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  1. Great video, Roosh. Basically, you are telling women to stop hating men and themselves, to value life as it is, away from noise and conflict.
    This is for all Western Women, not only the American ones.

  2. No need to blame women for obesity, it is manufactured in USA by big pharma. Multiple unnecessary vaccines destroy Gut Flora and decreases nutritional absorption resulting in constant hunger. Fluoride added into the drinking water by county official dorks decreases thyroid functions and results in massive weight gains.

    1. While your points are reasonable, I must interject that I do not blame anyone for obesity.
      I merely look directly through them and don’t allow them any space within the finite capacity of my memory.

        1. I think High Fructose Corn Syrup borderline not a choice anymore.
          You only have to options of avoiding it Coffee and Cranberry juice. Now excuse me I have to go pee.

        2. I’m convinced most of the IUD and inserted birth control methods are causing horrific obesity and skin problems. 30 years from now it’ll be like asbestos. But, what does it matter, it’s a expedient way to be a cum dumpster I guess.

      1. I don’t think breakfast is essential anymore. If I had to work construction or something for 10-16 hours, yeah, definitely grab some chow in the morning.
        But the intermittent fasting meme is a solid one, if hard labor isn’t a thing you have to do daily. More focus, just makes me feel better and perform better.

        1. There are some studies that show people who eat breakfast eat less at dinner and lunch and gain less wight. You ever skip breakfast at hard labor and then eat a big lunch and feel like your going to pass out? I think whatever method you chose you should avoid that.

        2. It’s largely a question of what kinds of foods you eat. I was a four-meal guy as a kid, and I was always at least stocky (even as a football-playing swimmer). Now I eat my first meal in the afternoon (between 2 and 5) and eat whenever I want before bed, and I weigh less than I did in middle school (sad, but true).
          Intermittent fasting plays a solid role in my general health, but I also keep my carbs lower than the average American. When you talk about a “big lunch”, I imagine you’re not only talking about high calories but also higher carbs. It’s true that a bowl of noodles to break my fast will leave me lethargic, but a couple of pork chops and some mashed potatoes have no such effect. The same is true of daily hunger – if I do eat a breakfast of eggs and sausage, I don’t eat any more or less over the day, but if I start off with cereal I’ll never stop eating.
          TL;DR – Breakfast, on its own, is irrelevant. What matters is what you break your fast with.

        3. Just as a personal experience: I cut breakfast out years ago and has done me wonders. But I sit in an office all day. If I was a construction worker I’d damn sure need breakfast. It’s all math. You don’t need a 2500 calorie diet if you’re sitting all day.
          This is what most women don’t understand. The 1000 calorie 48 oz starbucks drink and doughnut is not the best way to start your day.

        4. Yeah, but the eating 3-5 meals a day is just an insane practice for someone who lives a fairly sedentary life. Its just way too much food, and especially too many carbs.
          Its not just about macros either. The processed shit is poison, and consuming it 2-4 sittings a day (remarkably typical in the US, if you include soda and other things) is just not a prudent suggestion under those circumstances.
          I love a big breakfast, especially if I have some labor-intensive work needs to be done. But that’s just not my circumstance 90% of the time. And I hate cardio. If I ate 3-5 meals a day and didn’t train hard, especially if my diet was a typical American one, I’d be fat like 50% of dudes that are out there now in the west.
          You may have a kick ass metabolism or actually correct portion sizes, idk. I’m just saying that when I started intermittent fasting, I felt like shit for about 3 days and then all the benefits I heard about (less bf, feel more aggressive/focused, better sleep, better lifts, etc..) all really worked out for me.
          I have a pretty big mid day meal, especially on workout days, and meal at about 6-7, and its the best I’ve ever felt. No more heart burn, or any of the digestive problems I used to live with.

        5. It is true for me. And that’s coming from a guy who’s bulking, powerlifting, training martial arts and shooting a heavy bow. After a caloric heavy breakfast, I force myself to eat lunch for my daily macros

        6. Exactly. It’s all what you eat. They are getting more sugar and shit in their first drink of the day (some super sugar coffee drink) than I have in my entire breakfast of fresh squeezed juice, 2 eggs, and hot cereal with fruit. They continue snacking on processed garbage throughout the day, and eat some sugar and salt filled “lite” garbage processed meal for dinner.

    2. Foolish arguments.
      Oral vaccines are usually given to kids, not adults. Even assuming they kill gut flora (which they don’t), it is temporary; within a few weeks everything goes back to normal.
      Flouride has been added to water since the late 1930s. Obesity epidemic began in earnest less than 20 years ago. And you’re blaming flouridation? Really?
      Fact is, less than 2% of obese people have any medical conditions to account for their obesity. Unhealthy eating habits, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, is the cause of 98% of obesity.
      So, get off your butt, and learn how to cook! Stop eating junk, and your weight will improve.

    3. Weird then that I’m in great shape. You’d think, you know, being an American and living in America, that big pharma and fluoride would have me weighing 400 pounds and with a neck beard.

  3. 1) Lose weight
    2) Lose more weight
    3) Ah…you get my point…
    The “bitchiness” needs to worked on too, of course.

    1. Every woman I have ever dated seriously started out looking smoking hot and in shape. After dropping my guard like a moron and getting serious, the 30 lbs comes roaring on in like a month.
      The best part though, is when they blame you for their weight gain. “You’re always drinking and it’s in the house, etc.” Zero self control. I am the same weight now as I was when I left the military over ten years ago. It’s called DIET. Self-control. Ditch the 1000 calorie breakfast and Starbucks 48 oz.

  4. #2 is pretty important.
    A long time ago I watched a episode of No Reservations. Anthony Bourdain was eating in some Muslim country were the women had to eat separate from the men. It dawned on me that reason was men talk in turns and women talk all at once. It sounds like when no one has control of the mute button on a bad pod cast. They took the simplest solution available sex segregation.
    You would think western women would of evolved to talk in 140 characters or less by now.

    1. Don’t underestimate the power of persuasion. There is a bunch of self-hating men because of feminist rhetoric.

  5. Solid advice, but your beard makes you look like Osama Bin Laden. It conveys dirtiness, not health.

    1. I don’t care about the beard personally, but the opposite is definitely true: women (& men too) are biologically predisposed to consider bald or balding men unhealthy. It’s subconscious, of course. They’ll make fun of a man with pattern baldness, but yeah…just another RP truth you can see in the world around you every day.
      The 2 solutions of course are to shave it clean if you’re balding, or just be so ripped or so confident or so charismatic that nobody gives a fuck if most of your hair fell out.

      1. there is a difference between being entirely bald and having a beard that makes it seem like you have no access to a razor. There comes a point when a beard becomes too long and it stops signaling health and conveys lack of hygiene. His beard is way too long; he looks homeless.

        1. Oh, I see what you mean now. So, how long is your beard? Wait! Before you answer that though – I don’t care how long your beard is , bc it’s YOUR fucking beard, you get to wear the motherfucker as long or short as you like, and fuck anybody else’s opinions. Jesus Christ, here we are dissing feminists for tone policing the world, and you’re like my 9th grade homeroom teacher. “Beard’s looking a little raggedy there, Karamazov — how’s about you head back home & run into a razor, & don’t come back to my classroom until you are publicly presentable”? Piss off with that noise.

  6. Lolzz at the ‘I never do this’ hahaha I have heard this from nearly every girl I had a ONS with.
    ‘I never do this’ but I came to the date without any underwear, ‘i normally never hook up but I shaved just in case’

    1. From my perspective the flaw in this, is the belief that women are capable of Self improvement. I would argue that they are not capable of self improvement and for them to improve they need to be led either by the men in their lives or by society in general.

      1. No, society for women is all about getting tangible goodies at taxpayers’ expense. They have to have masculine leadership.

    2. preach. i must have heard this at least 30x by now. after the first few, i was like, “damn i must be really good.” and by the 7th or 8th i was like “maybe these girls going to a speech class all talking the same.” by the 25th i was like “yea just shut the fuck up u fuckin slut” no respect for any woman unless she my mom, auntie, or grandma

    3. The only time I believe “I never do this” is when I’m ass banging a chick. You can tell that just by looking.

    4. I had a girl claim she hadn’t had sex in 3 years, had only been with a couple of guys EVER, and had been single since graduating college 2 years ago because “guys aren’t serious” and she is only after a serious relationship. A few hours later, I was banging her in her bathroom with condoms she kept ready by the bed in a huge pack. I banged her for another couple of weeks before she even asked me my first name. But I’m supposed to think she’s not a total whore? hahaha.

    5. Best one was this 18 y/o, drunken little pixie I managed to pick up on the d-floor in less than 5 minutes after she went for the pash and then started to bite my neck. On the walk back to mine we stopped for a kiss and grope several times and I had to stop her going full vampire on me.
      Got her back to mine, stripped her off, told her to get on her knees and suck it. To which she dropped the INDTB bomb- before proceeding to obey my every command and THEN tell me she wanted me to fuck her pussy and her arse…
      Funny how the ones who go all INDTB then proceed to do it- like a pro…

    6. Reminds me of that line from Wedding Crashes, “I thought all guys wanted to hear that” or whatever.

  7. What is the deal with this love of butt length hair? I’ve never found that attractive, plus I can only imagine the pain that comes with maintaining it. Shoulder length is a much more reasonable standard.

    1. It means she is feminine and delicate and actually takes care of her looks. For women its skrillex or ass length… your choice

        1. You know what is high maintenance? Grooming my hair and body and having nice, well fitting designer clothes for going out and gaming shallow judgmental girls. Studying at a top tier school and obtaining post-grad degrees in my field of study, travelling throughout the country updating my skills, so that I can have a good paying job that allows me to have a nice house and car, and money left over to fly to third world countries where the women aren’t shitty. Working out so that I have a muscular and attractive body for hours every week. Everything I do Monday through Friday is high maintenance. I’m not shedding a tear if long hair is a little hard to brush.

    2. I agree with that, the Lady Godiva/Crystal Gayle/Cousin Itt length hair comes off as weird to me.

    3. Please don’t fuck it up for the rest of us though. Tbh, I don’t have an ideal specific length, but I do find that sort of length attractive.
      If I had an ideal length, it would be about that long. But I’ll settle for about anything that just LOOKs natural and isn’t half shaved or some shitty florescent-dyed catastrophe at this point.
      I used to fucking hate those multicolored streaks, of like red and blonde and brown, more than anything. Every skank and their degenerate sister had them. It was the social equivalent of a tramp stamp to me.
      Its like A Clockwork Orange now, with their shitty 70’s shag carpet colored hair. Makes me fucking sick.

    4. i agree butt length is a bit much…..mid back or so is where it’s at. and i give no fucks if it is high maintenance. her job is to look pretty. God knows it isnt her intelligence brain that gets my attention.
      shoulder length….can be okay too. i understand haircuts are neccessary thing and shoulder length isnt bad.
      but anything below that and we morph into fugly territory. its almost sad and comical how a girl becomes ugly when she cuts her hair off or doesnt maintain her hair.

    5. “I can only imagine the pain that comes with maintaining it” why would that be a concern ?

    6. I’ve heard beta lowlifes who try to act all experienced and knowledgeable (strange, huh?) say “So that way she can whip it around in a circle when she’s riding you!”.
      Yeah bro, that happens NEVER.

      1. You’ve never had a woman whip her hair around when having sex?

        1. Oh whoops, I pretty much fed into that, I suppose. Of course I have; I meant these schmucks make it sounds as if it’s guaranteed that long hair begets that, as if A causes B every time without fail. Pretty sure every woman with hair down to her ass isn’t autopilot savvy to using it for that purpose, the way they make it sound.

  8. Going a bit meta for a moment: I just thought to check, Roosh, and it seems like you are getting a great response to the videos on YouTube. That’s awesome.
    For a while, I was questioning the value of the videos, because here on ROK, they always seem to get the fewest comments – by a large margin. I suspect maybe a lot of the people here are probably like me, and would prefer to read 300 articles before watching a single video. It stands to reason that the opposite type of person exists, and if you want to reach everyone, you need to operate both platforms.

    1. The videos get most of the comments on the Youtube page.
      Videos are good to mix it up a bit. It won’t be my main source of production and usually I do videos on things I already wrote about in some way.

  9. Roosh, I wub you but that beard is sleaze bro. Either trim it to Dos Equis man standards or heed this Russian interviewers approach, at least he has a good Satanical taper going on. Youre looking like 1980s bush with lint and scent of primate. Mhttps://youtu.be/7OXS_p1fkvg

  10. Excellent video only I have a point to make about women’s hair.
    While long hair is a sign of woman’s femininity, it must not be displayed in public. It ought to be preserved only for her man and only shown in full length in the bedroom.
    When displayed in public women’s hair fuels their vanity (women’s main vice). The Muslim men have understood that so they make their women cover the hair with headscarves. Headscarves used to be traditional part of the women’s clothes in Europe too but progressivism has erased this great tradition.
    Roosh, I recommend you make you girl wear a headscarf. You’re half Muslim so it should be too difficult convincing her.
    Have a look at the girl below. She is obviously attractive but wearing the headscarf makes her look innocent, pure – almost like a virgin. For that she won’t get the dirty looks and her vanity is kept in check.

    1. Women with bad hair would go for it, women with good hair no, though it would save shampoo, time, and money.

    2. Can’t be half Muslim. But yea, I agree. All these tips and if the woman is vain, she’s just another vapid useless whore

  11. Hair down to her butt? Thats A LOT of maintenance. Just beyond the shoulder blades is plenty for me.

    1. I suppose that is more a matter of personal preference. I enjoy long hair, but in the past, it is a pain in the ass to stand around and watch them take 2 hrs to get it ready.
      As long is it’s not the bitch mom bob I think it’s ok.

  12. Roosh’s Online Finishing School. You could become a guru for the newest generation of women.

  13. Just came here to say as intelligently as possible – Fuck You Roooooooooooosh also Circle Jerk😉

        1. yer right.
          This outburst is more along the lines of dialing a random number and spewing obscenities. I did it myself once when I was 10 and then nearly died from the guilt and regret….

  14. Well done Roosh, very well done. Great video and indeed it will help any woman who cares to listen and follow the advice.

  15. I disagree with #3. I prefer women do the talking because I suck at keeping conversation going with women at dates.

    1. Bro, trust me, if you ever get into a long-term committed relationship you will grow to despise a chatter box.
      Especially ones with narcissism. Every family, friend, professional, charity event you go to will start with: Oh hey Bitch X, did you hear about Bitch Y. Bitch X: Oh that’s terrible. Well things have been busy for me at work and CuckBoyfriend won’t fix the gate and my ex isn’t paying his child support….
      Trust me.

      1. Maybe but to get into a relationship I need to have a girl who does the talking at the first date because I… Go to first comment.

  16. I got nothing. I agree with all his points. Not that for one moment I think any American will actually follow any of it. 🙂
    Well, I do have one minor nitpick. That beard man… YIKES! 😀

  17. “Women should talk 80% less.” There is so much truth in this statement. A woman bitching about work is like having the most annoying, overplayed song on the radio on repeat for an hour. Pop psychology has tried to teach men to be “better listeners,” but what is there to listen to when she’s not fucking saying anything of substance?
    Men are built to be thinkers, innovators, and builders. A man listening to his wife cry about Sarah from work for the millionth time drains him of several hours worth of brain power that could be used to write a novel, think up an important invention, or build a business. You think our forefathers would have made any significant discoveries had they chosen to be better listeners instead? Fuck no.
    Women are built to perform society’s menial tasks–care for the home, family, etc. This isn’t meant to take away from their importance, but the cold hard truth is that those tasks are simply unimportant to men. We have bigger fish to fry. This is why women excel at administrative and HR positions that are little more than busy work.
    So ladies: if you’ve had a hard day at work–well, hard according to your standards–go grab a drink with your girlfriends and vent it out. Don’t bring that shit home. Your boyfriend/husband has a lot on his mind.

    1. My grandmother would always say “we have two ears and one mouth and we should use them proportionally.”
      “Women are built to perform society’s menial tasks–care for the home, family, etc. This isn’t meant to take away from their importance, but the cold hard truth is that those tasks are simply unimportant to men.”
      Not quite true. It’s very important for a man to have a solid foundation to build his empire from. It’s a woman’s job to be that foundation. It’s a shame that being the foundation to a good man is no longer in style.

      1. There was SO much wisdom in that generation. There is ZERO wisdom 2 generations later. What advice will todays granddaughters have to offer other than some sexual advice?

  18. Excellent article, Rooshkie. Agreed on all points. I suppose removing the excessivness of the word “like” from their vocabulary could be added to the list. I literally (Hitler) can’t stop myself from counting the overuse of ‘likes’ a girl uses in a matter of sentences.

  19. The phone. Get off the damn phone. You CANNOT develop a good relationship with ANYONE with that damn phone in your face all the time. It shows disrespect.

  20. I am watching for the first time Roosh after having read a bit from him. I don’t agree with all tips, but great presentation. Calm, reasoned and full of warmth.

    1. That’s really the big takeaway in my opinion. Not just about Roosh, although I believe he’s a stand up guy. But it’s the warmth and love of most of this community.
      If you meet someone & they tell you they have thoroughly examined our beliefs and practices and find them morally lacking or outright evil, you can be nearly certain that is not a person who has much understanding of life. Probably not a good choice for close companionship, unless you can help them grow and evolve. I’ve learned that lesson time & time again.

  21. Just wanted to give a big thumbs up for the headline photo of those chicks at the ballgame, that’s one of my all-time favorite clips, and one of my go-to’s when I’m surreptitiously trying to bring new guys over to the promised land. Well done.

    1. That is a great photo. There was a WWII movie where some young nurses walk by and an old sergeant says to younger enlisted guys, “If they ask you what we’re fighting for, there is your answer.”

      1. Well my friend…you’re definitely right, they are indeed a lovely troupe of young sorority sisters, each very attractive.
        But….the freeze frame here doesnt really tell the whole story. I popped a link to the video below. Kind of says a lot about why we’re here having this conversation, and why Roosh has done a mitzvah by posting this common sense tip list.
        Either way, cheers sir.

        1. Thanks! That was great. And also, interesting enough, a US Army commercial came up before the video. 🙂

  22. Great video. And Roosh smiled! Holy crap!
    Actually if a woman listens to this without “Defend da Sisterhood!” at the front of her mind, she might notice that these are actually good pieces of advice. I’d offer the same advice to women.

  23. I wish men held themselves to the same standard that they do women. The amount of beautiful women I have seen far exceeds the amount of attractive men that I have seen. Quite a shame. Once a man starts looking genetically attractive, and displays the masculinity that these ROK readers speak of, then I would love to become a dutiful wife…. if only this were the case

    1. Oh please, spare us all. Lots of guys hitting the gym these days and lots of girls…hitting the Oreos. You’re only kidding youself, Etoile. Basically “Hot alphas don’t want me, and until one does, I reserve the right to be a bloody skank!”

      1. Firstly, i speak for myself. I will give redit where it is due, and i simply notice more besutiful women than men. Rates of obesity in America are about 33% men 36 percent female. You are correct that more men hit the gym. The problem is finding a “hot alpha”, not being desired by one. Hitting the gym does not make you attractive, just in shape, which is why I specifically mentioned genetically attractive. To have nice features. I am not a skank, because I don’t want to be embarrassed to tell someone when they ask my history.

      2. I agree that women have an advantage in term of body shape when it comes to men. For example, an “attractive” man is associated with a muscular body, tall. women do not have to be in amazing shape, or tall, to be attractive. In America, the obesity rates are 36 percent female 33 percent male… And it should be considered that at least women have had children which makes the body go through a huge change (this is by no means an excuse for women to stay fat),while men will never go through a drastic change such as that. For you to assume that I “hit the oreos” is highly incorrect. I never referred to my problems in getting a guy. The issue that I personally have, is that men should be able to work on themselves first(or at least personally), before talking about other women. I doubt that If I saw any of these men who write these things in real life I would be impressed, to say the least. I hope this clears up what I mean

  24. Roosh I think you are a good guy deep down, but promoting fornication is degenerate. Your message on one level makes no sense because you fault women for fucking too many guys, yet you are a lothario. I too wish my list was shorter but I reluctantly avoided bedding plenty of girls, and I believe that my marriage is the better for it. Speaking of which, isn’t it high time for you to marry and have children?

  25. Sad thing is, the women who most need to watch this will not, or will get triggered if they do. they won’t profit from it. The women who agree with it don’t need it.


  27. I had a good laugh at this, mostly because it is comical that American women need to be educated on basic matters that goes without saying elsewhere. This was done tastefully and with an unusual “gentle” contempt, well done.

  28. These tips are not only applicable to American women, they can be of use to all the women out there. Some of the tips are quite simple, though, like talking less or monitoring your eating habits, but they are, in many ways than one, more effective than going through an assisted program of improving yourself as an American woman. I so love the idea of not ruining intimate moments, because these are situations that enhances human communication and connection.

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