The Stories Of Two Domestic Terrorist Groups That Were Dropped In The Memory Hole

We often remember the late 1960s and early 1970s as a time of peace and love. Despite that, there was an undercurrent of violence. Street crime was skyrocketing, thanks to the judicial leniency back then. This was inspired by the “criminals are victims of society” meme, and it took a couple of decades even to begin to repair the damage. Further, the climate of agitation caused the summers to flare up with inner city race riots.

Political violence rose, reaching epidemic proportions. It would take a thick book to document all of it in the USA alone, but I’ll focus on two well-known radical organizations. The lessons of the past are especially relevant today, with the recent upsurge in rioting orchestrated by very wealthy and well-connected groups and individuals; a problem also faced abroad. Likewise troubling are gangs numbering tens of thousands each, sometimes crossing state (or even national) lines, effectively paramilitary criminal organizations.

The Weathermen

The Weathermen (also called the Weather Underground) were a militant splinter group originating from Students for a Democratic Society. They numbered a few dozen active members, and I’ll highlight some of the most notable ones. Some considered them as basically Robin Hood’s Merry Weathermen (and some still do), but more thoughtful leftists realize that wasn’t so.

Diana Oughton, the daughter of a wealthy and prominent banker, grew up in the picturesque small town of Dwight, Illinois. In her youth, she played piano and the flute and frequently enjoyed family trips to the Chicago opera.

Then she enrolled in Bryn Mawr, exposed to radicalism for the first time. At the age of nineteen, she attended her junior year at the University of Munich. There, a guy named Peter (who was either a boyfriend, or neck deep in the Friend Zone) steered her further away from her family’s conservatism. Upon returning to the USA, she got hip to social justice, well-intentioned at the time. After reading Black Like Me, she tutored inner-city residents in Philadelphia. Then she went to rural Guatemala for humanitarian work, and became increasingly radicalized as she became ashamed of the USA’s wealth and her upper-class background. This too seems odd, since spending two years improving the lives of the villagers wasn’t a mere symbolic effort.

She later met her future boyfriend Bill Ayers. During college, he became involved with the peace movement, leading to other things. They joined the SDS (in which my father attained prominence and a humorous bit of notoriety). Oughton established her feminist creds there. According to the Wiki page:

In March 1968, Oughton helped create a women’s liberation group at a time when the issues were just beginning to emerge among radicals. The group met every week or so, wherever the women could find room. Most of the talk seemed to center on the subordinate role of women in the radical movement and on the sexual oppression of women by the “macho” tendency of males to regard sex as conquest. During these meetings Oughton often discussed the role that women played in the SDS, which was a combination of being a sexual object, an office clerk, and a housekeeper.

From the SDS emerged the Weathermen, largely alienating the moderates. My uncle recalls the split: “I left when they went commie.” Their beliefs were a hodgepodge of leftist stuff (including an unusually toxic overdose of White guilt), with a staggering number of radical and Communist alliances both in the USA and abroad, but their major contention was the Vietnam War.

They went underground, experimenting with countercultural living in fashion then, including kinky sex (to purge themselves of their bourgeois tendencies, of course). Despite that, it was a fairly miserable existence, crowded in filthy hideouts and working themselves into a revolutionary lather with nonstop political rhetoric and samokritika sessions.

On the fateful day of March 6, 1970, Diana was at a Greenwich Village safe house where they had a cache of 100 pounds of dynamite. She was assembling a nail bomb, meant to be used at an upcoming dance at Fort Dix. This is clearly at odds with the notion that the Weathermen only wished to cause property damage. After a mistake, she met the fate intended for a roomful of NCOs and their dates. There wasn’t much left of her, and she took two Weathermen comrades—Ted Gold and Terry Wilkerson—with her. Some regarded her as a heroine or a martyr, though I won’t name names because I respect a couple of them despite their staggering naivety.

Some of their fellow Weathermen fared much better. As for Bill Ayers, he was on the lam for a while, but charges were dropped. Later he became a professor at the University of Illinois. He also has connections to Obama, and—according to some—was a co-writer of one of The Lightworker’s autobiographies, with a shout-out to Diana. As for Bernadine Dohrn—a law graduate and from a comfortably well-off family, and now Bill’s wife—she had a fairly mild legal scrape from refusal to testify. Later, she became an adjunct professor at the Northwestern University School of Law.

As for Kathy Boudin, born to a left-leaning family and another Bryn Mawr graduate, she was also at the Greenwich Village explosion but survived. She got busted after a 1981 armored car heist, working in conjunction with a militant Black group, that turned fatal. (It’s better to get out while the getting is good. For that matter, the end of the Vietnam War would have been as good a time as any for the remaining Weathermen to cut it out.) After being released from prison, she became an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work.

Interestingly, that’s the alma mater for several other Weathermen, as well as Richard Cloward, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Eric HolderBarack Obama, and Mattress Girl. What’s up with Columbia, anyway? Since it was also the refuge of the Frankfurt School, perhaps Columbia ended up a little ahead of the campus radicalism curve.

Kooky quotes:

He [Peter in Germany] said something which made sense. He said the trouble with America was it had lost its pioneer spirit… it put women in the wrong place and they were becoming neuter. Hurrah for socialism!

These were the words which converted Diana Oughton decisively to radicalism. Come on, even Bernie Sanders could come up with something more inspiring than that!

Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!

That was Bernadine Dohrn, commenting on the Manson murders. The silly things kids say…

The Symbionese Liberation Army

Patricia Soltysik, alias Mizmoon, was from the pretty town of Goleta, California. She was the daughter of a pharmacist in a large family, and a promising student. Mizmoon’s descent into moonbattery began when she enrolled in Berkeley in 1968. Quickly she turned into a radical feminist and self-described revolutionary.

She became a lesbian, and began a relationship with her future accomplice Camilla Hall (alias Gabi), five years her senior. Camilla’s parents were the daughter of a Lutheran minister and the founder and head of the art department of Gustavus College. This Minnesotan became a social worker and activist even before moving to California.

Things really went off the deep end when these lesbian lovebirds met Donald DeFreeze (alias Field Marshal Cinque Mtume), basically the Black version of Charles Manson. He had been radicalized by a couple of prison outreach programs before escaping. He soon became their boyfriend (so much for being lesbians); thug game is especially effective with naive liberals conditioned to believe career criminals are victims of an unjust society. This trio became the nucleus of a gang, the Symbionese Liberation Army. They were Communist militants with a feminist and “social justice” slant, so far out in left field that they made Chairman Mao seem pretty reasonable. What is it about bourgeois misguided youths in the Bay Area, anyway?

The SLA’s debut act was fatally shooting school superintendent Marcus Foster, a Black liberal and by all accounts a decent guy. This was spurred by a “fascist” proposal for student ID cards, intended to keep dope pushers off campuses. Robert Blackburn, his deputy, was seriously injured by the gunfire. Other than shooting people who didn’t deserve it, the SLA was known for a string of bank heists.

Their most famous act was kidnapping Patty Hearst. After a couple of weeks of loathsome brutality, Stockholm Syndrome was setting in. (Aren’t feminists supposed to oppose violence against women?) A few weeks later, they got Hearst (now alias Tania) to participate in a bank holdup. Needless to say, robbing banks was rather out of character for her; communists know a thing or two about brainwashing.

The SLA’s luck ran out, though. On May 17, 1974, there was a police raid on their hideout leading to a massive shootout, and the building caught fire. DeFreeze, Soltysik, Hall, and three other oxygen-wasters died. There was another murder and another bank robbery by their remaining members, but almost all were eventually rounded up and imprisoned. As for Patty Hearst, after six months with the gang, she was arrested; emaciated and clearly unhinged by the experience.

Kooky quote:

Therefore, we of the Symbionese Federation and The S.L.A. do not under the rights of human beings submit to the murder, oppression and exploitation of our children and people and do under the rights granted to the people under The Declaration of Independence of The United States, do now by the rights of our children and people and by Force of Arms and with every drop of our blood, Declare Revolutionary War against The Fascist Capitalist Class, and all their agents of murder, oppression and exploitation.

It’s not clear who wrote their “Declaration of Revolutionary War,” part of which is quoted above. Some believe that DeFreeze wrote it. Since he was a ninth-grade dropout and a mental case, I’m assuming that Soltysik—their “chief theoretician”—was the brains of the operation. Her tedious run-on sentences were the least of her problems.

In summary

With only a few exceptions—DeFreeze in particular—the Weathermen and SLA members started out as good kids. They fit a profile: Baby Boomers young at the time, from middle class to quite wealthy, almost all raised in good homes, many with religious upbringing (typically Protestant or Jewish), mild and well-intentioned.

Still, after being exposed to the radical scene—almost all on campus—they became urban guerrillas. If not for that, they would’ve become regular, law-abiding citizens. It’s gruesome even to imagine the psychological process by which a gentle youth who wants to do good in the world becomes a self-hating SJW type, and finally a militant rebel at war with society.

Most students at the time didn’t take it that far, of course, but many did (and still do) absorb radical ideas from the maelstrom of propaganda they received in college. Young people these days are told that a college degree is a ticket to the middle class (with mixed results), and must endure hefty student loans and four years of indoctrination efforts. Breaking the leftist stranglehold on the educational system and the “mainstream” media will be a key effort in draining the swamp.

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    1. Bob, keep making these. They’re an absolute treat every time I comment here.

  1. Unrelated: Lauren Southern just dumped The Rebel Media and is going independent. I’ve posted a few times lately that The Rebel was posting videos disparaging the Alt-Right while simultaneously posting videos trying to gain sympathy for Israel and Jews in Western countries (examples below). My first thought is she is leaving because she sees the hypocrisy and (((The Rebel))) wont have it.
    They blatantly want security for Israel, but criticize people who want security for Western countries. They got their messages mixed up and it brings into question what they really stand for.

    1. I’ve noticed this as well. Rebel is too pro Israel. I’ve always thought it’s best if foreign aid was withdrawn for the Palestinians and the Israeli’s stopped receiving special treatment. There will never be peace in the ME so why bother engaging?

      1. Levant’s job is basically to agitate for the conservatives so that they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Israel.
        You’d expect with all the Israel hate in the west, politicians would side with Palestine. Wrong. This is why.

    2. I wish I could see the right becoming redpilled about Israel.
      I feel like Wikileaks could dump gigabytes of emails about Israel spying on us, officials bragging about manipulating the United States, gloating about war crimes, etc and hardly anyone would give a shit.

      1. I agree. I am not anti-Israel. And I do respect their fighter pilots. And they have accomplished daring special missions (Operations Thunderbolt, Opera, Orchard, etc.) over the years.
        But they spy on US. That is disrespectful as hell.
        But I really want to know how they get the money to buy very expensive, top-of-the-line military hardware, plus research and develop much of their own. And all that in huge quantities.

        1. Israel is NOT our friend. Besides the spying, look what they did to our naval ship the USS Liberty in 1967. Thirty seven (as I recall) of our sailors dead. Their excuse was utter BS. It was an intentional attack. And the way our government swept it all under the rug and forgave, shows the power of the jewish lobby in America. Then years later we go and wage war against Iraq, who never did a damn thing to us.
          Israel wouldn’t even exist except for American $$$.
          And where do they get all the money for their military hardware, etc.? Where do you think? Good old America… in the way of massive foreign aid, military equipment gifted to them by us, etc., etc.
          And what we don’t give them, their spies and moles here in the US (in Pentagon, CIA, NSA, defense contractors, etc) just steal…. the technology and secrets, and pass them on to Israel.

        2. 1967 ? whaaat? might be past time to let bygones be bygones. as for them spying on us, well, of course they do and who can blame them? they know that we know things that we are not telling them, and i assume vice versus. not our friend? have they not killed more ragheads than anyone else? look at the 6 days war…they killed and defeated countries that despise us. they are doing a job that needs to be done…keeping the middle easterners in check. if we hand them a hefty check for that, good. remember, the palestinians are also getting foreign aid from Uncle Sam. we should be complaining about that instead of Israel.

        3. Dude, my instinct was to debate you about Israel and the antics of the tribe in western countries. But I went to your profile and saw your comments on other articles/topics, and I think we have a lot more in common than not. Carry on, brah.

        4. The globalist shills and pro Israeli shills and operatives in the alphabet agencies toxify and make those agencies a problem to the same degre that cultural marxists have made the educational institutions toxified.

        5. I read “The Rise and Fall” when I was in JR. High and it got me hooked on the ETO for life. I’ve consumed all I could over the years and never get tired of it.  Even though my dad served on a sweeper in the Navy the PTO didn’t grasp my interest all that much. 
          Over the past 4-5 years I have though long and hard about the following and I sincerely hope nobody here gets the wrong impression. I have tried to write this very carefully so that doesn’t happen.
          Re: the holocaust;  my longest running complaint is that pretty much *everyone* has been trained to think it was only the 6 million Jews that got eliminated. You tell them that there were 6+ million non-Jews as well you get vacant stares, ignored or argumentation.
          I have never, and I mean *NEVER* read or heard anything regarding the other 6+ million non-Jews slaughtered in the camps and shot down in ditches from any major Jewish publication or prominent Jew whatsoever. Commentary Mag, Front Page, Tablet, Mosaic, Caroline Glick, Bill Kristol, those frauds David Horowitz and Ron Radosh (who crucified Diana West and got her banned from FPM because she told the truth), Steven Spielberg, none of them. Sure, those forgotten ones get lip service in the holocaust museums but that’s about it. They are that focused and single-minded.
          I used to be very pro-Semitic. No longer. Now I’m just indifferent and ambivalent. I still abhor what did, and still is, happening to them. I fully support Trump’s position on Israel and moving our embassy to Jerusalem and especially despise Muslims , neo-Nazis (and quite a few “Christians”) for their visceral hatred of Israel.  
          But they want to cast themselves as the only victims of wholesale murder by the Nazis? Fine and Dandy.  As a result they have lost their primary status as the oppressed minority with me, and a whole lot of others, a long time ago.
          I would hazard a guess that this quote is somewhere in their canon of scripture, but perhaps to often conveniently forgotten:
          “What ye sow, that shall ye reap.”
          Perhaps that’s a lesson that needs to be preached on Saturdays. 

        6. The Lavon affair. After half a century of denial they publicly awarded the Israeli’s involved the highest of honor’s for committing treason to their allies America.
          Israeli fighter pilots dropping incendiary cluster bombs on densely populated Palestinian residential blocks and returning home to celebrate Hanukkah with their families is not respectable to me.

        7. I agree. And I am glad you called my attention to this. When I mention their fighter pilots, I should have stated in air-to-air combat. As for their attack helicopters pilots (which I don’t count as fighter pilots), or jet fighters being used as fighter bombers, those are not the ones I am talking about.
          So, I respect the skill of Israeli fighter pilots in air-to-air combat. And this statement I stand by.

    3. Ezra Levant has quite literally the most punchable face in the world. That literal Zionist-agitating kike said the most disgusting things about my girlfriend’s First Nations relatives, calling them pedophile apologists and denying the fact many of them were raped and murdered while at the same time talking about migrant rapes and how they’re so bad. That is just evil. Also, he’s quite literally a Zionist agitator, as he knows his conservatives are the most likely to suck Netanyahu’s cock.
      He’s the second most annoying heeb after Ben Shapiro, who I, and many other nationalists, quite literally want to do in with a two-by-four. His gratingly annoying voice mixed with his mix of arrogance and cuckservative globalist shilling is just… ugh.
      By the way, about this (((alternative media))) nonsense. Jews are literally co-opting this new fad and subverting it so it can serve Israel. They’re aware the SJW’s, for all their nonsensical gender bullshit and ethnomasochism, are against Israel, so they change the only movement opposing it to serve their own interest. Typical kikery.
      Also Fayza, the black dude in the nationalism is stupid video, is your typical globalist libertarian.

        1. Bannon is solid, at least policy wise, though given his time at Goldman Sachs, I am very skeptical of his nationalism, given global finance is by it’s definition anti-nationalist.

        2. I come across reports that he has read reactionary works like Julius Evola’s, or The Camp of the Saints. The jury is ultimately still out on him, but it seems he is at least aware of the issues concerning Westerners. If he wasn’t a nationalist I doubt he would still be on Trump’s team, and he wouldn’t be on Trump’s team if Trump wasn’t at least a little sympathetic to Bannon’s reactionary views. To be clear though I agree with your skepticism.

        3. Evola is absolutely great, but there’s such a thing known as lying. You can say something and believe something else. Bannon does not seem to be a particularly fascistic individual, as most genuine natsocs I’ve met are strongly anti-capitalist (like Evola was) and tend to emphasize military and physical discipline. Bannon has neither.
          If Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs, there’s a very good chance he has certain sympathies there. Trump said he would drain the swamp, yet he appointed four former Goldman Sachs employees to key economic positions, which is essentially the globalist elite. There’s more than a good chance Bannon had something to do with it, given that he’s in charge of policy strategy. Priebus, according to me, is simply Ryan’s man on the inside, given he seems like the biggest cuck on the face of the Earth and he doesn’t have the spine to stand up to either Trump (a person with a very fiery personality) or Bannon (who’s a former Goldman Sachs exec and ran a media empire that once includes Ben Shapiro (who, despite being a globalist-zionist shill, is very strong-willed)), let alone both.
          Even though I’m as nationalist as they come, I personally dislike Trump, given that A) He’s engaged in degenerate sexual behavior (divorces, rape accusations and sexual comments about women; that’s not including the fact he seems to be a little too close to the fags, given his waving that flag) B) He’s hired illegals in many of his businesses despite being in favor of “closing the border” C) He seems incredibly easy to taunt and manipulate due to his ego D) He appointed Bannon to the NSC even though Bannon has no defense policy experience at all.
          My guess is that there’s something far deeper behind this and that this is only a ruse.

        4. It’s possible.
          Regardless I still think Trump was a step in the right direction and that his campaign and election have woken up quite a few people. I never meet Trump supporters in my day to day life, but now I know that such people do in fact exist, and that their views overlap with mine in some important ways.

        5. Trump is certainly better than Hillary, but they aren’t particularly different. Both are social moderates at best who have a little too much sympathy for degenerate sexual lifestyle choices and is essentially a dishonest real estate millionaire who’s sub-par at best (he earned an average return of 6.7% since he began his career in the 70’s; compare that to Warren Buffett, who’s had one of close to 20%).
          There’s a lot of different factions within the Republican party, and this eleciton showed it.
          Pence seems to have been appointed by Trump to consolidate the tradcon wing of the party and keep them from moving to McMullin. From reading Matt Walsh (the noted Christian traditionalist blogger), most truly religious folk absolutely despised Trump during the campaign and favored Teddy Cruz, largely because Cruz mixes the anti-immigration sentiment of Trump with right-wing family values and free market economics.
          Bill Kikestrol opposed Trump because he was aware that it posed a challenge to his neo-con, globalist shilling. Even Christina Hoff Sommers, of all people, opposed Trump after the Michelle Fields debacle, not because she cares about women (her feminism is merely a sham to keep people from feminism; that’s good, but it’s still dishonest), but because she wanted to discredit the new nationalist movement.
          The idea that Trump gives a fuck about the people is absolutely ludicrous. Most of the true nationalist/fascist groups I’ve met are either in favor of some form of welfare state at least and in favor of a completely planned Stalinist state economy at most. Most of the traditional white nationalists are strongly to the left on economics. National Socialist Movement is quite centre-left, moreso than most democrats. TWP and NAM are very far to the left and favor a socialist arrangement. AmRen has mixed views, with Jared Taylor being a pro-capitalist paleocon and Richard Spencer being fairly unable to pin down. You cannot be a capitalist and a nationalist. End of.
          Ann Coulter realized too late that Trump was a dishonest fraudster. I personally loathe Ben Shapiro, but he’s accurate in pointing out Trump is a self-interested demagogue who couldn’t care less about his promises. His sons hire illegals all the time. He’s even brought Polish illegals during the Iron Curtain era to build his buildings illegally. Do you think he gives a fuck? Hell to the no.
          On the topic of Bannon, he seems like a pudgy little fatso and a bit of an overcompensating loudmouth, something real genuine nationalists I’ve met rarely seem to be. If he were bred in the European neo-nazi movement, he’d be denounced as a loser. His citing of Evola is merely a smokescreen.

        6. Priebus, according to me, is simply Ryan’s man on the inside…

          I don’t doubt it, but that’s a position he assuredly shares with our globalist pal Mike “TPPence”.

        7. Pence is a tradcon and probably strongly dislikes Ryan, given Ryan’s socially moderate tendencies. I doubt it.

        8. TPPence is a longstanding neocon. If he’d still been in Congress, he’d have been right there with Ryan shilling for 0bamatrade. As a governor, he was cheering it on from the sidelines with gusto.
          Sure, he has a reputation as being a social conservative, but I believe it is undue as he is extremely weak in that area.
          After he sold out social conservatism by caving on RFRA, drawing the ire & disrespect of both sides of the aisle, I’d say he’s worse than Lyin’ Ryan on the social side of things.

      1. Ezra Levant has quite literally the most punchable face in the world

        More than Ben Shapiro?
        IMO that chart could stand to do with some names as I don’t recognize a few.

        1. Ben Shapiro’s face isn’t square enough to take a strong hit from a piledriver. Also, I’d rather completely demolish Shapiro with a crowbar or a two-by-four then just punch.

        2. Let me give you a tip.
          Top row is, from left to right, Ezra Levant, Alex Jones and Andrew Breitbart (noted Jew who started “atlernative media” site Breitbart; Bannon ran that, he’s probably in cahoots with the Jews)
          Second row is Gavin McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos.
          Third row is Mike Cernovich and Dave Rubin (both kikes).
          I don’t know who’s on the fourth row.

    4. This is the comment I did in about this issue:
      A number of points about this:
      1. Rebel Media is totally out of the closet now with the video of the nigger attacking the Alt Right. They never were our allies.
      2. I don’t think this hot bimbo is jewish; or at least she doesn’t look jewish.
      3. Even if she’s coming to our side, and if she’s not jewish, the best thing she can do is marry a decent racialist guy and raise a lot of white children.
      4. I’m tired of saying this over and over again: we don’t need women in political or ‘leadership’ positions. The most political act of a woman today is to be a traditional wife and have scores of children.

      1. That article is a longer version of my comment. Glad I’m not the only one seeing it.

      2. “4. I’m tired of saying this over and over again: we don’t need women in political or ‘leadership’ positions. The most political act of a woman today is to be a traditional wife and have scores of children”
        You nailed it, good sir.

        1. If only that’d resonate with the right.
          Inexplicably, there’s a movement to make Laura Ingraham the next US Senator from Virginia.
          A single mom with elementary-school aged kids, which she adopted from the 3rd world, should not be “run up the flagpole” by conservatives as a candidate for Senate.
          …that she’s tied to Russia herself, and that 2 of her kids are Russian themselves, is more of a reason. TBH I have no idea why the right has gotten so infatuated with her potential candidacy.

      3. Rebel Media is totally out of the closet now with the video of the nigger attacking the Alt Right. They never were our allies.

        I finally saw that video. Looks like Rebel is repeating Comedy Central’s mistake (Trevor Noah).
        This Jay Fayza has some weird movements and speech patterns, reminiscent IMO of Ben Carson. Frankly I wonder if he’s all there “between the ears”.

        1. The weird movements and bad speech patterns are for lack of training. Maybe the trainer should focus on teaching him to smoke and act like a gangster:

        2. Fayza also has the absolutely weird knack of saying everything the globalists say albeit differently.

        3. The way he handles that smoke appears human, almost too human. The other chimps are sitting, rocking similar to borderline human mental patients, like the slurry you would see in the urine drenched halls of an asylum but the smoking daddy chimp seems to have an IQ boost from the cig. It’s simply amazing to watch. Most chimps have avg IQ of 35-50 but some chimps have tested above 80! The smoking chimp is quite aware and displays body language to where I’d say he’s now in the 75-80 IQ range.

        4. The average Black has an IQ of 85 so that chimp literally has a higher IQ than half the black population.

    5. (((Ezra Levant))) (((The Rebel Media)))
      Could please we whites do our own thing? Good for the bimbo.

    6. I understand I suppose if rebel media goes Israel. What is really comes down to and what is key here is that it is imperative that white christians get more tribal – more protective of our fellow christians and not permit outside shaming tactics. The video above “The Alt Right Is Stupid” is a good example. The black host is criticising the whites who believe it is better for whites to breed only with whites, while one can be assured that this same black host in this Rebel Media presentation has no problem when blacks scream black power, or when jews scream about Israel.
      White christian tribalism – we whites need it, NOW.

    7. Lauren Southern?
      ROK exposed her as a bimbo who claims that she delights in creepily cockteasing her orbiters. Indie or not, I’m not sure she has any merit.

    1. She was tortured and broken, then said and did anything those evil bastards wanted to survive. If someone kidnaps you, shoves in a closet, then beats or rapes you repeatedly over the coursr of a month, and then “offers” to let you leave or join them, the smart money is that the “offer” is just a test to see if you should be killed.
      she hasnt got a pussy pass. She has a tortured woman pass, big difference.

      1. “Patty and two of the SLA members decide to go shopping. They need stuff and they go to a sporting goods store. Bill and Emily Harris go inside the sporting goods store, leaving Patty in a van across the street, with the key in the ignition. She’s free to leave — she can drive away, she can walk away — but instead she waits.
        Bill and Emily Harris stupidly decide to shoplift. They leave the store and the clerk tackles them on the sidewalk. Across the street, Patty Hearst is looking at her two comrades tackled by the clerk. So what does she do alone in the van? Does she drive away? Does she walk away? No, she picks up a machine gun and fires wildly across the street to try to free Bill and Emily Harris. It doesn’t work at first, so she picks up another gun and fires another fusillade of bullets across the street, miraculously not hitting anybody, but, in fact, uccessfully freeing Bill and Emily Harris, who get back into the van and drive off.”
        She received not one but TWO presidential acts of forgiveness. I don’t buy this.

  2. Spoiled kids. Cheap thugs. Malicious intents. Violent? Yes! Would you be afraid to fight any one of them, mano-e-mano? I doubt it. Good article.

  3. The Baader-Meinhof Gang in West Germany is worth a look too. Communist terrorists who did a lot of kidnapping and bombing in the 60’s and 70’s.

  4. The most prosperous time in human history paved the way for the radicals of the late 1960s and 1970s…maybe we should be living paycheck to paycheck after all

  5. seems black block, antifa communist groups are the same thing.
    Ayers said, IIRC – “we are communists, but, we are not going to bomb anymore, we are going to indoctrinate thru the schools”.
    And they did.
    There are Yuge armies of them now….

    1. Antifa are actually pretty detrimental to the SJW cause, given most of them are disavowed by liberals.
      Most are like cockroaches. Not particularly strong, but effective in large numbers, especially against people who aren’t trained to deal with swarm attacks.

  6. Don’t forget the Zebra Murders of the early ’70s, where black Muslims randomly murdered between 70 and 200 white men, women and children.

    1. Wiki has the Zebras killing 15. Another article has the toll at 75. I’m looking for the 200 number. If it weren’t for right wing and racialist posts on it, it wouldn’t be mentioned and eventually forgotten. It is a non event as far as the MSM is concerned.
      If you think about it, the killings were chickenshit cowardly. A random couple walking in a park conveniently obscured by foliage gets ambushed? WTF? They had no target other than white skin color. No real political targets or system operatives, just anyone white. They didn’t put a dent in the power structure. They were just stupid niggers who wanted to kill whitey. Very borderline IQ animals.
      It is known by pathology researchers that serial killers often have a distinct musky or leathery odor, pheromonal perhaps that permiates them. It’s actually called ‘bum smell’ from not bathing. Hobo camp or ‘soup kitchen’ smell or bus station smell is a similar ‘dead skin cell’ smell that certain odor emitting surface bacteria thrive on. Serial killers, many schizophrenic as well will odorize a room and stand out if you use your nose. Also negroes unwashed will emit a distinct odor, some profusely and others not. Observe the real funky smelling blacks and keep an eye on those ones for the pathological behaviour. Certain African Negro communities have an achilles heel for displaying pathological tribal discord and brute homicidal outbursts which curb their development and refinement. Some bloodlines have high ratios of the homicidal inclination that keeps them backward, ungovernable and also ripe for brutal dictatorship. A central African Negro civil conflict killing field smells like high hell nigger funk with high concentration of the pheromone. Think a Florida Watts school bus smell times a thousand fold.
      We have to keep our noses sharp for the smell. Too many victims get used to the smell out of supplicating kindness and naivete to the multicult agenda. White serial killers too smell like a hobo boot and few could argue to invite a hobo smelling individual for dinner. But too many have grown accustomed to the killer Negro smell emitted by certain Negroes. Get wise to it.
      I once knew a small, short Negro who we let in to do some work. He smelled big as an elephant. He put out the nigger funk that was strong as a cat turd that didn’t get buried in the litter box. This motherfucker’s shit smelled too damn strong for his small stature and wouldn’t you know it, after he did some work around our place, shortly thereafter he was busted for some senseless rape and attempted murder. We were also missing some tools after he left our place BTW. So watch the strong smelling ones regardless of race. Negroes can be simple animals, simple work for simple compensation, not too odorific but the stench gives the bad ones away. It’s like a rattlesnake’s rattle. Better yet just keep it simple and hire your own white boys and blood relatives. Pound the bitching out of your white woman and keep her producing. Be prepared always to snick on the enemies and detractors of your own tribe. If the killer smell gets on you, a bar of zest works. Zest is good stuff.

      1. 15 white victims for convictions, the cops said there were at least 70, the black killers claimed at least 200. The one-sided war continues with idiotic whites oblivious to black hatred.

  7. “With only a few exceptions—DeFreeze in particular—the Weathermen and SLA members started out as good kids. They fit a profile: Baby Boomers young at the time, from middle class to quite wealthy, almost all raised in good homes, many with religious upbringing (typically Protestant or Jewish), mild and well-intentioned”
    Good points made. When one grows up in safety and security, one thinks they know everything about how the world operates. The problem is that children who grow up in sheltered environments know literally nothing about the real world – especially if one is female and has everything given to her and her problems get solved by others – mainly solved by men.
    The issue here is that early on in life we have this heightened idealism and want to do good. I think those of us more senior posters here can look back in our late teens / early 20’s and remember how we thought we knew exactly what needed to be done to make the World a better place. The cultural marxists and socialists are very much like chicken hawks that prey on children: they prey on young people’s idealism and naïvité to manipulate them into doing stupid shit.

    1. They kept Patty in a closet and Defreeze and the other black guy raped her as often as possible. To break her, or just to get some white p*ssy, or both.

    2. Government forces prey on young people, this is the way it is, and has always been. They may recruit you under the guise of the forces of terror, or directly into their armed services/police/FBI et al.
      But in reality they are the same people, acting as both sides in the war, seeking to control their population. Fighting for anyone (apart from directly protecting blood relatives) or anything is ‘stupid shit’
      What needs to be done to make the world better, is to mind your own business and stay in your own country. Killing foreigners in other countries does the world no good at all.

  8. I read Patty Hearst’s book and from what she observed the SLA were rank incompetents. As the money dwindled (they liked to live large), they got even more desperate. The leader declared himself an “angel” at one point and a couple of the members said they beleived him.

    1. Always starts off with the best intentions. Once the power moves in, the crazy comes out.

  9. Weathemen, Symbionese Liberation Army ?? The midwives of Soros Open Society ??
    Possibly decorated by the mulatto faggot not long time ago ??

  10. I wish I was rich enough to be a Regressive Democrat. I could be like Tim Kaine’s son and violate peaceful gatherings on government property by throwing lit fireworks at peoples faces… and walk away with out a slap on the hand.

  11. I forgive Patty Hearst. She may have been given the pussy-pass by some, but that isn’t her doing. From every angle I can think to look at her story, she was a victim. She got a megadose of the same mindwash the blue pilled world gets in smaller amounts. She lost all her freedom and dignity to her rapist captors, and then all over again to the Feds for bank robbery.
    She got sentenced to 30+ years in jail, but had her sentence commuted by Carter after ~2 years. Seems like justice. Debt paid.

  12. “Young people these days are told that a college degree is a ticket to the middle class (with mixed results), and must endure hefty student loans and four years of indoctrination efforts.”

  13. has anyone noticed they are marked as “American militant radical left-wing” instead of terrorists?

  14. The thing about today’s “radicals” is that they truly are über wimps. At least the radicals back in the 60’s knew somewhat, how to engage in a physically combative situations. The only reason the faggy social justice warriors are getting away with the shit they pull in the streets is because those of us who oppose them have restrained ourselves. But when and if the damn bursts, and outright fighting transpires, these faggy liberals will not stand a chance.

  15. “We often remember the late 1960s and early 1970s as a time of peace and love. Despite that, there was an undercurrent of violence. Street crime was skyrocketing, thanks to the judicial leniency back then. This was inspired by the “criminals are victims of society” meme, and it took a couple of decades even to begin to repair the damage. Further, the climate of agitation caused the summers to flare up with inner city race riots”
    Excellent points. For those of us born after this time, we tend to over-romanticize this era. Yes indeed it was at a time where it was mereley the very begining of first wave feminism, and therefore the landscape wasn’t littered with unattractive blue haired fatties, ear gauges, and tattooed piece-of-shit whores. And this was also a time when we saw the introduction of campy silly shows like The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, quite a contrast to today’s tv show line-ups consisting of cancer causing reality tv productions as well as sitcoms and dramas that glorifies whoredom, broken family values, and complete destruction of all things good about Christian way of life.
    Yes, in many respects there are things much uglier today but back then the bombings that took place were something very much akin to the IRA bombings. The era of the weathermen underground was before my time, but I would wager that (at least for now) all these estrogen based protests we see going on today (artificially propped up by George Soros rent-a-mob) pale somewhat in comparison to the serious shit that went down back then.

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