The Secret To Mastering Eye Contact

After standing up straight, eye contact is the most important piece of non-verbal communication.

Imagine a man with an intimidating build and superb posture entering the room you’re currently in. He slowly walks up to you, asks a question, and engages you in conversation. But he’s unable to maintain eye contact for more than two or three seconds. When he entered the room and moved to approach you, you undoubtedly felt his masculine presence and a strong sense of confidence. However, as soon as you met him face to face and began speaking with him, your perception of him quickly changed. He was no longer a badass alpha male, but rather just another insecure man.

While that example was rather obvious and extreme, eye contact plays a huge role in your everyday life. It affects how you feel during any given interaction, and it affects how everyone else perceives you. Without being able to skillfully maintain—and break—eye contact, it doesn’t matter how straight you stand up or how thick your back is—you’ll still fail to create a powerful presence.

The Perfect Dose


Good eye contact signals confidence and builds comfort. It says I’m comfortable looking into your eyes and speaking with you.

Bad eye contact signals weakness and breaks rapport. It says I’m a nervous little bitch.

But good eye contact is more complicated than staring at someone like you’re playing that game where the first person who blinks loses. When you practice this type of eye contact it comes off as creepy, like you’re a serial killer or child molester. It makes the other person think you’re trying to intimidate them or just socially unaware.

By the same token, failing to meet the other person’s glance, or immediately looking away when eye contact is made, is also terrible. This is more common. It signals a lack of confidence and shows that you’re nervous or intimidated by the person you’re speaking with.

The secret to mastering eye contact is to maintain it for slightly longer than the other person can. This shows confidence, but also social intelligence. It says I’m in charge of this conversation, but I’m not trying to creep you out.

How To Break It


The second piece to mastering eye contact is knowing how to break it. This is pretty simple: when you break eye contact, look away to the sides of the person you’re speaking with, as if you’re thinking or picturing something in your head. Don’t look down – this shows weakness and submission.

These rules should be applied to any situation. When you’re talking to your boss, firm eye contact lets him know you’re not his little puppy and should be taken seriously. When you’re talking to your inferior, it acknowledges their presence, but also demands respect. When you’re talking to a cute girl you mean to bed, it builds comfort, but also leads the interaction to ever-increasingly seductive and intense eye contact. In short, it’s an unavoidable part of any interaction, and you’d be stupid not to consciously master it and use it to your advantage.

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180 thoughts on “The Secret To Mastering Eye Contact”

  1. More “man up” bullshit. Self improvement is masturbation. So let’s see. To be successful in the modern society, I have to look like Brad Pitt, have a 6 pack, huge muscles, have perfect charisma, know when and how long to hold eye contact for, make at least a million dollars a year, and if I am lacking in any of the above qualities, I am a loser who cannot attract women.
    Yea. Fuck that. I think I’ll just drop out and go MGTOW and spend my free time watching anime, porn, video games, and shitposting on /pol/. Let society burn and let the manginas and feminists (95 percent of the population) burn along with it.

      1. Well, this “loser” has women begging him for sex, without him making any advances at all. Women are attracted by that care free don’t give a fuck attitude, not by this gay ass “self improvement” shit. A real alpha is a guy that doesn’t give a fuck, whereas the betas are a bunch of whiny little faggots who are always trying to “improve” themselves, and yet they get no where. Guys who are alphas by nature don’t need to learn all this aloof game shit, because it comes NATURALLY to them.
        Also, this “loser” has 5 years of hand to hand combat training and I could beat your ass into a pulp easily.

        1. You have qualified yourself to me on the internet.
          Nothing more needs to be said.

        2. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

        3. “Gorilla warfare”
          How has that copy-paste bullshit still not been proof-read?

        4. gorilla war… that’s where you troll people to death and failing that simply make them lick your big fury ones… ?

        5. Navy SEALs more than likely know how to spell Al Qaeda…also, what is this “gorilla” warfare you speak of? Is it poo-flinging? Perhaps guerrilla was the word you were straining those synapses to find? If you’re going to troll, at least try to come off as an articulate and intelligent individual. 1/10…

        6. Yo keyboard warrior, I remember you made this same threat word for word on a blog about racism in Hawaii. So you keep it on file ready to cut and paste every time your delicate feelings get hurt. Grow up, wuss.

        7. Q. How can you tell if someone is a Navy Seal??
          A. wait 5 minutes and they will tell you…

        8. Heh, I remember the seals when I was on a gator freighter. They were the dudes who talked a lot of shit but when we played on the welldeck, they told us boxers we weren’t allowed to hit them in the head because it was hard to show how cool seal martial arts was when we dropped them too quickly.
          I trained a bit with the seals in buds when i was doing rescue diver training (The swim training was combined because rescue swimmers don’t get dunked in NICE weather)… They were pretty good at the long swim, but tended to have no clue whatsoever about lifesaving. Not bad guys, but not the kind of badasses they like to pretend to be.
          The problem is, your tirade has some flaws. Seal equipment kicks the stomp all over ‘the marine arsenal’. Also the threats are a little over-the top. Seals will never, ever brag about it, especially not threaten.
          Other than that it all sounds pretty good. How about you give me an email address, so I can mail you my home address and you can come kill me in 700 different ways. I promise I won’t defend myself in 700 ways, just one.
          Or you can come and meet the guys at the local training center. They are fun, hard core, and have a very interesting attitude about guys who claim that they were at the ‘top of their seal class’. I am sure you will find it fun and educational.

        9. Actually, that’s how you tell someone is NOT a seal.
          Scariest fighters on the planet are not seals… they are boatswain’s mates on small ships. They make marine drill instructors look like pussies (we actually did in welldeck fighting… I won almost 300 bucks betting on the navy ‘underdogs’)

        10. “boatswain’s mates on small ships”….active duty Navy or private sailors/merchant marines??? I am sure there is no welldeck fighting now with the new PC command structure. These SEALs seem to be needing hollywood agents these days. Seems there is a bit of SEAL overload in the movies….

        11. Agreed.I really get a kick out of these jack holes working out all the time getting there chest waxed, learning game lmao.Wtf ever.You either don’t care what people think and you get layed or it’s natural it’s just that simple.I’m 5 10 175 skinny 44 yr old that gets young women all the time because I don’t give a damn and they know it.I pick them up in my 96 grand cherikee and they fucking like it.

        12. It’s copypasta. It’s not serious. It’s posted on The Misc basically every 15 minutes.

        13. Awww…did we hurt your feelings? Maybe we should give you milk and cookies and tuck you into bed with a little teddy bear?

        14. active duty navy. at least, when I was in. post-95 everyone in the military seems like pussies.

        15. There is a great deal of discontent in the SOF community over their willingness to capitalize on their notoriety considering SOF is expected to be the unassuming operators. However, realize it is much more top driven than anything.


        17. Yeah, pretty sure I read this exact rant before. At least troll with some originality next time.

    1. Get help for that aspergers… Social interaction goes beyond IQ and the logical. That’s why the highly logical generally have a tough time socially. Don’t use other people as an excuse to not master all areas in your life.

      1. If he’s not, there are plenty out there who are and can identify. If anything it’s a good primer for the comments.

    2. Your defeatist attitude makes you no better than the feminists. You are a mangina. The world doesn’t run on all or nothing. Those who make an effort get ahead, those who don’t…are still here bitching about it.

      1. Like I said. The reason he’s angry (as well as the reason the “HB is a woman!” crowd are angry) is because someone held a mirror up to them and what they saw mad them feel baaaaad!

        1. I will beat the shit out of all of you faggots at the same time. Tell me a place to meet, and we can beat the shit out of each other in the street!!!!!! And then perhaps you can beat my meat, too!

        2. You just replied to a female.
          This one doesnt seem like it wants to go away anytime soon.
          I guess its horny for some RoK dick.

        3. People actually enjoy to nut at those things…? That’s fucking disgusting. Fucking degenerates.

      2. Hmmmm…. just to play devil’s advocate here I could simply say the same about anyone who follows this article is putting too much importance on women.
        I’m not saying the above article is bullshit, nor am I trying to start a flame war, but one has to recognize that Rome is burning, and that the poster “Tyler Durden” is making a valid point. With each passing year there is yet more ahem… “details” to have to factor in just to play the role of dancing clown simply to get one’s dick wet. Roosh even did an article about it entitled “Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Woman”
        Pussy is like beer; every man gets his fill, then he goes home and throws up. That is to say is that MGHOW is a valid option especially after he has gotten his dick wet many times before and when today’s females bring nothing more to the table but the hairly hole between their legs.

      3. Well, he comes from 4chan, which is made up off neckbeards and hungry skeletons. I think this /pol/ he mentioned is made up of white males that are into interracial cuckold.

    3. I wonder why people like Fight Club this much. For me that movie was average at best.

      1. the movie was so good, and so subversive that Rupert Murdoch sacked people at Fox for releasing it against his instructions…..

        1. links or it didn’t happen. Remember the Illuminati murdered Stanley Kubrick for exposing them in Eyes Wide Shut.

      2. Durden emphatically says that you are not your job, when he was all about his job. Blowing shit up with soap. His idea of an improved version of himself was about shaking conditioning. The great irony is that in doing so he eventually conditions others and creates a microcosm of conformity.
        These MGTOW types who want to jerk off and watch anime are not looking to improve. They are terrified babies who would rather be comforted by escape mechanisms than challenge themselves.
        Fuck ever being so passive with life.

        1. To me Durden represent unchecked wild pent masculinity. A part of the Narrator that was repressed and had to come out so when it did, it went crazy to the other extreme. However experiencing that extreme ultimately gave the Narrator his balance at the end of being his own complete individual.
          It’s the same with Red Pill stuff. The vast majority of people on here are schulbs that were drones acting out their blue pill conditioning and then some get Red Pill info and go nuts with it. Rage towards anything and everything associated with normal society. Look at all the guys wanting to be extreme sociopaths because it has untapped potential for power. It’s a new shiny toy. And it’s all good. You should try it out by going to that extreme because it’s been missing your whole life.
          However, it’s not the optimal way. While being total dickhead gets a hell of lot more rewards than ‘nice guy’, at the end of the day you’re still a douchebag which bleeds through. The fluid old school well rounded gentleman is the goal with the calibration and knowledge to push/pull.

        2. I tried to understand mgtow.I just wanted to understand them I guess but there nothing but a bunch of faggot bitter gamers that can’t get layed by anyone.

        3. “These MGTOW types who want to jerk off and watch anime are not looking to improve. They are terrified babies who would rather be comforted by escape mechanisms than challenge themselves.”
          And you are a ginormous, cocksucking faggot.
          You do not get to tell other people what to do you silly little prick.

        4. Merkage is a fucking beta faggot who has to resort to gay ass self improvement shit in order to pull chicks. He does not have the natural confident and alpha attitude.

        5. Actually most of them are guys who used to follow game and fucked tons of chicks and then realized how worthless women are. It’s the betas like you that pedestalize women, Joseph.

        6. What a bullshit post, faggot. Get the fuck out you slut whore and go back to Reddit where you belong, you tumblr social justice warrior SHITLORD!!!!

        7. I have yet to see any evidence that you do either…or that you have had any success with women for that matter.

        8. WTF?Man you responded just like a bitter MGTOW loser.Whats this stupid picture supposed to mean you’re into transgender women?Stop sniffing you’re moms panties and put the controller down and get out and live you faggot MGTOW loser.

        9. ??????
          You should be a well rounded guy that is chill and doesn’t want to act like a glorified frat star.
          Roosh, Quintus, Christian McQueen all preach how about being calm, collect and an intelligent well rounded individual. Roosh gave the three vectors of ‘Great Man’ in that a guy should have Fitness/Style, Knowledge, and Drive to see it through. The end goal is to be the superior man and have ‘amused mastery’ not be some fucking rage filled freak.
          Edit: I just realized you’re trolling. LOL.

        10. I agree. There is an equilibrium to reach. Some find it naturally, others learn it.

        11. ….and at the same time YOU are the one here looking for validation from other man….and using feminist shaming language to other guys that decided to follow the MGTOW path….it seems that either you (like some of the guys here) don’t understand MGTOW (or what level one chooses to follow)..
          1.looking for validation and approval from other guys..
          2.Using feminist shaming language to other dudes.
          So who’s the faggot here?

        12. No I’ve learned mgtow is just creepy and rather wierd and while my response was harsh it’s the truth.Most of these mgtow guys are nothing but strange gamers with 0 socail skills.If you think me calling them out for what they are is a feminist act what ever.I really don’t want to be on a website with mgtows hovering around I thoght it was a site for mascline men maybe its not so much?

      3. forget the movie.
        The movie WAS crap.
        However, the basic concept of a man-only space, where violence is not only encouraged but mandatory, is very saludatory.
        Heavy fighting in the SCA is just as cathartic, as is sparring in MMA/UFC training bouts (I luckily have a training center right next to my house… way too old to play the game, but not even close to too old to spar with the trainees. Much fun and bloody noses, and when they occasionally lose to an ‘old man’ they know they need to up their game… No 22 year old should lose to me.)
        The point is that controlled and directed Violence is about as masculine as you can possibly get. And the self-confidence you get from fighting, the ideal of looking at some other guy and KNOWING that you could beat him to death, and having the self control and will to choose not to do so, is an amazingly powerful sensation.
        Not to mention that having fists like jackhammers is great if you are still chasing pussy regularly.

    4. well if you can’t master it, i find a bullet to the head cures all known problems.

      1. How about I put a bullet through YOUR fucking head, faggot? Right after you get ass raped of course.

        1. Ray seems to merely be offering a constructive suggestion for someone who’s checked out on life.
          Why all the homoerotica and hostility?

        2. My last meal will be the Spicy Big Bite, and then I am going to an hero on live webcam so you can all watch.

    5. Quite being such a faggot.
      All of those things are the IDEAL, and all of those things will make things easier in the game and in life(like how they found getting a job depends more on looks than on qualifications).
      You don’t need to excel in every area to attract women. Hell there’s a well known PUA instructor who operates out of Denver, that is ugly as all hell and out of shape but is able to pull ass like crazy due to his confidence, masculinity, and charisma.
      You know the real reason for your post? Someone just held a mirror up to you and you didn’t like what you saw.

    6. – You don’t have to look like Brad Pitt
      – 6 pack and muscles are easy to get, just motivation and time
      – you don’t have to make a million a year
      Those help but the only thing you really need to avoid being a “loser who cannot attract women” is to be overconfident.

        1. What a faggot reply. Kim Dotcom is an alpha because he has an alpha ATTITUDE. HE also has a shitload of money.
          Physical looks has very little to do with it. You may be a bad ass alpha who is ugly as fuck and you’ll do far better than all these faggots who bust their ass in gyms trying to look how Calvin Kline says they should look.

        2. Kim dotcom? seriously? you are pushing that weeble as an example of what to aspire to?
          Ooh, brave guest. Go win the lottery.

        3. Kim Dotcom need money to balance the fact he’s a fatass, if he spent some time in the gym (doesn’t have to be much) and watched his diet in addition to his money, women would be 10 times more attracted.
          Most men don’t have Kim Dotcom’s money anyway, so they shouldn’t handicap themselves with lard around the waist.

      1. Actually, being overconfident IS the best game. Hell, I used to go around telling women I was God and I had lots of chicks wanting to fuck. One chick even told me “Let’s do E together, sex feels so good when you are on E”. Nowadays I am a fedora wearing faggot who watches anime, and now no bitches gives me any attentions. Be the most arrogant overconfident prick you can even imagine, hell develop a messianic complex, and you’ll be rolling in the pussy.

      2. I actually am the guy Jefe was talking about… except worse. I have the six pack and muscles, 8% body fat, 173 lbs, 5’9, killer posture, but zero self confidence, namely because I have 0 experience (other than2 lays with a 2 and having made out with 4 8s – all from party scene) with girls. Well, that and I think I have an ugly face – can’t change that. Tell me what the fuck I need to do to stop acting like a faggot. How do I just get confident? I’m done watching DBZ and jerking it.

        1. Because women’s facial beauty is very important for us men, we think ours is important for them, it is not. How to get confident? I don’t know how to explain it, just think of yourself as if you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

    7. “Self improvement is masturbation.”
      I stopped giving a shit what you had to say at that point.

    8. This resonates deeply with the “selfish girls not sleeping with nerds makes them into killers”
      it seems like it’s the ‘alpha’s’ which put these ‘masculine’ pressures on ‘beta’s’ are the problem and may be the reason why nerds shoot up schools…not women who won’t put out.

      1. OH NOES! Don’t mention us master race. No, it was a goy that trolled you all. Hate the goyim, love us Master Race. Oh and go sign up for the army so you can go fight and die for Israel too! Be a good little goy!

    9. This eye contact info article is actually excellent and succinct and is useful in many situation. However I do agree with you on other things and refusal to jump through hoops and play a rigged game. But my role model is not MGTOW but a cowboy who kicks the table when he finds out the game is rigged(Which I guess is what Tyler Durden in the movie was.).

      1. Life is one big rigged game, friend.
        You can either figure out how to rig it in your favor, or you can go kick the table everywhere you go until you kick the bucket.
        The choice is yours.

      2. Have fun manning up, faggot. I’ll have fun living in my parent’s basement and jacking off to hentai.

    10. For someone with the nickname Tyler Durden, you sure act like a whiny little bitch.
      Life is not fair. Adjust and grow a thicker skin. No woman, let alone any attractive woman, wants to hang around with types like you because you are depressing and have a poor attitude.
      Stop making excuses for your own weaknesses and fix them. Running away from your problems will not solve anything.

      Having said all this, I agree with you on the burning away of all the manginas and feminists, though. 🙂

    11. The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

    12. You dont have to be any of that, all you have to do is constantly strive to be better each day in every aspect of life, Which is why ive seen ugly ass dudes pull mad chicks and good looking guys (no homo) not get shit.
      its a mindset.

    13. To be successful in modern society or in ancient societies you have to be able to take care of yourself and others in times of need. You need to be healthy enough to hunt down a pray (kfc doesn’t count) fight off enemies or fast enough to run from lion. You also need charm and whit and self confidence.
      You don’t need to be the best in these areas but be willing to work towards them.

    14. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself. You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt and have huge muscles and charisma, you don’t need to be rich either, just be confident and yourself. There is nothing more attractive to either gender than confidence. Afterall physical attractiveness is a variable based on each individual and what aspects a person finds attractive. Yes, you might pull a girl because you are all the things you listed, but you have to ask yourself, is that the kind of girl you want to attract? One that loves you for appearance that will eventually fade, and money that will eventually run out, or someone who loves you for who you are and will stay with you because of who you are? I know this is an idealist point of view, but honestly, money and looks aren’t everything. A genuine personality and values, love and respect for you, your partner and the relationship itself are what count in a relationship, if it’s based on the superficial and material, ultimately the relationship is not going to last.
      There is a huge difference between a little self improvement and a complete overhaul of your personality and identity. If you improve yourself to attract girls, you’ll end up with a fake personality, if you improve yourself for yourself, you end up with a version of you that is genuine, but more confident, and the one universal factor that is attractive, certainly within my circle of friends is confidence. Both genders find it attractive and it is attractive in both genders.

    15. Whoa! Tyler, Tyler Durden of, is that you? Why are you not at the site? We need more informative content to help us deal with reality. Especially with the crazy real-estate market on the West Coast.

  2. Oh please you bunch of manginas. A virgin girl who respects herself and worships the war goddesses of the old will not come close to you cum bucket sons with a ten inch pole.

    1. Except that is horse shit. Virgins are some of the most sexually eager women around. The ones who are hung up on a romantic ideal but easily awakened by a dominant male introduction.
      Go troll elsewhere.

      1. Lololol you wish. Fantasy land is just that a fantasy, that’s why you’re banging used up ugly skanks that get fucked all sort of ways like your whore single mother. And then you come up here and tell everyone what a man you are since your banging easy chicks that put out to anyone that even looks at them. That’s why american men are single most degenerate retarded societal scum out there. Useless you are all utterly useless. Lol go bang your bbw white bleached hair blonde who is probably riding a cock of your father you disgusting piece of shit.

    1. Fuck you faggot. Oh wait, have you ever been ass fucked, you goddamn sodomite?

    2. Ya know Quintus….it’s kind of funny that as soon as someone posts an article that contains some real TRUTH about the game, everyone get’s butthurt fast.
      It’s kind of funny how a bunch of self-professed “alphas” are so easy to affect.
      I think you and I both agree on one point: If you’re on the internet looking for answers to the question of how to meet women, then you aren’t an “alpha”. The real badasses and alphas are (unless you, say, happen to be on house arrest or have a desk job) generally not going to be found on the internet.

      1. As I have said a thousand times, a man who is smart and motivated enough to learn ‘faux alpha’ is a thousand times better than a man that comes by it naturally.
        And this coming from a guy that picked up most of it naturally. I never really had a problem picking up girls, but if I had 20 years ago half the knowledge from both the scene and the PUA’s that I have now, I’d probably be living a WAY better life.

        1. I don’t believe you can “faux” alpha. It can be learned or natural but you can’t effectively fake it.
          Also be careful with that PUA “knowledge”. A good portion of what they sell is garbage designed to separate you from your money.

        2. heh, not talking about mystery method, talking more about the psychology behind some of the conversation.

        3. Both Mystery and all the other “gurus” who are imitating him. There’s one “instructor” out there who started teaching immediately after losing his virginity.

        4. Would it be simpler to point out the one thing I learned from PUA’s?
          Never attempting to explain anything to a woman.
          Honestly, once you decide to play off any serious conversation, your game goes through the roof.
          Never really did understand the shit about funky hats and makeup, though. Was it to make up for being short, or something?

        5. It’s because that’s Mystery’s game and people are so stupid that they think that if it works for him, it will work for them.
          The other thing they’re right about is how important storytelling is. I’ve noticed over time that the guys who are the most successful with women know how to tell their life experiences in an entertaining way.

        6. Then again, I guess I never understood the whole one night stand thing either. I prefer to get to know a girl, fuck her for a while, then move on… who wants to go to all that work every night?

        7. Insecure men with something to prove?
          Plus a lot of these guys are in the mentality of “I just wanna bang HAWWWT chicks!”

        8. Yeah, you just act like a classic overly enthusiastic high energy salesman opportunist con man, women want some excitement in their life so if you’re decent looking they might bite

        9. Seems like that’s the gist of PUA. It is more or less about trying to supplicate to women to try to fool them into thinking you have a high social value.
          It’s more difficult but more rewarding to focus on actually building your social value.

        10. You know, a lot of articles evoke some really serious, intelligent, and erudite red pill commentary.
          And then there’s this one. It’s not a bad article, I wonder what causes the difference?

    3. I agree QC. Solid article. Eye contact is important like posture and a firm handshake. In fact , lack of eye contact is one of the hallmarks in diagnosing autism/autism spectrum disorder. Read the book “Look me in the eye: My life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robinson. Part of his therapy to treat his Asperger’s was practicing eye contact.

  3. For the low IQ among you, this man’s advice is relevant. All this “self improvement” masterbation is meant for the proles, who have no means and only live for the illusion of respect and low grade pussy. Among those of you with a higher IQ; you, of course, realize money trumps all.

    1. If money is the commodity, savoir-faire is the courier.
      Take note. There are rich men out there who still pedestalise and get nowhere even though they own Ferraris on top of Lamborghinis.

      1. “self-masturbation”
        Perhaps you should be “self-masturbating” to a higher IQ.

        1. A bullet to the head can easily spill 136 IQ points of brain out of the back of one’s skull.

        2. Just cuz you have a high IQ doesn’t mean you’d have enough common sense to last ten minutes in an “inner city” or at a “colorful” dive bar.

        3. The IQ test only tests how good you are at writing an IQ test. Having a high “IQ” does not prevent you from being a naive beta male because things we associate with stupidity are usually just personality traits that are weak and it has nothing to do with intelligence. A stupid person can learn how to “act” intelligently that doesn’t make him intelligent it makes him a good “actor”, but we can’t tell the difference anyway because the skill is refined. If you can learn an instrument with some practice, you can learn critical reasoning or get good enough at pretending you are smart to fool most people most of time time. It only takes an average IQ to develop the ability to pretend you are much, much smarter so how can we ever really know. There are also highly intelligent people who enjoy being “stupid” they are intelligent, however it’s more more fun to them to act as stupid as possible, intelligence is deceptive. It is not enough to be a skilled IQ test writer you need some kind of an ability where that processor is channeled into
          Intelligence is a tight bell curve and the difference between taking the test twice can be as much as 10% useless. Wisdom cannot come without “curiority” so even someone with a very high iq can be extremely ignorant if they just lack the right personality trait and have no interest. Personality psychology holds a lot more value than trying to nail some number on your intelligence.

        4. Even though it’s from 4chan, someone please tell me that’s an actual page from a manga somewhere.
          Good God, you know you’re a total failure when even the Japanese mock you.

        5. Yes, that’s the point. Intelligence as a holistic concept is impossible to define. So a high IQ should not be so readily prized.

        6. If you really had a good IQ you’d be smart enough to never be in those crap places to begin with. And you’d be wealthy enough to go to places where other civilised people go.

      2. You cannot begin to fathom how a high IQ, single, high income red pill man lives his lifestyle. I’d say perhaps 90% of this site’s content is irrelevant to this type of man. You gentlemen know who you are. As for the rest, God bless you.

      1. You wouldn’t even begin to fathom his lifestyle. You missed the boat to having a higher IQ when you were younger, always trying catch up. I truly feel sorry for how society deals with proles.

        1. Yes, it’s pitiful and a bit cruel to give these pyjama boy proles any false hope that they can be normal someday if only they took some red pill (lol) and followed the rules of the pickup shysters trying to exploit and make money off the gullible.
          Do you really believe that any of these loser virgin boys on here are ever going to get a female over a 5 or become wealthy? Nigga please!
          What you are is pretty much determined when that low IQ thug sperm hit the egg and your unwed mother got knocked up. All of this bullshit these boys talk about, like improving yourself, they would have already been doing from birth if they had the right genetic predisposition.It would have just come naturally as part of their life and attitude towards life and they wouldn’t have to spend time talking about how they were going to do it. No matter how much effort and money we have spent trying to improve the boys in the hood nothing seems to work. The few rare exceptions that succeed had the genetic combinations to begin with.

        2. Gaming women is like playing baseball, soccer, boxing, MMA. Sadly not everyone will be able to master it.

    2. If money trumps all, there would be no need for “millionaire matchmaker” services. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet would have palace harems full of supermodels. CEO’s would get more hot poon thrown at them than Bartenders do.
      Course we all know that’s not the real world.

  4. OH MY GOD! I was in a nightclub in Poland and I saw Roosh kissing another man and then they went into the bathroom together and the other man pounded Roosh up the ass with his cock!!!!!

  5. Something I have always known but also something that I easily forget. Thanks for reminding and helping me up! You’re an alfa!

  6. Excellent advice.Also, skilled use of Eye contact is a very effective psychological weapon,especially for intimidation.

    1. Repped for mutherfuckin TRUTH.
      If you’ve got the balls, try going to the local dominant MC’s open parties. Don’t start any interactions with them. Just grab a cold beer, sit down, and observe and you’ll see what Ferig is talking about.

  7. Eye contact is overated bullshit. Eyes dont speak shit to what is going on in someones mind.
    This article is pointless, women dont look at men in the eye these days anyway.
    They stare at their smartphones.

    1. They look ME in the eye.
      But then I’ve invested a good deal of time into becoming a man that women want to check out and get to know.
      However, your comment COULD be correct if edited to read:

      Eye contact is overrated bullshit IF you’re utterly uninteresting to women to look at… otherwise it’s great!

      1. “They look ME in the eye.”
        Good for you — you arrogant and cocky faggot.
        And, I make a lot more money than you do. So what do you think of that?
        See? I didnt even need to look you in the eye to tell ya that..

  8. We Jews are the master race and you stupid goyim are nothing but a bunch of dumb stupid cattle to be used as fuel for our glorious Zionist world domination!


    1. Or how about “How to catch the attention of and spend your resources on a sexy awesome feminine woman with a low partner count”?
      Guess it’s going to be different for each of us.

  10. I don’t understand why people are discrediting the worth of this article. Yes, if you want to be the *most* successful in dating/career/life, you need to change a dozen things that are probably out of your control (height, facial structure, cock size, etc.).
    However, if you can enjoy greater success by changing a few simple things (exercising frequently, learning a new language gradually, mastering eye contact, learning to program, etc.) in your own life day by day, in 3 years, you’d be stupid to pass up the extra value you could unlock for yourself.
    Using those four examples I gave, you could make your body look like a Greek god, learn Italian and Russian and gotten an automatic in with any girl from those regions, adopt a minor trait that will serve you well in an office/bar/coffee shop/airport lounge/anywhere, or build an app or site that generates you passive income.
    Small things done consistently over a moderate period often produce great return.

      1. Sorry. Im not even bought to watch some stupid fucking videos from some fat bruthas like those fat thugs know anything about gaming quality pussy.
        Nigga puhleeze

  11. “More “man up” bullshit. Self improvement is masturbation. So let’s see.
    To be successful in the modern society, I have to look like Brad Pitt,
    have a 6 pack, huge muscles, have perfect charisma, know when and how
    long to hold eye contact for, make at least a million dollars a year,
    and if I am lacking in any of the above qualities, I am a loser who
    cannot attract women.” – yes this may be an impossible (or at least a very unlikely) ideal, but you should try to get as close to it as you can. end of story. don’t be a pussy.

    1. I could beat your ass, faggot. I’m just saying, modern women are not even worth a pump and dump, my left hand does a better job than their vaginas. I’m pretty content with my anime, my video games, my porn, and my shit posting on RoK.

  12. Eye contact is great way to see if a girl is interested if you check for pupil dilation. It’s involuntary so it indicates real desire.
    -Pupil dilation/Eye Contact
    -Looking at the floor
    -Playing with hair
    All great signs to approach that girl.

  13. Shit are you kidding me? I’m walking down the street in downtown charlotte and I see a women thats attractive passing by on the side walk and I make eye contact and smile they look away like a dog that just shit on the carpet.Women do not have socail skills anymore!!!!!.Shit most men won’t look me in the fucking eye when I talk to them!

  14. Only time I ever make eye contact with a girl is when we are having an orgasm together, and I really love the look of a woman’s eyes bulging out of her skull during orgasm.

      1. Except Kings dont fuck fat digusting sows like her.
        I think thats a pic of Hell Biker.

  15. To be honest guys… the reason I am so psychologically fucked up is because when I was 13 years old, I was abducted by aliens and they made me have an anal orgasm while I was inside their UFO. I haven’t been the same ever since.

    1. PS. Roosh knows what I am talking about. He was there in the same UFO with me.

  16. Ok, the comment thread is officially overrun with rabid she-beasts.
    That being said, the post makes a good point. Proper eye-contact exudes confidence and comfort in one’s own skin. Poor eye-contact exudes weakness and insecurity…scold any dog and see where his eyes go.
    Also, enough of the MGTOW shaming. If these guys want nothing to do with the garbage that is becoming of the Western civ, that’s their choice. Truth be told, if every guy adopted the MGTOW mentality, the monumental shift it would create in the female mindset would be earth-shattering. They’d be clawing over each other to find 1 guy who wanted anything to do with them. But no, we drag on. We see blue-pillers buy strange harlots drinks at the bar, we see them get dumped or used day in and day out, we see them have their pockets emptied at divorce court. And yet despite all this, there will never be a shortage of thirsty men willing to do whatever it takes. So the drum beat of goes on….

    1. Spot on…..the last thing we need is this site becoming more like a version of Jezebel for “man”.

  17. bullshit. staring at someone for more than a few seconds at a time is not only uncomfortable it’s weird. nobody does shit like this unless your mentally unstable. In the business world you’ll be considered the unstable weirdo from the 4th floor if you act like he man with your stare contests at every meeting. In MMA fighting sure a stare down is appropriate not in everyday life chief.

  18. Too little eye contact is bad, but too much is bad as well. The secret is to always remain relaxed and make eye contact fluidly. Trust your intuition and let the interaction dictate when eye contact is made but stay cool and relaxed regardless of what’s happening.

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