30 Beautiful Women Who Became Ugly

Men need to realize that women will hit the wall by their own efforts as much as nature and aging will do it for them. Plenty of guys have dated or married an attractive woman who suddenly gave up on their looks and jumped into the abyss.

Even when women accelerate the approach of the wall through excessive food, bad plastic surgery, or too much tanning, can you really blame them or convince them out of it? They will hamster away, blaming everyone but themselves. Yet men can still do well by remembering that any woman can be struck down by Early Onset Wallitis. Be prepared and be warned because you may have to escape from her sinking ship.


Actress Tara Reid’s worst photos in her youth, during her early American Pie days, easily put her in the top 10% of American women. It would seem that she both went too hard to regain her looks (plastic surgery) and frequently used denial (drugs and partying) to cope.


This girl wasn’t a perfect 10 but she gains entry to the field for this spectacular effort. From bangable skinny tail to untouchable sea creature is a journey few will take as quickly as her.


Heather Locklear’s fall is pretty impressive. Whilst arguably no woman looks their best after a dip in the ocean, her decline is amazing when you consider that the former Spin City actress used to look like this:

Take her away from a make-up chair and today she resembles this:

Many young women look far worse than her, true. Regardless, the inevitable wall is real.


Something of an archetypal example, Lindsay Lohan’s descent is one for the ages. Father Time (or her drug dealer) hasn’t had her in the crosshairs for long, but look what has already happened:


One can only hope that the gentleman in the “before” picture is no longer with her. Knowing today’s dating climate, however, he probably still is.


Though she was beginning to look weird and homely during her time on Charmed, Rose McGowan in her late teens and early twenties was certainly a brown-eyed beauty. Then came the aging and plastic surgery. After that she was ruined further by feminism:


Cue “Fuck this gay Earth” GIFs. What happened above is a crime against humanity and the perpetrators–cake stores, McDonalds, her parents, and the girl herself–should be punished severely.


Michelle Trachtenberg might be a loss for the ages. Anyone who has seen Eurotrip will fondly remember this girl bending her nubile self and tight ass down (who wouldn’t have tapped that?).


Breaking news! Aerosmith pleads for lead singer Steven Tyler to be returned safely after suspected kidnapping.


Carrie Fisher killed off the beauty of Princess Leia for countless men long before she passed away in real life. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Katherine Heigl is one of the great case studies of female celebrities who really discovered the words “misogyny” and “feminism” after they found themselves at the wall. Hitting it has been a very hard tonic to swallow for her.


If you’ve watched The Woman in Red with Gene Wilder (aka Willy Wonka), you will know that Kelly LeBrock was amongst the most beautiful women of the 1980s. The problem for Kelly is that her idea of an honorable, gradual retreat from her prime became a panicked, plastic surgery-inspired stampede.


Poor Goldie Hawn. She was quite something in an era without ready-made Instagram filters.


Behold the horror of unchecked feminism! Before:


The SJW daughter of actor Russ Tamblyn is currently busy at work peddling unsubstantiated “sexual harassment” allegations about men like cinematic superstar and political warrior James Woods. Anything and everything to distract from one’s impact with the wall.


Be prepared for this one…

Jennifer Love Hewitt really blew what she had. It’s therefore time for that heartbreaking violin piece from the film Titanic:


Why, Meg Ryan, why? Dennis Quaid and Russell Crowe were wise to eject when they did.


Now able to speak after their initial terror, millions of young men collectively cried out into the night. The former Dairy Queen had become the Queen of Dairy.


What we have seen here (and I’m not talking about the rainbow dress) will never be spoken of again. Some things are better left unsaid.


Hitting 25 or 30 shouldn’t mean putting on 25 or 30 pounds a month. But try telling that to certain people.


Britney Spears violated me one more time. Where’s my eye bleach?


The girl on the right in both photos got hit hard:

Someone took the German culture theme (eating bratwurst and pork knuckle) too seriously.


A 21st-century tragedy in four acts. Wanna guess if she’s been wifed up or not?


Nikki McKibbin went from hot to “help my food addiction.” Even in an article about slides and walls, this is a very bad change.


I couldn’t believe this was the same girl, but multiple sites say it is. Sadly, we’ve all seen declines as bad as this one, so it’s likely to be a true story.


It’s hard to tell in the second photo if she’s singing or screaming after remembering what she used to look like. Either way, the juxtaposition is shocking.


Who can forget a young Daryl Hannah’s gymnastic skills when she played a super-hot female android in Blade Runner? Alas, those days are long past.


Demi Moore was smokin’ in Striptease, despite already having kids in real life, and was truly breathtaking pre-children. Nevertheless, in 2018 things have gone waaaay downhill.


The modern descent of the American woman (and man) in one picture. Well, he can’t exactly fault her, given he ballooned as well.


At least this story involves a happy ending—Christina Aguilera has since lost all this extra weight. Similar things can’t be said of most people who get to this stage.


I have no words for this last one, so the following image will suffice:

It’s going to get much worse

It’s only 2018. Of course, some of the older women here (e.g., Goldie Hawn) have a lot more excuses than their “youthful” counterparts. The younger ones are inexcusably paving the way for others to break their wall speed records and cause much bigger explosions as they do. 2030 will probably make 2018 look like a world of Victoria’s Secret models.

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  1. Some accelerate the process by inking and piercing themselves up. It’s tragic when you see someone advance the wall to 20 rather than delay it for as long as biologically possible.

    1. the #23 symbolizes imo the sjwness decadence in all its splendor.
      How many times i see girls with the same body shape (in the right picture) and their bitchy and hostile attitude everywhere.

      1. And with every additional pound, they tend to become a little more “fabulous” and nuts…the extroverted ones have zero sense of self-awareness and will hit on good-looking men as blatantly as men hit on women. Of course you’re out of their league, they’re daring you to neg them out loud and BTW if you blanch at their appearance well then clearly “you can’t handle THIS much woman, little man!” Psychologically they justify their lack of discipline under the lazy banner of YOLO. A week ago, in the bakery, I saw two of them together staring into the case and overheard “Life’s too short — EAT the Cupcake!” Followed by teenage-y giggles…the twisted logic of an American wasteland.

        1. Yeah women would rather load up on cupcakes and get fat and ugly than go out with you. That should tell you something.

      2. I’m starting to draw a parallel between going sjw and the fictional going dark side sith of the force in Star Wars. Every time some person goes full darkside, they unavoidably become deformed, malformed or misshaped. I see the same with going sjw.

    2. Probably the funniest thing about this post and the losers commenting on it is you so sexually inexperienced that you actually expect old women to still be fuckable. That women aren’t anything else than a wet hole that you can’t fill because you’re too disgusting instead of being mothers, grandmothers, aunts and godparents. Did you skip biology in college? When did the human condition ever decide that women are supposed to be hot until their hardened arteries and gallbladders give out?
      The fact that you losers think women should be fuckable past a certain age attests to how retarded you are. Go back to 5th grade, learn female anatomy and how the reproductive systems works. You’re like a bunch of 3rd grade schoolboys who think women pee out of their asses. Perhaps then you won’t be so shocked that women get old and undesirable because they’re supposed to. LOL!

      1. +HaHa And that’s also why old gals like yourself get so bitchy..cause your men just dont find you sexually appealing anymore but still are horny dogs.
        Im disappointed, however, that some bright scientist men havent figured out a way yet to reduce body fat slowly but effectively to transform the modern day landwhale females young and old to 135 lbs hwp creatures. That, and imagine a way to rejuvenate aging skin and we would have a transformation of society.
        Im not sure what would happen exactly…80/20 rule etc. but it would be so interesting to see.
        The fuckable babe ratio would dramatically increase; male thirst would be greatly reduced; women would have to compete more/try harder – increasing femininity; all women would get more attention and devotion; women would be much happier as their looks would secure relationships and the devotion of decent guys. Men would be much happier. Mgtows would return to the plantation. Feminists would be ignored.
        Why dont the fatties just get skinny then now? Cause its hard; male thirst is too great; their egos are as big as the hamburgers on their midnight buffet plates; they are women, not logical men.

        1. “And that’s also why old gals like yourself get so bitchy..cause your men just dont find you sexually appealing anymore but still are horny dogs.”
          Yeah yeah, you sound just like your fat ugly feminist counterparts. Whenever anyone tells you the truth you slip into defensive crybaby mode chockfull of tropes, buzzwords and ‘hamstering’ bullshit.
          “Im disappointed, however, that some bright scientist men havent figured out a way yet to reduce body fat slowly but effectively to transform the modern day landwhale females young and old to 135 lbs hwp creatures.”
          Hey, don’t blame the fact that your only options are unattractive fat women. Lot of beautiful skinny girls out there, they just don’t want lowlife ugly broke ass bums like you.

      2. ‘ You’re like a bunch of 3rd grade schoolboys who think women pee out of their asses’
        Wait. You mean? No…
        Lighten up you old dog. These are young guys. Of course they’re looking for fuckable. The old broads that are shown here ought to be titillated that these young punks find their younger, fuckable selves appealing.
        Hopefully by now all these old broads have settled down with a guy who’s deteriorating too.
        Now, as for the young bitches who have let themselves go. Well….not so much.

    3. Throughout most of the world, for almost the entirety of recorded history, women have at least tried to look as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. The evolutionary imperative for this is obvious. The fact that so many are now doing the opposite, by having tattoos, is evidence of an appalling degeneration of moral, cultural, mental and social values.

  2. Rename the article to “What what what?….Pfoof!” What a wall hitting event looks like.
    I’m a star wars fan, and personally, I remember first seeing Carrie Fisher back then..>WAAAYYY HOOOTT!!! then. But lets be real, a hard life, and many many years, decline was a sure thing for her no matter what from her gorgeous 18…so I cut her slack.

    1. Her hard life was mostly her choice, though, so I wouldn’t cut her too much slack.

    2. Reality is that most women simply don’t age that well, and it seem to be particularly true if they’re considered to be extremely hot or beautiful. (There are exceptions, but mostly they’ve taken care of themselves – diet, exercise, etc. – and not gone on drug or alcohol benders.)
      And then you have the paradox of the 6s or 7s, the ones who didn’t get noticed or dated in High School who aged well and ended up looking pretty damned good in their fifties. Go figure.
      And that leads us to this sage truism: If you want to know what she’s going to look like when she gets older, then just take a look at the mother.
      Just a thought.

  3. To someone from outer space surely men would appear infinitely more worthy of
    admiration than women, for man has intelligence as well as beauty. Throughout the
    centuries man’s standard of values must have become sadly confused, otherwise
    women would never have been called the fair sex. The mere fact that they are so
    much less intelligent than men is enough to contradict such a conception, for a stupid
    person can never be thought of as beautiful unless judged on the purely physical
    level. But it should be emphasized that the fault lies with man himself, who valued
    women according to standards by which people and animals are on the same level. If
    he had not done so, women would hardly fit into the group Homo sapiens.

    1. BTW, are you going to burst into song? Cite Shakespeare’s MacBeth? No wonder you can’t get any pussy. You sound like a goddamn faggot.

    2. Bingo.
      Emotional stability

      1. There’s a joke in there somewhere about ugly-sticks and bumping uglies and “ugly-stick” meaning “cock” now.

      1. really? kratom? have you even tried kratom? you act like that’s some kind of hardcore drug when it’s the farthest from that. I can guarantee you that no one in hollywood is wasting their time with weak ass kratom when they have unlimited easy access to high quality pharmaceuticals or heroin instead.

  4. Modern society attitudes, modern societies “food” and the “advances” to it, modern societies crutches has made man into these fat and lazy Jabba the Hutt slugs. Celibacy will soon be THE modern choice rather than cavort with Pillsbury Doughboy/girl blimps. All of these broads produced ZERO erection stimuli, and instead evoked often gagging reflex and utter revulsion, and that’s just based on the visuals never mind the attitude and vocalization of these walking lard lumps minds and attitudes.

    1. The ironic and hilarious thing is, you know these warpigs are your only option. They’re the only women on your radar because they are your perfect match. If they weren’t on your level, why would you bother to care?
      “Hey you disgusting drunken fatty I’m not going to fuck you even though I want to but you’ll say no like always!” 😂

      1. umm no. i have standards and wouldnt get naked with any of these washed up walruses. the kool thing about having standards and self respect is its easy to live by them and im under no PRESSURE AT ALL, to debase myself with aged cottage cheese bodies with shitty self serving attitude. Feminist trash, go get fucked by your subhuman slaves.

      2. your “warpigs” offend my eyes and ears and are revolting to a normal stomach, as you are as well.

      3. The ironic and hilarious thing is, you know these warpigs are your only option.
        Nonsense. Not liking something and calling it out is not the same thing as “having no options.”
        The comments I see here sometimes are, quite frankly, cringe-inducing and amazingly ridiculous.

    2. You don’t have any standards. Losers like you with no options don’t have any standards by default, which is why you’ll insist these porkies “aren’t bangable” because you’re just gross enough to even consider it. Hot desirable guys don’t spend their time on incel sites balking a fatties they claim they’d never fuck. 😂
      A guy with options wouldn’t even give a hog second glance. You on the other hand carefully consider it before you’re met with the usual rejection.
      P.S. The fact that even fat ugly feminist white women would rather fuck swarthy Arabs and black men attests to how substandard and gross you really are. 😘

      1. I’m guessing you’re another glaring example of someone who’s let herself go and trying to justify it here. Go back to your cupcakes, cupcake.

        1. That should probably turn you on, shouldn’t it? You fags are way into miscegenation anyway. That’s why you travel to the orient and bang ladyboys.

  5. Did they get plastic surgery from the tattoo shop for a nice price ? The wall takes no prisoners.

  6. Contrast that with George Clooney, Brad Pit or Tom Cruise they still look good today as do most male celebs who looked good 20ty years ago.

      1. The best coping mechanism men have with aging is that we were never truly able to leverage our youthful good looks for easy societal privileges and sexual rewards in the first place.
        If Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt at their prime were either somewhat shy, taciturn, or timid then they’d be just as incel and sexually frustrated as all of the other fat and ugly guys out there.
        Ryan Gosling’s characters in ‘Drive’ and ‘Blade Runner’ are perfect examples. He’s handsome as fuck, yet he’s a lonely incel who lives alone due to his quiet and taciturn nature, and in the latter example depends on a hologram girlfriend to achieve some element of contentment.
        Shy, quite, taciturn, or timid women will STILL get asked out all the time if they are youthful and hot enough.

        1. incel is “involuntary celibate”. It’s a person (usually a straight man) who wants to have sexual relations but old age, ugliness, obesity, personal hygiene issues, or personality problems are preventing him from doing so no matter how much effort he puts into it.

      2. FITZ
        At 31 you are too young to remember when Al Pacino’s face was on the walls of girl’s bedrooms in the late 70’s.
        Even Jack Nicholson was once a teen idol in the very early 60’s.
        If you were to talk to a Richard Gere-type American Gigolo he would tell you that the ultimate Chad’s-though Gere was kind of short and simian-looking and I never bought him in that film-are finished as paid “companions” by 30. Your boyish appeal does not last.
        If I went into a Cougar Bar TODAY, I’d never get laid with the women now my age.

        1. Cougars want young cubs but men do best with women around their own age. Who gives a shit what old damaged sluts think? At least the aged $2 hooker is getting paid.

        2. Dick, why would you even consider going to a cougar bar? (Lol). Yuck. These old ham beasts and sea hags! As an older guy here, my dogs are better company than these delusional old bags who still think they are princesses on a pedestal instead of post-wall victims.

      3. no, it really doesn’t. for every seriously attractive woman in her 40s-60s I can show you 15 men who are more attractive and in shape. the realities of the male and female sex hormones and the differences in sexual development over a person’s lifetime indicate that men should retain their sexual attractiveness and physical fitness longer than women, and that is exactly what we see.

  7. This is the result of the beta’s and cuck’s of the world who still hold them high on the pedestal and give them attention after they have been rode hard and hung up wet. Why would they take care of themselves when they can be a dumpster fire and still get what they want?

  8. I really hate to look further back into antiquity for women in the entertainment industry who took those naturally stunning looks damn near down to the bitter end. (Ann Margret, Suzanne Pleshette, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelley, Elizabeth Montgomery, Liz Taylor and Vivian Leigh aside from their insanity.) But has the times devolved so radically that it has (Obviously) expedited the wilting of todays flowers into tomorrows weeds? Tragic.

    1. Add Lee Remick to the list. She aged gracefully. Not as hot as when she was young (scorching in “A Face In The Crowd,” “Anatomy of a Murder” or “Experiment in Terror”) but an attractive mature woman.

    2. Joan Collins, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch—all still bangable into their golden years. Even rocker Bonnie Raitt has looked sexy in her older age. Good genes, diet, exercise, discipline, and not going overboard with plastic surgery is the key.

    3. I heard Audrey went crazy. I work in a hospital and older women are the first to start start smelling like shit.

  9. To be fair, you can’t blame a woman for getting old. But getting fat and crazy plastic surgery…. there’s no excuse.

  10. Poor Kelly LeBrock. I thought she was something else back in the day. She not only hit the wall, it fell on her.

  11. As much as I agree that youth is a woman’s biggest asset, men who are old and look like shit have no pot to piss in. If you are fat, too skinny/weak, or look like shit yourself you look ridiculous living vicariously through refined gentlemen like Clooney. Pitt isn’t even a suave old man. He looks like shit now. But what does it matter if old Hollywood men who can afford it happen to look good for their age?
    Do you look good for your age?
    Then shut the fuck up trying to claim the old “men age like wine” blue pulled garbage.
    Age hits men like a motherfucker. Your T levels drop, your bones begin to lose their robustness, and your joints become creaky and weak. On top of that lots of us with European (especially Northern European) genes go bald. And bald is beautiful only if you have other features like muscles. Being a skinny or fat bald guy is death.
    Put simply I am getting tired of the manosphere always deflecting from their own problems and crying how women age like shit. Of course they Fucking do. I would love to have a harem of 17 year old virgins only I deflower. But if I am some Fucking fat shit I look stupid bitching about how women got ugly. Let’s be honest. The manosphere at times seems as ridiculous as feminists who bitch about “no more good men”.
    If the only women you have access to are fat and ugly, then I have news for you. It may not be the women.

      1. Old ish. 31. Most of my lays were in my 20s.
        Why do you say that though? Is what I said about personal responsibility not true?
        I don’t want to cope and say that old women are hotter or any of that mess like “I want an experienced woman” like old fucks who can’t attract young women cope with
        But at the same time, why exactly is it news that certain women age like shit? Men aren’t immune from that, either. But I forgot the manosphere expects things from women they themselves can’t accomplish.
        The same manosphere full of incels with high standards who bitch that women are old looking. I can tell you if you are a man who lays a bunch of 17 year olds then you aren’t in any way concerned that women your age look old. Because if you were truly the slayer suave old man you claim to be, then all these old broads are invisible to you and a non issue.
        Men who bitch about women looking old do so because said women are their only option. A dude getting it regularly from jailbaits has no reason to sit around crying how women don’t age well lmao. It becomes a non issue. Kind of like someone with an abundance of food isn’t really writing articles about how food is hard to come by.
        Thought processes like these stem from a scarcity mindset. Men with an abundance mindset aren’t sitting around bitching how women are low quality because guess what? Such s thought has no reason to enter their head.

        1. The problem in Hollywood is the excess of plastic surgery. No one would care if an actress put on 10 or so lb. over the course of her career. But making your face look like a monster? I don’t get it.

        2. Men’s value in women’s eyes is more in their accomplishments, earning potential, etc., whereas women’s value is men’s eyes is more in their looks. Men don’t care about a woman’s career or how much money she makes, or her ability to support them or a family.
          But I agree, I see a lot of men who don’t take care of themselves physically who really have no right to point fingers at women who have let themselves go. I’m in my late 40s and still have my hair, am tall, stay fit and am always trying to improve myself. Although they’re fun to look at, I don’t expect to be banging hot young women or for women to stay youthful and gorgeous forever. I just expect from women what I expect from myself—take what you’ve been given and make the best of it and try to be as attractive as you can and be a person of value.

        3. i thought i was oldish when i was 31. in fact i thought i was oldish in my mid-late 20s. i remember lying about my age to some young-ish girls (late teens or 20 ish) because i thought they’d never go for me at age 27. then i got to 40ish and was smashing more and younger poon than i ever had.

        4. Your problem Fitz is a lack of understanding.
          You dont get the difference in male and female sexual market value.
          The most basic fact is, that after say 45 a women becomes unable to have children. This fact alone makes her worthless in the eyes of mother nature when it comes to sex. Worse – mother nature does not want men to waste semen that will never produce children.
          On the other hand a man can sire kids with 70+. Mother nature again was very smart to give men 6 other traits (not just looks and youth) we can count on. Like fame. Like wealth or power. Like charisma or charm. As a man with 45 I have NO PROBLEM whatsoever to attract girls around 20. And that is without playing the “pay for sex” card. Thats an extra always available to us men.
          No i mean women who would love to marry me or have my children.
          Moreover I am quite certain this will still be the case in 15 to 20 years, even though i might than have to “settle” for girls around 30 because I dont expect my endurance and frequency in bed to stay the same when I am above 60. But thats just me. If I can do it, other men can too – you for example Fitz.
          Sitting on your old ass all day, and writing about how “old” (31 are you fucking nuts!!) age has hit you wont help.
          Try to get your finances in order, so you dont have to count every $ or Eur you are going to spend. You dont have to be rich, but you need enough to be above the average where you live. And show it.
          After that try to do some moderate sports. You dont have to become a self defense instructor like me as part-time job. Moderate stuff will do – but at least 3 days a week.
          With all that done, start giving a shit. Its fine to insult people. Its fine to cut lines. Its fine to be an all around asshole. Women will look at you and start talking to you if they know you are the biggest asshole and are able and willing to cross anybody at will. A natural born asshole helps but you can also train it. Be the exact opposite of weak, fearful, nice guy and you will score.

    1. The problem is women have nothing to offer but beauty.
      Men are expected to give everything else; a shoulder to cry on, being an atm, etc, etc.
      Women see it like this, that’s why many pursue aged men.
      Only mentally insane males pursue older women.
      Men acquire more networth and wisdom as they age.
      Women do not acquire anything, but only lose their value becoming worthless.

    2. I’m going to assume you’re just trying to elucidate the fact that anyone, be it man or woman, that looks good into their later years is someone that takes care of themselves and that many of these women are the result of not.

    3. At 62, I’m the fittest I have ever been, ZERO hair loss, but the colour has become a little faded at the sides. But it’s hard work to keep in shape, you need to lift/run/hike/cycle 3 days a week of the weight gain will creep up on you. I’m convinced the joint/mobility/weight problems many guys my age complain about are the result of giving up, essentially suicide by eating.
      There is no excuse for those women (or anyone else) getting fat!

      1. Agree exercise is important, but diet is key. I eat nothing but veggies and fish…no fried food, red meat, soda’s etc

    4. FITZ
      If you saw Pitt in a trailer park with that lank hair hanging over his face and that big toothy slightly crazy grin of his you would not think he was a suave motherfucker. You’d want to cross the street to avoid him.
      He looks like a hillbilly inbreed now.
      Some ordinary men look a bit rugged in middle-age like Eastwood or Bronson or even Danny Trejo but the pretty boys just look like again queens.

      1. Girls tend to like the slightly feminine features of Brad Pitt over more masculine features like Russell Crowe. Compared to Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan they’ve both aged like fine wine.

    5. FITZ
      If you saw Pitt in a trailer park alley with that lank hair hanging over his face and that jack o’lantern grin you’ cross the dirt road to avoid it.
      He looks like an inbred hillbilly.
      The pretty boys do not look pretty in middle-age and this is why some of them manage to reinvent themselves as scary villains.
      Jack Nicholson was a prettyboy Irish actor in the early 60’s with thick hair. Show me a teenager who thinks he is hot now.
      Al Pacino’s face was once plastered on the walls of girls bedrooms in the early 70’s.

    6. Good points I agree but there is a bigger picture you may be missing.
      If Women become degenerate in such large numbers the sexual market becomes ruthless for the few attractive women that remain.
      essentially all but the top 1% genetics/wealth will be fighting tooth and nail for scraps. In a healthy society A quality man with his shit together should at least have access to a similar female. The way our society is going ‘good men’ are going to have to resort to dumpster diving. It will be like a starved imprisoned man forced to eating someone’s shit for nutrients and being told to smile and say thank you.

    7. Fitz!
      Just a question: ARE YOU the black guy who has the you tube channel–>
      Face and LMS <–???
      That is the most hardcore red pilled thing I seen in My life dude!!
      If you are that guy then You are a genius!
      Everybody MUST see those vids!
      Respect to the max!!!

  12. Would love to see a follow-up article of the women that retained their beauty as they aged. It might be a shorter article though.

    1. Jessica Tandy looked better old than young. Barbara Stanwyck didn’t look too bad in her rocking-chair years. Jane Wyman died untouched by a scalpel and with class. So, starlets, it can be done.

        1. But look at Brinkley’s face … ewwwww … Sister Olivia is 101, still hanging in there.

    2. Raquel Welch was bangable until well into her 50s. Even beyond that, she wasn’t boner inducing, but still just an “attractive” old lady.

      1. I saw Raquel in New York more than 10 years ago. Shorter than you’d think, and her skin was damaged from too much sun.

        1. Well dude she’s like 77 now, so well into her 60’s even when you saw her. Whose hot at 65+ ? Nobody.

  13. Holly Mother of God! Heather Loclear! Daryl Hanna! Sweet Jesus, I did not know. No wonder these celebs hate men, who grow older, more powerful and and sexier and go unhinged. All teen girls should be given a big poster of these pictures and forced to put it up on their bedroom walls to remind them everyday they have to get it all done by 30 and settle down.

  14. I’m glad I am not aging like that….but then again, I fight it back every day with diet and exercise…

  15. Clark Gable was 60 when he died, Gary Cooper around there . . . Errol Flynn 50 . . . Bogart, 57 . . . and my point? Don’t have one.

    1. Oh, right; knew I had a point. I’m 57; no “turkey wattle”; no crow’s feet; nothing’s sagging yet; the skin on my hands is starting to look its age a wee, but when those hands can military press 215, I can overlook it. Start bragging about yourselves, lads.

      1. I am 52 and I can lift 90% of the weights that I used to when I was 26. I have a full head of hair and just a touch of grey near the sideboards. A cardiologist I consulted just could not believe it when I said I was 48 (at that time).

  16. And I’m sure you’re all a set of oil painting yourselves! Especially Roosh looking like a graying Geico caveman.
    At least these women were beautiful once. And none of you ever were. Sucks for you pitiful incels doesn’t it?

    1. No, I was never beautiful … “devastatingly handsome” is what I was/am and ever shall be.

      1. No you’re not. You look like a dog’s ass just like the rest of the losers on this site who have to go to third world countries to get fishy Asian poontang.

        1. Ha Ha
          Maybe you’ll get one of those 20 year old girls to fuck you if you buy them the cheap beer on tap at your local club and then take her to your room and fuck in the dark in missionary style sex. But the next morning you have to get rid of her.
          Me, I’ll take the non-stop orgies with dusky beauties in tropical places having porno doggy style sex any day.
          You could not PAY ME to go back to my shitty rustbelt city in the Midwest.

        2. A cool mil and you’d be on the next flight. I like sunkissed duskies and snow angels(devils these days) looks, though I’ll admit the later tend to age faster.

        3. @ Dick Boner the Loser
          Yeah, you like looking at their brown stankholes with tapeworms coming out of them while you earnestly hold your breath from the awful smell. How exciting. NOT
          Can’t expect a sad old fogey like you to do any better. “Bragging” about being surrounded by Asian women’s brown buttholes is the best you’ll ever do. Sad!

  17. Almost 49 years old…6-feet tall, 32-inch waist, 167 lbs, slight crows feet and forehead lines but skin overall good, thick brown hair with touch of gray. Walk one hour/day along with push-ups, squats, curls, and shoulder presses rather than going to gyms. Also eat a low-carb diet, minimal alcohol intake, and never smoked.
    I have zero attraction to women above 35 or ladies at any age with a gut. I also stay away from single moms so the dating scene here is pretty bleak but luckily I have the means to travel frequently to SE Asia and Taiwan where it’s a pussy buffet – typically stick with 22 – 28 year old ladies over there with little drama involved. Been divorced raped already so not looking for anything serious.
    To the young guys here: take care of your health and finances and hopefully you are enjoying life as much as I do when pushing 50.

      1. I wear 36 waist (the ‘modestly overweight’ category) while 38 is ‘Fat’ and 40+ is flat out obese in increasing morbidity.
        I’m working to get down to 34’s again and stay there. 32 sounds like I’d just have to live off carrots and electrolyte-enhanced water to get to that point and stay there. No way I’d get back to 167 pounds again, I look best around 187.

        1. Reality,
          At age 50 I was a 44 inch waist, now at age 62 my jeans are 32-34 inch. It’s not to do with eating, it’s all in the exercise you do.

      2. @ Dick Boner the Loser
        Once again, bragging about banging disparate malaria infected eggrolls isn’t something to be proud of. LOL
        “I wouldn’t fuck an orange skinned white bitch”
        Correction, they won’t fuck you. That’s why you’re in Asia playing Cum Suckee Pink Wittle Dong with thirty-five cent typhoid riceballers.

        1. HAHA
          I was fucking tanning salon addicted dyed-blonde Sorority Whores when your own 1960’s-born Yuppie parents were watching X-files while you crawled around the floor.
          For variety I fucked a few of the hairy bush local Italian pizzeria girls and even a Hood Rat once.
          By age 21 in 1995 I fucked more girls than you have now because in those days PC was the domain of fags and frigid feminists.
          Real exciting bro. Take a chick home 1 out of every 10 times you go to the club and fuck her in the dark and then have to get rid of her the next day.
          Actually I moved overseas for a better quality of life than the Midwest thanks.

        2. Ha Ha
          @ the “helicopter” child of yuppie faggots from the 1980’s
          Sure, I’m a loser who is probably still living at home at the age of 22 or 24 hoping your Mom does not walk in on you while you jerk off to porn.
          Must be tiring worrying about getting hassled by local hick cops always pulling you over from the “Sports Bar” or “Club” you go to buy underage chicks a beer in the hopes that they’ll let you poke them in missionary sex positions in the dark.
          Dyed-blonde shallow, snotty white girls are the only 2 or 3 you ever fucked so how could you know about other nationalities of girls.
          But most of the time you sit in a “sausage fest” at the club watching them bump and grind against some black guy.
          You don’t even own a passport and your idea of exotic is a shitty weed-choked lake and a Jet Ski rids someplace that looks like Jason Voorhees would live.
          Yeah…I am sure glad I was lucky enough to be a loser born in 1974. Back when I was young you could still get a job that allowed you to move to other countries and your generation cannot move out of home until they are 30.

        3. Ha Ha
          Sharing an apartment with 3 other guys or living at home when you are 24 is far less to be proud of than living overseas in a warm tropical country where you can drive home from a bar or a club without being worried that stupid hick cops are going to pull you over and breathalyze you.
          Have fun with those dyed-blond tan salon addicts whose skin is as orange as Donald Trump.
          I really wish I could live in the US interior like you so that I could blame Jews in New York for everything and hold some shitty job in an office 10 miles from where I was born and never travel anywhere.
          Must really be shit when you get into a beef with a cop or some other guy and you cannot avoid them because you are trapped in a 12 mile radius by economics and birth.

        4. @ Dick Boner the Loser
          The irony lost on you is that you have a bone to pick (pardon the pun) with white women grinding on black guys when you fuck SARS-infected Thai ladyboy eggrolls. Bahahaha you pathetic fucking loser. It’s always some little pink dick white boy jealous of black men stealing the white women who rejected you isn’t it?
          You’re also over hear bleating in colorful detail about me allegedly being from a shitty midwestern town when you come straight from one yourself–a hick shit one donkey hellhole that you had to flee from because you’re so unfuckable and disgusting. You ventured down from the bell tower hump and all to go to Thailand and lay up with tuna chop suey trannies.
          I’m from L.A. You’re from Shithole Nowheretown USA where you couldn’t get any pussy arriving in Ladyboyville, Vietnam paying for syphillic fishballs to get drunk and fuck you with the lights off. Same shit, different day for you, son.

        5. Ha Ha
          Yeah, Wittier or Van Nuys are lovely. I wish I could trade places with you so I could be the HOOD RAT (Which I suspect you are) getting jumped by Cholos.
          You’re probably pissed off at Asian women because they object to the UNGODLY B.O. of Non-Asian MINORITIES of which I suspect you are one.
          Did not know there were any white suburban chicks left to screw in Mexifornia as the middle-class has more or less gone.
          But Hood Rats lack the initiative to move anywhere (Or the intellect to learn Spanish).

        6. Ha Ha
          Sorry, I thought you were white. Most ANTIQUE FARM EQUIPMENT cannot write-though perhaps you are Mulatto. Or maybe you are a Cholo.
          You live in Van Nuys or Whittier? You can have it. At least the Midwest is still second-world and not Mexifornia.

        7. I live in Century City, you pencil dick old fuck. Where I make upwards of $500,000 a year, you topped out at $80,000 living in a shack Vietdong as a racist white nerdy loser who is resigned to fucking nickel Egg Foo Yong rice paddy whores. There are websites about creepy disgusting white losers like you at EurasianTiger.com where they fully document you ladyboy sex tourists who can’t get laid in the US. You’re a laughing stock you bum.

        8. Ha Ha
          I’m 44, you stupid Mestizo.
          Young people did not always live at home until they were 28. I moved to Dubai when I was 25 years old.
          “Pencil dick”
          It would seem that after the BBC you take up your anus, I’m sure.
          “I make $500,000 a year upwards”
          In Studio/Century City everybody’s Mom is a triple-penetration porn star. Seems she left you a nest egg.
          Good for her.
          Most of them have a blow habit bigger than the Qatar GDP.

        9. Ha Ha
          “I’m from LA!”
          I’m sorry for you. What is your rent for your one room loft? $8000 a month?
          “I’m from Century City!”
          Where everybody’s Mom is a triple penetration porn star and they have a blow habit the size of the Saudi GDP and a “script in development”.

    1. Wow another nerdy repulsive omega white man who has to go to Asia to find a gook because no white woman wants him. Quelle surprise!

        1. Hammer
          They are slim and cheap, last night was out with a 36 year old lady weighing 45Kg, my pal (64) was with a 26 year old weighing 50Kg. Didn’t take mine home as she was a bit old for me. The Asian thing is about being able to pick and choose. My entire night out cost me $35 (including a $3 tip for her), I beat her at pool, she beat me at connect 4.

      1. I like Asian women because they’re non-bitchy, stay thin, and frankly they do age noticeably slower than white women. Particularly in their 30s and 40s they clearly look younger.
        Nothing Omega about me. Been with over 50 women from over 20 different countries without any pay-for-play.

        1. Asian women from poor countries will fuck any nerdy disgusting white man with a wallet and a passport. Including you. The fact that you think that’s bragworthy attests to how much of a gross loser you really are. LOL! 😂

        2. And on those same trips to Asia I was banging Dutch, Canadian, and Brazilian travelers too. The White/Latina chicks still dig me too. haha

        3. No you weren’t. You bragged about being with SE Asian women before you got called out and realized how pathetic that is. What’s even more pathetic is you had to throw in “Dutch and Brazilian” because you’re ashamed of your third world gonnorhea fish excursions.
          Btw a being a 49 year old fogey bragging about “banging chicks” is embarrassing. Jesus no wonder no hot desirable woman wants you. Trying to recapture your high school years because you were nerdy and unpopular was not a good look then and it isn’t now. 😂

        4. I’m 34. And since when was The Netherlands a 3rd world nation? 400 years ago it was even the wealthiest and most scientifically advanced nation on Earth.

        5. 34 years old and can’t get laid with the women in your native country? Good lord that’s fucking sad. Desperate people call for desperate measures, like all these losers flying across the world to sleep with poor disadvantaged women who have zero options. I guess there really is a lid for every pot. 😂

        6. When did I ever say I wasn’t getting laid in the US? Look up the definition of “strawman”.

        7. “Strawman”
          This is precisely why you can’t land any hot women. Talking like a bookworm drooling dork doesn’t work. Women don’t wanna hear that fucking shit, especially if it’s from a guy who isn’t very attractive to begin with.
          Then again I’m on a site that is founded by and swarmed with socially inept, sexually defunct losers. You are hopeless by default.

        8. Haha,
          I never landed any woman (I really wanted for LTR) in my home country, at any age and at any cost. In Asia I’m sleeping with 8/9/10s in their 20s despite being an old man. Who cares about white women, not me.

        9. REALITY/JOHN
          Years later in the Philippines I tried having sex with a white female sailor/ex Navy on a commercial vessel.
          She got off the boat and got drunk at my bar and needless to say we screwed (I was in my mid-thirties then so I was the only white penis around).
          She was passably good-looking but after so many Asian women her vagina was a big cavern.
          So I did screw a few white women in Asia, but the thrill was gone.

        10. HAHA
          I would not GO back to the US and fuck some tanning salon orange-skinned suburban white girl if you paid me. What? Sex in the dark humping some drunk chick whose mouth smells like the cheap Ladies Night mixed drinks served in the same “club” you’ve been going to since you were 21.
          Until you have spent your days screwing hot Filipino Spanish Mestizos in a hammock on a beach you have not lived.
          But in your case, you could not afford to move to Asia. You’ve probably never lived 50 miles away from the house you were born in your entire life.
          Like most Gen Y you are the helicopter child of Yuppies born in the 60’s and you were born in the 1990’s and since your childhood your country (North America) has gone into the shitter.
          You think I wanted to spend my entire life in my own backyard.
          What’s your idea of action? Going to the clubs and sitting with some cheap bear watching the skanks with their orange tan salon skin dance? Maybe go to house parties with the same girls you knew in Kindergarten whose permanent opinion of you was formed in the 3 rd grade?
          Forget “white women”. You can only fuck the dull corn fed or suburbanite girls you have known all the way back to high school.
          Now me I don’t even remember their names because I was up to fucking a different nationality per week.
          Townies are sad. You probably don’t even own a passport. You’ve worked in some building not 10 miles from the house you were born. If you live on your own you have to share your apartment.
          On the street you have to worry about big loping feral bucks and Mestizo Cholos.
          None of this shit bothers a man getting blown in a hammock on a beautiful beach.

        11. REALITY
          Your average hick living in the US interior thinks that every country outside his toilet-bowl exurb or small rural city is a “Third World Country”

      2. I’d rather have a “gook” than some white bitch that acts like a man in dress. Besides, there’s nothing more omega than some dude who rags on another man’s female preferences. And you sure don’t seem to be the type who can land a white woman. Not with that insecurity you are hinting.

        1. I’d rather live in a country where my property is worth shit, and that is not Detroit.
          I’d rather not sit in the same bars and clubs that I have since I turned 21 hoping some white girl will get drunk enough to let me take home and lie there in the dark.
          I’d rather live and work in different countries than in an office with the same people I went to Kindergarten with.
          I’d rather not have cower around Law Enforcement hicks and Hood Rats and Cholos. Where I live, things can be “fixed” with a little cash.
          I’d rather not put up with stupid SJW being dictated from New York.
          I don’t have to give a single solitary shit about any of this-whether Section 8 is going to build a new projects down the street and property will fall like a fart in a space suit.
          I do not have to care about the stupid laws of the US where a white man can go to jail for calling somebody a “faggot” while feral black bucks kill more people in a weekend in South Chi-congo than Charles Manson did during his entire Broadway Opening.
          I do not have learn Spanish. Asians can speak English.
          And of course the wide variety of women I have fucked-15 or 20 different nationalities-is good. But that is not the point.
          The point is getting away from a country that went down the toilet.

      3. HAHA
        We go to Asia simply because it is better than being a townie sitting around the same “Sports Bar” or club Le Sausage Fest with the same shitty “Ladies Night Special” drink in our hand in the same shitty town we we were born.
        Townies are trapped in the same radius under the same circumstances they were born. Trying to “game” the same chicks they knew in high school.
        But most of the Gen Y posters here cannot afford to move across the street and lack the skills go anywhere. They would be too scared to move across the country, let alone to a new country.
        So they sit in the same dull city they were born with people who have known them since kindergarten.

        1. Grapefruit,
          True, not everyone in the US is fucked, just 50% of the guys that ever married, and those odds ain’t great.

      4. HAHA
        We don’t really leave the West for women so much as because it is shit.
        Brainwashed by media and film being scribbled out by Hebrew coke heads on Madison Avenue or San Fernando Valley…
        Arrested by hick cops with community college degrees for calling somebody a “faggot” who hit on you while wearing a dress.
        Sitting in the US interior worried your employer prefers Indians from the jungle whose kids roam around on crack chopping heads off with machetes.
        Gee, the US seems like a great deal of fun.

        1. Hahaha! 😀
          Richard for the brutal WIN once again!
          To continue your thoughts about Suburban America-
          …Every night it was screaming matches with your father who insisted military service “builds character” and provides a good resume reference for when you returned home.. He forgot to tell you even with a service disability you still needed to impress the HR lesbian octoroon whale at your Walmart SuperFEMACenter for that $12per hour Floor Manager position.
          You now get to limp up and down the LED bluish grey lit aisles of Chinese reject plastic garbage while the feral Chi-Congo “diversity-hires” hand off expensive items to their hoodrat friends wearing Yeezys and Gold chains… They stuff their Supreme hoodies with thousands of dollars of merchandise “cuz they been oppressed” and walk right past the overweight Despacito Security Guard who does not want to engage Trayvon and friends for fear of being called ‘raciss’.
          Eventually the Levant-Inventory software picks up all the pilferage and you get called into the paneled office out back for a viscous redressing by the bloated and boozy Mr. Bergemiester. Bits of food and vermouth spit out at you as he bellows in a rage about your incompetence. Somehow you are responsible for the huge volume of Returned Merchandise of Scratched and Broken Items that the H1B families used all summer but now still want a full refund for at the Service Desk.
          Getting to the parking lot after dark is unnerving because the WalMartFema Center is the only store left open in the 10 acre mall. Your aching leg hobbles over the broken glass and random trash as you rush to your still-unpaid 1997 Hyundai Econo. Between Excise Taxes, Insurance, Gasoline, Registry Fees, Car loan Interest, Maintenance Fees, Parking Tickets, Fees and Penalties, Inspection Stickers, and the quart of oil you have to add every 200 miles its almost costing more than you earn after paying Income Taxes and Health Insurance. Things are bad enough that you would consider standing in the rain and sleet near the homeless tweakers who live in the BusStop kiosk… but just last week 3 people were stabbed by a crew of Sons of the Sahara dressed in YSL shades and mint Gucci Track suits. Despite the fact all the witnesses saw the attackers with MILspec Glocks and illegal truncheon knives the Police still refuse to follow up on the ‘undocumented immigrants’ because they ‘do not want trouble’ with the gangs who supply their ‘bread and butter’.. besides, its a Fed thing.
          The one remaining light in the parking lot casts a shadow on your windshield looking worryingly similar to last month’s break-in that resulted in your radio/GPS being stolen and higher insurance premiums that YOU have to pay because someone else vandalized your property.
          You check the back seat like Rose McGowen at a hotel script reading praying that your car will rough-start before the crowd of Santiago’s finest come over to you. They have been there all evening and laughed when you noticed the store’s trash buckets battered with contents strewn all over the walkway.
          Waiting at the Mall’s traffic lights might get you jumped so you roll thru hoping the local Gestapo won’t write you a $600 Traffic Violation with attached Insurance Increase because it could bankrupt you for the month.
          Your cracked Iphone 5 keeps blinking with a message from your Ex who wants some money “to help her get by”. Her mudsharking days and various addictions have left her destitute, but your State Courts mandate that you pay her in perpetuity. Her infidelities led to the birth of a mulatto child but you failed to complete the divorce proceedings when you were isolated in the VA Hospital ICU in Kabul. And unfortunately the autistic child has advanced spina bifida caused by sickle cell anemia and you are liable… even though it is not your offspring. You tried to apply for State Relief and Medical Assistance for your Ex’s bastard mistake but you are not an ethnicity ratified as “needful”.
          As your Odometer rolls past 30,000 for the SECOND time you find yourself getting a bit pensive. What happened to my life? Who did I wrong to deserve this? Why is all this happening? Who am I really?
          Answer – You are a dumb America CUCK loser whose most noble Christian aspirations led to a life of poverty, enslavement and ridicule.

        2. WYATT
          The Joy of Telling People to Go Fuck Themselves Long-Distance
          My coked out Hispanic landlord would e-mail me about “damages exceeding my security deposit” and “names on the lease” a few months after I moved to Dubai from AZ.
          “Fuck off you disgusting Spic, I’m not coming back …there’s too many wetbacks”
          I let that sink in.
          There was also a cop who had cited me for being caught trying to pick up a prostitute and hit me up with driving on expired insurance and I spoke to him long distance:
          Again, I told him:
          “Fuck off, I’m gone from your shitty country and I have an international license…I won’t pay it”
          Then I called him a “A Porch Monkey”.
          “What are you going to do about it. You cannot travel. You’re stuck driving you’re stupid patrol car around for the rest of your life.”
          “Porch monkey”
          I let that sink in.
          My ex-roommate was a Polack named Marek and HE e-mailed me about trying to pry $200 out of me.
          “Joanne (A Moonfaced Harvey Keitel lookalike in a wig Polish girl he had knocked up) would not have the abortion” “I’m working two jobs”
          “Listen you Polka-dancing tweaker” (He would get tuned up on Meth and hit the Polka Halls of the Sons of Poland in the Detroit ghetto) “I’ve got a better job here in Dubai and I do not give a shit about some Polack chick you blew your shitty beans up”
          Zeke the “Beastie Boy” son of the pawnshop owner where I unloaded my shit just to have cash when I got to Dubai before my first paycheck.
          “The mountain bike has a problem with the gears” he e mailed (I GAVE NOBODY MY PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS OVERSEAS)
          “Listen you Hebe Cocksucker, they kill people like you in Dubai.”
          It was all very liberating to be thousands of miles away from the economic petty problems. And it did all seem very petty overseas yet the lives of the morons I had known in the Midwest and Southwest were defined by them.
          Chad, my pot dealer, busted by BAYONET by a kid who was trying to get out of a minor-in-possession charge. Now in jail.
          Scott, the white trash ex-roommate who’d owned me for a phone bill, doing hard bullets for getting stomped at a House Party and stabbing somebody in the balls.
          Tasha, pregnant with a white trash felon.
          Ken, still working in sales and getting cocaine-induced nosebleeds.
          My grandmother’s condo, now worth shit since Section 8 was build.
          My college roommate, a Doctor in the ghetto.
          And on and on.

        3. WYATT
          Seeing my State Guard Staff Sergeant in Germany-
          Jeff was my Reserves Sergeant in the National Guard. I got a general discharge for a hearing loss in my right ear (60% in fact).
          During the Iraq War we met on his leave in Germany. His wife was a German woman from Anspach and like me he was himself German-American.
          “Even the janitors went to Mosul,” he would tell me sadly.
          Jeff thought he could ride it out in the National Guard Reserves for the full 20 because during the Clinton Era it never occurred to any of us there would be a war like Iraq when we enlisted and that every single National Guard Unit would be deployed and not as REMF either.
          Jeff was now stuck in the middle of tour in Iraq, doing door-to-door peacekeeping.
          “You were lucky to get out on a general.”
          I paid for his drinks in the beer garden that night.

        4. Hey Richard B!
          I hear ya! 🙂
          I had a JAP (as in… american princess) neighbor in Dubai who mouthed off on Social Media about ‘arabs are less than her tribe’.
          She made the mistake of returning!
          –Customs had her stripped naked in a floodlit room with cameras on her as a TEAM of covered female ‘officiers’ took turns on her holes!!!
          Her boyfriend refuses to sell their condo so she gets ‘the experience’ anytime she tries to return!
          I think she’s starting to like it!
          Hahaha! 😀

  18. Drugs, booze, botched surgeries. You shoulda included Mickey Rourke just for the freakshow-of-it.

  19. These are all an f’ing shame, but Michelle Trachtenberg might be the worse. The only one that might be explainable is #7, that almost looks like a pregnancy pic.

    1. It’s doubly worse because her acting career was fairly unexemplary. ‘Euro Trip’ and her earlier ‘Harriet the Spy’ were pretty much the only films she did that pulled in some big bucks or were widely talked about in popular culture.
      Her whale form must look back at her ‘Euro Trip’ peak and just make a massive facepalm.

      1. I am the same age as Michelle, and I remember seeing her in ‘Harriett The Spy’ as an 11 year old (still in the “girls are gross” stage) and thinking “She is going to be hot when she’s older”.
        Then, years later, I saw her in ‘Eurotrip’ and DAMN! She had that slutty college girl look to her, right up my alley at the time.
        Shame to see how over-the-hill she looks now…especially when I still pass for 25!

  20. Notice the older women like Goldie Hawn and Heather Locklear, stars from the 1980s, had to reach their 50s before Bitch Time set in. Famous women today are barely making 30 before smacking the wall hard.

    1. Notice how older Asian-American women like Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Ming-Na Wen, etc. didn’t make this list. They have a HUGE competitive advantage over white women in maintaining decent looks throughout their 30s, 40s, and even 50s.
      Case in point, Ming-Na at 52. We’re used to white women hitting the wall a solid 15 years before this age.

      1. Boy howdy, the Asians on TV do look WORLDS better, LIGHT YEARS better than the current crop of white cottage cheese dumplings..And what the hell happened to the local news stations. They chased off all the men and now they are mostly female news casters and none of them are beauty queens either and most of them pregnant. Corporate media is learning the hard way about the unbalanced staffing swing to hatchet gash representation…All the Weather men decided it was safer to be in the field storm chasers getting smashed by storms than in the studio estrogen gossip pools.

      2. Sorry, Reality.. you were DUPED once again!
        Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu, Ming-Na Wen are transgendered!
        Ming-Na Wen is also a (rather rare for Asia) mudshark!

        1. Ming-Na Wen has a daughter that looks like her. Admittedly I can’t counter the same with Kelly Hu as she has no children, and it appears that Lucy Liu hired a mercenary womb for her son. But I am very skeptical that any of those three have XY chromosomes.

  21. Tara Reid has male hips, male shoulders and a male Adonis belt. Do I detect another secret Hollywood tranny? Hmmm.

  22. Someone needs to write an article to address the problem of male to female trannies in Hollywood.
    Most if not all of the “female” stars are actually castrato (castrated at birth ) satanic family trannies, I didn’t believe it until numerous videos on YouTube point out to exactly that, male hips, male shoulder waste ratio , big skulls, deep set eyes. No matter how hard Satan tries you can’t take the God given male traits out of a man.

      1. White trannies are rarely passable. No way all these casting couch broads are men. Maybe Michelle Obama though.

    1. Amen brother. Massive hands, no female hips, ring finger much too long. And when they get much older it becomes more and more obvious. Jane Russell in her 80s looked like what she was – an old man with makeup. This shit has been going on since mass media started.

    2. Hey Savage!
      I have tried to write Articles and Comments for ROK about the Hollywood MTF phenom but was CENSORED each time. Somehow this is a precious, no-go topic to the powers that be here!
      ALL of the Actresses of the 30 above are MTF and even some of the ‘blow-out’ pigs (though not all).
      Notice, Savage, how many pictures accompanying articles here are MTF…
      Every “positive” article praising “game” of a generically “hot” women features a Google/Getty Image of a ‘Wonder Woman/ Victoria’s Secret type’ …which is obviously MTF from the outset!
      If you want to BEG Roo$h for me to write some articles on how Hollywood works I am happy to do it… Ask,.. and he can give me the green light.
      It will literally blow your mind into small pieces!
      Our world today is not just bitches and SJWs..
      It is EVIL and SICK beyond our human comprehension!!! 😮

    1. She a fucking beast now. Horrific.
      I saw her about 20 years ago walking down the street with then buyfriend(not a sp mistake) Jamie Packer. I got to admit I never thought she was all that, but she looked pretty good, that day, in real life. Now she looks like the kind of girl Jamie Packer would score if he lost all his billions.
      She just got arrested for domestic violence, and assault police/ resist arrest. Poor partner probably got sat on.

  23. three of my absolute all time faves – Christina Aguilera, J.L Hewett and best of all… michelle trachtenburg! i used to jerk of to fake porn of her, with her face photoshopped onto porno pics. that shit still makes me laugh.
    i was checking out some of ariana grande the other day. great!
    as for Xtina, she was on the cover of rolling stone when she was young, sucking on a lollipop, i kept that magazine for years lolol and in fact still occasionally google image search it but i haven’t ever found it

      1. uhm all four of the three smoking hot girls i mentioned used to be men before they … transitioned …

  24. Most of these before/after pics have a 30+ year difference. Of course women (and men) lose their youthful beauty. The Goldie Hawn pics are a cheap shot — the spread on those is at least 40 years. Come on.
    More accurate are pics where women hit the wall in a much shorter time. Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears, and the girls who got fat.

  25. Some of these observations = harsh + on point, but adds a sprinkle of balance to give people like Christina Aguilera credit for embracing some dieting discipline after the fact, etc.; balanced observation)…but a few are unfair and make the writer sound like he’s got a chip on his shoulder (possibly about his mother and ex-GFs, spake Freud). The prime example being #13 Goldie Hawn — post-menopausal moms who’ve had multiple kids and are part of a generation that’s begun to die off? Seems out of bounds for the scope of this article. They can’t be held to the same standard, probably even by battle-hardened alpha narcissist PUAs and the sort.

  26. Funny that most of the commentators here seem to be 50+ geezers who clearly have nothing to do except spout hypocritical BS they so earnestly wish were true. Good thing though, they will die in a couple of decades if not lesser than that. Phew.
    @Haha AWESOME comment about Roosh looking like a Geico caveman. He really does! Also, another excellent point you made was that these women were at beautiful once. I wonder if that can be said for even 10% of the ageing warthogs here.

  27. Back in the day a rule-of-thumb was if you want to know what she’s going to look like when she’s older, look at her mother. But you can’t go by that anymore – their mother might be thinner and better looking.
    I wouldn’t date a North American woman if you paid me. They generally take far better care of themselves in South America.

  28. Dude ! You need to get a clue – Many if not MOST of these above are MTF’s (Male to Female Transgenders) Rose McG, and Princess Leah, Goldie Hawn , Lindsey, Heather, Meg etc.etc. Funny thing is these are the people ratting out the dudes – Dude-chicks !! Haha and what’s funnier is most of the feminists are MEN too (Gloria Steinhem, Madonna, Cher, Natalie Port-man, Rachel Man-dow, it goes even deeper. There’s a lot of misinfo on this subject – but a lot is provable – an autopsy would certainly show the alleged gender a farce (make up, shoulder pads). Women’s hips just aint that much narrower – look at the skull. Society has been bamboozled by baphomet – and you too ?
    They’re trying to give women high cheek bones and flat abs – but it’s mostly against nature. See Mag Ugly Truth Bam – now THAT’s a MAN!

  29. To The “Gook Hating Idiots”
    None of you have ever traveled out of your country. Your idea of a vacation is to go to some weed-choked lake in the sticks that looks like Jason is going to pop out and ride jet skis or go on Spring Break to some cheese-fest Springer circus.
    You’ll never fuck an exotic beauty on a beach. Just dyed-blonde white chicks from the suburbs with skin as orange as Donald Trump from tanning salons.
    Most of you however prefer to jerk off to internet porn watching some poor trailer trash girls anus prolapse.
    You’ve lived your entire life 12 miles from where you grew up and every time you light up a joint you are paranoid your parents might stop by to check up on you.
    You are sad bastards and most of you could not live on the other side of the world if you wanted or if you had the disposable income because you are helicopter children of Yuppie mall rats from the 1980’s who conceived you after dancing all night to the sounds of Bon Jovi in 1990.
    You think that Asia is a shit hole but in fact your own city and state is a shithole.

    You can “fix” anything in Asia. When I was in Detroit I actually went to jail for driving on suspended license for not paying a ticket. In Manila or Bangkok…you pay the cop $50.
    Non-Asian Minorities in the US are too stupid and cracked out to get a passport, much less actually live in a foreign country. The hardcore trailer trash is trapped too. You never see them. Imagine a world without Cholos and Hood Rats.
    You cannot blame anything on JOOZE in Asia. There aren’t any.
    If you have a bad divorce you just leave the woman and the house you bought her to her own devices. No alimony, child support, lawyers. Nothing.
    Foreigners who have a bad go of it just fly home and the kids are not their problem.
    Who wants to live in a cold rustbelt shithole. WHY would anybody live in Southeast Michigan? Or East Podunk wherever? I’d rather have small villa in Asia than live in a fucking loft in Detroit or Chicago freezing cold with Hood Rats and Cholos all over.
    Who wants to pay fucking taxes. If you earn under $80,000 a year you don’t pay taxes. I have not paid taxes since 1998.
    Of course none of the stupid young posters on this site living with their parents who never so much as went on a backpacking holiday through Europe know anything about life overseas.
    The OWNER of the corporation most of you work for live overseas. The one 1% all have houses in the South of France.

  31. With the accelerated decay of western women men have to ask themselves a serious question.
    Do you want to live in a society where the average woman is slim healthy and has feminine nurturing characteristics or…
    Do you want a society where chads are cleaning up the few remaining quality women and a decent man has to bust his ass to be some-what chadlike to even have access to an entitled overweight princess. I mean even good looking men with things going for them are forced to hunt below average girls to meet their sexual/companionship needs nowadays. Its quite depressing.
    Your average or below average western male is completely screwed and even the above average males are getting completely short changed.

  32. Well now we know how David Spade got Heather Locklear.
    And the Britney Spears one is hilarious. Never liked her shitty “music”. Not going to torture my ears for a chick I’m never gonna bang.

  33. Lohan is the one that personally saddens me the most.
    She was super hot back then a 9/10 for me at her best. Now, she’s hit the wall at effing light speed.
    Oh, well, her fault for being a drug loaded ho and all around mess.

  34. most of these are just paying ((the pipers)) for that 15 minutes of fame…
    so fuck em
    (or not, itc)

    1. 8ball,
      Your graph is ‘politically correct’, where I live many women have had babies by age 14-15. Last year I met a 22 year old woman with 4 children.

  35. This is hilarious. I mean, the fact that anyone would spend time compiling and detailing such a list is, itself, pathognomonic of end-stage loseritis, but this only scratches the surface of how self-parodic this post is. (If it’s meant as parody rather than the outpourings of an embittered, socially inert douchebag, I apologize.)
    For one thing, celebs are so often photographed by others — often unknowingly — that even the most beautiful ones will look awkward at times, so he’s using a biased sample, just as professionally rendered ones and selfies are biased in favor of beauty. For another, who gives a fuck? Heather Locklear (who was my crush in junior high school after I saw “Firestarter”) isn’t trying to break into the game as a glamour queen now; she’s continuing her career as an actress. What’s she supposed to do, go into hiding? And yeah, plastic surgery dings people up pretty bad, but I get why Hollywood types do it.
    But more to the point, does this coward (who seems loath to disclose what *he* looks like) think he’s immune to aging? Some day, some chick is going to point and laugh at his 60-year-old junk when it won’t budge from its shriveled state even though he’s just paid her $250 (most of his life savings) to suck him off — assuming he hasn’t had this experience a number of times already.

    1. Who pays 250 for a BJ? I forget, pro basketball and football players do (also why the go broke in months after they have to leave pro sports)…Never mind.
      A fiver or a tenner maybe, but mostly free that I know off. 250, not in a sane world… But its your wet dream, lie if you want to.

      1. I think you missed the greater point of my comment, Neal. In fact, I’m quite certain of it.
        Seriously, I’m all for calling an ugly cunt an ugly cunt where appropriate (Sarah Huckabee and KellyAnne Conway come to mind immediately) because I believe in shaming shitty people using “lowbrow” tactics such as knocking their looks if those people are behaving destructively. But the sheer cowardice inherent in anonymously trashing the looks of 30 different women? I mean come on, at least they were hot at one time and provided the writer a few spastic, adolescent orgasms. That’s probably more than he’s done for any women in his career as a would-be columnist.

  36. @Dick Boner,
    God, do you go on and on and on and on….!
    Why do you repeat yourself so much? Nobody is interested in what you said to your landlords/roommates/friends. That is not even relevant to this article. Then again, you are habituated to go off on endless rants which are ultimate snoozefests. Really, I feel sleepy just reading your convoluted, irrelevant answers and rants which make no particular point at all.
    Also, quit attempting to guess people’s backgrounds like you’re some omnipotent God. You are not. You are a middle-aged loser who seeks validation from other losers like you by going on repetitive rants. Just stop already. Nobody is interested.

    1. BRANDON
      …you are a Gen Y homo who may still live at home.
      …If I had to guess your nationality, I’d say non-white in fact.
      …But I think you wear tits. Something leads me to believe you are a girl.

      1. Hey Dick Boner, you eat old lady ass in between plowing Chinatown ladyboys and you watch black men fuck white men you could never get. You’re not exactly setting the world on fire are you?

        1. Ha Ha
          Actually I’m sympathetic to a Gen Y Californicated mixed-race fairy like yourself because I spent time in Yorba Linda as a young man in the 90’s when you were being hatched.
          Your Dad was a gay-for-pay hacky-sacking hippie waste case in Birkenstocks and your Mom inhaled the “Humboldt” he was smoking 24-7 while she was pregnant with you.
          The only whites you knew were Triple Penetration porn stars and you grew up watching men french kissing on the street in front of gay bars.
          Your playmates were probably all Aztecs who barely spoke Spanish much less English and then most of the white middle-class just threw up their hands in disgust and moved out of the state to let the Non-Asian minorities turn into Brazil.
          You hate Asians because the Korean shopkeepers shot at your Dad when he rioted in 1992.
          So you grew up with the OJ trial and a governor who posed for gay stroke rags when he was himself an illegal immigrant from Austria and you are so totally inculcated by Orwellian SJW Beserkley brain-washing that you despise heterosexuals.
          I actually understand. You are from LA. You were born there. The most fucked-up whacked-out civilization that ever existed.

        2. Ha Ha
          “Brown Pride”
          Non-Asian Minorities already set LA on fire. Bunch of times. Then “Gooks” shot them.

    2. Brandon, Dick Boner is a disgusting piece of shit old man loser. All he does is ramble on and on about banging old women, Taiwanese ladyboys, black dudes and his mother. This is what he does. Can’t train a muddy midwestern swine to sing opera.

      1. Ha Ha
        Midwestern swine? What’s the hate-on for? Some Oakie transplant beat up your Californicated Hippie Dad or what?
        Why the hate for Asians? The Korean shopkeeper thought you were stealing 40 oz to drink with your blunt on DA LBC?

  37. Scary….and depressing.
    And good point made about women today hitting the wall at a younger age. Nobody looks good at 88 – but many women today in their 30s already look chewed up and barfed out.

  38. Ok. I am posting this comment with utter sincerity, and it is my sincere hope that my questions and claims are taken seriously. I promise you, I am interested in your honest opinions and and answers. You have no reason to believe that what I am telling you here is the truth; however, I also have no reason to lie.
    I am a woman. I am in my early thirties. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, neither pussy hat nor MAGA hat water. I fear Trump as I fear all authoritarians, but I despised Obama for his complicity and deceit. I say this to communicate that there is no “liberal bias” in what I am about to say.
    I am ugly, and I present strangely. I’ve been told this since about the age of four by peers, teachers, etc. Had I been born ten years later I suspect I would have been diagnosed with Asperger’s. I have been reading this blog on and off since 2013, mostly to try and see myself through the eyes of others. I never really worris about “the wall” as I know I had nothing to really lose in the aging process. My looks, shyness, and general awkward visage (I was bullied terribly growing up, and assaulted a number of times in a rough neighborhood) have kept me, in general, from hypergamy. I had a close male companion who unfortunately passed away. That was my one and only intimidate encounter. Here is my question: I understand that in the minds of many folks here, the ideal political situation involves the control of women to avoid situations as depicted above, enacted through a strong, patriarchal state. What would happen to people like me in such a state? I know I am undesirable, but I am conversant in numerous subjects and talented musically and verbally. I have friends, and enjoy their company on the occasions I see them. I am involved in music and arts communities, and I would hate to be forced to give that up if a man decides women just aren’t biologically up to the task. I am not currently working, as I am going through chemotherapy for an autoimmune disease, but before I fell I’ll I worked hard at various jobs in kitchens, farms, and classrooms. What would happen to an ugly, perpetually single woman like me if you guys achieve your patriarchal monostate? I don’t wish to delude myself or anyone else into thinking I am beautiful; I simply would wish to continue to have my freedom to read, write, compose, earn a living, and continue my artistic pursuits (which I take quite seriously.) Reading these posts, I sometimes get the impression many men would rather someone like me cease to exist, since my lack of physical beauty makes me worthless to society. However, my male friends in the real world don’t seem to treat me badly: indeed, my more attractive female friends seem to have more horror stories than do I; occasionally, a stranger will remind me that I am an ugly (explicative), and some men are surprised to find out I am female after only knowing me through my work. I guess I am just wondering what role would exist for a woman like me if your ideal political and social situation comes to pass. Furthermore, I wonder, are my male friends probably disgusted/laughing at me behind my back. Or can men platonically appreciate a woman with zero SMV as long as we contribute some kind of talent to the world. How would you advise an ugly woman in my situation proceed? Thank you for your time.

    1. But to answer your question you will be fine. There is plenty of ugly men that would marry you if they had the opportunity. You would fare better than you are now if we were in control. You would not be alone, lets put it that way. You would have some man to hold your swollen hands during your chemo. It sucks you don’t everyone deserves love and I hope one day you find it.

    2. “I am a woman. I am in my early thirties”
      Don’t be afraid of the wall baby…it’s already here.
      Now the abyss on the other side? That’s a whole different tale in itself….
      God be wit you.

    3. EVERYONE has insecurities……when you discover this, you can leverage it to your advantage…….address your own (many are simply overblown, many are completely unfounded)…….true confidence comes from inner peace……99.9% of us are not movie stars, pro athletes, wall street wolves, or super models……..go forth and be happy

  39. Ugh, sentence above should read “wearer”, not “water.” Swollen joints and autocorrect are a bad pair. Though I suppose this could be read as just one more woman making excuses for a mistake, though this mistake was honest in nature.

  40. @Dick Boner
    You can believe whatever you want to, old fella. If you really were getting as much sex as you ramble on and on (and on and on and on and on and ON) about, you would hardly get time to write here.
    And with the sheer volume of your writings –multiple comments per person you are responding too –it seems you are either making these stories up, or collecting stories from people who actually do get that much sex, and then vomiting them out here.

  41. NEVER NEVER invest in a depreciating asset!!
    I love my monk lifestyle and I’m not going back.
    I had two BMW M3’s and i got my pilot’s license!
    Impossible if i were still chasing rotting flesh.
    Don’t lie to yourself any longer to justify fat
    and insane losers into your life to destroy you.

  42. This is a sad reality with how fast most American women fall into horror. I dated two young nubile babes in their prime. THEN only a few short years later, I ran into them and they both had ballooned 50-100 pounds into nasty land whales! I am sure glad that I banged them in their slim fit prime. Don’t get married just keep upgrading that really is the only viable long term solution for men. Let the idiot soy boy beta suckers marry these lazy slags.

  43. Jeebus!!
    After Weird Science and being a kid…I couldn’t get Kelly LeBrock out of my head. Now all I want is to get that image out!!
    Ughh…hit the wall face first at mach speed and dragged over it by the ankles! Egads!!

  44. Eating right, exercising, keeping out of the sun and avoiding aging vices (drugs, smoking and booze) would have kept these ham planets of the ugly tree. The one common denominator that has sped their downfall is plastic surgery – it never works.

  45. so many praise men over women on here, why not go full-faggot and start loving dick & ass..
    ease into it with Thai ladyboys, tits & dick in one package, tranny your way in

  46. Wouldn’t it be a lot fairer to compare the same kind of pictures? Right now it’s publicity picture when she was young, vs papparazi flashing the celeb in the face while she looks weird.

  47. The average girls are, well, average. Apparently the average woman in the USA is 5’4″ and 160 pounds (BMI 27+). The celebrities don’t really have any excuses given their spare cash and time to eat right, work out and such.
    I recall watching the William Shatner Celebrity Roast and one of the presenters went on for several minutes about how an iconic sci-fi sex symbol could have let themselves go so badly. Then he turns to the audience and says: “What happened, Carrie Fisher?” (who was sitting in the audience).

  48. Mostly Vegan Diet, Yoga, lots of hydration (ie generally healthy lifestyle )minimal sun exposure and will drastically lengthen ones attractive looks and skin/hair for women.

  49. i can’t say too much…….i’ve let myself go to shit as i’ve aged…..luckily, i have a great wife who loves me anyway

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