The Decimation Of Western Women Is Complete

A new song by rising Swedish pop star Tove Lo serves as a reminder to Western men how broken the current generation of women have become. Have a watch at this video:

The original version without the distorted vocals can be found here.

The song has a simple message: a young woman gets hurt by a guy and decides to ease the pain by going to the club, getting drunk, smoking reefer, and fucking random guys. This coping strategy doesn’t work too well in the video—a brief but visceral moment in the end shows her breaking down in tears as she wanders aimlessly in a drugged- out haze. We don’t know the guy who hurt her, but Taylor Swift can answer that in her mega-popular song Trouble, where she falls for a bad boy who gets into bar fights, is wanted by the police, and cheats on her in public view.

A generation ago, the behavior of Tove Lo would be seen as alternative, to say the least. To get over a man, a girl would typically cry alone in bed, write in her diary, listen to sad love songs, bake with her mother, and pray to God that the pain would ease. Now, we have the normalization of screwing bad boys to get over bad boys. If you flip the sexes, this is ironically the advice given to men studying game (“fuck ten girls to get over your oneitis”). Girls are finding that this does nothing more for them than decrease their ability to have relationships in the future, simply because women are not men. A lifestyle of whoring around is, surprisingly, completely destroying the worth of women as long-term partners, wives, and mothers.

It doesn’t need to be repeated, but girls like players. They like men who who have been approved (vaginally) by many other pretty women. But this doesn’t work the other way around. The more cock a girl has had in her, the less likely a man will want her beyond a basic lay, a fact that women are at least subconsciously aware of when they conceal their wildly promiscuous past to men they attempt to enter relationships with.

How would you feel if the girl you seriously liked, after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, fucked five guys in the course of a month, all of them at rapid speed, and let them experiment with her three holes as described in the popular “romance” books she has read, all while telling you, the man she is making work for her pussy, that she’s no longer looking for a “hook-up” and wants a man to be more chivalrous with her?

Unless you are the bad boy who gets to drill her quickly, I imagine your reaction would be the same as a girl’s if you told her the following:

“When I was younger, I always took girls to the most expensive restaurants in town, and occasionally I’d surprise them with a romantic weekend getaway to Paris in a private jet, but since then I’ve realized what is important in life and now practice minimalism. Snuggling up on the couch while watching romantic comedies on Netflix is far more meaningful to me today.”

She would undoubtedly feel robbed at being treated worse than girls of your past, as should you if discovering that you have to work harder for her body than men of her past.

This sluttification of women, which Tove Lo’s catchy song conveys as normal and even fun, is part of a culture where every man who seeks serious relationships with women is a soft cuckold, because he’s the last man in a 30-man gangbang trying to give tender kisses on the lips and labia of a woman who has been rode hard and defiled for years.

How can any man who approaches a girl today see her as more than a cum bucket? Because let’s be real: she has been serving as a cum bucket thanks to a perverse culture that methodically trains and encourages her to take buckets of cum from men who make her vagina tingle, all as a way to help her “grow” as a person, find herself, and become strong and independent, which means not sobbing for more than a day when the latest bad boy she fell for turned out to be a selfish person who didn’t value her beyond the sexual.

This is the girl who’s going to be your lifelong faithful partner? The girl who’s going to be the mother of your children? I cringe at that notion, as should all men. I rather be an evolutionary dead-end than let a whore be the mother of my child, but men today are being trained to accept the whore mother and to be the soft cuckold, the sucker that gets to buy the goods at full price even though it has declined 80% of value from its peak.

It’s amazing that in just three generations, women have gone from being potential wives and mothers to nothing more than fuck toys. Men used to meet traditionally minded virgins, but are now stuck with a seemingly unlimited pool of mediocre sluts who have been fucked in the ass by multiple men. This is complete and utter decimation of the female human. Men can no longer gain any meaning or value from a woman beyond sex, even if he is truly capable of being the world’s number one dad, and rest assured that the degeneracy that has so swallowed America whole will spread throughout the world from the trojan horse technology out of Silicon Valley.

How did this happen? How did we get to this point? A book can be written on the answer, but understand that trillions of dollars are to be made by destroying the feminine mother and putting a mindless and shallow consumer fuck robot in her stead. The finger can be pointed at the elite and their useful idiots for creating this environment, but the fact still remains that this is not a good time to be a normal man with the normal need to reproduce with a good woman who will stay loyal to him, raise his kids right, retain a thin figure, and take care of his home. A man who puts in triple overtime and travels abroad can find the exceptions, but for the lot of men in the Western world, there is no longer any meaning beyond casual sex that can be gained from women. These are end times for traditional pair bonding.

So on that note, I urge you to learn game, seduce these inadequate women, and try out those moves you’ve seen in porn, because that sex drive of yours is not going anywhere and must be sated for your own mental health. Beyond that, however, don’t expect much more, because women can no longer provide you with what women of the past so easily could.

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This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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1,442 thoughts on “The Decimation Of Western Women Is Complete”

  1. Western women are the most sickening “thing” I have witness in the last decade. They are a bunch of degenerate sub human scum and the filth and rot they produce, has destroyed whatever integrity and honor was left in our society.
    I am disgusted by the culture of self entitlement and narcissism that revolves around them 24 hours a day such as taking pictures of themselves and finding ways to not only financially, but psychologically, destroy us men.
    I mean look at their repulsive personalities and the way they behave- atrocious. From tattoos all over their bodies, to having no sense of right and wrong, to being loud and obnoxious, to only thinking about themselves, what man in their right mind would want to commit to them? The horrendous and garbage pop culture that we are seeing, from the low life music videos, to the hipster movement and the endless amount of advertising and entertainment aimed at only women, its no wonder men are now starting to wake up and realise that society only caters for women. What kind of man would tolerate being in an abusive relationship where the woman is bossy and calling all the shots? As a self respecting man, you avoid these types of women. But unfortunately, it seems the vast majority of Western women have become like this.
    Anyway, the ship is sinking. The women have crashed the Titanic and the real men have already gone on their lifeboats. Divorce rate is now apparently 60% (70% initiated by women) sperm banks are running out of donations, men are boycotting marriage and women are always asking the same question: “where did all the good men go?”

    1. It is why I hope MGTOW becomes as big as it is in Japan and keeps going. The system won’t bend so it must break

      1. “MGTOW. Since the System won’t bend, it must break.”
        Thanks, that’s pretty good!

        1. The system won’t break its self. Don’t kid yourselves. The system will become more depraved and aggressive until we destroy it with our own hands.

        1. no. it’s the only way to reverse it all back to where it should be.. it’s economics first and foremost .

        2. I don’t mind if some men decide to not bother but it is not a solution to the wider problem as the initial comment suggests.

        3. Heh. No.
          A man who goes to the gym and spend a fortune on clothes and expensive drinks “just to get laid” is not doing anything positive for himself (except for sex) and hemorrhaging money in the process.
          And that, my friend, is also the same description for a beta.

        4. Why not? If enough men decide to not play the game by by the feminists rules, then there will end up being an awful lot of women out there not getting what the MSM has promised them. When woman realize that they have been lied to and used they will tear down the whole rotten structure.
          It will be too late for Western society by then, but what the hell, better late than never?

        5. So going to the gym and waiting to get laid is now ‘beta’? Really? I’m not a fan of pumping and dumping but that is way more that what 70% of men will do now a days to improve themselves. MGTOW’s are the last people to be calling anyone betas.

        6. Working out and getting in shape “just to get laid” is just as beta as pretty much everything else a beta puts themselves through just for the one woman who “rewards” him with sex (pre marriage anyway).
          EVERYTHING you do should be for your own personal betterment and benefit.
          And I have been working out now for 30 years (so long, it’s a habit and “forcing myself” is not even in my memory). The longest I ever gone without it was three weeks in 2009 when I was heinously sick and two other times I was in bed with illness but that was for a week.
          So I’d say at best (considering time I spend moving, burying family members, etc) out of 30 years at best I might have missed 4 months of working out.
          And I don’t give a fuck about getting laid. But if you like, you can do everything you do and call yourself “alpha” but IMO, all you did was validate the existence of some western office troll who cross fits just enough to fit into the yoga pants and then paints herself up to look like a 7 that one night you used your alpha skills on her and bang her. Good for you. I like getting laid too. Got laid last week and didn’t even ask. But in the case of the alpha all pumped and primped up just to get laid, her hamster was fed a much bigger portion of self esteem than his.

        7. For millions of years we lived a certain way, out of necessity. Due to evolution this became a part of what we are and do. Looking back at history we can then tell what a “real man” is.
          He is a protector, first and foremost, or his children would not have survived; not would his women to bear him his children.
          He is a provider, or his children, and women, would not have survived.
          And he is a procreator, or he would not have had children; you would not exist if not for this aspect.
          These are the three qualities we, men, need to live up to. Game is not enough, there must be procreation. Beta providership is not enough, there must be protection. Nor is protection itself enough, if you are not the procreator of the children you provide for.
          All three are required. Pick up your balls and get to work.

        8. If men stop bothering with women en masse they get much easier to lay and to deal with in general.

        9. I think you have some good points here but I think you’re talking to the wrong side.
          Society (as a whole) has deemed it “ok” to tear down or tear apart “the man”. Corporations do it to gain more consumers (women). They play to women to gain their dollars. Politicians play to women to gain their votes (in return change laws that handcuff men).
          Yes, some men are to blame for some of the changes but it’s not entirely the fault of men. Women have decided that they want to play “man” and be the man with all of the “rights” that come with it. They’ve changed the dynamics of the relationship and we’re seeing the “cause and effect” of it.
          Simply telling men to pick up their balls and get to work isn’t going to do it. Men, instinctively, have been “getting to work” all of this time. They’ve been working OT but to no avail.
          You need to preach to women…not men.

        10. It’s not possible in the western world. So go east, young man. SE asia, muslim countries, whatever you can tolerate. As long as it’s not the west. As sad as that is.

        11. “EVERYTHING you do should be for your own personal betterment and benefit.”
          And i never said otherwise but we all have to start from somewhere. Most of us aren’t born ‘alphas’ with an natural ability to get laid at will so most of us have to put in effort into getting laid. That doesn’t me we are putting pussy on an pedestal. I work out all the time but it has nothing to do with pussy, the main reason i work out is that i can feel good about my self at the end of the day and so that i can deal with my anxiety and depression. It don’t have anything to do with me being ‘beta’ in the slightest.
          But who cares what their motivations are. If getting laid is an motivator for men to work on self improvement then that is great. The only men i would call ‘betas’ in a insulting way are the ones who throw their fellow men under the bus to kiss the ass of the very western cunts who hate their guts. THAT IS BETA!!

        12. I know a few MGTOW who have brought more Taliban to Allah than most fake-ass PUA’s have brought women to orgasm. And they smash poon whenever they choose to. Just FYI.

        13. Thanks for the list of everything men must do to right this rapidly sinking ship of modern society. How perfectly gynocentric of you to blame men and STILL ask more of men (“pick up your balls and get to work”) while the ladies strap yet another gallon of ice cream to their face.

        14. Well shit. This time I agree with you. Only seconds after disagreeing with your other post.

        15. Not at all. You’re just a guy STILL operating under the Feminine Imperative without being conscious of what you’re doing. Right into shaming language like a good little gynocentric bitch puppet.

        16. ***SeuthestheThird***
          *****MGTOW = WIMPS***
          What do you think a MGTOW is?
          By voicing your nonsensical view you are just playing a feminist shaming tactic (they HATE MGTOWs do you know?) and supporting the feminist imperative flawlessly.
          A MGTOW is simply a change of priorities….and in MY MGTOW world pussy is NOT on a pedestal…I COME FIRST….What I want in life comes first… financial wellbeing and independence comes first……
          So….instead of using a feminist shaming language….become a man and stop shaming other men that are more RedPill than you are.

        17. good luck with that – western women are not civil and western men are not willing to be trashed – civilization can fall – only good will come of its destruction.

        18. Agreed. Feminists are threatened by MGTOW. They’re banking on beta males to wife them up and pay for their kids college after they rupture their first marriage.

        19. Your whole existence and self worth is dictated by women.
          You do not even exist.
          You are as an organ grinder’s monkey dancing for tips.

        20. Yet another MGTOW virgin loser. Keep pojecting your failures as a man onto others, I’m sure it will help you feel better about yourself.

        21. LOL you sound like a woman!
          Bwah ha ha ha ha!
          You know what they say, you are what you worship!

        22. Yeah. We need to man up and do our duty to the party.
          I’d rather not be a “real man” than to be a bitch’s bitch.

        23. Keep proving my point idiot.
          Is there anything gayer than MGTOW? “Yeah, we’ll show those bitches.
          Let’s see how women feel when anti social, unbalanced, misogynistic,
          omega weirdos like us no longer want them! They’ll change then!”
          MGOTW logic:
          1. women don’t want guys like them
          2. They don’t want guys like them because women are all Feminists
          3. Because of this, they will boycott women who are already boycotting them
          4. This will make those same women start wanting guys like them
          most ironic thing about MGTOW is that instead of actually going their
          own way and finding interests outside of women, they join together to
          obsess over women and talk about nothing else. There has never been a
          more pathetic bunch than MGTOW’s.

        24. Yup. You’re a woman alright.
          True alphas or PUAs don’t give a shit about being called a misogynist.
          We’re having an effect.
          Your fear is justified.
          It’s alllllll over for you, bitch.

        25. Sure you can. They’re called white knights, beta males, men who “man up” and wife up western women. Things like that.

        26. “True alphas or PUAs don’t give a shit about being called a misogynist.”
          Nither do omega males (such as MGTOW’s) give a shit about being misogynist. That does make them any less of a loser they know they are. Hence you obsession with internet trolling you have no life outside of that. Good luck with that.

        27. Why don’t you get yourself a nice tub of Ben and Jerry’s, a copy of 50 Shades, some boxed wine and have done?

        28. He’s not projecting at all. Understand the term. But even if he were projecting, at least he’s doing something. You’re the one just having things done to you—just getting batted around by women and used like a puppet. That little pat on the head is all they have to do too.

        29. Now say all that with that ball gag in your mouth put there by McKayla, your hot 180 pound girlfriend.

        30. She doesnt care about western civilization or people, only what she can gain from it,

        31. “-just getting batted around by women and used like a puppet. That little pat on the head is all they have to do too.”
          What makes you think i just want approval from women? You just like him just completely pulled that one out of your ass. You are just projecting as well, proving my point. All MGTOW’s can do is project what they ‘feel’ you are onto you because they can’t actually address my arguments.

        32. Your comments are dead center Gynocentria. I guess telling someone that is pointless because your female-mind will just fast-forward to emotion and pseudo-heroics. You won’t follow the logic at all. Pointless.

        33. You got up first thing this morning to come all the way over here to tell me that, huh

        34. ” I guess telling someone that is pointless”
          Yea because not only is that false but your comment are just psychological projection devoid on any content. The only reason MGTOW’s cry about gynocenterism is because they are basement dwellers who can’t get laid so they take their sexual fenestration out on the internet by letting everyone “know” how “mean and awful all women are just” because women have rejected them their entire lives. Much the same as what feminist do to men.
          MGTOW’s and Feminist = Genetic dead ends who have to create these pathological narcissistic bubbles in order to protect their frail egos.
          This video explains people like you perfectly.

        35. No idiot. I just got off from work and i been up for 10 hours now but It took you just 10 mins to respond to that. My last reply to you before that was 10 hours ago, so you have been up all morning to wait for me to respond to your stupidity. You respond to all of my comments immediately after i post them even when they are hours apart. You just prove my point with point without a doubt. You have no life outside the internet, proving my theory that MGTOW’s are just no life basement dwellers who can’t get laid. Which explains their hatred of women.
          The only reason this reply was faster than my others was because i was responding to someone else stupid comment then i saw yours. This is my last response to you because i actually have a life. bye.

        36. Lol I have no life but you’re here checking up on me?
          I’m flattered!
          Well not really. I always hoped my first groupie would be female.

        37. So gynocentrism cannot exist because there are ‘basement dwellers’?
          Is that your logic?

        38. Gynocenterism is just an unfalsifiable “theory” in much the same way as the feminist version of “The Patriarchy” is. It is just conspiratorial bullshit mgtow’s just made up to excuse their failures with women.

        39. Kind of a lordly viewpoint there. Congratulations on being something more than a mere human. Anyway, so you’re saying that gender politics and the balance of power between the sexes does not, cannot and will not exist? That’s your point? No gender politics? No differences between Yemen and some suburb in Norway? And I’ll be sure to ponder my ‘failures with women’ when I’m wearing my twenty year old ‘Sunday Girl’s’ ass like a neckerchief tomorrow.

        40. Do i fucking care? No. Even if ‘tha evil womenz’ were controlling society what does that have to do with me? No women has any control over me and i can get what i want from women. So why would i spend my days on the internet bitching about ‘gynocenterism’ all day? What is the point of that? You or any other MGTOW’s are not going to change anything so I see it as an complete waste of time. Just move on and make the best of your circumstances instead of bitching about them all day as if anything is ever come out of it(Newsflash it isn’t). Just admit that you are closet MRA just like the rest of so called ‘MGTOW’s”. Why the fuck am i even going back and forth with you manchildren? I have an actually life to live.
          I’ll end with this:

        41. You need a complete overhaul of your brain. Drop the net and any form of image, movie, TV and go try to wear out a library card in one year. As of right now, your brain is a complete pile of shit. I say this for your sake and I am acting in your interests.

        42. Very complementing argument. Just as i would expect from basement dwelling MGTOW’s . I don’t give a shit about your women’s problems, nore does anyone else.

        43. I always wondered about the term ,,loser”. Starting to think it’s been made up by a slut of some sort. We will be conducting a rigouros investigation.

        44. yeah, that’s really constructive. Shaming other men who have likely been heavily scarred by this modern system. I don’t care what MGTOWs do, since their philosophy revolves primarily about being left alone, free from taxtheft, divorcerape etc.
          Sure, some can be a little annoying, but the manosphere needs all groups.

        45. I hear you. But I would say this. Being a guy who has gotten around in high school and early twenties I’ve seen the dark side of women’s preference. I mean answering the boyfriends call midsection etc..
          It was when I actually started focusing and not spending for the moment and being expendable that I saw what responsible guys go through when young. MGTOW are hurt. We know this. Marginalization hurts. Men are gathering to warn other men. Young boys growin up in single mother homes going to female centric schools get marginalized. Woman want what they want when they want it. Whether that is people resources or degeneracy. At the end of the day wine will throw men under the bus for trinkets and government support just to keep up with the joneses. Wise up. And wake up.

        46. Exactly, and as long as feminism doesn’t allow those 3 things to be fulfilled, men need to put more and more pressure on the system until it either bends or breaks.

        47. You are describing what makes a free man. None of this works when men are locked up in a sty and made to produce like life stock.

        48. Spider58x will understand when he get a false rape accuse from his own goddamn wife. I always thought MGTOW was against marriage not casual sex.

      2. It will, they have managed to completely destroy the role of the father, which is every man’s biological goal in life. Every man dreams (or used to dream) about fatherhood, and being the emotional, financial, and psychological leader of his household: a patriarch. All of that is out the window now. There is no more disrespected member of our society than the husband and father. Husband and boyfriend means beta-pussy-slave-wallet carrying bitch to women now. They marry men they have zero feelings for every day. There is no incentive for men to commit to these creatures, unless she has massive family wealth or is from another country. Even the most omega men on Earth have a limit.
        I was just in Vitamin Shoppe today buying protein powder and this poor, scrawny guy comes in and asks the cashier, “do you guys have oils?” The cashier then asks “what kind of oils,essential oils, fish oils….?” He then stands there with this puzzled look on his face and says “I…I..I don’t know, my wife has a headache and told me to get her some oils.” I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight about being that guy someday. My worst fear is marrying some fake, shallow ex-slut and raising a house full of sluts in training.

        1. Mr. Fish Oil is ubiquitous in America. So is his Fish Wife.
          And quite right, never be deceived — what’s been done in the West was designed to destroy fatherhood, the paternal bond between dad and son, and the male-led family. All other enslavements follow from this. Cheers.

        2. I’ll only marry a virgin. Blonde, thin, young, fertile, respectful, loves children, wants to build a homes and most importantly. . . BE A FUCKING VIRGIN!
          If I can’t find that girl then I guess I’m a evolutionary dead end.

        3. Agreed. Only a virgin who wasn’t used like skanks by hordes of men can provide sufficient and unconditional love to her husband. Non virgins simply cannot bond emotionally with their spouse as they will be always fantasizing about the cock which deflowered them. I wonder why this basic infallible logic cannot be understood by modern females.

        4. A good shagging will take care of that headache. You forgot to mention the words “fat slut”.

        5. I know a girl who lost her virginity and then the guy left town, about a year later the guy came back and called the girl. She went crawling back to the guy.The first time He left she swore him off and cried and said never again, the moment he came back she “Visited” him, needles to say he left her again.It’s amazing their First Man has such a physiological impact on women.

        6. You have to get a virgin before her slut friends corrupt her, and turn her into another aspiring slut.
          Good luck with that. You will have better luck finding jimmy hoffa and a crystal skull buried with him than running into one.
          I am fortunate in that i came across one years ago…oh the joy! She did things for me (to me) with such a willingness that it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it 🙂

        7. Lost it at 13 to a lovely English rose at the back of an arcade room under the warm Spanish Sun. Ahhh the memories.

        8. What meaningless pejorative. Why exactly am i a “pig?” because i appreciate the fact that i encounterd a virgin and NOT A slut? Are you taking offense because you are a slut yourself?
          It’s not like i said i abused her or even left her burned. I actually treated her very nicely. We broke up because she moved back to canada with her family. Does that sound like i treated her like a pig?
          You are a farce…go back to jezebel, where inane banality like this is par for the course.

        9. You should write a book. We could co-author one.
          You have good writing skills and keen insight.

        10. “will be always fantasizing about the cock”
          It’s not cock that women fantasize about. They spread their legs and anus in exchange for drugs or whatever gets them emotionally high or makes them feel validated.

        11. That would seem to work but as often as not your virgin who will marry you and have kids will get bored and start listening to other post whore house wives. There are always (very rare) exceptions but for the most part they will wind up taking cock in the filthiest ways possible. Here is an artists rendering of the virgin wife after influenced by whore friends, gets out, gets a fake tan and is just blown up by literally any and every cock she can find..

        12. “I rather be an evolutionary dead-end than let a whore be the mother of my child…”
          Gentlemen, now you are approaching extremism. This is why you should seek to join a militia, because otherwise you won’t be able to stop the encroachment of the jews sucking the value out of your society.
          Judaism is diabolical. Now that you see how the destruction the jews have wrought has destroyed your future prospects for marriage, and you concede that you would rather not marry a slut, you would rather die in a trench at war, fighting for something that matters. I would suggest this is more honorable.
          (This message applies to white men mostly, but not only white men are seeing their societies collapse. What has stricken the white society first will afflict every society after us. We must fight the enemy or perish. This is the bitter truth.)

        13. Exactly right. You cannot marry a virgin before she is defiled, which is why you must go to war. War is our only answer to stop this degeneracy.

        14. Well, then you will be a virgin or at least unmarried and you will be an evolutionary dead end. Girls with notch counts of 1 or 2 or 3 are not irredeemable (although beyond that it gets rather iffy).

        15. Yes that has the potential for possibility as well.
          You have to take into accounted the limited capacity for reason of the subject of discussion. Most females have the IQ of burnt toast so it stands to reason that even a virgin Wife would be no less…”toasty.” 🙂

        16. Pretty confused on all of these replies. Who exactly are we talking about here? In the UK, women honestly aren’t as slutty as you guys have made out women to be. Is it aimed at mainly US sorority/college girls that want to appear on PornHub or some shit? I had a lot of female friends during University, and sharing a house with 7 of them (a 12 bedroom student house)… none of them ever acted out the way we’re portraying them in this article here. All were rather rational women with a lot of self-respect. Sure, a few might’ve had a few one-night stands in the span of 3-4 years… but so did I and all my male friends. I come from a family of 5 kids.. 3 of which are my sisters and they too aren’t anything like you guys have been talking about. Maybe it’s an American thing?
          And what’s with the obsession with wanting a slim blonde virgin in this entire thread? Sounds like some medieval time bullshit I’ll be honest. Does that mean we should all be virgins as well… or wait nah… we wouldn’t be enough of a man if we still had our virginity after 18. If we’re allowed to fuck around in our college years to late twenties then why the fuck can’t these women?
          I feel like I’ve completely fucking missed something here and all I’ve gotten is that we apparently just want dominance over women to make ourselves feel like better men.

        17. Better to say it is worth the risk of dying at war. All white men should agree to face the risk of death so that no white man should have to face the certainty of death in defense of our race.
          Even if death were assured, there are cases wherein it is better to fight than run. Many Islamic soldiers know this and they have that in common with Fascist soldiers of WWII.
          The point is that we must begin to force the men of the racial cold war enemy to pay a price in blood for their treachery, even at the loss of our own blood.
          When you recognize, the primary purpose for which you are alive has been thwarted by your enemies, you must go to war. There is nothing irrational about this. We all die one day. Tick, tock, the day of your death approaches. Would you fight for something, meanwhile?
          If the answer is yes, for enough white men, we should await the opportunity to annihilate the men of the racial cold war enemy, the Israeli Defense Forces. Some Fascist men would die, but the battle would be worthwhile.
          This must be our goal, to seek revenge for our Fascist Martyrs and leave the carcasses of the men of the Israeli Defense Forces as a feast for the buzzards.

        18. You seem superficial, or perhaps jewish. Perhaps you could listen to Steven Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, particularly the chapter on leaving a legacy.

        19. So here is the question…do you actually realize that you are totally insane? Like, do you ever step back and say “wow, I am a total lunatic”

        20. It is not their IQ, but their moral upbringing. The are smart enough to fool us male idiots every day of the week. What they don’t have is any empathy, compassion, or honor, as well as no sense of right and wrong. They truly believe that whatever they feel is best is automatically right. They have only the most tenuous grasp on reality in that most of their life experience tells them that reality is what is going on in their heads. If they feel something is one way then that is the way it is IRL.

        21. The hyman was put there by god as a tamper evident seal. Would you use a bottle of Tylenol that you bought with a broken seal? If the hyman is gone you have no way to know what her notch count is.

        22. Fail. Don’t compare women having one night stands with guys doing that. Back to Red Pill 101, man (if you are one).

        23. All that is true including the intelligence factor. Someone with the capacity for understanding and learning from their mistakes will learn to keep their emotions in check in order to prevent them from reacting the same way to the same situations because of those knee jerk emotional responses.
          When it comes to life, a lot of these females simply go on feeling and leave intelligence out of the equation. This is why you can’t really engage them in a conversation especially when contentious matters come up…in their mind feeling alone qualifies as the most important factor.
          Man: I think therefore i am.
          Female: I feel therefore i am correct.

        24. Unless you are a Muzzie or LDS or can find a actual Catholic girl you are not going to find a virgin. No fucking way, especially once you are out of your 20s. Most girls lose it to some shithead when they are 16 but don’t contemplate marriage until 5 or 10 years later.
          My fiancé tells me she had 3 previous boyfriends and I believe her on that point. I suppose that is the best that you can do.

        25. My idea is a white Fascist militia, ideally, fighting against Israeli Defense Forces, alongside Hezbollah.
          Hezbollah is killing “ISIS” terrorists. Nice try though. You’re probably on the side of the jews against the Fascists. Israeli jews are on the same side with ISIS terrorists.
          Just so you pro-jew Liberal pinheads cannot weasel around this issue, I’ll explain it very clearly and unambiguously.
          Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama are terrorist-affiliated and their allies are Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both SUNNI / Wahhabi affiliated, AGAINST DAMASCUS and AGAINST MOSCOW and AGAINST TEHRAN.
          Hezbollah, the ARAB FASCIST militia, also INCLUDES CATHOLIC ARABS. And Hezbollah is primarily SHIITE not Sunni. Syrian government is ARAB FASCIST and lead mostly by SHIITE. Iran is mostly SHIITE, not Sunni. And this is the resistance against Israel.
          ISIS is SUNNI and Wahhabi terrorists, affiliated with Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Turkey (Sunni). Al Qaeda is also SUNNI / Wahhabi. USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel are fighting against Syria (10% CATHOLIC), Lebanon (40% CATHOLIC), Iraq (Majority SHIITE), Iran and Russia.
          Okay? That means the Fascist have nothing to do with the barbarian terrorist filth, and our allies are Arab Fascist. You might know this if not for the lying jew media.
          The point of this is to punish the jews by annihilating the men of the Israeli Defense Forces and leaving their remains as a feast for the buzzards. Why? Because the representatives of the jewish organizations are always lying maliciously.
          The long term goal is apartheid from jews and negros. And as heroic defenders of our white race, virtuous young maidens from good white families, very well might want to marry valiant white racial soldiers.

        26. It is my understanding that Hezbollah would like to institute a one world Islamic state. This seems like an equally impossible path to being happily married to a white virgin. If that is truly your life’s wish, your easiest path would seem to be Mormonism.

        27. You’re with the jews. Hezbollah is killing ISIS and you’re against Hezbollah because stooges of Israel always slander resistance to Israel.
          I just told you there are Catholics in the Fascist Hezbollah militia. Primarily they’re Arab Fascist, organized racially for defense against their race war enemies, the jews.
          I do not necessarily insist on marrying a virgin. I just don’t think that should be impossible. The goal is to improve the virtue of my white racial society by punishing the enemies of our race and separating our people from theirs by apartheid.
          I’m not looking for refuge. I’m not about to become a devotee of one religion or another. I would not attempt to fake devotion to any religion. I’m not interested in quietly suffering among unenlightened people, eeking out a living. I want war.

        28. That is another jewish opinion. Jews are always denigrating hate, even when there is a good reason to hate. Righteous hate of those who threaten who it is you love, this is the flip-side of the coin.
          Jews are often denouncing those courageous enough to face the risk of death, which is a jewish way of making valor seem villainous and making cowardice appear virtuous.
          The holocaust is a lie.

        29. There is no way to trust a man whose answer is hate.
          Death comes to us all. Life only comes to those who seek it. You will not find it in war.
          You can only fight ideas with ideas. Any gain made through violence will slip through your fingers like dust. Fight by the sword and all that you fight for will be lost.

        30. There is no wisdom in your words. You are a child throwing a tantrum. All you can build are sand castles, ready to fall if not to the inevitable tide then to the whims of the rain or winds or the trample of passers-by.
          There is no way to trust a man who is willing to kill to get only what he desires. Surely this man will just as easily lie for the same, and in the end when his lies are laid bare and his hate has driven away any who would care for him, he will blame those who followed him, the same as he had those he sought to destroy, for all of his problems, and they will be next.

        31. Everything I wrote was reasonable. This is called determination which lasts years, even until death. This is nothing like a child’s tantrum lasting only minutes.
          I insist on the preservation of my race. Millions of Liberal white men would not be too many to perish before the advance of our sacred struggle to unite our race in defense against the racial cold war enemies.
          You are a Liberal pinhead, riding on an imaginary pony on a rainbow. I’m only a principled and decent man, spiritually inspired by the Fascist Martyrs who already paid with their lives for our freedom.
          I have gratitude and faith in God, and you are entirely mistaken, assuming poverty of the spirit is my problem. I’m good. The problem lies with the racial cold war enemies. Theirs is the religion yielding only poverty of the spirit.

        32. You claim to want battle yet here you crumble. You run from thought. You place before yourself an impossible stage that you intend only to avoid. It is not battle that you truly seek – it is only to blame others for your problems and push a burden that does not exist onto them. You are a child in every way. You run from responsibility as you run from thought, towards hate.
          I am against all who would pick up the sword instead of the pen. If each leaves it on his mantle the other will not need it. Violence begets only and ever violence. All that is sought is to change the mind. This is done through thought. Those who choose hate and the sword attempt a shortcut that is not possible. You cannot change a mind by separating it from it’s body – and all that survive will know your ways, knowing that they too are only one thought away from the same, placing them against you even while they stand beside you.
          In this way you engender only distrust and ensure the fleeting nature of anything that you do. Those around you will run from you as you do from thought in the end. Wisdom is not reason; if it were, you would fail on both counts.

        33. You’re funny, like a joke.
          The pen is known to be responsible for more deaths than any gun or even a nuclear bomb. Greater massacres have followed the written words of an evil man’s decree than even the death toll of Hiroshima.
          And even Hiroshima and Nagasaki were first approved in writing. What is so benevolent about the pen of a tyrant? Jews buried our Fascist Martyrs under their printed lies.
          You make all these assertions with conceit of intellectual superiority, yet there is nothing except your opinion that they are true. Completely vapid and worthless flatulence from a pinhead.

        34. They they they they they they they….
          How about “we”?
          Man up. Own up.
          Our boomer predecessors fucked up. We’re the ones who were supposed to fix it… Yet all I see are a bunch of crybaby mgtow fanboys.
          No wonder Islam is taking over.

        35. The pen has never killed anybody. Some moron still needs to pick up a sword to do that. That’s just you blaming someone else for your problems and scurrying from thought yet again. I wonder, how does it feel to live in fear? The big bad Jew is coming to get you? Paranoia has overtaken you. You’ve fallen victim to a conspiracy theory tailored to allow you to offload the source of your problems from your own shoulders onto some imaginary enemy. Can’t find a girl you like? Poor kid. Must be the Jews.
          There are less than 20,000,000 Jewish people in the world. Less than .003% of the world. If they’re somehow managing to covertly control the entire rest of the world, all 7 billion of us, they surely hold super powers. Almost like some kind of Ubermensch one might say. At the very least you would have to concede that the unbelievable unchecked power you claim they wield must come from a pen – so pick one up.
          Every one of your “martyrs” has drawn and followed a path to their own doom and the loss of their life’s work by picking up the sword instead.

        36. Do you know how much fungus is required to overpower the central nervous system of an insect? Not very much.
          Do you know how much Fag-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV) meets the threshold to kill a woman? Not very much. This is why Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife is suing him, for putting her at risk.
          This is why we rightfully fear parasites. Jews behave as racial parasites of the host society.
          How many of their deadly jewish lies were required to set the stage for their murder of the white Christian Tsar of Russia, his children and his wife?
          How many deadly jewish lies were required to set the stage for the destruction and enslavement of Germany after they had done the same thing to Russia using the exact same lie against Adolf Hitler?
          1906 – New York Times, March 25th, 1906
          ” … the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000
          Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the
          Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan … He
          left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian
          Government’s studied policy for the “solution” of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.”
          1913 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), October 18th, 1913, page 4
          “There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke protests from the civilized world.”
          1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915
          “The annihilation of the six million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and systematic manner.
          1915 – New York Tribune, October 14th, 1915
          “What the Turks are doing to Armenians is child’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects.”
          After the Tsar and his children and wife were murdered and forgotten, the jews moved against Germany next:
          1919 – El Paso Herald., April 7th, 1919
          ” … to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German Terror.”
          So there is the power of the jews, the “terrible power of the purse” as Zionist Theodor Herzl called it, plus the print media consolidation by the Rothschilds and other jews. Eventually, the gained a controlling interest in broadcast media as well.
          The only thing you’re right about is that the billion whites cannot be defeated nor controlled by the tens of millions of jews, because now their print monopoly and broadcast media monopoly is threatened by the ingenuity of white scientists who created the digital network. This is the reason the jews are just now facing accountability.
          So please don’t disparage our Fascist Martyrs, nor the martyred Christians of Imperial Russia, who were buried under jewish lies. Your weird fixation on the sword is simply a philosophical mistake on your part.

        37. I am struggling with this question–whether to accept a really great girl who has had 3 boyfriends or hold out for a virgin, whilst in my 30s. I think you have the logical answer, while mike has the idealist one.

        38. You’re anti-white and there is no other way to put it. You could be jew, negro or delusional SJW.
          Either way, we’re going to defend our race against the existential threat of our mortal enemies, and race traitors are to be the first to face the consequences.

        39. Keep in mind that not all notch counts are qualitatively equivalent. My girl had three previous lovers but it was all missionary. We will have a vacation in Thailand for Chinese New Year. First order of business is to shave her rat’s nest of a pussy, and second it to teach her how to properly suck cock. I won’t go into what comes third and fourth but these are places I have been with other women and it can be a bit of a drag play teacher because she doesn’t know WTF she is doing.
          “Virginal” or even simply sexually conservative girls are terrible in bed. However, they come with a whole bunch of personal qualities that make them keepers rather than cum dumspters. It is rare to find wife material who is also a fuck doll. The best sex I ever had was with crazy chicks and I made the mistake of thinking they could be a permanent fixture in my life.
          I think my girl is sweet, gorgeous, smart and a whole lot of awesome. She is still a woman and I have to deal with that. Despite her great body she is not the best lover I have been with, but I figure that we have about 30 years to perfect our technique.

        40. It could be an American problem but slut culture has hit Here in the states. Young girls are encouraged to be sexually aggressive and promiscuous. Me and many men here don’t want women to be virgins but unfortunately most young girls can’t control themselves and have “everything in moderation”. Online dating sites like Tinder have put millions of men available to women. You say the girls you know had a few one night stands, its very common to meet American girls that has a dew one night stands this month. I just met a girl last weekend that says she has been with 30+ men, she’s 22. Nobody in the room was shocked at her confession, it’s almost a given that an attractive girl has had at least 20 partners here in America.
          I have no problem with them sleeping around, but the consequences of female promiscuity ar devastating. The more women sleep with dozens of men in there twenties, the more single, lonely women there will be later in life. Men are not attracted to used women. Feminism has confused and tricked women into thinking that men and women are the same and it is simply not true. We are almost exactly opposites of one another. Women are attracted to men with several sexual options and an aggressive, direct demeanor. Men are attracted the opposite of that, as we are meant to complement each other. Slut culture tells women that they can bang random guys by the dozen and still be attractive and it’s ruining their lives. The old, lonely,single woman with several cats (cat lady) is the stereotype here for ex-sluts and they’re growing in numbers. Look up the “thousand cock stare” on Google, it’s the jaded, broken look on the faces of older women that realize they have thrown themselves away.
          Men want women as fresh and virginal as possible. Every sexual encounter lowers their value, while every sexual encounter raises ours. Call it a cruel joke by nature but it’s the way it is. We have to work hard to earn our sexual experiences so it’s actually pretty fair. None of this is about dominating women, sluttery only hurts themselves. The want for a slim blonde virgin is the reaction many men here have from seeing so many fat sluts. A guy can be a virgin, I could care less. He’s just going to have a tough time attracting quality females.
          If it is just an American thing, I’m leaving soon anyway to Canada or England. You don’t know how lucky you are to still have feminine women where you are.

        41. I actually enjoy when a girl knows how to give good head (it’s pretty rare in my experience, even with sloots) and if she slobbed a few knobs to learn the art of the trade, that’s fine with me, but a girl who is a pro at fucking is kind of a turn off in a relationship, they are good for pump and dump only, but you know they have a notch count higher than yours which is not very feminine.
          Agreed with semi/virginal girls being bad in bed. I dated a 22 yr old American divorcee who apparently rarely had sex with her ex before divorcing and she played dead and laid there once the panties came off. Literally couldn’t get the urge to do the deed on more than one occasion, it would be like fucking a corpse.
          What’s convincing me more than anything about my current girl are the sweet, kind, tender, caring, feminine, motherly qualities she has, which you don’t even find in my conservative / virginal girls (they are often just plain BORING, at least once they reach a certain age..) ie a 25 year old virgin is lacking some social skills. I think to marry a decent western girl you would have to do it while they are still in school, and I don’t want to be a babysitter.
          Anyway, good luck to you, the fact that she comes from a more traditional society and just has a different mindset than the typical western broad already gives you a huge head start. I just returned from overseas and America just seems like such a backwards, undeveloped country to me, except for its awesome sewer system and clean streets vs. where I was, haha..

        42. You know nothing of me. I know you have been painted red by hate and it is the only thing you can see now, and the only thing others can see of you. Perhaps I anger you because I try to look deeper, perhaps it is because that is all you have. I will keep looking.
          When I look at the world I see many trying to hold others down, and take more than is theirs. I suspect you see the same. These are my enemies. I will use my pen to fight them. I see enemies of every color, every one, and allies just the same, every one. This is all I care about. There is something deeper that binds us.
          I find your aspirations disingenuous. You say it will begin when a white power militia of your imagining will stand beside Hezbollah as it’s allies. You might have chosen to have nazis stand with Israel. It is no less implausible. And no less impossible. It is their goal to destroy you. Some minority in Hezbollah would have you now if you come alone. So go now if it is war you would have. I don’t think you will. You prefer the impossibility of your situation, and the safety it provides.
          Are you Christian? I wonder how you reconcile this with the gospel of Jesus. He was a true Martyr. He faced his enemies with nothing but his words. This is Martyrdom. To let ones ideas stand for themselves. This is the only true battlefield, and the only true avenue to change. If you wish change, you should learn this. Violence is but a lull in change.
          When I challenge your ideas, you threaten me. Such is the life of the fearful man. You fight ideas with violence. You run from thought. You mistake reason for wisdom. You can reason your way into a box, but only wisdom can find you out. Seek wisdom.

        43. There are at least two lessons that girls have to learn to properly suck cock. The first is that oral sex is not about procreation but rather it is about respect, it is about worship and it is about submission. The second thing is that it is not disrespectful for most guys but we really want the girl to go deep.
          I dunno, maybe we should open a university and give degrees to girls who can properly suck cock; that would certainly be more useful than some fucking sociology degree.
          If girls would suck more cock do you realize how many wars could be averted? If some 5 or 6 or 7 bitch would just swallow few more loads, then that would be so many less shitheads with guns to prove their manhood elsewise.
          We are simple creatures: suck my cock, lick my balls and swallow my cum and I will give you half of my everything. Once I wake up and think about it, that is a rather shit deal for me, but we are men and we actually stick to our deals.
          Something like 80% of violent acts are committed by men. The solution is simple: ladies, suck their dick! A man who gets his knob gobbled once, twice or three times a day is not in the mood to be committing crimes.
          There are like what? 3 women who will actually read this? Still, suck dick, lick balls, toss salad.
          If I had complete foresight and could direct a number of girls who had no compunctions about spreading their legs, spreading their ass, or where they plant their face, I figure I could have prevented at least 5 murders.
          However, it is quite simple: if women would suck cock and swallow the crime rate would drop in half.

        44. A friend of mine framed a similar debate this way: “For the purposes of this discussion, there are two types of women: stable and ‘interesting.”
          I think I have done “interesting” a bit too much but I can’t help myself in trying to split the difference.

        45. Dude, yeah. You never know what the girl is like untill the ring is on her finger. I’m 55 now, and have seen it over, and over. Even living with the girl for years doesn’t matter; when the wedding happens she flips into another personality.

        46. Sorry dude, but you don’t want a virgin. Girls old enough to marry but still young enough to be virgins are too immature and can’t be trained. Girls old enough to marry (like 25-30) who are still virgins, have so many psychological problems that you’re going to spend all your time arguing and worrying about them burning the house down. In our society, girls who put on the whole fight to “stay pure” and wear “purity rings” are fanatics, which is a symptom of a lot of underlying and sociopathic disorders. As in my post above, I’ve seen it all. I’ve known 3 guys who married virgins, and it’s a double whammy. They do the personality flip thing that most women do after the honeymoon, and they have the added “Daddy just Raped Me” thing that comes with giving up their virginity.

        47. You should try religious girls. Im not really religious but it seems like this part of society is one of the few which arent sluttificated yet. It probably wont be a good idea to make her not-religious after catching her as a lot of ethics are attached to this. But getting myself religious as you would need to get along with her family before she would be allowed to marry you etc would be some compromise I would be more as willing to take for getting a qualified girl for my life.

      3. MGTOW is a good solution, but here in my country we use another tactic. If women act like sluts we deal with them in this way. Because if a woman is free to be a slut so we are free to be a sleazy asshole. We dont try being “conservative” and “moralist” to sluts, this is waste of time. We act in the opposite way, we become worse than those women: we use lies, indelicacy and non-chivalry acts to deal with such kind of women. And it works too, because those stupid women realize that if they act like sluts they will be treated like sluts.

        1. Military action is the right response. MGTOW should be united in purpose, and this only makes sense in a militant and racial context. We must build militias and begin dismantling the institutions of the race war enemy.

      4. The MGTOWs in Japan have been really successful alright. Now all they do is jerk off to drawings and never go outside. Man, that’s just sad.

        1. That’s what happens when your country perfects da waifu.
          I don’t think MGTOW is the future or productive if that is what you ask. I think it’s good at forcing society to change gears

      5. Why is MGTOW big in Japan ? I mean, Japanese women are not insufferable like Western women.

        1. Japan has had a zombie economy since the early 1990s.
          Not enough well paying jobs(kinda like the west since 2009) so these men are forced into being mgtows. Nobody can afford to get married over there anymore. Not enough kids being born as a result(Japan now sells more adult than baby diapers).

        2. Apparently Japanese women turn into complete bitches when you marry them. They tend to control the household budget as well and many still quit work after having kids and cut off sex.
          Doesn’t sound iike a great deal to me.

        3. Take it from one who knows (lived there, bedded many, married and divorced one), many Japanese women are westernized, demanding, materialistic and insufferable. Sure, there at exceptions, such as in the far countryside. But if you’re looking for traditional values you’re better off in other, poorer, less westernized Asian countries.

      6. Something ain’t right. 400 upvotes on the first comment and 205 upvotes on the second comment? Either this is going to be another of Roosh’s all time best articles or the system truly is broken.

      7. I spent a lot of time in South America around 25 years ago. It was known back then that U.S.A. women were garbage. When a girl from a South American country vacationed in the U.S., she was “suspect” when she got home. Freinds and family watched her, checked for behavior of “whoredom” and drugs, and basically she had to win her respect back over time. Europeans I knew just looked down on them in general with the attitudes that SJW’s today accuse us of having towards them. It’s known all over the world that American women are just pets that you have sex with and don’t trust with anything.

    2. Good rant but blaming the water for being wet is not going to save us from the rain.
      Women are women, they have always been like that BUT before they were NOT allowed to follow their animal instincts so freely as today. The question is why are today’s women allowed to behave like that? Who benefits? Where does the money trail lead to?
      These are questions that this site has not answered yet and it seems to me, it is in fact too SCARED to touch upon them. For example, despite the numerous evidences that Charlie Hebdo was a hoax, the RoK’s official position was to generalise and put all the blame on the Muslim men. Why?
      What we saw was alpha-men portrayed as villains and psychopaths and yet RoK sang with the choir. Why?

      1. I think feminism is pushed by government to lead to eventual totalitarianism.
        Feminism just plays on womens’ ignorant nature to give them more safety nets to enable their bullshit behavior. Breakup families, breakdown men, it allows the gov to take over.
        Women don’t realize the value of freedom and property rights, so they are useful idiots to push the big-government agenda. They have so many government programs and safety nets, hiring quotas and yet theyre convinced theyre oppressed somehow. Most of them are too dumb to see this.
        It’s not like women ever really planned to start a business, spend years developing a technology, etc.. That’s primarily what men do. Thus, women will always vote for higher taxes and safety nets.

        1. Indeed, so why are we whining about women here all day long? Nothing will change like that, apart from men getting so disillusioned that they never start families of their own and become genetic dead-ends.
          Or maybe that’s the whole idea of the so called manosphere?

        2. Enough men check out of marriage then feminism will collapse.
          Women only have a narrow window of time in which to even act like this before they end up 38 and alone.

        3. This is wrong. Women have always enjoyed a significant reproductive success. Their reproduction rate is 80% whereas it is 40% for men. And if even more men voluntarily refuse to reproduce it would be a disaster for the human species as a whole.
          In fact, what the manosphere preaches is even more damaging because, these 40% of men represent more or less women’s choice i.e. alpha men, whereas the manosphere urges men to be alpha and not reproduce.

        4. getting stuck with child support payments and alimony is not alpha. Any idiot can get laid from time to time

        5. If there’s a will, there is way. If I can do it …
          Why do you think, there are not many (if any) articles here on gaming women in LTR? The emphasis is on single guys’ game.

        6. “Blaming the water for being wet isn’t going to save us from the rain” ” is a great analogy.
          Even so, sometimes it feels good to blow off steam when the waters is a bit too wet…hence the need to vent here from time to time.
          Not too often though, or misanthropy will follow

        7. Wrong.
          Women in their late 30s who didnt marry or got divorced have plenty of fraudulent charities to join. This becomes their preoccupation and gives them purpose. they dont need men,,,

        8. Agreed, even if it is our duty to fight feminism and the debauchery that comes with it, it is even more our duty to uphold and strengthen that wich is good and immensely valuable beyond what you can put a price tag on.
          It is easy to fight against something, but its hard and requires strength to fight FOR something, that is the job of the true “alpha male” if you will.

        9. Mgtow are doing something original and interesting. What you seem to be vouching for is getting married and crossing your fingers… That is already what everyone is doing.
          “Gaming” your wife is a life of servitude if you ask me. I think every man needs to play his own hand here, I think mgtow or expatting are legit options… Right up there with thinking you can “game” your wife indefinitely.

        10. They always enjoyed success because in those times they werent stupid enough to postpone childbearing until the late 30s. By the way the reason most men didn’t reproduce, has been throughout history WAR, not betatude.

        11. Kent, you’ve got to game all women always, especially the really good ones, even the unruined ones.
          The good ones are worth it for how they reciprocate – loyalty, children, good home, frequent enjoyable affection and sex, etc.
          A good woman is the wind in the sails of a man’s ship, just when he needs it most. But he only gains this by picking a good woman and acting like a man at all times.

        12. Don’t blame the water for anything – just don’t drink it if it’s yellow, has brown objects floating in it or smells bad.

        13. “A good woman is the wind in the sails of a man’s ship”
          Oh brother. You’re new here.
          I’d like to tinker with that a little and add a few subtle changes;
          “A good woman is walking around my hotel room in a thong and heels and her ass is perfect and she either leaves when I’m spent or stays quiet when I’m reading a novel after I’m spent. At no point does she ever make my life worse.”

        14. And how is that a conflict?
          Let’s take what you wrote and add, “And then we go home to our five kids until next time”.

        15. Part of the reason is war, yes. But the major role is played by women’s hypergamous instincts.
          And btw, going to war and dying for the benefit of the elite is as beta as it comes.

        16. I will give you credit – you are persistently totally ignorant of the pitfalls of modern relationships – Go away and study the matter some and then come back and comment.

        17. Good point. Can’t imagine gaming a wife indefinitely. It just isn’t possible. I think this is why MGTOW makes so much sense.

        18. Preach brother. Feminism is an extension of cultural marxism, to undermine the traditions that uphold societal order, sowing chaos and confusion. Creating fertile grounds for the implementation of a socialist state which then will seem like the only viable solution.

        19. I guess you must research more about our history. If you do, you would realize that: Most women, even in the western world COULD NOT compete for alpha, even if they tried (family and religious chains, an anti-slut culture, forced to face consequences since there was no magic pill and abortion was the province of butchers….).
          Depraved behaviour was more common in the elites for that matter, and even for most elites, female chastity was paramount (in times of yore only the first borns of a virgin could be taken for sure, in most cases, as the real legitimate children of the Lord). In such a world death in WAR for males was much more likely than dying in a plague, or being an incel because women rejected you. And yes dying for the benefit of corrupt governments can be beta but in most cases in those times the choice was being a serf and becoming a slave or a corpse. You commit the mistake of thinking of past times with the modern mindset assumptions.

        20. They were not ABLE to do anything but make children, starting from whenever their first bleeding came. It is only at the peak of decadent empires that women are able to act as they do now. At all other times in history, we fucked them when we wanted and made them do whatever we told them to.
          This is how it has to be in order for humans to survive. At this point the only thing that can save us is a complete economical and societal collapse, which we nonetheless survive without getting invaded by barbarians.

        21. Either you’re a moron or merely a typical victim of international globalist feminationalsocialism.
          You go ahead and eradicate any hope from your feeble mind, remain ignorant and impotent to do anything meaningful, gratifying or even just beautiful (except maybe alone all by yourself).
          Be the man the woman of your dreams would be proud of, and honoured to have as the (biological) father of her children – be the man she would listen to blindly, because she trusts you. Be the man who does not need to fear trusting his woman.
          One can live and die, and leave his mark – choose whether your mark will be of poetry or of skid.

        22. Women and voting. That sucks man, you’ll get socialism for sure, as you can see in many European countries.

        23. This is so spot-on. Look into who funded feminism, specifically Gloria Steinem in the 1960s and you’ll have your answer. The men behind the curtain who manage the puppets we call Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen used our own government to subvert us.
          The tyranny we live in becomes comes into razor sharp focus every time I come back from an extended trip away from this insane asylum we live in.

        24. Actually, the window is only short for the best men. Guess who gets stuck with the sloppy seconds and they gladly eat shit as if it tasted like caviar? There are FAR more thirsty men in this world than cat women.

        25. Agreed lifelong hassle for what? A fucking kid? What a waste of resources. For the money, time, and your sanity spent on some fucking idiot degenerate, i could have built my business, have a beautiful third world woman knocked up and pop a kid out for me (for a price of course) and hire a different escort every day for the rest of my life to put it in perspective. You know it’s bad when your chance of picking up an sti is much lower with a professional whore than shagging the average college chick.

      2. The Manosphere doesn’t need any more anti-semitism. Just ask Athlone, he’s a good goy 🙂
        Seriously though, I think the main reason is that the site wants to keep the focus on the trim, to keep traffic and revenue up. Secondly, they don’t want the ADL, SPLC, etc after them. Thirdly, there are white knights (who may or may not have a dog in the fight) who would cause a lot of drama and misdirection due to their willful ignorance – like rok commenter LUCAS THOMAS.

          Evidence that it *wasn’t* a hoax? That’s the question intelligent people are asking these days. You are one of them, no?

        2. The “evidences” are youtube videos in which some random guys with no knowledge of fireweapons try to imitate both Dexter and Sherlock, as always.
          A hoax ? No. A false flag ? Possible.

        3. With the solution being worse than the reaction, and the reaction being worse than the original problem. Downward spiral it is.

        4. In my point of view, a hoax is something that never occured like the incubator incidents for Iraq war.
          A false flag operation is like Uss Liberty, with real dead people that someone try to blame on someone else.

        5. Anyway, it was a piece of ridiculous pretence which was so obvious that it does not deceive any intelligent person.

        6. Heads are not watermelons.
          Do you go on Bestgore or liveleak ? There you can see executions videos, and the tons of different weird reactions to headshots.
          Including no instant blood.
          And I’m no physician, so sorry to not trust the maths of this guy, even though he may be right or not.
          But I don’t disagree with the fact that it could very much be a false flag, though.

        7. To be fair, history is full of false flags.
          Just look at the “anarchists” bombings in Paris before World War I that we now know to have been organized by the police itself.
          Then there is the burning of Reichstag, Gulf of tonkin, Uss Liberty, the incubator lies, the famous weapons massive destruction … No one wants to be the guy starting the war.
          All of these makes the hypothesis of a false flag much more likely than you think.

        8. Sure I’m familiar with the concept of false flag ops. But I don’t believe Paris to be one.
          And in my personal experiences, conspiracy theories usually lead to blaming the Jews for everything. And people who display those tendencies (in my experience again) are weak willed betas looking for someone to blame for their own shit in life.
          These days, jew hatred is a leftwing tool

      3. OMG it really is hopeless these days. Everything is falling apart and folks like you have your own sense of reality. Intelligent discourse of any kind is going the way of the dodo bird. Those alpha men would have no problem severing your head from your body if it suited their purposes. Whether you are a Muslim or not.

    3. A year ago I would have read this and thought you were a bitter old man, but I have been rapidly seeing this decline as well. For me, the most salient thing is just the general rudeness that accompanies even the most casual interactions. I don’t even mean rejected advanced, but simple pleasantries. When every 6.5 you meet in passing would rather meet a simple “hello” with either a thousand yard stare or a literal cold shoulder than a normal human response, there is a major problem here.
      The millennials are finally full-fledged adults. The millennial females were the first generation raised full throttle on the belief that they were not only superior in every way, but also repressed and discriminated against by evil men. Media taught them that men will grovel before them, stand in the rain with flowers, and that they can simply change their mind on the wedding day with no consequences if they’re not feeling it. Media also told them that there is a rapist around every corner, so treat every man as such. They are super secure in their employment, arbitrarily advanced through the management ranks and the words in the workplace carry as much weight as they did during the Salem Witch Trials. All this has gone to their heads. Unfortunately in the long run, they are just pawns in a very long game run by a few special interests that are playing divide and conquer with the races as well as the sexes. When the usefulness of this movement wanes it’ll be back to square one.

      1. “For me, the most salient thing is just the general rudeness that accompanies even the most casual interactions. I don’t even mean rejected advanced, but simple pleasantries. When every 6.5 you meet in passing would rather meet a simple “hello” with either a thousand yard stare or a literal cold shoulder than a normal human response, there is a major problem here.”
        This sums it up. Before Christmas, a pal and I were saying that about 80% of younger women are openly hostile to public interaction.

        1. I thought this just this afternoon actually. I was in line for coffee and a girl looked at me and said “You can pass through I’m waiting for my sandwich.”
          Just for sake of conversation I asked her what she was getting and she just looked at me like I was some kind of retard.
          Ok… But if your phone asked you what kind of sandwich you were getting you’d be staring at it for two hours… She was a 6 btw.
          I’ve had so many interactions with women that were either borderline rude or outright rude and I’ve been wondering if it was just me. Either I’m being offensive and I don’t realize it, or girls are just becoming totally uninterested in random interactions with people (or just men).

        2. Maybe, if she was a 6, she was really surprised by your attention and didn’t know how to behave conformingly. I don’t know, maybe.
          I must admit I’m really contemplating dating 6’s from now on. They seem like more honest and caring individuals, probably because the popular culture hasn’t gotten as much to their heads due to their lesser looks.

        3. ‘…didn’t know how to behave conformingly.’ absolutely unlikely… most likely is that she was just one of these monsters described in the article and through many of these comments: self-absorbed, narcissistic, believing themselves to be super-models (despite unattractive features and likely dozens if not hundreds of pounds overweight) and all men are rapists.

        4. If you’re an average man who does not provide an immediate benefit they only interact with you if they have to. This seems to be more the case in large cities that don’t cultivate more traditional families.
          I find out in more rural areas you get friendly vibes from even attractive women, they don’t consider common courtesy a come-on.

        5. Agree. That’s how women used to behave in the old days. In the 90’s they were that way. I remember so many quiet cute semi-nerdy girls being intimidated by a man talking to them back when I was at university. It would be hard to break the ice with them, but once they were comfortable with you they were there for the taking.
          Nowadays even 5’s and 6’s act like they are 8’s and above when they are young. I see it all the time with my younger cousins and the women they interact with. It’s so much more difficult for them than it was for me to date and hook up when I was there age, and I was lazy as fuck back then too.
          5’s and 6’s were not hard to pick up back then at all.

        6. It’s not you. I used to think the same thing. But when you’re blindfolded inside a mental institution it’s hard to know who the crazy one is.

        7. It’s cuz of the smartphone brother where they can very craftily compensate for their inherent lack of a personality by copy pasting inspirational shit from facebook. I’ve had a woman open up and act all nice in text, irl she’s a dumb bitch, and back to being nice in text. These whores are the boggest phonemomgerers ever. Fuck that shit. Actually, not fuck that shit. My wise friend oce told me this: “Claim your DICK!” See if we all voted with our dicks, we could easily overthrow this bullshit…problem is most guys have a serious poon addiction where standards ain’t shit if you can get the dick wet.

      2. “For me, the most salient thing is just the general rudeness that accompanies even the most casual interactions.”
        There is a very attractive women who works in my building. Just today we got on the elevator together to go downstairs and depart for the day. I gave her a big “Hi, hope you had a great day.” She didn’t utter a word and shot me a look like I just asked her for a three-way with her best friend. WTF?

        1. I’m sure you already know this, but keeping doing what your’re doing man. Fuck these entitled bitches who have no idea what common everyday polite interactions are. Plus just have a I don’t give a fuck attitude, and when some bitch does some stupid shit like that it doesn’t affect you one bit!

      3. I was at a “GameStop” with a friend the other day picking up some used games on sale. The line was long, and there was a young man directly behind us. He said “hi” to me, we exchanged some pleasantries, and talked about the new game streaming option for PlayStation. My friend just stood there, looking increasingly agonized and uncomfortable. Finally, after I paid for my stuff and we started walking off to leave, the guy said, “girls who like games–nothing cuter!” while flashing a confident smile. I smiled back and said bye, and my friend and I walked out the door. As we drove home, she went off on a tirade about the entitlement of men, how rude it was for guys to assume that women care about their opinion of us, how no place is ever a truly “safe” or comfortable space…
        “Didn’t you notice,” she said, “how close to our asses he positioned himself?”
        He was just standing behind us in a cramped line!
        I was shocked. The guy was nothing but polite. Honestly, my friend is really cute–I take good care of myself, but I’m not going to win any beauty contests anytime soon. I’m also pretty shy, but I open up when confident people put me at ease, which he did. I was really flattered by this guy’s respectful attention, but I was afraid to say anything for fear of sounding like an “oppressed, indoctrinated within the patriarchy” type weak woman. I did, however, try to put the young man’s comment in perspective:
        I was on a run once last year, waiting at a stop light. I leaned over a little for a breather, when suddenly I felt a body sidle up behind me and also lean over. It was an older guy, and I could feel every muscle in me tense as he whispered “I just imagined myself inside you.” I stared at him, just waiting to see if I was going to need to sprint and make a break for it through traffic. Fortunately, he was just a harmless weirdo who strutted off–very proud of himself–in the other direction.
        I’ll never forget how that man made me feel–ugly, ashamed, violated…
        After I finished that story, my friend just looked and me and said something along the lines of, “but don’t you see? The guy at the GameStop is exactly the same! He commented on you to you! He violated you too! Maybe now his statements seem okay, but they might develop into something creepy if no one calls him out on it! ”
        All we could do was agree to disagree. I wish I’d had the gall to ask GameStop guy for his name, at least.

      4. “Unfortunately in the long run, they are just pawns in a very long game run by a few special interests that are playing divide and conquer with the races as well as the sexes.”
        Brilliant. I’m glad I’m not the only person who sees this. It repulses me now that I know what’s going on.

      5. Even girls themselves acknowledge it. It’s now common for them to joke about “resting bitch face.” It’s disgusting. Look back a few decades to the way women acted, it’s like a different world.

      6. I’ve also noticed that I am getting way better service from men, at stores, drugstore counters, all of that. Men smile, look me in the eye, act respectfully, do their job with pride and dignity. When I get a girl she’s constantly in some form of eye rolling.
        It seems, from what others are commenting, that it’s some sort of preemptive reaction to unwanted attention. Well, if it’s unwanted attention maybe you should just go and stay the f*ck home then.

    4. Oh come on now. You’re just INTIMIDATED by a “real woman” who is large and in charge!!

    5. 70% initiated by women, probaby 20% mutual. 10% initiated by men which is incredible considering that just being an employed American male puts you in the top three percentile internationally and most women post 30 are physically useless. Still only 10%.

    6. Here in southern Europe it’s not bad for a man with connections or skills in village country, however in the bigger cities and international universities where students fester, international dirt also festers, and some of it rubs off on these distant lands.
      I have gotten physical with men, women, children, even animals in public if I thought they were disrespecting me, and no one gets on your ass about it if you keep your composure and your frame. Shame about all of you over there in the US. I remember hearing how that place used to be ‘the place to go to,’ or ‘the place to be,’ but that was a lifetime ago…

    7. Makes me recall a couple of “classy” women I met (middle-class, private school, good jobs, etc.). They told me they spent six months fucking their way across Australia and one of them is currently cheating on her boyfriend with a top exec at work.
      Lines thru names.

    8. In the UK they initiate at just over 80% I believe. And you know if a man ever divorces a woman he has a bloody good reason, considering the racket the divorce and family courts have become.

    9. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the natural order of things & we just happen to be existing at the tail end of an epoch. On our way to being the subjects of some future archaeological object lesson in how history repeats itself.
      In the great Bar of Civilized Life, entropy is the bouncer at the door telling us to drink up quickly & get the fuck out because it’s closing time soon. And i guess he’s been giving that same speech to various hordes of people through different periods in time.
      Having said that, we’ll just have to keep fighting like real men until the light gives out.

    10. What about their “loud talking”? You are sitting somewhere, reading a paper, and these loud voices pierce the silence. They are making a public declaration of “HERE WE ARE!” It’s like the Muslim call to prayer in a Middle Eastern city, forcing everybody to listen.
      i always know, here come American women. Seriously, I have never heard women talk at this decibel level anywhere else on earth (and I have been to over 70 countries). So obnoxious. It’s like they demand to be the center of attention.
      I would have n problem giving them that attention. Except the majority of them are mean spirited, angry and bitter. Hateful little girls too afraid to become mature women.

    11. females act like this because there is a PLENTIFUL harvest of simps out there who are pussy beggars and put up with this filth just to get laid or have a “girlfriend”. I have been there myself so I know.Men who have any sense and dignity start acting the mgtow way and learn to starve and or play the system. Starve it by not wasting time and effort and money on the ungrateful ingrates that has become your average western female. And if you do play for God’s sake man wrap it up! I know a couple of “pua’s” now stuck living with the cunt of a female they knocked up.Fucking pathetic! Judging one’s masculinity by bedding down low grade girls, what a joke. It’s time for a new era of bringing back the manliness.

    12. Sperm banks are running out of donations because sperm is rarely of good enough quality any more.

    13. Actually, the divorce rate is down from where it was ten years ago and show signs of declining. Also having been one of these ‘bad boys’ and one of the good ones, I can tell you that of you don’t learn to find something of value in every person you encounter beyond what they can do for you, you’re the narcissist and going to be in for a long, lonely trip in this life, guys.

    14. Women who take up with men that are jerks have only themselves to blame. It was their choice, they could have had a nice decent man but instead chose not to because to them nice decent men are boring and lame. They chose the bad boy type men instead because they found them exciting and then they get hurt by them and they expect everyone else to feel sorry for them. It’s pathetic. Also like the saying goes which is so true and that is that nice men always finish last.

    15. Truth – you are a disgusting human being. I can only assume that you were recently dumped by a woman based on the hatred beaming from your post. Stop acting like a pathetic uneducated moron and get over yourself.

    16. ” what man in their right mind would want to commit to them?”
      Err, an endless supply of beta schmucks? We live in a sad world, brother.

    17. Capitalism and consumerism has created this. Men are no better really. Most of you are just consumerist sheep, not true predators.

  2. It really is demoralizing. You want to find someone good for you but then you hear stories that the previous dude your girl was with was with, licking butthole while giving the ole hj. It’s like bitch don’t touch me. Most of the attractive girls where I’m from have been ridden hard yet they still have this overvalued price tag because goobers like i once was would froth at the mouth over. Fuck them and leave them. Respect yourself enough to have sex with them for your sexual health and leave them for your mental health. Don’t be captain save a ho for when she’s finally tired of riding the carousel.

    1. For me, the red pill becomes a lot easier to accept the older you get. At 28 I finally realize how badly women age, and it’s all basically a trap.
      Yes I idealized and put them on a pedestal, but it becomes clear it’s natures way of tricking you into getting her pregnant.
      After 26 it’s basically over for them. Even a nice guy can see wrinkles form on their faces.

      1. I can concur. After starting to work out regularly, eating right, and living a healthier lifestyle. I found myself feeling a ton better about myself at 33 then I did when I was 23. However I would never date a woman my own age for these very reasons. Its not worth the mental and emotional distress.

        1. “What kind of women are you hanging around that have wrinkles at 26? Club whores?”
          Twenty-six is approaching what was historically grandma age (married at twelve, mother at thirteen, her daughter married off while the mother is twenty-five, she becomes a grandma at twenty-six)
          Even among the most clean living, at that age, if you look under the eyes, you’ll see the lines forming.

        2. Horsefeathers.
          A woman having a kid at 13 would have a 10 year old at 26, tops. The minimum age for grandmothers that I’ve found historically and from what I know of the generation previous to “the greatest generation” were minimum in their early-mid 30’s. While women would get married at 13 sometimes (rarely, most minimum age of consent laws “way back when” were 14), there were rarely kids popped out until actual real age of majority.

    2. The sad thing is some of these girls are cool, but you know that a decade of gobbling bad boy dick has made them useless as marriage material.

      1. I remember girls when we were in our early 20s who’d had 5 blokes just in our group. And they knew loads of Groups!
        I thought I was a fucking prude when I started asking who’d marry a 28 year old who’d had maybe 40 past conquests.
        Call me old fashioned but…

      2. I’m starting to suspect in my old age, that many a western dude these days is getting addicted to the taste of second-hand cock.

        1. After the alphas pump-and-dump chicks they can only end up with betas. Middle/Upper class alphas are smart enough to know not to just knock up a woman… otherwise his life plans might get totally fucked…
          So they end up pumping out a lot of beta males and raising them into manginas. Society is always trying to get rid of groups of intelligent self-determining men… They are the biggest threat to the government and the status-quo.
          My buddy is visiting Toronto from China and we were relating our red-pill views. He told me that one of the reasons China got so fucked economically is because to implement Mao’s communist regime they had to kill of men of potential influence and dissent. They excommunicated or killed too many men with expertise, professional degrees, or leadership positions. This culling led to a population of followers who were simply unable to create a productive economy and depended entirely on the government. He told me freaky stories of school-teachers being beaten to death by their students.
          Those who were willing to work and put the state and pussy on the pedestal were the ones that made it through. In my opinion, alphas tend to be industrious and individualistic to an extent… They have standards because they believe in them… Betas on the other hand tend to follow the herd and are happy with any pussy or security…
          My point is that society tries to breed betas to maintain the status quo. Alphas are needed to spark a civilization, but betas are there to keep the gears turning.
          Our society might be going in a direction that takes this to the extreme, where aging women only manage to marry betas and then raise their sons to be manginas. Turn on the TV and turn on the indoctrination.
          I think there is at least a grain of truth in this.

    3. You want demoralizing?
      Let me tell you something. I was in the last generation where NAWALTs used to exist, when at least a third of the women out there were just starting to get polluted in feminist crap. There were still a few NAWALTs and “girl next door” types floating about.
      And that was WORSE than what the millenials had.
      You see I can say “Hey kids, back in my day, we still had a carrot on the stick and beat ourselves to death trying to keep up with that carrot. You kids are lucky. There’s no carrot, they are beating you with the stick, and expecting you to keep pulling”.
      So I can describe in great detail this “demoralizing”, when you think there’s supposed to be hope but there was none, and the mental gymnastics and anguish of not knowing there is no more. Guys who actually faded away, some sinking into drugs or booze over their despair, others just getting weird. You know for certain you will get wet when you know the ship is sinking.
      My generation died of hypothermia treading cold water while still hoping for a lifeboat and denying that the ship won’t make port.
      Millenials today know they should already have their thermal survival suits on and be charting better waters. I’ll give them that much. They need not be demoralized. They have a more open door for a better life than we did.
      (If only they stopped complaining and went through that door).

      1. I hear you, Dok…but many will need to discover it on their own. You couldn’t tell us (or guys like us) many years ago. We had to make the journey and discover it.
        Today, we have ROK and can contribute to it (at least). Many can gather together, read, share stories, etc….share knowledge (a good thing).
        Millenials are no different. The younger guys will have to make that journey (still) but we’ll be here when the the time comes (and it will).

        1. I see the importance of it, but sending a fellow into the quicksand more likely gets him killed. My generation at the worst the guys who got screwed have some horrific divorce stories to tell, but things are worse now. The wreckage that I have seen, a lot of them were able to eventually pick themselves up and move on, even if it took 22 years for the kid to be grown up and finally tell the x to eat shit and die.
          Like I said, they are beating men with the stick, so yeah it’s one thing to let them find out on their own, but what use are they when in the end, having found out, they are totally broken and broke, with a criminal record, and a lifetime of indentured servitude.
          It’s always been a more “patriarchal” thing really to let young fellows hurt themselves just enough to learn, but not get themselves killed (that’s how my dad did it and kept my mothers helicopter ways at bay. When I got my first boat AT AGE 13 my mother freaked, my dad gave me the Chapmans nautical handbook and some money to get life preservers).
          So I cannot be silent and watch the cuntocracy eat young fellows alive slowly like a cat pulling the legs off a mouse, which is exactly what their system is doing.

        2. Right. Don’t let them get killed…just let them learn. I’ll gladly give advice out to younger guys so that they can avoid the pitfall.
          But you know just like I know….many will not and do not listen (they’ll need to go through the motion and take the journey to find out).
          I’m always around for the advice but I cannot force them to listen or to take the advice. It’s up to them to decide.

      2. It can get even worse. Marry TWO of those NAWALTs(20-30 years ago when things were a little more bearable) and watch them turn into what we see here within 10 years of the marriage, all due to the society changing and me not being aware of it.. And then your life is done and over with at 50 years old. Having no hope at almost 50, now when one should think about retiring in glory and enjoying the fruits of his labor.. Now, that’s depressing and utterly fucked up. But hey, I’ve been through worse, so bring it on. I’ll take it..

  3. It’s complete, but it can always get worse. And it will, until it becomes economically impossible for women to live as they do. May the end of the world come swiftly.
    As for diaries… what is facebook if not a diary available to the entire world?

    1. The difference being just that.
      A diary was kept private.
      Facebook is meant to be seen.
      So we have a generation of turbo narcissistic women.

  4. I have a young Daughter, and already I feel like I’m fighting a tide of society-wide debauchery.
    Mily Cirus, videos like this – where the fuck does it end?

      1. I’ll fight til by dying breath.
        Even when you’re good parents (and we are), you’re fighting the entirety of our culture. MSM, peers, the whole lot.
        Debauchery is a multi trillion dollar industry

        1. So true.
          Is it no wonder why girls emulate their favourite low life degenerate celebrities and taking pictures of themselves.
          Honor and self respect- two important ideals which are being destroyed by the forces in our society.

        2. Debauchery is good for the Jews. So is the terror state. (I’m done holding your hand now lol)

        3. If I had kids I’d be living on the steppes of Siberia or somewhere like that with them.

        4. Then don’t ask what the hell is going on in the USA, you fucking retard. Are you Jewish, or a cockblocker of truth?
          The truth is anti-semetic.

        5. You jinxed me the last time I replied to you, while discussing the annoyances and quirks of the word “dispel.” Right after I stated a spell had been placed on the Seahawks and their 12th Man, the gods dissed me and allowed them to score 15 points in 45 seconds.
          I’ll plead the 5th on this one.
          Personally, I’m in a huge fight with my Dad and a Seahawks loss (we are 49er fans) would have allowed us to break the ice.
          With my luck, a straight answer to your request would result in a visit from the Jew-borne IRS, founded in 1913 right around the time of the founding of the Federal Reserve, the establishment of the ADL, and the outbreak of WWI.

        6. You jinxed me the last time I replied to you, while discussing the annoyances and quirks of the word “dispel.” Right after I stated a spell had been placed on the Seahawks and their 12th Man, the gods dissed me and allowed them to score 15 points in 45 seconds.
          I’ll plead the 5th on this one.
          Personally, I’m in a huge fight with my Dad and a Seahawks loss (we are 49er fans) would have allowed us to break the ice.
          With my luck, a straight answer to your request would result in a visit from the Jew-borne IRS, founded in 1913 right around the time of the founding of the Federal Reserve, the establishment of the ADL, and the outbreak of WWI.

        7. I wish you the best. This is another reason I won’t have children though. (It’s too expensive anyway) but watching my son grow up to be a mangina or my daughter grow up to be a Shaq-voiced Lena Dunham bitch warrior would break my heart. If you take too heavy of a hand they WILL rebel. Let them grow up naturally adapting to their own environment (extreme progressivism, I don’t care if a Repub. is elected or not. The culture war is over) and you’ve just brought your own enemy into the world and into your house. Yet another 250k that you are dishing over to the left, this time in the form of raising your own child.

        8. Yeah I get what you’re saying. But when does it get to the point in which you aren’t giving your child a fair chance to adapt to the environment? It’s so sad that in raising a kid right, you will be making him completely out of touch with his own culture. No computers, no TV, treat people right (oh shit, a nice guy. wow, good luck with that, son) read books, speak when spoken to, respect elders etc. and he will be ‘that weird kid.’

        9. Kids take your full attention if you want to raise them right, and it requires constant application of strategies and reviews of progress. This is as true now as it was 200 years ago. The television and culture will step in your role ONLY if you vacate it, which most men do. It is quite hard to grasp even for men here. You are the first and last voice of authority, as long as you do not abdicate that role.

    1. Yeah, me too and I’m fucking scared to death.. I’ll probably relocate to a normal country by the time she’s grown up. I just don’t see any other option.

    2. The answer to that question has to do with those perpetrating false flags. See SeuthestheThird’s comment above, which you responded to five minutes ago. The answer lies within those words.

      1. Or sniper rifles, combat rifles, shotguns, commandeered tanks and rpg’s. Much more effective than a pitchfork, heh.

      1. My fifteen year old daughter, who despises feminism for exactly the same reasons a woman in the 1700’s would have despised it, wants to come out to Wyoming and live near me and her mother when we trek out there in a scant couple of years. She daydreams of gun toting cowboys, honest hard working masculine men and rugged descendants of pioneers.
        Some of her more cognizant reasons for hating feminism that she repeats from time to time:
        Women are not men and need to stop acting like they are men.
        Boys (her peers) are weak and feminine acting, except a few who whisper quietly when a teacher is not listening that she is the only girl they have found that they agree with (good lads right there).
        She enjoys cooking,wearing dresses, looking pretty and being domestic and resents the You Go Grrl condemnation she gets from teachers and other girls for this.
        She admires heroic men, and despises weak effeminate men.
        She wants to find a husband and raise a family through traditional roles, not by being a Corporate “strong, empowered woman”, and she thinks that women who reject that are rejecting the best things about being a woman.
        15 years old, almost 16. Disney and feminism lost the war for control of her thinking.
        It can be done gentlemen, but you have to be a strong, no nonsense father whose word is law in the household.
        Same goes for tending wives, actually, as well.

        1. Just be red pill, and of course in a thoughtful, loving way with your kids, let them make mistakes and help guide them where they made bad choices, instill your philosophies from the day they can speak, and that seems to work. If you preach against something here then disallow it in your family. If you admire something about people in thepast, then make them and their attitude and actions the standards for your kids to emulate at home.

        2. ‘It can be done gentlemen, but you have to be a strong, no nonsense father whose word is law in the household.’
          Sounds like you did well with your daughter. But in America, it is the ‘word’ of females (especially wives) that is de facto law. You can be as No Nonsense as you like, but if a female calls the cops/government on you — for any reason, including mere momentary vengeance, or for displeasing them — then you will discover very quickly the limits of your ‘word is law’. I don’t like that reality, but it IS reality, and it is counterproductive to pretend otherwise.

        3. Kids are not the same as chicks in a bar. The bar is higher. A little girl calling the cops because her dad told her no will get laughed at by the cops. Seen it happen to a girl in my son’s class who did that to her parents. The cops told her to settle down and get some kind of therapy.
          This site sometimes paints reality with a bit of unrealism.

        4. I recall many years back reading about a homeless guy in CA who two grade-school girls accused of sexual assault walking on their way to school. Basically the cops went out and grabbed the local first homeless guy vaguely matching the description. Don’t remember how long they held the guy in jail, but after however many days, the girls changed their minds and admitted they were late for class and needed and excuse.
          What really stuck it in mind was because I happened to be on the road some weeks later, flipping the dial, and voila, on comes the D.A. — a female — who prosecuted the man! She explained to the DJ that it was all an innocent mistake, and how after falsely caging the guy, they gave him bus fare (BUS fare!) out of town. The D.A. never said another word about the guy, never said she or the girls were sorry. . . but went on and on for many minutes thereafter explaining how traumatized the GIRLS were by their horrific experience.
          Certainly a 15 y.o. calling police to complain about her dad saying no wouldn’t generate much interest by the cops. But cops can be extremely zealous when responding to claims by females of ‘feeling afraid’ of males outside the family. That can include angering, rejecting, and/or simply disagreeing with them. Such incidents in America are common and in no way are ‘unreal’. Cheers.

        5. Thank you GOJ. I really needed to read this as somebody who wants to very much be a father and build a family.

  5. 99% of american women today fall in one of these two categories, sometimes in both: fat or whores. I’ll take that back.. 100% of them that was..

    1. hahahahaha. I think when feminism started out, there were probably noble women who wanted basic rights and equality for women who would now be disgusted by the careless nature of modern women, whose emotional whims have government teeth to enforce them.

        1. “Something tells me this isn’t what Ms. Pankhurst had in mind”
          Why not? Sounds like the type to me. A few decades later and she could have easily been a member of a terrorist group like the Weathermen, married to Bill Ayers, demanding other women in the group have sex with anyone and everyone but men they loved, and been a mentor to the man currently calling himself “Barack Obama.”

          In 1903, five years after her husband died, Pankhurst founded the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), an all-women suffrage advocacy organisation dedicated to “deeds, not words.”[4] The group identified as independent from – and often in opposition to –political parties. It became known for physical confrontations: its members smashed windows and assaulted police officers. Pankhurst, her daughters, and other WSPU activists received repeated prison sentences, where they staged hunger strikes to secure better conditions. As Pankhurst’s eldest daughter Christabel took leadership of the WSPU, antagonism between the group and the government grew. Eventually the group adopted arson as a tactic…

  6. Can someone explain to me how “trillions of dollars are to made by destroying the feminine mother”?

    1. I would venture to say consumerism, women in workforce.. two unmarried people have to pay 2 rents/mortgages, buy twice the shit they don’t need.
      Push women into the workforce, make them not “need” a man, and because of not being able to share resources, now you have twice the consumerism for the corporate elite.
      oh, and transfer the wealth from men to women via divorce. we all know women don’t know shit about finances, and they blow all the money they can get.. goes to the same buckets.

      1. Plus if there’s kids, the guilt they both feel, the mother showering the brats with stuff, the weekend dad taking the kids out to places that cost $$.
        Add to that the shallow broken existence the kids will have – meaning they will be consumers.

      1. So I would say the only way out is minimalist MGTOW, starve the beast, starve the women, and maybe the tide can turn.. Just withhold the dick and the money and see what happens to the system.

  7. Note the masculinized hairline on the woman in that video. That means she has “male stress patterns” and that affects their hairline, causing thinning in triangular shaped areas one above each temple just like most men have (not all though, some guys always have the “hair helmet”, Mediterraneans usually).
    When a woman has a hairline like that in her 20s, she’s going to be a heavy-jawed mangirl bye the time she’s 35. You’ll think it was Janet fucking Reno.
    Do not marry. They CHOSE their high stress careers (or made all the wrong decisions involving not ending up in a high stress life) let them live with it.

  8. My friends, don’t be sick of today’s women. Be sick of today’s ‘men’.
    In the words of the wise prophet Patrice O’Neal: “A woman is always a direct reflection of the man she’s dating.” This applies to all of society.

    1. I tend to agree with you.. I guess we’re upset the default state a woman is being a whore.. Maybe the anger is not placed in the right spot.

    2. When I look at the women in the picture I think the only way to eradicate that kind of behavior is going back to 1700’s methods in dealing with women. There are mothers who tell their daughters to act like those girls, the fathers are weak. The Father should be master of the home, but we don’t live in the 1700’s. A society of weak Men promotes slutty out of control behavior in women, what a-lot of men don’t understand is they have the power to reinstate ideas and methods in society the the left and women’s lib has fought hard to eradicate.

        1. MGTOW is how a beta male displays his strength. Those sluts in the picture are his booty calls when he feels like it.

    3. Women are inherently rebellious towards male authority.
      I assume zero responsibility for their disgusting nature.

  9. Want to know what happens at the intersection of a single mother
    house, a procession of step fathers coming and going, being exposed to
    too many adult concepts too early in life, moral relativity, feminism and
    marriage equality hyperbole?
    This happens:
    That is right. Some women are now fucking their fathers. Disgusting. What is even worst is that there is entire subculture of “PUA’s” who spend all of their time, money, and energy trying to fuck these creatures we call ‘western women’. *throws up in mouth*.

    1. Incest relationships are the next thing to happen. The way queer marriage won in the courts (not at the ballot box) was by using the argument that you can’t deny marriage rights to an infertile couple. So by extension, family members that are infertile will be able to marry. Thank the feminists / queers for the “alternative” family freak show.

  10. “I rather be an evolutionary dead-end that let a whore be the mother of my child…”

    1. Haha. that’s stupid. news flash: a lot of people alive had moms who were whores when they were younger. Society needs whores.

  11. Women love to say that men are dogs, but in reality women are more so like dogs than men are. Women need discipline. They need an alpha master to keep them in check. Give a woman unrestrained freedom and she runs wild like an animal. The Western culture is the product of letting women run free with no discipline.

      1. Important remark right there, modern “culture” is an artificial imposition on the organic human tradition of life, we are becoming a deviation from natural human evolution

  12. Great article. The one thing I’d have to disagree with in the comments is that all these women are slutting around. I’m close friends with a bar owner, who sees the social interactions of these disgusting women on a nightly basis. While some of them are riding the carousel, more than a few are leaving the bar at night with no prospects. Unless they are calling somebody at 2 in the morning, the owner confirms that these women are just not getting the attention they think they deserve. Sure, they might get a free drink or two, but the tide is turning. I’m hearing this from others as well at work who are single at hanging around in clubs. For most wise men, it’s not worth the effort anymore. And here is where the power shifts: When rational men turn into early 30’s, they start looking for more high value pursuits, i.e., making money, making themselves better. The Law of ROI demands that these pursuits come first with a man who crosses this threshold and realizes what needs to be done. It’s honestly turning into a night of instagramming photos from the club and less having guys on a leash.

    1. ” the owner confirms that these women are just not getting the attention they think they deserve.”
      Interesting. Is it women not getting the attention they want (from certain men) or attention period?
      We always see (and hear) women complaining about not wanting to date a man below a certain height (just one example).
      The hypocrisy comes into play when a man will blow off a woman (not give attention or date) because she is too big (and by too big I mean fat).
      I agree that any man should look at these encounters to determine if the ROI is worth it. I work out, take care of myself, eat right, I have long term goals, etc….If I don’t think she measures up (and I can see the first one – physical – on approach) then she won’t get a moment of my time.
      Remember men…be the prize.

      1. But men should also not give attention or date because she is too big as well, by which I refer to the “Wizard’s Sleeve” aka “Clown’s Pocket” 😉

      2. They are getting attention, but he says there just seems to be a shift. Less guys caring or making an actual effort. Sure, there will always be thirsty betas and The Game is the Game. But changes have been noted. Now, it very well could be that things are moving online.

  13. I’m having a really hard time adjusting to this reality. Most of the time I can’t convince myself to even bother talking to women anymore. My expectations aren’t even that high, and I’m a decent looking, driven, relatively serious young man. But I’ve seen enough. Women can’t meet my simple expectations. They know I don’t value them and it makes them display IOI’s and initiate small talk and all that bothersome bullshit. How twisted is this crap? It’s plain annoying to watch the program execute itself. I’m sick and tired of playing the silly game over and over, applying the rules, reading the signals and jumping through the hoops. They’re all exactly the same, even the ugly and the fat ones behave like princesses, it’s unbelievable.
    I find myself haunted by an image of these unconscious fleshy robots that serve no function other than self gratification and celebration of their own narcissism. They are running on rails and they’re 100% predictable, however, their super-entitled, arrogant mate selection mechanisms are completely detached from reality, and I can’t stop finding it stunning. Talking to a woman feels like qualifying for the championship and winning feels like getting to pet a dirty rag. Watching one of these sluts take her clothes off instantly makes me see the end times. I find it so horrifying I’d rather have no sex at this point.
    Ejaculating in a woman should make you feel confident, fill you with a sense of achievement, purpose, responsibility and joy. It should make you feel in love, but we can’t allow ourselves these natural emotions! We’re training ourselves not to feel in love, not to feel responsible because it will turn the woman against us instantly. Gentlemen, the invertedness of everything around us is amazing. The species is deconstructing itself in front of our eyes.
    I’m so depressively disgusted at the whole situation and I think I’m about to have a panic attack ;). Just kidding but seriously, someone pat my back and tell me it’s going to be ok.

    1. I’m here to tell you…it’s going to be ok.
      I know things looked fucked up right now…but the beauty about life is there is always a balance. At some point, things will swing in the other direction to right the wrong or correct the course. I’ve lived long enough, now, to see this happen on multiple fronts…it will happen here as well.
      Many other older guys can back me up on this one (calling on Mistral, Ghost, or dok). Feminism has run it’s course. It started out to be about equality (as in right to vote, own land, etc…) but has turned into a bitch feast…and that is running thin with many people (and I believe it’s gaining momentum).
      Always work on everything for yourself, first and foremost. Work out, train, eat right, hobbies, goals…all for yourself (the rest will fall into place). Work on valuable skills – skills valuable to man: hunting, fishing, etc… If you haven’t learned weapons – firing a gun – go to the gun range (make it a must).
      Focus on those for starters. Women are not meant to be your main meal…just side dishes.

      1. revenge, listen to this man. I am an old timer too, and he knows what he’s talking about. There is hope. I don’t know what form it will take in the end, but it’s there..

        1. Yes, Driver and the men he mentioned are great mentors for young men and all those who are new and in need of the red pill. These men don’t mince words. I will also caution young men that while it is encouraging to see articles from “women against feminism” we’ve seen it all before in a 1990 wave to get men to come back to them. So what happened to those women? Nothing. It was all bullshit. After they suckered men into giving them another chance they turned right back into assholes before the ink could dry on the marriage certificate. Men must be the ones to determine when the pendulum has finally swung back in our favor. Always keep your powder dry and watch what they do, not what they say.

        2. Critical points.
          Do not trust these anti-feminist women. They are fucking phonies. They only started caring about the damage done by feminism in the two of three past years men started walking away in droves. The only damage done by feminism that they care about is the loss of their meal tickets. Women are empty vessels. They have no integrity or morals. Everything they do is dictated by external pressure and what feels good. If they cared they would change the laws tomorrow and picket every day. Instead they are dolling themselves up and making cleavage generous YouTube videos for thirsty unicorn hunters. Don’t fall for any women who suddenly have an epiphany. Women have everything to lose if feminism ended.

        3. Very well said. I tell NAWALTs that because they don’t stop it they are enablers and collateral damage. It won’t be safe for men until the laws are changed and feminism becomes as appealing to the world as the Flat Earth Society.

        4. Yeah, then they’ll probably say the typical cop out of “but its da menz who make the laws!”
          They’re the majority of the voting public, so they better vote in some dominant men who will deal with those laws. Unless that happens, every one of them is a fraud.

        5. Not to get philosophical or anything but this brings up a perplexing dilemma that I believe Nietzsche predicted. Women are a reflection of us. The sobering aspect of this is that men, in general, fucked up. Maybe thanks to White Knights. The scary part of this theory is: what if there is some truth to the feminist “patriarchy” theory, but not in the way we think: that there is a greedy elite of men, totally lacking honor, that fuck it up for the rest of men? In other words, an elite that eggs on feminism, like George Soros types? Traditional male hierarchies were pretty honorable, but perhaps these men are not?

        6. I used to think that way but now have decided no longer to accept that explanation. I as a man accept zero responsibility for the nature of women
          Women are inherently rebellious towards male authority, which is the only proper authority. They inherently hate men. It is only religion or other social constraints that keep them in check. This is not a chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Women demanded femenism. They exploited man’s nature to provide for them and convinced men that they’d be able to live up to the same standards as men. This, of course, was a lie. What they wanted was as much as possible with as little effort as possible.
          Now they are on their own.
          Zero fucks given.
          You are absolutely right about those enablers though. But a white knight is just someone who allows womenbto exploit his nature to provide and protect. I am not excusing white knights by far because they are not men. They actually enjoy being used.
          The elite are doing the same thing but towards women knowing that everyone else would follow.

        7. Now with the elite, it seems to me they are pushing feminism. They’ve certainly come to the realization that they can exploit men but also use women to drive consumerism. Think of all the bullshit they buy and at heavily inflated prices.
          The traditional male hierarchy throughout the ages has been pretty benign and it always benefited the elite to ensure as many men as possible had mates. Take Augustus Caesar, for example. He instituted the first family values agenda. Even in the world of monkeys, the alphas do their best to make sure the lesser males have mates so they don’t white knight (yeah, even monkeys have white knights – lolz).
          Let’s go with the theory that women inherently hate men and men employ social structures to ensure things stay in line and are manageable. Who ultimately fucked that up? White Knights? Women? A cancer within the elite governed solely by greed and maybe even malice?

        8. “Who ultimately fucked that up? White Knights? Women? A cancer within the elite governed solely by greed and maybe even malice?”
          I’d say all of the above. But its hard to say who was a white knight and who wasn’t back then. Were there red pill guys then. I am sure there were men back then who didn’t want women to have any rights at all. There were probably also men who didn’t want them to have rights because they foresaw the trouble we had today. I still fell man had good intentions when they conceded. There really want any awareness of any elite in the days long before the internet. So people were easier to fool then, still are. The plan to destroy the family and all the objectives that the elite had in mind have been on the agenda for hundreds of years. This is nothing new. There are religions which were long aware of female nature and their tendency to be easily swayed and their doctrines have their restrictions to counter it. Monogamy was one of them. The elite may have exploited that for their causes but it seems the agenda now is to destroy the existing social structures to bring about their new world order. It seems apparent that this is very much their goal now. I think Caesar’s laws were on a national level rather than global. Similar to the bachelor taxes they tried to implement then as well. Those were done for the attempted survival of Rome. Now the plan is global. They have no reason to promote families now. Men for for their families. The goal is divide and conquer down to the level of the individual. They need to destroy human unity so there will be no one to so them. They don’t need money as they already control the wealth. They need to bring a world government for total control. The population is easier to control if people are not only divided down to the individual but also so economically crippled that they must depend on the state. Promoting families and community of counter productive.

        9. I recall a couple of stories, one from Greek myth and another from Norse myth: Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, typical blue collar god tasked with maintaining the universe as a craftsman. He busts his ass for his beautiful goddess wife. What does she do? She goes for Ares, god of war, while Hephaestus is away working. They have their romp and Hephaestus catches them and throws a net on them. He then takes them before Zeus to humiliate them, as they are both still naked.
          A story along similar lines is the Norse goddess Freyja was married to Óðr, another craftsman god like Hephaestus. She coveted a magic necklace made by dwarves but the dwarves insisted that she sleep with them all to get the necklace. What do you think she did? Odin then cunt-punted her for cheating on her husband Óðr and gave her some poetic punishment.
          Seems like the troubles between men and women are as old as time.

        10. Can’t disagree with this. Women ARE are reflection of men. Men got sloppy and valued sluttiness. We put it in ads and the media, and thought it was great. We were stupid and didn’t think of the consequences.

        11. Also think about education. Once the family is destroyed, women will marry the state, and the state will “raise” (beat into shape and brainwash) the children. It’s happening all over the world. Once you have free control over the education of the children, it gets really hard to revolt against the system.

        12. “Don’t fall for any women who suddenly have an epiphany. Women have everything to lose if feminism ended.”
          Well said sir.

        13. There seem to be two schools of thought here, from what I’ve noticed: 1. Women are fundamentally flawed; 2. Women aren’t flawed by nature. They are neutral and follow the male lead if the male lead is strong enough.
          Women being a reflection of men would be the latter. It’s like the ancient myths of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun (Apollo) masculine, giving off light, and the Moon feminine (Diana), not giving off light of her own, but reflecting the sun’s light.
          You are correct that if women are indeed a reflection of men, then the way women behave is our fault as men, in general. But if we take this logic further, we can conclude that most men are not degenerates. So it would follow that the issue is something coming from the top, a greedy elite group of men that sell out other men to make a buck. Profits. Selling narcissism and affirming it with white knights defending narcissism.

        14. Maintaining feminism keeps away the one threat the government and elites ever have to worry about… families…
          Families led by intelligent and honourable men can grow and become powerful. At that point they essentially become mafia. A mafia eventually becomes its own government with its own alliances and organizations.
          The government (including financial backers) does everything it can to maintain its influence and therefore has to keep its population confused and submissive. Feminism keeps everyone at the lowest point, no stability, no vision, just trying to satiate their desires and get to the next day. No-fault divorce combined with an unstable economy seems to be the perfect environment for them to accomplish this goal.

        15. Read the Old Testament… whorish women are so common they are passing mentions in stories about more important things…

        16. As a believer in evolutionary psychology, I would say the idea of patriarchy has some merit. Where I differ from feminists, is that feminist claim all of patriarchy is flawed. My argument is that it isn’t patriarchy that is flawed, but rather it is flawed patriarchs.
          Imagine if for instance omega males found a way to corrupt the alpha males, (think historical alphas like Charlemagne, Charles Martel, Peter the Great, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Alexander the Great, et al.) while the alphas are away worrying about society as a whole, the arts, the sciences, being builders, the gammas and omegas engage in unscrupulous scheming and profiteering and get the alphas to be on their payroll via financial servitude (think bankers and money rigging).
          I honestly think feminists are being egged on by big money interests. Destroying the family, the most basic unit of civilization, is perhaps the most important step in profiting from narcissism.

        17. Indeed. One that comes to mind is Jezebel, in how she used her assets to lure her husband away from the path of righteousness.
          The most Red Pilled stuff is the ancient wisdom in myth and religion.

        18. “Where I differ from feminists, is that feminist claim all of patriarchy is flawed. My argument is that it isn’t patriarchy that is flawed, but rather it is flawed patriarchs.”
          This, this and this.

        19. You don’t think some alpha-patriarchs are just psychopaths themselves? Ghenkis Khan wasn’t the most powerful man in the world because he threw the best tea-parties.
          Chicks dig guys that are cruel to other guys… I’ve seen it with my own eyes… Justice and all that… Those things exist only when the patriarch can be held accountable. But when he is above reproach (i.e., sitting atop his throne in his impenetrable fortress) there is no need to be just. Rule through love or rule through fear… similar results to a psycho…
          I agree with you that different forms of patriarchy have existed, but on average men love women and want to take care of them.
          Modern women are completely at odds with their desires… They say that they want a nice dutiful beta who will put their feelings first and all that bla bla bla. But when its game time they often go for men with the Dark Triad of traits. I have some sympathy for women in that their lives are just a blur of pointless behaviour that they don’t even understand, but they are attracted to all the qualities that they claim to abhor. Their attraction to their boss and to the government is no different than their attraction to dangerous alpha males.
          My sympathy for them has its limits.

        20. Even if one doesn’t agree with religion in terms of supernatural things, religion and myth culturally bind people together in ritual that is firmly grounded on ancient wisdom.

        21. Taking your Genghis Khan example, yes, he was a cruel, ruthless hardass. But he was also honorable to a degree and knew that once he conquered a place, he had to maintain peace and a common good. Sure he was selfish but it was also in his best interest to maintain law and order. The present batch of “patriarchs” like George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the banking cartels… they have no honor. They are not bound to any loyalties or abstract concepts like virtues. They are bound by nothing more than profit. So if they can destroy the family and use feminism as a weapon in order to profit, they will and they have.

        22. I would also like to point out that women in the Western world are getting mixed signals and aren’t sure which way to go. On one hand you have men who, while flawed, are decent and honorable men that try to push their women in the direction of virtue. On the other hand, you have mass media that tries to push our women into a life of narcissism and vice for the sake of sales. So women are saying: which is it? Make up your minds.

        23. LOL!
          Stories like that only confirm the biological influence on the nature of women. It can’t solely be societal as societies, beliefs and religions change throughout time.

        24. I utterly rejected my upbringing in Catholicism as a teenager.
          The guilt tripping… the constant turning the other cheek… The lack of critical thinking… The herd-behaviour I saw… It caused minor tensions with my family (thankfully my parents mostly let me think for myself) but I just could not accept an entire way of life being pushed on me like that.
          Started reading Nietzche, studied psychology and sociology, made love to women, expressed myself, lived in my little loner nihilist dreamworld. Very few regrets of those times to be honest.
          But having grown up a bit I have come to revere certain aspects of my Catholic family and upbringing. The emphasis on loyalty to family, the high regard for aesthetics and beauty, and the wonderment towards creation. I can get behind these things.
          My beliefs in terms of the true nature of reality and such are for me to decide… but I have come to gain a new level of respect for what religion tries to accomplish. But I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all perfect system that exists in this world.

        25. Ultimately they are also the ones that cannot make up their minds. They shouldn’t be listening to TV in the first place.
          The men that I know who have been cheated on are the men who invested in their women. Men are giving up on women because the risks are getting higher and the benefits amount to basically just sex.
          Men are also guilty though of wanting both the player lifestyle and wanting the family unit simultaneously. But for people who do want to commit it has become a minefield.

        26. My reasoning is this: The way everyone behaves is derived from unquestioned collective belief systems (Axioms / truisms), that are either close to nature or far from it. They can thus vary in their illusory nature (for example, progressive ideologies being sold as “good” and “natural” without proof of them being good for mankind) and lead a society into a place that is in tune with itself, or out of tune. In most developed societies, the work forces are unaware of the fact that their beliefs are not their own (“well, I think yadayada” fucking idiots) and the ruling classes use this ignorance. Through hierarchy, an elite class has hidden access to manipulate the beliefs and so give direction or tendency to a society. If they push the illusion too far too soon, the slaves will not take it, so it takes time to make them stupid and docile so they will accept more illusory beliefs further down the line. (Think about for how long the media had to produce tv shows and movies in which fathers are displayed as idiots before it seeped into the masses beliefs [watch a movie from the 30’s, the man will be portrayed honorably, the woman will just be a woman]. Once it did, you could change a law and nobody would question it. This goes for other areas. Check hollywood’s “themes” for what’s next on the agenda f.ex. 2015: Transhumanism. [Predictive programming]). Anyway:
          From personal experience and reading, I’ve concluded that women are incapable of questioning belief systems autonomously because their imperative is solely about being chosen by a man and having babies that she can love. They have no collective thinking capabilities and no will to analyze/shape/change/improve the world around them. Feminism isn’t women’s fault. A man with an agenda put the idea in their heads. Women could never have come up with it by themselves (protofeminism was argued by intellectual men). Their tendency is to endure/persevere, which is reflected in their survival and sexual behaviors, and even in the way their bodies are made and function. This is completely unlike men, who think in an organisatory/collective/spear-pointed way (hierarchies) for the reason of improvement of what they observe for the greater goal of procreation. Woman is thus very much needed, but less than a side kick to man, even when she has her few uses mastered to perfection (it’s basically just having a nurturing nature…). Women aren’t flawed, they are simply only marginally useful. They are at man’s disposal and are made to love this role by nature.
          The system has thus certainly found an excellent way to damage humanity by focusing on turning women against behaviors that allow normal procreation (family destruction / children raised under supervision of strong male who protects them and shapes the world to suit their needs). Instead, now we have artificially empowered women running around, destroying the work of our grandfathers – really, just so they can feel some tingles. It’s fascinating how complex and how plain this really is. It’s like giving drunk 13 year olds the keys to your house to party. What are you expecting to happen?
          Whether it’s an elite of twisted men who are manipulating the belief systems in a way they see favorable to push their agenda, whether we are giving them too much credit and it is something more unthinkable, or whether we got comfortable and let our guard down, is hard to tell. It’s probably a mix of the 3. What we are observing though is a blatant tendency that is sweeping through all domains of human life like a sickness, and to me, it all seems way too coherent and relentless to solely be the product of our failures as reasonably good men.

        27. I fully agree on all points except “Women have everything to lose if feminism ended.” Women, by nature, don’t care about their rights:
          They are made to endure whatever comes at them as reflected in their bodies and attitudes and their inability to judge the state of anything that surrounds them including society. They purely rely on men to take care of them. Feminism has proved that women need to guided. And by guided I mean schooled like children and controlled like dogs. Like you say, there is no morality in them and if you let them roam freely they will destroy themselves and drag you down with them. All they care about is ‘being chosen’ by a man and having babies they can love. It’s all they know. A man has children because he’s certain he’s found the right way of life and wants his legacy to continue. A woman wants children because she thinks babies are cute and she wants to cuddle and love them. A woman would want a child if the outside world was made of toxic gas. Have you ever heard a woman say “I don’t want kids because the future of our society is uncertain.” ? HA. Men say this from an early age.
          I am not about to listen to some attention whore on Youtube. As a woman, when you start talking with make up on and tits hanging out all you’re saying is “fuck me I’m fertile”. That’s what it is and I wish it weren’t so (raised beta). We’ve reached bedrock of the truth and the only way out of this is to put women back into the box, so we can turn them into something we can love and appreciate. They will love us back for it.

        28. I agree with you on all points. But as I said somewhere else, feminism is about women getting as much as possible with as little work. This is really what they wanted. To play princess with government support. It is indeed one big shit test. That’s why feminists are always pissed off and why they push all these draconian things.
          They are punishing men for not putting them in their place.
          Great comment.

        29. The elite are playing the sexes against one another. They are returning humans to there original state. The state we lived before we invented marriage and before men cared about how many men a woman fucked. Why? Because they realize doing that will end the nuclear family and people will forgo parenting to the government. Thus when that happens the elite will be able to create their own controlled system. Class aka caste systems will be born. It is exactly like Brave New World.

        30. Alpha males rule the world. Most of them are nerds and probably didnt get laid a lot prior to them obtaining power and wealth. However these nerds who are ruling the world are by definition Alpha. They are allowing this to happe. So they eliminate traditional families and create Brave new world aka world government.

        31. A usurper to the throne is not king. An omega is still an omega. Just an omega with loads of money.

        32. Women of a society will do whatever the men of the society let them get away with. They placate to the weak, but numerous, men to change things to what they want.

        33. ALL women say NAWALT and INLT (I’m ‘Not Like That’), particularly the ones who ARE ‘Like That’.
          If they say they’re Not Like That, they’re either damn liars or they’re Not Like That – YET (they just haven’t had a reason or the opportunity YET).

        34. Over the last few years, I have had this conversation with a few men who were (like me) of the agnostic/athiest bent. Its hard to talk about the modern world and generalities without taking on a religious vocabulary.

      2. I do work on and for myself (lift +7 years, read, write, mountain bike, work (design and teaching it), music, travel). I’m reaching a point (30), where I’m growing a little impatient. I wasn’t born to just work on myself, I was born to work on myself so I could be of use to my species. I feel like a big part of my destiny was stolen from me and I’m bitter as fuck. It’s not about the women, it’s about being a man in relation to the whole matter of procreation. Without decent women, I could as well be building sand castles on the moon for self improvement. I’m certainly not leaving my genes in this fucking hell. I try not to wallow in my bitterness, but it’s an uphill battle to grow out of it. I don’t know…
        You’re right though, this situation can’t last forever, and I’m guilty of wanting this solved immediately.

        1. Yep, can understand why you’re a little bitter. You’ve been told all your life that here is how it’s supposed to be….do your part and it will all come to you. It’s true…but just in a different way. Now is the time where you’ll learn patience but now you’ll continue down that new road (forget all of the old bullshit…a new one is ahead).
          Here’s how I want you to look at life from this day forward. You could be killed, tomorrow, so act like everyday is your last. Enjoy the “journey”, keep doing the things you like to do, keep improving and working on your self. All of this will lead, eventually, to where you want to be… an older guy on this one.
          Instead of you trying to quickly be “in orbit” around someone else (be it man or woman), keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll soon find many orbiting around you.

        2. I think I get what you’re saying now. It’s starting to sink in. I have analyzed the situation enough and should just stop thinking about it before it makes me completely crazy. Instead, focus completely on forming a stronger, more interesting life / identity. Dream up the perfect life for myself and only work on that. That independence and confidence will make the bitterness relative.
          I much appreciate your input, thanks!

        3. You bet. Don’t let bullshit side track you. Turn off your phone sometimes….put it away (check on it later for messages). Turn off your TV, turn off your computer for awhile. You need alone time to reflect a little and focus on what’s important to you. I promise you…follow that path and you’ll get there.

      3. “Always work on everything for yourself, first and foremost. Work
        out, train, eat right, hobbies, goals…all for yourself (the rest will
        fall into place). Work on valuable skills – skills valuable to man:
        hunting, fishing, etc… If you haven’t learned weapons – firing a gun –
        go to the gun range (make it a must).
        Focus on those for starters. Women are not meant to be your main meal…just side dishes.”
        The above is gold, and true whether there is light at the end of the tunnel or not – always work from a point of “enlightened self interest”.

      4. Do you think it will get worse before it gets better? By the way, You and Ghost gave me some good advice a few months ago on my LTR. I’ve been single for about 3 months now and enjoying every moment. Solely focusing on myself.

        1. Nice work. It may not necessarily have to get “worse” before it gets better. We’re seeing the results, today, with an area of the internet known as the manosphere and sites like ROK. Years ago, we wouldn’t have seen anything like it (some of it just starting out way back when)…but today we’re seeing a grouping (a collective). It’s good to see, hear and read everyone’s stories so that others may relate and learn. I think some of it is getting better right now…we just have to keep on going.

      5. “Women are not meant to be your main meal…just side dishes.”
        Fuckin’ a right! Realizing this has freed my mind, my life, and my finances.

    2. I dont know how old you are, but you can most likely afford to wait it out. The advantage men have is we can outwait women because there is no wall at 40. Women deteriorate at 40, men are still at their peak and have many years left.
      If you’re in your 20’s you can wait 10, 15, even 20 years and see what the next crop of women is like.
      And they are going to change. Feminism is unsustainable as a culture.
      First, men don’t need to work at 100% to sustain ourselves. With no mate and no family, a guy can cruise at something as low as 20% of effort to keep himself going. He can do more if he chooses, but many choose not to. When men have wives and familiies, they will gladly crank out 100% for decades to provide properly. Many men right now are not marrying or having families, and are on cruise control. The difference between men producing 100% and men producing 20% is astronomical when looked at society wide.
      Second, women are working, but even at 100% they are not making up the difference in productivity, and it’s not even close to make up the entire difference. Women cannot produce enough for themselves, their families, and to support the giant social safety net they keep trying to enlarge. This net has always depended on society-wide males generally working at 100% to provide for their familiy, with tax revenues benefitting from the massive production.
      Society will collapse if this situation is left unabated.
      On top of that, some women are starting to turn against feminists for social reasons. Many of them are mothers, or would be mothers, who do not think of their sons as defective, monsters, or rapists waiting to pounce. They’re seeing a society that is unwelcoming to their boys and they don’t like it because they actually like their sons. They love them in fact.
      Is the change gonna happen soon? No. I always go back to the train metaphor. Trains running at full speed take a long time to stop, and a long time to reverse direction once stopped. Feminism is a huge train. It took decades to reach full speed, it’s going to take a while to stop it and reverse it.
      Luckily, you most likely have decades depending on your age. You can wait for the next crop of women and see how it is with them.
      A 40+ year old male who has his shit together and takes care of himself can easily pull in a nice woman in her mid to late 20’s, so work on your self in the meantime and see what the next gen looks like.
      My favorite saying in the entire world is “This, too, shall pass”, because it is applicable in every single situation everywhere. Nothing lasts forever, even if it seems impossible things will change.

        1. I’m 25 too. I expect great things from myself. You should too. Don’t worry about things so much. Put your skills to good use for the sake of the cause and for yourself of course. The world has a way of working itself out.

        2. Of course. In 15 years you’ll be 40. If you’ve taken care of yourself and managed your career/finances you’ll own your own home, have amassed a decent amount of money, still be making a lot of money, still in great shape, have developed a ton of confidence, and have at least a decade of peak time left.
          Then you’ll have 10 years to run at or near peak.

      1. “A 40+ year old male who has his shit together and takes care of himself can easily pull in a nice woman in her mid to late 20’s”
        Sorry man but i think you are wrong. Females in America are broken. Yes this too shall pass but not after a generation or two.

        1. You won’t know, until you know. One generation ago, girls were decent, more or less. In one generation, well, don’t count your chickens of doom before they hatch.

    3. Once I realized how female attraction works and saw it in action the game became pretty disturbing. Basically a guy is hot if he has muscles, acts like he doesnt give a fuck and treats her like shes his 8th option for the night. Nothing else about him really matters. Youre right about the second you show true emotion to her, she loses all attraction. So what we have is a creature who wants to be devalued and tossed aside and actually increases in arrogance the more she is dumped. By 25 they arent even worth the sex because theyre all loose and unemotional in bed.

      1. Everything is inverted man. To play the game properly, you have to think for them, and always be a few steps ahead. You know what they want better than they do, so you cook them an emotional cocktail that they get to rollercoaster through and feel their stupid feels. All you get is to share their hole with 30 other dudes and pray the condom holds up. It’s a farce and we are clowns. It’s a nightmare.

    4. YO, my dude it will be ok. Improve yourself and focus only on that. Remember these women have a shelf life and once the next ones come in opinions and consensus’ will change.
      Life is not going to be what you expected it to be or what you thought might be comfortable. However you will be made whole, I swear.

      1. Self improvement is all I do. Liberation of the mind, creation of a physical resting place for the tortured soul. What else is a man to do?
        Yeah, there may be some new wave or tendency at some point. No sign of it yet!

    5. Go East young man!
      If you want treasure you have to look for it.
      And you will not find it in the sewer that is the West.

    6. Some excellent analysis and observations here but I am going to tell you I don’t think you need a pat on the back.
      You need to see the situation which you have very accurately described with cold eyes and indifference. For you as a man know that the things you cannot control matter less than the things you can.
      What things can you control? Well for starters you can control how you deal with adversity. You can control how you respond to it. Basically you can control YOU. If someone were to pat you on the back and tell you its gonna be ok does that make it ok or does that just make you feel some momentary elation that the world isn’t so harsh?
      The world is and has always been very harsh. We in the west have been insulated from much of it though and coddled to fucking death. It’s time to leave that all aside and get comfortable being in situations/places that would make you very uncomfortable. It’s time to become cold, hard and scarred.
      I say fuck comfort. Give me trials that I may be sharpened. Give me resistance so that I may become stronger. Give me an enemy that I may conquer them.

      1. Even though I meant that sort of as a joke, your comment is actually the kind of pat on the back I meant.
        Like you say, the situation, viewed objectively, causes extreme discomfort. As an analytical man, I’d like so “solve” the problem, rather than ride it like a wild beast. I guess I have to learn to enjoy the process of decay.

    7. “Women can’t meet my simple expectations.”
      Expectations? Who do you think you are? Women are not here to serve you!!!
      Just kidding. But that’s the narrative right now – we, as men, are not entitled to expect anything out of women, or else we return to the dark ages of the 1950s.
      But meanwhile, they can ask for the moon and heaven too.

    8. The reason you are upset is because you were likely conditioned like many men to treat girls as princesses and you are their knight for a worthy, beautiful, pure girl, who is womanly and a good wife. You may still desire this but the amount of slutty girls depresses many of these “nice guys” and they are often Intimidated by more sexually experienced girls and as such we as men tend to put them down. Why? Well historically men have never held a woman who gets around in high status and there are many logical reasons for that. You are upset because you realize that everyday more potential good wife/mother material decreases. You also are probably now realizing the insanity of radical feminism.
      But understand that what is going on cannot be stopped. Why? Because people value pleasure above all else.

    9. It’s the price you pay for having your eyes opened. You’ve been served up a choice–do you want to be someone who blindly puts women on a pedestal or do you want to be aware of their nature?
      I’m in your corner on this one though–my thoughts on the matter waver between depressively disgusted and optimistic. On a positive note, you now have all the time in the world to pursue a passion. As Driver said below, pursue hobbies, goals, and skill-building that lets you develop as a man.
      Delete Facebook if you have it. Turn your phone off for a few days at a time. Unplug from the matrix (ironically I’m using the internet to type this) and simplify things so you can follow your goal.
      Can I tell you that things will be ok and be 100% certain about it? No. However, I can say that if every guy in America devoted himself to a hobby or passion and kept women as secondary and tertiary efforts, the world would be a better place. Find that passion and pursue.
      Keep fighting.

    10. I had to copy this comment to a file – it was way too well written to just let fade into the past. I will probably read this various times throughout my life so as to keep perspective of what is going on around me. This will really come in handy during those times that I blame myself for not being able to find a good woman to have a family with…

    11. I disagree with many replying to you. It is not going to be OK. The degradation has gone to far. The destruction of women is institutionalized. The debasement of men even more so.
      Enjoy what you can in life. But don’t waste your time looking for love. It does not exist any longer.

  14. hard hitting and heart felt article. This should go viral on Jezebel etc. or have warrior femmes descending upon us to argue every point, but it won’t – they won’t touch something like this. Women will go crazy about fat issues or tattoos or any touchy issue, but if they want to know what we really think about them, which normally they would do, its all here in this article. They won’t respond to this, because even to read it would shatter not just their self-image but the entire paradigm they live in

  15. I’d love to nut all over the faces of those girls in the title, then take a bunch of pics and send them to their blue pill daddys. Haha

    1. Most beta male fathers have figured out their daughters aren’t snowflakes. They’ve just given up.

      1. A father of an ex of mine made himself into daddy pay out to get his daughter through law school. This is while she used big daddy government to pay for law school. He knew about his daughter’s relationship with me. We met a few times and had great conversations. After things ended, I wanted to acknowledge her birthday, out of courtesy but decided against it. Apparently dad did one better by sending a IM message at some point saying happy birthday daughter and proceeded about his day. He used to call. Sounds like the truth is getting through.

  16. interesting.
    The end of times is verified in eastern teachings; righteousness would be on its last leg while unrighteousness is rampant.
    Goes back to the swastika that Hitler copyright infringed upon…
    Regardless. I think the elite society are definitely playing a game. In the end, it’s our decisions.
    Besides, there’s no unity, no true brotherhood of man for us to expel these evil forces.
    There is much evil and disharmony within ourselves.
    Divide and conquer… oldest play in the book.

  17. Even for MGTOW, you still want to bang 1 -2 better looking women a year, and avoid the mistakes. So game is still relevant.

  18. I really liked this article, I think I’ll take to using the term ‘soft cuckold’, I’ve not heard it before but it fits with what you’re describing. One of my friends in particular can’t understand this point and we argue about it on a regular basis. I can’t decide whether he truly has no territorial instincts or if (as I suspect) he suppresses them for some reason.
    I do think the process of degradation is more organic than you are implying here; wealth just does this. In a materially luxurious society the pleasures of self-indulgence and hedonism look increasingly attractive to an increasing number of people when compared to the simpler joys of family life and building something of lasting value. That’s just the way it is, and as of yet I cannot think of any way around it. It’s especially unpleasant for men such as myself, I think more of the regular commenters on this site than would admit it, deep down, are the guy who was supposed to marry early and start a family, and not the notch counting bad boy we all try to be now. I know this is certainly true of me, I’m certain I just get less out of the whole play the field approach, even when successful, than other guys I see who were born to it, and never adopted this as a hedge against the plummeting value of the women around them.
    Well, still nothing to be done about it, enjoy the decline everyone.

  19. Disney World is burning, and there are men trying to put the fire out despite the fact the female culprits are standing next to them with a string up there ass, clapping along while being pulled by outside forces instead of looking inwards like the puppets they are.
    I understand why its okay for women to be sluts now. Back then, women, men, and children had to be civilized in order for society to be build. Now, we have damn near 6 billion on this planet so there is no need ti place much effort in caring about the future of the world. We are in the future. This, as I tell my cousin everyday is what freedom looks like. Older black people complain about the black kids of this current generation, but what exactly did they expect? THIS, again is what freedom looks like. The right to fuck up and do as they please. THIS, is what freedom looks like. I tell my cousin everyday when he has issues with his wife that THIS, is what freedom is. You want your wife to act as our mothers did in the past and currently? You will be seen as a caveman who is not modern and stuck in a fucking cave jerking off to cave drawings. She is a free woman allow to be a mother and sexually explicit at the same time. Why? Because this is what FREEDOM looks like.
    Try and saying something about how these females are acting will have you in a situation to get your balls cut off. Saying something about how black people are behaving will have your balls and race card pulled. Criticism? HA. What is this constructive criticism you speak off when dealing with freedom? Logic? Don’t make me laugh. Emotions run the jungle these days. Men are allowed to do as they please just as women are. Hence, why if you criticize a woman about her behavior you wont just be dealing with other women, but men as well, just so they can get closer to getting attention or maybe some pussy from this broads. Problem is, the caveman rules remain king yet hidden away from the outside world so these chicks can have a chance a snatching a beta at the end. And even if they don’t, “Slut” is a term of pride. Cuckolding is mainstream and you as a man better be prepared to deal with her pussy being wet without her herself being wet if you catch my drift. Bring a napkin and prepare to swim. You are a future babysitter for the kids that never made it to the finish line. No child left behind right?????????
    Point is, this again is what freedom looks like. Freedom isn’t all its cracked up to be when it comes to the genders and society. There has to be rules in order for shit to function. You think that iPhone your pretty little aloof ass is using just happened for the sake of it happening? NO. It took structure and a blueprint for that creation to happen. Its the same rule for anything else. You want order but refuse to accept leadership from men trying to give you that because you want to be free, then cry your eyes out like the chick in the video because you got what you want.
    Welcome to the dark side of freedom. Because even if women SOMEHOW restart back to the old ways, we have too much info and know whats behind the curtain. The question around that time will then become:
    What do we do now? What would be the alternative then?

    1. Chronos? Lord saturn enforces restriction, maybe an offering and a prayer is in due time then.

    2. Nice smear of freedom. You make no distinction between liberty and license, which all critical and thoughtful men understood from the enlightenment through the early to mid twentieth century. Your argument holds as much water as wiping out the distinction between written orders for genocide as compared to a book of poetry by Robert Frost by stating “this is what LITERACY looks like!” and pointing to the orders.
      Next time try a more nuanced and better thought out approach please.

  20. My great grand mother was illiterate. I was lucky enough to get to meet her. The strength of her character was undeniable. During WW1, while our army was retreating from the germans, she walked through the war thorn country for almost 1000 miles with her two little girls (my grand mother and her sister).They WALKED.. Her husband (my great grand father) was who knows where fighting the war…. And while our army was retreating, at one point she stopped in front of the soldiers and said: “How dare you run away? If you only pile up your military winter mantle, and you will stop the germans.” She stood 6 feet tall, straight as a 30 years old until the day she died at 93.
    She was tough as nails, and she never worked a day in her life. Took care of the children..
    Now, that was a WOMAN.. where are they now?

    1. Actually being a badass who is tough as nails isn’t my definition of a woman. Or a ‘WOMAN’ as you say. I couldn’t give a shit less about how a woman will behave during an apocalyptic journey through a war-zone. Your definition is something that belongs on some feminist site. She even shames the soldiers, blames them etc. suggests that if a woman was in charge, they would have won, all would be perfect, blah, blah, blah. Boring. How did she look in a thong and heels?

      1. Being a traditional woman, married only once, taking care of her children, grand children and even great grand children and her home during good times and bad times for a life long is what I think a woman should do. Remember, she never went to school, she never learned how to read, and she had no problem with that..As to shaming the soldiers running away was the right thing to do. Especially in war. You don’t run away. You-hold-the-FUCKING-line…You put up the best fight you have in you, because you are defending your land and your home…At least that’s the way it was 100 years ago.. Running away from responsibilities and being spineless is normal today… Being a loser is acceptable, and even encouraged..We men are doing this and we better come to terms with it. Women do what they do, but WE are the ones who are weak.. It’s not feminism, the culture, and all the BS we’re talking about here. IT’S US…”It’s OK little Timmy, it’s OK to fail. Now don’t start crying.. You can try again…Everybody gets a prize, don’t worry about it”. We raise our boys as little pussies today.. Shaming failure is the right thing to do, regardless who’s doing the shaming.
        And yeah, she was a 9.

      2. There’s definitely something to be said for women that have that sort of “toughness” to them when things get hard. Women who are Weak and Timid get old.

    1. “Decimation” has meant “massive destruction” since at least the 1660s.
      If you want to be a grammar faggot at least get it right.

      1. Decimation was used in roman times to discipline roman legions that got out of hand, every tenth soldier was beaten to death.
        the body of a women is a temple built on a sewer.

      2. Oh calm down. You’re right that people use it to mean destruction, but it’s a less respected use of the term. Furthermore, it applies to killing (“the decimation of a species”), not the moral destruction Roosh is referring to. “Devastation” is a better word.

  21. ROK sure knows how to dwell into the abyss of nihilism. Hating women for their actions is like hating a fish for swimming. This behaviour that we are seeing is the physical manifestation of Eve. Eve was self-entitled, narcissistic and fell for the charms of a bad boy(Lucifer). Adam failed to keep his his bitch in check and the rest was history. I’m not an devout Christian but I know wisdom when I read it. Women have always been decimated and desecrated. Hence the patriarchal systems of old institutionalized marriages and limited their freedoms to save them from themselves.
    A free woman without a man to keep her in check is dangerous as she will always seek out the forbidden fruit e.g. bad boys, marxism etc. Now that we have governments that have practically nullified our abilities to keep these hoes in check, the Eve that dwells in every women has the perfect opportunity to be released and scorch the Earth.
    Since most if not all of us here have no political and economic means to reverse the workings of the Cathedral, one has a variety of ways to adapt to the over-saturation of hoes in the world.
    1. Become a pimp- Pussy has become such a worthless commodity, why not make a profit for yourself and turn out bitches to give you revenue. This not only meets your monetary needs but her needs to be mounted by as many cocks as humanly possible. Win-win for the both of you. * You need to be exceptional in behavioural and psychological manipulation
    2. Be a player- Run through as many hoes as you can(use protection) and limit your investments(don’t ‘wine and dine’ these hoes) . You can also form a team with other players to toss each other your used up hoes. I can vouch for this as it limits your dry spells by having a constant rotation of hoes that you can fuck.
    *Take a break to recharge your batteries and spirituality
    3.Celibacy- Avoid hoes altogether and channel your libido into a project, technological/business venture or in the expression of art(music, paintings, acting etc.)

  22. Choose one, non western women, or white nationalism. Because in the end, Eastern Europe is not exactly the same as Anglo culture either – genetically or culturally. The dilemma is baked-in.

    1. Culture, sure. Genetic? Come now, EE’s are Indo-European just like Germanics, just like Celts, just like Italos. Yes, some mixing, but the same could be said of Saxons.

        1. What a lot of these white nationalists want to preserve when they say ‘preserve Western culture’ is not like, sentimental symbols like a Christian church, or even their skintone and phenotype.
          It’s a sense of democracy and freedom that you get in Western Europe and the US. According to the HBD writers, this comes as a result of outbreeding rather than clannishness.
          If this is true, ironically the best non-Western European custodians of Western democratic individualism are sub-Saharan Africans, many of whom are also outbreeders and highly active in creating civic associations in their societies.
          The level of ‘trust’, undemocratic institutions and clannishness in much of Eastern Europe is the same as the Middle East and Asia. Unless you’re just trying to preserve your blonde hair and blue eyes, which is the only thing you’re preserving with Northeast Europe.

        2. The problem isn’t so much the concept of democracy which we’ve had in Europe for thousands of years, but mass democracy. Mass democracy is just imperialism with lots of sugar coating.
          The difference is in how this question is answered: is culture subservient to democracy or is democracy subservient to culture?

        3. Or mass democracy could actually be part of some cultures, the Vikings established their laws through Things, which were mass democracy meetings, it’s just like Americans in the early 1800s used to have voting meetings where people would camp out en masse to vote

        4. The Things could hardly be classed as mass democracy. The closest it would come to whatever we have is the Grand Jury, which has been slowly on its way out thanks to “preliminary hearings”.

    2. Non-Westerners like Slavs are Caucasoid. If they have any mixing it is small drops of Mongoloid. Not enough to question their Caucasoid, Indo-European cred. Even then it is far more likely that said drops of Mongoloid is Finno-Uralic, like the Saami who have been in Europe since forever.

        1. I’m not talking about skull shape either. Slavs are Europids whereas Arabs are not. There are European phenotypes with varying skull shapes that are European/Western.
          Here’s a handy guide to Europid phenotypes… notice no Arabs, but plenty of Slavs.

        2. science makes spaceships, engineers design equipment, technology makes life better. looking at skulls of Caucasoid-Robo-heads, and racial Cyborging, whatever you call it does not put bread on the table for anyone except for the dying profession called Anthropology.

        3. And a lot of people don’t see the sense in NASA receiving any funding or don’t give two flying fucks about colonizing Mars. Some people don’t care. And that’s fine. Science isn’t about bread on the table. It’s about discoveries stemming from curiosity. Just because you don’t see the use in something doesn’t mean there is no use in it.

        4. you didn’t name a use for it…
          NASA produced a ton of patents and inventions..ear thermometers, solar energy , smoke detectors, memory foam, LED lights, do I need to go on ?

        5. What is the use of phenotype and genotype? Oh, I dunno, solving crimes, archaeology, healthcare, genomic sequencing, among other things

        6. which crime are you solving here, I thought this was an article about how women are fucked up ? you think this is genetically related? Oh I forgot you’re one of those guys who think the EE women are unicorns and you’re making a genetic connection with their behavioral types.
          Peoples skulls do not help in healthcare, I would like to see the connection, maybe I am ignorant.

        7. The question is… Is Kim Kardashian white, I know she’s honorarily black in US culture though.

        8. Interesting question. I don’t particularly like the term “white”. I’d rather use more scientifically appropriate terms relating to phenotype like Caucasoid, Europid, Mongoloid, etc.
          Is she “white”? I don’t know. In reference to a Northern European? No. In reference to an Eastern European? No. In reference to a Southern European? Maybe.
          She’s Armenian, but only by nationality. I definitely think there’s other mixes in there, like Kurd, Arabic, Turkic. I also know that people from the Caucasus region get attacked in Russia and are referred to as “niggers” if you translate the Russian slurs.

        9. Yeah I was asking if she is Europid. Because if she is, then so are plenty of Arabs and other people from that area of the world

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