4 Reasons Why We Should Praise The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

First of all, this article is not condoning male thirst, nor is it meant to put the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on a pedestal. Frankly, I don’t even like American “Football” or the NFL in general. My inner libertarian despises the blue pill military worshiping culture surrounding it, and there are plenty of constructive things I could be doing with my time beyond watching multi-millionaire human rhinoceros barge into each other for more than three hours on a precious weekend.

More than anything else, this article is giving praise to the organization of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The powers behind the iconic cheerleading squad, which represents “America’s team”, have continued to maintain their integrity and devotion to promoting a high standard of traditional femininity and beauty since 1960; a standard which has arguably been the highest, and most critically acclaimed, of all cheerleading organizations in the world.

In equal admiration, they have done this while successfully staving off the constant onslaught of 2nd wave feminism, 3rd wave feminism, and moral degeneracy that has been going on in the world around them since the 1970’s. A state of degeneracy which has otherwise been put into overdrive in the second decade of the 21st century.

This article will identify four key areas as to why the DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) deserves an obligatory cocktail salute and a silent nod of respect. Let’s get started.

dallas cowboys cheerleaders dance

1. No Fat Chicks

“Fat Acceptance” is not in the vocabulary of professional cheerleading, and the DCC organization is certainly no exception. Having a very aesthetically appealing body weight is a vital component of any woman hoping to make the cut as one of these cheerleaders. Furthermore, maintaining that weight is equally important for staying on the squad during their tenure.

For the pen-pushers behind the scenes, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are, first and foremost, a business. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that the cheerleaders hang very close to the sweet spot on the body mass index (BMI) in order for them to have a successful business model.

Financially lucrative appearance fees would nosedive, and sales of DCC calendars and other photo spreads would tumble, if they suddenly developed a reputation for letting a few chubby chicks slip through the ranks.

Furthermore, thirsty beta males pay good money at a Dallas game to watch slender and fit females gyrating on the sidelines as an amusing sideshow. If they wanted to cast their eyes on land whales, they can just head on over to the local Walmart. Or better yet, it’s Texas after all. Land whales are everywhere.

no fat chicks

2. High Standards Of Grooming And Appearance

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization does not have the time, the tolerance, or even the desire to accommodate the vast array of degenerate 21st century “fashion” trends into their ranks.

We’re talking NO visible tattoos, NO (visible) piercings, and NO unnatural hair colors.

While there is no specific requirement against short hair, few wind up making it onto the squad in any given year. A woman who is damaged enough to want to cut her hair short probably wouldn’t pass the tattoo requirement anyway.

Sorry, but any and every tattooed, pierced, and purple-haired yoga instructor can fuck off back to the state capital where they belong. Austin likes to “keep it weird” after all. The DCC demands classy women, and classy women is what they get. Observe.

2014 dallas cowboys cheerleaders squad

Gym-fit bodies, tattoo-free skin, and long beautiful locks of natural hair dominate the landscape

3. They Demand (Some) Worthy Talents

Young women in the United States are growing up with absolutely no personal talents or skills. That is, unless you count speed-texting on a smartphone while being a “good driver” in their daddy’s sports utility vehicle as a distinct female talent.

Once upon a time, a mark of stature for a woman was to be at least one of:

1. An exceptional cook or home chef

2. A talented player of a classical instrument

3. Well-versed in French or Latin

4. An experienced ballroom dancer

Or at least something that took some extensive practice and repetition in order to achieve competency. Young women in the United States (and to be fair a lot of young men too) cannot do any of these things anymore. The “smartphone undertow” is clearly taking it’s toll on the younger millennials, as the following video demonstrates.

“Miss New York” Kira Kazantsev, a 23-year-old Manhattan native (as of September 2014), decided that a stupid frat party game involving the flipping of a plastic red cup was a solid first-rate choice for the “Miss America” talent competition last year. And guess what….. she still won!

“The reason why I chose to do that talent is I wanted every single little girl in America to be able to see that you can do that talent — you can do whatever talent you want on national television — even with a red cup — and still be Miss America and have the time of your life” – Kira Kazantsev

If that’s how Ms. Kazantsev feels, sometimes I wonder if we are well and truly done for as a nation…

Thankfully, the DCC demands some visually appealing talents that, when put on public display, don’t add up to being a national embarrassment.

Most professional cheerleaders have many years of experience in various dance styles, and their training probably did not include “twerking.” Jazz dance and improvisational skills are particularly desirable, and the results certainly trump cup-spinning any day.

dallas cheerleaders jump

4. They Are Not Social Justice Pawns

Last, but certainly not least, the DCC are not used as figureheads to promote bogus social justice warrior campaigns which have a distinct anti-male slant to them. There is no raising “awareness” of “rape culture”, encouraging women to “lean in” more because they are being “oppressed” by male colleagues, or whining about women earning only “77 cents on the dollar” for the same labor exerted by a man.

In fact, professional cheerleaders are paid garbage wages but they still sign up for the gig in droves. There is really a lot to say about that, especially when they are only competing for placement against other women.

On occasion, they do get involved in “awareness” campaigns for breast cancer and other problems of female biology, but at least those are legitimate issues (unlike “rape culture”). Still, their primary objective is to provide entertainment for the fans and the troops, and they mostly stay true to that.


Professional cheerleading is admittedly pretty stupid. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It adds nothing of true value to a sporting match, and it’s primarily a platform to sell bikini calendars and to provide mildly amusing girly entertainment at conventions and USO shows.

The fact that it’s primarily (but not exclusively) an American institution, along with the stereotype that cheerleaders are the picture-book definition of a female American “airhead”, naturally makes it a target for international parody.

However, the DCC are arguably the very best at what they do. Hence their tagline “The Often Imitated, Never Equalled, Internationally Acclaimed.

It’s true that there are imitations galore, perhaps most notably by their (much sluttier) counterparts in South America. The Boca Juniors Cheerleaders in Buenos Aires.

Boca Culture in Buenos Aires

However, we are here to (mostly) celebrate class, and not exclusively the ass. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have it, while the same sentiment cannot exactly be shared with some of their Latin counterparts.

Would we still feel the itch to migrate to South America or Eastern Europe if the feminine qualities of the DCC were promoted as an ideal for women in the United States? Rather than giving a platform to chubby, short-haired, tattoo-covered, little sister-banging feminists like Lena Dunham and company? Probably not (quite as badly).

The DCC organization, and their expected standards, are a breath of fresh air in our rapidly declining and degenerate society. So for the ladies who want to take part and embrace their femininity, don’t try to compete with men, don’t get stupid piercings and tattoos, maintain a trim figure, keep their hair long, and have some extracurricular activities which don’t involve their smartphone, we give a modest salute to you. Bravo.

cocktail salute

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136 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why We Should Praise The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders”

  1. This is as lame if not lamer than the barbie article. Can we get back to the better philosophical articles and not these stupid ass articles prasing standards of beauty that are shallow as fuck.

    1. They aren’t shallow… every one of those women has all the earmarks of being decent genetic stock for offspring. And if there is anything a woman can do more important than producing new human life, I have yet to see it.

      1. I disagree too. Lately a lot of you guys have been complaining about the quality of articles or that there are too many a day now. That aside, I am seeing lots of new contributors on here, which is good. We need numbers. More real men writing articles for real men like us. At least no harm could possibly come out of it, other that you feeling like you wasted five minutes you’ll never get back having read the article, which may in fact appeal to a great many readers anyway.

    2. This is as lame if not lamer than the barbie article

      I disagree. Women are sex objects and family subjects hence they should be commended when they present themselves as sex objects and good housewives.
      Woman wants to study computer science? Degrade and insult her as you wish.
      Woman has a fit body and can cook like a champ? Acknowledge what a valuable specimen she is.

        1. …unless they are are also schooled in the Feminine Virtues (can cook, sew, keep a home tidy and please a man.) There are some educated women who can do this.
          It’s a woman’s dipshit opinions (if any) that should never be taken seriously

    3. The subject matter couldn’t have been more obvious. Just gotta skip it if it’s not in your interests.

  2. Actually I rather enjoyed this article. It shows that there are still small bastions of femininity that are holding out against the wave of pressure brought out SJWs and their kind. Good for them. Also every single woman in that team photo is a 8 and above!

  3. For a fluff piece, it’s not that bad. And I skipped most of the letters and just paid attention to the T&A.
    Not that I think RoK needs fluff pieces, but they do drive traffic, and support the server.

  4. Professional sports have always been a tool of leaders to control betas. In fact, they’re used to raise testosterone levels in betas so they mate and aren’t violent. Its pretty impressive stuff.

        1. bread and circuses are important to a point… but that point is quickly surpassed by the fact that they are so profitable.
          Too bad people don’t understand that entertainment must, like everything else, be taken in moderation.
          A little electricity can save a life, but a lot will stop your heart.

        2. They were always designed to be profitable. Implementation has changed in some senses and I do think a massive culling is in order. Too much, too often leads to a slothful people.

        3. as proven again and again throughout history.
          You know, I think I had the wrong take on the story of the movie ‘Constantine’… I think Gabriels plan was a really good idea.
          Then again, I laughed my way through ‘Rampage’ so I may have an odd point of view on the matter.

    1. as opposed to Professional Lawyers who are tools of the state or Professional Doctors who are tools of the FDA? Everyone is a tool of someone or some wealthy entity.

        1. I think he interpreted your comment as criticism, when it seemed to be more of an observation.
          He seems to do that a lot.

      1. I do think that people leverage against each other to get things done. I don’t think such a callous attitude is necessary though. Say, you’re going to build a house for a rich guy. He’s using you because his wealth is money, and you’re using him because your wealth is strength and knowledge. So, I agree with your third statement but your examples are incredibly one sided.

        1. Professional sports are needed for a segment of the population who have no desire or are not, lets say, musically inclined or good at math. What I am saying is that, the audience is there and the professional outlet allows certain youth to attain status and build character. If it makes someone else rich, so be it. Who cares?

        2. The question is, is using someone else generally unethical?
          I don’t think it is, as long as the useage is understood by all parties. The trouble comes when you start using people without their knowledge that they are being used, or when you are using them to achieve a goal that they did not agree with. The second is not, however, a hard rule.
          By ‘trouble’ I mean complication, not evil.

  5. Good article, but we do not know how they act in private. Sarah Jones, Bengals Cheerleader = left her husband for the 16 year old boy she was fucking.

      1. I happen to like kids, and have raised some good ones.
        I am a little sick of the whole ‘fembot’ push. Women CAN be fixed… it’s simply laziness to create a new version when the old one can be repaired…. if not this generation, then perhaps the next.
        Besides which, fembots produce their own host of problems, which we do not understand yet and may not be able to fix.
        Besides, where’s the fun in dominating something with your will when it’s submission is a foregone conclusion? If you like a life without challenge, fine, but MEN enjoy competition.
        I like my women bucking the leash occasionally… it’s so much fun putting them back in their place.

        1. I am a little sick of the whole ‘fembot’ push. Women CAN be fixed…

          Of course they can be fixed, for example by divine intervention or genetic modification by aliens……. or by fembots. It’s not that fembots will REPLACE women. No, fembots will put selection pressure on women. That’s what will fix them.

          Besides, where’s the fun in dominating something with your will when it’s submission is a foregone conclusion?


        2. Behold,another probable white cunt sissyboi who spends his time flourishing on tumblr wanking off to degrading fucked-up misogyny porn in his mom’s basement somewhere…all the while dreading the idea of leaving said basement and facing the sheer disgust of his nerdiness(and just general weak white male faggotry) from his fellow XX-chromosome carriers….God-damn I am NEVER gonna get tired of seeing white trash incinerate itself…Honestly,NEVER.

        3. Alright white cunt…whatever you say…Who am I to argue against a white cunt being degrading towards their own kind? Time jacking off to fucked-up shit in your mom’s basement is time spent better than playing the tough guy online,sissyboi-everyone knows in real life anyone could get your kranium to kiss concrete in less than a matter of seconds…so white cunt,don’t you be getting too brave now,and take your weak pathetic testosterone-less white sissi ass and fuck off back to tumblr where it fucking belongs.

        4. How has the ooga-booga mentality (whereby your response to encountering those with superior intellects, is a desire to club their craniums with a femur bone you’d previously buried) worked out for you?

        5. go back over that whiteboi…I clearly said “anyone” could arrange a nice little make-out session between that weak cunt’s cranium(with alpha male aspirations HAHHAA) and concrete(doesn’t have to be me you retarded sissy,i didn’t even say i’m willing to touch some smelly nerd-ass tumblr freak who most probably cries after touching himself to women getting beat up)…Come now whiteboi-the astounding lack of masculinity white sissies like you possess is bad enough….at least live up to that “superior intellect” crap that white sissie throw around to make themselves feel worthy of anything and fucking READ…Or has wanking off to degrading violence towards wenches in porn somehow drained you?

        6. Your ‘anyone’ get-out clause doesn’t negate the violence toward your fellow man that’s implicit in your comment. Despite what the en vogue hip hop culture du jour assures us, cohesive society don’t run on violence. I do concede that you make a good point about how porn is draining men of their virility. White men should definitely pay attention to the trend you’re eloquently describing.

        7. Testosterone whiteboi….Testosterone IS responsible since that’s the main cause of aggression in males.Nerds do have that little knack of painting their lack of it as some sort of virtue.No doubt they probably have a leg to stand on when they shout out some bullshit about being stoic(though it’s even funnier when the nerds actually claim mental superiority)…Down side of that?Low testosterone also means you’re a weak cunt….”Violence towards your fellow man” wasn’t a black male thing up until recently,given europe’s rampant imperialism.But that’s all in the past now,and weak little whitebois,living off their ancestor’s inheritance now proclaim their weakness is some sort of “enlightenment”…No whiteboi-you’re merely a declining race.You’ve had your time(your ancestors did),and now you’re in the process of dying off…As for my reply towards that diseased basement rat-again whiteboi,go over it! You will find,I think,that tumblr freak that jacks off to wenches getting beat up needed to be put in its place. A weak nerdy white cunt has no business feeling smug over being able to overpower some little wench…no weak,socially-rejected, sissy cunt deserves to feel proud of anything.

        8. I wasn’t defending Anti-Femastasis’ opinions on fembots, which is an abhorrent concept to me. The batman cartoon he displayed, however, is funny, not because of the porn aspect, but because of the box in the bottom right hand corner. This chauvinistic interpretation of women chimes with the vast majority of my interactions with them (as it also does with other readers of ROK. How about your experience?), and while it’s obviously comedic in nature, it’s also a reminder to de-pedestalise women. You criticise white males for their faggotry, so how come you don’t like classical comedic chauvinism?
          I’ve read all the posts in this argument/debate a number of times, and he didn’t claim to be Alpha, or indicate that he wants to overpower or beat women. [Brigadon wrote about dominating, which is a different ball game, and is arguably necessary when dealing with women. You seem to advocate being domineering yourself.] So, unless I don’t know about some flame-war history between you and anti-femistasis, it looks like you’re making things up in order to ‘put him in his place’.
          Testosterone only visits men for a few fleeting years, much like female beauty. Men are enthralled with their own power while it’s around, but end up decrepit like everyone else in the end. Actually, a man who’s foolish enough to think he’s invincible during his youth usually sits down to a banquet of consequences once the rot sets in. Character development is much more important in the long run.
          You’re very ignorant of history if you think that blacks have been some sort of gentle brothers to each other until the white man came and spoiled everything with imperialism. I can’t give you an entire history lesson here, but everyone was up to their eyeballs in imperialism/slavery/colonisation, not least the blacks. The King of Bonny in Nigeria wrote to the British parliament in complaint, when they outlawed slavery in 1800. Whites were actually the only race who ever fought a war to end slavery (American war of independence). Your ‘brothers’ in white hatred, the muslims, used to deprive slaves of your precious testosterone, by clipping their balls off completely. Mass genocide of that order was a different kettle of fish to the share-cropping in America, where blacks could raise families. I’m merely describing events of history, (and am not condoning practices of hundreds of years ago which nobody around today played any part in), in case you’re labouring under the delusion that’s presented by the agenda-driven mainstream. Always question who’s narrating the popular understanding of world history. It’s almost always much more complicated than simply black&white. Given that there are so many races and nations who’ve had harrowing histories, is it really a good use of your physiology to allow testo-fuelled anger to inform all your anti-white butt hurt?
          Everyone’s living off their ancestors’ legacy. We’re living in times of near-utopian abundance (of course there are problems in modern society too). There’s loads of space for anyone who wants to set up an abode in the African savannah, but we’re all staying here because we appreciate the civil order, comforts and conveniences. You might be right about the whites dying off, etc, but who knows really? The world is deteriorating into a shambles, and whoever grabs power for a brief moment or two won’t last long in the ensuing melee.
          Like I said, I appreciate you pointing out the phenomenon of the white youth succumbing to the weakening effects of all this technology and comfort. It’s definitely one more prominent sign of the decay of society. I’m just presenting things from my point of view and understanding, and am not out to cause any more offence. So feel free to disagree, and point out where I’m wrong, in your opinion. You seem like you could be an all right sort, despite your ‘white cunt/white sissies’ ravings, which I’ve already conceded you have a point with, to a certain extent.

        9. God-damn you are one hell of a nerd aren’t you whiteboi…Alright i’ll bite:
          1.A wench is a wench. I don’t pedestalize/hate wenches. Having said that whiteboi,the point really just flew past you entirely…Posting a bunch of weird shit about degrading some wench isn’t gonna “depestalize” anything(‘the fuck were you pedestalizing in the first place?)…That basement rat that spends his days posting pics of sewn-up vaginas and weird fucked-up degrading shit is the same cunt that’ll spend his days on tumblr running his little misogyny blog and posting weird fucked-up porn ranging from “facial abuse”;”dirtya2m”;”rape” to softcore,borderline snuff(there’s a whole fuckin’ community of them…the white cunts…)…’The fuck is spending your life jacking off to violent shit gonna do?That’s beyond fucking pathetic…These same cunts will almost always throw shit around about traditionalism and masculinity,all the while knowing fully well that they couldn’t ever stand a fight against another man….Masculinity has JACK SHIT to do with being a basement rat with a hobby for female degradation…Again,that white sissy would never confront a real dude,he has no business acting like hes in any position to degrade.
          2.Again whiteboi,the point really just flew past you…Did I give off the impression that I frown upon male violence?Or that I condone faggotry? The point about europe’s imperialism is that it took place BECAUSE your ancestors didn’t frown upon male violence…Their achievement and legacy wasn’t built upon the “enlightened sensitivities” that weaklings like yourself prefer to preach…Those guys didn’t fucking encrypt “long-run character/personality/sensitivity development” in their definition of masculinity and they most certainly didn’t apply that shit to their war-mongering. Your ancestors never thought in terms of “Testosterone/strength is temporary therefore its pursuit is of secondary value”…They pursued masculine strength fiercely and it became their legacy(“the white male” legacy that present white cunts like to feed-off cause they haven’t anything else going for them)…Let’s be fair,your average 20 year-old whiteboi today would easily get his ass kicked by your average 35 year’old 300 years ago….
          3. Whiteboi,everyone lives off everyone’s legacy,but whitebois take it to parasitic levels…You’re never ever going to be able to actually draw an equal sign between an European imperialistic warlord and a sensitive little flower that “doesn’t want to cause anymore offense”….You just can’t…..I’m glad you admit to being aware that your race has no future,though i am not surprised-typical sensible “enlightened”(HAHAHA)whiteboi fashion….But do you get me whiteboi? Do you get why i have this much rage at some weak-ass whiteboi basement rat who thinks he’s somehow tough shit?

        10. Call me overly traditional but I don’t really want to stick my dick in a robot.

          You don’t need to. But if enough men do it, let’s say 5% of men (who have a fembot or a fembot and a gf), this will cause instant selection pressure among women.

        11. I agree… but think of the possibilities whenever your chick acts out of line. You can say, “fuck off with your bitching, I got a fembot,” and there will come a day when women realise that their pussies aren’t made of gold. Might help to keep them in line.

        12. How many kids do you have?
          How many attractive men want to inseminate you?
          What’s the probability you’ll be 40, fat and childless, crying while eating twinkies?

        13. Hey TJL, did you know that black women are statistically the least attractive to men?
          Did you know that black men prefer fucking white women?
          Did you know that 99.9999% of white men gag when they see the fat asses on black women?

        14. and you love that….don’t you whiteboi….???I bet you fucking LOVE the sight of a black dude fucking “your” woman,huh?

        15. LOL. ‘Cause you’re a bitch. If you talk like a bitch expect to be called a bitch. Maybe if you stopped bitching about whites you wouldn’t be confused for being a bitch. Then again most blacks are just bitches to us whites – and most blacks are a little soft wristed too, so not sure there’s much you can do about it except kill yourself… or move back to Africa.

        16. No, I don’t LOVE the sight of a black dude fucking “my” women. Thank god you guys have fuck all game and most women see you as jokes. Any woman that wants a black man either believes the myth you’re all hung like donkey’s, or is fat and unfuckable to most whites.

        17. You know, I think your really on to something! What if we refocused all of MGTOW and MRA (at least MGTOW and any other willing hands) and unleash their creative abilities on creating the ideal fem-bot!? That really would completely rewrite the rules wouldnt it? Especially if we could make it cheap and reliable (now that would terrify the feminists)… equip them with heated vava’s with stimulation… all able to be programmed to your ‘good consumer’s’ preferences?
          OH SHIT… the greatest revolution of man against women to take place EVER! WE HERE could all invest in Fem-Bot stock and make a fortune watching women’s pussy value plummet! I LOVE THIS IDEA!
          What say you fellowship of men? Shall we retake our rightful places as rulers and render pussy value in half at the very least?
          I’ll put 10 stacks on this project! Any other takers?

        18. the greatest revolution of man against women to take place EVER! WE HERE could all invest in Fem-Bot stock


          That really would completely rewrite the rules wouldnt it?

          Exactly. You could weaken feminism immensely without even mentioning the word “feminism” or “men’s rights”.
          But that’s the whole problem with MRAs (not with MGTOWs): They concentrate so much on _arguments_ and on _involving women_ (“Women are not the problem, women are part of the solution”) that they don’t realize where feminism comes from. It comes from women (and from white knights of course) and therefore if you weaken women’s position you automatically weaken feminism. Instead MRAs want to strengthen women’s position.

        19. Agreed, as long as MRA’s are shackled in a politically correct, martial stance, they will always be the lame duck in the mainstream arena!
          However MRA’s are providing critical foundations that men will need… Such as an actual lobby for fathers rights, pushing for more shelters for men through the legal channel etc etc… we actually have to start looking out for men and circulate our wealth in man only spaces that support our cause! That will def be a crucial aspect that will affect MGTOW as well. Many men seem to be both MRA and MGTOW. I support both and plan on creating more wealth for MRA!
          Creating a program like a ninja fem-bot project would both weaken the system (not just feminists) and create a surplus of wealth to strengthen the cause! Plus put a little extra swag in our pockets… Never a bad thing!

        20. P.S. The post you found is hilarious and dead on… you would make an excellent spotter… oh wait, you already are one for the MGTOW’s ‘Cheeky grin’! 😉

    1. They may look good on the outside. I’ll give them that but what they so in private can be another story. I bet they can go as crazy as sorority girls. Most women suck whether they appear like it or not.

  6. When I was a kid, the DCC was like a household name. Seriously. We actually did, even in the 80s, compare women to it, like “hey she looks like she could be a DCC” or “she’s not quite DCC material but she can really suck a dick”.
    Now they are not so known.
    And now the women are all fat and ugly or if they are not, they are complete cunts.

    1. and covered in ugly ass tattoos and peircings, and had more cocks in them than the average porn star

  7. Notice how not a single one of them has short hair. Ladies, pay attention.
    Edit: Ok, spotted one. Either way, a very healthy long hair to short hair ratio, not found much of anywhere else in America.

    1. Sadly, every single one of them has bleached teeth, which makes them chicks look like horses:

  8. The red cup part was a copy of a scene from the movie pitch perfect. The scene is pretty famous, so its popularity definitely made her performance look better than it is.

  9. Good article. It’s funny to think that the real freakshow is found with the behavior of the actual players.
    I never really thought about the standards the cheerleaders must maintain. Thumbs up for them as an organization.

  10. You’d be surprised at how many feminazis are cheerleaders. I love a fit modest woman but I don’t like a hoe i.e. a woman who is half naked for the world to see. Proverbs 7:10,27
    concerning the whorish woman. 10 And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart. 27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death. That last message of proverbs is exactly what these women are doing to men. Being a simp is one of the reasons our society is in a mess. Never put a woman on a pedestal especially a whorish woman.

    1. Danica Patrick might get some respect if she actually won a race instead of just being a pretty girl who cheated on her husband.

      1. Remember when Godaddy used to make those sexy TV commercials for the super bowl? Feminists complained about the models, and pressured Godaddy into using Danica Patrick because she’s an example of a strong empowered woman who competes on the same level with men blah blah…

    2. Wrong. I’m a feminist and I *LOVE* the DCC. I see them as motivated young women. What feminists DO hate is when people try to pit women against each other.

  11. blue pill military worshiping culture surrounding it, and there are plenty of constructive things I could be doing with my time beyond watching multi-millionaire human rhinoceros barge into each other for more than three hours on a precious weekend.
    neither the military nor the nfl is blue pill
    But cheerleaders are pretty useless, anyway. most are failed or wannabe pornstars/actresses.

    1. I don’t think he’s saying the military is blue pill. I think he’s saying the military worship culture is blue pill. I agree with that. It’s pack mentality… classic blue pill.

    2. The US military today is blue pill. It is just another form of serving the machine. There is no greater good or defense of your home aspect to it at all. It is all foreign wars for the bankers and the elite who run this country. Sure they may teach you some good survival skills and teamwork, but it is all for the purpose of destroying society. And its full of group think “the man in charge must never be questioned” follow order nonsense that is the antithesis of what a redpill independent male should be doing with his life.

  12. The nfl is a jewish organization that is ment as bread and circus for the common man. Of course the jews incharge of the nfl will use the prettiest shiskas. You are certianally playinto the deceptions by the jews with this article. Or is it because you are a jew yourself?

  13. Here in the Windy City, we get very nostalgic over The Honey Bears, the Chicago Bears cheerleading squad, which was disbanded after the team won its last Super Bown in ’85 (Ditka be praised!)
    Fun Fact: Legend has it the team’s owner, Virginia McCaskey, terminated the squad because the players were pounding the girls and, on more than one occasion, had knocked them up.

    1. This girl needs a good scrubbing. The reason she looks good at all is you can see her natural beauty underneath, before she tried to fuck it up. I think, on some level, she understands this b/c she hasn’t let the tats get completely out of control (i.e. nothing that can’t be covered up with a long sleeve t-shirt.
      First, that hair needs to go back to whatever her natural color is. It does appear to be long-ish, so that’s at least something.
      Second, all that shrapnel needs to come out of her face. And WTF is up with those drag-queen earrings? Replace that shit with something elegant.
      Third, no more tats. Stop the damage where it is now.
      Fourth, put some girl-clothes on her. Not leftover shit from a 1980s Pat Benatar video.
      Oh, have have her tested for STDs. Once all that is done, I think you’d have something there, at least in terms of her appearance.

        1. I was just prescribing a treatment plan. I’d be a bit concerned about what level of fucked-up-ness is going on inside her skull, also.

        2. I know it. I was just having fun with your take. At least so many honky chicks have gotten so unattractive that it would be very easy to just absolutely dominate them from the start. And I mean real dominance too, not just faux PUA posing.
          “If you ever slip up and you’re gone. If you ever make me one single endorphin less happy than I would be on my own, then you’re gone. If you ever once talk back to me then you’re gone. If you ever fail to obey me then you’re gone.” It’s getting easy. Because who would give a shit if the typical white girl left? Who cares? The tables have turned. They jumped the shark by trying so hard to go against what men want. We so clearly don’t want tatted up ‘sleeves’ that look like comic book papers slathered over their arm, so of course they do it. We don’t like short hair, so they do it. We don’t like heavy piercings so they do it. We don’t like butchy uglinesss, so they do it. They took the “I don’t have to be attractive!” thing way too far. Now it’s easy. Alas, most guys won’t take advantage.

        3. With my 2×22’s, I have, quite incidentally, been running “dread game” on Spice (the super smart one). I was having breakfast with her the other day, while Sugar slept in, and she was trying to get me to declare. It was pretty amusing. Her viewpoint was that “you have no problem getting women, and you operate on intellect not feelings, so you could replace us and disappear based on you making a rational choice that you like other girls better.”
          Me: “I see you’re finally getting it.” I wait for that to sink in and then I add, “Your best move, here, is to do everything you can to keep me interested.” Thus simultaneously giving her hope and ensuring that later that day she was going to fuck me until my cock was black and blue.
          At this point, she’s a nascent career chick, but has recognized, far earlier than most career chicks, that work basically blows dead bears, and nature gave her a pretty face and a hot body. Thus she is coming to the realization that, given her particular circumstances (shitty job that she hates) and skill sets (youth, beauty), far better for her to be a rose in my garden than work a job she finds suffocating.
          Of course, I want her to realize that on her own, and ask me for it. Because I’m that fucking evil. 😉
          Sugar, meanwhile, being very feminine, realizes, instinctively, that, when we are together, her role is to keep my balls empty and my belly full, and thus is not prone to existential crises….just like nature intended. ^

        4. Yep. The trans-national practice of the Politics of Resentment.
          Know why Hussein Soetoro really was elected? To show those Uppity White Males that they deserved their beatdown. Team Fem and their enablers actually would have elected pretty much anybody… as long as it illustrated their desperate need to disempower the Evil White Males and non-existent Patriarchy.
          Same with the mass-uglification of Western females. The tats. The rainbow hair. They don’t even care, b/c it’s a political, and not a personal, statement. They are willing to degrade themselves if it means it’ll wound their targets. They can only take pride in our revulsion towards them (and rejection of them) as this feeds their endless resentment of anything/anyone that’s better.
          It’s the result of nations of females who have been so entitled and empowered, they never have to grow up. Or even grow at all. And of the neutered males who enable them, of course. The expression of rebellion against their target group is a sufficient goal for their lives. No independent goal even registers in their thoroughly brainscrubbed noggins.

      1. haha Shrapnel. I love it. I typically call tattoos “graffiti” or “body mutilation” but didn’t have a good word for piercings until now. I would usually call them “girl with all the shit in her face” from Pulp Fiction.

    2. The only reason suicide girls has any success is because most of the girls, (with a few exceptions) despite being tatted, pierced and hair dyed to the nines, are skinny and generally attractive. If the average hair dyed, tatted feminist were shown in all their fat assed glory, there would be zero traffic to the site.

      1. If I were offered an orgy with the Suicide girls I’d fucking jump on it. It’s nothing about finding tattoos and piercings attractive, it’s all about the possibility of having some weird, kinky and fucked up sex (which is the best IMO).

        1. Just a northern mountain boy’s impression of two hours from Dallas.
          Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the nothing and nowhere.
          It’s also a reference to this:

  14. And these reasons are exactly why feminists have considered cheerleading an affront to their ideology
    You gotta love the body objectification – it pisses off feminists like no tomorrow

  15. I live in DFW, the Dallas Stars (I’m a honky white hockey fan) has an impressive array of cheerleading talent also.
    Kudos for ripping into Austin–that candy-ass, pretentious, peacocking bastion of effeminate hipster wankery. There is already a Paris, TX but honestly we should rename the capital as such. If we ever got invaded, that is the only city in the state of Texas that would immediately surrender like little bitches.

  16. Men like looking at pretty girls doing fun, sexy things.
    Tell me that’s wrong and I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself.

  17. In Sweden I have never seen or heard of cheerleaders. In Europe (and the rest of the world) sports teams are cheered on by the fans (usually men), and guess what the players do just as good if not better without skimpily dressed women. They have as I say “American Blonde Syndrome” that means women of (full or partial ) Northern, Western or North-Eastern European descent, which is where blond/blonde hair spread to, and they are less intelligent than European blondes due to a lack of proper education. The blonde jokes (in my opinion) are directed to American women because Northern and Western European women are more intelligent (not sure about North-Eastern Europeans).
    Cheerleaders are a fucking stupid idea, when I look at a cheerleader I think “Fuck you, you stupid stupid fuck for trying to get attention by showing your skin that should be covered!” These “women” suck, fuck whoever decided cheerleaders are a good idea, because when you say “We need to distract men from the boring ass sport of ‘Football’ so we can earn more.” I put football in quotes because feet aren’t the main idea about the sport, it’s hands, and by the way Europeans and people that don’t like it call it ‘handegg’.
    Ban cheerleaders for luring men into traps. Let me tell you something, if you sit there thinking “Skimpily dressed women make me happy and aroused.” change it to “These sluts should be shamed for being stupid and tricking men by using their natural sex drive”. I am not a homosexual, but if a woman is skimpily dressed, I do not get aroused at ALL, not even mentally.
    TL;DR: Cheerleaders are an American thing and should be ended because they just make men watch sports they normally wouldn’t
    PS: I watched the Circle K NHRA Winternationals the 8th this
    month and I went because the cars are fast, I enjoy the competition,
    and also because my father goes with me and he explains what happens
    inside the engine and what happens so that info makes me better at
    knowing the cars. That sport has no cheerleaders but there are on
    average 3-4 women including John Force’s daughters.

    1. See here in USA the cheerleaders are to the player/celebrities what the nuns would be to the clergymen down in the hotter parts of Europe. The nun’s frocks also shield them from the sun, somewhat like a burqa. Peek beneath the cloth and you’ll likely find a well preserved, fine and fair domesticated womanservant.
      The half naked cheerleaders are exposed to the harsh wind and salt, from Texas to icy Minnesota. So the cheerleaders have much wear from shelf exposure. Go for the barbie still in the box before you settle for a shelf display model with twisted limbs and handling.
      It would be sobering to see the cheeleaders dress instead in more 17th century or Amish type dress. They are parcels of the famed alpha gladiators on the field and it sure would cheer me up to see the halftime show with the gladiator’s women at least do a lineup on the field proudly donning their large pregnant bellies as a show of both their AND their state’s commitment to produce more home grown and FINE FRESH PROGENY for our GREAT GREEN REPUBLIC.
      But instead we see our finest breeding stock on display like severed (terminally lifeless) flowers in a vase. Trophies do nothing but shine for their finest moment and are useless otherwise. The trophy model has trickled down to all echelons of females and has turned even the humble neighborhood girls into seeing themselves as display eye candy for the precious few world class robber baron faggott princes in their learjets. Our finest women thus offer themselves up as potential pickings only for the corrupt billionaire parasites who shop the sports illustrated cover models for their trophy pieces to use up and discard like they do with everyone else under them, both man and woman.
      The cheerleaders need to be ass smack knocked up pregnant by their man and DOING THEIR REAL JOB.

      1. Not really. When I’m at games the only people I see actually looking at the cheerleaders are usually a handful of young girls, dressed like they thought they were going to a club, snarking and giggling among themselves about which cheerleaders they think are fat, ugly and can’t dance. Their boyfriends and the rest of guys in the stands are usually too busy watching the game to care.

        1. Notice baseball has no cheerleaders though. I hung out near the dugout a few times and after the game a group of friggin supermodels they looked like was going to the dugout area. They had wedding rings the size of rocks some of them. A few kissed players. They were THEIR WIVES. You couldn’t see them much unless you were down near the field right up where you could get autographs.DAMN they were fine.

  18. And each and every one of them is liviing high while riding the cock carousel and garnering the attention of millions of men. ROK really is scraping the bottom of the barrel for article ideas.

    1. I can’t begin to imagine the holier-than-thou shitty smug attitude some of those girls likely have. But possibly not all of them. And I think the DCC serve more as a role model for women than an actual person you’d want to wife up. I mean come on their whole purpose is for guys to stare at their crotch…

    2. Exactly, they may look good but they may be messed up and arrogant. I’d bang them though. As for an LTR, doubt it.

  19. So “beauty” now means the cookie-cutter tranny look and “class” is being dressed like a cheap whore and shaking your ass in public. Good to know at least someone sticks to the ideal of traditional femininity.

  20. But all NFL cheerleaders have the same standard. I don’t see fat, overy pierced, tatooed landwhales on the NYG, Patriots, or Eagles cheer-leading squads.

    1. Is that the rainbow background for gay marriage support I see in your pic?

  21. This was a good article, but missing some background on *HOW* these girls look and act the way they do — it is not by chance. They likely had some good upbringing at home, but most importantly, there is a strict set of rules they must follow to be an NFL cheerleader. The bottom line is these women are treated like children, ruled over strictly, and given strong guidance, and when needed, corrective action or punishment.:
    Some excerpts:
    Do not use slang in conversations. Never use words/phrases such as: “like”, “I seen it”, “You’s guys”, “dude”, “them guys” “pee” & “ain’t”.
    The Buffalo Jills are only allowed to use subtle, natural colors and hair must be styled in soft waves. The girls are told where to go to get their hair done and they must pay for the services themselves.
    The Cincinnati Ben-Gals and the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders have to agree to having their social media accounts monitored, by friending their directors and must comply if material is asked to be removed.
    Buffalo Jills cheerleaders are told to not be overly opinionated about anything. Also, they are told to not complain because “no one likes to hang out with a whiner” and they shouldn’t be critical of an event because it can be insulting.
    The Ben-Gals cheerleaders are allowed a three pound leniency weight. If they go over the three pounds they have to stay thirty minutes after practice for extra conditioning and they risk being pulled from their position.
    The Buffalo Jills need to be reminded that they need to wash their feet daily in order to guard against odor and fungus and they should get pedicures often.
    The Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleaders get the word insubordination defined for them in their rules and regulations and the women are not allowed to argue nor question any person in authority whatsoever.
    For instance, how much bread to eat at a formal dinner, how our nails needed to be clear polish or manicured, our hair done a certain way — this was not only when we were working and in uniform, but in our personal life as well. We were instructed on how to act off the field. And it got pretty gritty too — how to wash intimate areas

  22. I was thinking after reading the comments here, and realizing that only in America do we have girls dress up in bathing suits and thrust around so we can stare at their crotches (cheerleading), that this is all part of the Madonna/whore complex and the fascination with children that America has. America is both producer of over a billion dollars of porn in a year, but also afraid of seeing a nipple in public. It is where girls put up LMR before taking the 3rd cock of the weekend inside her.
    It is where children dress up like models in preschool and we glorify pre-teen minimally talented girls in the entertainment industry and women shave their privates to look like children but we pretend that anyone younger than 17.999 years old is completely non-sexual. (Note: I love a shaved clam personally but it IS based on looking prepubescent). The US is fucked up with its sexuality. The rest of the world doesn’t need pre-intercourse eye candy in order to enjoy sports. I heard that the superbowl halftime performance by Katy Perry got even more viewers than the game itself. WTF?

    1. If that’s true about Katy Perry, it’s only because it’s counting the people who leave the tv on waiting for the 2nd half but have no interest in Katy Perry, together with those who might switch over to the game to see Katy Perry.
      You’re comment below about being treated like children. The hard guidelines I think comes from the conflicting aspects of the cheerleader image. Since cheerleading pretty much originates from high school, that conflicting high sexuality vs high wholesomeness never gets discussed. They’re there because of their sexuality, it used to be the main reason any made the squad. But there has to be a wholesome images attached to it so people basically will ignore that there’s no reason for them to be there, except that you like having them there.
      Take it up to a pro sports level, you have to go extra to keep that intact. With people now adults and making more independent decisions, they don’t want somebody on the squad showing up one day, trying to take full advantage of this opportunity to stand out, given the natural female tendency to compete with each other for sexual validation.
      With nice bodies, sexy outfits, sexual dances, pretty faces, make up, we’re not here because of sex. We’re ambassadors for our team as well as do public service work and spread good will. Sure we may be sexy but we just happen to be that way.
      And that’s pretty much what they’ll tell you. And all those rules is how they do it.
      But cheerleaders usually have nice bodies, so go ahead and keep them. One of those things we’ve always had so you don’t want to get rid of it.

  23. Blue Pill military worshipping, get a load of this guy! Ha!
    “La guerra sta all’uomo, come la maternità alla donna”

  24. Blue Pill military worshipping, get a load of this guy! Ha!
    La guerra è per l’uomo come la maternità è per la donna!

  25. “Or better yet, it’s Texas after all. Land whales are everywhere.”
    Hey! Wait. Damn, I can’t refute this. Its true.

  26. “No Fat Chicks”: This is probably because cheerleading is intense exercise that builds muscle and improves cardio. You are all stupid.

  27. I do agree with the article, except, what makes the Boca Juniors cheerleaders sluttier than the DCC? Is it the bare shoulders?

  28. I know that little “men” with Napoleon complexes need little women to make them feel strong. But don’t involve the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in your misogyny. The only reason *any* of those classy babes would talk to you is because they had to at an appearance. Then they’d roll their eyes and laugh at the prospect of your teeny prick all the way home. Don’t turn to us purple-haired tattooed chicks for sympathy, we’ll be laughing at your tiny prick too.

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