One Surprising Benefit Of Dating A Foreign Girl

Last night I went on a date with a short, slim, busty Turkish girl I met during the day last week.

Immediately it became clear that the verbal communication throughout the night would be limited, due to her poor English. At first, I was a bit frustrated—it’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with this high of a language barrier. Then, something interested began to happen.

I slowly began to pay less and less attention to the words that were being exchanged. It was basic small talk about cultural differences that required little to no effort; witty teasing would only confuse my date at this point. Slowly I began to focus solely on the non verbal communication of the encounter.


Yes, this is a big part of any encounter for sure. Even when you’re dealing with a girl you can communicate perfectly clearly with, non verbal communication plays a crucial role. But, even so, I tend to focus most of my energy on creating a fun verbal experience, with light touching here and there. In this case, however, I was dedicating nearly one hundred percent of my active attention to the non verbal aspects of the conversation. Things that flow in and out of my conscious mind in a normal conversation began to dominate my thoughts.

Eye contact, body posture, and voice tonality

At the first bar we went to, I was forced to be seated at a lounge type table facing her directly, because the bar was full. This made physical touching almost impossible. However, it brought these three non verbal factors to the forefront of the interaction.

The normal advice is strong eye contact, laid back posture, and deep slow voice tonality. And all of these things are correct to a certain extent, but you must be perceptive to your partner’s state and vary these things accordingly. Simply leaning back, talking slowly, and holding eye contact all night long will most likely come off as very boring, if not altogether weird. I believe the key is to start by matching your partners energy level and then lead the way to the slow, seductive state mentioned above. 


Dates will inevitably start with a bit of energy. Girls are almost always nervous, and guys tend to be, too. You’re normally meeting someone you don’t really know, but have some sexual interest in. This naturally brings jitters to the surface. You’ll likely notice your date struggling to maintain eye contact, fidgeting around, and talking quite quickly at first. Rather than coming in and forcing yourself into a ultra suppressed state that’s sure to conflict with your partner’s current state, you should embrace the early jitters.

This doesn’t mean being a nervous bitch, but rather starting the night with some energy. After you settle into a particular location and the initial small talk slows down, you should naturally transition your eye contact, body language, voice tonality, and energy to a more calm, seductive demeanor. Realize that the actual words being exchanged at this point are secondary to what you’re communicating non verbally. It’s far easier to show intent and create attraction through your body language than forcing weird sexual jokes or innuendos. It also won’t risk breaking rapport or coming off as super “creepy”.

I’ll end by adding a couple of additional considerations. First, once the laid back vibe has been established you should add in some touching. Commenting on her fingernails, bracelets, or clothing is an easy way to naturally incorporate some touching. Also, you should still vary these non verbal factors as the night goes on. Intermittently injecting more energy into the interaction with an exciting story or just by changing your demeanor will keep your girl on her toes and keep the conversation fresh and fun.

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75 thoughts on “One Surprising Benefit Of Dating A Foreign Girl”

  1. I would add some anecdotal comment about my foreign wife but that seems to invoke rage amongst some of the readership here.

      1. Yup, unless you are dealing with an especially resilient and unusual specimen, the infection spreads quickly once terminal proximity with the contaminated carrier is attained. The Borg collective cannot stand to see lone drones operating outside the hive mind and will attempt to draw them in and convince them to establish the crucial uplink to the cathedral once they happen to be spotted out and about in the wild. Once that happens, it’s game over. Whoever designed and set up this “society” sure knew what they were doing, the cheeky bastards.

        1. Well, the facehugger does keep its victim alive yet sedated so that it may implant the alien embryo… much like what feminism does to the bluepill male by keeping him dazed and confused as it slowly imprints its specific programming. And the chestburster could be construed as representing the final stage where the servile chump is finally violently discarded after having sufficiently nurtured the gynocracy so that it may go on while he dies… sorta.
          In passing, while we all know that the mature alien’s head really represents a penis with teeth, did you notice that the facehugger’s “mouth” from which it releases its egg proposcis looks disturbingly like a human vulva? That Swiss freak H. R. Giger (oops, I mean “artist”) really had quite a fixation on turning human sexual anatomy into outright terror now, didn’t he?

        2. H.R. Giger was also a painter before he became known for the Alien movies.
          His actual paintings are far, far more bizarre than Alien.

        3. I know. And if you look closely you can see the disturbing sexual innuendo take shape quite early on in his career. The guy also looked weird as fuck in passing. Add to that the fact that he was Swiss and that really doesn’t help matters in the long run;)

        4. It has nothing to do with that. Anybody coming from a “normal” country who spent any real amount of time there and got to see beyond the pretty mountains and picturesque villages will tell you the same. They are….”weird” (nothing personal mind you).

        5. Giger was even married, too, which is even more incredible when you consider all the bizarre things he painted.

        6. You can watch “The Swissmakers” (Die Schweizermacher) from 1978 to get an idea of what I’m getting at. A bit old but still quite relevant. And a neat little movie btw.

        7. I was thinking more scallops quickly seared (seconds not minutes) in salted ghee and then taken off the burner and sauteed in the residual heat (think a thick copper-based pan) in an emmental/garlic/cream/pepper sauce. Holy fuck I’m hungry!

        8. Ginger suffered from sexual abuse repeatedly as a child and teen. Really left him messed up in the head. It was something he discussed in one of his earlier art biography.

        9. That does explain a lot, the poor guy. Still wonder where he got his ideas for his paintings from. Some really are quite surreal. They remind me a bit of Beksinski’s work, though he was more into the nightmarishly macabre than Sci-Fi really.

        10. Yes, and they can be quite a bit of fun in the sack too. Despite being the last western nation to grant women the vote (in the 1970s!), modern Switzerland is actually quite feminist and it’s young women (as well as quite a few cougars) do whatever they want, whenever they damn want it. It is really a rather nice country, and I wouldn’t mind having to live there given absolutely no choice in the matter (though it would not be my first pick). The major “disadvantages” (expensive, closed-minded, isolationist and reflexively xenophobic locals, a myriad of rigid and often oxymoronic rules and regulations, a highly robotic, joyless, and strongly stereotypical conformist approach to the many stages of life) are offset by quite a few benefits (modern, developed, peaceful, technological, organized, rational) to be perfectly honest. In any event, do not hesitate to give Swiss girls a chance, given the opportunity to mingle with this fine product from Helvetia herself.

      2. She serves that often with Bún thịt nướng.
        And it’s fun to say Bun tit nung at a restaurant.

    1. Your posts are always funny and enlightening, with the right dash of real-world wisdom many enjoy. Keep ’em coming!

      1. Thanks. Most nights I lay awake haunted by my lost opportunities and humiliating fuckups. Thankfully ForeignBride is there to soothe my wounded psyche. However when she is having one of her episodes I want shove my head into a meat grinder. Part of the duality of existence I suppose.

        1. Ah, so everything is not always rosy in wonderland after all. Then again, how much can you really ask for in this low down earthly life.

        2. It took a couple of years for my Russian ex to acclimatize to Canada. I went through her tantrums and depressions too. They get accustomed to it after a while, though being Russian our hard winters were less hard than hers. For a woman from southeast Asia, coming to a temperate climate can be a killer.
          I don’t have a Filipina wife, but I have Filipina employees, and I must say, they adapt to the frigid north very well!

        3. I’m being serious here, but for a woman from Russia, who’s been programmed to think that her country is the best, and who leaves a considerably different culture to come to our own, yes, it took a couple of years for her to adapt. She was quite homesick for a while. I miss that innocent girl, actually.
          She cried and I comforted her. But trust me, they smarten up real quick as to how they can screw over western men.

        4. I’d never marry another fucking woman again. I was mid-30s and she was early 20s. You wanna know what the best part was? The fianceship. All downhill from there motherfuckers.
          Heed this turd of wisdom.

        5. Sometimes I think they are born that way. Selfish and think only for themselves like children. Slick Rick had the right idea. He said “treat her like a prostitute!”

        6. I still don’t sort my fucking garbage. I’ll burn it in my back field before I sort that shit. And if I’m ever forced to sort it, I’ll be shitting in my empty milk containers and “hello!” to the staff at the dump! Sort that, motherfucker!

    2. Lets hear it, i actually landed a new job after reading your tactics and using them from our conversation on a different article. I wanted to say thank you bud.

      1. Thanks, that is inspirational. Bill Price wanted to put those essays in handy ebook format so I will finish the epilogue and get it published.

  2. Great article. For me, there are 2 things that make a woman attractive. The first is her body, obviously. But the second is her personality. There are many American women with good bodies (at least in their 20s before the wall), but their personalities are toxic. Foreign women have a combination of both.

    1. There is only one thing which makes a woman attractive: her body.
      Remember that. Of course that comes from a man who was addicted to
      cocaine-eating, pole dancing strippers in the 1990s, and who married an equally well-built Russian in the 2000s (sans fake boobs). If her body ain’t tight it ain’t right! 😀

      1. I have to admit this newest batch coming of age right now have cultivated exceptionally long and slender bodies. They are almost like finely bred competition greyhounds or sleek gazelles walking upright on their hind legs. Sure makes for some delicious eye candy I can tell you that much.

        1. Maybe you should move to the French speaking part of Canada for a change. It’s like a little slice of Europe in NA (with some exaggeration of course).

        2. Don’t worry, Quebec strippers came down to my favorite strip club way back when. Great memories in the back rooms! 😀
          That being said, I have to visit Montreal again. MERB.CA is our guide! 😀

        3. Newest batch of Russian women? Or somewhere else? The young women I see nowadays are in a sorry state.

        4. What I am seeing is different as well. Here in the upper Midwest of the USSA I am seeing cases of 35 to 40 year old women that have kept themselves in resaonable shape out with their mid teen daughters. The mothers are better looking than the daughters. The teens have some firmness under the fat but they are fat. You can tell that they will be land whales by their mid twenties.

        5. French Canada my fine English friend. Granted, we are not really flooded with them everywhere we go to be honest, but the talent pool does remain large enough to be noticed on a regular basis when out and about town. Add to that a veritable cornucopia of foreign variety – both student and professional – together with a large native francophone presence to dampen the influence of the crown, and you end up with a not too unpleasant atmosphere and overall experience. That said, it’s not exactly paradise, and many of them do tend to be quite haughty and bitchy as well, but it’s still a somewhat “acceptable” middle-ground between NA and EE.
          The typically Anglo-Canadian ones, on the other hand, are
          usually quite hopeless in passing (with very few exceptions in between).

        6. Same here…in the Deep South. I live in what’s claimed to be the ‘fattest’ state; and there are a good many of those as well, particularly the black girls. But a lot of the young women here are just exceptional beauties. The health conscious group is at least as numerous as the disgustingly obese.

    2. Be careful with sex tourism, unless you want it to turned into love. I “ordered” my wife through the internet, then there was a trip to Ukraine, but after a night , fell in love with her and married,so we are year together and her grip is still strong). Russians have some kind of magic, but they are very good wives, jobless.

  3. I love articles like this because they make feminists hysterical with rage!
    Got any more?

  4. Last week a guy posted a comment about “caveman game” where he chatted up a girl in a non-existent language while projecting calm and confidence with his body language/gestures.
    Too many cats worry about saying the right thing or the wrong thing when there is no right or wrong. If the girl “feels it” around you you’re golden and if she doesn’t she just doesn’t.
    Words won’t get you anywhere without good vibes, but good vibes don’t need words.

  5. I strongly believe that if our modern young boys went overseas to do their schooling in a foreign environment, that there would be much, much more men around here in the US.
    Take the infected, pussified effeminate males of today’s society, ship ’em out to the ‘Green Zone’ – the non-toxic land of women still untouched by American feminists – and let them learn what a real man is, how they should treat a woman (and how a woman should treat and listen to a man) and why they should be completely and unapologetically selfish…
    …it would certainly benefit millions of men who haven’t yet swallowed the ‘red pill’.
    So much to learn from foreign broads – it’s insane.
    From the states, your man,

    1. “males of today’s society, ship ’em out to the ‘Green Zone”
      That Green Zone is getting smaller with each passing year.

    2. Many young American sailors did their bitch schooling at Clarke, Phillipines; shame it was shut down. 😀

    3. The ‘Green Zone’ is nothing but a bunch of sociopaths and their beta-slaves.

  6. Its key to start learning womens body language and reading and interpreting their body language correctly. I can read people pretty easily and when i started to figure out game and apply it my pull count sky rocketed.
    If you follow what a girl says your lost, body language doesnt lie.

  7. Actually I thought this article was going to bolster the fact that with a foreign woman you can travel and get the hell out of dodge, once you break her in and make her yours, that is >;)

    1. Exactly, how about babies with non-American passports in addition to their American ones? That’s called options.

  8. I had the same realization. I also noticed after dating a brazillian, she really expected me to make every decision and take charge and be alpha in “grey” moments.

  9. Really interesting article. I was reading about the what is love??? Maybe we Foreign girls attract us more because they are in few. But reality is that, we can not leave without our own country girls. strange but true.

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