How To Build A Beta Male

We spend a lot of time pointing out the flaws of the beta male and the reasons why any self-respecting man ought to avoid resembling one. What we less often do, however, is examine just how it is such men are produced.

The beta can be created in more than one way, but the above 18 minute short film from Denmark titled “Dennis” provides a perfect illustration of how influential a mother can be in that process. I’ve taken the time to watch it and think you should too, though I understand that not everyone will be able to do so. In any case, I’ve summarized its key points and provided the time in the video at which they occur for easy viewing.


0:30: Dennis is Danish and this movie takes place in Denmark. Roosh will tell you that place is the land of the beta, and Dennis does nothing to disprove that. Here he takes out a girl’s phone number and proceeds to call for a date. He had never spoken to her before, and got the number from a friend—he actually tells her this.

The interaction is textbook pathetic beta game. We’ll soon see how this dude (who is huge and quite clearly a fully grown man) got into such a pathetic state.

3:08: Dennis’ mother gets home, and we see here the real source of this guy’s pathetic behavior. She expects him to cook dinner that night and keep her company, but he tells her he has to go out to a movie. She gets angry, and starts shaming him for daring to have a life. He relents, unwilling to challenge her.

We’ll find out later in the movie that Dennis’ father was an alcoholic. He’s out of the picture, and she has never let Dennis forget about it, consistently telling him in a shaming tone how much he reminds her of his father.

It is almost certain that this dynamic has been constant since childhood. Dennis’ mother resents all men because of his father, presumably the distant alpha male who used and abused her (Dennis being the by-product). She coddles Dennis and refuses to let him be a real independent man in any way shape or form, shooting down any masculine independent streak he shows. At the same time, she consistently shames him because he is his father’s son, and she cannot stand that man (or any men).


This combination is perfect for building a beta, and has likely repeated itself tens of millions of times throughout the western world. His mother’s refusal to let him grow up and concurrent subtle shaming/distrust of him has left him weak. He can’t speak up, he rarely looks up when talking to people (poor body language all around), and as we’ve seen and will continue to see, he knows nothing about how to interact with women.

5:30: This is a quick dinner scene, and it gives us some insight into why things are the way they are in this household. Dennis tells his mother about his training (insinuating that he might finally have a life outside the home) and she immediately quips back with how necessary it is for him to be at home.

Dennis surprisingly shows a little backbone here and is clearly frustrated with his mother’s consistent coddling and unwillingness to support anything he does outside the home. He finally asks her when she is going to get a man. Her response?

“Men can’t be trusted. You remind me so much of your father.”

Did you ever wonder why so many uber-betas have such a hard time being forward and taking what they want, or why others simply behave like overly-emotional women? Bitter, anti-male single moms beat them down from a young age, that’s why. His mother has been shaming him since childhood, insisting on how horrible his father was while also consistently implying that he is his father.

Again, this is the perfect beta recipe. His mother dominates his life completely (she allows no life for him away from her) and allows her own insecurities to tear her son down piece by piece. Men like this rarely ever grow up with a backbone because they never had the time to form one.


7:30: Dennis begins a date with the cute girl he called at the beginning of the movie. Despite his betatude (the dinner date itself is a big mistake), the guy still has a shot with this girl, who is drinking a little and seems intrigued by his physique. As he walks away at the end, without even attempting to touch her, she invites him to hang out.

9:45: Dennis meets her friends. One thing leads to another, and soon they are asking him to take his shirt off so they can see his muscles. He does, and they start hooting and hollering. Two guys enter to hang out, and Dennis grabs his shirt and leaves quickly, embarrassed. The dudes are dumbfounded as to what he was doing there.

Despite having such an amazing physique and likely incredible strength (he could easily have crushed the two men who arrived), Dennis has no confidence in himself whatsoever. He was too shy to take advantage of the decent vibe he was inadvertently generating in the room with the girls as the center of attention, and the mere sight of a couple of new male faces was enough to scare him off.

Any one of us here could understand that he wasn’t in a bad place when it came to getting at that girl he took on the date, and we all know what could—and maybe should—have been done. Dennis can’t even think to go that far, though. He’s been beaten down for far too long.

14:15: Dennis gets home. He sits in front of his mother who is playing cards by herself and insisting she had a good time. He sits in front of her with his head down, looking absolutely defeated. What she does next may ensure he never completely leaves this state.

She lays the final psychological beat down of the movie. She lets him know subtly that she knows what he was up to, asking if he was drinking and noting that his shirt was on inside out. Finally, she says in a cold tone with a hint of anger: “You remind me so much of your father.” She leaves, ignoring him after that.


The movie ends with him in his boxers ready to go to bed. He gets up and crawls into his mother’s bed, saying good night before turning the lights off, ending the film.

With this last scene, her domination is complete. This was his most ambitious attempt at having a life yet—he tried to find another woman, and have a normal social life complete with dinner dates, hang-out sessions, and even some alcohol. Unable to sustain this given his upbringing and general inexperience, he was forced to return to her and face her harsh judgement once again, and essentially accept “his place.” You can bet that there won’t be any more cute girls in his near future.

Such is the life of the beta/omega male. You can rest assured that there are many tens of millions of Dennis’ in the western world whose behavior would make us all cringe. Yet they can do nothing else, regardless of how smart or physically impressive they are. This is frequently because their mothers (often angry, bitter women of the kind you saw in this film) will not let them.


The boys grow up either watching the men in the house getting destroyed by their mothers (in cases where the father/stepfather is a mangina foolish enough to subject himself to marriage with such a woman) or hearing their father get insulted constantly and suffering comparison to him, while also being coddled far too much.

This is another reason why men should be careful where they put their seed—a good woman can keep a man reasonably on-track in the absence of a father, but if your seed ends up in the wrong womb (e.g., belonging to a woman like Dennis’ mother), there can be disastrous consequences for the child, especially if you’re not around.


It is crucial that every self-aware male keep this in mind and avoid contributing to the manufacture of more Dennis’ in the future.

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If you’d like to see a more complete ending for Dennis, be sure to check out the full-length sequel to this short film.

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  1. Sad…that’s why you shouldn’t be so quick to pile on betas for their behaviors.
    It takes a lot to overcome that type of brainwashing…especially from your own mother.

    1. Any chronic shaming from a mother will cause those kinds of problems. So many women are so used to using shame as a basic manipulation tactic, I don’t think they even realize they’re using it on their children. The academic literature on the effects shaming has on girls and boys is only now being written. For a long time there’s been almost no discussion on this in academia.

      1. It is especially prevalent now that there are so few male teachers. Catholic parochial school is meant to make betas. I’m 37 and still have issues, even as a performance engineer dealing with programs moving billions daily. High IQ and well-educated, but a lifetime of beta programming is hard to break.
        And my dad was an asshole in many ways. A rocket scientist and entrepreneur, involved in my life. I imagine how bad it would’ve been if he’d bailed and have to shudder.

        1. That is not necessarily true and could be seen as copping out on the anti-Catholic bandwagon. One of the bigger boys in my class in 8th grade (age 14) – but already had the beginning of a beard, was being berated by one of the nuns and I guess it wasn’t her day. He slapped her face, picked her up and spun her around on his head. Then he put her down and told her never to get in his face again. He was suspended and back the next week. The kid was from a local street, his mother was a single mom who cleaned houses in the neighborhood. A lot of this is in the genes.

    2. Amen. You are behaving like a good man with that comment. If these Betas and Omegas had a clue, then they would be one step closer to becoming Alphas. I’m not saying that they would be Alphas, but even if they remained betas and omegas with the ladies or amongst other men, then they would be less considerably likely to average frustrated chumps.
      No one is more Alpha for abusing or bullying betas or omegas. I’m not saying don’t be harsh on them, but at least explain why you are doing what you are doing, that you would genuinely like them to improve in the ways you specify and don’t make it personally gratifying. Remember, but for the grace of God(or sheer dumb luck if you’re an atheist[I’m Christian and Catholic]) there go I, you or him. If you are unable or worse unwilling to help them, then that’s fine too. We as men should either leave or fellow man in peace or help him if he has not harmed us as much as possible. Do unto others as you would have done unto you, or at the very least d o not do unto others as you would not have done unto you.
      I see your avatar is that of Union General William Tecumpsah Sherman of the American Civil War. I like your avatar because I was a an American soldier who served in Iraq then Afghanistan. I told people before and I’ll say this again. Civilization is a very thin veneer. I know of what I speak based on my experiences. Any man, woman or child, be he Alpha, Beta or Omega can be killed, maimed or mutilated physically or emotionally at any moment with little to no rationale whatsoever. What I say next should not be considered wrong or a threat to anyone because it is the truth. Even an Alpha man will be turned into a most pathetic Omega if he is maimed or mutilated but left alive in most circumstances and this is virtually certain to be true if his genitals (especially his penis) are cut off and he is left alive. Always remember that Alpha, Beta and Omega is usually relative, and your category or status can change in an instant. Men’s fortunes will rise and fall. This dysfunctional world we live in and the way it is dysfunctional will not last forever and can change quickly or slowly.

      1. You are so right. Any man can be destroyed to the point where euthanasia or suicide become the only ways to save whatever remains of his dignity.
        I say fuck to the illusory peace that comes from resignation and mild fear.

        1. Victory through the socialization of education and information, I say.

    3. Spitting on my own mother gave me a little sense of satisfaction and closure, but it will never fill my void. Some people should not exist.

  2. This is a theme (and a reality) as old as history itself and not unique to our era. Domineering mother, emasculated son. It’s got to be hard to change when you’ve been raised this way.

  3. But the actor looks like the highest testosterone dude ever. Or is it purposeful to show the difference between outward appearance of masculinity vs. actually masculine behavior?

      1. EH.. There’s a difference between being super humanely pumped and testosterone. Looks aren’t everything. If anything, testosterone accumulates lean muscle mass. And it is a true ‘alpha’ precursor, it’s the basis of gender, mental traits withstanding. Educate yourself, and learn to recognize and avoid the nasty synthetic estrogen found in plastics, pesticides.. hell, everything household is contaminated with it. Our society is drenched in estrogen! There are phyto-estrogens in soy and more importantly, hops.
        In Rich Zubaty’s, What Men Know That Women Don’t, there is plenty of talk of how to go about killing your mother. A must…

    1. Maybe…but I’ve seen roid heads who are alpha in the gym act like that with women.
      There is probably a difference between natural testosterone and the synthetic stuff.

    2. Yes. In fact it’s the subtext of the film. He’s developed his body, but his mother controls his mind. The smallest act of defiance was smacked down by his mother mercilessly, which is why he climbed in bed with her at the end.

    3. Testosterone =/= Alpha.
      It is a huge mistake to attribute male behavior to a single hormone.

      1. Although you can attribute a lack of male behavior in dudes to a single hormone.

    4. He is a roid junky.
      His natural testosterone levels perhaps are pretty low.Since the formation of the mathmaking behaviour and character happens during childhood and puberty-no amount of roids will ever help you to get rid off that emrboided beta in your brain..
      If you were bullied in school-forget about becoming alpha..ever.
      If you need to watch Mystery to know how to pick up women-forget about becoming alpha ..ever.
      If you have never done competitive sports and now are hitting the gym,thinking that you are an “athlete”-you are not,weight lifting is hardly a sport.
      Women smell fake.

    5. Maybe cultivating your muscles to participate in an appearance contest, as opposed to a sport where you win by doing something, is treated as feminine. Being muscular and fit not to DO or to feel good because you know inside things you could DO, is different from looking big and cut and staring at your reflection to win an appearance contest. Granted, women like fit men and men will do what women like, and I know the enormous effort and intensity that goes into body building- respect there (I’ve been weight training for 10 years and I respect people who can work their guts out like serious body builders can)- but, looking like a man and being a man are not the same thing. I don’t know if this was the message. Just a thought.

  4. Surely there’s more substantial examples than an indie Danish film…
    Watch the Pusher trilogy, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn the director of Drive. It’s about the seedy crime world of Copenhagen, I didn’t see much beta flare in it.

    1. The “Pusher” trilogy is fan-fucking-tastic. The gold standard in Euro-trash crime dramas. The first one is the best, in my opinion. Serbian gangster Milo: “I’m your friend, Frank. Frank.”….
      It’s also good to see Mads Mikkelson in an early breakout role. Nicolas W. Refn is one of my favorite directors. Check out “Fear X” and “Valhalla Rising” if you haven’t already done so. Dark, brooding, and mysterious stuff….

      1. There’s also ‘bleeder’ where one of the members of a beta film buff group gets bored and gets a gun starts flirting with danger etc (also by Refn. I’ll check out fear X, been meaning to also get a look at valhulla rising. Also refn has ‘only god forgives’ coming out this year.

    1. Saw it. Great Belgian film, but dark as hell. What would we do without Netflix?

  5. THe dude is 41 when that film was shot he looks gruff but he hasn’t aged badly

  6. Well if Denmark is anything like the rest of Scandinavia….
    Either way, feminist mothers raise shitty sons, and even shittier daughters.

  7. Patricia was actually kinda cute and had a decent body (probably a Danish 8.5), would bang. All Dennis had to do, even when he was walking out with his head down, was start making out with her, and probably could have even started boning in the hallway. The real beauty of the film shows us just how blinding the beta/omega mindset is to women showing blatant interest.

    1. If he had any bit of personality he could have gone a long way with her.
      It shows that European women give even the betas a decent shot. In America she would have left the table mid date.

      1. Well, whether Dennis is actually like that or not, the scenes are clearly staged, so lets not draw too much from the movie.

        1. Yeah the way this article was presented I thought it was a documentary at first.

        2. Makes sense. I don’t know of any attractive girls who would still be into a guy after that pathetic display.

  8. Excellent write-up Althone. One of your best.
    This blog post dances around a point I’ve long observed: single mothers who have no men in their lives often treat their boys as “mini-boyfriends.” The relationships sometimes verge on incestuous. This has to have some effect on these boys when they grow into men. I think this movie shows that. Without a dad around to say “WTF? Leave the boy alone!!” women’s worst instincts come to the fore. How many of our dads had to tell our moms “Let the boy grow up?” Mine did. Beta Males are the end result of dominant women. There is even a terms psychologists have devised for this kind of relationship: surrogate spouse. Yes, psychologists can be useful, at least in this instance.
    I’ve also noticed girls who grow up in single-mother households get treated more like gal pals and less like daughters by their moms. But for our purposes here, that’s usually good. What’s the old saying? “Dads who vamoose have daughters who are loose.”

    1. What made the difference between this man and the thugs who grew up in the ghetto?
      They are both raised by single moms. Yet one becomes a omega/beta male and the other just becomes a thug.

        1. terrell owens cannot be construed as a thug. a short sighted primadonna, perhaps. a damaged mama’s boy, yes. the thuggiest shit he ever did was miss some child support payments. not exactly this generation’s al capone.

      1. The main difference is having gang to belong to in the neighborhood where at least if you were raised by a single mom you associate with your thug friends and together you figure how the world works ( generally have a good time, and being part of a socially sanctioned ethnic oriented gang is the bomb, i know that MYSELF ), where as the denises of the world come from middle class bourgeois western christian individualistic democratic white background, where they know of no male bonding or belonging to any organic group outside of your single mom household.

    2. I see you listen to MrMadness Sotomayor / Tommy Sotomayor on youtube, “Ladies! Hes Your Son, Not Your Man!”

  9. You should watch the sequel where Dennis travel to Thailand (no bull, its real, its called “10 hours to Paradise).

  10. This short film pretty much sums up my life up until now.
    It really is incredibly hard to change, if you have been nagged and shamed your entire life. 🙁

  11. Damn I see this with other men every day. Its so fucked up. I see why now its so easy to get chicks but at the same time I must watch myself

  12. Good post, Athlone. I saw this movie on Netflix a couple months ago. Shows how far things things have gone downhill for the Danish male…to say this guy had an unhealthy relationship with his mother is an understatement. Watching him get chewed out in a shopping mall by his crazy mom,and her later trashing his room, was an all-time low.
    Also pathetic were some of the washed-up, overweight, burned out alcoholics hanging around parts of Thailand. I’m not saying all expats are like that, but I saw enough of this degenerate type in my years abroad to give them a wide berth. I’m all for traveling and living the international life, but we need to learn a lesson from observing some of these debauched retirees you see in this film.

      1. Yeah, you’re right. The 18 minute short film inspired a feature length film with the same character that was released in English speaking countries under the name “Teddy Bear”.

    1. They overdid that part with the expats. Them and partly his uncle who gave him he idea, where made totally sleazy..I wonder if the movie is truly a redpill movie or a “only losers go to Thailand” feminist shamer.

  13. This is exactly what Susan Walsh wants. This is the famous “Build a better beta.”
    I remember identifying my first enemy after taking the red pill. It was my mother. I had to stand up to her and call her out before doing it to the rest.

  14. Empirically-speaking, does fatherlessness increase passivity, and increase compliance to women’s interests, in boys and men? I just watched that recent, hilariously-protested talk at UofToronto by Warren Farrell online, and I am now very interested to learn about the effects on boys, and so all of us, of low or nonexistant male parental involvement. Some effects (rather, I should say correlations, at least) spoken of, or stated elsewhere online (in a superficial look of mine; obviously, more reading required) include increased criminality, lower work productivity, decreased likelihood to marry, increased likelihood of rape, decreased school performance… Does that sound like the behaviour of men who don’t want to offend women by being sexually assertive or who just do what mommy tells them to do? Does the ghetto seem like a typical “beta male” land to you? The idea of mother manipulation causing what you call “beta male” behaviour sounds entirely implausible when considering that single-mother households don’t produce more “beta” men. … Yes, Warren Farrell brought up that fathers encourage risk-taking far more than mothers, which could be supposed as a mechanism to encourage a stronger, more confident human being, a mechanism lacking in the more passive, fatherless children, IF less risk-taking were actually observed among them. I don’t believe it is.
    If men are becoming less masculine, and their are cultural components, why is interesting to ask … I notice even in their walks that 1st and 2nd generation Europeans such as Polish guys, Russians, Portuguese guys, Frenchman, and even Englishmen, as well as Arabs, highly, are more masculine than third+ generation Canadian men where I live. I had no clear idea what masculinity was, but I could recognize it by the contrast to the locals, and knew I liked it in a sexy, and romantic (a lot of them are more into courting, too), way, though concluded there might be cultural pluses and minuses (like the infidelity rate is higher in France; and Arabs and Portuguese guys notoriously try to control women and abuse them more) that weighed minus for me. … Anyway, why is interesting. But masculinity and “not beta” … I don’t even get what you guys mean by that. Just that getting rid of it seems to require becoming highly manipulative, and that one has to suppress one’s innate and learned desire to please and protect women.

    1. Different types of mother give different kinds of results, in the case of the guetto, it’s already explained elsewhere how their supposed masculinity is a compensation for their lack of REAL confidence and masculinity, since they had never have positive masculine roles and in many instances they are as dependent of their mothers as this guy. The real differences between the scenarios are: (1) starting poverty level (if a son of a rich man becomes a drunk, he might lose money but he will rarely get poor, however a poor man becomes a drunk and he will never ascend); (2) Culture in which he was born; (3) racial differences (probably different races breed different kinds of losers).

    2. I believe the answer lies in lurking variables that we often forget to take into account. For instance, this man doesn’t seem obviously poor. As a matter of fact, he seems to be living rather comfortably. This is a contributing factor. The mother in fatherless homes decides the type of man her son will become. In an economically sufficient house, the beta male is most advantageous to the mother, for she is able to have a sort of “pet” if you will, because she can afford to. Throw poverty into the mix, and what do you think is more advantageous for the mother. The son may begin to experiment with the limitations placed on him at some point or another. At which point he learns that, so long as he attains currency, the means by which the currency is attained matters not to his mother. The acts in which the male must partake in in order to attain the most currency (mostly illegal activities) requires him to be an Alpha. This quickly causes him to become an alpha. The wrong type of Alpha, but an Alpha nonetheless. This is also the reason why there is more crime in poverty stricken areas. The mothers do not care so long as the money is rolling in. The sons soon become fathers too early (because these poverty stricken areas are also full of females that like to trap males for child support) the father is soon after, if not already caught for his crimes by either karma, or the civil system (death or imprisonment), and so the cycle continues with his seed. I have personal experience with this, for a grew up in a neighborhood where this was very common. No father figure, so the kid learns to push drugs for a living, because his mother figure is too old to work (grandmother). He starts this at an early age (about 10 years old). and the day when he impregnates a female the cycle will once again continue.

    3. I believe the answer lies in lurking variables that we often forget to take into account. For instance, this man doesn’t seem obviously poor. As a matter of fact, he seems to be living rather comfortably. This is a contributing factor. The mother in fatherless homes decides the type of man her son will become. In an economically sufficient house, the beta male is most advantageous to the mother, for she is able to have a sort of “pet” if you will, because she can afford to. Throw poverty into the mix, and what do you think is more advantageous for the mother. The son may begin to experiment with the limitations placed on him at some point or another. At which point he learns that, so long as he attains currency, the means by which the currency is attained matters not to his mother. The acts in which the male must partake in in order to attain the most currency (mostly illegal activities) requires him to be an Alpha. This quickly causes him to become an alpha. The wrong type of Alpha, but an Alpha nonetheless. This is also the reason why there is more crime in poverty stricken areas. The mothers do not care so long as the money is rolling in. The sons soon become fathers too early (because these poverty stricken areas are also full of females that like to trap males for child support) the father is soon after, if not already caught for his crimes by either karma, or the civil system (death or imprisonment), and so the cycle continues with his seed. I have personal experience with this, for a grew up in a neighborhood where this was very common. No father figure, so the kid learns to push drugs for a living, because his mother figure is too old to work (grandmother). He starts this at an early age (about 10 years old). and the day when he impregnates a female the cycle will once again continue.

  15. Believe me, it is not just single moms who make mini-boyfriends out of their sons. It took me many years to realize our son was the only man my wife wanted in her life. I only wish I had had the strength and cognizance to stave off the damage it did to my son (who I do not resent in any way).

    1. Yeah, good point. This went on (and continues to go on) with my mom and my bro, who is the ultimate mama’s boy. My mother can’t stand my dad, but stayed with him, so my brother became her pretend-spouse. This is weird stuff and it’s too disturbing to get into deeper, for me anyway…

  16. Too Painful… too close to home. I finished but I’m literally physically ill from revisiting my previous emotional state.

  17. There certainly are plenty of Betas who are not products of single or even domineering mothers.
    My father ran the house. Sure, he had traditional Beta views on love and relationships, which might be the factor that lead me down the path I found myself on. He certainly wasn’t able to give the lessons that really matter. His Christian morality, divested from actual religious practice as it was, ensures that he just doesn’t understand women, along with him being married at the age I am now.
    I suspect many more average men who struggle or have struggled with women, are products of intact homes. On the flipside, I’m sure a lot of men who grew up with a single mother have no supplication problems with women, or learned to move past them on their own.

    1. Sometimes its a perfect storm of 1) introverted 2) random childhood trauma 3) or whatever, and you have a beta guy who is NOTHING like his alpha father. Or vice-versa! I had a really good friend who for years struggled with the classic domineering mother who hated the alpha father who left. By the time our friendship ended, he was in his mid-thirties and still a virgin (but did many self-sabotaging things to perpetuate this situation, ex: never wanted to be with a hooker and “get it over with.”) Oh well, I hope he has since eaten the red pill.

      1. Well, I’m nothing like my father. Despite is views, he is about as extroverted as can be.
        I am an introvert, and I was about as blue pill as one could get.
        I think my introversion, and my father’s blue pill views was a bad start. It’s hard to break out from, I still get massive Approach Anxiety.

      2. I actually believe a lot of Alphas are Introverts. Don’t confuse the introvert personality with shyness or social ineptness.

  18. The most incredible sissified men I’ve seen have come from alcoholic households, The constrant irrational violence and abuse seems to eliminate their ability to say no. From a very young age they’ve had to learn how to appease a tyrant, which has long lasting effects.

    1. Could not agree more. Just reading your couple of lines touching on the subject instantly puts my thoughts back to various moments in childhood where I spent my days walking on eggshells attempting to appease the un-appeasable.
      It can be worked through and overcome…but, you are definitely stunted in growth to start out.

      1. Overcome how? I realize this isn’t the place for counceling, but in reality, for someone like me, I have an incredible difficulty setting boundaries. It either means staying away from conflict and internalizing or exploding in rage once enough is enough. Neither is beneficial.

        1. Anger is better than sorrow. Sorrow leads to depression, anger leads to action. Only action can change things for the better.

        2. I had the same problem, my narcissistic parents left me with an “all or nothing” attitude about everything – school, hobbies, relationships, I either had to have 100% control and 100% success or it was not worth my time, However, I am not an actual narcissist, I was mimicking the narcs around me. The only way out is through. First you have to get away from the people who put you in that situation, then seek out balanced people to interact with and pick their brain. See how their habits differ from your own and implement positive ones in your life. It is slow, it takes time and you have to swallow your pride because you will be the one who is always a step behind, but there are no other alternatives.

  19. On the plus side it means that the Western mating system will be selecting for inhertited rebelliousness in men, which is exactly what needs to happen.

  20. It isn’t necessarily just ones mother or female relatives who bring about this behavior. Those with psychologically above average women in their lives can still end up showing beta tendencies (probably not as beta as this guy) if they watch too much television. Because masculinity is somewhat suppressed in Western society, kids who learn too many of their social cues from television end up having to re-learn how to interact with women from scratch at some point in their lives.

  21. Great Post. I ran across the feature length version a few months back on NetFlix and meant to post about it on RVF after watching it.
    I’d recommend anyone who appreciated the above post go ahead and check out the full movie.
    You can still find it on NF Instant Streaming by searching TEDDY BEAR…its title in the US.
    1hr and 36min of stern reminder of where many of us came from and some of the reasons why.

  22. Willie Lynch Syndrome
    Willian Lynch teach’s how build a physically strong man, but emotionally weak:
    she will raise her MALEand female offspring in reversed roles. For FEAR of the young male’s life, she will psychologically train him to be MENTALLY WEAK and DEPENDENT, but PHYSICALLY STRONG. Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her FEMALE offsprings to be psychologically independent. What have you got? You’ve got the nigger WOMAN OUT FRONT AND THE nigger MAN BEHIND AND SCARED.

  23. Doesn’t this film once again underline the tragedy of so many men who grow up without fathers? How is someone like Dennis supposed to learn how to be a man when it seems he literally has no real-life examples to follow? When sex is disconnected from procreation and men are simply out to use women for their own purposes regardless of the consequences to society aren’t we ultimately just guaranteeing we produce more men who grow up without fathers and hence more beta males?

    1. I started learning from alpha male mentors when I got to college. I started going to gym with them, playing sports, and observing their behaviors and following their at campus parties. Its probably why fraternities are so important. I learned more from my buddies in college then my dad about handling myself in life, hands down. And I went to a small liberal arts, feminist dominated college too, but still found a community of alpha brothers to learn from and smash pussy.

  24. This was incredibly painful to watch. Ugh I feel like puking now.
    I’m gonna go out tonight and hit on every pretty girl I see for the sake of all the Dennis’ in the world

  25. My mom & my Grandma are both like this. Thank god i found the manosphere, which has slowly, but surely helped me to rebuild myself. If i didn’t find the manosphere i would have killed myself by now.

    1. This is unfortunately so true for many many men that do not find the manosphere.

    1. That movie is as fucked up as it is inspirational…. Can’t believe that it actually got made.

  26. I only reacted to the part where you claimed the danish people to be unmasculine.
    “Dennis is Danish and this movie takes place in Denmark. Roosh will tell you that place is the land of the beta, and Dennis does nothing to disprove that”
    As i live in southern Sweden i tend to travel a lot to Denmark for mainly the alcohol because of differences in laws. But not once thought that it was a land filled with betas. Maybe just a difference in cultures as i’ve heard we scandinavians tend to be seen as qiuet guys by mostly americans.
    But is a man defined by the quantity of words he uses or by how nice and outgoing he’s? Because i can’t really stand the false niceties of americans i come across, mostly because i don’t trust them when they act like that to total strangers. Maybe that’s the difference or i am completely homeblind or have been meeting the clique of men of Denmark?

    1. Dude,take it easy.Most of the readers understanding of the world here is wehat they have read in Roosh’s “memoirs”.And his perception of the world is very very “peculiar”,for a lack of non offensive term.

      1. I’m calm, just maybe a lack of the english vocabulary that may have made my comment come of as angry?
        Just wanted to point out something i myself believed was wrong and tried to find an explanation to why.

    2. “Because i can’t really stand the false niceties of americans i come
      across, mostly because i don’t trust them when they act like that to
      total strangers.”
      I am an American, and you’re pretty much right. I think it might come down to a difference in the concept of friendship. In America, it’s normal to quickly form and then quickly dissolve a friendship just to get ahead in one’s career, or to join a country club, or do basically anything in politics. Americans don’t really see this as wrong, either; they take the view that friends come and go quickly, except for the precious few that hold on. So for this system to work, Americans must be wide-eyed and smiling in all but the most private social circumstances. When I try to “fit in” to this system (like at a company picnic), my face ends up hurting after a couple hours of forced smiling. I must have some slavic ancestry or something, because I don’t naturally smile much, even when I’m happy.
      Also, keep in mind that whenever Americans travel to another country, especially a country other than Canada or the UK, most will believe they are a “stranger in a strange land”, and that everyone they come across will be worth talking to because THEY’LL, LIKE, BE SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT LOL! I’d wager that you’re seeing an exaggerated version of this American veneer of friendliness. God help you :/

      1. That was my theory aswell and i think is qiuet different to my own country as friends is something that most times keep together for a long time as long as you don’t grow apart. I’ve heard from foreigners that if you befriend a scandinavian (qiuet hard as we seem cold or not very talkative without alcohol) you got a friend for life. Could be from the previous centuries that it was not that easy to live through the rough winters and just similing didn’t help as much as doing the hard worked that needed. But we also suffered the same disease of bad confidence among the people as rest of the western world, thank the schoolsystem and the propaganda ministerium for that.
        Freya loves me, giving me smiling american girls who think you’re exotic just because you come from Europe, atleast that’s what i found out in my stay in Rome.

    3. I have this friend from Sweden who earned his green beret or something like that in the Swedish army. Cool guy. Very polite but cool.

    4. The USA is just ONE country mate. There are 195 + countries in this world. Yes, Americans can be annoying superficial cunts, but that’s just them. Introversion is common in scandinavia – people are quite shy and reserved. It’s a cultural thing. If you go to Latin America, people are extroverted, friendly and NOT superficial like those silly Americans. That’s why travelling is so darn important. Cheers.

    1. I’ve seen this happen in my extended family. And the kids end up hating the mother.

  27. Ouch.
    The plight of many a western man.
    This was what the father in the house prevented in times past. A dude built like that with game would have had an ex with kids, another wife with kids, and numerous kids around the world he did not even know were his ten years ago.
    In the next decade, I suspect guys like him who take the red pill will have no kids, and plenty of chicks.
    Man, so much work to do, so many betas. Not enough care or time.

    1. “This was what the father in the house prevented in times past. A dude built like that with game would have had an ex with kids, another wife with kids, and numerous kids around the world he did not even know were his ten years ago”.
      Maybe that’s why these sorts of people exist? Connect the dots in your statement:
      1) numerous kids around the world he did not even know were his
      2) kids growing up without their father in the house.
      See the connection there?

  28. Let’s just remember that this is a work of fiction, not a documentary.
    It’s made by somebody who feels the same way
    Roosh does about the Danish culture & government.
    I’d read it more symbolically than literally.
    So what is Dennis a symbol of?
    Masculinity maybe?
    His Mom?
    Feminist nanny state maybe?

    1. Dennis is what happens when you take the fire out of a man…his mother is the extinguisher.
      All those muscles and still an empty shell…his mind and heart are on life support.
      A woman basically giving him nothing but IOIs despite his bad tactics…but he has no fire to see it let alone know what to do about it. The one thing he is happy about (the gym) his mother chides him because he has whatever responsibility to her.

      1. For me, it wasn’t that I couldn’t see the IOI’s, it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do about it. That was all true. But the truly insidious part of that frame of mind is that, because of how you’ve been shamed/manipulated by your mom, you won’t let yourself follow your instincts.
        Dennis is displaying all the earmarks of someone who has been manipulated into a core shame about being a man. Anything that might seem overtly masculine, he feels embarassed by. Note the tremendous shame over his impressive body. The girls are just having fun with a guy who’s taken care of himself, but he feels ashamed at being male in a public way.
        I don’t have Dennis’ body and at this age, I never will, but I behaved the exact same way.

  29. Let’s start from the fact that steroid taking is massive beta.In my experience I have never met a n alpha man who injects juice.
    If you are not a professional athlete and you take roids-obviousdly you have a complex of inferiority and you want to change it by swallowing a magic pill.
    Most of the guys doing this-are borderline psychos,

  30. I don’t buy this. My father had a similar situation a very bitter shaming mother and he has more dark triad then anyone I met. I had a similar situation as well remember this is a movie real life is very different.

  31. Tried to watch it twice, but its physically impossible for me to get through. You know, I had to quit a job at a call center once, because the policy of the customer service protocol was to be as apologetic (beta) as possible when dealing with a customer. I kept getting flagged by my manager for being to assertive on the phone. I realized I had to leave that job.

    1. I hear you with that call center stuff. I’m at a call center now because economic depression, and I’ve had some incredibly rude customers (women) and angry customers (men). The women are so disrespectful that I’ve begun to a policy of telling them that because of their attitude I refuse to assist them. Seriously. I no longer give a fuck about the customer, the customer is not always right, that is complete bull. If they are polite, they will get me working my hardest to help them, if they are disrespectful or angry, I will try to de-escalate once, and then refuse further assistance.
      It’s tough to be anywhere near alpha when you are a low level expendable employee, but you absolutely cannot disrespect yourself, I don’t care what the business demands. One thing that frustrates me about Western employee/customer interaction is the servility businesses take. It ends up where the more dickhead customers behave like tyrants or toddlers. More and more men need to alpha-up in the simple low level tasks necessary in society.

  32. This guy doesn’t seem beta at all so it actually feels like he’s about to explode in rage at any moment but than never does. Obviously powerful men can be very beta. I have friends who are relatively well off financially for example and they squandered big money on hookers. Got tricked into thinking they were in love. To me a beta does what the guy in this movie does, suffers in silence and doesn’t do what he wants.

  33. In the long version of the movie he goes to thailand, brings back a wife, and moves out. You should see how his mother reacts to that.

  34. Hey all you so called players. The toughest woman in the world to game is you mother–not for attraction of sex, but for approval.
    My mom still thinks I’m 10 years old (uh, try 50). She criticizes my choices despite major accomplishments in every area of my life — making money, women, marriage (formerly), raising kids, investing, running businesses, and now being an Alpha male.
    Mothers seem to have one template for how their boys should be, and if you don’t fit it you’ll be treated like Dennis.
    What game taught me about women in general is not to give a shit. It’s one thing to do that to a girl you just met, got blown out by or cockblocked by. But you mother is the one woman you’ve loved since birth. It’s a tricky thing to treat you mother as an fully-empowered Alpha male, but it must be done, or you’ll be a Dennis, even if just in the presence of your mother. And if you ever do get serious about *one* woman and take her home to mother, your woman will see the Dennis in you and realize she can get that same power and control over you and your life.
    So, you’ve got to be able to not give a shit about what mom thinks and be your own man. You may have to be much more diplomatic about it, but I now tell me mom what *her* limits are when it comes to telling me anything. If she doesn’t like my choices or way of life, she’s welcome to remain silent on the subject, and treat me with the respect a man deserves for a weaker female–yes even my mother is a weaker female. And, the moment she tries to will anything over me, I remind her to back off, or I’m outta there. A little time and distance does wonders for reminding my mom that she needs me now more than I need her.
    And that’s just the way of man.

  35. great review. It also proves that anyone can be beta, even though bodybuilders are seen as alpha because of their looks. Being Beta or Alpha is a MINDSET, not a bunch of muscles.

  36. My mother, sister AND FATHER mocked any attempt I made to be masculine throughout my childhood and teenage years and they continue to do so today.
    You wanna lift weights? “Muscles are weird and gross.”
    I’ve never, and mean literally never, been in the same room with my mom, dad and sister without my mom and sister talking down to my father and mocking every syllable that came out of his mouth. He looks down at his lap in shame like a little boy and my sister and mom love it. I think it turns them on. The satisfaction on their face is disturbing.
    Then, when I try to improve myself so I don’t live a life a misery like my dad he gets visibly uncomfortable and starts making fun of me.
    “You think you’re cool or something?”
    That’s my dad’s favorite thing to say to me. I guess his thinking is “If I can’t find a way to feel good about myself neither will my son.” Not if he has anything to do with it.
    It’s such a toxic environment I just try to avoid it at all costs. Then, when I turn down family functions and vacations my mom says “You obviously don’t love me.”
    It’s impossible to game my mother because she’ll never stop. She’ll shit test you for six straight hours. I mean that literally. That is the basis of our relationship: nonstop shit test marathons.The only way to get her to stop is to say something so horribly disgusting she runs to her room to cry. Agree and amplify, ignoring, misinterpretation, logic, demanding that she stops. Nothing works. Just make her cry so she runs to her room. I don’t feel a shred of guilt when I do it.
    My mother’s # 1 goal in life is to get me and my father to submit to her.
    Sons with terrible mothers who live to shit test their own seed need to stop fucking around and just cut of all contact with them. THEY DON’T LOVE YOU. My mother does not love me. She can say she does all she wants but actions speak louder than words. People will defend mothers to the death. Fuck that shit.
    What if a dad mocked his daughters femininity at every turn?
    A dad says to his 10 year old daughter,”You wanna wear a dress? Why? Are you a slut? Are you a prostitute?”
    Would anyone consider him a good father? Of course not.
    Yet, my mom told me I was disturbed and sick in the head because I liked war movies and wanted to play with toy guns when I was a boy. Fuck her. Fuck her forever. I don’t care if she loves me or not. Fuck her and all the other shitty moms. There are sooo many shit moms. They need to get what’s coming to them. I hate moms.

    1. I’m down with your comments bro for sure. I finally came into focus. I was a womanizer from ages 15-45 (present) and slept with then kicked to the curb many hundreds of women, always found a reason to get away. I now know that this behavior is my lack of intimacy with women in general. Sexually, I can relate but the fear of being emasculated keeps me moving on quickly. I’ve hurt a lot of good women like this. And married one gold-digger just blinded by the attention. My mom as recently as 3 days ago on a visit to the hometown, not only insulted my masculinity, she happily pissed all over it. A line no mother should ever cross with her son, my mom takes a shit all over it. Not ironically, it happened directly after I had experienced a very alpha week, took on two business partners with far more experience, fired one and then took over as sole manager from the other one. So the old c-word took some shots at my masculinity, hardcore insults and argued the point then acted shocked that I objected, ended with blaming me (well if you react, it must be true, typical follow on to her ball-busting).
      I don’t think the anger is going to do us any good, I’ve indulged in it many times. I think we understand it intellectually and matter of factly move on, self preservation is a big motivator.
      But honestly, it’s going to take a pair of balls just to cut her sick ass off, let us go live our lives the way they were supposed to be lived. Many, many men walk away forever from mom relationships that brow beat them down. I’ve never done it for several reasons: I wanted the relationship to work, I didn’t want the attention or drama in the family or to be the bad guy, and I tried to remain optimistic.
      What’s driving me now is what I deserve and don’t need. I want to be happy and well-adjusted. Deleting the haters from my life, no matter what the relationship is a critical step. I took it. Fuck yes. I’m glad you did too.

    2. You don’t have to hate your mom, but just handle her shit teststhe way you said were effective.
      Also, just get into some activities to keep you out of the house (martial arts?). Then they will apreciate your absence.

      1. Yes if your mom is like that YOU DO HAVE TO HATE HER! Wtf is wrong with you? If you don’t cut off a shithead that puts you down, then you deserve the shit tests and a lousy life.
        Many mothers should be given life in prison for the way they treat their kids, and people need to wake the fuck up and stop making excuses for these monsters!

    3. This comment is golden, this is what young men are growing up on. It’s toxic, depressing, and can really put a strain on a young mans life. I don’t see it getting any better either…

    4. “Nothing works. Just make her cry so she runs to her room. I don’t feel a shred of guilt when I do it.”
      Well… Seems like you did find something that works!

    5. Be very careful with that last statement — that’s exactly what domineering shit testing women do. Not all moms are shits, and don’t assume so (that’s what feminists do to men). You’re letting her do exactly what she wants to you, even when she’s not there.

  37. I’m about ten years old. I’m in the living room watching a TV show about tornadoes. Mom’s in the kitchen.
    A huge twister is ripping it’s way across a cornfield and carrying a tractor through the air on the tube. My ten year old mind is highly entertained and I say, “Wow! Cool!”
    Big mistake.
    Mom storms into the living. She turns off the TV and begins to scream.
    “I just want you to know that I am very disturbed! Wow. Cool. Is that what you think? Do you know that tornadoes kill people? Do you know that they destroy lives, homes and entire families? Of course you do. I know you do because I told you so! Yet, here you are say Wow! Cool! That is SO disturbing!”
    I was too young to know she was psychotic. I just took her word for it and thought I was “disturbed”.
    “Disturbed”. Because I was interested in the weather.
    And where was Dad? Standing right behind nodding his head in agreement.
    Cunt #2.

  38. I saw Teddy Bear last night (downloaded the torrent). It was good, though Hulks social skills led to some incredibly awkward moments. I liked the scenes in Thailand which gave me a feel for the place, confirming that it’s currently not for me.
    My only complaint is that there was no real catharsis that made me feel satisfied at the eventual outcome. I wanted to see real emotion from Hulk, but it never came.

  39. This movie reminds of Fatso, which is another scandinavian movie about betaness.
    Hehe looks like Scandinavia is the contry of beta male movies

  40. Im sorry but I will have to STRONGLY disagree with this entire text. You seem to mistake “people with severe personality disorder” for “betas”. Its not the same thing.
    I like to consider myself a beta. Im physically not the best looking, im not in shape, im shy/timid in person, im more submissive than dominating and I wil gladly admit I don’t have the best self-confidence ever. I am by no stetch of the imagination an “alpha” male.
    But I am also miles away from this pathetic lump of flesh calling himself a “man”. I don’t sleep with my mother, I am not ran out of my own party by strangers, I do know how to ask a girl out and how to organize a date. Get me shirtless in a room with 3 fawning women, and trust me, i’ll know what to do.
    This man in the video is not a beta. He is not even a delta or an omega. He is a sick man in need of help.

  41. This is an Uber-Beta or Omega male. He’s far below the average beta-male.

  42. If your a 5’5 guy, non-famous , average face,have alpha vibe and buff, you will still never gets girls. Because women do judge more on height than anything else.

  43. I call my mother everyday for not feeding me enough and properly and thus making me a short 5’4-5’5. I hate being this height, women always reject me and tell me on my face that my height is an issue.I don’t have a dad.I moved out now and making lots of cash, I am a buff(bodybuilder) and never take shit from people. But women still reject me.

      1. Are you fucking stupid? Tom Cruise is a celebrity with millions and millions. Women are fucking gold diggers. The guy who posted is just an ordinary man, you idiot.

    1. I kind of feel for you. You are honest: you tell us about your problem – your height. You are not saying “I’m this 6’4 guy, I am investment banker bla bla bla..” I bet most men here have problem like you have, just it’s that they are not being honest. I do hope you will find love.

  44. tips on how to not be beta. Of course this will not work for a 5’4-5’5 guy since I have already tried all this and I am 5’4-5’5 for a few years.
    Stand up straight with good posture
    Make strong sustained eye contact with women and people you are talking to
    Eat a healthy high protein diet, cut out processed foods, eat lot’s of fruits, veggies, and EFA (avocado, almonds, fish oil)
    Try to get a good restful nights sleep at least 5 nights a week.
    Hit the gym hard
    Train martial arts
    Stop being supplicating and apologetic with women
    Push yourself outside of your comfort zones, try new things, don’t fear the unknown
    Travel the world (see and experience a new culture, new continent, new foods, languages, women, landscapes)
    Read good books on important topics, topics that will enrich your life
    Value your word, be honest, and fair in your dealings with people, you can be cunning and smart, but don’t be conniving
    Treat others with respect, just because you are an alpha and your shit is together, doesn’t mean you shit on those less well off
    Always be true to yourself, don’t change who you are for a woman, your parents, your social group, or peer pressure
    Trust your instincts and don’t second guess yourself!
    Stop accepting bullshit from people, stop tolerating disrespect
    Stand up for yourself and have a backbone if someone tries to disrespect you.T

  45. This reminded me so much about my own past. I have always wondered why I am so shy, beeing without self confidence and so uncertain at everything ( even in college I suffer because of this). I picked up a book about psychology and read that the first few years of our lifes are the most important and that the education and behavior of our parents shape us later in life. No wonder that I have problems now: With a beta father who was never an example for me and with a mother similar to ”Dennis” mother. And well, look at me now: 26 years old ,still a virgin and struggling with everything in life. I can totally agree with this article : if you love your sons never let them grow up with a mother like this or they will have a very difficult life. Thank you for this great article.

  46. Interesting article.
    But I don’t believe in the whole omega/beta/alpha male dynamic.
    We’re all human beings and have our issues that need to be dealt with. Confidence can be developed regardless of where you are in life, and labels like these are very primitive and prehistoric, not very applicable to more advanced ways of thinking.
    If you’d like more info then check out my men’s site at
    Here’s an article I wrote on this topic:
    Cheers guys and here’s to becoming better men.

  47. I believe that the best/worst punishment for a such mother is that she will never become a grandmother. And this as a direct result of her actions.

  48. It’s all good to point out what’s wrong here, but it seems you give no tips to how a person like that can change. So overall, this just seems like a big bash party.

  49. All of his problems could have been solved if he got his own place and didn’t have to live with his mom. Guy living with his mom = beta, not because of his mom, but because he’s too weak and afraid to break out on his own.

  50. I was emotionally neglected and repeatedly shamed and abused growing up. I approached women out of a desire for emotional support and intimacy/connection, and got crushed and humiliated over and over again. As far as relationships with other people go my life has been a nightmare.
    But the real nightmare is the lack of confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect more than the lack of relationships. I still feel suicidal sometimes (almost lifelong history of that), but the past couple times I almost made a suicide attempt, my reason for not doing it was because I felt that my life was worth living.
    I imagined all the people that I’d craved love and support from so badly who’d just trampled all over me. And then, drunk and with a noose around my neck, out of the blue I got pissed off. And then I thought, “Fuck you.”
    Took the noose off and for the next few days my throat hurt, which was a reminder to me that one of the most important things in the world is to value your own life.
    I also find that I have a lot of pride for enduring everything I have with so little support from anyone, as opposed to the shame and helplessness I used to feel, like I wasn’t good enough to be loved or supported by anyone. Now I feel an actual sense of independence and a love and respect for myself. I’m eating well, working out, and trying to get a career going. Progress has been snail’s-pace slow, but it feels great, and since I started to love and respect myself, life not only feels worth living, it feels pretty damn good a lot of the time.
    Going through these things also gives me the ability to empathize. I felt sick watching Dennis, even though I just skimmed around the video. But not out of disgust with him, but because I know what that feels like.
    If there’s anything I’d want guys like me to know, it’s that the love you need the most comes from yourself. As the saying goes, “When there are no enemies inside, the enemies outside can’t hurt you.”
    Having a backbone can, ironically, come from being okay with the fact that you have no backbone. Not shaming yourself and hating yourself for functioning on a psychological paradigm founded on shame and self-hatred is the first step to self-love and self-acceptance. You grew up how you grew up. Instead of tearing yourself down, build yourself up. You’ve coped with more rejection than most people have and have been through the ringer, and you’re still alive. That takes a lot of strength.
    If you can look fearlessly at yourself, with all the feelings of disgust, shame, and humiliation, and *then* love and accept and respect yourself despite all of those things…that’s real strength. When you realize that you’re not a bad person for simply experiencing your life, you also realize that nobody has the right to tell you who you are or what you should think of yourself.

  51. Have only just come across this excellent post by Athlone and thread; there are some good comments here which uncover a number of disturbing themes, the most salient of which for me are as follows:
    (1) Most – if not all – men in modern Western societies (Europe and North America) are subjected to a constant battery of beta-fying behaviours and attitudes from the cradle to the grave and manipulation of the male psyche to ensure compliance, conformity and subjugation is rife (a UK expat friend of mine living in the US once told me the hardest part about living in the US was having to conform to being a ‘regular guy’);
    (2) Beta-fication begins at home courtesy of over-bearing mothers with a disproportionate sense of entitlement, and fathers (if they are still on the scene) who, for a quiet life, capitulated years ago in the face of ever-unreasonable demands from their spouses/partners in return for which they were emasculated;
    (3) Any if not all attempts by men during their formative years to combat the process of beta-fication/emasculation are met with derision and manipulation on the part of other family members (not just mothers, sisters and aunts); and
    (4) There is often an underlying history of abuse of the mother – either real or perceived – by an alpha male who is usually, but not always, a spouse/partner and the father of the man who is the target of the beta-fication process.
    A consequence of these factors (especially where there has been a history of abuse) is that men in the Western world are brought up to believe that all classically masculine traits associated with alpha-male behaviour (such as independence of thought and leadership, heroism, determination and the pursuit of excellence, single-mindedness, but also physical strength, aggression and hostility) are viewed as being inherently destructive and dangerous. After all, it is ‘men’ who wage war, while ‘women’ nurse babies.
    Perhaps the ultimate sanction is for those closest to the beta-fied male to perpetually remind him how any undesired conduct on his part is reminiscent of the behaviour of the (abusive) alpha male (usually his father) who has caused so much harm.
    Certainly in my experience, whenever I have had disagreements with female members of my family, girlfriends or my soon-to-be ex-wife, they have all warned/reminded me how the conduct which they disapproved of was ‘just like your [my] father’.
    While my father was indeed an abusive alpha-male type (he was actually a beta but thought that leading a life of alcohol-fuelled promiscuous self-indulgence was the way to roll), it has never automatically followed that I am doomed to follow in his footsteps.
    It seems to me that for men to not be subjected to emasculation and beta-fication from such a young age, their mothers would do well to resist the temptation to visit the ‘sins of the father’ upon them.

  52. Moms like that teach humility. Faithfulness and confidence are both learnable compared to deeply engrained humility. You broke it down exactly as a gamer would, so why even post this? Are true gamers your idols or are you a wicked smart documentary junkie (more likely)? Things that beta’s experience: He treated everyone with words of compassion and he was willing to put his dignity aside for the personal connection that was going on with his lady. He has the type of dedication that can change the face of whatever profession he ends up choosing. Obviously, he has a lot to work on still, but I would have called it something less deceptive for sure.

  53. Jesus, can we start a kickstarter to buy this guy a ticket to the US. he would literally smash pussy flat here. Getting away from the negative bullshit his mother puts on him he’d figure out quick he wouldn’t have to do much if anything to get women.

  54. the guy in this pic could be beta of alpha, no way to tell…but for the sake of example: Bill Gates is an alpha, & a dumbass ex-con is just a dumbass ex-con

  55. So tell me, if Dennis were to find his way onto the ROK website and take it’s instructions to heart, would he be able to recover and rebuilt himself, or is he forever doomed to always remain Dennis v1.0 at heart no matter how hard he tries to change? And yes, before anybody asks, I’m really asking about me, not Dennis per se.

  56. I agree with Earl’s comment. Probably 75-90% of the male population in Western society are beta/omega. Though, DENNIS takes this to the extreme. Here is a man-mountain, who is beat up emotionally by a frail old woman. He could probably bicep curl her. Pretty sad.
    Anyway, when the single moms and used up party girls hit 30 and come to you, oh beta, looking for resources, just tell them to fuck themselves. Or, better yet, give them the treatment they’re used to: pump and dump ’em.

  57. This is a two year old article but is so good that it could be recycled over and over every year. These kind of short stories should be compiled into something like a red pill form of the Reader’s Digest magazine. It would be refreshing to find this kind of reading material laying about in the doctor’s offices and lobbies where you find almost exclusively NOTHING BUT Cosmopolitan, Modern Home (replete with mancave), People, and other celeb ho slick mags. Alex Jones allows reprinting and re distribution of most of his materials. ROK articles would be great to see in magazine form in the public lobbies. Ya!

  58. “He could have easily crushed the two dudes”
    Did I miss something or is violence still illegal?
    So what if he “could” crush them.
    What would happen if he DID?
    This is my biggest dilemma in life. I’m a big, strong dude but I’m pigeonholed into acting like a pussy because of the law.

  59. My friend from Georgia (state in Caucasus, south of Russia) told me once that in their culture women don’t tell their young sons how to behave, only fathers can do it, – because only a father can teach his son how to be a real man. Result of this definitely shows, Georgian guys are usually with a backbone and acting like real men.
    Now I compare it to the Western culture, where women teach their sons from a young age how they should act in various situations (“be a nice boy” etc.). Needless to say, what we get is lots of spineless boys like the one in the article.
    Sure, no father can love and take care of his kids like a mother can, but when it comes to raising boy as a real man – father’s role is very important, and I think this “Caucasian” approach is instructive in this regard

  60. most american boys have it worse, they get circumcised at birth. aka half their penis gets cut off and they suffer brain damage from this. these boys get buried from the get go. and their sex is a lot worse too which makes it a lot easier for women to “not be in the mood”

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