Male Homosexuals Have Become A Public Health Threat

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come out with new guidelines that advise all homosexual men without HIV to take anti-HIV drugs to prevent themselves from becoming infected. This policy has presumably come about because HIV prevention education has not gotten through to homosexual men who continue to practice unsafe anal sex with dozens of new partners a year. This has hastened the global spread of the virus.

The World Health Organization has suggested for the first time that all men who have sex with men should take antiretroviral medicine, warning that HIV infection rates among gay men are exploding around the world.

In guidelines published Friday, it said that it “strongly recommends men who have sex with men consider taking antiretroviral medicines as an additional method of preventing HIV infection.” Similar guidelines were issued by the U.S. in May.

While the media has done a great job portraying homosexuals as “just like” heterosexuals (deserving of marriage benefits and infinite compassion), it’s clear that the similarities are few. Homosexual men engage in extreme high-risk and extreme promiscuous activity and, as the article linked above states, are “19 times more likely than the general population to be infected by HIV.” Bisexual men have become the perfect vessel to transmit the HIV virus to the heterosexual population, especially to women, who are more likely than men to become infected by HIV during patriarchal male-female sex.

Last year, the NBC made a stink about gay men not being able to donate blood, and even now there is a growing political movement to allow gay men to donate. Thankfully for my relatives in the US who I hope never needs donated blood, the ban on gay men from donating still stands, because health organizations (WHO, FDA) fully understand the danger that homosexual men pose to society due to their degenerate lifestyle.

This news is obviously important from a health standpoint, especially since it involves a disease that kills people. That means the American media has reported it fully, right? Wrong. Let’s compare the reportage of the new WHO guideline with the CIA’s jokey Twitter feed:



The American media has become so infected with the politically correct virus that it is silent when it comes to informing the public of a real virus, all because it contradicts their heterophobia party line that aims to paint gay couples as wonderful and loving.

Male homosexuality is not monogomy, hand-holding, and baking—it’s ass fucking an insane amount of strange men, often without protection and without any care of not spreading HIV. Here’s what one heterosexual man learned about this lifestyle:

From hearing them talk, I know there are (public) places in town where they can go and get fucked by multiple dudes during a fucking lunch break if they want, without having to pre-organise anything first. They said you go there, make eye contact, and fuck. One bragged about 10 guys going up him, one after the other, and another said “That’s pretty good for this time of day!” This, in a public fucking place where anyone could walk in!

I disputed the ease and numbers once, and said they were bullshitting and big noting themselves. One of the fucking nurses knew my private email and put my stats on a mailing list without me knowing just to prove his point, and I woke up one morning to 150+ messages in my inbox offering to suck or ride my cock, without even knowing what I looked like. In just under six hours! I wasn’t fucking impressed, but what was I going to do, file a sexual harassment suit like a pussy? I mass deleted, but I guarantee you one of those would have been from him.

This in a country town 1/10th the size of San Fran, in a supposedly-homophobic country, pre-Grinder. …self-reported statistics are prone to people underplaying their sexual experience for not wanting to appear too promiscuous.

Gay acceptance is built on the false myth that they’re ‘just like you an me’ and that ‘love is love’. To win societal acceptance, they need to obsessively pretend they’re family-focused, because they seem to operate on two driving desires: sex and approval, and children offer neither, though I suppose being seen to be good parents could offer narcissistic supply.

I was tolerant when I was younger. My views about homosexuality changed due to my day-to-day experience working with gay men, right from the horse’s mouth. They function like children. I don’t hate them, but I don’t see why society has to excessively-champion them just because they have such a voracious need for approval.

A common argument for homo acceptance is the following: “Why do you care how two gays live or whether they want to get married?” Because their lifestyle is spreading a virus that can kill people who aren’t gay. Society should rightfully accept that homosexual men are the bringers of death, a sort of grim reaper wrapped up in fuzzy progressive packaging. Even the FDA is vigorously fighting attempts to allow them to donate blood for the general population. We should be thankful they are on the side of those who don’t have HIV or engage in activities which easily spread it.


Whenever someone waves a rainbow flag in your face and insists that you get with the times, tell them that maybe they can start a beef instead with the World Health Organization. They are so alarmed at what gay men are doing that they are pushing a desperate and expensive policy to prevent an epidemic that is not being controlled in spite of everything we know about preventing HIV with condom use. The least we can do is keep this virus contained within the homosexual population, and it may soon be prudent to even consider legislation that prevents homosexuals from sleeping with non-homosexuals.

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504 thoughts on “Male Homosexuals Have Become A Public Health Threat”

  1. According to the CDC, the evil straight white males are by far the least likely to be afflicted with HIV.

        1. You’d be surprised how many of those affluent white women are open to sex with a gay man. I suspect there to be a differential of the HIV incidence statistics between white males and white females.

        2. Dangerous combination. They draw them in with their big dicks and alpha swagger, but transmit deadly diseases.

        1. I have seen this first hand. Even church going little old conservative southern ladies have a gay pet. Hairdressers, decorators, boutique owners, restauranteurs, etc etc.
          I heard an old man call these old ladies “fag hags” lol

    1. Also some 1% of whites are immune to it, mostly from areas where the bubonic plague last hit Europe.

  2. Be with virgins , don’t inject myself with drugs from dirty needles and not partake in anal sex with males. Check. Now i can sleep easy knowing AIDS is the least of my sexual concerns.

    1. Funnily enough – one AIDS awareness campaign was talking about how you have slept with the sexual history of every person you have ever been with when you engage in sexual activity with them. It was very enlightening.So say for a conservative example in the modern era:
      you sleep with one girl who has had 3 sexual partners and then they all had 3 sexual patterns and they had 3 sexual partners. thats is on the low end of the scale 27 sexual partners. so virgins are a plus.
      I have also noted that many of the adds that talk about STD’s feature mixed race couples. Always featuring a white woman but never a white man. Things you notice with the red pill.

      1. The whole “you’re-sleeping-with-the-people-they-slept-with” thing was a lame gross-out technique that even kids as stupid as the ones of recent generations never bought into.

        1. He’s wrong… but read up. AIDS is a drug company SCAM. The virus is not harmful to humans. It is the drugs/alcohol/antibiotics that gays take that destroys their immune system.

  3. I’ve marveled since the 80’s that the infected weren’t quarantined. HIV is a serum infection making it somewhat difficult to transmit. I was once in a situation where I was pestered repeatedly by a woman wanting donations to provide an hour long ‘AIDS awareness’ course in schools. I finally wound up telling her ” Look lady, AIDS is pretty hard to contract. As difficult as it may seem, if one can manage to keep used needles out of their veins & used penises out of their rectum their chances of contracting AIDS are practically nil. It don’t take an hour to transmit that information.”

      1. Too late for me Apollo, been too late for a long time. In fact I’m quite sure I’ve never had one new off the lot, mine always had at least some mileage on them.

        1. Even so, there is a notable difference between light use and severe wear. Not all second-hand cars are the same.

      2. Actually…no. Vaginal to penile transmission of HIV, even if the woman is known to be HIV+ is extremely rare, almost unheard of. Barring any open sores or immune deficiencies, it is extremely difficult for a man to catch HIV from a woman through vaginal or oral sex……anal sex is another matter entirely.
        The myth of easy heterosexual transmission of HIV is propaganda, designed to make HIV seem like a universal problem, as opposed to a homosexual problem, in order to spread fear amongst the general population and make access to $$ for research and such more easily accessible.
        It is one of the biggest lies in the history of this country, in my opinion.

        1. You are wrong. HIV can be easily spread from heterosexual contact. Look at some of the African countries that have rates in the 20-30%. This is largely from heterosexual sex and prostitutes (and lack of condoms).

        2. That is true, but that is largely in Africa, and has not been the case in the US. Totally different cultures, much higher prevalence of disease, poor hyigiene, compromised immune system, confounding std’s in general and prevalnce of open sores and amateur body piercings in genital regions change the equation drastically.

        3. Think about it….in the US and Europe (not talking Africa) if HIV was “easily” spread through heterosexual contact, almost everybody would have it, it would be a plague of historic proportion….40 years later, it remains almost exclusive to the homosexual community? In fact, I have heard of zero cases (outside of Magic Johnson, which is questionable at best) How can that be if it is easily spread heterosexually with all the millions of heterosexual sex acts that take place every day? Makes no sense.

        4. Are you sure some of these statistics do not factor in unreported cases of opportunistic bisexual diversity? Who knows what really happens behind the many bushes on the vast pains of the Serengeti.

        5. Many young 3rd world boys have sex with animals and boys because women want sexually experienced men, and men look down on sexually inexperienced men.

        6. That’s true of African countries that don’t practice male circumcision. In African cultures where men are circumcised, female-to-male transmission is nearly impossible.
          Ironically, this is because nature created the foreskin to protect against venereal infection, so it’s packed with T-cells. That works great, until you get a virus that needs T-cells to infect.

        7. To be fair:
          rape is at a higher rate there (forced entry = vaginal tears)
          male -> female transmission rates are far higher, and it’s even more if the male cums inside
          Hereros enjoy anal sex too. Anal isn’t just for gays, and it’s the largest culprit for HIV infection.
          So the spike in infections isn’t because “homosexuals are the dirtiest beings on Earth”, it’s because they do so with either no protection, or with protection and inappropriate lubricants (lube that destroy condoms like Vaseline.)

        8. Regarding circumcision in Africa: there’s some evidence that botched circumcisions will kill more people than AIDS will, and furthermore, Africans being Africans, a lot of them think circumcision makes them immune, so they stop using condoms.

        9. Americans don’t really get laid. I read that half of American men haven’t been laid in a year. Knocks the numbers down a bit as far as who can catch/spread it.

        10. lies. damnable lies. utter sadistic fiction. religion masquerading as science masquerading as academics from south africa. i’ve read those studies, and they were damnable lies.
          hey, i know! let’s take 50 men who are willing to cut part of their penises off and see if they get HIV over the next 6 months! and then, we’ll take 50 men who aren’t and see how much HIV they have over the same time period! because, like, when someone slashes your dick with a knife, you’ll totally be getting laid the next day! and then it’ll be science because, like gosh, the only difference between these men will be their foreskin – not the recovery time, the bandages, the girls willing, the gay men, the society, the money involved, the deep seated religiosity of poor uneducated people, the hawthorne effect, the pygmalion, etc, etc.
          circumcision has absolutely no demonstrable, testable, verifiable, repeatable impact, either up or down, on HIV incident rates. in stark contrast, deep poverty, misinformation, and massive uneducated ass-fuckers have at least a clear empirical impact on HIV incidence: it fucking skyrockets. who knew!?
          fuck you. stop this myth now. idiot.

        11. Read up. There are doctors/scientists who say this is a drug company scam.
          There are damn near no doctors and tests done in Africa. Therefore, they call everything that involves fever, losing weight and diarrhea another AIDS case. Those are the symptoms of every disease. It’s total bullshit.

    1. Chagas from south America could be as bad as AIDS with this border Children’s Crusade.

  4. This is surely a troll article right? …right?
    Or did you seriously fail to crunch the numbers on infection rate of bisexual men and consequent re-infection rates of women sleeping with those men and then again, subsequent infection rate of straight men?
    If this is indeed written with all seriousness, you dun-goofed on just about everything in it bar the ban on blood donations. Regardless, donations are tested.
    Pre-screening merely reduces post screening work. The likelihood that blood from an HIV positive donor will pass through is so small it makes the entire basis of this (potentially not a troll) article laughable. But not funny haha. Laughed at with scorn, derision and distaste. Ultimately causing serious questions to be asked about your capacity to continue advising young men on GROWTH and positive red pill (read: informed, logical, intelligent) living.

    1. Is political correctness worth the risk considering fags have 20x the rate of infection, not to mention other diseases? They should move to one area like Massachusetts or San Francisco and we can put up a wall and they can die in a big giant gay orgy, while ceasing to trouble us humans.

    2. “Or did you seriously fail to crunch the numbers on infection rate of bisexual men and consequent re-infection rates of women sleeping with those men and then again, subsequent infection rate of straight men?”
      Nope – you’re wrong. Roosh’s data is on HIV carriers, not infection rates.
      When 1/3 of the sodomite population is HIV+, it isn’t worth taking their blood. It puts nurses at an increased risk due to needle-stick injuries, and is a waste of time, materials and resources to harvest blood with a 1/3 defect rate. Add to that the fact that sodomites have a very high rate of drug usage. On the whole – they are disease-ridden and need to be isolated from the general population.
      I am glad that homosexual propaganda has been criminalised in my country. Our next campaign is the re-criminalisation of sodomy.

      1. There are also resources to diminish or render impotent same-sex attraction:
        So anyone who is willing can work on their unwanted same sex attraction.

        1. How do you like Putin overall? He certainly seems smarter than every other western leader.

    3. “Pre-screening merely reduces post screening work. The likelihood that blood from an HIV positive donor will pass through is so small it makes the entire basis of this (potentially not a troll) article laughable. But not funny haha. Laughed at with scorn, derision and distaste. Ultimately causing serious questions to be asked about your capacity to continue advising young men on GROWTH and positive red pill (read: informed, logical, intelligent) living.”
      You are full of shit. The following is directly from the FDA’s FAQ on blood donations:
      “Isn’t the HIV test accurate enough to identify all HIV positive blood donors?
      HIV tests currently in use are highly accurate, but still cannot detect HIV 100% of the time.”

    4. So you’re saying gay men should be allowed to donate blood?? What about Hep C , Hep B, HIV, CMV, and Syphilis ? All blood borne?? You can’t say NO to the community on anything. It is all about you isn’t it??

    5. What amount of risk are you willing to assume yourself.? Lets say I had a box of 100 chocolate penises, and one of them would make you sick for the rest of your life? How many would you like to eat?

  5. “The American media has become so infected with the politically correct
    virus that it is silent when it comes to informing the public of a real
    virus, all because it contradicts their heterophobia party line that aims to paint gay couples as wonderful and loving.”
    And who owns the American media? Who owns nearly all of the news outlets, publishers, television/movie producers, record labels, etc? Which cultural group is it, in America, that owns nearly every avenue by which information and culture is disseminated throughout our society?
    Could it be the same group of people whose political organizations fund both sides of our phony political representation? Could it be the same group of people whose loyalty lies not to America or Americans, but to a foreign nation on the other side of the planet? Could it be the same group of people who dictate our foreign policy to us, conveniently wielding us against a third party cultural group (THEIR enemies, not ours) we have no historical conflict with, for decades on end?
    There has been a coordinated, systematic effort to corrupt America’s cultural institutions, to spread degeneracy and dysfunction throughout our society, dating back at least to the 1960’s. These things don’t happen in a vacuum. They’re not random cultural shifts. They’re a manifestation of will, brought about by a massive investment of time and money.
    What is happening to America did not, and is not, originating from America. All of this homo ass fucking, amorality, baby killing, slut loving, family destroying, illegal immigrant flooding, economy destroying ideology is not rooted in American values.
    We’ve been conquered, subverted by a foreign power structure. We’re a slave colony. We’ve got marionette strings coming out of our ass. Who put them there?

      1. This line keeps being repeated ad nauseam, but I’ve never understood it. People criticize Jews here constantly, and yet at the same time somehow claim that they cannot criticize Jews.

  6. This is one of the reasons I love RoK and Roosh. Finally, Im no longer alone among young people (20s/30s) who recognize homos for the filth they are. I used to post regularly about this on facebook, but all my progressive idiot friends would harp at me. A few close friends even stopped talking to me. So I just stopped. Im usually not one to care about controversial opinions, but it was just causing so many problems, it wasnt worth it.

      1. Hey Fisher…I think I understand your statement, but, can you elaborate on that “as easily as the tides go in they eventually go out”.

        1. Societies always change. People are very myopic- as alluded to in the recent article of ” age of pioneers” that societies and empires rise and fall. We in the modern era tend to believe that liberal- democracy with the mantra of equality is the endpoint. Or that sexual promiscuity is the endpoint. Not the case. It’s well noted that the Greeks and Romans both males and females were highly promiscuous. They were infinitely more advanced than the goat herders in the desert. So why did the Hellenic and Roman Empire fall-why does any empire fall? Many people posit answers but obviously its multi-faceted. yet i think there is no denying that people more than likely want change especially when they become disillusioned with the status quo- as many have done on the red pill. There is honestly no reason why red pill mindset won’t take over and then people may once again change to the blue oil because they become complacent while their ethical,legal and social system slowly eroded

        2. When enough people are taught that America is shit, and when enough patriots see that America is full of people who hate America and hate patriots, nobody will give a rip about any of it. The first thing that comes along to threaten America will be permitted to destroy it. The liberals won’t give a shit. The patriots won’t give a shit. Everyone will rather do something else, because, as was designed, America became a piece of shit not worth fighting for by anyone.

        3. rome fell because the army became shitty relying on mercs to be the best fighting forces while degrading the once great legions they instituted multiculturalism and feminism into the ranks and oh wait thats what were doing but the did do the first part

        4. and unchecked immigration into the Roman empire. Rome become invaded by non-Romans via immigration…

    1. Your singing my song brothah. I have to come here occasionally just to remind myself we havent all lost our minds…

    2. Never be ashamed for standing up for decency. Those people were never your friends, and whether they know it or not, they choose sodomy over you, so you’re better off without them. I’m at the point where I’m deliberately distancing myself from people like that. “They”, as in the same people behind homosexualism are now trying to get pedophilia “accepted”. Now is the time to draw lines and speak out. Admittedly I think a lot of people are brainwashed and unaware of the true face or homosexuality, credit to 21st century propaganda (reference Edward Bernays), but something has to give and hard choices and outcomes must be made and realized. Some of my family are “liberal”, but, I’m calling them out and saying if you stand for homosexualism, which really is the championing of sexual deviancy, then you support raping children. Because that is where this is leading to and if you doubt me than consider a statement an Australian judge made just last week defining the “slippery slope” of homosexual “acceptance”, which means we should be open to incest and pedophilia. And if that wasn’t bad enough, over in the uk, a university professor said pedophilia is good for young males?
      I know too many people who were molested, all suffer, one has huge slash marks on his wrists. Something needs to be done.

      1. Jeez I don’t understand, ots
        Ike the doors of hell are opening, with all the freaks, fags, trans, maso, pedo, incestuous, scato, zoophiles, fat ugly feminists and other demonities are coming out in public.
        And when I used to speak about that thin line being crossed, of course being called homophobic, even better you are a homo for hating on homos. Explain the rationalisation behind that please.
        I think i ll go back to the old times of calling them sodomites instead of gays, and disgusting instead of fabulous.

      2. “They chose sodomy over you.” Good way to put it. Look at your “friends” and see that they chose to support homos who fuck each other up the ass instead of supporting your facts about the health threat that that action brings.

        The BBC recently reported that the owners of a Christian run bakery could be facing court for discrimination charges.The piece goes on to say that the customer was refunded the deposit of the cake after the group decided the order went against their beliefs.
        “A Christian-run bakery that refused a customer’s request to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage could face a discrimination case in court.
        Ashers Baking Company declined an order from a gay rights activist, asking for cake featuring the Sesame Street puppets, Bert and Ernie.”

        1. Well they should be sued, shut down and forced out of business because any Christian run business should be set on fire and burn to the ground to accomodate gays feelings. You as a christian should have no rights, gay rights only. Get with the program this is the NEW PROGRESSIVE AMERICA. You can refuse to make a cake for polygamist, murder, rapist, killers, incest couple, swingers, adulteruros but God forbid you follow your religion about homos. They are going to run you out of town the gays are taking over and you better watch out, one day anyone who refuses to get fucked in the ass by a gay will be labelled a hoemoe hater. (sarcasm)

        2. Good point, but, sadly it reflects reality…Christians now have ample grounds to be consider a victim group and oppressed by, among others, homosexuals. Alternatively, this means homosexuals are now oppressors. Since, homosexualism’S legitimacy is rooted in that they’re victims…well, such a contradiction can’t stand.

        3. Why would they want a cake from people that don’t like them? From what I have seen of gays it would be a mistake for them to order food from a place their exes worked. Would them supporting a bakery on their side be that bad?

        4. I often ponder on this. I think it’s derived as a form of vindictive micro aggression towards conservative religious groups.

        5. These faggots get an all time high getting government to side with them homos love drama as much as women and what better way to lighten their passion for homosexual love than bash on other people’s religion and force them on gunpoint to become their bitch by writing “support homo marriage”
          Greatest insult and no respect. If this homo acceptance goes on they would probably have the Christian head baker strip dance on their bachelor party amd suck dicks.

      4. Most of the people spreading HIV are black. ……… Oh noes, facts are racist!! Quick, somebody muzzle me!
        “The rate of new HIV infection in African Americans is 8 times that of whites based on population size. … African Americans accounted for an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections among adults and adolescents (aged 13 years or older) in 2010, despite representing only 12% of the US population”

        1. shut up gay boy, most the blacks with aids are the gay ones in dc and atlanta and san fransico and they have lots of aids like the white, jew, asian and hispanic gays. All gay must be outlawed of any color.

        2. They call it, “being on the down low.”
          I’ve wondered about the coincidence of this and the phenomenon of HIV discriminating on the basis of sexuality and race. How many black men can possibly be on the DL?
          I’m not saying that the majority of blacks are fags, but I did have an argument today about the origins of HIV and its root in Africans’ sexually depraved appetites (that is, whether we can claim that HIV was brought to humans through the practice of Africans fucking monkeys). I tend to think that this is a myth, something with little-to-no evidence supporting it except a belief in the degenerate nature of blacks. Yet, African Americans (and Africans for that matter) seem to be disproportionately afflicted by the HIV virus, what gives? Is it merely a matter that can be answered with reference to the frequency of unprotected sex, which, granted, blacks seem to engage in a lot more than other American demographics given the rates of teenage/out-of-wedlock pregnancy/births? Or, do blacks tend to engage in homosexual practices more frequently than whites, while simultaneously making sure that it’s on the DL?
          I really have no interest in this fight, I’m not much into the race quarrels, but since the question was brought up here, and coincidentally brought up at a business luncheon today, I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on it.
          Are there so many depraved blacks in the world that they are a legitimate health risk? Or do they just prefer their sex unprotected, much like the rest of us who are too scared/prudent to raw dog on the regular?
          I have heard a number of blacks claim that HIV was a government created virus designed to afflict the African American community, and I have also heard a number of gays claim that it is an outright PC lie to coverup the fact that HIV is a “gay disease.” I’ve begun to wonder if there might be a connection- not in the conspiracy sense, but rather in the sense that far more black men might be on the down low than the overwrought perception of black masculinity might suggest.

        3. I’ve thought about it too, but one must take into account the following: Most blacks (hovering just over 90%) are not christians, some are muslims and the rest are heathen and even amongst those that declare themselves christians, most of the practice the old religions of yore, and many of these “religions” have animal/human sacrifice as a common practice. Just look at how in Southafrica, based in heathen beliefs, many AID infected “men” rape newborns because they are told fucking a virgin will cure their disease…

        4. Has it ever occured to you that gay men LIE about being gay? Alot of them have sex with men and women and claim that they aren’t gay and report so on censuses.

        5. Do you see the line for Black Heterosexual Women, Black Heterosexual Men, and Black Male IDUs (injection drug users)? Black women have almost as many HIV infections as gay latinos. How does that cognitive dissonance feel? I see your little hamster is running its ass off.

        6. It was from eating monkeys (presumably not cooked all that well) that the disease first spread among humans.

        7. Again, gay men lie about being gay, many of them sleep with women as well. There is no other line to compare too, but you conveniently leave out that the largest group of new hiv infections are WHITE! According to your own graph, so does your hamster hurt and spin. White MSM are number one in aids on the face of the nation.

        8. By now it should be obvious that the reason Blacks have higher rates of HIV than the rest of the population is because of the break down of the Black family in America.
          When Women raise boys you get significantly larger populations of GAY men. And naturally in American where that has been happening in the Black community for at least the last two generations – the result of such a culture are disproportionately evident.
          And YES, there are more black males on the “down low” vs other races. Because in the Black community it is NOT except-able to be gay. There are religious and macho cultural influences that permeate the very fabric of Black culture which are intolerant to that shit.
          Influences so strong that only the most feminine and brave dare openly live as gay men.
          When it comes to the lack of safe sex, the illegitimate birth rates and sky high STD rates speak for themselves.
          It’s not about “sexual deviance”. White Americans have that on lock (cuckolding, swinging, S&M, Bestiality, true pedophilia, and etc). Black Americans as a group are just more impulsive and ignant.

        9. Another thing never factored in is how many of the higher Female and Male HIV rates among Blacks also are due to intravenous drug use. Many of which are practicing Homosexuals or are “straight” yet partake in Homosexual activities when prostituting themselves.
          It’s a double dose of risky behavior.

        10. Where are the white heterosexual men in your chart? How do you explain the fact that black women are being infected at ~30x the per-capita rate of white women?

        11. White heterosexual men are not on the chart because their numbers are too low. The chart is meant to show infection rates of blacks (in green), not for every race and sex. Women are more likely to affected with HIV than men are due to how sex works. Why are black women so much more likely to be infected than white women? I don’t know, probably because they have sex with infected black men. The CDC has some theories on their website. As the CDC noted, “African American communities continue to experience higher rates of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) compared with other racial/ethnic communities in the United States. Having an STI can significantly increase the chance of getting or transmitting HIV.”

        12. I’m not so sure about white people having pedophilia “on lock.”
          “Race and ethnicity are an important factor in identified sexual abuse. African American children have almost twice the risk of sexual abuse than white children. Children of Hispanic ethnicity have a slightly greater risk than non-Hispanic white children (Sedlack, et. al., 2010).”

        13. “White heterosexual men are not on the chart because their numbers are too low.”
          Right. Consider the following…
          1. Black males commonly have sex with females of all races.
          2. White male, black female pairings are uncommon.
          3. Female to male transmission is infrequent.
          4. The black MSM:”Heterosexual” ratio in the graph is 3.9. A proportional White Heterosexual Men category would weigh in at ~2800, easily representable.
          I have to conclude that a large component of “Black Heterosexual Men” category isn’t so heterosexual, and serves as the primary transport of HIV to females of all races. Who infected the “Black Heterosexual Men” demographic to begin with?

        14. Why does that chart include Black Hetero Women and Men. Hetero white women. But does not include Hetero White Men?

        15. “I have to conclude that a large component of “Black Heterosexual Men” category isn’t so heterosexual, and serves as the primary transport of HIV to females of all races.”
          And your evidence for this is….? Believe it or not, HIV is NOT a gay-only disease. Your claim is pretty much unfalsifiable, something I would usually expect when debating religious folks. Believe what you want, but without evidence it’s just a thought.
          If people would actually read the pages I link to you would find out why HIV is so high for blacks.
          1. They have high rates of other STDs as well, which suggests that blacks just aren’t using protection.
          -In 2010, 69% of all reported cases of gonorrhea occurred among blacks.
          -The rate of chlamydia among black women was over seven times the rate among white women.
          -The overall 2010 rate of syphilis for blacks was eight times the rate for whites.
          2. Having other STDs increases your chances of contracting HIV.
          3. “Almost 85,000 HIV-infected people in the African American community in 2010 were unaware of their HIV status.” That means blacks as a group aren’t getting tested.
          4. Socio-economic issues. Condoms be expensive?
          5. “Stigma, fear, discrimination, homophobia, and negative perceptions about HIV testing can also place too many African Americans at higher risk. Many at risk for HIV fear discrimination and rejection more than infection and may choose not to seek testing.”

        16. That’s because there’s a dissproportionate amount of black drug addicts. Combine that with never using a condom while fucking trashy drug addicts and you get a huge amount of blacks with HIV.
          The gays have HIV just because they’re promiscuous. Imagine someone with the ability to get sex as easily as a woman, while still being able to initiate as easily as a man. There’s also this thing called “bug catching” in the gay community which is when someone has sex with the intention of getting HIV. This is how sick some of them are. There arealso “bug givers” who try to spread it to as many people as possible, most of the time sneakily and without the other person knowing.

        17. Well, blacks are another distinguishable demographic group besides fags that lives in filth and does not respect their body.
          Do not believe me. Just look at how their countries in Aafwikaah look, especially where the baad, bad white man hasn’t set foot.

        18. “By now it should be obvious that the reason Blacks have higher rates of HIV than the rest of the population is because of the break down of the Black family in America.”
          No, it’s because of lower IQ, high time preference and r-selection.

        19. Well said. People have to realize that the effects of the welfare state and feminism have ravaged the black community since the 60’s. Combine that with the already high amounts of poverty and criminal culture, along with the crack epidemic of the 80’s, and you have a recipe for disaster. So many African Americans now a days are raised by single mother that stretch back several generations, of which have no accountability for their actions as they can just get government handouts along with child support. Its no coincidence that the majority of criminals come from single mother households.

        20. Black people do have higher rates of HIV, its unfortunate but there’s no denying it.

      5. Quote: “and whether they know it or not, they choose sodomy”
        That plus excrement eating (Mapplethorpe).You are also correct about gay acceptance will push pedophilia. Allen Ginsberg was a famous beat poet who was a member of NAMBLA which apparently is some organization dedicated to advocate the right for men to have sex with boys. Despite this, Ginsberg had many friends because he was a celebrity, and his membership to that organization did not seem to tarnish his reputation.
        And regarding the whole fag acceptance trend: I agree that now fags are carving out their niche means other freaks will demand the same acceptance. I’m speaking of freaks that advocate the acceptance of incest an most definitely pedophilia. As more fags get elected to office how long will it be until the public schools decide that, as part of their health program that every young boy will be required to have a state mandated anal penetration? This may sound absurd, but how absurd is the current state of affairs today?

        1. Not absurd, I agree the trend is heading that way. That said, referencing history, along with the “rise” of homosexualism we are also seeing a decline of the west.
          Check out this link:

          When the dollar goes, so will the west, america and progressivism and homosexualism.
          The american empire is dying, the vanguard of progressivism, academia, is also going to experience a fundamental and radical change by way of disruptive technologies and that model is severely broken, ref the > 1 T in student loan debt et al.
          I think we’ll split up, but, in the ensuing chaos, I think a lot of natural corrections will occur from the right-sizing of sex relations to homosexualism. Remember, “ism’s” are all artificial and top-down things. The top is going to die soon.

        2. Quote:”academia, is also going to experience a fundamental and radical change by way of disruptive technologies and that model is severely broken”
          What kind of disruptive technologies will be used?

        3. Free online MIT courses, and free courses from Khan academy. Take those and then do a paid testing out for credit like the clep tests.

      6. I know I’m late to the party but here are my 2¢

        I’m at the point where I’m deliberately distancing myself from people like that. “They”, as in the same people behind homosexualism are now trying to get pedophilia “accepted”

        Good catch. I literally LOL’d when I read this. What tickles me the most is that pedophilia was legal during Roman times and pederasty was practiced openly throughout antiquity.
        So, what liberals consider progress, is actually regression.
        Further, no country where pederasty is practiced openly takes pride in it except where (neo-) Bolshevism has activated the hatred of its practitioners.
        P.S. Lets not forget ‘Gay marriage’ which is no more marriage than a cow’s tail is a fifth leg. This assault on common sense is another venue of the Liberal/Marxist agenda with endgame being a culture in which anyone can be married and thus nobody apparently is.
        If you really believe in “gay marriage,” you’re not groundbreaking or enlightened; You’re just a useful idiot.

        1. Unfortunately feminists in the modern era have extended the use of the word pedophilia far beyond ite original definition which is sex with or attraction to prepubescents. So we do not really know if this so called history is revisionist or accurate.

      7. You’re spot on. Liberal critics often say “what is wrong with two consenting adult people having a sexual relationship”?
        Firstly, if the sex stayed confined to two people, it wouldn’t really be a moral and disease-based epidemic.
        Secondly, each variable in the “two consenting adult people” motif is likely to shift over time as each generation tries to out-deviate the last.
        Consider this article: this man tries to justify his sexual habits with horses with the exact same arguments the gay movement does: i.e.) “People only oppose zoophilia because of Leviticus!” “ALL sexual orientation based discrimination is wrong!”
        If opposing insanity like this makes me an evil bigot, I don’t want to be the “good guy”.

    3. “…but all my progressive idiot friends would harp at me. A few close friends even stopped talking to me.”
      Good riddance, I say. No need for toxic people in your life.

      1. They should be made fully aware that it is YOU who distanced yourself from them and not the other way around. Let it be known that the tide has turned and that the PC tyranny responsible for shoving this degeneracy down the throats of healthy people will finally be outed for what it truly is. The Omerta is over and there is nothing they can do about it. This degeneracy has gone on far enough. Heck, even the permissible ancient Greeks and Romans known for their notable tolerance towards these deviants still knew better than to blatantly stage or approve of gay pride parades. Tells you something now, don’t it?

        1. concluded only in isolation, are such words ever true. the end of an era isn’t, until it finally arrives and is, often only by the ending of voices keeping it around.
          let us not forget why PC tyranny exists: the concomitant massive failure of millions of individual lives poorly lived. unforgivably selfish choices of people self-selecting to ruin their own lives, and those failure-lives adding up over generations now, all getting older, with even more failures joining the ranks of fail, all turning to desperate magical thinking to feel good. after all, they haven’t failed if the universe itself is wrong; they’re just the victim of some-made-up-shit-phantom-lie – victims of an unfair reality made by that successful guy over there! – not themselves. ergo, change reality to their definition of fair, and they will magically succeed.
          only that’s bananas. reality can’t be altered like that, and even if it could, these life-failures won’t succeed in it, for they haven’t admitted the overriding reason for their non-success: their short-sighted choices. further, the impossibility of granting onto each individual failure-life their own definition of fair, whether for all or even just one, would necessitate taking from those that lived their lives by sacrificing for good choices. thus, PC magical thinking is deliberate hyper violence of those that choose poorly against reality of the success from those that choose wisely. the purpose of PC tyranny is clear, and so long as the greater mechanisms driving its existence remain, it won’t end. it can’t. far too many are dependent on magic.
          the decline is more believable than a tide building up and turning. if so, then the bloody revolutions that happen from sharp changes of social power will be avoided. if not, and you’re right, then we’ll have the pleasure of schadenfreude vengeance, etc.
          perhaps i’m just biased to the former, since i’m certainly not going to spill my blood over any of these selfish idiots. let them blood let each other. it seems they’ll achieve that long before the end of PC tyranny.

        2. PC…the creed of losers. Reality ALWAYS wins in the end. Great comment tempus.fugit.

    4. Same here zaqan, but remember, the herd is almost always running in the wrong direction. I suspect a quite significant backlash is in store for the advocates of deviancy.

      1. Despite the sophisticated propaganda and brainwashing, part of me feels that this can’t not happen especially since we’re headed to pedophilia.

        1. Well the age of consent in Mexico is 12 and the border crisis is bringing in a lot of them. One border patrol person interviewed said people could buy someone’s 7 or 8th kid for $200 down there and bring it up. The article was entitled rent a kid. I guess Barney Frank and Congressman Menendez are behind this.

    5. It is not just HIV that is a danger to our society from Homosexuals. We are being pushed to accept by force, anything the gays demand. Recently, the BBC reported that a Christian baker would be taken to court by a homosexual customer whose order had been refused by the baker. The cake order went against Christian beliefs to make gay cakes.

      1. Its not just enouh to tolerate gays, now anyone who doesn’t actively accept them and rave on how great the gheys are is villified. It is now a crime to run a christian business.

        1. “It is now a crime to run a christian business.”
          This is exactly what happened in Bolshevik Soviet Russia. It was a crime to run a christian business, it was a crime to celebrate Christian holidays.
          The Soviet Union was an Anti-Christian regime which made it a crime to be Christian. This is EXACTLY what is starting to happen in America!

        2. Quote: “anyone who doesn’t actively accept them and rave on how great the gays are is villified. It is now a crime to run a christian business.”
          Makes me wonder if the bakery was islamic owned that they would be in court? I’m getting the impression that christianity is getting demonized by the progressives .

        3. the soviet union (ussr/cccp) was anti-all-religion. any power structures, social or otherwise, that inhibited stalin’s control were savagely stomped out. and before him, lenin and the bolsheviks, and before them, the czars and the imperialists, and before that, ivan the terrible, etc. to select the anti-christian element is shortsighted and leads to poor thinking.
          in all societies, the underlying behavioral patterns (i.e. ‘culture’) determine which power structures have to be destroyed in order for power to change hands. in the peoples of the old soviet territories, this almost always meant burning churches. every single time.
          in our society, and the convergent re-emergent feminine divine mysticism that’s spreading globally, the power structure immediately opposing it is no longer family (lost that one), no longer even government (already caved-in a while back too), its individual corporate entities. oddly enough, corporates of small to medium size are the only ‘lineages’ left unaffected by sex-gender-craziness. the larger corps have largely already fallen in line with govt pressure, etc. so yea, those damn bakeries have to go.
          don’t stick your head out too far, bro.

        4. Actually a muslim attacked a packed gay bar in Seattle trying to burn it down and lame stream media didn’t report it. If he was white or straight Christian it would be covered more than Skittles was.

        5. Although the muslims may be an enemy in the war against terrorism, they are the ally in the war on men. One has to admire their policy regarding gender as well as their stance on feminism and homos.

        6. Religion is against communism so that’s natural.
          The U.S. set the First Amendment to protect the human rights all human rights straight or gay. These gays want to limit that for Christians which absolutely bullshit.

      2. The govt threatened imprisonment or a fine. The govt is already trampling on the first amendment, right to religion. Sodom and Gomorrah here we come.

    6. Right on. And the fact of the matter is, we need to stop letting the LGBTs and their lapdogs get in our faces and call us “Bible thumpers” and “bigots.” While it’s true that the Bible heavily condemns homosexuality, this issue transcends race, nationality, and religion. I think a black Baptist, a Chinese Buddhist, and a Polish Atheist would all agree–provided they’re all straight–that homosexuality, with it’s “bug chasing” (which NO ONE TALKS ABOUT), marathon orgies, drug parties, and other destructive behaviors, is a catastrophic force of epic proportions. You don’t need to read a single word of the Bible to know that. It’s COMMON SENSE. It’s written in our DNA to engage in activities that promote our reproductive success and to shun anything that would hinder it. If you want to talk about someone being born a certain way, I’ll agree that we were born with a natural, pre-packaged desire for the opposite sex that’s designed to kick in at an appropriate age and maturity level. Anyone who engages in acts that run counter to that hard-wiring has either been abused as a child or has deep mental and emotional issues. But rather than take the tough road, stand tall, and tackle those issues head on (as those who’ve gotten out of the LGBT lifestyle, substance abuse, and the like find the courage to do) we’ve got a lot of people out there who find it easier to claim victimhood and demonize the very people who want to help them, like the therapists who, before the ultra-liberals and their lackeys had them shut down, had proven track records of freeing people from the grip of these tendencies. If this behavior is so “natural,” why the rush to shut down the people who show that it isn’t? Could it be that a certain group felt threatened? The truth has a way of doing that to some people.

    7. To paraphrase the dude from Duck Dynasty, why the hell would a guy prefer the rear end of a man to the front end of a woman? Here’s a bigger question, though…why would we let people run our government who would have that preference? I mean, would you let someone run your company or your country who put his clothes on backwards, kept walking into walls, and who wiped his arse BEFORE he took a dump? I didn’t think so.

    8. “Why do you care how two gays live or whether they want to get married?” Because their lifestyle is spreading a virus that can kill people who aren’t gay.
      No, because their lifestyle HAS BEEN spreading a virus that can kill people who aren’t gay and STILL IS!
      Fags and DEATH go way back before most of you on here were even born.

    9. Same here. I’m a Millenial who used to be rabidly pro-gay, but after I learned what gay culture is really like and the destruction caused to children when they don’t grow up with a mom and a dad, I no longer support it. Pro-gay forces love to pretend that support for gay “rights” moves in one direction, but I’ve met plenty of young people who changed their minds after learning reality.

    10. The problem is gays get HIV on purpose so they can get social security disability. Then they have nothing better to do while taxpayers support them other than have sex and be “social just us worriers”. Our taxes are paying for them to be extra loud.

    11. Congrats on that special kind of slow you must be. HIV is more common in the gay population, so you hate them for that? I’m guessing you hate Jews because of how rampant Tay-Sachs is? Perhaps you don’t like blacks because of Malaria?
      If you’re going to hate someone, do it for some valid fucking reasons. Two consenting adults doing something in the privacy of their bedroom that doesn’t involve you at all is a retarded reason to preach hate on a social network.

  7. Great post.
    It is indeed true that homosexuals are a public threat more so because they tend to be really crude and aggressive in pursuing men. I’d like to add that along with homosexuality, the rise of anal sex is also a public health threat throughout the world.
    Unprotected anal sex is possibly the main reason why heterosexual AIDS transfer occurs. Whether fucking a gay’s ass or a woman’s ass, anal sex is the fastest way to get that dreaded disease. And anal sex, that too unprotected, thanks to the rising popularity of anal porn, is increasingly being common and staple in the modern world.
    I know proponents of heterosexual anal will always say that it is safe if practiced correctly. A gay’s rectum is no different from a promiscuous or slutty woman’s rectum who enjoys or partakes freely in unprotected anal. The truth is heterosexual AIDS transmission is low when it comes to vaginal transmission, but becomes high when it becomes anal transmission. The rise of heterosexual transmitted AIDS epidemic is largely because of raw dog anal sex. You see it in all the countries where heterosexual cases of AIDS are rising. Most of the time, heterosexual anal sex is frequently common there.
    I’d add female butt sluts, are a public threat, along with gays. These women are more dangerous, because a lot of heterosexual men could end up getting infected fucking these women’s asses.
    In parts of the modern world, there are a lot of women who don’t think anal sex causes any problems, and are casual about it, thinking it is ‘safe sex’ because it prevents pregnancy in random casual encounters. A lot of young girls indulge in it too. These women too, can be carriers of the dreaded disease, without them knowing it. Porn complicates the situation by idealizing anal sex as the real thing. Men should take note of that too. Never raw dog a woman, even in her cunt, whose anus is loose from penetration (you can see it in doggy style) or who enjoys anal penetration, or who encourages you to bang her butt. This woman is a gay trapped in a woman’s body. Anal sluts, followed by oral sluts are the most promiscuous dangerous women among sluts.
    The real threat to the public is unprotected casual ANAL sex. Gays and female butt sluts are the examples of that.

    1. The mucus membrane of the vagina is thick, like the inside of the mouth. the mucus membrane of the anus/rectum/colon however, is paper thin. I once heard of a case of an anal slut who had developed a lesion resulting in a hole such that her feces came out both her anus & vagina. Anal sex is really dangerous for the recipient & is to be strongly discouraged. Our bodies were simply not designed for that…not to mention it’s filthy. I don’t care how fine a woman looks, I don’t want her shit anywhere on me.

      1. I always wondered why AIDS did not exist in ancient times. Maybe AIDS was not discovered, or as to what conspiracy theorists believe, was not ‘manufactured’ in labs yet.
        I mean in ancient times people used to visit brothels and have sex with prostitutes. I don’t think butt fucking was so popular as it is now.
        Only prostitutes, whores and in certain cases wives used to practice it for birth control. The more common form of birth control was actually coitus interruptus.
        In today’s world however, anal sex is something which almost every modern woman – influenced by anal porn- is willing to try, or indulges.
        Porn has to take responsibility for contributing to the rise of HIV. You see videos of women taking it up the ass by random strangers on the street, whether in amateur or professional porn. Almost every heterosexual porn you see commonly features anal penetration. What message is it sending out to viewers, and especially women? That ass fucking is natural? I know it’s stupid to expect the porn industry to make responsible choices in promoting safe sex to its audience. That is why porn becomes even more dangerous.It not only rewires the mind towards masturbation, but even worse kinds of sex like anal sex.
        I do think AIDS is basically an anal sex transmitted disease.

        1. The absence of modern rapid means of travel kept it isolated to a select group of old-world monkeys and their surrounding human love interests.

          The more recent advent of exclusively exotic sex tours into the Heart of Darkness finally allowed it to spread far and wide across the globe.

        2. Sex was a lot more risky back then, not just venereal disease but simple infection. Plus, no birth control and, hate to be crude, no lube. Pro-homosexualists use ancient societies and the apparent promiscuity practiced there, Greece and Rome, as a point of validation. However, when one accounts for the practical limitations the story breaks down.

        3. It was only after whiteys meds increased the population in Africa beyond single moms being able to feed any kids that survived with low hanging fruit that more deadly diseases jumped species. Many areas where considered bad majik areas to avoid like the original parts of South Africa colonized by whites who drained the malarial swamps. HIV could have jumped from monkeys to humans by sex or eating undercooked monkey meat.

        4. I am pretty sure they used cooking grease for lube back in the day, don’t the gays use Crisco?

        5. HIV is a relatively new virus. it has a very high mutation rate. no one knows for sure, but based on it’s genetic mutation rate, it originated from chimp SIV at the beginning of the 1900s.
          there are two HIV types, and three subtypes, all hinting at multiple SIV->HIV jumping across the species barrier. HIV has no known zoonotic vector; it doesn’t transmit like malaria does. thus, as HIV’s high mutation rate also makes it quite unstable and easily killed without blood, this means sex with monkeys must have happened. alot. over a fair period of time. given the intense subcultures of homosexuality in africa, and their subsequent ones spreading the disease into hati and then the usa, this shouldn’t be surprising.
          multiculturalism! yea! because all human behavior is awesome!

      2. The rectum is designed to extract water before stool evacuates. That hole is called a fistula.

    2. I like what you are written. Why on earth would a heterosexual man want to pursue the type of sex that is used most commonly among gay men? By pursuing anal, you are mimicking them, and you might as well be one step away from doing it to another man.

    3. I agree with what you’ve said here.
      If you are old enough and think back to even the early 1990’s, Anal sex in porn was allocated to the fetish isle. To see it come up in a mainstream video was not unheard of, but surprising nonetheless. Nowadays anal sex between a man and a woman in porn is the norm. In fact, if you see a clip without the inclusion of anal it is surprising.
      I tend to think that the explosion of “free” tube-style porn over the past 7-8 years is in great part to facilitate the pushing of this agenda: the normalization of gay sex into the heterosexual subconscious.
      I cannot think of a more succinct brainwashing tool than pornography. Look at how easily it convinced young men that an adult woman with pubic hair was absolutely REVOLTING. I’m not saying that a person can’t have a preference in terms of personal preference, but virtually the entire goddamned planet made a shift to “pubes are disgusting” in the span of less than a decade.
      I don’t know about any of you, but when I was a kid looking at Penthouse and Playboy, I wasn’t thinking “Wow, this centerfold chick would be insanely beautiful if she just would shave off that GOD AWFUL BUSH OF HERS!”
      I cannot help but think that the influx of free porn beamed into our homes and phones, and subconscious, re-shaped a vast majority of heterosexual men’s taste on the matter in a relative blink of an eye.
      It has now done the same with anal sex.

  8. Andrew Sullivan, a few years ago making his ‘conservative case’ for gay mairrage, might have said that the diseases and excesses that face the gay community are the reasons why gays want to be married and why society should encourage at mairrage.
    Unforunately, after the feminists use gay mairrage to warp All mairrage into a bizarro pretzel, I’m not sure anybody gay or straight benefits when mairrage becomes meaningless.

    1. Gays are ruining marriage for everyone. I am considering divorcing my wife and having an ecclesiastical marriage instead.

  9. Nearly all the theater majors I knew in college are dead of HIV. And my mother had to find a new hairdresser.

    1. I long ago quit befriending homosexuals because I got sick of seeing otherwise bright, talented young men hospitalized for exotic bowel infections, damaged prostrates & dying of AIDS

      1. It is simply not normal for genetically healthy regular men to desire the hot beef injection. That a certain small percentage of abnormals appear along the way does not normalize it. Nature is somewhat sloppy and not all of her products are wholly functional. Does not justify endorsing them.

        1. These sick fucks need to be put down. Not religious or anything but it’s just some biology shit nigga. Penis goes inside vagina, sperm goes into egg…we have a new creature…that’s just how it works. This society is so sick to the point that we have to apologize for scientific facts…the gays can go fuck themselves to kingdom come for all I care. More women for me.

        2. The ‘more women (that are left) for you’ are no prizes of any kind themselves. I’d bet that the majority of present US women are little more than walking Petri dishes, rife with STDs of all kinds.
          ****BTW, has anyone seen any stories about the new ‘superbug’ strain of gonorrhea that (as of last summer) was treatable with only one antibiotic? I haven’t seen any stories about it since last summer — it’s like the media has placed a news blackout on it.****

        3. wtf do you mean by superbug
          ok im gonna fucking become a priest or a monk if this shit gets worse

        4. birth control pills go into the water supply… estrogen makes you horny for it…. note that the gay fashion is not prevalent in countries where the pill is not so widely used….

    2. Reminds me of what one woman wrote about the time when she and her husband had an art gallery in New York.
      All their employees were young gay men. Every single one of them is dead.

  10. There is a gay man who I work with who is always talking about his warped lifestyle, it’s so messed up, i don’t understand it, two men damn it’s disgusting.

    1. I think everybody has witnessed that at some point. Had a McDonald employee literally show me gay porn via tablet on his lunch break.

    2. If they are good looking why would it be disgusting, don’t you also love your fellow men for the inside, i mean the personality? why it would be so disgusting, is like hetero male friendship to the max. So you talk about how men are great and behave better than women but at the same time think they are disgusting, huh. Gays wanna marry because many of them don’t want to be that promiscuos and even want to have families

      1. Gays cannot marry. Gays cannot even have sex. They merely masturbate each other. They are ontologically incapable of union and family. They are nothing more than two strangers feeding into eachothers sexual deviancy and mental disorder. Even stealing or purchasing children will not deliver them from this fact. Gays know that they are not equal. They know that they are disordered. They hate the universe and the cosmos and humanity and all of creation for aligning against them to utterly snuff them out of existence. This is why they don’t care about AIDS and just keep on humping without much concern. Gays hate themselves and nature and don’t care if it all burns to hell and gone.

      2. LOL in Philly a gay married guy was killed after driving 18 miles to meet an online hookup. You cant swing a dead cat in philly without hitting a couple of gays, so what would be so good to drive 18 miles?

    3. They act like you are a prude for not having eightsomes but I don’t even know how that could work in a straight way with more than 4 women.

  11. People fail to realize how sluts (not prostitutes) and gay men are spreading diseases to and fro, right and left. Due to their promiscuous lifestyles, they endanger public health and contribute to the decadence of the West.

  12. Homosexuals run up healthcare costs unheard of in normal, healthy people yet pay the same rate. Of course so do the voluntarily obese (which is about 95% of them), but at least they don’t spread their filth. Toss in the illegals, and the rest of us would be paying 60% less for health insurance if these leeches were forced to pay their fair share.
    I actually have a small amount of sympathy for the smokers. Not only do the obscene taxes on tobacco more than cover their healthcare costs, they pay increased increased premiums on top of it.

    1. And they (smokers) die earlier, meaning they may not actually use that much more healthcare in the long run.

      1. Well so do the gays, its just that before dying they consume a million in drugs and hospital care.

      2. Anyone that is dying prematurely is MUCH more expensive in the health care system than someone that dies at an advanced age of a natural death.* Not only does their medical care cost a lot, they are also not making any contributions to the economy. So smokers, fatties, alcoholics, etc. all are a detriment to the system.
        *Source: EpiAnalysis. “How to estimate the economic cost of a risk factor or disease”. Dec 2011.

        1. Baloney. Nearly all of those anti-smoking studies are so biased its not even funny. Most people die from cancer or heart disease. If it happens at 50 or 80, it’s still going to be roughly the same cost. Plus we basically have confiscated their social security and medicare payments for no (or little) expense.

        2. Only the supremely stupid or willfully ignorant would claim smoking isn’t deleterious to health. If they are dying earlier than their planned retirement age then they are not paying into the social security or medicare payments. Not to mention presenteeism is fairly significant as with all conditions. You are probably going to defend the obese as well. And the Philip Morris study that you are likely using to make your claim that smoking is beneficial to government finances is only accounting for the excise tax associated with it. Taking the opportunity costs into account, that no longer becomes a positive for the government finances.*
          *Source: CDC

        3. I didn’t say it wasn’t damaging to your health. I said the most common cause of death whether you are 50 or 80 is heart disease or cancer with the obvious inference that you will on average die younger. You are only choosing whether you have expensive costs sooner rather than later. In fact, since medical costs have been rising faster than inflation for nearly 50 years, I think you can make a good case on a present value that it is actually cheaper.
          I do not smoke and never have, for the record and I have never read any Philip Morris study. I just strongly distrust government studies. Nearly all of the government studies attribute smoking for example as the cause of death if the person smoked even if it wasn’t concluded that it was the cause or even a cause of death–even if the person was 86 years old.
          What do you mean they aren’t paying into Social security and medicare? Horseshit. Most people start paying into SS/Medicare between 18-22 and the average smoker still lives to be around 60+ That means they are paying SS/Medicare taxes for nearly 40 years with no or very little benefit since you must be 62 to start collecting.

        4. After retirement not many contribute that much to the economy. Only Asians and whites tend to get old. Asians and whites don’t start costing more money than they contribute until after 50 and medicare/aid starts picking it up.Non Asian minorities cost more than they contribute and obamacare is a way to steal from old Asians and whites.

        5. Because the US government would never, ever, tell a lie or misrepresent statistics in order to implement an agenda, would they?
          Me of little faith says they lie every day and they also allow things to happen that help them enact their agendas.
          So take anything you get from the CDC or any other .gov tentacle with a grain of salt.

    2. AIDS drugs run $50,000 a year, the drug resistant TB coming across the border with this Childrens Crusade costs around $500,000 and take 3x longer than normal TB to treat. Chagas from south America could become as bad as AIDS.

  13. Gay sex results in nasty diseases? I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Why has nobody ever warned humanity?

    For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.
    Romans 1:26-27

    Humans are pattern-noticing creatures. We’ve known the obvious for thousands of years: men who screw men are disease-ridden, they die young, and their behavior corrodes any society that tolerates it.

    1. Yes but the guys who wrote the Bible didn’t conduct double blind peer reviewed studies, and created the patriarchy. So its hard to believe anything they say.

      1. True, they just got the answers straight from the source. Sometimes it is best to not learn the hard way that one shouldn’t be peeing on the proverbial electric fence.

    2. The verse from the Bible also alludes at heterosexual anal.
      “for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural,”
      I think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah not only for homosexuality but also for heterosexual anal – which is of course being overlooked today.
      Anal copulation is the bane of all sexual evil practices.

        1. Especially when human females have two distinct orifices for a reason, unlike other life forms where a singular one serves all reproductive and purgative bodily functions by design.

        2. But (butt?) wait – is it that the colon is a hub for disease colonies or is that the anus is easily ruptured which allows for transmission of semen borne pathogens?
          It’s the latter that transmits HIV. Not sure what specific pathogens are transmitted directly from the anus or colon itself to the penis, apart from herpes.

      1. My interpretation is that Paul was referring to Lesbianism.
        The old testament refers to only male homo behaviour because male sexuality was such a strong driver of society. The fact that women started going for their own was a sign of societal decay.`

      2. I’m not sure about that one. The only reference to homosexuality I’ve ever read in the bible was between two men. Anal between men and women is never discussed (though I don’t think it’s healthy for men and women to engage in it). The only possible reference you have regarding lesbians is Romans 1:26, but even then, you have to look at verse 27, which talks about “men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” As you’ll see, women aren’t lumped in as disease carriers or disease spreaders in this passage or in any other part of the Bible. Only the men are. I think the writers of the Bible and the God that inspired them understood that two women really can’t do ANYTHING with each other, except a little bagel bumping and carpet munching. There’s no anal tearing, bleeding, depositing of semen into rectums, etc. The disease breeding ground you find with two gay men just doesn’t exist when it comes to lesbians. Plus, the mental and emotional trauma that’s inherent in gay relations apparently doesn’t exist in lesbianism, or at least in not such a large degree. That’s why a woman could be dating a woman one day and dating a man the next, while a man who chooses to become gay almost never switches back, and why the suicide rate for gay men is so much higher than the rate for lesbians.

  14. Bold article. Well done sir. And, for the record, there is nothing “red pill” about sodomy.

    1. I feel the same way. As long as they don’t hurt anyone I don’t care what they do… Public health issue is worth talking about but I personally couldn’t care less that gay men are boinking each other.
      Hell… it seems like way less stress in some ways than dating women.

      1. I agree with the essence of what you’re saying, but please note, conditions today are such that this blase live and let live attitude is out of context if not irrelevant, largely, because homosexuals have demonstrated that they are unable to live and let live i.e. the current persecution of Christians. I suspect that you are “tolerant”, as am I, but today we don’t have a paradigm of tolerance…the “ideal” being pushed is not only forced blind acceptance but forced and unconditional praise. Moreover, because homosexualism’s foundation is that they’re victims, they in turn have exploited this to justify their immunity from any and all criticism. You have to be naive to NOT see how these special snowflakes have been granted so much power, as a function of white guilt, that they’re now bullying the rest of us to make everything homosexual. And, festering behind a thin veil of propaganda like a bowl of maggots IS their sexual excesses, which no one should be forced to either endure or approve of. Coexistence? Ha.

        1. I’ve met some really frikkin annoying lesbians and some annoying gay men.
          But I’ve also met some cool ones on both ends that do their own thing and don’t push some kind of agenda.
          I’m with you in calling out people who use bs victim status to get free shit… that can spiral out of control… and disincentivizes creative outputting people.
          I just don’t like bigotry in any shape or form… I don’t want the manosphere to turn into some ultra-conservative space where we start hating on groups of people for no other reason than they’re “different”.
          Like I said… the public health issue makes sense and is worth talking about… I’m not going to contribute so much there because I’m ignorant of that subject.
          I’m just uncomfortable with getting together with other people to hate on another group of people… Eventually ignorant loud-mouths take the reigns of the whole group. I’m peacing at that point.

        2. “I just don’t like bigotry in any shape or form”
          Either take the bigotry from what you call “ultra conservatives” or take it from homosexuals. Look at it this way, feminism, homosexualism…progressivism has really proven one thing and that is that bigotry, hate, discrimination, prejudice, judgement, stereotyping etc, exist, call a natural thing or whatever. Why? Because the progressives do all those things and, worse, they said they were supposed to be the ones to eliminate those things. So you can take progressive bigotry, which amounts to the weak > strong or let natural law flourish, which means strong > weak. I’m for the latter…it makes for a symmetrical and aesthetic society. You say it makes for disadvantaged groups? Haven’t the progressives made disadvantage groups out of men, Christians, Heterosexuals…to name a few?

        3. “The progressives! It must be those fuckers! Fucking gay faggots ruining everything!!!”
          “Conservatives!! Fucking hoarding bastards, they brought on this recession for their own profit!!”
          “Trickle-down economy is bullshit!!!”
          “Welfare state, keeping down the alpha male!!!”
          The way I see it we’re all fucked my friend. Its a waste of time to blame any one group for the fucked up situation we’re in.
          You guys are right… like I said… if gays are spreading disease than that is definitely a public health issue worth talking about. If something needs to be done to remedy a public health issue than great… its awesome that we can rally on issues like this.
          All I’m saying is I hope the manosphere remains a place of reason and self-development. I quite like the manosphere.
          But its fucking easy to start believing your own bullshit and taking yourself too seriously… Hamsturbation I think we call it… everyone fucking does it.
          Its quite easy when a group of people come together to get a herd mentality and hate on another group…. But at that point critical thinking stops… I’m just saying when I read comments like “shame homosexuals”, we might be on a path to “burn homosexuals”.
          If you think we’re that much different than we were 500 years ago than you’re wrong. I hope we can get out of this mess without everyone having to go back to the stone age… If that is what is necessary than so be it.
          Enjoy the Decline.

        4. No, liberals are 100% wrong and 100% responsible for the shit show that is America today. Tolerance in the face of evil is no virtue, friend.

        5. The recession was brought on by democrapts forcing banks to loan money to non Asian minorities with bad credit. Credit ratings were the only equality that existed, everyone at a credit rating had the same risk of default.

      2. You will be made to care. Homosexuals will never be satisfied with anything less than universal adulation and support.

        1. “…Homosexuals will never be satisfied with anything less than universal adulation and support.”
          Just like American feminists and their ‘useful idiot’ female supporters.

    2. $50,000 a year for AIDS meds almost always picked up by the taxpayer. They can be gay all they want when we don’t have to pay.

  15. Well put Roosh. It seems to me that gay men have their lust set to overdrive, with their every waking moment focused on sodomy. It is literally their addiction. And while many people here are PUA, at least they don’t put their entire identity in the number of notches on their belt.
    For gay men, it is entirely different. And it is really quite sad that they are willing to destroy themselves for the sake of sex when there is so much more to life than that.

    1. They are the equivalent of a women that would let 20 guys do her in a row in a graveyard.

  16. Eh, Roosh I love the site and I bought all of your books but the homophobia comes off as grossly ignorant. When preaching about viruses being spread — remember, half the dudes posting comments on here have or will have HPV at some point in their life and will spread it without knowing it.

    1. So calling out wrongful and unhealthy sexual practices is homophobia?
      Is calling out anal sex in heterosexuals heterophobia?

    2. Homosexual behavior is everybody’s business for many reasons
      1) They have substantially more healthcare needs and thereby need more attention from doctors, hospitals, etc. This creates a scarcity issue which drives up healthcare prices, yet
      2) They don’t pay substantially more in healthcare costs and therefore their lifestyle is being heavily subsidized by heterosexuals
      3) Their lifestyle creates an epidemic of otherwise minor disease which diverts resources from researching and treating other diseases which affect larger segments of the population
      4) Their lifestyle has been a prime driver in developing superbugs that are resistant to known medication bringing us closer to the day when some incurable disease will wipe out half the planet because we don’t have a means of fighting it.

    3. I see NO phobia of any kind here. If there is a phobia, its from the homosexualists who are scared to confront the truth of their own lifestyle.

      1. Exactly. Homophobia? I am not afraid of homos. I am disgusted by them. Big difference. Anyone using the word homophobia is blue pill. Matt is a blue pill liar that does not love this site or buy Roosh’s books.

    4. Homophobia?
      Ok, let’s try this on, see how it fits.
      I do not want to have sex with a horse. I do not want to watch horses have sex. I do not particularly care to engage in conversations about the details of horses having sex. I do not appreciate the topic of horses having sex being injected into every media outlet out of context and with little regard for decency in civil society. Does this mean that I fear horses?

  17. Homosexuality is a perversion that contradicts God’s Law, pure and simple. Christians like myself must respect a gay person’s property, right to earn a living, etc. because they’re created in His image too. But we’re being conditioned to embrace their lifestyle as well, and I won’t do that. Bestiality is another perversion, and I personally believe that that’s where the HIV came from.
    Have I mentioned lately how awesome being asexual is?

    1. If they ever grab your ass you have a perfect right to slap them. Don’t let that “tolerance” nonsense allow them to take it too far. Just make sure you avoid doing it to the S&M brigade, as slapping them will probably only arouse them further.

      1. No, the Gay Panic Defense does not work anymore.
        I wonder if there will be a Rape Culture Defense some day?

  18. The former mayor of Houston, Louie Welch, was asked what could be done to stop the spread of HIV. Not realizing his mic was on and they were live, he answered; “Shoot the queers.”. Priceless…lol

  19. Notice that people can scold the Elliot Rodgers of the world that they have no right to sexual fulfillment, but we can’t say anything of the sort to gay men, even though their behavior threatens public health and destabilizes society?
    Frankly we have it totally backwards. At least Elliot wanted a fuckable girlfriend to lay the foundation for an adult man’s skill set to help him find a suitable place in society. He wanted to grow up and become a proper, responsible man, in other words.
    Gays by contrast display the mentalities of small boys and addicts, wanting only instant gratification with strangers and without regard to consequences, other people or the future.

    1. “Gays by contrast display the mentalities of small boys and addicts, wanting only instant gratification with strangers and without regard to consequences, other people or the future.”
      Excellent statement.

    2. I knew quite a few homos when I was young (25 years ago) ALL DEAD. I can only think of 2 who I didn’t perceive as somewhat mentally unbalanced BEFORE they ‘came out’ to me. It should’ve never been deleted from the DSM as a mental illness.

      1. The life expectancy is much lower for homos /gay MEN than heteros and Lezbos. The higher death rates is almost always from an infectious disease e.g Hep C, Hep B, HIV and Syphilis

    3. Gays by contrast display the mentalities of small boys and addicts, wanting only instant gratification with strangers and without regard to consequences, other people or the future.

      Astute observation. They’re quite solipsistic.

    4. There is nothing good about Elliot Roger he was a bitch who hated men that got laid, fuck him, he is the personification of everything this site is against. I wish I could go back in time and kick his mother in the uterus when she was pregnant with him.

      1. Roosh writes that he probably could have helped Elliot:

        No One Would Have Died If PUAHate Killer Elliot Rodger Learned Game

        I go back to my original point: Sexually frustrated straight men display a healthy value orientation that gay men simply do not. Yet people feel that they can mock the former all they want, but no one with any authority stands up to gay men and tells them NO! You don’t have any right to “sexual fulfillment” doing the kinds of things you do.
        This shows how dysfunctional our society has gotten, where gay men in effect enjoy higher status than straight betas.

        1. The dude was mentally ill. Why can’t people wrap their heads around this?
          He didn’t have ANY friends, male or female because he was fucking weird. His behavior kept everyone at a distance because they knew something was wrong.

        2. undisputed. but if we were to rank the two, consider that stayed away from people until he killed a few, whereas gay men do the precise opposite and infect massive amounts of people with almost incurable infectious diseases.
          which is worse? guess that just depends on the case-load. types are bad, but very rare overall, though immediately deadly when they do occur. a homosexual spreading serious disease is orders of magnitude more prevalent and effects far death and dollars over time.
          thus, on a societal level, is simply not important, he’ll need to socially embraced, advocated, praised widely in movies and books, and have his right to manically kill be protected in public with federal tax dollars.

  20. Everyone should go to the WHO website and actually read their guidelines. The article which ROT has cited is taking the guidelines out of context, lying and fabrication, fear mongering and sensationalism is Beta behavior.

    1. Speaking the truth and seeing through lies is Alpha. Succumbing to impulses, claiming to be a victim and demanding entitlement is beta.

      1. So pretty much every gender and race is both Alpha and Beta? Cuz if you look around everyone is getting fucked.

  21. To be fair, Roosh’s criticism has a lot of weight to it, BUT we should be equally rigorous with the raw doggers out there. I propose legislation that would make it illegal to raw dog anybody you’re not in a stable relationship with, because the public health risk is almost as bad!

    1. Equally rigorous!?!? Woah, woah. Raw dogging is what nature intended. Now I do agree that for the sake of our health that it should be avoided but let’s not put the two on the same level. One deserves to be shamed. The other merely needs to be acknowledged.

      1. There are lots of things that nature intended that we do anyway, like staying in one place instead of being nomadic, eating grains and cereales and starches, and monogamous marriage! NONE of that is what nature intended. We’ve created an artificial world that doesn’t work and are suffering the consequences. STDs are one of them. The only way to be safe in today’s un-natural sexual environment is to use measures such as the condom. Can’t get around it, raw dogging in today’s world is irresponsible behavior.

        1. If we’re really worried about public health, and we’re proposing state intervention, why would we tackle one serious problem that is concentrated in a fraction of society and ignore another equally serious one that affects almost everybody? If the hammer comes down it has to come down consistently, otherwise diseases will still spread rampantly. 😉
          Roosh proposed in the final sentence that homosexuals should not be allowed to sleep outside the homosexual population. The problem is that 100% gay men are actually extremely rare, and the vast majority of them are bisexual, so they already ARE in the general population. And enforcing a law like that would be exactly as difficult as enforcing a “no raw-dogging” law….
          What I’m going to do PERSONALLY in the meantime is simply worry about MYSELF. ANY girl I meet who’se head I havent yet climbed inside i will assume is having tons of unprotected sex with (other?) strangers, and among these strangers there is almost certainly a couple of closeted bisexuals. So I’ll take appropriate precautions.
          40 years old, hundreds of women, not the first STD to date. I guess my plan works!!! 😉

    2. As long as it doesn’t involve raw dogging a raw dog it’s cool. There are inter-species limits after all.

    3. Legislating a problem away is how you get all this activism in the first place. Take control of yourself, then your family, then your community instead of asking big brother government to step in.

    4. Are you comfortable with summary executions to accompany this new law you propose?
      Because in police state America you can be executed for violating basically any law no matter the harm done in breaking it, if the cop says he felt unsafe.
      They just give the police state another reason to fuck you up and poke into your business.

  22. I have no problem with homosexuals, other than their morally bankrupt, sexually deviant ,genetically deficient lifestyle, that, along with feminism, is destroying our civilization.

    1. Hey dude, please stop commenting here using the [email protected] email address. You don’t own that address, but the person who does gets the notifications when you post here and get a reply.
      If you would like that email address, email the owner and perhaps he will sell it to you. Otherwise, please pick another fake address to use. Thanks.

  23. A trick I learned in the Navy to lower the risk of STD/STI:
    1)Drink alot of water before you know you’re going to fuck you a bitch.
    2)Soon after you bone, leave the condom on and wash your condom-wearing cock with soap and warm water to get off any of the remaining girl-gore. Preferably this in the shower, but a sink works in a pinch.
    3)Take of the condom off (add hot sauce then tie it in a knot, just in case) and wash your cock AGAIN and urinate with as hard a stream as possible to flush any germs out of your urethra.
    4)Then wash you cock one last time to clean off any remaining urethral germs that might have stuck around.
    5)Hope for the best

    1. How about just not sticking your Johnson into suspicious orifices to begin with?

  24. From simian to man has then moved on from man to man. Still think HIV is a CIA engineered superbug carefully designed to destroy the pits of degeneracy referred to as the “gay” villages? Think again. The truth is as base as it is perverted:
    Just couldn’t resist the enchanting allure of that luscious green sheen, ey boys? And now the whole world gets to share in the love. Well done indeed.
    -Still, those poor monkeys.

    1. It is far more likely that some hunter accidentally cut his finger with his knife while skinning a monkey for its meat.

      1. I’m more convinced by the OPV hypothesis, personally. The cut hunter scenario doesn’t explain the “why then (post-1950s), why there (former Belgian Congo and surrounding areas)” issue. But I agree it wasn’t intentionally manufactured. It was a massive iatrogenic fuckup in the 1950s when no one knew to look for something they didn’t know existed at that time (SIVcpz). Cf “The River,” by Edward Hooper. It’s 1118 pages, including notes, but a fascinating hypothesis. And the author does not hesitate to refine his hypothesis..

  25. excellent… it’s about time red pill took a stand on the homo lifestyle…. sure there might be older 50+ gay couples that are reasonably decent…. sure there might be younger gay couples that stick together, but we only have to look at hetero sexual habits to see how unstable relationships are….. and what happens when you magnify the male sex drive twice over ? full on knocking shops at lunch time .. of course ….
    more dangerous is the creeping drive to promote homosexuality and bisexuality in women, that is seen as benign and harmless, where the feedback begins to create bisexual men.
    back in the 80s when the AIDS (Anally Inflicted Death Sentence), first started, the gay community were more or less firewalled and men were generally speaking either straight or gay… starting gay sex meant that hetero sex faded off completely.
    today, with all the loose women around, that is no longer the case and men that in the past would have been 100% gay, are now picking both sides of the fence.

  26. Just a point of perspective. HIV/AIDS is not one of the leading causes of death in the West. So while the habits of gay men might be unpleasant, they are far from threatening to general health.

    1. Only because of extremely expensive HAART — which is another factor in making everybody else’s health insurance premiums so freaking expensive.
      I should also point out that if HIV ever evolves resistance to HAART, it will be via a super strain coming out of the buttpokers.

      1. The vast majority of people with AIDS are either homosexual or intravenous drug abusers. Since these people represent high risk minority groups, it is unlikely that AIDS will ever be a significant cause of death.

        1. Correct. Unless the politically correct powers that be allow them to infect the blood (and other biological fluids) supply. That’s really the scary thing about this, and what I take to be the main point of Roosh’s article. The current Red Cross rules on blood donations say that people in the following categories should not donate:
          – you are a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even once, since 1977,
          – you have ever taken money, drugs or other payment for sex since 1977,
          – you have had sexual contact in the past 12 months with anyone described above.
          That pretty much rules out homosexuals. If these rules are changed because of a triumph of gay politics over dispassionate science, we are setting ourselves up for a serious problem.
          What the leftists fail to understand is that there are other categories of people who shouldn’t donate blood, and all of them are based on science, not politics.This includes those who have spent a particular length of time in certain European countries at certain times (risk of Variant Creuzfeld-Jakob), etc.

  27. All of the push by the current Administration to normalize homosexuality, yet statistics show that all of the non-hetero choices amount to 3% or less of the population.
    I strongly suspect that the President is at least bi-sexual if not full on homosexual (who may have started out bi-sexual and gotten married to his mannish looking wife). There’s no other good reason why so much fuss would be made about such a small group of people, not just in regard to rights but in strong efforts to glamorize and glorify their “lifestyle choice”. It seems like he has a personal investment in it, is what I’m saying.
    I’m live and let live, and if gays and lesbians want to fuck, then they can fuck, it’s not my business. I’m just tired of their “choices” always being thrown in my face, as if they’re daring me to confront them. It’s like a movement of foot stomping insipid little children.

      1. I agree. My point looked like I meant it in every context. I mean it only in the sense of “If you fuck behind closed doors it’s not my business”. The constant push to force people to ‘celebrate’ their choices in life I’m very vocally against when I encounter it. I also have no interest in granting them new and better rights than I myself have, which it appears that they want.

      2. Homosexuality has gone from the “love that dare not speak its name” to the love that won’t shut the fuck up.

    1. The main reason for this push goes beyond the personal preferences of the current politicians. In South America, where I work (long story), as a European I am surprised how political correctness about homosexuals and women is being pushed, by television and any media (music, “zero tolerance to homophobia campaigns” even in the soap operas and Latin American movies). fortunately the population here is not as brainwashed as Americans and Europeans, but they are on the way to be as deluded I think…

      1. Why then, to what ends? It’s not like they’re saying “equal rights before the law” they’re instead demanding that you change your opinions and silence your speech. If it’s gone international there’s got to be something bigger at play here.

        1. It could just be the good old ‘divide and conquer’. Give the sheeple something to argue about and occupy themselves with, and distract them from the really important issues.

      2. Latin America is rapidly heading into the toilet. In high-IQ societies like Europe and North America, many people know better than to actually believe the crap put out by the leftoid media. But the impressionable Latin Americans are effed.

        1. What percentage of the population is high-IQ? Most propaganda targets the low-IQ, and it’s working splendidly in these countries.

    2. Right on GOJ. Jesus it’s all you hear gay , gay , fucking GAY! Now it’s the transgender madness. How did this minority take over?? It has become tyranny of the minority. Gays/Lezbos/TG etc are at the extremes of the bell curve so why are we trying to rearrange a society to accommodate them. It would be as if Shaquille O’Neal and super tall people demanded all building codes be changed to accommodate them.

      1. Or all people in wheelchairs demanded that every government and public building be redesigned to accommodate their special needs…

      2. They get HIV on purpose so they can get on social security disability. Then they have all day with nothing to do but be loud on productive taxpayers expense.

    3. “I’m live and let live, and if gays and lesbians want to fuck, then they
      can fuck, it’s not my business. I’m just tired of their “choices”
      always being thrown in my face, as if they’re daring me to confront
      them. It’s like a movement of foot stomping insipid little children.”
      Nailed it!

  28. Guys will fuck. The reason homosexuals have so much sex is there are no barriers to access. If any of us could walk into a club and approach any chick and she would drop her panties and let you bang right there we would all be screwing as much as the homos. In that sense they are really no different than us.

      1. You beat me to the punch, I was going to bring up that exact point.
        And it kind of confirms a lot of what many countless married guys bitch about all the time, the whole “wedding cake induces asexuality in women” meme.

        1. Yep. Anyone preaching the gospel of equalism can’t bear to consider the implications of homosexual male promiscuity and homosexual female frigidity.

  29. First homosexuality is normalised. If the progressives are left to their own devices, other deviancies are sure to follow.

    1. Progressives are trying to drive civilization off a cliff, and the vast majority are too brainwashed to even see it. The small remainder are just plain evil.

  30. I am so grateful for red pill truths and the mindset needed to cultivate them. This place, this community is one of the last remaining strongholds for sane-thinking men.
    Society is degenerating. All the mania of feminism and homosexuality, allowing this and that without any limit, used to make me think I was losing my mind

    1. You are not alone brother. We are legion and hidden in plain sight. The world you see and the people in it are not all what they first appear to be. That’s why it’s called taking the red pill and joining the ranks of the awakened. We are the camouflaged renegades among the mass of deluded sheeple.

      1. Red Pill does not mean you know the truth. But you are committed to the truth no matter what.

        1. It also means you have awakened to the existence of the cathedral and it’s various mechanisms of psycho-social control. You literally see the lines of code running through the frames of everyday reality as in the Matrix movies – hence the appropriate analogy. It is literally a form of transcendence, almost like a religious experience in many ways.

        2. Frankly, the first time you see the reality underlying people’s actions, when you see something outrageous happen and can immediately pinpoint the where, why, and how behind it due to schooling your mind in red-pill critical propaganda deconstruction, it is sort of awe-inspiring.
          It’s like learning statistics and then playing blackjack… you KNOW what’s going to happen, and when it does, you are almost staggered by the mathematical simplicity of it.
          And what gets you is that, what is now so obvious through the lense of logic and an understanding of human propaganda, that everyone around you seems so utterly oblivious to reality… in fact, tries to fight it tooth and nail.
          That’s why I always say “The truth will set you free… and then it’s really going to piss you off.”

        3. Where are you playing blackjack with few enough decks that counting cards is easy?

        4. Reno, 1986.
          Yes, they have changed things up since then 🙂
          However, I was just using it to illustrate a point. Often it is difficult to understand how people who never ‘learned’ to think actually think.
          It’s like when some dude in a trailer park gets six women pregnant even though he has a full box of trojans in his glove compartment…. what the fuck was he THINKING?

        5. I was going to say everywhere I go they reshuffle the multiple decks when ever you get a count going.

    2. The main reason gays seem so loud is many called bugchasers get HIV on purpose. Then they get on social security disability so they have all day to lay around and make noise at taxpayer expense.

  31. When I w s still in high school about 6-7 years ago, I and many others were aboard the bandwagon of gay acceptance. I find it distasteful, but there are worse things like pedophilia and bestiality.
    What bothers me the most about some gays is their overly aggressive approach to hetero males knowing they can do almost anything and suffered any consequences. Case in point a former co worker of mine ended up getting charged with a hate crime and law suit after being sexually harassed and assaulted by a gay man at bar(it was a normal bar not a gay bar). The gay guy was being aggressive touchy even after my co worker told him to fuck off and stop. After the gay didnt stop he went to one of the bouncers hoping they would kick the gay man out. They instead laughed and walked away. Since my coworker had enough he warned they gay that he would punch straight in the jaw if he didn’t leave him alone.
    Well the gay guy responded by grabbing his junk and got knocked out. Aside from a sore jaw nothing happened to the gay. But my co worker was fired because this whole ordeal and stands a high chance of being fucked for the rest of his life.

      1. Sigh…. Times are quite different I guess. One of the older gentleman at my company told me 50 years ago women and gays knew their place. If they got out line a firm slap for either usually resolved and prevented future issues. Now so much as a firm grasp or extended eye contact is considered rape/assault.

  32. Do gay men even display the sort of psychological maturation that we see in most straight men with the passing of the years? When you meet ones in their 40’s who still try to look and dress like gays half their age, and their bodies show the ravages of their biologically preposterous behavior, then you have to wonder if they even possess the capacity for self-awareness or personal growth. I know a gay man in his 50’s who still travels around the world as a sex tourist, and he looks like an extra on The Walking Dead.
    For example, do older gays show any kind of avuncular regard towards younger gays and offer advice based on their own experiences to guide them away from self-destruction? “Well, you know, son, I realized years ago that going to public restrooms to suck strangers’ cocks just doesn’t work as a fulfilling way of life.” Or do they instead strategize how to get these youngsters to drop their pants for their next alienated and septic sex act?

    1. Homosexuality will increasingly be associated with normal masculine healthy men for several reasons. As the gay mentality is promoted more, young men (without masculine dads) will experiment and falsely conclude that they are gay during their formative years. These young men in a healthy society would have otherwise been convinced that they were heterosexual and would never have experimented and degraded themselves. However, the propaganda and the lack of a countering opinion in our sick society will result in young boys acting gay in order to discover themselves. These men will be masculine and normal in appearance.

      1. Disagree. Male sexuality isn’t as “fluid” as female sexuality. We recoil impulsively at a deep DNA level if we’re straight males, whereas females can be convinced by “culture and society” to basically do any ol’ perverse thing.

        1. Wrong. Otherwise fully hetero human males can in fact go through sporadic bouts of homoerotic attraction during puberty due to hormonal imbalances and biological readjustments, at which point they become prime targets for experimentation and eventual coercion into the ranks of the degenerate under a permissive and accommodating society. The counterpart to this, however, is isolation and misunderstanding under a bunch of fundamentalist crazies with no knowledge of this phenomenon at all which can lead to psychotic repression and other mental problems down the road. standing against the perverse public glorification of gay culture is one thing. Thinking that all problems pertaining to it can simply be overcome with a vigorous helping of Jeeeesus is quite another.

    2. No homos don’t grow up. They are in a state of “suspended adolescence”.
      They are hedonistic . Life is just one big rave, one big orgy. This is why gay male marriage is such a crock of shit. Gay men do not want to get married. They think they do but they want the marriage issue as part of the “normalization ” campaign

      1. I think the first gay alimony reported in the news will have them all not wanting it.

      2. Divorce lawyers celebrate all the new business they’re going to get from these newly wed gays.
        Hell a hetero marriage in the US ends in divorce roughly half the time.
        Let’s see what gay marriage divorce rates end up being. I guess around 80%.
        A cash bonanza for divorce lawyers, but who will get the house and who will pay the alimony?
        Who gets the gold mine, and who gets the shaft?

    3. The vice president of HACC has “safe place” sex parties for his gay students too young to go to the bars. If he was straight doing it with girls he would be in trouble. They trick the youngsters to drink the roofie.

  33. One of the worse offenders in promoting dangerous homosexuality is the travel guide series, Lonely Planet. Each of their books contain a “Gay and Lesbian” section, where people can locate bars all over the world, from Medellin or Manila, to meet other gays.
    I sometimes wonder how many cases of Aids Lonely Planet has contributed to. How many gay men, using those books as a guide, ended up hooking up with an infected partner in Mexico City or Prague – going to places they might have otherwise never known about.
    Lonely Plaet only mentions Aids in relation to straight males who engage in sex tourism or game. On my first trip to Thailand, the authors made it seem like a could contract Aids by just looking at a skinny Thai women. This is clearly the world view of Western liberal woman, looking to shame men from seeking options outside the US.
    I have started an official boycott of that book series, and I recommend others to boycott it as well.

    1. Ugh. But what rights don’t gays have? The guy in the picture above is gay, he’s employed and nobody seems to be giving him any problems. I mean sure, he has to wear a tie and stuff, and that blue shirt isn’t flattering, but really he’s not being discriminated against whatsoever.

      1. Calling it gay “rights” was a brilliant move by the propagandists. The fact is, they are not being denied a single right. Even marriage. Gays have the exact same rights as anyone; they are free to marry someone of the opposite sex, as am I. They are unable (in states that have maintained traditional marriage, at least) to marry someone of the opposite sex, as am I. We have the exact same rights. They’re trying to invent a “right,” that will in turn lead to the destruction of marriage as we know it.

        1. They want special privileges, that’s it, and worse, they petition the state to give them that under the pretense of victimhood. This is the same state that is supported by taxpayers, most of whom are not homosexual, and therefore, will not see any benefit from this. Even worse than that, is the usage of the state, again funded by taxpayers, to terrorize anyone that doesn’t agree with their special privileges.

        2. They’re too late to destroy marriage — the feminists and the female ‘useful idiot’ population beat them to it.

        3. Most don’t realize the agenda behind these ‘equal rights’ movements… Slaves need to be equal before their masters. Easier to control.

      2. “If Rick Perry (the governor of Texas) would’ve walked in, I would have lost my job. I would’ve taken that old queen to town,” The gay said.

    2. Look at the outright joy on Obama’s face here. Why? He’s just meeting a constituent. The reason is that he’s been given an opportunity to get his probably hourly fix of progressive pseudo heroism. A GAY MAN!!! Watch Obama play the hero and get a narcotic dose of sanctimony in his bloodstream. This culture’s chase of this cheap pseudo-sanctimonious payoff has developed to the point in which it at the physiological/addictive level. That is true euphoria on Obama’s face. Again, why? Synthetic emotional payoff via cheap progressive perceived goodness. It’s what is killing our culture–the legitimate physical buzz and consequent addiction to easy, superficial sanctimony.

  34. I’m not religious but…IT’S WRONG TO BE GAY. It’s unnatural and goes against everything original biology dictates. These fools are sick in the head and need to be put down. Every last one of them. And que the politically correct police attacks of me being a closet homo in 3….2…..1…..

    1. Homos are not allowed to comment here, even trolling. Please do not comment here.

  35. So this website doesn’t like women or homosexuals? For people with a great fasination in how to use your penis, your all awfully judgmental…

    1. It’s a tolerant website that does not condemn Free Speech or Freedom. If you enjoy totalitarianism and censorship, you have 99% of western media.

    2. Strictly facts in the article stating a logical case against gays, yet no real rebuttal from the tolerant side

    3. Shaming language doesn’t work anymore. Didn’t you get the memo?
      AND we DON’T apologize for our beliefs anymore, either.
      WE have ‘free speech’, too.

    1. Homosexuals are not permitted to comment here. Please delete or redact your comment.

  36. The fog of mind control propaganda is thick over our society this morning as usual. That gay agenda is population control needs to be reset to top of page in the sunlight. There’s the arguement that the people who DO fall for the non-procreative lifestyle when it’s promoted, well they’re just too stupid to live anyway. So let them suck dick? The homos DO live in a brainwashed virtual prison where it’s ‘chicken for the hardhats’ in every other dreary cell block. Even in the park where there’s chicks everywhere, the’y can’t even see it. So they lurk in the bushes and park trails popping out from behind trees saying ”I wanna thuck yer dick”. The crap food they eat – it’s all death. I’ve seen it growing up in a liberal college town with its own fag bar section. Thus my stronger than average aversion to them, like throngs of walking dead they are. I remember parts of town where I couldn’t even get to my car without facing groups of them. I’d have to detour to avoid wasting time rebuking their come-ons.
    Its obvious we’re being gamed by forces unseen by most. Forces so alien to true community and family that one could almost imagine viewing them through special sunglasses as an alien species alltogether.
    Growing up in the south we had giant cockroaches. I’d spend an hour as a kid flipping kitchen lights on and smashing a hundred with a spatula and repeat. Then came RAID ROACH ENDER tm. The only roach spray that WORKED permanantly. I guess that’s why they pulled it from market. It contained not toxin, but a chemical that TRICKED the roaches into not reproducing. They’d die out slowly and in a few months GONE. When it was time to fertilize mama, the males ran in silly circles and missed THE WRONG HOLE. JUST LIKE FAGS. The poor chumps.
    So dads TEACH YOUR SONS game like a master and let your little brother wing for you a time or two. NOW THATS FAMILY!

    1. Bravo, I´ve been thinking the same. It seems like the most logical explanation to the obsession of the elites, not just in the U.S. but around the world to ram homosexuality and feminism through the collective throats of everyone overseas…

  37. Beside blood donation and bisexuals I don’t see it as a huge problem. If they want to live on the edge, that’s their choice.

    1. Then their choice should be reflected in their healthcare premiums, and I shouldn’t have to continue to subsidize them.

      1. Then don’t. What’s the point of outrage when you can organize and remove parasites in DC. You sill got guns.

  38. I can whole heartedly agree that because homosexual men are far more likely to carry HIV that they should not be allowed to donate blood. NO QUESTION! But if you’re wanting to figure out a way to legally stop them from spreading it to non-homosexuals through sex, then I’m afraid there is nothing you or anyone else can do about that, except use protection, which is what everyone on planet Earth should be doing these days anyway. That would be like telling Athiests that they cannot sleep with anyone who is religious. There is no way to monitor something like that. The bottom line is that it’s basic Darwinism: if you don’t use a condom then you’re an idiot and have a greater chance of getting sick, but if you do use a condom then you’re smart and have a greater chance of not getting sick.

    1. Considering its assault and battery you could throw the fudgepackers in jail for a couple years, and give them life when somebody they infected dies from HIV. Then again that is probably where they want to be anyway.

  39. Scariest part to me is the possibility to cross over to hot fuckable girls. How many of these ding-bat bitches buy some feminine acting guy’s softer side, assumes he’s NOT bi-sexual. or gay, despite the fact he sounds, dresses, and acts gay part of the time, then she fucks him anyways, contracts HIV in sleeper mode then goes and fucks some normal hetero guy with game and ruins his life forever or kills him with a virus.
    Pro feminism and pro fag are often the same folks. Stay the fuck away from feminists and gays or pay the price. When the whole metro craze hit 10 years ago, it was an obvious shift 1 step closer to gay-acting acceptance. And IMO, those who act gay, metro, super-hipster, or whatever are 1 step away from catching a dick in the shitter anyhow, and probably would consider it since they’re already acting the part.
    Consider this, how many gays are entering the STEM fields now? Yet the very science they’ll learn to make a living, they’ll deny and go on fudge packing as much society as they can. I’m not religious but the Bible was right about NOT being gay. Good riddance.

  40. I think it’s fair to say that the entire “HIV / AIDS” narrative is the most propagandized issue in all of health care / medicine / science — and that’s really saying something considering the incredible amount of pure bullshit that exits in those realms.
    In essence, HIV is a failed experiment — it didn’t go the way the Big Boys wanted. But, they brought the drug AZT back from the grave (old chemo agent considered far too toxic to treat cancer…), which when combined w/ the typical urban homosexual’s lifestyle (lots of nitrate poppers, other illicit drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine, too much boozing, various STD’s and unusual infections, chronic lack of sleep, higher than average levels of stress / shame), devastates any immune system and slowly leads to death. That’s why the push for “preventative HIV meds” which was noted at the beginning of this article. If HIV is just a mildly infective virus that’s actually quite difficult to contract, then why wouldn’t natural antimicrobials and immune boosters be more than sufficient (vitamin C, olive leaf extract, echinacea, colloidal silver and 100s of others)???
    I’m not condoning the deviant faggy lifestyle, but these people are best described as victims. A very small percentage of the gay community are the way they are due to genetics / hormone imbalances. On the contrary, 80-95% are the way they are due to abuse when they were young, either overt sexual abuse or varying forms of emotional abuse (single domineering mother household, for example). This is factual, and unfortunately, a very high percentage of abuse victims become abusers when they get older — it’s often a deep compulsion that they loath, but can’t control. On top of that, homos get hammered w/ all the medical propaganda, which is their ultimate undoing.
    Again, don’t get me wrong. I think the vast majority of homosexuals are emotionally / psychologically imbalanced and should not be put in positions of power or authority because they are far more destructive than the average emotionally-charged woman. Furthermore, they often are predators of children and seek to demolish the heterosexual family unit, consciously or unconsciously. Gays have really become a social scourge, but suggesting they should simply all go on their “meds” and the problem will disappear is ridiculous. Instead, child abuse (in all it’s forms), pedophilia, and single-mother households have to be seriously addressed before the “homosexual crisis” can be solved. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Good 2 cents…I just wish society can see this as clearly as you do. Much of the problem with homosexualism is that it obscures if not ignores these facts, such as, the very high incident of childhood abuse as a cause etc. Ahem, its important to add that they ignore this deliberately and attack anyone who brings this to light. Its for that reason that, although they can be seen as “victims”, what can the rest of us really do if they’re not ready, willing or seemingly capable to address the root(s) of their own issues. Instead, we have to endure the effects of their denial, and Its incredibly selfish to force the 98% of the rest of the human population to endure a never ending catharsis and one that we can’t relate too. Not to mention how inherently pathetic it is to put ones emotional issues on others. Unfortunately, like the rest of modern psychology and medicine to some extent, telling people what they want to hear versus the proverbial jagged pill is the current prescription du jour. Take “transsexuals”…clearly a disturbed bunch, but current medicine says indulge your fantasy and its off to the OR and off with some very important body parts, which can’t be reversed. The root causes are never met, just a superficial change at best.

      1. Agreed, it’s a complicated issue. But having said that, I’ve become very intolerant of gays over the last few years. They are victims, but I just can no longer drudge up much empathy for them. They actually look down on heterosexuals from their delusional perch, thinking themselves societal all-stars while slurping up every ounce of liberal propaganda that’s meant to destroy our way of life. I find them to be the most materialistically vapid backstabbers, phoney, mean spirited, manipulative, jealous, envious, and two-faced. To befriend one is like grabbing onto the tail of a Tasmanian devil. I find a good stare-down w/ a generous sneer is enough to send them on their way and out of earshot. Good riddance.

        1. I can’t help but think that they’re going to sink themselves, because, they’re showing us all with their actions that they are the very thing(s) they say their against. Most of the legitimacy of homosexualism (and progressivism for that matter) is this notion that they’ll destroy things like discrimination, judgement, hate and deliver us to a more balanced coexistence. Yeah right, society has never been as polarized as it is today, and homosexuals are a big part of that. Such a fundamental contradiction can’t sustain and already pockets of society have more than ample grounds to claim legitimate oppression from homosexuals, such as, Christians. More groups and people will start to come to this realization. The world and human beings are not homosexuals, they represent ~ 3% of the population according to the CDC, yet they act is if their entitled to everything.

    1. Seriously rather than wishing death. I prefer they overcome their issues. There are ex-gays who have left the lifestyle. There is hope for change.

  41. Spot on. And the fact of the matter is, we need to stop letting the LGBTs and their lapdogs get in our faces and call us “Bible thumpers” and “bigots.” While it’s true that the Bible heavily condemns homosexuality, this issue transcends race, nationality, and religion. I think a black Baptist, a Chinese Buddhist, and a Polish Atheist can all agree–provided they’re all straight–that homosexuality, with it’s “bug chasing” (which NO ONE TALKS ABOUT), marathon orgies, drug parties, and other destructive behaviors, is a destructive force of epic proportions. You don’t need to read a single word of the Bible to know that. It’s COMMON SENSE. It’s written in our DNA to engage in activities that promote our reproductive success and to shun anything that would hinder it. That’s why drugs are so prolific in the LGBT lifestyle. They have to get stoned just to engage in half of this crap.

    1. Never argue the “morality ” or religious angle when arguing with the LGBT storm troopers. Use the public health /disease risk issues. Use the demographic /reproductive i.e. Americans/Euros are not replicating themselves and homo sex doesn’t help this demographic death spiral. I like the biology angle too. Nature always has outliers i.e. homos but nature designed us to be hetero

  42. Shit like this is not what this site needs. Can we we stick to women, game…etc and leave the neanderthal like hate speach out. At least in the comments. I love ths site, I write here, I want it to be taken serious. Not looked at like a bunch of meatheads ready to go fag bash.

    1. Funny, I thought anything that disrupts the sexual market place, even indirectly would be fair game. And this does that.

    2. You are free to leave. Sodomites need to be excoriated for the destruction they have and will wrought.

    3. I see it differently, in fact I like the material on society and culture as it sets the site apart from other women and game sites, especially the more politically correct ones

    4. Fuck you and your hate speech, you nazi, people can do and think what they want. Guess what most people find homosexuality disgusting…too bad so sad.

  43. gay people should just kill themselves, most parents would rather have a dead kid than a gay kid

  44. Never trust a girl who hangs around with fags well never fully trust any girl. But be extra suspicious of the fag hags or girls who just love being friends with them. These gay guys are always varying levels if bisexual and will crave pussy from time to time if only for the narcissistic supply derived from fucking a girl. To live in a culture that promotes these degenerates as just like us is sick.

  45. Let’s see how fast this comment gets deleted. 
    Oh Roosh, how you have disappointed those who aren’t ROK zealots. To say ROK is beyond useful is a massive under statement, in the same breath I will say some of the articles are just frustrated trash that hurts the cause, this article included. 
    This article reeks of manipulation and the practices which are strangely similar to feminists , “this is good for me but not you because, well I don’t like you  and your icky :p 😉 lol”.  
    During the month when was sponsor Roosh  wrote this:
    “It’s somewhat known that I’m not a big fan of condoms. My sexual compliance rate is a bit short of 100%, but if I was getting laid regularly and had a permanent residence, a condom subscription service would be worth looking into. Find out if it’s right for you at Jimmy Cap It.”
    While you didn’t condone going bareback, you also didn’t speak against it. Do you really believe that if there were venues that heterosexual men could go to and fuck women to their heart’s content (without ANY form of payment) everyone of them would use condoms? Or (hypothetically mind you) that you may have unwittingly caught something while your compliance rate wasn’t 100%? 
    While it maybe easier to get HIV from man on man, it is still very possible to catch and spread through heterosexual sex. 
    “A contradiction cannot exist in reality (reality being what the red pill is based on). To believe in a contradiction is to abdicate your belief in the existence of the world around you and the nature of the things in it, to instead embrace any random impulse that strikes your fancy – to imagine something is real simply because you wish it were.”
    ..kind of like what your fighting huh?
    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY  (had to shame you, coward shit isn’t tolerated for any red pillars. Own your mistake, fix it, and learn from it.) 
    In the recent ROK article “Men fought the Nazi’s, Women slept with them “by Billy Chubbs, he goes onto say (in the comments) that he purposely mislead you. This article and any articles is capable of undermining you, remember that.
    Don’t believe everything you read. Does this article raise cause for concern? You bet your Ass it does. However when you say the animalistic urges of heterosexuals is safer/justified/morally better (?) than that of homosexuals your end game is the same as the feminists you despise. Do you have the courage to honestly ask yourself if the situation was different and we had access there wouldn’t be irresponsible men and women? Dealing with urges right or wrong plagues us all, the consequences may differ but the effect is the same. 
    This isn’t wrong bc they like Dick, this is wrong because it spreads disease which  endangers the community as a whole (Looking at western community, some might say the diseased are helping the world hahahaha..I’m going to hell, bad joke) Same goes for ANYONE going bareback, unless your Clark Kent.
    Don’t be simpletons, use your mind to perceive the entire battlefield and not just your immediate enemy. Do you trully believe your fighting the woman from the news who misleads the public, the trolls on Twitter/jezebel or the wives that fucked you in divorce court? 
    Be a fucken man, these “immediate enemies” are cogs in a huge machine that’s been fucking us all for hundreds of billions of dollars and POWER. Your not battling women, your battling a enemy (deception) that has (brilliantly, I might add) transformed BOTH men and women and watches you fight each other for entertainment while collecting interest on your misery and the downfall of humanity. 
    People have been killed over 10 grand or less, this movement threatens an enemy of almost unlimited resources that feeds off comeplete domination. You dont think they couldn’t bribe Roosh? Threaten him? Impersonate or hack him? Stop being fucken sheep and blindly following others . Don’t blindly follow ANYONE. Challenge what everyone says, look for TRUTH above all things, or you will fall prey just as your ancestors did to this regime. (just because Roosh has some great reads, doesn’t make him correct in everything)
    This Movement that you have so aptly called “men’s rights movement” is the age old battle of human’s rights from  YOUR perception. As is “black rights” , “gay rights”, “eatabagofdicks rights” to their respective parties. This is one of the few public remnants of nobility (maybe a bit skewed) of this era, don’t be led down a path that may destroy quite possibly the last chance we have by buying into stupid ideas that sound good.
    Evaluate those “champions of truth” they could be idiots or puppets. I will be watching and waiting, you should too.
    I leave you with this , ” Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie” 

  46. Across the board homosexual men have lower life expectancies than heteros. They die much earlier than us breeders. What kills them is infectious diseases. Here’s a list of the gay MALE diseases:
    Hepatitis B and C
    HPV aka Human Papilloma Virus which causes penile /anal warts which then
    causes rectal cancer
    Various infectious diarrheas NOT related to HIV
    It is theorized that HIV and Syphilis were originally ANIMAL diseases that “jumped” over and infected humans. I will let you figure out how these diseases “jumped “over” into us humans….

    1. Syphilis I am more skeptical of a zoonotic origin, at the very least because it was already well known as early as the reign of Henry VIII, believed to have died from it as well.

      1. Zoonotic . Thank you. I thought that Syphilis ( Treponema Pallidum) bacteria ( or a close cousin) was a nonpathogenic bug that lived in sheep. This then spread to humans thru sheep buggery. HIV likely came from a similar virus that infected monkeys SIV ( simian immunodeficiency virus) that got into the human population thru the eating of monkeys ( bush meat

        1. Even if the virus crossed species it wouldn’t explain the spread of the disease. First of all the virus would be easily destroyed from cooking but even if some man acquired it having PIV sex would only very rarely spread it.Of course, African “dry sex” doesn’t help either due to the irritation caused and the fact that the “downlow” is common and barely thought of sex at all.

        2. See some vids from vice of Africa, people eat uncooked meat and have cows pee on them.

      2. There’s no proof that he died from it.After the initial infection the patient recovers and it’s not in a contagious state.He may go on into the 2nd stage without penicillin treatment but it is still not fatal.It’s the tertiary stage that kills sometimes 10-15 years later but only 10% of infected patients reach this stage if untreated. (none in Henry’s day that was effective as far as I know). In this stage the patient will deteriorate mentally from general paralysis of the insane but Henry never showed any signs of this. I’ve never seen a case but it’s similar to something like Huntington’s disease which is always fatal.Henry just likely died from heart disease the #1 killer today and probably back then.

    2. It’s actually quire simple to understand why homosexuals still exist and this primitive sexual trait still exists in the world and is passed down genetically but the average person is not knowledgeable enough to understand it. I don’t know of any doctors or scientists who have put 2+2 together as well, although there may be some who have.

  47. Normalizing Homosexuality helps to effeminate the males. All the easier to take away their guns and herd them into camps.

  48. I’d like to come out of the woodwork to add to this conversation. You’ve got two issues here, the medical reality of HIV, and the political reality of how the LGBT community is handled. I’ll speak only about US related information as other countries have their own dynamics at play.
    I’d like to remind our readers that there are some very simple reasons why HIV/AIDs are more prevalent with men who have sex with men (MSM). First and foremost is that anal sex has a high risk of tearing leading to blood exposure. Next is higher average partner count (3.1 partners per year as opposed to 1.8) . Finally, the homosexual population is very small allowing an infection to spread very quickly throughout it (Its like playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon while Kevin Bacon is in the room).
    For these reasons MSM do indeed make up the majority of new and existing cases of HIV. Its a real problem and some people needs to learn to use a God Damn Condom. I do not see sufficient evidence that the MSM population represents an imminent health risk to the general population. To examine the health risk to heteorsexuals we can look at the infection rates of women as a control, as women are the only ones who cannot partake in MSM sexual activity.
    The number of new HIV infections among females with infection attributed to heterosexual contact decreased 18% from 9,800 (95% CI: 8,200–11,400) in 2008 to 8,000 (95% CI: 6,700–9,200) in 2010. In 2010, the majority of new HIV infections was attributed to male-to-male sexual contact (63% overall and 78% among males)[1] .
    This would indicate a decreasing risk among women and therefore invalidate the hypothesis that MSM-related HIV is the cause of MSW-related HIV.
    It should also be noted that the HIV burden is significantly higher amongst the black population in the US. If Roosh really wanted to lay down a hard truth he could just as well have said that black men are harbingers of death and pestilence. But the prevalence of HIV amongst blacks is a sign that this is virus that is effected along socioeconomic lines. Prevention, testing, and treatment are hugely important in stemming the spread of HIV, and it would seem black people have the least access to those tools.
    I could go on for an inordinate amount of time about the damage bring done by LGBT social justice warriors. Certainly our social protection and promotion of gay culture has made it difficult to address the issue of disease head on, and gay men are paying a price for that as well. There is nothing discriminatory about discussing public health.
    Roosh has not made a helpful contribution to this discussion of public health however. The bent of this post was more about pushing back against gay culture than it was about examining the actual issue at hand. Deriding promiscuity and anal sex on a site dedicated to sexual strategy is laughable. Homosexual men are not in motive necessarily different from any red pill man. The difference lays in how their demographic has been over run by a disease.

    1. amongst blacks is a sign that this is virus that is effected along socioeconomic lines
      If that were true then these much poorer hill billies from Appalachia would have the most cases when in fact it is rare.It’s higher in negroes due to “downlow” sex and many don’t even think that they are homos because they have sex with females.

    2. I’m unsure what you’re hinting out with respect to “damage being done by LGBT social justice warriors.” But otherwise, very fine post.

  49. AIDS is not a gay or straight disease. AIDS is a buttsex disease. It just happens that gay men probably have 99% of the buttsex out there.
    Just as with black people, there are the good gays and the bad ones. And unfortunately, as with blacks, the bad ones are more vocal and end up being a symbol for the entire group.

      1. Buttsex is the man transmitter of the virus. I have a feeling this is even the case w/ heterosexual transmission.

        1. Yes it is but there’s a difference. In heterosexual sex the man can’t transmit the virus because he never acquired it himself by being fucked up the arse.

  50. I seriously hope that this entire site is a joke. This is so one-sided, biased, dense and completely crazy.

  51. Yup, I recall in college class being the lone voice of reason willing to speak up on why gay marriage wasn’t good and all the feminist would gang up and bash me and say why do you care, you’re not gay it doesn’t affect you. Now its not enough to tolerate gay deviant sexual behaviour, anything short of active acceptance is vilified as anti-gay and a homo-hater.
    In all western countries you are paying the healthcare bill of gay people because they aren’t going to let them die on the floor. They get free government drugs (via the tax payer).

  52. Bro this is fcuking bullshit.
    I’ve bought your products before I won’t do so again.

  53. For those of you who didn’t notice, I was playing devil’s advocate. I’m an extreme libertarian, and don’t believe in government intervention, either in the economy or in our own personal lives.
    My whole point is, the whole “promiscuous” gay culture is only a problem for you if you want to raw dog, in which case I don’t feel sorry for you if you knew the risks and came up snake eyes…. that’s called EVOLUTION AT WORK! 😉 females fucking bi males knowing their orientation or not has been doing on since the dawn of time, you have to know your orifices, that’s part of what being an alpha male is all about, knowing how to survive and thrive when others around you fall down and don’t get back up 😉
    I have NO sympathy for anybody who fucks up their life contracting a disease when they KNEW how to prevent it and didn’t even fucking bother!!

      1. How is it a matter of public health? I see it as natural selection at it’s best! Anybody stupid enough to raw dog the wrong piece of pussy gets it! It’s not like any of this shit is airborne… use protection or run the risks… it’s that simple. And if you really want to do it condomless, choose your vagina(s) VERY wisely…. what is there so much to bitch about?

    1. Please pay my “fair share” of the $50,000 per patient of AIDS drugs so I can be a libertarian.

      1. dude, wtf do you even read? let me type really slowly this time….
        NO $50000 per patient. LET THEM FUCKING DIE UNDER A BRIDGE if they can’t afford treatment.
        Why are you even making assumption that these people need treatment? Do we treat sick cockroaches and rats too?
        These people fucked up, let them pay the consequences in full!! No compassion, no mercy! That includes ANYBODY raw-dogging the wrong piece of pussy/ass.
        If anything I’d chip in $5 for enough pentathol so they can quietly commit suicide….
        It would seem you don’t understand what the word “libertarian” means….

  54. Talking about HIV underplays the rather more serious and imminent threat of drug proof gonnoreah and syphillus.
    Multi drug resistant clap is on the rise year after year. People are going sterile from infections that cannot be effectively treated with antibiotics. Gays are a primary vector. It’s going to hit a point rather soon where you can kiss the sexual revolution and homo tolerance goodbye. The sexual revolution was essentially a product of antibiotics. As soon as some people start dying of syphillus the game is up.
    They used to lock you up for adultery and promiscious premarital sex, as well as buggery. That will be happening again unless somebody cooks up a whole new batch of antibiotics real soon.

  55. Faggots AT THE MINIMUM should be sent into exile, ideally in Antartica. Even better would be to also criminalize the act of sodomy, punishable by 15 years hard labour followed by exile.

  56. Roosh is sterile from multiple untreated gonorrhea / chlamydia infections. When was the last time you had an STD test?

  57. This is frightening stuff. Homosexuality is a breeding ground for promiscuity. We all know what boys and men are wired to do.
    Consider the following two anecdotes:
    A friend of mine once worked with two gay hairdressers in a big Australian city. Both had notch counts of over 100, despite being only 19-20 years of age. Note that this was in the year 2000, well before the rise of internet dating and Grindr.
    Another friend taught in an all-boys private school a decade ago in the same city. One senior student admitted to a notch count of 50 plus. The student also confessed to corrupting a number of “straight” boys as young as the eighth grade with oral sex in the school toilets during school hours.

  58. Let’s not forget that there are ones who actually want to become HIV positive if they aren’t already. They seek out HIV positive partners so that they can receive “the gift” from them. I wish I were making that up, I really do.

  59. Like a few other people, I used to be far more tolerant until I spent time with homosexuals. Aside from the physical acts which I find disturbing, I find most gay men to be drama prone, extremely superficial, and emotional 13 year olds. Basically women with dicks.

  60. I once was lost but now am found….
    I among those who used to think that there is no harm in it (I would still always cringe when I actually saw two men kissing). Boy was I wrong. Homosexuality is directly dangerous to society. The acceptance of these types of sexual degenerates is an outward sign of a society in steep decline. Where the nuclear family is no longer held to a high regard a total collapse of civilization will soon follow.
    I think Russia went the right way. There’s no point in out-right banning homosexuality but we should definitely ban cultural Marxist propaganda aimed at brainwashing our children into thinking that homosexuality is normal.
    Evolution gave us dicks and pussies for a reason.

    1. In some Australian jurisdictions homosexuality was a punishable offense well into the 1980’s. I think we might need to return to that. It kept it behind closed doors, we didn’t have ‘gay pride’ marches or ‘in your face’ behavior, which is what annoys me.
      Another thing homosexuals are loyal to each other above other loyalties which can undermine and corrupt organizations.
      ‘Mader even told the Swiss paper that he purposefully did not promote gay Swiss Guards out of fear that they would be disloyal. “I also learned that many homosexuals are inclined to be more loyal to each other than to other people or institutions. If this loyalty were to go so far as to become a network or even a kind of secret society, I would not tolerate it in my sphere of decision making. Key people in the Vatican now seem to agree.” ‘

      1. See British high command in ww1, a bunch of queers tipping good men into German machine gun fire arcs. Leaves of Grass indeed.

      2. Agreed. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that their loyalty is first and foremost to their own in-group. This is very much the case with all minorities – which is why minorities can be very damaging to societies. There is a reason why Jews were and are hated in so many places in Europe for such a long time. Their loyalty was always first and foremost to other Jews and not the nation state.
        As I said though. I really don’t see a point in outlawing the practice itself. Just outlaw the spreading of homosexual propaganda – in other words pride and other nonsense like that. I never understood what kind of sick fucks want to go down town and watch a bunch of faggots dance around with dildos and other overtly sexual stuff anyway. Even in my most naive liberal days I always despised the pride “festival”.
        Their whole propaganda machine falls apart with the fact that the exact same arguments that they use can be and in fact HAVE BEEN used to spread propaganda about legalizing pedophilia. In the ultra-leftist sexual liberation circles pedophilia is still seen as something that ultimately needs to be legalized. In the same way that doctors agree that homosexuality isn’t curable – they agree that pedophilia isn’t either. Does that make pedophilia legit? Most people would still say no. Add to this the fact that homosexuals are over represented as pedophiles too. Clearly, it’s a mental illness.

  61. Here is the hilarious part though – the reason why “gay marriage” is being promoted is because they claim that “marriage” will tame these horn-dogs and then they will not be promiscuous!
    I’m not so sure this is going to happen though!

  62. In Seattle, gays carry themselves like kings. They are just a superior group, in their own mind. I went to a birthday party about three years ago at a casual bar in Fremont. Sofas etc. There was a pub crawl that night, people streaming in and out. The birthday gang was thirty strong. Two gays making out on a sofa about twenty feet from me. I didn’t care being from Seattle. It meant nothing to me. Later, I’m milling around and get introduced to one of these guys. I’m fine with it, go to shake his hand and he is given my name by a mutual friend. He leans in, sotto voce, and says, ‘Nazi what?’ and looks away in that cowardly form of insulting while being deniable. Then he smiles like nothing happened. The mutual friend couldn’t have heard. So the fact that I didn’t specifically come up earlier in the night to pay homage unbidden to him and his gay friend was noted by this asshole despite the influx and outgo of dozens, maybe over a hundred bargoers. I didn’t take any steps to avoid him at all, just chatted with friends 20-30 feet away until we were within each others midsts. Then I was perfectly okay with meeting him. Again, I am from Seattle and I don’t care at all about gays. I’ve had gay teachers etc that I’m still in touch with. So I never forgot this dude. They are so used to having their asses kissed by people who are happy to polish up their anti-homophobe credentials that it’s like they have become royalty.

    1. Seen it.
      I don’t tolerate any sort of self righteous crap from anyone. So I am not as tolerant as you are of the pompous gays that run Seattle. Nor the lesbians.

      1. Why should you be? Having sex isn’t something to proud of. No one should tolerate people who presume they’re better than you.

    2. Bingo, this is what they mean when they ask for “rights”. homosexualism is a supremacist movement.

  63. Sigh…my ex-boss is gay. Yet working for him all that time, he never pushed any gay agenda to me or invited me to his office for a “private” session. In fact, it was his deputy who was the real problem. Guess what? The deputy is an unmarried, 50 year old, ugly as shit, female who hated 1/2 the staff. Especially me since I’m a single guy getting it on with the younger hotter girls.
    So from personal experience, it was the bitter dried up hag who gave me the problems instead of the gay boss. And honestly speaking, I haven’t had a gay person cockblock me in a club or bar or attempt to molest me. So I admit, it’s hard for me to jump on the bandwagon and start criticizing and hating gays.

  64. We’re talking sexual transmission of a disease here. The only way for a female to contract AIDS is by having sex with a man who already has it.Many homosexuals also have sex with females sometimes and if they have anal sex(and perhaps even PIV) she could get the disease but it’s almost impossible for her to pass it on.In places like Africa and also among US negroes this “downlow” sex is common.But it is homosexuals who are the primary spreaders of the disease among straight females and if they have anal sex the virus goes directly into her bloodstream.Just like morphine will go directly into your bloodstream when a Dilaudid enema is used for patients who can’t swallow or whose veins are collapsed.Even if you had sex with an infected female(extremely rare with White women) your chance of contracting AIDS is close to nil.You also seem to need to get a quantity into your system to the point where your own immune system can’t clear it.Homosexuals frequently go out to some club or bathhouse and have sex with numerous men and the average homo may have sex with a 1k men in his lifetime on average.This, combined with anal sex and the fact that he already has had other STD’s and a weakened immune system to begin with is the reason they get AIDS.When the disease was first identified in the early 80’s it was called Homosexual Acquired Immune Deficiency.
    Straight Boomers never used condoms and I’ve never known of anyone who contracted any disease from sex even at the height of the AIDS hysteria in the late 80’s, or have I know of any female who got pregnant. Apparently females would use some form of birth control when they knew it was their responsibility or would they have much luck in getting a man to pay child support in the days before DNA testing.
    Now I know that some people here are going to claim that if you don’t use a condom you may contract some other disease like herpes but 1/2 the people carry the virus and it just remains dormant in the body. Some of these people may have outbreaks but it then goes dormant again so it’s not some big problem except in very rare cases where the outbreaks are severe.You may have herpes and not even know it, like from that kid in kindergarten with a cold sore who liked to slobber all over you.They used to try to differentiate between genital herpes and the sort of cold sores that people got on their lips but it’s really just the same virus.
    Syphilis had been wiped out because any cases a doctor treated had to be reported to the Health Dept.who would then find out your contacts and make them get treated. The treatment was penicillin and it did the job.

  65. the never-ending fear of the gay man…
    roosh, while I love most of your work and agree with you mostly when it comes to politics, here, you are wrong.
    let me elaborate:
    it’s true, gay men are the number one group when it comes to new infections with HIV. in my native germany,, this is especially disturbing because politics are caught up in the age of political correctness but statistics do not lie…, so usually this is a minor newspaper article on world aids day, december 1st.
    but, germany has a health care systems in which the many healthy pay fo the few (serious) sick people, so here comes an interesting twist: there are rumors, as no statistician would dare to say on camera, that infections rise because the meds that keep HIV in check are provided for free and living with HIV is no longer as serious as it used to be, it merely takes 10 years of your life expectancy… less than smoking… (a friend who works in big pharmas statistics departement told me)
    so i agree with you on most stuff here roosh and again, in a liberal leftist pc world, these issues will remain unadressed.
    but you are wrong when it comes to gay men itself. not all of them enjoy, darkrooms and fuckking 5 strangers on a lunch break.
    and now for a little thought experiment: if straight sex would work under the same parameters as gay sex, saying i could go out on my lunch break to a place where i could fuck or be sucked of by 5 females while running the risk of contracting HIV, i would not have lived past puberty…
    not all gay men are alike, theres alphas, betas, sigmas and omegas among them just like with straight people, there are low- and high-sex drive persons, there are believers in true love and those who can never have enough different partners.
    and the gay population is what? roughly 5% of the total? saying that half of them never leave the darkrooms and another half of that does not care about protection, that would leave the USA with roughly 8 million gay guys who either have or are at risk of contracting HIV and spreading it. among a total poulace of 350 million.
    i fail to see the HIV apocalypse in that scenario.
    true alphas do not hate on minorties, true alphas are not prejudiced, true alphas disdain individuals for individual reasons.

    1. “it merely takes 10 years of your life expectancy… less than smoking… (a friend who works in big pharmas statistics departement told me)”….. merely takes 10 years? I’d give up smoking if I thought it would add 10 years to my life…. maybe some the homosexuals should give the bum chumming a wide birth……. the German tax payer is paying for their irresponsible behaviour? Does this not encourage more of the same?…. if they had to shell out for their own drugs they might think twice about entering the shite pipe……

    2. Never ending fear? F*CK YOU! Get over yourself, no one is afraid of you. This is why I’ve rejected homosexualism…its the f*cking lies, the arrogance, your presumptions of others and, yes, the implied superiority that you think you’re entitled too. There is no systemic latent homosexuality that produces some phobia, which acts to keep people from unconditionally liking you.
      And how pathetic are you people…whining like you are because not every single person blindly and unconditionally accepts, nay, praises you.

  66. I remember living in and dating girls in Los Angeles. They always wanted to go to gay bars to they didn’t get hit on by creepy guys. I told them I’d go if they covered my tab. I hadn’t been to gay bars before that point so it was very mind opening. You walk into the West Hollywood establishments and will notice a few people that look frail, physically ill and under weight. You would also just see tons of people eating face on the bar/club’s furniture. It was common to see one guy make out with multiple different guys throughout the night if you payed attention.
    Throughout my life I have had plenty of gay friends, and I am comfortable with their orientation. Not all gay men are hyper promiscuous, but the homosexual male population as a whole is definitely more promiscuous than the heterosexual male population as a whole and that needs to be taken into account.

  67. Did the APA conduct an anonymous vote of ALL its members before the APA voted that homosexuality was NOT a disorder, or did they tack the vote of it on to a general meeting?

  68. I’ve fucked about 200 prostitutes (20% anal) during my lifetime and I’ve always used condom. I have never gotten *any* STDs and I regularly test for them. Why would any man be worried about HIV if you use a condom?

  69. There are a lot of problems with this piece…but among other things, Isn’t this a little rich coming from a guy who, by his own admission, avoids using condoms whenever possible?
    What is the STD rate among the class of people who engage in such risky behavior, I wonder?

  70. When a gay man hitting on a straight one will be persecuted by law with the assumption that his aim is not giving you love, but, more simply, smash your asshole and perhaps transmit you hiv, that day I will be a happy man.

    1. Defend yourself. The police have no duty to protect you and besides, what if a jilted gay that hit on you unsuccessfully, decided to use the state thug as a bludgeon against you?
      Don’t think they wont. Women do it all the time when men either reject them or cause some other perceived slight.
      Ever heard of ‘assault on a female’? That’s a separate crime from assault.
      Be careful asking for more laws because ultimately they can and will be used against you no matter how safe you think you are.

  71. So, good question? what do you guys pretend to do? Kill all the gays like a holocaust? Erasing us from earth like we were animals? Just because one is gay that doesn’t make you have AIDs, Instead of pointing at people everyone should help and get together to find a cure for this terrible disease that can affect GAY or STRAIGHT. If HIV AIDs didn’t exist I bet all of you will still be judging gay people, because at the end of the day, you guys suffer from something called ‘Homophobia’

    The just go for men of different age groups.
    This problem solves if we:
    Hand them over to corporate-run prisons
    Where the prison guards will forcefully castrate them
    And force them to do slave work at the corporate-run prison factories.
    The homosexual men with terminal diseases can be used as lab rats in the development of new medicines or chemical/biological weapons.

    1. Think about it. This solution will allow American manufacturers remain competitive. No need to outsource production to Asia, Africa or Central America.
      Where is my fuckin’ Nobel Prize in Economics?

  73. I remember eyeballing some of the statistics about gay men and sex..there is an extreme range between the innocents and the depraved but the average was around 500 lifetime partners. This is the dirty little secret the media doesn’t like to talk about. HIV really isnt a particularly successful disease unlike say chlamydia. They had partner studies where the man or the woman had aids and looked at whether or not the partner eventually caught HIV. It was something like 1/80 for men and I think it was around 20% for women. This agrees with the CDC figure of about .5% chance of getting it after having a sexual encounter with an infected partner. Imagine how much farking has to be going on for them to have that high of an HIV rate. The worst thing is that all the resistant strains combine in the gay population ready to infect the rest of the world(yay).

      1. I don’t have a problem with them having sex, I have a problem with them having unprotected sex and combining antibiotic resistant strains, then passing them on to the general population. The more unprotected sex they have the worse the diseases get.

        1. I’m pretty certain that antibiotic resistance develops in heterosexual sex too. Only moron has random sex without a condom. If you fuck a onenightstand without a condom, it probably means shes fucked 500 men too and all without condom.

        2. So 1/5 gay men in the US catch HIV while using condoms? The only girl you will ever meet who has fucked 500 men is a prostitute..and you can bet she takes condoms with her everywhere she goes.

        3. Yes, if you gonna have random sex, use a condom. Especially if its a gay man. Hope this helps you.

  74. Putting dick into another man’s ass and spreading diseases! These are not even done by animals.

  75. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me here, but I have some gay friends who absolutely DO NOT fit this stereotype of promiscuity. period. This piece seems ill informed at best.

    1. Gee, you know a couple of “gay friends” that don’t fit the bill, that TOTALLY discredits the article.
      Fail harder brah.

    2. NAOFGALT Not All Old Fat Gays Are Like That. I imagine they hit the wall just like women. Why have crusty grandpa when you could have little boy blue?

  76. Homos are really wretched abominations straight out of hell.
    They dont love, they lust. They dont build anything of value, are useless and worthless to society, and bring nothing of value. They exist only to have their ass plundered, and they only want this in their fucking lives.
    Just put them in a spot reserved exclusively for them and drop nuclear bombs on it. And any pedophile will be put in the sodomite area for puniishment. Oh, homos make 2% of the U.S population, yet commit 33% of pedophilia crimes. And they really want to adopt children…too. Homos are pure filth.
    But they’re going to hell when they die, and they dont last long here on earth. They’re gone by 35, God’s best revenge against fags.

  77. and the faggots dont proceate and think longterm-so in a few generations there will be less of them.

    1. As somebody who is not a gay…. Go fuck yourself….. preferably in public convenience….. according to George Michael it is part of your “culture”….

  78. “Homosexual men engage in extreme high-risk and extreme promiscuous activity ”
    You mean like yourself, Roosh. If I’m not mistaken, don’t you go all over the world to have sex with strange foreign women that you just met? I think that fits the definition of “extreme high-risk and extreme promiscuous activity.”
    “We are the 95.8%. We will no longer remain silent.”
    Is this a joke or something?
    ““Why do you care how two gays live or whether they want to get married?”Because their lifestyle is spreading a virus that can kill people who aren’t gay. Society should rightfully accept that homosexual men are the bringers of death”
    Exactly how will two homosexuals in a monogamous relationship kill you or other people? Please explain.

  79. AIDS/HIV is an illness which comes from living in filth and treating your body without respect.
    Fags are a disgusting bunch, not because people have “preconceptions” about them, but because they live in filth and treat their bodies without respect.
    Fags live in filth and treat their bodies without respect because they are mentally ill.
    And, the so-called “preconceptions” which normal and healthy have about fags, that is the knowledge accumulated throughout uncounted generations and centuries. Healthy people naturally know when somebody suffers a mental illness in the same way in which we know fags are disgusting.

  80. Unless you get off your ass and start rounding up gay guys and stop them from having sex then stop your whining. You sound like a pissy little school girl or a knitting club hysterical over some gossip they’ve heard. Men’s rights my ass.

  81. By the end of next year I will be so not down with liberal society. I’ll probably marry a woman from the Far East just to avoid the scandal of marriage being bastardized by civil unions and gay propaganda.

    1. Yeah dude. Totally. Asian brides don’t have to be expensive. What’s your budget like? I can recommend the best country based on your salary.

      1. I will have a new job by August that will pay about 47k a year. After several more months I hope to move out.

        1. Well with that you could buy a bride from just about every Asian country there is. Screw liberal society man. Go get your harem dude!

  82. Though I have to admit, WHO and Roosh have good reason to be worried. Homos should fucking get a grip and use condom and perhaps even those medications beforehand.
    There should be more awareness campaigns for homos, e.g.
    “even though you are born that way, doesn’t mean you can fuck around without condom”.

  83. In Canada we had a Royal Commission on the infection of the blood supply. It was decided that blood from American prisons, and gay folk, was to be excluded. This was the case until last year when the bed wetters and the window lickers of the Canadian Red Cross Society decided the feelings of a fudger were more important that the sanctity of the blood supply. So I decided to remove myself as a donor. I am a rare blood type, I am needed. Every time they call me to give I make it clear, get rid the potential aids blood from the supply and concentrate only on healthy donors, and I will be back. Just that simple.

  84. If you do not think that the lgbt movement is finished, you are mistaken. They will not stop until even the most depraved and twisted behaviors are accepted and promoted. I just heard on a radio show that MTV is promoting a new show. In this show, a girl unknowingly makes out with a guy who turns out to be her brother. See where this is going? They want to make incest acceptable and condoned. How many already sick young girls are going to watch this and rationalize this behavior? If this is not proof of our societies pending doom, I do not know what is. Maybe the Muslims and Islam were on to something from the get go? I remember when MTV was just videos?

    1. It’s hard to think any new LGBT-demands which would much affect straight white christian man.
      And incest? What exactly do you mean? 😀

      1. And this is why you and your lettuce ginger bread and tomato movement is so darn dangerous. You’re so conceited and convinced of your “victim” status that you’re utterly deaf to not only legitimate grievances being voiced by people outside of your “community” but of the real damage you’re causing. And every time an example of your oppression over others is brought up its met, uniformly I might add, with either insults/slur or total ignorance (like your comment above), usually a combination of both.
        The situation with Christians is an interesting test case in that it’s backwards. You see its you and the lettuce guacamole etc that are ignorant of Christianity, not, the other way around. But, here is a perfect example of something you’re blind to and unwilling to acknowledge and, worse, correct in order to bring about better co-existence. Does Christianity consider your behavior and, as follows, lifestyle a sin? Answer – yes. That’s as far as you people will go in your ever opened minded, sophisticated and superior analysis. However, if you looked a little closer at Christianity, you’ll realize that it says we all sin, in fact, its impossible to not sin. Christians will be the first to admit this, in fact, the devout ones will very quickly admit they’re sinners. So, yes you sin for being homosexual and that makes you cry and hate them, but we all sin for just being human and you ignore that part because you’re an entitled little snowflake.
        Lastly, I find it both very telling and disgusting that per your own standards of bigotry, prejudice, stereotyping, hate speech etc…that you can’t see that Christians have become a truly victimized group, at present, under the oppression of the state and from groups like homosexuals. Ahem in the “united states” no less. Remember, I’m just going off of on your “standards”. When we see such obvious hypocrisy and open hostility hard questions must be asked and even harder realities must be realized. If you can’t live by the very standards you’re putting onto others (and its not just Christians) then something is terribly wrong with your movement. If you think that your group’s hypocrisy (such as the vile hate it spews) isn’t stirring up descent think again – observe here on ROK where speech is not controlled the growing angst.

  85. It is not just HIV that is the problem, there are also forms of Hepatitus in the San Francisco gay community we have never even heard of.

  86. This is pathetic. It’s sad that you still think HIV is only spread between homosexuals and that you have such a limited understanding of such a beautiful group of people. It’s a group I’m a part of (I’m bi) and have to say I’ve never done most of the things in this article. I find it disgusting that such things are assumed. How completely uninformed you are. I love the FDA blood donor problem. Did you know you can still donate after you have sex with a prostitute (she’s clean right if she’s straight?) Absolutely. Sad.

    1. And just to be clear I don’t know any homosexuals who engage in those activities. Oh, and gay men can’t have compassion or experience deep romantic love? Please.

  87. This is all a part of the agenda. Homosexuality is the eradication of family values and eventually, family itself. It forces people into a dependency on the state, and breaks close ties. This is no conspiracy, its reality. But I say fuck all these ball-sucking cock-slurping gooch-licking ass-munching semen-chewers, let them be dogs and disease themselves to death. Defend your rights and your life against these foreign bodies masquerading as humans! Although, if this trend keeps up, maybe I could marry my toaster in a few years because it makes me a better breakfast than a woman, what a union that would be, man and machine!

    1. Yea, i guess your wife left you/your mum left your daddy because of homos eradicated the family values. For all those single moms over there, homos are to be blamed! Hah.

      1. I still have my family. Maybe you don”t, and you know, people like you, should be right under the ground too. Don’t deny your own fagocentric proclivities. Alright? Now listen here bubba, you got a lot of nerve supposing that I hate fags because they destroyed a family that hasn’t been destroyed yet, but I hate them because of what they are, subhuman swine. Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups, I’m sure you’re a cool dude, if you’re not a faggot that is, alright palooka? Yeah, other than that, that’s all kind of like, you know, your opinion, man? If you could just be careful when you type, you might not say something unintelligible next time, and if you could do that, that would be just greeeeaaaaaatttttttt. Thanks.

  88. Congratulations! Your logic has just reached the point of Conservative America in the 1980s! Great job on progressing past medieval beliefs.

  89. did you know that AIDS was originally gonna be called GRIDS (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome) but they gays got mad so they changed it

  90. Hello, I am one of those buggers of which you speak. I am a homosexual man (I disagree with gay identity however and see my self as a man above all else) who does not plan on stopping my sexual activity any time soon. I like it, I do very well, and I am going to continue doing this because it feels good. I will not stop having sex just as I would not stop eating food with high cholesterol. I will concede definitely, however, at least in the West, that HIV is an illness that primarily affects men who have sex with men, IV drug users, their partners, and hemophiliacs. That is just a fact.
    However, what exactly is your point? Is this an argument for the return of anti-sodomy laws? I contend that this would only worsen the situation. I’ve been to these cruising grounds (areas where male-male sex can be had among strangers) and I can tell you that the people who go there are primarily married men and other ¨closeted¨ men or as I would call ¨chickenshit¨ men who are scared to confess that they like cock. Guess what, these guys are NOTORIOUS for having the most unsafe sex imaginable. They usually don’t use condoms. They do not know about using lubrication, which is just as important as condoms. Lube prevents microlesions by coating and smoothing the anal mucosa, thus preventing the virus’s portal of entry.
    Anti-sodomy laws would encourage these chickenshit men continue going to these cruising grounds and not being educated on how to mitigate risk in sexual practice. I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the United States. It also is a place where there is considerable stigma associated with male-male sex thanks to lame-ass Christian morality, particularly of the American-imported Evangelical variety. More repression, less consciousness about issues and risks unique to MSMs, higher HIV infection rates. Good job. Way to make things worse.
    Also, these are statist solutions that would rely on a moral policing of the populace. Moral police forces or ¨vice¨ forces have never worked to control any of the behaviors they seek to repress and, in fact, these forces are infamous with corruption. Male-male sex is illegal in many countries, and yet, gosh darnit, men just keeping banging each other in these places. You’re not going to stop it from happening and a special law or a police task force or a hypothetical sodomy czar isn’t going to change that.
    You mention the WHO’s proposal to put all MSMs on antiretroviral therapy. You are referring to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) which is a low-dose pill of Truvada, a combination of two antiretroviral drugs that poz people take to control their viral load by inhibiting viral replication. Taken daily, it has been shown to reduce likelihood of transmission by over 98% in HIV- men engaging in condomless sex with HIV+ men. There is a trial going through for PrEP injections that would be administered subcutaneously once a week that so far has even greater efficacy than the oral route.
    I see no reason why there should be any opposition to making oral or subcutaneous PrEP available to MSMs. It’s actually a really good idea. Concerned about costs? That is due the corrupt system of patents with the FDA that inhibits competition of production. About a decade ago, Brazil was smart enough to just say to hell with the patents and started mass-producing the meds themselves. Before HIV, homosex has existed since time immemorial. It’s not going to disappear, not because of HIV, not because of juridico-political tactics, and certainly not because some pansy-ass heterosexuals think it’s ¨icky.¨

  91. An Oxford study discovered that homosexuality can actually be classified as an Impulse Control Disorder, which “is a class of psychiatric disorders characterized by impulsivity – failure to resist a temptation, urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others (Wikipedia). This may explain the high-risk behavior of homosexuals. Kleptomania, pyromania, and pathological gambling are all examples of an Impulse Control Disorder.

  92. Gay hate crime is nothing but another ploy by judges, court, lawyers and interest groups like LGBT to take money from law abiding citizens. The same goes for Feminism. It’s also safer for them because rather condemn a peaceful innocent pastor than drug dealing crimelord who wouldnt make it easy

  93. Homosexuals struggling with the impossibility of convincing everyone that homosexuality is biologically normally are resorting to what they think are necessary measures to prove that they they are just as virtuous – killing innocent people:
    James Holmes killed 24, tried to kill 140 (bisexual at least).
    Elliott Rodger killed 6, tried to kill 14.
    Andreas Lubitz killed 149.
    Brandon Bostian killed 8, tried to kill 200.
    Adam Lanza killed 20 adults and 6 children. (pedophile)

  94. I don’t care as many people that have lost their jobs over the LGBT community beating done everybody will SJW politics let them “enjoy the decline. They are getting want they demanded at gunpoint.

  95. Sooooooo dumb. How have you not accidentally killed yourself by just being sooooooo dumb?

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