5 Things Introverts Need To Know About Attracting Women

There’s been an interesting discussion going on here at ROK regarding just how much men should change themselves to have sex or get into a relationship with Western women, as well as where to find those women who would make decent companions. I find that there are two general camps in the debate: the “Western women are not worth it” camp and the “Western women aren’t that bad if you know where to look and how to get them” camp.

In addition, I think there is a specific group of men who are jaded with the current dating scene who aren’t getting the right kind of advice. I will try to go through the issues related to them.

The “Introverts”

First, I think the men who are having a particularly difficult time adapting to the red pill truth tend fall into a specific category. Here, I’m going to deliberately misuse the word “introverted” to describe those men. These are men who are:

  • Average in looks, income, and social status.
  • Tend to spend bulk of their time alone (usually online or with books).
  • Not the most socially engaging as they prefer intellectual discussions over casual chats in a group setting.
  • Too proud to reach out to others or face the possibility of a rejection.
  • “Boring” as in: not well traveled, haven’t done anything exciting with life, don’t do anything that women find fun.
  • In their own bubble, locked in their own belief system, sometimes with a victim mentality which they themselves fail to recognize.

I know what the actual definition of “introverted” is, but I only use it here as it is because I can’t find a good substitute word to describe men with these traits that doesn’t sound belittling. And, for the record, I consider myself one of these introverted types.

Now, the main problem with introverts is that their very personality and lifestyle isn’t the most conducive in attracting women, which in turn causes frustration that induce negativity and make them even more introverted.

So, with that in mind, let’s consider how much these men should sacrifice their true identity to attract women.

1. Women don’t care about your intelligence

The first thing you need to acknowledge and accept as an introvert is that women don’t give a single damn about your intelligence. In fact, identifying yourself an intellectual or making any attempts to draw attention to your supposed higher mental capacity only turns women off.

Most women are not attracted to intelligence for the same reason most men don’t care about a middle-aged woman’s salary when deciding if she’s worth banging. Women want men who can tell good stories and make them laugh, men who can stir and excite them, men who will ignite their fantasies and bring joy to life.

Maybe back in the day they valued and respected intelligent men who were stoic, wise, and contemplative, but this is the 21st century (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of these introverts have a nostalgia for the past). That’s the harsh truth. So, if your knowledge of history, politics, and philosophy is the only thing you bring to the table, you can’t complain about the lack of interest you spark in women.

2. Women don’t care about your politics

Legend says that she’ll fall in love with you once you watch all her videos and click the ‘like’ button for all of them.

Similarly, some of these introverted men seem to think that women should come to appreciate the fact that they’re battling in the cyberworld to preserve their civilization. In case you forgot to take your daily dose of red pills, here it is: WOMEN DON’T CARE. A man’s political views are usually far below a woman’s list of priorities when she’s deciding whether she should sleep with him or not. She’s not interested in having sex to advance her race or culture.

Also, even when a woman does share your non-leftist political views, it doesn’t mean anything. Women will not stick with their own team for they only care about getting the best man that’s out there. Heck, they’ll even sleep with the enemy if it means enjoying the novelty experience of having an exotic cock or advancing their own, self-perceived social status.

And even when a woman does decide to date only within her own ideological or racial camp, she’s still going to choose based on the man’s masculine value rather than his knowledge or dedication to some cause.

3. You must figure out where you draw the line

All men have a different point where they draw the line when it comes to women. On one extreme, we have PUA’s who will do just about everything to dance around women to get in their pants, and on the other, we have the MGTOW’s who will do absolutely nothing for women. Ideally, women should meet you at the halfway point, but we must accept that that is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s Western world.

Where you draw the line is up to you, but the caveat is that you should make that line very clear for yourself and for the women you meet. For example, I’m willing to work on myself and make enough effort to attract women, but I will absolutely not be some blabbering monkey-boy who lives to amuse the females. Man has his dignity and I’m not going to be a walking entertainment box just to get laid.

4. Understand the difference between Western women and foreign women

This sort of exaggeration doesn’t help anyone.

I don’t even know why there’s even a debate on this. Some of the more bitter debates appear to be rationalization efforts than anything productive. I think the general consensus is that foreign women are less corrupt and more feminine than their Western counterparts, but that the AWALT rule applies when it comes to biology. Besides that, do whatever works for you—no point debating whether women on one side of the Earth are better than the other.

5. Ignore unhelpful help

A few years ago, I read a piece from Mark Manson’s Models about being completely honest and open about your feelings and intentions. And there was no advice stupider that I ever took seriously. With how superficial today’s Western women are, they just don’t care about men being open and honest with them, and they certainly don’t care for men’s feelings. Unless you’re a naturally funny guy, women will actually get freaked out if you display any form of genuine human emotion.

It’s no secret that Western women are mainly attracted to a man’s entertainment value. If an introverted man decides to be himself and acts all moody like some tragic Byronic hero, women will be repelled by him (and trust me, I’ve tried). Unless a woman finds him attractive in other ways to begin with, she has no reason to fall for the introverted guy over the more “fun” guys. And that’s the thing: Women only care about your feelings if she’s already drawn to you, women only want a man to be honest with her when she’s already invested in him. But trying to attract women by being upfront from the get-go will not help the introverts at all other than resulting in rejections that only reinforce their negativity.

Next, there seems to be a group of men who give advice from a position of success who are: more outgoing, naturally good-looking and masculine (likely with the guidance of a strong father), financially successful, usually older than the introverts who tend to be under 30, and so on who have all the right intentions, but fail to actually inspire the introverts. If anything, these men almost come across as being patronizing when they offer advice with the way they describe how easy it is to get a line of women begging them for sex. They’re simply out of touch with the daily experiences of the introverts who live in a completely different world.

At this point, I would say that having a relatively older, high status man telling the younger, introverted types how to find decent women is as unhelpful as some Hollywood pretty boy telling the commoners that all you need to do is smile and be nice to women. Because the fact is, the introverts are usually too stubborn to change and, even with the best efforts, any advice given is practically useless. Many of the men who struggle in the dating market need some serious personal coaching to start seeing results; the Internet can only do so much.

Three real and practical advice for the “introverts”

“I will eventually find my Aryan princess.”

So what are some real and practical advice for the introverted types who may be stuck in the negativity loop? That should be a subject for a whole new article, so here are some basic pointers to get started with:

1. Decide whether you’re actually serious about finding a suitable woman (or women) for sex and relationship. If you decide to forgo women as a whole, then that’s it, you don’t get to complain anymore about how horrible Western women have become. You can’t say you don’t care for Western (or white) women while secretly hoping to find a unicorn, only to have your negativity repel potential mates, and use that experience as a justification to not make the effort, then to tell everyone else about it.

2. Once you’ve decided that you actually want to attract women, forget about all the pick-up material for now because knowledge is not your problem. Instead, what you need to work on most is being more social and spontaneous. To start, get off the Internet and meet more people, expand your social circle, and start doing more extroverted activities. Merely being able to hold a basic conversation won’t be enough—especially if you live in the West. Your social skills need to be at a level where people enjoy spending their time with you.

3. Consider relocating to find different women from the ones you are used to—it might even be helpful to leave the country. Some may automatically utter some sort of an excuse to reject this option, but if that is the case, then there’s nothing more that can be said. You’re just back to the same old.

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325 thoughts on “5 Things Introverts Need To Know About Attracting Women”

  1. Nah, those guys spending time alone are living in moms basement, wanking to online porn, and playing console games the rest of the time. …… reading …………. you gotta be joking!
    As for women, they don’t care about your intelligence ….. they just want money. They don’t care about your politics …… they just want money. Yeah, they’ll fuck you, once or twice if you’re entertaining and handsome …… but to stay with you …….. they just want money.

    1. “entertaining” is the one attribute that can be achieved to some level by all men…
      For a quick bang.
      Lasting relationship in the current year? I just do not know the answer to that. I reckon is only constraint. Which will not happen until we are no longer in the current year…

    2. Spot on. Outside Europe and North America, in most countries you an get decent, quality women if you have at least enough money to take care of your woman.
      You don`t need to act like an asshole, you don`t need “great personality” or even “great sense of humor”. (Only White women insist that you must possess such things)
      Non-White women tend to focus on thing that really matter.

      1. Its brilliant. Now we wont have to burn the books, they will just edit out what isnt acceptable. Book burning causes pollution

        1. Don’t worry– there’ll be a taxpayer funded initiative to capture the carbon emissions from the burning of offensive books. We need to protect Mother Earth while we protect fragile little snowflake feelings, too.

  2. Why would you chase girls, status, or even secular knowledge aka ‘becoming an intellectual’? Seek God and the rest will fall into place if God wills it. You can claim that women are going for the ‘enemy’ by marrying Muslims, but the true western unicorn is the man with a deep inner peace that comes from a true connection with God and a sincere knowledge of right and wrong. I have truly never found such a person. Maybe Mormon men would be the ones. Look at them, they can be as introverted as they like but they have multiple wives. Prayer is an ‘introverted’ act.

    1. As the old saying goes: shit in one hand and pray in the other and see which one fills up first.

        1. put out the nice bathroom towels, take the plastice seating covers off the sofa

  3. Great article.
    Meat Space they call it.
    Get out side, get in close, and be a bit rambunctious…
    Every woman is bored and looking for excitement – new shoes, new restaurant, new balls in her mouth…
    I went out Saturday afternoon — was nice spring day in middle of winter. Women everywhere. Every one, whether with a guy or not, seemed she would fuck me on the spot…
    they have no qualms about it. No loyalty.
    But I do.

    1. Loyalty is for, among, and between men, only. Just about all women are naked opportunity robots. No morality. They are not moral agents.

        1. A phrase I coined through bitter pain and blue pill stripping…
          But, the unvarnished truth.

  4. Alright, so what are some good extroverted activities?
    Travel is probably good, but costs money I don’t have.
    Something exciting with life – what would that be?
    What do women find fun?

    1. So, same here I have no time or inclination to travel.
      However, there are women traveling here…(and wherever you are)
      Go to museums, parks – on the local tour — they really open up when alone on vacation

      1. Yeah, tourists are relatively easy, I hear. But you can only go on the same tour so many times. Bartending for tourists might work. But you’d have to be a competent worker, first. It’s an idea.

        1. I’ve bar-tended – long time ago. And was watching one in action few nights ago.
          Every female customer and all waitresses were drooling over him, and blatantly flirting. While he did nothing.
          I spoke to him a bit – said he had massive collections of napkin numbers that women voluntarily offer…
          All while making money…

        2. Well, what were his other qualities? Did he look like “be yourself” boy up there? How did he act – in any way introverted?

        3. It doesn’t matter how you look or act if you are a bartender.
          Better: looking/gregarious/flirtatious/entertaining will always score higher.
          But, women fuck bartenders, I don’t know why.
          Just enjoy…

        1. Excellent point, I used to work in tourism and the poontang was flying all over the place. Another option is working in a call center, tons of turnover, part time students working etc, also got me a bunch of ass.

        2. Funny I never even thought of it before. I have never been to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty lol. I need to try this shit out

        3. The Freedum Tower has a bar/restaurant up top… champagne sunset etc…
          And all similar places – stand in line with Sarah Dippity…
          Good things happen.
          Its why the women travel.

        4. The sign of a Native…Still shocks me though.
          I didnt get to the WTC until I was 20 or so, but shit – I didn’t live IN THE CITY!

        5. Native NYer here and I have been to both.
          Was actually in the middle of a mini-riot at the at the statue as a 4th grader back in the 70s. School trip (Catholic school), they made us wear our uniforms. One of the 6th grade girls spit from the tower and it landed on a dindu’s “fro”. On the boat trip back they recognized the uniforms and semi-hell broke loose.

        6. I was really young so I don’t know if I remember it or just have heard enough stories that it seems like a memory. Fun times NYC in the 70/80’s

        7. Yeah, there were fun times.
          I was lucky enough to attend a game at the original Yankee stadium.
          They sucked back then (remember horace clarke?), but at least I can say that I saw the old park. Even was at game 5 of the 73 world series. I remember Don Hahn’s triple. My father was negligent as far as him training me to be a man, but he did do some fun things with me. Mostly when I was much younger.

        8. Lol yeah that was when the football Giants still played there?
          I always laugh at young bucks who just don’t remember when the Yankees didn’t have a chance in hell from the first game of the season

        9. Yup. The Giants were there, and when they started the renovation, the Yanks moved to Shea and the Giants played at….none other than the Yale Bowl in New Haven. The move to Shea pretty much ended Bobby Murcer’s first stint as a Yankee. He just couln’t hit fot power there. And the Giants, well they sucked beyond belief for a very long time…until…a certain crack smoking, whore chaser showed up (no, not me!), and turned the franchise around.

        10. Essentially my Brewers since their inception haha. Outside of one World Series appearance and two recent playoff stints, they’ve been out of it on opening day!

    2. Gym, yoga, cafes, museums, parks, beaches when weather permits, brunch (bishes love brunch)

        1. I find them to be very social. I am going to a yoga class today. I will, 100%, meet and chat with at least 5 women and probably more

        2. I suppose you can *make* it social. But you’d still have to be decent at socializing to do that and not be told to leave. I worry I’m not.
          So. Shores and beaches. Parks and recreation.

        3. Decent at socializing…as well as a muscualr physique, thick head of hair and & a strong jawline.

        4. I’m in the same boat as you. A lot of the things lolknee listed just don’t sound all that fun to me but if you want to meet women, you just have to literally go out and meet women. And like he said, practice.

        5. No man, you can read a instruction book instead.
          Instruction for fucking women.
          Instruction for yoga.
          Instruction for turning your aspie-shit into weaponized autism.
          Yeah, books are the way to go.

  5. Lay 5 bricks a day( works well in major cities)- talk to 5 different girls a day, get used to conversating with girls, that will give you a foundation. 5 girls a day? thats 1825 different girls in a year, most guys don’t even talk to that many girls in their lifetimes. You’ll probably even stumble into pussy due to the Laws of Probability. I’m an introvert myself, had huge anxiety problems with girls during high school, the only way I overcame it was laying the bricks. I’m still in an introvert but I’m never shy around girls anymore, or in social events, situations etc

    1. Excellent advice. Further I would add that even if you settle down with your unicorn, never spot approaching and engaging. Its good exercise for the ego, mojo, whatever you want to call it. The worst thing in the world is to fear a woman….

      1. yup. I flirt with one to three women a day even though I have no intention of carrying it forward. It’s just what I do. My sister used to call me a waitress-molester lol.

        1. My parents were married fifty years, and my father ALWAYS flirted with women. My mother, secure in her loyalty and possession, sat back and enjoyed the show.

    2. Laying bricks… good analogy. I used to call it loading bases or stacking.
      We should point out though, that talking to 5 different girls a day doesn’t mean cold approaches or asking chicks out. It can just mean starting a conversation with the chick giving you coffee at the coffee shop. Its a good stressfree way to practice.

    3. Yes. Most goodlooking young men will be astounded what they can get if they just opened their mouths and talked with females. If you are not brave enough to start a conversation, you actually don’t deserve pussy.

    4. First, find me a woman worth laying brick for and then I will lay brick all day, every day. But I’m not laying brick for a lottery ticket. Though I like your resolve.

  6. In short, get rid of your masculine trait, pause your dignity, play the rigged game being a buffon and eventually you will be awarded of a landwhale slut who will always lead the way and drop your sorry ass once she will not happy anymore with the help of the daddy state? No thanks. It’s time men sets their standards once for all. We are sick and tired to follow such empowered women who always, in history and today, set the standards to men to be a real man meanwhile they simply are worth of anythings due a vagina.

        1. What the fuck would you know about winning the game. Your sad sack bullshit makes me think thay you would lose a game of “eat a sandwich.” you passing off advice in tanamount to assault

      1. Or you can’t play and get what you want as a smart man, hire an hooker – unless you believe to find an unicorn – or go abroad where you may find better women and no antimale laws, leaving landwhale sluts and sluts to players.

    1. Excuse you. I ain’t no darn feminist.
      Jokes aside we must distinguish those who are introverts because they need little to no social validation from those who need it but fail to achieve it.

  7. Great article. I was (and am) an introvert also, and could have used this advice in my 20s. Whenever I hear about how tough the dating scene is today, I chuckle a little bit because it’s always been tough but there hasn’t always been the internet/manosphere.

        1. I was old at the big 0.
          I absolutely believe that genetics plays a huge role in all this.

        2. Indubitably old chum. There was a study (I could find it) in 1986 that vertical bilateral symmetry was the greatest predictor of sexual success. In other words either you got it or you don’t.

        3. Yup. And natural born ectomorphs do not have it. Even if you can pack on some decent weight later on (like I did at 19/20) that natural ectomorphic frame will always be lurking underneath. I sincerely believe this is a built in genetic turn off to females. They are hardwired to desire the strongest caveman.

      1. Oh I agree. I finally overcame it in my late 30s, at least if finding a hot and much younger wife is considered “overcoming,” lol. Ideally fathers teach their sons the true nature of a women from a young age. But if that’s not the case, then it would have been nice to have this sort of internet advice when I needed it most.
        Point is, kudos to the author and the manosphere in general for making this sort of knowledge available. It wasn’t available when I was growing up.

        1. Yes.I wish my dad taught me something.
          But, he didn’t know anything, and is blue pill as the rest. And his dad died in WW2 — so he had no role model.
          I will likely need fight my feminist future-ex-wife to teach a future baby boy.
          Luckily I have a daughter — seems so much easier…I plant reality seeds amongst the weeds form her SJW schooling…

        2. Private school if you can afford it.
          Homeschooling is ideal if your wife is willing to do it. Communal homeschooling would be the best option, with all the mothers in the neighborhood pitching in.

        3. good ideas— communal home-school.
          I think we’re approaching accord with other family members -cousins etc…
          Last week was overwhelming for me — can’t explain, but full-mental-sjw at her school
          and is private: $50,000 per year…

      2. What would you know about when it’s too late to achieve success with non-pro women? You put up the white flag almost immediately. Nothing to learn from a fatalistic whoremonger like you.

        1. I believe you are wrong.
          There is plenty to learn from me.
          Fathers can learn to train their sons to be real men and not have them turn out like me!!!
          I’ve said this many times on this site, and will continue to do so.
          And also, those “losers” like me, who have been discarded, can learn that using their intellect to make $$$ and bang escorts is a hell of a lot better than whacking off.
          BTW, I prefer whore chaser.
          Monger has a weird connotation for me. Reminds me of “fish monger”.

  8. As always, leave your comfort zone. It is a bit ironic, but I’ve known men from the Army head into battle against Al Qaeda terrorists with lead whizzing by their heads but cower at the idea of approaching 1 new girl per day.

      1. Men are naturally conditioned to enter battle and seek adventure, and most don’t join the Army without seriously considering the possibility of death and, in most cases, getting over it.
        While Basic Training can instill a sense of discipline and cure most men of a host of bad habits, it can’t remove 18 years of feminist, white-knighting indoctrination.
        TRADOC should start making RoK mandatory reading at BCT.

      2. Because the entire society is telling them not to. We are wired to work with our society. Our society supports courage in battle, so we can turn those switches on and go.
        But for the past several generations our society has been relentlessly telling us we should cut off our own dicks and take it up the ass from faggots and hags with strap ons.
        So any man who can approach has to do it in the face of massive social conditioning to the contrary.
        Think about it for a second, what possible value does it have for any man alive if a woman is fucking other women? Not only is she parasitically living off of the efforts of men and contributing NOTHING of any value in return, the selfish bitch is even taking another woman off the market, and almost always during the most fertile time period. And yet we are RELENTLESSLY conditioned to treat these god damn parasites as something special. When the truth is we should be smacking the shit out of them. Ever heard of the rampant lesbianism in Saudi Arabia? No? There is a reason for that.

  9. I have a great startup idea.
    Open a bar where men (mostly introverted, or too busy) pay to bartend per hour.
    And can leave with a woman as soon as he hooks up…Guaranteed
    It’s fucking gold.
    perhaps an app? Uber for Guber

      1. When I bartended I lived upstairs -was able to take a break if not busy — its like they let you grab them by the pussie.
        Also knew guys that worked on Wall St and bartend one night per week – just for fun and easy meetups with women…not for pay.
        And many people volunteered as celebrity bartenders for happy hour — just cause its fun
        Watch the movie “Cocktail” — exactly like that…

        1. you would have to name your bar “Cocktails and Dreams” of course. Only robert palmer and whitesnake on the jukebox

        2. such a shithole. lotta buildings built over brownsites(butbutbut social remediation or whatever they call it).

        3. Its called the developers/owners change names so frequently you’ll never be able to find someone to sue when your kid gets born with antlers.

        4. LOL! a real otherkin child! Is that why these developers do? Ownership shifts around? The biggest problem is nothing matches- brick 2 story next to a brick 2 story with green aluminum siding next to a white and red 10 story apt bldg- was it to hard to match it all look…nice?
          edit: a guy who is in that world told me not to buy any condo in these areas built after 1999…hastily slapped together garbage

        5. The “Aluminum Siding over a Brick Row House” look is a Queens Classic….
          Those salesmen were gifted bullshit artistes.

  10. Tell her that you love her and that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Orbit her, fight for her, put up with all of her quirks and faults, and dedicate your life to her. Stand by her forever. It always works in the movies.

      1. “She’s not bad-looking…I might cum in her hair. Near the spice rack. Spice racks make me horny.”

      2. Bob Smith can nut in her hair, spank her, and make her call him daddy, but if I’m still cuddling with her at night, who really wins?!

        1. Hahaha! Sure I enjoyed it.
          On Amren or WND, that wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds.
          Knew there was a reason why I ended up here!

      1. Open with how upset you are about a tragedy (dead dog, divorced parents, etc.) then after she starts feeling sympathy and expresses as much, grab her by the pussy.

        1. We gotta start somewhere. Things change.
          “I loved you from the moment I first laid lies on you…”
          Try that one…

        2. More fuck-up material for you. “I need you like the sun, I orbit like the moon…so here’s a stack of 20s, now let me see that poon.”

        3. Hallmark cards will really score points with girls. Seriously. Sappy cards, that use the L word a lot. I mean it! Etc.

        4. Girls love to see that you’re passionate about things — but not passionate about THEM. Such an attitude gives them the task to make themselves so attractive to you that you turn your passion their way, like a spotlight. They LOVE that task. “How do I get this incredible, dynamic man to notice me?”

        5. Which is why game never ends. As much as it pisses the wife off that I hit the weights for an hour every night, all I have to do is tell her that I stay fit for her or so I can burn off her great cooking. Works every time.

        6. Actually she’s one of the few Gen Y girls I’ve been with who can because her mother can’t cook for shit (how do you screw up a pre-cooked ham that all you have to do is turn on the oven)

        7. There is a a huge beta-fication initiative from culture and feminism that hits right at this point. Guys are told/media-indoctrinated to always be supportive of a woman, put her advancement first, invest and care about her activities and interests, and be the “wind beneath her wings.” Essentially to play Robin to a woman’s Batman.
          It is a guranateed way to make a chick hate your guts. But men do it, because they think it is moral and honorable.

        8. I don’t want a girl who cooks. In fact I don’t want one that even eats to much.

        9. I whipped a card together, based on your suggestion…it’s near the top of the “Sort by Newest” comments in this thread. Great idea man. Thanks!

        10. Lol. Have you seen girls in Milan?
          Also I’m not talking marriage material

        11. Good stuff. Had one like that once; not only a good cook, she actually enjoyed it.

        12. Notice how the main protagonist also is highly attractive/successful/charming etc… they are hiding in plain sight the very truth they want us to never find.

        13. I think for alot of men, getting screwed over by hoes in their teens after seeing it work in every movie he has ever seen, after he acted how the media told him to is what first started to red pill them about the media and everything else.

      1. My last roommate would have that show on in the background and I came to be casual fan but Ted is the absolute pinnacle of a beta pussy.

        1. Ted is a hypocrite he said that he wants to find the one. But end with a lot of cheap sluts, including robin. He always had Oneitis with robin, Robin end alone, old with a bunch of dogs instead of cats, and Ted saves her. But the worse of all the character was Lily she is the definition of a narcissist bitch. Ted was an Omega Nice Guy, Marshall was a married Beta, Lily was a bitch and Robin was a whore.

        2. Indeed, it’s interesting watching the show through a red-pill lens. One thing I will say about it is that they weren’t afraid to take shots/poke fun at women, there’s a lot of articles complaining that the show is “sexist” and “misogynistic.” Also Barney is a champ

    1. Awwwwww. It was really funny until the last sentence. I knew you were being sarcastic after the fifth word Bob.

    2. The other thing that always works is to spend your time trying to date the chick who dates the toughest guy in school. He will kick your ass but you’ll win the rematch and the girl will want you after you fucked up her boyfriend.

        1. It was a joke man. I actually liked the movie. I hated the remake however.

        2. I was joking too! 😉 The original was an reserved classic. The remake was an atrocity.

    3. Haha – nice try – it can kinda of work – This is a great article – I never had much trouble with women until I started thinking about it or obsessing over one particular interest. The best attitude for an intelectual geeky type is to simply put himself into recreation mode when it comes to girls. Recreation involves 2 things – Action before process and massive reduction in contrived thought processes and planning – switch off the internal dialogue, the whims, the wants the superior intelligent ego and just get out there and float in the real world. At the same time be like a hunter – ready to pounce when the opportunity presents. Its really not that complex – its just in the modern age we spend so much time thinking and planning and reading and being on the PC (and also lost in fantasy TVland) – we lose that skill for real life that requires both easy going, enjoy the moment whilst being patient and also targeting a final kill.

      1. I totally agree with this. i have a current interest where I feel myself starting to obsess about, but I know more about myself now that I wont let it consume me. Just taking it one day at a time and when I feel the time is right, i’m going to pounce. In the meantime I have weight lifting and other projects going on that will keep my mind occupied, as well as a couple of other women I’m talking too. Also I use to scour the internet looking for advice articles on how I should act and respond to impress women. When in reality the best way is to just be easy going and enjoy life for what it is and the rest will take care of itself!

  11. “(likely with the guidance of a strong father)”
    Good commentary.
    Obviously, I especially agree with the above line.
    But I would add one word to it – “involved”.
    I had a strong father, but he didn’t give enough of a damn to lend me his guidance and training. A good father would never allow his son to be a complete introvert (given the above description). Sure, some of us are naturally introverted/quiet types, but a good father would train his son to be more outgoing and aggressive when he needs to be.

    1. I’ve both accepted and rejected it.
      Accepted it – I don’t even think of approaching “civilian” females.
      Rejected it – I’ve been using my disposable income to bang upscale 9/10 escorts for a very long time.
      Introverts have “intellect”. Intellect can be used to make money. Money can buy sex with some of the hottest girls in the world.

        1. Welcome.
          I am still a newcomer to ROK, but I have had 2 basic messages:
          1) A good Father must train their sons to be real men.
          2) Even Omegas can get laid, by using intellect -> money -> sex with hot girls formula.
          Sure, its not optimal, but it sure beats the “chronic masturbater” pattern that so many omegas seen to follow.

        2. The object is not simply to “get laid”, but to become better than an omega. The pussy is a fringe benefit.

        3. Genetics, genetics, genetics…
          Also, 12 straight years in school being treated lower than dirt & less than human.
          And an evil orc-witch for a mother..

    2. Almost all scientist, writers and artists (real artist not modern art artist) are introverts, those dudes are creating the shit that you can live without. And are rewarded with few pussy and low quality pussy, Is a shame.

        1. While your name will live on in publications, awards, and discoveries, sadly your genetic line will not. Unless you become an anonymous sperm donor.

        2. OK then. Good for you!!!
          I am an IT contractor. In the past, I have done some innovative things for companies I have consulted for, such as cutting down batch runs from hours to minutes, and getting money making code to market in days instead of months. I have NEVER felt that professional accomplishments have overridden the fact that I am a outcast, reject and defect that has to pay for poon. Good for you that you do not base your net worth as a male on female attraction to you. I will never be able to overcome that.

        3. Oh, I totally agree. That’s why I would like to create a family. The problem is in finding a suitable female.

        4. Why don’t you start your own blog about these things you have done? Or join a professional organization and lead a committee?

        5. I suppose because I really do not value what I do. I have helped many people get jobs, and have mentored many young IT workers who have gone further in their careers because of me. But it really does not mean much to me. Being a combination of Rambo and John Holmes…that is what I consider to be important. And I am neither of those things.

  12. I believe the term this article is looking for is loser with high expectations. Coupled with boring personality.

  13. I was good at making girls laugh. Great listener, etc. Sadly, it didn’t help me much.But for you younger gents, that are natural introverts, this advice is very sound. Give it serious consideration.

  14. The key to a man’s success in any field is self-confidence, backed by a well-developed personality. I’m 24 years old right now. When I was around 16-18 and believed in the blue-pill shit, I used to shift the focus away from me and towards the women I aspired to fuck/cuddle. But that shit obviously didn’t work. A man must always keep the focus on himself. Now I’m busy in my work and hobbies, so I’ve automatically removed that desperate/too-available component from my dating lifestyle. Scarcity elevates our SMV. And meeting new girls often creates abundance for us. It’s a win-win. You improve your game everyday until it becomes second nature. You just have to start somewhere.

    1. Do you have a mesomorphic build, thick head of hair and prominent jawline too?
      From my observations, those three things are absolutely necessary to get hot girls for free.

        1. Money?
          BTW, the one with black hair looks OK, I would not say “hot”, but OK nonetheless.
          The old bag with the hat though, good grief.
          Not hot by any stretch…

        2. Money IS above looks, but only for banging the hot girls. Money will never make them desire you. I have banged more hot girls (professionals, yes) than most, by using money. Which is the only way I can do this. I have NEVER been desired. Never will. I accept that.

        3. Yes, I absolutely believe that. Females love criminals. Unfortunately for me, being an IT contractor for Wall St. firms, I would never work again if I got arrested. And for me, no work = no money = no more sweet young poon…

        4. I know a guy who spend a lot for pussy with gold diggers, skip all the trouble hire prostitutes XD it would be more cheaper than the gold diggers in the end both spread their legs for money.

        5. Did you see my above response:
          “I have banged more hot girls (professionals, yes) than most, by using money.”
          What did you think I meant by “professionals”???

        6. Good bless them, there is a reason women hate them, Easy access to sex and they lose all their power. Laws that criminalize the johns only punish the poor and the middle class. If you have the money you don´t pick a cheap slut from the street. You hire a professional either she comes to your house or you met her in an hotel of your choice. It is a shame that the working class need to put themselves in such risk to be charged for solicitation just to get some easy action. It´s true society hate the little man.

        7. Agreed. At 31 I’ve got investment banker friends who are marrying haggard greying cows, and are in awe of how easily often my currently unemployed vagabond English teaching ass can pull quality poon. Pisses the fuck off of their wives and finances, who are left shaking their head in disbelief. However I feel like a lot of this is due to change, knowing a little game, and basically through off an I don’t giv e a fuck vibe.
          Don’t get me wrong. Money is great. I’ve paid for a lot of professionals (usually overseas where it is much more reasonable because the price of pussy isn’t overinflated like it is in the US). Money gives you the power to get what you want, when you want it. However, in and of itself, it will never make you “desirable”

        8. greying at 31? or are these women older than the banker guys they are marrying?

        9. Same age. Some are starting to grey, some are getting fat, point is, they’re post wall and obviously don’t give enough fucks to get on a treadmill or buy some dye.

    2. Great philosophy about forcing scarcity on your availability, and very well articulated. It will work for LTRs, too. She will never be happy, but that is what it takes. If you want to keep her, don’t give her happiness– put longing into her, and never let it be satisfied.

      1. You’re right. My one and only LTR (until now) who dumped me made me realize that you don’t want your LTR woman to be too happy/content. Women live for excitement and drama. When a man becomes too relaxed in a relationship and starts shifting his focus on making the woman happy while ignoring himself, he loses respect without even realizing it until one day the bitch tells you that she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore.
        This is the biggest reasons why polygamy works, if done correctly. Multiple wives automatically means you devote less time to each of them, thereby keeping the scarcity factor forever into play. Very unfortunate that it’s become a taboo in our “civilized” world.

        1. Yes and women absolutely hate to compete with each other – so basically the first shit test is agreeing to abide by the monogamy rules. If (and its a pretty big if) you can jump the barrier and openly have 2-3 girls online at once (and preferably get them eating each other out) – get them settled and comfortable with yourself and each other – then you have pimp game which is really the only game in town.

        2. It’s also a massive confidence boost when you’ve got multiple women in rotation eating out of your hand. This is the pinnacle of game, truly.

  15. Thanks for this article, I fit numerous aspects of the above list and have struggled to reconcile my desires and interests when it comes to women.
    I want a wife and family someday, but have a hard time putting up with trivial bullshit from women. I have hobbies but find it difficult to give a shit if women find them interesting (I build rifles and computers for fun, workout semi-regularly, read frequently and am training to be a pilot). I do travel and have previously lived and studied in Europe, hoping to do so again later. I’m moderately attractive but don’t do enough to capitalize on it.
    My SMV is slowly climbing but I have a ways to go. Will probably start browsing for women in churches soon then branch out to public places.
    Red-pill knowledge welcome.

    1. Focus on the piloting if you want women. For some reason, the ability to fly an airplane moistens every panty in sight.

      1. Yes iv seen that, I have a friend who’s a pilot and as soon as girls ask what he does and he says hes a pilot the girls change is very noticeable.

        1. It’s how I got my wife, lol. And I’m not even a pro, I just have a private with a couple of add-on ratings, haha.

      2. A friend of mine (not an introvert at all!) picked up girls as a 20 year old 4 years ago in a bar by saying that he was a pilot.
        These schoolgirl bitches always believed him and he got bangs out of it.
        God damn, shameless extroverts…I’m jealous.

        1. I believe it. It’s really emblematic of how dumb women can be. There’s nothing magical about flying an airplane, it’s a discipline like any other that requires time and practice (and lots of money, unless you go the military route).
          But they see it as some sort of godlike thundercock thing, so I say use that to your advantage if you’re still in the “fake it to make it” phase of your life and looking for bangs.

  16. The problem with introverts is energy, is exhausting to run clown game, As introvert you need to recharge alone in your house in calm. Noise, party and people drain our energy. When a was younger a made an extra effort with women just to get laid. Being social, and drink more, I faked the extrovert lifestyle so well and it gives me good result with women. But it felt like lie. It´s true being yourself is BS advice. I needed to be some else to get the pussy I wanted at that time. Today I don´t care anymore. After tasting the pussy I desired, I lost the will to do the extra work to get more of the same. Stop to be the clown and BAAAM labeled as a boring dude. I ditch the bitches and start dating a girl who is an introvert like me she is barely a 7 in my scale, but is young and thin (I´m 32yo she is 19yo), I could get 9s for sex, but I refuse to be a clown again.

        1. I’m not implying that you personally are not. I’m saying that being dominant and masculine is infinitely more effective, natural and easier than being a clown.
          Women today all have deep-seated Daddy issues. This simple fact is your ticket to an ocean of pussy, but you won’t be able to take advantage of this by being a clown. Being dominant and overtly masculine instantly flips all of a woman’s deepest attraction triggers and makes you a literal pussy magnet.
          It also gets you quality as well as quantity. Use dominance to tap into a woman’s daddy issues and she will literally do anything you tell her to, including bring you other women. Want to have five or six women around town who serve your every whim and actively bring you other women? Not difficult at all if you’re dominant. Distilled down to the barest essential, all you need to do are 2 things:
          1. Lift weights with progressive resistance
          2. Be totally selfish. Always put yourself first.
          (Technically, if you are selfish and dominant enough, you don’t even need to lift, but doing so will amplify your results x1000)

        2. You are right. But to get The 9s Dumb blond girls, clown game is almost a must. I learned clown game because I wanted to put my penis in a warm hole preferably if that warm wet hole was attached to a pretty face. Is not about the men not being manly enough is about men not finding women interesting enough. The conversation skills of the 21yo girls raised in Facebook culture is almost non existing.

        3. The best thing you can do is watch the movie Urban Cowboy. The villain in that movie is absolutely butt-ugly and barely ever says a word. However, he is in good shape and is utterly selfish/dominant. Everything is about what he wishes and what he desires. The guy is a force of nature pussy magnet. He got all the women in the film, but more importantly, he had all the women in the theater wet and squirming in their seats, because the character perfectly reflects the qualities of a natural bad boy alpha asshole.

        4. “all the women in the theater wet and squirming in their seats, because the character perfectly reflects the qualities of a natural bad boy alpha asshole”
          Sad but very true. But more importantly, should a decent guy want to be an asshole, or even just act like one? Getting free pussy must be great, but not sure if it is worth being an asshole. I don’t know if there is another way is – besides being lucky enough having the appearance I described above. But being an asshole — not too good IMO…

        5. You don’t have to be as extreme as the Urban Cowboy guy, but you can still be very dominant and selfish. That is your true nature anyway; you were born totally selfish but have had it conditioned out of you for the sake of society.

        6. Yeah, I suppose I am pretty selfish.
          I hate kids, hate all forms of welfare, rarely give to charity, always vote for the politicians who promise lower taxes (why don’t they deliver??). But I do always try to say “excuse me” when I bump into someone. The Scott Glenn character in UC would have used that as the perfect opportunity to sucker punch a guy just for the fun of it. He was a good actor BTW. Ever see the movie where he was hired to retrieve a stolen Samurai sword? Great scene where he tries to swallow a Japanese delicacy, live fish swimming around in a bowl.

        7. Well, you either want to fuck women or you don’t. I could care less if a woman is shallow or not, the only question is, do I want to fuck her or not?
          And everything in life takes a bit of effort. If I’m hungry, I’m not going to complain about having to put together a meal or go out to a restaurant. It’s the same with women.

        8. I´m in a relationship. We use the kind of game that work the best for us. If the selfish dominant game works for you good, but I mastered the clown game, I know a brown ugly dude who is super funny girls piss in their pants laughing, and he got more pussy than we can imagine in his 20s but he is married now and as far I know he is not a cheater. All the selfish dude I know are not gaming they are really selfish but only the dark triad guys are the ones fucking one after another hot girls.

    1. How you act is never a lie. It’s simply how you act. If you acted it before, it wasn’t a lie. A stand up comic will practice at length in front of the mirror in the dressing room before their name is called on stage. None of it is a lie. It is ART.

      1. Not sure if serious. 99% of stand-up comedy is exaggeration. “Acting” is in fact pretending to be something that you’re not. There is some truth in various forms of method acting, but it’s also true that method actors are some of the most fucked up people imaginable because they don’t know where they end and the fiction begins.

    2. Wow, sounds a lot like myself. Spent about 6 years living abroad in different countries and during that time, partied my ass off, got tail from around the world, and just basically was always happy to be out and about exploring.
      Since returning to the US I’ve just lost that desire. I’ve always had introverted tendencies, but in the past year or so they have just amplified. What’s the point of going out here? Feel like it’s just more of the same and way overpriced. Found myself focusing more on professional and financial pursuits, fitness, and just general wellnesss. Maybe once I feel more stable, settled in and on the right track, I might start getting out here’s a bit more., it for now there is nothing I rather do more than work on myself. Being “extroverted” just seems to get in the way.

    3. Thing is they will go quiet and loyal and introvert for a while – and then they need to get out into the world and socialise. Women need to socialise whereas men can literally pass away years in quiet solitude.

      1. Women copy attitudes and traits from their man. If you are calm and introvert she will mirror that. If see need to socialize more is because she is hanging with a group who want her to socialize more, but beware, a group of single women will always try make her more slutty, women always try to bring down other women to their level. That´s the reason that the last virgin in a group of young women is always hated by other other women but praise by the men so conscious or unconsciously other women will convince her to be like them with whorish advice.

  17. Nice work, Corey. I like your perspective on feelings– she only views them as real after a guy meets some of her SMV criteria.
    As a sometimes introvert, I can attest that night game is completely impossible unless you get over yourself and get uncomfortably social (which is fun, anyway). But the introvert does a little better with daygame. The tempo is easier, fewer distractions, and less competition for her attention from her friends and other men.

  18. I invoke ROK masters of dating: I NEED ADVICE.
    Next week I’m going to a camp for young people (between 18 and 30) organized by the Presbiterian churchs of the region, where there will be dozens of unknown people, hopefully most will be women.
    The event will last five days, and while the main intent of the camp is for young people to meet up, do spiritual stuff, and initiate friendships, the event is also expected to give young christian men the possibility to meet christian girls in order to initiate a romantic relationship.
    Yes, it is a christian camp. I know most guys here are not religious and some might even have a disdain for religiosity, but I assume the art of meeting women is universal.
    I want to find a wife in this event and I have 5 days to make an impression. I’m not expecting to have immediate results. There will be a lot of group activities. I have taken the Red Pill a year ago and have been on this website ever since. I know the basics of game, in theory, but I have no experience and I’m introvert.
    Have in mind that christian girls are not allowed to have casual relationships. Vast majority of them are virgins and expect a guy that can be a husband.
    If you guys can give me any advice on how to overcome my shyness and aproach women, I would be truly grateful.
    About me:
    I’m a introvert, but I have a solid group of close friends that also will attend in the event. I’m average in looks. I still live with my parents because, well, I’m still young and going to college (most people on the event are on similar situation), but I do have some money because I work freelancer on my free time. I’ll be on the band of the event that will play musics during the divine services and the show time.
    So, at least, all women in the event will see me on the stage playing the bass.

    1. If you’re looking for wife material stay away from the Christian Slut. There are always some of them at these camps. Approach as many girls as possible. Don’t get oneitis just yet. I’ve found that teasing them and making them laugh seems to work pretty well. Don’t worry about looking stupid. Make your play and if it falls flat move on to the next group.
      And learn to play the guitar. Nobody pays attention to the bass player 🙂

      1. haha I actually know how to play a guitar, but the bass was the only position available in the band. But thanks for the advices, I’ll try it.

    2. I’m not religious, and care not if women are, as long as they get on their knees for me.
      Women are groupies — check out who is looking at you. go talk to her later. Pick out who you want — flirt a bit while playing…then go straight over – don’t hesitate -fake it till you take it..
      Use your friends — discuss it now to team up and promote each other (induce) to girls…
      I also recommend fucking

      1. Thanks for the advices.
        “I also recommend fucking”
        This will not happen, we’re christians.

        1. A question about that. And this is coming from a Typical Northeast Ethnic type lapsed Catholic.
          While I certainly understand the religious conviction to remain a virgin till married (understand it, just never adhered to it), what I don’t understand is why Ultra Evangelical types don;t get married younger. Take Tim Tebow for example. Now here’s a guy who was in the NFL making millions at 22. OK, he’s a virgin and is saving himself for marriage. Fine. But why not get married then??? He EASILY could have the hottest, freshest, teenage poon in the country. Some blonde haired, blue eyed 17 y.o. Miss Teen USA Alabama Christian virgin to marry, with her parents ECSTATIC that she would be marrying him. Why not do that? Why let it go on this long and be a 28 y.o. virgin. What’s he trying to prove?
          That being said, I do think he is a good guy. Stands up for his beliefs and all. But why shun the poon?

        2. I would ask myself the same thing. If I could I would be already married.
          In my church most young men do their best to marry as soon as possible, but nowadays it is hard for the average men to be capable of it before 25. Generaly speaking, when a christian man takes longer to get marriage he is either 1) Focusing on geting the financial independance required for it; 2) Didn’t found a good woman yet for his standards; and 3) Tempted by wordly desires and/or insecure about taking responsability over a family.
          1 and 2 are reasonable, 3 is weakness.
          Nonetheless, I’m not sure of what you mean by “Ultra Evangelical types”. The Bible is clear in stating that sex should happen only after marriage, if you disobey you’re in sin. Therefore, restrainment is not an option, but a commandment. God’s law must be fully obeyed. If that makes me a “Ultra type”, so be it.

        3. Thanks for the reply.
          I meant no disrespect regarding my Evangelical remark. Yes, you are right, the bible states that, and so does Catholic catechism. So devout Protestants like you and devout Catholics like I was prior to 18 would agree 100% that sex is for married people only. But the fact is that most Catholics are FAR from devout. In fact, I am mostly Catholic in name only. I am proud of the history of my religion the same way I am proud of my Southern European heritage, but I am just not a practicing Catholic. Haven’t been 34 years. Which was the last time I went to confession,
          BTW. It’s not that I don’t believe in God. But I also believe BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that God does NOT believe in me. I’ve been dealt way too many heavy duty body blows in my life to convince me otherwise. My income/savings, cheap booze and expensive hookers are basically all I have.
          Good for you that you have faith and direction in your life. I’m sure you’ll meet a nice girl sooner than you think, and will be very happy. Take care.

    3. Don’t go there looking for a wife–that will put way too much pressure on you, and you’ll fuck everything up. Make it your goal to go there and flirt with as many women as possible and to have fun.
      Since you’ll be onstage, some girls will show interest. Tease them and talk about your bass playing. Don’t ask them questions about themselves and don’t focus on one girl. Get a bunch of phone numbers.
      Christians are generally inept when it comes to dating and mating because there is too much pressure put on finding a mate. If you interact with women from that position, you will appear desperate, needy and nervous.
      Always remember, Christian women have the same attraction switches as other women. Your love for Jesus doesn’t make you sexy to a woman. You need to project masculinity and dominance. Be a selfish and fun guy who wants to casually date, and you will get interest. Never try to advance the relationship; an interested woman will always do that herself. Let her.

    1. If we were thirsty and desperate, we’d all be on Facebook right now, pretending to like some bitch’s cat pics.

        1. If I’m here sparring with opposing viewpoints, then this place can hardly be a circle jerk.
          Come on girl; you’re smarter than that, and I expect better from you.

  19. Good Post , but a bit pessimistic , the fact is you can call most guys introverts because most will fit the criteria one way or another … although iam sure this wasnt your intention , you kind of make it sound like introvert is a fixed Criteria and are almost impossible to change .
    People always told me iam an introvert and i used to believe it before i started going out … now i dont think iam introvert at all , i enjoy vibing with people ,cracking jokes while reading books and improving myself + i understand social mechanics to a much better degree but its an ongoing process.
    -Introvert is NOT a Purgatory where you are stuck forever or that you even belong there in first place ,( keep in mind most of people writing about this on internet are not medical or psychological professionals )
    -True, women dont care about intellect( which is unfortunate) but in certain areas is can give confidence and provide the person with status … And Even without such opportunity having an intellect is still better then without it at least you can see that something is not right and develop the other aspect of your personality
    (you probably had above then average intellect to see that some part of your life is fucked up and you need to change )
    -I think introverts have a Lot to offer and so do intellectuals , i once read that the Father of modern physics Sir Issac Newton probably never had sex according to some historians(speculations)… this does not mean that anyone who is ”Nerd/ intellectual/ smart/ is doomed for this fate today we have soo much resources…. But its partly thank to Newton that we have a lot of what we do from technology today ( theres a difference between being internet troll all day vs a scientist/ being on your purpose )
    -Speaking from experience as a Science major student dont let anyone put you in a Box of what you can or cannot become , Yes the Red Pill is bit Bitter for me but because i was raised on different values (eastern) and no one told me the truth not because i cant accept Female nature …If You Work on yourself & Go out , Read some social dynamic Books you can Change you will have More friends, More girls , and You Will Be Happier Best OF Luck ! 🙂

    1. Later in life, in my 30’s, I had many attractive women actually “attracted” to me due to my intellect and education. They had felt that the jocks and business suits were unreliable or flaky and they wanted someone reliable with good intellect for their future offspring. They still expected “game” from me and for me to make the moves, but it was a “revenge of the nerds” moment when I realized that it did matter after all. But this was back in the 90’s so times may have changed.

  20. Good Post , but a bit pessimistic , the fact is you can call most guys introverts because most will fit the criteria one way or another … although iam sure this wasnt your intention , you kind of make it sound like introvert is a fixed Criteria and are almost impossible to change .
    People always told me iam an introvert and i used to believe it before i started going out … now i dont think iam introvert at all i think i enjoy vibing with people ,cracking jokes while reading books and improving myself + i understand social mechanics to a much better degree but its an ongoing process.
    -Introvert is NOT a Purgatory where you are stuck forever or that you even belong there in first place ,( keep in mind most of people writing about this on internet are not medical or psychological professionals )
    -True, women dont care about intellect( which is unfortunate) but in certain areas is can give confidence and provide the person with status … And Even without such opportunity having an intellect is still better then without it at least you can see that something is not right and develop the other aspect of your personality
    (you probably had above then average intellect to see that some part of your life is fucked up and you need to change )
    -I think introverts have a Lot to offer and so do intellectuals , i once read that the Father of modern physics Sir Issac Newton probably never had sex according to some historians(speculations)… this does not mean that anyone who is ”Nerd/ intellectual/ smart/ is doomed for this fate today we have soo much resources…. But its partly thank to Newton that we have a lot of what we do from technology today ( theres a difference between being internet troll all day vs a scientist/ being on your purpose )
    -Speaking from experience as a Science major student dont let anyone put you in a Box of what you can or cannot become , Yes the Red Pill is bit Bitter for me but because i was raised on different values (eastern) and no one told me the truth not because i cant accept Female nature …If You Work on yourself & Go out , Read some social dynamic Books you can Change you will have More friends, More girls , and You Will Be Happier Best OF Luck ! 🙂

  21. I’m an introvert and have no trouble attracting women. But the people you describe aren’t introverts, they’re losers.

  22. I have had my share of success with women, but I cannot deny it has left me somewhat crestfallen. I used to believe the cruelty of spirit exhibited by them was simply a byproduct of trying to be “one of the guyz,” yet now I think it is out of pure spite.

  23. A quibble over semantics: The term “attract women” as used in this article reminds me of how women often use the term “find men”. These venaculars actually describe the typical mating ritual in reverse: women “attract” men and men “find” women.
    It’s important because many young men read the term “attract” and think that simply “being” a better person is sufficient for game. Unless the man is in the top 5% or so, most women expect men to make the move even if he’s improved himself significantly. PUA and “game” is mostly about pursuit of women and seduction and sometimes altering oneself to become what women will ACCEPT (not necessarily really “want”) since the hypergamy of the open dating market often encourages single women to make outrageous demands that are impossible to satisfy.
    Going through the dating process, it’s important to remember that it’s dysfunctional as hell and the psychology of a man (or woman) at one stage will interefere with the next. Clown game that amuses a woman at the beginning of a relationship will not suffice if a marital relationship develops. Hoops that have to be jumped through in the beginning become irrelevant at certain points later.

  24. The author says he knows the definition of “introvert,” yet admits to deliberately misusing it anyway. For the record, an extrovert is somebody who is energized by contact with other people. An introvert gets energy from solitude. It has nothing to do with social skills or shyness or anything else of that sort. Introverts become exhausted by too much social activity. Extroverts cannot stand to be alone.
    He might have more accurately classified his subjects as “men somewhere on the autism spectrum.” Or maybe “clueless dorks.”

    1. Words are servants not masters.
      Everyone knows what the author is talking about (including you).
      Hairsplitting contributes nothing.

      1. Choke to death on the next dick you suck. Everyone knows what I mean, including you.
        English grammar is racist, right?

  25. …trying to attract women by being upfront from the get-go will not help…

    I have discovered that the truth is wasted on women. It gets you worse than nowhere.

    1. Depends. If you can frame the truth with a smirk and make it sound naughty, it flies great.
      “Were you listening to me?”
      “Naw sweety, I was too busy staring at your tits. Did you say something?” (grin, wink)

  26. 5 Things Introverts Need To Know About Attracting Women?
    1) Be an extrovert.
    2) Be an extrovert.
    3) Be an extrovert.
    4) Be an extrovert.
    5) Be an extrovert.

  27. “Maybe back in the day they (women) valued and respected intelligent men who were stoic, wise, and contemplative”
    But their fathers surely did.
    And that was all that mattered back then.

  28. Excellent advice! I’m a major introvert, so here’s my additional 2 cents;
    First, figure out if you are an introvert, suffering from social anxiety, or both. Introversion is best seen as a temperament or mindsight. Most introverts are really happy to spend time alone, but can socialize for a while if necessary.
    Social anxiety is a genuine mental/emotional condition. Someone with social anxiety may not like being alone. And they may really want to socialize but you are experiencing severe stress, panic attacks, and/or “Fight or flight” reflexes. (Elevated heartrate, bloodpressure, adrenaline, etc)
    Social anxiety can be treated through medication and therapy. I’d recommend self-therapy; Even just asking a random stranger a question (“Wheres’ the closest mail box?” What time is it?”) or small favor (“Can you loan me a pen? “) every day can act as immersion therapy for Social anxiety. An introvert shouldn’t have much issues with short, simple one-on-one social interactions. But things like this can be very intimidating for someone with social anxiety.
    -Ladies really don’t care about intellect and viewpoints; OP nailed it. But they can be turned on by the ZFG mindset of the introvert. Play it cool, play it relaxed, and play it as “I don’t care what you think.” Introvert temperament plus Blue-pill pedestalizing frame is death! You might as well be invisible. But, Introversion plus redpill can easily come off as “I don’t give a F#ck because all the people in the room are beneath me.”
    -Leverage the friends you do have. Good wingman can funnel poon in your general direction, and then your standoffish personality can catch them in a validation reframe. “Why should I talk to you? What makes you special beside that sopping little jizz-hole in your skirt?” Pretty soon girls will be trying to figure out why you’re not just dying to get to know them.
    -After building up an aloof and standoffish reputation, it can really pay off to get aggressive quickly. “Damn girl! I’m not usually like this, but I am so intrigued by you! I just wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t get to know you (biblically) before the night is through.” Make her think she’s landed something special by getting the guy that isn’t impressed by all those “other” girls in the venue. “You bring the animal out in me!”

  29. Perhaps you should consider the possibility that you are just not genius enough to intrigue an educated, intelligent, well traveled, interesting western woman and lack the intellectual capacity to capture the interest of a conservative policy wonk.

    1. Policy wonks (be they conservative or liberal) should hardly be considered the gold standard of intellect.

      1. They are, however, the gold standard for those interested and well versed in politics, to which I was referring. The author of this article did not even poses the intellectual acumen to correctly define or provide nomenclature for the phenomena he chose to discuss and admits to the incorrect usage of the word “introvert”. I personally adore intellectually gifted introverted males of the politically conservative persuasion and reject as valid the claims made in this article, which I find to be a disappointing rant from an intellectually inferior man with a bruised ego.

        1. It’s fundamentally an issue of dominance rather than introversion/extroversion. Introverted dominance wets panties just as effectively as its opposite.
          Similarly, the qualities you mention regarding a women are effective in terms of her ability to fully surrender herself to absolute male dominance and ownership. Being able to discuss with your woman the Kantian imperative’s influence upon conservative praxis is a bonus–the icing on the cake of her submissive core. In cases where a woman is unable to fully surrender herself, those qualities will lead to strife, and at best a collegial friendship, which the man usually doesn’t need or have time for.

        2. No woman worth her salt would want to surrender to a man who does not value her for her ability to discuss ethical philosophies in regard to politics or any other area of expertise where she is on par.

        3. Those are certainly good qualities, but as I said, they are not primary attractants to men. If a woman is physically attractive, pleasant and submissive, then those qualities are icing on the cake. If she is not, then those qualities tend to make her competitive, shrill and nit-picking, which no man wants to live with.
          Now, as a dominant, I will say that many women initially project that type of behavior as a shit test, in the hope that the man will be dominant enough to ignore it and firmly take her in hand. I’ve encountered that many times to pleasant results.
          In most cases though, the woman is operating on feminist premises regarding what qualities should make a woman attractive to men.
          Woman today are desperately seeking to submit to strong men, as evidenced by the wild popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, which is actually very supercifial and vanilla on the subject of dominant/submissive relationships. Most of these women will continue to grasp at such crumbs and never find the fufillment they crave, so long as they continue down the destructive path of feminism.

    2. Probably not but we are intelligent enough to stay the hell away from “well traveled” women. Everybody knows what that means around here.

      1. I served in the US Army. Travel was part of my duty. It’s sickening how debase your mind and assumptions about women are. You claim they’re all disloyal, opportunistic robots, yet here you are trying to find ways to attract one of the good ones you claim don’t even exist. I actually pity you men here and it’s sad to me that you’ve wasted all your time whoring around with whores.

        1. It sicks you because your tricks are exposed here. Also you sound pretty aroused from the men in this site. Is hubby boring you to death ?

    3. Maybe you’re not genius enough to realize that you just listed a bunch of things that you have been taught since the 1990’s that “men want” that we really could care less about. I don’t give two rancid shits about your education, “intelligence” and how many nations you’ve tromped around in and taken selfies. Interesting of course is subjective, but I usually find that *anybody*, man or woman, that labels himself interesting, isn’t.
      You should come to understand that if you can’t even grasp the base of what men find attractive outside of the lens of feminism (whose “attractive tenants” you just spouted off verbatim) then your opinions on basically anything here are rendered null and void. You simply have no frame of reference or context to grasp what’s being discussed.

      1. Exactly. Since feminism has reared it’s ugly head, it has told us that “sensitive, caring, and loving” is what women find attractive. In other words, men should behave like women.
        At the same time they are trying to say that “educated, intelligent, well traveled, interesting” is what men find attractive. In other words, women should behave like men.
        I need a drink.

      2. I’m not the one scavenging the web for answers about attracting the opposite sex and wondering if or how much I need to change myself to attract someone of the opposite sex. I have no problem in that regard; you, however, do. I never mentioned the fact that I’ve traveled the world (as an Army officer, by the way, NOT as a selfie snapping tourist!). I never said I was interesting, intelligent, or educated. Those are assumptions you made because I am well spoken, logical, and obviously smarter than you, or you creeped my Facebook page. I am far from being a feminist. I don’t ally myself with such radicals, I am simply who I am and I don’t give a damn what you think about it.

  30. Women want a man who can earn her admiration, trust, and respect without needing to diminish her own good qualities. Make eye contact, be polite, take care of yourself, you don’t have to be a charismatic socialite with rakish good looks.

    1. Problem with many western women is how selfish and fickle they are in loyalty and love. Which is why many men now refuse to marry or only engage in sexual relationships. Your “what women want…” statement is a perfect example and a quote stappled everywhere in our society. It’s time you understood that a relationship is a 2 way street and a man who breaks his back 11 hrs a day to pay for the house doesn’t feel obliged to constantly come home to this “what women always want” selfish horseshit. Like it or not ,women don’t know what they want because the majority are cognitively unable to make that long term rational decision for themselves. Which is why most women in our society are confused and miserable by the time they reach 40.
      Sorry sweetheart but both the truth and the red pill are very bitter to swallow.

      1. You fellas are clueless about women, grasping for straws, wondering if and what you need to change about yourselves to attract a quality woman. Yes, truth is bitter to swallow and you are unwilling to palliative it yourself. My what women want statement was made in good faith, in good will, from a good woman who wants men to be men worthy of respect and admiration. I’m trying to tell you the only women your clown games and other games work on are the dumb ones many men here claim to dread trying to have conversations with!

        1. I’m here for the political content not for the “game” or the ” how to increase the size of your pecs or penis with multivitamins” BS. I’m in happy relationship. Just saying get past your Daniel Steel/prince charming delusions/confusion and find yourself a decent guy (there are many) + have kids and family before you reach 40 and become miserable like most your peers.

  31. Introvert here, and I am very adventurous as well. I just dont need to go out every damn day of the week. Traditional, and somewhat reserved. Day game is much more attractive and easier for the intro. The conversations have much more potential than at some loud ass club full of fist pumpers. I give presentations to groups with no problem, and highly enjoy meeting new people. Especially new women. I am very picky when it comes to women. Some of you guys will bang anything, and that is disgusting.
    You want to know what this introvert doesnt want to deal with? Single moms. Baby moma drama, whatever you want to call it. No ma’am no thank you.

    1. Bingo. I “dated” a couple single moms in my yoot.
      Never again.
      I avoid that like the poison it is.
      Unless shes really hot, then a few bangs is ok. But that is so rare.

  32. Seeing Lauren Southerns picture on this cracked me up lol.
    People think if a girl is ‘woke’ to leftism being bad, that means you don’t need game.
    Very silly. Everyone knows that a lot of the famous female commentariat no matter how pretty are doing it in some ways for attention.
    They want the same things most women want. A unicorn does not advertise itself as being a unicorn.
    Replace unicorn with good woman and it still applies

  33. I’m not an introvert, i’m just an asshole. But i still found myself a beautiful and traditional eastern european girlfriend. She doesn’t want to work or have a career or gives me crap about her everyday wants or dictates how i should be living my life Instead she cooks for me, takes care of me and now she wants to get married and have kids. For all that she is treated like absolute f***ing royalty (gifts, holidays, attention, everything 10 folds!!!)
    Western women take note.

  34. Speaking of Mark Manson, I just want to say that if you ever want a solid long term relationship advice, never take it from a liberal.
    Although far from being bad, if you follow Manson’s “Models” to the letter, you’d would probably end up with a woman who’s sexually liberated, liberal hipster as your partner. Good for short fling, bad for long term.

  35. Introvert here. Trying to game women while sober is mentally exhausting, these women talk about the stupidest shit while being so self absorbed.
    I had a friend in high school who was half retarded(literally), and I’ve had a lot more thought provoking conversations with him, mainly because there wasn’t this expectation of having to be up to date with every little pop culture minutia.
    To all the extroverts, where do you summon the patience for talking to a bitch?

    1. I’ve met very few women who were good conversationalists. I met a woman once who was a super good conversationalist though. She was good for conversing with me at least and she had curiosity and perspectives on all the same conspiracies which I delve. Not many women can hold a convo much less comprehend the subjects we spoke of. It was like a tennis match chatting with her in passing. She’d hit my sweet spot and I’d return it the same, challenging her and her responses upped her IQ guesstimation each time. She had a good brain, slightly fat though from edema/bipolar meds and she had squeezed out this super smart kid with her hubby who I also knew. She was a stay at home mom at the time and with all her brains, couldn’t cook much more than mac-n-cheese. I respected the guy so I never went beyond brain tease chat with her.
      One year she flipped, became wrathful on her hubby and filed a surprise divorce out of the blue. She turned into the worst loud mouthed bitch, talking to neighbors about every detail of how she was cleaning this poor guy’s clock and the local bitch hens gave her solice as they usually do. I avoided her then, amazed at how she was turning like a big ship and becoming increasingly more destructive to her own clan with each passing week. I swear the bitch was posessed and I felt sorry for the poor kid who was doing so well previous.
      I knew her husband wasn’t managing her properly. He opted for no more kids when he should have kept her stuffed like a turkey and breeding. With all her brains, she was good breeding stock but allowed to get flabby, hit the wall and become spoiled with too much newly purchased shit. He should have smacked her stupid with hard core pimp game and broke her of jealousy by stacking her up with a sister wife or concubine like a double decker creme pie entree at Baskin Robbins. That would teach her.
      You have to get bold before your western bitch turns sour. It’s all or nothing for you just like for her when she begins grabbing for straws all crazy, releasing the enabler hit teams on you. Any woman becomes distraught when their biological function is neglected and they become batshit crazy, sometimes rapidly and sometimes gradually. USE THE BITCH UP as she was designed. When she’s done breeding one, knock her silly upside the head with another. A woman gets way too comfortable way too quickly in the west. “Atten-HUTT”. “Turkey-UUUP!” Her big round white ass wouldn’t have become so fixated and large if the guy would have kept it smacked and made to heel, facing out like a proper and obedient breeding mare.

        1. At least don’t encumber your clan or your bloodline in a marriage contract with the state or with any state regulated church. Fuck and DOUBLE FUCK the state. You owe the state nothing and you especially don’t owe it your signature on a waiver of your rights as rightful KING over your domestic clan and tribal branch bloodline. Keep the state marriage contracts out of your house and bedroom! A marriage is a contract you and your spouse make between God almighty and not the state. Again fuck the state.
          At present, the state deals only discord and deconstruction to family, culture and tribe. The state refuses to be answerable to the patriarchs amongst its citizens. You owe the present state nothing. Therefore the state owes YOU the responsible citizen unobstructed access to its emergency brake lever to STOP THE TRAIN when it runs amok and tramples your tribal right.
          Sure you can have family, an obedient spouse and live under your own tribal hegemony only not under the thumb of the present state. A legal marriage certificate is nothing but a forefeiture of rights and autonomy and is nothing but a worthless scrap of paper if your spouse doesn’t stand loyal behind you. Her contract with YOU and equally with GOD is paramount.

  36. I can relate to the article. Being an ambivert (introvert and extrovert, mainly depending on the people and situation), some girls told me to speak more or say something. Once they sense you’re an introvert, it’s like being forever stuck in the friendzone. And this exhorting you to speak more is a shit test sometimes.
    As for your intelligence, they don’t care that much. They may be impressed, but it won’t get you laid in most cases. It might get you a date, but if you don’t act on your masculine desire the soonest possible, then you might have as well been dumb.
    So it’s again all about confidence and going out there in the real world. Not being unemployed and surfing the net for jobs, and waiting and hoping for a miracle. And not putting your headphones and playing with your PC in the evening and night.
    The next day, you do some solo sports and you go back to surfing the net to seek a change. And you might do once in a while some voluntary work, but it is not that rewarding. Because you ain’t got a job, no girlfriend and lately, not even friends anymore.
    If you wanna break the pattern, gotta risk your comfort zone. But heck, there are some invisible chains keeping you in your place.

  37. I’m sort of an asshole introvert. I don’t like meeting strangers unless they are pre-screened for similar interests, and I don’t do well with large crowds of strangers.
    I am, however, a great conversationalist when it comes down to a one-on-one with a woman or man, which gives me good short term success in my dating life. I always fall short when I have to be introduced to her pack of judgemental friends, who say some emotional bullshit about how I gave them weird vibes because I was too quiet.
    If you are stupid enough to LTR a western woman, accept the fact that you’ll have to date her 20 catty friends. Game appropriately, but once they smell Trump, or “red pill,” they’ll probably hate you before you open your mouth.

        1. Got it. Always kind of assumed getting a girlfriend in nyc was ‘easier’ but based on a lot of stuff I have been reading online in general it seems a lot of relationship minded guys have a very hard time esp in their 20s. What’s your take?

        2. Getting a girlfriend is easier in NYC, perhaps because the ratio of women to men is apparently skewed (more single college educated women than men). Most high-value men pump-and-dump here, so when they find an LTR motivated guy, they jump into it right away.
          Relationships are MUCH harder to keep. If you LTR a woman in NYC, you are taking her away from a life of dating apps, bars, concerts, etc. Add in a stressful career and you have a nuclear bomb on your hands.
          Young twenty-somethings that we target are not desperate for marriage or kids. They don’t feel the clock, because they don’t realize that their beauty clock ticks faster than their biological clock.
          I’m staying away from relationships, mostly because of the quality of women, but I’ll admit it’s partially because I’m a boring guy in the eyes of women. I’m physically attractive and cocky enough for the first few rounds, but I’m not the life of the party-I prefer writing on ROK, theorizing, pondering on global events than attending the latest downtown bar.
          The hypergamy is also off the charts. There are so many perceived options-the doctor, the banker, the model. ALL women in the city think that they can snag this guy, so they “date” endlessly.
          I’d imagine dating post-wallers to be like shooting fish in a bucket in this city-most are well aware that they are not the cream of the crop anymore. Even though these post-wallers want a relationship, they are so used to being independent, and so jaded by the pump-and-dump scene, that they make terrible LTR material.
          I’ve dated 22 and 23 year olds that are horrifically jaded after just a few months on NYC’s dating scene. It’s brutal for them because of their hypergamy, but also exacerbated by guys like me who don’t give a shit and ghost them.
          I’ve banged girls and they’ll flake on the next date, and flip a shit when I don’t cave and answer their texts. This probably happens multiple times over the course of a month with each woman.
          Every girl in this city comes with:
          1) a demanding career
          2) a poor dating history
          3) an extensive social network
          4) An insatiable hunger for activity in the form of nightlife and bars
          5) Outrageous hypergamy.
          Don’t get serious with a woman PERIOD, but x10 for NYC.

  38. Going out to clubs, teamsports, birthdayparties, celebrations of all sorts. I don’t like them. I’d rather read books, surf the web and watch documentaries.
    I’ve always been an introvert…until I decided to be a teacher and change my behavior. You can actually train yourself to be more sociable. Now, you can’t really change your core, but I’m much more a teamplayer than I ever was. And indeed, you need that to attract the hotter women. They want a guy who is going to take them rockclimbing, jumping the trampolines in the amusement park, who makes them laugh, has a presence. I can’t blame them.

  39. Hi stormfronter and neo nazis! This is your guide to finally getting away from the keyboard sticky with saliva and semen to court those unicorn western white women you so gallantly defend! The damsels await!!

  40. My practical advice to introverts.
    Women are walking fleshlight with their warm cavity hole. What they say, they will do another that contradicts to what they said earlier.
    Do NOT take them seriously, just work on your physical appearance and game and after you fuck them, do not have any emotional attachment to them.
    There is no point of “hanging” out with them or go “shopping” with them if you know you are not going to get laid or anywhere.
    Do not be a cuck. Most important, Have some self respect. No pussy is worth your dignity because as soon as you get on your knees (figuratively) and gamble your dignity for pussy, you will get none.

  41. I am so glad that, as a 52 year old, I have the luxury of reading books, being boring, gardening, and not having to please women. My wife puts up with me.
    I did prance about when I was young. Up until 35, I was hardcore into self-betterment. Languages, military training, travel, overseas work and study. Even if it did not lead to a job at first, as I did not get the degree that offered professional qualifications. Degrees in French, Russian, political history, and speaking multiple languages are great for self-betterment, but you need something like business, education, technology to turn it into a credential. Or join the military, they will put your language ability to use !!!
    My graduate degree that led to me current job in education (ok, not great, but still pays the bills) I only got because of my Japanese wife (whom I was dating at the time.). I told her I was working on my MA degree which was a lie. Just wanted to impress her as she was hotter than any woman I had dated, and she wanted someone at least moderately successful. I was a radical left wing hippie English conversation teacher at the time (no education credential required).
    So I walked into the branch campus of an American overseas campus and signed up for a class before she caught on to my lie.I had no interest in an education degree. Fortunaltey, for the overseas Japan branch campus, you did not have to take all the graduate admissions tests like for the home branch. (Was living in Japan at the time). So I just took the classes one at a time and 3 years later, had my degree.
    I never got rich, but it saved me from becoming unemployed. I am seven years from retirment and a pension now. So hopefully, between my language and gardening hobbies and online political rants, I will be ready for retirement to be fulfilling.
    Good luck to all you young folks. I recommend going overseas for a girl. If I were 25, I think I would go to Japan or Korea and teach English if I were not a high tech person.
    There are countries, perhaps, with better girls, but there are not many where you can quickly find a decent paying job that will allow you to save money in a fairly strong currency. South America and the Phillipnes may be great for women, but you cannot come home with money from these countries and make a down payment on a house and a car.
    I arrived in Japan in 1990. When I left, I carried back home a MA degree, a hot wife, a beautiful 2 year old son, decent Japanese language ability, savings for a new car in cash, and a down paayment on a townhouse, not to mention my current job was already lined up. Arrived in July 98, in August 98, I had my car and home and job.
    Japan is not the el dorado it was in the 90’s, but I’ll bet it is still a nice place for a young man right out of college with a liberal arts degree.
    I will say, the main thing that has changed is this. We still get along great. But I have become the right wing Trump supporter. And after 20 years here, she has become the moderate leftie Hillary supporter.
    My politics piss her off a little, but so what. My son is an ROTC cadet, so she has to toe the line. She is outnumbered and we are a right wing household.
    On days when I serve her coffee, I do so in a Donald Trump coffee mug I bought on Breitbart. Cool mug.
    Mug has a picture of Hillary on one side with the words, “decaf, weak, bitter”. And on the other side of the mug is a picture of the Donald with the words, “caffenated, bold, distinct”.
    I recommend that coffee mug for every dude. On mornings when you must be the mangina to appease the wife with morning coffee, you can at least to it with a red pill coffee mug.

  42. Im probably more introvert than extrovert but i have high status. In my younger years in particular in college I sought out leadership positions in college societies which helped with meeting girls in college. Also I had good skills when it came to make chicks laugh. if you can make them laugh you are half way there

  43. “All men have a different point where they draw the line when it comes to
    women. On one extreme, we have PUA’s who will do just about everything
    to dance around women to get in their pants, and on the other, we have
    the MGTOW’s who will do absolutely nothing for women.” PUA’s are victims of feminism, since they care about what every women think of them. I despise PUA’s as much as I despise MGTOW.

  44. Good article. Unfortunately with the way our courting system is (not) set up, the strong stoic types have trouble getting their foot in the door.
    I will disagree though that intelligence isn’t important. My IQ is 128, and I am not dating/would never date a stupid or even average intelligence man. I wouldn’t even hook up with one, because stupidity is a turn off.

    1. Oh please, if a studly man of 95 IQ stumbles into your periphery, your ovaries would tingle.
      You’re biologically programmed to do so. Your quaint 128 IQ is no deterrent to your biological nature.

    2. “My IQ is 128… I wouldn’t even hook up with [a man of average intelligence], because stupidity is a turn off”.
      I bet you’re a riot at parties.

  45. I feel SO identified with some of the things this article said! The vast majority of women in today’s Western society don’t care about a man’s “knowledge of history, politics or philosophy”. And being yourself just turns women off sometimes.
    But, I would like to add this: if you’re an “introvert” (like me) who wants to find non-superficial women, there is still hope. They may be the minority, but they do exist!

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