Charlie Sheen Accused Of Having Sex With Then 13-Year-Old Corey Haim On Set Of Movie Lucas

Via The Daily Mail:

Charlie Sheen is being accused of sodomizing a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie ‘Lucas.’

According to the National Enquirer, a now deceased Haim had told others about how he was allegedly raped as a minor by Sheen, who was 19 at the time, while filming the 1986 movie.

Former actor Dominick Brascia claims Haim disclosed to him what happened between him and Sheen. Brascia went on the record about what he says Haim told him before he died in 2010 at 38-years-old.

‘Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed ‘Lucas,’ Brascia told the Enquirer. ‘He told me they smoked pot and had sex. He said they had anal sex. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested.’

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Sheen emerged from his parents Martin and Janet Sheen’s home looking defiant while smoking a cigarette in the face of the bombshell allegations against him.

By the afternoon Sheen released statement through his representatives to the Hollywood Reporter saying ‘Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations’.

The magazine also says that Lost Boys actor’s closest friend, Corey Feldman, alluded to the alleged incident in his book ‘Coreyography: A Memoir.’

‘At some point during the filming [of ‘Lucas,’ Haim] explained an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was ”what all guys do,” Feldman wrote.

‘So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers during a lunch break for the cast and crew,’ continued Feldman,’ and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized.’ Feldman never named Sheen as the man in the incident.

In 2011, according to the Enquirer, when Feldman was asked about Sheen he said: ‘I’m not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen…especially the way he’s affected other people that I know.’

Tellingly, Feldman also said Haim ‘fought for his entire life to recover from those early experiences and to get his life together.’

And, just last week, on the Today Show, Feldman said a report coming from the National Enquirer was to be expected.

‘They cover it up. They protect it. I know of a friend of mine that actually went and spoke to a reporter and gave all the information and they were — the day before I launched my campaign, they were supposed to put out a story in the [National] Enquirer.’

‘I believe there’s a lot of darkness in Hollywood right now, and I believe it’s been there for quite some time,’ said Feldman. ‘It’s going to continue unraveling. This is just the beginning, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.’

Other sources came forward to support the claims made by Brascia about Haim’s interaction on set with Sheen- who is now living with HIV.

Another insider alleges that ‘Corey was so confused by the sexual encounter he believed, like so many victims, he was ‘in love’ with his abuser,’ adding that the actor bullied the young teen actor into a vulnerable position for sex.

Brascia added that Haim told him he later had consensual sex with the ‘Wall Street’ star while in his mid-to-late 20s. ‘Haim told me he had sex with Sheen again,’ Brascia said, adding ‘He claimed he didn’t like it and was finally over Sheen. He said Charlie was a loser.’

According to the report, the Enquirer says they spoke with dozens of sources who say Haim told them about his alleged abuse at Sheen’s hands before he died of pneumonia in 2010.

Additionally, a confidant close to Sheen claims that the ‘Platoon’ actor had said he had a liaison with Haim, but said it was consensual.

Other allegations in the report emerged about Sheen’s behavior with at least one other minor on the set of ‘Lucas,’ in which the report says a total of eight set witnesses spoke out as part of the investigation.

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99 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Accused Of Having Sex With Then 13-Year-Old Corey Haim On Set Of Movie Lucas”

  1. “It’s going to continue unraveling.”
    No, unraveling needs proof..this is just a modern day witch hunt.

    1. And even if it is, which it isn’t, so what? You do realize that hollywood is the driving force behind all this cultural shit we’ve unwillingly had to endure for the past decades. You do realize that this issue of abuse can alone break this fucked-up institution, not to mention the declining ratings due to the over politization of their content, which makes their product suck. You do realize this is an incredibly advantageous development for any person who is not a degenerate leftist. Witch hunt, you say? Ha, not only is this true Hollywood needs to be hunted down and put down like a fucking rodent.

      1. two possible targets
        1) hollywood abusers
        2) “toxic” masculinity
        Which do you think the MSM would prefer to be in the firing line. The only thing is that people and consequently the media too are a lot more interested in Hollywood people with a boner than ordinary men with a boner

        1. The way I see it, the idea of “toxic masculinity” is primarily disseminated through Hollywood, so, having abuse undermine and potentially destroy hollywood is good. Because it will kill the bullhorn that spews out the bullshit of “toxic masculinity” among many other things we don’t want like the “roundhouse butt kicking female” or all the gay shit.

        2. I listened to NPR -(National Communist Radio) this morning.
          Is toxic masculinity…
          That’s the party line. Holyweird doesn’t care what you think,…
          They are closing the loop on western men.

        3. hollywood is certainly a propagator of the idea in practice, although I would say the press / media and academia are the main sources. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about hollywood cleaning itself up. Its more likely to be feminist-ised. The casting couch will go, and there will be more feminism. Round-house butt-kicking females aren’t going to disappear because Weinstein does

        4. The Hollywood scandal thing is basically a backdoor into the elimination of “toxic masculinity” from culture.
          Remember: “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”…at least, until some video game bullshit usurped that maxim.

      2. Well it can also give the full power to the women of hollywood, and it will go full gynocentric. The men of hollywood are trash but at least they are men, even if they were spreading corruption it was controlled corruption. Under women, it will be full unleashed corruption.
        The next generation of men would not stand a flying chance to know how to not be pathetic simps.
        Trump better find a way to create a rival entertainment industry without cucks.

  2. Homosexuality between males and boys is common in the late stages of a decadent society among the aristocrats. We saw it in Britain with the upper class and we see it with America’s equivalent to royalty.
    Charlie Sheen is amusing in having walked on a rail his entire life. The man would screw you, your dog and your pencil sharpener if he got 1 beer or a line of cola down his nose.
    Oddly and shamefully it is the high-placed Gentiles (Clinton, Sheen, JFK) who degrade Jews slightly below them in political or media power circles.

      1. Liar je is Catholic from his father and Baptist from his mother:
        Carlos Estévez was born on September 3, 1965, in New York City,[4][5] the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen (born Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez) and artist Janet Templeton.[6] His paternal grandparents were emigrants from Galicia (Spain) and Ireland, respectively.[7] His father is a “devout Catholic” and his mother is a “strict Southern Baptist”.[8] Sheen has two older brothers, Emilio and Ramon, and a younger sister, Renée, all actors. His parents moved to Malibu, California, after Martin’s Broadway turn in The Subject Was Roses. Sheen’s first movie appearance was at age nine in his father’s 1974 film The Execution of Private Slovik. Sheen attended Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California, along with Robert Downey, Jr., where he was a star pitcher and shortstop for the baseball team

        1. CLAIR
          People think everyone is a “Jew” who does something deviant and it is obvious to look at Sheen that he is Spanish because I have seen his phenotype in Spain-itself: dark hair, heavy eyebrows, round jaw, flaring nostrils, small mouth.
          There are not enough “Jews” in the US to actually comprise every deviant in Hollywood.

    1. You are incorrectly using the word “Gentile”. The majority of the white race are the lost tribes of Israel. That name has been usurped by the modern jewish state. Probably the biggest lie that will be revealed. Jesus was an ISREALITE of the TRIBE OF JUDAH. Nothing to do with modern jewery.
      White race is God’s people. Great place to start.

      1. STEVEN
        Then why do Jews look sort of Arab and whites don’t?
        I can tell a Jew about 90% of the time (Nothing against them) because they have the Near Eastern features-long curved nose, black eyes, black curly hair.
        If all Christians are from Israel than why don’t people from Sweden look Arab?

        1. Hahahaha maybe the Spaniards and Southern Italians could pass in Israel but that’s it. Even the lighter skinned Jews always have Semitic features. Very long and thin noses, bug eyes, small frames, basically very Mediterranean looking. I really doubt this whole “Brits are Israelites” bullshit

        2. Which Jews have “that look”…?
          Bar rafaely?
          Gal gadot?
          Mark Zuckerberg?
          Michael Douglas?
          Michael Dell?
          Many Jewish folks have blue eyes and blond hair.
          Many don’t and have a middle eastern look
          Jewish is a religion not a race.
          Your theory is absurd.

        1. Genetically Jews are actually a mixture of Levant Arab, Italian. There was a great deal of intermarrying between the Jews and the Romans and Jews.
          Khazar Jews (Represented by a great many American Jews) are not at all Arab at all. They converted in the Middle Ages and then moved to Poland.

        2. I agree with the post that the jews are not a race. There are many jews who all look very different from each other. Some jews are for sure genetically white even “aryan” or “nordic” and some that are black and some middle eastern/med looking. Personally, I know plenty of greeks and italians and even spaniards who “look jewish” and are not.

        3. bit more complicated than that
          -both are semitic and semites ARE white, just not in the modern blonde stereotypic way
          -in the beginning they were simillar to arabs but are NOT arabic
          -vast majority of todays ”jews” are khazarians and mixture of many nations – many ”white”, even more ”mediterranian”

      2. “jewish is a religion and not a race”
        oh really, einstein?
        Ever heard of correlation? Why is it that Ashkenazis suffer from tay sachs, while Chinese Buddhists don’t?
        Why do Jews have foundations like the Robert Lapin foundation, dedicated to preventing interbreeding with gentiles?
        Why don’t we see Jewish missionaries out converting blacks in Africa to Judaism?
        Because it is a tribal religion that is concerned with ancestry and breeding within the tribe. Hence all the little oddities like DNA tests for potential immigrants to Israel.

        1. JB 1/8 Jewish here from Detroit
          Jews in the Northeast (Chicago, New York et al) intermarry extensively with Irish-Catholics in particular, but also Italians or Germans (In the upper Midwest) or well, whoever.
          There are more people in NYC who are half-Jewish or whatever than both parents being Jewish.
          Though they would deny it, there is some black in them even from when Moses fled Egypt as many blacks followed.
          I think Jewish DNA is about 12% black in some cases.
          The idea that Askenazi Jews are pure Levant Arab is incorrect: they primarily intermarried with Italians in Roman times.
          Jews are not pure anything.
          It does not take more than about 5 generations of inbreeding to see serious defects.
          As for Jewish missionaries, no race besides Christians in Western Europe has ever had the urge convert anybody.

      3. “jewish is a religion and not a race”
        oh really, einstein?
        Ever heard of correlation? Why is it that Ashkenazis suffer from tay sachs, while Chinese Buddhists don’t?
        Why do Jews have foundations like the Robert Lapin foundation, dedicated to preventing interbreeding with gentiles?
        Why don’t we see Jewish missionaries out converting blacks in Africa to Judaism?
        Because it is a tribal religion that is concerned with ancestry and breeding within the tribe. Hence all the little oddities like DNA tests for potential immigrants to Israel.

        1. Jews mixed with blacks to begin with, apparently many blacks followed Moses out of Egypt.
          You see many Jews who look quadroon or whatever.

        2. “Kirk” from Stark Trek (Shatner) is a jew. So was Nimoy “Spock” both jews and both looked different…Explain.

      4. You’re no better than the Hebrew Israelites we wuz kangs idiots. Just reverse Esau with white and to black. Stop your heresy right now. I’m aware most modern khazars are not Israelites, but whites inherently are no more Israelites than Moabites. Only way to become an Israelite in the new kingdom of God is to be born again – washed in the precarious blood of Yeshua (Christ). Therefore it is a spiritual renewal not genetic/biological. Whether it be Asian, white, Hispanic or black – you can become grafted into the house of Israel.
        Stick your 14/88 cuck shit somewhere else.

    2. Don’t forget rome/greece. I truly believe that there are people seeking to restore the glory of roman life. Slavery included.

  3. In the last days of Greece and Rome we also saw aristocrats turning into pedos. Pedophiles destroyed Greece, the last Roman emperors were pedos and later the Brits in the waning days of their empire.

    1. That why war is necessary in the live humans ,without it they rot. A good amount of humans need to die regularly for humanity to stay sane.

      1. 89 comments, 32 of them from Gen X-ile. That’s just over 1/3 of replies. Well done, dude, I love echo-chambers.

  4. It is not sex between two men. It is copulation. It is the act of getting yourself off inside a mans stinky, hairy asshole. The funny thing is they confuse the feeling of ejaculation with that of love. They are beyond redemption.

    1. Stole my post, Marshal. A man can’t have sex with a boy. That’s not sex. Sex is between a man and woman, or a woman and a man.

      On a related note, ROK has predicted this Hollywood business for years.

  5. sodomising a child is evil but doing it during your lunchbreak….? How does that even happen?
    Charlie Sheen: heh, do you wanna go to Subway for a footlong?

    1. Lucas 1996 IMdB synopsis: “A socially inept fourteen year old experiences heartbreak for the first time when his two best friends — Cappie, an older-brother figure, and Maggie, the new girl with whom he is in love — fall for each other. ”
      Alternative Synopsis: Lucas fancies Maggie, Maggie fancies Cappie, Cappie sodomises them both, then works his way through the production cast and extras

      1. Sheen is so depraved that it is almost a joke.
        Next his brother Emilo tearfully will come out and admit that Charlie molested the family collie when he was 7.
        There is something about Sheen’s sex mania that is both awful and amusing. This man is a PAN-SEXUAL who would have his way with a bin liner if you gave him a beer and a line of coke.

        1. yep, pretty much. What strikes me is that when he seduced Corey Haim – assuming the allegation is true, which seems likely – he was pretty young himself

    2. MICHAEL
      Never mind giving a 13 year old kid drugs when you are college-age and sodomizing him out in the open.
      You did it when you were supposed to be having lunch.

      1. can’t be good for ones digestion. That holds particular true for Corey.
        Actually what happened isn’t funny. There likely is a connection between his seduction and his later decline and death, but still sodomy during your lunch break…that just seems doubly wrong

        1. might well have been his first sexual experience i.e. he was initiated into sex by being sodomised by an older movie star, who presumably he would have looked up to. Sure his subsequent comments were gay but there’s no reason to think it wasn’t a formative sexual experience that made him so. The fact that Charlie went ‘cold’ on him thereafter probably would have reinforced that.

        1. RICKY
          Celebrity addicts would have been addicts if they had been working in a pet store.
          It is only the amount of dope consumed that would change because instead of $200 a day habit supported by petty thefts or sex work the celebrity can pay his bills and have a house and do much more drugs which in turn causes their behavior to be more eccentric and their health to get worse faster because they are smoking a kilo of cocaine per week.

        2. “When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested”
          Was that rape or was Corey Haim a debauched bottom by the age of 13 who loved receiving stovepipes up his prepubescent ass and gave Charlie the marijuana in order to RAPE HIM?
          I think the dude would have been bottoming for dope whether it was Hollywood or Saudi Arabia.

  6. “During your lunch break”
    Yeah, you shouldn’t give children drugs and then sodomize them out in the open on a full stomach if you just ate lunch.
    Doing this on a full stomach is just wrong.

    1. ideally if one stops eating because one’s full that should reflect ones intake of food

  7. “Pretty young himself”
    At that age of 50 Sheen is still a sex maniac so one has to imagine that at age 19 or 20 he was probably would have been willing to sodomize Haim even AFTER he was dead.
    Sheen was the age of a college student and Haim was in the seventh grade.

  8. Well, we are only waiting for a sexuyal victim of Andrea Dworkin, and it will be a perfect score.

    1. Dworkin said that all PIV is rape…
      so we are all rapists coordinating to zit and zits acolytes…

      1. AFTER she fell in love with an anarchist in Holland who turned out to be a brute; after she went to Amsterdam penniless looking to score dope; after she had drifted aimlessly around Europe drugging and hitching; after she supported a drug habit with prostitution.
        Behind every Feminazi was a wild and crazy young slut who loved Cads and Chads and thumbed her nose at normality.
        Then when they turn out to be no better than anyone else thinks they should be the woman begins the lifelong process of blaming every male species.

  9. NEXT UP
    Sheen disinters and sodomizes the remains Haim’s dead body in a crack-induced haze.

    1. no need for crack to be involved for him to want to do that. Charlie is his own ‘Charlie’

    She moved to Europe to do drugs and supported herself with prostitution.
    She took up with an anarchist gangster.
    Was it males or her judgement?

  11. “When Corey wanted to fool around again”
    Was this rape? Or was Haim a debauched bottoming dope fiend by the time he got pubes?

  12. Sheen? Really? Meh.
    Do you have any better celebs to name?
    Maybe ones we don’t already know are degenerate trash?

  13. Is it going to be like J’accuse in the French revolution or will there be a statute of limitations on these traumatic sexual assaults that take 30-40 years to report?
    Are you keeping up on the judge Roy Moore case in the glorious People’s Repulik of Alabama?
    The Uniparty wants to get rid of him and thinks they have found a way with the sexual assault J’accuse witch hunts going on.
    The claim is that he groped a 14 year old 40 years ago when he was 32 years old.
    Meanwhile comrade Robert Menendez is on trial for sleeping with underage hookers and the enemedia won’t touch that story with a ten foot pole.

  14. America is totally fucked.
    If I were from the USA, I’d either move to a different country or hide in a cabin in the woods.

    1. JOHN
      Cabin in the woods.
      If you are Brit this is like moving to a Welsh farmhouse (I spent time in Aberystwyth with a friend named LIz) high in the hills of North Wales somewhere.
      There is no industry, not even service jobs because of low population, bad infrastructure.
      This is one reason ‘Native Americans” have so much trouble. Native Americans are generally smart enough like East Asians whom they are related to but there is nothing to do out in the middle of nowhere in the US.

        1. JOHN Biggest Mistake I Made
          When I was young in the 90’s it was easy for Americans to immigrate to Australia. A friend of mine did it.
          But there was a stereotype at that time that the place was full of hicks and was socialist with high taxes and you’d end up in a dead-end town in the middle of the bush etc.
          Today Neil is living well in Perth and the economy is booming.
          He’s never been back to the US.

        2. If I had it all over again, I’d have immigrated to Perth with my friend Neil.
          Back in the 90’s Australia was somewhat culturally isolated and if you were American and immigrated there it was so far on the other side of the world that you were isolated. That was the feeling.
          Australia was dead simple to immigrate to for Americans back then who were 24 as I was in 1998.
          Today Australia is thriving and the West collapses. Of course immigrating to Australia is now well-nigh impossible.
          Neil would do well in Perth. He has not even been fucked to bother visiting our old neighborhood. He says it is not worth the plane flight back to Detroit.
          Australia’s isolated location actually saved it.

        3. UK CABIN
          US or Canada has semi-rural areas or suburbs for “white flight”.
          In the UK, assuming you had money, if you wanted to be completely safe from South Asians or Afro-Caribbeans you have to relocate to the hills of Scotland or Wales or the moors.
          I’ve been to Northern Wales and rural England is isolated. There is sweet fuck nothing you can do there for work or other.
          Rural UK is isolated.

      1. GUEST
        UK is far more degenerate.
        Mmmm, yes and no.
        There is not the vast space for white flight that the US has. A few places in the UK are remote but unlike the US where rural areas are on the grid the parts of the UK that are remote like Scotland or Wales mountains are like Alaska. There is nothing you can do there-no jobs, one two-lane road, etc. Sure you can move to the Moors if Pakistanis are stealing your daughters but what the hell will you do there?
        The UK is an island with no boundary on a developing country so the problems of the Southwest are not really that big of an issue in UK.
        UK does not have some “market dominant minority” shoving a particular viewpoint down the throat of Anglo-Saxons although the British government has gone full-tilt PC.
        However potential terrorists or refugees cannot get across the Atlantic ocean easily. There are always a few, but not the sheer numbers of South Asians that UK has to cope with cannot enter the US. Australia and the US in the 20th century imported their labor class from Europe’s bottom classes. Irish, Italians, Polish, whatever. Europe immigrated its lower-class from North Africa or South Asia or Africa. In fact, they still do.

  15. Sheen was the last masculine image in Hollywood. We do not know if the allegations are true. We do know HOllywood tribal men hate the West and are the main culprits for our cultural decline. People are really clay and can be manipulated with images, e.g. Skinner’s psychology.
    THe result of this spectacle is more anti-male hysteria.

    1. “Last Masculine Image”
      Sheen made his name playing dim young men getting in over their heads “Wall Street”
      I don’t think Eastwood or other macho icons will be revealed to have given pot to 13 year old kids to sodomize them in broad daylight. The image of Charlie Sheen and Haim “cottaging” in the open is pretty awful.
      We know that Schwarzenegger was a degenerate in his athlete days with female groupies his own age. He once bragged that he would get his cocked sucked before he went on stage and would have a big erection in his posing trunks and having marijuana-fueled orgies.
      But Arnold never pretended to be anything but a degenerate in his youth and even reveled in it in interviews.

    2. “Last Masculine Image?”
      As a youth Carlos Estevez always looked like that creepy Spanish ecstasy dealer on an Ibeza beach who might, well, be a rapist.
      As he got older he began to resemble some corrupt Creole dictator of a tinpot South American country holed up in an hacienda with a cigar stuck out his mouth and a bunch of coke whores swimming around in his pool.
      He became famous only because his of his father whose talent he never possessed.
      Dude was not the last masculine image of US cinema.

  16. We already know that Martin Sheen’s maternal brother was an Irish Republican Army of some rank.

  17. Two and a half man …. could only watch some minutes of this pervert crap. One of the most disgusting shit and some people loved to watch it. Never understood it.
    Some times I though something is wrong with me. Now I’m proud to know, I always were more insane and healthier than most other people.
    Hard times ahead for people who rejected the truth. Hope everybody get what he/she deserves. But I guess other lies and deceptions will be created for them, so they can continue to exist in a sick, truth and though free bubble until it is too late. Probably they will be used for political purposes.

  18. Denise Richards alleged that Charlie Sheen was a pedophile.
    And now this?
    The truth will come out soon enough.

  19. Hollywood has never been a company practising moral and decency. Everybody has known since its earliest days of existing that it is a world of glamor and deception. So why are so many people in rage now?

    1. Because we think it is funny. Hollywood is funny. The idea of Charlie sheen sodomizing Haim in public after giving him a joint is a little funny.
      Or George Takei.
      It is funny and also it is the implosion of the Left as a bunch of hypocrites.
      At least I think it is a bit funny.

    2. “Glamour and Deception”
      I’ve been to LA and done a bit of business there. There is no glamour in LA. Martin Sheen and other actors actually get their start in New York and move to LA only because they are actually making movies there.
      LA is quite poor, actually.
      What we are hearing could more or less happen anywhere anyhow. None of it seems glamorous. Some white males committing sex offenses of the most sordid kind-plying 13 year old kids with drugs or Weinstein trying to have his way with women who want a job.
      It happens in Hollywood or for that matter Ohio.

  20. Any respect I had left for Mr. Sheen (which amounted to very little) has now been flushed down the toilet. Satan will greet him with a strong handshake when he dies and goes to Hell. Fucking degenerate celebrity filth.

    1. Willie Shatner’s longtime foe is probably going to turn out to be the worst-Mr. Sulu.
      I’ll lay odds that in the next week about 20 dudes who were wannabe actors in say, 1980, will step forward to admit that Takei did the common gay predator Dahmer MO and drugged them and then had his perverted way with them.
      Typical of Leftists, Takei will then be disgraced as a moral hypocrite and he in turn will do what he has done for 50 years since the Star Trek folks accused him of being an unpleasant jerk which is to blame his time in a Japanese internment camp.
      Deep down the Democrat’s model minorities-Asians and Jews-do not believe any of the garbage that they espouse publicly and in any event they are so cynical they think that they don’t believe the bullshit they say anyhow.
      Dollars to donuts he is next.

      Takei is next. A whole host of extras and would-be actresses will step forward and say that they have been haunted since 1981 on the Wrath of Khan set when Takei spiked their drink in his dressing room with LSD and then reamed out their anus. Takei in particular seems like a sadistic and cruel “bold dagger” or insertion gay.
      “The Shat” and the rest of them still around will then admit that “we heard rumors” as in the security dragged the comatose bodies of would-be young actors out of the studio lot bleeding from their anuses.
      Shatner, a clinical Narcissist psychotic attention whore who has always hated Takei’s guts for half a century, will be the spearhead. He will probably “admit” that Takei tried to touch his penis back in 67.

  21. for fux ache, is there something the hiv infected, whorefukking hollypaedowood lackey
    DIDN’T do?

  22. Two and a Half is still his greatest crime. He damaged this poor Haim guy greatly (although any child that wants to be famous is already damaged). Two and a Half Men has slightly damaged the brains of millions of people throughout the world even from only 30 seconds exposure lol

  23. Interesting to find out that Haim was bi and it was consensual. It makes one suspicious of all the claims of abuse in Hollywood – the place by all accounts is queerville so while abuses do occur, one has to be suspicious with all of the accusations.

  24. Sheen news getting even more disgusting….
    Every bit as bad as jew weinstein and this new Haim factoid is TIMED to illustrate that….

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