3 Things I Observed On My Manosphere Hiatus

Sometimes our best insights are gleaned when we step back from a state of hard focus. I haven’t written at ROK in the last few weeks due to a combination of writing burnout, work responsibilities, and wanting to concentrate on other ventures. I adopted a regimen of bare-bones involvement, keeping up with ROK and a few select blogs over that time. Once you step away from the daily inundation of information, electronic or otherwise, here are a few things you may tend to notice even more readily than when you are plugged into the network:

1. People tend to take everything at face value

Though our detractors would paint ROK and this movement in general as a monolithic echo chamber, my hiatus took me away from the often heated and intense debate of ideas that exists on ROK, on RVF, and on many similar blogs. In many cases an idea will be roundly explored from a number of positions and summarily discarded if it doesn’t pass the smell test. After many discussions with people who blindly accept the normal life path, the most striking thing is that you ask them “why” and they don’t seem to have an answer. Of course we knew this already, but it took unplugging a bit from the manosphere to demonstrate the huge percentage of people who are still unwilling to question orthodoxy. It seems that, indeed, man’s natural state is slavery, and freedom is paradoxically a constant struggle to maintain.

2. The vast majority of people are inherently self-sabotaging

In the occasionally navel-gazing practice of reading and thinking about your own self-improvement, you often neglect to observe what actions others are taking. Pitiful examples are everywhere: men are poorly dressed on the subway and at the bar. Girls self-handicap with piercings, tattoos, and poor clothing that detracts from their natural gifts and makes people take them less seriously. If you want to reaffirm your commitment to yourself, spend a few weeks observing automatons shuffling to jobs that make them deeply unhappy simply because they are afraid of uncertainty. Watching others corkscrew further into misery was a much-needed reminder of the dangers of complacency.

3. Feminism just doesn’t affect my day-to-day life very much

I’ve read so many well-written articles here and elsewhere about the ills of feminism in our society that I, admittedly, probably pay it more mind than necessary. Despite living in one of North America’s strongest bastions of liberal feminism, stepping back from writing allowed me to better enjoy a reality that they have trouble penetrating. By creating a life of masculine hobbies like martial arts, weightlifting, and reading, along with not reading the news and limiting my interactions with women who self-identify as feminists, I’ve severely cut down on the day-to-day impact of feminism on my life. Once in a while I’ll approach a girl who can’t wait to talk about “social justice” and “rape culture,” but in those cases I simply don’t call her back. The ethos still pervades society and presages longer-term insidious changes, but I’m thankful that it’s difficult to see them in my everyday life.

After a few weeks of casually observing the world without the Red Pill commentary in the background, I’m ready to jump back in. As with anything, I encourage all readers to take a brief hiatus to aid in connecting the concepts you’ve read about to the world around you. You may be surprised with what you observe.

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87 thoughts on “3 Things I Observed On My Manosphere Hiatus”

  1. What I learned from avoiding white women and only dating black and brown women? I learned that the world is a beautiful place. Brown and black women opened my eyes to the beauty of this world, in a way that white women never could. Back when I was only attracted to white women, my life sucked.

    1. way to cherry pick the most beautiful dark specimen and the most ugly white specimen you dumbass

      1. White women got no ass, and they got no tits either. What’s the matter, whitey? Are you a white supremacist or something?

        1. Calm down, Doe! Brad was just stating an obvious point; there are loads of primitive-faced dark women and a few pristine, sumptuous white women as well. No need for such vehement defense when there’s no real offense.
          But I agree that he needed a hyphen. However, your comment wasn’t an actual question.
          And so life returns to a peaceful state of racial respect…

        2. I wouldn’t, sorry, not my taste nor style. Not a race thing, a preference thing. Don’t you have other threads to troll and race pimp on, son?

        3. White nationalists swear towheads are the apex of beauty and grace; Conversely, I’ve seen black men on RoK swear by FSU women. Meanwhile, average white males swear by Asian women; who are by far some of the most calculating, emotionless bitches I’ve ever known.
          Don’t delude yourself into believing that black women are the answer because a. black men don’t even want black women any more (see PAWGs) and b. Black women were the prototype for the type of behavior we are beginning to see in white women.
          The is no El Dorado. There is no ‘City of Lost Hoes’ Stop worshipping pussy today.

        4. 50% of african american women have herpes. I would be wary of pounding that, as would any other white man.
          Just saying…

        5. Inter-racial mixing is the key. Inter-racial relationships are much more stable. If you’re white, go bang black. If you’re black, go bang white.

        6. Let me get herpes then! At least I’ll be a happy man, pounding that amazingly delightful chocolate.

        7. “primitive faced dark women”
          White supremacist detected. Back to /pol/ and stormfront, you go!

        8. I’m just saying that no race is made of pure beauty.
          And no, I’m an individual evaluator, not a racist. Really got to find the vocabulary term for that though…

        9. It’s funny but it’s negro females who have no boobs unless they’re pregnant and 16. For some reason they deflate very quickly and they look like sagging flesh to their waist.
          Negroes like Doe are just jealous because no respectable White females will even talk to him.
          Negro men have no taste and the reason that butts are important to them is having ape style sex or “doggy” is all they know;and also because they like buttholes because 1/2 of them are homos.

        10. Not too long ago there was a racist South African website held by a Boer nationalist depicting members of the ANC with photoshopped heads of great apes together with references to black prostitutes around Johannesburg as peddling their “diseased sheboon wares”.
          It was finally shut down when the author was arrested in his home by SA police under the Zuma government.
          Just sayin’ guys.

        11. Facts. White men don’t like black women. White men are more likely to date IR than white women. And we all know which race of women white dudes like. It’s starts with an A…
          There is a difference between worshipping a particular race of women and liking traditional race of women. Asian women are the best partners for white men. “Hearthless, emotionless”, you described a white woman.
          As an european male, i want my phenotype and culture to be preserved. And from Asian/White relationships – the children are phenotypically white and they will be culturally white as well (White women are damaged, they can clearly expose to your children non-white cultural worldview). As a white “racist”, please support white wimminz and black “men” IR- encourage the degeneration.

        12. Off-topic example of promoting degeneracy with the purpose of eradicating it. Russian anti-drug skinheads started violent street-campaign called “Don’t Stop the Madness!”. They freely give to junkies (and immigrants without drug experience) – heroin and other hardcore drugs, they promote overdoses, they purposely poison the needles, they purposely prepare overdoses… Drug use is not healthy. Drugs will kill the users (end goal for the anti-drug fanatics).
          Black Men and White Womyn, it’s not good for the two damaged demographies… let’s fucking encourage them!

        13. When I read shit like this I get the strong impression there are too many brownies and shitskins around and time has come to mow those bad weeds down lest our beautiful garden becomes overgrown by, well, primitive-faced dark weeds.

        1. Oh NO! You just shattered my fragile little ego into a thousand pieces. I am going to go make love to a brown woman one more time, and then I am going to go an hero.

      2. sad part is that she is not the most ugly – definitely not pretty but she has lots of competition for most ugly

    2. I like all types of women, but have decided to “date” only black and latina girls due to ease of lay and nothing else.
      White girls are huge pains in the ass, but so are Asians.

      1. It all depends I’d say. As a black guy, it is much easier for me to lay white women than any other race. It’s like they flock to me. Not all white girls, but there is a certain breed of white girl that specifically seeks out black cock, and they will have it no matter what… lol

    3. Never once have I seen white females who look like the one on the right outside of pics on the Internet.There are 0 females who look like this where I live. About the worst you will see are older females who get that matronly older woman look not necessarily fat.That look that you see in that pic must be some sort of mutant look confined to the 5% white underclass. However, negro females who look like this are common.
      And big out of proportion butts are just plain freaky and ugly.Nothing at all feminine and more built like a gorilla.See the butt?>>>>>>>>>>>

      1. That’s a majestic silverback you linked to, even if the posterior has some sort of effete homo quality about it.

  2. Yes to “minimize the effects” of something in your own life is how you “sign off”. It’s a practice of “Being the change you want to see”.

    1. Exactly! White women are the ones leading the drive towards consumerism and shallow materialism. We can be the change we want to see in this world by refusing to date white women and only dating brown/black women.

      1. Western thought will lead to its own destruction. Western thought is very powerful because it pushes the boundaries as far as they’ll go, but that’s also its weakness. Western thought knows no boundaries. It’s becoming more and more obvious as the days pass by. Just look at the world around us.
        Note: By Western, I mean Western European.

        1. I do not at all agree with this attitude that “the western culture is the greatest civilization to ever exist”. You really need to look into ancient Eastern cultures.

        2. i don’t think there has been much intelligent thought in the west since the end of the cold war….. there’s nothing to push against any more….

        3. There were no “ancient” Eastern cultures. Confucius is only from 500BC about the time that Homer wrote the Iliad, and you can be sure he was the exception. That cave art in Europe is 40,000 years old. 10k years ago the Caucasian group was virtually the only one on earth and was 1m spread out in Europe, Asia and N Africa. There was only a tiny Negro group clinging to the west coast of Africa and a tiny group in the Far East. Asians are basically an offshoot of Caucasians and many are very fair. Their different look developed over thousands of years.There were really only two major groups in the world 10k years ago which is the beginning of modern human history;those North of the Sahara and a tiny Negro group south of it. A few new racial groups were created in more recent history but they are the result of mixing. The White Semites (Arabs) mixed with Negroid types and through breeding now produce a consistant type, and of course the Indians.

      2. It’s not the race of the women more than it is the ideals they grew up with. Perhaps you’ve never met a feminine white woman, but that’s probably because they’re so damn rare and you have to look in the right places. The majority of brown/black women are primarily traditional, which is why you would favor them (genetics and how you grew up factored in).

        1. A rather extreme statement, but I see that their scarcity means that the group as a whole is disgusting. Heheheh…

        2. American black women are generally quite disgusting. Thanks Oprah, for lowering the bar. It’s very sad considering that many black women in other parts of the world are beautiful.

        3. It’s not you, is it? It’s some troll guest impersonating the real John Doe! He should just create an account though…

        4. I agree. As a French i have yet to meet an american girl with half the class and the elegance of pretty much any french girl.
          Of course we have our own kind of jersey-shore-like tv reality shows filled with idiots (google “Les Cht’is à Las Vegas”) but the vast majority of our girls/women are so much more elegant than ALL the american girls i’ve met. Even the rasta kind of girls. Even in this own subgenre they’re just… I’ll say my taste, because i don’t want to sound more arrogant than i’m already am.
          I’ve been to the US. Twice. South Carolina as a 15yo. Actually went to a french class in a high school (or the thing before high school, whatever you name it) only for girls. Was there to speak french, train their ears to a native speaker. First question at the end of class? “How do you say “hot” in French?” *whole class giggling* Even the teacher, a woman, was smiling.
          A 14yo in France will eye-fuck the shit out of you, but she damn sure won’t make it so obvious orally in front of everybody.
          American college girls during my exchange semester in Copenhagen were just… disgusting. Sure they were hotties, but even though one almost passed out upon arriving in a club and seeked comfort in my arms i couldn’t decently take her back to our dorm and take advantage of the situation to score one more flag. She was more than up for it. But she wouldn’t pass my boner test, not like that. Have some class lady, and be wild in the bedroom. But if you can’t hold your fork right, or don’t know how to walk in heels, or just wear flip flops and yoga pants 24/7, or curse like a sailor, don’t expect me to be turned on. Nope. Sorry.

        5. Agreed. French women, despite their inherent wile and cunning, at least know how to ACT feminine and make (and take) the most out of it. If you know what’s going on and are able to play along it’s a very fun and enjoyable game indeed.
          American ones in comparison are like a bunch of uncouth feral badgers.

      3. Not entirely certain that I can endorse your neo-Marxist post, John.
        There’s nothing wrong with enjoying material comforts, and few things in life are better than being able to spend the day talking to old friends over a fine costly single malt Scotch while smoking premium cigars. I encourage you to give up your class warfare mindset.

        1. I heart capitalism. Best damned thing to happen to mankind, and the very thing that destroyed slavery.
          The mercantilism cum fascism we have now is a sorry replacement for a once great system.
          Thanks for the name calling, though I’m fairly certain you’re just joking around and having fun, so I’ll take it in that spirit.

        2. Damn. Now I have a feeling we’ve been talking to a 12-year-old who got on his dad’s computer.

      4. Women are women. It doesn’t matter what race they are. If you live in a feminist society they will all behave the same, more so if they were raised in it.
        White women are simply at the top of the hierarchy in westernized societies, there’s nothing unique about their involvement in feminism.
        The answer certainly doesn’t mean pedastelizing brown/black women “just because.”

  3. As to #3 the weeds at the tail end of my property don’t affect my day to day life but if I ignore them all of a sudden they are all over my entire yard. Rather than spend 5 minutes twice a week pulling them I have to engage in chemical warfare to reclaim that which I was enjoying. Ignore feminism at your own peril.

    1. Willbest hit the nail on the head. It’s easy to avoid conflict in one’s day to day life but that ignorance, though beneficial at times, can lead to drastic consequences in the future.
      Feminism and the liberal/progressive movement has a strong impact on daily life you just might not encounter it due to your social circumstances.

    2. Agree with willbest. That being said, I think the author’s point wasn’t that we should simply immerse ourselves back into the Matrix a la Cipher, but rather that it’s good and healthy to take a break from any all consuming activity once in a while.

    3. Expect some new, more grotesque form of feminism to develop over the coming years as this current generation of women willingly destroys themselves and then seeks comfortable answers about their plight from anywhere other than within themselves. It will get worse before it gets better.

      1. Not to mention that many of them appear to be more and more aware of us redpillers and of our stance towards them. Would you think that would instill some humility in them? Not a chance! More like two snarling wolves staring each other down. Though the more buff and brawny among us do have the general size and weigh advantage and can simply leverage that to elicit a very hindbrain reaction in them. As long as you’re not actually threatening them and simply asserting your presence in a natural and composed manner, it’s really fun to do. Reminds them who the bigger Gorilla is. They are programmed to instinctively like that and it shows.

    4. But they are all such pretty, special, unique weeds!
      Lol, all the better to buy them, smoke them, burn them, and flush the seeds down the toilet.

  4. I think that the third point is very important. Although i do not live in the U.S. and don’t know the situation there, I can speak from personal experience here in germany that feminism is not a daily issue. While I encourage calling out women on their bullshit, people are making feminism out to be more than it is. When i first started reading RoK i was confused and angry at feminism and what it is doing to women, but after accepting the fact that i can not change their actions or opinions and focusing on my self first and foremost, it is not that big of a deal to me anymore. That’s why i have to say that I enjoy McQueen’s writing a lot because he has the “it is what it is” attitude and has his way to deal with the current situation so it benefits him the most. In my opinion many RoK writers are too hung up on feminism.

    1. I used to live in Europe. Now in the US. The difference on the impact of feminism is HUGE. RoK writers are right.

      1. Indeed. there is something outright primal and savage about how intensely feminism is channeled through American institutions and the general culture at large. Here where I live it seems more about 50/50 between Europe and America.

  5. Feminism affects our day-to-day life in countless ways. It is responsible for the explosion of illegal immigration. It is responsible for all those people being so unhappy at their jobs. Believe it or not, many people do want marriage and children, but feminism has taken the joy, sanctity and stability out of these things. It is responsible for castrating the world and limiting your professional options, your freedom to start an independent business that hires and fires whom it pleases. It is responsible for your income tax and the chaos of your city interior. Feminism is about more than listening to college chicks pontificate before you take advantage of how liberated they are. It is the hysterical, anxious, equalitarian asphyxiation that is suffocating the whole civilization.

  6. #3 is bang-on. Over the next little while, I plan on keeping in touch with the game and self-improvement articles, and leaving the “feminism is evil” articles to the rest of this site. Why?
    Because over the last 6 months of reading ROK articles, it’s been all I can think about. How the world is doomed and the media is biased, yet none of this directly affects my life. I can live my own life, work on my physique and confidence, and land women that I never could before, and feminism isn’t going to change that.
    It’s good to know what lies ahead, but to spend every moment stressing over it is taxing to your own development as a man.

  7. Feminism does affect you-you won’t know it until you go out with a woman from a non-Feminist culture, who is eager to please you, charming, and keeps herself in great shape. Here its like 1)Charming 2) Intelligent 3) Hot….Choose 1 out of 3.

  8. “Man’s natural state is slavery.”
    Quite. You nailed it there. Only a select few are born to freedom. It is always pointless to attempt to fight this fundamental truth.

    1. It is quite depressing but true. I observed too that the majority of people are not capable to live their life without following something/someone.
      And if you do not care who leads you, you probably do not care where you end up. We can see the end result of this today.

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