Does Clubbing Suck? A Young Canadian’s First Glance

Clubs are supposed to be full of super hot and horny women, who are just begging to be fucked…right? Maybe not. I turned 19 recently and decided to go to my first club last night. I expected to find horny 9s everywhere. Boy was that dream crushed fast.


This was my expectation of the girls in the club…..

The club I went to was 560, a popular club in downtown Vancouver, one that is held in high regard among the party goers here. Of course, I may have a limited worldview. There may be lots of clubs that are awesome, that I just have not yet been to. However, it is likely that many other clubs suffer form the same problems that this one suffered from, and if this club is a biopsy of a larger tumor on our society. As objectively as possible, this is what I saw:

1. Line up

We were in the line up to get in the club, and the guy behind us asked how long it would take to get in. 30 or 40 minutes was the answer from the fat bouncer. My friends said lets just grease the bouncer and get in, so we did that. $20 gone, only to pay another $20 inside.

When we were inside, the club was almost empty, much to my confusion. I think they deliberately kept the line up long in order to make the place appear better than it was.

2. No seats


I understand that clubs make a lot of money by offering table service and all of that, but there was literally no place to sit without paying. I don’t need a luxury leather chair to sit on, a wooden bench would be acceptable, but nope. You need to pay in order to have the privilege of sitting.

3. Drinks are overpriced

$15 for 2 beers. You can buy more beer than that from a liquor store. You can buy a six pack of Molson Canadian for under $15. If you decide to be buzzed in the club, buy your own alcohol and drink it outside, before waiting in line for half an hour (or greasing the fat bouncer).

4. Shitty music


Loud shitty music was blaring all night. You had to scream to talk to someone in front of you. All the songs were awful remixes by unknown local DJs trying to be the next Deadmau5. If you want to be the next big DJ go for it, but try to at least put a tiny bit of effort into your set. Avoid the awkward pauses in the music, terrible transitions, and horribly chopped songs that I witnessed.

5. Dance floor and girl quality

I decided to hit the dance floor and check out the dance scene. I saw lots of whales dancing, and lots of girls dancing together. Whenever you tried to dance with any girl, her mother-hen friend would instantly take her away. There were mainly 6s, a few 7s, lots of 5s and whales.

There were maybe 3 girls who were an 8 or 9 out of a fuck-ton of people, maybe two or three hundred. The girls were also astronomically picky and entitled. I’m not Johnny Depp, but not exactly ugly either, yet the 6s and 5s were turning their noses at me. I found it hard to not laugh.


…this was the reality of the situation.

6. Strobe lights

On the dance floor strobe lights were going off like crazy. Mixed with the loud pulses of generic music it was almost like having a flash-bang going off in front of you. And behind you. And beside you.

7. All the girls wanted black guys

Before someone jumps in with accusations of racism, I’ll say the cop-out: I’m not racist, my best friends are black. Now that that’s out of the way, every single girl ignored every guy that wasn’t black. They would flock to the black guys like moths to a flame. If you’re a black guy, hit the club and you will get girls, 100%. If you’re not, you may not have as good of a time.

8. Miscellaneous

There were WAY more guys than girls.The dance floor was packed like a sardine can, with lots of guys awkwardly trying to dance. Also the floor was sticky, and there were quite a few drinks spilled everywhere. A guy spilled his drink all over my friend. It costs five dollars to hang your coat. There were people with table service getting drinks with sparklers in them. Funny, but also sad that they would spend hundreds to inflate their ego.

Overall the experience was enlightening and sobering. I know more of the club culture than I did before. I know now that you are more likely to find a whale than a babe, even a cute 7, in one of the most popular clubs in Vancouver. All I saw was people awkwardly dancing to awful music, guys trying to get the few hot girls that were there and failing because of the mother-hens, and egotistical guys showing off their money.

To any of the guys here that can pull girls in the club, you have my utmost respect. It was brutal in there. The whales frightened me with their looks of hunger. I don’t think I’ll be going clubbing again anytime soon, and I especially won’t go to 560 in Vancouver. I’ll get a gym membership and work out instead.

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341 thoughts on “Does Clubbing Suck? A Young Canadian’s First Glance”

    1. Clubs went bad in the 00s
      Instead of a shared experience you got an awful “look at me” shit-fest.

      1. Unfortunately hip hop / poser culture killed night clubs…. back in the day it was rock bands doing a mixture of originals and covers and people went to have fun…. then came E and acid house and people went to get high…. the house and trance of the 90s was a hedonistic experience… people were high, open to each other and fucking danced their tits off all night… then came hip hop and people went to be be seen, show off their wrist watches and puff up their ego…. Djing turned to shit with the CD player and no one gets electronic music anymore, outside of a few oasis like Ibiza where old school guys like Carl Cox and Umek understand that a DJ has to do more than load CDs.
        To this day Ministry of Sound in London still has good DJs, chill out areas with huge beds you can lie on, a great bar area, and places you can talk…. and the crowd dances all fucking night…..
        There are good spots, but it’s such hard work, it’s like looking for a lost diamond on the beach.

        1. Yeah
          When I first went to a few, people were in unbranded clothing and no attitude.
          Later it was steroid pumped geezers in designer clobber, fucked beyond belief on coke and looking for trouble

        2. I don’t now mate… I always thought clubs were shit even in the early Nineties. Frankly I thought they were worse before Hip-Hop when they were playing stuff like “Greased Lightening” and lets do the fucking timewarp again….

        3. I’ve only been clubbing a few times, and I’m still young, but I don’t think I once heard hip hop at the clubs. It’s more electronic shit with bad remixing.

        4. You forgot the most fun type of music of all “son”. It’s OK…be Redpill about it and repeat after me: Funky Funky Music later to be perverted into “DISCO”…Honourable mention to Jazz & Swing and anything else you could dance to not wearing cowboy boots.

        5. Hah – good re-cap.
          And also a good reminder that while the dom-sub dynamic seems to perservere… what that dom-sub dynamic means changes over the decades.

        6. More fun at Glasto than at a typical club, even with the Teenage Wasteland and all of the tents full of poo by the end …

        7. “Geezers need excitement
          If their lives don’t provide it they stay & incite violence
          Common sense, simple common sense”
          (with a hat tip to The Streets)

        8. It’s not just the whole hip-hop thuggery thing, but hipster faggotry too. A decent club should never offer vegan pizzas or a fucking art gallery. Either way, clubs are overwhelmingly shit these days because of cultural decline and social media; people are either too concerned about looking cool or scared to be seen looking like they don’t care about looking cool; if you’re seen on social media absolutely off your tits, that could result in the loss of your job, reputation, etc. Or if you’re a uni student, your tuition fees are going through the roof, it’s solid to get a job these days and you’re going to have a shitload of debt, getting mashed no longer sounds quite as much fun as it used to,
          Clubbing’s a completely different beast now.

        1. I think you have twice the chane of getting laid by going to a neighbourhood pub – alone (don’t bring your fucking wingman!) – and sitting around watching pay-per-view TV.
          I have often done this, and gotten invited to sit at other people’s tables after some time of gabbing at the TV.
          That often leads to an after hours party where you have a chance of getting laid with one of the ladies at the table you were invited to.
          Clubs are a joke. Wingmans are dead weight as often as they are a (slight) boon.
          I’ve picked up twenty times the chicks at a neighbourhood pub on Thursday night – while showing up alone!

        2. Interesting observation.
          I have also gone to bars/pubs and gotten into conversation with other company occasionally. I was not alone usually. And it still worked out. Two or three guys can usually strike up conversation with a Group of girls if they act in the right manner.
          The only thing i disagree with is the wingman acting as dead weight. He might be if you want to get into contact with single women. If you however are aiming at small groups of girls its usually better to be 2 or 3 guys present.
          So I think it depends on the circumstances. But of course its important that your wingman is competent and reasonably charming. Does not cockblock or screw up in any way.
          Perhaps the wingmen you chose were simply not up for the task.

        3. This makes sense. People tend to be more relaxed at pubs almost like they’re in their own living rooms. Clubs seem to be set up to make it as hard for you to meet people as possible.

        4. This would never happen where I live. Go into bar alone here and you will treated like an outcast.

      2. The hold the door line to inflate the appearance trick has been in order for years. Stupid as hell, in NYC back in 01-02 I went to a club called the Exit. Commonly on Friday nights it had movie stars, sport stars, etc in it. Our NYC connect knew the owner, so we skated the line, but not without some haggling the bouncer. We were supposed to be on “the list” and eventually got through surpassing a few hundred waiting, for a club that was only 1/3 full when we got in at midnight. DJ was badass, they had literally 1m watts of amplifiers on display behind a huge glass enclosure, this was the best most intense sound system I’ve ever heard indoors. I was told the guy dumped 23m into the club during buildout. Cover was $50, drinks started at $12. Yup, $12 for a beer, $15-$20 for most other drinks.
        However, about 50% of girls were 7s on up. It was a good experience, but naturally you had the biggest bitch shields you could imagine from the 8s and 9s. And the glory of the dancing transvestite cross-dresser was the “main event” of the evening. You also had to have a solid steeze about you or club personnel would direct you to a less focal part of the place. Fortunately we weren’t bothered for that. The club was extremely clicky, you were either IN the social sphere, or your were OUT. It was def. an experience but not the best place to score some ass, unless you were elite player status.

        1. The club was extremely clicky you were either in the social sphere or you were out. This and the insane prices pretty much sums up the NYC Club scene. Only after age 45 do single women outnumber men there.

    2. No shiite!
      Kid, if you read this, learn Latin dancing! All. Of. Them.
      Rumba, Salsa, Argentinian Tango, Meringue, Samba, and a list of others.
      The club noise is far more sane, and you can go off the dance floor to have a great conversation. But not just with amazing girls if you keep with a “crew.” A lot of the women, and men there, are often successful people who are down with learning new things in order to be around the best.
      And women at Latin clubs are often the best.
      At the hip hop clubs, I get drinks spilled on me, challenged to fights for the fat whale in the pic, and come away broke dick, and a splitting head ache.
      At a Latin club of quality, or at least when a DJ of the “crew” runs it, the place is packed with engineers, foreign language students, and other professionals who actually have a life.
      And the women, hahahahahaha, the whale in the pic would probably slit her wrists if she went there. Or just sit on the side, dreaming of the day she lost weight, and could even be in the company of the sexy woman you willbe dancing with, and probably banging later.
      Trust me. I have slayed tons, and met my wife with my moves. For a tall athlete, picking up the routines was not too difficult, and made friends with many, many, many, many unbelievably sexy women. And made numerous male friends along the way that were actually chill, and great to hang out with.
      So, is there any questions? Or have you signed up yet?

      1. Women dig dancing, sure. And it is nice when dancing is your thing. But being a white heterosexual male I think dancing is not for me. And I did a Salsa course so I know what I’m talking about. I refuse to do something, just because women like it.

        1. I know EXACTLY what you’re saying and EXACTLY how you feel, but its do-able. You just need to straight up work at it 2-10x harder than anyone else. Go everyday, and practice at home. The first song will be a complete shit show, the second one a step better and so on.
          I took up dancing years ago… K-pop dancing! Wondergirls “Nobody” Girls Generation “Oh” T-ara’s “bo-peep” After-Schools “Because of you” and more. They were the girliest fucking dances around, but I made a promise to myself: Imma learn how to dance, and thats what was available at the time. Things got better every two weeks. I stuck with it and I learned to enjoy these girly ass dances. Totally made people smile and laugh. It was a DHV and disarmed people too because I did it so well.
          Promise yourself “Im going to learn to dance” find a local dance school and go do it. If someone thinks you’re weird or a pervert just shut up and keep practicing. They’ll change when you do.

        2. That’s where you are wrong. Granted, you may never be the hottest salshuro on the floor..ever.
          But even if you are not the greatest, you can still have fun. And the fact that you have enough confidence to learn it, albeit badly, will endear you to those who are. This includes a lot of cool dudes who actually are good, and will naturally boost your rep with women, and aid you when you mess up. It’s a different world, not a club with piss poor bump and grind, and headache level music.
          Women don’t care there dude. They just want to dance, and preferably with someone who at least remotely knows the steps, and is cocky-confident enough to make it fun.
          I too am a white guy. I am rarely the best when professional dancers are around. But I can hold my own. I have plenty of women wanting to dance with me.
          Guys of all races, seeing that I can pull chicks like this, hang out with me, and go home smiling. Often with at least a few numbers, if not a woman.
          Think about it.

        3. Yup. But smack dab in Europe, where dance crews for Latin dancing travel all over the place and know one another.

        4. “They just want to dance”. Well, I don’t. Two years ago I thought learning Salsa was a good way to meet some “normal” women. I have to admit, the women in the course where good looking, and the dancing nights have a better atmosphere than a club, but I found out it’s just not for me. I’m a (decent looking) nerdy guy that likes sports and playing guitar. I have a Colombian friend who introduced me to Salsa. He is a Latino, it’s in his blood. I’m a white guy that doesn’t like all the courtship, that dancing in itself actually is. I stopped with the classes after one season. Maybe I should have continued because I started to understand the basics. But definitely not to impress women or to be more attractive to them. I could spend my time better learning a real skill. Of course plenty of women want to dance with you. In Salsa class there are ALWAYS more women than men.

        5. you need to learn how to sound like the guys in the 70’s who hated disco because the hotties were discoing instead of going to rock concerts

    3. The sad thing is that he has exactly the same thoughts I did at 19. Its a bit like hearing from a youngster after he’s voted in his first election only to find out all of the politicians are full of shit.

    4. I just looked at the pics on their website. Most people were asians/indians with a few whites and even less blacks. It must be very liberal there if even the asian/indian chicks were going for the black dudes.

    5. Agreed, but when I was 21 ( USA drinking age. ) night clubs were still decent PU venues…

  1. So basically you:
    Pay twice to get in
    Pay a premium to sit down
    Pay exorbitant prices for drinks
    Cannot actually socialize, leaving you having paid for…nothing…yet you stay anyway in order to “dance”
    Cannot actually get a girl to even look at you, if you’re not black, so you gain…nothing (no offense to blacks here, good for you for having a great place to score)
    Create a fantasy through cheap marketing that does not meet up to reality, nor does it have to as long as you can keep the fantasy in the public view (long lines)
    So basically to make a huge fat profit, I need to start a business by renting out a warehouse in the city on a low per-foot rental plan. Then buy basic bar equipment, invest in cheap hootch and standard beers, spend a couple thousand on decorations, speakers and DJ equipment. Place a charge per seat premium in place, and then have bouncers create an artificlal scarcity mentality outside in the line.
    Low investment…HUGE profits. What’s not to like?
    Why the fuck aren’t I a club owner?!?

    1. I was just thinking that.
      Back around 1991 I went to bartending school for a couple of weeks. I still have my certificate. No big deal it was something I considered doing on the side.
      There I learned all the “tricks” to make a profit. By the end of that it was a rather disenchanting thing really. All you do as a bartender is fuck over the customers.
      And getting an actual job as a bartender proved impossible. One of the reasons why I think men should learn about SMV around age 14 is because they would know what I learn much later. Whenever there was an opening for a bartender job, there would be roughly 50 people showing up, and out of that 2 or three women.
      The women got the job.
      You see a fellow with the proper education would know this beforehand and not end up in the rejected sausage fest in the parking lot in the first place.
      But over the years I’ve come to realize what a scam the whole “club thing” is, and all that just to come in and see 5’s painted up to look like 7s all dancing with each other and being cunts.
      I’ve been to countries where if the men walked into a club and saw that, they turn right around and head to the red light district or “eros center”.
      For this reason I would say that it’s the club owners who probably fund against any efforts to legalize prostitution in America because they have one hell of a racket going and legalization of prostitution would be the end of it.

      1. Yeah, that was rather my sarcasm laden point. It’s basically a scam. A joke played by older men on young bucks. Heh.

        1. Back in my roadie days I was in many meetings (as henchman I guess) between club owners and the band or band manager.
          One thing I took from the experience was that club owners did seem to have a bit of “meta” to their manner. They did seem to know more about life than the average chump. But it struck me as cynical, like there was nothing they could do to stop chumps from being chumps so they might as well get into business of separating chumps from their money.
          And that is NOT the worst thing you can do, IMO. If a chump plunks down big bank for campaign room service, it’s money he is NOT donating to some rotten political cause or using to further finance through patronage any other “establishment” commerce like the NFL or NASCAR.

        2. Hmmm…good point. Never looked at it that way before. Maybe I should go into the club business

        3. This is why generally I avoid paying to get into clubs. If you talk to enough people you can frequently get in for free or at least at a discount.

      2. “For this reason I would say that it’s the club owners who probably fund against any efforts to legalize prostitution in America”
        Excellent observation. I was in Amsterdam and I swear the ladies were hot and so sweet.
        Why? Well a local informed me happily.
        If you want to fuck, you can get action at the RLD and move on with your day. So if you are talking to them, they understand that you are interested in maybe a bit more than just sex. hell, maybe you just like the conversation. The point is that everything is so damn chill there when men have easy access to decent poon.
        What the hell America.

      3. Women (especially ones in the 7 and above range) will always get the job when it comes to service jobs where tipping is involved or a sales job. They can sucker and manipulate Beta men into hemorrhaging their money with reckless abandon and the business owners know this.

    2. Cool. I’m buying the lot next door and opening a motel that charges by the hour.
      Get ’em drunk, get ’em hooked up, and send ’em over.

      1. You know what I hate the most?
        When night clubs or strip clubs get busted for prostitution in the back room, and I only find out about it then, not before.
        I was living walking distance from such a place. And I didn’t know until after the police did an 18-month long investigation
        an 18-month long investigation
        and busted the place. I could have gone there and busted such a nut.

        1. 18 month investigation = every cop in the precinct going in and busting a nut multiple times to “gather evidence”.
          Fucking corrupt cops and corrupt laws. And they call us “free”.

        2. Indeed. I saw that headline and anybody with a brain (which is probably at best 10 million people TOPS in the USA) could see that the cops were on the take and probably had their “working relationship” with the club go south at some point.
          This is how America is run. And our women all have the chubby decadent look like the women of the Weimar Republic. We know how this will end.

        3. I dunno, I read about 6% are above avg(bright), 3.5% are very bright, and 0,5% are genius level…so we got about 33 mil with a brain(or at least the capacity to use their brain).

        4. Political efforts to call out the power structure run roughly to 10-12 million. Meaning that that rest of that 33 million will go full retard democrat or full retard republican and THINK they managed “not to be fooled/indoctrinated” when in fact all they did was escape one matrix and end up in another designed to make them think they escaped.
          The 10-12 million figure is derived from the Ron Paul campaigns of 2008 and 2012 (read: people who are not fooled by the republicrat scam)

    3. Youre not a club owner bc you arent a drug/arms dealer in need of laundering the proceeds from those sales??

        1. keylogger scan = joke I hope?
          I know bc I live in NYShitty, and places get shut down, immediately reopen with a new logo outside….Its pretty obvious how they operate…

        2. Right, a joke. As if I were an arms/drug dealer and you fingered me on the interwebs.

        3. oh, I thought you were accusing me of something, I run a legit daycare op officer, I love kids, I truly do 🙂

        4. I hope this does not compromise my underground sten gun factory manned by Asian love slaves.

    4. Answer – Because you would suck start a 9mm if you had to deal with the type of people who go clubbing everyday.

      1. That’s the best answer, end of the day. Putting aside the risk and liability, I cannot deal with pretentious women or fake douchebag wannabe “men’.

    5. Not a low investment at all. Sound systems & lights for legit clubs go easily into 6 figures if not 7 or 8. If you’re in a major city you need to pay for well-known DJs which can be tens of thousands per night. Photographers, security, promoters, bar staff.
      I’ve lived in a few major clubbing cities and seen clubs go bust after 2-6 months. They operate like movies, the opening weekend is the most telling whether the club will be successful and if they don’t have a good opening month, they start making moves to shut the doors.
      You also need a proven way to get pussy in the door. If it’s a sausage fest in the first month you’re done.

      1. Good point.
        A night Club is really all about reputation. And in the startup phase all Clubs are vulnerable. This is the reason why there are so many busts in the business.
        In the startup phase, if the Club does not live up to the hype, as this sexy cool, in place, it will quickly go broke. The best and long lived Clubs guard their reputation fiercely, by only letting in select customers, upholding dresscodes and keeping prices high. This way the riff raff will be kept out.
        There is however a tendency for most Clubs to decay over time. Simply because Clubs are part of fads. This is why some Clubs just decide to close, even before they have gone bust, simply for it to be revamped with a new name and interior, and to attract the hipsters anew.
        Good Clubs guard their reputation by attracting pussy. If the managers are intelligent, they make sure to keep the land whales out,
        keep the White/minority ratio high, and they make sure all the 7+ women are given freebies or otherwise easy entrance. Its also important to keep the place safe. A nightclub with the reputation of being a violent place is going to go down hill quickly.
        The job of the doorman or bouncer is actually quite important in this respect. Everything depends on his ability to discretely and competently select the right customers.
        And its also important that the Club attracts the high paying men. Poor 19 or 20 year old students are not the target Group. Hence the 21+ year entrance barrier many Places, which strangely doesnt seem to apply to young good looking women.
        It might be nice to extract Money from these Young beta chumps, but on the other hand the Club risks ruining its reputation in the long run. The Club wants to attract Alpha males, since the women will naturally be attracted to Places where powerful men spend their free time.
        This article is actually quite telling. The 19 year old auther visited a shitty Club, which is based on the business model of making short term profits, since it exercised very Little discrimination in regard to selecting quality customers. This is possibly the norm for Clubs on average.
        Hence the reason why the author, and all the other poor betas could get inside in the first place, in addition to all the mudsharking landwhales.

        1. Bang on. You discreetly left out the cocaine factor. A successful club survives on its ability to control and contain the level of coke coming in and out of the female washrooms. It`s a delicate balance. Get too strict and the 10`s won`t come, get too sloppy and all the wrong attention is pointed at you and lets face it it if people are high as hell the bar aint making money unless its selling the coke which is a death move for a club.

        2. You are right. The cocaine or drug factor in general complicates the picture. The high quality customer might have an interest in doing cocaine inside the Club. The managers will therefore need to show a certain degree of tolerance towards this type of consumption, if they want to please their preferred customers.
          But on the other hand it needs to be kept in check. Drugged out customers tend to spend less on alcohol, and they also have a tendency to get out of control. If this behaviour becomes the norm, it will not be good for business.
          As you say, its a delicate balance. A zero tolerance might keep some customers away, on the other it wil guarantee more safety and less interest from the authorities. There are probably no easy answers to this dilemma, zero tolerance is probably the safest route however.

        3. I have enjoyed all the comments and this is probably the best observation I have seen. It takes the words right out of my mouth. This is the third article I have read on this site after a rec from a good friend.
          Anyway I have lived in Austin for 15 years and have had success in clubs/bars not too much difference in the end. There are good ones and bad ones and they definitely come and go.
          The best model I ever saw was a lot of what Jannik is saying.
          1. Keep prices high, don’t charge a cover it pisses people off but charge more than average for drinks and never have specials.
          2. Hire very hot bartenders with personality, who also have really hot friends.
          3. Make sure to have those really hot friends be regulars and comp part of their bar tabs
          4. I can’t stress this enough having really hot girls there at all times is paramount to a clubs success.
          5. Enforce a very strict dress code
          6. Keep whales out unless they have 3 hot girls to there one
          7. Have promos like the jack girls or 3 olives girls be there regularly so thats more hot ass running around.
          8. Bottom line the club needs to do all it can to get hot girls to come there and stay there.
          9. The more hot girls the more wealthy men will come and blow money looking to find a sugar baby.
          10. Finally and this was the best thing I ever saw done. Have a manager who is good looking get to know his patrons well.
          He basically is interviewing people to see what the like and what they are about. He then plays match maker. This is only done with the people who have ordered bottle service or have a tab over a certain amount or have been enough of a regular to get this top notch service.
          Me and a few friends had been going to this club part dance, part bottle service and talk.
          The manager had noticed we had been coming there a few weekends in a row and talked to us asked us what kind of girls we liked * age, hair curves or model thin that kind of thing* asked what we did, what we liked to do for fun.
          He said hold on a second, next thing we knew he brought back three 9’s two at once who were friends and one who was not. He introduced us brought up some of things we had on common and let us be. 2 out of 3 of us did well. None of us got laid, but did make out on the dance floor.
          I went on a couple dates with the girl the end.
          Best club experience I ever had.
          BTW I am no chump I do ok on my own not spectacular on my own. Had my fair share of SNL or ONS whatever you want to call them.
          It just was nice to not have to do the work. If more clubs focused on taking care of their good paying and regular customers that way they would be in business much longer.
          I went out of town for 7 weeks with work and the manager took a position paying more at a restaurant, the next manager did not follow suit let in riff raff. Club died down and changed owners within 6 months.

        4. Thanks for the interesting story.
          Good points regarding the importance of hiring good looking and competent bartenders. A good bartender can easily boost revenue.
          The importance of taking care of loyal customers can not be stressed enough. These people form the backbone of the business, and they ensure that the business is at least keeping itself in existence. When these people disappear things quickly go down hill.
          Basically it all boils down to the question of whether the Club is in it for the short or long term.
          The short term model does not discriminate between customers, save for the types who appear to be very drunk or fit the profile of a violent person. It will let in all the betas and land whales. The objective is simply to get as many paying customers inside the Club for the duration of a night. The Club might not be filled up at any time, but the Club makes sure that the waiting customers eventually are let inside.
          Offcourse this will naturally give the Club a reputation of being of a quite ordinary type. And with few hotties inside. People will quickly lose interest. Usually within 6 months or so the Club will either fall to a relatively low but stable income, or go broke. Nothing sets this Club apart from the rest of the bunch, and therefore the Club does not hold an edge compared to all the other Clubs on the scene.
          The long term model is based on slowly Building a reputation.
          It still needs a good premiere, just to build reputation initially.
          But it requires far more risk and Investment from the startup.
          This is why it might pay off to just hire sexy girls to be their as dancers or other sorts of Company. All the other facets mentioned regarding the selection of high quality customers apply.
          Naturally it will take a longer time for the Club to break even, but when it does it will have the potential to last longer and make more profits.
          Even if it decides to revamp the place as a strategy to create hype, it will still have the advantage of good location and a Club name functioning as a cool brand name. Making people wait outside in quees is a way of generating status, in addition to building up tension and expectation.
          This is really the basics of the business. Good Clubs function as positional or status goods. A customer is paying for status, when he/she is able to get inside the Club, while many other people are not. Once this good is lost, as a consequence of indiscriminate entrance, the value of entrance is significantly lowered.
          This is how a Club becomes cheap. not regarding the Price of drink and entrance, but in regard to what the customer recieves as compensation for an entrance fee.
          Bottom line is that reputation, as a function of status and brandname, is a Clubs most valuable asset.

        5. Very good break down. A clubs status and reputation is the end all be all and the right amount of hype to the right people for opening night/weekend is paramount to its success because word travel very quickly.
          Glad you enjoyed my story I posted another story in regards to getting to know bartenders on their off nights.

  2. Glad you were able to figure this out early thanks to Canada’s lower drinking age. And just wait – it’s even worse in America. Clubs = places where guys go to get rejected and girls go to get free drinks. Sounds like you were at an exceptionally crappy one, but even the best ones involve bottle service, mediocre women and terrible ratios. Thanks to smartphones and apps, women don’t need to go to clubs to meet dudes anymore. Guys (like you) are only now starting to figure this out.

    1. Out of interest would having a British accent give me an advantage by virtue?

      1. I had a friend in the military who looked like a cross between Jean Claude van Damm (or however you spell it) and Antonio Banderas and he had a slight strange accent from being an army brat and living overseas a lot.
        The women used to try to tear his clothes off. But my friend’s accent could not be “placed” so I would say it need not be British, just different.
        Just don’t go sounding like that guy from Ghostbusters 2 who was from “The Upper Vest Zide”.

        1. I moved around a lot when I was younger so I had influences from all over the world on to my accent. I lived in England for the longest so I presume English would be most dominant. Fortunately I don’t speak in a strong german accent (despite my name).

        2. With a name like that my mental picture of you is the inspector guy from “Young Frankenstein”. Do you have a prosthetic hand?

        3. Hahah I do actually, I lost it fisting the club skank whale in the article.

        4. hahhahahha..on a more serious note with a name like Von-Harburg are you decended from german royalty

        5. Nine months later she didn’t know she was pregnant and the baby came out high-fiving your prosthetic hand. The skank doesn’t know who the father is so she presumes it’s the man who the fake hands belongs to.
          Ending of the story: Jorgun learns spanish and moves to Nicaragua where they think he’s Dutch based on his accent when he speaks spanish

        6. Achso, Du bist Deutsch…
          Entschuldigung aber ich kann mich nicht davon abhalten, mein mittelmäßiges Kenntnis der deutsche Sprache anzugeben. 😉

        7. Mein Großvater väterlicherseits ist Österreich. Der Rest meiner Familie ist Englisch.

        8. Yeah but it’s like 8th cousin twice removed… so insignificant it’s not worth thinking about.

        9. Your grandfather on your father’s side is Austrian, the rest of your family is English.
          It’s really fun how easy it is to switch between Western Germanic languages without having to actually have studied them. Same for Northern Germanic languages, but a bit removed and slightly more difficult.
          This is assuming I got the translation right?

        10. You are pretty close actually, it’s paternal grandfather. English has a lot of influences from Old German during the anglo-saxon days.

        11. English and German procede from the same Germanic proto-language actually, and are both Western Germanic languages according to linguists. It’s not “influence”, rather, we used to have the same language at one point. English comes directly from Anglo-Saxon (which was German in a more unevolved form devoid of most Latin influences) which comes from Frisian, related closely to Dutch, which is then related closely to German. We also use loan words from Northern Germanic languages due to the Viking invasions of England (Danelaw).
          Modern English:
          Butter, bread, and green cheese is good English and good Frise
          Modern Frisian:
          Bûter, brea, en griene tsiis is goed Ingelsk en goed Frysk
          We’re all one big happy linguistic family, with some more influenced by the dirty Latins than others, English taking the biggest hit unfortunately.

        12. How do you know Frisian?
          As a Dutch man I’m surprised to stumble upon some Frisian.

        13. from vancouver and have been to this particular club,eh its generally known as a ‘black’ place,but regardless clubbing in this city blows

        14. It should read: “Mein Großvater väterlicherseits ist aus Österreich” or “Mein Großvater väterlicherseits ist österreichisch.”

        15. I have a strong interest in language and etymology of words and languages, as well as their interconnectedness. It’s my nerd habit that I usually hold close to my vest. Know several languages to a fair proficiency, and have learned that my investigations into Indo-European languages have, over the years, lent me a rather unique skill of being able to partially to mostly translate many IE languages without having studied them, assuming that I recognize their branch.
          Hence, coming across Frisian as the closest living language to English was an easy task.

    2. It’s been posted before that nightclubs create an artificially stressful environment (loud noises, flashing lights, etc.) then sell you the solution: alcohol.

    3. > Clubs = places where guys go to get rejected and girls go to get free drinks.
      Pretty much. Most girls in clubs have a horde of female friends, multiple guy-friends, and at least a couple of boyfriends to boot. So if they have that much attention already, why go to a club? The answer is: more attention!
      Clubs are deceptive because on the surface they look like places where people meet new people. The reality is that that rarely happens. I only go to clubs when I already have 1-2 chicks on my arm. Otherwise I just go to house parties and/or use day game.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes indeed. Good luck to you, but I doubt you’ll be able to avoid them forever.

  4. If you can get a job in a nightclub it can be fun. You can make good tip money and it is a lax work atmosphere (hard work… but not depressing like an office job can be).
    If you can find a gig with live musicians and/or good DJ turn-around you can listen to decent music half the time. Also, it gives you pre-selection… chicks dig guys behind the bar for whatever reason… At the very least there is some good eye-candy… On dates I’ve spontaneously walked girls into the club I work and fist-bumped the bouncers on the way in… All the sudden the girls think I’m cool…
    IMO working in a nightclub nowadays is better value than paying to get into one… My 0.02.

    1. To be honest though, as much as I don’t like clubs, a really good DJ does kick the ass.

      1. In the manosphere I’ve read people railing against EDM and electronic music… “Its saytans musak!”
        I don’t get it personally. Some electronic music is fucking amazing. Nothing makes me want to dance like an incredible house or techno mix.

        1. When I was stationed in Germany I was hitting techno hauses from Trier to Koblenz. Used to cut a mean rug let me tell you.
          Then there were those trips to Holland….

        2. Nice. So you have a pulse.
          I see too many guys in the club just stand around and try to look tough the whole time.
          They pay stupid amounts of money for cover and expensive drinks to stand around and pretend they are holding in diarrhea.

        3. Eh, not everybody can dance.
          If I take to the floor the locals bus in people from surrounding villages to stand in a big circle around me and point and laugh. I can play drums, trumpet, feadog, bass guitar but fuck me if I try to dance I end up looking like a semi-retarded epileptic off his meds.

        4. lol..when people notice tell them your doing an ancient dance from (your invented) ancient culture. This is what i do and people especially broads buy it.

        5. Fuck that shit. I used to have a 19 dollar Casio drum machine that could play the exact same shit. You must be gay.
          Boy, those techno fags can sure push buttons, almost like Mozart.

    2. Agreed. If you ever wanted an odd job after college graduation, and before you got handcuffed to a cubicle in an office building, tending bar in a club for a year or two could be cool.

  5. True, and then there are girls who go there and just check their phones all night or girls who go there to dance with other girls…
    Clubbing is good if you go with some friends and expect nothing and just want to have fun with them (i.e. spend time dancing with your friends instead of chatting with them or watching movies with them etc.).

      1. You can go with some girl friends there not necessarily men…
        Also because if the club is filled with ugly women and men then one can either a) go home after waiting 30 mins in the queue and paying 20 dollars or whatever to go to the club or b) stay in the club doing absolutely nothing since most clubs don’t have seats and have music that is too loud to talk to anyone

    1. holy shit check those military-style cel phones- looks like theyre gonna call in an airstrike.

    2. nice find, I’ve had bad nights but none that desperate. I typically know while sipping my first beer wether I’m feeling it or not. When I have the IDGAF attitude, then I am Golden. When I am in my own head and am worried about what others think I don’t even bother. I used to force it on this nights but I’d rather focus on having a good time and see if the moment comes to me. I do better that way

  6. Couple thoughts on clubs.
    1) They’re not for everyone. Some people really just prefer to be at a dive bar. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn’t make clubs shitty, it makes you not a club guy.
    2) “Clubs” aren’t uniform. It’s like saying you went to “a restaurant” and you had bad service and bad food, so restaurants suck. Knowing good places from bad places is very important.
    3) If you like EDM, have good game, and a) have plenty of disposable income or b) like party drugs then *good* clubs are an awesome, fun time. I personally don’t have much game and am married, so I have a blast without picking up girls, but my best friend who I go with cleans up.
    Point being, I’d hate for some young, impressionable kid to read this article and get the wrong idea. If you have a little knowledge and you’re a certain kind of person, clubs are a ton of fun.

  7. The biggest problem for the club scene is that UG-culture is dead, there are no niche clubs for everybody to find something. It is strange, because I think there is quite a big format-club-bubble going on. There would definitely be some markets around.

    1. Good point actually. UG clubs always had the most exotic women
      (I mean REAL exotic women, not the ones who were uh…. dudes. No jousting allowed)

  8. What sucks are all these idiotic pictures used in articles here. What are we, five year olds?
    Can someone explain why writers here use so many images? What’s wrong with plain text? One top image would be sufficient to make a graphic point, no?

    1. On another thread you criticize others for not spelling properly while writing “critisise”; and now you criticize The images. None of your fucking criticism has any substance, stop commenting if you’re not gonna say anything useful

      1. Men’s and women’s brains process information differently. Woman’s brain requires more images whereas the man’s can process the information only with words.
        In today’s feminised media we see this trend everywhere – infographics, flashing images, videos tutorial, drawing cartoons to explain a concept, etc, etc.
        So if you you think that my critiSism has no substance, you’re either a woman or worse …

    2. I believe the images are put there by the staff because ‘wall of text’ discourages reading, or something like that. Pity those people who have to read books without pictures

      1. A wall of text is discouraging when the column is too wide and there are no breaks. That’s not the case here.

    3. Yeah this new site doesn’t format well on a phone. There is about half in inch of blank space on either side of the text.

    4. I agree. We men don’t need pictures since we all know how this shit looks like. Especially because the worst memories don’t fade.

  9. Clubs are places where pretty and ugly females enter cheaply and as a minority to attract the guys who enter as well, but more expensively and as a majoritarian masse.

  10. Night life = marketing scam designed to separate thirsty dudes from their money. Stop falling for the bullshit.

    1. You know, when you think about it, EVERYTHING is all about dudes being thirsty and making money off them.
      Physicists search for a “grand unification theory” but I just know there is a “grant betafication theory” in effect and our entire civilization is based on:
      1. Men being beta chumps who
      2. Will bleed money into “the system” through their labor, purchases around domestic goals (paying a lot in interest for that house in the burbs that SHE wants) and finally for taxation from the property taxes on the McMansion to the tax on the overpriced alcohol be purchases in the crappy night club.

      1. Yep, pretty much. Night clubs are just a lot more overt about it – at least for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

  11. Even if it was full of horny 10’s, the accuracy in this post explains exactly why I’ll walk on past. One omission – remember that the club girl who will go home and fuck you without even being able to speak to you over the blaring music has done the same thing probably hundreds of times before. She is a cum sewer with all manner of associated STDs. If you can still stomach having sloppy three hundredths, at least wrap that shit up to protect yourself.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. If you’re desperate to be cock #512 to enter the cumbucket why not save yourself the hours of agony and just go see a professional? Sure you’ll be #512 all the same but at least you won’t have to listen to shitty music, pretend to give a shit about what she has to say and it’s a straightforward transaction.
      Probably less likely to catch something as well.

    2. I had a friend in NYC who always had rubbers in his car. And not just “cover your dick” rubbers. He had ones that would cover dick and balls too. Heck I would not have been surprised if he had one that covered everything and came with a snorkel.

    3. I’ve fucked girls in clubs but I’m not sure if they were even worth it… they’re just sad pathetic shells looking for attention and validation, and they get it through your dick. Is fucking a club rat any better than ‘liking’ her status on facebook?

    4. That is a little too cynical, I have pulled girls who have never had a ons and I have pulled girls that have had many ons. It is pretty easy to tell if they are lying or not. I have also pulled girls that I really liked and did not sleep with right away. I put girls, hot girls are the only ones I am talking about, girls I like, respect and want to date and girls I just want to lay.
      It is too bad this author had this bad of an experience, there are some good clubs out there. When I visited Vancouver a few years ago I was flying solo. I ended up in a super crappy hotel it looked nice online so I was not trying to pull, but I visited some pretty good spots whose ratios were ok and there were some slamming girls.

  12. go to lounges , hotel bars, and general party places that cater to just drinkers/social gatherings. No need to wait in line, pay cover or deal with crowds.

    1. Hotel bars are a nice gem for pickups. You’ll do well in any big city at the nicer ones which the business travelers frequent. Plus you can actually talk without having to scream.

      1. Business flings are so well entrenched in our culture that it is difficult to figure on not getting laid in that scenario. “Bussinessmom” out at a conference out of town, looking for something to relieve her beta-boredom.

        1. the hotel bars in Dallas are becoming swag , chic places for the locals to hang out, and they have themed parties. i.e. Halloween parties, college football rivalry related parties.

        2. Married women are where a lot guys draw the line though.
          Girls with boyfriends. Who cares? But married, that just sits wrong.
          Plus most of these women are disgusting even if they look decent.

        3. I was with a freshly-separated woman like 14 years ago. She was a mom too.
          I could put my whole fist in there.

        4. Ha, last conference I went to I had a decent looking 40-something mother of 2, with a husband with cancer whom she hadn’t slept with in a year (two Grand Mariniers is apparenly like truth serum) strongly indicating her desires. I was too sad/feeling guilty to go through with it.

        5. Haw!
          Been there, done that. And I’m 6’4, with hands that don’t fit in most XL gloves.

        6. yup I just recently partied in Dallas I was surprised how happening it was Arkansas played TCU I think that weekend or OSU anyway, it was happening everywhere. The hotel bars seemed to be an earlier in the night kind of thing. I was mostly impressed with Dallas nightlife and would not mind enjoying it again soon.

    2. I would add “tap rooms” such that microbeweries might have, but I live next to one and it’s mostly middle-aged fat bitches. So forget tap rooms.
      Hotel lounges probably the best: women in transit means hypergamy.

  13. Jack Harper; I come to you from the land known for sodomizing our children, (South Park, Season 7) Newfoundland, the eastern-most island in Canada, has George Street, a street that has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America.
    To your points, here’s how the money goes at clubs: Cover is anywhere from $0 (i.e. none), $5, to $10 on most nights; however the $10 clubs no do not offer more for your money (better looking women, cheaper drinks) nor are they of better quality (atmosphere, music) than the $5 clubs. The drinks are anywhere roughly anywhere from $3.50 to $5.50 for beers and singles, while Thursday nights off 3 for $5 (three singles or beer for $5). Coat check is $1 and you do not pay for seating, “first-come” type service. Line-ups may get to 15 to 20 deep, but only 1 or 2 clubs get that long around 12:30-1 am.
    Sticky floors and uneven guy/girl ratio is generally standard. Interestingly here, white guys are the main interest, as black guys have been brushed as too thirsty and too-overt about their sexual advances and intentions. They’re mostly looked down upon by the women here. The women themselves are exactly as you have described with a few notable exceptions, and dancing or going home with those few are a crap-shoot. Communication is hard, possible, but not ideal and near-impossible on weekend nights due to dance floor saturation, and the scene in general.
    But yes, you are buying into a hyped-up promise of a “sick” time at a club with sexy women, while reality brings you the opportunity of a slight-ego boost from intoxicated, mediocre, and slutty girls grinding on your crotch in hopes that one may go home with you.

  14. I live in downtown Vancouver and here are my thoughts. 560 is not considered one of the best clubs in the city I don’t know where you heard that. It is an upscale venue that is known for being expensive, and is a good place to see an EDM show because it has good strobes and a good sound system, but if there is no show on then I would not advise going. It is a snobbier club that is difficult to pull from. Two clubs I would suggest going to in Vancouver are the Roxy and the Blarney Stone. Both have a laid-back vibe and the girls tend to be more down to Earth than some of the snobbier clubs in the city, of which Vancouver has many. And cover is in the $12 range instead of $20. Both of these bars also have plenty of seating.
    You are 19 years old and this was the first club you’ve been to. Don’t assume all clubs are the same. The girls, prices, atmospheres all vary…some are good and some are shitty. Also, if you are 19, then you probably look 19…remember that most girls like older guys…don’t be discouraged by bitches on the dance floors…a lot of them will auto-reject you for your young appearance alone. And here’s a tip…if you are ever talking to a girl and she asks your age…lie and say you are older…as old as you can pull off…22 or 23 hopefully.

    1. It might not be a typical club for Vancouver, but I guarantee lots of guys reading his piece will be nodding their heads thinking “yep. I recognise that 100%”

      1. They do, but thats because they don’t know how to do it right. Virtually any major city will have good things going on in the nightlife, you have to figure out where and what they are.

    2. That is what I do, say I am 22 or 23, and I am 59. With a BMI of 27 I also answer what do you do for a living with, I am a retired Chippendales dancer. This doesn’t get me laid but I could care less since I am there with my 5′ 100# 32 year old Asian wife.
      Going to a nightclub to meet new people or pick up a woman to get laid is a fool’s errand. Even in the 70s it was not a good hunting ground, although in those days even a three ledgged dog caught a rabbit every once in a while. Now a days you are triple stupid for even trying.

    3. When I was walking back to my hotel I saw two dimes on the street, I was walking slow and decided to use my I’m out of town shctick and I was lost. They were friendly loved my accent. I was going the wrong way so I got to walk with them a while. It was my last night so no use for digits they were meeting a couple of guys they met at the roxy for some food. They claimed the Roxy was great but they were women on the other hand they were friendly dimes and they were there. Again after club street game is where its at.

    4. Huh? Those venues are ‘laid back’ and have plenty of seating because they’re bars, not clubs. You’re basically just telling him to give up on clubs because pubs are better.
      Here’s my suggestion for the author, as a 23 year old GVRD native who’s been around the block a few times. Do not ever, under any circumstances, “go clubbing” in this town. Why the scarequotes? Because “going clubbing” is showing up at a club, because its a club. If you just arrive at a dance club on a Friday or Saturday night, without having any idea of whats going on inside, there’s a 90% chance nothing good is happening, and your tres-lame experience at the 560 will repeat itself. Lame music, lame people, etc. And really, as far as the experience you described goes, I agree entirely: going to a club when nothing is happening is a waste of time, you’re better off doing almost anything else.
      A 90% chance of a bullshit might sound a little bleak, but in actual fact, there are good shows in this fine city almost every weekend. If you know where to look, come Friday or Saturday night the problem is often choosing between which show to go to. But of course, if there are 2 good shows on a given weekend night, that means only 2 clubs/venues/warehouses (fuckyeah warehouse raves) in the entire city have good things happening, while the rest of the club scene is a wasteland of generic crap.
      You have to become hip to the local scene, find out when good international DJs are coming to town and where, and who the good local DJs are. This is especially important not only to find the best music, but to mingle with good crowds as well. The best people concentrate in the places with the best music, draining all the other clubs of anyone worth socializing with.
      Following online event calendars is the best way to accomplish this.
      A local DJ collective ‘shah djs’ has a great one on their website catered towards bass and rave music. Almost every event I go to, I find here.
      The Vancouver Flail Brigade facebook group put together an even more comprehensive list, , but somewhat less discriminating in its taste. Its great for compiling the virtual totality of whats going on in VanCity nightlife, but if you don’t know what to look for, its a minefield.
      There are other calendars to be found (blueprintevents comes to mind), but I can guaruntee that virtually ALL of the good shows in the city are on one or both of those webpages.
      Good luck, and don’t get discouraged so easily. Despite the amount of bitching and negativity in the comments section, you live in a decent city for nightlife. There are some really cool people putting on really good parties here. Its not bloody Miami or Ibiza but we do OK. So now that you have these calendars, check out some event postings, look up the DJs on soundcloud, find out what you’re into, and go from there.

      1. The Blarney Stone I can agree is a pub until about 10pm when the dance floor opens up and things get bumping. But the Roxy? Have you ever been? It is most definitely a club. The best club in the city in my opinion (though maybe that’s because I have scored more pickups there then any other place). Another reason I suggested these 2 venues to the author is because look at his his point #4…shitty music. He doesn’t seem to be into the dance/EDM music so I suggested a couple of places which play more rock mixed in with the dance music. Also, I am not racist, but I prefer white girls…and both of the venues I listed are known as being mainly white venues. As you know Vancouver is a very multicultural city and some clubs are known for being mainly asian, mainly brown etc. I agree with you that live shows always make it better…especially if you’re rolling. You seem like a raver…you going to Gareth Emery at Pacific Coliseum Feb. 8? Now that is going to be a good show.

        1. You got me, I haven’t been to the Roxy. I just looked at pictures on the internet and figured its a bar. Ignorance is no obstacle to having an opinion 😉
          Nah, I do cheap shows and summer festivals; shows at the Coliseum don’t have a good $$$ for value ratio. Plenty of tier-1 DJs putting on $20-25 sets. I don’t know anything about Gareth Emery anyways.
          Author might not be into dance music but there’s no way of knowing that by going to a generic top-40 night and getting bombarded by shitty beats. I love dance music and hate hate hate bad DJs, they’re worse than almost anything.

  15. Why are you 19 and going to night clubs? Go to house parties/college parties where you can bring your own booze and its easier to talk to people cuz its not loud as hell everywhere.

  16. It wasn’t always like this. Clubs used to have much better value for men:
    -Cheaper cover charge and drinks
    -Better ratio (almost 50-50)
    -Girls actually wanted to socialize with men
    -No smartphones
    -No table service
    -No cockblock culture
    Today you have to work harder than men ten years ago to pull a cute girl from a club, which is why day game is a better use of your time.
    But clubs in some foreign countries can still be favorable, and so it’s worth it to have a basic club game that you can use anywhere.
    That said, thank god I don’t have to start night game from scratch today. It can be brutal even for experienced players.

    1. Read my post yesterday, eh?
      Ten years ago? Hah. 1987 and it was a male’s paradise of eager, uninked, long haired, in shape angels looking to get your attention. heh

      1. If a younger lad mentions going clubbing to hunt for women today, I tell him he’d have more luck literally anywhere else
        My cousin is ten years younger than me. A big, popular jockish lad, and even he has had practically zero success in the UK. And aside from places like Magaluf, not much abroad

        1. I work in a decent nightclub in one of the “hip” neighbourhoods in Toronto and very very rarely do I see people mingle with people they don’t know.
          At 2-245am when the club is closing down you would expect that people would be looser and start talking to each other… but nah… I never see late night romance… I really don’t get how people meet each other nowadays.
          Maybe it is no coincidence that TO has the greatest number of people on dating websites per capita in the world.

        2. The answer is stay in, play video games with some friends grab your best wing show up an hour before the bar closes. do a little hopping to see if you see anyone you know. Then here is the real trick do your pulling on the street after the clubs close. Crazy as it seems the womens guards are down and the are much more friendly. I have had at least 4 times more success with street game than club or bar game.

      2. wasn’t clubbing in 1987 my first real clubbing was in 1993. Techno club it was awesome, the women were aggressive and yes UNINKED. I hate the ink. So cliche. Arggghhh

    2. Germany in the 1990s was like that. Girls to guys ratio was right on, you didn’t go flat broke on the drinks, no smart phones back then.

    3. Roosh, do you have the Ultra bar in Washington DC in mind.
      That place looks like Poosy paradise.

    4. Youth in the 2000s has definitely fucking sucked. Shit music, huge financial crisis etc. And fucking this.

    5. I actually enjoyed clubs in the late 80’s and through out the 90’s. It is the Hip-Hop/poser subculture that began to influence club styles starting in the mid 00’s, particularly the table service system, that has made clubs much less pleasant these days. On the other hand, the last time I visited a club was in ’07 and I suspect I’m not missing out on anything.

  17. Don’t forget hundreds of women stopping every 10 seconds to take another selfie for Instagram or Facebook and uploading it instantly at the club. Then years down the road, they wonder where life went when they are on dating sites and washed up because they spent their prime taking photos of every angle of their outfit while actually out in public with a chance to socialize. Knee bend on foot stool in club, glow lights buckshot, holding drink at bar. It’s become so pathetically predictable, it’s hilarious. I honestly think they just go out to take pictures now.

    1. Remember the saying “a picture says a thousand words”?
      That’s now been horribly inverted to mean a thousand pictures says less than one word

  18. As shitty as your experience was – and it mirrors that of plenty of men – clubs are still a sausagefest. We never learn.

    1. Nightclubs are doomed to a perpetual sausagefest equilibrium – well, at least until the sexbots arrive.
      It’s kind of like Bitcoin mining, in a way. As difficulty rises too high, participants leave the marketplace, which causes the difficulty to fall, which brings the participants back, and so on. Of course, the average guy doesn’t stand a chance of making a buck or walking out with a dime, but as you noted, as is always the case when the implicit promise of easy money or easy pussy is in the air, guys never learn.

    2. You want sausage fest? We should have a “more Sausage Fest than thou” contest where we pit various venues and places against each other.
      My entry would be shooting ranges. Nothing more sausage fest than a shooting range. And 99 percent of the women you meet at one (like 4 or 5 in a year) will look like they have devoured real sausage by the truckload.

      1. Well, there is usually a few women there. However, they are with their heavily armed boyfriends.

    3. I disagree that clubs are a sausage fest. Not always. Especially in large cities where they run a tight door, let in lots of hot chicks and limit the number of guys (at least those not willing to drop serious coin).

      1. This is key. Keep out the mass of betas, let in the hot women, and attract the Alphas.

        1. That’s wrong.
          The club is selling sex to betas without the guarantee that the betas will get laid. The alphas don’t have to pay so don’t. Everything that the club charges money for is a DHV for betas, which is why they can charge for it.
          The club just has o make sure that it can deliver on the hot women so that the betas keep paying. Hot women are repulsed by betas, but those same betas are your whales. Hence running a club is trickier than it appears and requires long term thinking.
          Plenty of alphas haver lost fortunes in the nightclub business.

        2. No its not if you plan on running a club in at least the medium or long run.
          If not however, then there is no reason to not let every paying loser inside, and thereby maximize revenue here and now.
          It all comes down to what your goal is, which will dictate what sort of business strategy is wise to pursue.
          If the club does not select among the customers, making sure that betas and nerds are kept to a minimum, the hot women will stay away.
          Sure the club will reap the benefits of letting practically every single person enter the club, at least in the short run. But in the long term the reputation will be damaged, and once the women start to lose interest, only betas and land whales will remain. Hence you end up with a club that perhaps is sustaneable but in the lower end of the scale.
          Even in the long run the betas will begin to look elsewhere and the club will be set on a path towards bankruptcy.
          If you want to survive long term and build reputation as a club fillled with hot women and big spending alphas, then you need to resist the temptation to betafy the place in the short run. Not many Clubs are able to do this, even if they want to.

      2. My bartender buddy told me to come to a club where he worked (no cover for me) on the night when they had male strippers. After the first time, I never missed it again (until the club closed, along with the steel mills). I just got there around when the show finished, the women were still seething and there were only a handful of men there. It’s unbelievable that I resisted him. Unfortunately this was about 25 years ago.

      3. exactly its all about the club owner knowing lots of hot chicks and making it a fund and safe environment for those checks to drink cheap while gouging the male clientele….I have definitely been to some great clubs and had some amazing club experiences. Like anything though it is a bit of a numbers game. Only the super good looking or have natural game from middle school and high school are going to get laid every night. Although author if you really want more ass than you can handle become a bartender or a bouncer, especially a bouncer at a strip club.

  19. lol… I never heard that canadian women fetishized black men. Maybe because blacks aren’t as common there, and the only blacks they see are on tv as sports celebrities or rock stars.
    Its hard to find a good club in many american cities. Door charge to get inside, more males than females, women of average quality you could meet during the day, music deafening which eliminates dialog, $9 beers. If you want to work night game, you just end up exploring the entire city, hitting different clubs on different nights with zero expectations. Sometimes you hit on chicks “for practice” because you’re bored. I think night game is mostly for guys in their 20s. You get bored after a few years, unless you move and change cities. That’s america. If you travel internationally, you’re perspectives can change and it all becomes a wild crazy adventure more fun.

    1. I have been to Vancouver in my military days and that might be the reason but boy even if it isnt…it seemed to be alot to go around anyway..great ratio imo

  20. I enjoy a good martini bar or lounge bar.Normally a DJ playing some house music with a little trance mixed in at a reasonable level where I go.Haven’t been much of a club guy for the reasons mentioned above for years.I did club quite a bit in the early 90s though it was a different scene then though.

  21. You went to a club that sucked. Doesn’t mean all clubbing sucks. A club is like a magnifier of your city’s sexual marketplace. Go to Miami or NYC where there is a high percentage of hot women and you will see that at the club. I’m sure the club scene in Vancouver is reflective of its actual demographics.

    1. In america, NY and LA have good local crowds, and miami and vegas have good tourist crowds. Also anywhere in america there is a big state university, like austin for example, there are dozens of smaller venues that are packed with single females. More like bars with music, than the dance club rave scene.

  22. you went to an urban night. then all of this makes sense. but try going to a different club and things might be different. i am not saying there will be better gurls etc but clubs differ alot.

  23. I can’t laugh hard enough at this post, especially the “all the girls wanted black guys” part. The way some of you express shock when not everyone kisses the ground you walk on or worships your *insert race* cock.
    Anyway, I’ve been to clubs all over the world and all over the US. They are highly variable place to place and even day to day. That’s why few clubs last more than a few years before disappearing. In my experience, finding a night club with consistent numbers of attractive approachable women in decent numbers and affordable, is very hard.

    1. Thats why the way of the future is following online event-calendars where all the good raves and shows in the city are listed. The club/venue is irrelevant when you know the music (and by extension the crowd it draws) is going to be good.

  24. Nightclubs outside the major US cities are usually hit or miss as far as the crowd. I don’t know about Canada. It’s rare to find 50-50 ratios, outside of really high end locations. Usually the guy with best looks, highest energy, or a fat bank roll will succeed in the night club environment. Not always, but usually.

  25. Unless you live in an area that has a lot of hot women (LA, Vegas, Miami, etc) then yes, the quality of women will be low. I don’t know anything about Vancouver, so maybe it was just a shitty club.
    Wait till you’re over 21 and go to Vegas. But don’t go if you’re beta or have weak game, cause then it’ll be a waste of money for you. Go with a group of alpha guys that can all pull chicks. Go to Costco before and buy a few 5ths of liquor. Pregame in your room before you go out. Do not get shit-faced drunk though.
    I might get some flack for this, but you will want some molly and coke. After a few drinks in the room to get a good buzz, do a few lines before heading out. Pop the pill in line while waiting to get in. Molly and coke keeps me amped up and feeling damn good, and there’s no need to buy any expensive drinks. I become extremely friendly and talkative when rolling, which is better than being sloppy and incoherent when drunk.
    Don’t be a club junkie though and go every weekend. Make it an event, a great night out with the guys. I used to live in LA, and my friends would put together these amazing nights. Go out with the sole purpose of having fun with your friends, not to get laid. Getting laid is just the side bonus in making your great night greater.

    1. Too bad most molly you get is mixed with other shit, so hard to find pure stuff on the market. Dealers just cutting corners and ripping people off.

      1. ^^^^this
        Anyone who wants to get into molly, make friends with somebody who knows their drugs, and can spot fake crap.

    2. LOL what a moron.
      So I have to take coke, alcohol and other drugs to be “alpha”?
      Moronic crap

      1. Strong reading comprehension….I never said alcohol or drugs makes you alpha. I said don’t go to clubs if you’re beta or have weak game, and to go with a group of other alpha friends who are also not beta and don’t have weak game. I simply recommended drugs over drinking because you’ll have more energy, won’t be sloppy and it’s more cost efficient. If you can go to a club without any kind of substance, then more power to you. Some people prefer alcohol, others prefer coke. I just stated my preference and the reason why.
        Stay in school moron

        1. You mad bro?
          Calm down Jihadi John, you going to behead me for attacking your honor?
          Don’t do coke and all that crap. Can give you a heart attack.
          I know you’re the biggest alpha on the planet (just like every other poster on ROK). I’m sure you just walk in the club with your junk out and women flock to suck it.
          Mere mortals like myself can’t compete man. You’re too alpha bro.

        2. What? lol I never said I was the biggest alpha or that women flock to suck my dick.
          What is this, attack of the neckbeard phaggots?

        3. LOL just find your comments amusing Jihadi John.
          Aren’t you busy beheading some Japanese people today or something?

        4. You’re a good guy man, shouldn’t be a dick to you lol.
          Just don’t like all the people on here bragging about how they are “alpha” going into the clubs, etc.
          Sure that partially works but it takes a lot of effort for mostly mediocre women.
          It isn’t logical to me.

        5. “Some people prefer alcohol, others prefer coke.”
          Low doses of magic mushrooms for nights out are extremely underrated. $5-10 worth of shrooms will get you good for 3-5 hours, and there are no side effects. Molly is a lot of fun but post-roll seratonin depletion sucks.

  26. Sad there were so many mudsharks, but hey, it’s their funerals–and western civ’s.
    I figure nowadays most chicks to get a chocolate notch very early when they are just out of h.s. or even in it.
    Very early=excitement of trying new things, excitement of being a senior in h.s./ freshman in college, still believing in Hollywood PC-propaganda, can get into any club, dumb beta young guys will still date them afterwards, plausible deniability to other guys once they hit their early-20s, since they will have moved on to a new group of friends and area post-college (“I was never a club slut, you have no proof! And even if I was, you can’t judge me!”). Not to mention how in most U.S. high schools the black guys run the show, due to a combination of school administrations afraid to punish bad black behavior out of civil rights lawsuit concerns, the natural early physical development of blacks versus non-blacks, and the cowering of white kids by PC-dogma. This makes h.s and just-out-of-h.s. girls especially susceptible to hooking up with a black guy, as their schools and pop culture made blacks alpha there.
    Sometimes I feel like a Frenchman in WWII watching one of his girls go off with the Nazis. Remember the slutty Yvonne from Casablanca? (if not, go watch it right now!)
    Anyway, I just assume any woman I’m with has skanked it up with a black guy until proven otherwise, and treat them accordingly.

    1. sounds like you miss jim crow
      , due to a combination of school administrations afraid to punish bad black behavior out of civil rights lawsuit concerns
      crikes at this mess

  27. I thought vancouver was full of fit people. I remember going there, and there were hardly any overweight people and no one smoked

  28. /facepalm. “Will fuck for cake”
    In laymans terms to answer the writers question, “YES!”…although he is 19 and must learn the art of insanity once.

  29. Back when I was in college I had the fortunate experience of working in a couple of different night clubs. At the time I was an electronica DJ (mostly dance,trance,house, and prog) and got some steady gigs working for 2 clubs. Being there every weekend I got to witness first hand the business. Here are some of my recollections.
    -Club owners are shady as a hell. A lot of night clubs often have side businesses bringing in drugs and other narcotics into the area. I recall walking into one club owners office and his table was full of cocaine bricks and a prostitute sitting on a nearby couch.
    -They will not pay you for your time. Often I wasn’t paid for any of my performances and was told I was lucky just to have a place to spin. If I was lucky I would get a free drink. I stop playing at this club and was given residence at another that paid me for my time.
    -Hip hop and Dance DJs don’t mix. The scenes that they attract don’t mix and many times I was force to end my set early cause the local Hip Hop star didn’t want people leaving “his club”.
    -Working at a club doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be banging all the hot bartenders they hire or those dancing girls. You’re too busy keeping track orders and mixing correctly to be out flirting. As any good DJ should be.
    -Fortunately I worked in a nice quiet college town so my clubs weren’t full of land whales. We had a nice supply of ample of young women. However I was DJin’g in the mid ’00s so things might have changed.
    That being said, working in the entertainment business for several years taught me a lot and they’re the last place I would go to pick up women. I’d only set foot in them if an artist I like is performing.

  30. My eyeopener was counting how many guys met girls and actually went home with them…almost why am I here again?

    1. Yeah, and then a pack of angry, lonely, testosteroned out bros try to start a fight with you while you are waiting to get some late night pizza.
      My momma was right when she said nothing good happens after midnight.

      1. Yeah that almost happened to me earlier this year, guy was mad I pulled a girl from the club. And he was actually a bouncer there-wtf is this shit? The guy was lucky the girl backed him off, he would have swallowed his teeth.

  31. 20 years old never been clubbing never saw the point. Apparently there are others like me, i feel like im in some fucked up version of x-men

  32. It’s awful everywhere, but Ontario and Vancouver are truly miserable. The only upside to going to clubs where the author is from is that other places would seem like a cakewalk.

  33. On the bright side you can mould your game in Toronto and Vancouver in a trial by fire because if you can get laid there with 7’s and above then you know you can get a girl anywhere

  34. On the bright side you can mould your game through trail by fire in toronto and Vancouver you know if you can get laid with 7’s or higher in those places you have solid game on steriods

  35. Clubbing is good, in the right context.
    Club environment + your game + coincidence and luck = fun and success.
    All of these factors are under your control. Fail to set them on your own terms and you will have a bad time.
    Pick the right venues at the right times.
    Work on your game.
    Coincidence and luck isn’t so much under your influence. However, just being out there guarantees you the odds might be in your favour. Stay home, no fun or success.

  36. I notice the girls in the local salsa scene here are also very keen on black men. So if you’re black I also recommend getting into salsa.

      1. As a white guy I can only relate what I see. A lot of the girls openly talk about wanting a black boyfriend, one of the better looking girls on the scene only dates them. The black guys look great and move with confidence and grace on the floor, they do very well. Obviously being white means my observation does not carry the same weight as if I was black and said it. I may be wrong but I think you might be surprised if you try it. I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong mate. All the best.

        1. The dynamics of race and dating can be complete polar opposites when comparing Australia ( I take it your from Adelaide Australia) to many regions of the USA. Whenever I hear a Australian, and a African American dude discussing “race and dating”, I know I am about to witness a huge clash of cultures.
          I was born and raised in the USA. (South side of Chicago) However I have lived in Sydney Australia for several years now. Traversing back and forth, the differences between the two places cannot be over stated. In the USA, there are many White females who would simply never date or marry a black dude. Period, end of story. I have a feeling that TheGrandAdmiral has had several experiences with White chicks that feel that way.
          However in Australia, a particular black guys status often far exceeds what his status would be in the USA in the eyes of women. In fact outside of some extremes, the overwhelming vast majority of White females in the USA prefer White men over all other men. (and many will say this outright when discussing race in private) In Australia however, A sizable chunk of Australian women seem to prefer African men over that of European/White men. In many ways, Australia is to Black men what Asia is to White men. These are generalizations to be sure, however there is some truth to what I said. So in a nutshell, I believe that you, as well as TheGrandAdmiral are both probably correct in your observations. I was fortunate enough to have done alot of travelling in my life. In my opinion, there are 3 Nations in which a significant percentages of White females Prefer African males over that of White European men. Those nations are 1) United Kingdom 2)Australia 3) Germany. In that order. Just my 2 cents.

  37. I live in LA and go to clubs fairly often, and yes, I’ve pulled girls out of clubs before. I see the points of the writer, but I feel this is in reference to just about all night venues. Keep in mind, I’ve never partied in Vancouver, but I have been to clubs in LA, Vegas, and multiple European cities.
    1. Depends on the club, but sure, that’s possible. However, I’ve seen lines for plenty of trendy bars as well. Don’t think its a big deal.
    2. Once again, why is this an issue? I don’t usually sit when I’m at a bar either.
    3. For the third time, exactly the same thing happens at any bar or restaurant. Sure, if you don’t want to spend money, just pregame hard and then buy one drink to keep the buzz going. Or, just stay at home and enjoy the $12 Vitali handle.
    4. I love electronic music, so I disagree, but if somebody doesn’t like that type of music I can understand it.
    5. LOL! Depends on the club, of course. However, I’ve found the most beautiful girls at clubs. Not only are they naturally attractive, they’re dressed up in cocktail dresses and high heels. I don’t know of another gameable venue where you will find this many fine girls dressed up, ready to get laid. Show me that venue. I enjoy bars almost as much as clubs, but I’ll admit that the finest women are at clubs.
    6. Once again, might just not be your scene
    7. I’ve never noticed this. Black guys do have great club game usually, but I’ve never seen girls exclusively scoping them out.
    Anyways, I think that to be successful in clubs nowadays, you need to run very strong caveman game and escalate quickly. If you’re more of the talking type, post up closer to the bar or in a hallway where the music isn’t deafening. That’s usually where I do my damage, since dance floors tend to be filled with thirsty guys who can’t actually hold a conversation, and think that they can just grab a girl and ask her to dance. Hang in a quieter area, run a few approaches, and have a good time. Since I enjoy the music, I don’t even need to get laid to enjoy the atmosphere.

  38. Maybe I need to move to Canada. here all the ladies want White guys (unless you are from another country with an accent).
    But then again, I am not going there trying to be as thuggish as possible.
    Hmmm….Maybe they just want douchebags? Awe who am I kidding. I stopped clubbing when I was 22. Better things to spend money on.

  39. Clubs can be fun under the right circumstances — the right club on the right night and the right people with you. Of course they’re not for everyone. I like to dance and have a hedonistic streak, so I like to party at clubs here in NYC with my 25 yr. old asian girlfriend (I’m 50, look 35) and sometimes with her hot friends who join us. I know some say you should never bring your girlfriend to a club — clubs are where you go to meet people. But I find that I’m more successful meeting chicks elsewhere and bringing them to clubs. Since I can dance and like to party, this method has a high closure rate when I’m with a new chick.
    My current girlfriend and I dance well together, which in many clubs, even “good” ones, is sometimes rare. Packs of girls dancing together is common. Less common are couples who are actually dancing and aren’t just dry-humping each other. It seems the art of male-female dancing together is being lost. I don’t mean dancing together necessarily in any formalized, traditional form (e.g., ballroom, classical, etc.), but simply dancing WITH each other, whatever the music style or genre. When my girlfriend and I dance together it’s very sexual, but it’s not dry humping — it’s erotic and only slightly pornographic. Part of the reason we’re good together is that she submits, and follows my lead where appropriate. She’s also incredibly sexy dancing solo, and gives me hot lap dances too. Often times we become the center of attention. I think one of the reasons we stand out is because the typical stuck-up narcissistic American chicks at these clubs would never submit to a guy and follow his lead (at least with the typical guy). And many of them, although hot, are not good dancers if you take your pussy blinders off. The typical club guys don’t really dance well either — some because they’re “too cool” to dance and just stand there, others are meatheads and others are beta boys who can barely speak to the slut-princesses who inhabit these clubs much less dance with them or receive a lap dance from them.
    I’ve had young guys (20s) come up to me and thank me for showing them how to handle a chick in these clubs. I also get a lot of attention from the other chicks, even right in front of my girlfriend, which to anyone versed in the red-pill, is not surprising, and in fact is to be expected.

    1. People don’t dance no more. They just stand there like this. They cross their arms and stare you down, and drink and moan and diss.

    2. If you bring your date to a club, then you spend the whole night date guarding. I’d rather go to clubs to meet new people.

      1. There’s no date guarding by me. Just partying, dancing and having fun. If a chick puts off a vibe that she needs to be date guarded I will next her quickly. But that’s rare, because the way I handle a chick in the club, and the way the chick interacts with me, makes it clear to others that she’s mine and can’t be stolen away.

  40. What was the ratio of men to women by your best guess? I’m curious. I’m going to say about 6/1. Close?
    And regarding #7…..
    B U L L S H I T.
    They must do it different in Canada or I just live amongst too many white girls. If I go to the club, the majority of white girls look at me like I’m going to attack them & rape them on the dance floor. The white girls that do like black men are your standard fat slut you want nothing to do with. Any other race, they’re down. I’m not Denzel, but I get told I’m handsome myself so I ain’t a ugly mug either.

    1. Brothas can get love in Canada..its the ole crap shoot with location in the states. Been some places that I can get some solid looking women and then others were i guess some brothas give attention to the whales so they try to make eye contact..

    2. you would have good luck in Austin bro, my roommate is black and ok looking but has no problem getting attention. My massage therapist is very hot and so is her 21 y/o friend. I went out with them only to find out they both were in to black dudes. I was bummed was hoping for happy endings from my massages. haha

    3. If you read one of the replies above you will note that this particular bar is a “Black” joint. So it is preselected for white girls that like black guys. You don’t go to a taco stand to buy a burger.

  41. Well, if you went during the week that was stupid.
    Go Fridays/Saturdays. Secondly, want to avoid lines/cover? Go early.

  42. I hate clubs. I’d rather go to a bar, or invite friends over and drink at home and play card games.

    1. Nothing wrong with drinking alone. Just ask George Thorogood. But on a serious note, I agree to an extent. But when it comes to parties I prefer small groups instead of huge “rager” parties. Some of the best times I’ve had were with a group of no more than five or six people. More people doesn’t mean you’re partying harder. Massive parties just means more shit is going to get broken and stolen.

      1. Yeah man. The best party I went to was a house party with a well known punk band. It was awesome.

    2. Is there actually such a thing as a sociopathic loner? I thought most sociopaths were narcissists and extroverts.

  43. granville st clubs are worse. think last club i been to was caprice and you get this type of circle dancinf thing and the girls like to be by the dj where the nusic is blasting. at least you goto white rock or langley the music is good but its nothin but crappy top40 songs…how do these djs get work?
    and its a suasagefest guess guys still picture it as the place to get laid.
    but all those make outs ive seen i think those were boyfriend an girlfriends going to the club(doesnt make sense to me to bring your girl to the club)….but its been a while so my memory is foggy.

  44. Does clubbing suck?
    Yes. Yes it does.
    It’s perfect. Roll credits…crowd goes apeshit.

  45. I hate dancings and clubs. I refuse to stand in a waiting line. I don’t like the loud dance music and the crowds. If you want to pickup chicks, just go to the supermarket, gym or mall. The advantages: no loud music, no competition, no fees. And the best: women don’t have their guard up. And you get to see what a woman looks like in daylight. You know how many times I was fooled thinking women in the club looked good, and then later while dating them finding out their skin is actually bad, or their teeth are below my standards? Or she is just annoying. You know what I mean, we all have experiences like that. You save so much money. Don’t go looking for women (that’s what clubbing is) just use every opportunity that you get in day to day life. We also all have remorse for not taking action. Just plant this in your head: “A smile or wink from a chick is actually an invitation for a conversation”.
    In a club the cycle goes like this: women are dancing in a circle, then they receive a message on their phone from some orbiter guy, some more dancing in the girlcircle, then you come for a little chat, buy here some drink, get rejected, her ego is boosted. And the cycle starts over again. Men: don’t go to clubs! Women don’t want to meet you. They want to boost their ego’s. For meeting guys they have Tinder. and they start with that in the club. Did you notice how especially chicks are like “fused” to their smartphones? Every 3 minutes they grab that “attention machine” out of their purse. The sucker on the other end is just like you, probably. Spending energy and time for nothing in return. Stop that, immediately!

  46. I’ve never been to a club for the sole reason of the music. I don’t want to pay money to hear crap.

  47. $15 for two beers is standard practice in Australia, and that’s not even just in clubs. That’s in most bars (unless it’s in some fucked out country town where you’d rather stay sober to increase your chances of surviving attacks from local scum anyway).

  48. I observed these things 10 years ago when I first went out to bars and clubs. I imagine its worse now. Not being able to sit down is fine, you want to move around anyway, it just sucks when the girls are sitting grouped together, making approaches difficult.
    If I were 19 again I’d be daygaming and working on my social circle.

  49. Is this an ROK article or a misplaced RVF rant?
    1. If you want to pick up girls out drinking without fail – go to a student club/ international bar. If you are halfway decent at this game shit it is honestly as easy as it gets.
    2. If you actually want to ‘club’. Go to an internationally rated nightclub or underground basement rave. Pick up some drugs on the way there. Dealer game is strong. Hot chicks love crack and meth. I’m not kidding.
    3. You straight-up will be most successful picking up when talking to girls is just an extension of you having a good time (I don’t care what anyone says). When you don’t give a fuck is when girls talk to you.
    4. Want to meet cute girls? Why are you clubbing ya turkey?
    5. Enter a club just before lockout. Dressed well. Look like you’ve just popped in ‘for a drink’. Take home a slutty 6 who has been hit on by morons all night.
    6. Don’t go somewhere expecting to have a shitty time dude. You are 19. Act like one. Drink a bottle of whiskey and pass out face deep in a Swedish chick or something.

    1. thanks for the share that was good stuff. Never really thought about the points he was making, surrounded by slutty women with little to no access. Ill check Lui Marco out seems quite wise.

  50. I agree with this article. It does suck. I’ve noticed most girls want black guys and are not in shape. Also, overpriced drinks and a sausage fest. You’re guaranteed to get a girl but only if you’re black with above average or even average looks.

  51. Clubs are a waste of time for anyone who has been to them with any kind of real frequency and isn’t rich. If your goal for going is getting some ass…CONGRATULATIONS…you’re the 200th guy in attendance to have that brilliant idea.
    Like i keep saying on here, Church is the best kept gold mine secret when it comes to meeting girls. It’s not like what you picture in the movies…you get hot girls in attendance that are either sluts trying to change their ways or quality Women trying to land a husband. Most of these women still treat a Man like he is a thing of worth, rather than an ATM to be exploited. If you go to church and there are nothing but 3s and 4s, go somewhere else.
    I go to 2 churches reliably now: 1 larger and one smaller. The larger one has in attendance at least 5 or 6 7s with more females than Men (always a good proportion) the smaller one has just about the same amount, with even less Men available, and the males that are present are Married (less competition)
    The best part is they show up mostly with fam NOT boyfriends…i have noticed 1 or 2 couples at max where a hot female was present with her bf…the rest came with family. If you can isolate them, you can make your move. I was at a point at the smaller church where i didn’t want to talk to ANY of the females there right away because there were so many hot ones and i didn’t want to ruin my chances with any of them.
    And i didn’t have to spend $15 on cheap drinks, be subjected to loud obnoxious music or inebriated sluts who felt they were entitled to pick and choose from the males available, because there were so many of them around.

  52. Vancouver is one of the worst cities to club and meet girls my friend. People mention Toronto all the time, but Vancouver gets little attention. I’ve been to other cities like Calgary and the like and the girls are so much nicer it always surprises me to be treated like a human being.
    If anybody finds a decent club in Vancouver it’ll be the first time I hear of it. Day game and Social Circle game is the easiest (only?) way to get success here.

  53. Good article but it comes with a significant caveat – the nightlife today is not what it was 15-20 years ago. The crowd, the quality of the music, and the number of venues are nowhere near what they used to be. Every time I go out to a club, I feel really sorry for today’s youth. I am 35 and I know that they don’t get to enjoy the music and the energy that I enjoyed when I was 21-25. The scene was probably even better in the 80’s and 90’s, but I wouldn’t personally know.
    Social media and online dating are in part to blame. When hundreds of girls in every city are glued to their computers and cellphones instead of being out, it changes to landscape of nightlife.

    1. True. They spend 90% of their evening on their phone. It’s like “why did you even come out idiot?”.

      1. Totally. I guess it saves money on drinking, cover charges, etc… but takes a way a whole lot of fun even in the bigger cities where it seems that half as many people are out or less on a typical night.

  54. Haha – as a fellow Canadian I can say going out in Vancouver in general sucks. If you go out in Montreal it’s better. Anyway did you REALLY expect to find nothing but horny hot girls?

  55. The environment inside the club sounds very ameriskank. I’d loiter outside for free and strike up convo right outside the door. KEEP THE $20, they add up.
    Near the door you have first jump on the girls LEAVING as they exit to smoke. Have lighter and slimes (slims) handy. Where there’s unbearable noise you have to speak directly into a person’s ear. Hand on her shoulder when doing this gets instant contact going. I think that was the idea when they invented the ‘club’.
    A few times I’ve turned my head so she could talk directly into my ear in the deafening noise and when her head was facing my ear, I do a quick turn and kiss her. Just a quick ‘tester’ peck at first. Then I say ”I just STOLE a kiss. I STOLE it from you. Whatcha gonna do?” Inside with the noise there are ample opportunities to do this. Outside there is less noise but you can never get bounced once you’re already outside. Ha 🙂

  56. I don’t care much for clubs, too. There is a lot of fluff and flare in those places, with equal amounts of “lost” people. You complained about the ladies giving the black guys the attention. Try being an Asian man in one of those places…

  57. Only way I can stand clubs is to get plastered beforehand. Makes the night cheaper too.
    And I know what you mean by whales. When one came up to me once, I actually said “no whales, sorry”, before pushing past her. Then I was bored and started to pretend to harpoon all the fat chicks…

  58. I’m sorry that 560 was your first club experience in Vancouver. Pretty much everything you said is true and it is like that every night. That being said you really should try a few places in Gas Town. Places like Blarney Stone or my personal favourite, a place called The Pint. Blarney Stone features a band and a DJ, the band has a Celtic flair that really gets everyone up and moving. The Pint is a bar/restaurant that turns full night club on the lower lever. Everyone who parties here is fun and friendly and the female to male ratio is pretty balanced. Majority of women here are 6+, hardly any whales at all (I wish I could say that about Blarney although they are a bit more slutty). One note about The Pint: Get there before 10 pm or better yet 9 because it fills up very quickly. Best of all there is free seating at both venues.
    I hope you have a better experience clubbing in Vancouver next time you go out.

  59. Vancouver sucks and so does Seattle. In fact the entire northwest sucks for men. Get out quick.

  60. Learn to use clubs and club girls instead of them using you. Weekends are for amateurs; go on “industry nights” and network with local club promoters, photographers and staff. Once you learn the system and get known, you’ll rarely if ever have to pay a cover charge. Anyone can do this, regardless of “game” or financial status. This an area where nice guys can finish first because if you’re polite and respectful without a grandiose sense of entitlement, industry people notice quick because so few are like you in this world: you become an oasis of humanity in their jaded universe. I was walking into the top clubs in Miami and Vegas for free when I was flat broke! Industry nights are more casual and you can mack up the same chicks for free that you can only get to hang out with you on weekends with bottle service. Never, ever pay for that crap; defer to the dudes who did, give them the stage and let them offer you a drink and hang in their section because you’re a “stand up guy” and not a threat… while bitches vacuum their wallet, not yours! Never take on TREX on his turf; remember Mr. Big Baller is paying $500 for a bottle of liquor that costs $17.50 wholesale and what he desires most is for all to appeal to his vanity. Your job is to introduce yourself, see and be seen, then score with the same girls (or be smart enough NOT to) on an off night for pennies on the dollar. The next thing to do is befriend and take photos with all the “beautiful people” in this scene and on social media as it wildly increases your “social proof” for the real prize: online dating where your odds of meeting someone deserving of your full attention is much higher. If you suck at photography, no worries; there’s usually at least one photographer in the scene who will be nice enough to teach you angles and help you get some good shots; just ask! Many of these physically gorgeous females (read: not women) are nothing more than “damaged goods” alcohol, drug and attention addicts so do not be misled by their appearance. If a female is in nightclubs regularly and always single, the odds are very high that SOMETHING is wrong with her and you should always assume this is the case. They’re someone else’s mess to clean up, not yours so use them for the only thing they are good for: photo ops, social proof… and nothing more. Never seriously date a bartender (antisocial personality disorder), or a regular club rat without a day job (fucks for drugs, cash and couchsurf). They are the lowest of the low and you are far better off dating a stripper as at least dancers have a job and occasionally show up on time. And never plan a special occasion with these girls; they are notoriously flaky. The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder in this environment is as high as 90% so caveat emptor. Women hate perceived competition, but paradoxically they also respond to it: it’s your secret weapon when your game isn’t bullet proof. Leveraged properly and visited regularly but not often, this environment can dramatically help you score elsewhere.

      1. It was no work at all. I had fun getting to know Caitlyn. I also had fun when I was out getting the free drinks. I could have either gone home watched something boring on TV or I could have went to a happy hour right next to where I was going to play pool. The latter was more fun and had long term payoffs. Definitely not work imho.

    1. To add to that I lived in San Antonio for about a year and a half. I played in a pool league on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right next to where I played pool was a bar that was pretty good on the weekends. Kind of a Rock bar/ club. Rather than go home after work I just started going straight there. Man was I shocked when I walked in to see the hottest bartender I had seen working there on a very packed Saturday night working a happy hour with about 15 50+ men drinking budweiser.
      I ordered a dos equis she told me Domestics were on sale for $1.50 until 7 this was 2007. I stuck with my Dos Equis and leaned over to her and said I don’t drink shit beer. She smiled knowing I was dissing everyone but was not a cheapskate either.
      I was nearly half the age of many of the guys in their. I was friendly was not calling her sweetie, sweet cheeks or any other derogatory name and so she spent nearly all of her free time talking to me. I tipped her about 30% not exorbitant like I am trying to buy her but enough for her to notice.
      I did that every week after that. The next week she bought us a few shots and knocked a $1 off of each Dos Equis. only one more week when I showed up to the bar on the Saturday following that Thursday it was slammed. She already knew what I liked to drink I smiled at her behind the bar, she came out gave me a big hug and said the usual. I waited know time at all and I was given a shot and a Dos Equis. She immediately introduced me to one other really hot bar tender. I ended up being introduced to the bar owner who is still my friend. We were both finance majors and hit it off. At the end of the night I had 3 shots and 6 Dos Equis and was presented with a $20 tab. I tipped her $20 and that was the last time I ever paid for anything at that bar again unless it was during happy hour because not paying would be too conspicuous to the 15 – 20 50+ year old men.
      That became a place I visited 3 to 4 times a week. During the weekends I brought lots of friends with me and kept my hookup a secret I did not want to ruin it. Because I brought a good number of guys and girls Caitlyn, Courtney, Diedre could all justify it. Also because of my awesome deal I almost always brought in food usually a pizza, something that was easily shareable. This did numbers for continuing to get cheap drinks, cut lines, from the bouncer, staying sometimes an hour after the bar closed drinking with the bartenders and getting huge hugs from the bartenders giving me huge social proof.
      I went on a date with Caitlyn eventually, we had a lot of fun but she shared with me she did coke so that was the end of that.
      8 years later still gorgeous IMO.
      Very great point JC

  61. Wow can’t believe how many hardcore alpha males there are on this website.
    I mean every commenter is the biggest alpha on the planet.
    I am concerned about 99% of the posters on here are full of it when it comes to their actual “conquests”. Think there might be a little exaggeration around here.

    1. Snark level =100
      Contribution level =0
      Come back when you have something to actually say that anybody cares about.

      1. I am tired of all the bullshit comments on here by supposed “alpha” males banging tons of women at nightclubs.
        I rarely see these guys. Its even rarer that for them to post on ROK.
        That simple

        1. I’ll give it to you straight….my opinion..and you can take if for what it’s worth.
          I wouldn’t say believe everything that everyone has to say on here. Your job is to worry about you, improve on you, finding things that work for you. Maybe some people do embellish a bit about their conquests..but so what. Look for the common factors in the comments (and ignore any bullshit).
          The best I’ve seen (and that I’ve received over the years) is work on yourself to become “high value”. After that, everything else should fall into place.
          Everyone is selling but you don’t have to buy.

  62. You’re not racist? Good for you bub. Me? I’m not a nigger, I’m not going to dance like a nigger, and thanks the gods mudsharks get abortions like it’s their fucking job.

    1. Mudshark? Only a blue-pill simping faggot would care about a brotha banging a white chick.
      Magina white-knight level = over 9000

        1. Lol, you really are a white-knight magina. Stay mad bro, I don’t support blue-pill faggots like yourself.
          Game not recognized.

  63. Sounds like it was just a shitty club. Need a bigger sample size you know? Just show up drunk definitely, pre game is key.

  64. For many Americans this may seem a bizarre article, but it is highly true. With the exception of Montreal, Canadian women are ugly in general and unfeminine. The clubs are often empty on prime time nights and they make people wait outside and pay the doorman just to get into empty places. This is so that others aren’t tipped off that a place is empty. Ie. if you can just walk in for free, or $20 cover then you might walk out once you see its empty. So they make you pay the bouncer $20, pay the front door $20, and the coat guy (mandatory to check in coats and hats and outerwear) another $20. So now you got $60 in, are you going to walk out after 5 minutes? Nope, you will probably stay all night but you won’t be club hopping thats for sure. Its just a way the clubs trick you out your money and stop you from leaving because if the people in line saw a bunch of single guys leaving alone, they’d know damn well not to enter and there must be a reason. The lack of seats is to force you to buy more drinks. Guess what happens when you can’t sit at anywhere except the bar….you order more drinks. drinks are overpriced because of lack of customers, lack of customers because of unattractive single women and too many single male immigrants from muslima nd indian countries who don’t drink. Shitty music because the people who run the place are shitty and usually in their 50s and have no clue what young people like. They take a payoff from local djs. Of course you’d get shut down, you have to have no standards and just hit on everything that moves fromt he hottest backwards and if your lucky you’ll get laid by a 6. In Canada you need day game, there is no night life. If I was one of 3 attractive men in a club full of decent women, I’d be picky as hell and entitled too. Next time go to a nail salon, or a shoe store. I now have my eyes open for taco fest. Places like panera bread, starbucks, chocolate stores, female clothing stores, female shoe stores, anything you would initially think gay, there will be a bunch of women there, and they are more likely to approach you. Especially in stores where they work. Why would anyone want to go to a club anyways? Lousy rratios, low quality fat and gold diggerish women, often who have their guard up and DON’T WANT TO BE HIT ON.

  65. Haha. If number 7 were true I’d actually enjoy clubs a lot more. I’ve been to clubs in your country (Calgary, Toronto, Montreal) and it certainly did not help me very much. I also don’t align with the media’s portrayal of black men, so I guess that may have something to do with it too.

  66. I didn’t clubb for a long time but in 2000 it was like 5 guy for 1 hot (maybe not) woman.

  67. I’m a guest here but must say…..MGTOWs are floating around here; like myself. White cunts wanting black DNA is atrocious. Any white 19 year old who doesnt realize this is NOT RED PILL!

  68. I’m a guest here but must say…..MGTOWs are floating around here; like myself. White cunts wanting black DNA is atrocious. Any white 19 year old who doesnt realize this is NOT RED PILL! TRP is a bit more complex than being a multiculturalist/cultural Marxist. The fact that this fucking fag of a white male sees nothing wrong with white women wanting blank DNA swimming in them for 3 days is why the fucking cunts actually want blacks. Whites are pussies.

  69. I’m a guest here but must say…..white cunts wanting black DNA is atrocious. Any white 19 year old male who doesnt realize this is NOT RED PILL! TRP is a bit more complex and eventually leads to NOT being a multiculturalist/cultural Marxist. The fact that this fucking fag of a white male sees nothing wrong with white women wanting blank DNA swimming in them for 3 days is why the fucking cunts actually want blacks. Whites are pussies. Stake your claim you idiots! The majority of blacks in this country are leftists and therefore enemies.

  70. I’m a guest here but must say…..white cunts wanting black DNA is atrocious. Any white 19 year old male who doesnt realize this is NOT RED PILL! TRP is a bit more complex and eventually leads to NOT being a multiculturalist/cultural Marxist. The fact that this fucking fag of a white male sees nothing wrong with white women wanting blank DNA swimming in them for 3 days is why the fucking cunts actually want blacks. Whites are pussies. Stake your claim you idiots! The majority of blacks in this country are leftists and therefore enemies of the manosphere. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Let me guess……youre offended….right?

  71. I’m a guest here but must say…..white cunts wanting black DNA is atrocious. This fucker is an idiot….and anyone who oversees this this is just as fucking tarded and brainwashed. IF IT WAS EQUAL….where whites were chasing nig women… prob….but theyre not. Why? Because they look like nig males….with weaves. Any white 19 year old male who doesnt realize this is NOT RED PILL! TRP is a bit more complex and eventually leads to NOT being a multiculturalist/cultural Marxist. The fact that this fucking fag of a white male sees nothing wrong with white women wanting blank DNA swimming in them for 3 days is why the fucking cunts actually want blacks. White males are pussies. Stake your claim you idiots! (FYI…I dont blame black males for taking advantage of the white women that white pussy faggots have no clue how to nail). The majority of blacks in this country are leftists and therefore enemies of the manosphere. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Let me guess……youre offended….right? Ban me. You punks are part of the problem not the solution.

  72. not that many bros up there maybe 1% of the population other than that you going to miss out on a lot of fun thinking you suppposed to get the 10’ need to dance with at least 10 women to have a shot .

  73. Hip Hop isn’t bad to work out to, but it’s damn shitty to try to party to. What is surprising is that the club scene, except in NYC, is so much bullshit. It’s much better to hang at a better sport bar or even college bar, especially at at age 19. The hottest places where we are in the south are the C&W bars, but you need to know how to line dance, at least the women are much better looking.

  74. I have lived in both South Korea and the U.S. about half of my life. My father has been running a night club in the US and I used to work for him as a bartender when I was in college. Because I’m asian and my father’s club was only focused on certain race…I used to hangout and get laid from other venues. When I hangout solo after my mid 20s b/c most of my friends are in relationships and stopped going to club. I could still pull girls and have a good time but I started to think maybe I need to stop this because I had to drive drunk either I’m driving girls somewhere or getting back home after clubbing.
    Now, I moved to S.Korea and go out to clubs cause I love music, lights, girls and drinks overall atmosphere. But clubs here are very closed to standing guests.
    It is filled mostly with tables and hottest club with great proportion of female to male ratio with 8,9,10 girls with or without plastic surgery. However, table prices are crazy…this hottest venue starts from $800 usd for 2 bottles+ 1 champagne…if there were bigger bets from other customers 800 wouldn’t reserve you a table on weekends. And party promoters who bring this hot girls educate some of them to drink at the table but don’t give out the numbers to them. Little cheaper club with decent quality girls starts from $600 for 2 bottles.
    And these girls here cockblock intensely to hell level…they wouldn’t talk or drink with you unless you have a table. But thankfully people say I do have above average appearance so I could get few phone numbers without having tables at the end.

  75. it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to pick up women in clubs in canada. women in canada suck dick, and i don’t mean in a good way. they’re fucking horrible.
    i disagree with women wanting niggers. women don’t want niggers. i don’t know what the fuck ur talking about. canadian women are just hostile to men generally and they don’t know what they want
    over the course of about two weeks, i went to about a dozen bars and clubs in vancouver. i’ve been to literally all the bars/clubs in the city in which i live. (different city) i’ve been to about half a dozen bars and clubs in toronto… in cases… i got nothing. and when i say nothing I don’t mean that i tried to pick up some cunt and got rejected, i mean, I didn’t even get a glance, or a smile, or a wave from any bitches. wtf? and i’m a good lookin’ guy too. i’m over 6ft tall, i’m white, fit and i wear nice clothes when i go clubbing. wtf am i doing here? it’s retarded
    if ur lookin’ to get laid in a club, don’t come to canada

  76. Avoid cyber goth clubs.
    All the worst of piercing/tattoo issues
    Faux lesbians ( who get offended at stares )
    Frigidity, masked by revealing fetish clothing. If you try, or even pay attention- massive knee jerk anger.
    Try taking ballet. Its harder to do than football, you’ll get a awesome body and NOTHING but girls. Any place with adult classes.

  77. My best (male )friend told me that you need to beware of aggressive females, who will take offence ( at very little ), pick fights and then, get their males friends to bash you up.

  78. Hard House clubs in the late 90’s…all I had to do was smile at them…PLENTY of them didn’t even waste anytime saying anything but just came up and started kissing me…great days. But post Red Pill I see it for what it was, just Alpha ****ing as I was a Daemon in that scene…+ 20 years later…I can see I dodged bullets…but hell, GREAT TIMES!!!

  79. That’s the North American clubbing experience for you… Which has pretty much destroyed the European clubbing experience of old, thanks to the power that the globalist shit machine of cultural destruction holds over us all. Say what you want about the hedonistic behaviour of the European raves/club nights of the past, some of you may even laugh; but decent pills, banging tunes and that great friendly communal atmosphere was much better than the Champage VIP table dick waving, social media narcissism, skin colour obsessions/psuedo gangsta thuggery and disgusting slutiness that you see in clubs nowadays.

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