Open Letter To Fat Girls

Dear Fat Girls,

I have a very simple solution for you on how to lose weight.  It’s so simple and easy, you may not believe me.  It will work despite your “glandular issues” or “unlucky genetics.”  In fact, you don’t even have to do anything — it requires absolutely no planning or energy on your part.  You can even eat cheesecake, have cupcakes, enjoy wine and snack on that froyo you’ve been glaring at every time you walk by that stand at the mall.  How did I discover this prized knowledge?  What is this amazing revolutionary technique?

Other than basic logic, no science involved other than observation.  From dating, living with and talking to skinny girls, I’ve noticed a pattern amongst them on how they stay skinny.  This transcends nationality, from America to Italy to Ukraine.  It requires no specialized tools and can be done whenever, wherever.  So what is it?

Stop eating so fucking much.

Seriously.  There is nothing else you need to do other than to put the damn fork down.  And by way of story, let me explain how this works.

The Skinny Foreigners

I’ve traveled a lot.  With respect to this topic, two things remain indelible in my mind.  When I was 21, I remember sitting at the Trevi Fountain in Rome having gelato and noticing that all these Italian girls around me were so damn skinny.  And they were all having gelato.  How is this possible?  What about all the sugar/carbs that goes hand in hand with desserts and ice cream and makes you fat?  Well it didn’t take long to find out this gelato is not preceded with a large creamy pasta dish, or calorie dense supposedly healthy turkey sandwich with aioli, cheddar and bacon.  Gelato was lunch.

Then we have Ukraine.  There was an incredibly cheap café my friend and I had lunch at every day.  While we as hungry male Americans would pack two trays full of food every time, I noticed all these skinny girls in Ukraine shared the same type of meal on a daily basis.  A glass of juice, a piece of bread and a small cup of soup.  That’s it.  Perhaps some would exchange the soup for a small side salad with lettuce, tomatoes and maybe shredded carrots.  There was no appetizer, main and dessert.  We’re talking maybe 500 calories at most here.

There was also the fact that I was told repeatedly by Ukranian girls that its their job is to be hungry and drunk, but that beautiful thought process is for another article.

The Model Roommate

How many times have you heard a chunkster say something along the lines of “Ugh, I hate her!  Look how skinny she is and she’s having cake!  If only I had her genes.  Well nothing I can do, I’m just unlucky to be fat.”

Bullshit.  I lived with a model for a week.  A legit runway model.  I saw what she ate on a daily basis.  Banana nut muffins.  Chocolate.  Candy.  Ice Cream.  Basically anything she wanted.  But—and it’s a big but—it was in small amounts.  I’ll never forget her walking into the kitchen at lunch time, cutting half a muffin, and going “it’s time for lunch!”  Again, it didn’t matter what she ate, just how much she ate.  It’s not magic or genetics that she is thin.

Compare that to my other roommate.  She is one of these chunksters.  She has organic eggs fried in olive oil with turkey bacon for breakfast, along with whole wheat bread and some fruit.  For lunch she will have some whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce or a turkey sandwich and maybe some yogurt on the side.  She will have a subway sandwich for herself and snack on various things throughout the day, such as the other half of the muffin the model didn’t eat.  Overall a “healthy” diet, but she eats a lot.  Probably over 2000 calories a day.  See the difference?

As another example, look at this article.  Even the title seems to imply a Victoria Secret model can eat bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on a daily basis and still have that body.  Fran the fattie sees the article, skims it and says well if she can eat that, so can I.  However, really take a look at what that article says she eats in a day.  That sandwich (350 calories), 2 cappuccinos (240 calories total), and half a “huge” salad (curious what a model considers a “huge” salad, but let’s assume 400 calories).  That’s less than 1000 calories in the day.  And, she also does some physical activity (yoga in this case).

Food Is Not Important

Currently one of the girls I am seeing has a very nice body.  She goes for a run maybe three times a month.  While guys may need to exercise to have a good body, girls do not.  So her body is possible because she simply forgets to eat some days.  Everything else takes priority – work, friends, tv, me, hanging out, etc.  If she’s not hungry, she doesn’t eat.  She doesn’t eat because it’s “lunch time” or because she just woke up and has to have breakfast.  Yesterday I went to help her jump start her car, and she expressed that she was hungry to me, probably because she “forgot” to eat the day before.  As a guy this makes no sense to me, but it works for her.  And yes fatties, she’s perfectly healthy.  The ex-stripper I dated was the same way.  Putting aside her flaws as a girlfriend, her body was ideal and food was an afterthought to her… she would sometimes lose track of when she ate last and have a bite or two of food when she actually did eat.


Of course you can exercise a lot, get a trainer, do Pilates and eat more and become or remain skinny that way.  But let’s say you are too lazy, cheap or poor to do so.  It’s still  pretty simple for a girl not to be fat.  Just eat less.  And when in doubt ladies, never forget what Kate Moss stated years back and take it to heart:

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158 thoughts on “Open Letter To Fat Girls”

  1. American women have lost the aspect of self control. Usually supported by every other woman with their loss of self control.

    1. Indeed. When I hear people whine about how much pressure women are under to stay thin, I simply agree, and then express my relief that so many are successfully resisting it.

    2. Not only that, but it’s really easy to lose your self control in this country.
      I’m a south american living in the southern US, and I am often amazed at how easy it is to find greasy and cheap food and how easy it is to be fat.
      Women (and men) in less developed countries are usually thin because it takes work to make food, you need to actually buy ingredients and make a meal instead of re-heating something frozen or adding water to a microwaveable cup. Delivery services are sketchy and can take hours to deliver a pizza whereas in the US you’re only 20 minutes away from having cheap pizza at your door. This is not even mentioning how expensive it is.
      Most people in my country cannot afford to eat out several times a week, whereas almost anybody in the states can. Not to mention that many supermarkets are open 24/7 whereas in my country they’re usually closed by 7pm, on all holidays and Sundays. Forgot to get the ingredients for dinner or too lazy to cook? Well, you’re just not eating because there is nothing open and the dining out options are too expensive.
      In my University campus there is a vast array of fast food places that offer plenty of fatty and cheap meals, whereas my friends at their universities maybe have one or two local cafes with severely overpriced options or government subsidized meal programs with measly portions of bland food.
      First dates usually involve going to the movies or a dancing locale, vs in the US dates seem to be completely centered around food and eating at the fashionable restaurant of the month. Bikini season is all year long, so there is no “packing the winter weight”.
      It is so easy to find plus-sized clothes in the US, in my country, if you’re fat you’re pretty much stuck wearing old lady clothes unless you’re rich enough to buy imported items. Good luck finding a husband if you’re overweight, and even if you do, he’s going to be way uglier/poorer/lower social status than you. It pains to see my girlfriends with fat old bald men when there’s fatties getting married to good looking dudes everyday in the States.
      Being fat in the US is really easy. Being fat on some countries is not.

  2. By extension, it’s WHAT the fattie is eating that will cause the weight gain, and not just how much. The chick who gorged on carbs was asking for it, IMO. Had she stuck to protein, like eggs, and concentrated more on fruits and veggies, maybe she could have avoided packing on the pounds.
    A calorie isn’t a calorie. Calories from Weight Watchers crap isn’t the same as calories from real foods.

    1. Yeah, I’m not pro fat but I don’t get the hate. I just don’t get frothing at the mouth about it like this. I mean, it sucks that women are choosing to be fat but it is a personal choice.
      On a related note, do the articles this week suck ?

      1. I personally alternate between the frothing and your sentiment @Red Pill — and I think it’s because it’s largely the preponderance of fat chicks in our culture that necessitates all this Game bullshit in the first place. Thin, attractive women are just too damn scarce to get by without it, and that sometimes makes me angry….

      2. It’s not just a personal choice. They are fucking up society and harming others.
        They must be called to account.

      3. I think it’s just an inevitable backlash to the fat acceptance movement. If a woman wants to be fat, it is her business.
        But the moment the cows band together and start demanding that they be celebrated for being the size of a Volkswagen is the moment they become fair game.
        Besides no creatures on two legs generates more hatred than a group of fat chicks hating on healthy women.

  3. Now let the fat acceptance deluded hordes stampede all over this with sexy superawesomely megabeautiful quadruple chins and belly rolls.

    1. I bet their blog pages are full of their moaning over high status, muscular, alpha male celebrities, rather than fat men. I guess they’re just shallow.

  4. This reminds me of a physical fitness test where the entire class was measured using calipers. The most attractive, slender, and feminine girl at that time ended up with metrics that classified her as obese. Her fat-to-muscle ratio was pathetic. To me she looked good, however, when I would grab her it was like jello. Skinny looking girls can be obese too.

    1. Would you rather fuck the skinny “obese” girl or the actual obese girl? Seems a lot of people are making perfect the enemy of the good.

    2. one of my best friends went out with a female competitive rower in college. he said she was an animal in the sack.
      of course the ideal is going to be slim and fit (also for genetics, this is most preferable)
      but if you’re going for the easy lay all you give a shit about is a) what it feels like fucking them b) what they look like while you’re fucking them
      and then maybe a few extras (her being a good cook for breakfast,/whatever)

    3. Skinny-fat is an epidemic in America too.
      Usually skinny-fat chicks have very little libido. In contrast, the Crossfit and more strength-oriented non-vegetarian yoga chicks will practically rape you.
      Look, I’ll take skinny-fat over chubby, but the real deal are the athletic babes with some muscle under those gluteal curves, and healthy metabolism and endocrine activity that goes along with being athletic.

  5. This is why intermittent fasting and going two weeks without carbs is so important. It changes your emotional relationship with food. You can quickly distinguish between craving something and actually being hungry.
    It probably also helps that women in Italy and the Ukraine are taught how to cook.

    1. A couple weeks at severely reduced food intake also shrinks your stomach (maybe not scientifically but you eat less) so you can’t pig out.

  6. It’s more like it’s easy not to gain weight. Not hard to cut the muffin in half, but the fatty who has put on 30lbs without noticing has got to eat muffin crumbs…for a year. She has to “forget to eat” not just yesterday…but for the past 6 months. So to be fair to the fatties, getting out of the hole they’ve dug themselves into really can be pushing the limits of human endurance.

  7. The first thing fatty should do is reduce the amount of stress in his/her life. Stress combined with bad eating leads to fat rolls.
    Most of the angriest and stressed out people I see are also obese. That is not a coincidence.

    1. Cortisol. I know I am getting boring with this. But testosterone and cortisol are the flip sides of about everything. Testosterone vs cortisol for men, lack of testosterone vs cortisol for women.
      Cortisol leads to that abdominal “gut” older men and now, older women, have. It is a boring discussion of how and the effect of it on insulin.
      And “status stress” causes the cortisol. For men that stress is from being in a lower social position. For women, it is being a less desirable mate (like it or not, girls) or being with a lower status male. Steve Mockey says it is part of the whole “survival of the fittest” thing. The end game for men is impotence; for women it is not being selected. It is the winnowing out of bad genes from the gene pool.
      Baumeister wrote that the human genome is comprised of genes from twice as many women as men. Meaning women are more likely to reproduce. So a lack of T will effect men more than being a little fat will effect women. But being very fat will affect women. Roissy has shown data on how obese women have less sex than even obese men.
      Cortisol is the enemy to the immune system for both men and women.
      So Testosterone stomps cortisol. Men with muscles have testosterone. Women like men with muscles. Men with muscles have testosterone. And less cortisol.
      Fat women have cortisol and possibly testosterone and T is very very bad for a woman’s immune system. She can’t handle it. She isn’t a man. So masculine women are less desirable because they have T and are an immune system risk to your children and SO ARE FAT WOMEN because the cortisol, both from being fat and from status stress from being fat.
      So Fat=Less Attractive to your subconscious, a less fit mate, and a jeopardy to your offspring.
      Thin= less or no testosterone and NO cortisol, a fitter mate.

      1. Actually, it is excess Estrogens which are harmful to women in modern times. 12 year olds are getting boobs, etc. See Ori Hofmekler’s work. Excess estrogens also hurt men. From what I personally experiences with myself and people i know:
        Women: stress + too much estrogens = obese
        Women: stress + too much Test = too low weight (rare in the west)
        Men: stress + too much estrogens (hops in beer!) = obese
        Men: stress + too much Test (my situation) = thin or so called “hardgainer”
        Long story short. Women and Men should reduce stress and balance hormones. Reproductive hormones in both men and women are initiated mainly by the vitamin D and electromagnetic energy spectrum coming from the Sun. Modern lifestyle is all about avoiding the direct sunlight. Esp. in countries like Canada, UK, Norway, Denmark.
        Its really EASY folks. Get ready, here’s some rocket science!
        Want to be a HOT boy or a HOT girl? Expose yourself to a lot of HOT-NESS. And this quality will be passed onto you.
        Want to be a “cool” guy or “cool” chick? Calm your mind, relax, expel the worries, slow down….
        Your state of mind can and will be immediately felt by your potential mates. Its just that easy.

        1. This. Mr. Mintner, you’re close, and passenger gets it even closer.
          For females, progesterone is the female equivalent of testosterone, and is the hormone that bestows upon women a nice small waist, bubble butt, and nice boobs.
          Estrogen actually signals weight gain and the buildup of endometrial tissues. Estrogen dominant women=fat, unfertile, crazy bitches. Progesterone dominant women=hot, fertile, sexy, and submissive. Testosterone dominant women=manjaw feminazis & pre-op women-to-man transsexuals.

  8. “I was told repeatedly by Ukrainian girls that its their job is to be hungry and drunk”
    That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read or heard.

    1. But doesn’t excessive drinking lead to the beer-belly phenomenon? Why not eat when you’re genuinely hungry, and exercise/stay busy when you’re not? I don’t see the beauty of the phrase.

  9. Geez, stop the body shaming. Didn’t you know that women who lived prior to the modern western diet and women who live in other countries have special thiness genes?

  10. Bad article. Same as for men women need to increase their energy expenditure. Would Sharapova care if she eats a muffin? Probably not, since she works out a lot. Just being skinny is not sexy, being fit and toned is. Girls need to eat nutritious food and they would not have to starve at all, as long as they align their caloric intake to their caloric expenditure. It really is not that different compared to guys. What you recommend here is rather a recipee for anorexia and skinny-fat.

    1. Being fit and toned > Being skinny > being fat. Going from skinny to fit can raise looks maybe a point. Going from fat to thin can add 4-5 points. Lose the weight then worry about toned.

      1. you are wrong. You can’t seriously just preach “eat less and starve yourself”. Your body needs nutrients to function properly and otherwise it affects your skin, mood, hair and so on. Also in order to lose weight you need to work out, otherwise you will go back to being fat soon again by the lack of willpower. The article is just full of bad information and I would definitely not show it to a fat friend as advice. Instead: Learn to cook your meals, work out regularly (cardio and also weight lifting), sleep much and you will see results. But do not tell girls with 30lbs overweight to just cut down their caloric consumption by half and expect sustainable results.

        1. Self-control is a major issue! Here in the states, too many people eat when they are just bored. Constantly thinking about the next meal. An African neighbor once asked me to explain to him what a “midnight snack” was, cuz such a thing just doesn’t exist where he come from (Mali). WE EAT TOO MUCH! Girls are NOT forcing themselves to throw up in Somalia or Egypt. Anorexia & Bulimia is a WESTERN phenomenon. WHY is that? No, ask yourself, WHY is that? Quit apologizing for the gluttonous culture that we have here.

  11. No no it’s you, you need to learn to look past that and see their inner qualities as strong, intelligent, liberated women.

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  13. American women suffer from “hand-to-mouth” disease – their hand carries food to their mouth too many times in any given day. It is as simple as that. It really annoys me when I see these heifers complaining – while shoving a side of beef into their gullets….

  14. I really love the fat-shaming articles, please keep them coming.
    I can’t tell you how much it bothers me when I go out and I see so many guys who maintain their fitness and looks just to be happy to have the affections of a fat and fugly chick. If only they could experience eastern Europe as I have, all these tubs of lard would be denied the opportunity to procreate future generations of scum, and civilization might actually turn around.
    There is a saying in the comedy world, “there’s nothing worse than a comedian that thinks he’s funny and isn’t.” In fact there is one thing worse: a fat and fugly that thinks shes good looking.

    1. No, you said the worst thing first: it’s seeing a relatively fit, healthy guy with a fat chick. It’s distorting the market. Dudes, don’t dumpster dive, it’s bad for your health, wealth, and self esteem.

  15. I just had this conversation with two friends. We spoke about it at length and despite living in different parts of the country, we have pretty much the same eating habits. Plus, we share a passion for shaming fat women. None of us are over a size 5 and each of us have at least 3 kids and our pregnancies didn’t make us fat.
    All you need is to take a trip to the grocery store and watch what the chubsters put in their carts. Boxes of ready-made, ‘easy’ prep crap, shiny bags, bottles of tasty goo like salad dressings=fat woman, so, yeah, fat kids and fat husband. My friends and I put *ingredients* in our carts. Produce that we can’t grow ourselves, more produce when things are out-of-season where we live, and cheese, when we are too lazy to make it ourselves. Meat, eggs and milk come directly from a farm. It’s not that difficult.
    As far as skipping meals, hell yes we skip meals because the kids and men eat first. Even with careful planning, sometimes, a kid has a rough sports practice or man has a particularly strenuous day at work and they want and need seconds, mom gets what is left after the rest of the family eats. Our Grandmas and Moms did it that way and we do it that way, and so do we, because, DUH. In case any fat women out there want to blame their genes, my gal-pals and I all have fatties in our respective families. The fattie is the one who thinks that Hamburger Helper is an acceptable meal to serve her family.
    Guys, if a woman can’t cook, she’s not a keeper! Frozen pre-made meals or shit out of a box is not the same as cooking. If she isn’t fat now, she will be. Best to use the ones who are clueless in the kitchen for short term fun.

    1. Hole-e-shit… are any of these friends of yours still single? or have younger, single sisters…. this is what modern men are missing

      1. Worldmusic and seedless… we are not unicorns. Get out here to flyover-country where we still learn to cook and bake and grow our food. I spent countless hours with mom and gran learning how to can food, even when I thought that it was completely pointless, but now I see how valuable and rare the skills are in caring for a family.
        Other than that, I have no idea where on earth you can find wives, I can barely find tolerable women friends. I am not married and neither is Princess B, but both of us are single moms (Note: not-by-choice) and therefore, probably disqualified from marriage to Red Pill guys. My other soul-sista is a very happy wife of a tough-as-nails oilfield guy.
        Best of luck in your search, but you can certainly ship your womenfolk to us and we will teach them!

        1. Hello Roosh and shenpen. I am in a dinky town in Kansas where out of necessity and a sheer hatred of W*mart coupled with cold winters, many of us still are acquainted with traditional women’s skills. I am not about to recommend a specific town because there are bunches and bunches of them.
          “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but around here everything that you do gets around fast. Slut shaming is still acceptable and you have to have relatively little in the way of Game to get (and keep) the attention of a nice girl. (And as we are all aware, relatively few girls are ‘nice girls’ all the time, so you should have a nice time in the bedroom if you find the right lady.) As a bonus, if you cultivate a few decent male friends it is pretty likely that they can tell you everything that you want to know about someone that interests you, a small town perk that would be nearly impossible in even a moderately sized city.
          If you want to do a little fast “flock-shooting” without actually living in a rural town come to small town events like county fairs, car shows, BBQ contests and look around. You men know how to observe your surroundings 😉 Just watch out for the bars, the ones who have gone all “grrrrl power” and slutty are the ones who think that it is OK for a woman to go to a bar unaccompanied. The rest of us, um, not so much.

        2. wow, amazing !! a REAL WOMAN !! so few and far between !! i thought i was gonna have to go back to the old country before i saw the next one !! and to think that i was just in kansas a few weeks back and i didnt see you sadie !! i did like your micro-brewery in downtown… what was it, topeka maybe ?? anyway, as a texan we do have more real women in the south, and the rural west is but an extension. it was a pleasure reading all that you wrote, and what kind of idiot was the guy who had kids with you and then left ??
          apparently he wasnt too bright or your more clever than you lead on !! lol.

        3. You’re full of shit lady, I lived in Kansas and it is full of either trailer park cum bucket sluts or uber-high maint. cunts from a farming background. The women are whores, there is no slut shaming, if anything there is amped up man-shaming. I am sure the edges of Sadie’s little town, like every small town I have lived in Kansas, is littered with roaches, empties, used condoms. Let me fill in you fellas here about agribusiness in the corn belt: it is highly lucrative, we are talking millions of dollar in subsidies and profits, it is not your farming operation in up state New York or some Appalachian High Folk still feeder, we are talking about men- who can afford wives like Sadie and her friends- who back east would be equivalent of high powered executives. But you my fellow manosphere readers earning 40K a year in some office monkey job, won’t cut cheese.

        4. Exactly. I worked in Missouri and had same experience ! Those fat sluts & whores, real garbage !!

      1. “fast flock shooting” for a ‘nice girl’ you sound like your the president of slutsville.

    2. All you need is to take a trip to the grocery store and watch what the chubsters put in their carts. Boxes of ready-made, ‘easy’ prep crap, shiny bags, bottles of tasty goo like salad dressings=fat woman, so, yeah, fat kids and fat husband. My friends and I put *ingredients* in our carts. Produce that we can’t grow ourselves, more produce when things are out-of-season where we live, and cheese, when we are too lazy to make it ourselves. Meat, eggs and milk come directly from a farm. It’s not that difficult.

      Wanton ignorance like that just makes me sick. It’s not that difficult for you. You should consider that perhaps it’s not so easy for others? Not only does of this ignore the fact that it’s not realistic to expect everyone to cook with “fresh ingredients” in today’s world (not everyone has the time and/or money), it safely ignores other realities of humanity. Not everyone has the intelligence or the taste to execute this prescription. These people (those who lack intelligence) are indeed the bulk of the people with weight problems. So it’s not necessarily as easy as you may think.
      Perhaps it would worthwhile to consider a few facts about how obesity and its supposed connection health works? See the following:
      Fun Facts About Obesity | JayMan’s Blog
      Obesity and IQ | JayMan’s Blog
      IQ and Death | JayMan’s Blog
      Now of course, I’m not saying that what you’re saying about what obese people eat isn’t true by in large, for it is. Nor am I saying that “junk food” contributes heavily to obesity (indeed, that’s what the first link here argues). But I am making a statement about about just what is “not that difficult” for people who aren’t you to accomplish.
      Oh, and BTW, if you respond, and it’s clear that you haven’t read my blog posts which I’ve linked to, don’t expect me to give what you say too much regard.

      1. Jay, I’ve read your blog posts. The IQ connection is particularly interesting. You make some excellent points in your posts. But here’s where you’re wrong:
        “It’s not that difficult for you. You should consider that
        perhaps it’s not so easy for others? Not only does of this ignore the
        fact that it’s not realistic to expect everyone to cook with “fresh
        ingredients” in today’s world (not everyone has the time and/or money), it safely ignores other realities of humanity. Not everyone has the intelligence or the taste to execute this prescription.”
        There are marginalized, education-less, dirt-poor people in inner Detroit, not to mention the teeming billions in the developing world who are growing gardens, raising chickens, cooking with fresh ingredients, and developing better BMI and better health outcomes in the process. There is NO VALID REASON, other than sloth, that excuses people for not taking care of their bodies. This is why we must oppose and defy the (Un)-Affordable Care Act, which forces healthy people to subsidize the disgusting health habits of the sloths. Not to diss actual sloths, which climb trees and eat lots of vegetables.
        Ultimately your message seems to be “we must just live with being fat and die of CVD and dietbeatus, cuz it’s too haaaaard to change.” That message, ready both implicitly and explicity, in your above reply above, and in many of your blog posts, is one of victim-mentality and external locus of control. That mentality insults those who have struggled mightily to throw off the chains of obesity and dietbeatus, and succeeded. If that truly is your mindset, you deserve whatever suffering comes your way in the form of CVD related morbidity and mortality.

        1. There are marginalized, education-less, dirt-poor people in inner Detroit, not to mention the teeming billions in the developing world who are growing gardens, raising chickens, cooking with fresh ingredients, and developing better BMI and better health outcomes in the process.

          Are you serious? Is it the low-IQ individuals who are doing so? Evidence please…

          Ultimately your message seems to be “we must just live with being fat and die of CVD and dietbeatus, cuz it’s too haaaaard to change.”

          Ultimately you don’t understand my words. It’s not clear that obesity causes those things nor is it clear that living “better” would reduce them.

          That mentality insults those who have struggled mightily to throw off the chains of obesity and dietbeatus, and succeeded.

          Yes, the 80% who are unable to do so. Right.
          I’m glad you’ve read my posts, but let me know when you have something thoughtful and serious to say instead of preaching your own personal values.

        2. Nonsense. The majority of the population since time immemorial have been dumb. But that didn’t stop them from growing their own food, preparing it properly and eating it.

        3. Because they had no choice. Now that’s no longer this case. Indeed, quite the opposite is true. It is impossible for people to grow their own food en masse (that’s why we have industrial agriculture).
          For that matter, it is that process – needing to be a self-sufficient farmer – that selected for intelligence in the first place.
          One day, you people will get serious.

        4. Ha! What a hilarious non-sequitur set of logical fallacies–“that’s why we have industrial agriculture.”
          Talk about mistaking the effect for the cause. Dyslexia much?
          The modern food system, c.f. industrial agriculture, is entirely enabled by the irrationally low cost of production induced by farm subsidies. Essentially big business is being paid by the government to make HFCS-rich, uber-cheap foods that make people fat. Since food prices are low, it makes little sense from a marginal utility standpoint to grow your own food.
          But growing food, particularly vegetables, is intrinsically simple, can be done by anyone, does not select for intelligence, in fact the opposite is true. Cripes, man, have you actually spent time on a farm in farm country? Nuclear physicists, they are not. Historically, as compared to hunter-gatherer populations, farming makes humans stupider, because it removes selection pressures, increases infectious diseases, creates many nutritional deficiencies that affect the brain. Yet these simpletons continue to farm. I digress. To simplify and hierarchize in terms of health potential and longevity: Real Hunter/gatherer diet>HG simulation diet (paleo/primal)>Mainstream media “healthy diet” (mediteranean, etc)>vegetarian/veganism>starving to death, major calorie deficit>Standard ‘merican fast food diet.
          Feel free to keep on beating the fat apologist and fat acceptance drums, but you will not find much acceptance of this victim ideology here, it’s far too conventional, blue-pill, anti-masculine, and defeatist for most men in the manosphere. But I bet you’ll get plenty of play and positive feedback on Jizzabel or the Good Mangina Project.

        5. Is it too much to ask that people have something intelligent to say before they bother to talk to me? Yes, I know that it is, but still.

          But growing food, particularly vegetables, is intrinsically simple, can be done by anyone,

          You are wrong.

          does not select for intelligence, in fact the opposite is true.

          You might want to try reading some time. Start with the work of one Gregory Clark.
          Look, aside from the asininity of your comment, you completely miss the broader point: it’s impossible to support a population this large without industrial agriculture. It’s also impossible to do it without grains. You can keep holding on to your fantasy, but if and when you’re ready to live in the real world, you might be rather shocked.

          Historically, as compared to hunter-gatherer populations, farming makes humans stupider

          Hey, some advice. Before you decry someone else’s stuff, you might want to actually know what you’re talking about. Look up the fable of the fly on the broomstick…

          Feel free to keep on beating the fat apologist and fat acceptance drums, but you will not find much acceptance of this victim ideology here

          Hopefully you get the idea…

        6. ..” it’s impossible to support a population this large
          without industrial agriculture.” Proof by assertion. There’s no evidence of that, when permaculture & other organic methods have proven superior to conventional in terms of yield and energy ROI.
          As for the rest of it–OK, fine, you’ve convinced me that fatties are too stupid to grow & eat vegetables, and thinness is therefore “smart privilege.” Fuck it. Fine. Let the blubbery masses deselect themselves from the gene pool.

        7. Please stop.
          “It is impossible for people to grow their own food en masse (that’s why we have industrial agriculture).”

        8. “Is it too much to ask that people have something intelligent to say before they bother to talk to me? Yes, I know that it is, but still.”
          Yeah, Einstein’s here.
          “You are wrong.”
          Sure, Don’t bother backing that up.

        9. Sure. You make a good point when you say that the ease with which Sadie’s suggestions could be implemented. However that is hardly an excuse for remaining fat. In terms of time constraints. It’s all a matter of time management and prioritising. If not being a land whale is important to them they’ll find time to excercise and eat well.
          As for monetary concerns this is a somewhat bigger concern. I can only speak for prices in Australia, but here for the price of a BigMac you can buy a shit ton of bananas they’re dirt cheap here ($0.99/kg). Fruit and veg is not that expensive especially if you buy it from a fares market you can get it for maybe half or a third as much.
          Short of actual genetic problems there is no excuse for being fat. There is no excuse to needlessly burden society hat because you’re to lazy to cook a proper meal or eat a damn banana.

    3. Oh dear, you’re a horrible human being. Didn’t your mama and grandmama teach you to think negative things about other people is wrong whilst teaching you how to cook & clean?
      Well: it is.

      1. I’m sure you’ve never thought or said negative things about anyone. Not once in your life. You’re saint who again?

    4. You sound like a slut in disguise, talking yourself up when you probably drove your partner away with your nagging and your inability to wean the 10 yo from your tits. Go comment at Martha Stewart.

    5. You sound like a great wife and an excellent mother. You actually care about your family and make sure they are healthy. Unlike so many chubsters and fat apologists.

  16. I recall a snippet I read from one of those dudes in Japan who lived to 115 years old. They wanted to know how he did it- how to have that longevity.
    His answer was much the same as this posts:
    eat less.

  17. I eat because I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…chilli’s baby back ribs.

  18. Fat as a choice for women is just like free speech. Yes, you’re free to do as you please, but that doesn’t mean you can do it with impunity.
    9 out of 10 men, given a choice, will select a slim, toned feminine body shape over a fattie. That’s a man’s choice in response to a woman’s choice to eat with reckless abandon.
    Choose to be fat, and I’ll choose someone else.

  19. Go back to the kitchen, then you won’t have be so stressed and eat so much.

  20. Americans of both genders are at a big disadvantage insofar as portion size is completely inaccurate everywhere. Go to a restaurant and receive 3x as much food as you should eat. Buy something in the supermarket and receive 3x as much food as you should eat. This is not the case (yet) in Europe. I recently ate in an Italian restaurant in France. The food was delicious, but compared to American portion sizes it was TINY. Learning to eat the right quantities of food in America requires a total paradigm shift.

    1. This is true for sedentary populations. If you’re lifting heavy and expending a lot of calories in physical activity, the big portion sizes make sense and support the athlete’s musculature and recover.

  21. I laugh when these pigs want a man to accept them for ‘what they are on the inside’ knowing damn well if a man was upfront broke, they wouldn’t accept his ‘inner wealth.’

    1. I wish that all Money-Power-Fame/Status comments were as sensible as this one

  22. Before I started eating low carb, if I cut back on food, I would feel hunger pains from hell, and my body would shut my metabolism down as far as necessary to ensure no weight loss due to reduced calorie intake. I was irritable, and I hated life. I figured the only way to lose weight is to activate your body’s starvation mechanism, which would waste away muscle as much as it would reduce fat.
    I’ve since learned that hunger is not much of a problem when doing low carb dieting. When I started the low carb diet, along with lifting heavy weights, I lost a lot of fat, but then plateaued. I finally gave in and started counting calories, and as long as I’m eating low carb, I’m still not having problems with hunger, mood, or low metabolism. I’m still lifting and my weights and reps continue to increase.
    When I started weighting my food to control the calories in each meal, I realized I’d been eating a lot more than I needed to. A smaller meal will actually fill me for many hours. I can shave off a few hundred calories per meal, and still feel completely satisfied.
    A final advantage is that even if I go off my diet, and pig out on a bunch of carbs, all I need to do is show a little restraint, and cut off the carbs after a while, and I at least won’t gain any weight. So many people gain weight year after year. If a person is still slim, or even moderately overweight, the least they can do is to stop gaining weight, then as they get used to exercise and eating low carb, they can kick it up a notch and count calories to knock off any excess weight.
    I think men may have a little advantage at weight loss vs women, but this approach will work for almost anyone.
    count calories, they’d

  23. This is somewhat accurate, not completely accurate. Genetics plays a role in some of this, especially for black women. I knew a black girl that ate completely healthy, went on Juice diets and didn’t eat fast food or drink soda and she’s thick, not fat but, big butt, big waist, thicker midsection but a skinny face, ankles, hands. Its like all her weight goes to her ass, and her midsection. If she ate bad, she would be fat. Her roommates are one skinny mexican and one skinny white girl. They eat bad food all the time, pizza, burgers , nachos, drink soda, and they are skinny little twigs. Granted they do practice portion control and eat, maybe 1-2 slices of pizza as opposed to a whole pizza in one sitting but overall, ive noticed that white girls in general have a faster metabolism than black women.

    1. If they keep eating like that, they won’t be skinny after 35. Future fatties.

  24. I’ve dated some of models, from all over the world.
    they all have 1 thing in common VERY small appetite for food.
    The girls that eat 1 muffin per day, are not as tone/hard/ nice smelling/ horny etc. as the girls that eat very little but balanced meat/rice/soup/veges.
    A model I dated in South America was perfect, pussy + body odors were DELICIOUS!
    pheromones like this can make men kill.
    she also ate only foods that came from MotherEarth (pasta = no go, potatos = go, etc) Her dad (they were very wealthy) told her if food was made to be processed god would’ve had it processed on trees!(something like that) they also got their water from a natural spring LOL.
    I can say that at 24 the girls with the 1 muffin a day. Have thinner hair, more fatigue, skin isn’t looking as nice.

  25. Wow, thank you. Finally an article in the ‘manosphere’ that doesn’t just spew hatred at fat women. I’m a fat woman myself, but I’m working on change (lost 12kg so far, letting my hair grow, learning to girl game). I know you guys are big on shaming women that look like me, but I’m afraid vitriol just turns me off. I won’t listen to anyone’s message, male or female, if they’re doing nothing but slinging names around. However, reasonable and realistic articles like the one above give me pause. Everything above is a completely different view to the ones I hold in my head, and because it has been presented without spite, I will actually take some time to mull it over, and let it sink in.
    There probably are women that respond best to shame and being called names, only I’m not one of them. I would also like to point out that we’re not all fat due to pig-headed ignorance, self-indulgence, and complete and utter stupidity. I got fat as soon as I left home to rebel against my bulemic mother, who restricted my intake mercilessly when I was younger. It was my first independent act as an adult, and had the added advantage of being a fantastic ‘eff you’ to a controlling parent.
    It served me WELL during my early and mid-twenties, and I never complained about being fat or not getting enough attention from guys, or ‘OMG I just *can’t* lose weight’ because it was working for me. Every day spent fat was a thorn in my mother’s side and I was all like ‘Ha! Eat it, bitch!’. Since hitting my thirties, I’ve grown up quite a lot and forgiven and forgotten. Now it’s time to regain the figure I should have had. My fatness was never about being ignorant, or having free reign to complain about my lot in life, because I like who I am. That’s why shaming doesn’t work on women like me.

    1. It’s tough but it’s worth it.
      Nothing that is easy rewards like genuine sacrifice does.
      We of the dark enlightenment don’t hate women. We demand the same from all that we demand of ourselves.
      We’re like that coach that isn’t satisfied with comfortable mediocrity.
      If you want somebody “who will love you as you are and do not expect anything” see the manboobz.
      If you want tough and demanding souls who expect much from ourselves as of others we welcome you as we all struggle to live to our potential.
      Fat acceptance is nothing but resignation that seeks to drag others down in sin to make the weak feel better with good company in failure.

  26. yeah dude. men, we gotta eat a lot. we lift heavy things. we kill things (some of us). we build highways and such.
    women? yeah sure they get things done, but not a whole lot of women do things that exert a whole lot of physical effort. they dont work on cars, climb telephone poles, build houses and the like. see this whole exercise thing is because womens diets mean that they need MORE physical exertion than they are used to. dont wanna work out? dont eat so much. simple. naturally your stomach (not your belly, the organ) is big enough for about a pint of water at a time. when you eat til you are “full” you stretch it. before you know it you cant fill it up. as you eat less you begin to get less hungry and your body begins to use nutrients in an efficient way. you dont become unhealthy when you eat less.

  27. I live in Europe so i don’t know how bad things are in States.I see those american tourists over here and they are fat indeed.
    Giving example of Ukraine-don’t make me laugh.Women there are thin but very unhealthy.Usually they have badly toned bodies,flabby asses and bones.They are very lazy and don’t like compeptitive sports.having sex with them is like having sex with a log.Simply disgusting.I gave up Ukrainians and Russians couple of years ago-waste of time and resources,there are no quality women on that side,just psychos and gold diggers.All their cukture and education is devoted to how to rip a man off.
    Regarding Italy-you are the first person who says that italian chicks are thin.They have always been considered to be in the chubby side over here.Although being honest I agree that Italy has much ot offer.

    1. Re. Italy: I think the author’s talking about Italian girls ages 18-25. With all that pasta, their body fat percentage probably shoots up and metabolism slows down after that age.

      1. The Italian young people, especially outside of the cities, are fat and getting fatter.
        The eating of pasta regularly is a product of the WWII and post-war governments pushing nationalized food production on the war-ravaged populace. People liked the taste and the cheap price, i.e., a kilo of stunningly good dried pasta cost about a Euro, and got hooked, all the while the state said it was good for them.

  28. Great article. I’ve noticed that too with thin girls. They don’t eat 3 bigass meals a day. Small portions.

  29. As for guys, Intermittent Fasting / Warrior Diet i.e. skipping lunch, maybe breakfast too, then having a feast in the evening. With wine.

  30. I never forgot what this Russian girl that visited me in Miami said one time. “I don’t understand why you have all these diets here. If you want to lose weight just shut your mouth!” 🙂

  31. I can be against many things you write but I can’t be more agree with this one.
    I was raised in the culture (I’m Polish) where being fat means actually fat. I used to eat something light before 7pm. Like a salad or yogurt. However, recently I was very busy because of my exams and it happened I forgot about eating. I woke up in the morning and absolutely didn’t feel hungry (my stomach wakes up around noon), even when the last time I ate was the previous day around 2 pm.
    The other thing, I can’t really imagine eating huge portions when I’m out with my friends when all are taking care of themselves. Simply, there’s no social acceptance for being obese…
    However, with my 166 cm and 54 kilo I could be considered as fattie since sometimes I have weird impression guys’ expectations are cosmic but… I like my boobs :]

  32. Actually you are, broadly, wrong. Genetic differences between people, especially between ethnic groups play a huge role in body weight. This is even with the same amount of calories consumed. Excessive consumption isn’t necessarily the cause of obesity (although it usually is). People in different parts of the developed world have markedly difference responses to the existing food environment. In generally, Eastern Europeans have markedly lower obesity rates than Anglo-Celts especially (though they have markedly higher rates of heart disease than Western Europeans). See this neatly drawn across the globe here:
    A Fat World – With a Fat Secret? | JayMan’s Blog
    As for the actual causes of obesity, see:
    Fun Facts About Obesity | JayMan’s Blog
    But as for the results of obesity, they may not be quite what you expect:
    Obesity and IQ | JayMan’s Blog
    IQ and Death | JayMan’s Blog

    1. I cannot argue your other points but i’m very sure that the eastern european rate of heart disease is not connected with the food they consume. mostly it’s that, say in the US and western europe, people tend to have their medical check-ups before their diseases have progressed while eastern europeans often wait for when it’s too late to save them, so the death rate is higher. also, other factors like alcoholism and stress (often due to economical reasons) contribute to the medical statistics.
      i myself am from lithuania and have lived abroad in various places (US included) and at this moment i reside in spain. even though spain is known for healthy eating habits, the amount of highly processed foods in super markets scares me, which in comparison to US is quite low. it’s very tempting to buy cheap and ready-made food while cooking takes more time and is somewhat more expensive (at times even tastes not as fun :)). i still buy ingredients and cook myself but i have to dig hard in supermarkets to, say, find milk that expires in less than a month, since i see no value (besides maybe the taste) in food processed so much. i think the amount of processed and cheap food in countries highly correlates with the amount of fat. the situation in lithuanian super markets is awesome. we still get fresh products, often without artificial additives which have an actual expiration date within the 2 upcoming weeks. it isn’t cheap to produce and store and is not very suited for highly populated consumer societies but it’s apparent that people in lithuania are skinnier than the ones in spain and much much skinnier than the ones in the USandA. i personally eat quite a lot but eat mostly healthy (lots of fresh vegetables, sea-food, a little meat and some processed wheat) and my bmi steadily rests in the low-average of the scale. it’s not really about HOW LITTLE you eat, even, it’s about how balanced your food is and how much value you get from it. i don’t exercise either, but walk at least 5km per day from points A to points B :)))

      1. I cannot argue your other points but i’m very sure that the eastern european rate of heart disease is not connected with the food they consume.

        Probably so. I suspect that they simply have a genetic vulnerability to CVD.

        i think the amount of processed and cheap food in countries highly correlates with the amount of fat.

        Perhaps. It’d be nice to have data, though.

        it’s not really about HOW LITTLE you eat, even, it’s about how balanced your food is and how much value you get from it.

        In good part, yes. That said, different people have different genetic directives on how they process their food. That is, the exact same diet can have drastically different effects on different people.

        i don’t exercise either, but walk at least 5km per day from points A to points B

        Cool. 🙂 Though it’s hard to connect exercise to health.

  33. I like everything about this article except the Kate Moss bullshit at the end. Women with a little bit of meat on them are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than pro-Ana type cunts. But of course Western women have gotten way past that point.

  34. There are positives to fat girls. They give great head, for one.
    As long as you keep them at a distance and don’t act like a beta wimp, they can be a net positive to keep around. I had a relatively overweight ‘girlfriend’ and I had her wrapped around my finger. She would literally have done anything for me. She even knew I was banging other chicks and she was totally cool with it. She understood why I didn’t post pictures of us together on my facebook (though she was kind of socially awkward and shy, so she didn’t really want that many pictures of herself on facebook anyway).

  35. This article is giving dangerously misinformed advice. Sure, I’m thin, and I loved “forgetting” to eat. But after some years it made me sick. And I had to start remembering, because it caught up with me. You don’t know the health problems your “girlfrends” will have to face in the near future. I feel sorry for them since I know what it’s like.
    You’re forgetting that women menstruate, and “forgetting to eat” will come back and bite them where it hurts in more ways than one. Is it worth the dizziness, coldness, weakness and pain these girls will endure?
    Girls keep the portions small BUT don’t forget to eat. Just don’t forget. And eat breakfast even if you eat nothing else. It matters more than you think. Ignore this guy’s very bad advice, it might kill you.

  36. Fat girls and short guy should pair up with each other and let the tall guys take all the slim girls. I’m 5’4-5’5 and i Only hit on fatties because I know i only have a chance with them. Hot omen , not matter what height, will always go for 5’10+ men unless the 5’4-5’5 man is famous.

  37. 100% correct! My last girlfriend was 5″1′ and about 95 pounds. Know what she ate? Fuck all. She just wasn’t a big fan of food and her favorite thing to eat was pineapple. She would also sometimes go all day and just maybe eat one meal..and usually that was light. On occasion we would eat pizza or junk food, but because she was so used to eating small amounts, that she kept it small. No eating disorders, she just wasn’t obsessed with food. She doesn’t exercise AT ALL and she has 6 pack abs. Granted she is quite thin and almost no boobs, but I prefer her look over 95% of the women that I see on a daily basis. My girlfriend before that? 5’6″…115lb…and basically the same eating habits. Miracle of miracles. Don’t eat too much…stay skinny.

    1. impossible to have 6 pack abs and not work out. a lot of these girls that do not exercise are what I like to call “skinny fat” they’re thin but kinda flabby. Girls should do something to be toned, it’s not that hard, but most are so lazy.

  38. Like the women whO have no ability to control their loins, and claim that “sluts don’t exist,” these ever larger girls do the same with their stomachs and maintain that their 180 pound frames are the norm. They are “sex positive,” and ” food positive.”

  39. I think the best question I have for you is: Why are you not attracted to fat girls?
    I’m aggressively athletic. I don’t shame the skinny girls and I don’t shame the fat girls. I know skinny girls who look hideous and fat girls who drip sex. It has nothing to do with their body type – and all about their personality and charisma.
    So what is wrong with you that a body type is so important? Did your mom forget to breastfeed? Were you chubby in gradeschool and get beat up a lot?
    There is nothing wrong with being fat, there is nothing wrong with being skinny – you should be attracted to HEALTHY women, which come in a vast array of sizes – as this is your biological imperative; why anything else comes into play is a very interesting insight into how much of a sheep you are to western advertising.
    So please, make your next article “An Open Letter to American Men Made Victims of Western Advertising” and let’s see if it is worth reading, unlike this piece of trash.

  40. I hate to break it you, but a lot of these “job to be hungry and drunk” girls you encountered were probably coke fiends or into dope or speed. Even kate moss, whom you’ve quoted is a known drug user. I’ve lived in southern california where most girls (esp the really skinny ones) are like that. Not that I mind at all, in fact if you provide at any party you are almost guaranteed pussy.

  41. I generally feel that your writing is unintelligent, often because it is dogmatic and consists of one point of view – your own, which sorry to break it to you, is not law despite you being a lawyer.
    This article, while it is all of those, also takes the cake as one of your most near-sighted posts.
    You stated that the solution to being overweight is to “stop eating so fucking much.” Does this apply for those with thyroid issues? Those who gain weight do to pregnancy? Those who need to take medications, such as anti-depressants, that cause weight gain? Those with Prader-Willi disease?
    Of course, some weight issues ARE a result of over-eating. However, your solution of eating less is also lacking. Do you expect your “fat girl” readers to completely adhere to this brilliant diet plan formed upon 3 of your personal testimonies, based solely upon your bigoted observation?
    Also, it is scientifically proven across all international borders, that to be a healthy adult, one needs to consume roughly 2000 calories per day. This number of course fluctuates with factors such as height and activity level, but it would not decrease to less than 1500 calories for the average adult. The 990 calories that your model friend consumes a day, will eventually reverse the effects of her metabolism and she too, may become chunky. Sorry to break it to you.
    On a social level, your ideal of skinny women being the pinnacle of perfection is also narrow-minded. This is a western-bred perspective that does not represent the opinions of the world. Your promotion of Kate Moss’ quote “nothing tastes as good as skinny does” brings to question your own will power. Would you yourself starve to upkeep that sexy and slender male physique that western society holds dear?

    1. “Does this apply for those with thyroid issues? Those who gain weight do to pregnancy? Those who need to take medications, such as anti-depressants, that cause weight gain? Those with Prader-Willi disease?”
      People like that only exists in the USA, for some odd reason, europe and the rest of the world does not have the whole “tyroid” thing going on. If you have genetics or thyorid issues, you get treatment you need and make the appropriate lifetyle change….
      Eating like a lardass and then whine about the size of your ass has nothing to do with genetics or thyroid……

  42. I never read so much bullshit at once. The way you describe the lost of weight is just anorexia. Gelatto, or a half cupcake are not lunch.

  43. God, the fucking misogyny and lack of brain function on this site produces a stench smellable from a mile away…
    Are you guys even real? Do you have brains in your head? Skipping meals is bad. Period, dot, the end. Not all skinny people are healthy. Think your fucking runway model roommate was healthy? Think those skinny Ukrainians were healthy?
    Like, do you even fucking think? At all? Jesus christ.

    1. And before you say shit about my weight, because I expect it from mindless slugs like you: I’m skinny, Eastern European, and probably up to your standards for what a “woman” should look like.

      1. Why is it bad to skip ‘meals’ ?
        Who ordained mealtimes ?
        Fasting is good and healthy.
        I bet you eat EVERY single day !!!!!
        I dare you to DENY it !!!!!

  44. Its important to eat you know, without food we die. Girls need to eat to, not only men have to eat! You are an fucking asshole..

  45. I don’t think you truly understand Italian girls. Some of them have a high metabolism and some of them work out (and some are a little on the heavy side- shocker!), but in the Italian culture food is often equated with love. Personally, I eat way more than most people I know, but because I have a high metabolism and am athletic it doesn’t effect me. But I can assure you my Italian culture is the main reason I eat so fanatically. Since I was young I was taught that not eating all the food on your plate was disrespectful to the cook. That stereotype about Italian grandmothers and mothers thinking you don’t love them because you said you’re full? Totally true. Just because you traveled to Italy and saw a couple skinny girls having gelato doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly understood the culture.

  46. Hey guess what guys who spend their life on this chauvinistic shit of a website: if you hate women so much and especially American women………. FUCKING MOVE…… I can assure you, no one will miss you.

  47. I can’t digest that even having studied (being an attorney) you write such an ignorant argument. It is in so much lack of support, (phycological, medical), that it falls on it’s own.

  48. Dear guy.
    Yes, that’s true, some fatties complain about their weight and make no effort.
    Some fatties try, but have eating disorders that makes the probleme more difficult to deal with, than a simple “stop eating that much”. You don’t even talk about eating disorders in your shity letter. All you do is stigmatizing overweighted girls : they are lazy, they eat too much. How the hell do you know ?
    And some just don’t give a fuck about your opinion and your advices. They don’t need your aproval to feel great, beautiful, loved and/or sexy.
    Now let me tell you one thing : telling girls ‘it’s ok to eat crap as long as you eat under your healthy needs” is just irresponsible. It reminds me about a pro-ana rule… “being thin is more important than being healthy”. Is this really what you think ??
    “Less than 1000 calories a day” is called “undereating”.
    Forgeting to eat is called “undereating”.
    And Kate Moss is underweighted, what an awkward exemple !
    And finaly : can you tell us why is your letter adressed to females only ? Why should fat women go skinny if fat men should not ?
    I think I know : because you think womens bodies are for men to have and aprove.
    I am a fatty. I have children and a husband who love me as a fatty.
    I am currently losing weight, eating healthy, working out, day after day, pound after pound. And I am doing it for me.

  49. The bottom line is correct — eating less (in relation to standard American food portions) is definitely a good idea.
    However, the presented examples of VS models eating a 1000 cal/day or having half of a cupcake for lunch is far from healthy. It’s malnourishing and slows down metabolism.
    No woman will sustain an attractive body without exercising after mid 20’s. Look at current pics of Kate Moss – she’s got a belly, her butt is flabby, etc.
    “Just skinny” is yesterday’s fashion. A woman needs to be fit and graceful, which requires lean muscles.

  50. I don’t get why the people on this website care so fucking much about bothering fat women. This is coming from a fit woman. Like, who the hell cares if someone decides to be fat? In the long run, women who appear thin and fit will have better health, so it makes sense to try to live well (1800-2000 calories a day + cardio and weights). But I don’t get why you people need to sit on your asses all day writing articles about it.

  51. Fat men are no problem, then? Only fat women? — Interesting, by the way: so called lawyer dating a stripper.. If I was hot, smart, and well-to-do lawyer, I would not go so low. If I was not hot, not smart, and not well-to-do, then I might just _have to_ go to Stripperville.

  52. Hello men
    We don’t need any of your validation gaze nor your advices.
    Go fuck yourselves

  53. In the US, we here are embracing Everything! We are also embracing self-deception, loving your unhealthy self and mind, spirit and body unhealthiness. Fat will be the new sexy! We are so open minded our brains have fallen out!

  54. A cup of gelato for lunch? Less than 1000 calories per day? Forgetting to eat for a whole day? So basically, she should be malnourished so *you* can find her attractive. You are advocating women prioritizing being thin over being healthy – it’s okay to eat junk as long as you keep the calorie count low. Shame on you.

  55. So many butt hurt fatties in the comment section. LOL. The point still stands: Eat less and you will lose weight. How delusional and in denial a fatty has to be to not heed this advice.
    Let me spell it out for you fatties:
    1. Take whatever you normally eat in a day
    2. Throw away half of it in the trash
    3. ……….
    4. Profit.

  56. In fact, I just watched my fiance make a giant mug of hot chocolate for breakfast. No, she’s not about to fry up some bacon to go with it. I asked her how she stays in shape. She told me she doesn’t think about food. Most of the time after her morning coffee (w/ sugar and cream), she won’t be hungry until lunch.
    Advice to women: Drink your calories. But don’t eat them too.

  57. This article makes me wish I was fat so I could naturally repel losers like you.
    So basically, being malnourished is seen as desirable now. Right, because when she DIES at 35, you’ll be able to get someone younger and hotter without having to dump her. She can eat whatever she wants, as long as it’s just a couple of bites and she “forgets” to eat a few days a week. Of course it’s all just empty calories. Gelato, muffin, cheesecake – you are advocating that girls eat absolute GARBAGE as long as it’s not too much.
    And the “chunkster” you mention – what was she, maybe a size 6 instead of a size 0? This because I know that for you guys, any woman whose ribs aren’t jutting out is either a “chunkster” or a “whale.”

  58. Fat bitches, want to lose twenty pound right quick? Here’s the simple way – cut off your head.

  59. I’m surprised you found the italian so skinny. along with Brit girls, they have the higher BMI in Europe, all averaging a size 14..
    French have the lowest BMI in europe. Go to Paris and you will see *real* slim, beautiful, fit girls.
    How do I know ? I’m French. And not a single french girl that dsreved to be considered french *and* Parisian would go over a size 6/8.

  60. And oh my god you’re really a male aren’t you 🙂 the salad you describe is 150/200 cal max. My usual lunch 😉

  61. And oh come on….girls get fat because they simply do not want to make any efforts.
    I’m amazed at the number of girlfriends of mine jealous of my body and repeatedly telling me I am “lucky”. YEs, I have a beautiful face, this is luck. but NO, my body is no luck, I go for a run *every single day*, 40 min minimum. That’s what I crave : running. Our bodies were never made to just crash on a couch and get fat and big. They are made for physical activity. Going out for a run does not require knowledge or money, only will. All my girlfriends want to be skinny without any activity *and* eat carbs. It simply does not work. You can’t get both.
    How those people can be so lazy is beyond me. As you said, the math is simple : eat less, eat clean, exercise a lot. You just can’t get fat this way.

  62. I noticed this is how skinny people eat too…and if they’re not hungry they just don’t eat.
    By the way that Kate Moss saying is used frequently in the Anorexia community (look up #thinspo hashtag on Twitter) and it’s really disturbing.

  63. I’m also tired of hearing about the all so important “3 square meals/day.” While our species has evolved, we fasted naturally. Hunting, gathering and starving naturally without the regular insulin spike from a McGriddle and a Double Quater pounder with cheese already at 12pm. Who knows how many snacks go unaccounted for throughout the day.
    I am not in the best shape of my life. I am 6’2″, 235 lbs. When I was in great shape, I was about 208 lbs, working out 6 days a week and eating mostly salad with a few small pieces of chicken, no creamy dressings, just some balsamic vinegar and a little bit of olive oil. Sprinkle some broccoli Cole slaw in your salad too, it tastes great and gives your salad a great crunch.
    Here are my tips to you. Master these tips and you will be well on your way to losing some weight, fast!
    Tip #1. Buy a Magic Bullet blender (makes single serving smoothies). I am HUNGRY and I want a cheeseburger, fries and….. No…. 2-3 leaves of Kale, 10 or so frozen blueberries, a half or quarter scoop of vanilla veggie protein powder (I use it mostly for taste but you’ll have a healthy form of protein), flax seed or chia seeds, drizzle some honey, water and ice. Be easy on the water so the ingredients can blend, adding water along the way until you get the desired consistency. This is a valuable and magical tip. Why? Because I was hungry for a 10,000 calorie pre-game spread and I drank a really healthy and tasty smoothie instead and here’s the kicker, I wasn’t hungry afterwards. What could I have eaten vs what DID I eat. Have fun making smoothies, I’ve made it a hobby. I do a google search of “healthiest foods on the planet” and I throw them in the magic bullet. Part of the fun is guessing what combination is going to taste good. They usually ALL taste pretty good, in my opinion. Don’t forget to sprinkle some protein powder in there because it makes everything very drinkable.
    Tip #2. Stop lying to yourself about what you’re eating. I hear it all the time from excuse makers. “I want a Coke, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had one.” Are you kidding? I just saw you drink a Coke yesterday. Stop lying to yourself.
    Tip #3. Quantity (mentioned in this article but I’ll ad a twist). Do NOT make yourself a large plate of food. Make a much smaller plate of food. Now here’s the twist. Eat your tiny plate of food and wait……. “Wow, I’m not really that hungry anymore.” Just wait! That’s it.
    I let myself go from time to time. Recently was up to 250 lbs. Got in the zone, practiced my 3 rules and I’m already down to 232 lbs in about 8 weeks.
    Getting in shape is a lifestyle, not a short term goal before bikini season. When I get in the zone, I say these words in my head, “I am a healthy person, this is my lifestyle, this is just what I do.”
    Good sources of inspiration; Documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead.” (Should still be on the cheap Netflix subscription). If it doesn’t inspire you, you will be entertained and learn a few things about health and dieting. I also found “Super Size Me” to be a great source of inspiration because it describes the potentially harmful effects of fast food. I always knew the stuff was bad for you but I didn’t know what kind of damage that crap does to your organs (especially helpful for those of you who already eat fast food regularly). Stop eating that crap. Throw a bag of almonds in your car, when you pass Mickey D’s, throw a handful of almonds in your mouth and you won’t be hungry for the processed, diabetes causing, no nutrient garbage.
    Eat an 1/8th of an avocado for a snack. Who doesn’t love an avocado. They’re very good for you.

  64. It’s another fucking addiction. Telling people how easy it is to deal with has no real value to them. You’re only saying it to be superior.
    Which you are right. OK. GOOD.
    The veneer is unseemly. Why not just title it “Why I am better than you fat cunts”?

  65. eating a lot of healthy food should not make someone fat. if youre getting 3,000 calories from healthy food then you’re eating too fucking much. I probably eat 700-900 calories in a day but i eat more than enough because its all healthy

  66. Whatever happened to healthy diet options like fruit, veggies, and meat?? Men and women need those alike.

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