Why Masculinity Is Dying Off In America

Everywhere you look, it seems that we are facing an epidemic: more and more weak men are being created, and more and more strong men are dying off. We live in a society that encourages weakness. We encourage men to be effeminate; to be scared of physical conflict, to value emotions over logic, and to hide their sexuality.

These changes are not an isolated incident. A series of systematic changes all throughout the US have brought about this lack of masculinity in our culture, and the results have been horrendous.

Men are more depressed than ever. We feel as if we have no purpose, no cause—we WANT a great war, we WANT battle, but we can’t even get into a simple fist fight without lawyers being involved.

The Evidence


I can hear the pencil-pushing nerd shout out: “Where’s the EVIDENCE?! I want proof!” What I would say to him, is to open your eyes. The proof is all around you; hell, if you can’t see it, then you’re the proof.

Our culture has become infected with the disease of anti-masculinity; we warp normal, functional, healthy desires into being disgusting, and “toxic.”

Men aren’t allowed to rough play anymore; they aren’t even left unattended for a few minutes, let alone an hour or two to go explore. The second that a baby boy tries to adventure, his clingy mother shouts: “Oh no! Not my precious baby boy! He’ll get hurt!”

And like that, she’s chipped away at his masculinity. Little events like this add up over the course of a boy’s life; the constant restraint that’s put on him, the lies about how tussling with other boys is bad, and the high dose of shame that he’s given destroy his masculinity before he even has the chance to develop it.

And need I mention the other lies that our culture pushes down our throat? We’re all special snowflakes! You deserve a trophy just for participating! Give me a break—if you want a reward, you should earn it.

This type of “everyone is equal” attitude breeds a culture of entitlement; everyone’s been raised to believe that their moronic opinion is somehow equal to others, and that they should be treated the same regardless of their abilities and characteristics.

Sexual Shaming


Any and all sexual advances made by men are now painted as being rape. Just because a man made you uncomfortable does not mean he raped you. A man has the right to express his sexual advances to a woman, and a woman has a right to either accept or reject them. That’s a fact, and it’s time for people to grow up and accept it.

Men are expected to be asexual little princes for their entire lives; you can’t even call a woman beautiful or sexy anymore without the HR departments threatening to fire you and sue you.

No, it isn’t degrading, it isn’t demoralizing, it isn’t insulting—it’s a fucking complement. Go to other countries some time, do you know how the men act when a beautiful woman walks by? In awe. In other cultures, they actually admire beauty, but in the US? All bodies are equal. Nope! You’re not allowed to be attracted to a sexy woman, because it would offend a fat, ugly girl.

Marxists and liars try to point to sociological evidence to claim that beauty is subjective, but this is a half-truth. Yes, some aspects of beauty are subjective, but there is in fact a certain symmetrical and proportional mathematical backing behind objective beauty.

This aside, you can clearly see the motives of those arguing for “subjective” beauty—they’re ugly individuals who put zero effort into their appearances, and want to be treated the same as a gorgeous supermodel who spends two hours a day doing her hair and makeup.

The Causes

doctor low test

“You go to UVA? NURSE! Get this man some testosterone, STAT!”

There are a multitude of causes that are all contributing to this lack of masculinity in our culture, but they fall into two broad categories. The first, is chemical. As I’ve said before, there are a multitude of artificial chemicals and pollutants that we’re exposed to today. This is, in large part, due to the unprecedented, nationwide drop in testosterone. These contaminants that lower our testosterone levels are everywhere. They’re in our food, they’re in our water supply, and they’re in our materials.

The second, is cultural. As I alluded to previously, we live in a culture that encourages men to be effeminate, and women to be masculine. It encourages men to value safety over independence, feelings over facts, and to remain in a boyish state of emotional and physical weakness.

Now, I want to be very clear here: nothing is wrong with valuing safety over independence or feeling over facts…IF you’re a woman. It’s normal for women to value these things, because it’s in their nature. Valuing safety and emotions, as well as receptivity and intuition is a simple cause of having higher estrogen levels. Now, of course the angry feminist would yell: “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE EMOTIONAL WE LIKE INDEPENDENCE TOO,” and my reply would be this: No shit—it’s called a generalization. I would also note out the angry tone that feminists use when claiming that they aren’t overly emotional.

Your Water is Contaminated


It has long been known that our filtration system (at least if you live in the US, I’m not sure about other countries) does not do a good job at filtering out birth control and other estrogens from the water supply. Every year, people dump tons and tons of drugs into the water supply—pills down the toilet, anti-depressants down the drain, and birth control down the pipes. These chemicals dissolve into the water supply, and every time you drink a sip of water, you guessed it, you’re putting these things into your body.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—these aren’t high doses, they’re fairly small, and you’re right, but we’re talking about WATER, something that you consume every day. Over years and years of consuming seemingly small amounts of estrogen and mind-altering agents, they’ll have an effect on you.

The solution is to get a reverse osmosis filter. This is the only way to safely drink our contaminated water supply. Another option is finding a local spring near you, and transporting the water in giant glass jugs (more on this later) to your home. I realize that this is convenient, but trust me, it’s worth it. Your testosterone levels and normal neurotransmitters will thank you.

Your Food Is Contaminated


A farmer inserting an estrogen implant into a calf

As I have touched upon before, almost all of the food that we consume is loaded with complete garbage, and it’s not always that obvious. Sure, there’s the obvious examples, such as trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and loads of sugar, but what about soy crisps or hydrogenated oils? Did you know that both of these things have been linked to higher testosterone levels?

And while we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at your produce, shall we? As I covered in a previous article, many of the pesticides on common produce, such as apples, bell peppers, and apricots, used have been linked to higher estrogen levels as well as increased rates of cancer.

In addition to this, our meat is the worst offender. Several decades ago farmers started to realize that if they artificially jacked their cows’ estrogen levels up, they would put on more fat while still eating the same amount of food.

In fact, there’s a little pill known as Synovex C that virtually every single farmer uses on their cows to increase “feed efficiency” by 30%. In other words, they’re jacking their cows’ estrogen levels up so much that they put on 30% more weight with the same amount of food.

And when they kill and butcher this cow, and sell you its meat, what do you think happens? Do you think all of that estrogen magically goes away? Of course not—it’s now in your body. And don’t even get me started on the rBGH, antibiotics, and high cortisol levels that we get from consuming meat, too.

The solution is to only eat organic meat from your local farmers’ market. If you want the highest testosterone levels possible, you cannot afford to be eating garbage—plus, buying from your local market supports hard working, small farm owners.

The Culture War


As has been said many times before, we are currently in the midst of a culture war; masculinity is no longer encouraged, and in fact, it’s actually crushed out of our youth at a young age.

Men aren’t allowed to rough play, they aren’t allowed to confront one another in a functional way that leads to more cooperation in the long run, and god forbid they try to learn game! They’ll face countless women dumping drinks on them, white knights trying to cock block them, and angry bitches screaming at them for being “objectifying.”

Wanting to have sex with beautiful women is somehow a social taboo—men aren’t allowed to express themselves sexually, lest they be slapped with a sex offender label and forced to move.

Oh, but women? They can talk about that sexy new employee or hot new boss as much as they like, and if you try to hold them accountable for their double standard? They’ll just social shame you into oblivion. This is what happens when men are raised from a young age to always cow tow to women’s desires, to be spineless cowards, and to be ashamed of their sexuality. There is one primary way that this is done, that all others flow out of: the media.

The social engineers had a brilliant idea many decades ago: instead of trying to destroy America physically, why not just infiltrate its media and slowly encourage degeneracy? Why not just fund women’s lib and other cancerous causes? And this is what they did. Over the last 50 years, they’ve slowly, but steadily moved the agenda farther and farther left. Just two generations ago it would’ve been unheard of to give millions upon millions of illegal immigrants an American citizenship—but now? We’re letting in tens of thousands of refugees that aren’t even literate in their own language.

The social engineers aren’t brave, but they’re very cunning—ever since the 1960’s they’ve been putting more and more degeneracy into the media, so by the time that these kids grow up, they’ve already been brainwashed to do the elites’ bidding. They’re useful idiots.

How To Reclaim America


Ultimately, a revolution may have to occur to throw the corrupt bureaucrats and bankers out of power. But until then, it’s time we focus on ourselves. Throw out your cable box—nothing of value has been made by Hollywood in the last 10 years. Save a TV and use it to watch old masculine movies about men overcoming struggle, like Rocky or Straw Dogs.

Start eating healthy to naturally raise your testosterone levels—eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, have a grass-fed, locally butchered steak every day, along with some pastured eggs.

If you’re overweight, learn how to shred fat fast as hell—every pound of fat beyond 12% BF has been linked to a 3% increase in estrogen. Lift some weights and consider getting on TRT if you have the resources to do so.

And, of course… learn game. You can’t argue with women logically over the state of our nation, so it’s best to just make them so desperately attracted to you that they follow your lead and accept your opinion as god’s word. Take my four week boot camp to killer game; go out and practice day game and night game every day for four weeks.

I swear, if men simply knew how to seduce women, most of this nonsense would go away—men need to stop acting as if they can change women’s opinions about America. You can’t. Instead, just learn game so that they’ll naturally change their behavior to suit your needs (AKA help you bring back masculinity in America).

And lastly, don’t forget to get a healthy dose of the manosphere every week. It’s been shown to decrease beta tendencies by a whopping 100%. Share, comment, and subscribe—I hope you guys enjoyed my column, and I’ll see you next time.

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286 thoughts on “Why Masculinity Is Dying Off In America”

  1. I had a man’s day today.
    Worked early 6am til 11am
    Came home, hit the barbers for a number 2 + shave
    Hit the gym. Benched 160kg and slammed the heavy bag like a muthafucker for 20 mins. Must have leaked a gallon of sweat.
    Home, shower, dinner, drink.
    Home now. Wife upstairs putting kids to bed. I’ve got a fine as fuck bottle of South African Red Wine in my hand. I’m going to fuck her brains out as soon as her feet touch this room.
    Yeah, the system is against us. But we’re still men. We fucking run the show.
    Never forget

    1. Made me feel warm and fuzzy just reading this…we sure as hell do run the fucking show.

        1. I’m in England, it’s 9:45 pm, but I’m glad the message crossed the barriers of time, sir

        2. My morning just started; got up at noon, NOST – Night Owl Standard Time. No matter the location or situation, that message permeated both time and space, at least it did over here on the West Coast of the USA…

        3. Actually I misspoke – I meant the time zone. I’m in Phoenix/Scottsdale in Arizona. But yes, it’s still fucking sweet. Especially this time of year. Cheers, mate.

        4. The women in Scottsdale are hotter than the desert summers…gold-diggers, yes, but at least they’re top-drawer gold-diggers.

        1. I’ll volunteer to be part of that posse…because it’s coming. Sure as god’s vengeance.

        2. It’s definitely a Frankenstein movie but I just google young frankenstein and that seems to be the gene wilder comedy

        3. you guys hunt them down with your dogs, and they hide in their safe space with their cats. Or chihuahuas and poodles at best.

        4. If they made more movies like Young Frankenstein I’d never leave the theater. RIP Gene Wilder who recently passed away this year.

        5. I would rape feminazi girls who look semi-decent like Anita Sarkeesian.

    2. “Yeah, the system is against us. But we’re still men. We fucking run the show.”
      I admire your attitude, but don’t be an idiot. Wake up and observe for yourself what is going on in society. Try telling the police, judges, SWAT, your employer, and the average skinny-jean beta fag that “men are running the show’ and see how far it gets you.
      I’m not advocating victim mentality, but any red pill man knows damn well he has to have a realistic view of the current state of affairs and proceed with caution – he is walking on egg shells – he is the enemy of the system.

        1. Unless there’s a masculine version of Galt’s Gulch out there I don’t see how it can be avoided.

    3. But, what the hell is it all about, hey? Lets not always slap backs and say “you’re the man”…come on. It’s good what you do, it’s admirable, but, I wonder at times when I see all those guys in a gym, staring and fixated at nothing more than their own body image in the mirrors, thinking to themselves that they’re the pinnacle of masculinity.
      Not in my books, they’re trapped in their own narcissism like every second rate fag.

      1. You miss the point. Some are like that, but that’s not what I’m getting at. Plus that’s part of the jigsaw, not the whole thing

        1. I’m not questioning you in any manner, but, I like what you say about the jigsaw. There’s a fine line between healthy self esteem and unhealthy narcissism, but, maybe we should accept this as a part of what we are too?

        1. Well, that’s good and admirable, but, still I ask why we must always win? Somethings just aren’t worth wining and often we only realize it retrospectively.

        2. Working around pyrrhic conditions and avoiding such fights, while coming out ahead of the instigators, is part of winning.

    4. Chicken soup for the soul. Since we’re in the story telling mood. Last week, Day 1: went to the country bar, was talking to this manly chick who was going from guy to guy testing them, “when does bow season start? What date?!” (Yelling) She asked me. My response, “yeah, I get it. You like to bow hunt. You know how to cook?” She laughs. A few others approach the conversation, start talking about Hillary and the Donald. LSS, me “I don’t want a woman president.” Three disgusted faces walk away shaking their heads, me, beer, take sip, cheeky grin. Day 2: Dump a hot chick like a sack of shit for delaying date 2 hours for some bullshit reason. Me: text message, “forget it.” Chick: “what? Seriously?” Me: “Yeah, don’t waste my time like that.” 4 unanswered texts. Day 3: Riding my mountain bike on the trail, beautiful fall day, tight young asses bouncing around. Me: “hello, hello, hi, good mornin.” dramatic shades removal, hot chick walking dog, my original pickup line, “kinda dog is that?” Talk, get phone number. Talked to a few old ladies because who knows, they might have a hot grand daughter and don’t I just look like such a nice guy. Day 4: Go on first date with different chick. Me: “What would you say if your man wanted you to dress in lingerie n high heels and cook for him. Chick: “If that’s what he wanted, I’d be up for it.” Me: “Ok, you know a lot of girls would go into a femenist rage over that and I think people are taking all the fun out of relationships.” Chick: Giggles, “yeah…..” Phone won’t stop blowing up. Inspired by ROK. It’s very much alive.
      Side story: Visited parents. Watching Jeopardy with dad. Fat girl contestant. Dad says (with heavy German accent) “Oh someone get this girl something to eat already.” Me: Laugh my fucking ass off.

      1. You need to make this an independent movie production. No way this could be made in Hollywood but it would be great on the web or DVD.

    5. Hero Status: Assumed
      Well done sir. You’re doing it right.

    6. “Came home, hit the barbers for a number 2 + shave”
      You had a shit at your barbers?

      1. lol I was thinking the same… maybe he meant “came home for a number 2, hit the barber’s for a shave”

    7. You little bitch. Everything you did today I got done before 6am. And yes that includes your wife!

    8. Bless You ! Also, you are 100% right in saying that “we fucking run the show”. Look at every single tool / utility / technology we use in our daily life, Almost 99.99% of them are Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
      Yet see how these weak, inferior and pathetic femic***s are ungrateful to MEN ! They never accept and acknowledge the fact that they are “basking on the efforts of MEN” !!!
      “It’s not ok to slut shame” ! is it !? OMG; when does being a slut/whore became “un shameful” !!!

  2. Good points. I would say that more things could be included. Lack of sleep, toxic urban environment (excess of light, small particles, noise and O3), lack of sunlight exposure, warmer than ideal temperatures throughout the year, excessive hygiene (a daily bath is enough! Seriously!), daily stress, unbalanced diet (eat more nuts! Eat less animal fat!), etc.
    Then, of course, lack of a strong web of friends and a functional family. Facebook and twitter are not real.
    No role models for masculinity. The media omits admirable masculine traits and hides successful men from the public. Remember Ghostbusters? 4 women, 0 men. And the rest of MSM/Hollywod is the same.
    And then, the feminism thing. But here, it’s not so much a lack of masculinity, but a defective distribution of said masculinity. There are too many women behaving like men. There are too many men behaving like children.

    1. warmer than ideal temperatures throughout the year
      I wish. Cool summers and -20F (not wind chill, solid temp) winters nowadays. I’d love a hot summer and warm winter.

        1. Is it? I don’t want to become a zombie to anyone’s cause or credo. I only tolerate such ruts when played on Schubert’s 8th.

        2. ah an aesthete, or alternatively someone who likes the smurf theme tune too much
          give in. Become a manosphere zombie

        3. red pills will make the cataracts fall away from your eyes. The broken record articles will clear the wax from your ears. Just let it happen

        4. Smart advice from an elderly Indian man who works for the NHS on mental health issues. How I’d love to cry into your lap on Monday morning. You don’ t fool me, you’ve that typical smart ass mentality that says you’re not a man of the world, dear bachelor boy.

        5. I’m an elderly Indian man or you are?
          That has to be the most cryptic comment I’ve received in a while. I have never however claimed to be a man of the world though, smart-ass or otherwise

        6. oh, now don’t be coy, dear boy. I’ll see you on Monday morning then, we can discus the finer points on the hermeneutics of displaced identities across the media of the Internet.

        7. well that is the beauty of the cyber-age: one can if one wishes identify as an nhs mental health worker, on a top level spinal point, with full pension rights, turning up on the dot at 9am, without even getting out of bed. God bless the NHS

  3. Come to Britain! Conservatism is in the ascendancy. Shame the yanks have not figured out how to put an electable conservative leader into power yet. Slow learners I guess.

    1. Your system moves a lot fast than the American system. Ours was intentionally created to be very slow

      1. In Britain you vote for a Government (or party) and not a leader like a President. We’ve no House or Senate in the same way as the States, so, yes a new leader can pretty much really change the tone and tenor of a Nation within a short period of time.
        I’m delighted that Britain under its new conservative leader (in the real sense of that word) is returning to its natural and proud instincts and is rejecting the inference of the liberal elites of London and Brussels.

    2. Conservatives only want to slow the decline, which in my opinion is worse than letting it happen. I can see how that might be a good thing if you start early, but we have degenerated so much that rushing through a state of savagery is a better alternative.

      1. oh man, you’re too, too pessimistic. Conservatism is in my opinion a central and defining tenet in the Englishman’s soul. It’s his bread and butter, his resigned, but, agreeable “accommodation” with the too common disappointments of the world. It’s the root of English Anglicism and so much that’s key to the identity of what it means to be English.

        1. To me, a conservative is a man without a plan, riding out what his forefathers got started but only declining. It works if you hold out for a long time near the peak, but we have hit such a low point as a culture that what is left is hardly worth conserving. And we can’t go back, because the past has been fundamentally undone.

        1. Except she will drag out the looting of the system for as long as possible. At least with trump the collapse will be quick, and we can get on to the recovery.

      1. I’m an american and think the party aspect of their system is better. One of direct democracy’s greatest flaws is that it allows every other individual in government to push a good deal of blame for their actions onto the president. However, Britain needs to get much more conservative and fast.

        1. Well, that’s happening pronto my friend in the UK . Your problem in the States is that you do not understand conservatism in a cultural sense at all. It’s in the marrow of so many Englishman’s bones and believe me it has zero to do with the economy, stupid, as GHB, a late covert to the cause of candidate Hillary once mooted back in the 90s.

        2. Our system is idiotic. You’re right; it’s impossible (or at least highly improbable) for white people to develop any real conservatism. They grow up without being allowed to have identity, purpose, mentorship or the ability to garner respect, unless they are kowtowing to the special causes of the elite.

    3. I hope they’ll quickly reverse that stupid law that prohibits men from flirting with girls.

  4. Red-pill men have got to go against the grain on an individual basis, and speak their minds whenever and wherever the situation might warrant it. I rarely tolerate SJW behavior when I’m out in public. If somebody crosses the line and tries to police my behavior or my speech, I will get in their face with zero exceptions. I cannot abide rudeness and brain-dead, SJW-policeman behavior – just can’t do it, just can’t go against my true nature. It gets me into trouble quite often, but that’s the price you pay.
    You have simply got to stand up for yourself. You have simply got to piss in the face of coerced servitude and the social-policeman behavior exhibited by others. If more individual men started doing this – not in groups, not holding signs, but via in-your-face, one-on-one confrontation, whenever the situation warranted it – this shit would be over very, very soon.
    Individual action. Individual defiance. These are the keys to victory. And this is what the controllers fear the most. And that is precisely why the elite encourage people to protest in groups, like faggy fucktards who hold signs. Groups can be infiltrated. Individuals cannot be infiltrated. Groups can be led down blind alleys. Groups can be more easily identified, its members harassed, or incarcerated, or murdered. That’s why Gandhi and MLK are such big “heroes”, in the eyes of the elite. That’s why the elite encourage non-violent resistance…
    Men have to be men in the face of this godforsaken blight on humanity, and fight individually against the enemy, and then, meet in the middle of the battlefield and shake hands, after the enemy has been surrounded by like-minded warriors and put down like the rabid dogs they are.
    Anything else is merely making shadow puppets on the wall.
    Talk is cheap. Take action.

  5. Hmm. So why don’t we read about the death of masculinity in Israel; the end of an era for Jewish males; Israel’s moral inversion, decline, decadence or collapse; etc?
    Oh, and another curious thing: President Obama blames Syria’s civil war on “climate change.” Look at the map of that region: Syria’s neighbor Israel hasn’t plunged into civil war. Why do the socially destabilizing effects of “climate change” mysteriously stop at Israel’s borders?
    We see a whole lot of bad things going on in the world that bypass Israel. I’d like some explanations for these anomalies.

    1. “So why don’t we read about the death of masculinity in Israel; the end of an era for Jewish males; Israel’s moral inversion, decline, decadence or collapse; etc”
      The only israeli voice I’m aware of that seems to be anti-feminist is Martin van Crevald. Orthodox israelis are another thing

  6. It’s by design. Weak men will never oppose the elite. Only elite men can be strong. The soy. Gay propaganda. Hormones, gmo, multiculturalism. Feelings and safe spaces are for proles. All soro’s and rotchild sons are shielded from the propaganda. That’s why the elite hate putin and trump. They don’t want you to emulate masculine behavior. Remember toxic masculinity. Men are rspists. Men are violent. Men are dumb. And more bs.

    1. Those ungrateful femic***s will rot right in here, on this planet for saying “Men are rspists … etc.
      Don’t know how come they ignore the fact that whatever they are using (Keyboard, Mouse, Laptop/PC/Smartphone, Internet and the Disqus platform) to type their shitty comments are created & developed by MEN !!!

    1. Distilled water is cool (allegedly). You can buy it in bottles at most USA grocery stores, really cheap…

      1. Distilled water also lacks the minerals and nutrients that one gets from spring water. It’s the same as dehumidifier water.

        1. You can actually buy mineral salts from homebrew shops that add specific mineral levels when mixed as directed with a volume of water.

        2. “No, plastic water bottles leak BPA into the water. If you do buy spring water make sure it’s in glass”
          It can be tricky yo find water in glass bottles in some parts of europe.

  7. What amazes me is how many people I discovery are on anti-depressants and other coping strategies.
    No one is willing to admit that what we are doing is not working. The majority of people are fucked and all they can think to do is wait another day, buy more shit, live a life half-way, sit and put their hand down.

    1. What gets me more is the people who think it all happened by accident and not by design.

    2. Not to mention how many people’s kids are on prescription drugs, can’t be good for their developing brains.

    3. Everyone on happy pills is a sedated zombie.
      People joke about the “Zombie Apocalypse”, but it’s already here in the form of all these people on psychiatric meds.

      1. There is a theory that favored horror genres reflect deeper psychological truths repressed in the civilization.
        Around a hundred years ago, the swarthy and seductive Dracula swept into England in defiance of all Christian morals and works of God – it reflects a discomfort with Puritan sexual mores and growing discomfort with religious traditions whose value was fading in the modern eye. Powerless men in the face of charismatic and wealthy evil, weak women powerless to resist his hypnotic charms, evil that chooses which of its victims will become monsters and which will be food – all reflections of a culture adapting to the Industrial revolution and its cultural impacts.
        Then came the werewolf – a creature that was a peaceful or friendly man by day, but when the moon came up it transformed into a beast without any of the reason or kindness of man. It reflects a society at peace, where the barbaric traditions required to maintain life and civilization are largely unnecessary, but in which the people hide from their repressed savagery.
        Zombies, as mindless creatures that overwhelm and destroy without conscious will or awareness, reflect discomfort with a vast world that seems inscrutable and aligned against us. They arise in complacent towns and shake things up, and many of the survivors find purpose and meaning in their wake.

        1. But Zombies represent a form of post or perhaps more importantly pre human consciousness. How can they be understood in any cathartic sense as they represent not a state beyond us, but, rather below our current state.

        2. Stephen King wrote a great essay about how horror stories help maintain civilization.

        3. They are a reflection of modernity, and as such the “survivors” provide the catharsis.
          During the Zombie apocalypse, those things that keep the average millennial in the zombified state are destroyed. The survivors are reawakened to living life as nature intended – surviving off the land, scavenging supplies, fighting daily to maintain their un-Zombified states.
          It seems to me that most of those who love Zombie stories are basically zombies, and deep within they are aware of that. The horror stories, then, allow them to fantasize about what it’s like to be free from that state and struggle to remain detached from those very elements that keep them down.
          And, as an added bonus, when the story’s over they can go back to being zombies without having to actually make those changes. Just like they watched werewolf stories without actually embracing their animal sides, or like they read Dracula without actually becoming either more sexually free or fighting to defend Christian morals.

        4. Good read. Cheers. Btw, I’ve visted Whitby numerous times. Have a pic of me on the Bram Stoker Bench up at the Abbey

    4. The people, especially males must be controlled and setting up a decadency relationship upon a drug is an ideal way of keeping these pussies in line.

  8. Please do not drink reverse osmosis water because:
    1. It is very low in minerals
    2. Due to #1 above, it is yin in macrobiotic terms
    3. It does not seem to hydrate the body as well as other types of drinking water. I do not know the reason, but this is a consistent clinical finding.

      1. I would not think so.
        It is contaminated with plastic from the RO machine membrane. This adds a toxin to the body, even though the water is quite pure in other ways.
        RO water is sometimes called a “hungry water” as it lacks minerals. Most people today, if not all people in the Western nations, at least, are very mineral deficient to begin with.
        Carbon filters in RO systems can harbor many bacteria and viruses.
        Adding minerals to RO (or to any drinking water) is usually even worse. It is hard to know which minerals to add, and salt is among the worst thing to add.

        1. Fatherofthree…the resident conspiracy theorist. RO water is infinitely better than tap. Every example has shown this. All of the things you listed are in the air.
          “It is contaminated with plastic from the RO machine membrane. This adds a toxin to the body, even though the water is quite pure in other ways.”
          Barely. As much as anything else that touches plastic. Better than having rocket fuel in my drinking water.
          “RO water is sometimes called a “hungry water” as it lacks minerals. Most people today, if not all people in the Western nations, at least, are very mineral deficient to begin with”
          So then eat lots of vitamin and mineral dense foods. Every man should be doing that anyway.
          “Carbon filters in RO systems can harbor many bacteria and viruses.”
          Never had a problem. Never heard of anyone having a problem. Never even seen an article propagating this idea.
          Not to mention it eliminates the fluoride.

        2. RO involves passing water at high pressure through a plastic membrane with tiny holes in it – it is not merely touching plastic.
          Plus, I never said tap water is better nor did I mentioned any conspiracy.
          You sound like they type of person suitable for my banned list so from now on you’re blocked. Enjoy the company.

        1. Is it proven that spring water lacks the estrogen, anti-depressants and other manmade nastiness found in tap water?

    1. I drink reverse osmosis water, but I counteract point 1 by supplementing with Champion’s Choice Trace Mineral Salt Block.

      1. In my experience, this often worsens the water. The problem is that minerals in water are complex, and just adding a solution usually does not produce a balanced and healthy end product.

    2. I can confirm this. I worked as a water scientist for a while, and Deionized water (reverse osmosis) isn’t ‘natural’ water. There is psuedo science about it’ll strip your teeth etc; dont believe thats true, but its not really water thats good for you. Probably slightly better than esotrogen city water, but not much.
      Spring water is your best bet.

      1. Spring water IS the best. It is fine to buy it in plastic bottles from the supermarket. The plastic does not cause problems with the water or with the body.

    3. Gonna need some sources on that shit.
      Or are we meant to believe everything on the internet?

    4. Folks using it while sailing for extended periods of time don’t report issue.

    1. Checked your blog. Interesting article on girls breasts size and accelerated ageing.

    2. At my local supermarket, almost every dude employed there is either fat and or blatantly faggy. Employees used to be primarily female, now theres way too many dudes working there. A couple years ago I swear every hot chic in town worked there. Call me sexist but I prefer to have women handling my food whether female cashiers or female waitresses. I wonder if they have enacted some kind of “affirmative action” to replace all the hot women with fatasses and faggots.

      1. Affirmative action in the corporate environment displaced these men out so they are left to work the lower paying jobs once dominated by women.

        1. Perhaps but I think in this instance it was a willful policy of hiring fat gross slobs, the obviously gay, the handicapped, in -disproportionate numbers-, in order to appear inclusive, which is biased against the hot women they have displaced, but you don’t see feminists or quota engineers sticking up for hot women, probably because feminism is hostile to healthy femininity, and the system wants to shove degeneracy and ugliness in everyones face and pretend it’s the new normal.
          To clarify my previous comment I prefer to have women handling my food whether as cashiers or waitresses, rather than men, because I dont want men handling my food, for some reason it provokes territoriality and feels invasive, whereas women as natural cooks and gardeners in the natural order of humans, the opposite is true, they make better hostesses or banquet bearers, if that makes any sense. It’s a compliment to women on something theyre (supposed to be) good at.

        2. Dunno, I’ve always preferred male butchers. Seems “right”.

        3. Yeah butchers and hunters for sure but that’s more of a “trade” and the province of men, than mere food “handling”, from a kind or pretty face.

        4. I probably wasn’t nuanced in my understanding. Bakery, regular food, yeah, girls. It’s “right” too. You just feel it. Butcher, that’s man’s work. I’ve always enjoyed hitting the local butcher shops around here (we still have them) and ordering cuts from the gruff man who does the work. It’s as natural as buying crops from farmers.

        5. Agreed, I’m mainly just talking about at supermarkets or restaurants where someone else is handling my food, not master chefs, green thumb grocers, bloody butchers, and farmers doing all the backbreaking work.
          So I guess all I’m talking about is I prefer waitresses to waiters, and female cashiers handling my food.

      2. Are we just talking cashiers?
        I can agree about the cashiers, tellers, child care providers & deli workers-the public service people at the grocery store-but if we’re talking about the “behind the scenes” navvies who get the real work done, you know it wouldn’t work out unless it were male dominated.

      3. I prefer attractive girls to handle my food as well.
        I wouldn’t even mind it if they spat in it but I can’t even begin to think how disgusted I’d be if a guy did it.

  9. Total pseudo science hypothesis I am putting out: but I wonder if part of the ‘masculine’ female issue we have today is all the unprotected sex women have now they can’t get pregnant with the pill. Sperm actually has Testosterone in it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1030919
    so multiple injections from high T guys straight into her system seems like it definitely would have a result.

    1. But do women today have more unprotected sex today than women did in the past?
      I’d speculate that the moody swings of today’s women are in fact due to not enough testosterone in their bodies.

      1. I have no way of knowing for sure. However consider that in the past unprotected sex = kid. That doesnt hold true now. You have girls rack up counts of over 100 guys. Unheard of in the past.

        1. But oral contraceptives lower the testosterone levels in women.
          Plus, there are high levels of copper in the contraceptive coil. Decreased serum testosterone is significantly associated with a high level of Cu.
          So in fact, girls today are more likely to lack testosterone due to too much unprotected sex.

        2. How popular are the IUDs?
          …why anyone would get an implant when a condom is going to be used anyhow (unless the dude likes to live on the edge) baffles me.

    2. That is a possibility, although married women who would be getting regular sex from a husband would also be expected to have higher T.
      I’m sure that the Pill has a different deleterious effect: it fools women’s bodies into thinking they’re pregnant. And this, in turn, fools women into thinking they want beta providers and make alphas or otherwise masculine men come across as threatening. This, in turn, incentivizes men via carrot-and-stick to act like kiss-ass white-knighting beta males.

      1. I suspect you’re on to something there. Add in the estrogen in the water/plastic/soy/damn-near-everything and it’s a physical-and-mental pincer attack on manliness.

      2. If acting like a beta got men laid then why are there so many PUA scam artists trying to tell ugly short bald men for $2500 $999 $299 $99 $19 they can get laid if they learn to be more alpha?

        1. You’re wrong about that. Lickspittle beta white-knighting brown-nosers far, FAR outnumber PUAs.

        2. But they don’t get laid with the women whose ass they kiss, right?

        3. Sure, maybe, after the women get old, cuckold them, and then divorce them in a few years.

    3. My wife didn’t turn into a football linebacker. Nor have my girlfriends across the ages.

    4. ROK did run an article containing a similar theory:

      If a woman absorbs Y-chromosome genes from male sperm via casual sex, this would easily explain why women with high notch counts exhibit more masculine traits, something that any international playboy can anecdotally confirm.
      The promiscuous girl becomes more masculine because
      various masculine genes are being inserted into her genome and affecting her phenotype.

      Research Suggests That A Woman’s Body Incorporates DNA From The Semen Of Her Casual Sex Partners

    5. Women’s testosterone sometimes increases as they age, and their estrogen always decreases, esp after menopause. The Sperm Theory seems farfetched to me.

  10. Overcoming adversity makes us into men.
    If adversity doesn’t come to us, we must go to it.

      1. Thanks. That adversity can take many forms. Too often we immediately think “go fight in a war and become a man”, but you can find and overcome adversity via athletics, intellectual or artistic pursuits, or even dealing with a shitty family upbringing.

  11. Buy direct from a small farm or CSA.
    Move out into the country. (Many reasons.)
    Grow or raise your own food, even hydroponically.
    Consider aquaculture.
    Go multigenerational in housing/lifestyle.
    Don’t buy shit products. There’s a reason cheap eggs are cheap. There’s a reason cheap pork, beef and chicken is cheap. You don’t want to see the shit they eat, and I’m being literal here.
    If anyone flips you shit about the price of the food you’re buying, or the price of food you’re selling, it’s too late for them. You can’t save everyone.

    1. Best eggs I’ve ever had were in South America. The yolks were bright orange and firm. They smelled incredible when I cooked them. It was like some ancient sense memory being awakened.
      I buy high-quality organic eggs here in the U.S. but they still don’t compare.

  12. Honestly there has been a huge backlash against feminists and beta cucks. I’m seeing it go the opposite direction. Slowly. But things are changing on the ground, if not the media.
    Just keep at it.

  13. The US Army is also a causalty in this war. Regular Army bases resemble college campuses. Instead of the priority being warfighting the main concerns are sexual harassment and progressivism. The US Army is completely decimated from what it was only ten years ago. It would be unable to fight an army dominated by masculinity. Hence the unending failure and shame of Afghan and Iraq as well as hundreds of other places the military is involved in.
    Brotherhood in the army has systematically been rooted out. Every unit has a token female which the beta male orbiters hover around like flies to poop. Army men are traditionally desperate and will bang anything but years ago they had some manliness about them. The current generation of warfighter resembles your low key hipster.
    Special Operations is also effected. They have been forced to drink kool aid which tells them to kill solves nothing. Many believe in diplomacy and supporting defunct systems like NATO which literally steal American money which contributing nothing but humans who exist and breathe air.
    Not only is the USA as a county dengerate and split but the armed forces are completely lacking the ability to perform in conventional 3rd gen warfare. General officiers talk crap and provoke countries like Russia to war completely oblivous to the broken state of the army. We play tic tac toe, they play chess.
    The greatest Army that ever existed with the most advanced technology is unable to defeat men with flip flops who have sex with goats.
    Would you agree?

  14. Someone needs to make a filter with a selective membrane for water. We could have people choose which contaminants they want removed and chemically add antibody proteins genetically cloned using plasmid transformed organisms to the filter polymer to specifically bind to any steroid derived hormone. Common practice in many fields of biology and chemistry. We could do this with plastic beads in a column too, which would just use pressure to force it through the material as the toxins bound to the beads. Would eliminate the need to go to the spring for anything.

    1. That is just a fucking cool ass comment on his part isn’t it? My respect went up a couple of points.

    2. It will happen ! and the days are not that far !! Fed up of pussy entitlement and free passes !!!

  15. I think its too late. Time to leave the US. Id never raise a son in this country. Imagine him coming home from school, asking what a transexual was… at age 6… Or saying he had his first kiss with a “girl” named Pat.
    Fuck that!

    1. So where you going to run big boy? You either fight or run like a deer in the pack. You’re all full of talk, what are to going do?

      1. I can only say this. My biggest regret in life? Not leaving the US 15 years earlier than I did! 😉

    2. That’s the best choice. It’s not worth it anyway. No decent women left in the US, plus the disgusting toxic culture. Better to go elsewhere where things are still traditional. It is a big planet. Unlike what all our teachers (and the government technically) want us to believe. 😉

    3. Yeah, you should run to any other country, where they disarm you, and wait for Big Sister USA to eventually take it over culturally. Good plan.
      I raised a masculine son in this bullshit environment. Don’t be such a defeatist. My son has more women sniffing around him than a pack of dogs around a steak.
      This defeatist attitude bullshit, probably due to the estrogen in the water supply. Bob almighty.

    4. Imagine him coming home from school, asking what a transexual was… at age 6… Or saying he had his first kiss with a “girl” named Pat.

      No need. Public k12 schools are the last place you should be sending your children anyway if you’re worried about this sort of thing.
      Yes the culture has gone to the shitter, but that doesn’t mean you have to help by sacrificing your children to it.

  16. Schools , religion, music, contaminated food/water environmental factors and feminism rammed down kids throats by the media TV shows from the day they sprout a tooth. Its amazing their are any males left in America. The gauntlet called the liberal society. They can f if the b is horny enough and you happen to be a beta buck but not much else when it comes to being a man.

    1. Religion? Was this a typo?
      Do you mean modern, weakened Christianity or are you ignorant enough to believe society is better without religion.

  17. The rape culture bit makes me laugh when tough laws are made for rape social justice warriors bitch it will target minorities the hardest. What’s worst is when rape does happens such as Muslims raping a 5 year old disabled girl they defended
    them even when they recorded it.

  18. From looking at the international social networking stuff, it doesn’t seem like it’s just the USA with the effeminates. I have seen it myself from women and men all over the world. If men say anything even slightly sexual or masculine in nature, you get the slap, account banned, a white knight steps in, etc.
    But women get to say all the crap their biology tells them to–How much money do you have? What’s your job? What’s your social status? How many friends do you have? And the men are stupid enough to honestly answer those questions.

  19. Love how men are reacting to what trump said like he said something 90% of men would say or have said, the other 10% are faggots id never associate myself with. Shows trumps alpha status and u see the shemales on cnn acting like what he said is the worst thing ever said, bunch of beta pussies

    1. Yep. It’s like “OMG! That’s traditional male talk when men talk to men! Attack!”
      What in the hell is wrong with this world?
      Christ, we just need to nuke ourselves and hopefully a 2000 member colony of right wing survive, and start over. This shit is insane.

      1. In some places, this kind of talk is a main feature of the actual election. Do you recall this?
        Hugo Chavez is better off dead, but I remember thinking three years ago when this happened that America could benefit from this kind of tone in politics. Not crude for the sake of being crude, but soul-revealing humanity – speak as we’d naturally speak in our most unguarded moments.. Screw the duplicitous double-talk, the scripted, focus-grouped, pretentious lies.
        Then came Trump. And here we are. And I couldn’t be happier.

      2. I prefer a “12 Monkeys” style culling that doesnt take the rest of the Earth down with us. The “green” apocalypse heh

      3. It is, these pussies just need to go already, i just today said (a women who was fat and looked like a troll) that the only thing uglier than her was someone that’s deformed, the looks of terror i got was crazy. But yet i find other women love to take down women that are average to above average without concern,but defend the fuckin ugly ones.

      4. I’m far angrier at how most “men” in the Republican party are a bunch of cuckservative pussies. We might as well just hand they keys to Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife now, they’re so fucking triggered that at this point we’re doomed.
        I really couldn’t care less what Trump said 11 years ago.

      5. Aside from the #1 problem with trumps statements (That it shows he took a woman furniture shopping to try to fuck her pretty much inventing gay best friend game) @disqus_rZAs5FK2jm:disqus made a comment above that really made me think. If he was considering politics at the time and he was wearing a microphone it shows that he simply isn’t very good at this game. That’s ok. Most the people who are good at the are like one notch over child molesters on the evil scale. That said, playing a game you aren’t good at against someone who is good at the game is a sure way to lose. Ask Monsieur what playing me in chess is like when he gets back from wherever the french army sent him to practice surrendering this time

    2. There’s nothing alpha about trying to prove your sexual prowess to other men OR violating a woman’s freewill.

      1. Being a female, you have no idea how men talk to other men in privacy. And a woman who is into you will rush to put that pussy into your hands. You’d know this, if you were a man. Which you aren’t.
        Oh go shove your head in a pig,

        1. Many times, the homoerotic banter isn’t confined only to male ears. Rampant intrasexual discussion about what makes your dick hard and reveling in horniness with other men is not heterosexual in nature. It, more than anything else, gives credence to the theory that all or most men are at least bisexual. Women have sexual fantasies about men everyday as well, but don’t need to weirdly indulge in graphic fantasies together vocally.

        2. Right on, cis-ta! Women would never weirdly indulge in graphic fantasies together vocally. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-18972630
          May I ask if the negative male attention that the typical hirsute, autistic jizzebel genderqueer actively solicits here, serves as a mildly-comforting replacement for her absentee father?
          Your word choice gives credence to the theory that all or most girls without daddies derive a sick sort of comfort from repeated male rejection. In light of these findings, the evil patriarchy recommends you find a new therapist whose game plan goes beyond a daily force-feeding of sertraline.

        3. My father has always been present in my life. Nice try. This site is just the male version of Jezebel, but probably even worse. It’s where losers gather in a circle jerk to throw their childish, deluded, bitter, narcissistic tantrums because time after time, they didn’t get something they wrongly felt they were entitled to.

        4. NoName, you sound angry. You need to calm down and explain what your position is rather than insult those that promote traditional, biologically aligned archetypes.
          What do you hope to achieve by coming here and insulting us? Is it cathartic? If you didn’t have a distant father, you must have had an overly permissive one. If so, I feel sorry for you that you never had a dad that loved you enough to enact loving boundaries. If not, what made you so angry towards a group of guys with a common goal? abuse? A bad breakup? Bad genetic makeup?

        5. The losers here are too pathetic to be mad at. The ‘common goal’ you refer to is to violently oppress women just because you’re bitter that you could never get dates in high school and still have trouble in that department. Your absurd reasoning for this disgusting pursuit is that men are more objective and rational while women’s minds are just too infantile to make decisions. You back this claim up by trying to attach yourselves to a small group of men throughout history whose successes actually contributed to civilization. The attack on women’s objectivity and rationality is a classic case of projection.
          It’s men who commit the large majority of violent crime, who often die in reckless ways, and are more likely to be borderline retarded. They’re certainly not the gold standard for good judgement and rational decision making.
          Because you’ve got nothing legitimate to feed your confidence and self-worth, you claim you’re part of the ‘superior’ sex who has to police women’s every move and violently lash out if they step out of line. That is NOT love. It’s nothing that even resembles love. That’s a combination of hatred, insecurity, and psychotic control issues. You overinflate the value of men while debasing the value of women because you’ve got nothing else going for you. I sincerely hope that every supporter of this garbage will eventually come to their senses and change for the better. Because right now, they are a potential threat to society and certainly a burden.

        6. You are the one who sounds bitter. I presume you must be a fat, ugly woman in her late 30s lamenting the fact that your career doesn’t attract hot alpha males like your feminazi masters promised you.

        7. Wrong on all counts. Typical of the proud beholders of logic, rationality, and objectivity to spout ad hominems when they have no argument.

        8. If you’re a “man” it’s even worse. You are a typical sycophant white-knight sucking up the feminazi kool-aid.

        9. I married my high school sweetheart. Are you sure you weren’t the one that never got the dates? Your anger towards men is apparent to all on this page.
          I love women. I want them to be happy, but their current trajectory into harlotry and false ‘independence’ is resulting in their downfall. If preventing women from falling into a pit of despair is not loving, I don’t know what is.
          I am sorry you never got the loving discipline that an impressionable young girl should have received. It must have affected you, but it’s never too late to change. Men are not your enemy, your own bias grown through your history of horrible, permissive or weak male role models is the issue. Take stock of you life. Where has your attitude led you in life? are you happy? If you were happy, you wouldn’t be here venting out your life’s frustrations on male strangers on the internet.

        10. Yet, you’re still here flinging ad hominem, in a desperate attempt to work your way into the very center of said “circle jerk.” And women wonder why negative female stereotypes are still perpetuated.

        11. I’m not angry at men. I’m disgusted at the supporters of Roosh and his ilk who want to punish women because they aren’t getting the constant stream of young 9’s and 10’s that they feel entitled to.
          You don’t love, care about, or wish happiness for women. That’s absolute bullshit and you know it. You want to take away their freewill and control them because of your fragile ego. THAT is a pit of despair.
          If dissenters post on a site full of crazies, it’s because of the bit of hope they have that the crazies will wake up and see how insane their current doctrine is and change for the better. Anyone who wishes violence and oppression on women just for liking and having what they consider too much sex is disturbingly unhappy and mentally unbalanced.

        12. problem is, your alpha-thinking makes it impossible for you to know women and to understand anything close to women’s freewill… doesn’t come with the package 😉
          I’m also pretty sure most people know men talk about fuckin all women that seem desirable. Hypocrisy is another thing…

        13. problem is, alpha-thinking makes it impossible for you to understand women or to come even close to women’s freewill… doesn’t come with the package 😉
          I’m pretty sure everyone knows men talk about fuckin all women that seem desirable. Hypocrisy i another thing..

        14. problem is, alpha-thinking makes it impossible for you to understand women or to even come close to getting what women’s freewill is… doesn’t come with the package 😉 .
          I’m pretty sure everyone knows men are interested in fukin every woman that seems desirable. Hypocrisy is another thing…

        15. problem is, alpha-thinking makes it impossible for you to understand women or to even come close to getting what women’s freewill is… doesn’t come with the package 😉 .
          I’m pretty sure everyone knows men are interested in fukin every woman that seems desirable. Hypocrisy is another thing…

        16. problem is, alpha-thinking makes it impossible for you to understand women or to even come close to getting what women’s freewill is… doesn’t come with the package 😉 .
          I’m pretty sure everyone knows men are interested in fukin every woman that seems desirable. Hypocrisy is another thing…

      2. Not everything has to be alpha. I violate women’s free will for fun. I mean everyone needs a hobby

      3. “violating a woman’s freewill.”
        I didn’t know a woman consenting and not only allowing you to, but agreeing to do things with you is violating free will.

        1. My absolute favorite thing about this website is reading the numerous comments by men who absolutely despise women, want to rape women, want to rule over women…yet they don’t see the need for feminism, or why women feel the way they do. It’s as if the petulant man children on this website don’t realize they’re literally the cause for such movements.

        2. My absolute favorite thing about reading the comments by weak, inferior and pathetic pussies like you and the other is “how on the earth these pussies forget that: they are wiping their ass with tissue invented by MEN, the Tampon they are comfortably stuffing into their pussies is because of MEN, and well, the list goes on …” !!!
          This will be my first & last reply to you, because: responding to you is like “throwing stone on pile of shit” !!!

        3. Oh look, an angry Indian man who hates women. What an absolute surprise. Most serial killers are men. Rapists are largely men. Hitler was a man. Stalin was a man. Osama Bin Laden was a man. Shall I go on? Cuz if you wanna play that game, we can do it honey. The world has been run by men for centuries…should we blame the fact that most things are largely shit on that fact? Also, before you go on about how men fought for shit blah blah blah, you didn’t fight for anything…your ancestors did. So please, go back to your air-conditioned office where the worst pain you’ll ever feel is a slight cramp in your hand from all that typing you do.

    3. I see the Clinton Machine bullied Assange into holding back so they could pump up the Trump playboy tapes and Hillary’s wallstreet speech tapes are getting sidelined by an SJW freakout frenzy over Trump being a man with the means. All the while, Hillary’s got a raging flamer for her VP.

      1. Assuming Assange’s memo containing Hillary pondering why she couldn’t drone strike Assange is legit, I’m a bit surprised that she didn’t just arrange for the whole Ecuadorian embassy to have an “accident”, or strongarm the diplomats into tossing him out.

    4. I have acquaintances who self proclaim they are alpha but went white knight mode on the trump thing, when in fact they have said far more vulgar shit trying to be cool in front of the “guys”, fucking tards. Crocodile Dundee actually did grab one by the pussy in one of the movies and I don’t recall anyone going up in arms back then LOL. Dundee for president!

      1. I knew who were the true alphas wuth the trump thing as well, anyone that sad trump was a racist,bigot whatever instantly saw respect drop tenfold

  20. Saw a female MRA the other day at Cernovich’s playing mommy and claiming that she was as qualified as a man to criticize Cernovich simply because she had a brain. It was ridiculous.

    1. How did she look?
      I mean….everything else about her is totally fucking irrelevant.
      (This is my favorite go to with women who press opinions)

      1. Apparently has degrees, older and looks her age, no idea if she’s married but I’d guess no.

  21. Masculinity is dying off because that was the plan all along. Anybody who doesn’t realize that is either paid by the elite to espouse that belief, or brain-dead to the point where trying to wake them up is pointless. The question is – what the fuck are the men who are fully awake going to do about it? The answer, so far as I have seen, is this – nothing effective. At least in terms of what I have read so far in the online realm of the “manosphere”…

    1. >what the fuck are the men who are fully awake going to do about it?
      This isn’t a one night thing where we can change a law and all is well.
      This has been going on before I was even born (1991). We win by subverting the subversives. Aiming for the kids (having proper nuclear families) and spreading the reality to the idiots. Reverse subversion if you will.

    2. I mean yeah. It is basically what Thommy Hob calls for in Leviathan. The problem is finding the balance between masculine and civilized. To be honest I think the Rat Pack is the absolute zenith of giving up enough masculitity to be civilized while retaining enough not to be, ya know, a bunch of faggy ninnies

    3. I think the reason there is so much “do nothing” right now because “doing something” has a very real probability of getting yourself a heapin’ helpin’ of government violence. There just aren’t enough men in concentration to defend themselves to any appreciable degree.

  22. The solution is to get a reverse osmosis filter. This is the only way to
    safely drink our contaminated water supply. Another option is finding a
    local spring near you, and transporting the water in giant glass jugs
    (more on this later) to your home.

    Estrogen has been found for years to be “transjennering” fish in our lakes and rivers since at least 2009. Why wouldn’t mountain springs be just as contaminated?
    What about distillation? These reverse osmosis filters seem as though they could have you winding up paying more for water than the evian/fiji swilling hipsters.

    1. Lakes and rivers are surface water where treated sewage is directly introduced.
      Spring water comes from deep underground under pressure where it has probably been for a long time. There is also a filtering action in the soil as water moves into aquifers. It doesn’t necessarily remove all contaminates though. As water moves into wetlands that are covered in vegetation it (vegetation) also helps remove surface contaminates.

  23. Okay, I’ve been reading about TRT at various places and how cool it is, but is there a convenient way to get some T into me without a needle? Are there reliable supplements out there? I suspect there’s a lot of snake oil and I’m trying to cut to the chase here.

    1. From what I read there is no oral test booster that isn’t total bullshit. You either do it all the way or don’t do it at all. Those other things are just money grabs. However, I’ve no first hand knowledge only from what I read.

  24. ““I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests. In the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow’s event in Wisconsin,” Ryan stated in a press release.”
    Masculinity is dying? Really? Enter Paul Ryan, the greatest looser of all fucking time. What more evidence do we need??? The part of “women should be championed and revered” is just the poster line for all we stand against.

    1. That line does so much to explain why Paul Ryan was so spectacularly cowed into submission by Joe Biden.

      1. What ever happen to this society of ours, where gender defines character??? You are a women and that makes you some special creature??? We shall all be revered by our value, our heart and our passion, not by our sexual organ. Paul Ryan, in one simple sentence, defined the wrong of the ages, sadly our ages.

    2. Hey I’m all for championing and revering ladies.

      It’s just there aren’t any to champion anymore!!! So I guess we just have to not respect the 3 million skanks that are everywhere. 😉

  25. Protein? Sure. A ‘steak a day’?? That will literally kill you. If you’ve studied natural health, nutrition or the Blue Zones, you would know that the healthiest people eat high quality meat protein only 2 to 4 times a week. They eat a lot of vegetable protein.

    1. A steak a day will literally (Hitler) kill you? Stop reading all that hippy stuff. I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to be a rabbit.

      1. You obviously have not studied anatomy and physiology. The human is built as an omnivore. You have a very long digestive tract- not ideal for meat. Lions and tigers and other meat-only eaters have very short tracts, and the giant teeth to go with snatching that prey. Ignorance will kill you.

    2. Yeah, you have to vary your protein sources. Ruminant animal meat is really good but not every day. Best to work in fish, poultry, nuts, yogurt, and eggs on a rotating basis.
      And oysters! Each one has 8 g protein. Easy to slurp those down.

  26. “As I have touched upon before, almost all of the food that we consume is loaded with complete garbage, and it’s not always that obvious. Sure, there’s the obvious examples, such as trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and loads of sugar, but what about soy crisps or hydrogenated oils? Did you know that both of these things have been linked to higher testosterone levels?”
    Is that not supposed to be ESTROGEN levels? (or LOWER testosterone levels?)

    1. yes. possible typo from Jon Anthony. They are linked to spikes in estrogen levels but from context I assume he just typed it wrong.
      Or maybe he is operating on Chuck Norris levels where when he types “estrogen” it just comes out “testosterone”

  27. Btw guys: what is up with Trump’s gay best friend game?
    Trying to take women furniture shopping to fuck then is about the absolute most beta fag game you can play

    1. He’s not perfect at least he’s not Hillary. He’s going to get hammered over this one. Hopefully he can pull a rabbit out of his hat again and have everyone talking about something else in a few days.
      With what wiki leaks released yesterday there is plenty of dirt on Hillary that can now be turned to mud. He is sort of a fuckup in some ways but, she is the spawn of of Satan.
      I wonder if the timing of the release of that video had anything to do with the timing of email releases?

      1. He is going to get hammered for the wrong reasons. He will be hammered for being crude. That’s stupid. He thought he was having a private conversation. What he should get hammered for is thinking it’s ok to try to get laid by taking a girl furniture shopping. That is literally (hitler) the definition of beta game.
        That said, I don’t think it will hurt him any. The fems will use it to call him Satan and men aren’t about to say “ok trump has no game let me vote for some hag”
        As for timing, I really don’t think any rational person would question that it was intentional

        1. Definitely the wrong reasons, it was him BSing with another guy big deal. I agree with the furniture shopping thing and if had done something like that in a previous life I wouldn’t tell anyone even after hours of Chinese water torture.
          If they spaz out that bad over what he said they would have a brain meltdown over some of the things I hear all the time from men who aren’t, how shall we say it, socially polite? I heard enough stuff worse than what he said just yesterday that would probably cause most news anchors to throw themselves off a cliff, what with talk about after women throwing themselves away after years on the carousel causing certain female body parts to ” look like a burnt out stumphole”.

        2. I recently said “now there is a bird who doesn’t just let you fuck her in the ass but begs for a good balloon knot stretching on the first date”
          What he said was totally benign. I wish some news person would take him to task for the furniture shopping though. Like totally ignore everything else.
          Also, if he wins…every time meets with a foreign leader I suspect I will say “I wonder if they are going furniture shopping”

        3. I guess he could buy the Ayatollah some pillows and shit from Bath and Beyond.

        4. Dude, he was wearing a microphone that he knew was potentially live. And he’d been mulling a run for president since the eighties. It was totally his fault. Reckless.
          This was political suicide with an eleven-year lapse between the moment he pulled the trigger and the moment the bullet entered his brain. He just lost millions of undecided female voters, particularly college-educated ones. They were the ultimate prize in this race. He just blew it.
          What a terrible candidate. Epically, monstrously awful candidate.

        5. wow…didn’t realize all that. Again, I am not very political minded in general but yeah…that sounds pretty freaking bad.

        6. Trump didn’t lose anyone with this, women aren’t focusing on the crudeness or the apparent “beta game”, they’re fixated on how it enhanced his alpha status.

    2. One time I went with a chick to go mattress shopping. The store told her if she didn’t like it she could send it back, free of charge, and get a full refund in 30 days. I told her she would have to test drive it to make sure it was good for fucking. It was a pretty good mattress for said purposes.

      1. and if you are a real estate billionaire I would say fuck you dude just tell that bitch to fuck you before she goes shopping and take her homo friend.

        1. And yes I wish I was a billionaire…
          The one thing I like about Trump is I am sure he has banged 100’s of women, but when he decides to take a wife he is completely honest with that wife. That shows a man with character. Can’t say the same about Slick Willy.

        2. One thought is that perhaps he needed a purpose that seemed innocuous to lure out the married woman he was gunning for?

        3. What surprises me is that, for all of Slick Willy’s legendary philandering, he seems to have only one rumor of a bastard child sired by him kicking around.

        4. I don’t know. Personally, its just a reality show to me. I didn’t watch survivor or the real world because they were just irrelevant tv shows that weren’t interesting and feel the same way about pLOLotics. Honestly could not care any less

        5. I bet you he just had the cords cut after Chelsea was born. Any real player knows that is the ultimate insurance. (Also free laughs when a chick accuses you of knocking her up).

    3. He did say “I moved on her like a bitch”. I thought it meant one thing, but it does makes more sense to think of “bitch” as a synonym for “beta fag” in that context.

      1. Hahahahhahahahahahaha you win today.
        I obviously have nothing against trump being a regular guy. It’s the poor game that bugs me

  28. I read the product information on Synovex C:
    Do not use in bull calves intended for reproduction, or in calves less than 45 days old.
    100 mg Progesterone And 10 Mg Estradiol Benzoate
    That’s the same stuff transexuals take to become feminine. Granted it wears off eventually, but Synovex C is followed by Synovex S, which is intended for STEERS, with the following ingredients:
    200 mg progesterone and 20 mg estradiol benzoate per implant
    Ah, same stuff but higher dosage, and multiple tablets implanted.
    WHY IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED IN OUR FOOD? Unless it’s to neuter and feminize us?

  29. Just a little correction here. You don’t want organic beef, you want grass-fed beef. With meat, organic is frequently a scam.
    Water? Hell most people don’t drink enough for it to matter. They’re drinking beer or Coca-Cola.

    1. very few people drink nearly enough water. This is correct. I have a sink attachment water purifier and a charcoal filter pitcher for mine though. Ignoring that water has shit in it that you would rather not have in your system is absurd. a nickels worth of protection to avoid a 500 dollar agony always a good idea.
      Totally right about organic. “Organic” is a marketing term. Grass Fed has to do with the way the cow was raised. For an extra buck or two per pound you can get your meat from particular farms that have good reputations. Not sure if that is the same of in Englandia but here that works.
      I really feel that the quality of the food and water you put in your body ought to be the very last place you save money.
      A funny phenomenon here in NYC is the all you can eat sushi restaurant. I can’t imagine how it is possible that selling the cheapest possible fish to be consumed raw is a viable business. I can’t really understand how they aren’t in jail.
      You should see the Fulton fish market. They are closed on Saturday and Sunday. This is the fish market where all the restaurants buy fish and it is why you never eat fish in a restaurant on a monday in NYC. Friday about 20 minutes before closing time the fish mongers pretty much drop their prices down to absolute nothing because whatever they get is better than throwing product away that won’t last until Monday. At that point loads of Korean and Chinese restaurant owners go totally bat shit. It looks like the floor of a stock exchange watching them haggle over the very last scraps and then they stock their restaurants and sell it all you can eat and people fucking gobble it down raw. It’s just plain fucking shocking

      1. Actually its pretty easy to get grass-fed meat in Angleland. I just order it online direct from the farm to my house. Given the size of England you’re never very far from a farm.
        Yeah I can’t imagine the fish at the all you can eat buffet is good. There are pre-packaged fast food suishi places in London that I long since stopped eating at. Each portion of suishi came in plastic wrapping like a candy bar. After I consumed it I always felt… odd.
        Chinese people are crazy. I once saw a guy get on the train, from the local fish market. He had a bag filled with live eels.

      2. Good to know, in case I ever find myself in NYC.
        I might’ve been tempted by a cheap sushi place but one fringe benefit is that all the cheapy Asian-ish food places in my corner of the country have been replaced with cheapy Mexican food places.

      3. Raw fish should be either cooked or used as bait to catch other fish.

    2. Organic = reason to sell expensive shit to hipsters and liberals at Whole Foods.
      If you are more than two degrees of separation from the food you are eating from its natural uncultivated form (like living animal, unpicked vegetable, etc.) then do not buy it.
      Anyway, it is cheaper to purchase a large chest freezer and go in on a share of a cow a few times a year than it is to buy the stuff at the price per pound it goes for at the grocery store.

    3. In the US there are a lot of hoops to jump through to legally label beef as organic. They even have to be fed organically grown grain(no GMOs or chemicals used on it). Can’t use growth enhancers or antibiotics, even the hay they are fed has to be organic. Grass fed means just that, they are raised to market weight by grazing pasture.
      It doesn’t really matter in the context of your comment, I guess I just took a notion to point out the differences in the system over here.

    This is why its falling off
    Men have the option to either piss standing up or sitting down, Men have the option whether to take anal or give anal. Men have the option to “Act out” as women on social media for likes and retweets. The problem, as with women and even children, is options
    There used to be this “One movement of Standards” so to speak when it came to this world. Men were men, women were women, sons were sons, daughters were daughters, and so on and so on
    Now the game has been flipped and people have OPTIONS to either stand up right or sit down and wait for someone else to take the lead. Granted, I am sure it has always been like this but now its just worse.
    OPTIONS, is the issue. The options to do as we please we not the foundation for which civilization was built.

  31. There is something to said about what they are putting in our food.
    I started buying freshly slaughtered meat and hunting. For vegetables I would buy them from real farmer markets or friends who had gardens. After like three months I had about three non-specific health conditions that were bothering me just disappear and I felt like a million bucks. I went from needing 8-9 hours of sleep to needing only 5-6. My energy went through the roof. My sex drive was, well, in overdrive. I could probably bang three women a day and still be horny. My mood was much better. I don’t think I have been sick, other than maybe a small pesky cold, in more than a year.
    So yeah at first I didn’t believe the food conspiracies, but now I am starting to think it is a big one. With all the working women no one has time to prepare fresh food for a family so just stick frozen stuff from a bag in the oven for 30 minutes. Presto – instant calories. Sad reality is those are just really calories in a bag, nothing more. It might say chicken on the bag but it is just calories. It is sort of like filling your car full of shitty dirty gas. Sure the car still goes but then no wonder you start having mechanical problems.

  32. Must admit I see a lot of this and feel nothing but disgust especially from the garbage coming out from Hollywood. Really coming to appreciate the internet and youtube lot of Russian TV shows now on line especially historical dramas in which men are men and women are women rather than the pathetic little mama’s boys and macho maids so common on American TV and in movies these days. Men are simply going to have to stand up for themselves.

  33. This kind of shit should be mocked mercilessly, celebrating having your gonads cut off, serious delusions, unless you have already contributed your fair share of rug rats.
    ‘Do you want to come over and celebrate the neutering of my husband?’

  34. Men in America are extremely aggressive like violent thugs or extreme pansies.
    No in between. Not many of them at least from my observation.
    I also think there are a lot of homo name callings on masculine activities like amateur wrestling, judo, and some male bonding activities.
    Passive aggressiveness, snitching, gossiping all need to go.
    If there are problems between a man, they can settle it in a good ‘ole fist fight or wrestling match. But rarely would we see that because a man can either pull a knife or gun or call the cops or have backup friends that will jump you the first thing and keep stomping on you even when you are knocked out.
    Men also need to develop abundant mindset when it comes to women. Guys will literally thirst over a girl and just betray his male friends over a pussy. Wtf? lol
    Also men should learn to call out his male friends if they are acting out of the line instead of keeping quiet and bottling it up and just exploding all the frustration one day.
    Men who didn’t grow up with a father and raised by a single mother will portray a bad trait of being TOO hyper “masculine” and think that being a man means you have to be some ghetto thug. That is wrong mentality. They make up for it by playing knockout game and punching innocent bystander and think that is being a man.
    Being a Man comes from your inner character. We also have people overuse the word “alpha” and “beta” without knowing its full context of what it means. Usually there would be guys that says …”oh you are not drinking certain brand whiskey so you are beta”… “it’s so beta to be wearing your ties like that” etc etc you know where I’m getting at.
    I don’t promote Hollywood movies but I encourage some dudes to watch old movies from the 1920s and 1930s. Even from the 1950s.
    There are a lot of restrictions now in today’s world but you also have more freedom and choices. So physical and mental improvement should always be sought after. No excuse that a man today will be in a worse trait.
    A man’s journey to success is often lonely one but it’s worth it. Do not confine into anything and anyone except yourself. When you are going through hard time, just harden up, lift weights and turn your sorrow into success. Society don’t care about your struggles only your success.
    Most importantly, stop pandering to women. Just treat them as women. Don’t expect them to be something they are not and have high expectation of them. Do not create false idolization of women and put them in high pedestal. Just know that in today’s society, we can’t expect much from women and you have to do your best to make sure the women around you do not hinder you and do not become baggage to you and if so, cut them off immediately without hesitation and no chance.
    First strike and out. Apply that with women. Do not give them second chance every. If they fuck up, first strike and boot them out.
    Trust but always VERIFY with EVERYONE, ANYONE, and everything.

  35. In the present times, there’s virtually no escape from the anti-masculinity pro-manginitis agenda, even from sources that aren’t meant to.
    An example of Matador Network, in other times it used to be a useful and fun space for travel articles and tongue-in-cheek culture tips for travellers.
    Now see how radically it changed: (apologies for spamming links)

  36. Loved this article except the whole throw out your cable. You just gotta watch the right shows with Masculine characters. Don Draper from Mad Men, Daryl from Walking Dead, etc.

  37. Omg I LOVE YOU
    This article is GOLD
    I as a woman LOVE MEN and I cannot understand how more women don’t understand these things, cherish them, appreciate them, encourage them ?!!! Maybe 1 or 2 bad men taint the image for the rest of them, who knows 🙁

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