think she’s “different”. Remember: You are not special

        1. Multiply it by 5 to 10. These women have several hundred sex partners by the time they graduate college. If a woman admits to 8 to 10 sex partners, I guarantee you it’s a 100 plus. And don’t forget they are screwing their girlfriends also. Most are bisexual nowadays.

    1. Females in america start having sex around 15, do it with a few males in high school. Then hit college. Every week 2 parties, one on-campus and one off-campus. Spring break is like a competition with other females for cock. Just expect any american female to have a notch count around 25 by the time she finishes college. Then she’s in the “real world” hitting happy hour once a week after work with her girlfriends, while checking out her options on tindr. So by the time she’s approaching 30 years, a notch count of 50 is very common. Just assume it. Even the less attractive one you couldn’t get hard for, there’s some guy at closing time at 2am for her.

      1. As disgusting as that is, I can see it. Guess that as a guy, I’m taught to value honor and a woman scared of us going rogue, they still will lie as they are still, at the core, scared of the man’s reaction to truth. Very fair assumption. I’ve heard something similar and as a smile, disarming personality and some essence of social control, build an environment conducive to sleeping with any and everyone, it would be wise to plan accordingly. Still a shame, that for a guy who holds value in honesty, I’ll have to employ colder means to counter this.

  16. Perhaps certain men are losers under feminism (divorced father’s paying out), but even smart mgtow betas aren’t. The idea that men need women is engineered … we absolutely don’t. Women are the losers because they NEED men emotionally, financially, and as validation. The current system can only provide a fraction of women with reliable lifetime partners… after 30 it’s all over.
    Men are not the big losers, women are.

    1. Agreed. Personally, after dealing with women for almost two decades, it’s not very hard to just say “fuck ’em” and walk away from it all.
      Women are not that great. They usually don’t bring all that much to your life. And pussy gets old too. The older you get, the more you realize that life has much more to offer than just women and the nonsense associated with them.

    2. Agreed.
      And it is my sense that this awareness is reaching a tipping point, for both men and women. As a colleague said to me the other day about finding ‘the one’; ‘Meh! Turn ’em upside down and all women look the same.’
      So much for being special snowflakes.

      1. There was a saying in the South: I ain’t never turned none down; wait there was that one young boy, but I only turned him face down.

  17. It really is amazing that we choose to include such fake, duplicitous creatures in our lives. Pump and dump should be a law amongst all men. What is the point of sifting through lie after lie of a person’s identity? Imagine if we lied about every detail of our being, even to our male friends; we would feel like such losers.
    Its better to just not give a fuck. You can probably tell how much fucking shes done when you get inside her anyway. Pump and dump away.

    1. I wouldn’t say go that route just yet. I will say avoid career women, international travelers, women closer to 28 who are their second careers, as all of these categories represent a fickle nature and desire to be perceived as self important.
      Women overall aren’t bad. They are just easily corrupted by the lure of immediate pleasure. If you can shoot young and one who had good parents. No princesses.

        1. Of course! Just be okay with that traveler to fly the coup. Nothing wrong with fun. Just no serious affection needed

        2. A friend (male) traveled though Africa and reported he was so afraid of AIDS that he hesitated before taking off the condom to take a piss. Ebola is not the issue in most of the world, but AIDS and increasingly antibiotic resistant STDs are quite common.

        3. Also, another reason for avoiding traveler women is that most traveler women do not include foreign “romances” in their notch counts. So the gloves come off and they screw like minks when outside the borders.

        4. AIDs is a virus so antibiotics don’t do a thing. Anti-virals are proving to be more and more effective when applied early. Its been done in babies with AIDs moms and STD patients who are caught early. Biology FTW.

        5. I know that. The point was AIDS and, separately, antibiotic resistant STDs such as gonorrhea.

      1. I dont think they are bad, its just their nature. Spending large amounts of time around someone that cant be honest with you about anything in their life seems pointless to me. I have a few FWB situations at the moment and I dont see myself having any deeper connection to women for a while. They are too impulsive and pretentious to be trusted.

        1. I’ve noticed that as well. Relinquishing the need to stay sharp and growing definitely puts you in a bad situation overall. Most women are boring and looking to sell themselves. Instead of doing something of character or being interesting most think being in a place makes them interesting without doing any work to be interesting. Even the ‘interesting’ ones, reveal their boring selves over time. Keep improving yourself and bumping those lames to the side. Effort will bring something.

    2. Women are a dead end. Everyone knows it now. It’s impossible to hide, and it’s not like modern women are trying to hide it.
      Women used to have to disguise their faults in order to land a man. Now that they don’t need men for security and protection, they just openly act like asswipes and expect men to accept their bad behavior.
      The men of the millennial generation are wise to it all now. They see the bullshit for what it is. Being that the world will always be a Man’s world, this will not end well for the vast majority of Millennial women.

      1. I have done well with women since after high school and I feel like it only gets better with age. You get hurt once and figure out what women are. As you say, the great part for us smart millenials is that we experienced enough sex and drama BEFORE marriage that few of us want any commitment long term.
        I think millenial women are going to be fucked with no one to bail them out. Pains me to say, but I kind of feel bad for what’s about to happen to them (my younger sister fits the bill).

        1. Well, what happens to them will affect us too. Humanity includes both sexes. If the women are in dire straits it will come back and haunt men too in one way or another. That much I know.
          I don’t think it’s going to be as easy for men as we think. MGTOW has it’s limits, especially when the State gets involved.
          I do expect very oppressive anti-male laws coming down the pike. No one will be safe. The only way to keep this shitty system going is to transfer money from men to women so that women can pump it into the system.

        2. I don’t think so … the government is already in potential debt for 200 trillion of unfunded liabilities. The state is tapped… it only works when beta bucks buys into the systrm.
          Who exactly are they going to tax? Men will refuse to work if conditions worsen, thus hastening a collapse.

        3. I agree that what effects women eventually effects men and vice versa (women now feeling the pain of feminism, anyone?)
          But that’s not really the point. The future is about to get worse for everyone. And in an age when we are increasingly living atomized lives (due in no small part to the course feminism charts for women), with less of the traditional support structures – family, community, civil society – who would you rather be? An average person with a penis or an average person with a pussy?
          The coming dysfunction will not ‘come back to haunt men’ – it will come to challenge them. And that’s ok – win or loose we are built for such challenges.
          Women – not so much. I agree with Dr Orange; today’s young women are truly going to pay for the folly of feminism, in money, misery and motherhood lost.

        4. When times get tough, Govts are never afraid to take drastic measures to fuck over the general population.
          You don’t think a cash-strapped Govt is capable of asset seizures? You don’t think the IRS and other Govt agencies can be unleashed on you?

        5. “Women – not so much. I agree with Dr Orange; today’s young women are truly going to pay for the folly of feminism, in money, misery and motherhood lost.”
          Correct. But who will they blame? Do you think they will blame an abstract ideology like feminism? There’s no money to be tapped there.
          With the help of the media, all blame will be conveniently placed upon men, particularly of the heterosexual white persuasion. Crooked politicians will seize upon the opportunity to pander to disenchanted women who will all be seeking to punish men.
          The Western world is a lot more perverse than you may think. The Powers-that-be will double-down on the man-hating to keep this system afloat.

        6. Argintina recently nationalized all private retirement accounts. If the US government gets strapped for cash your 401K, IRA, pension fund, and Roth IRA are toast.

        7. Precisely. When things get bad, the Govt will stop at nothing to keep the lights on. It really makes no difference whether the population likes it or not, or thinks it’s fair.
          The Govt can and will resort to outright theft of your retirement accounts and other assets, and they will do it with impunity.
          Who’s gonna stop them? The voters? HAHAHAHA!!!!

        8. Again, I agree with you. And similar to you I have posted elsewhere that I believe that over the next 10 years we are going to see more and more laws written in ‘gender neutral’ terms that will in reality be used only to criminalize natural male sexuality.
          But with every ‘doubling-down’, with every iteration becoming more and more extreme, the laws themselves will become ever harder to enforce and more and more men will avoid becoming exposed to them.
          In short men will increasingly live their lives without regard to what women (and by extension mainstream society) expect of them.
          Less marriage, less cohabitation, less chasing a ‘traditional’ career, less engaged fathers, less of everything that TPTB need men to do, to generate the excess wealth that they depend on to enforce the system. Women are certainly not going to be able plug this gap.
          I don’t believe we are going to see some sort of massive societal collapse – just a gradual and exponentially increasing ‘crap creep’. Everything getting shittier as the funds to support it (including the ability to raise debt to finance it) evaporate along with men’s engagement in society.
          And the thing is, it’s autonomic – think about it; what do you do when your women gets out of control – when all your words and actions will not get her to behave? If you are like most men you do not strike her – you simply walk away. And it works, because when it comes to women, indifference is men’s nuclear option.
          And that is what is starting to happen now; men, as a group, are starting to walk away from women, as a group. This, of course has been happening for some time. What’s changed is the quality of the men doing the walking. In the past it was the low status men – and women never cared about them. But increasingly it now includes higher status men – the men women are interested in.
          The man-up and ‘where have all the good men gone?’ articles show that women already sense this change, but they can’t articulate it. Sure, women will try to blame men for it, but ultimately they will need men to re-engage in order to arrest the decline.
          And so the pendulum starts to swing back again.

        9. Mr. Baggins, half of my friends post college have a real job … and I went to a damn good college.
          Are these pajama boy men going to carry the burden for society? No way in hell … they don’t have the cash, means, or incentive.
          Older men with resources exceeding 250K IN LIQUID ASSETS should be worried.

        10. That’s the point I hammer home … if men aren’t working at high paying jobs, say good bye to tax revenue. Say good bye to punlic pensions, the housing market in suburbia, and the education system.
          In essencr, say good bye to everything that made the 20th century American woman’s dream possible.

        11. that’s IF they have the money in any form… a lot of the current and new generation have nothing but debt.

        12. Unfortunately, there will always be some chump to pick up the slack. Some guy out there who’s plugged in will say “the past is the past” and pay the ultimate price (marriage) for a girl who gave away free samples for the past 15 years.

        13. Methinks you have a little too much faith in the power of government.
          Government can only function with consent. Your consent, my consent, et al.
          Voting is consent. Maximizing your earnings in the current economic climate is consent.
          After all, as your income increases, so does your contribution to the fucked up amalgamation of criminals, psychopaths, and authoritarian cunts that make up the government.
          I will not vote tomorrow. I lost my job last December after working 33 years straight, since I was a paperboy at 13.
          No jobs for me around here. So I make just enough to survive and fuck trying to excel money-wise.
          The ethical conflict I feel funding Obama, Wall ST, the MIC, wars on everything including liberty make me want to puke when I look at my pay stub.
          I don’t have as much money but damn I’ve got time to work out, to learn new skills, and to live my life the way I want, not beholden to some mangina or woman in a higher position than me because of their dicksucking or ass kissing.
          Boycotts do work. But most Americans are literally sleepwalking to their own doom. They don’t want to talk about the fucked up nature of our society, the fucked up criminal synidicate called government, health insurance whatever.
          No one wants to talk about stuff that’s considered ‘negative’. Despite the fact that these are the very issues taht we should be discussing and acting upon.
          Instead I hear about this TV show or that, the Panthers, the Tar Heels, or whatever other vapid bullshit is passing through the brains of my fellow citizen.
          Try bringing up immigration policy or ebola at a group social event and watch the pariah making commence.
          The sheople do deserve the full measure of what they’re going to get. Why? because the information is out there to people who are curious and it’s not hard to find at all.
          It’s just that most people lack any natural curiosity about the world beyond their next meal, paycheck, or lay.
          If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
          Plan for a lower energy (in terms of use), poorer, less mobil and more technologically retarded future, because that’s where we’re headed.
          Panic early, beat the rush!

        14. As one of the older men that meet the requirement I am not worried. I have my exit plan in place and am going to implement it soon. I intend to be far away when the feces hit the air acceleration device.

        15. Some bank account holders in Cyprus recently were the recipients of a “haircut” as the government there worked hard to avoid a total collapse of the economy, Because last year’s bank bail-in forcing the confiscation of funds from
          average depositors in Cyprus worked so well, EU regulators and bankers have determined that they’ll use a similar method to fund their future endeavors. In the US, the Obama administration is lusting after the over 20 trillion in retirement assets. Never underestimate the desire, single mindedness and ability of TPTB to keep their bankrupt system rolling along.

      2. “They will blame men for their poor life choices and demand that the innocent be punished for their sins.”
        Drama like that got my granduncle lynched in 1938 and even then, Anglo/Euro American males too, for false accusations.
        Disclaimer: I’m not Anglo.

      3. Isn’t that the norm, today? Women have been blaming men for shit for so long that it’s an art form to them.
        It’s no longer about equality. The complaining is more along the lines of:
        “I’m complaining about the shit that I don’t have”.

  18. The number of sexual partners distortion is something like a factor of two, at least when women and men are each talking to an anonymous surveyor. This was based on a detailed survey I read the results from.
    Now, when a woman wants you for a pair bond, and you ask her the number of partners, it’s probably more like a factor of three distortion.
    Men have a different interest in distorting the number. I doubt most men would even double their number. They just don’t have that strong an interest in distorting it, at least not compared to women seeking a pair bond.
    The survey I mention also dragged down the female average because it almost certainly did not include prostitutes: There were no very high count respondents.
    One noteworthy point: When female college students were interviewed by a human being, their average number of partners was something like 25% lower than when they were interviewed by computer.
    Yeah, they lie. They lie at an incredible, unfathomable level.

  19. Most women I have dated in the past had a whole cloud of guys around them. But those guys are “just friends”.

    1. Oh Baby, You!! You got What I Nee-eed! But you say ‘He’s Just a Friend!’ But you say, “He’s Just a Friend!!”

    2. I blame men for allowing them to be governed by their chumpiness. If all men were to boycott bars and nightclubs for 6 months, women would self destruct from lack of attention and/or conflicts with other females.

    3. They’re either orbiters or fuck buddies. You might be able to tell which by their body language. Orbiters tend to put off the needy/eager-to-please vibe.

      1. Chris Rock put it best when he said the guy friends that girls have are the back up plan, with a sign that says break glass in case of emergency.

  20. Its already been spelled out that getting into an exclusive LTR with an American womyn is something you step into at your own peril; discussing the details is a moot point.
    First, why would you allow a woman to use your computer for anything other than turning on music so the neighbors hear less of what you’re doing to her? Women shouldn’t be coming to your house to check their email and surer as shit shouldn’t be left to their devices long enough to send out emails to some other dude. If I met a chick who said she was emailing me from some dude’s house, I can figure half of her interest in me stems from having zero respect for the dude she’s hanging out with. I’m banging a girl now that got engaged SINCE I started banging her! She sees herself as “comfortable” with me knowing all about it, what she can’t grasp is that she’s only comfortable because I could not give a fuck less if she’s engaged, or becoming mormon, or late for work; she’s got a great ass and that’s what I’m interested in.
    Second, women lie? ‘course they lie. I lie too. And so does any player worth his salt. Its called “Game” for a reason. Anyone who wants “truth” and “honesty” can go to church or check their bank statement.
    If you want any degree of honesty from women, then stop giving a fuck if they lie or not. I don’t give a Frenchman’s fuck if a woman is a virgin, a whore, rich, famous, flat broke, or the Queen of Siam. If she fucks like a racehorse and can keep her mouth shut, I’ll call again. If she’s a pain in the ass, up to and including emailing anyone with a dick when she should be fixing me a drink, she’s fucking OUT.
    I have of course, made mistakes, finding myself listening to some “confused” young lady rattle on about some guy she likes, and bouncing shit off me like I’m such a “great friend”. That orbiter-style shit never leads to solid fucking. And on the (very) rare occasion that the right combo of sad, lonely, bloated, and drunk lands her in your bed, you’ll be an even bigger chump in the morning as you try to make her feel better about doing something “soooo terrible” with someone like, eww, YOU.
    Just to be clear, that ain’t some kind of “Alpha” bullshit, its simple math. There’s waaaaaaaay to many liberated, in-their-prime young ladies out there looking for something “new” and “fun” to spend even a second sweating some pain in the ass. In fact, you could say being anything OTHER than a cold-hearted hard-ass where typical American women are concerned is to be a full-tilt beta-caliber sucker. Just like with hookers, you’re either the Pimp or the John, there’s no middle ground and American women are becoming ever-more like the common streetwalker.
    Tell that bitch to unhand your computer, stop asking how much dick she’s been thru, and start enjoying yourself for chrissakes; no broad is gonna respect you if yo can’t respect yourself.

    1. “Second, women lie? ‘course they lie. I lie too. And so does any player worth his salt. Its called “Game” for a reason. Anyone who wants “truth” and “honesty” can go to church or check their bank statement.”
      That is the truth of it that some players don’t want to admit. Honesty is an impediment to picking up women. I’ve learned my lesson and I never reveal the big three to hookups: my real name, my work, or my age. One time I was seeing a girl for 3 months before she even found out my real age and name (she went through my wallet and found an ID). She never found out my work.

      1. Thats fine work! But yeah, this hang-up with “lying” especially when women say they can “handle anything except lying”. Padded bra? …lie. Hair colored? Make-up? …..lies. High heels?…lies.
        And women WANT to be lied to, you KNOW I’m not all nonchalant about putting on a suit, fighting for parking and paying 9 dollars for a cocktail, but that’s where the easy (and/or quality) ass is, so I play the part: I’m hella-paid, I”m smart, I’m confident, and I’m not taken at all by the fact that she’s dressed like a stripper….lies lies lies.

        1. Like you pointed out, there is no player in the world whose game is improved by being honest. Some say deceit isn’t part of Red Pill philosophy but it is part of many quality player’s repertoires.

      2. No honesty in church. Just. Mangina pastors screaming at men to man up and marry a slot single mom.

  21. Starting at a young age, sometimes 14, girls will start lying to get what they want. To there parents, their friends, their teachers, their boyfriends, It doesn’t matter. More and more as these slut bags lie to get what they want they associate the act of lying with the gratification of having there way. By the time these whores turn 20 they don’t even know why they’re lying anymore, they do it reflexively and instinctively out of years of mental repetitions.
    Every time I catch a cunt in a lie I will always ask, ” Why would you lie about that” and occasionally I get the, ” I thought you would be mad” or ” I thought you wouldn’t like me” but the older they get the closer their answer gets to ” I don’t know.”
    Moral of the story don’t ever. EVER. EVER. Trust a woman, they are fickle by nature and their loyalty is even more fleeting than their looks, don’t stick around long enough to see either dissipate.

    1. I sustain the above. How is it that the truth has been there, but we were too blind or ignorant to understand it?
      Take this guy for example, translate the lyrics and you get :,,The woman is an unstable creature, like a feather in the wind/ She changes her voice and the way she thinks.”
      Respect to the Italian masters !

      1. Nice. Here are the full lyrics.
        Woman is flighty
        Like a feather in the wind,
        She changes her voice — and her mind.
        Always sweet,
        Pretty face,
        In tears or in laughter, — she is always lying.
        Always miserable
        Is he who trusts her,
        He who confides in her — his unwary heart!
        Yet one never feels
        Fully happy
        Who on that bosom — does not drink love!

      2. This song was my gateway to Pavarotti.
        I look forward to watching the entirety of Rigoletto.

    2. That’s a very good point. If you really started telling people whatever you think they want to hear from the age of pubescence, then in your mind it’s not even really lying… they don’t understand the concept of truth and a lie. It’s a notion they never developed, and a reason why they are so bad at analytical jobs like science and engineering and so good at things like counseling, social work, teaching and nursing.
      What is needed is an institution that instills in women (and men) the idea that truth is an ideal that should be honored and respected. Ancient civilizations did this with philosophy and for a while the church took lying very seriously. But now we don’t even teach morals or ethics in our public schools.

    3. Well said. And the shame constraints of society have not only been lifted, but are these women are applauded and supported to continue the behavior.

    4. The way America is heading, I would wager the average 14 year old female is giving handjobs at the shopping mall parking lot for cigarette money.

  22. I would add to this: They lie about their emotions and feelings. My last 3 short relationships exhibited this (1 American and 2 Latina living out of country). American women I have found are usually loathe to express their emotions, and have become only useful for pump and dump. But my experience with Latina women is that they appear to be head over heels for you and will, much to a man’s delight, verbally and physically express how happy you make them, how handsome and kind you are, how much they like you, etc. But in my experience, this will suddenly and without reason simply evaporate.
    1) The first experience was with a beautiful kind girl from Mexico. I met her through her family here in the states, we dated for a week or so, later went down and stayed on the border where she lives, had lunch with her parents (her father genuinely liked me which she said had literally never happened before with any guy), she would always dress feminine, tell me how wonderful, handsome, kind, etc. I was, kiss me always, send me photos of her looking at a picture of us together on her laptop in front of the classroom of kids she was supposed to be teaching, her kids all asking about me. The plan was for her to come stay in the US with her aunt (whom I know) this summer. We texted and skyped daily. Then one day, she just acted cold/distant, took hours or days to respond, and it ended. A couple of weeks before she was to buy her ticket, she dropped contact and her aunt doesn’t know what happened.
    2) Number two was a 25% asian American girl who told my friends how crazy she was for me. We hung out a few times, always really affectionate, I played kind of distant and I could see strong attraction from her, when tipsey she opened up and said how she really wanted a chance with me, and she really likes me, we made plans to go to a festival, then a week or 2 later, she “forgot” and had something else to do. I dropped her, she never made up for it or tried to restart anything. I could have probably pressed for a bang but I just hate dealing with shitty behaviors.
    3) Number 3 was a girl I pre-flirted on an app before going to South America. She had an amazing thin body, great ass, took a bus 8 hours to meet me, we walked to a waterfall, she was literally going to bang me within 30 minutes of meeting (RED FLAG!) but it started raining (cold), so we had to wait until after dinner. Gave me the best sex of my life, 6+ times a day, extended my trip to be with her, she promised to come visit me in 2 months, we talk and text every day, masterbated for me, and then it suddenly ends and she just gives evasive answers. She also claimed she doesn’t like guys from her country, she has only been with 3 guys and didn’t have sex until 23 (possible) and I believed that when she was all sweet and loving. But when they can flip their emotions off like a switch I realized they are beings without a moral compass, responding automatically to environmental stimuli, which is the reason gaming works so well on them. I am likely on a long list of guys she bangs within minutes of meeting. This girl was not motivated by money (I gave her almost $3000 in cash that she could have pocketed because I was 8 hours from her home and didn’t know her address but she faithfully deposited it in the bank) and has no desire for an American green card, so it’s important to note that there are no ulterior motives here; this is simply the heartless demeanor of a woman in action. They are said to be emotional but they cannot and do not have deep feelings.
    The reason so many resort to pump and dump is because unless they are looking for marriage, most women are incapable of the commitment, effort, and emotion it takes to enter into a meaningful relationship. This actually bothers much more than the financial side. I can avoid marriage and pregnancy and take steps to protect my bank account. But from these cold, heartless bitches, you have no recourse to protect your ego and your own heart, other than gaming them endlessly if that’s your thing.

    1. “The reason so many men resort to pump and dump is because unless they are looking for marriage, most women are incapable of the commitment, effort, and emotion it takes to enter into a meaningful relationship.”
      Basically, men want casual sex much more than women want commitm

      1. Broad terms like “societal order fails” and “financial system collapses” rarely happen. It’s not like women will piss off men so much that the planet will stop spinning. I think in many ways society has already “failed” (as has our financial system)
        My parents bought the house they live in for $30,000. It would now sell for around $300,000. Do they make 10 x as much money today? No, but housing costs 10 x what it used to.
        Over the past 20 years, in my childhood gas has gone from 75 cents to $3.50 a gallon where I live. Has income increased 4.7 times? No way. The average household income was $28,149 in 1990. Twenty years later in 2010 it was $47,793. It didn’t even double!
        A man today has a 50% chance that the relationship with the woman he settles for will end in failure. That failure can cost him monetarily for decades, or land him in jail, even if the failure was her fault.
        People in society are not capable of rational thought. If you placed a group of 1950s 20 year olds in a room and asked them to solve a problem, they would logically work things out and come up with the best answer they could. Today, a group of students will stare at each other afraid to make a judgement and without the tools to logically tackle a problem, but only hoping for “consensus”. Philosophy, which is really an expression of societal progress, as it built upon previous generations works and thoughts, is nonexistent.
        The only way our society is “superior” or more advanced than others throughout history is that through the use of machinery, appliances, automobiles, etc. we have simplified our life where less manual labor must be expended to do things. But how important is that? It’s nice. But is it important?
        If you look at the “leaders” of the west, they are infantile and absurd. Not since JFK have we had anything that has approached a leader. And based on that outcome, I don’t think we will have another. So society has already failed. Those expecting soup kitchen lines and hunting of women with bows and arrows are being unrealistic. We already have around 1 in 5 on food stamps in the USA and many MGTOW, while there are many more postponing or delaying marriage (as well as career, homeownership, independence, etc.). Society in the west has failed. What do we produce that is of any value to the world? Who can you point to as a leader or positive role model in our world (Neil de Grasse Tyson is the only one I could think of). Societal order has failed. It will not get much worse, simply because it cannot.

        1. I always hate when people would say how much the value of their home has gone up, as if that money is pure profit. If you sell your house, you’re now homeless, so you gotta go buy another house to live in. You have to downsize a lot in order to keep some of the gains on your previous home

        2. Yeah, basically the only reason to own a house is that the government subsidizes homeownership, in order to benefit wealthy landowners, so owning is often cheaper than renting. But only in the long run, and you basically save no more money than if you were to invest the equivalent amount of money in an index fund.
          You are wise to see past these lies that everyone accepts as true. And man, sorry about the virgin bride. Virginity doesn’t make a woman good, but it is a quality good women should have. I’m lucky to have dodged the marriage bullet, which I now see would have made me miserable.

        3. And they never include the interest paid on that loan… which often works out to double the original price.

        4. Yeah did some basic math on this using 8% interest rate which is about what the stock market has averaged.
          Parents borrowed for $30,000 home with 20% down, paying $2,400 a year in payments. At the end of 30 years the home may be worth $300k-350k.
          That same money invested at 8% will be worth $365,000. Plus it is liquid. Plus no sales commission to retrieve it. Plus it can be withdrawn at any time, and you can move to a home that fits you. Of course, you still have to pay for housing somehow…
          This system worked out well in the past, when you married after college, worked for 30 years at IBM, and then retired with no mortgage. But that’s not how the world works today.

        5. yeah that too! My parents recently sold their home of 13 years for only $30K over what they paid for it, but after paying off the loan plus all the interest paid over the years, plus commission fees, got a check for $73K….even though they put in well over $150K in mortgage payments plus down payment.
          People don’t realize how much interest adds up over the years. They just say “oh my house is worth $50K more than what I paid for” not even thinking that they paid much more than that in interest

        6. One of thing that must separate us from the third world if not for technology that we create then offshore to be manufactured is our minds,body and spirit. We must preserve them at all costs. Access to information is as cheap now as it has ever been. We must endeavour to absorb as much as possible and not be idle.

        7. Diversification, my friend. If I felt houses were going to appreciate as much as they have in the last 20 years, I’d buy one…or twenty.

        8. didnt Einstein say the most powerful(destructive?) force in the universe was compounding interest??

        9. And this is where I am eternally grateful for ROK. In the west, we do not live in a society that preserves or glorifies our mind, body, or spirit.
          Learning and enlightenment are not valued in our culture. Our media pollutes our minds with garbage and lies. Inventions such as the television and movies rarely inform, but merely entertain, if you are lucky and not too discerning (there are some good documentaries to be found on youtube).
          Piercing and tattooing of the body has gone from being “cool” to being almost a requirement to fit in. Even religious Christian girls are now getting tatted (yes, this is a thing.) completely ignoring the prohibitions against body modification and inking that their very religion espouses. Drug and alcohol use is out of control. There is some gym culture, but in general, we are a nation of fatties and a strong, clean body is not valued.
          I am not a religious person, but value spirituality and understand why the institution of the church has existed throughout history. It is difficult to find spiritual enlightenment in this nation and there is little respect for true ideals such as “justice, peace, happiness” but only lip service to things I couldn’t care less about like “democracy” or “fairness”
          ROK does a good job of nurturing all 3 of these areas, and has a great mix of writers. While I don’t think the tidal wave can be reversed in America, we can raise up a few islands that will be above the water, until we can exodus to a better land. That or just continue to use the capitalist system to our advantage and acquire as many resources as possible.

    2. Well as much as I thought that would work, let me share my story. I’m 35 years old, Palestinian (born and raised in America though) In the summer of 2013 I went back and married a 19 year old virgin. I thought life would be great, I got a hot young virgin that doesn’t even have a smartphone lol
      Not too long after the wedding the problems started. She wanted me to delete every female on my Facebook,got extremely upset when I greeted my female cousin with a hug, just constantly stayed mad anytime I spoke to another woman. She didn’t realize how “super friendly and comfortably I can talk to other girls”.
      She then started threatening suicide if I didn’t change, texting me pics of a knife to her wrist, or a handful of pills. One day we got in a fight over something stupid, and I walked in on her scratching her wrist with a shaving razor. After that I sent her back to her parents and divorced her.

      1. I also married a young virgin from another culture. The jealousy is off the scale, and unlike you, if that is you in the avatar, I am old, bald, and fat. Who does she think I can get into bed? When she accuses me of being with a bimbo I just say, “What makes you think it was only one?” When she told me that my looking at other women made her feel bad I told her, “You better get over that or get used to feeling bad.” You have to be rock hard and mean to the bone. That jealousy has to be put down, put down hard, put down early, and put down consistently. She has mostly overcome that tendency as the behavior was not rewarded with attention.

        1. Yes that is me in my avatar. How old are you?
          Yeah, looking back at the situation I think if I was patient enough I could have disciplined her and molded her. I just hate dealing with bullshit and arguing over petty things.
          But once a girl starts threatening suicide, whether for real or for attention, then that’s where I draw the line. I’m not gonna have a woman manipulate me by saying she’ll kill herself.

        2. I am 59. I have to agree with you about drawing the line at suicide threats, and that is all they are threats. I have had this only in the context of a fairly short term relationship and pulled the plug every time and damn promptly. In marital relationships the knife was always pointed not at her wrists but at me. You haven’t lived until you have to lock a woman out of your bedroom due to fear for your life.

      2. I won’t date a woman who lives further than walking distance. Don’t have the desire to even waste valuable time or gas to see a broad.

        1. This is why I have always preferred long distance relationships, preferably somewhere fun like Chicago or NYC where they are also providing me a free place to stay in an expensive city.

  23. What a lot of guys don’t realize are the extremely high # of partners of those party girls. There’s this girl in my circle of friends that gets drunk and has more one-night stands than I could even remember. She’s not even that attractive, she looks like Mindy on The Office. Girls that go out to the bar and club every weekend get so used up.

    1. I’ve seen this. And funny these type of girls are often not quite who’d you expect them to be, based on a glance or even a 20 sec. convo with. There’s almost no science to their craft either. It’s whoever happens to fit her uncontrollable urge at that random moment. But usually once they commit to bangin a particular guy for the evening, he could literally start fuckin her in front of the entire bar, and she’d let it happen.

      1. Feral. Animistic. Undiscerning. Amoral. This is what happens when girls get out from under the authority of men. It will get worse.

  24. The only rational choice is MGTOW.
    I can’t believe guys on here are still saying shit like “Im red pill, but why does my girl do xxxx then she disrespects me and cheats on xxxx, I can’t believe it”
    None of these war stories you guys are telling should be a surprise. This is now normal behavior of women. You are dumb if you are wondering why girls are fucking around and constantly playing mind games. Its in their nature, I get sick of you guys acting surprised when girls in your life start bullshit. Wise up

    1. If you have a good career, money, and have taken the red pill, LTRs can work… if you don’t have those things, regardless of alpha or beta status, I agree with your point.

      1. I’ve found after bettering myself, saving, starting a business, having money and a good career, that I now no longer want the kind of woman that is available to me. I *understand* the nature of women, but can’t lower myself to become involved with a lying, cheating, mind game playing shit testing unstable flighty woman. But I’m about a decade post-college. It took a long time for them to exhaust me. Now I rarely put forth effort except when travelling.

      2. they can work but you absolutely have to be with a women below your physical attractiveness. Of course society places women 2 points higher than they actually are so if you are an 8 then shoot for a 6.

    2. The fact is most men on blue pill are naiive to even think about it. Most men in this world think their women are snow flakes. The fact is that they are not

  25. After 30 plus years of marriage, I can say with confidence that women lie about everything. They feel no need to confide in you, because after all, in their mind you are a low life piece of shit. My daughter went to a private christian school, and even there she had girlfriends that had over 200 sex partners by the age of 18. It was common for most of her girlfriends to have had 50 to 100 sex partners by 18. And half of those women. Most are bisexual now. By the time these women graduate college, they’ve had several hundred sex partners. The nice innocent girl next door is a myth. Truth is she’s been riding the cock carousel more times than you’d like to admit. Don’t even think of marrying these women unless you want to destroy your life.

    1. I must ask, why’d you go all Christopher Columbus on my Native American Land? Rape, pillaging and plundered all the potential illusions I still hold dear.
      Maybe the next article should be how to detect a liar as that seems the core problem here. Just a matter of how damaging the lies being held are.

      1. It’s impossible to detect if a woman is a liar. They are so good at it, lying comes natural to women. Remember women have no justice, no sense of fair play, or a moral code. I took my rose colored glasses off years ago when it came to women. If you want to bed a lot of women, you can’t have a moral code. Cause if you do they will hold you to it and deny you sex and move on to the bad boy. You will never fully know a woman’s past. They will not tell you. Women want to pretend they are morally superior to you so they can ridicule and shame you when it suits their purpose. Get them off the pedestal! They are more devious than any man you know, and they hide it with that sweet smile, especially down south. If a woman is 35 or under, she’s had more sex partners than you care to know. And she’s had more pussy than any man you know. They can pick up women quicker than you can! Sorry for being so negative, but I’m all about truth, not illusions. If you like sex, find you a good looking whore that’s good in bed and stick with her. You’re not going to find a virginal woman nowadays. Don’t even look, and if she says she is, she’s lying.

        1. It makes complete sense. It does help to think of socializing as a skill. If she is relatively bad at it, by extension she may still be more apt to keep her word. If she is social, has ‘a life’, odds are high she may have had sex more times than I’ve thought to use my hand as a replacement. Seeing a bunch of women first hand does open up the door to truth.
          The truth is a cruel mistress depending on who she shines her light. Solid reveals.
          Fell on a virgin in my college days. Only proof I followed was how tight she was. Vividly remember one incident where, her vagina clamped down on me. Like a vice-grip. Felt like I was in Chris Benoit’s cross face crippler, as I tapped for dear life, hoping for a release. I couldn’t move for a good 7 minutes as the hold tightened.

      1. Girls must be stupid or not even know that Tinder takes facebook pics to use in their profile. I’ve seen women on Tinder in their wedding pics, or women with pics with their husbands and kids.

    2. 200 by 18? I find that hard to believe. how did you find our about this? Thats a soul crushing revelation.

      1. It’s really not hard if you think about it. 1) these women won’t tell you how many sex partners they’ve had, but they will tell their girlfriends, and they have told my daughter 200 plus at 18. 2) remember a decent looking woman gets hit on all the time. My daughter can’t go to Kroger without getting hit on. They can get sex anytime they want. They don’t have to work for it like we do. 3) and you will never know! They lie big time about their sex partners. 4) her girlfriends started having sex at 12, and I know she was active by 14. They would go to skinny dipping parties and give 8 to 10 guys blowjobs at ONE party. They’d line them up. From 15 to 16 they are full time sexually active with multiple partners a week. Why do you think these girls have “sleepovers” all the time at this age! 5) did y’all see the pbs documentary called “the girls of rock dale county” I believe. It was filmed in 1998 in Conyers, GA. They interviewed upper middle class girls 13 to 15 who already had 50 plus sex partners. Several admitted they’d had orgies with multiple sex partners at 13. We’ve had problems in middle schools here with std’s. One school in Conyers has 200 cases. These girls came from rich families, not the ghetto. 6) and most are bisexual now. I’d say the majority now. Especially if they are under 30. And don’t ask them, they will lie to you. Remember to them you are just a piece of shit man. So now, use math, that doubles the number of potential partners they can have. It’s easy for them to leave college with hundreds of partners. Guys get these girls off the pedestal. They are serial fornicators. And my experience has been with private Christian school girls from upper middle class homes. Not the ghetto. From 17 to 23 my daughter and her girlfriends went out 5 to 7 nights a week. Do the math. They weren’t having bible study together. They were riding the cock and pussy carousel, and riding it hard.

        1. How are you not traumatized by this? I can’t imagine having a daughter and talking about this shit with her. I give no fucks about women, but women I have blood relations with….

        2. Because, unlike most southern fathers, I didn’t raise her to be a princess who could do no wrong. I’ve always talked straight to her and taught her she is responsible for her own behavior. I never put her on a pedestal and let her blame others for her behavior. If she did wrong, I called her out on it. I Never covered stuff up like most parents. So she grew up being open with me about her and her friends behavior. And of course as a parent, other people would clue me in on what she was doing, and for years I overheard her conversations on her cell phone. And she was very popular and had girlfriends over, so I’d hear them talk. She would have sleepovers and when we’d clean up we’d find sex toys, etc. So over time you can learn a lot about your kid if you listen, and don’t close your mind to their behavior like a lot of parents do.

        3. What John Freeman says is correct. My failure as a father was that I seriously underestimated how debauched the culture had become. Despite the fact that I started little by little divorcing myself from the culture in the late 60s. Despite the fact that my tastes have never been mainstream. It didn’t matter that I came from a broken home rough background to begin with. My hard headed cynicism was no match for the peer group. No match for the influences bombarding my daughters. So despite my best efforts I lost them. Having done investigative type work on and off since the 70s I set out as best I could to find out what happened to mine and what was going on with young women. John Freeman is essentially correct. I was blown away by the almost across the board bi sexuality among young women, often encouraged and egged on by the boys. Almost all the girls I knew in my long ago youth would have reacted violently to being coerced into that sort of thing. Our kids came along when things really became unhinged. Like I said, the failure is all mine. I was no match for the changing times.

    3. Do the math there on the 200 partners by 18. That’s 30+ a year from 12-18. Really? REALLY?

      1. Yes, really. But an unattractive, overweight/obese, socially-retarded lass like yourself wouldn’t understand

        1. You are a fucking idiot for believing tripe like that. He’s pulling those numbers out of his ass.

  26. I dated a 23 year old girl for 3 months. I started getting suspicious to a few of her daily habits. Come to find out she was with another man for over a year. I told the sap about it and he tells me “You can have her she’s your problem now”. No thanks buddy. 3 days later they posted a picture together at the beach. Sucker.

    1. My first wife was a serial adulteress. When I pulled the plug she ended up married to the last guy she was dating while we were married. That was decades ago. People ask me if I bear any hard feelings towards the guy. My reply is absolutely not; if ever the punishment fit the crime it was being married to her. In fact it is a punishment I would not wish on the most evil man ever to exist. It really makes me pity him, especially as he is still married to her and she treats him like a dog.

      1. And that is wisdom right there. So many guys want to take out a cheating woman’s issues on whichever guy she is playing around with, when all that does is create more bs. Ive gotten to a point with women I can’t even be mad at them, its like being mad at someone in a wheelchair, they can’t help the way they are so I might as well change my thinking to adapt to reality. Took me a while, as it might take others, but once you get to the point your at peace of mind and happiness becomes real.

      2. a man should be introspective. if a women cheats on you then where did it go wrong. Was it your trust in her or her trust in you? The red pill view is that it was your trust in her. her trust in you is that you will be an indifferent blue pill man and forgive her.

      3. I rarely get mad at guys for going after a girl I’m with. I would do the same thing. Women are the keepers of sex. It’s on them to stay faithful. If they can’t do it, then if it wasn’t that guy then it would be the next day. She’s the only one to blame. Although that guy sounds like a total sucker

      1. Yep. I could have gotten a lot more involved. It didn’t end there. She called and texted me multiple times telling me she was going to “Kill herself”. Very unstable chick.

  27. If there is a choice of lying or telling the truth, Women will lie 100% if it benefits them. It is hardwired in them. The part of being a man is to know that secret so you can pull the rug right under their feet. This applies especially to American women

    1. I think you are being naively idealistic if you think women only lie when it benefits them. This would be rational and understandable, but my experience is that they pretty much lie whenever their lips are moving.

  28. Women are a walking talking lie. Women also equal poverty. So glad I took the red pill when I did, my dick sure thanks me. And so does my wallet.

  29. I’m really sad right now. I haven’t been reading this blog for more than a month or so, but I am sad. I am sad for myself and for all of you that think all women lie. I am 45, no kids, was married for 18 years. I married at 18, and although not a virgin on my wedding night, the only mad I had had sex with was my future husband. Unfortunately I seemed to have married the only man in the world not interested in sex. I left him after 10 years of a celibacy within the marriage. I was quite petite when I married, then gained and then lost weight. It made no difference. I never cheated. A couple of years before I left for good, his endocrinologist told him he has androgen resistance syndrome. He didn’t want to work on any and all parts of the marriage, so I gave up as well.
    Five years after my divorce I had sex with a man from my apartment complex. Of this I am deeply ashamed. He did not want a relationship and made that clear. It was a bad experience but I learned that I can’t “#uck like a man.” He was cold. He didn’t believe me that he was only my second lover. I feel like I was slutty but thought he was my friend. I understand I was needy after 15 years of celibacy. Not all of us lie. Though I am lonely I keep to myself and don’t go out. I don’t want to make another mistake. Lily

    1. If you had no kids, why in the world did you stay with him if you had no sex in 10 years?? You weren’t husband and wife, you just became roommates.
      I never understand hearing stories of couples not having sex in months, let alone 10 years. If there’s no sex, why stay together for?

      1. I thought it was my fault. I was brought up as a strict Catholic and did not believe in divorce for myself. I loved him. I told myself that I just needed to try harder. I told myself that sex wasn’t the most important thing in life. I had to exhaust every possible method to get us back on track. I was stupid. Now I am old and have no value. However, I don’ think I care to ever have sex again. Sex is for men. Now that I have had sex with 2 men, I know this for sure.

    2. although not strictly against divorce your story seems range you were or were not a virgin on your wedding night? plenty of women and men can lead happy lives with or without children but usually in an environment where they are quite charitable without being SJWs. IF you didn’t have children at 28 after being married 10 years that may have been the time t start asking questions. And if a strict catholic that i imagine birth control was out the window. So if 10 years of no birth control and no children it should have been a warning sign.

    3. You are from a slightly different generation than the 20-something pseudo-hookers that currently populate the West. Most of the young and highly beautiful ones meet all 7 of these points.

    4. You are from a slightly different generation than the 20-something pseudo-hookers that currently populate the West. Most of the young and highly beautiful ones meet all 7 of these points.

    5. There are always exceptions. You are in the 1% of women. 1 out of every 100 men will marry a woman like you. It’s not enough to make a real difference.

  30. My (older) female boss I had in the past, got drunk one time and completely out of nowhere, told me she ate the cum out of another gal’s cunt and spit it back in the gal’s ass. She told me this, at a semi-formal, professional dinner that had one too many wines served, as she nearly barfed in my ear. Since I knew the skank she was speaking of, I could never get the image out of my mind any time I saw either of them.

    1. can you please delete this post to spare future readers of this article? good god man…

    2. Sounds you botched your chance at a 3 way. Maybe because she was your boss, or ugly. Post a pic.

  31. This red pill will die unless you propagate, but this article shows so many reasons why NOT to LTR/marry women.
    If Beta men are the only ones suiting up and having children, THEIR genetic will be passed on…i.e. Beta ones.
    The alpha will become no more.

    1. haha alphas genetics will be no more lol. Feminism is trying to only have alpha genetics in the system. If an alpha has beta children they will be eunuch slaves in the future. Feminism only wants 10% male population-likely unfeasible unless we really become a technocracy. Of that 10% the alphas will be with multiple females like queen bees. they will live a good life but they will not be charge.they may live within the illusion they are in charge but they will not be in charge. Alphas were the first to run into battle like Achilles. Do you think that even then people were worried alphas would die nature the alpha lion leads and protects the pride. is the pride worries alphas genes will die if he dies in battle. Of course not! Chances are that achilles slept with a lot of betas wives and they raised his children the same for the alpha lion. White knights and betas think that feminism protects them from alphas. If anything it has continually showed that it promotes the sexual “privilege” of alphas and the further servitude of betas.This site promotes the sexual interests of betas. The same way that the Catholic church promoted the sexual interest of betas. Having a strong family unit and working hard. The alpha lion sleeps 18 hours and fvcks and then for a brief 30 seconds a week fights. A successful society doesn’t want more alphas its wants less. However feminism would prefer it the other way and really work the betas to the bone so they can live a brief moment in the alpha breeding world however that is the trick that keeps the clock ticking.

      1. problem to your theory, women decided whether or not to have children. if they can’t lock you down, chances are they’ll abort.
        and if they do lock you done, they are crummy women and will pass on terrible genes.
        remember behavior is not just genetics, it’s also environment. so you fvck a girl, she decides to keep…well that environment will be so man-hating that it’ll turn boys into betas and girls into entitled princesses.
        to restore the balance alphas need to produce and need to participate in rearing.

        1. there is a whole industry of alphas reproducing.I have no doubt the sports/music industrial complex and the modelling/fashion industrial complex are just tinder for alphas.As there will be a sun there will always be alphas. Even in academic circles there are alpha positions.Alphas never engage in rearing they only participated in breeding. This is true when you look at many species. especially noteworthy to some of our monkey relatives in indonesia.Everyone on this site known the common mantra of alpha fux beta bux. How many women can easily remarry once they have had kids with an alpha.Your question should really be what happens is betas stop picking up the slack for alphas. then i would be afraid. society really might come to a grinding halt if all betas went MGTOW or herbivore. But thesis unlikely because they would literally throw their life away for alpha leftovers.

        2. there is this former college athlete who dated a soon to be pro football player, they broke up. said she was pregnant. kept baby. bam! instant child support. she just did the exact same thing to a basketball player. all she needs now is the seed from a baseball, hockey n soccer player. she will never have to work another day in her life (Derek Jeter- dont get married bro!).
          It seems to me this is her agenda, right? athlete seed? FU daddy? I bet she fantasizes how the will be like the father, she will be their agents, etc.
          This is truly morally reprehensible behavior, and these women are never called out for it.

    2. Such a misreading of genetics. Smart people can have dumb kids. Good looking people can have homely kids. It’s not all so cut and dried. Besides as far as that goes I like what historian and philosopher Will Durant said the best.
      So the first biological lesson of history is that life is competition. The second biological lesson of history is that life is selection. We are all born unfree and unequal. Nature loves difference. Inequality is not only natural and inborn, it grows with the complexity of civilization. The third biological lesson of history is that life must breed.Nature has no use of organisms, variations, or groups that cannot reproduce abundantly. She has a passion for quantity as prerequisite to selection of quality. She does not care that a high rate has usually accompanied a culturally low civilization, and a low birth rate a civilization culturally high; and she sees that a nation with low birth rate shall be periodically chastened by some more virile and fertile group.

  32. this might be off topic, but I just want to show how fuckin psycho some women are. So I was on Tinder chatting with this chick, probably a 6/10 at best, probably worse in real life though….anyways we talk and make plans for her to come over tonight. I was just thinking this would be an easy lay, I’ve got nothing else to do.
    Well time goes by, so I just fapped to some porn, then went to the gym, came home and cooked dinner. I really didn’t care to have this chick come over at this point and didn’t even want to talk to her anymore, so I just blocked her number. Look how many times she’s called me without getting the hint!

    1. Gotta hate on that a little bit man. Flaking and not being upfront are chick moves which makes us all crazy. We’ve all gotten radio silence from chicks and it sucks.

      1. When you cultivate the habit of oneitis it will suck. Have a backup chick and you don’t have those feelings.

        1. It doesn’t have anything to do with oneitis. It just bothers me that everyone in modern America seems to ignore each other. I make sure to give a stern lecture when females ignore my text messages. It’s just rude.

        2. Butt hurt – beta behavior !
          Next time flirt with her best girl friend. Gina tingles will be born. Welcome to the matrix

        3. if a girl ignores your texts then obviously something or someone else is on her mind and not you. if a girl ignores you then you are supposed to ignore her, not get butt-hurt

        4. Women know men are responsible for pursuing them. They get to pick among their suitors. Therefore, a man’s most powerful in a relationship is to be prepared to walk away at a drop of the hat. It hurts when a girl walks away, but when a man does it to a woman it really sends a shock into their system.

        1. I wouldn’t call, but I’d send a text saying that her behavior was immature and inappropriate. Hold her to the same standard as you would anyone else. If a friend or a business contact did the same behavior, how would you deal with it?

        2. I agree. We give women so much shit for being flakes, it would be hypocritical to do the same thing. I would like to think grown men are above that shit.

  33. If you go into a potential relationship situation believing that everything she tells you is a lie, she will inevitably start lying to you.

    1. of course she’ll start lying to you LOL Thanks for the advice Mr.Obvious! That’s the point of the article

      1. If I ever suspected that I was talking with a woman who was being dishonest, I wouldn’t care about the answers to these questions, nor would I ask. But if I start seriously dating a woman, it means I got to know her first. Informed decision making.

      1. You don’t have to assume something you already know to be true. I’m not sure how this comment is relevant, though.

    2. Women lie to men to get resources and attention. Men lie to women to sex. The world continues to spin.

    3. Sorry dude. All women are liars. The difference is the depth and frequency of the lies.

      1. I have to disagree, but I’m sorry you’ve experienced otherwise. I find it’s very easy to have an honest conversation with a woman. Lay out your rules right away – one of which being total honesty. You don’t think you’ll be able to tell if she’s bullshitting you? I find that hard to believe.

        1. All women lie. It’s that simple. If you think any woman in your life has been totally honest with you, then you are a fool.

      2. It took me so long to realize this. What a hard cold slap in the face and I so wish I had caught on earlier.

  34. By that link it says women prefer men in the same age group. Which is to say young women are checking guys who are slightly older than her. Just because middle-aged men are checking out young women doesn’t mean the feeling’s mutual.

    1. Of course you want to believe that. After my last divorce I got interest from all kinds of young women. In my early 50s I married a 25 year old. Before that I had to block several 18 year olds that would not take no for an answer. And I am no competition to George Clooney on looks or money. When you look at that link remember the theme of this article; women lie.

    2. I would also say, women don’t care as much about age as men do. With most the girls I date that are a lot younger, they don’t care about my age, but they sometimes want me to lie when I’m with their friends and say I’m younger than I really am. It’s not about what women really want, it’s just a social stigma a lot of the time. They may prefer men just slightly older than them, but it’s a small preference that can be easily overcome.

    1. Why so solipsist? The fact that they look like “agenda-obsessed fools” to you doesn’t mean they look like that to everyone, or even a significant part of the population.

  35. What gets me is that women with a notch count well over 50, after they get married they claim they’re no longer sluts anymore, like just the act of getting married erased everything they did before that… lol
    They’re still sluts. They’re just married sluts.

    1. Put a $200 paint job on that sucker and some used whore salesman will sell it!
      I demand to see the WhoreFAX on those models. 🙂

  36. That paternity fraud story is one of the worst injustices in family court that I have ever heard. He’s paying child support, to a biologically intact family, and he doesn’t have custody?! Holy shit, if any guy has ANY doubt about how rigged the system is against us, take a look at that story.

  37. most of the guys my age either do four things: go MGTOW (without having anything to do with the manosphere), be thirsty beta males, become pump and dumpers (alpha) , or are or in a relationship with a woman. im quite impressed down here in australia that alot of men are aware of the sluttiness and perversity of women in the western world, drug taking, binge drinking, tatted cock craving whores that spend every week getting a new dick in them. to me that sure as hell isnt LTR material.
    i lost my virginity at the age of 22 about a month ago to a then 20 year old girl who fooled me into thinking she was some sweet good girl that used to get around and be a drug taking party animal. fuck was i wrong. after fucking her i did the worst thing you should do, get emotionally attached. her attitude towards me changed, going from sweet and friendly to just straightforward and hostile. After her 21st birthday party she ‘friendzoned’ me saying i was too attached and clingy ( i hooked up with her friend and know that she wants to fuck me) after a week or so i text her to say hello and i get told to fuck off by a guy that was at the party with his own girlfriend (looks like she mate poached that girl) lol. women have absolutely no morals at all, they will do anything given the chance.
    after all that im gonna say id rather get the idea of an LTR out of my head and just treat these entitled useless cunts they way they truly deserve. im planning to move out of my parents home and just rent an apartment, i have a good paying job now and im saving up. Then ill be sure to get my notch count up.

    1. used to get around and be a drug taking party animal

      Ah, I’ve been there. They never change my friend. They might want to, but she can not change her fundamental nature. Not without major incentive. Of course, the Red Pill might be news to modern men, but men have known these truths about women for ages. Just check out the lyrics to the famous opera song “La Donna È Mobile”. If you talked “Red Pill truths” to a man a few hundred years ago he’d say, “Uh, yeah. Of course. Doesn’t every one these things?”

      1. plenty of movies in the 1950s that dealt with loose women..always drama back then too…nothing new..

    2. lost your virginity at 22 in australia. What went wrong? i had to try to hold on to mine like a nun in the vatican and it still went earlier.

        1. Good work! The key to keeping your sanity it to remember in Australia you are up against the pussy cartel.Where those that control the pussy market will do as much as they can to limit access to the market.

        2. shah they wish! they are selling that asset but only to a handful of buyers. Look at any of the major sports codes in Australia and the guys have multiple women hanging off them at any one time. That’s what you are up against. You need good game and a solid frame or the Australian market is one of the hardest to crack and you will be left with angry fat chicks.

        3. We’re you really a fat guy or are you buying into the feminist bull shit about male attractiveness

    3. Feel you on that mate, which part of the country you from? Here in Melb, the females are pretty bad… which is why I’m saving up to take a trip overseas to Europe some time next yr.

    4. Yeah in my experience Australian girls are not LTR material overall. Same as American girls, maybe even worse. You should take a trip to a country with decent women. It will really open your eyes.

  38. Check out this article about at what age men and women find each other most attractive
    I guess I’m just weird. I’m in my late 50s and my SO is in her late 40s and I’m totally pleased with her.

    1. I think the article is more about woman that you’re not in a relationship with (wife, long term gf, etc), but I could be wrong.
      Also, it is just an average. There will always be a range of answers, including people who prefer the statistical outliers.

      1. You are correct. I didn’t really mean to extrapolate from the specific to the general, but I guess it sounded like that.

        1. besides the statistical outliers are rare and rare is good imo. The girl I’m dating now is 19 years old and I took her virginity. I have key logged her and she has never lied to me (i key log all girls i’m serious about) with something serious. ie of not serious lie “oh he’s not as handsome as you are 20” to some ridiculous good looking guy. She fits the profile for the right girl, I wish I would have met her a few more years down the road though

        2. My SO is definitely a statistical outlier. She is guileless and willing to please. My theory, fwiw, is that is because of her extraordinarily low N-Count for her age. Plus, she blames herself for her failed marriage rather than her ex-husband which again makes her a statistical outlier. So there is not much advice for other men that I can extrapolate from that, except maybe that N-Count does matter.
          May I ask how old you are?

        3. The technical answer will probably be too difficult for me to understand, but how do you keylog someone?

        1. no you’re not more attracted to the 40 year olds. They are easier to get because the 40 year olds are EXPIRED GOODS. They become more desperate, have plenty of younger competition, and the games do not work.

      1. You really should conduct yourself with more dignity on this forum. Going back and forth with a woman, and not in an intelligent manner is really beneath you.

      1. No, not attracted to women over 40 in general. Just attracted to this specific one. Definitely not your typical one, as most single/divorced women over 40… hell… most over 30… are jaded and sarcastic.

    1. Why don’t images automatically load now? I have to click “View” icon to see the image. I don’t like that. The images are often the best thing on these comment threads.

    2. yeah, but I think sometimes she might actually believe she’s telling the truth. Women are so emotional. She feels something one moment, then something completely opposite the other moment. Maybe girls usually believe it.

      1. Damn good point. If what she means what she says at the moment, it could easily change the next moment, like the sea.

  39. one good thing that men can take away from sluts. Is that the constant impulsive sex screws up women’s heads and they become crazier after each and every sex partner. That craziness comes out sooner in the relationship so you can bolt faster.

    1. yeah. And you can usually go by the rule “if it’s easy for me, it was probably easy for every other guy” and be able to bolt after one good night

  40. one time a girl told me that she is a “player” therefore she like “player” guys. I asked her “how can a girl be a player, all you have to do is say ‘come and get it” with open legs” … She had no answer to that. Apparently she thought being a slut meant a female had game.

      1. thank you. I am 41 years old, been married once for 7 years. I’ve been through all this shit that the authors on this website talk about. Dated strippers, shot girls, lawyers, female engineers, programmers, etc….

    1. A girl can be a player if she says yes and no to different men. That she plays the field and selects who to sleep with.

    1. You’re the biggest stalker on this site. Obviously you see value here and you wish you were a part of it. You never leave.

  41. Listen men if you want a decent woman to have kids with, you need to check out her family. If she has a decent family with a stable history she will be worth having a kid with. But always remember have one kid with her, at first, see if she behaves like a good mother and wife with that one child. Also fight for your rights in court. I got joint custody with my son , though he spends most of the time with me, men are getting more of a say in court these days than before. With joint, you know where the money goes; and by joint I mean conservatorship, meaning you can make decisions regarding the childs location and well being.

    1. Check out her family… what does that mean in current day America? Twice divorced woman with twice divorced mother is common. Millennial females learned it all from their boomer mothers. Now the daughters are getting their mothers on Tindr.

      1. then don’t wife her up; good for a pump and dump. There are decent families out there, they do exist. If you think a chick with an unstable family is still decent give her at least 5 years and observe her behavior. Never give her an engagement ring worth more than $500 and make her sign a prenup. If she refuses to sign the prenup, you then got your answer.

        1. Five years is too long for me to invest in an ambiguous situation. I make a decision at 6 months. If I don’t have enough info at that time to make a decision, then that’s telling me something is wrong. Unless you’re talking about having a “primary” relationship for 5 years, with other women on the side.

        2. then there is a price to pay for making decisions in 6 months; and yes you can have some other on the side if you really need it. There is no perfect way of going about finding a perfect mate these days. If you choose to be a player then the price to pay for that is time and money since you are out partying and going on all kinds of dates. If you choose to marry a chick within 6 months then the price to pay is that you may make a mistake. If you go without any female then you get no sex. ALWAYS A PRICE TO PAY, it’s about which price you’re willing to live with.

      2. setting up mom’s on Tindr- Hilarious. Little do women realise that once their looks are gone – they are invisible to men

    2. Good for you. After getting joint custody 9 1/2 years ago, I took my kids away from their mom 8 1/2 years ago and never looked back. She has never had the money or where with all to fight, so it has been great. I have certainly missed a lot of life focusing on the kids, but they are much happier and more grounded than if I hadn’t done it. I too am 41 and I figure I have plenty of time to play later in life, so I am focusing on improving myself.

      1. ..and when I do not have time for a girlfriend, I buy an escort for an hour. NOT ASHAMED ABOUT IT ONE BIT.

    3. Not so sure about that. I’ve seen some women from broken homes being villified for having “daddy issues” when they latch onto a man and hold on to committed relationships. I think it’s very possible for a woman from a broken home to see the destructiveness and aim for a better circumstance in life. Lord knows I sure as hell don’t want to be judged by my family’s actions.

      1. To me, this is why I am proud to be a man. Discourse with integrity and thoughtfulness. Men learn from one another. The really good ones actually heed each others advice. Nothing you guys just said was anything particularly illuminating – I guess what I’m saying is you don’t see females just talking. Their lips are moving but what they are really doing is spinning a web that always is a means to an end, always a motive – even with other females. To be a man is to be a builder, whether it be physically or intellectually, we build. We create and sharpen each other. Maybe I am reaching here. But with all the controversy and inflammatory facebook posts and gamergate and god knows what else is stained on the internet on any given day, it’s just really nice to see. Return of kings is just a website but it is also a reflection of the bond men have. Does this make sense to anyone?

        1. Yes. If you read female-driven sites like Jez, most of the comments are in the “I, I, I” format. Basically a platform for women to talk about themselves and how the article related to a story in their lives that they must share with everyone.

        2. Return of kings is just a website but it is also a reflection of the bond men have. Does this make sense to anyone?
          It’s essentially why I am here. It’s time we support each other, even if we’re not “alpha” enough. It’s time we fight back. I have taken many ideas from this site, saved some of my favorite posts. It’s good to know that although you may feel isolated in your own world there are other men out there who “get it”.

  42. the saying goes, you cannot make a hoe into a housewife. a very experienced person came up with that. Hoes typically have the following in their lives: Reality Show watchers, “Male” friends they eat out with, Fakebook profiles with lots of attention (1000+ friends), anti-depressant meds everywhere (even though these bitches go to great lengths to hide it), alcoholism, and indecisiveness in everything they do.

  43. I asked one woman to marry me and sign a prenup on the same day. She refused. I gave up sex for a months until I found a replacement. Big deal, giving up sex is better than losing your home and bank accounts.

  44. Funny all of these same lies are most definitely told by men as well… Double standard

    1. plenty of guys tell their wives that their notch count is a 1/3 of its actual amount…..NOT.

      1. Men lie about how many women they’ve been with, the type of women they’ve been with, how much money they make, what they do for a living, marital status, these are all very common lies. Men and women lie to each other all the time, it’s a shame they can’t be honest with each other out of fear judgement. It does a huge disservice to both sexes.

        1. HA you’re a fool. It’s not trolling to point out a very obvious fact to this very bitter crowd, EVERYONE LIES. Men and women alike. So go ahead, cry over it.

        2. I’ve never seen anyone get upset by what is ultimately a fact. I’m an avid reader of this site actually, there’s some great pieces that bring up some truly valid arguments. This isn’t one of them. I’ve read through entire articles on here devouted to teaching men new and inventive lies to tell women. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot gentlemen, there’s no need for us vs. them. You can’t critize women solely for the audacity of lying, when we all know men lie. It’s a hypocracy to not acknowledge this and really ruins the validity of any sound points men might have. I say cut the shit and stop this petty tripe, you look like a bunch of feminists demonizing the opposite sex.

        3. ever woman I know loved the fact that I am wanted by other females. They want to show their men off, then get jealous. Men do not do that sort of shit.

        4. How are we shooting ourselves in the foot? at the end of the day we can buy sex. so go fuck off.

        5. Typical lazy beta male response. My hunting skills are so soft n weak I would rather just pay than make a woman desire me. You’re a loser buddy.

        6. no fat ass….I’ve gamed plenty of sluts and whores like you. I do not have 24 hrs in my day to game women I spend maybe 2 hours per week on it. the rest of the time I work and spend time on my hobbies. At the end of the day, when the usual bitches I game bolt, I can buy a whore in between. IT’s ALL ABOUT dropping my “nut” in pussy, and if I get it by any means, who cares what a fat ass like you thinks.

        7. A. Don’t be a child. I’m not fat and you’re only saying that because you’re trying to offend me and it’s going to take more than your generic fat jokes exchanged on here to do me in.
          B. I’m am neither a slut nor whore. You’d have no way of knowing that because well you don’t know me. I’m married to a very nice man.
          C. If you pay for sex you’re a loser pain and simple. It’s so available (for those who can actually you know get it) to pay for it is to admit you are a lazy loser.
          These are facts.

        8. You are correct sir. People who are looking for a genuine connection probably aren’t. But I feel pretty safe in saying there are men and women out there right now lying their way into another sticky situation.

        9. dumb cunt…I dont care about offending, you are fat, your pic looks fat, so you are in fact fat! … it takes at least 2 dates to get sex from hot women , not fat ones like you, that can cost $70 per date, drinks, meetup, movie, can get a pump and dump 1/2 hour for the same price….either way you pay for it loser.

        10. Yeah, lazy losers. $200 to smash a 9 for an hour instead of approaching 100 of them with their bitchy and entitled attitudes. Women are just threatened by prostitutes. They subconsciously know that professional whores can undermine the most valuable asset they have. Most guys can afford $100 for a professional 6 that they’d have to spend all weekend trying to bang. Up it to $300 and you’re in dimepiece territory.

        11. Pictures? I have one picture up and it’s only a face pic so that’s a lie and proof you have nothing important to say, just profanity and fat jokes. Don’t be such a loser and use your big boy words mkay?

        12. Did you guys ever consider maybe like an attitude adjustment or something? Maybe you’d actually do better and wouldn’t have to pay for it if you’d, ya know, lighten up and didn’t carry all this resentment around.

        13. do you think we talk like this to a woman we just want to bed? we smile, dress well, smell good, look into their eyes and play dumb games especially with women like you, strippers, bar sluts, single moms, and hairdressers. you’re completely clueless. once these dumb sluts figure out that they won’t get at our bank accounts, they bolt, then we have to search for another one. in between we buy escorts. that simple. nobody cares what you think about that or what buying an escort means. we blew a nut and thats all that matters and that threatens you and your agenda.

        14. we lie to get sex from train wrecks like you. why would we want to ruin our lives actually marrying your kind ?

        15. Oh you’d never have to worry about that I’d never marry someone like you you’re gross and not too bright, so for once we are in total agreement

        16. This is just littered with inaccuracy. I’m not a single mother, stripper, hair dresser, or slut. I’m college educated and not single. I work and make a decent living. Agenda? When you got a bad mark in school (which I’m sure happened to you quite a bit) did you throw temper tantrums and accuse the teacher of pushing an agenda? Don’t answer that because I’m sure the answer is yes but in reality it only meant you failed to prove your point. I’m an avid reader of this site. I’ve corresponded with contributors via email, there’s some solid points made. This simply isn’t one of them. THATS ALL.

        17. No resentment here-gaming women and using them as cum-dumpsters is great fun, until it isn’t. That’s when I hit backpage for a professional fuck like no other. Then back to preying on women. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        18. “I’m not fat”
          “These are facts”
          Assuming your avatar is real, some facts you have there. Either you’re fat or you’re flexing after 5 sets of 400lb shoulder shrugs.
          “If you pay for sex you’re a loser pain and simple” “These are facts”
          Really. Which study did you pull your data from? Who gets to decide who the losers are? Anyhow, regardless of whether men pay for sex through mental angst, time, or financial compensation, it’s our decision.

        19. You sure spend a lot of energy trying to refute an article on a men’s site, that is posted for discussion by men.
          And by the veracity of the commenters in agreemenr it’s very clear this is a trend in behavior that we see amongst females in the SMP.
          And the goal of the article is to help educate men that are disillusioned to beleivng women are telling the truth when they make remarks similar to above early in the relationship development process.
          The biological goals of mate selection for men and women are very different. Thus rendering the reasons for lying very different.
          Alpha men do lie during the pickup process. Our goal is sex- and because we know the impulsivity of these common female lies we can better navigate the SMP to enhance our quality of life. We know what women are doing when they lie as such. We know the implications. And we can respond and adjust accordingly.
          What you fail to comprehend is that beta men, don’t get this. And it’s to their detriment.
          This is an article to help men. To help beta men learn knowledge.
          You dont have to like it. But groveling and drabbling on trying to say this isn’t true just makes you look stupid.
          Fat and stupid. I wish I could email you a cheeseburger…actually I’m lying.

        20. Hooplicious420, he has to pay for sex because NO WOMAN would actually agree to sleep with him otherwise. He is a toxic piece of shit and a loser, and women probably see it a mile away. The only way he could ever get laid is by paying for it.

        21. What’s really sad about all this is that someday you might have a daughter or a wife. You wouldn’t want anyone to treat your daughter or wife like that. These women you’re degrading as sluts and bitches, they are someone’s daughter. Just consider that for a moment. You don’t have to agree with the actions but then why would you stoop to that level?

        22. we do not care who’s daughter a bitch is. If she doesn’t act right she will be treated like a pump and dump. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT ??

        23. college educated means you think you are “a know it all , entitled bitch, trolling a mens site thinking, we are going to think like stupid women.” Women have never lead much of anything, cannot make up their minds, are flaky, try to come up with their own set of values, different than traditional, and are influenced by TV. WE DO NOT WANT THAT, plain and simple.
          Your assuming that you equate your argument with physics or magth? wrong..your premise is that you are right and are giving me grades? it is your kind, thats is perpetuating this type of online magazine. You think you got it figured outm when you are not even 1% close. School work is based on fact. Your bullshit is based on TV education and feminazi propaganda. you;re not even in the ballpark skank.

        24. Honestly? The fact that you act so vile and expect to be treated decently by anyone, that’s what I don’t understand that’s probably why you attract terrible women because you are, in fact, a terrible person. You reap what you sow. It’s pretty obvious!

        25. I will bet that a prostitute’s pussy smells and tastes better than yours. So why is it that women mayors try to eliminate prostitution in cities they govern? it’s a threat to the pussy power.

        26. good then WHY ARE YOU ONE HERE, if you think all of us are vile??? Nobody forced you here do they? you won’t change our mind. We know what happens when we give in to women’s bullshit. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. We will continue to use women like you for sex until you behave right. If not, keep on being bitter and angry, and try to change people. YOU WON’T !

        27. You have neither the right nor the reasoning powers to call any of us winners or losers. Each man will decide that for himself without any help from you. Besides if you are so fucking happy in your life with your very own Tarzan why don’t you leave us the fuck alone? You argue just like every other woman. All emotion and in your case you like to try to stick the needle in and question this one or that one’s manhood. Have you even ever experienced a real man?

    1. we don’t manipulate to get at your money or to satisfy attention whore needs. We just want to fuck, that simple. .. and if after you are seen as a SANE person (most females are not) then we will carry on a relationship. If you pull b.s. then you’re just a pump and dump. that simple. DONT READ INTO IT ANYMORE THAN THAT.

      1. So by solely based on good faith and your obvious virtue I can safely assume you’ve never lied to a member of the opposite sex?

        1. I’m not saying that at all. But men are always seen as the “liars and cheats” and women are many times seen as the princesses. Women always play the victim and men don’t. It is a two way street, that’s why this article is important

        2. shes resorting to memes..the typical crazy dumb bitch…shes probably got them all over her Fakebook too.

        3. Ok I see your point in wanting to break down that misconception, that’s admirable. But this is a bashing piece pain and simple. It right up in the ranks with all the tripe on Jezebel and everyday feminism. Almost all of these lies could be applied to men as well, so really you didn’t do anything to help the reader empathize with men which should honestly be the goal of the collective voice of ROK.

        4. I see your point and it is a valid one, but this is mudslinging. It’s no better than the tripe on Jezebel and everyday feminism. It’s a bashing article.

        5. here you go..i lie to fat bitches and hot single moms because they deserve it . they made bad choices and deserved to be lied to. there you go dumb cunt.

        6. Lol you’re a hoot. Beta through n through. By the way let’s keep this Intellcutal, no need for name calling we are all adults, just ones with different viewpoints on the subject. Wow you guys really are no better than feminists.

        7. It’s not mudslinging at all. This isn’t a site for women to read. It’s to prepare men so they aren’t so caught off guard when they are lied to about these things

        8. But we just established and acknowledged these are lies told by men as well. It’s pretty simple, you want honesty then yourself have to be honest. It’s a two way street. You can’t read pick up artist tripe and then turn around and complain when someone lies to you.

        9. when did your memes constitute intellectualism? educational and diet standards (in your case) have obviously changed in recent years.

        10. Really now? Can you prove that? And I don’t mean your silly biased anecdotes. I’m talking hard facts with sources.

        11. I don’t need to prove it. I have seen it myself. Studies are done with guys getting paid to make sure certain results are found or politics changing things or people not reporting other factors that affect the data. The only way you can really know anything for sure is to get out into the world and see it for yourself. Not listen to somebody with motives and agendas. So here’s what I can tell you, girls tell these lies a ton more than me… or any of my close friends.

        12. Wait but how is lying to a woman to get her into bed NOT an agenda? You “don’t have to prove it”? Well actually if you want to be taken seriously as a writer that’s exactly what you have to do.

        13. giving up pussy is free, losing ones bank account is not. at the end of the day a female gets dick so its an equal exchange.

  45. Great article.
    I have similar observations and experiences.
    To add: they’ll continue to deny and lie even when confronted with absolute smoking gun proof. It’s just part of their emotionally driven psychobiology.
    Another cold hard ugly truth of the reality of the red pill.

  46. Hi
    Can please anybody point me to the articule or comment where is announced that women are now allowed (!) to post here???
    I read the About section and now the old comment is removed!!
    Is there ANY male space that women won’t leave ALONE???
    Reading the comments now is painful…

  47. In the 1942 comedy “Roxie Hart”, there is a guy describing Roxie to his company over the phone, he pauses for a second and asks her for her age.
    She coquettishly replies “18”; he simply shrugs and says over the phone, “She’s 23.”

  48. Pretty much the same lies men tell. Shockingly, we are all pretty much the same flawed human beings.

    1. I do not thinks so nice try though imputing female behavior onto men. Every woman I dated loved the fact that other women wanted me. In high school the guy with lots of girls got more girls because he was alpha, athletic, funny, witty…etc…it does not work the other way around.

  49. “As I have previously talked about, girls are very aware of the fact that
    men don’t want to date a slutty girl, the same way that women don’t
    want to date a guy with no job or who lives with his mom.”
    This is a huge problem. Simply because it’s so easy to tell whether someone has a job or lives with his parents. It’s nearly impossible to tell for sure how many sex partners someone has really had.

    1. dating slutty girls for 7 weeks is okay, then drop them soon after. 7 weeks of easy sex is great.

      1. i only like sluts for a night. But I’m not into the “experienced” girls as much in the bedroom. Maybe an extra two times if she has something extraordinary, but 7 weeks is enough to catch feelings. and the last thing you want to do with a slut is catch feelings

        1. I never have feelings for single moms. I dated single sluts too, but I knew what they were about. I detached myself and it was easy; just thought of her as live porn. However, we are all built a little differently.

    2. Yeah that’s a good point. You could end up with that girl and catch some serious feelings before you find out the hard way… the truth

    3. It’s not that hard to differentiate a slut and a good girl. Assume every girl is a slut until proven

  50. Idgi. Are men pinnacles of honesty? Who cares about who’s lying as long as you’re getting laid?

  51. Does this conflict with the article “why her past is better left alone”? Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. LOL.

  52. I think about all the time I wasted chasing girls. I could have been a pro soccer player or something. such a waste of time, modern day women

  53. “She still wanted to be seen as a good girl.”
    And she is entitled to that desire, dear Author.
    1. Sex doesn’t make a girl bad. Likewise, if a guy has sex a lot, he is not somehow inherently subhuman trash.
    2. She wants to be viewed as good because you obviously won’t respect her as a human if you see her as being bad. But the fault lies in you, not her. Because you are the one not capable of respecting her if she admits she is “bad” (has had sex).
    1. Men lie about similar things
    2. The study proves correlation not causation. Sleeping with guys doesn’t make a girl more likely to have a shitty relationship (in fact it may even be more fulfilling, who knows?). Sleeping with guys also doesn’t make her more likely divorce. Obviously, this study is a reflection of the fact that people who are so traditional as to have sex never before marriage are also so traditional, that they are not accustomed to the idea of divorcing even if a relationship is bad. Thus, virgin wives divorce less not because their relationship is better as a result of the girl being a virgin, but they divorce because the girl has is a traditionalist conservative who is not exposed and therefore rejects the validity of divorce.
    Isn’t this all so obvious…?

        1. I was probably trying to click on the button to see who liked and and I accidentally upvoted. I can’t see myself actually upvoting my comments on purpose. I’m obviously not here to seek your approval as seeing that my opinions are not popular.

  54. Seriously, the Heritage Foundation? The ones who were happy to attribute Bush’s policies to themselves?

  55. Throughout this whole thing I only saw two things that I can relate to. The sex related ones. I have lied to people about how many people I’ve been with and the last time. Because guys get scared by saying 7or up lol. They start thinking you’re a hoe, when they don’t know the stories behind them. And as for the last time I had sex, I lie about that because I don’t want the guy to think I’m still caught up on the dude or make me out to be a hoe bbecause it was a month ago.

  56. Some women definitely lie, so do some men. I wish both parties just would be honest with each other from the start. Unfortunately nowadays you better off sending your future half significant other for a polygraph exam, STD tests, and complete criminal history background along with credit history check and psychological evaluation. How sad.

  57. Whoever wrote this is one no personality average Joe out of the bunch of sheep who meet other sheep dumb lost insecure chicks.. Sorry but there’s no need to lie about number of partners, sex is a human necessity and no one’s a slut unless they have a boyfriend and fuck someone else or fuck opp. U have experience being an idiot looking for an idiot who doesn’t accept themselves… Get over it dumb boys. Don’t sweat who u are ladies. It’s a good power to go after what u want and get it…cause if anything, girls can fuck whoever they want cause most guys are easy.
    Wether you’re a male or female, be sure of yourself and don’t play games cause at the end, you will lose ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I know girls aaand guys don’t really know what they want or SETTLE for what they THINK is the only thing they can get. Nah nah nah.
    Age ain’t.nothing but a state of being. 19 year olds can be Hags. You’re fresh cause YOU JUST ARE. I speak from experience. Everyone is different. Don’t believe generalizations. Be true to yourself and you will.find Gold. UNLIKE THIS GUY. if you can’t be yourself then you’re no one

  58. Well, I’m pretty young and have always viewed women as wonderful and mysterious creatures that make this ugly earth more beautiful. Reading this though, reminds me of William Blake’s “songs of innocence”, followed by his “songs of experience”. It does make sense; apart from the perfect woman, all other women bare taints of both innocence and harlotry. It sucks to think that today, the harlotry is the element that is most pronounced and in fact, most defended and promoted. The bitch I’m seeing has gotten easier to understand after reading this. For one, when I first met her, the first couple of weeks, I asked her if she’s a virgin, she said no, I then asked her how many guys have fucked her…she said 11. At first she was proud of this number, because turns out she believes in “sexual freedom” and “non-puritan” ideals, and also “leftist beliefs”; but when she saw how I reacted to this…she began to change her story. I was literally disgusted by her, she’s only 19 and already has a record of 11 men!!! Now her story changed to: “so what? you now see me as a whore?” to which I replied: “yes”; then she followed with: “oh, but if it was a man who slept with 11 women, it would be fine right?”, then I said: “What do you want me to see you as then? Doesn’t your reaction show that somewhere inside of you, you know that a woman is valued by her chastity? If that wasn’t the case, why does it matter if I see you as a whore? It shouldn’t be a big deal, right?” To which she replied: “well, whatever, I like you but whatever, you now only want to fuck me, you don’t see me like you used to see me” [to woo her in, I wrote her poetry, drew her portraits did stuff like that to make her feel venerated and special]. Then of course the water-works followed. Anyways, I ended up telling her I don’t care about her past if that’s the case, I just want to try and build something with her. I brought it up again a few weeks later and the bitch changed her story to: “I was just joking when I told you it was 11 guys. The truth is, it is only 2 guys. When I sleep with someone, there has to be an emotional connection blah blah blah…” then the bitch had the nerve to say: “don’t you feel stupid now for being angry at me before? “!!!
    What an ugly admixture of confusion. You’d think that given her “non-puritan” ideals [whatever that means], she’d be fine with being a whore. Of course today’s ‘women’ want everything at the expense of nothing, and without understanding anything. Trying to find someone different from the barrage of whores that strut the streets is hard. I feel so horrible now actually, I wonder what I’ll tell her the next time we meet. It’s time I see that ugly vile stupid whore that lies beneath the veneer of innocence, erected in order to manipulate me into treating her like something she’s not. I can’t wait to break this fucking slut.

    1. “…but when she saw how I reacted to this…she began to change her story….”
      “I was just joking when I told you it was 11 guys. The truth is, it is only 2 guys..”
      This is my experience…
      If you react to her story, the story changes…and continues to change – forever…

    2. Sounds like a toxic psycho you have there. I’d be dumping her and looking for something else asap.

  59. “I’ve never done this before.” Heard that a couple years ago when I started dating a cute 39 y.o. girl who looked far better than her age: she said she had never given a bj or tasted sperm before. Ya right, sister. Pretty little liars just never end.

  60. Sauron666’s puppet master has never created a sock puppet to troll this site before……… Ya right. You are a troll.

  61. Women are basically better at lying than men are and it is much easier for a woman to get laid than it is for a man. Even after they are married, women continue to lie and continue in their slutty ways. They are so good at lying that you would never know in a million years that they had 2-3 lovers on the side. It is so common that ObGyn routinely ask their patients how many people they are having intercourse with, especially the married patients. Men just haven’t learned how to lie as stealthly as women, and thus are more likely to get caught.
    On two occassions I had a big fight with my wife and she left tne house for the night, not telling me where she was going. When she returned the following day, in both cases, she told me she had slept in the car, parked in a park near the beach. Well, my wife is spoiled and there is NO WAY that she did that. I found out later through one of her friends that she “stayed over a guy friend’s house” and that they were “just friends”. She still won’t admit that she did not sleep in a car at the park near the beach on those two occassions, but she knows that I know that she had a “backup plan” in case I lose my great job, or I retire, or I die.
    It’s just reality y’all. It is what it is..women are just this way, that’s all

  62. i was dating this self called christian white girl for over two years and since day one she projected herself as a changed innocent woman, later on finding out she was nothing but a whore with TONS of luggage on her back, she was even STILL talking to ex lovers while we were together making me believe they where “just” friends and when i asked if she ever had anything to do with those “friends” of her she will make this perfect stories where was no room for me to doubt of her work but of course my intuition make me later on find out it was all a lie and they were efectively ex lovers, i even find out true her texts teling one of them that i asked her if she ever have nything to do with the dude it was the worst experience of my life and for that i HATE all woman who call themselfs christians cause they nothing but lier whores!

  63. Putting a keylogger on her computer is a violation of her privacy. But I can understand that it’s very tempting. Just one trojan with a keylogger and you know within a week if she is the right girl for a relationship. unfortunately nowadays women use their smartphones more than email or facebookchat. I have to say I’ve never spied on a girlfriend before, but with the next I may possible do it. I’ve been lied to behind my back so many times now with girlfriends that had backup plans.

    1. Low reading comprehension is not conducive to intelligent comments.
      The key logger was on his own PC, and who gives a shit about privacy when it comes to this kind of things?
      But aside from that, the smart thing to do is never to trust a woman. I’m married, but I made it amply clear that first of all, if my wife thinks she can hide shit from me she is beyond stupid, secondly the moment I find out anything about her that I don’t approve of, she is out on her ass, and I’m keeping my son.
      I don’t live in the US, and my wife is from a very traditional background NE Asian, she doesn’t speak the local language where we live either.
      And we don’t have alimony laws here, plus the added shame that would come with divorce means she is staying on the straight and narrow.

        1. You did miss the main point of what I said I think, I’m in NL where theoretically alimony is used but only in high profile cases,
          But there is nothing stopping me from going Guanzhou, good luck trying to get me via a European court order…

  64. amazing that after living for 48 you realize that of the stuff about women was a bunch bull s% that somehow ,nature gave women an advantage that was kept in the closet but that ended with the ,invention of the the internet ,the greatest equalizer of all!!!!!

  65. I emphatically agree with every word of this article. Woman have been allowed and even encouraged to act without honour or dignity in relationships with men for too long. The bi-line is that it’s acceptable because men are doing it too, and it’s an outright lie. In my personal experience, men hold themselves to a much higher moral standard in relationships than women do. It’s time to start calling out these little tarts and raising the bar for both sexes.

  66. I love how women want tall, strong, well off and well endowed guys when all they can offer is a used up pussy and mental problems.

  67. Well what does a disabled combat veteran do to find someone if this is the options? It takes a strong woman to be my partner and this makes all women just sound like mindless holes waiting to be filled or a lottery ticket to find one that won’t fuck the whole town in a weekend. The problem is very simple everyone has a smart phone and you can be fucking a total stranger within minutes. Second is the insane amount of hardcore porn being watched and women are trying to copy the scenes thinking that’s what we want. It kinda is but when guys are watching porn we enjoy it but we are also thinking “what a whore!!”

  68. Theres a chic at the grocery store who has been flirting with me quite a bit lately, even initiating it herself when I was minding my own business. Today I went through her checkout aisle, she tells me without me asking, that she’s off work in an hour, which I assumed was an invitation to ask what she was doing after work, which I did, hoping I could ask her to get together. “oh I’m going to the doctor then chilling with my boyfriend”
    Then why have you been flirting with me for the past couple months…

  69. Only use of a woman is that she makes a man feel good and better than her. Making kids is not an advantage it’s a liability. Women act so much like children I suppose that’s why they have the properties to spit out another child.

  70. Women with more than one sex partner have learned “the first cut is the deepest” (Rod Stewart) so they’re more likely to abandon ship when things go south whereas a formerly “pure” woman fears the pain and social consequences (religion) of divorce so much that she’s more likely to stay.

  71. first off: Who is interested in number or kind of former sexual partners? I never ask because I am honestly not interested. Besides, even being in a stable relationship I would not tell every girl flirting with me “Heeey slowly, I am in a relationship sweetie!” Lets not be too hypocritical this time.

  72. One wise (greek) man said it:
    Oaths of women, I inscribe on water.
    Or something along those words.

  73. #5 “We’re Just Friends, He’s Not Interested.” This one cracks me up every single time. These dudes are doing everything in their power short of sending dick pics to let these girls know they’re interested. I’ve noticed that a lot of these guys are of the simp variety, so it is unlikely she’ll do anything more than make out with them (if even that). So what’s the lesson to be learned? Don’t get trapped in a relationship with a girl with tons of guy friends. There is a 100% chance she will cheat on you, and a 50% chance she’ll say you hit her so that one of those thirsty fucks will white knight on her behalf. Pump and dump.

  74. Damn that age study is as depressing for men as for women. There goes the myth that women are attracted to older men.
    I need a ticket to the Philippines.

  75. This is true to an extent, looking at how miserable the previous generations are should be a warning sign to men and women that these people are pretty worthless, shallow and really learned nothing from their ancestors. Coming from the millenial generation I really look at the baby boomers and gen X as failures as role models, leaders and they are bringing us down with the ship. Looking at a happy collaborative family from the 1950s where the grandmother to the sexy 18 year old are valued and the man of the house is praised for his work. The baby boomers gave that up for homosex/abortion and I really can’t respect these people.

      1. Good for you, I wish there were more people who turned out alright. Still young and finding women who are worth effort is difficult, but not impossible like some make it out to be.

  76. Look, the only sane way to get married is if the girl is a virgin. It’s just that simple.
    What’s not that simple is finding one. If… you’re in the US. 😉

    1. Virgin brides are overrated. As long as you look for reason in the girl, you are looking in the wrong place.
      The man is the one who counts. Stop beeing a boy and you should be able to handle the vast majority of women you will encounter.

  77. Funny story; My Grandfather was a WW2 veteran that had moved to Houston after the war. He met my grandmother at church revival. My great Aunt told me that he was known for being a player and very flirtatious. She would cover for my grandmother when he would come and pick her up for dates. At the time too he was 16 years older than her. One day he just decided to move to Chicago and took my grandmother with her. Her parents didn’t even find out until a day later that they had left! He married her soon after.

  78. True….but I dont care what they say…even I don’t ask their names also…for me women are SEX objects…their best job is to lie under men…being their slaves…world has gone mad being so liberal…

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